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You're a dumbass for staying with your cheating hubby.


At my church, they always have that "passing the peace" part of the service.

Now I don't object to saying "Peace be with you," but I DO NOT LIKE shaking hands with strangers. Who knows what icky things they might have been doing?

So every week I wear a splint on my hand when I go to church. That way I can just raise my hand with an apologetic look and--problem solved.


I worked with this guy. He told the story of when he was in his 20s he lived on a commune farm down south. They grew their own food and had no contact with the outside world. The best part, they were naked the entire time. He said he went for an entire year with no clothes on. Men and women both, no one wore clothes.  Sign me up.


My maternal grandparents live the lifestyle, my grandfather had a few acres of land right on the water , with chickens, pigs and horses. They also grew their own food . While it was peaceful and the food delicious it was hard work my grandpa used to be up by 5am and didn't go back to bed until 11pm , all the food was made from scratch so it took forever to prep a meal , when my mother become an adult she couldn't wait to moved out there , she met my father (a big city guy) married him ,moved to the big city and never look back .  We used to visit my grandfather twice a year , it was nice to have peace and quite for a while , we used to go fishing with grandpa , fed the animals , horse riding and swim on the river.  But honestly being born on a big city and living on many different big cities, I don't know if I could give up the lifestyle, maybe for a few months a year .


My fantasty is buying a piece of land, close to a city or town but not in it. Somewhere in the north or even Canada.
Have a small house on it, full of books. Don't care about a tv. Maybe have well water or I can get lucky and find something with a spring.
I would raise chickens for eggs, goats for cheese, some bees for honey. Have a garden and a green house for herbs and veggies.
Solar panels.
Give up my stressful cubicle soul sucking job for working at a book store or a library. Sell my excess eggs/honey at a farmers market.
Read a lot, travel when I can afford it. Spend my time outdoors.

Anyway, you should go for yours.
I'm working on mine.
In few years, I think I'll be there. It keeps me moving.


I keep fantasising about leaving the country, moving to a small village somewhere in Europe and just living simply. No TV, maybe an old computer I would use to check email sporadically and write on (let's face it, typewriters are a bitch, even if they look cool), certainly no microwave. Absolutely nothing more advanced than a flip phone for telephone purposes. Hey, I might just stick to an old school wall phone; does anyone really need to reach me right that moment?

Mostly I'd just surround myself with books, newspapers for my daily updates, perhaps a moka pot. I'd walk into town every day to do my shopping and make sure the world hadn't blown itself up yet; I don't need constant reminders that the world is fucked up and everyone is miserable.

I just want peace and quiet.


I finally got the chance to jerk off this morning.  I found some great porn and started pounding away.  Suddenly I heard my 5 year old upstairs announce that he wanted to go into the basement, where I was.  Its the fastest I've ever pounded away, and I had to shut the browser window out at the same time I was cumming.  I still got it done.


For years I regretted that it didn't work out between us.  

And then I grew up and realized that you were dull, unattractive, and not very bright.

To this day I'm not sure what the fuck was going through my head with you.  I'm a dumbass.


My mother, 78, is fading. She is going to die on her chair. My deaf father, who wears earphones all day, will not notice until bedtime if I don't happen to be here.


If you align yourself with a political party, you've just signed your brain and free self away. You're rallying for a group of rich thieving fucks who don't give a shit about you. Grown adults siding and defending rich assholes- holy shit you can be an independent thinker. You all look STUPID using words like Dem, Nazi, libtard, snowflake etc. IT MAKES YOU LOOK STUPID TO SMART PEOPLE TALKING LIKE THAT. Stop.



I absolutely know exactly what you're going through.


You came to me in my dreams last night. You were only a grey figure, but I knew it was you. I felt your love. I swear to god that I heard your voice. You were there for me.  If only you knew how much I love you still and how much I regret that it will never work out between us. I'll always blame myself. When I close my eyes, I can still imagine lying in bed with you, my head on your shoulder and your strong arms around me. There is not a more perfect person for me on this earth than you. I'm sorry. I'm so fucking sorry. Whether you hate me or have feelings for me; I hope you are happy and will always, always love you.


P.S. I hurt everyday. I hope you understand how important that makes you.


I am so absolutely dissatisfied with the choices I make in life. My alter ego is fighting the innocent version of me. The version that loved you no matter what. The one that never wanted to hurt you.

But alas.
I lose.
I hurt you, and because I did -

I will hurt until my last breath, because you were everything and more than I thought I ever needed to receive in this life. You banished my depression, and self hate. You gave me sight, pride, and contentness, because you were mine.

I love you for ever and ever and ever, monkey.
Your penguin.


I'm sorry I burned down the orphanage. I can see why you are soooo mad at me.

Oh wait. I didn't burn down the orphanage. I did nothing wrong. You're the one who messed up. So why exactly am I supposed to apologize to you?


I want to mess around with him so badly. I feel like we could have some fun. Fuck.


There's a piece of graphite stuck in the back of my hand from 5th grade when Timmy Boyd stabbed me with a pencil. It happen about 30 years ago. I see it everyday and think the name Timmy Boyd. One day I'm going to track him down and pummel him.


It detracts from the mood when your black lacy thong has a little white tag showing laundry instructions. Wish there was a way to remove those darned things.


My car key doubles as a q-tip for my ears.


Handsome and sweet - that picture took me back .


This summer I was out with some buds. We were driving around and drinking beer. We had to take a whiz. I knew exactly where to go. A cop lives down the road from me. ha ha ha.


CNN has a cover piece about how Harvey's Weinstein's sexual harassment of women is Trump's fault. The Donald made him do it.

Oh okay.


If you say something that can viewed as critical of a minority person, you are a racist. That's apparently the rule.

"I don't like your hat." Racist.

"You cut ahead of me on line." Racist.

"You like Coke. I like Pepsi better." Racist.


People who snoop around in other peoples emails are very insecure.


I am a survival of sexual harassment and violence. All of the incidents were done to me by men, beginning when I was 15 years old. I'd love to share my "me too" story with the world, but I am too ashamed to say it publicly, because I am a man, and I don't want to be seen as less manly because of what has happened to me. I can only imagine what women go through dealing with stuff like this.

Sisters, I am here for you. My silent brothers, I'm here for you too. Even though plenty of people want to kick you when you're already down, and make you relieve your trauma while simultaneously lashing out at you for being victims, there are people out there that support you too, both men and women. Sexual harassment and assault is all about power, and there's a perceived power in trying to shame you about it. I might be personally ashamed, but no one should be made to feel that way, by anyone.

This isn't going to stop until we hold people accountable for abusing their power. Until that happens, we're stuck in this never-ending cycle. I hope to one day work up the courage to speak up publicly about what happened, but no matter what I will be here doing my best to support the people who have gone through the same horrific situation that I have. Hopefully we will all be able to regain a little bit of the things that were forcefully taken from us.


There are people out there who think they are good and kind. They are not. But they constantly tell themselves they are good to cover up the truth they know exists deep down, that they are bad selfish people.


Say, wanna have some fun? Post a picture of yourself holding a sign with a secret on it. Don't want to show your face? That's okay. Feel free to be creative, show your fingers or toes or elbows. Racy is even okay. Just as long as it is a picture with a secret.

Come on give it a try. It would be fun.

See the help section for instructions on how to add a picture to a post.


I'm a guy and a father. I volunteered to help with a project at the elementary school. I was the only guy volunteering. School volunteers are always mothers. From the start I felt they resented my being there. About a month into the project, I made a suggestion which ran counter to something they wanted to do. Sorry, but what they were suggesting made little sense. There was a better way to accomplish one of the goals. I said all this very nicely to them. Well that was that. I was now the enemy. Within a few days they circulated a rumor that I was being sexually inappropriate with the students. The principal came and spoke with me. He said I wasn't allowed to be in the school or with any of the students without a teacher present. I was appalled at the way this turned out. I never volunteered again. The mothers won. Yay for them. There is one less person helping the students, but that doesn't matter. What's important is that they crushed a male figure. Because after all, school isn't about the students, it's all about the mothers and their gossiping tribe. I hear the stories in the news about women being sexually harassed. I have trouble believing the tales. I wonder if the women are making it up out of spite. They were pissed someone contradicted them, so they made up hurtful stories. I have no sympathy for the women. That ship sailed.


It's sad, I wanted to masturbate, but then I thought about how much more I want from a person and I got sad enough to lose my drive. Damn. I just want really good sex and cuddles


I have a drama queen "friend" at work. She's constantly looking to start a political fight. I swear, you go out to lunch with her and if you order a sandwich on white bread instead of on a bagel, she says it's an anti semetic gesture. Like holy shit girl, grow the fuck up.


Now the dems are attacking a gold star father, Chief Of Staff John Kelly. I don't mention it to stir the mud. But think about how the dems went nuts when Trump had harsh words for a gold star father before the election. Now the dems are doing the same thing. Everyone needs to stop and think about the things they do.


I ate a deep dish pizza and root beer for breakfast. Fuck you healthy diet!


I let my phone battery drain to zero sometimes so he won't know where I am and he can't call me. Ahhh. Peace!


I'm so happy for you. You've got an amazing new girlfriend who seems perfect for you and you for her as well. You're traveling everywhere now. It brings me such joy to see you happy. You were overdue for happiness and love ❤️.  xoxo


*935 - Why is that picture of me in '82 killing you?


Enough of this #MeToo- just stop! Yes it is horrific and I know; I lived it- me and millions of others. This "movement" just brought back dormant memories that I fought so hard to forget  Thanks. If you want to do a #me too- - do not forget the male victims of rape- like my nephew.


My son saw some kids cheating on a test. He asked me if he should tell the teacher. I said no. No one likes a snitch. I'm feeling a little guilty. I'm not sure if I'm being a good role model for him.


#955 have you tried wearing gloves when you do wash your hair. they also say baking soda, coconut oil, or apple cider vinegar is good for washing hair.  hope things get better for you.


Every time I wash my hair I get a nasty itchy rash on my hands. I haven't been able to find a shampoo/ conditioner that doesn't cause this. It's super frustrating and all the trial and error is expensive and wasteful. I went to an allergist and he couldn't help me. As a result I don't wash my hair until I absolutely have to.

I really need to find a solution to this.


I have an overwhelming sense of impending doom. I think something very bad is about to happen in the world.


I stole a pair of socks today.

I went to babies r us and walked around the store with my stroller. I picked up several items, including the pair of socks from a large bin. I got to the cash register, put all my stuff on the counter and paid with my debit card. As soon as I pulled my card out of the machine after paying, I noticed the socks were sitting on the cup holder/ tray part of the stroller and that I hadn't paid for them. The right thing to do would have been to apologize and have her ring them through separately, but there was a line up behind me and I didn't want to be annoying. I kind of panicked and walked out of the store with the socks still on the stroller. Nobody noticed.

I bought about $65.00 worth of stuff. The socks were 99 cents. I don't think anybody will care.

I still feel super guilty.


My mailbox is so far from my house that on most days I don't bother getting the mail. It's all junk anyway.


I shouldn't have been driving today. I was too hungover but I went to get food anyway. Everything was fine until I got to my street there was no parking and I had to do a u-turn. I figured I would go into a small driveway at the end reverse and go back down the street. What I didn't realize was that there was a car parked across the street, my foot slipped and the car went all the way back way too fast to the point that I hit the brake and felt as the car touched the other one. I feel so bad but there are no dents or scratches on either so I drove away. Now I'm paranoid hoping no one saw. No one said anything....but this is a somewhat sketchy part so now I'm afraid to have anyone come up to me.


were but for a wall
a slight angle refracting
'twixt morning glances


I'm tired of waiting around for you to make up your mind and realize what you want. I deserve way better than this.  I'm sick of putting up with your excuses and accusations. Just tell me like it is and lets go our separate ways.


MGTOW is not based on fear of women (lol),its an angry response to the liberated women who are unloveable.


First of all this is not men vs women , plenty of men get sexual harassed and been rape either by other women or men . I think a lot of them keep it to themselves because they don't want to be ridiculed by both men /women worst if they were assault by another man .  Rape and sexual assault has nothing to do with sex itself it's more of a power thing and the sex thing to humiliate the victim there a reason why plenty of straight males assault other males even though they are not home sexual and don't get me started on those discussting women who take advantage of little boys , like we been hearing lately from female teachers having sex with their students and the worst part is they just get a slap on their hand while the men who do the same get thrown in jail for a very long time.



I'd love to post "me too" on my Facebook. But I can't.

I've been raped multiple times by different men, coerced into sexual favors by two different women (one a manager, one a childhood friend), and harassed more times than I can count. But many of my Facebook friends are former coworkers in an industry where reputation is everything, and I don't need them looking at it and assuming I'm some crybaby. Cuz that's what people seem to think. "Oh, well, s/he gave you a job, what are you complaining about?" Yeah, fuck you.

No one wants to admit that this code of silence and ostracizing of people who do report is why no one reports any of this. It's not just Harvey Weinstein, it's the manager at your local McDonald's, it's the president of your bank, it's your husbands and fathers and brothers. And sometimes your sisters.

And it goes beyond the workplace. You didn't like the guy your sorority president threw you into a room with alone when you were six sheets to the wind your first semester? What the fuck is wrong with you, you don't like dick or something? Somehow, it's always the woman's fault. Always. And, to be fair, I've experienced it both ways-- I've had women force me into sexual situations, too, and I've seen women be complicit in sexual assaults, serving as "wing-women," lying and helping guys to cover their tracks, and so on. Neither gender has a handle on being shitty. And I gotta add: it's usually not about sex, it's usually all about the power trip.

I hope things start to change soon, but taking a look around here, I don't think they will. But one thing I will say... I really believe that all this male bellyaching and resentment and MGTOW/redpill bullshit is caused by the deep-rooted fear that women will start treating men the way men have always treated women.

And, given some of the experiences I've had, they might have cause for concern. But I don't think men can say it wasn't earned.


189925 - here is a secret - sorry to bust your bubble, but you make life, life does not make you. If you are 65ish, tired and waiting to die in a few years, then life is making you. If you get off your butt, live life, enjoy the air, walk under oak trees, see the ocean break on the shore, enjoy a glass of wine, don't eat shitty food and stick your fuck you finger at things that are trying to push you down, then you may live to be 100.... just saying...


Blame Oprah for all these "feelings".Life is not about feelings -get over it. This  "Me Too" is part of the victimization of America by Democrats.  Stuff happens-get up, dust yourself off and keep going. We all do it!


Once in a while when I get a late night text or an early morning one, I wonder if it will be you reaching out to me.


Haha my husband ask me if I have a boyfriend, no but I wish sometimes I mean I let him have a girl on the side but I'm just to busy that I don't think I have the time for that .


Now that we are talking about stalkers, I remember when I was in 3rd grade, I was attending this catholic school.  Back then, still now, parents used to hire private transportation to take the kids to school as well as to bring them back.  I think that's how I met this kid, who was in 4th grade.  He used to be really "friendly" with me, so much, his classmates started bothering him.  I think they saw something I did not realize then, but his classmates where onto something weird.  Years later I realized the same.  This kid was really friendly with me, he wanted to be with me all during recess time, and even after school.  Almost like he was obsessed with me, and I think that's what his classmates saw.  Once he told me to life for him, he asked me to tell his classmate that I was his brother.  I didn't think too much of it, so I did what his kid asked me to do, I told his classmate I was his brother. But I tell you, and I realized years later, I think this kids was fucked up.  As years went by, I did not hang out with him as much, anymore, but he would still come around me at school.  I remember one instance, I was playing with my classmates, a couple of years later, and this kid came and made a fuss trying to pick a fight with my classmates because I was playing with them, and not with him.  Same thing happened a couple of years later, he came to make my life miserable.  Like I said, I think he was obsessed, at that early age.  Eventually, I never saw him again.  Like I said, I think this guy was fucked up, and it would not surprise me if he is gay now, but not the regular gay who lives a normal life, but the gay who is fucked up in the head, and could be actually a sexual predator because he had been probably traumatized as a little kid.


933, Check out James Joyce's letters to Nora Barnacle. Anal sex is nothing new.


My friend has had her dog for almost a year and he is still not house trained! Ew. Get with it girl! Put in some effort for a change! Teach the dog to do his business outside!


Guys don't get too frustrated with women and their me too stories, and them complaining about everything !there are women out there who laugh and scoff at that. there's also women in other countries who  are completely different and let the male take the role, and treat you like a king!
They think American women are terrible


i can't masterbate if my cat is in the room. i feel like she's judging me. out she goes!


I think scratching  my back  is as good as an orgasam


That picture of you in ‘'re killing me.


So these are the guys who are going to bring about total nuclear destruction. Not two power hungry warmongers, just two comic opera dipshits with no grasp of what they are doing.


I wonder if people had anal sex before our current generation? Did my grandmother spread her cheeks and let grandpa spew in there? Did George Washington have anal sex with Martha? Did cavemen grunt how regular sex was getting a little boring, so they stuck it in the backdoor?

Or did everyone in the past do regular sex, and it's only in the past 20 years, thanks to the power of the internet, that people realized anal sex was possible, so they started trying it out.


When I was a little kid, like 5 years old, my dad worked at the New York Stock Exchange. He showed me a picture of the place, with people gathered around in a circle, arms flailing while bargaining with each other. But I misunderstood what he said. I thought he worked at the New York Sock Exchange where people get together and trade their socks back and forth. I remember him coming home and me looking at his socks and thinking they were nice and he was obviously good at his job.


Fake biased news is seemingly everywhere,

But the best media source I have found, that is well written and filled with facts, is.......... Al Jazeera.


We both know it's over. Why are going through the motions. We have nothing in common. I already let you go. I know you let me go. One of us is has to say it. Please.


single, white, female.
I wish my life was easier.


This is for 897.  Many years ago there was a neighborhood hangout where my friends and I would meet to unwind.  Sometimes I'd go without them, and in doing so, widened my friend circle.  Most of them were guys, because I enjoyed playing pool, and was one of the few women who did.  While most of the women were friendly with me, I only made one real female friend there.

There was a guy who I became friendly with.  He was a really nice guy, and HOT - just my type.  But I was dating someone at the time, so I declined his request for a date.  Whenever I'd see him, he'd ask if I were still seeing someone.

Finally one day after I'd broken up with my boyfriend, I saw him and let him know I was free.  I gave him my number, and we agreed to go out for drinks that weekend.

He picked me up, and we headed to a local hot spot that was a few blocks from my house.  After a little while of pleasant conversation and getting to know each other, things turned.  He scooted his chair closer to mine, put one arm around me, and the other hand he placed on my crotch.  I was slightly stunned, moved his hand and asked him what he was doing.  "Oh come on baby, you know you like it."  I told him I DIDN'T like it, and that he was being inappropriate.  He said, "Come on.  We've been hot for each other for years.  You're single now, what's the big deal?" and proceeded to put his hand on my crotch again.  I threw some money on the bar, said, "It's been real, goodnight," and left.

Once outside, I ran to a little one-way side street and began walking home.  But next thing I know, he's pulling up next to me in his car.  I turned around and ran to another street and began walking up that, and ahead of me I could see him passing the street I was on.  Now I was scared, so I stepped into the street and crouched between two cars, trying to figure out what to do.

Suddenly, I heard a voice behind me.  "Why are you hiding?"  It was him.  How the fuck he found me, I don't know.  I stood up, told him to leave me alone, and turned to walk away.  But he grabbed me, pushed me into a car and tried to kiss me forcefully.  I struggled to get away, but he held tighter.  I remembered something from the martial arts classes I'd taken way back in high school - I scraped the outside of my foot down his inner leg from his knee down.  I ran back to the bar we'd been at (since it was right there) and called a guy friend who came and got me, and made sure I was home safely.

That wasn't the end of it, though.  He texted me all night, saying he was outside my house and to let him in.  I was scared shitless.  This nice, hot guy who I was looking forward to dating had become a fucking nightmare.  Eventually he let up, but every now and again he'd text me asking if I were single.  I still have those texts.  No matter how many times I told him to leave me alone, he continued.  I'd been pondering moving out of the city for some time, and he was a deciding factor for finally doing so.

Why didn't I call the cops that first night?  He WAS a cop.  I knew enough about the Blue Line to know that nothing would come of it (especially since his father was also a cop) and that doing so would cause me more grief that I was already going through.


Thinking back on the times he assaulted me...age 19...21...22. 6 months of therapy for PTSD a year after the last time it happened. I carried this secret with me for 4 years. He'd come into my workplace and stare right at me as he walked by. I'll never forget his cold, dead, blue eyes and the way they fixated on me, and I'd remember when he'd say that I was his. Not someone he loved, but someone he felt he owned. In a way, after what he did to me, the PTSD was his indirect way of owning me. He didn't love me; he wanted power over someone he found pretty and attractive and wanted to have.

I'd see him in my nightmares, where he's pinned me down again and his hot breath burns down my neck. I'm begging him to let me go and fighting him, but he won't stop.

One day I was getting ready for work and straightening my hair. I looked into the mirror and saw his dead blue eyes glaring into my soul. I saw them in the fucking mirror. It terrified me to the core of my being. I screamed and started sobbing.

I started dating my first serious boyfriend when I was 17. I was smitten with him. We were both still virgins, and a few months into our relationship we started getting mor physical. He wanted a blowjob. I wasn't comfortable with the idea of it yet. He'd bitterly bring it up from time to time. One night we're making out on his bed. I was giving him a hand job, and I felt his hand push me by the back of my head down and told me to open my mouth. I was 18 and scared of his temper, so I did. He told me to put my lips around it and suck it as he pushed down on my head as I tried to pull away. He came down my throat and let me go. We had plans with friends that night and left soon after. I had a sick, sick  feeling in my stomach that entire night. I knew what happened wasn't right. I didn't even have a chance to say no. My brain repressed this memory until last year when my friends were talking about the first time they gave someone a blow job. It flooded back and I went outside and started sobbing at what i was remembering again.

I want to speak out and say “Me too” and show that I'm a survivor, but I can't let my family find out. It would hurt them if they knew anything about it.

So here I am, confessing this all to the cave because it's the only place I can anonymously. It takes a lot to start tearing me down, and these experiences almost did. I'm proud of surviving but less so that I still have to keep this whole thing a secret so my family will never find out and be hurt and anguished by's a heavy burden to bear for me.  




I drank the koolaid. Work hard and then live it up in retirement. Travel the world. Play golf. Pursue your hobbies.

They forgot to mention it's all BS. Once you're over 60 you have no more energy. You just want to sleep. Everything aches. Then you get sick and in a few months you're dead. They forgot to mention any of it.


Screw the #'metoo. It is all about how secure we are with our own selves and not about how others think about overselves.  Get over it.


I'll be sad if Trump either passes away or goes completely senile before  he has turned out of office in disgrace as he surely will be any day now.


My innocence was ripped from me when I was a child. I don't play the victim card. In fact, I am successful and work hard at what I do. I'm also raising two beautiful kids... two beautiful kids who will never be passive aggressive smart asses about movements such as "me, too"; rather, they will respect others for the courage that it took to participate.


I blame everything on everyone around me.   Even stuff that I know is my fault.

That way, I can play the victim card for the rest of my life and never have to move forward.  

I never have to acknowledge my own faults.   Never be in spiritual alignment with the great Dao, never have to feel grateful for anything in my life.


There is a profound communal catharsis all the people on here must be feeling sharing their common horrific experiences.

That said, unless the weather changes in here, I need to stay out of the Cave for a week or so. Reading about all these experinces is making me depressed and anxious.

They say “hurt people” hurt people.

Yikes and damn.

People suck.  The sun has set.

My heart hurts.

(I'm one of the people who shared. I've never been molested, just harassed. It all sucks, deplorable behavior of warped men and women.)

Yikes, my chakras are whacked. The energy in here is bringing me down, it's like watching the news kind of depressing.


No, what I was trying to say is there are women who wouldn't like their husbands keeping a magazine just because the person on their cove is attractive.  Sad but true , I seen how some women act when I'm at the store , I once was on line and this couple were in front of me the guy keep staring at a magazine who had a women on a bikini , his wife (I assume) smacked him on the hand and told him don't be such a pig , I just kind laugh I taught it was hilarious and felt sorry for the men who was married to such an insecure women . It was just a picture for petes sake , is not like the women was going to crawl out of it and make up with the guy.


I don't think there's anything wrong with finding a picture on the cover of a magazine attractive. I mean, if you found a pic of the magazine cover online and made sexually degrading comments about it, that might make you a pig. But there's nothing wrong with appreciating somebody's attractiveness.


913- I don't really get what you're trying to say. Women are as bad as men because more women liked a pic of you? Are you saying that liking a picture and making comments unrelated to your appearance is sexual harassment? I'm not trying to argue. I just don't understand what you're insinuating.


"Donald Trump said all these terrible things to the widow of a soldier! He should be impeached.!"

Because that makes sense. Trump constantly praises our soldiers. He made the military a pillar of his campaign. But sure, he then called up a widow and sad bad things about her dead husband. Yea, okay, sure he did........


I've been sexually harassed on the job.

The first time, I was working at an electronics shop. A guy I worked with used to proposition me for blow jobs. He did it several times. The last time he did it was the last because I took a screwdriver and threatened to stab him in the stomach. He got all defensive saying I looked like the kind of person who gives blowjobs.

The second time, I was working at a restaurant. I was a dishwasher/busser. The cook used to ask me for blowjobs. He used to tell me that he wanted to fuck me in the ass. He used to rub up against my ass with his dick while I was washing pots & pans.

So, those are my times. Thing is, I am a man. These happened when I was 16 and 17.

Men are jerks. I totally blocked this stuff out. That is, until very recently in therapy. I'm doing therapy now, because I came out as gay last year.


Yes , it's true women are the same. My  husband always gives me his Rolling Stones magazines when he is done reading them , so I can read them too , they had this one with Justin Trudeau in their front cover and instead of discarding the magazine once I read it , I decided to keep it .  I guess if the was a man and a hot chick was on the cover and kept it most women will call the guy a pig . Double standards do exist.


Women are just as bad as men.  They're just quieter about it and do it in a different way.  

To test this, I posted a picture of myself on Facebook that I thought looked flattering, but not sexualized in any way.  To make sure that people didn't think the picture was supposed to show me looking physically attractive, I added a caption had nothing to do with how I looked physically.  I also very rarely post pictures of myself online, good or bad, so it made for a good opportunity to do this.

I wanted to see how many men liked the picture, versus how many women liked it.  If my previous pics were any indication, the responses should be about 50-50 men and women.

In the first hour, 25 people liked the picture and 10 people commented on it.  80% of the likes came from women, and 90% of the comments came from women.  None of the comments, however, had anything to do with how I looked physically.

Just like when men click "like" on an attractive picture of a woman... women do the same thing with an attractive picture of a guy.  Women just show interest in a more subtle way.


People always are under the impression they are way better human beings than they actually are.  Just accept you definitely do shitty things to other people. Try not to, but when you do: acknowledge it, apologize, and move on. Educate yourself on how to be a better person in all aspects of your life. Better yourself on all fronts. Its really not rocket science.


909...Broke my heart. Me, too. As a child. I live with the horror every day. Me.... TOO.


I've been sexually assaulted by a guy once, and multiple times by women. With the guy, I was too young and ignorant to make a fuss about it, but in that small town, nothing would have happened to my cousin anyway.

With the females, you're damn right I knew better about "reporting" it, but I also knew that my age and gender would make the accusations fly back in my face. Well, I did tell some people in confidence, and some others saw it happen a few times. I just got "the look" and was told to ignore it.

There's a huge double standard. Massive. I'm not traumatized by the events. I didn't need counseling. From talking with female victims of rape, I know that my response is not the same as what females encounter. I also have seen what happens when a guy is accused of doing something. His life is fucked. Guilty or not, he's toast. I know why these other women told me to get over it - it was for my own personal and professional protection.


Me, too.

I was 3, under my skirt
you tickled my knee
i carried the burden
of your secrets and it ruined me.

Me, too.
I was 5, and your cock
came alive
into my hand too hot for a child to hold.
Me, too.
I was 11, both of you said
suck our dicks or we'll tell
you told anyway
i am a slut apparently

Me, too.
I was 19 working for my dime
You told me to pull up my shirt
saying it like you're joking
we both knew you weren't

Me, too.
I was 26 and at your party
I just wanted to sleep, no, get off of me
I blamed myself because I was there
and was worried of my boyfriend dumping me

Me, too.
This is only the highlight reel
Not to mention the casual
beeps, honks, inappropriate comments
shit-I can't even remember them all


Well, I've reached a milestone. Today I am 59 1/2, which means I can take any of my 403b account money without paying a penalty... hmmm I wonder what I'll do with the $37 I have in the account?


905 - Zero to orgasmi in less than 60 seconds if I need to. I've timed it.


My two cents: I'm a woman, I was teased as a child about my weight and suffer from sever insecurites about my body, I have extremely low self esteem, body dismorphia and an eating disorder that comes and goes, and I like being catcalled and whistled at. It makes me feel confident about my body knowing men find it attractive when I dont. I like the feeling of being hit on and sexually desired. No I dont put up with ass grabs or cupping those get face slaps for sure but te other stuff I really dont mind, it gives me confidence to look at myself in the mirror which is very hard for me to do.

All you women who read this may hate me and lash out at me, go ahead that's your opinion and you have a right to your opinion but this is mine.

I like being catcalled and whisled at. I like that I can turn heads and catch a mans attention. It makes it a little easier to get up and face the world, for me.

Just my two cents.


I was talking with my girlfriends about masturbating, and one of them said they can get off in 2 minutes if they need to. Is it me or is that weirdly short? I need at least 10-15 minutes to cum, but I like taking longer anyway. Edging really does make you cum wayyyy harder


I think there may be some truth to the statement that less attractive guys are more likely to be accused of sexual harassment than more attractive guys.

But you really can't fault a girl for not wanting to be with a guy she doesn't find attractive. You can't. Just like guys don't want to date women they don't find attractive. It's less socially acceptable for a woman to reject a man based on looks, but it is still her right.

If an unattractive guy compliments/ flirts with/ asks somebody out, no reasonable woman is going to consider that harassment. But if she turns him down or doesn't reciprocate and he keeps it up, that's when it becomes harassment. The difference is that she is more likely to reciprocate with an attractive guy. Is it shallow and unfair? Probably. But that's life.


I'm meeting up with a guy tonight and I'm so excited! He says he's looking for something serious but he doesn't want to jump into things, which I get. I don't either. Even if he just wants to fuck, he looks sexy as hell. At the very least, Mama's getting laid. Fuck yes


The sad part is that Mark Faber is right.


I was sexually harassed by my charming and very attractive boss. He was out of my league in terms of looks, and I still think he was doing it more to flex his power over me than out of attraction. I am happily married, and had no interest no matter how attractive he was, which I made very clear to him. I reported it to HR, but they did nothing about it and implied I should be flattered by his attention. It eventually stopped when my husband returned from deployment (he's a Marine) and stopped by to have a 'chat' with him after work. So no, it's not about how attractive someone is.


841 there is a big differance between flirting and harassing. The problem is we don't agree on what the differance is. If someone flirts with you and you don't like it make sure you tell them politley and clearly that you're not interested.If it stops they were flirting. If it continues they are herassing. Sexual assult is much easier to define.


893 OK, but who gets to decide? There's so much disagreement on issues. Who will choose who needs to be delt with?


-897, that's the truth.  If you're a good looking guy, it's suddenly no longer "sexual harassment," it's "flirting."  SNL did a hilarious skit with Tom Brady about this.

So I'm 43 but still a pretty good looking guy.  My office hired a young woman, about 22 years old, who I got to know platonically.  Nothing "sexual" was there at all - I'm married and my wife is a beautiful woman in all regards.  Me and this young lady just got along, and I started taking on the "mentor" role.  We'd laugh and make rude jokes and go to lunch.

However, at the same time the young lady joined the company, I started having a problem with my thyroid.  I started gaining weight, about 25 pounds in the first eight months that I knew her.  I became heavy and slower.

Wouldn't ya know... right before the doctor fixed the problem and put me on medication... this young lady - who I was office buddies with for almost a year - decided she no longer wanted me around.  She said she'd go to HR if I kept bugging her.  Total shock.  Of course, I left her alone.

But the thyroid medication made me start to lose the weight as fast as I gained it.  In the last six months I was there, it almost all came off.  I started looking physically better again.

And wouldn't ya know... she started trying to talk to me again like before the problem came up.  No, thanks.  I still left her alone.

So, yeah, what a woman believes to be "sexual harassment" can also be a factor of how attractive you are.


When a guy is cute and sexy -it is called flirting- if he is old and ugly it is sexual harassment.stop this "me too" bull.


Just in case it was my ex who wrote he will get even for me disconnecting his phone?? Um.. u probably didn't pay the bill or were living on only smokes and whatever drugs u thought would somehow help ur situation. I'm not saying u didn't pay the bill even because I DON'T ASSUME THINGS FUCKED UP .. by the way try not to tell ur next gf anyone besides u that she is "fucking the devil" terrorize not even yourself pray to the earth and don't be an egomaniac make connections appreciate ppl u are gifted and have a life to live sorry that I don't have the same number I did try to call but I actually feel like u wrote that so.... glad I didnt.. and he said over the phone I was fucking the devil. He's nuts and given up on all but his nuts which is sad cuz if he had taken IN some info instead of feeling like he was raining wisdom on the world he might could still be someone. He deserved better than a lesbian pity fucking him cuz he could have been making good love with someone else. To this day I feel horrible but vengeful ppl lose their lives to it probably their heaven too.. there are things me and him both experienced together strange happenings no one else would believe I tried to call not my fault ur disconnected or have taken enough psych meds to make a horse pass out if not die. Wish I could help. Even if u were a woman ud be as disagreeable and dishonest and vengeful as actually I'm not like that I wouldnt delete someone's art and I can't get off on my own pity fucks I'm given or every thing I share having to be super practical or it's returned with denial of the kind of thing u and me have seen and experienced together and separately. I hope tho someone teaches u practicality is actually most important in an impractical life and work. Think all the art u could have made by now. I'm not looking to reconnect with nearly any guy because of the possessive mind games


Wealth has nothing to do with these people living that long , it might help since they don't have to stress about money and can afford the best medical services but there's plenty of people their age around the world that are old 90's and older , still able to function and have very good quality of life in countries like Japan and Spain just to name a few .  My maternal grandfather got live to 100 , he was active , he never had the need to be on medications (blood pressure, choresterol, etc..) he was at a healthy weight , didn't need a walker not even glasses . Hi secret was staying busy , eating healthy ( he ate a lot of fish) , being a positive and happy person and once in a while he used to have a drink and a smoke unfortunately my grandmother (his wife) died before her 50 birthday of breast cancer this is back in the late 70's before people were more educated and seek treatment early , she lived a very healthy lifestyle just like grandpa she just got unlucky and saw treatment too late .


i can pretty much masturbate to anything.


I think there should be a vigilante organization to even things out in the world. There is too much unfairness in the world today. Look at the news. Bad people get away with too much. There needs to be more balance. There needs to be a group that settles the score.


They have invented immortality. They just aren't letting most people know about it. How old is Queen Elizabeth? How old is her husband? How old id Jimmy Carter and his wife? Immortality exists, but it is only for the extremely wealthy and connected folks.


Your wife needs the shit kicked out of her.


All this noise about sexual harassment and assault. And people wonder why I stay by myself.


I recently went to a donut shop, and was given bad service and a bad attitude by the staff.  I looked them up on Yelp, and they have good ratings.  For some reason, some of the reviewers also complained about getting bad service and bad attitude, but gave good ratings anyway.  I wish this place had bad ratings and got shut down.  Fuck this place and the people who are supporting it.


I can't believe scientists haven't invented immortality yet.  I want to live forever!


Once upon a time I was an elementary school teacher. I was one of a very small group of "eligible" male staff people. I was sexually harassed and teased on an almost daily basis by the women I worked with.  I was prompisioned, got my ass pinched and patted and was asked about the size of my package on several occasions. One day I decided enough was enough and went to speak with my boss and ask for help.  The school principal was a woman and when I described in detail what was happening she laughed. She laughed and then told me most guys would love to be in my shoes. I kept my mouth shut and didn't complain anymore. Sexual harassment cuts in all directions. Women are capable of being just as foul and nasty as any man. Especially when they're in groups, same as men.  I know from experience.


My wife rides her bike several times a week as a form of working out. When she is finished, she deposits her bike on the floor of the garage where I keep my car. When I get home from work, I have to move her bike.

We've had this conversation many times where I've asked her to put her bike in the bike shed. This is why the bike shed exists, for keeping bicycles.

She always gives me a hard time about it. She can never simply do the right thing and put her bike away like a reasonable person. She's too lazy. It's easier for her to ride into the garage and drop her bike there. She doesn't care that it causes a problem for me later.

She never admits it's laziness though. She makes strange excuses why the bike has to be on the floor of the garage. The latest, if she puts it in the shed, the gears will get damaged (why? no reason) and they will freeze up while she is riding down a hill, throwing her from the bike and she will die.

"Is that why you want me to put my bike in the shed? So you can have me killed?"

Always difficult, always talking with a sneering tone, always spitting poison. Try living with someone like her on a day to day basis.


Oh Lawd, what a thang, what a thang.... wish I could just be a man and have a woman that wants to be a woman. All this role confusion is fuct.


Next time a democrat wins the white house, I'm going to make sure to say as many bad things as possible about that person, even if I have to make them up.


I think being a so-called genius has made life harder for me (I don't even believe in the concept of geniuses, tbh). When I was little, I picked up multiple languages and was an amazing chess player. Now I'm on my way to being a plastic surgeon, and I'm a fairly attractive slim-ish woman. Here's the funny part: for all this "genius" and "talent," I border on being completely socially inept, I've never had a boyfriend, and I have an anxiety disorder. I've never even had sex!

Oh the irony--I'm a genius who can't even figure out tab a into slot b


Went on 2 dates with this badass chick, she didn't want to go out on a 3rd. She saved an awesome playlist to my computer. I dig it.


And there it is. If you don't comply with the feminist man-haters, you're a pig. If you object to being called a pig, you're a pig. I'm going to stop interacting with ANY female.

50/male...NOT a pig. Fuck off.


A lot of the men claiming that women are too uptight are actual real creeps and sexual harassers. We see through your bullshit. Keep claiming you're a nice guy, you're not fooling anyone.


I'm sorry for posting this. Like most (all) women, this isn't  the worst "experience" I've had so it's not just me trying to make something out of nothing. But I still kind of want to share this story.

A few years ago I had dropped my car off for maintenance and when the shop called me to pick it up I didn't have a ride so I walked. It was a pretty long walk, probably close to an hour and a half, mostly through a residential area. I was wearing a pretty standard shorts and t-shirt (should that matter?).

This guy on a bike called out "hey pretty legs!" And pulled up beside me and started talking to me. I didn't make eye contact, I didn't engage him. I gave some non-committal responses like "mm-hm". Then he rode away. (Phew). But then he came back and I continued to brush him off.

He asked me "do you want to come to my place and teach me how to cook?
" "No thank you"
"Do you speak German? I can teach you."
"No thank you."

He kept riding away and then coming back a couple of minutes later. (This lasted for probably close to an hour). I was scared. I was kicking myself for walking alone (in broad daylight, btw) on a residential street where there weren't any stores or anything I could duck into.

Finally he pulled up beside me again and said "Do you want to see something? I have something to show you" and he reached his hand into his pants. I freaked out and yelled at him "No! Stop it!" He gave me a hurt look and said "sorrrreeee!! I was just trying to be nice!"  Then he left. For good. (Phew!)

No I wasn't assaulted or hurt. I'm not traumatized. I was and am fine. But I do consider it sexual harassment. There was NO way a reasonable person would have assumed I was interested by the way I was acting. And still I did feel a little guilty in case I somehow gave him the wrong impression.

Anyway, This is really not of much consequence. Some people will agree with me that he was inappropriate. Some will say I was asking for it by wearing shorts and being alone. Some will say I'm blowing things out of proportion and playing a "victim" for attention. Most probably won't even read it. But I'm glad that there is a conversation going on to bring more awareness to sexual harassment and assault.


At the restaurant where I worked, the head cook wouldn't make the waitresses meals unless they made out with him.  I was only a 17yo dishwasher, but I knew it was fucked up.  I was surprised that none of them told the manager.


My control freak wife tightly dictates what and when our dog eats. When she goes out, I give the dog leftover steak, hamburgers, hotdogs, and anything else he might like. Jesus, dogs don't live very long. Why not make their time as enjoyable as possible.


Hitting on women has changed in my lifetime. You really can not even begin to flirt until they show you CLEAR signs they like you. If you're in doubt, don't even compliment her or you we be labeled “creepy”.



The people that think they are going to live forever make me laugh. If you have ever spent time around death, I have, you quickly learn the death is indiscriminate. The marathon runner kicks it at 40, the two pack a day smoker lives to 85. True, there are trends and averages, but life isn't data and everyone is different.

Live your fucking life without so much fear. We aren't going to be here tomorrow.


I noticed something today while I was standing on the sidewalk talking to a friend of mine.  I have my hands in my pockets, and my arms weren't off to the side.  They were somewhat in front of me.  I've lost enough weight that my gut has gone down to where my arms don't hang to the side out of necessity.  It's the little things that count.


In my experience, the young women who have assumed that I was "hitting on them" when I was simply trying to be platonic have been the young women who have been 1) less intelligent or 2) very self-centered.  That's probably pretty obvious, actually.  The intelligent women I've actually hit on have seen flirtation as a game.


It was more interesting when women banded together to #FreeTheNipple


870- #me too


I want to post #metoo on fb but I don't want my family to know what happened.


Your daughter has herpes at age 17. You must be so proud!


Grasp this...Before they were stars these women allowed themselves to be subjected to some lewd behavior by Weinstein. Yes they allowed it. They allowed it because they wanted to be famous. Now that they've "made it" they decide to cry foul. Wow, I wish someone would give me the shot to be a millionaire in exchange for the grabbing my ass a few times or parading around naked in front of me. Fuck no, I had to work WAY harder than that to earn my cash. Oh and BTW, I've had MANY good looking, young girls let me take them to pound town repeatedly just to pay their rent. I don't wanna hear this crap, they were complicit. PERIOD. 43/M


I only have what I have because people died and left me their money. I would gladly give it back if they would.


  Living dangerously is a mitigating factor. Don't play in traffic. Don't run with the scissors.


When I was 16 I worked for a butcher.

The owner thought it was cute to walk by me and grab my ass.

I grabbed the big knife near my station and said "touch me again motherfucker and I'll cut your fucking balls off"

Told my boyfriend who started waiting for me after work every day.  He told his friends who started coming by to check on me.  Never told my Dad but he started coming by there to "shop" and keep an eye on things.

Never happened again.


One of the hardest things to do is let go of someone that you felt was the love of your life. Love doesn't conquer all after all :(


Something that has annoyed me since high school - when girls/young women use the phrase "my boyfriend.".

You know, like "My boyfriend and I went out this weekend."  Or, "My boyfriend bought me this ring."

It annoys the fuck out of me.  Does your boyfriend have a name?  Or are you just telling people you have a boyfriend so they'll think you're wanted?  He's a person, not your object.


"I'm a CEO, and I work for a Fortune 50 Company."

Hire me. I'm good.


I wish I could resign from my health problems and my ADHD like some folks resign from their jobs.


Two funny conversations I have overheard recently:

Man at front of line in convenience store to the woman standing behind him: Sorry that took so long.
Woman: I'm not in labor.

White woman to Asian man: Do you speak English?
Asian man: Yes, but if you'd rather speak Chinese, I can do that too.



This whole me too thing is crazy. Apparently all the women I know have been sexually assaulted.


I miss the old days. Before Facebook. Before smartphones. Before LinkedIn.

The days when you could be anyone. When you could meet a stranger in a bar and be the person you wanted to be for that stranger. There was less baggage then, less performing.

I miss buying a CD and listening to it from start to finish, each song in context. I miss watching a movie without playing on my phone. I miss talking about a season finale with coworkers or classmates the day after it broadcast.

I miss the days when you could hide away in your apartment and ignore the ringing phone and let it go to the answering machine. Hello, I'm walking in the spiderwebs, leave a message and I'll call you back. You could lose yourself in a book, listen to the rain falling against the windows. I can't hear the rain over the constant hum of our computers anymore. There's no silence. There's no solitude. There's no privacy.

Sometimes, I just want to be just me, and I just want to be alone.


My ex-executive assistant died today.   Cervical cancer.   45 years old.

I used to snort cocaine off her tits during parties.   We once fucked for a two days straight hung out on crack, meth, grass, booze.   What a doll.  

Fuck, I miss her


I don't care my boss is as married father of three. He's gorgeous and we've been "harmlessly" flirting for too long. I need him to fuck me. Over his desk, in a hotel room, in the bed he shares with his wife, or all of the above - I don't care. I just need him in me.


I like the posting of the old guy,   never say anything but hello, good morning to the young women.   Best advice ever.

I'm a CEO, and I work for a Fortune 50 Company.  

Since I never talk to the young women - like ever - very few are promoted as a result.


Okay this whole conversation is bull, as is our 2017 “politically correct” culture. If a man tells me that I look good today or my hair looks pretty or that I look like I've lost weight I do not feel harassed. I would be gracious and elated - even if he was homeless, smelly and toothless. A compliment is a compliment 👍🏻

Having recently been sexually harassed in the workplace let me break it down for all the knuckleheads out in cyberspace. The old creepy dishwasher at work would tell me he wanted to take me out. He would tell me he wanted me to be his girlfriend. Finally, when bringing dishes down to him from a function we were having upstairs he took the grotesque opportunity to rub the front of his body against mine and pin me in the tight hall we were in. I was mortified and frightened - those are the distinct feelings of someone who is being sexually harassed. I agree with the person who said that women can be guilty of it as well, absolutely.

For my part in what happened between myself and this gentleman, I was too polite, I didn't tell him to back off. I would smile, drop the dishes and get the f*** out of there. When he pinned me against the shelf in the hall I reported him. Turns out many women at work did, now the douche doesn't work there.

Cause and effect. Simple.

You want to tell me my boobs look nice and perky, that's inappropriate unless we are sleeping together - if this is confusing to you, well, I don't know. You want to tell me I look cute in my glasses - well thank you! See???


-850, you sound like a good guy, but... DO NOT TELL HER ANYTHING.  IT IS TOO RISKY.

You can thank Third Wave Feminism for this.


Some women abuse men.  Not all men abuse women.


I count myself lucky to have never been victim to sexual harassment or assault, but I know what it's like to be threatened and beaten by a man. I've been pushed, shoved, punched in the face, strangled... had my and my pet's life threatened. I'm still dealing with post traumatic stress almost a decade later. I want to show solidarity by saying "Me Too", but I also don't feel like explaining myself because my scars are slightly different.


There's a woman I know who is on a diet. She was about 50 pounds overweight at the start of the year. Now she is looking great. I bumped into her the other day. I wanted to say something but I didn't want to embarrass her in front of others in the room. When I got back home I tried to send her a complimentary email. I wrote something up. Deleted it. Wrote something else. Deleted it. I'm afraid to say anything. The news has my head spinning. I'm male. She's female. I don't want to say anything that could be spun as sexual harassment. What a shame though. I want her to feel good about her weight loss. I want her to know that people like me noticed all her tremendous effort and stick-with-it-ness. In the end, I told myself to hell with it. I wrote that she looks really good. Sue me.


So I've recently found out that telling a woman "You look pretty today" or "I like your hair like" that is sexual harassment. What is this world coming to? In my brain..these are simply compliments meant to show someone your appreciation. I'm so glad I work mostly with machines and rarely have to talk to anyone but my family. The world is getting more and more stupid as time goes on.


i think i'd miss you even if we'd never met


With the women who are finally coming out of the shadows and bringing legitimate  sexual assault, harassment, and rape into the open, it's been very interesting watching the various reactions from people.

Many are loving and supportive. Some feel  that the women and men speaking up about what they've been through just need to get over it and move on. Some claim they're just blowing things out of proportion. I saw one person tear a women down who spoke about the trauma from being raped. He told her that she was just making herself a victim by talking about it. Thank god the majority of men are not like this. But the ones who are cruel and criticizing sure are loud.

Some of the people I know really showed their true colors with their responses to women using #metoo. These women were their friends, colleagues, family!  Some of these men were on my social media accounts. They are not anymore. I don't need someone deciding whether or not he thinks my assault was real or just me making myself a victim. I am not a victim. I'm a survivor.


I am a man who was accused of stalking and harassing a woman back in high school. It was a very unusual experience. Me and her were close friends; she usually invited me to places and we talked on the phone quite a bit.

All of a sudden she did a 180 and claimed I was stalking her; being at her home odd hours of the night, making phone calls to her constantly.

It got even more bizarre as she kept showing up by my house watching to see if I left. I would catch her following me minutes after I left the house to go on a run to either my mom or dads since my parents were divorced. Usually to scream at me and call me a creep or stalker. She got her friends to do the same and eventually I barely left the house.

The police got involved and my father got me a lawyer. It was determined that I did nothing wrong and I didnt even come close to actually stalking her. She was crazy and wanted attention. I had to change schools however and she and her friends got served a cease and desist order before they would stop.

The police told me later on that they have caught her and her friends snooping around my dads house and one of her friends admitted they were looking for me to see if I would leave and look for them.

Very bizarre I know. She claimed she was being stalked but yet ended up stalking and harassing me.

This is my #me too story


The mothers in my super rich town (Darien, Connecticut)  are out of control. They try to avoid any sort of family chores. They hire a cleaning lady and a yard person. They buy pre-made dinners so they don't have to cook. They bring in tutors to help with their children's homework. Now the latest fad is they get Uber to drive their kids to sports practice and playdates. The moms don't even bother contacting Uber. The kids do it themselves. We're talking kids as young as 10 are on their phones to arrange an Uber pickup to get to the after-school soccer match. The moms are freed up to sit around all day to play tennis or drink wine or cheat on their husbands. What ever happened to the pride of being a good mother and wife?


All the behaviors that heterosexual men claim are just friendly/playful/flirting immediately become inappropriate and harassment when a gay guy does it to them. If it's as innocent as they claim, why do they freak out when they are on the receiving end instead of just saying they aren't interested?

M/31/gay tired of hetero hypocrites


Theres this beautiful blonde who works on the night crew at my job. I work weekend shift. I often see her looking at me and she smiles at me pretty often when im in on ot. I wonder if i have a shot. I wish she would give me a sign that its more than friendly,as ive just been heartbroken earlier this year and still recovering and my confidence and self esteem took a big blow


Overheard at lunch today, "She's a Widow? cool, i'll ask her if she wants her empty hole filled!"
wow, people.


There's a big difference between flirting and sexual harassment, when I think about sexual harassment i think about a man/women trying to touch inappropriate (breast/butt/private parts/putting their hand under your skirt /legs)  or trying to sexual assault you , flirting it's just someone giving you a nice compliment, ask you out for a drink, lunch, etc... it's hard to believe that some people cannot tell the difference especially women and over used the word sexual harassment.


Women play the he-sexually-assaulted-me card too often. I don't believe them. I think they make it up because they are mad about something else. It's a crappy shot by crappy people.


I just started at this job.  There's a very attractive Asian woman who works here.  Nothing will happen because she's half my age, I'm way too old for her, and I like to keep things professional.  All I've done is smiled at her when I passed her in the halls and said hello as I walked by, which is the same thing I do with everybody else I pass in the halls.  She's not in my department and I don't want rumors starting, so I'm not doing anymore than that.  

However, what I can't understand is why she doesn't even look at me when she passes by.  One day she smiled at me when I held the door for her... only to shut her smile off after two seconds, look straight ahead, and walk by without saying anything.  Today we almost bumped into each other when we rounded the corner from the opposite direction.  She looked at me almost like she was afraid of me while she said, "Excuse me."

Maybe she's just scared of older men in general.  I hope that's all it is.  I don't think I've done anything "creepy," given that I never really said anything to her, and I don't leer at her in anyway.  Anyway, I'm not bothering to find out anything else about her.  I don't want to one of "those guys" in the office.


-826, don't be surprised if one of your exes' girlfriends gets in touch with you.  There's many women who'd kill for that.


When I was younger in the 1990s there was this phase where it became cool for young women to have "stalkers."  A "stalker" apparently meant that a guy wanted the "victim" girl so much that he couldn't control himself around her.  What young lady wouldn't like being wanted so badly?  I know several guys who got accused of "stalking" a girl when the guy was only doing the silly shit young men do when interested in a girl.  Unfortunately, being accused of being mentally imbalanced and violent affected these young guys.  It was fucking ridiculous.


Harvey Weinstien: Now, here is a sick bastard. No doubt. He clearly used his power to subjugate, sexually assault, and hurt women.

But here is the really fucked up part I keep thinking about.... this creeeepy guy made all those women famous, gave them great career boosts and many of them have fantastic lives because of him.

It's a strange paradox. Hard to grasp.


I doubt that you are an evil molester who "raped" your girlfriend, yet there's a possibility that she was raped in the past. Possibly as a child and had unresolved issues surrounding that experience. All women encounter some form of abuse from predatory males and in some cases, predatory females. She possibly didn't feel comfortable enough to share that with you yet as she may have been waiting for the right time to share that information.

Mind you, this is theoretical and may not actually be the case- yet, having been with someone who was violated, as a child, by a predator- a fucking monster, it steals their innocence and ability to trust anyone, including those they love.  Especially the ones they give themselves to. I've been there and I never, ever made sexual advances while she was asleep because I knew it would have triggered a violent response.

It's difficult enough to show a person like that is safe with you. Their alarm bells have a lower threshold than someone who is completely healthy and secure. Soulmate is just another word for a toxic/narcissistic relationship scenario. Sorry for your pain brother, been there, done that. Empathy and understanding in the future will prevent further damage to you and your next lover.


somebody is meddling in my life... I know it. I just can't figure out who.


So sad that people don't understand consent. If you don't have consent, don't do anything to a person. Wish that wasn't a secret. We need consent education classes


Sometimes I think I should take my husband last name , it will make life easier but part of me wants to keep my long, hard to pronounce last name not just that but  my Basque great - grandparents sacrifice a lot and sold all their possessions to start all over far away from home and would be an insult to them to get rid of my last name especially since I'm a female and won't be able to past the family name .


If a woman is with a man and they are sleeping together and she decides to wake him up in the morning by giving him a blowjob (something not unheard of and actaully done to me once!) is that rape?  By today's standards it would seem to be. Sad.


Im almost postive that I have become addicted to cyberporn and chronic masturbation.  FML!



My new puppy peed on my bed. I don't think I can ever sleep in the bed again.


I'm a really good person, morally and character-wise. I worked very hard for many years to become this way. Of course, I'm not perfect, and there will always be room for improvement, but as of now, I can say I'm very proud of who I am. Not a lot of people can say that.


Red headed women are always oddballs.


I'm a guy. Apparently I'm also one of those evil molesters who prey upon vulnerable women. Here's what happened. I was living with a woman. We had been living together for about 6 months. We were a good couple. I genuinely liked being with her. She was my soul mate. One night we went out with her friends. There was drinking and dancing. We get home late and collapse into bed. Next morning I wake up before her. She's splayed out naked. I think it would be fun to wake her up by licking her pussy. I go at it. Eventually she starts to stir. I feel her stretch. I keep licking. She starts moving to the rhythm. She has one of her hands on my head. I know she is awake. I know she is enjoying it. She orgasms.

Immediately afterwards, she accuses me of raping her.  WHAT!!!!!!!! She says she was sleeping the entire time and never gave consent. She says I had no right to touch her. There are tears. She is screaming. She gets on the phone with one of her fri4ends. More tears. She goes out to meet the friend. When she comes home I'm given the cold shoulder. By a few days later she moves out. I am branded as the guy who raped his girlfriend while she was sleeping.

It was completely unfair. I was being playful and fun. I truly liked this woman. It was a gesture meant to please her because I liked her so much. But no, I was labeled as the worst kind of bad guy.  It was totally fucked up.

Honestly I think she made a big deal out of it so she could say ... me too... oh pity me, I was raped. I'm in the club. Men are evil and I was abused...

It gave her something to talk about with her friends. My feelings, my reputation, nothing about me mattered. She got to be the center of attention in the women's circle and that's what was most important.


Does it mean all the actresses that slept with Weinstein are now famous and therefor will not accuse him?
Or does it mean the ones accusing him slept with him-but did not become famous.
What a dilemma?


Sexual harassment use the be called flirting- in the good old days- when women were women and men were men.  Women's lib has killed the sexual flirting in this country so much so that when I cam here for the first time I thought all American men were gay. No men would look at you or flirt or make eye contact.In Europe men would look at you and compliment you and women loved it.The man was the hunter and both sexes enjoyed the hunt.Men are now castrated by women who view any compliment as sexual harassment.I have never been sexually harassed as I will not allow it.I will not be put in a situation where I can be.Women should stop being victims- take control of your actions.


I wish saying no could have stopped someone who I thought I could trust from sexually assaulting and almost raping me. I said no. It didn't work. I cried. I begged. I struggled against him. That didn't work either. It didn't work the other two times he assaulted me either. Funny thing about sociopaths, they do horrible things to you and manipulate you into forgiving them, and then they do it all over again. You feel stupid, and you don't report him because you're afraid that other people will call you stupid and blame you.

Some men don't take no for an answer. Ever.

My friends are posting #metoo and candidly discussing their experiences, and even though I've gotten therapy for the times he violated me, I'll never tell anyone out of that same old fear...


I got raped too and I still can't talk about it 5 years later. I need help


Just say no? Yeah I did that. Just saying no didn't stop me from being molested at 8 by another girl, raped at 13 by a 24 year old man, as well as my boyfriend at age 19 who thought it was cool to just take what he wanted if I was sleeping. Wake up to that, asshole. I've been leered at, creepily complimented on my clothes by strangers, been the butt of jokes in an all male workplace, and I'm scared to be by myself without my mace with me. How's your existence, white male?



I'm not understanding why people get hooked on Percocet or why they even like it. After ankle surgery (I had a really messy accident where my ankle broke at several places) I was prescribed Percocet. I took it for a week because I was in pain, but The entire time I was super drowsy. And was also super constipated. I didn't like taking it at all...  i wish I could report that it was a great experience, but it wasn't...


I mock minorities but only when I'm with close friends. When I'm in mixed company like at work I get on my soapbox and say anyone who makes racial jokes is an prejudiced ass.


i seriously love watching TV / netflix / shows etc in my bed. i would rather not do anything else honestly........ i don't think i'll ever find love at this rate


i like a good poop. i like a a good pee. i like a good sneeze. i like picking my nose. i like cleaning my ears. there's a pattern. i like when things come out of my body. sexual intercourse is the opposite. he wants to put something into my body. no wonder why girls dont want to do it!


I tell ya, that Percocet, how could I describe?  I know now why it is addictive.  I don't think I ever got high, BUT, it sure got me sleepy, and man, I LOVE sleep.  I would take a couple of pills because of the pain, and within half and hour, I would get sleepy. MAN, I LOVE THAT FEELING!!  I MISS THAT FEELING!!!!  I was also having issues falling sleep at the time, this was one of the side effects of the pain medicine, it would make you drowsy.  Therefore, I would use this pain medicine to go to sleep at night.  I don't take Percocet anymore, but I sure do miss that feeling.


When we were first married, my wife and I both enjoyed sex. It made us happy.

Somewhere along the way my wife decided that denying me sex made her even happier. She derived joy from me asking for sex, to the point of begging, and her saying no.

I've taken it a step further. Once I realized how much she enjoyed turning me down, I stopped asking. That put a wrinkle in her plan. I got her good.

So now we are both happy again. I'm happy not ever asking for sex. She's happy knowing she has the power to turn me down. Yay, we are both real happy. Sorta.

Marriage is weird.


Why do women take nude selfies and send it to a boyfriend? What do you hope to accomplish? That he will drop everything and propose marriage? Has that ever happened? I'll tell you what you do accomplish. The nude selfie gets posted online and one million perverts jerk off to the image.


The issue is that when some of these women said no to Trump and Weinstein, they were blacklisted from the industry. That's the harassment part.


I'm part of Karma's Army.


I'm a grown man, and I think my father stalks me.


I'm not sure of the difference between sexual harassment and men simply showing an interest in a woman. I'm hearing some of the "sordid" stories from Hollywood.

"The actor said he'd like to take me out to dinner sometime."

How is that harassment? It sounds like he was asking her on a date. Is asking a woman out now forbidden?

A little stronger:

"He asked me to come to his hotel room."

Sure it could be he's asking her to come over for sex. Is this really terrible? Men and women get together for sex all the time. But when convenient, women claim this is over the top rude of the man to ask. Consider, if men stopped asking, the species would die out.

Ladies, if you don't want sex, just say no.


Every woman has been sexually harassed.

Every single one.  it starts around age 12 until 40 or so. Then it quiets down.

I'm so fucking glad I'm older now. I have some peace.



I try to keep me and my friendships strictly friendly but the men always try to take it further. I am friendly, attractive, and communicate well, guess that is my problem.


A museum I work at has some guy who thought it was ok to tell me I had nice legs and how beautiful and sexy I was. I'm an only child... shy. Never knew what to say. It always made me feel so awkward. I didn't really want to be told these things while I was at work. Actually, it was total bullshit. At first, I thought that if I worked hard enough, I'd be valued. Maybe I just wasn't doing enough to make an important difference.

But, eventually I learned it was all fucking bullshit. Then I start getting bullshit texts about how he wants to spend all day in bed with me. Fuck it. Fuck people.

This is why I'm going back to school in Janurary. Tired of dealing with this absolute sack of crap.


I know why you're beautiful and yet can't get a boyfriend.

You're a vegan.  Nobody wants to put up with your bullshit.


I am convinced that my in-laws cannot be exhibiting mentally healthy behavior.  They're visiting this weekend, my wife's parents, her brother, and our sister in law.  These are not stupid people - three have advanced degrees, and my brother in law was his high school valedictorian and is finishing up a PhD.

But I do not know Republicans who gather around and constantly rehash why they hate Hillary Clinton, night after night after night.  It can't be normal.  They talk as if they believe: 1) everybody secretly agrees with them; 2) everybody actually hates Trump; 3) there's only a small group of people who actually like Trump, such as the uber-wealthy and the morally obtuse; and 4) Trump is THIS CLOSE to having everything collapse around him.  And it's rarely about any specific policy, and when it is, it's more about Trump than an actual policy position.  

And when I walk in on them, they shut up... as if they know that my input will force them to give up their fantasy and return to reality.  It's not stupidity, it's some sort of fantasy they're trying to keep up.


-769, I just started a new job a month ago.  One of the older married women there and I have compatible personalities, and one day we were talking about all the younger people in the office.  I told her that as an older man, I will not say anything to any unmarried, young woman under about the age of 26 other than "hello" or  "good morning."  If I don't have a project with them, I will not speak to them.  I will not get personal with any of them in any way.  She smiled and nodded her head because she knew exactly what I was talking about - young women's default mindset is that men who talk with them want them sexually.  It's safer to ignore them.


Watching the morning news together is going to start a fight. How fast does a gas balloon go? I don't know why don't you scream it at me until I get irritated and full blown fight is in effect. Best part about it, though, is the part where he doesn't talk to me for the rest of the day. Yes, please disappear so my life can be worth living again.


788!!! Do not be hard on yourself! Let your son do hos thing. He is probably inventing a new ers of Facebook. Be glad he doesn't do go to parties and do drugs. He's a nerd and that's what we need in life. I am sure he is doing good things.


The world is in an undertow, I'm drowning in it. It's come to the point where I'm almost too exhausted to keep swimming. I don't want to be taken under, but I see no more options.. no life line. Fuck I don't want to give up. :'(


My wife views every kind thing I do as a slap in her face. I clean the car, she thinks I'm rubbing it in how she didn't clean the car. I make dinner, she thinks I'm trying to say I'm a better cook. I paint the shed, she thinks I'm trying to make her feel bad for not helping. How can all these kind gestures be spun as me doing something wrong? I can't live like this.


I saw a picture of us together. We were with friends at a bar. I was smiling with my head on your shoulder and you did that thing where you tried to hide your smile. I will always, always regret not taking the risk to be with you. My heart is constantly hurting for you and because of the fact that we'll never be together. I miss everything about you. I miss how you could see through the masks and defenses I put up that everyone else thinks are funny and cute, just like I want them to think. I texted you last week and you never replied. I haven't heard from you in a long time. Now I've got all these thoughts that you don't want to talk to me anymore. Damn these 1,000 miles of distance. Damn each and every one of them that stand between us.

I was listening to She Wants Revenge the other day, and I lost it when I was listening to "Us." I haven't cried that much in a long, long time. The guy I'm dating is great, but he isn't you. I know I have to move on, but it's so hard. I can't let go of the small spark of hope I still have. My sadness fans it just enough to keep it alive.

I wish I knew when this will get better or if it is even going to. This is a lot of regret and anguish to carry with me each day. A part of me will always be reserved for you and the memories of the times where it was just you and me and no one else in this world...I miss you with every fiber of my being. I will always love you.

"Take a walk through the past, you and I hand in hand
As we looked at this thing called us..."


My cat died today. She was almost 14 years old so it was her time to go. I'm so sad right now and I miss her so much. But the best thing about a cat's death is I get to adopt a new cat. I'm going to the shelter on Monday. 😺


The world is so sad. So much hate, so much unhappiness and greed. I just want to die when I look at it all.


I am 39 y/o and still a Bachelor, meaning single.  I never had a girlfriend.  This is a secret, why?  Because if I tell anybody this, I will be branded a weirdo, a sexual deviant, a psycho, etc., etc., etc.  
Now that I look thru my life, even as a kid, I recall thinking that marrying was the last thing I wanted to do.  I would see my parents, this was when I was a kid, and think how two people could support living with each other?  Nowadays, I still think basically the same.  I am not in a hurry to get married.  I also see this beautiful girl, at work, and wanting to fuck the brains out of her.  BUT, not getting married.


I don't understand why I'm not allowed to enjoy happiness. Every time something good happens to me, something bad happens. It's been going on hardcore for the last few years. Get a good job then start house hunting then get laid off, then go on my dream vacation only to find out that my husband is leaving his job for a lesser paying job so no house, h s happy, brain problems, then baby, now problems with my brain and face. Now we're searching for a house again, not only can we afford nothing now ! His mother that cunt fuck bitch is always starting trouble . And he has he balls to say it's always me! Really you fucking asshole! Life's pretty good for you right now. No trigeminal neuralgia for you or psuedotumor. You have a nice clean apartment and a great baby because of me not you CUNT of a mother. I sat here on the couch crying my eyes out just now because I feel like we can never get ahead and he just sat there ignoring me. Like the cold hearted Baastarfd he is. There's days where I look at him and I don't even know why. He is cold towards me especially recently and it's sad: he ignores me to no end unless he wants to fuck me then he's up my ass. My secret is that it's so hard to be happy, and I wish I knew why. I feel like I'm unappreciated . I'm sad and  tired


A person close to me is dying, so I went to buy cheap funeral clothes, only to get laughed at by several people.


I do so much to help others and no one even says thank you.


My wife's idea of cleaning the toilet is to put the seat cover down. Actually scrubbing the toilet bowl, no way. She won't do it. She leaves that for me. I clean everything. She does nothing. It's unfair. She's so fuking lazy and a disgusting pig too. Civilized humans don't pretend to clean by putting down the seat cover. That's gross. I married a foul pig.


I run in races. I'd say in about half the events the scoring is screwed up. I don't understand how the people organizing these things get it wrong so often. It's simple. Every runner wears a chip. This is standard today. The computer notes the end time and the start time. Subtract. Sort. Post. Done.

But no, in half the races something goes wrong. I've seen results saying the winner ran 4 minute miles for 13 miles. I don't think so. I also placed 3rd in a race. I was so proud. But the results were screwed up and they announced someone else as being in 3rd. I went to the them afterwards and showed my time was lower. They said oops and they will send me a mug in the mail (which they never did). But it was my one time to get applause and it never happened because they fucked up.

I love running. But the people who organize these races are morons.


I'm still holding onto the dream of having a storybook, movie romance that ends happily.

I'm hopeless, I guess.



So very true!


I'm pretty sure my 18 year old son will never be anything other than a bachelor. He has never had a girlfriend, and goes nowhere other than to his college classes four days a week. He's shy and very hard on himself. He's basically a genius and has a wonderful heart. He would make such a good boyfriend and eventually husband and dad. I'm just afraid that it'll never happen. He won't even go out to the movies with his friends or anything the other kids his age are doing. It breaks my heart to see him do nothing except watch Netflix on weekend nights.


The next time I see you I'm asking if you want to come over for a drink. I'm gonna shoot my shot.


Anal sex is fantastic! But I personally need a lot of time. First he gets me all excited and fucks me regular. Then after I cum a few times and I am completely soaking wet we use that to our advantage for anal. You don't need "fake" lube from a bottle if you get the girl excited enough. My husband just uses my wetness and we go from there. It is amazing!
F/39/together for 11 years.


I've had anal with two guys ever, two of my exes.  The first one, he had a big dick, long and thick, and it hurt but it was good too.  He came kinda fast, I liked knowing i made him cum with my asshole and he could just shoot his cum in there.  My next ex boyfriend, he took forever to cum, with regular sex really, but in the ass he still took a long time.  And it was always a problem, he'd put it in, then he said it didn't feel right so he'd have to take it out and put it in again, repeatedly, and that shit hurts, plus he had a bad attitude about it.  So i didn't like it with him. It's a man's job to get you ready for that, sweet talk her, dirty talk her, lick her ass, lube her up, have a good attitude, most of it is mental.


My wife's sister is a good egg. She's very easy going and pleasant. She reminds me of...... me.

My wife on the other hand is a pain in the butt. She's always stirring things up. She torments me just to torment me. Passive aggressive to the max. She reminds me of my brother in law. I hear the stories how he is always giving my wife's sister a hard time.

My epiphany: I married the wrong sister. If I had instead married my wife's sister, we would have an easy going respectful warm union. My wife could have married her brother in law and they would have been going after each other's throats and enjoying the process no doubt.

Too bad there are no do-overs in life and marriage.


I have a girlfriend because she loves anal and swallows.

-M married 18 years to a no anal, no swallow wife


My wife refusing to let me do her in the backdoor is a major reason why she's the ex now and why the mistress is now the wife.


I had a woman who wanted anal sex once in a while, but I am a bigger guy so she could only handle it once in a while.  I did it for her.  

I could live without anal and be very happy!  A hot, wet pussy is so much better.  Damn!


I love when the weather gets cooler because then my hands get a little smaller. They always swell in the summer and I can't comfortably wear some of my rings that I love. Fuck summer. I'll take fall a million times over.


I do anal sex on myself with a vibrator when I'm alone so I suppose I must like it. married f.


I fell in love with a man. His 25 year old ADULT MARRIED DAUGHTET acts like a fucking jealous lover!!! The cunt even got so mad that she demanded he change my contact name of his phone from baby because he's called her baby since she was a little girl.

I don't know which is worse. Her behavior or his for actually changing my contact on his phone from baby.

I deserve better!


I've tried anal sex. I HATED IT! There is nothing pleasurable about feeling like you are taking a shit.

No thank you!

42 year old female


I knew I would marry my now-husband the second he said "I hate anal sex." He's a true gem.


The very first phone conversation I had , before I met with my current gf got onto the topic of butt sex fairly quick. Her response to that??

"It's a requirement!"  

Lucky me!


I hate it when people say "you just don't get it". Yeah because of your dumbass explanation motherfucker. Now explain it correctly.


Dig the butt secks also - call me a perv.  50% of women ... and what about those who have hubbies/BFs who pack?  Small/average one thing, blessed, another!

My former BIL's hung and I wonder if my sister ever commanded him?  I do believe in a party scenario I've asked her but she declined...declined to answer the question = answer yes.  Yes?


This is a secret forum. If you wants likes, dislikes, hahahha go to Facebook where you can do that. A 11 year follower here.... Will always love Cavecanum for the way it is!!!  Don't change a thing.


I wish there was a "like" button for these comments. Some are freaking hilarious!!!

So maybe:

A OMG your a freak button
A You can not be serious button

What say you - What buttons would you want?


The best advice about marriage came from my grandmother. She used to say, "Pick someone who is good to you, and who you get along with. You'll learn to love him later."

So I did, and I did, and 27 years later we are still very happily married.


My last boss was fired over sexual harassment charges.  No one saw it coming.  Now my female colleagues still want to hang out on weekends and have lunch together.  Hell to the no.  So many things are hush-hush but as far as I can tell, the old boss hugged people too much.  I'm not risking my career and reputation by having any type of friendship with women at work.  Not worth it at all.


I want to die everyday.


deleted and banned


It's fucking disgusting when you have no problem that your kid sleeps in his school clothes, wakes up and rolls into class. Your kid fucking smells. TEACH BASIC PERSONAL HYGIENE YOU STUPID PARENTS


Ever notice how the most extreme special needs kids' parents have loads of money? The doctors notice that too. This country is being overmedicated and way too early. There's a reason why we're all getting stupider.  Keep vaccinating and giving your kids adult psych meds as their brains haven't still fully developed. You are playing into the USA government run state trap. RESIST


I find Indian women to be beautiful, the most beautiful on the planet. They also have warm personalities. I have never met a bitchy Indian woman. If I had it to do over again, I would marry an Indian woman.


You have to admit, the Weinstein story is amazing. Hollywood mercilessly bashed Trump for making his pussy comment. Yet Hollywood itself is filled to the brim with sex scandals, including groping, rape, lewdness and the general mistreatment of women.

When you look closely, the Trump comment was arrogant macho talk. Nothing more. No woman has come forward to say Trump actually grabbed her pussy.

But with Weinstein, how many dozens have come forward, with more and more speaking up each day.

Hollywood was outraged by Trump talking about pussy, yet Hollywood has been grabbing at pussy all along.

AND... so many in that industry seemed to know what was going on and did nothing to stop it. They allowed young women to be led into the lion's den.  But they want us to think they are a bunch of kindhearted do-gooders who speak up for women???????????

Ha, the truth has been revealed!


I had a lot of anal with my highschool boyfriend. A LOT. It was pretty much my idea. Once I discovered anal porn, it was game over. I had anal with a couple more guys later on in college, but by the time I hit my mid 20s, it lost its pleasure. I honestly don't know why. Even with lube, even when I really wanted it, it started to hurt so I would stop. I'm almost 30, and while my partner and I have tried it a couple times, I just don't do anal anymore. I still get off to anal porn, though. So fucking hot.


Surveys say half the women out there have had anal sex. I look at my friends and try to figure out who did it and hasn't (yet).


Believe me, teachers know students are cheating on tests, but if the students get high grades, the parents are happy. If the parents are happy, then the teacher has job security. Job security is good. It's a messed up system, but I don't care.


Why is it acceptable for black people to call each other the N word?


people always find a way to blame women for the bad behavior of men. Men are rarely held accountable


Harvey Winestien gave those women work. They knew what he wanted. Who meets a Hollywood producer alone in his hotel room? Really? Are women really that stupid? Of course not, they want Fame and fortune, they let the pervert grope.


189725, THANK YOU!!! I couldn't agree more! i for one just dont want to try and save the human race anyway. EVERYONE DIES. EVERYONE. and no one wants to talk about it. People get sick and die. There is a reason we have so many cancers and diseases and viruses that dont have cures. Population control. I for one would happily refuse treatment if i was old and knew that prolonging my life would be a drain on everyone. why bother go through that? why bother puttin gyour family through that? you know what? even if i wasn't old i would refuse treatment, fuck that i'm going to die but so is eveyrone else.


Honey he didn't break up with nobody over nothing. We're still together. You really still believe his lies over reality? Omg. Feel sorry for you.


Why do white people think calling black people 'ni**grs' is still acceptable????


Your bf stephen is a pussy and im gonna catch him soon and i wont go easy. Im just gonna wait for opportune time so he dont call the law. Dont think i wont have my revenge. Im gonna lay waste to that faggot


I also LOVE picking my nose, I used to eat them until I was 15, don't eat them anymore, BUT I still pick my nose.  I am the only one who picks the nose in my family.  I think my sister also does, but she hides this, she does not want everybody to know.  
I love when my booger is wet,therefore, I can play with it with my two finger until it dries.  

39 y/o - Male


699 I would have made sure she was hired. Think how much fun that could have been.


736 Cannada and Great Britten say the same thing.


740 When I was a kid I lied to my mother alot. She told me I was a very good lier. I'm now grown and I've been married to the same woman for almost 40 years. Naughty little boys can grow up to be mostly nice men. Good luck, Don't give up on him.


When I was in junior high in the late 60s, We used to swim naked in gym class. I wonder how anybody thought that this was ok. Robinsdale Minnesota This is for real.


So, you broke up over her ‘mental health issues.' I could have told you as soon as you ditched my last message the LAST TIME yall broke up that the end was near. Then, you decide to allow yourself to leave your living situation with her, huuuggeee mistake. It's only been a short time and now it's over, no chance of reoccurring. I'm so sorry, but I could feel it all end for you. Because I've been you before, dating someone who thought they wanted me but I ended up being too much to handle. I'm sorry, but you HAVE to fall in love with yourself. It's the only way to keep yourself from needed to be filled whole by other people, whom will never be able to actually do that. I have been exactly where you are. I hope you learn to loose your codependency.


I laugh at Weddings, especially if it's a girl I've dated.cuz I know soon they will both be miserable.


You gave away tickets to a show for which you paid good money to volunteer at a children's center? You are a beautiful person. You have empathy and kindness that I don't see very often in others. You are an inspiration to those around you.

Please don't let your boss turn you into him. He's cold, calculating and a covert narcissist. I heard he even made you cry before a deadline and tried to justify it as "shit has to get done". No. Don't ever compromise your principles or kindness.


When I was a boy I was afraid of the basement. Scary things down there.

Now as an adult, I spend most of my free time in the basement. What's waiting for me upstairs in the kitchen is worse than any demon the basement could muster.

Never get married.


I have a strange relationship with death, and the spirit world in general. When I was 17, I randomly decided to go for a walk through my neighborhood fairly late at night. Several bizarre things happened during this walk that I cannot explain, but that likely saved my life. I lived in a fairly sketchy neighborhood, although most of the nuisances weren't really life threatening; just dumb kids out to vandalize buildings or steal CDs out of cars. That kind of thing. Usually just annoying, not life threatening. So far.

Near the beginning of my walk, I saw a small ball of light flying in front of me. I remember that it moved like a bug would, and it seemed to be trying to signal me to turn around and go home. But I didn't want to go home; my mom and brother were there, and I didn't get along with them. I wanted to be away from them, if only for an hour or two.

But then, I saw the Grim Reaper. I am not kidding you, I saw him, hood, scythe, and all. He was totally standing there, across the street from me, watching me go by. I knew in my heart that it was a warning to go home, but I told myself that I was imagining things and turned down another street.

This is where things get a bit less paranormal and a bit more actually threatening. As I was walking down the street, I noticed that it was very dark; vandals had broken all of the streetlights. What had previously been a well-lit and fairly safe area was now pitch black. Suddenly, I heard a voice in my head tell me, "WALK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD."

It's hard to describe the voice. I didn't hear it in my ears, the message was transmitted directly into my brain. It was a male voice, utterly without accent, without tone. I felt the command in every inch of my body, my mind, even my soul.

I complied, moving to the middle of the road, hoping there would be no oncoming cars (there weren't). As I was walking by a particular bush that hung over onto the sidewalk next to it, I remember getting the distinct feeling that there was something not right about that shrub, but at the moment, I couldn't tell you why. I just got a bad feeling about it.

Well, I left the darkened street, now walking on a fairly major and well-lit road. I went to a nearby coffee shop and had a hazelnut latte and wrote in my diary, as emo teenagers are known to do. On my way home I was careful to take only major streets that were well-lit. However, I passed the dark street I'd been walking on and saw the red-and-blue lights of police cars. It looked like they were parked near where I heard the voice telling me to walk in the center of the road.

The next morning my mother confronted me about my nighttime walks, telling me that a woman just a couple years older than me had been attacked by a man on the dark street the previous night. She told me it wasn't safe to walk alone at night in our neighborhood anymore. I read more about the incident in the paper; it explained that a woman in her early twenties had been raped, strangled, and then left for dead by a man who had been hiding in the bush I had the bad feeling about. This happened within minutes after I passed by.

I left home very soon afterward. I saw the ball of light again a few times in my late teens and early 20s, always warning me to turn back; I saw the Grim Reaper only once more, when I was walking on a darkened street in the town I went to college in— that time, I turned back right away. I've heard the voice a few times too; I always know it's life or death when I hear it.

I only met my father around the time I turned 30. The first time I saw him in a short-sleeved shirt, I realized he had a sleeve tattoo. I asked him about his tattoo, and he showed me it— it was of the Grim Reaper. "He always shows up when I'm about to walk into danger," my dad told me. He's had several visits from the Grim Reaper over the course of his life similar to mine. I never knew my dad when I was younger, so it's not like I somehow got the idea the Grim Reaper stops by to say hi from him.

So apparently, it's a family trait. I wish I knew what caused it and why we see him, but we both do.


Anxiety is like a sixth sense. I don't have to live my life like that. Actually, I don't thanks to Lexipro.
Anxiety once helped me know when it was time to get out of a bad or dangerous situation. While it is not like everyone's situation or other situations I have to engage in OCD behavior just to safely get through the day.


One TV show has the guy's name, and another TV character looks like him.

The bad part is that I like both shows. The shitty part is that she smiles and talks about him every time she sees his face or hears his name on either show. Wtf. Her sister has a crush on him as well, and they talk about him when they don't think I can hear.

Don't *fucking* tell me it's platonic. He's not 'like a brother'. She's trying to trade up, or at least have a fling. The part that makes me laugh is now that he has a legit woman as his own, she has lost a lot of her power over him, and that upsets her.

Don't tell me there is no such thing as an emotional relationship that threatens the marriage. I see it. This isn't "fan-girling" over actors. It's betrayal.


My son lies to me. He looks me right in the eye and makes up a crazy excuse as to why he received an F on a test. The F is bad, the lying is worse. I feel bad for any woman who ends up with him. He will cheat on his wife and lie to her face.


Sodomy rocks. I love fucking a woman in the ass.


Mechanical engineers are the worst people to be in relationships with


I use a curling iron in the morning before I go to work. This will sound stupid, but I have a very specific method of how I turn it off. I can't just turn it off, or unplug it. If I just do that, I will question myself a million times during the day whether I really did it or not. Did I really turn it off or do I just think I did? What if I am remembering when I turned it off yesterday and I really didn't unplug it this morning? What if it is starting a fire in my bedroom floor right now? I have turned around when I was halfway to work just to go home and check that stupid curling iron. So this is what I do now every morning. After I'm done using it, I unplug it, hold it in my hand and look at myself in the mirror. I say the date aloud and what I am wearing that day and I tell myself that the curling iron is unplugged. Since I've started doing that, I have no worries about starting a fire.

I have some issues, but I'm trying my best.


I dunno about this story where the United States claims the Cuban Government is playing high frequency sounds and causing brain damage to US Embassy personnel. It sounds like the plot to a bad sci-fi movie. I think the US is being a bit kookoo on this.


Sometimes I fart while forgetting there is another person in the room with me. Sorry about that.


My house was a fixer upper, my wife and I had no kids and two high pressure jobs.  I found it relaxing to demo, build, sheetrock etc every weekend.  My wife would go to the beach and it worked great for us until it got time to paint the deck.  I hate painting railings, to time consuming and frustrating so I asked my wife if she could paint them while I painted the outside of the house.  I gave her no time lines, just can you paint them at some point at your leisure....omg the drama.
So I sat down and pointed out all the work I had done while she was at the beach each weekend or off with her friends.  I pointed out that I was fine she was out having fun but it was time for her to do something to help out finally.
She agreed and Saturday came around and I set her up with  everything she needed.  I over heard her on the phone talking to a friend "I'll be a bit late today, first I have to screw up painting so bad that he will get mad and tell me to stop.
I said nothing.
She started and I was watching from the ladder, she proceeded to sit right on the paint lid which had paint on it and scoot her ass across the deck, ass print, space, ass print, space all the way around the deck very bright white in the beginning and faint by the end.  
"Oh look what I did, guess I should stop before I make more of a mess"  Nope, keep going I said, I've already replaced the deck with Trex so those ass marks you left will be there basically forever.

20 plus years and they have faded a bit but they are still very noticeable and quite the conversation piece.  She is mortified by them and is much more wiling to pitch in now.


Thank you to the people on here that get it that IT'S FOR SECRETS!!
As a guy, I FAKED an orgasm, because I was wearing a rubber, and was DONE! how sad. a guy faking like he's cumming in his rubber.


I'd rather live in my car than in an apartment where I can hear and smell other people.


189608, the woman who wants to divorce her husband. Can you explain why? There are so many posts of guys wanting to divorce their wives. I'd like to hear why a wife wants to  divorce her husband.


With my wife, there is a double whammy. It's very odd how she acts out. She does selfish things. There will be a ton of chores to get done. But she'll take off leaving everything for me. It's a long story. At her request we bought a fixer-upper house. She wanted it. I didn't because I thought she would do none of the fixing up. It would be all on me. Guess what. It has been all me. She takes off.  I'm not expecting her to build a cabinet. But anyone can paint a wall. She won't do a damned thing tho. She won't even help clean up.

Anyway, the double whammy. She takes off. She then has fear I will point out her selfishness. So she turns it around. She acts like I've done something wrong. She gets mad and huffy for no reason. That way if I do point out how she let us down again, she can counter saying she's mad at me.

Only problem with her plan, I didn't do anything wrong. I stayed home and worked on the house while she went out eating and drinking.

That's the double. I get to do all the chores. And I get yelled at by her as if I'm this selfish person.

One thing this adventure has taught me, I don't want to be married to her anymore. I'll finish the house then I'll sell it and leave her. It pisses me off she'll get half the profit from the house for doing nil. Sucks. But whatever. I'll be glad to be rid of her.


After a long day out and about, my nose is FULL.  I can barely breathe.  I can hardly wait to get home and get all that gunk out, it's like the best feeling in the world.

Sometimes I just can't wait, and pick my nose in the car.  It has to be strategic though.  I live in a small town and have a distinctive car, so I can't be having anyone I know see me.  I have to wait until there's no traffic and even no houses to pass by, lest someone be outside or looking out their window.

I always forget to put napkins or tissues in my car, so the only place to wipe is on the side of the driver's seat.  By the way, I can only pick my nose with my left index finger.  It's the only one that can really get the job done.  So, pick and wipe on the bottom left side of the seat.

One day I was sitting at home and had a panic attack.  I'd dropped my car off at the mechanic's.  SHIT.  There are dried boogers all on the side of the seat, and I'm sure he saw them as soon as he opened the door.  FUCK!  When I picked up the car, I didn't notice anything weird in his eyes, but nonetheless I was mortified enough to change mechanics.  And now I also remember to clean the seat before dropping my car off for service.

Now if I could just remember to clean the side of my computer chair.  I forget, until the dog starts licking the chair.



I suppose I'm one of the bad men who expect the wife to have sex.

But tell me, will you also label my wife as a bed person because she expects me to provide her with food and a house?

Or does the criticism only get piled on the men.

Let's think about this. Suppose I decided not to provide my wife with food and a house for six months because "I didn't feel like it." Would that work for women? You don't have to supply sex, and I don't have to provide your other basic needs.


I'm a bitch, no really, because when I owe someone money and they come to me with an attitude about it, i choose not to pay them. Just because you helped me out doesn't mean you can disrespect me when you come for what I owe you. No fucking way.

This has a way of becoming exponentially worse as time goes on, because they get madder and I keep choosing not to pay them when they disrespect me. People will say "but you owe them, you should pay them!" or "Then you shouldn't have borrowed the money!" Not when I try to give you multiple timelines of when I can pay you and you reject them because it's not fast enough for you. If you had such specific guidelines for repayment, you should have brought them up beforehand. Or I should have. And that's a mistake I'll admit to.  

Mind you, this only happens between my brother and I. Everyone else I've owed money to, it's gone way smoother. Maybe because the people closest to you are much quicker to cross the line of dropping common courtesy to the side. If I'm trying to work with you and you don't agree with it, sorry muchacho, that's all I can do. But I don't believe that owing someone money is justification for treating them any way you please. Fuck the shit out of that


If a woman points out common themes for low class men it doesn't mean she isn't aware of the men who are fair. Not all men think they are entitled to a woman's body. Not all men are on the side of rape and enslavement in this war we are in. Intelligence comes in many forms so does experience. If i were straight I would be able to be with an easy going messy intelligent artist guy who's seen his share of weird and miraculous. We would be so happy and honest and loving together. It's a shame how I've treated men and women too due to my own shortcomings and the love I've lacked the trust I've lacked. I don't think I'm made for this high standard life. I could say more about her that's on topic about men.. ill leave it at this. A woman's/man's/#notallmuslims seed of wisdom is often "Muslim" seed hidden in "Muslim" fluff. If you are idealizing some beautiful woman or man.. try to see past what you think you deserve to the type of person you can make happy aswell. Be forgiving and patient and honest and caring and value this person. Follow your heart and try not to be prejudiced. I don't know. I am a lesbian and I've been a low class woman. With a little help from my love I am now making every shift and painting when I can. I need to remember that it's not about who I am or what I deserve it's how I let them be themselves and feel good in their world. I have to let go of a lot and as I type I am sinking inside. No one could compare to her for me.. just not sure if I'll ever make enough to support her world. There are now mind games in retaliation to myself trying to find help with the weight I carry. I can't blame her. I'm also not as cool or funny or tasteful. All I can do is swallow this ache and get the job done. I could say more but it would only make it worse. Feels like I am treated like some gross guy trying to get something yet only used for what they want. Always ready to criticize my every move and never reciprocate. I know my truth and tho I would be with her if I were what she wanted.. Never placing anyone above her. I already know she enjoys rubbing in what I am not and I'm just waiting for her to throw some new person in my face as tho it's my fault she don't want me. I hope I can find a woman whose main priority is the kind of understanding experiences and love and honest sharing between us that I can give but have never been appreciated in before


People should be more willing to die. The medical community is spending $1 million a year to give a 75 year old patient life-extending cancer treatments.  As a result, everyone else's health insurance premiums skyrocket to $20,000 per year - all so a sick elderly person can live one more year.

It shouldn't be. If you are 75 and get cancer, not to be coarse, but you should go off and quietly die. It's your time. It's not worth the rest of us spending $1 million to keep you breathing for one more year, especially when it's a terrible quality of life. You are bed ridden and nauseated for the year. Then you die anyway.

People need to think about more than themselves. When it's your turn to die, accept it. Stop sticking all the young healthy people with the enormous bill.


Inconsiderate and rude people really upsets me, today I was waiting on my car for my prescription to be ready there's was this lady getting back on her car , she loaded her groceries in the trunk then proceeded to just leave the shopping car very close to another car mind she look capable of walking just fine and it wasn't very far where she could return the cart . What a lazy , unconsidered women I'm sure if someone would left a cart close to her BMW and scratched she would go MIA , I just waited to finish talking on my phone got up and put the shopping cart where it belongs.

F who hates rude people


I miss being a lesbian. Wish I could have a husband and I wife.


You're moving three miles away because the schools are better?  It's the same county.  All the schools here are great and they're not going to change much because you're three miles away.

Oh... and to get to these better schools, you're moving into the ritziest neighborhood around here.  

Must just be a coincidence.


I have no health insurance, car insurance or home owners insurance. Fuck em. The insurance companies are a scam to steal your money.


My wife picks her nose and eats it. I watched her do it one night. I was outside the bedroom window. I wanted to spy on her while she was sitting in bed alone. I was hoping to see her do something sexual to herself. Instead she picked her nose and ate it. How foul. I wish I didn't know this about her.


i am just so totally confused. wht did i do to make you ghost me? :(


You ever wake up and feel overwhelmed with gratitude for life. I've got problems, I've got enemies, I've got troubles, BUT I'm extremely grateful just to be here, now... and every again. This is life. Get it.


I pick my nose, but I don't eat it.  That's gross.


Some women are sexist against men, and call it equality.


I always forget if I flushed the toilet too.  I always forget if I lock the front door before leaving my house.


How can I tell my husband that I'm so depressed and empty inside that I don't enjoy sex anymore? I don't enjoy doing anything anymore ;(


Sometimes after a poop break I'll get back to my cubicle and suddenly think, "Did I flush? I don't remember flushing. What if I didn't flush? Oh no. Should I go back now and flush? What if someone is in the bathroom. She will see me come in and flush. She will piece it together that I never flushed the first time. I should stay here and not go back. No one will know it was me. But what if another woman saw me coming out of the bathroom and she went in and found I didn't flush. She'll tell everyone it was me who didn't flush. What to do? WHAT TO DO?"

Then I go back and check and found out I flushed the first time and all the angst is for naught.

Okay, I have issues.


My roommate took the one remaining kernel of corn, wrapped it in tin foil, and put it in the fridge. She says she'll have it tomorrow.

Anorexic much?


Rice diet lady is alive and well. She will reveal her discoveries when the time is right. You may have doubted her insight but you wait and all will come to light. Yes that's right u can and SHOULD live on just rice just rice air light and darkness water too to cleanse the darkness and retain the light. I am learning and growing muscle and brain and heart matter connectivities. Ultra beyond.


My secret spanking material... women's college volleyball.   Great bodies.  Tight asses.  Small shorts on tall girls.   Yum!


9699, good for you!   sometimes you live to see karma in action...and if you are lucky, you get to hand it out.   This post made me smile.


I'm a man and I'm sitting here with foils in my hair getting my hair highlighted ,and I'm not ashamed of it


If i had a winning ticket she would be the 1 to sign it.. I would hope to build with her forever in any circumstance. Her standards being higher than my own is not about me or her being unworthy of the other. My loyalty is unrecognized. Her needs leave lots to be desired. My big mouth leaves me as not her go to for sharing. My undiscernable behaviour and actions leave me further unrecognized. It is anything goes rules for my treatment and how to talk to me. When i should have been able to develop trust by now. My energy and feeling is coming back. We have many beautiful moments or rather her own beauty being beholder and unmatched by me. Her humour her beautiful everything her art her symbology yes her understanding her faith her open mind yet by experiences unlike my own a certain picture of me that doesn't add up. I'm tired of retaliation on my feelings and hopes and desires which I can never show her she does. But who am I to talk. I just want her to talk to me. Without seeing me for what I am not. I would never leave her ever if she wanted me long term. I want to make money support her let her run the show. I don't expect to be respected at this point. It's all on the table yet there is no time to make sense of it for her or desire to at times. I will fight I will show her I'm trying. I will show her I am loyal through anything she puts out there. Even that i am disposable just shows me I have work to do. Even if I had all the shit money to sign to her says nothing about what or who I can be for her. My personality. My knowledge and social awareness and grace. All leaves to desire for more. Well.. no more being kissed off about what I failed to earn. Sad yes aware of my own worth despite it yes. She can do what she wants. Fuck me and want me to be embarrassed and feel like a stupid child when she walks out after. Whatever floats ur boat. I know myself I know my message I know honesty I know chasing desires and validation and missing out before and after on what this could have been. Follow your hearts intuition people. Hold back move forward work hard dream much and big. I am broken and scared and still proud unappealing and unaccordingly. Sometimes loving someone isn't enough proving it might have been. I can seek to be adopted" by a woman who needs nothing more if they do have a language I can speak and be inspired by. Nothing will ever compare to this person's beauty I will fight to be enough I want nothing more than her happiness. It truly is enough to leave me lost and wandering inside yet I'll be silent about it. She will never know my loyalty. The things she says in retaliation to what she knows not.


Today my wife told me she is giving up her church and all the whacked out nuts there. Hallelujah!


Men used to mistake my look of mental interest and stimulation  for sexual. I've done things I'm ashamed of but sex has less to do with most of that. A smile with eyes lacking hope can mean a lot more than about sex or what some guy thinks it does as tho he has sex and women all figured out. He doesn't have shit figured out if he bases things all down to sex and thinking he knows someone better than they know themselves. That's why ppl leave me behind I spend too much time trying to validate my experience they know me less and I know them less. I don't want to continue that. The doctor is my enemy too and death my friend who I know will preserve my heart. Peace of mind in this allowing a more private approach please I ask of me and those who don't like letting ppl be..let them go there is nothing to prove but that you are filth. I know all about that. I have let men have my body while detaching yet being annoyed by it. Told them that's all I could offer they still took it as tho there was more to it and became deluded and threatening. I should have been living alone and working harder to create my life. I wish I actually were straight sometimes because I have met men who would have understood and supported me better than I could do for any woman thus far sex having nothing to do with that either but every hope and disappointment outside of it and closing in on it. I hope I can save enough to either support a future with the one I love or her leave me less regretting me.


Wow... you really have achieved the “slut face” look.  When you were 22 you had the look of a woman who was hunting for sex.  You would look at me like I was a meal to you.  I liked it.  Now that you're 30 you've gone to the next phase.  You have those wide, passive eyes that don't match the smile on your face.  You dont just look like you've done things you're ashamed of, you look like you're doing the things you're ashamed of, and you can't stop because you like it.


My son is in elementary school. There are about 20 teachers in the school. They have always been women. The principal is a woman too. This fall they hired a new teacher, a man! I thought this would be good for the students to interact with a male teacher.

But the cattiness of the students' mothers took over. From the start they picked on everything about this man.  Emails went flying around about how he dresses. He wore light blue socks one day. The mothers were outraged that he was a poor role model, because no man should ever wear light blue socks, according to these mothers. There was another email complaining how he greeted the students on a Monday morning. He said hello to everyone and then got down to work.  The mothers were again livid. They felt he should have asked the students more about their weekend. It was petty crap. One mother went so far as to suggest he might be a child sex pervert infiltrating the school to gain access to more victims.

On a psychological level it was interesting to watch. I think the mothers were angry with their husbands, and in a twisted way they took out their anger on the male teacher.  They were relentless, mean and vicious.

This week the male teacher was fired. The mothers won. They got rid of this male menace. The school can once again be all women. Order will be restored. The woman's club will be made whole. Their children lose out on this good teacher. They will lose out on learning to interact with a man. But that doesn't matter. The sisterhood has prevailed, that's what's important.

It makes me sick how some women behave. It's like the bullying of junior high school never ended. The bullies grew up, but they are still bullies.


I completely DISAGREE. I pick my nose, yes. I don't eat them. That's incredibly disgusting.

On another note, what happened to Rice diet Lady?


Often in my sex dreams I suck cock. I'm not gay in real life, but when I dream I see myself taking a cock in my mouth. Weird.


I do love you. Neither of us said it to each other. But, too late. I remember the great times.


Yesterday, I walked by the interview room and saw you there with the HR person. Actually heard your voice before I saw you and knew right away who you were.  I walked on and you did not see me.  Ten years ago you and your 2 friends were merciless with me at a summer July 4th party at Brian's place, one of your friends being Brian's wife. You had your fun for quite a while at my expense since I was unemployed, living at my folks place and working on this “secret” software project for 18 months or so. Borderline creepy you all called me, and had a laugh. Yea, yeah it was a party and alcohol etc.  However I remembered it all.

That company you interviewed at, that is the what that software project turned into.  I'm not vane enough to have my name on the door, but it is 100% mine.  The top 2 floors is all 56 of us.  bottom two floors all rented out.  Yes, own the building also.

Funny how things can change in life, up or down we all can move.  By the way, you won't be getting the job. Took care of that this morning with HR.


I am an upper middle-aged man.  I used to be fat.  Not morbidly obese or grotesque, but quite solidly fat.  I wanted to be in love and have all that goes with it, but I could never hold on to a relationship, no matter how nice, compliant, loving, or sexy I tried to be. Then,  I went on the diet I described here some days ago. I lost the weight and went down to 165 pounds.  People starting hitting on me.  Most were dregs I would never consider dating.  But then, I met the young man who would become my husband.  Just about half my age and gorgeous!  I love him and just about everything about him.  We have a great, loving and secure marriage.  I am finally happy.  But, I cannot help but stop and wonder from time to time, at how if I had not lost that weight, I would not have my husband now.  I doubt he would ever have given me the time of day.  He is not shallow or prejudiced, it's just that fat has never been his preference.  I did not understand this until recently.  It's quite a revelation.  I will do all in my power, and I do know how, to not ever be fat again.  Besides, I feel and look much better.  And no; I have absolutely nothing against fat people; I used to be one.


If your wife charges you (in any way) for sex, she's a prostitute.  If my wife ever did that to me, I would say, "No thanks, lady.  If I'm going to pay, I'm going to pay someone who can deliver.  See ya later!"  Then, I'd go somewhere for a few hours just to fuck with her head.  Enough times of this and she'd get on board, or if not, Good Riddance to the tacky ho!


That's really no secret.  Everybody picks their noses and eats it.  They just never let you see.  Quite normal, actually.  But most frowned upon.  The world is crammed full of hypocrites.  Now you know.


How am I supposed to take a break? My partner is beyond irritating & lately, is always pissed about everything. My roommates are disgusting & I can't handle cleaning up after them. My boss sucks and is just overexploiting my labor. I need a place that I can fully relax and be alone. I can't at my partner's house, can't at my house, can't at work... where can I just be and reset.

Truly thinking about booking a hotel room tonight and just spending the night relaxing away from everybody. What do  other people do?


While you are all pointing fingers, I hope you realize that for all intents and purposes, Weinstein is Trump!!!  If you're not outraged at one, you cannot really be outraged at the other.


My boss, the owner of the company, does nothing except sit in the conference room and watch TV. He sells nothing, manages nobody and literally repels customers. But he does pay himself a large salary and uses the company funds like an ATM for cars, sports tickets, etc. It's absolutely infuriating.


When I'm overeating, my beard grows in faster. I have to shave more often. I'm thinking my metabolism must be in high gear so the beard grows. I'm going to experiment with this and see if overeating produces more semen and I shoot bigger loads.


One time at an old job, I turned out of my parking spot and accidentally hit somebody's car.  My car was fine, but the other car was completely smashed in.  The owner was angry, but didn't do anything about it and just wanted me to go away.  Later, I realized he didn't do anything because he wasn't paying insurance.


It has been three weeks since the hurricane hit Puerto Rico. Only 10% of the people have electricity and running water. But 33% now have their cell service working. Ah, the important things in life. Forget electricity and water, people and their cell phones are priority #1!




Just stop bashing.... Liberals, conservatives, right-wing, left-wing, stop the rhetoric. Yes Weinstein is a shit, and some democrats took money from him. Well many skumbags on the right gave money that the right took and so it continues. Time for this country to stop this petty bickering and get down to saving our citizens lives. Politicians, quit being fucking assholes, help your electors and do what you have vowed to do, be a public servant, not a public nightmare.


The liberals like the Clinton's,the Obama's as well as the so called Hollywood elite loved Weinstein as long as he filled their coffers.They all knew about him being a predator but it was just fine:-"We are all so open minded".
When Trump talked about it. the moral judgement from the left was unbelievable. They were holier than thou as they have never heard the word "pussy before. Now it is a badge of honor that Weinstein molested you! Paltrow and Jolie now jumped up and accused him getting in line as well.Sharon Stone and Glen Close also knew but keep their mouth shut! Streep told the world how bad Trump was but she knew about Weinstein for years but because she did not want to loose money- she also kept her mouth shut.Screw the women who had to pay the prize for being abused! The left were just as "tolerant "towards Roman Polanski that had sex with a 14 year old girl and gave him a standing ovation at the Oscars. Keep your mouth shut on moral issues You are a bunch of two faced monsters that only care about women, blacks and gays when it suits you.We all knew it but hear you are proving it to the world.Hillary berated her husbands accusers as whores like she called the American people a bunch of Nazis!Thanks for showing us what liberals are all about -once again!


I had a girlfriend who had a lactation fantasy.  She took herbs and was stimulating her nipples whenever she could.
Her job changed and she moved before her milk came in.  I wish I had had a chance to try some.


She constantly disappoints me.


I don't wanna be the side piece. If you wanna fuck me, break up with her.  She fucked up on u already, ur giving her another chance so either stay with that or dump the chick.


If I love him still (and  I do), then I owe it to him to go on and be happy by making myself happy. Time to take better care of myself. Time to respect myself and not let new guy hurt me in various ways. Time to participate more in life, look better, feel better, have fun (MY legal and growth producing kind of fun).  I'll be a good wife to new guy, but not let him get to me because I know someone out there really loved me and I suspect he does still - thus the distance.

In any case, taking care of Me just because I am valuable as mother of his child and someone who is part of his long history. I had more of him than any woman deserves to. There is no getting around the fact that it is unlikely that I will ever meet anyone as near perfect (and it is not just my opinion). I always felt inferior to him because he never let show the dew flaws he had.

But nevermind.  I will take care of myself with the guy I have, who is kind of a jackass - damaged goods - but maybe can work. I've no heart for searching further.  Just prepare for a good finish to a life that was variable.

My fault, darling. But enjoy the next changes! And marvel that it was because of you all along. Just like the song. Be happy!


Now the "A" lister whores have grown a backbone and spoken up.  

Wow, how hypocritical.   You are part of the machine and now a crisis of consciousness????



I'm sure it happens in many places that many people trust or are not aware of like bars bathrooms, store bathrooms, tanning bed booths etc..  With today's technology and cameras and microphones getting smaller , it's very easy to set them out without looking suspicious, not to be paranoid but there are a lot of perverts out there.


Oh great, now word comes out that airbnb hosts have been secretly hiding pinhole video cameras in the rooms of guests. Recordings were made of guests being naked and having sex. I have stayed at half a dozen airbnb places. I won't do so again. No place is safe anymore except your own home.


As a guy I could never wear a speedo bathing suit. Everyone could see the bulge of my private parts. Way too revealing. I don't understand how women wear tight blouses. I can see the entire shape of your boobs. Aren't you embarrassed?


There is almost no bigger sign of trash than people who let their pets get pregnant or impregnate other animals over and over. Garbage.


My secret? I love the way my puss puss smells after several days of not bathing. It's probably putrid to anyone else, but I love it. I also love to run my finger in my belly button and smell it too. Wow the smells a human body can emit.


HAHAHAHA! In an argument, my wife said, "Well, I've been fucking someone at the gym!!"  To which I said, well, I've been fucking your best friend, and your sister!


I'm looking forward to the next Oscars where I'm sure Hollywood will come out in force to skewer Harvey Weinstein, just like they did to Trump last year.  

Yeah right, like that's gonna happen...........


... and then there was the time I looked up and got bird poop in my mouth....


Weinstein gets accused of rape. Bill Cosby gets accused of rape.

Only one gets arrested and put on trial.

You take a guess, was it the white man or the black man?


668 made me cry.


My teenage son called me from a parking lot saying he backed his car into another parked car and what should he do.  I thought about it for a second and all the dents in my car from people hitting me and leaving the scene. I asked if anyone saw him do it. He said no. I told him to get in his car and drive away. I've become one of those people.


I have a weird relationship with death. I was introduced to it very early in life, and the way I've handled it since then has been strange, for a few reasons.

Firstly, my mother died when I was a child. This happened a few months before 9/11. I was so numb by that point that I didn't really care that so many people had died. My world was already gone. Selfish, I know, but I was a child. Because of that timing, I feel indifferent when anyone talks about 9/11. It just never had the chance to make an emotional impact on me.

When I was a teenager, I started showing signs of Major Depressive Disorder. I don't like saying "Depression," because that word, in my opinion, is overused and more akin to a temporary depression than a mental condition. Due to experiencing this for the last decade, I've spent an obsessive amount of time thinking about death. It was a constant dance between wanting to live, wanting to die, and knowing that no matter what I wanted that I would die eventually anyway.

Still as a teen, my friend did a guided meditation session with me like her therapist had done with her, because my parents didn't believe in therapy as a solution to "growing pains."

During this meditation I met an entity, known only as The Guy, who was basically the Grim Reaper with my heart in his rib cage. I found him in an abandoned church, and though he was territorial (of MY fucking head space, can you believe) when I first met him, he ended up guiding me and protecting me from the evil entity, known as The Doctor. There's a whole story behind that that I won't get into now.

Still, I thought it was funny that my spirit guide was a common depiction of Death, and my antagonist was someone who preserves Life. I don't know why it worked out that way.

Through all these experiences, I learned to come to terms with death. I was shown very early that it could happen to anyone, no matter how much you love them. I came to grips with wanting to kill myself, many times, and finally decided that what I wanted was to LIVE, not to die. And for some reason, there's a stereotypical depiction of Death waiting in my head for me to come home.

It just gets a bit awkward when someone mentions that someone has died, because usually it doesn't impact me at all. Death is a natural part of life, and sometimes when people die there is no reason why, much less a good one. I understand that grief is natural, and I don't discourage anyone from feeling it. All we can really do is move on. But it's certainly inappropriate to say that to someone, and my tone often betrays my lack of emotion on the subject when I try to be comforting


It's 8 o'clock in the morning and I'm drinking a large can of malt liquor while devouring a box of donuts and watching a movie. I'm going to fully enjoy my day off!


I had no bachelor party because I have no male friends, or female friends for that matter. I've always pretty much been a loner. I lived alone. I worked alone. I don't keep in contact with my family. I met one woman. We decided to get married. She had friends. There were 38 people at our wedding. They were all there for her. We said the church was small so guests were instructed to sit on both sides of the aisle. It was really to cover up the fact that I had no guests. My side of that aisle would have been empty. As long as I'm spilling my guts, you know why she married me? This woman with 38 guests? Because she was over 30 and no other guy had asked. Her choices were to be a spinster or to marry a loner. Why did no guy ever ask to marry her, or date her for that matter? Because there is something off in her personality. The 38 guests at the wedding were really 38 of her extended family members. She has a large close knit family. She has many married siblings and nieces and nephews and aunts and uncles and cousins. Her Maid of Honor was a friend from high school. What does that tell you? She hadn't made any friends in the 20 years since high school. The thing is, I was a loner by choice. She was a loner because her personality was "different". Ha, as if I have any right to judge. We were two misfits getting married. She married me so she could say she was married and pretend to be like everyone else. I married her because it meant I could have a sex with a woman instead of my hand. Honestly I prolly could have stayed a loner and she could have fulfilled her destiny as an odd spinster and life would have gone on. But we stay married because why? You could say it's because we have nothing else. Maybe it was true at first. But it's been over 10 years and you know what? I like that she is around. I like that she gives me a cupcake on my birthday. I like how she laughs at my tired jokes. I like that she straightens my tie.  In return I tell her she looks nice in her red dress. She does look nice. I like the brownies she bakes, the ones with the nuts, and I tell her and she smiles. I like how she puts her head on my shoulder when we watch tv. I like opening the car door for her. I like when we hold hands. She is my friend. Yes me, I have a friend and she is my wife. I hear about these other marriages. You know what I think? You all have such high expectations. Too high expectations. You want your wives to be beautiful and your husbands to be rich. You want to be the royal couple at the ball. If something isn't exactly to your liking, you take it out on each other. You expect perfection and get angry when it doesn't happen. This is the opposite of me and my wife. We expected so little from each other. Which meant getting a simple cupcake on my birthday became an unexpected treat, which is the best kind of all. If you expect nothing, there is nothing but upside. My wife, my friend, has become the cupcake. She is my unexpected treat.


Sex with my wife is so rare it has become my #1 masterbation fantasy.


my secret; i pick my nose and eat it



no one, especially exes, knows you more than yourself, your memories, but yes work to be what you are, don't depend on others if you have no one but yourself, if you have bootstraps, some don't, so be grateful, i luckily don't have children yet... yes psychiatry parents others took more than they gave, they felt justified, mistook their pride for caring, whatever, they're pretty simple minded, haven't seen the shit they are given many excuses to just think, oh my poor little fruitcake, not enough pink and green little blobs of jelly in her.. in a way actually yes i am grateful. to psychiatry for initially giving me a chance to face my own traumas and quickly get off the support.. of course they would think what i saw the night in that shelter was a delusion.. it's sad really.. i know myself more now.. if i can learn one thing it's to be more private.. it's hard




It's your job to raise your children. Not your fucken moms, it's your job to be working for your own things, not the government's or your parents job. Stop treating him like a child. Mother your children not your boyfriend. I never (s)mothered him. Your parent's aren't backwards. You are.
Lucky I don't call welfare on your ass to have kids taken away do to your guys coke problem.  



I hate when boys post as girls or girls post like dumbasses. like maybe if you cared more about what was in her heart and mind you wouldn't have to be posting as her to remind yourself of when she was on your incredible appendage. lost people don't believe in themselves and get into shitty situations. I am a dumbass too.. I thought here pictures doesn't mean a man will see it and think this belongs to him. i knew better but i just didn't care enough.


my mom and dad are selfish and blind. brainwashed and backwards. psychiatry privacy policies protect no one but themselves.. hackers can do whatever they want if you don't have deep freeze and most importantly a manual monitor.. maybe my dad will send me the money after I order a cpl programs I need and a new phone.. maybe I can sell the paintings I recreated that my mom disposed of.. has nothing to do with wanting them to love me.. cuz I "don't" love them.. enjoy your retirement funds.. ill make this $600 go as far as I can to additional things I need that I shouldn't. again like manual monitor and deep freeze program


I'm suing Walmart for 100000000000000000000000000000 because they sold me a voice recorder that can't transfer files. my dad was all like hmm maybe good cuz then u can't transfer files. hmm in order to have a good relationship like me you should talk to your doctor.. they are all so brainwashed and backwards. probably sharing info with the people hacking me... even my mom talks to my ex stalker and told him where she thinks I live... he spat in my eye pissed all over my shit I had to run around scrounging coins to save the apartment for the person I left it with he even blamed me for being homeless when I gave up the apartment to him which he didn't pay just wanted as bait cuz that's all I wanted a place to live.. so I would go back and he'd be yelling at me from the bushes. my dad told me it was probably the mailman. I know myself what goes on and thanks psychiatry for giving everyone in reality an excuse to not believe in eachother.. but easy jobs to study and get paid to exploit and create privacy policies protecting themselves from it


I hate you but god I miss fucking you. Seriously, you were terrible, you would have ended up killing me if I had stayed, I can't ever go back. But damn your cock was amazing. So big and hard. When you put it in me i could feel it in my stomach. Your lips tasted so good and you kissed me hungrily. I loved sitting on your cock and just grinding my hips back and forth and my eyes would be rolled back. Your skin felt so good. Your body was so sexy. Too bad you were hitting me ugh


my mom doesn't make me depressed. my dad doesn't make me depressed. they make me ashamed and hopeful to be able to give someone what they never gave me. which isn't money but honesty and belief in self and support I do hope to save a few thousands once I check if ebay is connected properly to my bank.. my new painting is earth with trees trying to be the hologram but becoming mars and meteors and craters.. the second is the hollow shell head sandcastle person still needs sandcastle effect and ladder bringing soulmate to chest drawer. this time there is trying to be nebulous coming out of shell head both need work.


so I guess this is now an unrecognized device thanks to hacking oh boy so much this site can help me with by posting NOT


my mom didn't want me to finish my paintings but I recreated almost one of the ones she threw out intended for my soulmate. I only talk to her to remind her she sucks ass and balls and should send me $40.. she put all our child support into retirement fund and also denied $3 which would have won me the lottery.. but I spent it on groceries and smokes that morning cuz the first station I went to for lottery was being repaired or something they said they didn't do lottery but it was there after. a dark haired woman took my dream numbers later that night. all I needed to do was not lay down defeated and ask the right person for $3 or simply not spend it.. I was too doubtful. but it was carving them into a field left to right the numbers in the dream I mean and then seeing a dancing mechanical clown


Eddie Hazel is my spirit animal


My hubby, kids and I live in NYC- we both work in entertainment and make decent money (we are not actors so it's not crazy $). I'm so done- my secret I want to up and move to any "island" and I don't care what job I have to do- I would be so thankful to clean toilets, pick up the mess on beaches, anything, any job except this. I want to ditch this life and live by the ocean without paying thousands a month and be miserable, exhausted and done doing it.


One reason  for staying married is that all of your family was at the wedding and they become part of your spouse's family.
Then there is this part of you that continually wants to know what life will be like for you and your partner 15 years from now, 30 years, etc.
Should your marriage end abruptly, you may feel like you've survived an emotional amputation. The family and friends disappear. The future you once ruminated upon becomes a nuisance as you try to go on about your life.
But life goes on.


638...she could possibly be a narcissist. .divorce her ass there's no hope for that kind of people and it sounds like you've been in her discard stage for years now. Poor guy.


On Sunday I turned the TV on and they were having a marathon of "Let's Make a Deal," the old ones with Monty Hall. I was watching for about 10 minutes when I realized I had a huge smile on my face. I can't remember the last time watching something on TV made me happy. Thank you Monty. RIP.


My sister in law had a heart attack the other day. I didn't see that coming. She's 40 something and in great shape. She doesn't smoke. She has a glass of wine now and then. She's a good decent person. Enjoy life while you can people.


I wish my neighbor would fuck me. We flirt sometimes and tease, but lately I've just been so out of it that I can barely hold a conversation with anyone, so I've been avoiding her because I know I'm not in a good place. But still, given the chance, I wouldn't mind escaping from this timeless Hell for a little fun. I just wish she'd give me some kind of signal, like a big sign with that says “DO ME”

That would be great.


Some people are crazy, I was leaving the theater this afternoon with my best friend when this lady pulled her car by us , roll up her window and ask us if we belong to a church? Like , seriously who does that , we both said no , and the then she continued talking nonsense, that she was new on town and didn't know anybody , we just continue walking towards our cars then she ask us for money , we just ignored and got into our cars .  She then got upset , flip us 😂😂, and speed up on her car.   I feel kind bad but the way she was acting and talking gave me the creeps and her eyes look as if she was on something.


I don't get why some people stay married.


Both, dude. Or ma'am. What the hell?! Pull up your pants or skirt and take care of business. This is your kick in the ass. You need it! Fix your life. You're driving the bus! Somebody is disrespecting you? There are probably doors and windows to climb out of. I know it's not easy. I've been there myself but ain't nobody gonna save you but you. Don't wait for a savior. It's you. You. Do it now. Run and fix your wig later.


My girlfriend's friends never liked me. It's one of the major reasons I broke up with my girlfriend. I hated the constant snipiness from the friends. I don't know what I did to deserve the abuse. I never insulted them or hate on them at all. I suspect it was jealousy or rivalry on their part. They saw me as competition. I was taking their friend away from them. Childish. My girlfriend was caught in the middle. Now everyone is unhappy. Satisfied?


Curious, do you think the golf club wife goes too far? Or is it always the husband who is at fault?


Ok. I'm out. Enough of this. I'll pretend it doesn't happen and that no one thinks like this. Everyday I read this and everyday I'm sadder about the human condition. Gross. Ban me. I'm done.i love my partner. I love my neighbors of every size and color and orientation and gender. I just can't take it anymore so good luck to the rest of you. I've pulled up the gangplank to my boat for all but the kind and open minded and generously loving. Good luck and God bless.




In some instances, a husband should be allowed to beat the wife.... like beat her to a fucking pulp and then stray dogs should be allowed to piss in her face. Then her still living, yet damaged body should be dumped in the pond at a golf course so the gators can finish her off, while she screams in pain. Just a suggestion. And dude, at the very least, you need to grow some balls and leave her sorry ass.


The fire chief in my town must weigh 500 pounds. Nothing against the guy. But come on, there is no way he could run into a burning house. He'd collapse and die. I'm told there are physical fitness requirements to be a firefighter, but the mayor looks the other way.  Bending the rules to help his friend. The sad part, bending that rules is going end up getting the fire chief killed by heart attack. Some friend the mayor is!


You should take a golf club and shove it up her spoiled ass.


Yesterday morning I suggested sexual activity with my wife. There was no enthusiastic response on her part. There never is. We've been married for 6 years and she has never once suggested sex. I pointed this out. She came back at me saying she'd be more motivated if I did things for her. Excuse me? I do things for her all the time. It's sad how much I do for her and she does nothing for me.

She offered up that if I cleaned her golf clubs she'd have sex with me. ?????????????  Acts of love making are now dependent on me cleaning her golf clubs?  This is hardly the topic of Shakespeare sonnets. This is what marriage means to her though. She uses sex to get something she wants. I'm sure it amuses her too to get me to grovel and do some menial chore for her. She knows I am a very desperate man. She made me that way. I took a marriage vow not to cheat. So I have never cheated. I want and need the sex though.

So I'm embarrassed to say I got out a bucket of soapy water and a cloth and I cleaned her golf clubs. I know, I'm pathetic. It gets worse though. Cleaning her clubs took me two hours. By then it was noon. She said she couldn't have sex right then because she actually had a date to play golf with her friends. Off she went, promising we'll have sex at 4 o'clock when she gets back.

At 4 o'clock, no wife. They stayed at the golf place to have drinks. Then they stayed for dinner. She finally came home at about 10 o'clock in the evening. She was tipsy and sleepy eyed and went straight to bed.

It's so typical of her. I'm not sure how she lives with herself. Doesn't she have a conscious? Doesn't she ever feel guilty about the way she treats me or the promises she makes and breaks?

I hate her. But I think I hate myself more for putting up with it.


I used to drink. I used to do drugs. I also used to get panic attacks.  Normally I can deal with the panic attacks. It's never good, but if I freak because I'm getting on a plane or I have to talk to a large crowd of people or whatever, I know the panic will pass in a minute. I can get through it. But one night I was drunk out of my head and I had a panic about what the alcohol was doing to my brain. It wouldn't stop after a minute though. I was still drunk for the next few hours. It was the most awful feeling to be in panic mode for so long. I couldn't control the situation. Drunk is drunk. I had to wait it out. It was the last time I ever drank or did drugs. I learned my lesson that the downside could feel much worse than the upside.  I was an instant teetotaler. I've been free from any substances for I don't know how long, but 20 years or so. I don't recommend a panic attack as a way for everyone to give up drinking and drugs, but it worked for me.


Note to self, some marriages can't be fixed. You need to stop trying and move on with your life.


I'm so high


I sat down and figured it all out this past weekend.  This is why the government doesn't work.  Elected officials are too beholden to their campaign contributors and must pay back the gifts given after elected.  Naturally, if you give someone a lot of money, you are going to want something in return.  The result is a faulted and failed system.  

We should change it this way:  WE, the taxpayers; American citizens should be the ones paying for all campaigns.  The money needs to come from taxes to pay for speeches and advertisements equally to all concerned.  Yes it is expensive, but without everyone trying to out-buy everyone, it will be infinitely better.  And after the elections are over, no one owes anyone ANYTHING!!!  No favors to repay and no asses to kiss.  Elected officials can get down to the real work and cut the bull!!!  Think about it, please.


I don't like him but I keep letting him take me out until something better comes along.


Last weekend my buddy drunkenly  sent me a topless pic of his wife. Now my arm hurts.


My children know the rule: On Saturday mornings they are not allowed in the playroom. They must play outside or if it is raining they must read in their rooms. They think this is some societal law where children across the country cannot be in a playroom on a Saturday morning. In reality, my husband's and my bedroom is located directly above the playroom. On Saturday mornings my husband and I reconnect. We wipe the slate clean of a week's worth of frustrations by fucking our brains out. I don't want to risk my children being in the playroom and hearing us. So they are banished. They have no idea this is why.


553...LOL, you funny soccer mum. As a black man maybe I shouldn't find that humorous but I can't stop
I wonder how your husband


OMG the guns -the guns -the guns!!!
Sick people and criminals are the problem -not guns!
Needing your government to take care of you again? Grow up and stop looking at big  government to be big daddy! The strictest gun laws in the country are in Chicago -and they are still being murdered by the dozens every day.


I love the days when i feel normal. I can look at my stressors knowing i can take care of them. I make good decisions with food, money, and time management. My work gets done faster because I'm not distracted by anxious thoughts. I feel a glow of appreciation when i think about my friends, even though we're all busy and don't see one another very often. Everything just feels normal. Thank God for days like these, as they're few ans far between


There is actually plenty we can do about gun violence in  America. I have identified four main areas where we can do something. The first is to get used to it. Since the NRA won't let anyone try to fix the problem we simply have to shrug it off. Second, we can send a nice card with a sad Snoopy on the cover to the victim's family. I am sure that will help alot.Next we MUST demand that when the Republican congress that makes silencers legal, armor piercing ammo legal and lets the mentally ill get gut guns is giving 60 seconds of silence for the victims that they get the FULL 60 seconds. After all, when you're complicit in the deaths of all these people the least you can do is give them a full 60 seconds of medidation since you will forget them right afterwards when you're making it easier to get even more dangerous weapons. The last and most important thing you can do is feel grateful is wasn't you or someone you love who got shot. This time.


Very few musicians ever evolve past the rhythm that's in their heads.  I've been a musician for 30 years and am still playing the same stuff.  Successful musicians learn to reinvent their music styles.  Eric Clapton, for example, went from blues to rock to country/pop in the '70s, then back to rock and then to acoustic to blues again.  But first you have to get successful enough for people to even care that you're reinventing yourself.  It's not worth the effort otherwise.


It used to be people got their opinions from the media, now its reversed. Think about the big journalistic names from the past.. Sevareid, Cronkite, Murrow. These guys were real journalists and would never be "fake newsmen" These guys were looked up to, as the media was looked up to. In the day, if someone like Trump would have called Edward R Murrow a fake newsman, this whole country would jump his ass, but the media of today, well, name me someone who actually has integrity in reporting, who actually checked, rechecked and rechecked again sources and facts BEFORE reporting.... not anymore.


I married a musician who's music stopped evolving shortly after we married. 20 years later and it's still the same shit. I hate his music now but I'd never tell him. Our local music scene has pretty much given up on him too.


My ex-boyfriend and I never used to fight. I think we fought like, once. I thought it was so great. A relationship without arguments! Right on! I thought I was so lucky to have someone who was always so laid back and not quick to anger and was so patient.

He and I broke up because despite all I did to make our relationship work, he became apathetic to me. Not hateful. Not resentful. He truly stopped caring one way or the other about me. When I accidentally overdosed on one of my medications and was extremely sick, he didn't ask what he could do to help me like I did whenever he got sick. Hell, he just assumed I had a cold and would take care of myself. When I finally lost my shit and told him how shitty he was for not "caring" until I told him I had to call poison control, he pretended to care for about one day. Things went back to normal after that.

We were long distance until I moved to be with him. I moved into the apartment he shared with his brother. It was infested with cockroaches, and he didn't care. I screamed that I did not move 4 hours away from everyone I knew to move into an apartment that had roaches that he didn't tell me about. He didn't care after I screamed either. I never scream...

It was after I ended  that relationship that I realized that having an argument-free relationship wasn't always a good thing. It wasn't argument-free because we just got along that well. It was because he didn't give a shit and took it for granted that I'd do all the work to make our relationship work. I don't know if that or constantly arguing is worse. At least if we constantly argued it would have meant that he cared.

I'm dating a much more mature and caring person. Sometimes when I'm annoyed with him, I start thinking things like "I don't know if this is going to last if he keeps doing (fill in the blank.)" It's then that I have to stop and remember that just because we have an argument or he does something to piss me off doesn't mean that the end is nigh for us. I remind myself that it's either something I address with him or that it's just a petty annoyance or I'm in a bad mood and decide to move on from.

That last relationship turned into complete shit, but I like to think it's helped me understand that just because everything seems perfect doesn't mean that it actually is. My boyfriend and I haven't had an argument or disagreement yet, but when we do, I'll be able to keep things in perspective better and know that arguing over small differences and disagreements means that we're actually probably doing just fine.


I'm so fucking high right now! Vicodin, malt liquor and marijuana. I don't think I'll make it to work tomorrow. Oh well...


I'm married and in love with another man who will never speak to me again. We were never intimate but I fell in love with him. There hasn't been a day in the past two years that I haven't thought about him.


I'll always regret that I didn't do more to make you happy at the time. Guess I was too lost in my own head. Still stuck out here hoping you get everything you want out of life.


To all of us who are whining about their birthdays for whatever reason (myself included): I'm sure that many, if not all of the folks who got shot and killed recently in Las Vegas, would be glad to trade with us, even if only for one more birthday! So let's shut up already and celebrate that we got to live for another year! Because tomorrow isn't guaranteed for anyone!


The mountains of drama. I know your plight. If you can be the one to cut loose with a well thought out plan, you won't find yourself flat on your back as the direct result of some wizard-level manipulation.
Effective criminals spend so much of their time and energy towards being good at what they do, (screwing people over) they might as well try to make an honest living.


After a year I've finally figured out that my roommate is emotionally manipulative. She has been using her disability as a tool to get people to do what she wants. Her family has pretty much given up on her so I'm all that's left. On more than one occasion she has used the threat of suicide to keep me from finding a new place to live.

What she doesn't know is I've already signed a lease on a new apartment. I'm waiting until the last minute to tell her because I know the shit will hit the fan. It's going to be messy, but my mental health depends on me GETTING OUT NOW.


My boyfriend, when we first got together, confessed to me that from an abusive childhood he's had anger issues over the years and finally planned to start going to therapy to work on it. He told me he can be a real asshole to people. He has never at any point in our relationship been mean, rude, or otherwise offensive to me. He's always respectful and affectionate and supportive.

Today I got a glimpse for the first time of exactly what he was telling me about. We were at the drive thru for our favorite coffee shop and I guess they messed up on his drink. When I realized this, I'd already paid so I drove off (thank god I wanted to drive today!) and he shouted "You guys don't fucking listen!" Oh my god, I was mortified. I would never talk to someone like that. It just really blindsided me because he would never in a million years consider speaking to me like that.

I don't know what to think. He's in therapy and I know he's working on it. I'm respectful and polite to everyone unless they really do something awful to me on purpose, and even then I can manage to control myself. Going to have to talk to him about this when he comes back over tonight. If he's going to treat people like this when we're out together, then we are not going anywhere together again until he learns how to appropriately treat others. This shit won't fly with me a second time...


I love my rock concerts!  Last night I had the typical puff/puff/pass experience with my single serving friends ... but this one is new - a complete stranger kissed me on the lips!  Music is love.


My husband has a fat fetish. He's fat. I'M very attracted to him, but he is NOT conventionally attractive.
I'm fit. And I would only say it like this here because I don't mean to be conceited... but I'm hot, too. I have a very nice body and a pretty face.
But my husband doesn't want to touch me.

Meanwhile, there's an absolutely drop dead gorgeous man falling in love with me who would love a chance. But all I want is my husband.

I'm doomed to a sexless marriage. What did I do to deserve this?


Some people workout to get rid of stress , I'm always been an active person my whole life , I gain a lot of weight on my pregnancy , lost most of it in less of a year then I got a foot injury that kept me for putting any weight on my feet for almost a year and I still get flare ups and if I do too much or I wear shoes with no support . It took almost two year to slowly get back to my exercise routine , while I cannot walk or run 40 miles a week like I used to , I try to stay active by lifting weights three times a week, kickboxing and go for small walks around the neighborhood.  It keeps my sanity , exercise and baths are the best way to get rid of stress for me anyways .  Not everyone does things to impress or catch a man/women , some people like myself enjoy working out .


I mess the old days when customer service reps spoke english.


After Sandy Hook, the schools in my town spent several million dollars to beef up security. They put in cameras everywhere, and bullet proof glass, and special ID card readers that check my driver's license before I can go to a parent teacher conference.

At that time, I raised my hand and pointed out that cameras will not stop bullets, and a serial gunman has a drivers license, so an expensive machine which automatically reads his drivers license won't stop anything.

I also pointed out that even if you make the school bullet proof, a determined gunman will simply shoot up a Saturday afternoon soccer game, or a school bus filled with kids.  You can't seal every access point. It's not possible and foolish to even try.

I was ignored. The schools fired several teachers and used the "savings" to install these silly security measures.

I look at Vegas. I'm sure the casinos went through the same security pains, putting in metal detectors, and guard dogs, and whatnot.

Then what happened? Did it stop the gunman?

Not at all. He went to the 32nd floor and rained bullets down on the crowd.

All this money is being wasted on a false sense of security, whether it's Vegas or your local schools. This is what officials do. They are reactionary morons. They don't take the time to think. They are too busy worrying about the image that they are solving problems, rather than really solving problems.


I can see my wife thinking about divorce. She doesn't get it. She's the problem. She's mean, lazy and self-centered. She has the grandiose vision that she will divorce me, find some rich guy, and her life as a princess will finally begin.

But she will still be mean, lazy and self-centered. No guy anywhere will put up with her for very long.

Rather than divorce, if my wife really wanted to be happy, she should look at herself and make changes.

But there's the thing. I'm not sure she wants to be happy. Her life is more interesting when there is drama. It's what she lives for.

I'm sure some people will think I'm only giving one side of the story and I must have contributed to this sour marriage. But not true. I'm an easy going nice guy. That's my contribution to the problem. I enabled her. I allowed her to get away with things for too long. She's a rotten person. I tolerated it. So am I the bad guy here? No. She is.

To any woman thinking of divorce, are you sure your husband is the problem?

BTW, I am the one looking to now divorce my wife. I have seen the light.


She's too busy to help clean the house. But she has plenty of time to go out to lunch with a guy she met while running.


My wife is out of control. It's like she's laughing at me.

I can't take this anymore. You might read about me in the news.


I want a divorce.

I need to say this out loud to my husband and soon.  Time is running out and I just want to be happy.  



I am really dreading my 40th birthday.


Some people start working out to thin down, so they can find a spouse. While admirable, I think their energy is wasted. They don't need to be thinner to have people like them. They need a better personality. That's the real problem.  A little overweight, but warm and genuine, is very marriable.  Compared to a beautiful body, but annoying selfish personality, is a definite no-go.

Forget the gym. See a shrink.


Never invest in a financial fund. They get hold of your money and skim off the top.


Be careful of what you say when you are angry.  Some things can never be forgiven or forgotten.  Even in marriage.


I would still buy the earrings just wear them with casual clothes , who cares if people looks at you funny for wearing fancy earrings , my mother loves make up and jewelry too , even though she is in her 60s she still dress nice and doesn't leave the house without wearing make up . I'm more plain Jane when it comes to make up and just throw some bright lipstick but I love wearing dresses and skirts , while sometimes people ask stupid questions like where I'm going so dress up , I don't care the way I see it clothes and jewelry are meant for wearing not hanging on your closet waiting for a special event to wear them .


I love makeup and jewelry. The makeup i buy is really nice and my jewelry is affordable but good quality. I kind of enjoy dropping the money on it. I just saw some earrings that I really liked, but they're something you'd wear to a formal occasion. I don't remember the last time I went out and did something social. My boyfriend doesn't like going anywhere so we hang at my place...and I realized, why do I buy this stuff when I never go anywhere except work, home, and the store a few times per week? I wish I had friends and got out more.


I know it was you who let virgin mobil know about phone. Its ok ive been to lazy to get a new one but now i will. Oh yeah but just to even up, i wonder what your family will think about the abortion of 09. Also i will be putting videos out. Just gonna let a little time pass on that one


You are all about guns, and your rights as Americans- yet you line up like sheep to let your country vaccinate you with unknown things. And the government is STRONGLY defended during the arguments. They've lied to you so they can experiment on the population. But don't touch my guns or Uterus. How fucked up that is when you step back and see.


After nearly 10 long years of missing someone who was, what I considered, the best match for me of anyone I've dated, he and I are now planning to reunite. I am quite excited and nervous. I flat asked him if he wanted to have sex, and he said yes!!!! I can't wait. Honestly, I don't care what happens after this I just miss him. He revealed to me that he has always regretted breaking up with me, and I was just shocked really. He makes me laugh non-stop and is just a fun person to be around. Here's to never stopping going for what you want. Don't be scared. Ask for what you want, and you just might get it.


I'm grateful that my girlfriend likes anal sex. It's always a pleasant surprise when during foreplay I'm asked, "which hole do you want?" Often times I'll arouse her with vaginal sex and finish in her ass. She loves it, and it's a huge turn on. As a note, when we started dating she was full-on vanilla, but I've gotten her into some fun BDSM type activities and she's now enjoying the bedroom liberation! She's gone tonight, I miss her.


I let some strange myths live in my head. It's a measure of my dedication. Will you let me down? Will you fulfill some higher purpose? I tested you.. tested you and waited....,
I'll just try again  tomorrow.. There will be plenty of rainfall.


I never knew marriage could be so lonely. I married my husband because I love him and I can't imagine my life without him. I also married him years earlier than we had always planned because I was hopelessly depressed and being tethered to someone else was the only way I could stop myself from killing myself. I thought that being responsible to and for someone else would keep me from offing myself, or at least that it would make it easier for me to decide to live and stay because I would be a little less lonely/isolated. Now I'm scared that I'm going to ruin my husband. I can't imagine how much shame I would bring to his family if I killed myself anyway, because they are all about appearances and they already feel ashamed of me. At least my husband is young and he would be able to remarry and live happier with someone better for him than me.


My nose has been broken at least 8 times before i turned 17.   Car wreck. Being the new kid in 2 different Jr high schools and 3 different high show ment that I learned how to fight.

Snorting coke wasn't an option for me cause my nose was fucked.


And it's spelt Bisa pathetic moron. Not Bisaya. Yes, please do this world a favor.



On my 20th birthday, I was dying in a hospital.

On my 30th birthday, I danced in the rain with the woman who would be my wife.

Things change, I guess.


I'm 30 today, and this has definitely been the most underwhelming birthday I've had. It just makes me sad. My friends and family who live far off have wished me a happy birthday, but my friends here have been mostly quiet. The few times per year they remember me, they tell me how much they love and miss me, but then when I suggest we get together, they either flake or have an excuse. I don't know why. I'm always happy and laid back. I don't think I'm annoying. So why have I always been treated like an afterthought? They're celebrating tonight one of our friend's birthdays that's on the 12th. That stings a little.

I have close to no social life anymore besides my boyfriend who never wants to go anywhere. It's an awful thing to be alone on your birthday and crying because you have to spend it alone.  Even my boyfriend isn't with me because he's not feeling well today. I don't want to ask anyone to get together and do something because for a change I wish someone would ask ME to get together.

I'm probably just being self-pitying and melodramatic. Tomorrow can't come soon enough. I just want to wake up and go back to my normal routine with work that keeps me too occupied and busy to think about things like this.


When I want to annoy my wife, I go into her bedroom late at night (I sleep in the guest room). I turn on the light to get something, but then leave without turning the light off. She then has to get out of bed to turn it off herself. Passive aggressive on my part. But it works. She can't fall back to sleep. She's tired and in a foul mood the entire next day. Victory for me.


Ok, I saw this amateur porn video of a wife and husband. It starts with her sticking a finger up his ass. Pretty hot. Then she lubes up her hand and sticks it up his ass. She goes so deep that part of her forearm is in there. I've never seen anything like it before. Amazing turn on. But she wasn't done. Unbelievably she lubes up her other hand and sticks both up his ass. Again going in up to her forearms. Pounding him, in and out, in and out. Holy fuck I almost creamed in my pants. I wish I could get my wife to do that to me.


I hate you.


I let my kids do really dangerous things. They ride motorcycles and go rock climbing. I'm not sure if I'm being stupid or not.


565- Ok, maybe this sounds weird, but try showering without any shower gel. Maybe your body is reacting badly to it. Me and my boyfriend rarely use it, we do however use scrub brushes often, use a soft one or a glove. And my skin has never been better! Of course use deo but try it out. Or maybe you have some sort of internal infection or your diet is unhealthy..


584 - I agree, haven't watched NFL games so far this season. Been spending time with family and my dog. Amazing how we get brainwashed into ignoring what's really important. I've already gotten rid of cable TV, can't say I really miss 200 channels I never watched.


Loneliness is...
Lying in bed next to you, each night & never once having you wrap your arms around me. I often imagine you wrapping me up and pulling me close. This is being alive. To me, it's where I feel safe. Maybe that's an illusion but the heart wants what the heart wants.
I don't know why it took me 10 years to realize that you aren't capable of loving me in the ways I need. It's not my fault your mother never showed you affection or love. I can't be your mother. I am your wife. At least I am for now.


I haven't been watching football these last few weeks. You know what I miss about it? Nothing. It's a dumb slow game played by a bunch of fat morons who are giving themselves brain damage in exchange for a large paycheck that they use to buy gaudy mansions where they beat their baby mama. Remind me why America watched football in the first place?


I had a few drinks last night.  I hadn't done that in 6 months.  I had freed myself from alcohol since then.  I never wanted to do it, but my little brother was in a car wreck this week and was almost killed.  He spent a few days in the hospital and miraculously he's fine now.  But it affected me so deeply that I didn't even know it was affecting me.  I guess I was looking for a way to process emotions that I didn't even know I had.  So I subconsciously did what I knew worked in the past - I drank - even though I knew consciously that drinking doesn't solve my problems.  But when I woke up this morning it made sense to me.  In another year I'll think of the accident, look at those drinks I had last night, and know I should just give myself a mulligan for it.


580 The media wants people to think thats shocking. They want to tell us what to think. Don't listen people. Think for yourself.


I really like your brother. I really like your family. People always make jokes about getting married. Basic wedding toast bullshit. It's actually a funny commentary on our failed relationships.


The news media seems shocked the Vegas gunman could amass 47 guns. That's nuttin. I know guys with hundreds of guns.


Why is it always me who has to take care of everything? Story of my life. Wherever I go, people think of me as the responsible one who will solve whatever problem comes up. I'm tired of it. I don't like being in that position. I only do it because if I don't, no one else will. You know where it burned the most? My father died. OUR father died, and my siblings washed their hands of the details. They just assumed I will make all the arrangements and pay all the bills for the funeral. They are lazy fucks. It was their own father and they couldn't lift a finger to help.


Finally. Someone gave me a fucking chance.


My nads itch. I wish I had a young woman to scratch them for me.


If I killed myself my grade school bullies would smirk and giggle between whispers about what a loser I always was. They would do it within earshot of my family and deny anything was wrong if confronted.


The secret to stopping the shootings.  Stop being assholes.  Be kind, considerate, and understanding to everyone.  If American's are likeable and kind, people won't want to kill them. Media, propaganda, and education is the way to make this happen.  It is possible but will take a massive effort.


Flocks of birds or schools of fish. They all seem to move with one motion. On one level, we see an intricate dance. They move with one purpose. It's a spectacle of nature.

Incurious drones that lack any real sense of what it means to be free. Lashed to the rocky crag of a terrible job and a slave morality that offers no sense of fulfillment. If they were happy they wouldn't be constantly bitching about taxes and Hollywood.


I could seriously just come in my pants when a man plays the piano, bass guitar or drums.


Whenever I see a post about "those terrible liberals", I skip it. I'm not even a dem, but I guess you could say I'm a fiscally liberal-leaning libertarian. Regardless, I'm sick of people generalizing their complaints toward entire groups of people based on a relatively small number of interactions and a sense of shared idealism. Give it up.


In my mostly rich town, if you are black or poor, and you get ticketed for speeding or god forbid drunk driving, your name gets in the police log section of the newspaper.

If you are wealthy and white, the police log says a stop was made and a motorist was ticketed, but no names are used.

They couldn't be more obvious about this bias.


My in-laws are extremely liberal.  I'm the only "conservative" at their family gatherings.  I'm not even that conservative.  I'm a little right of center, but I can be socially liberal.  But they're way off to the left in their political views.  Whatever the Democratic Party tells them to think, they think.  I love it when they start talking about politics and try to bring me into it because I've been an analyst for the last 30 years.  It's my job to separate fact from bullshit, and I've gotten quite good at it.  They try to throw talking points at me, and more often than not they get a well reasoned response that sinks them.  Now they keep quiet when they come to my house.


my brother went to prison for a year for armed robbery but my parents still treat him as the favored son. whatever. i stopped caring. enjoy your twisted criminal lives. i'm outta here.


566 - I know what you are going through. As the only Liberal in the sea of family ultra-conservative viewpoints, it's all ok if I argue the point, but I have grown weary of sitting in the middle of a Christian Revival Tent Celebration.... there is no win for me, so I do what you are doing. My responses are usually - "thank you for the invite,but I will not be able to attend, enjoy yourselves".... end


565; have you tried changing your diet?


My in-laws are fucking HORRIBLE. The last time I visited my husband's ultra-evangelical sister tried to start this big abortion debate with me. I declined to say anything because I don't think these kinds of discussions are appropriate at what should be a pleasant family event.  

This woman would NOT shut up. She went on and on at me about the evils of abortion even though I hadn't said anything. She kept talking all through that lunch until finally I got up and left the table. They weren't satisfied with my non-response, so they ALL took up the topic of abortion with me all that weekend.  What are your views?  Don't you think it's a sin?  Don't you love children?  We're concerned that you aren't Catholic -- don't you love Jesus?

Fuck that noise. Not only have I never had an abortion, I don't even have a uterus anymore since I had a therapeutic hysterectomy some years back. (None of them know that.)  But I'm never visiting those people again. I won't buy a fucking plane ticket to get harangued for a full 48+ hours about their politics and religion.

Meanwhile my husband watched football and drank heavy with the men and didn't pay any attention to his ultraconservative relatives sweating me every fucking second. Thanks, honey.

He just told me that our presence is requested at some cousin's fourth kid's baptism. I told him to go have fun and give everyone my love. He's flabbergasted.  

I WIN!!!


I smell bad. It's not BO. It's not farting. It's not bad breath. There is something in my body chemistry  that makes my flesh give off this sour odor. No amount of scrubbing or deodorant makes it better. It's built into me and oozes out of my flesh and there seems to be nothing I can do about it. I constantly leave my home and office windows open. In the summer it's fine. In the winter people come into my freezing space and think I'm nuts for having the window open. Believe me, the alternative of smelling up the room is much worse.


My wife is under the impression that I'm responsible for everything bad that happens to her. If she wanted to go for run, but it's raining, she's angry with me. If she wanted to go to a movie, but it's sold out, it's my fault. If she is driving to her mother's, but she gets stuck in traffic, it's my fault. I have nothing to do with these things. But she needs to be angry at someone and I'm a very convenient target. I need to get away form this woman. She weighs me down.


#559 I get that too. My old office I would lock the door and then my new office had no lock, so I put a 'Please Do Not Disturb until 1pm (or whatever time my lunch period ended.  If that fails, cover your food and start fake coughing that should make them run. Good luck!


I can feel a depressive episode setting in. It sucks, because my last one lasted for 3 whole weeks. It's like a shade is pulled down over your eyes, and everything you see that looks beautiful lacks any feeling, like a delicious looking meal that has no taste. You'll still eat it because it's sustenance and the world keeps turning, but the entire action becomes increasingly empty. That's just a little part of it.

On the bright side, I have good friends behind me who know how I feel, and who are there to support me. I'm also getting better at getting through this. Suffer through it, and it'll be over eventually.

I've found that reading is one of the best remedies for a bad head space. If you're in someone else's world, your problems genuinely do go away. And I've got lots of books in the queue that I haven't read yet. So that's something


I got some Vicodin, beer, marijuana and snacks.  I'm going to call in sick at work today and spend all weekend getting fucked up and watching movies. Life's good!😁


In love there is no truth - only layers of lies. There are the lies we tell the outside to put up appearances, the lies we tell each other to maintain the status quo, and the lies we tell ourselves to get through the day and to sleep at night.


Nobody wants you to come into their office or workspace while they're eating and you're not. It is extremely awkward to chew and swallow and try to be neat and silent and further, actually enjoy, a meal when someone else is sitting across the table and just wants to talk while the other person is eating. Wait 10 minutes. It's not that hard. You are making the other person extremely self-conscious.

I cannot tell you the number of times somebody comes into where I am eating my lunch in silence (with my door closed and the lights off) with nobody else around, and plops themselves down across from me to hang out.  Do they really not notice that I completely stop eating my lunch? This often goes on for my entire lunch break.  I love my work friends and they keep me from going crazy, but this is just common courtesy. Either bring your food so it's not awkward, or just wait a few minutes.


I'm choking on my own possessions.  The time has come to sell some, donate some, trash some.  Empty the closets!  Lighten the load!
  -- M/70+


I've got problems, yes, but I'm breathing an extra sigh of relief. Tomorrow is a new day. The weight is gone.


I hope history repeats itself.

In the 60s, we had insufferably self-righteous hippies burning the flag, screaming about how America sucks, and yelling "peace, love, and togetherness" while spitting on Vietnam vets as they came home from war.

So by the time my generation came along--coming of age in the 70s--everyone was sick to death of all that shit. Our motto could be summed up as, "Fuck 'em all, let's party!"

Now we have insufferably self-righteous Antifas burning the flag, screaming about how America sucks, and yelling "Love trumps hate" while simultaneously calling for the death of cops AND THEIR FAMILIES.

So, if we're lucky, by the time the next generation comes up, we'll all be sick to death of all the bullshit again, and we'll kick 'em to the curb and start the party.

Hurry up 2020!


My husband's family hates me.. I'm not the daughter in law they wanted for their son because I'm not submissive enough or "ladylike" enough. I'm ok with how they feel but the part that bothers me is that they are poisoning my husband and what he thinks about me. I can't help but feel trapped.. I wish I could run away from everything.


I'm so fucked up. The last relationship I was in, we loved each other very much, could talk for hours, had a great time together, but he slapped me from time to time and was controlling when it came to sex. And in the end he was talking to other girls, the same reason I broke up with him the first time. Well since then, the two guys I liked, nothing happened with them, they liked me and then strung me along and flaked. and the latest who pursued me, he has a girl. He's my friend for years, had this crush on me apparently. I saw him with his girl so I'm not going through with it. It felt weird as hell. There was always an attraction but when he said these things to me, I started liking him more. Can't do it tho. So it makes me think of my ex, is that all I'm good for? A side chick or in a relationship with an abuser? I start thinking maybe I deserved getting slapped and talked down to. Maybe I'm not good enough to be with someone who would make me their one and only and be good to me. It's just one of those nights...having a pity party for myself...


I've been watching the TV show "The Wire" on DVD. It's about drug gangs in Baltimore. The characters speak inner city ghetto slang. I've watched so many episodes in a single week that it's messing with my mind. My husband walks in the door and without thinking about it, I say, "What up nigga?" I'm a white soccer mom from Massachusetts. LOL.


I wonder if asian pussies are small too. That would be worth looking into.


I remember my mother crying on her 30th birthday. I was 9 years old and could not, for the life of me, understand how on earth someone could cry on their birthday—the best day of year! I tried to comfort her and told her not to cry, but she was inconsolable. It was so bewildering to me.

I'm turning 30 in two days.

I understand now, Mom. I feel like crying, too.


My little boy was playing a game that had a lot of Christmas music in it.  I had a sad thought - one day decades from now he'll be my age, sitting next to his Christmas tree in the dark at Christmas time, listening to Christmas music by himself, feeling sad that I'm no longer around.  Like I did after my parents died.


I've noticed something about Asian women.  The middle class Asian women date only white guys.  The working class Asian women only date black and brown guys.  I wonder what that means?


I drank like a fish from the time I was 19 to 42.  I didn't know it at the time, but it was from severe PTSD.  The amount could vary.  Some years I was getting drunk 4 times, some years I got drunk 50 times.  It was a lot.  I liked the escape it gave me.  Then one day when I was 42, I sat down and wrote out all the horrific experiences I went through.  And just like that, my urge to drink stopped almost completely.  I was still overindulging, but it was only once every six to eight months, like at weddings and the occasional holiday.  Then when I was 45 I had to stop completely from diabetes.  I haven't had a sip of booze in 7 years.  It feels great.


Asian penises are very small.


Soooo,  someone was looking at OkCupid and saw your boyfriend's profile  there. What happened man? Remember when you told me how you have never been so happy in all of your life? Remember how  you said you had found true happiness for the first time in many years? Remember how you said you had it all figured out, how supportive and understanding he was?

Maybe you guys can still work it out.  I mean, I don't know anything about your situation other than how great you said it was. Don't give up on him so easily would be my advice.


I fucking love alcohol. I love it more than anything.


Sometimes I wish I was a pumpkin.


I hate stupidity. I have no patience for people who do or say stupid things. I ask the secretary to make copies. She asks me which copy machine she should use. Yo ditz, I don't give a flying fuck what copy machine you use. Use your brain and figure it out!


I just bought a snowball pumpkin. It has a long neck and a bulbous top on it that is about the size of a very large lemon. Tonight I am going to put it up my pussy.  I didn't know these fucking things existed. I'm so fucking wet right now over knowing this thing will be inside me and I know that I will be stretching and cumming and wiggling my hips and open pussy all over that fat head and SO glad I can feel  this full. God I cannot wait to feel such raw pleasure!


I've figured out how to steal from Wal Mart self check out. I don't "look" like a shop lifter, so they never suspect anything. I usually go in early in the morning before work (6am) and I figure out which items I'm going to steal and which I'm going to pay for. I will have two of something, and will scan one, but put both in the bag, or I'll have two things in my hand, scan one, and drop both in the bag. It's so easy. It's saved me money.


I love living in Los Angeles. There is never a dull moment here.


Hey miserable husband , you need to put your foot down and get on charge on managing your money , create a budget for the household including clothes money, entretaiment, and emergency.  If you have a share account just keep very a little and move the rest on accounts she doesn't have any access to it .  I let my husband take care of all the finances, he always sets money aside for entertainment, clothes and other fun staff like vacations but we stay on our budgets and it's very rare when we go over.  My husband has accounts to cover emergency and savings that I don't touch , there's one to cover basic expenses like phone bill, cable, mortgage etc.. if you are the breadwinner I dot see why she should have a problem ,  with you taking care of the staff.


505 - You rock and you deserve all that's good in this world. I hope you stay well, you stay in the job you like, and one day you can look back and say FUCK YOU to everyone who doubted you, shunned you, said no to you, said loser to you... Hey people.....THAT'S WHAT THIS COUNTRY IS ABOUT.


I never liked the taste of alcohol, it tastes bitter to me.  I have shared this information with a couple of drunks.  One of them, an ex-coworker, actually told me that it actually does not taste good.  Why is he an alcoholic then?  Although, he said it's the buss he liked.  He is an alcoholic on recovery.  And you know what's ironic?  I have an uncle who was full blown alcoholic.  He would get drunk to the point of vomiting and passing out.  My mother would told me he would comeback after a party and promised her he would not drink anymore.  One week later, it was the same.  Now, in his 70s, he is suffering from health issues, he does not have a prostate anymore, and a couple of months ago, he had to have surgery to have stones taken out from his bladder.  He basically could not pee.


I'm out of words to describe my disappointment in being married. I came home from work. My wife is wearing more new workout clothes. I'm sure it cost more than the money I made today. It's a never ending story with her. She does nothing all day except work out and buy herself things. I am miserable in the marriage. I AM MISERABLE.


It makes me sad to hear the stories of girls being molested. I molested my teenage sister many years ago when I was a teen. I molested another teenage girl too. I am ashamed. There is no excuse for what I did. I'd like to think I'm a better person now. To all you women who have been touched inappropriately, I'm sorry. I was one of the villains. At least know I regret what happened and my mind has punished me.


years ago I had this friend who got married to this little fire cracker of a girl. She was a little ball of fire, kind of annoying but hot. One night I was at the bar and she showed up with some girl friends, we started talking, then the music came on, I love to dance so we started dancing, next thing I know, she grinding her crotch on me, so i go with it, next thing I know we're grinding pretty hard, if we had been naked I would have been balls deep in her. Anyway, we ended up leaving the bar and going to this house party, were they had 'dancing' we ended up continuing the the lambada all night, to the point I was convinced I was going to blow a load of cum right in my pants. It was so hot and heavy, we weren't even trying to pretend we were dancing anymore, we were just in the middle of the crowd just humping the shit out of each other, it got so bad we left the room and went into the bathroom and just started grinding crotches like there was no tomorrow. I never kissed her or touched her pussy or unbuttoned one botton on her OR my pants. I never did cum in my pants, which to this day surprises me. ANYWAY, that was over 15yrs ago, since then, she's divorced my friend she quite drinking met a nice guy got re-married and has two kids, good job house white picket fence blah blah blah, we are friends on facebook and every once in awhile I see her and we talk, but since she doesn't drink I never see her out. A Few weeks back I saw her out though and I noticed she had a beer in her hand, it always surprised me when people get sober, then go back to drinking, it's kind of disappointing to me, but at the end of the day it's none of my business. Well, about a week ago I get a facebook message from her asking me where around town, if any, is there a good place to go dancing. I didn't think anything of it, I just told her of a couple  of spots, she thanked me and said "She knew I would know" then she said "we should got dancing together" like "this weekend"........I was like...oook. She almost has an 'urgency' about getting together to dance, I have no idea what's going on with her or her husband, I have a serious gf now and don't want to mess that up...but hey, it's only dancing ;-)


There are many moments in my life where I wish I could have been my own mother. I would have loved me and protected me from everything. My own mother would have too, if she survived long enough


I really am so sick of struggling. I was oyal fucked over by my ex financially. I refinanced my car to pull cash out to buy him a truck, i refinanced a credit card to increase my limit to fix the truck, i closed out my 401k to put money down on a house we bought together and boout him a dirt bike. He decided the grass was greener and cheated on me and got her pregnant then we had a fight about it and beat the shit out of me. so i moved 2,000 miles away to try and start over, better myself. I found a job and an apartment but i'm still stuck with all this debt and it's really starting to scare me that i cant make the payments and buy food. every paycheck i got negatve in my account. and it's not  like i'm going out and spending all my money on random shit for myself. i have bills. my money goes to all my bills. car $325 rent $600 gas/electric $80 cc1 $200 cc2 $50 cc3 $50 student loans $120 medical collection $300. i once had a really good credit score and was good with my financials but they've gotten away from me. I dont get to go grocery shopping for this week to try and avaid a negative account because my bank charges me $25 everytime i do go negative. I wish there was some easy solution for my financial issues, no i dont have the body of a person who could strip and trading sexual favors just makes me feel like sick to my stomach to think about and i hate asking for help from my parents. Thank God i dont have kids of my own. My dog has food and thats all that is important right now. Just wish someone would give me 20K that's all i need, that's less than a car to some people. Dont get me wrong though I am so very grateful for everything that i do have right now, a place to live, a job, clothes on my back, my health, a family that loves and supports me, my sweet puppers and my amazing best friend who has lent me her car until i can buy my own (which i have no money to do and she needs the car back today) i just dont want to complain to anyone about this so that's why i'm putting it here. I know that it will be ok just not right now it's not. I also suffer from anxiety (diagnosed when i was 2) so that's not helping. I just feel fucked over right now for trying to do the right thing and being a good person and this whole starting over thing is really tearing me own, but I believe that everything happens for a reason, dont really know what i'm suppose to be learning right now, maybe to be more grateful for the things i have an dthe things I have taken for granted in the past or maybe this is some sort of karma that i deserve from something i did and didn't realize it at the time that it was a karma thing?? SMH i dont know i just need financial help or a sugardaddy. I'm ok with a sugardaddy situation on this one.


It bothers me a lot that the only time I was molested was in front of my brother. He didn't notice his friend's dad slipping his hand under my shirt. He was too busy playing videogames. Before the sicko even started to grope me, something in his expression made me very scared. This was a man who was 45, and looked 60 because of smoking. I tried to alert my brother, but when he huffed at me, annoyed, and said "What do you need to say that's so important?" I didn't know how to verbalize what was going on. So he said "Don't interrupt me again if you have nothing to say." and kept on. And I was groped. He pushed me down on the bed, trying to get on top of me. His son said something like, "Hey, should we leave the room?" in a joking way. When it was over and I left, my brother got mad at me for passing in front of the TV to get to the door.

And he wonders why I hold onto the past...I doubt he knows that even happened.

I couldn't tell anyone but my best friend, and the first thing she did was yell at me for not speaking up. But I tried...


Yay! I'm glad to know that I'm not the only person who doesn't like to drink before i stop completely, i only used to drink maybe 4 times a year and out of the 4 only used to get wasted once a year ( New Years or my birthday) after I got pregnant and had my son (at 24) and I just never drink again , I don't smoke or do drugs either but I wish I could quick my addiction to sugar .

37 " boring f" that doesn't like alcohol.


505 Good for you. I'm happy for you. It sounds like you have worked very hard and it is paying off. You should be very proud of yourself. That's the American way. That's how most Americans make it in this country. Sure some are handed everything. born rich. Most of us though do it just like you are. Welcome to the club.


511 HaHa I feei the same way. The only thing that stops me is that I'm not as tough as I used to be. I'm not as fast as I used to be. I can't hit has hard as I used to. Other wise I'd be kicking someones ass on a daily basis. Oh well Sucks to get old. HA Ha. I just keep smilin anyway, and do my ass kickin in my dreams at night.


I live in a State that is in the North East and is in a financial mess with no budget, high taxes people and business leaving in droves. Of course it's a Democrat run State. My wife's entire family is Democrat. They see nothing wrong with just raising taxes to cover the deeping crisis.


I had a college professor who wanted me to give him a blow job. I didn't do it. I should have reported him but I didn't do that either. It gets complicated as a student. How do I report a prof who is then going to give me a grade in his class? Or even if he was barred, his friends, the other professors would give me grades. Also I was on a scholarship. Do I jeopardize being left with no money to pay for college? I said nothing because I had no choice. I'll bet the professor knew he had me in a tough spot and that he could get away with it.


I don't know how people drink alcohol. The last time I drank, I felt like death the next day. I really thought I could die. I have never had a drink of anything since. That was 25 years ago. I haven't ever missed it. I'm perfectly happy and feeling good about myself without the need for alcohol. I feel a heck of a lot healthier too. No one will hear me on this, but I think people shouldn't drink. Life is better without it.


There are more left-leaning voters in this country then right-leaning voters. (Many more) The left is grossly underrepresented because of gerrymandered districts, the Electoral College, and the apportionment of Senators. Isn't this a form of Socialism? Isn't this a redistribution of power away from the "haves" to the "have-nots?" It's just a matter of time before the tyranny of progress sweeps all this provincial red-state nonsense under the rug of history.


The truth is with Electricity, Magnetism, and Gravity, we don't know much about them. We only know them by their effects on nature.


The NRA does NOT support your Second Amendment rights. The NRA doesn't give a shit about your Second Amendment rights.

The NRA supports the rights of GUN MANUFACTURERS to sell their product with as few restrictions as possible. It's all about sales.


Guns kill 13,000 innocent people a year, abortion kills over 900,000. More innocent people are killed by abortion in a week than by guns in a year! Oh and if black lives really matter why don't they focus on the 900 innocent black babies killed everyday instead of the 285 killed a year (most justified btw) killed by cops. Really?!? Its simple math again.


If you don't want to get pregnant, you should consider getting an IUD. I've had one for about 4 years now, and I've never been happier. Granted, I didn't get it until I knew for sure I wouldn't want a child in the next 5 years. It's also very important to know that while it's 99.9% effective, if you do get pregnant by any chance, you have to have an abortion.

So really, you have to be certain that you don't want a baby in the next 5 years. But I'd consider it if I were you. Save yourself the worry.


I've gotten my life down to a good balance of being productive during the week and being a trashy mess during the weekends. As long as one doesn't bleed into the other it's fine. No missing work because of benders, no extra-curriculars on the weekend. Weekends are for catching up on sleep, alone time, and the sort of mind-numbing intoxication that stops you from thinking for a couple hours.

It's a good place, because I used to be a mess, drinking myself drunk every night of the week, getting to work late every day and smelling like booze. At least now I've found a way to function


Here is what I need to hear. I don't know what you are or are going through. But I BELIEVE you and in yourself because I have gone through it too. Losing my dignity to arguments I was not understood in and deciding just because humble pie was yanked out of my throat I could not be humble. Hearing no truth in silence means you have to ask questions SEEing the truth and letting THEM be pointing it out. I know my own truth and i am honest and i hate how i feel when i try to prove myself or cant accept that i am not yet forgiven by people i want it from. have a lot to be thankful for but it's unfortunately not that I don't have a job. I have one yet only want to merely feel like I am looking for one and can do my art. It's people who have given me the opportunity to free myself from unfair things that I love and live with. It's that I AM OKAY. I can make this work. I can do it I can be humble and accept what I am not. I can accept a love returned to me yet not in ways. I have new memories every day to hold onto laughter love communication. Remember to love and know that people go without who deserve to love. It's a scale where your understanding of someone else lifts them high. Not wanting to make ppl feel like what they are not.. And you always fall again and feel not understood but you ARE. I know I can keep my job if I just SLEEP even when u want to be searching for answers from the past that were stolen and no longer can help me. Don't let it keep you out of focus. Change your goal. Your friends matter not your enemies. If you need new friends you can find them. Know what you want. Know you will die we all will but they can't take your truth.


Something I've learned at 55:

If you wake up in the middle of the night and find you can't get to bed, jerk off.  You'll go right back to sleep.  

I've saved hundreds of hours of sleep with that.


Last time I've checked sweet heart is a  career woman is someone who has already obtained a job and is working. Focused on progressing in her current job as she is working. Not someone who label's themselves one while parents paved their way for private school and after graduating never made them work, but instead has paid their bills, gave them cars give them spending money. Is an adult that's 30 yet never obtained a job longer than a year. Is an adult but still currently lives with parents. Is not a prime example of a career woman. Nope, sorry! I'm sure you'd love to think that about yourself sweet heart. Me and my husband knows the truth. He uses you just like you do your parents. ;)


Masturbation has been on my "to do" list for a month. I just have not found the time. Maybe this weekend. Having sex with another human being is also on my "to do" list. It has been a long time. I don't know, maybe 3 years. I work too hard!

[31, f, career woman!]


I think love comes in many forms, like when you first meet a guy/girl and you instantly feel a connection , let's say those two felt the same way  fall in love and got married but eventually the feeling goes away , people settle into routines , have kids, and as the years  pass by they become more like roommates, the lust , the spark is gone but you still care and love the person just on a different way .   They start getting annoying about trivial , insignificant staff like who left the dirty dishes , oh who forgot to bring the milk after work , or they disagree over politics or how to discipline the kids.  Eventually people forgets what made them fall in love with the person on the first place  and fall out of love and stay because they feel comfortable with the person .   Sometimes I look back at guys that I dated it and was in love with them but when I look back I wonder what I was thinking? Those feelings are gone and wouldn't like even being friends with the person . The love I had it's gone , replaced by indifference.


Life is going pretty well. I hope I don't get pregnant.


I don't believe in love anymore. Especially couples that look happy in public. I assume they've got serious skeletons in the closet behind those picture perfect smiles and pristine Facebook profiles. I don't know anyone who postures that way who is actually happy. Go ahead. Ask how many tries it took to get the perfect selfie. Ask how much fighting happened immediately after the pic was taken. Ask whether the couple that posts about #datenight actually sleep in the same bed afterwards. Ask whether they actually spent that date talking to each other instead of networking on their phones.


work is unbearable.  these people are total assholes and it just doesn't ever end.

I totally understand why people lose their shit at work.  

I'm trying not to - I'm really really trying.

Two more days til a three day weekend please pray that I don't beat the shit out of these assholes the next two days. I'm too old for jail.


I haven't had a care free day in decades. There is always something pending or something worrying me. I wish I could relax.


Don't tell other people to say hi to me. And why would you even be thinking of me? You got what you wanted.


I caught feelings. Damn him.


My high school had a student smoking lounge. Times have changed.


She is just another tropical depression.


498, It's certainly not unpopular to love your country, there are just a lot of people disagreeing with that right now. Also from your tone of voice and what you said, you sound like a middle-aged white man. Not saying it as an insult, but your demographic is the only one that has always benefited from the U.S.'s legislation, so it's no surprise you love it here so much.

Your point is moot anyway, because you seem to assume that I'm a middle aged welfare check cashing whiner, which isn't true. I've never even applied for welfare. I'm simply a 23 year old woman. I haven't lived at home since I was 18 and my family was evicted, and I've been working jobs since I was legally able to.

In the last 5 years I've gone from surfing peoples' couches and getting fired from jobs to having my own place, with a steady job that pays me more than what most of my friends make, owning everything I have in my house. I even got a few years of college in, and even that's an accomplishment because my parents told me last minute that they couldn't even pay my acceptance fee. All of this, I worked for, with no support whatsoever. I even have time to volunteer. So I know a thing or two about hard work.

Maybe you should take a better look at other peoples' perspectives before making assumptions.


I'll take chubby any day over a fake phony miserable purger.


One of the great moments of my life:

I was in college, smoking a cigarette in front of one building before longboarding off to Greek Mythology class. My GM class was in a building about 1000ft away, still within eyesight, but with the twists and turns inside the building it was still a solid 10 minute walk to get into the lecture hall.

10 minutes before class starts, my professor sees me as he's walking to class himself (I sat in the front row every period, and was also the only student who always brought a longboard to class, so he knew who i was). He stops and says, "You'd better get off to class, it's going to start in a few minutes." And I told him, "It's fine, I'll make it." and he gave me that oooookay that means "I tried to tell you..." and walked off.

4 minutes before class is supposed to start, I throw my cigarette on the ground, pull on my bag and skate off to class. There's a shortcut if you go through the parking lot that leads right to my classroom, so I took that.

And I shit you not, my professor and I walked into class at the *exact* same time. There were 2 sets of doors; he came in one and I came in the other. As we walked down the aisle I gave him a cheeky little wave, and when we got to the front he told me he was pleasantly surprised. We both knew I loved the class so he was happy I wasn't bullshitting him about getting in on time.

Just one of those perfect timing moments that fucking ruled.


I work with a bunch of EastCoast liberals. Alt-left. NeoSocialists. For the most part they are good people, but I refuse to talk politics with any of them. My secret? I think they are 99.9% wrong. Their agendas are filled with more "feel good" politics than real life.

* No, black lives matter isn't a good group. They are racist assholes. I refuse to support them or you.
* Yes, Americans should keep their guns. New gun laws wouldn't have stopped any of the recent mass shootings.
* Trump is doing more good for America than Obama ever did.
* No, there is NOT a gender-based pay gap. Educate yourselves and see the truth. It's not true at our company, nor any other I've worked at, as well as the rest of them, but for some reason they think it's still a thing.
* As a veteran, I am personally insulted by the asshole racists in the NFL, and I WILL NOT give you a damn penny to your stupid support group. As a matter of fact, even asking me to support that shit insults me further. Fuck them, and fuck you too.
* No, we shouldn't have open borders. No, we shouldn't freely give citizenship to everyone who illegally comes here and commits fraud and identity theft to get a job, and we shouldn't give welfare to those who can't be bothered to break laws to get a job.
* OH HELL NO we don't need safe spaces, you idiots. Welcome to real life.

Overall, I work with mostly pleasant people. When the emails and group chats involve work items, we get along great. But the bad part is when things get slow and they want to talk politics; that's when they show their true colors and turn into blithering idiots. Fucking mindless drones parroting talking points from some late-night talk show. Outside of work topics, I don't think they have enough brain cells to function in real life.

Whew, I think I may be done. This is just the BS from today. I don't know how much longer I can keep my mouth shut. As is true across most corporate environments, while they say they support diversity and inclusion, that only means that it's only applicable when you agree with the liberal alt-left thought police. With Google as evidence, any deviation from their version of being politically correct is thought of as "hate" and can get your ass fired. Fuck those liberal idiots.


Why people cannot believe one person is capable to do such thing , because he was financially well off , wealthy people commits crimes too, because his age , I'm sure there are plenty of retired that have kill before , because he never had a running with the law most physopaths can blend in there's a reason it takes a lot of years to caught some serial killers.  Just look at the zodiac killer he was a member of a community, the guy belong to a church and was a good neighbor.  This guy didn't snap , it took months , maybe years to plan this whole thing , I'm sure if this was a Muslim people wouldn't be on such denial and wonder why he did it.


I guessing most don't know he video taped himself doing the shooting and breaking out of windows.


Unlike some mass shootings, there's no doubt that there were scores of people killed and injured in Vegas.

Like some mass shootings, I think this one was a total inside job. Like government planned/supported. I don't know which government, maybe the US, maybe not, but there is no way all that BS can be attributed to one guy who may have "snapped" mentally at the last minute. There's too many WTF moments that surround this case.

This isn't one crazy guy that shot up a concert. This is a conspiracy. North Korea, the US ShadowGovt, Saudi Arabia, I don't know. Hell, maybe even Antifa.

My level of trust of this being one lone crackpot guy is at zero.


I know it's unpopular to say or think, but I love my country. I hate my government, and have for decades, but I love my country.

The power to change comes from *you*. Not a paycheck from the government to sit around and be lazy, but hard work, dedication, and work. Did I mention work? If you don't like the life situation you're in, then fucking change it. That's what I did.

My family sucked ass. Our finances sucked. My life at home was abusive and stifling, so guess what? I moved. I got out. Yeah, my finances still sucked for a while, but I learned a job skill and moved the hell up and got the hell out.

Now I've got a nice house, a good family, and a 6-figure job doing a white collar trade I like to do. I'm good at it, so I get paid well. I know from personal experience that trading a welfare-laden abusive life for a stable happy one takes one thing. Work.


It's a shame. They say you should love your country, but I hate the United States. I'd happily leave if I were able to, but I'm not because I live in a country where employers can pay you pennies for your time, and yet other institutions overcharge you for everything. Healthcare. Education. Healthy food. Transportation. Housing, especially with gentrification. It's not built for us to succeed, it's built for us to spend money.

That's not even mentioning our media circus and how news stations focus more on being the first source to cover a story, rather than the first source to *accurately* cover it. Or how we don't have enough room for affordable housing, but there's at least 2 liquor stores in every neighborhood that I've lived in. Or how we have a government that focuses on distraction tactics in the media to distract us from the laws they're passing. Or the mere existence of the NSA.

We're manipulated at every turn, in every way. That's why they call it "The System." And I hate this country for it, because for a long time we preached that we were better. No, no, no. It's been like this all along, now it's at the point where people aren't hiding it as well anymore.

Part of the problem is that since we've all been raised in an individualistic, capitalist society, anybody who accumulates any sort of power, gov't or no, exploits it. We all want to squeeze as much money out of things as we can to get rich. It's poisoned our minds. And I hate it for that as well.


25 years ago I viewed a woman that was easily persuaded to give blow jobs at a company party as a god send to the company.  Now as the guy owning my own business I view the same as a distraction and a huge liability.  Funny how our views change over time.


I wish there were more chubby mature women on backpage. Like 40's and 50's and just kind of chubby. Not 300 lbders,but chubby. Come on ladies.


No it's not all just in your head. We know it's you Steph!


I love you.


How can one woman be so attractive?  Just hearing her name turns me on so much.  She is so beautiful.  One look at her and I want to kiss her and have sex with her.  That face and body is amazing.  10/10


Ha! When one presumes to think they are so healthy, yet they smoke. Ignorance at it's finest.


The story is coming out that the gunman placed video cameras in the hallway of the hotel. Why? If his plan was to kill himself as soon as the police burst through the door, why would he need to have a 10 second warning they were coming down the hall? Was it important to kill himself 10 seconds early?

I think a better explanation is that someone else was in the hotel room with him. It was this other person who wanted to know if the police were coming down the hallway. That way he could ditch out of the hotel room into the adjacent room through a connecting doorway. He was gone when the place broke down the door. Then he slipped away making it look like the bald accountant guy was responsible for all the shooting.


I'm really heartbroken at Tom Petty's passing. I grew up listening to his music and have loved it all my life. i don't know how else to express it besides that I'm grateful to have lived at the same time as him on this earth and enjoyed his music. They don't make them like him anymore...


I'm not sure what electricity is. Yes I know it comes out a battery. But what is it? It travels through solid metal wire. Can you travel through solid metal? No. Can anything? No. But electricity can. And then it transforms itself into photons in a light bulb. Can you transform into photons? We take electricity for granted, but I don't think anyone really knows what it is.


The guards on armored cars look pretty old and out of shape.

Just sayin'...


1) I could never hire a hooker. I wouldn't get off. I'd be worried the entire time about touching her body fluids and catching a disease. It would be like having sex with an ebola patient.

2) I could never rape a woman. What the fuck? How could a guy get sexually excited when forcing a woman. That shit is fucked up.

3) I could never have sex with a child. Also fucked up beyond belief.

4) I have seen a few pornographic images thrust in my face by friends when I was a kid. It made me uncomfortable. I didn't like the feeling. I don't get it. Why look at pictures of women you don't know when instead you can be with someone you do know?

I guess I'm considered pretty boring in today's world.


It really frustrates me that my gf neither likes giving nor receiving oral sex. I guess I can understand the giving part (although every woman should do that enthusiastically for their man). But it simply baffles me how she cannot like receiving. Not only that she doesn't like her clit touched at all. Frustrating.


you are right, but that took a cival war. We all know which side is better armed. Becarful what you wish for.


The right people ended slavery (in the constitution) They can take away those guns too, and I'm fine if the government takes every last cent of your hard earned NRA blood money. It's evil. It's all evil. I'd rather not have a constitution or a country if it means being on the wrong side of every argument.


I agree 479 When my brother and I were 10 and 13 we would bring our shotguns to school. We left them in the coat room during the day and then we would road hunt on the way home for rabits squirls and pheasants. Other kids did the same and it was accepted as normal. In the country its diferant than in the city. I'm 63 now but when I was a kid every house had guns. The women know how to shoot too. It was just part of daily life. Guns havn't changed society has. In the counrty though, everyone still has guns, and we teach our kids to respect them.


I cheated on my wife. She doesn't have a clue. She thinks everything is perfect in our marriage. Something that makes me laugh, we were in bed fucking. She wanted me to tell her a sexy story. I told her how I met up with a friend of hers and we did it one afternoon at the friend's house. I filled the story with juicy details about what the friend was wearing, and what exact sex acts we did. Afterwards my wife said it was a great story. What my wife doesn't know is the story was true. Except I switched to a different friend's name. If my wife ever asked the friend I named, it would be a dead end because I fucked a different friend of hers. Ha.


I wouldn't count ISIS as being a credible source, now that I think about it maybe the other terrorist attack were just lone wolf , that just happen to be Muslim so ISIS takes credit to make themselves look bigger and scary than their really are.  This guy fits the profile of a physochpath , they tend to be smart , they blend in with society, manipulators , charming is the last person you expect it to commit such heinous crimes.


472 Guns have been a large part of the culture in this country from the very begining. If anyone is hijacking our system it can only be the left.


Want to go to an ivy league university? Play a sport. It's no longer about smarts. Sports bring in money for these schools. Alumni love to donate when the school wins a championship. So the schools pepper their teams with ringers. I've seen the data. There are students with perfect 1600 SAT scores not getting into these top schools. But at the same time, there are students with 1200 SAT scores who are getting in. Because they play a sport very well. No wonder why our country is losing its edge.


I'm beginning to wonder if the shooter in Vegas was a patsy. Maybe he was set up. The guy had money. He wasn't a gun nut or religious kook. What if he was lured to the hotel room and killed there. Then someone else did all the shooting. Kinda weird that his girlfriend is a foreigner from a part of the world where Muslims are a strong force. Kinda weird she left the USA when she did and was photographed visiting the Middle East. Kinda weird large sums of his money were transferred overseas just before the shootings. I thought it especially off at first that ISIS immediately claimed responsibility for this attack. ISIS didn't claim other incidents in the USA were their doing, but on this one they did. Why damage their credibility and lie? Because maybe they weren't lying. Maybe they were behind this attack.


9474...yes, you are going to be okay.  It takes a strong person to make that decision and then stick to it.  You need someone who you can take problems to, and someone who has NO question or hesitation on telling you where your relationship is going.   Stay strong!    I wish I realized these things when I was younger, I wasted too much precious time with the wrong people.


189473... I'm jealous.


I asked him whats wrong, and he refused to answer. I begged him to tell me, and he sat there, stone faced and cold hearted while I cried. I was trying to discuss the problem I don't know about and...silence.
I asked him where are we going with our relationship, he said that he doesn't know. So immediately, I made a decision. Its over.

I cant always be the one stroking his ego, trying to fix things, trying to work out the issues and being faced with a wall. He came to me with all his issues, and yet I couldn't go to him with mine.

The alcohol is more important to him, so be it.

Ill never get back the past 3 years, but at least I can try to rebuild myself and move forward. My heart is broken. But...ill be ok...right?


       Cavecanum is a great forum. Lots of politics. Sadly, catastrophes. Not enough secrets. I have one. I never would have shared this secret with anyone and never will but I thought that some of you would enjoy this.
       I am a married 48 year old man. My wife is 40. She is beautiful, statuesque,  and someone who people want to be near.. We have been married for 17 years. This secret took place five years ago.  We have a great marriage, with a few bumps, but we share much together, including a very active sex life and many fantasies.  My wife has always fantasized about a threesome with another man.  We have played out that fantasy many times in our sex lives and often tease each other when we see another man who fits my wife's description for someone to join us.  Because she is very well known in our city, she has always shied away from inviting anyone we knew, or may know her, from participating.
       We always promised that when the right time came, we would know it. The hope of it happening kept both of us talking about it.  After years of waiting, it became clear to me that it would likely never happen.  
       I work in a large city and often travel to a city three hours from our home for business.  I have been going there for many years and have friends in this second city that my wife does not know. I was staying overnight one night and had dinner with a businessman /friend.   After several drinks we got to talking. I was showing pictures of my wife to my friend.  He said she was beautiful and sexy  I asked if he would like to meet my wife and "get to know her."  He jumped all over it and asked what I had in mind.  I told him of our fantasy and explained she would never hook up with someone she knew.  That it would have to be totally anonymous and a one time thing. I also told him that he could never meet her if our plan worked because she could never know about it being planned.
     Several weeks later I invited my wife to join me for an overnight trip.  She was excited with the prospect of getting away for a couple days. I told her, as I often do, that the only condition for her coming was to leave her panties at thome.  On the morning we were leaving I asked her to wear an outfit that is several inches above her knew but truly a classy outfit.  She was happy to please me and when we were leaving I asked for a check and sure enough whe was panytless!
      Our drives are always fun and on the way there I played with her pussy, and  packed a bottle of wine for her to drink. She drank the whole bottle on the ride. We had a quick and sensual drive and along the way she teased several truck drivers. She was very turned on but I would not let her cum.  I promised her that we would make love as soon as we got there.
     After we got to our room, plans changed. I suggested that we go the hotel bar as I had not had anything to drink and wanted to relax in the hotel bar for a few.  (I had taken her cell phone with me from the car and left it behind in the room.) When we got to the bar I saw my friend in the corner as we had planned.  I ordered a drink for my wife and I  and changed the conversation to sex and how turned on she had made me on the ride. I told her all the men in the bar were looking at her and wishing they were me.  After a while she asked if I had her phone so she could check in with her office.  I told her I had inadvertently left it in the room and she left to retrieve it.
       So far so good!  When she left the bar I saw my friend follow her toward the elevator.  I should say that my friend is 6'2" African American and built like a body builder.  He was dressed like in a suit like I had suggested and he was looking good.  I knew she would like that look.
      She returned in 10 minutes with quite a tale.  She told me "this good looking man" got on the elevator with her and began to flirt......seriously flirt." He told her how pretty and sexy she looked and said he would like to take her to dinner if she was free.  She said she was with her husband but "thank you."  Then she said he said "if you change your mind I am in room 1717."  I said you both had quite a talk for an elevator ride.
       It clearly affected her as she was very flushed. I touched her under the bar and she was soaking.  I told her that was the hottest thing I ever heard. We talked about it and  I waited for her to ask whether we should call the room.  I told her that she had nothing to lose as I was there and she didn't have to actually meet him if she had second thoughts.  This was working perfectly, as planned!
      We got to our room and I laid her on the bed. I started to satisfy her orally when she reached over to the phone and dialed.  They talked for a few minutes.  It didn't take long for them to start talking sex. She told him I was there and eating her as they spoke. She told him how turned on she was and she told me that he was stroking his cock as they were talking.  He invited us both up to his room.  She told him she would have to call him back.
     I could tell this was a "go" as she was so very turned on. But I wanted it to be her idea. She told me how we had talked about this for so long and being out of town with a stranger would be the perfect opportunity.  I told her I was fine with it and that if either of us became uncomfortable we could leave anytime.
     When we arrived at room 1717 my friend was getting out of the shower with just a towel around his waist.  We exchanged first names and pleasantries and I laid my wife on the bed.  I started up where I left off and invited him to join us.
       What happened next I will leave to your imagination but we all left that hotel room three hours later fully satisfied with smiles on our faces.  It was a fantastic and satisfying experience for all of us.  My wife was totally at ease and lived out her every fantasy. To me, she was beautiful.  My friend treated her like a queen and repeatedly told her how lucky he was to have met her.  We left the room and told him we did not want his phone number or full name....  Three hours later my wife was in for a repeat but I told her I was done. "No honey, you can't go without me." I said.  She would have loved to.
      Needless to say, that night has been the talk of many sessions for us. Of course, my friend suggested a repeat many times. We never had a repeat.  But we did have a chance to talk about it.  I asked him to repeat to me what had happened on the elevator. He told me a different story.
       He told me that he had stepped back to allow my wife to enter the elevator first. He said the doors began to close and she pressed the button to open the doors. He said he said,  "You weren't trying to see me hurt, were you?"  She answered, "Of course not, I would only hurt you by loving you too much."  He said he would love to love her and she answered,"Only if my husband can join us."  With that he gave her his room number and stepped out of the elevator.  When he looked back at her, she had her finger on the button to keep the door open and flashed her bare pussy at him.  She forgot to tell me that part! And, of course I can never tell her I know.


It's really simple. The NRA has been hijacking our political system for decades. I've never had a bone to pick with gun owners or the NRA until last Sunday. Enough is enough. You don't need your deadly toys. I don't care what the fucking constitution says. Take them away. Take them all away. Take up a different hobby. Go find something else to do.  And if we have to worry about what will happen when we go after those guns then we were right all along.


As an adult, I always have to have someone to fantasize about. I'm 100% sure this is because I was never hugged as a child after my mother died.

The cycle goes like this:
Meeting-->Psychoanalysis-->Attraction-->Denial-->Inevitable Lust/Infatuation--> Emotional/Sexual Fantasies-->Make Contact-->Garner Affection-->Lose Interest-->Bail.

It sucks, because often I find that I was idealizing said person to fit my needs, when their actual self is very different. I have it down to a science and I know it's not real, but sometimes the only thing that makes me feel better is imagining that somebody loves me, and that I love them. When I don't do this, I fall into a depression of sorts. That part is still murky to me.

More often now, they want me, but I don't want them. The opposite has almost always been true, but the ratio is evening out now. But now I'm slippery and callous, and I'm afraid that I'll end up alone because of it.

Or I could just be 23 and figuring out what kind of flaws I'm willing to live with


I just left a job about 6 weeks ago. I was polite to them after they repeatedly lied about me, my work, and tried to fire me.

My secret is that I wish I would have told them to fuck themselves. I wish I could physically injure my former two horseshit human being bosses. I hope they fail miserably at anything they ever try to do again. I have never HATED a person before like I hate these two fucks.

Treat people with kindness. Even if they're completely worthless assholes. I'm proud of myself for doubt so even though I wish I hadn't. At some point something has to give, right? Karma, do me a solid and destroy those cunts.


I don't get it. What's the upside of marriage? I read all these stories and think man, marriage sounds like hell. If there was a YELP review of marriage, it would get no "stars". Marriage sounds like a restaurant that would be shut down immediately. Why do people do it? Certainly not for the sex. It sounds like there is no sex. Do you do it to have kids who will annoy you and then you can spend your life savings sending them to college? That doesn't sound rewarding. I'm glad I've had my eyes opened about marriage. It sounds like the biggest mistake ever.


I'm shocked at how bad cell service is in my town. Half the streets have no service. How can this be in 2017 America. We give billions of dollars to foreign countries, but our own country is lacking the basics like cell service.

There's a complicated fabric of reasons, but when it comes down to it, we give money to foreign entities so corporate America can make more money. One, we want their oil. Big profits for corporate America there. We also want foreign nations to buy our products. More big profits for corporate America.  Get it? It's about big shots making even more money. And they get it by screwing over the little guy in America. Flakey bad cell service for us. But our tax dollars are installing new cell towers in the middle east so their people will buy more iphones. America is one big scam.


Or it's that a woman was only really attracted to your money and status. She wanted the big house and the fancy vacations. So she played along for a while. But then she sees what she can get away with. It's calculated. How little sex can I give to my husband while still having access to his checking account. It's disgusting the way women behave. Not all women, but enough to taint the entire batch.


I'm sorry but if a women doesn't want to have sex with you , its means she just not sexually attractive to you anymore she might love you and have feelings for you but if sexually attraction is not there anymore nothing you do will change her mind , keep wasting your time and move on.


How is it going to help Americans to make guns illegal?  Drugs are illegal and it is still used and kill millions of people a year.Alcohol is legal and it kills millions of people.If somebody wants to hurt Americans they can use a plane, a car, a knife or  a bomb.No government can get rid of evil crazy people- just as much as they can cure cancer.It is a fact of live and nothing to do with politics.


Yea send people door to door to collect the guns.
No one in their right mind would take that job.


In a way, i love everyone. I love the little bits of peoples' innocence that shines through their post-traumatic behaviors. I love the way some people still try to be kind, and bring positivity. Even people who seem negative, sometimes, they're just trying to speak what they view as the truth, so that others aren't blindsided by life like they were in the past.  

Of course, there are some people with true darkness that embrace it, and pain, and hurting others. These are the people that need love more than anyone.

Of course life isn't fair. We are all just children that lost our way. And the cycle of allowing bad things to happen to others because bad things happened to us needs to end.


Massacres like Vegas happen because we as a society want them to contiunue.  

They happen multiple times a month, every month without stop and the body count is rising.  Why?  Because we love our guns, and we just WANT to have them.  Why do we love our guns?  Because we are at base a weak scared bunch of pussies that thinks that withiout our guns we will be defenseless.  And so since every one has a gun we feel that we have to have a gun or we wont be safe.

The only solution is what Australia did.  Take them all back and restrict the sale and posession of guns strictly.

But we won't, because we are all a bunch of scared pussies.

Oh, and because the gun lobby - paid for by all the weapons manufacturers in this country - like us that way.  Scared pussies hiding behind lots and lots and lots of their guns!


I need my dick drained once a week. I'd settle for once a month. But once a year? And with an attitude that it's a huge burden for you to take 10 minutes once a year? You freaking kidding me? Good bye. Enjoy being single again. Guess what, the new guys you date are going to expect sex from you. Then what the hell you going to do? Not only are you mean and sexless, you are also dumb. Me leaving you will make your situation so much worse.


Yah. Liberals are the cause of everything apparently. Yes, let's do go back to the age of segregation, of a God-fearing public and prayer in schools. Oh and guns, they will keep us safe.

Problem is with many people on the right is: they don't realize they're in power. We need to be more Christian? What? Our country is at least 85% Christian. Let's keep the browns out? Oh yes, white America is the still the majority for about the next 25 years.

So here, here's me, a liberal:

I was an only child beaten and abused by mother.
I was raised Roman Catholic and went to Catholic schools until college.
I was a born again Christian.
I was a virgin until I was 19.
I was a Big Brother in college for three years, eventually becoming president of the organization.
I was the first person in my working class family; my parents worked in jewelry factories, to go to and complete college.
My dad was a member of the NRA, he kept a hunting rifle and a 38 out in the open with ammo.
I never fucking touched them.
I don't own a gun, but I am for the 2nd Amendment, but i believe we need some sanity control.
I think everyone should keep what they make, if they pay their fair share.
I was married for 21 years and have two great sons.
At my various jobs, I've kept people from getting from food, getting sick from disease and have done infectious disease research.
I lost my faith for a number of reasons.
I've doubted my sexuality at times.
I did not want my divorce, but it was for the best.
I respect other people faiths and views even if I disagree with them.
I came out after my divorce was final.
I see my boys every weekend and have always paid more child support than needed.
I still love my ex-wife and she loves me.

So, this faggot, atheist, scientist and father is the problem. I'm the fucking problem?

I don't think so!


i've come to realize that i'm an attention whore. i need male attention and if i'm not getting enough from my S.O. i'll go find it elsewhere. And it's not even about sex, that's just an added plus. I need the attention from that one person and if i got too long without it i'll go looking for it. Quality time and attention is what i crave most and i'm sorry that that is what i need. it makes me needy and i dont like feeling this way but also when you say you're going to do something and dont that really bothers me.


She's gone. I feel a little sad because it's the end of an era, but for the most part I feel freed. I don't have to worry about her anymore. I loved her in my own way, but I feel like if I feel so liberated by her absence that I didn't really love her that much at all. Still, I sincerely hope she does well.


I got a notice from my dad's student loan company saying they owe him $620.  I don't know why it was sent to me, maybe they just couldn't get in touch.  I could have filled out the form and gotten the money sent to him, but his bitch wife would have just stolen it from him and used it to get her nails did.  Like she does every month to his pension.  Throwing the notice away now.


I did some Facebook stalking last night.  It was some woman I had asked out almost 20 years ago, and who was really mean turning me down.  The truth is, I barely knew her, it was a short-lived dumb crush, and I only remember her because of the humiliating way she turned me down.  I'm thankful for that, because it killed the last of the "nice guy" in me.  Dodged that bullet, especially since now she's 41, still has never been married, and apparently is racist against eating.  It's one thing to make sure you're thin and healthy - like my wife - but it's another thing to be thin and looking like a scarecrow.  I read through some of her blog - after two or three entries it was clear it was meaningless drivel.  It was immensely self-centered, with "I" and "me" and "what I think," all as if somebody cares.  It went for pages and pages, with no deeper thoughts anywhere.  No wonder she's never been married.  I guess I couldn't help myself after I read her blog.  She was so self-centered that I could only wonder about her boyfriend.  What kind of guy would she be with?  A guy with a PhD whose LinkedIn page is about all the justice he fights for, along with a link to his 15-year old dissertation, presumably because he's never written anything of better merit since 2002.  His Facebook posts are nothing but anti-Trump diatribes - all set to public, of course, because he thinks that people give a shit about what he thinks.  She has a cat... the cat looks nice.


I had a bunny once for about three weeks.  I just couldn't handle it.  It would make a mess everywhere, even when it was in its cage.  It would kick its shit out of the cage and onto the floor.  I didn't know what to feed it, so I just fed it carrots.  I was seriously considering letting it go in the woods.  Luckily, the guy next to me in my apartment building was somewhat mentally slow, and he took the bunny from me.  I gave it to him for free.  I heard he started having problems with it, too.  I guess I wasn't any better at keeping a bunny than a mentally slow guy.  I think I moved out by the time the guy got rid of it.


All the places in the world? Obviously, the award winning answer is she's been home. Home is home. Just like me, even if I have traveled to some parts of the US, home is the most special place. The place with the biggest love. The place that is always written about in songs. The place you can always go back to.

Colleges would love to hear about how special your home is.


> ... write a long essay on all the places she has visited in the world.
Maybe she's traveled enough and learned enough to write a better essay than those rich kids.  Here's an idea to start her off...

I've been to the fetid alleys of Skid Row, talked to the homeless people who huddle in cardboard boxes, and thought about how I could help them.

I've been to the Statue of Liberty, read the Emma Lazarus poem at the base, and thought about how far our country has strayed from its ideals.

I've been to the United Nations building, looked at the array of flags, and understand the term "unrealized potential."

I've been to the Bronx Zoo ...

I've been to the Museum of Natural Science ...

I've been to the Fifth Avenue Public Library ...

I've been to my church/synagogue/mosque ...


I miss the 90s so much. I think about that time every day and yearn for it. Things were so much better then. Fashion, sex, music. Everything looked cooler, and there was an air of mystery to things before the internet. Everything was so much more hopeful.

Often, I find myself wishing I could step back in time, even if only for a few hours, and experience the past I miss so much.


I'm so depressed, heartbroken and sad my beloved parakeet is very sick with an eye infection: his eye is red and swollen and he looks in bad shape. I took him to a vet in NYC (who I shall not name for obvious reasons but they should be called out for their horrific treatment to myself and my sweet love). They charged me $150 to tell me he has an eye infection- no kidding idiots!!! They insisted on giving him x-rays, tests and keeping him overnight!!! OMG I thought they would prescribe an antibiotic and that would be it. They belittled me and told me if I really loved him I would have all the tests- but I live paycheck to paycheck and that is simply impossible. I tried aloe vera gel and sterile saline solution (advised on parakeets websites before I took him) and they have not worked. Tomorrow I am trying an eyewash suggested for this. My "secret" I can't afford the quoted $2,000 upwards the vet told me I would have to pay. Can any of my Cavecanum friends help me? Please- I don't want to lose my baby but I can't afford what they are asking. I feel like the worst person alive :( I am forever grateful for any suggestions xx


Walmart security are a bunch of dumbasses.  I've never stole anything in my life.  I infrequently go to my local Walmart, and they usually think I'm going to steal something.  Tonight I went to buy a case of soda, and they started blocking the door.  When I went to the self checkout, there was a worker checking to make sure I didn't steal anything.  Fucking asshole!

I remember going there with my mother a year ago.  When we walked inside, workers walked up and down the aisles checking for shoplifters, and saying stuff into their walkie talkies.  When we left, there was a worker standing outside watching the parking lot talking into his walkie talkie.

A few weeks ago I saw a video that went all over the internet.  There was a woman who was stopped by a Walmart security guard and was taken to their office.  She had the receipt for her paid things, but Walmart wasn't having it.  The security guard tried to prove she stole something, by comparing everything she bought in the store to the prices they had online.  What a dipshit!  Eventually the guard realized he was wrong, and got embarrassed.  I fucking hate Walmart and their dipshit security.  This is a fucking disgrace!


If my male roommate broke any glass, grabbed me in any way and didn't take "no" to mean "no" I would kick him in between the legs so hard his dick would shoot out of his mouth.

Who the hell do these men think they are?!?

That's not how you get laid, that's how you lose your ability to reproduce.

What a shmuck. I'm going to think of that douche in kick boxing tomorrow morning and beat the ever-living-💩 out of him.

Woman-to-woman --- get yourself into a kick boxing class right now. That guy sounds unsafe to live with and hyper aggressive...  God forbid your male roommates aren't home and that dick gets wasted and comes onto you again too strong. You need to G.I. Jane, Wonder Woman lay a smackdown on his ass. Damn I wish I knew where you lived. I'd like to lend you a hand in sending him the "no" message personally.  

Wow. I'm so pissed off all of a sudden, it just really ticks me off when a giant turd can't ever pick a fight with someone his own size.


9447.......your daughter should write that essay saying exactly what you have said.  She didn't grow up wealthy...worked for all she and her family has...lucky sometimes just for the basics in life but dreams of more ....
Good luck.  Never give up!


My daughter is filling out college aplications. She will be the first in our family to go to college. Her grades and sat scores are spectaculer. Her teachers say to apply to the best schools in the country. For one of those colleges the aplication is asking her to write a long essay on all the places she has visited in the world. This makes me mad. We arent rich. We havent visited nowhere in the world. We are lucky to have food on the table and pay the rent. My daughter has never been on an airplane. She has never gone to Disney World. She has never been more than 50 miles from Brooklyn. I guess she dont qualify for the rich peoples college. This is how the rich stay rich and the little people like us are kept in our place.


I'm sorry if I've hurt you. I never meant to do that. But the road to hell was paved with good intentions, and my emotional pull-out game is stronger than yours. I wish it could have worked out, but sex shouldn't feel like a chore...and you tore my vagina and then denied it, which really wasn't going for you.

Why can't men see that if they've got a woman in bed (with consent), they don't have to be so hungry about having her body? It's not going anywhere, you don't need to be rough. Unless I ask for it, which I didn't.


442, I thought that exact thing after Sandy Hook. Now people are going to commit mass murder just to see who can cause the most devastation and end up on the news...our media does more harm than good these days


I'm very bad at making friends. As an adult I tried a few times. It never worked out. It's difficult when you are a guy.


I have a young relative and whenever I hear about a mad shooter, my thoughts immediately go to him. I think he has a few screws loose. He has a fascination with guns and knives. He owns dozens. He was thrown out of high school for threatening to kill a teacher. Come on, huge red flag right there. He currently works in a factory job doing the same mundane repetitive task all day long. I'm convinced one day he will kill people.


I'm afraid it is now a competition --- who can lay claim to the largest mass shooting. First there was Sandy Hook, in Connecticut. Then Pulse nightclub in Florida. Now Las Vegas. I'll bet someone is out there scheming for something bigger.


Married women are the sexiest creatures alive. Sex is 90% in the head. Wow do married women know how to play that card. I slept with a married woman who would describe fucking her husband that morning, while we were fucking in the afternoon. She wanted me to cum inside her so she could go home and stick his toothbrush in there. Married women are the ultimate prize.


GEEZ! You are a MARRIED WOMAN! Stop telling me how you are going to fuck me in your house when he leaves! Stop it. I said I don't do that.  Husbands out there, just know that some of your wives are very bad!


Im a dry humping fetishist with no outlet to do so....people called me weird for it.


Good arguments on both sides. But I think it doesn't matter. The guns are out there. We can ban them tomorrow, but what good would it do? We'll never get those guns back. They are in the hands of the public forever. In other words, we are screwed. There is no solution for getting rid of guns.


We're under siege from within and without!  We can't go anywhere safely anymore!  It's good we have all this piped-in entertainments, because it is all that is left.  My neighbor across the street was robbed by two masked gunmen as he arrived home from work yesterday, in the daylight!  My back screen door has been jimmied.  I blame to3w causes; everyone wants guns now, and everyone is crazy.  They're all on pharmaceuticals for various real or imagined illnesses, for which the doctors prescribe pills like candy.  They tell you on all the commercials that these medicines cause suicidal ideation, but what happens when the pill taker doesn't want to kill themselves? They kill others!the other reason is abject poverty.  People get desperate when they do not have their basic needs met, which can (and obviously does) lead to crime.  We need a new system; a new, more compassionate system to get people out of poverty and someone needs to figure out how to end our obsession with guns.  Only those who have them use them, and note this, a lot of people end up shot with their owns guns, one way or another.  If we did not have guns, I believe we would be a lot safer.  

But, I'm a leftist; what do I know???


I think the mentaly ill  shooter just saw an opportunity,  he took his time and plan the whole thing it's just happen to be a country music festival and he would done it , regardless of the music type .  I still have a hard time every time something like this happen , no one close to the person doesn't know or suspect anything .


America has been dying a slow and agonizing death for as long as I have been alive. We lack the empathy to even care about a classroom full of children shot dead once it's out of the rotation of the media circus, nor to even have anything resembling honest introspection on whether maybe, just maybe, easy access to guns and a collective fear of having to make any hard decision could have contributed in some way. No - it's easier to rationalize the horrors in any way that allows us to sleep soundly at night confident that America is the best and safest place in the world and never have to look inwards at what we have become.

And in this way we turn more and more into the fascist police state we always swore we'd never become. One horrific tragedy at a time, with lip service paid to the victims, disingenuous promises of change, increased surveillance and open abuse of authority masquerading as "increased safety measures", resulting in no actual increased safety and decreasing freedom. But sure, let just any old nut have access to Tek 9s they can mod. Just explain to grieving fiancées and mothers that freedom isn't free and let the purges continue unabated.

The terrorists have truly won.


My wife looks 20 years older than me.  Her face has deep wrinkles. Her checks hang down. Her neck is creviced like a turkey. She's early 40s but looks almost elderly. I think it's all the time she spends working out. She runs everyday. That's an hour or two everyday being beaten by the sun and or the rain and or the cold. The workouts robbed all the fat from her skin. Sure she is thin. But there is nothing to push out her cheeks. Everything is sunken in. It's too much skin covering too little fat. It caused deep wrinkles and makes her skin droop. Was it worth it? Sure she can say she is healthy because of the exercise. But most people are healthy anyway in their 20s 30s and 40s. So what problem was she trying to solve by running so damned much? The energy she put in trying to be super healthy has instead make her look old and weathered and unhealthy.


I'm not saying I believe in these violent attacks, but I can almost see how a troubled person might attack a religious group, or a political group. But why would someone attack the audience at a country music concert. There is nothing contentious about country music.


I was fired from my job and have not yet recovered. I haven't found the emotional strength to find a new job. The kicker, I was fired from that job 17 years ago. You'd think I'd get past it by now.


I will swallow my husband's semen. I will lick his scrotum. I will lick the area under his scrotum. But I cannot get myself to lick his asshole. I cannot do it. He gets mad. Who gets mad at a wife because she cannot put her tongue in the hole where his poop comes out? He goes too far.


Oh, a mass shooting? Must be a Monday.

Not that it doesn't matter, but a lot of us have become super numb to these kinds of things. Just goes to show how fucked up the American people really are.


Liberals are playing a very dangerous game by encouraging people to disrespect the American President, the American flag and other rules of society. To be a civilization we need to follow rules or else it will be chaos.It has nothing to do with freedom it is being responsible and respectful. If nobody stops for a red light what will happen -masses will be killed and hurt.The same when you  break down the rules of society. Respect for others in society has become less and less important and this is putting America on a dangerous path.If you show respect you will receive respect.


I had a new roommate move in upstairs, and something kind of troubled me. We were hanging out with some other roomies, and he started flirting with me in a really aggressive way.

He told me to come over to him (told, not asked), and then when I said no he moved his hands in the gesture of, "If you don't come over here I'm going to drag you across the bed." Then when I still refused, my other roommate (male) told him to chill out, to which he responded with slamming the door behind him into a glass on the table, breaking it.

After that, he kept trying to get me to talk to him in his room, or to let him into my room, and he was being really demanding. He "asked" me to leave with him by grabbing my wrist and trying to pull me along. When I squirmed out of his grasp he just grabbed my wrist again, refusing to leave until I went with him.

Now, like most women know, rejecting someone like this has to be done carefully. I knew this person wouldn't respect my boundaries unless I got serious with him, but I also knew that he would react even more aggressively if I rejected him in front of my other male roommate.

I went with him to his room, and he kept asking if I wanted to stay and smoke and hang out, obviously intending to fuck. I was a little nervous at this point, because if he wanted to force himself on me, nobody would be able to stop him (he's built like a refrigerator). I'm also not a fan of aggression in general, so his vibe was really putting me off.

As soon as I sat down in his room, I told him straight up that he was coming on way too strongly, and that I don't like playing games like that. I don't fuck my roommates, and I'm not the type of woman to play coy. If I don't want to hang out with you, or to have you put your hands on me, I'm being serious. I told him to chill out and just be my roommate, which he accepted. I almost got the impression that he was impressed by my assertiveness.

I went back down to my other roommates' room, and he told me that he was actually concerned about me going with the new guy. He wouldn't have been able to stop him from doing anything, but it was nice that he cared instead of thinking "boys will be boys."

Still, I'm really glad nothing bad happened. Hopefully he isn't so aggressive about things in the future...


My secret: Three things life has taught me thus far in 40 years:

1.  Expectations of any people - set these to ZERO
You'll never be disappointed with ZERO expectations.  

In fact, with some people, set expectations BELOW ZERO, as you'll need to make contingency plans for their fuck-ups.

The worst people to count on are family.  Guaranteed let-downs.   There's only a few people - either friends or family - that can be trusted - like ever.

2.  Always have a contingency plan
If you want things to work out as expected, always, always, always have a contingency plan.

Sometimes you need a backup contingency plan.

3.  Married - with kids  
If you're married with kids, you'll be last on the list (and sometimes not even make "the list" - no matter how many good deeds you do) - guaranteed.  

Points #1 and #2 apply.  Always set marital expectations to ZERO.   Always have a contingency plan (to get your fulfillment - or to get the fuck out....)


I remember when everything wasn't viewed through the lens of politics in the world.

People shot.  Are people OK?  Is the shooter down?  Yeah, that's  the reaction for a little while, then it's  I bet he was a Bernie-bro and he shot Trump supporters or he was a Muslim.

Life was simpler not so long ago.  When we decided to make EVERYTHING political from where we live, to what we eat and drive, people were just nicer.

I miss that.


I always feel a sense of low level anxiety. I'm not sure why. I'm getting to the point I'd rather be home than anywhere else. The thought of going out to eat or to a family function really turns me off now. I just have an ongoing sense of dread. Is it irrational?


Gah! I'm 30 years old, I'm somewhat attractive, and I'm horny. My husband will not have sex with me. A good looking surgical resident was flirting with me yesterday. I blew him off because I'm married. But jeez I want to have sex. How much longer am I going to be able to go without sex? Forever I guess.


I was evaluated at work. It was perfect. I literally did not do a thing wrong. I was blown away. My next evaluation is in 3-4 weeks. I'm so first evaluation is going to be a lot to live up to.


Cigarettes should just be banned.  Cigarette smokers are trashy and careless.  They blow smoke in everybody's face and toss their cigarette butts on the ground.  They have no right to be careless.  If they want to be thugs then they should lose the right to smoke.


#203 here. I am a female and I am ok. Over the week I have had 10-12 peopel after me. They didn't phase me while I was in their presence. The word is out on the streets to help keep me from being shot but the Lord intervene and took me away for a little bit so I am good now. In the end, I know I did right but societies way of acting out on social media makes it harder for a of us who live in the bigger cities where we experience things first hand. All I ask, if you have never truly lived or experienced the bigger city issues, please keep your mouths shut. It does make things harder for those who actually have to live in it day in and day out. Another week let's hope that I stay safe.


411- you are not alone. My "work" & "personal" life is all about doing for others with a big fat "eff you" in return! At work I would casually offer coworkers help with their job and suddenly now it's my "responsibility" to do their said job. The same in my personal life. I am a kind person with a hectic job & life but want to help others and it always, always backfires. I pop out for tea and ask coworkers if they want "anything" and in turn get a laundry list of lunch, groceries, dry cleaning, smokes, etc. to pick up-  which turned horribly embarrassing for me because they would never pay for their goods! I felt I had to almost beg to get my $ back paying for their stuff!!!! Are you kidding me? You offer people a finger & they take your whole hand! Im done!!! Now I go out and get my lunch/tea whatever and have stopped offering. I am not anyone's servant- I have a family that takes enough advantage of me and that has slowly come to a grinding halt! The absolute audacity of people repulses me.


My six year old son came up to me and said something to me tonight.  I didn't hear a word he said.  I only noticed how attractive he's becoming.  

I thought, "Holy shit, my boy is going to be one serious pussy magnet in 10 years."

My job as his dad is to keep him clueless about women and in complete fear of them.  I need to make sure he stays so awkward with talking to girls until he becomes old enough to think with his big head and not the small one.  I know too many men who have been trapped by girls and their blowjobs.


I have to laugh at all these people who are protesting police brutality.

Don't get me wrong - police brutality is a serious issue, and the middle class shows signs of snapping towards cops.  When that happens, there won't be many cops left.  It'll be like the French Revolution.

No, what I find funny is that these people don't understand who's at fault for police brutality.  You want to guess who's at fault?


They keep voting for the same politicians who never step down on the necks of the cops.  Every two to four years, it's the same thing - vote for the same people, and the same abuse occurs.

These protestors are somehow not smart enough to realize they're at fault for not voting out the politicians who are letting it happen to them.


I hate how women band together. It's a sisterhood thing. They support each other even when they are so wrong. They may think this is great to be on a team. But it's detrimental in other ways. When you stick up for someone who is wrong, you define yourself as someone I can't trust. You don't do the right thing. You do the sisterhood thing. That doesn't work for me. I don't need two "besties". I need people who are fair and honest.


I know I am bisexual but I don't really feel the need to tell anyone. I believe that sexual orientation shouldn't be everyone's business.


It never ceases to amaze me how stupid some people are. Makes me nuts.


I just want to play with a woman on my phone.  All day i wanted dirty texts and pics.  

I want to talk about sex fantasies. I want them to know im married with kids.  I want them to also be a mother/wife.  

I dont want to be involved with them other than x rated pics and texts.


My female cousin is basically bald. We pretend not to notice.


I wonder what happened to #203. He said he might be killed because he stood up against bad people. I hope he is okay.


Why is my entire existence about helping others. But no one ever helps me? It's work. It's my personal life. I am constantly helping others with their responsibilities. But no one ever turns around and asks if they can help me in some way. In an amazing life-lesson of a twist, people actually get mad at me if I can't help them exactly when they want it. I find myself now shutting down. To hell with everyone.


I hate when people ask "Why are you wearing a cardigan when it's 90 degrees outside?" or "Why are you wearing jeans in the summer?" If people seem like they're dressed oddly for the weather or time of year, just keep your questions to yourself. There's usually a reason. Allow me to explain using the impersonal "you."

Do you really want to know that I'm ashamed of my body and am demoralized by people telling me "You just need to accept your body" or "You need to have confidence"? If I could do both of those things, I would. Then I wouldn't feel the need to cover myself up lest someone make fun of me. I love fall and winter because I can wear a hoodie/jacket all the time and no one questions it...

Would you really be able to handle if I told you that anxiety makes me pick at the skin on my legs? The few people who have ever seen my legs were shocked. It made me feel ashamed. So, are you actually wanting to hear this kind of thing? What kind of response are expecting to get? ("Oh, I just enjoy going out dressed in clothing that will make me sweat because i enjoy it.")

It's the worst when people ask why I never wear my hair down. If I tell them I have trichotillomania, how many of them do you think would actually be understanding and compassionate? Most would ask why I would *want* to do that to myself. It's my deepest secret. People with this condition go through extensive trouble to cover it up.

I wish people would just keep these questions to themselves. If someone  seems to be dressed strangely for the season or weather or are overly covered up, just leave them alone. There's a reason, and usually not one that these people would readily talk about to just anyone.

I just needed to get this off my chest. I don't mean to attack anyone. I just wish people would think before they ask questions that might embarrass someone.


I can't stay awake. I sleep for 12 hours straight. I get up for an hour. Then I need to sleep again. This is my life for the last year. Something is wrong.


406:  I'm the same way the last couple of years.  I'm on the go all week with work etc. that by the time the weekend comes I'm so happy I can stay home.  I love being home. I love days off when husband works.  Right now he went out for a couple of hours and the alone time is thrilling to me. LOL!

When I was young you couldn't keep me in the house.

I think life is overwhelming and I don't feel like I'm missing anything anymore.  I don't feel depressed or anything like that, but I have a little anxiety now and then.  Otherwise, I'm good.



#405 I agree with you totally. I am so burned out with all these different groups  that are protesting and spreading hate and everything under the sun, it means nothing to me at all. I tune them out.

How about helping people in need to bring attention to your group and then I'll pay attention to your needs.


I'm not sure what's happened to me, but, I no longer want to go anywhere or do anything. I'm happier in my sweats at home. I used to love to go to football games. Now it doesn't even appeal to me. I find excuses to get out of going. My husband goes everywhere without me and I'm fine with that. Have I become Antisocial? I just simply love being home, and in some instances I get so excited when I know I'll be home by myself for a while. I haven't always been this way. I'm not sure what happened



Here's the thing if I was on charge on leading a group , protest , I would do something positive/productive to get people's attentions.  For example instead of gathering to protest other protesters ( I'm talking about you antifa) I would gather all my people and tell them to meet at a shelter and bring donations , same with (BLM, or other group) how about organizing the group to donate books , blood or help serving meals to the homeless while wearing a (BLM) , maybe people will say oh these people seem nice and caring let's just listen to what they have to say .  Imagine all the good publicity you'll get .  Same goes to the while nationalist , instead of marching to tell people " you are better than them" because of your color , do something nice .


I secretly look at people who smoke as weak, gross, smelly, trash. Cigarettes stink so badly, and the fact you can't quit makes you a weak fuck. I don't feel sorry for those who are in their 60s and have chronic breathing issues, because you did it to your damn self.


Rain falls harder with every keystroke.. as though to protest my curve away from hope.. my love lies disappointed with my numb body.. my love for her stronger than my desire to be carefree.. with someone more like me.. who I would soon see I only wish were more like she.. flawed and unknowing that all I long for is my heart to be found made a home that the home desired be a shared heartbeat..could she hold in higher regard if she does or could see the gratitude for her to know I love her in any moment.. forever.. Never known this of another.. if you could be happy with me.. somehow know me know my honesty.. not for me to love you more.. just to be more at peace.. with my heart finding home in your knowing.. I seek acceptance not only bliss.. And fuck the fruitcake doctor for numbing the cells you try to kiss.. it was always most important to me to respect the mind i love to know your soul in my mind.. whatever may at times not, and may never be depended on in my body.. or my work or my life.. wants to just know you on the other side.. feel you in my mind when not beneath.. would be more peace than i expect.. and will seek until death do us part


A few years ago some another couple went to Vegas with my wife and I.  We stayed at the MGM and in the daytime hung out at the lazy river, drinking, relaxing and having fun.  I was about 48.

We are parked off to the side, out of the main body of the river and my wife's friend says to all the women that pass, it is my friend's birthday and he loves tits.  I must have been flashes 100 times that day.  I felt like the luckiest man alive.

Good times.






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