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I never thought I would say this,  but,  it turns out that I'm perfectly okay without you.
Actually,  I'm the best I've ever been... without you.


I finally got my internet connection fixed.  It was going out during the evening and when it was raining.  Turns out the connection was water damaged.  It could be maddening to have my connection slow to a crawl sometimes.  They ran a new lines into my house directly to the cable box.  Everything works great now.

I'm not about to test it out on some porno.


722, you are so gross!


We honor our dead. A plaque, a memorial tree, renaming the ball field. It's touching. It's noble. It's all good.

But sometimes, sometimes I wish we could put in as much effort honoring the living.

Why do we wait until someone is dead before officially recognizing how amazing they were.


I bought a raffle ticket. I won the "makeup basket". Yay me. Except I'm a guy. FML.


I love my life ,I love who I am .I have everything I need right here cause I built this.ITS MY LIFE!! Sorry about you and your daughters luck.Maybe its cause you built your life around prison walls.


Note to younger fellas everywhere:  Your own mother is the sweetest pussy you're ever going to drill, so by all means, whatever it takes, get up IN her!  Just be prepared for a let down after, cause NO other pussy will drain your balls dry like Mama's!!!


I laugh my ass off at my haters.They put all this energy and time into me.One of my haters has admired me and wanted to me her whole entire life.Its actually sickening to think some one would admire some one so bad that it turns into hate.She went as far as leaving  5 kids and 10 grandkids just to be next me.Always Trying her hardest to be me.Make your own friends ,where your own clothes,find your own app.Where your own perfume.Be your own person.Get a life put some effort into being who actually Petray to be.Fake it  ,to you make it.And one day in a million years you just might be your own person.




i know how ungrateful and typical gross asshole i sounded. the only thing i am ungrateful for is all stress that keeps me from appreciating the beauty right in front of me and the fact that i add to their stress. all i need to work on is what i can provide in life as in an income... i have some paintings ill put them on ebay hoping somehow whatever fucked up tech manipulating pisshole person doesn't somehow get any money that might be sent...they're not the paintings i once had but a couple of them could be priced high if i finish them up nice...i wish i could delete the ungrateful message... i want to explain.. but it's like i always hated men for acting entitled to touch.. it's a want not a need.. and why should it feel good anyway if the other person isn't in a good situation with u..this is my problem i have too much stress and even when in a position to feel properly i battle darkness that brings me out of it. doubt and shame and ambition and having taken on human ethical problems and being threatened and the organization and structure ive never been able to pull together i hang from a thread. i am SO GRATEFUL BUT SO GUILTY FOR TRYING WITH ANYONE... she believes in me i can't even believe it.. no one will ever know the truth of what could have been... i have to let go... i have to live each day mindfully.. i feel like no one would believe i painted like that or wrote like that... but i can look inward. i have a conscience... yes ive been fucked with but that's life


Bisexual man here.  I enjoy going to gay bathhouses.  I plan on going to a fancier gay bathhouse a few hours away.  I want to try a nearby sex club full of naked men and women.  I avoid nudist resorts because I want and love to have sex, and they don't allow it.


I accidentally shit my pants today.  I went home after drinking a lot of soda.  I had to pee, so when I went to the toilet, I accidentally sharted liquid diarrhea out my boxers and shorts.  Currently washing them in the laundry.  I'm not that embarrassed, just mostly confused because it took me a long time of feeling a wet spot when sitting.


Moving soon and I've already found a nudist community to connect with.  Very excited!

Side note : I hope Cave develops a solid search engine.  There are stories from a cpl years ago I'd love to re-read.  Opening old sections by the 100s and doing word searches is exhausting.


No problem, man. Hang in there.


I really wish that Cave Canum updated the "Best" archives!



I wrote 710 and I'm a guy and I still love her....even though she treated me like shit. Thought you may have been talking to me. Thanks man.


You're nothing but a bad dream. I don't even remember half the shit we did. I hope our paths don't cross again, I've never been happier.


I saw my first shaved pussy back in 1984.  I was at a party right after freshman year of college. Kind of a HS reunion type.  The Valedictorian from my HS class came up and started talking to me out of the blue, pretty sure I hadn't said two words to her in HS as I was in the jock clique and she hung with the smart kids.  We got to talking, she was pretty drunk and at one point blurted out "I have a secret no one will ever guess" well of course I dragged it out that she had shaved her pussy for her college BF who had just dumped her.  Talked her into showing it to me in the bathroom after a bit of effort.  Off we went into the bathroom together where she dropped her pants for me to admire.
We got married in 1990 and we still laugh about it today.


I miss you. It's only because I'm an idiot, though.-M/36


When I first started working, there was another new guy who started at the same time. He was kind of mean, kind of full of himself. He didn't really understand the business concepts. But he acted like he did. It was annoying. I'd do some complicated bit of work and then he'd talk to the bosses about it, like he was the smarts behind it.

A few of the smart people in the office got it. They saw the guy for who he was, a typical faker. He talked it up, but didn't really know anything.

Now it's 30 or so years later. The guy is an ultra big shot in the Trump Administration. LOL. He's front page news every week. It's kind of scary. The guy doesn't know what he's doing. Yet he's deciding the fate of the country.


My husband is dumb, he doesn't suspect my cheating. It almost takes the fun away. I want there to be more risk.


Anomalies. We don't define a person with a growth on his head as something entirely different. We don't define gays or other anomalies as inhuman, etc. Why should we define an anomaly at birth as something that isn't male or female?


humans are the worst thing that ever happened to this planet honestly


At birth a doctor usually says 'it's a boy' or 'it's a girl' but at a couple of hundred births every day the doctors say 'errr...' and, if the baby is lucky enough to be born in a more developed country, call in a specialist in sex differentiation, and they have to try to decide what the baby is.

Babies can be born with a penis and a vagina, or neither, or a penis and ovaries, or a vagina and testicles. Genitals can be ambiguous in ways you probably can't even imagine. Then they turn to genetics, if it's a clear XY or XX it helps (though even then it's not always that simple). If it's XXY, XYY, XXYY, XXXY it just gets more and more complicated. And that's only the ones that are identified at birth, there's a whole host of other issues that aren't identified until puberty.

There have always been intersex people. All that's changed is that people have stopped pretending they don't exist.


I hope transhumanism exists in my lifetime.  I want to live forever.


So President Obama has signed a book deal for $65 million.  I can't wait to see the many deserving charities he distributes that many to over the coming days and weeks.


Say, wanna have some fun? Post a picture of yourself holding a sign with a secret on it. Don't want to show your face? That's okay. Feel free to be creative, show your fingers or toes or elbows. Racy is even okay. Just as long as it is a picture with a secret.

Come on give it a try. It would be fun.

See the help section for instructions on how to add a picture to a post.


sometimes i think its easier to kill myself than deal with people's stupidity and life's inconveniences and stresses


My ex from 2007 was pregnant with my baby. She "miscarried". Well... She had a dream that she was laying on a metal table as aliens cut her open and removed our baby and placed it inside some glass tube. The glass tube was placed in an area with several fetuses growing in other similar glass tubes.

We went to the doctor for an ultrasound the next day and there was no more baby. She was freaked out by the dream (that's why we went to  the doctor ) And even more freaked out by the fetus removal.

We broke up a month after that. She hooked up with another old ex of hers and now they are married with one child.

I never told her that I had the same exact dream. I saw the grey creatures cut her open and remove the fetus. Place it inside the glass tube, and took it to the other glass tubes.

I've had several ex girlfriend's see these creatures too. Some have gotten pregnant and had fetuses removed like my first ex.

My next secret... this has been going on since childhood. They took me as a child and said if I have children, most of them will be taken permamantly.  I have woken up with off scars, marks and even had injuries mysteriously healed.

So for ten years I've stopped trying to have kids. However I am getting the urge to start a family.

People ask why I haven't had children..... That's why....


If you have a penis, you're a male.
If you produce sperm, you're a male.
I you have an XY chromosome, you're a male.

If you have a vagina, you're a female.
If you produce eggs, you're a female.
If you have all XX chromosomes, you're a female.

That's pretty much it.  Not hard to understand.  Most of us learned all that in middle school.

But the Leftists are using their 200-year old playbook of changing definitions in order to fool people into thinking their culture is wrong.  If they can convince people that their culture is incorrect, people will seek a new culture, a new way of living... conveniently created by the Leftists.

After the French Revolution, the Leftists famously tried to rename the months in an attempt to provide a New Order for their people.  July (Juillet) became Thermadore.  The Russians changed their name to the Soviets.  The old ways, the ways that people remember living, were (as George Orwell famously wrote) thrown down the Memory Hole.  The Leftists attempt to eliminate nationality in order to ensure compliance.  By comparison, Fascists celebrate their nationality.

So, of course, now there's 450 different genders.  Same old shit.


When you come out of the womb, the doctor typically says one of two things. "It's a boy!" or "It's a girl!"

What they don't say is "It's a cisgender!" "It's a pangender!" "It's a two-spirit!"

Want to know why? Because doctors aren't retarded.


The happy-clappy stupid-ass 70's or over, and thank God, speaking as one who lived through those years. They should rename it the "corn-dog" years. Bad food, pollution galore, red necks EVERYWHERE.
I want to go back in time and punch at least 100 people in the face.


Anomalies are another word for what you find at the end of a spectrum.


There are just males and females, the rest are just anomalies. Same goes for orientation.


688, you're vastly discounting hermaphrodites and other physical anomalies when you're saying there's no gender spectrum. It's understandable since American schooling tends to focus on males and females as defaults, but there actually is a gender spectrum, physically speaking.

Most people know that a hermaphrodite is someone with both male and female genitalia, but most sources don't explain what this really means. Hermaphroditic births occur when, during the process of the X and X/Y chromosomes unraveling, a mutation occurs when the genitals are forming that confuses the cells about what body parts to turn the fetal tissue into. This could be due to having an extra chromosome, like XXY or XYY, or due to other mutations.

It's also important to know that the same cell tissue used to form labia before birth are also used to form the scrotum, depending on if those cells are given their instructions by an X or Y chromosome. The same is true for the clitoris and the penis. It's made from the same cells, but the formation occurs based on the instructions the DNA gives to the cells in the womb.

However, there are also mermaphrodites, who have a mixture of male and female genitals, but who dominantly have male genitals. This would be, say, someone having a functioning penis and a vagina (but NOT any ovaries) instead of a scrotum and testes.

Then there are fermaphrodites, who have a mixture of male and female genitals, but who dominantly have female genitalia. An example of this would be someone with a clitoris and a vagina, but who was born with a scrotum that partially or completely covers the vagina at birth.

So really, the gender spectrum exists. The things is, just like with male circumcisions, parents and doctors make the decision to surgically alter children at birth, under the guise of avoiding infections and other complications later on in life. This is why most people don't know or hear about it until they start getting serious about having children.

TL;DR: The gender spectrum exists on a physical level as well as on a social one, and if you do research on hermaphrodites, mermaphrodites, and fermaphrodites, you'll see.


Obama is getting paid $400,000 to give a speech on Wall Street.


That didn't take long for the champion of the 99% to cash in his principles for a big pay day.

Don't you get it, they are all full of shit.


656-ur awesome


We need to start this technology revolution again. Kids should be banned from having a phone. They are wasting their lives texting about nothing. Parents should be banned from Facebook. They are wasting their lives posting about nothing. We should go back to having only 3 TV channels. Everyone is wasting their life watching meaningless dreck. Cars should be driven by human beings, not computers. When you need a ride, you should call your local cab company. The guy who picks you up knows your family and has been driving for 30 years - instead of clicking in an app and being picked up by a total stranger who is part of a sleeper terrorist cell. School classrooms should have pencils and paper, not chromebooks that students use to play games, when they should instead be listening to the teacher. My coffee machine should not have a USB port. Kids should learn how to write in script instead of how to text. Pornography should not be on everyone's mind. It used to be that the only way to see porn was to brave some skivvy run down theater with sticky floors in the bad part of town and sit next to dirty old men jerking off. It was self regulating in that way, because no decent person would go there. These days porn is only a push of a button away.

Technology has hurt us. It zaps everyone's energies. It dumbs us down. It distracts us beyond repair. It will be the end of us.


About 1 in 2,000 babies are born with genitalia that cannot immediately be classified as male or female. That's more than the number of kids born with cystic fibrosis. So, if you want to base it solely on vaginas and penises, that's a couple of hundred kids born every day who are neither a girl nor a boy. Take genetic (i.e. not XX or XY) and hormonal differences into account as well and it's millions of intersex births every year.


It's kind of pathetic how I'm lusting after this dude who's caught between his ex and and this new girl...but tbh he's got a little too much drama for me to want a relationship with and he smokes crack, so I'm just looking to get some bomb sex and maybe a pizza out of it


I did a sort of social experiment that started out of spite.
My ex blocked me on a social media, and he keeps a tight lock on everything he does online (well except for the fact that LinkedIn says he looks at my profile every week or so), so I got pretty curious about what "precious" things he's been posting.
It started with an Instagram account. I took the photo of an Estonian pop star because I think she's a cutie pie and doesn't look obviously fake. Then I started. I named her Anna, put in her bio that she was 20 and from Connecticut. I started following people from my hometown. It was insane how many people were private but didn't care that "Anna" wanted to follow them. People followed "Anna" back. I understand that people usually keep their stuff on private to keep potential employers seeing whatever they post. My ex accepted my follow request within 30 seconds. Now I'm just curious to see who will let me see their stuff without actually knowing who "Anna" is.

its funny that everyone thinks they're being secure when they really aren't paying any attention.


If you're born with a penis, you're a male.

If you're born with a vagina, you're a female.

Now you can identify as whatever the fuck you want. You want to tell people that you're a woman stuck in a mans body, go for it, I'll support you. You want to tel people that you're a man stuck in a woman's body, go for it, I'll support you. But once you start telling me that gender is a spectrum, I'm just going to look at you like you're the stupidest person to have ever existed.

This shit is getting out of control. I have nothing against transsexuals, homosexuals, anysexuals. But you can't dispute the facts. You're either born a boy, or a girl. What you identify as is a whole different conversation, and completely unrelated. Until you're born with something other than a penis or vagina, you're a boy or girl, and that's that. So quit crying like a bunch of fucking babies and be happy you live during a time where you can truly be whatever you want, but just know, behind all your silly names and bullshit theories, you're either a boy or a girl.


My husband is stupid. STUPID. What grown man chokes on the saliva in the back of his throat all the time? SWALLOW.
READ things other than your horoscope, hun. I'll be watching TV and there would be a funny commercial, or show or informative piece of news... I'll ask, "Did you just hear that? Oh my God!" or some other reaction. His is "Oh, I wasn't paying attention."... What the fuck are you thinking about?????!!!!! All the fucking time. Then a few weeks later, he'll go "Oh did you hear about that guy /thing/ etc??" like he just discovered it when it was all over the TV or media when he wasn't paying attention. He's so fucking dense.
Don't even get me started about his business sense. He owns his own and it's been failing terribly. Does he work on it like any self respecting business owner should? No. He waits for things to appear. For that it fails. I'M FUCKING TRAPPED HERE UNTIL HE DIES. He is so stupid.


681-- You don't have to sell to be an artist. If you say, I will never be a rich artist, or I will never be a financially accomplished artist, well, then perhaps...but NEVER say you are not an artist.


681--As a fellow artist, here are my words of wisdom to you: Fuck what other people think. Create works of art for yourself. Don't do it to be technically pristine and proficient or with the mindset that other people have to like it. If everybody else likes it, you're probably doing it wrong. Trust me, the greatest artists throughout the ages didn't sit down at the easel and think "Gee, if I don't become famous this is all bullshit." If they did that, then they would just be corporate sellouts like everybody else instead of the geniuses that they were. Do what makes YOU feel good. Art is about expressing YOUR soul; expressing YOUR truth. That's the stuff that really comes across and gets people's attention. I paint some genuinely bizarre things and I mix mediums. It's a beautiful disaster on canvas or anything white that I have lying around, and I love it. It's exhilarating to me to see myself so colorfully and wildly expressed. I love having those tangible, accessible pieces of myself hanging all over my walls. I've been offered money for my pieces and I won't take it. It would be like selling bits of my soul. Art, when it is done right, should not be crafted with the express purpose of becoming a commodity. It's a lifestyle. It's a mindset. It's a spiritual condition. It's a passion. I'm telling you, once you stop trying to get other people to approve of your art and you start really digging deep and letting your spirit come out through your work, the right people will love it. Trust me. I've had all kinds of people admire my work--even the most uptight of my friends and family, and it's because it's genuine. It's fun. It's passionate. It's wild. It's uninhibited. Most importantly, it's authentically ME. Just be yourself. That's what being a true artist is all about. Stop trying to find approval through your art because it cheapens it. Good luck to you.





I pretend I am happy being single, but in all honesty I get very lonely and depressed because of it. I wish I could meet a nice girl. My last relationship ended 2 years ago. Maybe one day!


185681 - Keep up your work. I thought that too, and one day, I put one of my watercolours up on line and someone asked about it. I sold it and was extremely happy. I have sold 5. Not going to be a Rembrandt, but it is a great feeling. Never stop, and never look back.....60 year old wannabe artist


I'll never be an artist. My work is meaningless, and it won't be worth anything even after I'm dead. I have those few friends who say I'm great, but they're just nice people saying nice things. I've tried posting a few things online, and the silence is deafening. I can almost hear their eyes rolling as they scroll past another worthless nothing with my name on it. Thanks for the feedback. I can't believe I let myself think I was good at something.


So much semen shot out of him today. It's how I know he's not having sex with his wife. His testicles were full to the brim.


Apparently his friend is coming to pick him up around 5. Good lord I just want to be alooone. I want to call my mum and ask her why she taught me to be polite but not assertive. Momma, this is the only thing you have failed me at...


My son's high school just announced they are canceling all year-end academic awards. Some parents complained their child didn't win any of the awards based on grades. They said it wasn't fair. So now the awards are canceled.

What BS. The children of the complaining parents didn't study as much. They didn't get the top grades. So no, they didn't win the awards. How is that not fair?

You know what's unfair? The school has end-of-year sports awards. They will remain. What a joke. An educational institution cancels academic awards but not sports awards.

And we wonder why the nation is falling apart!


10 years ago, I thought my boyfriend had all the answers, like he was some sort of all-knowing genius. Now...he is wrong about almost everything. Most of the time I just let it go but sometimes I can't help but show him evidence that he is 100% wrong. It's so much though, just insane how off he is about just about everything. Fuck, even a broken clock is right twice a day...I'm trying so hard to resist the urge to tally the times he says something and is RIGHT...I fear that if I do, it would make me give up on him. It's not like he's "just amazing" besides that. :(


One of the most satisfying job interviews ever. I interviewed at a cutting edge wall street company. It was for a heavy duty financial engineering position. There would be plenty of intense math where I'd be deriving equations for new types of derivatives. I enjoy the work, but some of the math people can be difficult. Not the best socially. They get very territorial about how they know more than everyone else. It's an ego thing with them.

But I was in this interview. From the get go, the guy had a condescending attitude towards me, like he knows all. He grilled me on a few math problems. I explained my solutions. On one answer he told me I'm wrong. I briefly explained why in fact I'm right. I could tell I was making him mad by daring to disagree with him. But what am I supposed to do, agree with his wrong answer to keep him happy?

He wouldn't let it go. He insisted he was right about the math. I said nope and that he was confusing the interview question with a different kind of mathematical problem, one that required a different approach to a solution.

He then pulled a financial math journal off his shelf. He thumbed to a certain article and waved it in my face saying that according to the article, the problem can be solved exactly how he said it could.

I responded and said no, you can solve it as stated in the article, but only when the assumption is valid that volatility remains constant, and for this particular scenario in the futures markets, volatility of the underlying instrument increase over time, therefore sigma cannot be pulled out of the integral. The math in the article won't work. It has to be solved another way.

By that point the guy was downright belligerent. "Like you fucking know the assumptions the article's author had in mind??"

"Uhhm... yes."

He rolled his eyes. So condescending. "What? Was the author was whispering his thoughts in your fucking ear?"

"Well sort of.... I am the author."

He stopped dead. He looked at the byline in the article. He looked over at my resume. Gee how about that, the names matched.

He got up from his seat and said, "We're done here." Then he left. A minute later a secretary came in an escorted me to the elevators.

I never got the job offer. I didn't mind. The satisfaction of zinging an obnoxious dick was worth it.


I thought he was just coming to chill, we'd fuck like usual, and then leave. This is how I like it. But he's still here and spent the night and good God I just want to be alone but I don't want to hurt his feelings. He's a sweet guy. I enjoy hanging out but I was not expecting him to linger. Fuck. Please goooo :(


Before I bought a guitar I thought it would be easier to write songs from the inspiration of a couple chords. I was right. :)

I think learning how to play this will bring me comfort for the rest of my life.


I hope I get over the fantasy that someday she will be in touch with me. The first thing I have to ask myself is, why the fuck would I want to go back to that sort of misery anyway? But love is a crazy thing, isn't it?


Every morning I get on Facebook to see if the women I regularly jerk off to posted new pics.  I'm hoping that one of them posted something new that I can beat my dick to while I watch porn that will make me cum harder.  Most days there's nothing, and it's disappointing.  I'm starting to feel pathetic doing this, but beating one's dick gets old and it gets more difficult to spice it up.



Online dating is pretty discouraging. On the bright side, the idea of dying alone is now much less frightening.


When I was growing up, I had this fantasy of love and losing my virginity to my girlfriend who would lose her virginity to me. To have our first being with each other. I held onto that until I was 22. Went through a few fucked up relationships in my pursuit of my fantasy. Finally, I said fuck it and slept with a girl who had been chasing me for a while. Ever since I have just kinda taken what I could when I could.

I think I'm coming around to a point, where I just want to be in love, and make love. I can't figure out if this just a newer version of my stupid younger self fantasy. But no more sex for the sake of sex itself. I want a connection and love and a relationship.

I understand that life can be ruff, weird, and down right creepy for attractive women out there. But I get tired of being scowled at for even having the audacity to look at women in public places. Not like creepy leering or following them around a store or anything, but just making eye contact. 99.9% of the time I get a frown then scowl, and even the occasional eye roll plus a look of disgust.

I know I'm not the most attractive guy out there, and not the worst either. But every time that happens to me a little piece of me dies on the inside. Making me feel hopeless and stupid for thinking I will ever find someone to love.



Shut the fuck up...  Women can multi task.  Women have to wait for a man to put up his thought box and bring down the next thought box...  Geesh and you say women are stupid.  We women, waste more time on you bringing down the boxes than getting laid...  Masturbation is better than waiting and we can masturbate more in a day while waiting for a man to make a decision.


Women are definitely stupider than men. The men that that say that women are smarter are simply trying to get on the good side of women so they can get laid more and be perceived as "pro female".

Just a thought. Now spin.


So sick of people slapping a coat of chalk paint on hand crafted antiques, then trying to sell them for hundreds of dollars. Newsflash: it's only worth a damn if you restore/refinish the original wood. It's useless to me now with this ugly chalkboard paint. Ugh.


I just found out in a conversation, that some random stranger got cancer and died.  I feel so fucking bad.  Many of my family members died of cancer and my dog had to be put down because his body was deteriorating.  I'm so sad and want transhumanism to exist one day.


Global warming causes cancer.


I wax my pussy, some lady named Sheila takes care of every area, front back and the sides; we talk about the weather, how she is doing, my life while she is ripping my hair off.

Its funny that we do these small pleasantries while we both know that I am going to get both holes pounded later that night.

There is nothing that feels better than my lover licking me in all the right places on my smooth pussy. I especially love the juxtaposition of his beard against my smooth lips.


I really couldn't care one way or the other if someone shaves their pussy or not.

Different strokes for different folks.

I wish people would stop expecting the world to be universal to their tastes.  It never will be.

Shave your pussy if it makes you feel good.  Don't do it if you prefer not to.  Simple as that.  And if men bitch about it, go find a different man.  There are plenty of other men out there who will love what you have.


Oh, your friends keep dying because of heroin? Well, here's a little suggestion…STOP FUCKING DOING HEROIN. I mean FUCK why the hell should I pity you or your stupid friends when you really don't think shoving that gunk into your veins isn't going to kill you one day.

Let's say there's a man in a park with a revolver pointed at his own head. He tells you there's one bullet randomly placed in the chamber and he's going to pull the trigger three times. So he pulls the trigger one time, and nothing, but he feels great. He pulls the trigger a second time, and nothing, but he feels even better. He pulls the trigger a third time, aaaaaaand…nothing, but he feels like he's on top of the world. So just to feel even better he pulls it a fourth time, only this time his brains end up on the grass

In that situation, I would call that guy an idiot and think nothing more of it. So why is it any different when a junkie ODs? Why should I feel sad when some parasite injects too much tar into their body? Because they might've been someone? Because every life is precious? No. I don't think so. If you play Russian roulette and die, you've lost. If you pump a bunch of garbage into your bloodstream and die, you've lost.

So fuck your GoFundMe shit, and fuck your bullsht crocodile tears. If you really cared about your friend you would've helped them as much as humanly possible. But no, you just drank with them, smoked with them, and shot up with them, and now they're fucking dead. I don't praise the man who pulled himself out of a hole. I praise the man who keeps people out of it. I don't reward stupidity. Go fuck yourself.




Maybe guys find the thought of a woman fucking vegetables and inanimate objects erotic, but it just sounds gross to me. Who would ever eat at your house again knowing that you may or may not have had the zucchini you are serving up your twat at some point in time? Same with basically anything else you have that is solid in your house. I shiver to think of how unsanitary that is. God, I hope none of my friends or kinfolk do this. I've never been turned on by any member of the fruit, vegetable, or paper weight family. Strictly dick, finger, or tongue action for me, please.

--also a F/35


I look at women and wonder how long it's been since they were fucked. Statistically speaking, it was probably recent, within the last couple of days. So for every six women I see, I figure one of them has been fucked within the past few hours. I try to picture her naked on the bed taking a cock between her legs. Then she got dressed, and went out shopping, and here I am an hour later looking at her all prim and proper. But I know a secret. There's cum dripping out of her pussy.


My wife called me from the library. She told me she rented the movie Shindler's List and she wanted to watch it that night.

Twenty minutes later she came home and told me she was at the library and rented the movie Shindler's List and wanted to watch it that night. She had no memory of calling me from the library on the same topic.

She does things like this more and more. I'd say three or four times per week. A few days ago she bought steak for dinner. A few hours later she said she had to go out to pick up a steak for dinner. When I told her she already bought one, she asked if it was still good because it must have been in the fridge a long time. She's 54. I thought that was too early to lose your mind, but I guess not.


I love having a big dick.


Someone said that shaved pussy is like a little girl. I'm here to tell you that most of mine is shaved bald and that its 110% woman afterward. Why? Well I guess I will share my usual pussy shaving ritual.

I start with running a hot bath and rolling a fat joint to smoke on; while i sit in the water, with my legs wide open and my open pussy loving the hot water. After im good and stoned about 10 minutes later, I take some melted coconut oil and I pour a bunch of it right on my pussy and hand. I use as much as I want, and rub it in by running my whole open palm up and down it. I use my slick fingers to get my pussy swollen and aroused until I am pushing my hips up and probing my oiled up hole with an increasing amount of fingers every minute.  I love watching my fingers as they penetrate me and then pry my tightness apart to accommodate the fourth finger that wants to join the ones that are fucking me and getting my body the way i love it the most: throbbing and thinking about nothing but the older man I love filling me with his thick and warm cock and the way he groans when the head spreads my freshhly shaved and inviting slit around him. Its the best ever to feel a fat hard dick sliding against me and gently coaxing me to let him get inside me.

My shave is done once my clit is red, puffy, and I'm able to access every single hair did get it where it's slick enough to make a man grow absolutely in need of my pussy . When it's done the main thing I want to do is open my pussy up as far as i can make my legs do. I spend a couole of hours watching vegetables and squashes split me and Stretch me open like i am to be fucked and forced to open to satisfy dozens of men with my shaved little pussy. I have gasped and contracted while I watched 2 billiards balls and a large round pose quartz paper weight enter me and turn me into a squirming and cumming slut doll on the floor...all i could do is lay ;there with my pussy SO full that my legs were forced to be held obscenely apart to accommodate the heavy objects i had pushed into me. I hollered and rocked my pelvis and watched my dripping and impossibly full hole as it pulsed and flowed my wetness out of me was honestly the most erotic feeling I ever had. There's nothing about me having a shaved pussy that feels like a little girl.  Really because I take that time to either f*** huge things or I take that time to offer it up to your eyes hoping that one day youll split me so good that I am just screaming like a helpless whore and begging you to bring me your friends and tell them im begging for my body to be used and I wont stop cumming or crying out that I need to fuck right NOW.

NOTHING girlish about that... except lots of grown men are now thinking about this 35 year old mystery chick who shaves and cant resist being the sluttiest pussy imaginable once shes hairless and getting a cock head right on that opening.  Mmm...


When my uncle was in grad school for dentistry he used to order lenses with battery packs, clean them up real nice and sell them for a profit. My mom thinks that I'm lazy because I don't do something similar to that. I wish I could tell her that I do in fact do something similar to that... I sell drugs :) Over the summer I had a job as a server and I wasn't making any money there. Some days after a shift I'd walk out with $17. Raised a few eyebrows when I quit my job and was able to afford 3 vacations, but I told her I just had money saved up. What's funny is people never suspect it! I'm a nerd who wears khaki pants, thick rimmed glasses, and collars shirts every day. I'm in college studying business with a 3.85 GPA. I remember eating lunch with a few gal-pals and they asked me if I worked, I smiled and told them I sold, and they literally laughed in my face and said "Yeah, YOU sell drugs." I guess I just like to apply my knowledge to more practical things in life ;)


Today, I'm 128 days sober. I miss alcohol. I can hang out with my friends while they're drinking and not drink, but usually that's pretty difficult if I don't smoke weed. I wish I could drink and control myself, but the alleviation from my emotions is too addictive.

I remember quite clearly the knowledge that I was swallowing poison and weeping it from my pores, and not caring. I'm better off this way. I'm a better person this way. I make better decisions and am more productive this way. Quitting alcohol was a huge step in the direction of becoming my best self.  

But dammit, I miss alcohol sometimes.


I've been having dreams that I don't want to wake up from, and they're really starting to fuck with my head.


I wonder how many women can honestly say that they have never been a victim of sexual abuse or violence in any way.  I'm guessing an incredibly small percentage. When are we going to say that enough is enough and do something about this? The problem isn't going away. It's only getting worse.


I would like to weigh on on this rape blame thing. I am a woman. I have had my share of sexual violence. I have always assumed I would arrive at an age where I would be "safe" from the threat of another rape. When I am older and less desirable to men, they will view me as an old woman and not want to fuck me anymore. No more looks or catcalls. No attempts on my body. I can finally relax. Right?

Until I read an article about elder sex abuse. People being raped at nursing homes by male nurses and orderlies. This is happening and no one is talking about it. Imagine that. Being raped in your death bed and being too sick and weak to fight back. Now I know I'll have the fear until I die.


That is absurd. There is no such thing as a child "slut" or a child prostitute, only victims who are children. I wish people would recognize that. That is sickening. We as a society have such warped views on sexuality. We instill perversion in males as a culture then blame it on females of any age when they become victims of this increasingly bizarre and aberrant fetishism. In reality, the pornification of society debases and victimizes everyone. Where will it end? I'm afraid to find out.


Because anyone can be raped. No one deserves it. While if a slut gets pregnant, she deserved it.


I experience a strange and perhaps disturbing thing from people when I tell them that the youngest mother to deliver a medical birth was 5 years old.

Naturally, people are curious about how this happens.  How did this happen?  Well sometimes ovulation can begin at a very young age.

No, no, they say.  How did this happen?  Oh, you want to know which dick contributed.  Yea, okay, I can't blame you, pedophiles are terrible people.  Well, a family member raped her.

Oh thank god.


Thank god she was raped instead of being a young whore.

People are seriously more relieved at the fact that she was raped instead of being a 5-year-old slut.  Of course, this is when they backpedal and say that rape is wrong and it was a terrible thing that happened to her.  But their initial thoughts are always concern that a 5-year-old girl was a slut and this is something worse than being raped.

Why do people think this way?


45.  I think people should wear whatever they want unless is on a work or school environment where there's a dress code . I'm a straight women who don't get offended or care when I see young ladies wearing skimpy clothes, they are young enjoying life and most likely their body won't stayed that way once they have children. In fact if I could go back on time , to a younger version of myself I would make sure I take plenty of selfies on a skimpy bikini and I would probably be walking around with skimpy clothes too.


They think their looks are all they have going for them, and some of them are probably right. It's all attention seeking behavior. I don't despise it necessarily, I feel pretty neutral about it because that's them and I am going to do my own thing regardless, but I do think it often comes across as pathetic and desperate...especially if they're constantly posting half naked selfies. Seems very immature. I was fortunate to have come from an environment that encouraged me to view myself as more than a face or the sum of my parts and it sounds like you were too. I guess not everybody is brought up that way, though.


Am I the only female that strongly despises when other females parade their bodies around? Like I'm all for self love, but I just don't think that's the proper way to do it, especially when one includes their half-naked body in every picture they post. Sometimes I wonder what makes them post these because their bodies are irrelevant to their posts/captions.
I also don't understand what women wear these days, even during the winter season.


I wonder how a person feels when all of their children turn out to be bums?


My boyfriends dick may be to big for me... we just had a conversation about sex, and he told me how the sensation peaks out/goes away after he has entered me, like the initial is amazing, but then it's like his dick goes numb to it.
His dick is the biggest I've ever had, so I don't know. Hahaha



Your snide comments about Trump and your constant assertions that Obama is "classy" only make me support Trump more. It's getting old. Please give it up.

Thank you,

Your daughter


638: Amen, brother!


Men are controlled by their penis. If it is large, he is cocky. If it is average, he is humble. If it is small, he is angry.


i have such a silly attraction to a co worker. hes 4 years younger than me but extremely , extremely smart.. super knowledgable and can just seriously understand (and explain) shit he's just learned . hes not the best looking guy around by any means, but he has an air of confidence and wit that it's kind of sexy.

i dont want to really get together in any type of way, but dang, he's a little attractive!  i can't figure out why.  27/F


Best thing about being a man is that we're socially allowed to put on weight as we get older.


I love seeing a guy cum. Especially when he's super turned on and it shoots out far and there's a lot


The best part of sex is the really good feeling of climax, watching my penis repeatedly squirt cum out.  Seeing my cum at the end is so sexy, if I can't see myself cum then the sex is bad.


I would have been so much happier if he was never born. What were they thinking...


love is not about "getting that pussy" and telling your friends it's about finding peace with what you are giving that life the shared love and feeling. you can be a robotic being after your goal or you can know the feeling is returned then it's actually sex not masturbating inside someone. not that a "flawed person" can't care or that a "true lover" can't be flawed it's just good to be aware of the contrasting forces and have a conscience. some men and women don't seem to have any logic/conscience/priorities when they blame each other and don't give a shit. where's the pride in that?


HEY, MOMS OUT THERE: Workout! You drop a baby or two, then you get fat, soft, pale, etc. And you expect us to stay with you?  Yes, I'M IN SHAPE. I workout, I get hit on, but no, my fat wife thinks I owe her my Life because we have kids.
I'm very close to fucking that IN SHAPE Hot 50 year old that comes to the gym!


Dildos. Taking a 6x4 vibrator in my ass feels wonderful. Getting on my knees and taking my 9x6 is intense. But using the smallest one, anal bead wand, just in the right spot, and I can orgasm without touching my cock. Anal sex gives me an idea what women must feel, and why sex is so pleasurable as a sub. Women don't like me much, so I've had to up my game sexually lol. I've had an orgasm every day for almost 40 years, so lets say 40x350, thats 14,000 o's. But these days, I try to hold off for 2 to 3 days so I can have a super blast, way more intense...


I'm just so dumb. I've already learned, but apparently I like sticking my hand in the fire. I'm sure I'll get over it eventually these things are happening fewer and farther between. Though, I'm sure I'll just go find another fire. Smdh.


I'm leaving work early so I can go home and masturbate.


I was late to work this morning because I had to masturbate.



Every day I masturbate.  For the 10 seconds or so when my semen is blasting out of my urethra, everything is euphoria.  The other 23 hours, 59 minutes and 50 seconds of my day, however, are complete and utter drudgery. Sigh.


I'm a guy. I want to feel a dick inside me. I want to feel a guy shiver and shoot his load in me.

BUT ---------

I don't want to feel subservient. I don't want to feel weak. I don't want him to think he is dominant over me.

SO ---------

I am conflicted and have never let a guy put his dick inside me.


I don't know what the future has in store, but if it's more of the same kind of shit then I'm screwed.


When I have to throw something out that has seeds in it, say, the container of flaxseeds I never used, or the leftover roasted pumpkin seeds that I'm never going to finish eating, I open up the container they're in before I put them in the trash.  I don't really know the process of garbage, whether these are things that will be burned or end up in a landfill.  But just in the off chance that they end up in a landfill, I don't know, I guess it's stupid, but part of me hopes that in a million years or so after the human taint has passed and we have snuffed ourselves off of this Earth, I will have given those seeds an easier chance to get out of their containment, spread about somehow, and they can finally grow.

It's a stupid thought process.  But I do it anyway.


Nobody wants to belong to a club that would have someone like them for a member. It's fucked up, but that's just life.

Coincidentally, fuck is my second favorite word. I love how multipurpose it is. My #1 favorite word is myriad, closely tied with onomatopoeia.

I'm so fucking bored. I would much rather be aggressively fucking in a myriad of different positions right now.

Argh. (Onomatopoeia)


If you have the option to "get around" 19 year old girls you have the obligation to continue doing so. You know, for those of us who don't have that opportunity. Enjoy that shaved pussy.


I really want to be friends with benefits, but you're probably still chasing that girl that doesn't want you.

Round and round we go...


I knew I would see you again


I was 45mn late to work today because instead of walking out of the door on time, I decided to Masturbate first.


All this time I thought my husband was nuts beyond redemption; turns out it was really me!  Hope I'm not beyond redemption.  I am going to try so hard to make it up to him for all the misery I have caused him.  

My mother used to say that when everyone in the world starts looking crazy to you, look in the mirror.  Well, it's not everyone, but it still applies ... at least in my case.  Who knew??? Not I.


I have a lot of trouble trusting people. It's due to my family and close friends being the ones to betray me the worst, but I realize this is something common, given that the more we trust someone, the worse their betrayal feels.

So, I had a grudge against one of my very best friends, because I realized for a while she resented me, and that caused me to mistrust her loyalty to me. We've had to talk about it a few times over the years, and it's been really really hard, but I've finally decided that I trust her, more than my own blood.

There's a feeling of completeness that comes with that, being able to trust someone completely and know that they love you and want the best for you. This friend of mine and her boyfriend (who was already a long-time friend of mine) are my family, and I trust them with myself completely. Having them as a support system and being their support system has made me a better and happier person.

It's always good to remember what true love looks like.


Liberals  are pissing and moaning about that what people are doing to the earth and global warming. What do you suggest? Why don't you start walking to work and stop flying around the world in planes. If every person in the world stop littering and recycling it will go a long way.Please stop this preaching -nature takes care of it self. We are a spot in the universe. Stop thinking you are so important that you can change the climate of the earth. We had an ice period millions of years ago -so it is part of the climate circle of earth. With the ozone layer diminishes- plants grow better. Mother Earth takes care of herself. Our part is to stop littering and clogging the ocean with plastic water bottles! That is realistic- not stop flying and driving cars....


I'm absolutely for science.  But people really need to realize that the industry is not the benevolent being that people (atheists especially) try to paint it up to be.

Religion has done horrible things in the name of God but science has done utterly atrocious tortures in its name.  Both still continue to do it.

I saw a thing on FB the other day that was 'doggos for science.'  I didn't really look through the album because I would have found a nasty sense of irony if any of those dogs wound up being beagles.

Good dogs indeed.  Suffer for our survival.

(Don't get me wrong on this either, I'm not against animal testing.  But I'm not going to pretend it's not torture either.)


March for science? I'm not a climate denier but SCIENCE IS NEVER SETTLED. Those who claim vaccines don't cause autism when this country has clearly awarded compensation for vaccine injuries that caused autism. Wake the fuck up. Science is not settled and people are being led like such sheep to think "their" way. Be smart! Listen to the narratives being repeated so you'll comply with "science".


The Earth is flat.  Deal with it.


This is the only place I can share my secret. I fell in love with another man while in a long term relationship. I was good at hiding it for the most part, to avoid hurting anyone else. The mutual attraction was confirmed finally when we hooked up one night. What I wasn't expecting is that my best friend would also confess her feelings for the same man. I told her I was worried that it would ruin our friendship. We have all moved on in some way, trying to forget the situation. I couldn't understand how I had such strong feelings for someone else while I was with my boyfriend, so I left. It still hurts me so much because I hoped for years that eventually things would work out for us. He's dating someone else now. It's so hard for me to accept. She's similar to me in many ways. It should have been me.


So there was my sister's birthday and i didnt really knew what to give her as a present. Margaret was this artsy DVD I came across on a movie store and thought that would nail it. Couldnt resist now watching it and it blew on my face like a fart. Horrid is forgiving. What a piece of CRAP... obviusly ended in the bin and my sister got The Artist instead (2011)


dad: "write a memoire" and "pfft" basically


@563. Pussy definitely has feeling. Fortunes have been won. Lives lost in anger sorrow grief for her pussy. U better believe that mighty muscle has feeling. Just think it's right for the most part and it self lubricates. U really missing out homeboy


A shaved pussy reminds me of a little girl. I have no interest in thinking about a little girl when I'm having sex with a grown woman. Not my thing. Kind of disturbingly sick some people like that.


I still want you. I can't help it. You are so fucking hot.  You have no idea what you do to me.


And I'm glad she's dead, too.


First time I saw a shaved pussy was by accident.  It was 1993.  I was in college in the weight room, working out on a weight machine that required I sit with my back to the machine.  A coed walked to the bench press right across from me and laid down on the bench.  As we were working out, I realized I could see right up her shorts.  I wasn't even trying to look, it was just how we were positioned.  She wasn't wearing any underwear.  I could see straight up her shorts and right at her pussy... her pussy was shaved?!  I didn't know women did that thing.  I was amazed - a shaved pussy?  Who did that??

Of course, now that I'm almost 50, I know she did that on purpose to give guys a show.  If I knew then what I know now, I'd have introduced myself to her.

Second shaved pussy I saw was in 2003.  I was 30 and found myself in the bedroom of a 19 year old girl I knew from church (oops!).  She took her pants off for me and... shaved pussy?!

Third shaved pussy I saw in 2006.  I was 35 and drunk and making out with a 19 year old at a party and put my hands down her pants and... shaved pussy?!

Now it's like everybody has a shaved pussy.  And I've got to stop getting around 19 year old girls.


When I go to a restaurant and the serving size is small, I 'm disappointed. I want a gargantuan portion. Even if I can't finish it, I want my plate to be overflowing with food.


I am either a super nice driver or a complete jerk depending on your bumper sticker situation. If you have conservative stickers on your bumper it is a cold day in hell before I let you merge in front of me.

But if you have lib sticker? "Why, yes, kind sir, here please go ahead." If you have Bernie stickers on your bumper, I will literally slow down to help you out and let you merge.

What makes me crazy is when I let someone in and THEN see their Trump Pro Life etc etc crap. I feel like I let America down.


My wife has a much bigger sex drive than me and I'm horney all the time. Her record is cumming 13 times before 11am! To all of you out there who think women don't like sex.........think again.


I'm a fucking loser. I have no personality. I hate who I am so fucking much.


do people believe in "the one" ? do you know when you've found that person?

in my current relationship i don't get those "the one" feelings with him, but at the same time maybe those feelings are just in the movies ...


I have so much shit to do at work that I'm in a state of ignorance. Ignoring the piling amount of crap because I'm too afraid to take it on.


does anyone have tips to get rid of social anxiety?....

• i get anxiety when i have to speak in front of people (because i sound really incoherent most times when explaining something, especially technical)
• ..when i have to meet 'important' people, go to interviews, etc.
• ..replying to messages, emails, etc because of the fear the other person will expect something of me such as a favor
• ..not meeting people's expectations
• i can't sleep at night because of work, in the shower i'm thinking about work, and all the shit i need to learn and do

i just generally can't get a grip on my anxiety and it's making me miserable. i've never been prescribed something for anxiety but i guess it's worth looking into


My husband eats his own semen in front of me. We have sex. He'll do it on my face or stomach. Then he asks if I'd like to see him lick it up. Sexy, okay, yes, it's not without intrigue. But is it also gay? Emm, I'm beginning to wonder if he has leanings in that direction.


His gambling addiction is the reason I'm gonna cheat. He'd rather throw all that cash away at the casino and on scratch offs rather than do things. My sisters invited us to go to C2E2 with them. Sorry, can't. Why? We're broke. Why? Because, my husband is an idiot who blows through 2 stacks in a couple of seconds on more scratch offs rather than saving. I deserve to do some fun things. I deserve to buy new clothes, and make up. I felt guilty at first hiding money from him, but not anymore. Next up: cheating. In gonna find a man who will do fun things with me rather than sit at home eating a frozen pizza and watching Netflix cause were to broke to do anything else... I deserve that.


Thick globs of cum are leaking out of my asshole this morning


Life is beautiful no matter how bad it gets.
I hope it never gets so bad that I don't find that true.


I started trimming and shaving my hair down there long before it was trendy and cool. We're talkiing 1994. I just liked feeling clean and well-kemp. To me it's just as necessary to grooming as shaving my pits. Having a bush is gross. Sorry.


I trim my toenails once a week. My husband trims his toenails once a never.


i am full of shit for sure... not in lies but in full of shitness. i do know there is absolutely no point after such disappointments. i tried to write the details of a situation i tried to tweet someone but whatever. i bought cigarettes with my last money assuming i could bum $3 then laid down defeated knowing damn well what would happen when i told the dream to the woman who didn't have $3 i hate how i smile when i know im not lying and no one knows because it's not a happy thing it's fucking horrible and the actual beauty of potential in anything and everything keeps me completely torn


Answer. They both fucking suck.
Thanks Dad, you self centered fuck.


Question hopefully someone reads it : what's better ? For a man to walk away from his responsibilities as a father and husband or to stay and give this family a miserable life by being a cheating slob who doesn't work yells , is a bad mood all the time, accusing his working wife of cheating on him for having 2 jobs to try to keep family afloat?

Who's the right man one who walks away but let's them live in peace or cause a hell of a life by staying around?


My life is going great.  I never imagined where I am today after all of my struggles.  I worked hard to get where I am at today and nobody can take away my hard work.  Nobody besides me.


im so bored of my life right now. i feel bad saying that when mostly all things are ok. i have a good job... my own apartment, a boyfriend, etc.

unfortunately stress of work and pressure to perform is jarring my ability to "enjoy life" ....... because i'm so expected to perform at work, and sometimes i dont know how to do tasks, i fall into a helpless mode and are unable to do anything or move forward .....

im bored of the constant struggle and just want to drop everything and go...


Sometimes I really hate my big breast , I been having a lot of back pain lately, not just that but it sucks shopping for dresses and bathing suits . Most of the time I have to go up 2 dress sizes to accommodate my chest , next time I have a brest reduction I'm going to ask my doctor to go as small as he can, I will be happy with a B cup .  I should it listen to him on the first place , when I had a reduction and lift I should gone smaller but no , I told him not to take too much and just lift them so I ended up with DD now that put a lot of weigh due an injury that took me almost two years to recover and my hormones out of whack my boobs got big again , now that I went back to lifting and doing cardio 3 times a week some of the weight can come off and hopefully I can loose a cup or two on my bras .


i know the difference between denial and truth and I am self secure


Apparently it's changing my IP address on me too and can't edit my own secret I just want anyone at all to hear that I believe you. I know what it's like to fall short of achieving something great. She believes in me and even if I can't support her or help her have her dream this is real love and I also embarass her and am forgiven but it's not enough I knew I wouldn't be enough it's just sad because I could have been. I let this all destroy me and distract me and make me have righteous anger instead of mindfulness. No one will ever know what could have been and I still know myself. I can paint and I will maybe just one more good one and sign it. i didn't even say all the reasons I didn't sign them I wanted them to be considered painted by a higher power I wanted them to be mysterious I felt like my name looked bad I also knew my persona would be the joke it is. Got what I knew would happen


They will never know and i can't let it bother me. I hope for my truth to be mine in the end


You're adorable. There's no denying that, but when I take a step back I realize how completely full of shit you are.


Make a mark on someone doesn't mean your mark is "success" or change what it is in yourself that wanted to make that mark


Idk about fads but been shaving my kitty for almost 15 years , because I hate hair can't stand it , I shaved every single day not just my kitty but my arms, legs even my hair on my big toe and it has nothing to do with sex , I started shaving down there even before I become sexual active. It makes me feel cleaner , especially when I'm on my period.




When friends are in my apartment and they see a photo of my family, they look at my Dad and ask if he's a foreigner. He is. I tell them he's from Mexico. He's not. He's from Iran. It's easier though to tell them Mexico. Or it used to be. I might go back to telling the truth, that he's from Iran.


Guys with pony tails... um, no.


I am really feeling good about the direction I'm going in these days. I spent so much time coasting and drifting through life, just trying to make it day to day without having a  mental breakdown, but now I wake up early, I eat healthy, I exercise, I take care of myself, I don't drink like a street corner bum, I don't party like a rockstar wannabe, I don't hide out anymore. It's like I'm back from the dead. I almost always have people around, but they're quality...not just any old loser or whack job who turns up. I'm like the old me, but better. Calmer. More mellow. Less self-absorbed. More open. More grounded. More sane. It feels great. It took a lot of shit to get here, but it's starting to seem like it was all worth it.


Your engagement picture looks like a photo of a boy with his mother....


Life. Sigh.

About 10 years ago my town wanted to install an artificial turf field. Being very health conscious, I did a little research and found these types of fields are made out of bad materials, specifically crumbled tire rubber. There are suggestions these field can cause cancer in young people. I decided to oppose the field.

I wrote a few letters to the newspaper to that effect. Several people wrote back in the newspaper. They were unkind. They had sports kids and they wanted these fields. Apparently calling me names is a very effective way to get what you want. The town voted to approve the field. The sports parents won.

Last week I read a story in the same newspaper. It was a plea from one of the sports moms who called me names years earlier. Her now 22 year old son has cancer. She is appealing to the community for money for his treatment.

Like wow. The boy was 12 when the artificial turf field was installed. Here it is 10 years later and he has cancer. It happened just like the research said it could.

Does the mom have any regrets? Does she ever consider this new heartache possibly could have been avoided if only she stopped calling me names and instead listened to what the science said?

You know what I did? I put $100 in an envelope and mailed it to her. I put in a note saying I hope her son feels better soon. I signed the note with my first name only. But my full name was on the return address. I wonder if she noticed. I wonder if she even remembers me and how rotten she was to me 10 years earlier on exactly the topic of kids getting cancer. Does she think about her behavior at all?

I don't know. Whatever. I try to be a good person no matter how others behave.


What can you do to change my mind? Build a time machine so you can go back in time and treat your lady the way she deserves.


Oh, so you want me back now? Have you tried not being an asshole in the first place and seen if that works?


I think it's hilarious that you think she doesn't know you're cheating. She thinks it's funny to watch you stress about her finding out :) She has checked out of the relationship and is going to leave you "out of the blue" and I am going to laugh, and laugh, and laugh.


What's with the hairless pussy fad? Looks weird and doesn't improve sex except take time away from fucking while in the cactus razor wire stubble phase. Hairless porn is so ugly. I wish the bush would come back :-(


I may truly be at the precipice of what could be either the beginning of my life or the end of it. I could just do nothing and not have to face that precipice. But I think the fates are aligned. Time to stand up for myself.


My wife might seem normal to most, but she has deep psychological issues. You can't tell her what to do. You can't even suggest that she do something. She takes it as trying to control her life. So much so that she goes out of her way to NOT do what someone suggests.

She'll be walking across the street. I'll point out there's a car coming and she should be mindful to get out of the way. This immediately enrages her. How dare I suggest she get out of the road. So she'll intentionally walk more slowly. She'll linger in the street exactly so the car has to stop. She's lucky the car did stop. One of these days the car won't stop and my problem will be solved in another way.

Another example. This one is from today. A friend of hers was coming over. The friend showed up at the front door and rang the doorbell. My wife was in the kitchen with me. I said there's your friend, you should go open the door. Oops, I told her what to do! There must be a punishment. She must show me she's the boss! So she didn't answer the door. The friend rang the doorbell several more times. I sat there watching this unfold. If my wife actually went to the door, in her mind, I would win whatever contest this is. So my wife wouldn't budge. She completely ignored the doorbell until after 5 minutes, the friend left. They were going to go out to lunch. It never happened. Because my wife refused to even answer the door.

She has major issues.


I love Saturdays. I have my rituals. I sleep in, then I get up and have strawberries and cantaloupe for brunch or an egg white omelette, sometimes a mimosa, then I do my spa treatments. I've never understood paying $200-$300 a pop when you can do it all at home. I do my full body scrub, my facial, my peel, my mud wrap, my hair masque, my aromatherapy, my body butter massage, reflexology with bath oil, my pedicure, and then a manicure if I'm feeling it. I love it. I feel so relaxed afterward, but the most relaxing part of Saturday is when I sit on his face and let him lick my soft, smooth, hairless, lightly coconut scented pussy until I can't take it anymore and beg him to fuck me. You can't get that kind of service at a day least not a reputable one.


I'm so glad that Facebook is becoming trashier and trashier.  It was garbage when it first came out.  I didn't even want my account, some friends made mine for me.  I stuck around on it because it had some benefits.  But it's just another ad-filled piece of shit full of political diarrhea and so many people I know are moving away from it.  It was becoming a way for corporations and co. to freely take people's personal information to use for their own benefit.  But now that they have used that information to basically shit ads all over the place, they're soiling their primary resource of personal information.

I'm sticking around to watch the shit show.


Sean, if we ever have another chance in this life I will take my chance with you and tell you how I feel.

You were a good man, a good friend and I chose wrong.  Everyone knew you liked me- family, friends.  Everyone except me.  You never made a move, never told me.  But you were always present, even through my darkest times.

I always felt something platonic for you but it changed the night we went salsa dancing and it scared me.  I ran away from my feelings.

I got into a long term relationship and you moved on and married someone else.  I didn't come to your wedding.  I knew in the back of my mind it would upset me but I never addressed those feelings.  Just shoved it away.

Now, years later, it slowly dawned on me.  Years too late.

It should have been us sweet best friend.

Maybe we will find each other again when we are old and craggy- light years from our college days.

But we will look at each other and still see the youthful spirit under all the wrinkles and bags.

It's been almost 10 years now since we last saw each other.  2 years since we last communicated, but I'm patient.  I guess that's what soulmates do.  And I have this strong intuition you will be back.




i met a woman on craigslist who wanted to go out to eat. turns out she was a real dinner whore - picked the restaurant and booze. as soon as we were in my car she peeled off her top and went to town on me in the parking lot. i didnt mind paying for dinner.


what i and anyone can have is true love. honestly im just like meg ryan in you got mail.(joke) wherever it might have begun if i had believed more in it sooner. wherever it might end it will not i will always love the ones i have and the one i love now is the only. this is not meant to be "publicized" and i doubt the validity of this but she did not contact me while in my city while knowing about me. only after she moved back did she contact me on that dating site. then i came to her. i pray any loving relevance can be downloaded once reaching Fractal Art Beyond. miracles synchronizing around us hardly actualized because i can't be in the moment or as i call it "out of step"... realigning and overexcited overtired or over-validly-paranoid or over-agitated... this is the essence of mental illness a REASON for your feelings and finding the right natural way to balance your brain chemistry feelings and actions.(highs and lows are life. depression also has purpose. even evil if strong enough to fight itself WILL BE it's own angel and can find rational approach to love) (believe me meds is an easy and not worth it answer. deficiencies in essential nutrients and structures are much harder to address but the only way to thrive at your fullest and good luck finding a nutritionist/medical doctor who can still help you do this in the future if you're not willing to pull whatever you can together and as is for me my body now suffers under the meds it must adapt to i am about the same as i was before ever being on them except a weaker body..still haven't managed the nutrients and structure so actually thank god for mandatory injection i suppose) we must balance what we know we have to offer with the actions it takes to get there. right before i left my doctor decided to change and increase my mandatory injection and her little team told me it sounded like more but was still the minimum dose for that type of med. my new doctor basically told me that wasn't true and lowered it a couple of times. i slept the whole ride here and hardly could function after getting here thank god for my new doctor but thank nothing for trusting that my mom would follow through and help set me up with an apartment later claiming she never said that.(way back when she kicked me out and i first got sent to the hospital from a party by friends who were acting as though they could help but i was not pressuring them to) i had 2 jobs before the stress created in a family that knew nothing of how to help me and i still had time for my art back then and never needed to go to the hospital. drugs are stupid if u know they're a tool but still choose to misuse them. i would have been able to set myself up with an apartment if i used them only at the right times as in all i needed was to know my mom was lying about setting me up with a place and i would have saved the money if she actually gave me a set date of when i was kicked out not "ok now for sure in a week"(that week was right after my 18th birthday when child support was no longer necessary from my dad the child support she used for her her her). some of my art wouldn't exist without the drugs but more would exist with less. my love understands me better than i think and i feel like the same goes for her. things like wanting so much for each other out of love but shame or guilt for what is not our fault or if anything certainly MY fault. she has more inner peace and rationality and is more personal which is such a shame to be wasted on someone like me. i have to change. her art (and art ideas) are the same kind of machines i can thrive with. all we need is security and a routine and we will be happy. all i ask is that a person work on their message not their influence power high ego addiction these things aren't other people's problems but if you have a truth you can't FORCE it on someone it's very easy to believe you can send some unwanted influence in your life to hell but you're not the universe like anyone you're a pawn with a truth so be an example of dignity not your own denial of healing. i believe in a way there's more "dignity" in being a victim than someone who pushes away their own truth and leeches from an idea of how they're influencing a soul based on obsessive hate. honestly i don't care to insult you i just want to address the hacking. that last part. whatever you didn't have to read this sorry i can't compress everything into tiny individualized pill experiences to distribute and bring each reader to their own alternate universe where they get to embrace their own reality.


As a 59 year old male, I have never seen female genitalia in person.  It looks complicated in pictures.  I have always thought it looks like a terrible wound.  I have heard that except for a couple of minute places, vaginas are devoid of feeling.  I can't imagine what that must be like.  I don't think I will ever see it in person either because it's too late now.  I don't want to see anymore (never really did). Obviously, I'm quite gay.


185556 you are not alone in this


That unicorn frappacino is the absolute stupidest thing that people got excited for. Yay for processed crappy milkshakes with food dye! Grown adults are acting like they're 5 over a stupid ugly drink loaded with poisons. No wonder why America is like this.


If you are well over 400 lbs, and your outings involve you getting wasted to the point where you are completely fucking annoying, with unwanted sexual innuendos , as you sweat buckets and smell like literal shit from the pounds of cheese and meat you have eaten all day coming out of your pores, then youwill have the answer as to why you can't find anyone to have sex with. You're gross.


I've always used a bath faucet or showerhead to get off, ever since I was young. I've never been into dildos or vibrators... but for whatever reason I just fingered myself like crazy on my couch, 3 fingers at a time. It was crazy, like my hands weren't my own. I'm not sure what happened... it was wild.


We go through life being so hateful and dismissive to each other. Why? What does it accomplish? We all have feelings. We all have strengths. We all have dreams and goals. We're all only human.  Making other people feel bad about themselves doesn't empower you or them. No matter what they did to upset or frustrate you, you can always find a way to make things better. We all make mistakes, but there comes a time to be peaceful and part of that is letting go of old ways. This is the power of communication. As we become stronger communicators growth is inevitable. We under use (or misuse) the greatest gift that we have and look at the results. At least for myself, I feel like it's time to pursue a higher state of being and to become increasingly more evolved than that. I sleep better at night knowing that I've done my best to be understanding and decent with the people around me. Life is too short for constant negativity.


When I was a kid growing up, my mother would often tell me either over the phone or when she got home that she had a "ghastly day"

Goddammit, Mom. Now every fucking day is nearly the same for me. What the fuck am I supposed to do? Fuck this shit.


Nobody likes me. :( my best friend isn't my best friend anymore. Now she's just someone else I know. I stay home a lot with my kids. Nobody ever asks if I'm doing anything or ever wants to hang out. I'm retreated from trying to be social anymore because people look at me funny.  I had a big milestone birthday that came and went without anyone noticing much except for the usual Facebook posts. It gets a little depressing. It hurts when only your husband and kids are the only ones on the planet that like you. Not even my immediate family likes me. Or my in laws.  It's a horrible feeling. Now I'm getting a glimpse into what suicidal people's mindsets are. I'd never do that to my kids but what the fuck is wrong with me? What did I do?


I had a coworker/friend ask me today if I want some painkillers.

This set me thinking and now I brought out my stash that I've been avoiding for months. Currently snorting some lines and feeling really great.

Fuck I love pills.

I just want to be a loser addict alcoholic and just get high/drunk everyday all day. Find an easy job that allows me to just get by. Then I would be happy.




Spare ME the meddling in my life and get one


My wife has nothing to say. Being a good conversationalist requires thinking. My wife is too lazy to think. As a consequence, trying to talk with her is painful. She just repeats what I or anyone else says. She thinks that's her contributing to the conversation.

Here is an actual dialog.

Me: "My brother married his wife in 2010."

Her: "He married his wife in 2010?" She looks at me expecting an answer, even though she is just repeating my words. But okay, I say it again.

Me: "Yes, he married her in 2010."

Her: "So you're saying he married her in 2010?" Again she wants me to answer.

Me: "I'm not sure where you are going with this. Do you want me to say it a third time?"

Her: "Yes, I'm trying to understand. Did he marry her in 2010?"

Me: "Yes, as I said, he married her in 2010."

Her: "Really? So you are saying he married her in 2010?"

Me: "Yes, in 2010."

Her: "In 2010?"

I want to run from the room.

When we go to parties, I get away from her. I don't want to be around as people try to communicate with her. I don't want people to think I am in some way associated with her.


-539, I've known a few women like that one.  Some women are so stuck on themselves that they can't believe a male friend wouldn't want them sexually.  Women want to be desired, and just as importantly, they want their girlfriends to know they're desired.  When months go by and you still don't hit on them, they get mad and start making up a story in their heads to convince themselves that you want them.  

Now that she sees you haven't followed her around like a lost puppy dog for the last month, she's mad and embarrassed.  She's mad that a guy didn't want her, and she's embarrassed because you now know she thought you were hitting on her, when you weren't.

Hate to say it, but she'll probably get so embarrassed that she'll  convince herself that you should be reported to HR in the next month for "harassment."  Just be prepared.


I'm not really sure who I am anymore.
- F\46


A family used to live across the street from me.  They had the hottest blonde daughter, maybe she was 20 years old.  Dumb as shit, but my god she was hot.  Sometimes when she was in the front yard playing with her own daughter (of course, she was a single mom), I'd turn out the lights and stand back from my window a bit in my darkened room, whip out my dick, and rub one out.  It always made me cum pretty hard.  When I was out front, I'd say hi and be polite.  We're friends on Facebook.  She has fake tits now.


My next door neighbors are a Mexican family. They have a 18 year old daughter who is smoking hot. Today I saw her in her front yard pulling weeds from a flower bed. She was wearing tight shorts and a white tank top with no bra. She has small tits but her dark brown nipples were poking through her top. I couldn't help myself and I masturbated while watching her out of my window.  I really need to figure out how I can fuck this young women. I would love to put my mouth on her nipples.


I have a friend who sucks old men's weeners for money. It's all legal. It's her job. She's a fundraiser. She flirts with old rich gentlemen. She says if need be, she gets frisky with them. Then they cut a check for the charity she represents. She gets a percentage of the money she raises. It's legal prostitution in the name of charity. Sick.


I called in sick at my job today. But I'm not sick. I bought a 12-pack of beer, a chicken burrito from the local Mexican restaurant and a bunch of snacks. I'm going to get drunk and watch the Law & Order marathon on TV all day.  Life is good right now.


I'm the asshole mom that buys a bottle of wine for when my kids get home from school... drinks the whole bottle then drives out for more. I don't have my kids with me when that happens but I know im an asshole  if I give in to that voice to go out for more.  I hate myself so much for being such a weak low life loser mom.


You will never have this pussy again. I'm finally free of you. I can close the  gates of hell once and for all.


There's this guy that comes to my house a lot. He's cute, most of the time, and we seem to be pretty compatible. He says he likes one of his friends, but then he keeps pointing out and noticing the ways we go together, in like a "Wow, we have *another* thing in common! You're so great. :)" kind of way.

I think we're both in a place right now where we're not ready to fall into it with someone new, but we can't help but notice that we are, in some ways, exactly what the other wants. It's uncanny.


My biggest sexual fantasy is to watch a guy fuck my wife and then for him to fuck me while my wife watches. I've talked to my wife about it. She says she has no interest in seeing a cock in my ass or in my mouth. Is this standard? Are there any wives out there who would like to see their husband get fucked by another guy? Or do all women draw the line and get turned off by the idea?


I am another woman with a high sex drive. I am 35 and want it 3-4 a week and my husband has no problems with that. 😉


I'm a woman and I have thought about sex at least 15-20 times today already. I definitely have an inherent sex drive. Maybe I'm an anomaly, but I highly doubt it.


Up until last month, I had a very friendly relationship with a woman at work.  She started 7 months ago, and we immediately clicked.  I'm a guy, and it was simply platonic.  We'd talk about anything and had a similar sense of humor.  We'd text and message each other occasionally.  It made work kind of fun, and that was all it ever was.

Last month I sent her a text on a Saturday night asking what was up.  It was out of boredom.  I had done it before.

The next day, I get a text back from her saying that if I didn't stop bothering her, she was going to our boss.  Holy shit, talk about getting a bomb dropped on me.  Total shock.  I said I was sorry, I wouldn't do it again, and deleted her number.  I now make sure my only contact with her is if I see her in the halls.  I'll say hi.  That's it.  If she's going to infer that I'm harassing her, then I have to break contact because I don't know when I'm going to somehow upset her.

I still don't know what happened.  Somehow, I completely misjudged our relationship.  For seven months, it was cool to text her, and then one day it suddenly changes with no warning?  How did I misjudge what I thought was a friendship?  I honestly thought we were just friends from work, the same type of friendships I've had with many other people I've worked with.  But that doesn't matter.  If she wants to be left alone, I will leave her alone.

For the first week, she acted like everything was fine, but I kept my distance.  I stopped chatting with her and ceased stopping by her desk.  We both used to stop by each other's desk once in a while.  Now three weeks later when I walk by her, she doesn't even acknowledge me.  I'll say hi, but she'll just walk on by.  

I don't know what the fuck is going on in her head.  She seems mad at me.  Is she embarrassed at dropping a nuke on my head?  I sure as hell would be embarrassed if I suddenly remembered that the person I destroyed was a friend of mine for months before my outburst.  

Is she mad because I'm not talking to her?  In that case... what the fuck did she think I was going to do?  Did she seriously expect me to keep chatting with her and joking and laughing like nothing happened?  Because obviously something went seriously wrong and I have no clue what happened.

Is she mad because when I stopped talking to her, it somehow took the power away from her and gave it back to me?  Is my silence now a message right back to her that says, "I am not comfortable talking to you anymore"?  Maybe the fact that I'm leaving her alone now tells her that I think she's the one with the problem.

She might just be fucking crazy, too.

I can't talk to a woman who's going to explode on me like that out of fucking nowhere, no matter who's at fault for misjudging whom or misjudging what.  It's just not safe.  I am a professional male and I cannot risk being fired for harassment.  Actions have consequences.


I don't believe women have a natural inherent sex drive.

When I see a girl walking down the street I don't imagine it's even possible she has any sexual thoughts. I don't imagine she wants or likes sex like guys do. I think it's pretty clear from all the women I've met that this is an easy assumption to make. The penis gets massive pleasure from the vagina but the vagina does not get a similar amount of pleasure from the penis. Sure the clit has some nerve endings, but the vaginal canal itself - yeah, like none inside there.  

This is why I don't believe women have a natural inherent sex drive


I'm a married man and I had an affair. It was very much out of character for me. My wife would have died if she found out. She doesn't realize how close she came to knowing.

The affair woman and I met up one evening for a romp. She gave me a present with a note. The note was very sexy and said how much she loved fucking me. It was quite graphic.

When I came home I forgot I had the note folded up in my pocket. A got undressed and went to bed, putting my pants in the hamper.

A few days later my wife was doing the laundry. Before putting my pants in the washer she emptied the pockets. She pulled out some dollar bills and the note and left the items on the kitchen counter.

Somewhere along the way the phone rang. A guy was asking for me. I wasn't home. My wife needed to write down a message so I could call the guy back. She reached for a pencil and... the note.

I came home later. She explained a guy called and his number was written on a piece of paper in the kitchen. I didn't think anything of it. The note sat there for a few days.

Finally my wife, once again noticing the message on the counter, asked if I had ever called him back. I said no. She said I should. She picked up the note to hand to me, but first she instinctively unfolded it to see if anything else was on the page. Imagine me at the counter. From where I was sitting, I could see her looking at the back of the page, rereading the message she wrote. But the front of the page was facing me. I suddenly realized it was the love note. In one more second she would have turned it over and seen the sex talk.

I jumped out of my seat and ripped the note from her hands. She looked shocked. I realized I owed her an explanation. I was a great actor. I said something about dammit, I forgot to call this guy back. I have to do it right away. I've been meaning to. This is very important. Holy shit I'm going to take care of this right away.

She bought it. She believed my over energetic lunge to pull the note from her hands had to do with my eagerness in calling the guy back. The funny part in hindsight, the guy who called was a telemarketer from a septic tank cleaning service. Since I had put myself in the position of saying how urgent it was to talk with him, I ended up calling him back so my wife wouldn't be suspicious. His company came and cleaned my septic system. It cost me about $300. Cheaper than a divorce I guess. That was one lucky telemarketer.


I was deathly afraid of tornados when I was a child. Maybe it was because of the Wizzard of Oz?

Now that I'm an adult, I would consider myself fortunate if I ever saw one. Furthermore, I'd be fine if it whisked me away to a colorful land filled with witches and flying monkeys. Much saner and more down to earth than the world I presently live in.


Please let me find a job soon. I'm asking they universe please let this happen for me. I'm starting to get scared now.


A week ago I wrote on here that I would never cheat on my boyfriend. I'm writing today to say that I have cheated on him.. I know I am so dumb


Defile your soul...? Really...? Spare me the semantics and bullshit.


If you wanted to defile my soul you got what you wanted. Forgiveness means nothing after. Let me be wrong about whatever with absolutely no threat to you.


But only one coin.


I am the un-proud parent of a teenager. In the past few years it's become a thing with the local teenagers to be as obnoxious as possible. When an adult asks the teenager a question, the response from the youngster is "Wha..." It's some kind of condescending gesture aimed at adults, as if saying the teens care so little, that they didn't even pay attention to the adult's question. My son is very fond of this approach.

"Did you do your homework?"


We've had words over this many times. To which his response is, you guessed it, "Wha..."

Last week he came to me wanting $5,000 for a used car.

My response, "Wha..."

I've been waiting years for this satisfaction. Sorry kid, you'll still have to take the yellow bus to school!


Friend: "Hey man, it's almost 4:20, want to come over?"

Me: - Hey, sorry, can't make it. I have to work late tonight.


- …it's my job?


- I can swing by after I get off

"Don't, we're actually taking off"

- Alright


Yeah, so, you're not my friend anymore 🖕🏻


Quick Question.   H m m m m m m m m m m m.

1.  I'm 10 hours into my working day, which started with a 7 am conference call.  

2.  I've been on back-to-back conference calls or killing myself to complete stuff that is due today in-between conference calls

3.  I haven't eaten all day save for a piece of toast at breakfast

4.  I've had 1 coffee all day

5.  My throat is hoarse from presenting for hours on-end

6.  My back is sore from sitting all day

7.  I haven't been to the gym, so, physically, I feel like shit

8.  I've barley seen daylight all day from being stuck in my basement office

9.  Apart from all-day conference calls, I haven't spent 1 minute socializing

10.  I haven't spoken to my wife or kids

11.  From the remains of the day, I'm trying to get myself in a good position for Friday - the most craziest day of the week

12.   Your question will not be quick

In fact, whenever I hear the phrase "Quick Question"

-  My mind recoils in horror

-  The question might be quickly asked, by my response may take days

-  My response to the question could affect my job and escalate to my boss (if I screw it up)

-  Frankly, I don't give a shit about your bullshit "quick question"

So, there.


My town has a Social Services Director. He's the good guy right? He helps people in need.

But if you ever disagree with him, for example, by saying I don't think the taxpayers can afford to subsidize yet another apartment rent, he calls you a dick.

He's the good guy? What a crock. He's got to be the nastiest public official I've ever encountered. But he hides behind this fake image that he is the do-gooder. Bah.

I am normally caring and like to help charities. But he has convinced me to never help any kind of social services organization ever again.


My girlfriend isn't smart enough to be in a relationship. Everyday we talk about her work, her thoughts, her events. I'm a good partner and try to ask questions and show interest. On the flip side, she never and I mean never asks about my day.

I brought it up a few weeks ago. I outright said we only talk about her stuff, but never mine. She said, and I quote, "Oh that reminds me, you won't believe what my boss said to me today..."

This relationship is a goner. She should date herself.


I really hate it when I have a crush on someone, and when I talk to them to try and get to know them, they end up asking me for advice on *their* crush. They're not aware of it, but it really, really sucks having to give people good advice on how to get with someone else when you want to be selfish.

Hello friendzone, my old friend...


I wish that we could just talk because there seems to be assumptions being made that aren't true. I hate having my hands tied and not being able to at least try to resolve this when it would be really easy to do so. I didn't lie to you before, so why would I start now? Please think about it.


Play stupid games, when stupid prizes. Sorry, I don't have any sympathy for you. Get your life together.


the alcohol has deeply affected your brain, you are one sick ugly puppy.


Happy birthday to the big man!! Imy goo


if only we could start over again in the garden with only butterflies in our hearts and no ability to competively overpopulate and exploit such a gift


SHE WONT DARE!!!She's worked so hard and put so much effort into portraying to be this first class citizen.Its sickening to watch!!! Bitch you could never hide the fact that u just got out of prison for the 10 th time.


God, it's always about you.  Such that I should rearrange MY stuff so that you can watch your show because you are too cheap to pay for the package that includes it -- taking over My computer that I bought with my own money...,


So.... how did you meet?


I want to believe.

So bad.

I'm such a damn fool.


My husband and I have the ultimate meet cute. It's straight out of Hollywood. Anyone who hears it thinks it's adorable, and I've always been proud to tell the tale. But my husband is so ashamed of how we met and how it might impact his image that he once screamed at me for telling the story to his colleague until I broke down sobbing. I had to apologize for ruining his reputation, even though a week later that colleague told me that story is how she decided we're "good people".

To this day, he tells people we "met in college" and leaves it at that. I long since stopped trying to correct him. It still stings every time he sanitizes how we met like it's a dirty secret. But I'm too dead inside to tell the tale of a love story spiraling quickly towards an unhappy ending.


Blood alcohol .198..

I've never been so disappointed


I would resent my husband if he pressured me into having nude photos taken. I of course would not do it. A husband is not a decent man if he makes his wife cry and feel humiliated. What do you suppose porn whores are for. A man is supposed to make his wife feel loved and protected, not like some cheap whore.


I believe that Famke Janssen is male. "She" has a male brow ridge. Females have vertical foreheads, not sloping back foreheads. This is a biological fact. Don't make me post links to scientific pictures on the skeletal differences between male and female skulls. Transgenders on TV etc, are everywhere. Educate yourself on the biological markers which show the differences between males and females. We are being deceived.


Whenever I show interest in a man, he reacts with disgust.


If you called me I would hang up on your bitch ass.  No questions asked. Not a second thought. Never imagined I would feel that way.

Feels nice!


I don't really know what it means when someone says tight body.  I used to think it meant someone who was skinny, or someone who was firm like with muscle, that's obviously tight, but I've heard it used to describe other types that don't have muscle like that and who aren't skinny.  I don't know what it means.


During sex I elaborate on all sorts of sex fantasies I'd like to do with my wife. We both seem to get off on it. But if ever we got divorced tho, oh boy could she tell some embarrassing stories to the judge.


I secretly try to arrange my work schedule so my days off are when my husband is at work. I like having alone time.


I once pressured my wife to let me take naked photos of her. She didn't want to do it. She hated the idea so much that she cried as I started snapping the pictures. After two minutes I had to stop. How can it be a sexy experience if she is bawling? She got her way, but I hate how she's such a prude. Deep down I resent her.


Who counts our nerve endings?  How?  I don't believe anyone can or has.


I love how the New England Patriots are acting all high and mighty. Some of the players are refusing to go on the White House visit, as a way of insulting Trump. As if the football players are better people....

Meanwhile, one of their teammates committed murder and just killed himself.

Ha ha, yes New England Patriots, you should feel so smug and superior...


I knew a girl who fell 5 stories and lived. She fought for her life only to be murdered a few years later. Sometimes I still cry when I remember that.


My kid in a High School Freshman.  I drive him to school in the morning and when I do I see so many of his female classmates walking in wearing tights or tight jeans.  FUCK! They look so damn good.  Tight. Young. Gorgeous with out trying. And they don't even know how hot they look.  Makes me feel like a dirty old man, but I wanna beat off right therein the car sometimes!  Its hard to remind myself that these girls are really just kids. But FUCK!



I fell at least 12 feet from a bridge onto a side of a hill covered in rocks and broken glass when I was drunk. I lied to my mom and told her I pulled something in my back deadlifting. I'm honestly shocked that I wasn't bleeding let alone paralyzed or dead. The 3 glass jars I had in my backpack didn't even shatter. Some serious divine intervention type shit, I'm not even religious and to be completely honest I was basically an atheist , but after this I definitely have faith. My question now is should I get an MRI? My back hurts but I think it's just tight and has muscle soreness. Plus my mom can't afford good insurance so I don't know how I'd pay for it. But if the glass in my backpack didn't break then my bones should be fine right?


-488.  A woman has 8000 nerve endings in and around her clit. A man has 4000 in his dick. Now who do you think can get more pleasure if properly stimulated?


What bizarre behavior from Hernandez. He killed a relative's fiancee? He killed someone who spilled a drink? No murder is normal. But Hernandez's killings go ever further. I wonder if brain damage is involved from getting bashed in the head so often while playing football.


Fuck Aaron Hernandez. Rot in hell, you weak piece of shit.


My libido has so deserted me over the past few years that I sometimes find myself wondering what all the fuss was about.  I guess that means that I'm now vagina-immune.



I'm glad he's dead.


I just had my lover in bed with me screaming her head off all night until we finished off together. Even with the windows closed, I'm sure the neighbors heard us!

I love it when they lose count of the orgasms I give them!
M 51, She's 55  :)


Guys, if you want to make a woman squirt you have to use two fingers and your tongue. Get a little rough. Suck her clit...tease her lips with your tongue at first--go very very slowly up and down, nibble a little (no teeth, just lips!), then speed up with your tongue, then slow down again, then shove your tongue deep inside her when she least expects it, tongue fucking her then cupping her clit with it while you use your fingers to fuck her as she cums in your mouth. Alternate back and forth, going fast and slow. Tease her. Push her over the edge, then speed up just as she's getting relaxed... Totally fuck her world up. You'll see it in her face when it's about to happen. There is this face that a woman makes when she just can't take it anymore... So erotic.  

And I should know because I am a woman and I've experienced this from both angles. Hee hee...


I'm not happy until I daydream about living my last day before I die.  Not thinking about the future and just enjoying the moment really helps.  I don't mean doing something stupid like blowing all my money in one day or something, but just enjoying the day and not worrying about the future.  I haven't done this in years.


I'm really stoned. Like, really fucking stoned, and when I get this stoned, I like to put the negative filter on my phone because looking at pictures and shit like that always trips me out. So I'm going to the usual sites. Facebook, everyone looks like aliens. YouTube, cartoons are weeeeird on a negative screen. Then Reddit…only when I go onto Reddit, I notice one photo that looks normal. When I clicked on this image, it was indeed normal. This completely put my head in a spin, "What are the chances!".

But as I'm writing this out and having to remember the entire experience, I realize how fucking stupid and uninteresting this all is. If I read this on here, I'd think "…so this guys retarded…"

I think I'm retarded.


Glad I could be of assistance, 490. :) Don't wait for it. Go out and get it, tiger!

(a fellow f/35)



Oh my God I need to get laid.

I haven't had that kind of sex since my 20s.

Shit I need a cigarette after reading that post and I haven't smoked in years.

35/f wondering when that kind of sex will show up again in my life


BELIEVE! When the tip of a man's cock rubs your clit and he goes as deep as he can inside of you and pounds the ever living FUCK out of you until you're shaking all over, your teeth are chattering, all the neighbors know you're fucking because you're so damn loud, your head is banging against the headboard but you don't give a shit because it's so worth it, your sheets are dripping with cum, and you fall off and land on the mother fucking floor and are still going at it till you almost pass out and you are completely fucking spent and can't walk for a few days, I think that...yes, perhaps it may just be as good for a woman as it is for a man.

Enough for you?

Now cut it out!


I refuse to believe that women get the same amount of pleasure form sex that the man gets. The entire concept just seems fundamentally impossible to me.


If you are 40+ and are still living for (and creating) high school drama, there is something seriously wrong with you.


-480 please, please, please do what 482 suggested; you can prevent an innocent child from becoming yet another victim. This is horrific. Good luck & keep us posted.


There's a certain kind of spammy virus email making the rounds for the last year or so where the content is just a link to a website and .php file.

The email is very easy to spot.

But I have to ask. If the email is so obvious, why does my email provider allow it to get through? Why doesn't their email server stop the virus message from being delivered?

I think the email providers like spam and viruses. It means innocent people like me are logging in when we see there is a message. It means we are exposed to more ads in the margins. It means the email provider makes more money.

How sick is that? They intentionally let us get exposed to a virus so they can profit.

That's corporate greed for you!


I had a friendly and informative hour long meeting with the Superintendent of Schools. I then posted all my questions and his answers online so our community could have more information about the upcoming budget vote. The next day I received a snide phone call from the Super telling me I had no right to share what was said in the meeting.

What? He is a public official. His salary comes from tax dollars. I didn't sign a confidentiality agreement with him before the phone call. That would be crazy. Of course I'm allowed to share what was said in the phone call.

I think public officials are out of control. They have this sense of entitlement.

It's horse shit. It's kind of what's wrong with the entire nation. Public officials need to understand their place on the ladder. It's on the same step as the rest of us.


If we don't sin, Jesus died for nothing... Just saying'


480- mail an anonymous note to all your neighbors on your block, include yourself and the guy.  if you're able to let the people on the websites know where he lives. maybe they can sue him. it may make other victims come to light.


476-thank you for sharing this. It takes guts even on a site like this to be that open. People are so quick to judge. I was to that point too not that long ago. I still haven't told anybody.


Not sure what to do about this. I have a very difficult neighbor. He's a crotchety old man who comes into my yard and yells at me that my lawn mower noise bothers him, or the leaves falling from my trees are landing on his grass.

He strikes me as "off". But it's more than just his yelling, he's creepy.

So I looked him up online to see if there's a history I should know about.

Sure enough, what a background. Back in the 1960s and 1970s, he taught at private schools. About 10 years ago one of his former students started a blog on how he was molested by this guy. Other former students joined in the conversation, saying how they too were victimized.  These are people who don't even know each other. They are from different schools and even different countries (because after getting fired so many times in the USA, he eventually started teaching abroad.)

He has never been arrested. And the statute of limitations has apparently expired. So this guy is free to walk around.

I think back to an incident two years ago. It was before I knew about his sordid sexual history. He had house guests, a young family with a son.  I noticed they were staying with him for a couple of days. Then one evening I heard yelling, very angry yelling. I couldn't make out the words, but the boy's parents were very upset. They drove off that night. I can only think the worst...

So what do I do now? It seems like this guy is still up to his old tricks. But I have no hard evidence. Maybe the boy's parents from two years ago do, but I have no idea who they are. I'm guessing they never informed the police if anything sexual did go on.

So I'm just supposed to wait around until I see another young boy over there?? Legally there has to be a better way. Our laws should help prevent any more occurrences.  This guy has slipped through the cracks for too long.


That was probably the nicest evening I've had in many years. I just wish I wasn't such a goob.


I fired someone because she sent me an email addressed to another person by accident.


Sure...if you want to bleed internally and have irreversible liver damage.


I've lost 20 pounds since January. I'm still nowhere close to being where I want to be, but it's a start. Maybe it sounds superficial, but my self-esteem and weight go hand in hand. They always have. This is only a small part of my journey, though. Up until a few months ago, I hated myself. I was so depressed I didn't give a damn about anything. My weight was just a symptom of everything else that was wrong, not a cause. I figured that nobody would want me anyway so it didn't matter. I saw nothing good in myself. I saw nothing worth saving.

I had given up on myself completely. I just wanted to be drunk and forget about everything. I thought that I was washed up and my life was over. Even though it was irrational, that belief was so deeply embedded in my brain that I stopped caring about everything. I just gave up. It's amazing how your mind can defeat you. You become learned helpless and you're drowning in three feet of water, but it feels so real to you.

My mind was my hell. I ended up in a psychiatric hospital because I tried to kill myself. I had lost my grip on reality. I was out of my control. I had become this person that I didn't recognize and didn't really care about. I was indifferent to myself; indifferent to existence in general. It's funny how your darkest moments can become these points of light, though. The people that I met in the hospital were not what you would expect. They were incredibly intelligent, quirky, funny, creative, vibrant...they had everything to live for, but like me, they had let one or two other people and their own dark thoughts wreak havoc inside of their heads to the point where they had forgotten their worth and had abandoned hope in favor of despair. 

I think about how many people succeed and snuff their own light out when, in reality, they could just stand up in that proverbial three feet of water and walk back to shore. I invested so much of my time and energy into lies and false beliefs. Anything positive that people said I rejected. Anything negative about myself I latched onto like a stone junkie. I don't know why. Fear of success maybe? Fear of failure? That's the more likely answer.  Something snapped inside of me, though. Being broken became untenable. Finally. Thank God.

Misery can only be comfortable for so long before it no longer becomes sustainable. You either let it guide your hand and take your own life or you get better.  I had to get up off the ground. Something deep inside of me refused to give up and give into the demons.  I am proud of this. I'm not proud of all of the knots that I had to slip down to make it to the end of my rope, but I am proud of that strong, relentless force inside of me that wouldn't give up.

The point of my rambling is this--never give up. Your life is beautiful even when it seems like it isn't going where you want it to go fast enough or isn't amounting to much in that particular time and place. You may feel like you are worthless and like everything is over for you, but this is all an illusion. Things can always change. One step forward is still a forward motion. You are not alone. You are beautiful. You are important. You are needed.

Please, when you feel like you are at the end, keep going. Don't stop. You will survive. I promise you. I did and I will. Keep on going. The story isn't over yet.


I hate those Charmin bears, but dammit it is good toilet paper.


185470.  Don't be quiet! Shout it from the mountaintops!!! Your child deserves better, never see those people again. They aren't worth your time. I hope you got her therapy. Also, I would have your daughter file a police report.


For some reason I'm feeling really nervous about putting my music out there. But I've been holding onto it for too long, and I need to do SOMETHING with it.

Here's to leaving my comfort zone...


But, to quote FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper, "You need a friend more right now."


My work wife and I were eating lunch together today, like always. We were sitting on a park bench on a hill near our job, just talking about our weekends and talking shit about our bosses. She's in the middle of a story about this guy we met at the park the other day, and she stops and says "Why do you have that look on your face? You look like something happened and you don't want to tell me."

I had just been smiling in what I thought was an attentive manner, but apparently I looked like I had a secret lover. She asked me if I'd gone on any dates or talked to any of the guys in my life, and I told her, truthfully, no.

For a second though, I thought, maybe it's just because I'm looking at you.

I love her guys, I really do. We've become closer friends over the last 6 months than we've been in the 3 years we've known each other. We've already said "I love you" as friends, and we're very compatible as people. We make each other laugh, we can hang out and do nothing but talk, and we're there for each other.

I don't think I'll tell her, but she's one of those few women that I find myself attracted to romantically. She says she's bisexual (only sexually, not emotionally), and either way I don't know how well we would work with her father being one of the bosses here. Plus, I just don't want to ruin the beautiful friendship we have. If something is meant to happen, I can wait.


An odd tale. When my daughter was 3, she was molested by her older cousin. This did not make me happy. The whole thing was twisted. She was molested on several different occasions. But no one told me. It was only when I discovered the boy in the act that the prior incidents came to light.

How could the other adults not tell me? I could have kept a close watch on the situation if they had informed me after the first incident. Don't they see how wrong that was to keep it a secret? Ugg.

It got worse. The adults who dropped the ball on this then started bad mouthing me AND MY 3 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER! They said I was a terrible parent and knew nothing about raising children. They insisted that child molestation is a normal part of growing up. WHAT!!!!!!! They also tried to claim my daughter was the instigator. Like holy shit, do they really think a 3 year old molested her much older boy cousin? I'm a peaceful person, but the adults needed to be beaten in the head at that point.

Years have gone by. The molestation has not been discussed in a long time. I just recently saw everyone involved, the children, now grown, and the offensive adults.

I look at the children in the molester's family. They have tattoos. One has tattoos on her hands. Another has a tattoo on her face. They are grossly overweight. They dropped out of college. I think they work as waiters and waitresses.

By contrast, my children have won all sorts of academic awards, not just in school, but on the State and National level too.

Yet according to the molester's parents, I know nothing about raising children. But they do.

I don't bring it up. I don't say anything. They are related to me through marriage. If they weren't, I'd never see them again. But unfortunately, they can't be entirely avoided, so I just keep my distance as much as possible and shake my head at how some people just aren't worth dirt. And it's these people who try to put the conscientious parents down.


My husband needs to wipe his bottom better. Just sayin'


I know a kid who was recruited into an ivy league college while in 8th grade. He was in a few honors classes back then and played lacrosse. The combination got him accepted four years early.

Here we are four years later. He is a senior in high school. He stopped taking honors classes because he's not a great student. He's mediocre and never speaks up in class.  He's in no way a shining academic star. I'll bet I could name 100 kids who get better grades.

Each week I read the sports section of the local newspaper. Never once has his name appeared for scoring a goal or making a play. There is nothing about him. I'm not even sure he's still on the lacrosse team.

But he'll be going to an ivy in September. What a dumb system.


During my divorce, my ex - a LEO - hacked my email account.  So I closed it and opened several other accounts with different providers (not Google).  One was just for communication with him and my attorney.  One was for friends and subscriptions, and the third was solely for my aunt and uncle, who are like my parents since mine passed away.

That third one is under a completely fake name, fake DOB, fake zip code.  I kept my ex's last name for the kids, and am remarried now, so I haven't used my maiden name in over 20 years.  It's different from my aunt and uncle's last name, and their email was also created with false information for this purpose.  There is nothing showing any connection or relation between us.  So tell me why I am getting spam emails in that account using my first and maiden name???


During my thirties I went back to school to get a Graduate Diploma in Computing at a technical college in my city.  The final and most onerous part of the course was the Case Study, for which we were required to form teams and each team to collectively submit a suite of programs fulfilling specifications provided by the Case Study supervisor.  Unlike the other members in my team, I already had some experience working as an unqualified programmer, and did some programming as a hobby as well.  I knew that I was the best man for the job (we were all male), and I think the others realised that as well, which is presumably why they nominated me as team leader.  I assigned two of the four interactive programs to myself, along with all of the batch reports, and entrusted the next best man with the other two interactive programs, while the remaining team members could deal with producing the documentation.

I took a few weeks off my day job for the Case Study, and soon fell into a routine of going to bed late afternoon, waking up towards midnight, having a shower, and then driving to the computer lab at tech to work overnight until around 6am, and then drive home before the traffic got heavy.  It was pretty quiet in the lab, and response times on the mainframe were at their best during those hours.  There's a saying that there's no shift like night shift, and I loved working on my programming during those graveyard hours.  It felt liberating being able to work on it at times that suited my temperament, rather than at times dictated by office hours convention.  It was also apparently very productive: our team topped the class in Case Study.


And so loneliness returns.


I think the happiest I've ever been was when I worked freelance as a computer programmer. I'd wake up in the evening, work through the night, then sleep all day. There was a 24 hour market on my corner. I'd stop in there and get take-out food several times a day. Other than that, I'd be home working and most important of all, I'd have no interaction with people. That was key to my happiness. Very minimal contact with people. People always disappoint.


I get paid twice a month. 8th and the 23rd. I've been overdrawn since the 10th and don't get paid again for a week. Not sure how I'll survive. I'm so tired of working my ass off to barely scrape by.


I have multiple Gmail accounts for my online activity.  The one I use for work - the important one - is not connected to anything else.  YouTube is connected through a different account, and so is Facebook.  Occasionally, I will put my important e-mail address into Google's search engine to see if it shows up anywhere.  Nothing so far.


Save yourself. No other human being deserves your soul. Trust me on this.


His grip is tightening and I can't escape. I feel the demise of my soul just around the corner.


455 – It's Google, right?  I wouldn't touch Gmail with Kim Jong-un's dick, but I have a Google account so that I can login to YouTube when the need arises.  Every now and again when I'm trying to login to YouTube, Google harps at me for my mobile phone number and tries to block me from proceeding further until I give in to their demand, but I manage to get around it when it happens.  Like hell they're getting my phone number.  If they're that concerned about being able to contact you via alternative means in an emergency, why don't they offer the option of you giving them an alternative (non-Gmail) email address instead ... hmmm?

I furthermore would not trust Google after an episode where they revealed my previous YouTube (ie, Google) handle to an online vendor that I was dealing with.  Like with everything else that I do on the 'Net to keep personas segregated from each other, I used a handle that was solely for YouTube.  The only people who knew my previous YouTube handle were Google and myself.  I had no reason or occasion to disclose it to anybody else.

My email provider is a pay service located in Norway, and the only way that they'll disclose your personal information is if compelled to by a Norwegian court order.  I have a number of different alias email addresses set up there to provide to different parties – again, for purposes of segregation.  For my YouTube account, I gave Google what I think of as my "dodgy" email alias.  It's potentially disposable, and I used it for risky purposes such as YouTube – YouTube being a risk because of the teenage trolls that infest it.  I also give the "dodgy" email alias to online vendors with whom I don't expect to have an ongoing customer relationship.

So, I ordered some goods from an online vendor, and used the "dodgy" email alias to communicate with them.  Imagine my shock when they emailed me back, and I saw my YouTube handle filled in as my name in the addressee line in their email!  The vendor was using their own business domain name in their email address, but that doesn't mean that they mightn't have been using Google email services underneath it.  I deleted my YouTube account, created a new one, and associated it with a brand-new email alias that was just for Google – nobody else.  When I login to my YouTube account, I do it on a different, spare browser, and when I'm done, I clear all of the cookies / history / cache / everything before closing that other browser.

A few months ago I acquired my first smartphone, and found it was more or less indispensable to use Google Play for obtaining apps.  I created yet another brand-new email alias just for Google Play and associated that with my Google Play account.  It appears that Google have not been able to connect my plain Google account with my mobile telephone number.  Otherwise, they wouldn't need to harp at me for it when I attempt to login to my plain Google (YouTube) account.

You have every right to be suspicious.


I fell off that pedestal you put me on. Fucking hurt.


Today I suggested to my wife that we go for a walk. It was a beautiful day and a holiday. Perfect for a stroll.

She agreed.

But then she does what she always does....

She noticed I was wearing a sweatshirt. She instructed me to take it off. I declined. It's Spingtime. It's not 90 degrees outside.

"Why are you wearing a sweatshirt... you don't need a sweatshirt... it's nice outside.... why don't you take off the sweatshirt... You should take it off... Who wears a sweatshirt on a nice day... no one wears a sweatshirt on a nice day... you should take off the sweatshirt..."

In the hour before leaving for the walk, it's all she spoke about. I started counting how many times she mentioned the sweatshirt. It surpassed 20 in the first 5 minutes. And she didn't stop there. She labored on for an entire hour about the sweatshirt.

She gets this way. It's like a form of OCD. She gets it into her head that there is nothing more important than what she wants at that moment. She has to have it. She has to convince me to do things her way.

Imagine living with her everyday. It's the sweatshirt today. It was about watching a DVD yesterday. "When are we going to watch the movie... when... when... when..."

She couldn't be more annoying.

The question must come up, why did I marry her? She wasn't this way during the courtship. It's as if she knew to bite her tongue. It must have been killing her to be on good behavior. But right after the wedding, she changed.

I've never felt so duped about anything in my life.


Got plenty of exercise today. An hour and a half of cardio followed by an hour of hardcore fucking. :-) Sore and a little bruised, but oh so worth it......Being tongue fucked & cumming all over his face was the best part.


OK, I am now sooooooo very suspicious. I've had an email account for years with the same popular website. Everyday I login to check my email. It's never been a problem.

About two months ago, as I logged in, I started to get a new popup message. They wanted me to give them my cell phone number "to keep the account secure". They explained that if I ever couldn't get access to the account, they would use the cell phone number to send me a new password.

I wasn't buying it. It sounded like a ploy to get my cell phone number for their records. That's what they do, they try to get all the information they can about everyone.

So anyway, today I tried to login and guess what? I can't. It says my password is incorrect. Gee, I guess I should have given them my cell phone number after all....

I call BS. I think they disabled my password to teach me a lesson. I mean why would my password suddenly not work after all these years? Who are they fooling with that trick?

I think it's terrible. I feel like I'm being bullied into giving up my private information! To hell with them. I'll get an email account elsewhere.


so alone, black on black

It hurts when you cut in two

no help for my mind


It's Easter and mom and I were talking about chocolate on the phone. She says, "you really need some self control."

Mind you she's 5'7" and a size 24 waist. I'm 5'5" and a size 12, not where I want to be, but definitely not hugging 300lbs like she is.

As we go to hang up she calls me "Willy" as a joking reference to my lack of willpower.

My mom is a bitch and a hypocrite.  I'm so glad I moved so far away from her.



I'm Jewish duh. Leave me alone already!!!!


I've seen that distant look before...It's the "You've been all over me and inside me with your cock, but I don't know you now."-look.

It's not for everybody. Remember, it's a stare that comes only from having been turned out in every direction.

It simply says, "I fell for you once, but it ain't happening again."

A true look of indifference is hard to pull off under these circumstances.  The ones that pull it off effectively are a menace to society.


434 here. Thank you for encouragement!!! I'm going to take a break till the middle/end of summer and then start dating again. Hopefully, the right man will come, I want to be in a committed mutually enjoyable relationship.


I'm forcing myself to go spend time with him because that's the smart thing to do and he's a great person and I should be happy, but the only one I want to see is you.


OK... my wife wants to know what I want for my upcoming birthday.

Here it is:

I want to find a young guy to come over to our house and while she's on top of me sucking my cock and I'm eating her out, the other guy is fucking her "doggie style". I want to be that close and see her getting fucked.


Personally, if I was God, I would be more interested in the Sinners than the Saints. Why would a God give us all of this if we aren't supposed to be enjoying it?


Some men like to chase younger women, leave them to that and concentrate on the men who like women your age.  They are out there.  I know it's not easy.


There is this certain sect of the female population. They were the mean bully girls in Junior High school. Now they are adults and have facebook accounts. They pretend they are kind hearted people, with their posts about charities, and memes about being nice to one another. But no, they are still the mean bully girls. They still make their snide comments. They still have no understanding of anything intellectual. They still are out for themselves. It's sad to see. Their entire life has been about condescension, drama and being the center of attention.


I find women in their 40's to be the sexiest women out there.  I am a 53 year old male but I have felt this way all my life.  Even when I was the same age.  I have to have a connection with them, though, in order to fuck them.  We have to have things in common.  I also love women that are smarter than me and I have a mensa IQ.  So there are a ton of men out there who want you for being you, and the number ends up being nothing.


Why does it have to be that way?


I don't know what I would do if I saw you again, but I only hope that I have the sense to not make the mistake. You're a stranger, and that's how it has to be.


I want to kiss your lips and touch your face again. No explanation and no apologies necessary.


I write these things that seem to inspire other people. They latch onto my words and I guess they identify with what they think I'm trying to say. These messages are word pictures that I paint using arrogance and bombast in order to give an air of self-assuredness and tenacity, but the hidden message, the one that nobody seems to get, is very simple:

"I am so lonely.
I am hurting.
I am going out of my mind.
Please help me."


My message about mindful procreation I do realize is null... There is so much darkness and desire to compete and it's "natural".. I only wish loving people had the fight in them to eliminate those who bring us all to hell. I am hacked and it just pretended to be karma they hate me so much something pasted in a private message I wrote to my love. I don't deserve to be hacked but hackers deserve to get their own life


43 you only have two choices, date younger men or go for the older ones 10+ your age. Men your age might either be intimated or might be holding to the illusion to have more kids , they known for sure ones a women hits 40 they are pretty much done having children .  Don't waste your time with those guys , there's plenty of men out there and if they are not interested on you just because your age so be it , their lost.


I don't hate or love the person who didn't know how to give me water. I wish she knew my truth but she wanted to withhold hers to get more of mine. I would advise u to stop expecting people to bend over backwards and lick your ass. I love the person I am with now because they breathe life into me. I have doubts I can be enough for them but I'm trying. They love me for real not because I stroke their ego and I love them for more than that too. Too bad such a disaster from so many directions has to taint my words. I will be happy once I'm saving money and if I can be humble and bring out the miracles of her life to share in. I will never know if you're "trying to contact" me or if others are pretending to be me contacting you but please believe me I am over it. I felt bad for some reasons bad for being over it bound to u like u let happen but I don't appreciate what you became to me. I will not respond to indirect bullshit any longer see how u let this happen now they can say anything.. I have nothing for you. I have a chance to truly love someone now. Please please let me be enough for her. I so hope you DONT care


That's the thing. 43 year old guys don't want 43 year old women, shit they don't want 34 year old women if they can get something even younger. They want 24 year olds, and it doesn't matter who is prettier or more in shape. It's the number, it's mental not about looks. Either that or they're looking to start over or reclaim their youth.


Why do you hate me now? Seriously, why? What did I ever do to you that was so bad? The answer is nothing. I am a good woman (worth a million times more than just a vagina) and you know it. You have a cold heart. That's the only possible answer. I don't want to believe that, though. I know in my soul that you are a good person...a person who has overcome so much, and a good friend. You told me about your life and you told me about your struggles, and I have to admit that I fell for you. I fell for your courage, your honesty, your strength, your vulnerability, and your sensitivity. I fell for this beautiful heart that you revealed to me in bits and pieces. I couldn't help it. You were so raw and so brave. I had never in my life met anyone like you. You took my breath away. You are an incredible human being. I admire you. I respect you. I hold you in a higher regard than most people I have ever met because you deserve that. I still believe in you. You could turn a million cold shoulders to me and you still couldn't make me stop seeing the best in you. None of this makes sense to me. Why do this? I deserve the truth, and you are so much better than this. If nothing else, let's make peace with each other. Please.


I'm 43, look younger and a very attractive woman. The man I dated broke up with me because he went after 20+ something. I see this trend going too. But I know that there are men who appreciate maturity and brains as well. The last break up hurt me tremendously. Not to mention that I'm in much better shape than the young one, established, and etc. I guess he wanted to feel admired without having to work on it. Still baffles me as I treated him like a king.
Here I am right now, dating a man who is 8 years younger than me. We have known each other for a long time and always had a connection. He thinks I"m the hottest thing ever. I don't think that this relationship is going to last as he would like to have children one day, and I'm done having kids. But it feels nice to be desired and cherished after the last break up. At some point, I'm going to start looking for a man my own age to be in the relationship, who is not chasing young.


I'm having trouble dealing with this anymore. I want it to end once and for all! What kind of life is this?


I'm 34. One guy I was talking to, he's 32. He made an "old" joke, even though he is around my age! But he's just jerky like that, he's dated women 15 years older than himself, he doesn't discriminate, if he's attracted to the woman, that's it. Still turned me off. This other guy I'm talking to now, he's 42. He lives further away from me, there's an attraction and we'll talk sex stuff. So (partly my fault) the conversation goes to girls who like him, but he doesn't go up to. I was curious, but I didn't expect him to take it and run with it. But these girls are 22, 19, ugh. Claims they're too young, what would he have in common? But still,he has fantasized about fucking them. So that got awkward for me. I'm starting to feel insecure about younger girls, but it's not because of guys my age or younger, it's because of guys older than me. It's like these men hit 40 something and the allure is all in the number, it's not even about looks. 30 something, 20 something men come up to me and think i'm younger, age isn't an issue. It seems to be an issue with these older guys. In the end, you wanna fuck a girl, she wants to feel desired and wanted. Feminine. she's not gonna feel that if you talk about other women, whether they're older, younger, a different type than her, etc.


My hair like to swing...Hell yeah

That little g is my fucking hero. God bless you baby girl. Happy Easter.


My life is as such, rather also so unbelievably weird that this morning I posed a query to myself. "What is wrong with you? Most normal people would very likely have put a gun to their head long ago and said fuck this and you're not even capable of imagining it?" I'm so blessed. Thank God I'm predominantly Irish and Anglo Norman. If not, Ide probably be a footnote about a jumper. Haha To you who read this. I've died five times. Don't waste time. Tell those you love how you feel as much as possible, and count your blessings. Don't worry. It's just life in a "civilized" world.


It's 4:20 in Texas. I'm going to smoke a bowl and then go to my very conservative family dinner. Should be fun.


i feel worthless.


Just as women need to wear a bra to stop boobs from sagging, men should wear something to stop their balls from sagging. The older I get, the more I see men with balls hanging down to their knees.


I have the nicest, sweetest husband in the entire world. He's kind, loving, gives me everything.

But we have this ONE friend, a younger man, who I want to fuck into a shivering heap. Just ONCE.  I'm the tiniest bit obsessed with this guy.  I wish I could just get my hands on his naked body for one hour -- that would be enough.

So sorry, honey, you didn't do anything wrong.  I know I'm too old to be crushing on some hot guy.

Just ONE hour.

The sick part is, I think Hot Guy Friend might be up for it too.

I'm SO going to hell.

Fortysomething married female with 2 kids


I've been contemplating the rice diet, I just can't see myself eating only rice for months... the teeth thing is kinda scary too. I've heard people say, that dentures are just not the same... I think I am going to try the 5:2 diet. This one large lady lost quite a bit of weight at work...


Rice diet person here. I've been hovering at down 40 pounds. But a problem has developed. Several of my teeth are now loose. Apparently this is a sign of malnutrition.


I live in the south.
I hate it.
Everyday I'm here I feel trapped. I'm surrounded by idiots. It's hot. It's ugly. I want to move somewhere far away. Somewhere that I don't feel like I have to struggle to breathe.
But every time I try, I fail.


I know that I'm probably beating a dead horse here, but as intelligent as you are and as good of a person as I know you to be, it is beyond my comprehension that we couldn't manage to communicate better than this. I know I screwed up, but everybody makes mistakes. My intentions were good. I wish that you would forgive me. I can't just act like it doesn't hurt because it does. That isn't a guilt trip, it's just the damn truth.


Coachella. Pfft.

There are a million better music festivals and people lose their mind over this garbage? Frank Zappa was right, music is a dying art.


You can't make me feel bad just because you do.


Gotta love those women who think they have the only vagina on Earth. Newsflash toots, no matter how beautiful, smart and/or funny. There is a man TIRED of fucking you.


I'm the worst person in the world.  About three steps up from Hitler.  I can't believe I still gotta do this for the next 40 years.


Did you see Christopher Walken in that TSA patdown?  Alls I can say is if he should take up making horror movies, he won't be needin' any makeup!  ... just sayin'


Secrets I learned from my mother:

If all the world starts looking crazy to you, go look in the mirror; it might not be the world.

When you start to feel that you are better than everyone else, go back to that mirror; you might just be crazy.

and finally ...

When you decide that you are going to try atheism, go upstairs and pack your shit and get the hell out of my damn house (to my brother)!


I want to kiss your lips and touch your face again. No explanation and no apologies necessary.


Today I felt kind of badass because I ignored a security guard yelling at me for like 30 seconds trying to get my attention to tell me not to park somewhere. I continued parking and walking to pick up my food at the restaurant next door while silently giving a raised index finger (not the middle one, the "wait a minute" one). Parking in an urban area frequently has changed me.


I've been fairly consistently "down" or generally depressed for I don't even know how long. It's been at least 2 years now, but there was a period between somewhere when I felt o.k. for a few months.

I do believe that it is diagnosable as major depression with generalized anxiety. I don't really care much about that either.

I'm starting to realize more than ever right now how much the people in my life contribute to this. Some of the assholes I consider my friends. A selfish, uninteresting lot of people. I miss real conversations. I feel like I need to find "my people" again at 32 years old.

It's not that I don't value long standing relationships. I feel like I do even more so than some people. Maybe that's why I am uninterested in maintaining relationships that don't hold my expectation of value.

I moved out on my 6-year boyfriend with little explanation other than I wanted to, I wanted more time alone, and that I was generally tired of dealing with being unhappy which seemed to be related to my living situation. Moving has helped a lot. I feel more comfortable being at home, and I like my new neighborhood. I still have no idea whether all of the issues are worth the good qualities. We still talk and see each other sometimes and don't date anyone else.

I wish I could live alone, but right now I live with my close girlfriend.She makes me crazy with her ridiculous attention needy personality and refusal to admit when men treat her badly. She's highly self-absorbed and seems to look at people in a "what's he worth to me" type of way that makes me disgusted. Whether it's acknowledged by her or not, it bothers me.

Most of the people I hung out with during college annoy me now too. Drug abuse, treating going out as a hunt for the opposite sex instead of just hanging out, no real conversation value. There are a few good ones left, but I've given up on hanging around most of my old friends in an effort to separate myself from those annoying factors and put more effort into showing interest and starting interactions with other people I don't know instead.

I'm not by any means anti-social. I go out several times a week and meet new people all the time. You probably wouldn't be able to tell from what I've said previously. I think this is why all of this is kind of confusing to me. Maybe it's my age changing how I want to socialize? This is not the first time I've ghosted on a group of friends.


I saw part of a HBO documentary on suicide today - they played audio of this girl screaming & crying b\c she found her dead brother; he shot himself w\a gun.

I was thinking about how great it would be to make my Mother scream & cry like that.  That'd really get her.  That put a smile on my face. :-)


I realized something that I had never considered before. For as much as I felt that I had been a fool for you, you were a fool for me. There was something that you couldn't give up on, something inside of me that you had to have at any cost...something that you lusted for and wanted to possess. In its own way, it was empowering. I kept coming back too; against all odds, against all logic, against all common sense. What made us do that? Why did we keep seeking each other when everything about it was so wrong? I wish I knew. You were my passion. You were my inspiration, my eternal detriment, my sunrise, and my storm.

You awakened my soul and made it impossible for it to slink back into its prior slumber, and for that I am forever grateful. You truly did make a woman out of me.


Because of you, I know what love is. Kind, unconditional, ever-patient, ever-gentle love. If nothing else, for that alone, I am eternally grateful. Love, kumquat.


My boyfriend gained a lot of weight in the last few years. The last year I have been slowly losing weight and become more healthy. He decided to do the same. At first I thought it was great, we would both be healthier.

But... I kind think he's becoming weird about it. He's super strict about what he eats. He was only eating 1000 calories. I talked to him about it and he said he would go up to 1800. He's 6 feet and down to 215. He's lost over 100 lbs since August. I don't think he really has gone up to 1800. Also I think he should be eating at least 2000. He's obsessed with hitting 180. That's his target weight.

Maybe I'm worrying for nothing but this whole weekend I'm making sure I watch everything he eats.


There are two sets of laws in this country. One set is for you and me. And the other is for famous people like OJ Simpson and Aaron Henandez.


I love my boyfriend and I have no intention of ever leaving him. He is everything to me. I want to have children with him, marry him, and make my life with him by my side. Lately however our relationship has been a little boring. We won't be seeing each other until next week. We haven't seen each other for a month.

I've been chatting with a guy. We haven't met yet. He doesn't know I'm in a relationship and that I'm just fucking around. I've talked with him for two days now and have sent him Snapchats. Our conversations are good, he's smart and attentive. i can tell he's into me by the way he responds to my messages. I would never physically cheat on my boyfriend, but I want this guy to fuck me. I want him to eat me out and fuck me raw. I've been masterbating to him for the past few nights... He makes me so horny.

I'm going to ask my boyfriend to fuck me over and over next week. I'm going to give him head until he nuts in my mouth.


My 10 year old son was eating lunch, a Greek salad. He squawked at the olives, not his favorite treat. He said, "I hate olives. They are evil."

Then he put on his thinking man's face for a moment and offered, "Hey, you know what, evil olive is a palindrome." He looked very pleased with his linguistic discovery.

I love how smart he is.

My wife, always the disgruntled naysayer, shot back at him. "Don't be a fool, 'evil' has no 'o'. You need to think more before you speak!"

My son looked at me and rolled his eyes. He gets it. He's beginning to understand what I've had to deal with all these years.


Just saw "Ghost World" the other day for the first time.

Young cynical girl meets a record nerd and falls in love with his stuff.

She throws herself at him and it screws up his chance at true love.

Instant regret and boredom settle in. She gets on a bus and disappears.

Seems like she got whatever she wanted.


402 I think we might have the same ex, I swear I been dealing with very similar problems , I constantly have to change my passwords and only friend family on social media .   A few weeks ago someone hack into my Facebook and bunch of emails disappear out of my account of course I cannot blame people without any proof but I wouldn't doubt who is behind of it.


an evil that can turn to love would prove more strong than a privileged love.... to think the actual strength and sacrifice those men (&women) who fight in the midst and win their truth often go unrecognized.... "steal my words" oops---words are pathways through truth patterns of notes to songs that are real before you find them... i actually think part of this should be viral but perhaps someone who isn't boycotted would accomplish that better... not that it will change anything cuz we don't really care if we are just in our own little validated worlds.. people blur their eyes over everything that doesn't fit into their little box of perception anyway but yeah... and there's more where that came from that i don't even want to have to deal with being passionate about.. i am no threat i am passive in my views i only use words and visuals...STOCKHOLM SYNDROME WORLD + MORE AND MORE BABIES = DEATH OF EARTH     if you ignore this message as a lost cause all your lives are a lie... STRAIGHT WOMEN ARE REAL AND IT IS NOT A CHOICE ORIENTATION SO DONT THINK YOU CAN FIGHT ACTUAL FEMINISM WITHOUT DESTROYING THE BEAUTY OF THIS PLANET..... we are ALL gatekeepers it just takes more strength for a man to resist temptation.... men and women are equals... do you know the men i've wished i could love? it can't be forced... know this


Years later and my Obsessive Ex still tries to find a foothold in my life.

Now this person resorts to linking my email address to their accounts.

This was not a mistake. This is intentional.  I have no idea of the intention but I wish this person would leave me alone.

Just leave me alone. It's tiring.

I'm tired of blocking unknown numbers and emails from this person. I'm tired of deleting friend requests from this person on social media.  I keep it pretty locked down but of course this person finds me anyway.

At least I left the state so I didn't have to look over my shoulder anymore.  Yes it got that bad.

But now I'm still dealing with this.

Just leave me alone.


My life is filled with contradictions. For example, I hate children, yet I work in the children's library. I think I like to torture myself.


I love Bob Ross and I've never picked up a palette in my life!


My ex thinks I married a sugar-daddy, but it's turning out to be just the opposite I'm afraid. I spend so much of my time and energy to be frugal and as non-materialistic as I can, and then he goes and gives away our monthly retirement income, by the thousands, to his 4 kids. God, give me the strength to endure my husband's mental issues and dementia - Brain damage from alcohol abuse and having been struck by lightning - there is no light at the end of this deep, dark tunnel.


To 391 -- I went on the 5:2 diet where you only fast two non-consecutive days men: 600 calories and you eat normally for the other 5.  Lost 20 pounds without any effort.  Theory is that on the diet days your body thinks you're starving and you burn fat.  It stops on the regular days.  Look it up.  Good luck.


I'm S too :D


I'm S...more hints please...


Sex is a waste of time. To all you young people. Don't spend so much of your lives looking for it. Work hard, become successful, and the sex will find you.


My boss walks away in the middle of a conversation. He's so rude. What an insult. As if my words don't matter so he leaves. What a dick. I need a new job.


you want me to give up? coward dad or someone posing as dad? does she conveniently forget the truths i have put forth. her jealousy and fear of my calling.. her whatever made her throw out my paintings the beginning of realizing the world is against my success?


I want to make you proud. I want to bring out the best in you. I don't want to carry on like I do because when I finally listen it is worth 1000x more.. I want to watch you make jokes and laugh and thrive like you do when you have confidence.. You are so beautiful.. You truly are an angel with or without me... I think we could thrive together.. We will put the work in.. You make me sane... I don't want to drive you insane... We can do this... Every gentle yet powerful thought from you changes me...and that precious smile means there is hope in the world............................


I think I'm starting to become anorexic. For the past two weeks I haven't gone over 700 calories a day, usually around 550-625. It's addictive. The thing that kills me though is that I've lost 12 pounds, but I would have expected to lose more. It's very frustrating. I only had one bad day but it shouldn't have set me back this much. I know all about your body going into starvation mode, all that shit, but even this point it should be past that. I was bulimic for a couple of years and stayed a pretty okay weight, but still wasn't where I wanted to be. I hope I didn't fuck my system up permanently. Probably did. I just want to lose weight. That's it. Shouldn't be this damn hard.


I love you S. To me, you are perfect. I'd bathe in your sweat. Love me like I love you. Please.


I enjoy watching Bob Ross's programs. I find them to be soothing. I have watched these shows for many years.
He was forced to perm his hair as a matter of necessity. He sanded his paint pallet to spare viewers from obnoxious glints (J.J. Abrams) He was a former member of the Airforce.
Any kind of painting is something you can teach yourself to do. Any technique that you perform over and over will eventually become second nature. That being said, it's nice when someone else breaks down that barrier and tells you that this is something that you can do. Painting with knives, for example. You can do this. There are so many things you can do without brushes.  
Just seeing him gently encourage viewers with the utmost level of kindness and creativity was enough to make me silence my own negativity and give it a try.
I use these techniques all the time every day.


I think your biggest problem is that you are used to (and most comfortable with) fundamentally basic females. I am a different breed altogether, my love. Deep down I believe that you recognize this distinction and you don't know what to do with me. You don't know how to cope with me. Let me teach you...




A great piece of wisdom I wish I knew when I was younger is that you always have to put the work in if you want to succeed.  You can either put the work in when you're younger, or when you're older, but you always have to put the work in.  It's better to put the work in while you're younger.


Good looking out Shonda.  You know Mer deserves happiness and love in her life again now that McDreamy is gone.

Okay.  Way to save face.

You had me wondering there for a minute, I'm not gonna front.

But you go girl!  Let Dr. Grey find some lovin.  Her sister is just going to have to grow up and get over it.

Whew, if that plane had crashed I was going to have to fly out to LA and have a sit down with you.  

Good looking out.  Gooooooood lookin' out!


Shonda Rimes, how many plan crashes must we endure?!  If you kill Meredith I will come after you Shonda!

C'mon now, you've done a good thing here, you cannot kill these people off like this.  This is not One Life to Live damn it.  This is not day time, crap television.

Don't do it Shonda.  Don't. Do. It.

Shonda, you sheister - tell me you are not going to kill these two doctors!!!!!




Women, and I mean practically only women, have tormented, manipulated, lied to, and generally have just about  everything to me in an attempt to destroy me without any provocation, and the worst part is how they always get away with it. You guys are contemptible. You know you are, which is why you're always bitching about "MUHSOGGYKNEE". Hell, you can't even FATHOM why one man, let alone society as a whole, would say one negative thing about you. Whenever a woman dies in a news story, I honestly feel nothing and only wonder what kind of horrible cretin she was. I wish I was unattractive, I really do, because the shittiest part about it is that no matter how well-known I make my hatred for them, they think they can hit on me. I wouldn't piss on you if you were on fire. Fucking demons.


I've given up alcohol, sugar, and sex and replaced those things with expensive candles, exotic teas, and herbal supplements. I feel like I could snap at any moment, but at least I have a life free from vice and unnecessary distractions. It wasn't just for Lent. It's indefinitely because men are liars and cannot be trusted.

Speaking of men, Jesus would be so proud...


When you can't say something nice, say nothing at all.



So I eat healthy, I have eggs with peppers and onions in the morning.  I try to eat salad.  But if I eat fruits or too much olive oil, i have to go to the bathroom all day.  I guess it's all that fiber, which is good for you, but I can't be shitting all day.  That's not good.  So what do you do?


haha, anorexic crackheads that i lightly bumped into in the drive thru lane, so glad i was a smartass to you two. I had the entire Drive Thru laughing! and when the one said "we can call the Fucking Cops!"  
why do i feel like that was a BIG MOTHERFUCKING BLUFF!? i'd love to see the cops run your names, and search your car!


so i bought a laptop with win 7, and periodically it has some kind of hard disk agent that totally seizes the hd, so the browser and everything else is basically unusable. So i tried a free win 10 upgrade, it installs all the way, then at the end, it tells me some program is not compatible, so it stops, and the font is so small that its unreadable, so you don't know what prog its unhappy with, yay microsoft......


Considering a move to Denver? I'd reconsider if I were you. This place has destroyed my existence and I want to die more than anything. Its a trap. Dont.ruin your life by coming here.


This is mainly for the guys, because when it comes to going to the doctor we are stupid as hell.

If you are feeling more tired than usual for more than a week, GO TO A DOCTOR!  If you have heartburn all of a sudden and it will not go away, if it is new and ongoing, if you are eating antacids like m&m's, then GO TO THE DOCTOR.

My step brother died yesterday after suffering a massive heart attack.  He was found at work about 20 minutes after he started.  He was found by someone who was a fireman and he knew CPR.  They had a defibrillator and the machine shocked his heart five times.  They had to shock him a couple more times in the ambulance.

He got to the ER and one artery was 99% blocked.  The other artery was shredded so they did not work to repair it because he was too weak to survive the surgery.  He was hooked up to machines for two days, in a medically induced coma, to see if there was any hope of him surviving.  I went to see him and I knew he was gone.  They scanned for brain function after getting him off the medication, and there was none.  They unplugged the machines and he was gone.

At home they found several empty bottles of antacids.  He had also told his brothers and sisters that he felt tired.  He was not the type to go to the doctor.

This could all have been avoided.  Please, if you are feeling tired and have heartburn that will not quit, go to the doctor.  

RIP Bobby.  One of the best guys I have ever known.


I'm having a stressful night and had 361, your story had me In stitches. I needed a laugh. I haven't laughed all week. Thank you, crap! 😂




I'm absolutely in love with him. After years of being with an insane narcissist, I'm finally getting a chance to be with someone who can treat me right. So many things are going well in my life right now. Only downside is it has to be a secret right now. Good things come to those who are patient.


I know I'm coming off as pathetic, but if anyone here could do me a solid, it would be contacting Theresa McGillicuddy on Facebook and telling her that it would mean so much to me if she sent me a message. I'm too afraid of doing it myself, because I cheated on her in possibly the worst way possible, and proceeded to act like the victim just because she spoke to her ex about getting back with him. I'm just terrified of being rejected directly. I'm holding out hope that one of you reading this in passing will do so, and I know it's a strange request, but I never was what most would think is a "normal" person. She's a beautiful, slightly dark-skinned woman with her son in her profile picture.

Thank you, in advance.

- Chris Bartolini


All Men aren't douchebags.  Here's my story.

At 12 years old I knew that my wife was out there somewhere.  It killed me that I didn't know who she was or how I could help her.  I went to bed every night knowing that she was out there.  

I found her and we're still in love with each other since 1985.


Still too many surveillance cameras and opportunities to leave DNA behind, though. You would have to basically borrow or steal all of your supplies to avoid a trail of receipts or store surveillance footage, find some way to secure all traces of your fingerprints, hair follicles, blood and saliva, then hope that they would either give up or pin it on the person who purchased or possessed the items originally. If you did all of that and somehow managed to avoid surveillance then the GPS trick might work.


You want to know how to commit the perfect crime these days, like let's say you want to murder someone or set their house on fire or get revenge or something completely evil like that?   It's easy.  Whatever you do, you just have to leave your cell phone at home.  I know this from a guy who has a top secret clearance in the intelligence community.  When the cops are looking for suspects for a crime, they don't need to investigate for leads anymore.  They just need to call the FBI and get a list of cell phones that were in the immediate area of the crime.  Boom, there's your suspects.  Your cell phone's GPS is always transmitting, even when the phone is off.  The government can find anybody.  This is how they catch kidnappers so quickly. The downside to this is that few of the cops are old enough to know how to investigate a crime the old fashioned way.  They're used to just clicking buttons.  Just leave your phone at home, and your alibi is backed up.


When the anxiety gets to be too much and I can't sleep, I soothe myself by watching old Bob Ross videos. Twenty minutes into watching that man paint and I sleep like a baby. His videos have pulled me out of panic attacks and away from the edge. It's stupid, but it's better than developing a drinking problem.

Today is a Bob Ross day. I'm grateful for YouTube and Netflix. I can stream non-stop until I feel better.




some women are perfect for the guys who think with their dicks.. the world makes sense again! (u have to remember lots of guys post as girls or there are girls that flaunt something for the sake of feeling sexy making us all look bad)


Depends on the dick!

It depends on the vibrator too. I had a vibrator one time that had this separate attachment that went at a higher speed and if you held it on your clit it was unreal. You could barely walk afterwards...turn your phone off, pull all the shades down, get your neighbors to take in your mail for you, not go anywhere for a few days, might miss some work because that shit was so good.... Memories...

P.S.--I don't know what you're talking about. My pussy is an orgasm button.


a good man will look for the connection not the first pussy he can grab. it's the connection the attraction and the arousal that causes anything to feel good for these good women and these good men.


For women who use vibrators, do they feel better than real dick?


This Asian woman at work cannot pronounce my name.  Instead of saying my name, she calls me "Crap."  It's hilarious.  If any of us are having a rough day at work, just hearing this woman say my name makes everyone crack a smile and bust a gut as soon as she walks away.

When she's not at work, everyone yells "Crap" to get my attention.

Makes me smile every time.

Thank God Trump can't send her back to China, as she married an American man.  

Even though she is really bad at her job, she's a very nice person and I never tire of hearing ... "Hey CRAP!"  

My name starts with a "C" but sounds nothing like "crap," it has two syllabulls and is a French name.  Anyway, best thing ever!


I have a cheap $30 cell phone that costs $20 a month to use.  I don't use it much and hate paying for it.  It's not that much and I hate being stingy with my money like this.

I recently broke a chair, and wanted to buy a new one.  I looked around the internet for a cheap chair that was still good, and found one for $40.  I had to push myself to pay for it because I'm such a cheap ass.

I wish I had the courage to just do things without holding back.  I need to go to the doctor and still haven't got the checkup.  I sit in my room all day and worry about bad things happening to me.  I might be suffering from anxiety.  I should see a doctor for that.


As a typical guy, I can add a disclaimer to every single positive comment a woman could say about sex with the phrase "just not with you".
Examples include:
I like sex "just not with you".
I like dick, "just not with you".
I am horny "just not with you".
I am looking for sex, "just not with you".
I want to have fun, "just not with you".
Sex is very satisfying, "just not with you".
I love sex on a regular basis, "just not with you".
I want a man to hold me, pound my pussy, all of it, "just not with you".
I crave penetration and the feeling of being full, "just not with you".
I am a very sexual and passionate woman, "just not with you".

Just a typical guy. Surrounded by women who say they want sex. Just not with me. You know what? I don't believe them. Sex can't be very good for women by the indifference they have about it.


Somewhere, there is a group of trailers near a highway. There are flags in the yards. There is a pit for burning trash. There are goats (I love goats)

Drugs are everywhere. A lot of the people live on subsidized housing and healthcare. Many are on disability.

Then along comes a man or a woman (can't tell) who steps on a hoe and it swings up and smacks them between the eyes. Stunned, they rub their face for a minute and wonder who put that hoe there.

The sun rises, the sun sets. The flags flap in the breeze. You have to look carefully past the stupid flags, the druggies, the burning trash, the shiftless shade tree, the goats chewing on the weeds to see that underneath all of that are humans just like you and me living here.


I had a cellphone for like 4 years, then got rid of it.  I didn't have one for the next 6 years, just got one last summer.  I was fine without one, it's also a plus not having to pay because you don't have one.  I remember getting that message, they want to send a code to your cell. It's totally unfair, it's like they're forcing you to get one. I will admit it makes some things more convenient for sure, it can be fun bla bla, but it's not a necessity.  It's annoying how they're pushed down everyone's throats.


When I tell people that I don't have a cellphone they look at me like l'm an alien from another planet. That's messed up. And there are businesses and websites and people in general that won't deal with you because of it. That too is messed up. I say fuck you, I don't have a $120 phone bill every month. I actually get along just fine without one. I have a cheap landline and that is enough for me.



i miss it.


would never ask for it.

would never admit it.


I'm planning to kill myself.  When you start your job, I will start searching for a gun to purchase so that you don't see me doing it.

I love you and I'm sorry, but I don't want to endure like this anymore.

I really hope atheism is right and that there is nothing after death.


Announced today, there's been another case of an illegal immigrant sexually assaulting a young girl. He has a felony conviction and was deported in the past. But he easily returned to commit more crimes. This time the rape of a young girl.

It happened in Virginia.

Virginia voted for Clinton.

Democrats, how do you live with yourselves?


A woman I know is very mean to me online. She is overweight and has no income. I am very fit and have a good income. I think this is why she is mean to me. It's jealousy on her part. I hold no ill will towards her for her weight or her economic status. Yet she clearly is mean to me because of these differences. This is what's wrong with life. Mean people go on being mean. Nothing stops them. In fact the internet makes it easier to spread their message of hate. I think the only thing to do is have her killed. Okay, I'm kidding about having her killed. But these days, with everyone having access to their own chat board, there is really no way to stop a self-proclaimed Queen of Mean.


"Devoted" people do not cheat on their spouses.  A person who cannot handle commitment should not get married.  Why do so many people get pleasure out of duping the person they profess to love?  That is not love, it is something else.

Years ago, my brother was deeply in love and married his fiance.  Months later she cheated. He found out when he got crabs and shortly after, gonorrhea.  He will never get out of prison.  The sentence was life without the possibility of parole.  

All she had to do was keep her marriage vows, the ones she uttered before God, Himself!  If she had done that, I would not be writing this today.  A lot of stuff would be very different.  

So, thanks, Charla, rest in peace ... if you can.


I masturbate at work a lot. I'm single, and I'm trying to use it as a method to keep myself from sleeping with someone easy just because I'm horny.

There's one person in my life that I love (but am not in love with) that I may try to work things out with. There's another person that I don't know nearly as well, who I think would want a serious relationship with me.

I feel bad, because I feel like I want a relationship with the second to make up for the first not giving that to me. But I don't want to rebound like that.


There's a woman in my town complaining on social media that high school kids are tossing empty liquor bottles out their car windows onto the side of the road in front of her house. She scolds parents for not raising better kids.

LOL. I know her son. He's in high school and a big party animal. I've been in a car with him when he tossed his empty liquor bottle by the bottom of his driveway before going inside. She's yelling at everyone else to raise better children when it's her own son tossing the bottles. LOL.


I'm so frustrated. I tried to sign up on a website and they want to send a confirmation text to my cell phone to verify I'm legit. But I don't have a cell phone. Is this the new normal. I'm only a real person if I have a cell phone? That's discrimination. And annoying as hell because now I can't join the website. It's also stupid on the part of the website. They want more customers. But they won't let a potential new customer like me sign up. Okay, now I'll buy what I need at one of their competitors.


I'm from the same hometown as Sean Spicer. I don't tell many people this for obvious reasons. :p


Ok, so not to overly push this situation pertaining to the man on the United flight, but why him? There was a plane filled with people, and the police chose him to "volunteer" to be taken off. Was there a "hidden from video view"  reason for picking him. Was he on a no fly list of some kind? Did he start something with another passenger? Did he say something that got the air workers worried? If no then I hope United gets the rocks sued off of them, but if there was a situation, well.... political correctness strikes again.


I've decided not to have any children. This world is such a piece of shit, why would I do something so cruel to them?


I don't trust myself. It's way too late to be up. I should be in bed; I just got a new job. But instead I'm up. I set my alarm in the morning and press snooze for an hour and then I'm late. Because I don't trust myself to get up at the time I set. WTF. My life would be so much easier if only I could. Why am I sabatoging myself?


I have this friend I have known for almost ten years.  In that time of knowing her she is on her third husband.  She was on husband number two when we met.  She has worked at every salon in this town.  She was taken to court over not paying money owed to one of the salon owners.  The salon owner won the small claims case.

She has moved here, moved away, moved back.  Now she is with her third husband.

In this time of knowing her, as much as I initially loved her... I am starting to see the pattern.  Fool me once, shame on me.  Fool me twice, shame on you.

She's a manipulator.  She uses people as a means to an end.  When she doesn't live here, I don't exist to her.  The minute she's back in town, if she needs something, then she pops up.  That's it.

I am so hurt to know I am a means to an end to her.  Also, her latest husband doesn't really like me.  Probably because I can see him for the user he is.  She is basically his sugar momma.

The whole thing makes me sad.  

You're coming back into town this summer?  Great.  You want to see me?  Should I wait until you need something?  

Do me a favor, don't hold your breath.  You may be waiting for a long time.

It makes me sad to let go of a friendship that is almost a decade long, but I'm reminding myself I can't really lose something if I never really had it in the first place.


My mother used to choose men over me. But I was shamed for choosing friends over her. In my mind, at the time, it wasn't about one over another; I was just trying to live my life and spend time with friends. The constant guilt and jealousy really did a number on me psychologically, the effects of which I still struggle to remedy decades later. So, please, parents: stop. You were young just a few years ago. Please recognize how damaging your selfishness is and just let your children be their individual selves.


In my town, drag is in. But honestly I think drag shows are overrated. Didn't people used to actually sing? Now it feels like lip sync karaoke, and the amount of creepy, closeted (probably married) men in the audience is off-putting. Not hating on drag in general, but y'all need to change it up.


my 17 year old and 18 year old daughters hate me they would rather spend time with a psychotic nutcase then me and she loves the attention... I am losing control to a psychopath.....what can I do??? please anyone give me suggestions......


About 5 years ago I met a guy from Craigslist. It was in the M looking for M section. It worked out well for a while. We were both married and needed to be discrete. We hooked up a few dozen times. It was damned intense. We sucked each other off and ass fucked, but we did some zany shit too. Like we'd each bring a pair of our wife's panties. I'd jack off into his wife's. He'd jack off into mine. Then I'd bring my wife's panties back home. Next time she wore them, I'd get a boner knowing that even though they were washed, a stranger had jacked off in them. Wish I could have gotten her to wear them with his cum still in the crotch. There was another spicy act of debauchery. I'd fuck my wife. He'd fuck his. Then I'd meet him as soon as possible, but without taking a shower. I'd suck on his cock and could taste his wife's pussy. He'd suck on my cock and taste my wife's pussy. We'd also ass fuck like that so my wife's pussy juice ended up in his ass. Wicked hot sharing my wife's pussy juices with a stranger.


ive appologized thousands of times literally without response... and my last message contained one and forgiveness to your unmeant appology... believe me i dont care. i needed help from u at one point but i found my own closure. all u want is to feel like people can see someone after u.... so here: you're not what i am meant to be with but ill never forget how u were the only one there for me.. ill never forget how i discovered my stupid art and lost some progress because of not being my own reassurance and drive. its completely meaningless at this point u and me... i have no room for someone with that history.. i know if it mattered to u u would have confronted it... ur at an even zero of points with me.. enjoy your points. honestly if u needed to talk or needed someone to listen i would have never done that to u even as revenge.. but i know ur fine... it does matter to me.. like it would any cool person i know.. i remember u... i remember other ppl i have disturbed and i do feel compassion...


Imagine if your heart surgeon decided to overbook operations. Sometimes a patient can't make the scheduled operation. Medical complications come up. The patient's blood pressure gets erratic. Or the patient is sick with the flu. Or even sometimes the patient dies the night before the operation. This isn't fair to the heart surgeon. They want to make money. So it's only fair they should be allowed to overbook operations - two patients scheduled at the same time. That way if one doesn't show, the doctor can still make money on the other.

What happens if both patients do show up? Well the doctor should be allowed to randomly pick one patient and bashed him in the head until he bleeds profusely. Then the patient should be dragged by his hands and feet down the hospital hallway and tossed out onto the curb. That's what should happen.

Because remember, the most important thing - much more important than the patient's health and the life saving heart operation - the most important thing is for the doctor to earn maximum profits.


You really hurt me. I would forgive that in an instant if you had enough heart to apologize, but apparently you don't.


My son makes me sad. He and his friends play some online game against each other. If you are good at the game, you can earn special equipment. My son has quite a lot of the special equipment. I'm told his friends are impressed. But what I just found out, my son bought the equipment. If you are not good enough to earn it, you can use real cash to buy it. That's what my son did. He had $150 from itunes gift cards given to him for his birthday etc. He used the money to make it look like he was better then he actually was. That's so sad to me. It's a silly game. It shouldn't matter. But I think it shows something about who he is. He thinks nothing of taking a shortcut. And he's vain. He wants desperately to impress others. But he's not willing to put in the effort. He buys what he cannot earn. Of course he didn't tell anyone he spent money to boost himself higher. He lied to his friends and told them he earned his way to that status. He's lazy, vain, and dishonest. I learned all that from him and this stupid video game. I thought I raised a different person.


329--Don't pour your heart out like that for someone who ignores you. It is only falling on deaf ears. If you were honest, sincere, authentic, and decent with him and he still ditched out on you, that's his problem and loss. Take it for what it is--a true reflection of his character and level of emotional maturity, not a failing on your part.


I hate millenials. I'm getting rid off them at work, one by one.


ive tried to show her all i wanted was friendship and honestly she only knows i dont care for that either now. you had your chance to act like a friend. i have zero reason to be friends with you. maybe i would have listened to your story or had something to say if u had the guts or desire to even try but i dont need more friends. lots of people want to be friends i will choose who to invest that time and care to. want a life like a movie? it already is create moments be honest show your true self. friendship and love will find you.


Everyone around me is bashing United. I, on the other hand, think they had no choice. If you're asked to leave, you leave whether the proprietor is right or not. The guy brought it on himself. I don't feel sorry for the guy. I'm not asking to debate it here. Just need some place to say it. Thanks.


#321 do you have more stories about her?


B, I would want to be friends with you if nothing else.  You say you don't want to hear from me ever, and it sucks because even though we never met, I "met" you at a time in my life when I was vulnerable which may be part of why you made such an impact on me. You got in there. I felt we had a mental connection, an emotional one because we liked each other, and if we met it would have been physical, but I'm not even asking for that. I'd like to be friends. I don't think you're a bad guy even though I think you played me, you're freakin stubborn though and I don't know why you were so mad at me. And when I contacted you again you said your feelings for me came back, which means you still felt for me after all that time. Like I said, I'm not asking for that, just to at least be friends.


I'm pretty sure my parents have the last marriage on Earth that isn't a sham. Fuck marriage. A "devoted husband" these days is as much an oxymoron as a "chaste prostitute". I give up.


I consider myself to be the good devoted husband. I'm always supportive and loving towards my wife.

I could get the husband of the year award, except ----- I cheated on her three times.

First time was with a former girlfriend. It was about a month after my wedding. I think the former girlfriend wanted to see if she still had the power to steal me away from my new wife. She did. We slept together at her apartment then I went home like nothing happened. It was very easy to pull off.

Second time was about 10 years later. It was with my wife's good friend. The three of us were sitting at the kitchen counter drinking wine and having a good conversation. We were mostly discussing the friend's love life. I was teasing her about being single and all the guy's she must be dating. She said no, she hasn't gotten any in a long time. My wife got up and went to the bathroom. The friend then said to me in a hushed tone, "Maybe what I need is for you to come over and fuck me." I was like "Really?" And she said yes. She said I should come over that evening. So I went over and we fucked. Again it was very easy to conceal.

Third time was quite recent. It was with the wife of one of my friends. We always had good banter. I enjoyed bumping into her at social gatherings. At one party, she came up to me and started saying what a shit her husband was being. She said she wanted revenge. We joked about what we could do to him, spread a rumor he was gay, tell him his boss called and he was fired, that sort of thing. Then she said, "Or I could sleep with someone else..." I said, "Sign me up." She said "OK." I said "Really?" She said, "Yes, let's do it." So we made a plan for two days later when he was at work. We fucked. It was really good.

So yep, I'm a devoted husband, except for cheating on my wife three times.


Go out and buy a belt. Attach a small rope or bungee cord to the middle of it.

Next, put one leg on either side of that bungee cord, pull your belt up, and shove that cord as far and as deep in the crack of your ass as you can get it to go.

Make sure you have it wedged in good now!

Got it up there?

Is it digging into your asshole yet? Yep? Great! Now fasten your belt securely and wear it around all day with your buttcheeks hanging out.

After you've done that for a couple of days come back and tell us whether or not thongs are over.


I am taking a personal vow of celibacy. No porn, no masturbation and no random sex until I am in a relationship.  29 M.


Is it just me, or are thongs over? More and more I'm finding women are going back to traditional granny panties.


Some people are fond of spreading completely false information. They claim undocumented workers pay their fair share of taxes, so they deserve to live here. Simply untrue. You think your lawn guy from Mexico pays taxes on the $100 you give him? No way. Undocumented workers pay no taxes. They work off the books. They are afraid if they worked on the books, they'd be detected and deported. So they get paid under the table. They take our jobs. They use our roads, our schools, our police and fire departments. But they pay for none of it. I mean it's bad enough what's been going on. But for some people today to spin it that the illegal immigrants have been paying their fair share of taxes??? What a crock of bull shit!


United Airlines, what the fuck is wrong with you?

If ever there was a company that needs to be boycotted, United Airlines, you're it.

Holy crapoly. I hope to god there are criminal charges filed. Last time I looked at the law, you can't just bloody someone's face. The passenger did nothing wrong. He had a ticket. He had a seat. He was trying to be helpful, but ultimately he needed to get to his destination because he is a doctor who needs to treat patients!!!!!

To everyone else, go look at yesterday's video on Dr. David Dao.


Worst woman I've ever encountered. She was the typical suburban soccer mom of three. She wanted to move to a bigger better house. But they couldn't afford it.

She meets a guy while at some charity gala. She finds out he is rich and has a large McMansion type house. He is also married with many kids. The gears turn in her head.  She comes on to him. They start to have an affair, even though, get this, she is 8 months pregnant at the time.  Have you ever heard of a pregnant mom cheating on her husband? I would think some maternal instinct would kick in and tell her no. I guess her love of money was stronger than the maternal instinct.

She has the baby and by a month later she convinces the married man to shack up with her. They both file for divorce from their spouses. The gold digger then gets to move into the big McMansion house. And in a never-seen-before odd twist, she leaves her children behind. Even the newborn. The kid is one month old and his mother leaves just so she can live in her dream house without the burden of children.

Her ex husband is tortured by all this. He thought he was happily married, but within a two month window, his wife leaves and abandons their kids. He's left trying to juggle work and kids and a newborn.

The gold digger, she didn't care a damn. She focuses on redecorating the mansion house and spending the rich guy's money. Her dream has come true. She is the top of the social circle in town. She married one of the richest men. Except that everyone in town knows the story and is completely disgusted at how she behaved. She the prime topic of discussion, and not in a good way.

Who leaves their new born child???? I've never heard anything like it.


I have a crush on a co-worker...he just sent an email to my co-worker/friend saying "Just when I thought you couldn't get more beautiful, you surprised me :)"

I mean, he's leaving the country in a couple months, so I never thought I'd have a chance with him, but reading that email made me feel a little sick.

I've never been on this side of this feeling before. It gives me a new sense of perspective. Usually I'm the one people go for instead of my friends, but now I know how it feels to be the "ugly friend."

I guess that's my humility for today.


So  there's this hot little red head girl that I've been fucking lately, her body is smoke'n. But she's a party girl and can't handle her drink, I think she's kind of out there, anyway, we go out the other night and drink expensive bourbon, we end up back at my place and my tongue is in her ass and pussy, we fall asleep, when in the middle of the night I'm woken by the sound of my bedroom door closing, I just figure she's getting a cab home, (she actually had to work before me the next day) but then the door kept trying to 'close' it started to freak me out, so I get up and find this girl sleep walking and in the closet behind the door doing I don't know what, she was banging the door with her back, I tried to lead her out, she said she had to go to the bathroom, I was freaking out because I read that if you wake up a sleep walker they could hurt you or themselves. so i try to gently lead her to the bathroom, she breaks away and stumples over to the night stand next to my bed, she squats down and proceeds to piss all over the floor. I was shocked and so turned on at the same time. She gets back in the bed, and in the morning I take her home, I have a feeling she knows what she did. lucky for her I'm turned on by it (not so much her pissing on my floor, I wish she had done that on my dick or face) maybe we can have a conversation about it at a later date. Or maybe we should never drink alcohol together again.



I wish that we could vote some people off the island.

Just saying...


it's not just women. not just men. who can have trouble actualizing their love. people should be honest about how they feel to eachother. it's the only way to figure it out with eachother. im sure the girl who invested her care in me wanted some honesty sooner. it was too late for any sort of understanding from her when i tried to work out my feelings with her honestly. at that point i knew she wasn't my kind. she confused me on purpose or my anger at having no one confused me. i tried to create a conversation without her input. she did that on purpose and i forgive her. some people like my mother can live in a fake relationship and pretend to love and in a sense it's real love it's give and take if taking is her thing i guess she'll die successful. she could have had my father but thank god he found someone honest and real and brilliant. i am like him. yet he would never know it. cuz the bitch drove me mental and pissed on my beginning of life's work. sent ME to the hospital because she didn't want to confront me about the lies of setting me up. i was gone basically the month child support ended. "no more drives to the art store" when i lived in a small town and had 2 jobs. when i confronted her it was threats and disgusting manipulation of key moments of planning my investment in my art. my dad could have been paying half what he did with child support and we could have benefitted from it more. my mom got to look all professional and clean and nice and buy smokes and her friends little gifts and save for her retirement. i had a few outfits in highschool on a good day i looked nice too. im just saying.. be your own person and forget those who don't support it. no one can tell you to sign and price your paintings high. or to value your plan and commit. unless they're actually a good parent. i also identify with my stalker but i will grow beyond my need to find understanding in a person im not with unlike him for a while. he should know i don't read the messages but that i hope he finds someone who values him. he never raped me but i deserved that spit in my face in some sense. you know i'm not sure if anyone would feel safe with him but i know people can drive all of us half evil half good people to destroy ourselves and others. even if that person who pretended to be there for me never was. i have my own platform of understanding and ability to be honest. i idealized love and found someone who believes in me. they're brilliant and full of miracles. an artist as gifted as me with meaning and understanding we could paint or sculpt any concept together or separately. hers are more mysterious. i love her. i have a reason to listen now. and she's on board for the plan. i think. but it's about my life and my commitment to it not the help i deserve. yet.. how dare someone look at a suffering person who does not have what they do. and not sympathize with that sometimes you do need help. i couldn't afford my art after what i became. no one wants to invest in a person they invest in a future with them. i need to control and eliminate addiction. so far coffee is gone. smokes taste shit so forget it. i am so sorry to my stalker for making you feel like you didn't have anything to offer just because you weren't what i needed. i am sorry for trying to make due and lie about it then give you the honesty in between. i don't owe you. you can't buy me. i paid way more than you think and all the rent you didn't pay trying to give the apartment to you so you could stalk me and blame me for being homeless. pissed all over my shit. he did. well... life is a terror. be careful who you try with. no one can help you unless you can help them or it's the hospital that does not have the key ingredients to create a situation for you only medications. make sure you can love who you try with. something else about that. i would have met her sooner if i didn't invest in my own misery. i just want to remain calm and focus on what is next for me. i am lucky and i wish everyone could find in themselves what they know they have to offer and invest in that instead of their own misery. oh and people looking for happy surprises may not know that their person is living in stress and it should be a happy surprise for both of you to work on that stress. giving a happy surprise for me is just as nice as getting. i don't know


I am not stupid, nor am I uneducated. But i have seen what having money does to people. Everyone thinks we need more than we do.

I have never wanted a lot. Just a home and to be loved.
I am ok in my job. I am ok in my life.

Yeah my marriage is ending, yeah it sucks but money makes people crazy, and inflates ego's i would rather be broke and comfortable.

My kids may resent being on the poor side in the future but life is about experinces not stuff.


I wish my mom would leave her "sugar daddy". The truth is, he isn't a sugar daddy anymore. Shes sucking old man dick for pennies and a roof over her head and not a day goes by where I wish he was out of our life. But she got in too deep. She got married to this psychotic fucked. I know most rich dudes are fucking crazy, but look mom, you did this to HELP us.

Now what help are we getting? I'm struggling so much. With lyme disease, with bills. I cant afford my medication. I have an old POS car that doesn't work.

I cant even hang out with you unless its over at your place with that monster.

I know that doctor dude you were seeing was fucking crazy and a drug addict but hell. At least I wouldn't be struggling and sick and I'd be able to see my lyme disease doctor and life would be so much better, Maybe. I dont know.

This is just too much pain and suffering, mom. And for what? For what anymore? You're even paying for the fucking condo now.

I'd rather live in a box with you than have us deal with this old man any longer.

Unless there's something youre holding out on that I dont know about. Will we be swimming in cash after he dies?

Dear god, please let that be a truth at least. I just want to have you back.

Ever since he lost the condo by the ocean it just hasn't been worth it and you dont know where to cut the losses.


Why do people stay with terrible people? I admit to commitment phobia but if I'm in, I'm in all the way. I also can be terribly vindictive to those who dare to cross me. I used to own a book called .... Something about a dish being served cold. Revenge is a dish served cold. Very clever pranks...I don't know why it was so fun!


Holy fuck, and fuck me running. I love you so much. We, my dear, are in TROUBLE. I love you so much. I love you so goddamn much and I am going to sit here and watch you feel it too and youre gonna say it first once you cant keep it inside anymore. But dont worry, i will say it back. Because i love you too...i love you so much. Just say it to me already...


Eleven years ago I got married.  My husband waited until several months after we got married to tell me some things.  Very troubling things.  He was basically a scam artist. It was a short marriage and quickie divorce, but in the meantime he took me and my family for thousands of dollars.  He kept promising to pay it back but he never did, and I had no recourse because I didn't know where he was living.  I had to use a relative's address for the divorce papers.  

I remarried a few years ago.  This year, our tax refund was withheld for debts owed - MY debts.  I didn't have any that I knew of.  Turns out that my return for one year was audited and I owed money.  The year?  It was when I was married to the scammer.  The IRS is sending me the report from the audit.

In the meantime, I got my annual free credit report.  There are credit cards, store cards and mortgages in my name that I don't have.  Now I have to figure out what this shit is.

I just found my ex-husband's LinkedIn account.  Not one word of it is true.  It's absolutely incredible.  Anyone with basic internet skills could figure out that it's bullshit.  For example, one company wasn't even founded until two years after he "left."  Others simply don't exist.

I also found the dummy's Instagram.  Now I know where he lives.  I think the IRS will be interested in having that information.  As well as other people.


When I was married I found correspondence between my husband and his first ex-wife. In his letters he complained about my awful character and behavior. One of the complains stuck in my memory. He was very bitter and upset that I "made" him repair two broken chairs on his birthday. He then went on and on about how much he did for the family and felt unappreciated. What he forgot to mention was that he repaired two chairs because we were expecting his family for his birthday and that I had been cooking for two days to please him and my in-laws. Just saying...sometimes things are not what they seem. In his opinion, I was the most difficult wife ever...too.

P.S. I divorced him shortly afterwards.


Yes, it's me again. The guy with the most difficult wife.

We were going to weed the garden on Sunday. That was the plan. Spring is here. Time to plant. This was the plan we agreed to a week earlier.

When Sunday came around, I set to work. My wife was nowhere to be found. Later that morning she came back. Turns out she was at the gym. She said she'd get changed. I took that to mean she'd put on old clothes and come help. Oh she got changed all right, but she took off again. She returned in the middle of the afternoon after having lunch with her friend.

Then she vanished again. I didn't see her until darkness was setting in.

So tired of her crap, I pointed out how she once again managed to weasel out of the hard work, and weasel out of her promise to help.

She justified it by saying she did do something helpful.... she bought two cases of wine. This was her contribution to the chores, this is how she helped "us", she bought wine.

I don't drink. Nothing ever. All that wine is for her. 24 bottles is a 16 day supply for her. She drinks a bottle and a half every night. Six glasses wine. Anyway, my wife's contribution to the weeding was to buy herself more wine.

She's beyond hope. I can't get my head around how she can behave so badly all the time. She doesn't care. She has the mindset she can do whatever she wants and there will be no consequences. But it's more than that. She does whatever she wants yes, but she also does whatever is most menacing. If there was one piece of cake left, not only would she take it without a care, but she'd shoot everyone else at the table, also without a care. Why? Just because it would cause the most trouble. That's who she is.


I withdrew into my own little world growing up because I was scared to death of people. I was so afraid of being rejected and not fitting in that I kept to myself and became the weird kid that everybody made fun of...because I was trying so hard to avoid being the weird kid that everybody made fun of. The same mindset carried over into relationships in adulthood. I tried to avoid them altogether, but if I found myself attracted to someone or caring about them I would try so hard to avoid losing them that I pushed them away and lost them anyway. Out of fear, I go way overboard to the point of humiliating myself and alienating the people I want to be closer to. The worst part about it is that, aside from this obnoxious and embarrassing tendency, I'm a good person. I'm not crazy, but it makes me look crazy. Things will start out good, and then fear takes over so I go on these preemptive strikes in response to all of the things that I am afraid will happen, and then I create the situations that I'm afraid of in my desperate, frenzied efforts to avoid them. In those moments, it's like somebody comes along and pushes the panic button out of nowhere and I just react. The things that I say to myself internally are horrible and hateful; things that nobody in real life would ever say to me, and those thoughts then manifest themselves into this idea that I'm not good enough, that I deserve to be ditched, and that the people I care about are all going to ditch out on me. Then this fear leads to me doing weird things that make me look nuts because I'm trying so hard to avoid getting ditched. I know that a lot of it has to do with my childhood, but I feel like I should be past this by now. It has hurt my life in a lot of ways. I wish I knew how to stop.


You are so far above me,,,,

Is that true?
Can you know with absolute certainty that it's true?
How do you feel when you allow yourself to believe that thought?
Who would you be if you didn't buy into it?/

Turn it around...


I know, to each his own, but piercings on the lips and eyebrows just gag me. I can't look at the faces of people who have them. It's not that I'm judging them, it just grosses me out.

I also can't look at women who shave their eyebrows and then draw on fake ones that don't follow the contour of their brow bone. It doesn't gross me out but it does make me want to laugh.

I don't know if this makes me esthetically sensitive or just shallow, or both.


It would be so nice if we could all just agree to be friends. It's kindergarten all over. So sad.


I was quite happily jacking off until my wife decided to come into the basement.


I still love you. It's probably no secret - I'm sure you know.
I used to tell you that you seemed like a different species to me. That you were so perfect you must be some sort of alien. It's true, we were always worlds apart and I feel it even more now. That's why I can't be near you. Why every feeling is magnified. You are so far above me and when you look at me I feel so exposed and I feel my every flaw crushing me.

I miss you. I love you. I'm afraid I'll never stop.



you ask about the 'dark space' and I go silent. My eyes water and I change the topic to something that'll make you laugh and forget the question. So I'm telling the world, my 'dark space' was me giving up. I couldn't hold on any longer, I felt unwanted unloved and a waste of space. I had it all planed out how I wanted to go, I would get a hotel room take a handful of something and say good night. I waited to do this cause I couldn't stomach the thought of my mum and sister hearing how I left the world. Them having to pick out my last outfit, mum looking at baby pics thinking she failed me and trying to figure out what to tell my godson why I won't be there for xmas.
I waited and held my breath trying to hold on and suddenly you appeared. You made the darkness fade away and slowly the beautiful light started to shine again. When I felt like I was fading you grabbed me and held me tight without knowing my plans. When I put myself down you were there reminding how beautiful I am, you made the old me come back ..not the mask I had been wearing for so long.

I'm here because of you, one day I hope I can show you this and thank you for saving me, you are my knight in shining armor. I love you


I should have died when I was 15 from my autoimmune disease.  Thanks to modern medicine, I survived... and I survived the several dozen more times I should have died, too.  I'm involved in a Facebook community of many others with my same condition.  Of my 1,000 Facebook friends with my condition, about 4 die a year from it.  That's 4 in 1,000, or 400 in 100,000.  The most dangerous job in America is that of a logger, which has a death rate of 111 in 100,000.  If my medical condition were a career, it'd be four times more dangerous than that.  But loggers only work 8 hours a day.  My autoimmune disease works 3 shifts in a 24 hour day.  The reality is my condition is 12 times more dangerous.

But that's just the background to what I wanted to say.  When I was young, I was always striving for purpose while I tried to survive.  I wanted to live at any cost.  I got very, very good at surviving.  Now I'm halfway through my life.  I'm happy that I don't have as much of this bullshit to have to endure anymore.


You're not alone. It may feel like it, but there are many people on your cold and lonesome boat. It's just dark and you can't see them. Row until daybreak. Share your story when the sun rises. The sun rises every day somewhere until the day it doesn't. And that day isn't tomorrow, trust me. Or jump. It's not my call or anyone's but yours. I vote for rowing, though. Fucking row. Fucking. Row.


I'm a gay man in my 50's. I came out in 1989. I lost so many friends to AIDS that I thought I would surely die, too, from heartbreak. It was terrible. It's still terrible. But it's my job to go on. To continue until it's my turn, too, and try try try to do good work for my friends that are gone. I lost my father just over a year ago. I wear his wedding ring and will never take it off. Loss comes. It never leaves. Never. But I sat in my car today and felt the sun, so warm, on my arm. Who am I to refuse so great a gift? I'm tired tonight. And the bed will be soft and welcoming. I hope that the end is as welcoming when it comes but I feel like it's my job now to pick up a stone each morning, move it ahead during the day and set it down at night. Not in a tiresome way but in the way that life asks for effort, yes, and suffering, too, but also pays effort in so many days of warm sun and clear and shining memories, promises and secrets, whispered, on pillows in the dark.


She's dying, and I feel all alone.  There is nobody around who understands.  There is no point in living, because I will die one day too.  The only time I'm happy is when I'm hiking in the woods, but that doesn't last long.  I just want to die and get it over with.  I feel angry most of the time.  I just sat in my bedroom crying.  I just want it all to end.  I want to die.  I want to live forever, but if I'm going to die, I just want to die now.  There is no point to life.  The happy moments never come anymore.  I've been alone for a long time.  I've eaten myself alive.



i know its a stretch but omg i miss you!!!  i'll say something and then others get theres in and by the time its said and done i'm here confused.  in the end i convince myself i'm letting hope and wishful thinking win. anyways, just in case, i hope you're getting all my best.  i send it daily. please be well.


Most people can't apologize. Their egos are too big. In the end they look even more foolish. You know what? I didn't like to apologize either. I'd do it, but I didn't like it. As a direct result, I made more of an effort to always do the right thing so I wouldn't have to apologize. I solved the problem. But not most people. They won't apologize and they won't do the right thing.


It sucks because he's most likely dead and gone, a criminal with a tarnished name, but some part of me will always remember him as the first person to look me dead in the eyes and tell me i was beautiful.

Some serious shit went down at my high school, and I'm really glad I just wasn't involved.


Some people are so despicable! I posted some information online about an upcoming Earth Day event. It was no big deal. I thought people might like to know about the event.  One woman went nuts on me, saying I was completely wrong. There is no such event and how dare I post false information. She called me a liar and a few other choice things. She really called me out saying she's blocking me and never wants to hear from me again. I didn't understand. I was just passing along info about an event.

Since then I've heard from the organizers. They say their event is going on as planned and I had all the info correct.

Just as a point of order, I sent the confirmation to the nasty woman. She owed me an apology. But of course I heard nothing back from her. She was wrong. Not me. Yet through the power of the internet, she gets to have a www.hissy_fit and then disappears when the truth is revealed. Sometimes the internet sucks.


No, I do not want to connect to Debbie or Diane on LinkedIn.  I don't want them to see I fudged my job title and the length of time I was there.


You'll never sell that house.

You're worshipping of Ivanka while the Donald worsens the housing market is your own damn fault.

Also, you rushed into buying that house while laughing at your friends wise enough to continue renting until they had savings enough to buy a decent home. People who sacrificed that much don't want your sad excuse for a house.

But go ahead and keep worshiping Ivanka while your finances fall apart. I assure you, she is not thinking about the little guy one bit.


Oh my friend, the one sure fire way to lose a stream of information is to brag about it


Came in a pussy yesterday. It's always a good day when I come in a pussy.


you wanted a piece of me you chose not to help I gave you what you wanted my pain be grateful


I met a woman through CL and the conversations we had were hot.  We chatted live, had lots of dirty sex talk, she sent me photos of herself.  She always had these great face pics, but they were in tight and always taken from above.  She also sent me a photo of her legs and boobs.  She described herself as Rubenesque.

We met, and I soon discovered she was not Rubenesque, she was morbidly obese.  Why would you lie about something like that?  Her gut was so big it had multiple levels, the part that stuck out under her tits, then there was a little bit of a shelf to put your beer on, and then the rest of her massive gut.  It hung low over her pooch.  I was put off.

You know what?  Be honest.  There are men out there who love heavy women.  Love them.  I do not.  It is a personal choice.  At first I felt absolutely horrible that I told her she was not my type.  She asked why and I said she was bigger than I thought.  She left, I felt like shit for telling her this, and I am sure she felt like shit, too.

And it all could have been avoided if she was honest up front.  You are not Rubenesque.  Look up the paintings.  I was angry at myself for being so honest, and now I am angry with her for putting me in that position.


I am a middle aged man who loves women and the female body, I love all kinds of sex with women and currently have a steady girlfriend.  My secret is I love to let her strap on dildos and have her way with me.  Luckily she enjoys this very much also, it really turns her on to make me get on my knees and try to deepthroat for her.  She says its a real turn on to bend me over and fuck me hard.  What a lucky man I am.


I think I'd be a great criminal. Humbleness aside for the moment, I'm very smart. That's the problem with criminals. They aren't smart. They dropped out of school. This is their downfall. They don't think ahead. They screw up and get caught.

But me, I'm extremely detail oriented. I plan things out so well. This is why my employer pays me so much. But imagine if I used my know-how to commit perfect crimes. I'd be great at it. It's something to consider. Maybe when I retire.


Don't replace the door, replace the wife (or not)!


I didn't tell you but I will wait for you.  The heart wants what the heart wants.


Me and my husband made a deal many years ago , that all thought things werent going so well in our marriage we were never going to divorce until our kid was out of the house , I was going to stay at our second home and we were going to try our best to stay as a family even though we live in different houses.  Fast forward almost a decade later and things are great for the most part, we get together for holidays , vacations and weekends and do things together as a family but now out the blues he wants to build a small house next door so I can be closer, like seriously we only live 15 minutes apart our kid goes back and forth and spends the same amount of time on each house.  I love my husband like family but I wouldn't want to give my place , I like my small condominium there's plenty of space for two people and a small dog, I don't want a house , there's no need to get a ridiculous loan for something I don't want or need not just that but property taxes are ridiculous high where he lives .  He better get his idea out of his head , I think he is just bored since he retired too early , he needs to get a girlfriend or a hobby.


People give me shit because I hang out with my dad a lot. Yeah, the guy with track marks on his arm and has had three friends OD and die in the past year is calling me a loser because I have a good relationship with my dad. Sorry I can't be cool like you and waste my life shoving needles in my arm, writing "deep" Facebook posts every five minutes, and sucking dick for drug money.

I never judged you and always considered you a friend, even when you were at your worst. But you fucked me over today, and I'm sick of trying to be there for you. Good fucking luck, man. Don't forget to wipe your ass after you're done shitting parasites in the gutter.


Wow. So glad I got to see your new girlfriend up close and in person today. She's sooooooo unattractive. I'd love to give her makeup  tips so that her eyeliner doesn't look so 80's. Hope you can convince her to go to the gym with you. Fuck knows she needs it. Enjoy your rebound. Sorry you couldn't find someone hotter.


Girl sending a message...swinging around in the pines. She didn't deserve this. We didn't need to cry. We are the ones that could have saved her.
We cry for her because we love her. It's okay. She was our child. She was my kin. If we could turn back time, we could have saved the day.  If we had time, we could have made them pay. Now they go on and pretend like nothing happened. Our child slipped away in the darkness.
Look there, it's a ghost. Meth and narcotics help them live with the ghost. They sweep it under the rug. They have to go on with their lives.
And still we dream of an answer, but at the end of the day, there are no answers. They call her name, but there is no answer. She sees the ground and is swept away in a flash.  
So do whatever it is that you are going to do. Stop and smell the roses. Smell the sweet air of the dismal grove. Raise a glass in tribute to this lost child. We will be okay. She will be okay.
Rest in peace sweet girl. Hopefully, you will get this message.


Thank you for the reference and vote of confidence. I still adore you...from afar.


I can't help but wonder if you still want my journey.


I miss you so much. I'm in love with you and I'll never ever say it to your face.


People lie when they say that killing yourself is selfish. Keeping a person alive that doesn't want to live is selfish. Killing yourself is generous. Share your pain with others. Make them understand. Only when you've lost something you realize the worth of it.


Only people who don't understand what it's like to exist in a state of perpetual mental torture and suffering every single day for years, will tell people that suicide is selfish. It is not fair to tell someone that it's ok for them to live in horrendous pain just so people won't miss them. My family (including my husband) treat me like my misery and my brokenness is a nuisance, or they ignore it altogether. So on top of bearing my own pain I have to bear the responsibility for these people who will be in pain if I die on my shoulders, even though they couldn't care less that I am dead inside right now. Fuck this. If i have been forced to live like this for years, isolated too, the bunch of them can do the same. They will probably find that their lives are better off without me, since I'm so difficult to love.


And get yourself tested for STDS. she cheated or is cheating on you.


You know why she did that. There's only one answer...


Maybe she fucked a dog.


I'm loath to mention this. I hide it away in the back of my head. I try not to think about it. About a year ago my wife was out very late. She said she was going to an art gallery opening. I have no interest in such things. But my wife never misses the opportunity to go to a social event. The opening was from 6 to 8 in the evening. She said she'd be back shortly thereafter. She came home at 3 in the morning. I woke up as she came into the bedroom. She hurried into the master bathroom, which is a door off our bedroom. I could hear her grumbling and futzing around in there. I got up to make sure she was alright. The bathroom door was partly open and the light was on. Our bedroom was dark. So as I was approaching the doorway, I could see her, but she couldn't see me. She was standing there with no bottoms on, no pants, no underwear. She was rummaging around in the drawers of her vanity, one drawer after another. She was clearly looking for something. Finally, she searched in the cabinet under her sink. She sighed with a look of relief. She pulled out a small black bag. She took out a tube. It took me a moment to recognize. It was a tube of spermicide. I hadn't seen that in 15 or 20 years. It was used in the old days along with a diaphragm as a form a birth control.  She reached back in the black bag and pulled out the applicator. I think I stopped breathing at that point. I watched her fill the applicator with spermicide and then inset the goop into her vagina. Why would my wife feel the need to insert spermicide into her vagina at 3 in the morning after coming home from a party? Why? Why? Why? This is the question I hide away in my head. I can't deal with it.  


259 - Have a big 28th birthday & do something special! You will remember it more than your 21st anyway. Plus, the people you have around you at 28 are probably much more special than the ones at 21.

I went to prom, it was fun and all, but at the end of the day it was just a party with expensive dresses.  At this age the memory of prom isn't all that important to me.  You're not missing out on much.  Move on, and enjoy your the rest of your 20s exploring this vast world! Do something you've never done before for your 28th birthday!

- A fellow 27 year old


185247.....What 185269 said.  I totally agree. You keep playing right into her hand.


185247 – Provided that your garage door can still be raised, lowered and locked, don't replace it.  Don't replace the bumper on your wife's car, either.  She needs to be handled like a child: if you break your toys, too bad – you won't be getting replacements.  Replacing the garage door would also signal to your wife that she got to you, because it would show that it bothered you enough for you to replace the door.  Act as if you're not bothered, leave the garage door as it is, and deny your wife the satisfaction of seeing you getting all busy and dealing with the problem of her creation.

When you're about to sell the house in connection with your inevitable divorce, then you can replace the garage door.


I was planning to drop out before starting h.s. I was like, "nope, not gonna do it." Then in the wider environment of older and more interesting kids, I found my groove.
I keep having the same frustrating dream where I am in h.s., but instead of graduating and getting a diploma, I sort of dick around because I consciously know that it's all a bunch of bullshit.
That's what actually happened, except I managed to graduate anyway.
Yay! Fuck you, shit dreams!  


Don't get the door fixed.


185259 you can't keep reliving the past.  Truth is, there are many of us out here that didn't get those parties or invitations to the prom either.  Sometimes I wonder why I was so invisible, but better days came along.  They will for you too....more meaningful, important events and people.  Just try to live your life with happiness and no regret....   Hugs...


Didn't have a 21st bd party.  I bought a beer just because I could but never drank it.


I didn't get to go to the Junior Prom bc my boyfriend didn't want to go.  I did get to go to the Senior Prom and I wish I had never gone.  Prom is always built up to be something you will always look back on fondly.  Pssh, maybe for the kids who have ppl that care about them. The dress I picked out was around $40, my mother refused to help me buy it. She brought home a dress she borrowed from a friend that was purple, floor length and gaudy.  My boyfriend didn't want to be there and refused to dance with me. I was so embarrassed that we left halfway through the prom.  Needless to say, I didn't make Prom Queen, lol


To say my mother in law is difficult would be like saying the Black Plague was difficult. We went out to dinner at a family friendly restaurant today. She screamed at a nine year old on her way out the door, calling the child a bimbo. That was the the END of the evening, after hubby and I insisted it was time to go. The rest of it wasn't any better. This happens every week. She tortures waiters, cries when we don't oblige her every whim, and complains about literally everything the entire dinner (even good news). It's unbearable. And this is her public persona. You don't even want to know what she's like in private.

There are a lot of reasons we don't have kids, but I'd be lying if I said she wasn't one of them. My husband is fully aware of the insanity. We're quietly scaling back on visits.


i would like to apologize to the boys who I completely turned down when they asked me out or came onto me when I was younger. Looking back, I realize I hurt some of your feelings and I didn't mean to. I was so insecure That I honestly thought you were making fun of me. I didn't think I was the kind of girl that boys liked. I'm sorry.


I was given a surprise 27th birthday party.  It was nice, but a lot of the people there were people who had treated me like complete shit the previous year.  There were some true friends there, of course, but 20 years later I still think about that party and cringe a little.  I think the bad people held it because they were trying to show the real friends that they were still "good" people.


The thing is, in marriage, there is an implied commitment. Some people take this very seriously. Some people reinvent themselves every few years, and the stuff they once did in that marriage is rendered obsolete. Are there any sweeping statements that apply to all marriages? Maybe. I admire people who take their commitments seriously. It's not just about you. It's about your spouse and your family. You want your family to take you seriously, don't you? Credibility means nothing these days. People treat their friends, family, spouses like disposable dishware. It's trashy. If you can't handle the responsibility, don't get married in the first place. It seems like a harmless thing to do, but if it doesn't work out, it will expose you to an unfortunate side of life, and you have only yourself to blame. I use to hate hearing people say stuff like this, but this is real. You'll never quite know what to do with those missing, invisible years. Life goes on. New experience and loves take hold. It doesn't have to have a wrecked past. Those are choices.
Of the things I have some control over, having children and being a good parent is the most meaningful thing I have experienced in life. Marriage was probably one of the most meaningless.        
I wish I had taken the advice of others here and elsewhere when I had the chance. I'm okay with things on the whole, but there is a price for not listening. They warned me but I didn't listen. I believed.


I'm 27 but still can't get over not having a 21st birthday party.I can get over most shitty events of my past but not this.
Also struggle with not having an 18th birthday party and not going to my prom.
Can anybody help me?


love to those who can differentiate... I want to be myself and not get mad at ppl for being all they can for me... My relationship is not a relationship. She won't be my gf and I don't play games I just stress u out... Now I know how my ex bf felt ... I kind of foresaw this... Oh well. I'm grateful for the time left I hope I can change... I will have peace of mind by protecting my sanity from those who know they can abuse it




Just fucking fire me already. Do it now. Do it so I can move on with my life. Do it so I can focus on my small business. Do it so I never have to punch a clock, or wear this stupid uniform, or fake sick to get a day off ever again.

I have so many other things I want to do with my life. I'm not going to be hurt if you pull the trigger. I'm going to be grateful. I'll mope for a day or two, take a week off to visit my family (who I haven't seen since Christmas), then I'll keep it moving.

But before I do that, I want you to fire me. I want you to look your best sales person in the eye (because you know I'm the best you have) and let them go. All because you're too scared to defend me to our corporate overlords. Fire me. I can hear it in your weak, wimpy little voice every time you call to check in. Just do it already. Because I'm not quitting just to make your life easier.


I too have learned that same lesson your wise grandfather shared with you. I had a lover once who was so broken and miserable and the experience was detrimental to the well being of my children.  Some people will always choose victim-hood over accountability and constantly make unreasonable demands.

Letting go of that and working on myself has been liberating and affirming. I find I can still attract those type of people, but now I choose to include people who get out of their heads and look around.  I'm not discounting their story, it's important as well, now I just choose those on a path of self awareness and reconciliation.   I am forever grateful for what it taught me. I am a better person as a result.


No matter the circumstances or how you feel about me now, I still think well of you. You are an amazing person, with a very good heart and a strong mind. You were a great friend to me. You  deserve to be nothing but happy and fulfilled. I hate thinking that you are being treated in a way that is less than you deserve and I hate that you seem to be walking around believing things that aren't true about me or about the situation. I can't really fix that, though, because you won't let me. Thank you for being yourself and giving me the brief opportunity to know you and see you for who you really are. I consider myself very lucky to have known you. I'll end here. Just know, no bad feelings on this end.




One of the most profound pieces of wisdom I've heard was about 15 years ago at a work presentation we had during lunch.  The presenter was an older black woman from the ghetto. She said that when we go to bed at night, we should ask ourselves this question:

"Did I build today, or did I break today?"

Each day, she said, we have the choice as to whether or not make the world a better place.  During the day, we can build... or we can break.

That's stuck with me for a long, long time.


The best advice I have ever heard came from my 88 old grandfather and it was about my soon to be ex husband. What he said was:

Love isn't always enough. There are some people that cannot be fixed and cannot be happy. It is better to let these people go then to let them effect your life or your children's lives.

I let him go. It was tough but 8 years later, I am happy. My kids are happy.
My ex is still doing the same thing he did with me. I wish him peace but I understand that there is something wrong with him.


Like I would even take someone's abuse in at this point. I've said my bit. I worked hard on paintings for my mom to throw me to the wolves and throw out my paintings while my only friend ignored me. I need to know this friendship now is real. We both seek and hold back reassurance and it's stupid. I won't let your guys darkness in. I will be happy again. I'm with her now. Everyone does want me to suffer. My mom once admitted she was jealous. Now she tries to make me abuse her by having nothing to say but I love you when I talk about things. No one can give me advice. I wish my actual best friends from high school I should have put them above. I don't know no one likes me. I love myself bet that makes you mad


You never seem to be able to blame the right person. You seem to be completely blind to how fucking crazy her behavior is, so you excuse it and blame everybody else...even the people who only wanted to help you. That's nuts. I would love to know what I supposedly lied about or what situation I was pretending was another way. I would love to know what bullshit stories were concocted about me to make you believe that. I never lied to you about anything. I didn't make up anything. Not once. Which is why you lashing out at me makes no sense. You want me to hate you, but I don't and I won't. I feel bad for you. You deserve so much more than to be treated that way no matter what her excuses are, but apparently you don't believe it. It takes one hell of a fucked up, conniving individual to do what she did, the way that she did it for as long as she did it, and then turn it around and try to make any part of that your fault or something that you deserve to be punished for. Why don't you see that? It sounds like it's more about control than anything else.

(And, for the record, I didn't write half...if any...of the posts that you seem to be attributing to me. That is also the truth. So please stop with the unfair assumptions and accusations. )


when someone needs to talk to YOU and you give them a void to rot in. yes I hate you. I don't give a shit as long as you know that. you do. whatever.... if in see some dumb person sound like your bitchness and lying pretending the situation is one way, then ill ignore it. and obviously I'm not happy. I can't talk to her either. I am supposed to touch her and not get touched and not be considered her partner and know I'll never be home. ever


Guy with the difficult wife here again. When it rains it pours. This morning I see the garage door is busted. There is a large vertical crack down the middle. Clearly "someone" backed the car into it. I asked my wife. She said she knows nothing about it. But she had that tone in her voice. The menacing tone. Like come now, who else could have done it? Someone broke into my garage and then backed their car into the door????

I checked more closely. There is blue paint on the door. There are scratch marks on the bumper of her blue car. I pressed her more. She finally admitted she backed her car into the garage door yesterday. She said she forgot to open the door before leaving. She backed into it.

A few things come to mind. Who doesn't open a garage door before trying to back out? Was it really an accident? There is a good possibility she did it on purpose. I'm reminded of all the times she has gone out of her way to cause a problem. This one is a winner. This time I'll bet it will cost $1,000 to get the door replaced. But also, she lied about it. She told me she had no idea what happened when she knew full well she had done it. It shows once again what kind of person I'm dealing with. Not only is she difficult about everything, she's dishonest. What a combination. She is the worst person I've ever encountered.


We could have had it all. Money, that elusive thing that we've struggled to have enough of. Back breaking work, carefully planned and executed budgets. For 15 years, we haven't dropped the ball, we've worked together to maintain a decent lifestyle. Now I'm about to double our income, the answer to all our original problems. And what? The relationship goes down the toilet because I'm becoming empowered and independent as a result of becoming a professional, and it turns out, that's not the type of woman you can be married to. We could have had it all.
At least I know I'll have everything I now have minus a stress inducing baby boy for a husband. That's progress any way I look at it. But, goddamn if I don't want that doubled income lifestyle. Nice house, new cars, full wardrobe, disposable income. But that can't beat freedom. I came from not having it all, I've lived without having it all, and I'll continue to not have it all. Fuck the advertisements.


I entertain the idea of sending him a message to ask him if, at any point in our relationship, he felt something genuine for me. For us. Truth is, I am afraid to know.


Someone gets kicked in the balls. That person has a strong leg

That kick was easy because it was motivated by passion - You might have forgotten what that is like.

Maybe you never knew what that was in the first place.


185221 my <3 absolutely bleeds for you.  Please get out ASAP.


Love my wife and family, but wifey doesn't like to give oral. Every man needs oral.  If wifely won't do it someone else will. Just the way it is.


*185221- You need to get out of your marriage ASAP! You do not deserve to live like that nor put up with that maniacal behaviour- your wife is a mean, vindictive, trouble making shrew! I wish you all the best.


I am so sorry. I idealized love. I thought someone could take care of me. I am a sorry excuse for a human. My art is all I have. I will cut my losses. I thought I was right. She is allowed to hate me. I deserve this pain. You don't know my pain. Know I suffer in kind. Know I am sorry. And that I want to die. I just want to be free. How dare I smile. Every pain has a smile in it every joy I see darkness in. I dont want ppl to have to deal with me


I really miss doing sex. I have not had one in 7 months.

My wife had me on sex probation for 7 months now.You wanna  know why? Right, this is it:

We had good sex all the time. Before having sex, we play a bit of romance for a while then we stop to do exchanges, I first go down on her, then she goes down  on me too before penetrations begin.

It only takes me a few minutes - about 9 to 12 - before I cum. When I go down on her it would take about 50 minutes or an hour.

The thing is she wants to cum till she can't cum no more before she allows penetration.

One night, we did our usual romance and I went down on her. I always go down on her first. She's responding to my licking in little movements of her downside and telling me how she is enjoying it. A few minutes later her movements quickened and in short breaths she grabbed my head to her vjj till she screamed and shivered. I knew right away that she had cum. She would released her grab on my head for a while so I could take a rest till the quiver was over. Then she told tell me to go on and give her another lick explaining she had not cum yet and that she was almost there when she quivered. Aah! Isn't quivering the same as cumming? I went ahead as she said thinking I could make it quick. By the time I realized, I was doing this for about fifty minutes or an hour, telling me anytime she quivered and scream that "honey I am almost there " until she finally could not take it anymore before she allowed me to penetrate. I couldn't even do the penetration for long.

My wife came more than 5 times in these minutes of great screams and sensations only to tell me she came in the last show. Jesus Christ! That's how it happens every time. My jaws always get hurt and my tongue feels like it wants to bruise.

The next night during romance, she wanted me to go down on her and I intentionally said "my jaws and my tongue is bruised so I can't do it tonight ". Oh, that was all! She went down on me for only two minutes and said her downside also feels bruised so she wouldn't allow me to penetrate until it is healed.

Oh Jesus Christ, it has been 7 months now and her cunt has still not been healed from a simple bruise.

I am planning on fucking somewhere else one of these days. Maybe I will be fucking her close friend who has been coming to our house, or I would just be fucking somewhere else she doesn't know.
I don't know yet. Maybe I would be doing that; maybe I would not :(

M/36 [ married and in want of sex ]


I changed my daughter's name. When she was born I officially named her ****** on her birth certificate. A few years later on I decided I didn't like her name. I paid about $200 and changed her name. I've wondered if this messed her up. I called her one thing. Then I started calling her a different thing. A funny side note. Some people I don't see often would come up to me and ask how my daughter ****** was doing. They would use the old name. I'd correct them and say my daughter's name is xxxxxx. I'd use the new name. I never feel like explaining I had her name changed. They act all embarrassed that they got my daughter's name wrong. It's not their fault, but I never tell them that.


I will search for you through a thousand worlds and ten thousand lifetimes until I find you...


I wish I was a girl. Then I could wear pretty dresses and twirl. I like to twirl.


You have spent the day bashing my wife on facebook. You have done this to other people in the past. I spent the day getting all of your personal information to give to the next scam suspect I come in contact with. I've done this to people like you before. I come in contact with them often due to work. You have been running wild fucking in my garden and disturbing my family's peace. We are not trash that go on Facebook and feed trolls like you. You don't know me because I  have made no attempts to meet you. You are trash. Your whole family is trash. You have been fucking with all of these small town bible thumping fake ass morons. You have never met a mother fucker like me. I want to make you pay a pound of flesh. I will settle for a pound of your emotional sanity. I will also take a pound from each one of your family members. You have mistaken quietness for weakness.  I will wait for different months for each of you. I want to stretch it out for a long time. I have held off from doing this because I was hoping you would go away. You are dedicated to causing us problems. I am now dedicated to hurting you slowly for a very long time.


The secret ingredient in my meatloaf is Spam. It's not a real food but it tastes so damn good!




My wife says she read a book once before she met me. I don't believe her. I don't think she has ever read a book.


I don't care when somebody does a public shooting.  Society should be nicer, then this wouldn't happen.


People point the finger when you've hurt them. You point it back it means you wanted to.


Meds don't change the things stressing people out its just something people use to make unhappy people feel worse "you need help" stress does not go away with meds u have to deal with it and confront others on their bullshit. Or not just deal with yourself. You have no idea what I'm capable of. Maybe you will never know. I am a selfish person who wants to talk about myself and blame everyone but today I listened to an old man and he made me cry. He has a tumour and $2000 savings trying to choose between knocking on his exes door in another city or something else I forgot


There's an electrician who comes in to my workplace from time to time for wiring and such. I'm so attracted to him. I love the guy who dresses in jeans, work boots,  and a t shirt. The kind who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty at work.  I think the feeling is mutual. There's very low key flirting that goes on while he's around, however, I'm not sure if he's just being polite or if he's flirting back. Today is casual day so we are allowed to wear T shirts. I have a relatively tight t shirt on, and my boobs, well, they're enormous. It's impossible not to notice them, especially when I'm in this t shirt. I took off my jacket while he was around so that he was sure to see my figure. He took notice. I caught him looking more than once. I swear I'd fuck him in a second. I do think he feels the same.

We both wear wedding rings on our left ring  finger, but hey, I can have my fantasy, right?


April is alcohol awareness month. I'm doing my best to get acquainted with liquor...


If you are getting upset and being overly emotional at work all the time, people probably view you as mentally unstable. They appease you because they don't want you shooting up the place.


I just talked to the sexiest sounding man on the phone. Mm...Boston accent. Can't lie. Got a little wet.. I don't know why, but Yankees always do it for me.


Sometimes psychotropic medication can be a wonderful thing. I wouldn't recommend it for everybody, but some people could really benefit.




it should be funny she perpetuated my pain with little fake avoidance of my love question. i do not go WAY out of my way to bother u but u wouldnt lift a pinky for me and thats worse. i don't care for u i am over it. i think u enjoy feeling i still care. good luck with that because u wont get another piece of my tho the very few messages i send to tell u this that u reply "i don't agree with you" to are anything but bullshit. your anger at me is your business. it should be funny someone getting off on my pain but it's not. you are so full of shit. "i have a really scary bisexual secret" WHHOOOOP DEEEE DO try to be real now in YOUR life. blocked


I'm the guy with the world's most difficult wife. It's been a while. A new story. It was snowing a few weeks ago. The temp outside was in the teens. I turned to my wife and suggested I start a fire in the fireplace to keep the place cozy.

I went out to the back porch to get an armful of firewood. I was only wearing a t shirt and jeans, but no big deal, I was going to be outside for less than a minute. Or so I thought.

When I tried to bring the wood inside, the backdoor was locked. We never lock the back door. We never lock any door. We live in an incredibly safe place. There is no crime.

I knocked on the door. No answer. How could there be no answer? I was just talking to her. How could she not hear me knocking on the door?

I started to get very cold. I went around to the front door. It was locked too. I can't remember the last time the front door was locked.

She was up to her difficult tricks. I went outside without a coat. She saw that as an opportunity to cause a problem. She locked the doors so I would freeze.

I pounded and pounded. Still no answer.  After a few more minutes I had to get into my car and start the engine and turn on the heat.  I waited.

How long would this sickening game of hers take?

About half an hour later. The house door opens. I finally get back inside. She puts on her oh so innocent voice and asks why I didn't come back inside sooner and start the fire. She said she was really looking forward to the fire...

I didn't want to play along. I didn't want to acknowledge her in any way what so ever. Because that's what she wants. That's what she lives for. She wants to hear how she caused me trouble.

I stayed silent. So she chimed in. "Oh, were you locked outside? Were you knocking? I didn't hear you, I was in the shower..."

Right, that was all part of her plan. Lock me out and leave me in the cold for half an hour. And then claim she couldn't hear me knocking because of the shower.

It's still hard to believe that she can be so calculating and evil. I fucking hate every ounce of her menacing self. I can't wait to get out of this marriage.


It's sweet how people try to make me feel better when I'm visibly upset at work. It's kind of annoying though, because my bosses still pepper my day with little shows of disrespect or inconsideration when I'm not in a sour mood. So they'll be nice to me and try to make me laugh, until I go back to normal. Then it's back to the status quo.

My other coworkers are sincere about it, which is nice. Sometimes though, I wish I were just allowed to be in a shitty mood without people arbitrarily trying to make me be happy again. It doesn't feel healthy to have my negative expression curbed whenever I try to express it, because the actual reasoning behind my bad moods doesn't ever go away.

Plus it also feels like I'm a child they're giving candy to so she'll just shut up


All of these years and you still go wayyy out of your way to try and hurt me. What in the actual fuck is wrong with you? Sorry I'm not a lesbian and I didn't want to be your friend that way. But you gotta move on!


I lied. Being alone terrifies me more.


MAC computers are so poorly designed. It shouldn't take 45 minutes of hair-pulling agony to print a page. There are so many platforms and so many versions of software and so many network issues and so many design flaws, that computers today are not functioning correctly. It's a huge pain in the ass. I'd rather go back to paper and pencil.


I'm a good girl.  The guys I talk to want to fuck me but no one wants anything serious, and I think when they sense I am a real deal good girl, girlfriend material they get scared.  They sense I am open to more than a fling so in their eyes I am "clingy."




Are there any women out there who can truthfully say that they've never been raped/molested/sexually abused or harassed? Maybe there is hope for my daughter.


I'm afraid Trump just started World War Three. That didn't take long.


When I was a sophomore in college, I would sometimes hang out in my boyfriend's dorm room while he was working 3rd shift and wait for him to come home. One night, I was asleep in his bed and he came back around 3 a.m. and just started fucking me rough while I was asleep. He didn't talk to me or even try to wake me. It was so unlike him to be so forceful with me. I kept trying to turn around to look at his face but it was dark and he had me from behind. He didn't respond to me calling his name. He finished quick and walked back out of the room (the bathroom was out there) and came back in a few minutes later, turning on the lights and talking to me as if none of that had just happened.

That was about 17 years ago. I don't know why it popped into my head again just recently or why it took me so long to realize that that man that fucked me was not my boyfriend.


Well.. even my husband hates me... I think it may finally be time for me to die without worrying about the people i leave behind.


Sometimes all you really want is for someone to take your face in their hands, look you in the eyes, and say, "I don't care what lies anybody else has told you. I don't care about the lies you have told yourself. You are enough."


Sometimes I feel this intense longing for human connection, to feel someone's naked body pressed all over mine. Then I masturbate to completion and go on about my business. It helps the cravings for a lover subside.

Ohhh, but there's this guy that comes to my house a couple times a week...people tell me I can do better (I can, but he's a nice guy), but I know I could snag him if I wanted


no one could possibly give a shit about what i have to say


205 we want the same thing buddy


It wasn't just security I wanted someone to understand my deficiencies and forgive and accept me and you turn me on I dreamed I landed on you and it felt like a bed of flowers


I want a good girl.

Nice Guy 37


I've read secrets on other pages where people confess to having all sorts of deviant sexual desires.  Fucking animals, and even pedophilia,  Me, I just want to fuck beautiful Asian women in their 20s.  Guess I'm not such a bad guy.


none of this would have ever happened to me if I could manage my own money ONE doctor had the power to write that order just because I bought concert tickets for my friends and they FORGOT THEM AND DIDNT EVEN GET TO GO sarah silvermans show whatever years ago living in the past because its too much to process maybe I just like the drama I dont know NO I DO NOT LIKE DRAMA ITS PEOPLE WHO SEE THEY CAN CREATE PAIN IN ME THAT JUST flick me when I beg for forgiveness and cant stop talking they perpetuate it I remember I have been so violated by everyone my mother I will never forgive u will all go to hell before u get to heaven based on your heart u will yes you pervert will be a distant cold cold cold cold burning star that none of the others care about. I know they have pictures of me and they like pretending their little jerkoff actions manipulate me like their stupid penis is a friggen voodoo doll.


I dabble in assumptions...

Why not? Seems harmless. I'm up for an adventure.

It's about where we come from. We get each other. I see that now. There is a side that I will never understand, but that is a healthy mystery, or so I am told. The other side of things that I was waiting to discover. I never mentioned that. I wanted to know more. I wanted to go further. I'm so stupid sometimes. I'm out of sync with what is happening in real time. I'm so much better now. Still stupid, but better.

If it is protection, then fine. It is what it is. Someone asked me the other day how you were doing. It was our anniversary. (I didn't mention that) I just said you disappeared. Showed up in my dreams the next morning. That was unusual. Anyway, just sending a shout out on this old wind telephone. take care




if its ever too late to do the right thing, or to make something right with another, we're all screwed.


191...In this case, yes. It cannot be saved and the ruin cannot be reversed. Perhaps this is rightfully so. He hates me. Maybe that's for the best.


People could say a lot of things about me, but, at the very least, beyond a shadow of a doubt...I am the most fun ever. :) It's unanimous. Everybody who knows me knows it's true. I consider it my best achievement, truth be told.


And just like that. I'm burned again. I wish i wasnt such a fucking loser :(


My husband laughs too loudly at jokes. Someone will say something slightly funny, and my husband hoots and snorts and slaps his knee. My husband is insecure. He wants people to like him. He needs people to like him. He laughs so the joke teller will like him. It backfires. My husband comes across as socially awkward and unlikable.


I sometimes feel like I don't deserve the good things in life that I have.  I think of my past and the mistakes I've made, the people I've slept with, the actions I've taken.  I've learned from them and have become a better person, but still...


Are you an honorable person ?

That is as my father asked of me from the age of about 17-18 onwards.

In the early days I would ask back what exactly does that mean. "You will know" he would answer, "You will know"

Took me a long time to understand him.  Yes I sleep well at night, I am an honorable person.


I'm sorry..


For a year my wife stumbled around in her dark walk-in closet because she was "too busy" to put in a new light bulb. Who does that? I know, a very lazy person.


189.. how do you salvage a dying friendship? Do you think once it's ruined it can't be saved or un-ruined?


You can't make me want to live in this world. People try to tell me that I need to make something of myself, have goals, find my interests, and that'll give me something to live for. I find small ways to kill myself a little more every day, and it's all a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The thing is, how am I supposed to want to live for 40+ more years if I don't even want to live on the week to week basis? Things have gotten easier (I've cut off/lost a lot of toxic people, and I'm not homeless anymore), but that doesn't give me an end game I'd be happy with.

I just keep living because I'm here already.


Despite everything, I still miss our friendship. It was a deep and profound friendship to me, whether you ever felt the same way or not. I guess that's why it's so hard to let go of. I don't miss the drama. I don't miss the sex that created all the drama. I don't miss the miscommunications and intense negativity brought on by said sexually-perpetuated drama.  

I miss our talks. I miss how we could always crack each other up with our warped humor. I miss that look you would give me whenever I would come up with some bizarre and totally off the wall shit. You seemed to appreciate the weirdness, though. You appreciated a lot of things about me that most people didn't seem to get and were baffled or put off  by.

I miss sharing ideas with you.You inspired some of my best ideas. I needed that. I miss your influence more than you will probably ever know. I miss talking about spirituality and, well, really anything with you because you had such a gift with words and were such a deep and innovative thinker. It was always refreshing and surprising hearing what you had to say or finding out where it would go next. Most people, as I have found, are neither of those things.

I am perpetually underwhelmed in friendships, but that part with you never disappointed me. You were more like family than a friend. Maybe even more than family. If a friend could be a soul mate, you were probably as close as I am ever going to find, and I recognize that. Maybe that's why it still hurts as much as it does. So, for that you will always hold a special place in my heart.

Long story short: I hate that, through our combined efforts, we ruined what could have been a lifelong friendship with something that never should have been. I hate that I let my emotions take over and destroy what could have been salvaged and could have been stronger for having overcome those differences and pitfalls. Our friendship was always good. You know it too.  I will always hate the way that things turned out. I wish we could have made peace. For everything that I did wrong,  or could have done so much better, I truly am sorry. I know that I won't ever get a chance to say that in person, so this will have to do. I wish you all the best.


You and your pathetic photoshop and fake Facebook profiles, I only befriend family and very close friends ( people that I known for years) so please quit being so pathetic and bug off, got it chow main ? Or whatever fake name you are using now days.


185176 - Contact him. As a male who has had this happen to him, it will send a spark of good feeling through your soul to finally get it out to him. If he remembers the incident, and if he (to me) sounds like a decent guy, he will "forgive" you, if that is needed, and go on with your lives. Sadly, too many women, and men take small innocent gestures as sexual provocations and things just go to the dark side of their relationships ruining what could be life long friendships.


Dear G... i don't know how to be your friend, at least not like before. I dont really trust anyone anymore, I don't allow myself to be close to anyone, or vulnerable and I don't expose my secrets or my heart to anyone anymore, especially not like I used to with you.I learned my lesson. I humiliated myself and it wasn't fair to you that i bared my soul to you like that. I'd rather be isolated or lonely than pathetically codependent. Besides, protecting myself also protects you.


Now when I see a deleted message, I always wonder if maybe it was you.


I'm a fool lost at sea.
I left thinking I was on some grand adventure, determined to change my life.
I've certainly changed my life..
Though there is so much I've lost.
In going away I could never go back
And now I'm lost, unsure of what each day will bring
Scared and a bit hopeless :'(




Moonlight is possibly the worst movie I have ever seen. The main character basically has nothing to say. He grunts and nods. It was painful to watch. This won the Academy Award for best picture? I think Hollywood has lost its mind. They saw it as ultra PC. It's about black, poor, gay people. Hollywood tripped over themselves to love it. It was PC liberal crap out of control. In the end they fucked themselves over. They chose a terrible movie as their #1. They diminished the stature of the Academy Award. Best Picture doesn't mean anything any more. It is clouded by bullshit politics. I hope Hollywood shrivels up and Netflix takes over.


For Theresa McGillicuddy.

I don't blame you for how you reacted to me hurting you. What I did was unforgivable, and I'd give anything to change it. I know it's far too late to truly make up for what I did, how I broke your heart and ruined the experience of a lifetime while you were in France, but it would mean the world to me if you let me back into your life, even as a distant acquaintance. I want you to know that I did love you as deeply as I ever did anyone, and yes, I didn't appreciate you as I should have, but you were and are a wonderful woman, and I'm sure an even more wonderful, amazing, loving mother. I hope this gets back to you, somehow, it would mean the world to me if someone on this site showed this to you, as I'm far too terrified to say this to you directly, but I doubt anyone will notice. At the same time, because of my fear that you'll reject my offer to be in your life again, I hope it goes unnoticed as well.

This. This has always been what you've done to me. Conflicting, horrifying, beautiful emotions. Doubt, yet conviction. You were the wildest roller coaster thrill ride I've ever been on, and it's a shame it ended the way it did, because it was the most fun I've ever had.

- Chris


I wanted to be known and loved by you. I still do. It's extremely messing up my relationship and her joy matters to me just as much. I do love her just as much. I know this is really stupid but I need to get over you. I can't beg for a life that would just hurt me the same. What I need is to be taken care of and she does but it's destroying her. I made some videos and one of them I am screaming and crying. There's no way I can take care of myself with painting. It's all I want to do. If I was in the hospital doing it they wouldn't let me they'd steal them they'd medicate me to the point I couldn't. My ability is back but the stress is too much. I honestly don't know what to do but just know I love you. And i am worth more than the mistakes I make. my being has cost her $5,000 of the money she doesn't have things like gas to see me. Coffee and I even got her smoking which means at least an additional 2000 a year. I can't even let her touch me or enjoy it I hate myself so much. I am an angry person because I know I am worth more than this. I know if I was famous my paintings would suddenly be worth what they ARE. I JUST NEED TO PAY OFF HER DEBT SO WE CAN GET LAND. Fuckin make a go fund me butthole. Thanks. *toot*


#176 Thank you. It's such a relief to hear a woman speak to what she did. Powerful honesty. You know, I'm just a 3rd party and your words affected me. I imagine it would affect the Army guy so much more. A difficult suggestion, but what if you did contact him and explained? It might be one of the golden moments in life.


Funny things I have read in the want ads lately:

"Must have safety glasses and steel toes."

"Bilingual required, but not necessary."

"Person must organized and attentive to detail."

Just thought we could all use a chuckle. :)


I never been attracted to macho type of man, I'll take a "girly" , pretty guy anytime.


This is an embarrassing secret after hearing the men talk about the young women who misread their intentions.  I was one of those women back about 1998.  I was 20, and tbh there were a lot of guys who seemed to only want to fuck me.  I wasn't super pretty, maybe somewhat attractive.  A guy in my bio class sat next to me.  He was an older student, about 28 and just out of the army.  He was in shape, not a bad looking guy, had a look of confidence about him, and was a Gulf War vet.  We got along great and teamed up as lab partners.  He was super friendly to me.  He was always asking me how I was doing in school.  Honestly, I know I loved the attention from him.  This wasn't a college frat boy, this was a man in college who was in control of his life and had a future.  Just the fact that he paid attention to me made me feel great.  I smiled and laughed with him, and we became friends.  I learned things about him.  I learned he was the younger brother with three older sisters, and that he was horrified of what he saw in the Gulf, even though he was only there a few months.  I told my girlfriends about this older man who was paying attention to me.  One day we had a study session for our finals, and he bought me a little stuffed teddy bear for good luck.  I had known him for three months by then.  I don't know what went through my head.  I thought, he's nice to me, he's giving me something, that must mean he wants to get in my pants.  I was too fucking young to think of it as, he's nice to me and gave me something, maybe he's a friend.  This ruminated through my head.  I showed my girlfriends the little bear and told him "the guy" had given it to me.  I couldn't pretend to be excited because my girlfriends never showed excitement with guys, so I pretended to be annoyed.  In a few days I convinced myself that the little bear was some cheap trick for him to get laid, not some thoughtful little gift intended to support me.  He had been nothing but a friend, and in less than a week I was telling my friends that I was convinced he was a stalker.  I sent him a message on AOL instant messenger and told him that he needed to stop stalking me.  But something weird happened, at least it was weird to me right then.  He stopped talking to me.  In fact, I could tell on campus that he was avoiding me.  I never spoke to him again.  I wondered why, if he wanted me so badly, he would suddenly stop talking to me.  I thought he'd be like the other guys and keep hitting on me.  He graduated and left the next semester.

It's almost 20 years later and I still think about what I did.  Now that I'm older I'm horrified at what I did and sometimes am still racked with guilt.  I never stopped to think that he had never asked me out.  I now think that maybe the fact he had three sisters made him able to talk with women very easily.  He had been through a war.  He told me about seeing the bodies of the Kuwait women and children buried in the ground up to their necks, with their heads missing from where the Iraqis had put nooses around their necks, attached the other ends to cars, and then drove the cars off, decapitating them for sport.  Maybe he was a man looking for reasons to smile.  Maybe giving me that little fucking stupid bear had made him happy.

What the fuck was wrong with me that I couldn't handle an act of kindness and concern from a man?  What the fuck.  I'm almost 40 years old and still hate myself for what I did.  I did it because I wanted my friends to know I was wanted.  I wasn't even fucking wanted.  I pretty much made that up in my head.  I found him on Facebook.  46 years old now, handsome but with a few pounds on, a pretty wife who's a psychologist, and most of his pictures are him hugging and playing with his daughters.  I wish I could message him and apologize, but I'm too ashamed.


real men mind their own business.


Moms of the world, be good to your sons! Such delicate and fragile creatures they are. Every man is suffering today because of a mom. Douchebags, assholes, bums, pedophiles, scumbags, Johns, cheaters, etc. Be good to your son and be worthy of respect, or else precious little boy will take it out on every woman forever!


If Siri was a person I would punch her in the tit for always thinking I'm speaking to her.  Shut up, ho. Ain't nobody asked you SHIT.


I'm trying my best to get to where I need to be. I want to be the best. I WILL be the best. A slump doesn't equate to a lifetime.

People are so goddamn judgmental and quick to write your ass off in a heartbeat. It's bullshit.


As a man I can say that it's very important that a woman keeps herself in shape and remains sexually pleasing. No I'm not saying she can be a total bitch but if you give me the choice between a hot wife that will fuck me silly and keeps it interesting but lacks in other areas or a wife  that lets herself go and seems bothered to have sex but is otherwise a perfect wife...I will pick the first one EVERYTIME. And so will every other man that wasn't raised by a woman and turned into a vagina, that's just how it is.


You've got to take everything you read with a grain of salt around these parts. Never assume that it is for you, about you, or written by someone you know. I haven't been on here today until about 5 minutes ago and yet I've read multiple posts from earlier that I would swear were written by me if I didn't know better. It's bizarre, yet strangely comforting to know that so many people are going through the same things and have so much in common. We are all one, despite our differences. It does drive home the importance of direct communication to avoid misunderstanding, though.



I guess it wasnt you. I had a glimmer of hope work tonight and i thought i had some hope


I haven't worn a bra since about 2010 and I don't plan on wearing one ever again. I am not a flat chested girl either. I just refuse to be confined by underwire, elastic, social convention, or the Man. :)


Never again.
Never again.
Learned my lesson.
Please stay a ghost


I am frustrated within my interpersonal relationships.  I find solace in music and animals.  

People are too self-centered, egocentric and just let you down.

Music is always there for you.  A dog will always play with you, go for that walk with you and snuggle you when you need it.

All I need is a good song, a dog, and the beach.

Everyone else (for the most part) can go scratch and sniff.


Call me then lets talk


I hear so much unimportant and trivial and just plain wrong bullshit about Donald Trump that I've stopped listening to all criticism of him altogether.  Just as bad, I've begun believing what he says about the media being out to get him.

See how that works?  If you pace yourself and actually tell relevant and important and true criticism of Trump instead of lies and bullshit, people just stop listening to EVERYTHING you say about him.  Even the valid shit.

Pace yourselves, liberals.  For the sake of the country, stop the bullshit and just pace yourselves.


I want you back


Then why throw me away


I still miss you.


Dear god please make the pain go away or just take me


I love when people say that someone else never can or never will change. Speak for yourself. It must suck to go through life being so rigid and close minded. Not to mention so "perfect'"...


I dont wash mushrooms because I dont know how. for real.


You showed your Inner Core,
You can't backtrack now,
Everyone knows that your smile,
Is Happiness that's been drown


Stephen Colbert is so boring. He used to be funny, but now he's a one-trick pony with a worn-out trick. Steve, find something new to do before you become completely irrelevant.



I will add this to the previous thought.  Some "mental problems" are more situational than anything else.  If you judge a person by their behavior when they've just come out of a miserable breakup, or divorce, or abusive situation you probably aren't seeing the whole picture. Give them time to heal and then perhaps reach out and  try to get to know them again.  There are times when that is all that is needed--just a little time and space to pick up the pieces and get back to a normal headspace. Everybody has their low points. We all snap from time to time. Try to remember that and give them a little grace.

(I need to remember this too.)


I'm a fucking psychic.

I hate to break it to you, most women these days (myself included) could be classified as having "mental problems" thanks to the psychological bearings we've taken all of our lives...mainly from males. Sorry, but it's true.


153 how did you know? That already happened, and I got off the crazy train. Only psycho women or those with mental problems like me, why is that?


151, no. You won't die alone. Just find some self-absorbed, soul-sucking, manipulative psycho who will drain the life out of you and mentally abuse you to the point where you become addicted and start believing that you can't live without her.  They're out there! Keep looking!


Why on earth will the Russians have something to do with Trump? Hillary and Bernie - with their pro-communistic and pro socialistic  agenda -are much more to the Russian taste.If Hillary became President  they could have received  more uranium  for their bombs just by donating another few million into her "charity trust fund" as before. Unfortunately the trust fund now is null and void as nobody will  give her money as she can't do anything for them now. She is now a house wife in Westchester New York. CNN and MNSBC are really becoming the laughing stock of the country.


146 is the inner mind of every woman I have met. I like to treat women well, always will, will not play games....and will surely die alone.


Another year, another similar headline: Student gets accepted to all 8 Ivies.

Dig a little deeper, and it's always a minority student. Is that fair? It's reverse discrimination.


I'm OK now.  I hope you are as well.


I feel the same way too, sometimes I look at America and I mean the whole Continent not just the USA, Venezuela is a mess, Argentina is broke, Mexico is being run by the drug cartels so there's only a few places where you can feel safe , here in the States the economy is not doing so great , add the debt , and the intorable ignorant Trump and I feel like going back to the land of my ancestors. Most of my family immigrated from the Basque Country sometimes i think it will be nice to moved there , sure it gets cold in the Pyranes mountains but who cares it will be nice change .


My life would be so much better (and my mind would be so much healthier) if I could accept the fact that not everything is my fault or something that I screwed up. Maybe it can be nobody's fault. Or, worse still, perhaps some people genuinely are just thoughtless, careless, reckless, selfish pricks....and, if this is possible, then I seem to have a deep affinity and attraction for those people. Nice guys fall all over themselves trying to get my attention, but no. I want the one person who will treat me like a worn out gym sock and make me hate and doubt myself completely for one of two reasons. Either a) I am so egotistical that I believe that I have found a hidden unicorn, a true prince among men, whom I can bring out the absolute best in or b)my self-esteem is so incredibly low that I believe I deserve to be treated like garbage. Not sure which.

Wonder if it's possible that it could be both?



185141 Run and don't look back.


If you are suffering from depression/anxiety go to a naturopath.  I went to one due to some thyroid issues I had.  I had randomly commented that my depression and anxiety had disappeared when I was put on thyroid meds.  He said he commonly gives natural thyroid to his depression patients and most of them improve greatly.   I know it won't work for everyone, however depression seems to affect so many people, I can't help but wonder how many of them could potentially be helped with thyroid medication.   On a positive note.  My entire life I have felt I was just lazy, depressed, worthless etc.  Within the last year of being on thyroid meds anxiety, depression, 60 pounds, foggy brain, exhaustion etc have all disappeared.  


Are you your boyfriend's subordinate? Does he pay more of the bills? Does he buy you dinner? Is he the one who introduces interesting conversations? Do you put the decision making burden on him the majority of the time?

Then you are his subordinate and maybe you need to start treating him with more respect.

I'm tired of the twisted argument where we are all equals, except the guys have to do more of the work. We see it everywhere. Both members of the marriage are equals, except the woman stays home and has lunch with her friends, while the man has to go to work and put up with all that stress. It's so prevalent that men actually live fewer years than women.

But then women complain they are not treated as equals.  Hello? Men literally die for you!


Well, Donald Trump, it seems, has finally settled his Trump University scam claim.  In a statement, New York attorney, General Eric Schneidermman said:

"Today's final approval by a judge of our Trump University settlement will provide relief -- and hopefully much-needed closure -- to the victims of Donald Trump's fraudulent university.  Trump University's victims waited years for compensation, while President Trump refused to settle and fought us every step of the way -- until his stunning reversal last fall.  In particular, I am pleased that we were able to ensure that members of the class action settlement will receive an even higher settlement than originally anticipated."

We have a well-seasoned crook in the whitehouse.  He is not sane.  He cannot last.  I am very embarrassed and sorry that I voted for him, even though there was no other viable choice, in my opinion.  I should have stayed home, at least then I wouldn't have to share the blame for this horrendous fiasco.  Why was I so stupid and blind???  I have never, in all my 50+ years felt so guilty over a choice I made for the voting booth.  

I have a lot of distant family in Italy.  I have visited there four times and always liked it very much.  I am seriously considering moving there.  If only I weren't so close to retirement . . ..  I have been careful though; not married, no children and I have enough in savings that I can easily survive in Italy.  It's just a matter of finding work there . . . or maybe I can create my own business.

I've got a lot to think about!!!


My boyfriend told me we're not equal and I'm his "subordinate" what should I do


Ha ha ha. The self-righteous mom calling everyone out, saying we need to come together as a town and stop all the racial slurs..... ha ha ha.... it's her son who is online making the racial slurs.... He's one of the major instigators at the high school. I've taken screen shots. I want to send them to her. But why spoil the party? So many of us are watching this unfold and are enjoying watching her make a fool of herself.


Logically, I know that my brain is lying to me. I know it's all an illusion. I know that depression is a chemical imbalance and a crock of shit, but it's so hard in that moment when it takes over my brain to distinguish between reality and the things that I am experiencing through this negative filter. I'm just afraid that it will win out someday and I'll end up taking my own life before I've had the chance to talk myself through it. Counseling doesn't work for me. I don't want medication, though. I tried that and it flattened my affect and made me unable to be myself. I lost interest in everything. My creativity and spark were gone. I became an unemotional zombie. Even at a lower dose, I was this boring, hollowed out, watered down version of myself. I would rather suffer than be spiritless and emotionally unresponsive. I guess there is no happy medium. It's either this, or nothing. I just hope it doesn't kill me. Some days it feels like I am just playing one really long game of Russian roulette.


They say that "caring is sharing."

I fall asleep and dream. I am in a long-defunct factory. It's actually a launch pad. These rockets soar into the unknown.  

There isn't a signal here. I don't know where I am. It is a blessing.



134 – This man prefers feminine curves over the more masculine angular look.  A treasure trove of the best examples of such women has been a website that I discovered a few years ago belonging to an online business selling plus-sized dresses, from which I've saved many pictures as eye candy.  It's not masturbatory material (I need something a lot more explicit than pictures of clothed women); I just like to look at them occasionally because they're pleasing to the eye.

The models, while curvy or padded to varying degrees, do however fit within certain reasonable and attractive limits.  The same cannot be said for many of the customers who submit photos of themselves wearing the dresses that they have bought.  In most cases, those women are not appealingly curvy like the models on the website; they are just plain obese with potential curves no doubt obscured under rolls of fat.  If you have a distinctive waist that highlights your hips and bum, there's a good chance that you're curvy.  If your would-have-been waist is hidden because it's covered over with fat, then you're not "curvy"; you're just plain fat.


You never cared. I was a means to an end.


I spend my free time helping my children get smarter. We discuss homework, books we've read, current events, puzzles.

It's very much working. They get top grades.

I look at the other mothers around here who spend their time sculpting their bodies. Yes they have hot bods. But their children don't do very well in school. I think it's because the mother isn't there to nudge them along and help them learn. The mother is too bust looking after her physique.

That's what I think of sculpted women. They are self centered. Their looks are more important than their children.


134...As a man, i think a woman should do whatever makes her happy, her need to be in the gym and look sculpted or not should be of a personal preference not to impress a man.
I am attracted to a confident, wholesome woman who does not rely on her looks alone..


What do men think of sculpted-at-the-gym women? You can build your ass and hips now. Or streamline your shape. Does that take away from soft curves? I have to imagine it looks great but may not feel too great in bed. I've noticed these girls now sculpting their bodies almost obsessively lose some of the softness in the face too. They just look like plain toned girls. Like Beyonce in Dream girls vs. voluptuous Beyonce. Or the Jessa in Girls all fit now, vs. when she was softer. What do men think?


Stacey was this pretty, peppy girl I had a crush on in the mid-'90s.  I tried to take it to the next level, but she told me something that affected my life.

"You're too smart for me.  You'd get bored with me."

I never considered that before... but she was right.  I realized that there was an intellectual gulf between us.  That's why she thought "Friends" was funny while I thought the show was simply retarded.

Stacey made me realize that dumb people always know one thing: when people are smarter than they are.  I never had thought of most people as being dumber than me, I just thought they liked "dumb" things, like Friends.

As I've gone through life, I've learned a few things about intelligence.  I realized that dumb people usually are cool with people who are smarter than they are.  I also learned that brilliant people are usually fine being around people who are even smarter than they are.  However, I've also learned that people of above average intelligence feel really insecure when they're around smarter people.


Taxes at this time of year always depress me. I get reminded how poor I am.


There were so many ways in which I could honestly connect with my ex-wife. Just on a day-to-day basis she turned out to be a very good friend to me someone who understood me, somebody you really got me .
Other times such as when we were fighting, she would say stuff that just didn't even make any sense. I'd be trying to make some progress towards resolving a conflict, Other times such as when we were fighting, she would say stuff that didn't make any sense  under any circumstances. I'd be trying to make some progress towards resolving a conflict, but then she would  say something that was truly frighteningly nuts. She would rather leave reality then be wrong  or own up to something that she could do to help.
Some days she was a good gal other days it was like living in a scary neighborhood.  I am OK with a little bit of crazy.  Hopefully she toned it down for the next guy.


I saw a video of a very pregnant woman getting ass fucked. Then the guy pulls out and sticks his dirty cock in her pussy. Not cool. It's one thing to do that to a woman and she gets an infection in her pussy. But my God there's an unborn child there now. What if the germs infect the baby in the womb? Dumb, very dumb. I hope it worked out okay.


Love your enemy.


When people are hurt they do and say crazy things that they would never do or say otherwise. Make a person feel fragile, vulnerable, or cornered and they will lash out like a wild animal in order to protect themselves from further harm. Perhaps pain does permanently alter someone. Lies alter people. Being used alters people. Having your good will abused repeatedly alters people. Having all of these things done to you (whether conscientiously or not) by someone you loved, trusted, and respected alters people. The line between love and hate is so very fragile. At the end of the day, though, we are all only human. We all make mistakes and hurt one another. When you throw honest communication out of the window, you get chaos, hurt feelings, damaged relationships, and discord.

At the end of the day, there are three sides to the story--your side, my side, and the truth.


You really do find out people's true colors when things fall apart, or when crisis hits.

Always amazed at how poorly people I thought I knew behave.

You can tell the quality of a heart by how they treat those who they have disagreement with or how they treat people can no longer help them.


Truth is I never found you attractive. I always kinda cringed when you sent me selfies. You do not make good pics. Some people just aren't photogenic. You're one of those. Plus when you smile big your crows feet are so bad they are all the viewer of the picture sees. You also don't have a nice smile. So basically I was with you for sex, money, and the fact you worshipped me.

So learn this lesson. When you post pics of you and your new fat girlfriend, you're not making me jealous. I still kinda cringe at your smile.


#122 I'm guilty of what you say. When a woman was nice to me I took it as her being open to the idea of sex. I'd push it. Sometimes I was right. Several times I had sex with a girlfriend's friends. But other times, oh boy, was I wrong. I still shake my head in shameful embarrassment. I was dating a woman. I met her boss. The boss was nice. A few days later I contacted the boss and came on to her. Like what a crazy thing to do. I CAME ON TO MY GIRLFRIEND'S BOSS! Of course the boss didn't take kindly to the idea. Nor did my girlfriend. She dumped me. I can't blame her. I was such an ass. I now err the other way. When a woman is nice to me, I'm all smiles, but that's where it ends. I learned my lesson.


That's the crazy thing. Guys 40 and up want a 25 year old, but guys in their 30's like women in their 30's/40's too.  Some guys in their 40's, it's because NOW they wanna settle down and want a woman to have their kids.  They played around and now they can't fuck as much or they're tired, or not getting the same feedback. Or the midlife crisis thing, youth slipping away so get a young girl. And bitterness. Younger guys, they're more open.Some of them are looking just to fuck too, but some of them are genuinely open because they haven't been screwed over too much yet.  Crazy world...


Guys, just because a woman is nice to you or helpful in some way DOES NOT mean that she necessarily wants to have sex with you. Why do so many of you seem to think this way? Honestly?


When my divorce was progressing, my wife also made the pronouncement how she would have no problem finding a new husband. She spent her time getting fit. She wasn't overweight, but she'd go to the gym everyday to get buff and meet guys I suppose. She was trying to jigger it so she could hit the ground running when the divorce was final. She'd have a bucket full of interested guys to choose from.

It didn't work. She's still single. I'm sure she slutted about for a while, but no new husband got on his knees to propose. She forgot something important. The reason I divorced her. I wasn't leaving because she wasn't perfectly sculpted. I left because she had a very bad personality. It was annoying and frustrating to be with her. She wouldn't accept it though. She thought all she had to do was bait the hook with her physical body and some naive guy would fall for it.

Older guys, and I mean guys over 40, aren't so dumb. They've seen users before. They were on to her game. Nice body, bad person. They might lead her on for a quick screw. But then they don't call back.

Dude, very shitty for your wife to dangle the threat that she could find a new husband. Hang in there. She's going to find it isn't so easy. Your wife sounds damaged. It will work against her. Also, older guys aren't interested in finding a 40 something woman. They want a 25 year old. Your wife is kidding herself if she thinks finding a new husband will be easy.


185111- Newsflash!! she can line men up from here to the moon that wanna fuck her a few times and toss her to the curb. How many of them wanna pay her bills and put up with her shit? Not very many I assure you. Put her ass on the curb and let her learn this hard lesson herself, when she comes back she will be a little nicer.


I had a dream about you. We hung out in NY/NY. We were just chilling going around town and meeting people. We laughed a a lot, we talked, we danced. It was a wonderful night.

I miss you, or at least who you used to be.

I hope your life is going well.


Last night I started having hot flashes. I freaked out that maybe I was starting menopause right then and there. I realized I actually know very little about it. We didn't learn about it in school. I googled it. It turns out menopause usually happens around age 51 but hot flashes can start up to 10 years before that. I'm 38 so I'm sure it's not unheard of at my age. But when I woke up this morning, I had a stomach ache and a cough. I'm not starting menopause, I've just caught some sort of bug.

I have never been so happy to be sick!


You were the best teacher I ever had, and the way I lied to you is something I'll never forgive myself for. I just hope you know how incredibly sorry I am, and that I still think about you and our conversations all the time. They've helped me become the person I am today.

You're the best Miss L., and I miss you so.

Thank you.


Denise's mother told her, "Wach out for Jews, they have fast hands."  I might have had fast hands, but I had faster orgasms.


You know, it's funny how when I was younger, my brother and father felt perfectly fine treating me like garbage, and yet now they try to depend on me for things. Not big things, but it appalls me they'd continuously ask me for favors.

An example: My father never bothered to move us out of our 2br apt, which means even during puberty and adolescence I shared a room with my brother. Nevermind that that's against the law and inappropriate. My brother was older, so when we were getting ready in the morning, he would move back and forth between our room and the bathroom getting ready regardless of me. If i tried to close the doors to get dressed or brush my teeth, he would bang on it and demand I open it, loud enough that my father would get annoyed and tell us to figure it out because he didn't want to deal with an argument. So, I had to get dressed in a corner behind the door, where it, the wall, and our bunk bed made a small triangle of space. That's where i got dressed every morning throughout elementary and high school, until i stood up for myself. If he ended up barging in anyway, he would groan and complain loudly about how disgusting my body was. That's just one situation.

Last week, my brother texted me asking me to talk to my sister about getting our home videos back. She lives out of state, and neither he nor my father has a good relationship with her, completely by their own hands. They wanted me to ask her for them, so they wouldn't have to talk to her. I said no.

I resent them heavily for treating me the way they did when I was little. It taught me that me and my needs come last, and that was the natural order. It's worse because when I've tried to talk to either of them about it, they tell me to get over it because it's in the past. Well, it's not so much in the past when it still colors my behavior to this day. And I'm allowed to be mad, because it took me so long to realize that I deserve more than the scraps people are willing to toss me, and that applies to lots of areas in my life. And it's come up many times that I was allowing myself to be mistreated, because it was natural to me even in adulthood.

So fuck y'all.


I always wake up horny


A wife (or husband) who makes an implied threat of replacing their spouse has already checked out emotionally from the marriage.  Why waste years staying with someone who is staying with you under sufferance?  It's time to call your wife's bluff on her threat.


Uppity people like my peers love to mock so called trailer trash fat people from middle america. But I tell you, those people have the rest of us beat. They have sex all the time. Not just sex, but group sex, wife sharing, sodomy, bestiality, exhibitionism. They're salt of the earth. They know how to enjoy life to the max. Wish I knew some people like that. No pretense. They work hard, they play hard. I get tired of all the pretense around here. Everyone trying to outspend everyone else, while being so uptight all the time. Get me out of here. I'd rather be with the good people from middle america.

- A guy living in a wealthy town, but wishes he wasn't


My wife tells me I better watch myself because she could easily find a new husband.

Who says something like that to a spouse? How rotten.


30 years ago today I made the biggest mistake of my life...


This is how f'ed up my workplace is. Last Thursday I got sick about an hour and a half after starting my shift. And when I say sick I don't mean I had the sniffles--I was vomiting and having chills. So my boss and my boss's boss told me to go home.

I ended up in the ER that night because I couldn't stop throwing up. Turns out I had a 100 degree fever and a kidney infection. They pumped me full of antibiotics and fluids and antinausea medication. Once I stopped vomiting they said they wouldn't need to have me stay there that night, and sent me home.

Needless to say I was not in any shape to go to work on Friday, so I called in and told my boss what had happened. He said to stay home and we would sort it out later.

Over the weekend I started feeling better, and today (Monday) I was well enough to go in.

First thing when I get there, my boss hands me a piece of paper and says, "This is your notice that you've been docked one attendance point for missing work."

OK, what?? I was SICK, YOU sent me home, and now you're docking me for it? It wasn't like I was foofing off work, I was THROWING UP!! Do you think I gave myself a kidney infection just to get some time off??

What a fucked up cesspool of idiocy this place is. I'm out of here the second I get a decent offer somewhere else.


A "disgustingly fat" person can always lose the weight, but a cold heart and a hideous personality never go away. In fact, the older you get the more your true nature begins to show in your face. You can't hide ugly forever.


I'm sorry, darling, but you are not plus size. You are fat. Disgustingly fat.


Facebook, fix your fucking bugs.


You told your girlfriend the reason you had a baby with me was "to make me a better man." ?? Not only is that flat out stupid and a lie, it's makes you look like a delusional co-dependent control freak.


I'm not going to post any pictures of myself online until I've reached my goal, but at the rate I'm going I should be there by early summer. I made a lot of excuses for a long time, but in truth I was just too unmotivated, sad, and lazy to lose weight. Most people don't have thyroid problems. "Big bones" are a myth. What you have are emotional issues that you try to suppress with food and/or booze, and you end up wearing them instead. You have to get fed up, and even if you have a bad day where you relapse into bad habits, you have to keep going. I look at old pictures and I know that girl is still in there, maybe even a better version. You are worth saving, and the only one who can do it is you. Very, very few people were born to be heavy. Some of us just have to try harder,  but don't give up trying. Reach your goals. You know who you are inside. If what you see in the mirror doesn't match up, keep going until it does.


There are many types of cakes, but a cookie is not a cake. A brownie is not a cake.
There are many different types of oak trees. On some level, they are all trees.
There are people who are hired to do the wrong job. Hiring a tree trimmer to do your mom's taxes doesn't make him an accountant.
It shouldn't be a secret, but you should hire an accountant or tax professional to do your taxes.
Don't be shocked when the smart siblings are outraged that a tree trimmer was errantly hired to do your mom's taxes.


Trump donated his first presidential paycheck to the National Parks Service, and the liberals are complaining, saying it is a publicity stint.

You think that's what happened? You think Trump needs to give away money to get more publicity? Trump could sneeze and there would be a story about it.

I think liberals are dishonest and ungrateful people. Trump just gave them almost $100 grand and they are unhappy.


I got married on a Saturday morning. At 5:30 pm the evening before, I stopped by Macy's to buy a cheap suit. It shows how little I cared about getting married. The suit didn't even fit right, but there was no time to do any alterations. No matter. When I proposed a year earlier I was into the idea. But in the year long lead up to the wedding, my fiancee was so unkind to me that I lost interest. By the time I realize what a shrew she was, it was too late to back out. I had paid for the wedding and couldn't cancel without losing $20,000. I got married and hated every second of it. Within a year it was over. I've heard women change when they get married. I'll modify that idea. Women change when they get engaged. They figure they no longer have to behave nicely if they have the ring.


I return the sentiments to you. On top of that, you are greatly missed, but that is reality now.


Everyone I've ever known has been a disappointment to me. Ultimately they are out for themselves.


Well, my kinky girl wanted to put a vibrator up me, and I let her.  It's fun to explore with her. I love the lust look in her eyes.
Problem being, that night I dreamt that I was in a hottub, and a tall foreign man got in and proceeded to try to fuck me!
Ahhh, the subconscious!


I moved away almost eight years ago to escape my problems, which worked, but I've been alone since then. I still see family, but I have zero friends. I think about my old friends all the time and how I wish I could reconnect with them, but I wonder to myself, do they feel the same, or are they happy that I'm no longer around. I questions whether or not anyone even cares if I'm dead or alive outside of family.

It seems irrelevant to my life at the moment, but it'd be nice to know that an entire town doesn't hate me still…


I eagerly want to get a job. I need something meaningful to do. But I won't until my divorce goes through. I'll be damned if I get a job now and then have to turn over part of my earnings as alimony. Hell no. So I'm idle while waiting for the divorce. It's painful. PS - Never get married.


Brigid you are a liar and a cheater.  I hope your moves and relationships fail miserably.


I hope you know you are loved.  I hope you are well.


I've been really conflicted about whether to get back with my ex or not. We were "dating, but not together" for 2 years before he decided to be my official boyfriend, and he only decided to date me because I left him for a month beforehand. The thing is, his last girlfriend died so he's afraid of getting serious with anyone, although when we're together he has no problems acting like my boyfriend, in public or in private. When I told him I wanted him to hold my hand, and that I wanted him to introduce me to people he knows when we're on the street, he listened. It didn't take more than once. He didn't want to let himself get close to me, but he did. He said he always thought of me as wife material, and that he's afraid of it.

The thing is, he wants me to wait until he's ready to fully invest himself in our relationship. Our relationship, counting the 2 years we were just "dating," was already the longest one I've ever had in my life. I love him, and I was falling in love with him. He said he wanted to keep things the way they were. We fought about it a couple times, and when it was clear that we didn't trust each other (me because he was holding back and him because I slept with my ex in the beginning), I left. Then we didn't talk for a month, and when I reached out to him again he said he was ready to date me. We dated for 4 days before I realized I still wasn't happy (he reluctantly agreed to it, and I could tell), so I left him again.

Now we've been talking again, and he wants to go back to just "dating." I think he'd be willing to get into a relationship again, but I'd have to wait at least another 2 years. And when it comes to that, I don't know how to feel. I'd be happy being with him again, until he asked me to have a threesome with him and another girl (which he views as an easy thing to do, since I'm bisexual), or get mad at me when I'm upset because "he doesn't like answering to people."

My friends all tell me that I'm ignoring some serious red flags, and I've been taken advantage of before, so I know I wouldn't notice them. What do you think?


You know why Obama Care is bad? Here's an example.

On my state's Obamacare website, there is no button to click on to see your necessary tax documents. This time of year, everyone needs tax documents. But you can't just go to the website and download. No. This is big government. It couldn't possibly be so sensible.

The way it works is you need to log in to the website. Then, and only then, there is a button to click on to get to the tax documents. Once you go past that logged in screen, the button no longer exists.  You can't access your tax documents. You have to log out and then login in again.

But there's a slight problem. There is no logout button.  Once you are logged in, that's it, you are logged in.  To log out, you need to wait one hour and the system will automatically log you out.  Then you can login again to see that one time tax form button.

It's ridiculous. Why not have a tax form button? Why not have a logout button? Stupid people designed the website. With that in mind, I can't imagine how many other stupid ideas were implemented to make Obama Care happen.

I'm sure the intention of Obama Care is good. But it is of course set up in the dumbest way possible. It probably costs billions more because of all the idiotic things they've done. Indeed, the customer service rep I spoke to said most of the calls he gets are about how to access tax forms because there's no button for it. And how to logout because there's no button for it. He said he had a woman calling from the public library. She logged in to check something, and then wanted to log out. But couldn't. It was important to log out. It was on a public library computer. She couldn't just leave. A stranger could access her heath information. So she had to wait around for an hour to have the system log her out.

It's so blockhead stupid that you know the entire Obama Care system (and any new government implemented Trump plan) is totally fucked.


Not a secret. You will get older, hopefully. Your middle will thicken. Your hands will age and wrinkle. Your face, too, will weather and crease. Your hair will gray. Your pubes will gray. You will develope aches and pains. You will not see as well. Your reflexes will slow. Your sleep patterns will change. Everything will change. You won't know who celebrities are or who is on the top 40. You won't care who's on the top 40. Your spouse or partner may die. Your children, if you're lucky, will age alongside you. You will bend with time and you will learn to live around the bend.

You will be fine. You will. Just be. Be.


I've had two troubling experiences with women.

The first was a girl in high school. We were randomly assigned to be lab partners in Chemistry class. We got to talking. Labs became fun. Halfway through the school year her birthday came up. I bought her a book of chemistry jokes. It was a silly light hearted gift. All in good fun.

Next thing I know I was pulled into the guidance office and lectured about leaving the girl alone or else. She switched out of my chem class. Like what was that? I'm not a creepy weirdo guy. I'm just normal. I felt the girl saw an opportunity to be a drama queen, so she went for it. She made it out like I was some mad stalker. I bought her a funny little birthday present. Was that cause to have me treated like a socially inept nut case? [Note to guys: Never buy a woman a present. That's the message women want you to know.] That hurt me. I lost confidence big time after she treated me like shit.

The other incident happen when I was about 30. I would hang out sometimes with people from work. We'd go to dinner or whatever. One time a woman from the office brought along her friend, a woman. We sat next to each other and had a good conversation. I left it at that.

A few weeks later the woman from work brought her friend along again. We spoke for 20 minutes before wandering off into conversations with others.

The next day the woman I worked with told me to stop stalking her friend. I was to leave her alone or she would go to my boss and tell him I was creep. Like what? What did I do? I did nothing wrong. I spoke to a woman because she was sitting next to me. Then I spoke to her somewhat briefly weeks later when I saw her again. That's stalking? No, that is women trying to cause trouble because of their own anger issues and unfulfilled lives. That's women trying to blame me because they couldn't find themselves a husband by the time the reached 30. For them to treat me as the villain sucked donkey dick.

I'm single and will never get married. Those two experiences and the things I've read on here about how wives are out of their minds, no thanks, I have no interest. I get plenty of pussy by casually dating. Actually, I'm finding pussy to be so much more abundant in my 40s than in my 20s. Divorced women want it and without the games. I'm sure not all women are fucking loony tunes, but enough are where it's not worth the risk of getting seriously involved. So I accept the offer of free pussy and leave the rest alone.


I will never forgive myself for the way that things turned out. I don't expect you to ever forgive me. Just know that, in my heart, I am beyond sorry. If I could undo everything, or could go back in time and do it all over, I would.


I met Denise at an east coast freshman college orientation. I had a girlfriend, she had a boyfriend. But we fell for each other. We broke up with our respective partners and for about 2 months we were tight. Then she dumped me and got back together with her ex. I was crushed.

I next saw her a few months later when she went to court for drug possession. I went to observe, she got the charges dropped.

The last time I saw her I went to her apartment, she wasn't home so I left a note on her door. I came back about an hour later, knocked on her door. I heard her quietly talking to someone on the phone. She invited me in. We sat in her kitchen and talked for maybe 15 minutes. Suddenly a guy comes barging into the apartment, grabs me by the shirt and pulls me into the hallway and out the front door of the apartment building. There at the bottom of the steps are a dozen of his friends. I knew they were there to be the crap out of me. I was scared!!!! He told me to never contact her again. Turns out this was her new boyfriend. The friends didn't touch me. I got in my car and drove away, totally freaked out.

I never heard from her, never heard a word about her, never knew what ever happened to her. She totally disappeared from my radar.

Me??? Shortly after she dumped me I met and fell for another student at a different college in town. Eventually we moved in together, traveled a bunch after she graduated, moved to another city,... got married, had kids, retired at a young age. Yada, yada, yada. Life was good, now it's great.

That was over 45 years ago... and I just found Denise  through the internet... she's in California... has her own business... married with kids & grandkids... and still beautiful.

My secret??? I hope for her husbands sake that she learned to enjoy oral sex. 45 years ago she told me she thought it was disgusting.


The only reason I speak to my Mother is for the money.  I can't un-do those years, might as well get paid for it. (.... now hurry up & die already ... )


Many of my friends are going through divorces or are newly single again and they seem to have a totally different set of goals and values than I do. It's causing friction. I don't think that it pays to be promiscuous. I don't care what pop culture promotes. It isn't intelligent or compassionate behavior. I can't lie, I do judge people who sleep around negatively because I view them as being shallow, self-absorbed, and having poor self-control.

I've been accused of being a prude, but it's not that I don't get offers of sex. I get a lot of those, more than I ever have...which is surprising to me, and from people who I would have gone for (or did go for) in the past.  Maybe they see me as a challenge and view my current disinterest as a pose, but they are really barking up the wrong tree these days. Some are pretty persistent, but I'm just not feeling it. I feel nothing when these people talk to me. I don't have the time, energy, or inclination to play games and lead people on. I don't want to hurt their feelings, but I'm in this strange period right now. I guess it's a period of transition. I'm more focused on spirituality, not religion but actually locating and living out my true purpose, and improving myself.

I don't want to do or have anything artificial in my life. Short lived hookups are about as artificial as it gets. I feel like I have more to give than that. Not only that, but I don't want to give myself to somebody who's just going to take advantage and ditch out on me the moment I start to care or it gets too intense. I guess that makes me an oddball, but I've always been one of those, so whatever. I want quality and longevity. If I have to be celibate for the rest of my life rather than settle for some second rate imitation, so be it. There are better and more important things in life than getting off with just anybody that will have you. I wish more people understood that.


Memories are a major cause of strife. If we didn't remember anything, we'd all be better off. How much time have each of us wasted lamenting something we did, or something someone else did? If we didn't remember anything, there would not be a problem.


My friends drink Budweiser. I don't understand any anyone drinks Budweiser. Man it sucks.


I think politicians get their hair cut every week. It's why they look so perfect all the time. You see them in the news and their hair length never changes. But think about. You are voting for people who are so vain, they get their hair cut every week. This is the mindset of a politician. This is what's important to them. Looking good. Is this who you should be voting for?


Middle of the night. I roll over in bed. I instinctively reach my hand out and place it on my wife's arm. It's a warm gesture of endearment.

My wife starts screaming at me.

"Don't you touch me. Why the hell do you think you can touch me. Are you trying to get sex? You're obsessed with getting sex. I was sleeping and you are waking me up for sex? You are a sick pervert."

"I was just reaching out to be nice, that's all."

"You're a liar. You don't understand all I do. I went to the gym today. I came home. I loaded the dishwasher. I ordered dinner. I do so much around here. I'm tired. And you dare to wake me up in the middle of the night for sex? Leave me the alone and never touch me again."

I rolled over the other way and hid on my side of the bed.

This is who my wife is. She's suspicious of me and everyone. In her view, nothing is simply a kind gesture. There has to be an underlying self serving motive. I believe she thinks this way because it's what she does. She always has a motive. If she cooks dinner, or greets me warmly, or cleans the house, it's because she wants something from me. If she brings a present to a friend, or calls to have a friendly chat with someone, again, it's for a purpose which will eventually come out.

She doesn't understand that people, including me, sometimes do things just for the sake of being nice. No motive. No secret agenda. Just to be nice. Can you imagine living with this woman? It's killing me.


I didn't go to a friend's funeral because I didn't want anyone to see me crying.


It's comforting, knowing that I most likely have an anxiety disorder. It's comforting, because now my forgetfulness, difficulty concentrating, near-constant thoughts of death, constant worrying, irregular heartbeat, and nervous ticks can all be explained. Now I can work on a solution.


TBH I think they should only sell unfiltered cigarettes. Let's face it, smokers are gonna die so they could do it faster and save us insurance costs plus their damn butts wouldn't litter every street corner and highway shoulder across the country. For real, seeing people throw their gross cigarette butts out of their car windows completely sets me off. The world is not your freaking ashtray, you stinking flop. If it wasn't so gross, I'd get outta my damn car and throw that smoking piece of shit into your back seat. Smoke on your burning vehicle. SMH


A friend of mine I've known 30 years has been going on Craigslist to get his dick sucked.  He doesn't know I know.  I've known for years.  It never surprised me.


If you want to again or 12 times let me know


if i am worth my word to who and what i believe in. if im not doing what i know i can. i will start by stopping what i should stop. until there's no choice but to do what i truly want. which is be in the moment when it's there for art / work/ people. not in my head grasping at dissolving images.


I am feeling broken.


I'm a fat giant ugly pig. Frizzy ugly hair, no ass, dirty looking ass, rough sand paper skin. I've got a short temper and a bad attitude. I talk big but can't back it up. I have bad acne, peach fuzz, and skin discoloration. I'm fat as fuck and don't have no job, no car, nothing. But I'm in school at the moment. All I do is lie down on my bed and watch shit on my phone all day. I am a lazy ass unmotivated piece of shit. I am obese. One day I am going to die because of the excess fat on my body. The only thing I have to offer is my nurture, but why would anyone want an ugly ass pig like me to care for them. I know I'm unattractive and embarrassing to be seen with. I understand why he never compliments me or says nice things to me. This is why I always have to remind him to show me love; he never does it willingly...this why I always pay for dates. This is why I didn't receive sweet, random gestures of love from him. This is why I only get nice things once in a while, like when it's the holidays or my birthday. This is why visiting me once every 2-3 months is enough for him. This is why he never has much to say to me on the phone. This is why he falls asleep after 10 minutes. This is why he calls me all those names, teases my appearance, and fucks me for two seconds, then rolls over to fall asleep and that's all he'll ever give me. This is why he barely kisses me, hugs me, or looks me in the eye like he cares...I know he probably doesn't. I am so ugly inside and out. I am a disgusting woman and I hate myself for thinking that I'm good enough to be someone's girl...when I know for a fact that I'm not worth anyone's time. I hate myself. I need to stop eating. I need to stop being so fat and ugly. I wish I could just disappear.


I saw this amateur video of a guy and a girl. It was the guy doing all the filming, but you can hear him egging the girl on. They walk into a corn field. They look around a bit then she pulls an ear of corn off a stalk. She peels off the outer leafy layer. She takes off her pants and inserts the ear of corn in her pussy. It's pretty hot, but it gets better. She gets dressed again. They walk out of the corn field. There is a barn with many baskets of shucked corn. It's like this corn is going to a market somewhere. The girl takes the corn that was in her pussy and places it with the rest of the corn in one of the baskets. Some unsuspecting housewife would buy that corn and fed it to her family, not realizing it was up this farm girl's pussy. I think about when I eat corn. I like eating corn now more than ever.


Some guys wear underpants that are way too colorful. Simple and plain is better. If you wear the colorful form fitting ones, I think you spend too much time looking at yourself in the mirror.


You ARE enough,you were ALWAYS enough. You need to start believing it now.


You get to a place where you have been hurt so deeply and so completely that you just can't do it anymore. You laid bare your soul and it wasn't good enough. It's never enough.

I am never enough. I will never be enough.

I need to just accept this as a fact and let go. Stop trying. A heart can only take so much.


I have been frequenting this site for over 10 years now and feel like some the people who post here are kindred souls. I've gotten to have known some of you through your pain and joys. I know the man who finds shame in his urges and could never believe women enjoy sex. I know the lonely husband married to a selfish,  cruel woman. I know the single mother trying to stay off drugs. I read all your words and they are more powerful than you know. I want you to know we're all the same. I feel what you do. And you are not alone.


care. listen. to all the pieces of the puzzle. for the sake of the puzzle. for the sake of proving your true heart.

write yourself a self help book.
page _ : it seems i can't enter the same thought twice. it used to be easier. i can let it flow from thing to thing when my hands are good and ready to get it down. starting from somewhere in the mix of things and map it out.

this impulse disorder of mine i was able to control without stress for the past 4 hours or so. let the world or people around you carry your thoughts don't try to carry the world. then you will be present in moments. the world half carries things don't fight what you can't fight. enjoy beautiful moments instead of cowering in shame. pay attention to the detail of what you're experiencing and then your "impulse" (or response to things) will be more fitting..

this isn't connected to how all the meds are like shards of glass blocking the thought branching pathways. like one way doors. i have more energy now however. all i need to do is focus on the world and i will be in control of myself. even if i can't hang onto THIS moment forever. THAT thought forever. or whatever I'm trying to remember... I will be connected through the universe in truth in the end and science if searching for the answers it wants can prove anything it wants. let's do this it will make us feel control or to have created something. something. this something works. it works to manipulate needy people into per capita earnings. psychiatry.. and all the smug doctors. keep adding to the confusion and problems of people who just need help. have no one to take care of them or their feelings. they dont need that they need to hear certain things figure out situational things. this situation is stress so give meds that numb the stress which is the drive to solve the problem which you can't help them with???? they would be better off alone and dealing in some cases. be careful what you say to them they warn you. they make you believe you have no control over yourself or anything. switch to natural approaches and therapy about being in the moment many other things obviously. meditations. a program where people are helped to program their own morning and nightly meditations. that's all you would need but then the government wouldnt have a reason to pay you for the simple things you do i dont mean pill pushers i mean the knowing and evil scientists or whatever makes me bet 90% of early alsheimers and dementia comes from psychiatry. sorry rant. but that's the thing it comes from confusion not a physical state of the brain. a mental state of the brain is caused by the necessary natural components that may need adjustment. but you can control yourself with thoughts. i mean if your arm is doing something that doesnt work and you're choosing it because you think it can change something... you dont need people disabling your arm you need to be reasoned with. therapy has nothing to do with what they did to me. yes a needle in the neck that made me retarded for 30seconds. the doctor (she) laughed. whatever they did to me if someone is trying to figure out their problems giving them a solution they dont understand will only add to their confusion and state of running from the moment and not being mindful. fu


185066 - That can't be the reason why because the Bible views suicide as a sin. Job 1:21 "Naked I came from my mother's womb, and naked I will depart. The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away..." The Bible views suicide as murder of self. So if all those people killed themselves then they'd all be sent straight to hell. Nice try though!


Husband found out I've been taking money from our secret stash and he is more mad at me than I've seen him in 15 years. He called me a thief, called me irresponsible, and basically said I was a piece of shit.

What he doesn't know is, I needed that money to buy food for our family, has for my car, school expenses for the kids...I didn't take it to buy myself something nice. I never even bought myself anything at all. Yes, I took the money without telling him, but I get paid on Thursday and am putting back every penny.

He hasn't spoken a word to me since he cussed me out and hung up on me. Now he's in bed at 8pm, and when I told him I'd just sleep on the couch he didn't argue.

He hates me. I get it. I fucked up. I will make it right. But he hates me.


You know why I think God hasn't revealed himself? Think of what would happen if God came down and said hey everyone, I'm here and I'm real.... so many people would then kill themselves. Why waste time with the opening act here on earth, when you could instead get to be with the headliner in heaven. Lots of pain and suffering here. None in heaven. So why not skip earth - that's what people would think. There would be mass suicide. God has no choice but to stay hidden.


How the fuck did I marry someone and not know they never graduated high school or finish their ged program? Dude what the actual fuck.

I told my inlaws I was considering divorce cause their son turned into a vedio game addict, and like today my monster in law sent me pics of "paperwork james might need" and this mother fucker never graduated highschool and flunked out of the ged program at the college we attended. If I had known...

Like I assumed since he was at college he was going to contenue his education. Not finish it.

Holy fuck

I have made a huge mistake I was leaving his ass anyway but like WHAT KIND OF MAN NEVER BRINGS THIS UP? I mean I didnt finish my degree but like as soon as I pay off my student loans I plan to go back and finish it.

I dont even...we have been married 3 years, dating 2.

This mother fucker lied to me for 5 years.

No wonder he can't find a job...

What have I done

We have 2 kids. What have I done?

I'm 26, and spent the last 5 years with this...lazy game addicted and now I can add LYING to his resume of reasons to leave...

Just keep it together and get to where I can stand on my own and support 2 kids and leave.

Deep breaths


I'm losing weight, but my boobs seem to be getting bigger. It doesn't make any sense.  I'm not complaining, but it's weird.


Marriage is not for everyone just like children , just because you can doesn't mean you should.  People back in the day used to stayed in miserable marriages not because children were involved but back in the day many women didn't have an aducation or skills to fall on so they knew if they walk out away from their marriage it was going to take a financial hit so they stayed and pretended their husbands didn't cheat on them or were abused alcoholics jerks .  I have met some of these women who are now on their 70's and a lot of them tell me the same. If they would it have the opportunities that women have today they would probably been divorced.


It's like if you get married and divorce it's socially acceptable, but not getting married isn't. And sometimes there will be a woman who isn't in her 20's but isn't married,not because she's a bitch or drove men away, but because of other circumstances. I am in my 30's and spent too long in a relationship with someone where there was abuse. My problem is i take too much shit from a guy who i love,and then when we are broken up they want me back and can't let me go. My ex before him was the same way, but he wasn't abusive. But I am wifey material,so when I go out there talking to other guys, it's like they sense it/sense that I am open to something more and guys who don't want longterm anything (like many nowadays) like me but keep some distance. They still wanna fuck, but no one wants to get tied down.


I woke up one morning and came into the kitchen. My wife had already gone out somewhere.

Oddly, there was a half chewed empty plastic Oreo cookie bag on the table. No cookies in the bag or anything.

There was a note with the bag in my wife's handwriting. It said,

"I found this on the lawn. Do you want to save it?"

Did I want to save a half chewed empty plastic bag that had been in the trash can, but was dragged out by a hungry scavenging animal in the middle of night while looking for food? That bag? Did I want to save that bag?

My wife is 48 years old. I can only think this is how dementia begins.


Okay, there are the women that never get married. But what about the women who get married and divorced numerous times? Those are some real virtuous sweethearts there, I'm sure.


I don't think I could be more unhappy if I tried. Depression is a terrible thing.


I'd love to try contouring but it's hard to do that when you put your makeup on while driving 70 mph down the highway


Ok. I get it. You have a new fat and unattractive girlfriend. Good 4 you. YOu can stop attempting to shove it down my throat because I don't give a fuck. I actually feel bad 4 you since you're trying so hard to show me how happy you are with fatty but I know the truth.


988 it's very simple.  Take screenshots of the thread, print them out and send them to the Principal.  On the envelope, write "Personal and Confidential" so it doesn't get lost in the shuffle.  You may lose access to the thread, but that's a small price to pay for averting any further actions as these.  I don't necessarily see this as a hate crime, but rather a prank wanting to get a rise - albeit a really, really bad prank, and a crime nonetheless.  If they get away with this, what's the next prank going to be?


Women are never the victims. If you see a fucked up man, it is the achievement of a woman.


I worry that my daughter will grow up to be as fat as my wife.


This girl I work with is an absolute piece of shit. She isn't even divorced yet, but she has been going up to everyone who has a pair of ears whining and complaining about how hard she has it and how awful her soon-to-be ex-husband is. He's actually a very nice, hardworking, laid back guy, at least from everything I've ever seen. He comes across as somewhat developmentally delayed, but you can tell he did everything to try to please her. She, on the other hand, is a socially challenged, verbally incontinent, bigoted, overbearing witch. She splashed it all over Facebook how he was cheating on her (there was never any confirmation of this and everybody who knew him closely denied this and defended him). Historically, she was fucking around on him with a married couple we worked with, among others. Well, come to find out she's currently fucking his best friend, his barber, and another friend of his and either picking them up or hiding their cars in her garage. That blows my mind that somebody could be that much of a whore and a fucking hypocrite. I want so badly to tell this man that she's punishing and abusing what's really going on so he can litigate the living shit out of her. I want to tell everybody who's shown that bitch any ounce of sympathy. Her soon to be ex deserves alimony. Women are NOT always the victims. This piece of trash is about as much a victim as a pit viper. I hate people who behave that way. They disgust me. I fucking hate liars, period.


I was an illegal abortionist for 20 years, until everyone got on the Affordable Care Act. Everyone has birth control, nobody needs me to do that.


I'd love to try contouring but it's hard to do that when you put your makeup on while driving 70 mph down the highway


Katrina; you could have been a great friend and we could have really done a lot of cool stuff. Hell I even supported you through tough times and when your mental illness flared up. But instead of facing the  other issues as an adult, you decided to run away and block me. That makes you nothing more than a coward. I really liked you too so what you did really fucking burned....

I hope you realise what you lost.

I hope you and your cunt girlfriend and your husband have a decent life. But I don't see the poly thing working out for you all. It's just gonna end in disaster. Nice knowing you anyway. If you still want to talk you know how to reach me.... I'll maybe give a second chance.


The door is closing.


when i was growing up, as a punishment, my dad used to hit me with a wooden spoon, but not a regular wooden spoon. he'd purposely use one with holes in it. he said there's less wind resistance so he can make the spoon go faster and hurt more. he was one sadistic asshole.


Paused to reflect for a moment to think of the nicest thing anyone has ever done for me, something that touched me.

They heated me up a can of soup and warmed and buttered a roll.

I was hungry, tired and just emotionally spent.

The memory still makes me tear up.

Not sure that's nice or pathetic.


My secret is that, as a guy, I am afraid of women. I'm afraid they won't like me.


Lelan. Youll probably never see this but I gotta say it somewhere and its too soon to say to here goes.  I am so glad I met you. Something about you...makes me feel very fucking alive.  You seem perfect for me and I dont need anything except for you to be kind to me rather than constantly dismissive like most guys are. I know about your record. It concerns me of course...but I wont be able to cut you loose over it. So...i accept you and I hope it was a terrible mistake that wont happen again...and it wont stop me from loving you if you dont let it do so. Just keep talking to me and let me make you so very happy :)


988: Forget about it.


My daughter is involved with a few activities in high school. The band and the orchestra. Whenever there is a group photo, my daughter is always off to the side. In every case she is not even overlapping with the group. There's the main blob of kids and then a few feet away is my daughter. I tell her to join in. No one will mind if she gets into the middle of the crowd. But she won't do it. She's so painfully shy it breaks my heart.


I miss you. You got me, effortlessly. That doesn't happen often. We could have been great friends. You know it too. Why did you do what you did? Makes no sense. I didn't do anything all that bad. I was just honest with you.


You are manipulative and deceitful, and I am a sucker.


People always ask me what I want for Christmas or my birthday
Or some such occasion, but I can never tell them the truth.
There's only one thing in this world i really want: incest. I
Just want to run away with my mom and have incest every morning, incest every evening and incest every night!  I want dozens of incest babies, and when they come of legal age I want incest with all of them!


I regret signing the papers.


I think some of the alien abduction accounts are legit...


I finally applied for a new job today. In the process, I finally admitted to myself that I hate my current job. No more making excuses or telling half-truths. It's a freaking insane asylum in there, and I want out. Ah, it feels good to say that out loud.


How am I so sad? I honestly have every reason to be happy, I have earned at least a smidge of a smile. But my heart is broken.. and I'm starting to think that love was the most childish dream I had..


My marriage is the best it's been in years. I think it's because I cheated on him,  but realized the grass wasn't greener. I'm so thankful my husband didn't find out about the affair and end our marriage. He's my everything and I was stupid to stray. I hope my bad habits and attention seeking don't come back. I tend to feel the need to be validated by other men so I'll know I still got it.


I hope you get caught.


Recent data shows that one out of every six women will never get married.

Some are lesbians. That's fine.

But many are heterosexual women and they can't understand who no guy ever came along and proposed.

I can tell you why. Because you are nasty bitchy people. I can spot you in 5 minutes. I can tell very quickly what you have never been able to figure out in your life time.  You are self centered. It shows. You want what you want and you don't give a damn about others.

All men can tell. They steer clear of women like this.

You can tell me I'm wrong, but hey, you're the ones who couldn't find a husband.


Sometimes shrews tame themselves. You just get to a place where all of the struggle, heartache, and negative emotions aren't worth it because they consume your soul. You find your happy place and create a small heaven for yourself out of precious, simple, quiet moments and beautiful things  because nobody else could ever give you what you needed to quell the beast that is insecurity, envy, and desire. Sure, there is space for one more in your heaven, but once you get there you increasingly find that  they aren't a necessity...and that is perfectly alright.

--Recently retired former shrew


I mean this in the most benevolent way possible, but  man's disease is another's "happily ever after"  
Some know what it takes to tame the shrew, and some know that it isn't worth it.
Some people have never experienced heaven so they settle for something less.


Dear God, please let me get that job!


I get now why my great grandma spent so much time in her garden, and canning and preserving vegetables. I thought it was just a generational thing from growing up with no grocery stores, but it's actually a very relaxing hobby. You feel so self-sufficient. You don't even need to buy a fancy vacuum sealer. Just take your freezer bag with your vegetables (with different types of squash you have to boil and cool them first to kill the enzymes) and leave a hole big enough for a straw, then use the straw to suck all the air out.  It's like zucchini flavored hookah. It's weirdly pleasant. :)


ANOTHER tobacco tax? Okay, this is just sad. If those greedy fucking cocksuckers really gave a shit about your health, they'd put the same tax on alcohol, fast food, anything unhealthy really. But nope, it's just tobacco, because they'd rather have a bunch of drunk drivers kill innocent people on the road than have one individual kill himself. It's not a health concern, it's a "I want money" concern.

Just like those retarded commercials, this only makes me want to smoke more. I don't understand americas hate boner for tobacco, but they need to calm the fuck down, because people will ALWAYS smoke.


What's the matter with you?  26 years you left me for another guy and married him. Now you think I will be happy with you knowing I was #2 all those years ago ?

No we are not renewing our relationship. That door stays closed.


I don't drink much anymore, but wow, I get really creepy with young women when I do.  I think it's just the challenge of seeing how far I can get with them, but when I'm sober, I really don't give a fuck.


One day I'd really like to thank him.
I've had so much personal growth. Staying in relationships that were toxic in the past.  I stayed alone for years then-
I fell in love with a man who's mask started slipping a few months in.
Found myself starting to repeat old patterns. Save him, counsel him, baby him. He started taking as I was giving and keeping him afloat emotionally.  My needs went unmet.
I shook myself awake after 4 months and left.  I lived this chapter before. I was ignoring red flags.
I left.  Hardest thing ever. I second guessed myself.  I'm good at that.
After a bit I wanted to talk and get closure.  He wouldn't give it so I found it in myself.

So yes, I'd really like to thank him.  It was the universe testing me and I passed!

Now, in my present, I have a lovely man. There are no red flags to ignore.  I can be myself. Have freedom and interests independent of each other.  Full communication and open honesty.  We know exactly where we stand.  Emotionally healthy. No bad language.

I've waited a very very long time for this.

If I didn't let go of the bad I would have missed this great man!


So you believe in God and find death a gift from Him because it moves us from one place to another place? Fair enough. My husband's grandmother was a wonderful woman and healthy all her life. One beautiful May day, after taking a phone call from her daughter about a trip they were taking later that week, a visit from a neighbor about a church event, and breakfast with her husband, she went out to hoe her beans. Fifteen minutes later she was dead of a stroke. Quick and it happened when she had so much happiness in her life.

A month before that a 23 year old woman in Texas took her Miata to the carwash. She was so proud of it and did it often. Two men snuck up while she was distracted and kidnapped her. They spent 7 hours sexually abusing, then torturing her with tools, their fists and acid. She finally died.

If God directed both of these deaths, He is every bit the motherfucker the Bible so perfectly describes. And anyone who worships this monster is either a fool, or a monster themself.


My sister died when I was 8 and I haven't told anyone yet. I act like I don't need love, but really, I just wanna be loved.

I'm in love with you,
Daniel G.

you know who you are


Sometimes I wonder if life is worth living anymore, what with all the fucked up politics and this putting America first crap. There's too many things wrong with society. we're all people. and we need to start acting like it


You're only 25, but the smoking has made you look at least 15 years older.  Bad life decision, lady.


This entire morning I was lucid dreaming.  It was great.  I made myself fly through towns and through walls.  Lots of fun.  Then I made myself meet Courtney, and I sucked on her tits and ate her pussy while she moaned in pleasure for probably 90% of the dream.  Then I woke up to pee.  When I went back to sleep, I started lucid dreaming again.  Flew around again, found Courtney in a park with her friends, took her to the side and started eating that pussy again.  My Saturday was complete before I even woke up today.


Melania Trump always looks like the unhappiest woman in the world.  I don't know what's going on, but my heart goes out to her.

With a husband like hers, her rich and glamorous life must be a pure misery.

I don't really have a pot to piss in, but somehow I think I am truly better off than that poor rich woman.


I had a unknown descused for a man /towomen trans gender , and when I realize4d it was withou7t thought ,so unconstiouse judging others man hell no I secluded myself and for 4 yrs visualized my self as a little girl slutt til I can say I am thjat, but I really love the way I get horny so bad now I really want to silently suck swallow and ride  in dark right now I now your cock needs to be serviced so l    LIGHT s OUT PUT IN MOUTH


Ginka I love you...



You assume too much, and incorrectly. I credited you with more intelligence. Big mistake, huh? Aren't you a bit old to still be clinging to such a high school mentality?




Praying for you and your husband. 'Maybe he will see how much he is worth without that. He can do it and you're there for him. What more to ask for.


It actually meant you can't go to guys about your guy issues without them putting down the other guy or trying to get with you when all they want to do is sleep with you. You're guilty of it too. Not wanting to sabotage a hot girl with another guy bcuz I think  could get her


I am praying for your husband, and I am so sorry.


My husband is dying. Three months ago I left him due to his drinking. He is the sweetest guy but he just couldn't stop drinking and I couldn't bear to watch it. Now he is in the hospital dying and my heart is breaking.  I feel so guilty. Please pray for him.  He really needs a miracle.




Sucks having every guy want to do you- sometimes, you never get genuine guy advice.


Someday you assholes will have daughters, an