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#504 have you ever gotten a married guy off?


@501- some of us gay guys don't want all that. We want to watch a game, make some nachos, down a few beers, and suck off a buddy without any reciprocation. I hate to reinforce stereotypes, but many gay guys can easily separate sex from intimacy. Some of us just want to suck your dick. Personally, if I'm just looking to have fun and get a guy off, I'm more motivated by watching him squirm and beg, and really not into my own orgasm. And if you're half-way decent looking and relatively clean - you'll do.


488- Happy birthday!


Whenever I read some outrageous anti-Trump doomsday the-sky-is-falling headline on CNN..... I wonder what the real story is.



If only!!!  It sounds great.  Only problem is that the thought of another man kissing me or touching me with his penis is disgusting to me, personally.  Other than that it sounds like a dream.  Not hating...just saying.  Rock on my playin' for the other team brothers!


Lord please help my side business flourish so I can leave corporate America in 2018!!!


Karma strikes back. My exwife is a moron. She's a dangerous moron. She's a teacher. A few weeks ago one of her students came to her after class and said someone was "touching his private parts". My exwife, who suffers from being a lazy bossy know it all, did nothing. She didn't tell anyone at the school. She didn't call the boy's parents.

The other day the story broke after the boy told another teacher. That teacher brought in the principal. As the details emerged it came out that the boy told my exwife but she did nothing. The school administration was less than pleased. In short they flipped out on her. They are thinking about putting her on administrative leave as the first step towards firing her. She calls me to tell me all this and asks what she should do.

I shake my head. My exwife made such bad decisions when we were married. I was always cleaning up the messes she caused. She is still doing it, but hey, this time it's not my problem. She's going to have to deal with this on her own. I hope the school does fire her. She's not fit to be a teacher. Just like she wasn't fit to be a wife.


I think the Alabama election was rigged.


Haha, I love that people are acting like a Senated Democrat win in Alabama is like a new President! Um, congrats on a Senate Seat  ??? and it was basically a tie! not like there was any blowout.
Simple Math: Majority of Black Voters hate Trump, so they came out and voted.  Issues don't seem to matter. I doubt they even know the Dem Candidate!


I love nice hands on a guy.  A lot of women like big manly hands, but that's one part of my man that I like a little more...slight.  Thin long fingers, a little bit soft, maybe the guy plays guitar and you imagine those fingers strumming or other things...


I believe the anti-vax movement was started by the drug companies. Think about it. Why would they want to give you a single, cheap vaccination as a child when they could wait until you're older, catch the disease and then be on the hook forever?




I really, really, really shouldn't say this but all you men who have found yourselves in nightmare marriages, and there are tons and tons on here, should probably consider skipping over to the other team.  Just sayin ....  I never skipped because I was born over here, but it's better than anything else I've heard, especially on this site.  

Then, think of this:  These days if you even speak to a woman, she can interpret it as sexual harassment and get you effed up with just a few well-chosen words from her lying non-sexual mouth! But if you end up marrying her, she's got you by the throat and balls and she knows it.  Notice how many men on here say that the sex stopped as soon as the I dos were spoken.

Men understand men better than women understand men and better than men understand women.  And the sex is uninhibited, nasty and fanfuckingtastic!

Label it any way you want, but if you don't know, you certainly suspect!

So there!


On my way to New Orleans from way up north, where I live, I drove through Alabama.  Mind you, it was nighttime, but throughout the whole state, I did not see a thing.  Nothing!


My wonderful husband is gorgeous; that's the only thing wrong with him.


I lost 3 more pounds as of this morning.

I got a full Brazilian.

My story was featured in a nation-wide publication.

I am having a very great day!


I get that. Skilled hands are sexy because they give the impression that they could apply those skills to pleasing your body...rough, gentle, and in between


1. It's sad how foreign being well-rested feels right now

2. I love you a lot, but I don't know how.

3. There's a voice in my head giving me good advice. Not auditorily, but it's a new part of myself to talk to. She's more responsible than I am. I'll embrace her.

4. The power of the end of the year is strong with change. Not only because of the typical New Year's Urge To Do Better With Your Life, but because my birthday is in a few days and my expectations of myself get higher as I get older. I don't think it's a bad thing

5. If anything, I'm becoming more confident in what I say and do, how I speak to others, and sometimes, my place in this world. But that's only when the depression lets up a bit.

6. More people may like you when they first meet you, but more people like me when they get to know me. I think my grass is green enough


Why wont you talk to me Graham? I'm too scared to text you because I'm afraid of you not responding cause that will only hurt worse, I'm also afraid to hear the reason as to why you've stopped talking to me, but I want to talk to you, I miss you.


I don't like dogs. Everyone likes dogs, but I think they're gross and demanding. No, I won't touch your dog and tell it how cute it is. Find another way to connect with people, loser.


I think my roommate is a prostitute. It's weird. She did not used to do that.


I want to get rich
I want to be truly wealthy

And then I'd give it all away to be as poor as I am. Now.


Why would you need to get over me. Your with one of the guys you cheated on me with. While I still pick up the pieces. Knowing full well I'll never have another and I'll be alone forever


There is someone at my job who is unfortunately pretty ugly in the face.

Strangely, his hands are very appealing. The shape of it, the veins - masculine but not overtly. I've seen him play piano and a string instrument and it's extremely tantalizing, for some strange reason. Additionally his musical talent and quiet confidence are extremely attractive...


I wish my brain didn't turn to mush and I didn't get so hyper self-conscious  whenever you're around. It's just that you are, hands-down, the sexiest man I've ever known. You mess me up. Bad.


I think more highly of Alabama and its citizens than I did an hour ago.


Say, wanna have some fun? Post a picture of yourself holding a sign with a secret on it. Don't want to show your face? That's okay. Feel free to be creative, show your fingers or toes or elbows. Racy is even okay. Just as long as it is a picture with a secret.

Come on give it a try. It would be fun.

See the help section for instructions on how to add a picture to a post.


Not everything is about you. Sometimes people just want to get stuff off their chest and let it go.


Yes I've sexual harassed women in the work Place, Fuck I even grabbed an underage girls ass because se wanted me to buy her and her friends beer 🍺 Wow, That was sick I know but that Fat Ass felt so good.


I hate Republicans, They think they are better Human Beings than Everybody else , He'll they're supporting Roy Moore's Racist Pediphille , Fake Christian Ass, They only Look out for the Rich "The Latest Tax Bill" for example, and these Poor White people and Sell out Black Folks still support and Vote for these Republicans even tho they are being Ass Raped without lube by them.


I want to Fuck this Girl at Work. Her Name is Camilla .She is Considered a Thick Ass Girl. Problem is I can't because I would be Fired in a Heartbeat if I even try to Flirt with her, I would just Love to Eat Her Asshole like a Fat Kid eats Cake, I would definitely"Wife her Up" and have some kids with her, JS.


I hate winter. I'm not understanding why Americans live in the northern part of the country. It's cold and bleak and depressing. I'd jump at the opportunity to live in South Florida.


School holiday concerts make me cry. I'm not sure why.


I'm supposed to be doing my laundry and cleaning my apartment today. Instead I'm getting drunk and watching movies. I have little ambition to complete my chores.


Happy birthday my friend! (This is a secret because her husband wouldn't approve of me wishing his wife a happy birthday.)


I think the shame men feel is because they don't want anyone to know how crazy their wives are. Much of being married to someone like this involves living a double life.
The violent outbursts are a red line. It sounds obvious, but nothing usually makes sense in marriages like this.


Some days I think I'm really starting to get over you. And then there are other days when I wake up, and it's the heartbreak, sadness, my horrible behaviors that make me realize I shouldn't be getting over you. I lost the best thing I had, and it's gotten better, and I'm content for the most part about my life right now, but I will never stop imagining what could have been.


I think Trump has been making a lot of his decisions based on how much time he has left to live. I mean, he's in his 70s. I'm not saying everyone in their 70s are on their deathbeds, but men tend to die before women (sometimes). This isn't in all cases, but I'm just saying. I feel like he's purposely trying to fuck this world up as much as humanly possible before he dies, so that when he does die, the world IS a shittier place without him. That is how conceited he is. He's a fucking goon, and he should take his family with him when he goes. -_-


My favourite Christmas album is ruined because the singer proved to be yet another rapey asshole. I can't listen to it without hearing that mellow voice demanding gross bullshit from the backup singers. God damn you, why couldn't you be as nice as you made us all believe?


I'm having lots of anxiety about looking for a new job. I've been at my current job since I was 20, and I'm about to turn 24. I've learned all I can here. There are lots of perks (usually free food), but I need to move on from this job if I'm going to continue progressing in life.

But GD this anxiety! I'm so nervous about this change that I've been avoiding the stress of it by not applying. But I keep having dreams about missing opportunities, staying stagnant, being chased by my fears and insecurities. During my waking hours it's hard to focus on applying, because my brain won't SHUT UP with the doubts.

I'm not experienced in this field, they won't want me
I don't have a degree, they won't want me
Even if they want me they'll pay me pennies
I'm lucky to even get the wage I get now
Do you really think you could do better?
Do you really want to start over?
What if you get fired and lose everything??
What if? What if??

God, SHUT UP!! I know I can do this, I just need a moment of mental peace!!! I'm so frustrated :(


My roommate tried to pull the whole "Women should boycott bras because they're just a thing deemed socially necessary by the patriarchy," point to try and empower us. This was a guy, mind you.

Then we went around the room and asked how many of the women in my house (3, all different fields) would be able to go to work without wearing a bra without being sent home. The answer was zero.

Nice try!


Six months ago I went on a job interview. They sent me an email a few days later saying I wasn't hired. When I told my wife, she turned viciously angry and went on a rant saying I'm a loser and she regrets marrying me. The job thing eventually worked out somewhere else, but there was no way to recover from her hateful words. It's only a matter of time before I leave this marriage.


Domestic violence against women is deplorable for sure. Not to diminish the point, but know that domestic violence against men is also a thing. I personally believe it is a big thing that rarely gets mentioned because men are embarrassed to admit their wives hit them. I think wives have figured this out, which only makes the crime intensify as women know they will get away with it.

I have been slapped in the face, punched in the head, pushed to the ground, kicked in the back of the head while I was sitting on the floor, whacked in the head with a frying pan, whacked in the head with a coffee mug, to name a few. The worst abuse was me on a ladder. She got angry at something and pushed the ladder over. I came crashing to the ground. She then started whacking me in the head and face with a metal paint roller. I ended up with a large bleeding gash next to my eye. I am certain if there had been a knife nearby, she would have stabbed me to death.

Domestic violence against the husband is real.


My wife told me recently that she has never enjoyed sex even when she orgasms, says it's too much work for the results.
I suggested that maybe she see a therapist  or explore sex with a woman as i don't seem to be what she wants.
Nope, im happy to never again have sex....soon do be single again


Something I've noticed about wives who turn out to be crazy.  They were all sex fiends during the courtship.  They all seem to have done the "road head" trick early on in the relationship.  Then they get married and turn into witches.

Isn't it obvious that they were only using sex to trap the man into marriage?  They wanted husbands.  There's nothing more terrifying to a woman than growing older without a husband, and having to face her married girlfriends.  It's some huge shame.  To them being unmarried is like carrying a huge sign that says, "I'm not wanted" around their married friends.  They need to get married for their social status.  Men need to watch out.


-443, you're a great dad.  I'll have to remember that for when my sons get married.  I will warn them not to get their wives pregnant for the first few years.  "Have some fun first!  Don't have the kids yet!  Wait a bit!"  That way if they wives turn out crazy, I can be the driver to convince them to get the hell out of the marriage as soon as they can with the minimal amount of problems.


I just want him back because he treated me badly. It feels like it would be a challenge to get him to love me and treat me right. I'm disgusted by my own desires.


I dated a man seriously for three years. We were very much in love and had great sex but he started hitting me. I kept telling him to stop and he said he would but he never did. One day he went crazy and tied me up in the bathtub and tortured me for hours. I truly believed I was going to die. It was the most horrific experience of my life and I am completely traumatized. I am now seeing a therapist and psychiatrist trying to cope with what happened to me but to be honest I am not doing well and I fear I will never be the same again. Domestic violence is no joke, if your partner is abusive or shows signs of becoming abusive, just leave them. It could save your life. And to people who think that's ok, or that anything their partner could do could merit that kind of violent response, you are fucked up. All you can ever do is break up with someone. You cannot physically control or punish them, no matter how angry you are. I am praying I can recover and be the vibrant, happy, fearless young woman I once was


My parents paid $2500 for someone to write my college application essays.


454 I hope that picture of their dog was enough to give your neighbours a brief respite from their grief. I've been really struggling with my depression and anxiety today and the mental image made *me* smile. You did a kind thing for your neighbours, and inadvertently for a stranger too. Thank you.


Nothing is my more vile than my soon to be ex husband peeing and immediately afterwards wipes his hands on my mouth and face. This was just one of the many cruel and evil things he did to me.

I'm a college educated Hispanic professional women in my early 40s. I'm
Considered very attractive and I do well for myself and my kids.

I'm Searching for my equal. For you guys that have the misfortune of a crappy wife please know there are still good women out there looking for good man such as yourselves. I'm one.

43/F in Texas


Another lament for the “WTF? marriage” pile:

After nearly 20 years, three children, a mortgage and many miles of bumpy road my wife recently had an epiphany: in her mind she was no longer a wife. At least not as far as she's concerned.

A few weeks ago she told me, to my face, that our entire relationship was a based on a lie she told herself when she was young and immature about who she thought she was supposed to be. She never really loved me. I was just a way out of the dead end life she used to lead.

Five years ago she decided she didn't want to work any more, so she quit. We wanted to stop renting, and started looking for a house. She found one she had to have, but her credit is awful so buying it together made us ineligible for a loan, so the deed is in my name.

Because I had to work more to support us, she got sick of me not being around to pay attention to her, and had her first affair. He was also married with children. Others followed.

The guilt got to her, not because of what she was doing behind my back, but because she realized she was on a path to doing the same thing asdid a relative who got pregnant during an affair while married and that was always shameful for her family.

She confessed. I offered to open the marriage in an effort to salvage it. I met an awesome woman. She met a fuckup the whole town hates. I warned her that he was trouble. This was ignored. She fell in love with him. He broke her heart, because he's a shitty human being who ruins everything he touches. Even his kid hates him.

Every day, she pines for him. That's what led her to realize she doesn't want to be married any more. Yet she still expects to live here for free, sleep in the bed my mother bought us as a wedding gift, have her bills paid and eat my food while she looks at Facebook all day.

Remember when Wile E. Coyote would fall off a cliff?

Karma is a bitch, jackass. I'm going to enjoy that takedown.


My neighbors are 15 years younger than me and good kids.  By kids I mean about 40, probably a couple years younger.  Her dad just died suddenly and her father lived out of the state.  They usually get his mom to watch their dog, but she is going to the funeral so they asked if we would watch their dog.  

Hell yes I will watch your dog.  This evening for dinner I put a tie on their dog and took pictures, and then I texted them to tell them at our house we dress for dinner.

I hope they had a smile on their face tonight, if only for a little bit.


I don't think it's wrong to wear a bra. I like wearing a bra. It makes me feel civilized, even elegant.


Coming at this objectively, Trump is accused of sexual harassment. At the same time, the media has made up stories about Trump. Take this past weekend. A reporter claimed the audience was sparse at a Trump rally when in fact the place was full. It seems clear that the media has it in for Trump because he doesn't like them. They are willing to lie to make Trump look bad. All that said, I'm questioning the credibility of the stories saying Trump harassed women.


I dont think I've ever truely listened to my whole heart in romantic situations. My head is always second guessing my heart and vise versa.


Two lessons I've learned:

1) When you have a dog, don't leave any food sitting around.  He will find a way to get it and eat it.

2) When you have a wife, don't leave any cash sitting around....


God, I'm so horny right now...I could tell you wanted me yesterday. The tension was THICK. Oh gosh. I was so close to closing the gap between us, but by then it would have been done. We wouldn't have stopped.

The shitty thing is, I'm pretty sure the main reason she wasn't on-board this time is because she could tell we were willing to rope her into it so we could fuck again. Fuck, just thinking about your dick pressing against me through your sweatpants is making me rub my thighs together.

Shit, this is why I didn't want to start this. We've been repressing our lust for each other for 5 years. So now that it's conditionally allowed, both of us want to recreate those circumstances again. I should have known by the way he watched us dance at that party last weekend. He wants both of us. He may love us in different ways, but he loves us both. And I'd happily fuck you both, because I love you in different ways as well.

Too bad there's no space for us to be a thruple.


I do my best. I am learning to cook various things for him. I try to keep things clean as much as possible. I also try not to lose myself and keep learning things constantly with the little spare time he allows me. He always wants to go here, do that, drags me along to shop and then walks so fast  that I can't stop for a second to look at something - so that I don't get much out of it.  I want to look at something in particular, he says “oh that would take too much time. Better to look online.” But he wants to shop for something, I am left standing there doing nothing.

It only works because we are mostly alike. Go to bed late, sleep in, love food. The difference is tv. I can't stand watching tv more than a couple of hours. So I get on the computer and learn stuff and read. Can't do it sitting next to him for the constant interruptions.

Come spring I will have my own building to work in and will try to make something of myself. I love my family, but they have no interest in me, as long as I am alright.


When I was a single gal working in New York City, I lived in an old pre-war building.  The apartments had been subdivided so the landlord could make more money. This led to odd quirks - like my bathroom had a shower and there was a small window right there on the wall. What kind of building code allows for a window in the shower? Making it worse, if I didn't open the window, the steam from the shower would fog up the mirror. So every day I'd take a shower with this little window open to the world. I can't imagine how many people saw me naked.


441- I also feel your pain! I have always had Great Danes and they usually have a short life span. Mine have lived longer then usual. A female to 13, a male to 10 and a current female to 11 1/2. My newest one is 3 1/2. We are always hit hard when one dies, but we think about the new baby that will be coming into our lives. We try to get a new dog soon to fill the hole left behind. It's not that we want to forget the one we lost, but to have one to give our enormous amount of love to. We remember and talk about the ones that have left us and laugh at who they were and their personalities. They are always with us in our hearts! Life has to go one and maybe a new puppy to share life with will help you get back to that happy place. Dogs have a way of doing that.


Smart Dad and smart son for listening and proceeding with divorce. Only gets worse over time. Hopefully no kids are involved and he can move on within a couple years with no strings attached. She will put him through hell in the court system, but he will come out much better off than he is now. I was manipulated in a similar way, but I admit I did see signs. Usually these women's facades have cracks and just like a nice house, if there are even minor cracks in the foundation, you don't want it. Don't be in denial or justify bad behavior or blame yourself. Get out of the relationship, marriage and kids NEVER make anything better.


Last night I ate my partner's ass. I was nervous to do it cause... he is a dude and hairy and what if I taste poop?

We took a sexy shower then fooled around some more.

I just went for it. His reaction was so intense, to see the pleasure on his face as I stroked his cock and liked his hole... it got me super wet.

Then, I slid a finger in and he ground down onto it. Pumping with my hand, asking him... is this too hard? more? less? He took over control of his cock and had a beautiful orgasm.

It was such a turn on to push into my limits like that. I want to peg this man!


My son got married a few years ago. Sweet girl with common sense and a decent work ethic.  I was happy for them.

Shortly after the wedding the woman began to change. Wasteful spending, unreasonable and mean spirited behavior. Little snippets of all the horrible behavior we read about here from the people trapped in horrible marriages.

He talked to my wife and I about it and I told him to get a divorce, no matter the financial cost. He filed the papers and suddenly she is the victim,  acting all sweet and loving again.

Run my son, run. If she gets every penny you have it will be better than the hell she will put you through.


441- I feel your pain. I had to put my cat to sleep 2 days ago and it was devastating. I am so depressed and it feels like my heart has been ripped out. She was 15 years old and her illness came on quickly. She was suffering so bad and I had no choice but to end her suffering. I also look where she used to lay and feel so distraught and empty. I'm having trouble functioning and focusing. I feel as horrible as I did when my father died. I loved her more than most people. My life feels strange without her there to keep me company. I keep expecting to see her walking around or in her bed. It's very disturbing. Some people will say its just an animal ..but she was my baby too. It's so gut wrenching. I got a little kitty urn to put her ashes. The urn has places to insert her picture on the sides. I will remember her forever. I didn't expect this to hit me so hard, but it has.

You are not alone.  :(


I miss my dog... I had to put her to sleep almost 3 weeks ago. Fuckin cancer! It still hurts so bad. I look at where she used to sleep next to me at night and cry. I'll be at work and memories of her just keep flooding my mind and make it hard to focus. I loved her so much, I didn't think it was possible to love a dog so much. The secret part, I miss my dog more than ANY of my family or friends that have died. I kinda feel shitty about that. She was my companion through everything I've went through for the last 8 years. She was there for me more than my friends. She was such a sweet affectionate puppers. I know she loved me too, I think it was the first true unconditional love I experienced.


My children say I'm a boring mom. What they don't know is when I was in college I ran in the annual campus naked jog around the quad. I can't tell them that, but me boring? Not a chance!


I have taken money for sec.
I have made porno
I have done things people only day dream about in bed
I enjoyed it..It was powerful made me feel amazing confident...

I quit doing it for so many reasons.

But looking at being homeless...I'll pick it up again in a heart beat to keep a roof over my kids heads to make sure they get a decent christmas


It was unfair. To everyone involved. Not just you guys me too. I tried so hard in ways that will look like bullshit. My heart is broken.. I wish everyone could be happy and secure in their life.


You want to know how I ended up with a vile wife? She lied to me. During the courtship she made herself out to be someone she was not.

I worked in the financial world. She had a tremendous interest in stock trading. First time she invited me over, there were a dozen finance books laying around. They were on her coffee table, on her bedside table, in the bathroom. Hot damn the woman was into trading.

I loved sex. She loved sex too. Every date ended in sex. I was getting it three four five times a week from her. She was wild too. She'd take off her underwear in a fancy restaurant and show me. She'd blow me in a cab. She wanted sex in the changing room of a fancy store.

She also came from money. I didn't want her money but it was a relief she didn't want mine cause she had her own.

I was into skiing. She was into skiing. She admitted she was terrible at it because she was from the south, but she loved skiing. I thought wow, I could help her improve.

At least these are the tales she told.

A year later we were married. Instantly the sex stopped. We never once went skiing and she'd give me hell if I tried to go without her. The money she had? A lie. Withing two months of being married she needed me to put cash in her bank account. The trading books. I since came to find out she bought them once she met me and placed them around her apartment so I'd think she was interested.

Lies lies lies.

She's a terrible wife. But she was really good at fabricating stories.

Not only do I hate her, I feel stupid. What was the fucking point of her ploy? She wanted to be married. She'd stop at nothing to make that happen. Mission accomplished on her part. She didn't care if she lied and ruined my life in the process. I know of no lower person on the planet.

I'm currently trying to unwind this position without losing my shirt.


It was everything to me. I am sick with grief and worry. Why do things have to be so hard? Why is money such a bitch? Why does ANYone have to be alone?


People hate me because they think I'm aloof. I'm not. I'm shy. It's not fair to call me aloof.


I hate helping people.

Now that I'm at a good stage in life everyone wants to know how I am and meet up for coffee and see how I got to where I was.

Just leave me alone. Ya'll motherfuckers weren't ever there, why should I help you? I dont want to help you. Go away.


I want to move out of NYC and leave the hustle and bustle. I wish for a big house, a backyard, and a slower pace of life.  I'm so tired already



How did all you men end up marrying these absolutely vile, evil, selfish women??


I dont care about the environment.


If feel embarrassed when my dog greets a woman by sniffing her crotch. I want to apologize to her. But I fear calling attention to it would make it worse, so I say nothing and pretend it didn't happen. But we both know it happened and we both realize there must be a strong odor emanating from her crotch.


I dread when people ask me favors


*#*Never felt so lonely as I do married to my wife.


I don't need to post about specific people in my life, past or present. I know how to get in contact with anyone who matters to me.


My wife only likes me because I give her money.


Anyone who blames people who are assaulted or harassed for what happened to them is a total and complete piece of shit. Why is this so hard to get for some people? Oh that's right, because they're pieces of shit!


I probably didn't think that was about me.   But it's exactly how I feel about someone from my past.  

Don't assume anything.


I hate pretentious people. I am 26 years old, female.

I make $120,000 per year and I live in one of the biggest cities in the world because I was born here, my parents are still here, and my job is here.  I am constantly surrounded by pretentious people.

I just met a hilarious couple around the same age, from the suburbs of my state.

They don't have high paying jobs at all. They are fun, comedic, down-to-earth and take pleasure in the little things.  I can talk to them about anything and we will have an in-depth conversation about it.  They see the value in having fun but also take their relationships and commitments seriously. They also don't feel the need to have their egos blown up, to judge others, constantly talk about what they have, or what they are going to buy.

I'd like to meet more non-pretentious people...


My dog only likes me because I give him snacks.


You probably thought that secret's about you, didn't  you? You're so vain...


416.  My sentiments exactly.


M- I love you as much and if not more than when I gave you that handwritten letter professing my feelings 3 years ago.

I lied to you and myself when I said there is no hope for us.  I put those feelings away for you ages ago.  How easily you unearth it with just one feeling: hope.

I lie to myself and say, just one more time to see you, just one more kiss and I'll be alright with that.

I won't though.  It wouldn't ever be enough.
Our connection has spanned nearly two decades and we are always good with each other, near or far.  I love you my friend. And you tell me you love me but I desire more.

I would be content tangled in your arms again or just shooting the shit.

We never work out with other people but something about us does.

Two weeks, ago all that revelation tumbled to my consciousness and brought me to tears.  I journaled my life and you are always entertwined in it's pages.  I relived the passion of when we became more than friends and was overwhelmed.  Then back to good friends and I laughed.  There no man on this earth that I have this connection with.  I read those pages, forgotten it all. Pushed it out of my mind.

I'm going all in.  I don't want to look back at my life with any more regrets.

I want you, all of the flawed perfect you.
Just like one of those sappy Rom-Com movies but I don't know how it ends.

If you reject me I will be crushed but I need the closure.  I can exit your life and our friendship and still love you just the same.

There is freedom in that.

All in


Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are smaller. Did they think we wouldn't notice? #CorporateGreed


My wife is so nasty. It wears me out. I've distilled it down. She is selfish. She always makes decisions based on what's best for her. If ever I question her approach, she goes bonkers.

So many examples. One from this week. Our son's birthday is coming up. We want to go to this certain store to buy him a present. The store closes as 6 o'clock. It was currently 5'o'clock. That should be doable.

But, she wants to also go to a clothing store for herself. Her store closes at 8 o'clock. A plan is obvious to unselfish people. Go to the store for my son before it closes. Then go to the store for the clothing she wants.

This is not my wife's approach though. It is never my wife's approach to think about someone else. She demands we go to her clothing store first. I point out the timing won't work. She insists it will. She says we'll go to her store and then still make it to my son's store. Part of her knows it would be impossible. But she doesn't care. She lies and says it will be fine.

In the end the bully always wins out. We go to her store. We get out of there at 7:30. Of course we missed my son's store. Of course we did. This is how it always plays out. She demands that everything be done for her gain. To hell with everyone else, including her own son's birthday.

It's sickening. How does a person get to be so self centered??????


I'm very happy we are not together. It made me take a long hard look at my life. Change has been painful, however it's made me appreciate what's been right in front of me all along.


It's not that I feel better than other people , I was just bought up different. Don't take this the wrong way , I'm not trying to criticize your educational system in the US but it's totally different from the education I received , on my school you were taught how to march , we were taught ethics , manners we even had a person that used to come unannounced once every few weeks to make sure we follow the dressing code , uniforms were always iron , clean , nails trim no nail polish, hair dye was allowed, we were expected to call every one by their last name and adults by Mrs, Miss or Mister , no swearing or slang was allowed.  Over the years I been trying to be more casual , I guess I got tired of people telling me im too polite or being called a snob .  If my teachers would see me and see that way I speak and carry myself now they would probably have a heart attack but I'm just trying to blend in with the rest .  I still don't swear ok maybe once a year a bad word might slip  and save my formalities only for the elderly.   So next time before you judge me just remember people in other parts of the world are educated different, they are not trying to make you feel inferior.


I thought about where my life is at right now, and it made me burst into tears because acknowledging it is a lot harder than denying it had been.

My friends have fallen away from me. I had an anxiety attack when we went out back in April. It was the first one that I wasn't able to contain. I had to leave. Since then, I've heard very little from them. They get together without me. I tried making plans, and they'd use a flimsy excuse to back out of them. I don't know what to think. Maybe  they think I'll just have another anxiety attack if they included me in plans anymore. I know this makes them shitty friends, but I still miss them. I don't have a social life anymore. I'm 30 now, and it's been very hard meeting new people after I graduated from college. I didn't think my life would stagnate this soon. My social life is my boyfriend, his social life is me...and that's about it. I am lonely.

I've gained weight from an injury and feel completely disgusting. I feel undesirable when I used to be attractive and vibrant. Something's gone out in me. When I look at old pictures, I see how pretty i used to be. This thing staring back at me in the mirror isn't me. Just a giantess who is missing her youth.

I have a disorder that causes me to pull out my hair, and it seems to favor me pulling from the top of my head. I haven't worn my hair down in 4 years because I've had to wear it up in order to cover the large thin patch. I cannot feel pretty knowing it's there. Before it started back up again 4 years ago, my hair was beautiful and I'd get it professionally done. I wore it down and it was so pretty. I want that again.

I've been having a bipolar episode where I haven't been able to feel much of anything. It seems to be lifting, and now the feeling is coming back. The cry I just had seemed like so much more than the hurt I feel about my friends abandoning me. I think it all just spilled over. 30 has been tough. I didn't expect my life to stagnate so soon. I work, I go home, and I watch some tv and whatnot. That's it. All my true friends live a thousand miles away. They never forget me. I miss them and cried thinking about them.

I can only hold up my happy mask for so long before it starts to become  burden I can't carry.


If ill tell u what im not single my friends !


If I cook, I damn well expect at least help with the dishes.  Yes, you are marathoning a Netflix show but the kids were hungry and so was I.  Cooked dinner, washed up the pans but obviously, we had to eat off of something.

Scowling at me and then the handful of plates was pretty shitty.


I am still really attracted to my husband. 10 years later I still want him. People change & I've discovered I can connect on a different level-one i wasn't ever able to reach with any previous lover. It took this long!


I wonder if this "sexual assault witch hunt" is going to end up setting back women in the workplace.  No man is going to want to work with a young woman who might decide to take an innocent compliment or statement as sexual assault.  I can foresee a lot of young women being passed over for positions.


-393, the mold on bread and cantaloupes and oranges?  It's often penicillin.  Grandma was onto something...


So me and this dude may hook up. He's very nice and he's kind of a super genius. I'm happy. He's fucking adorable.

But more importantly, this makes me feel god about myself. Not because it's validating that someone wants to hook up with me, but because I grew up with an abusive father. When you're a girl with an abusive father, you think that's normal. You think that your destiny is to be unlovable or to only date/marry abusive men. This dude makes me feel good, and I like the way he looks at me.


I miss my old Palm pre it was the best cell phone I ever have , the tiny keyboard was the best part also being able to have multiple screens open at the same time . I wish the company would make a comeback , I would trade my IPhone on a heartbeat for the phone.


So as usual a way to brush me off indirectly pleases the one i love. I have just as much reason to feel used. My experience of true love is shit on because of her debt. I paid half my paychecks i forget maybe 3 or 400 to her family aswell not realizing someone in it got my rent to gf too.. I saved nothing.. I still have nothing. All ive wanted in life was understanding. My situation is beyond understanding. Shes wrong about lots but not about whatever is wrong is a false excuse. I wont go into detail of how i feel used how i feel her mistrust validates her untrustworthy words and actions at times. I say i want to talk to someone. She doesnt see i have no one to talk to. She thought i was looking for something else. At times i wondered(i know its true now) if i cant make the money to have a very good life i have no use. Maybe if i could have been at peace with that or just calmed down and enjoyed the ride. What a shame to have unsettled a gentle situation and woman of brilliance. I am shattered that much more. I thought maybe my unease would be nurtured with long hugs and comfort to the nerves but i was used and repulsive while being used. Thats how it feels. There were long hugs. But i guess im a baby and i need another baby. Most ppl appear so comfortable fuck it lets go smoke and drink and party then enjoy our cars. I have fuck all and really want fuck all to do with most people. She was special truly an angel i respect her values and standards. I wish i were stronger and my neuropathways werent all wrapped in chaos and bullshit. I ruined myself and i wish i had been a virgin for her. I wish i had been careful. It felt like taking a little zipline across a beautiful landscape i could take no pictures or truly grasp and i cried for what i could not do for it the fruit that was not. long canyon and skateboarding homer simpson across it banging his head on the rocks carried up by the helicopter lol..


I never read 50 shades, but this is my own quick and dirty version based on having read reviews. Sometimes you can avoid the hassle of reading a book by reading the reviews. Some books deserve this level of disrespect. Most movies deserve this level of disrespect.

T-rex arms are pretty funny. I've never seen this, but it's easy to picture.

The girl who lays there like a cadaver. She puts out all day and night, but she just lays there with pursed lips. Rough sex, slow sex, whatever. She just lays there. She doesn't like doggie because she believes it's impersonal. Sometimes it is worth pursuing because she is a thin girl with a super fat Puerto Rican ass.

The girl with largish rock hard tits and a rock hard ass. She is really into masturbating. You could feel her fingertips as she furiously rubbed them out, one minute apart, endlessly or as long as you can go. Those ridiculous breasts would bang themselves, making a near perfect figure 8 pattern, or "google" since it was more of a lateral placement. She may have taken a little too much extasy once, and her close friends in high school would sneak out of their parent's houses to do stripping gigs. I don't think she did this, but who knows.    

The girl you grew up with who goes to school and comes back doing some pretty weird shit. Never quite that good in bed, she made these bizarre guttural grunts at some point which albeit weird was a turn on. She was really petite which really makes sense in hindsight, and she also claimed to carry my child through the first trimester. She was weird as hell and had good genes. She would have been a good mother to my kids.

Then the girl who wanted a mercy fuck who was inwardly crying mercy as she moved across the floor from one end of the room to the other. I could kind of see it on her face. I mean, this could have gone much better if I had put some effort into this. I should have offered 69 instead.

The tease that is all "you can look but you cant touch." It as fun for a minute, but that can only go so far without much more dedication, and there were so many other options available at the time. I did enjoy watching her touch herself while she stared at my dick, but again, kind of no traction there. She was always showing her shit off and staring at my dick, but that's as far as it went. She mellowed a little after that, but I had already moved on.

The crazy young blond virgin from Texas who nearly made me cum in my pants with her tight ass rubbing all over my dick. She was even a tougher nut to crack than the other one. But she had me edging all night with her sweet ass.

My friend's sister who I grew up with who moved away and came back only to finally finish the job many times in glorious fashion, all in one night. She was like "mission accomplished" and I never saw her again.

The friend of the "grunter" who was like, "oh, you want to fuck? Let's do it" She had a ski slope nose and had a way of gasp-inhaling as she was doing it. Dyed blond hair, lived with this older guy I knew. She was a knock-out.  

Then the screamer. Hard to hold back when she started screaming. If people were in the house, she would make these silent screams that were just as hot. You had to often put a pillow over her face (with her permission) because she was so loud, bordering on grotesque.  

Then one or two of them that were putting out morning noon and night. They would beg for me at some point to "fill them up" with the stuff, or cumming while they mindlessly repeated the word "baby, baby, baby, baby."

The one that was like "Oh darlin' oh darling" which was sweet in its own right, but she actually wanted me to rough her up which was weird. I remember doing her from behind and she started up with the "be rough with me" routine and I nearly blew up inside her. She said she had protection, but I wasn't taking that chance. She also had some weird hangups about masturbating. (she thought it was dirty but she basically wanted me to assault her on a regular basis. The girl couldn't cum unless I was beating her up and choking her, which I found to be distasteful and weird. I could eat her for hours and she would just lay there like I was scratching her back.  

The girl who was always sticking her crotch in the air waiting for me to fuck her. I usually went right to it, though it was a little too easy and hence not as attractive. One time I decided to rub my cock all over her clit for about an hour. She went nuts. I finally banged her that night and she stayed up all night sketching me and professing her love.

The ones that buck. You go down on these girls and they don't even know what is happening. Your face will be three feet in the air in no time if you aren't paying attention.

The girl who I swore I would fuck the next time I saw her in a mini skirt. I hadn't seen her for about a year or two and she was wearing a miniskirt. She even said, "Take me and do whatever you are going to do. Take me in the basement and fuck me like your French girls." The sad thing is I passed that time. Really not a great decision in hindsight.

The girl who can't bring herself to actually interact with others sexually, but bangs herself almost every night with the handle of a lint roller and a magic wand. Honorable mention; wooden handle to a knife honer, a plastic object shaped like a large pencil, other various plastic tubes, nothing actually dick sized. (which I get, because of precise stimulation of the g-spot) Just get out there and live a little?

The bisexual who is repulsed by her own desires and vents by being a bitch towards you anytime on any available public forum.

The cock hungry chick who everyone knows regularly fucks the bedpost dreaming of cock. Then along comes your cock. She is the best in bed. She rides it like no other. She grinds it on top while holding on to you for dear life, saying over and over in her lowest voice, "boooooowne, booownnnne, oh, bownnne."  That's her version of cumming which lasts pretty much all night. There is something a little "off" with this one. She smelled like bar soap. If she was aroused, there was nothing to stop her. It was awkward whenever she wasn't in the mood, only because she typically was a total hound for sex on any given night. A lot of times she would wear only a shirt because she didn't want to fuck around with getting undressed. It is a secret site so please (objectification trigger) understand when I say I loved her chest. Sweet sweet pink perfection.
I loved her, she loved me, but it's easy to get caught up in the general melee of her sex-fueled surface emotions.  She was #1. She ruined everyone else, sorry gals.

Good thing there are plenty of good guys out there (and girls if that's what you are in to.) No one needs to go without.


you can always tell
when my social anxiety is kicking in because I start repeating myself without realising,
presently I'm agonising over botched social encounters of yore



People (man and women) are on their best behavior when dating , once you move in / get married , the honeymoon phase quickly fades out and you get to known the real person .  Young people out there don't get carried away too quick the person it's just showing you , what you want to see.


The part I hate most about being married is having her constantly telling me what to do.

"Don't wear your shoes in the house."

"Don't sleep on the couch."

"Empty the dishwasher."

"Put on a different shirt."

"Use a napkin or you'll get crumbs on the floor."

"Turn the light off."

"Put the seat down."

"Don't feed the dog what's left on your plate."

"Go get a haircut."

My day is filled with endless commands. How did I possibly function on my own before meeting her? How did I manage to eat, dress and get to work each day without her constant wisdom?

I hate being married. I want to be single again. I want to wear my shoes in the house. I want to get crumbs on the floor. I want to feed my dog leftovers. I want to fall asleep on the couch. I want her to stop barking at me all the time. Why do women act this way? They change once they are married. They feel it's their right and obligation to be bossy and annoying. Marriage sucks.


She stood there tapping her foot, saying that I would have regrets if I didn't make up my mind and appreciate her.

She said I'm not cut out to live this way. I'm young. I don't want to waste my life doing this.

But she was there when they read the part about love being patient and kind. I always thought of this when we had disagreements.

Limited love is such a letdown. She promised the moon and barely got out of the garage. God, what a bunch of fake bullshit.


Last night a girl told me that I should date her stepmother then showed me a picture I almost wanted to go off on her telling her how stupid she must be that I would want to go out with that ugly old woman I was offended


My parents were foreigners. When I was growing up it embarrassed me in front of my friends. I kept wishing they were more "normal".


I told everyone I have a cold so I have to stay in bed for a few days. In reality I am depressed. I'm laying in bed thinking very dark thoughts. I'm beginning to scare myself.


What I do not want to become is a drain or a bother to the people I continue to love.

I know I'm going about things the wrong way and I'll never be happy if I continue isolating myself but I can't seem to bring myself to fix it.

And I know I have waited much too long, from their perspective. I know they don't sit around caring about this.


Nothing is more disappointing to me than the fact that we don't live in a world with magic or super heroes.

38 f


I spend more of my time deleting emails and text messages that I write and think twice about.


My daughter is smarter than me. She gets better grades than I ever did. Her SAT scores are higher than mine. I'm proud of her but at the same time it bothers me a little.


When I was a kid my grandmother would tell us it's good to eat moldy bread because it cures sickness. I believed her.


There are days I just need someone I can yell at and make snap judgements against to let out all my anger and frustration. THATS what we should be using AI robots for


My beloved Mom passed away 3 years ago today... I love and miss her SOOO much!  Mom and I didn't always see eye-to-eye, but for the most part, we had a pretty good relationship, and we always had GREAT sex!!!!


WIlliam or Teddy. Pick one delores.


I am convinced you can kill yourself using nothing more than your mind. You can think the right combination of thoughts to commit suicide mentally, without a physical weapon. Kind of a CTRL-ALT-DELETE on the brain.

My father did this. He went into the hospital for a minor issue, he had wrenched his ankle. They were going to keep him overnight because it was already very late. He called me from the ER to say he would be dead in a few hours. I called the hospital back and asked for the attending physician to get on the phone. He said my father was fine. They would ice down the ankle and all would be well.

I called my father back and told him this. He said no, he would be dead. He said his time was up and he deserved to be dead. He pointed out some of the terrible things he had done in life and how he let so many people down. (He hadn't been the nicest person in life.) He then said goodbye and told me about his last wishes and what I should do with his ashes. I rolled my eyes.

But a few hours later I got a call from the hospital that he died. Physically there was nothing wrong with him, but in his mind he decided to die, so he did. He killed himself using only his thoughts. Makes you wonder doesn't it, like always keep an upbeat attitude in life.


My heart is so warmed by the story of the high school girl who took down the racist graffiti in the school bathroom.  Thank you.


There are discussion forums and dating websites for asexual people, just a Google (or search engine of your choice) away.


Don't know what's wrong with me lately! I have been horny as fuck! I masturbated 3 times today which is unusually rare i need a man to touch me and make love to me. I need REAL intimacy!


I have no sex drive. Zero. I can't even get myself off, last time I tried I just ended up with a sore clit and that was it. but I'm kinda lonely. How do I find a companion who doesn't mind that I don't want sex?


I won't be taking any online tests. I don't want my cognitive decline documented.


How is it that you're single. It makes no damn sense. Your standards must be off the chart high. Not that I would even try.


I, along with the other students at Year 11 class level at my school, was IQ-tested in 1969 by the school psychologist.  I scored in the 97.5th percentile, which translates to an IQ of around 130-135.  Over the past couple of years, I took an online IQ test, and again scored in that same range.  Either the online test was too lenient, or I've remained as cognitively competent into my sixties.  I'm hoping that it's the latter.


I hate my generation. I hate people in general though. I've grown up in the generation of no electronic childhood, to some folks had cell phones in my senior class, to suddenly everyone has a cell phone college. I didn't have the internet or a computer until age 23. Now everyone has a computer in their pocket. 24 hour news. 24 hour access to porn. Stimulation overload. Then there's social media. I find it abhorrent & consuming. Never in my life have i seen people turned into little salespeople as i have at the advent of Facebook. Everything is consumer driven & half the time, people don't even realize they are doing it. Seriously? That shit you bought you posted a photo of it to Facebook with a description and your love of said item. That's advertising. And you didn't get paid to do that. Just look, be aware the next time you're on Facebook. The sickening, rampant sucking of satan's cock consumerism whores. Fucking stop.


As a child, I recall my grandmother nursing my baby sister. She didn't have milk, obviously & i never understood it but never thought it odd. Now that I'm an adult and have nursed my own baby, I do understand it a bit more.


Feels good not to be vying for your attention all the time. Didn't realize how exhausted I was. bye.


A letter came the other day
From clear around the globe
It said “We hope that you're the ones
On the other end of the hole
Could you please take a few things back
Our country's getting full”


I'm a heterosexual female who is extremely turned on by trans men.


Pap smears really aren't that bad. Hyped myself up for nothing. Sure it is awkward to be spread eagle less than a foot from the doctor's face, but at least it didn't hurt. That's not to say that I'm not glad I won't need one for another 3 years though...


I work a state government job. The chief of staff has screwed the director of operations. It is a wonder that anything runs at all. So many egos at play. An endless tangle of power plays.


If I left my wife, I don't think I'd find anyone I would love as much as I used to love her.  I'd have fun, a ball actually.  But in the final analysis, I'd be losing my 85% good wife/friend for the unknown.


I'm thinking of watching that documentary on netflix and going completely minimalist. Too much clutter in my life. Have an unbelievable urge to just dump everything but the bare necessities.


2 days away from the start of my period and my boobs hurt like a bitch.


I took an online IQ test. I scored in the 46the percentile. That's below the average. Shit, when did I become so inept? Some one please tell me these online tests are rigged to make you feel bad.


Gonna kick my "fix it" reflex to the curb. 2018 is going to be all about focusing on myself. Looking forward to all that it brings.


As a democrat, I was disgusted at the female SNL cast's letter of support for al franken. Sexual misconduct is abhorrent and shouldn't be a partisan issue. Goodbye conyers. Goodbye franken. Goodbye trump (hopefully). and certainly NO MOORE. Why does it feel like I'm in the minority here!?


I'd be cool if there was  some kind of evolutionary reflex that prevented men from engaging in relationships before having developed the emotional tools to make it successful.


Conflict arises in a relationship because someone refuses to pull their damn weight. Do your part. Be empathetic. No one would ever get divorced if people could consistently do these two things.


I'm not even sad that we have parted ways; it's more of a frustration at how avoidable the situation was. You had baggage, and I was willing to shoulder some of the burden--if only you were willing to let me in. I thought I could prove to you that I wasn't going to run away. I thought I could convince you that I was able to handle the secrets and the skeletons. However, despite my effort over the years, you still refused to be vulnerable with me. The result? You made it impossible for me to support you emotionally in any capacity. And you were too preoccupied with your scars to provide any emotional support to me when I needed it. When it was all said and done, you sabotaged us. You made it so that neither of us could meaningfully contribute to the other's life. You forced us apart with your continued bottling. Who will be there when you finally explode?


westworld has too much going on. it's just ridiculous at this point. I'm about to watch the season finale and if they don't tie things together....i'm definitely not going to bother with season 2.


dried pussy juice on my dick after sex....what is it supposed to smell like?




It's ironic that people break up with someone only to realize that they were the person they loved so dearly and the person they want to spend their future with... only to be rejected when they come back and apologize. I thought that was so stupid, so immature and ill advised.

I thought I was too smart to do something like that.

Turns out I was wrong.


I've given up on the idea of ever owning a house. It's not in the cards.


I guess it was stupid of me to think I could really have a chance with him. Oh well. Maybe some of us really are meant to be alone.


I wish I could redo our friendship from the start and just cut out the lying. I was so depressed and my decision making was so poor at the time.

I can't even talk to you about it now, it's all so cold and buried.


I'm a teacher in my 5th year. Something that I've noticed is about the name “Angel.” With the exception of one, all the male students I've taught over the years named “Angel” were huge behavior problems. I have one right now who's driving me nuts. I've concluded that there is something about that name that causes them to not live up to their name. I'm not one to tell people how to live, but in this case...people, stop naming your kids “Angel”!


I made some major improvements this year, and I'm proud of myself and eternally grateful for those who've helped me along the way. I'm definitely not at 100%, but I'm much closer to having my shit together than I was this time last year. In a sense it feels freeing.


The worst lie i told was in short that i didnt care and it proved in that instance to be true. Aside from that just trying to hide from creepiness.. Avoid manipulation.. Minor (nothing is minor i should have simplified this and said i have made up no stories) but yes lies that never worked anyway to avoid conflict. that ive told no lies is in essence quite true.. I always come clean if i hide something. There is one thing i showed a text to my boss i shouldnt have. Thats all. I havent lied to you. Its a crying shame that i cant harness the truth in death to show my honesty while alive. what ive seen and known and had to swallow down alone.. Life is not some rational thing u can use to detect lies. The truth ommitted is actually a sad and ungrasped miracle. Ive fallen for the simplest lies from creeps. I trust no one. I cant get an email from the first person to publish my art or anyone through my site. There are resources but im sure itll be intercepted my new hope. Secure email address necessary for that prospect probably itll be managed by a person in the company hates me enough to ask to manage my file. Poems and reminiscing from a guy i let fuck me thinking i wouldnt be homeless yet was further homeless and much more irritated. His penis woe poems get through. I guess cuz he doesnt read flat out what ive said he interprets the opposite of no. Doesnt care if ive stated flat out the answers i never got when i was in his shoes. Has no excuse to read the opposite of no. He is living a fantasy and doesnt want out. This is a guy who threatened me with murder suicide (you're not special there are others) get a life or have no truth to bring home. I have nothing to do with u no more be gone. Flowing paragraph and "life is one big long fail fart" You do not know me if u think i ever wanted shit all but a place to live or a friend. I could bitch about how no friend is real except one who was involved in the situation just mentioned. One other. And ive learned u cant choose your friend and girls and guys talk shit they cant deliver its not one party. Oh how nice an invite for no real out to movies no real get together just the dummy get together to write off that i was invited. So what no one likes me cept ppl who can look at a face and think oh! Shes ugly AND smart! I cant wait to show her only i can love her. You got a body of any kind u can find someone. U cant make someone choose u. If i were straight and i wish i were there were men id have loved to take their offer to get to know me with hopeful beautiful eyes. I never distracted these good people or even women ive wanted to love i know i dont have what it takes for a high standards woman. I should have never bought a puppy then causing me to go with that creep at least i met a good friend because of it. Havent had pets of my own for over a year now 2 rats i rehomed with a struggle because i couldnt bare to keep them in the only cage i could afford. The "creep" is actually also a person who didnt deserve distraction yet own your life please. U think i take interest in the compliments and memories i dont want? New prospects in art. Again probably to be intercepted.


I started working at an office for the first time ever and even if I have a desk by the ocean, the place is moldy and making me sick. It's chill though and I need it to pay medical bills for lyme disease and rent, or else I'm sunk.

I feel like its such a waste of time though. It's for a fuckin' light that burns fat. I'd seriously want to die if my life was selling a light for fat people too lazy to work out or eat right. Holy smokes.

I look out the window and wish our entire society was focused on free-living, growth and money was no concept. We'd trade services and live in peace and just have fun and take care of the Earth till we die.

I'm going back to school soon to hopefully work on space craft. It's not traveling or seeing the world, but at least it's contributing great things and science to make better things happen.

Still, with all the scary shit happening, I feel like there's not much time left to see the entire world. It's all I want to do. Sometimes I want to ask my boyfriend if we can forego having a kid... just travel the world. You and I. For the rest of our life. I know the legacy of having a kid, whatever. But what about a legacy of working on space craft? I feel like he wouldn't understand since he's always wanted a kid. I've wanted one too, but I feel like... maybe I could do more without a kid. Just spend my life connecting with humans from around the world.


I get horny after I cry.  Also if I'm embarrassed by something and with the guy I like I get horny.  Not sure about this... maybe I like being humiliated or I like pain?  Or it's because I feel really vulnerable and open...


My wife is so damn hot. She turns heads. I can see guys staring. What they don't see is how bitchy she can be.


I'm so lonely, it hurts.


Last week my neighbor's new Audi was stolen out of his driveway in the middle of the night. A few weeks earlier a new Land Rover was stolen from another house on this block. The newspaper reports there have been 15 cars stolen from our town in the past year. That's compared to one car stolen in the prior 10 year period. Clearly something has changed.  Interesting that all the stolen cars are new and fancy. That can't be a coincidence. The thieves are targeting high end new cars. How would they know where to look? It's obvious. Someone is looking them up on the state's DMV computers.  This can't be hard to track down. Trace the activity on the state computers. See who accessed data on those particular cars just before they were stolen. This is so solvable. Come on coppers, get to work.


LOL, I've also been falsely accused of authoring a secret. It was a mess. My wife and I stayed at her brother's house one night. A few days later someone wrote a secret on here, something like "Your house smells like cat pee."

One of my wife's siblings called my brother in law and said I must have written the secret about him. Not true, I didn't write the secret. It could have applied to a million different homes. But my wife's family members were convinced I wrote it and I've gotten the cold shoulder from her brother ever since. So fucked up. Whatever dude.


I refuse to live a boring life. We only get one shot at this. I look around at people I know. Really, you are spending your days in an office focused on something so meaningless. Oh the bond expiry date has shifted by a week. This is keeping you up at night? Really?

People think they need to conform. They need their boring jobs so they earn enough money to pay the mortgage on their boring house in their boring neighborhood of their boring town along with all the other boring people. You are giving up your lives to follow such a dull path.

I refuse. I work for short periods to get some cash, then I hit the road for a year. No mortgage, no bills. I do what I want when I want. Do I have fancy things? Nope. You got me beat on that front. I don't have a Viking stove or a Sub-Zero fridge. But while you were busy at work paying off those items, I was camping on a beach in The Keys.

One life. Don't waste it on meaningless stuff.


I am horny as fuck! Self pleasure isn't doing the trick. I need a real man with Lips chest hair hands and a cock to satisfy me. But who will be my next lover? He has to Che k off the boxes for me since I do have standards!


My favorite thing is when people think you've written a secret about them and suddenly you find yourself getting harassing emails. Got to keep this site to myself!


I'm a chump, but I'm guessing that's hardly a secret.


My secret is about this site. I love this site. secrets are great, and I secretly love seeing people deleted or banned from the site when they think they can respond to other secrets.
I picture someone thinking they can start a message board by replying to other secrets and then they get deleted it's great vindication!!! Idiots.


I feel like I'm frozen. Like, I'm looking at stuff, but really I'm in my head. I can't pretend to be engaged enough to read much of anything right now. I'm trying to find a therapist and a new job, and this is making it increasingly difficult. Fucking depressive episodes. This one's been going for weeks and I just want it to end. I feel like killing myself. I'm so done with life right now I don't even want to try to continue.

The sad thing is, I had a flicker of hope yesterday before I slumped back down into this mental state. I'm so sick of everything. Why the fuck would I want to live in a world this shitty, where everyone just bickers and talks about all the bad shit in the world 24/7? It makes more sense to want to die than to live at this point. What the fuck should we be living for?


Funny you say that when men jump out of their skin as soon as someone so much as grazes their ass...hypocrite


All women are beautiful but I feel a woman is most beautiful when she puts on the orgasm face. Head titled back, mouth slightly open, eyes closed. I live for that face.


What is all this tripe about sexual harassment? Traumatized by another person touching a body part? Get over it! Unless you were under 10 and and an adult sexually abused you you have a case- all the rest is bullshit and laughable. Watching grown ups piss and moan because they were touched....ridiculous. Don't allow yourself to be put in a situation where this can happen- very simple.Everyone is a victim in America .You are brainwashed by the media.


322...mine was a narcasistic sociopath


Ghosting is never ok. Be a fucking adult and tell people you dont want to see them anymore. My crazy is being tested. And I will make a house call. Like in the 90s when people didn't have social media or cell phones. It's polite to tell someone you're not interested.
When did ghosting become acceptable? such bullshit, i deverse better than this!!


Americans will NEVER put up with national healthcare. We are too spoiled. We pay but we get the best health care in the world .Nobody is going to wait for weeks to see a specialist. The problem is that when people go on Medicare  they are at the doctor every second day. If you go to see the doctor- he will find something wrong so there will be a test -he needs to make money! The medicine  you are subscribed will inevitable have bad side  affects - so back you go the doctor and he gives you more medicine to get rid on the side affects. A vicious circle that eventually kills you! Stay away from doctors. Exercise and eat healthy .You are going to die in any case .A doctor and healthcare will not save you I can guarantee you that.


She told me she always falls asleep with her glasses on. I knew right then her husband wasn't fucking her. I reached over and took her glasses off. My first time fucking someone married.


I can fix healthcare in this country.  Simple.

1.  Create health savings accounts where the employer can contribute.  This money can be rolled over year after year and if you die you can dictate where all this money goes.  It is yours to give.
2.  Mandate that health care providers list their prices, like McDonalds or any item in Walmart.
3.  Tort reform. If you lose your case you pay the hospital's attorney's fees.  Also, cap the amount of money you can get for anything.
4.  Every person can pay for a catastrophic health care insurance plan in case you have a heart attack.  Everything else gets paid for with cash or check from your HSA.

You're welcome!


No no that's not how it works.  
He is the last guy you slept with therefore you are his problem,  the fact that he doesn't care is your problem and none of it is my problem anymore.


I wish I could have sex right now! Still haven't met or found the right man to let into my throbbing pissy.


I'm having this weird depressive episode...I'm not happy, but not sad either. I feel empty. So incredibly empty. It's hard for emotions to come to me and when they do, they can be intense. I have little interest in the things I usually like doing. I have little interest in sex. I don't care about drinking wine. Motivation isn't there unless I've taken my adderall. It's hard to wake up in the morning and I've been late to work frequently by a couple minutes. No one notices, but being stressed isn't the best way to start my day. I've gained weight as well but I'm working on losing it.

I want to feel something, maybe even if it's sadness. I just want feelings that aren't sporadic and fleeting.

Having bipolar disorder really sucks...I'm trying my best, I really am.


Not a secret but curious.  Does anyone see any of the secrets that have been posted with photos?  If not, where have they gone?  Or has nobody done so?


In an illicit strip club which was literally as well as figuratively underground in New York City, I watched a skillful lap dancer insert a 24 inch rubber dildo up her ass. Every few inches she'd ask me for another donation. $10, $20 ...

I thought surely she can't get it in more than 8 inches. Where would it go?

$30, $40...

She bent left and right and twisted around and the tip of the dildo must have passed right through her rectal cavity and into her large intestines.

$50, $60...

I didn't know it was possible. If the dildo had a camera we could take pictures of her appendix.

$70, $80...

She squirmed more, bending into what could have been exotic yoga positions. That's the double back grasshopper isn't it?

$90, $100!

The dildo was gone. Vanished inside her. If anyone had walked into the private room at that moment, they wouldn't have thought anything odd about the situation. There was a man. There was a woman. Nothing odd at all, except that she was naked and her ass was coated in lube. Except for that. But they wouldn't at all realize there was 24 inches of dildo inside her.

You know what I was thinking? I wanted to see her pull it out. Would it be dirty, like brown dirty? That's what I was thinking. That's what I wanted to see.

My lady friend contortionist bore down and set in motion a hands-free exit strategy. I was not disappointed. Out came the dildo plus a little more.

I tipped her an extra $50.


My native country even though it doesn't offer universal health care it offers something similar , as long as you have a job you and your family can use the hospitals and clinics run by the government for a very small fee however it's always crowded and they don't have the best working doctors or specialists in there . The good ones work for the private sectors, my parents always took us to private doctors and we were born on a private hospital since they didn't trust the ones being run by the government, it's nice to have the option though , not a lot of people can afford the private clinics and hospitals and while they might have to wait to have non emergency procedures it's better than nothing.


I'd like to take all my lies and put em in a frying and turn the heat up high. I'd boil them down to nothing. Then I'd clean the pan for good.

Or maybe I'd need to use a pot. A big pot.


Universal healthcare works. It is not perfect but it works. Signed: French immigrant.


Elizabeth Smart's story really affected me.  Her looking at the camera and declaring that she did not have Stockholm Syndrome really nailed it.  I'm resigning tomorrow.  My future is again in the arms of the universe.


Another take on plumbing self-sabotage: I do service calls. It's sort of a side gig. I took all the pices from a pop-up drain stopper and put them in a sandwich bag. I put them in a tool bucket so they wouldn't get lost.
The next day, I searched and searched looking for the baggie so that I could buy the right parts at the hardware. Couldn't find it. Bought a replacement kit, thinking the parts are universal, which they basically are.
I bought the wrong kit, which was no big deal. I drove through the maze of traffic and construction to get the right kit, and installed it having lost an hour and gas, etc.
Later that night, I went home to pull the tools out of the back of the truck. They snagged on a bungee cord, which somehow flung the bag with the missing drain pieces from the bucket and into the bed of the truck.
It sounds silly but it feels kafkaesque...


In Canada, do you pay for health care? Do rich people pay more and poor people pay less? Or does everyone get basically free health care?

And... as an American, can I live in Canada, because honestly it's sounding pretty good.


Shoot. Practically all my clothes, outside of my work uniform, have holes in them.


To all those who would gleefully remove my right to choose and contract privatly with whomever I choose for my healthcare I say; do whatever you want, but leave me out of it. If you love your shackles so much may they weigh lightly on you. I will go it alone and pay cash. Save your whatifs for the next sucker you need to scare into submission. I have a will and I will find a way, period.


just a narcissist or an actual psychopath? Only question I have left about my ex.


As a Canadian, I can't imagine NOT having universal health care. Yes we do have to wait a little longer for SOME procedures, but it's not an average of 20 weeks to see a specialist. Not even in the boonies. That's really blown out of proportion. And if something is urgent, they will see you right away. Is it perfect? No. But it meets our needs. Nobody is without health care. I could imagine in the USA there would be a lot of people that just wouldn't go to the doctor when they needed to if it would put a strain on their finances. In Canada, that never has to be an issue and for that I'm extremely grateful.


i pretend to care, but i have given up. Life is hard; for everyone!


I can tell u that some women are like that.. But many if not most women.. Are repulsed if a man takes the thought of "making" her feel.. "Giving" her an orgasm.. Taking that too far and out of the reality that a woman needs reason or love to allow herself to become aroused.. Some can do it better for themselves and a dick completely destroys the dignity of their experience. Some men can make love. Some people are gay. And ALL women who arent trolling or sucking up to the pig in anyone.. Will tell u no the vagina is not an orgasm button.. Emotions and love or merely attraction and chemistry and RESPECT in touch is what people not just women need to enjoy their lives and their sex. Push on a clit or limp dick for "oh yeah theres a nerve there" but without arousal inside and warmth activating the body and heart. Without arousal penetration to a woman is an irritation. Make love with affection. Or happy trolling. Idealize. Dont idealize. Have hope. Be your best. Sex is not a right. We are born then we die/hatch and have no physical world limiting the exposure of our truth or enabling physical manipulation. There is my peace of mind for the night


About 7 or 8 years ago the pipe leading out of my water tank in the basement sprung a leak. I told myself not a problem, I got this. I might be an accountant by day, but I've watched enough home shows to know what to do. I went to the hardware store and bought copper pipe, a propane canister and what not. I cut out the broken pipe and soldered in a new pipe. Voila. I fixed it.

About 10 years ago I wanted a water softener installed to deal with our hard water problem. That was beyond my abilities. So I paid $6,000 for a professional. But a simple broken pipe, eh, not a problem. Yay me.

Last summer an inspector from the fire department was here to do a routine check. He looked around at everything and then asked why the water softener was turned off. He showed me. The valves leading to and from the water softener were in the off position.

I suddenly had a vague memory. All those years earlier when I fixed the pipe, I had to stop the water going to and from the water softener. Holy cow, I never turned them back on. I paid all that money for a water softener and it wasn't even functioning for all these years. I'm a dope. Maybe I should stick to accounting and leave plumbing to the plumbers.


I'm so nervous to let anyone high up at my office use my laptop to help me. They're all younger than me but I have neopets pop up on my favorites on the google tab, LOL


I wonder - will the SNL cast now do a series of skits on former alumni and disgraced former senator Mr. Franken - like they did with Mr. Trump?

Will he be looking for a job and go back to work at SNL?  

So many questions, so many possibilities - can't wait to see this week's SNL!!!


I remember how good she smelled and it makes me want to eat that ass.

I'm definitely not good enough for her. She makes me aspire. With you it's just different, I'm beyond comfortable with  my level.


311 - totally agree with you.  

Seriously -- Universal Health Care coverage should only be offered to the "most privileged" disgraced Senators and Congressmen of our society (and their families - like forever....)

For the 33 million people without health care - who voted for them - it's just TOO damm expensive and it's impossible to make the system work.  We could only make such a system work for the privileged few.

These 33 million voting Americans  are just not important enough to cover anyway, huh?  (33 million is the population of Canada - covered by Universal Health Care)

Totally agree with you and people who are "serious" about such matters - shouldn't ask such questions, huh?


I just made a new friend on FB and I already want to fuck him even though I don't know him personally! Is that weird? Never happened to me before!


I was chatting to Jessica online while I was jerking off to her picture on my computer.  I wonder if a woman would be flattered or offended by that?


The US does not have universal health care coverage because it is too expensive.  Vermont and California both looked at adopting universal systems and saw that the costs were far too high.

It's simple supply and demand, people.  You force demand to go up by putting everybody into a health care program, and what happens?  Yep, costs go up.  Too expensive.

Or you can try to control costs by lowering quality.  You can ration services.  You can put people into long waiting lines for care.  This is why it's an average of 20 weeks in Canada for a person to see a specialist - an "average."  If you're in the boondocks, it takes longer.  Do a search for "UK quality of healthcare" and you'll see doctors describing it as 3rd World conditions.  The average wait in the UK for the ER is 5 hours.  The longest wait for the ER in the US is in Manhattan, and it's 5 hours.

Seriously, the "universal healthcare" debate has been going on now for 10 years, and yet people still think you can just magically get everybody health care if you just sign them up.  It doesn't work that way.  People who are serious about this issue should know these things by now.


The US remains the sole industrialized nation in the world without universal health care coverage.   That means that 33 million US citizens are not covered for things like having a baby.

Very slowly now.... The "richest" nation on the planet has no health care coverage for 33 million of it's people.  

Every Congressman, every Senator (even disgraced ones) have 100% healthcare.

Taking from the MANY (middle class) giving to the FEW (rich) and IGNORING (the most poor and vulnerable) IS the death of the American Dream.

No other issue - not the 21 Trillion in US Debt (which will never be paid back), not threats of Nuclear War with North Korea (China by proxy), not the shit-storm of the middle-east (Israel-Iran/Syria, et. al. ) or the rapid decline of Europe are really that important to US Citizens.

OK, likely the 21 Trillion in US Debt will sink US way before anything else does.

The dream of a nation is to look after it's citizens (#MeeeeTOOOO is important as well - and not one single male or female should be abused - but, you need to have a country UNITED in order to make that movement work - otherwise, it's just something that will come and go - as nations empires of the past have)

Note:  Some required reading of history may be in order - see the failed empires below:
    Russian Empire
    Qing Dynasty
    Achaemenid Empire
    Ottoman Empire
    Macedonian Empire
    British Empire
    Mongol Empire
    Roman Empire


My secret is that I KNOW Al FRanken was set up.


As a guy I'd like to try anal sex. I've had my girlfriend poke me with her vibrator. It was a start but I sense it's not the same as what a women feels with a live penis in her backdoor. For one thing, my girlfriend was very reluctant to try. She made it awkward and weird. For another thing, a plastic vibrator can't get excited and ejaculate. To me that's one of the best parts of sex, where I affect the emotional state of my partner to the point where she loses control and joy runs through her veins. I like making a woman cum. Can't do that with a vibrator. I know it sounds very gay, and maybe this is why my girlfriend was weirded out by it, but I'd like to try anal sex and feel a man lose control inside me.


I've done threesomes (MFM/FMF), role play, car sex, bjs at work, used toys, shower sex, anal, but i have yet to have sex in public or at work. I want to have sex in public and at work.


One day mom and pop websites like this will go away. It makes me sad. Little places can't afford to put up free content forever. All these volunteer webmasters and bloggers have to eat and pay rent. They need to focus on their day jobs that pay the bills. The world will lose these little gems.


I really like anal sex. BUT yes, it hurts when it first goes in there, it's a very small hole that needs a moment to strech out. once that happens go to town, make me squirt.


my office is FREEZING!


When I go to church pot luck dinners on the first Wednesday of every month, I always bring more than enough food for my family. I look at what other people bring. Seriously, a medium size bowl of salad and you have 5 family members? I notice.


Dear Moderator:

I will happily give you money if you let me impose my will upon your site, because I am so controlling, and you're just not doing it exactly as I want!  After all, this is all about me, isn't it???


I rent in a high rise. I could see by the reflection from the building across the street that the window washers were cleaning the windows above my floor and would soon drop to my floor. Feeling horny as possible and having a bit of an exhibitionist streak, I got naked with my favorite dildo and went to work on myself. I pretended my eyes were closed and I didn't see them, but I watched them watch me. I never came so hard. I think I'll keep this secret to myself. Hubby doesn't need to know this one!


Once prayer was taken out of schools, the world sunk quickly to it's present sub-human level.


Someone needs to do legit research: is the surge of mass shootings somehow related to the decrease in physical discipline over the past 30 years?


I can't effing stand the political opinions posted here. This is for secrets, not for bitching about a person, policy, or law that gets your nickers in a twist. Some folks should simply post your irrelevant political dwaddle on social media, and use this site to tell us about your secrets.

My secret:
As a guy, I have been raped (at 6yo, by a male cousin of 16), have been verbally harassed in hateful sexual ways by gay guys, and sexually molested by about a dozen women. I don't say anything because nobody would really care. I don't need therapy, I'm over it.


My daughter wrote a letter to her High School newspaper. She pointed out the racist graffiti in the bathrooms. She suggested something should be done about it. It's not funny. It's offensive. It isn't to be tolerated. It needs to be removed.

Someone reposted her letter on the town Facebook page. It caused a big stir. Parents were outraged the graffiti existed. The local rabbi chimed in with his disappointment. The Chamber of Commerce said it made the town look bad. It was a big brouhaha, the talk of the town.

Oddly, school officials called my daughter into the principal's office. They were outraged at her for letting everyone know about the graffiti. They didn't like the publicity.

The mayor, always the politician, had to capitalize on the situation and act like he had everything under control. He organized an anti-racism conference. He invited all the important players to discuss the matter. He brought them all into the same room for a luncheon. Present were the school officials, local clergymen, the rabbi, the police chief, the fire chief, the buildings supervisor, the town newspaper, the head of the PTA, members of various boards, the Chamber of Commerce etc.  In the end, there were about 50 people there to discuss what should be done.

But you know who wasn't invited? My daughter. She started this whole thing off with a well written letter. And she was left off the invite list. Message: The adults would handle it. Go away little girl.

For a number of days after the conference, local leaders made well crafted posts to Facebook, pointing out how they attended the conference and the racism issue will be addressed. But mostly they were pointing out they attended the conference. They wanted to let everyone know they must be important.

One follow-up letter to the newspaper called the Mayor and school officials "heroes" for addressing the problem.

A few weeks went by. Racism-gate faded. The officials were done with their grandstanding. The Facebook and newspaper clamor died down. Everyone went back to watching Dancing With The Stars.

Phew, bullet dodged!

To my daughter's amazement, the one thing which didn't happen --- the graffiti was still on the bathroom walls. My daughter looked at this and shook her head. She learned a valuable life lesson. People just talk. They never really do anything. They just talk and spin things to suit their own agendas.

For two days this week after school, armed with Ajax, a bucket of water and a scrub brush, my daughter went through all the bathrooms in the school and removed the racist graffiti.

Yes there was a hero that rose up out of this situation. But it wasn't the Mayor or the school officials. There was a hero and I couldn't be more proud of her.


I realized for the first time a couple weeks ago that my first love was loaded. I've always grown up poor as shit so I was used to everyone else having more money than me, but I overlooked some seriously obvious signs while we were dating.

For one, we used to go flying a lot. He was in pilot school, so this seemed normal to me. What I didn't know was that renting a Piper Warrior costs $150/hr.

Secondly, he lived on a house in a cul-de-sac in Salem on the water. I didn't think this was a big deal either, because his grandmother owned it, so I figured they just got lucky that it was passed down.

He also had a dingy in his backyard, but I figured that people who live on the ocean just always had dingies.

I mean yeah, he always paid for stuff when I couldn't and still was happy to spend time doing fun things with me anyway, but I was 19 and homeless, so the fact that my boyfriend had a lot of stuff just seemed like he was a normal white guy with a normal white guy life.

Now that I'm 23, I realize just how lucky I was. But I'm happier to have been so ignorant about his money, because at the time it really didn't matter to me. We did plenty of free stuff anyway, as we both loved nature and exploring.

But I love that I loved him for who he was, and I can always cherish our time together knowing there were no ulterior motives on either of our parts. After all, I had nothing to give him but my love and attention, and that was more than enough for him.


Some people are so whiny


Dear CaveCanum,

I will gladly donate $100 to your website - if you would do a better job of moderating all the (geo) political front-page "op-ed" bullshit "secrets" from this site.   People, these are not secrets.  

Better still - why not add a thumbs up/thumbs down voting button - and once a "secret" achieves a given score - say 100 thumbs down, it's banished to the "bullshit" folder.


The democrats are not dumb. Come election time, you will see ads saying how democrats dropped a predator but Republicans endorse them. It will make them sound like a self serving bunch of elitists who will stop at nothing to maintain power.
Fell on his sword indeed.


Trump doesn't have balls , he just doesn't care none of his adult children have serve in any military branch, himself got "bone spurs " that prevent him from serving. There are many young adults that joint the military as a ticket to get out of poverty and obtain either a trade or a college education and it's unfair that these people and innocent civilians especially children get caught out in the middle of it and have to pay with their lives. Just so men on power like Trump can make himself look good and powerful while hiding on behind a desk .  There's a reason many presidents decided not to follow into the promised even though they said they would .

P.S. By the way it was mandatory to take Civics and Politics for one year where I went to school both of which I got an A.


In 1995 the US Congress passed a law mandating that the US Embassy be moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Passed a LAW. Finally we got a President with enough balls to uphold the LAWS of this country and I'm damned proud of it. If you don't like a law, elect officials that will change the law. It's the legislative process but don't be mad at a President for doing his job!! It IS the job of the Executive branch of government to UPHOLD the law!! Take a damn civics class people.


Buh-bye Al Franken.


The rope in my garage is calling to me.


Democrats are so ridiculous. Here they are, being all self-righteous, calling for Al Franken's head, once again not understanding that they are doing EXACTLY what Republicans have manipulated them into doing. To a "T". Mark my words: Roy Moore will be elected, Trump's approval rating is going to go up, Mueller is going to be shut down and we get 3 to 7 more years of this circus, simply because Dems can't grow a pair and play the game the way it needs to be played.
Franken is not a perfect man but he is a very efficient senator, and that is why he is being shot down. Those of us with a modicum of political connections can tell you the accusations that are taking him down are greatly inflated. But Senator Franken was entirely too prickly a thorn in Republican Senators' side to be allowed to continue with his work in the Senate. Next on the hit list is Elizabeth Warren.  It is going to be a markedly more difficult hit job but the wheels have already been set in motion. Just you wait and see.
It saddens me how easily American public opinion can be manipulated. And the lack of critical thinking is astounding (the best example is that photo most everyone clutch their pearls about). Americans are losing out when Franken resigns. And you don't even know it.


I am so well rounded I hate it sometimes. I like most all hobbies and I'm good at most all of them. Whenever I take a quiz telling me if I'm more this or more that I always end up 50/50. I love glitter, shoes, pretty dresses, camping, fishing, boarding, movies, video games, all music, science, math, reading, coloring, drinking, dancing, you name it I like to do it. Same with food, I'll try anything once and I can always find something to eat wherever we go out to eat. I like most everything that involves sex (except for being abused, slapping, bleeding) but i'm down to at least try things once sexually. Maybe that's why guys dont like me because I'm too well rounded??? SMH FML


I love my wife but to keep life interesting I need new sexual experiences with someone other than her.


I recently met a guy while out thrift shopping.  We immediately clicked and hung out soon after. I happen to be a long time meth addict and I learned soon that he too struggles with this substance.  We have used together a couple times and I was preparing myself to accept that we would not ever be more than drug using acquaintances despite the extreme attraction and the apparent connection that is there for us both.  I went and saw him last night and things had a different feel this time.  He looked at me with the most affectionate eyes and was genuinely happy to be near me and I felt the same for him. He held me and we really talked. About our addiction, about how much it saddens and scares us, and about how much we both just wished to be able to overcome it before it overcomes our souls.  We decided that we are going to quit and very soon, together hopefully but even if not we would give ourselves that gift and draw our strength from inside ourselves. I am extremely lucky to have met his man at least today, even if we don't end up together or help each other get clean. I am really looking forward to seeing the depth of his desire and getting to know him in this kind of way. He is the first user I've met in a 13 year span of addiction who i believe is telling me about what he really wants to see happen. The first who dropped his ego, didn't push me away when I told him I would like to be there to see his new life unfold and help him.  The first who doesn't seem completely full of shit or saying what I wanted to hear hoping I'd just fuck off and let him shoot up undisturbed.  I know that my heart is tired of breaking for my problem and tired of the devastation and lonely struggle. It's amazing to feel this hope that he seems to inspire something in me that I've missed or couldn't reach before. I don't feel dependent on his constant presence yet I must earnestly ask the universe to keep him near me, safe, and strong willed. I am excited to know he cares for me enough to open up to me and say he'd rather see us quit than keep up the harm we do on our selves separately or as a pair. I will be giving this agreement a more heart-filled and honest chance than I've done before, ever. Brian, I am thankful I have met you, more than I can say without scaring you off this early on. You ignite that flame in my cold and dark place that I've never been able to
Force  even a flicker to take hold. You make the deep isolation I feel with this addiction seem escapable and you make me want to care for you as well even if I never could before.  I know it could easily be talk, fantasy, or not meant to be OURS to achieve...but I feel deep down that it is not at all just crap and this is the first time I've ever believed in the power of love to overcome the soul sickness we both have endured for way too long. If
You are ready so am I. I will make your recovery into my heart and soul just as I do my own. You're important enough to me to keep a promise for and I hope we get to see this happen finally. Just take my hand, I hope more than any thing before you don't give up on yourself and neither will I.


Please more sex secrets. Less millennial stuff.


Even when I'm on time I'm still run late... Because of him.


I was talking to somebody that manages a chain drug store. He told me the milennials are the worst employees, but that the generation after them - the ones in high school that are just starting to get after school jobs - are total go getters and excellent workers.

He also told me that the customers that steal the most are ... senior citizens! And they steal weird things. Like they will open a box of granola bars, take three and leave the rest in the box on the shelf.


I don't understand why you blame tech problems on all millennials, instead of the people of all ages who worked on the computers and websites you continuously complain about.  I'm not the one "being rude", when this person is continuously being bigoted.  That is a lie.  The older generation is really out of control!


People drive recklessly around my kid's school.  A few blocks over a little girl was killed as a result of reckless driving.

I look at these drivers and they are soccer Moms and Dads really pushing it.   For no reason.

Can you imagine if some other morning/afternoon hot-head like you kills your kid - because they are in rush?

I make no discrimination.    

You kill my kid - you die next.  

Think of that when you're speeding past my kid's school and I'm walking him home.


I feel like I would love to work in an office setting. I like boring, same-routine things...and everyone always complains about it.
I'm 24, and don't have much “professional” experience, but I'd give anything for someone to hire me. I just want to feel somewhat important somewhere.


Will you ever love me again

I don't know


I guess some people have no problem funding a war with their hard earn money , Israel doesn't have the funding or enough military personnel to go on war with its neighbors, it will need some serious funding at the cost of the USA  taxpayer not counting sending military personnel to help them . Why sacrifice the lives of the USA military where's there's no need ?  Didn't a lot of people supported Trump because he suppose to be a "great business man and great negotiatior " , he should be more concern on using those tax fundings on creating more jobs and opportunities.  Those coal miners are still unemployed and waiting on his promises .


I hate the hymn "Amazing Grace."


I want him to choose me.


First things first: Denial does not equal innocence. Two of the most notorious deniers are facing very credible and verifiable accusations, set aside the fact that they themselves believe in looney conspiracy theories and/or religious fairytales. One proudly boasted about grabbing pussies. Really, you've got a woman in front of you, and you skip everything else and go straight for the crotch. What are you, 5 years old?

In the words of Tom Friedman, recognition of Jerusalem by the Trump administration is "just stupid" It really boils down to that. Its not worth explaining really, because unlike progressive social agenda, all of this will go away in 4 years or less. (Probably less) There may even be a massive leftist backlash, but I'll be content just to see this all go away. I don't care how it happens, I'm just glad that it will.


According to some parents, a teacher at my son' school is a racist. "He should be fired. How could the district keep this moron employed????"

This is what what happened. In September a new girl started at the school. She's from India. On the first day of school a teacher took attendance. He noticed the new girl. Recognizing she was new, he tried to engage her in conversation in front of the entire class. He had her say her name slowly so everyone would hear and pronounce it correctly. Then he asked what country she was from and to talk a little about what it was like there.

This why some parents are shouting racism. "He asked what country she was from! How dare he! It's not relevant to learning math or science or history. What was he getting at? He was letting everyone know she was a foreigner! It's no one's business. He had no right to draw out the fact that she was from somewhere else!"

Oh please! I think some parents are bored and need a new hobby, or they are angry that Trump was elected, so they are venting on this well-meaning teacher who did nothing wrong. He was trying to be kind and now these parents are trying to get him fired. I shake my head and heart and fist at what's become of our country.


Israel wouldn't exist without the USA.   Neither would Egypt.   This is not a secret.     Wrong site.   Try Reddit......


It should be up to the people of Israel to decide and make it happen if they want to make Israel their capital , not some foreign leader.  The USA should learn to stop sticking their nose where it doesn't belong , even if the intentions are good it creates more enemies and sometimes unnecessary wars between other countries, the people of Israel are big enough to take care of their own they don't or shouldn't need babysitters.


I'm a Gen-X'er, and while I sometimes can't stand what millenials can spout off about and how they act, they aren't responsible for everything wrong on the internet.

I'm also in engineering for high-end computer systems and websites, and I have been for years. The passwords, the security controls, the overall websites, and the EULAs, they all have one thing in common: old people telling them what to do.

The password rules come from outside "expert"sources. The shitty code comes from the millenials, yes, but the managers telling them what to do are 40-60 year old folks of whom 50% of don't have IT experience. They want it cheap, fast, and stable; but you can only have 2 out of 3.

Yes, millenials can be f*ing idiots, but they don't make the rules, the old people do, they only want the millenials because they work long hours for low pay, and "those youngsters" usually do what they are told, because they want to keep their jobs. But yeah, they are good at writing crappy code.

Just because you can't figure out how to use a website or manage your account, don't blame the young idiots who build that site for $20/hour. The password rules are always changing, and if you can't keep track of your password (think notebook or spreadsheet), don't blame some random 20 year old for ruining your life.

I am almost 50, and I think most of this BS sucks as well, but I'm in the same field so I see it happen before you do. We all complain about these stupid rules, but we have no voice to change them. Those idiots reading some "cio magazine" who think they have the next greatest mousetrap are the idiots, so we should look to the tech-stupid management instead of the coders.


"Note: I really don't want to block anyone. Just understand for a moment, I can't have people being mean-spirited or this site would fall apart."

But you allowed bigoted comments about millennials, and blocked me from refuting them.  Good job Cave Canum.

[You were banned for today because you were being rude to a specific poster. Yes, someone was airing complaints about millennials. It wasn't, however, aimed at anyone here. It was a broad stroke gripe. You on the other hand offered a mean-spirited response to the poster for sharing his opinion. Sorry but I have to discourage personal attacks or the forum gets out of hand very quickly. You can certainly tell him you disagree, but please understand we have to keep it civil.]


I would never wipe my nose on my sleeve. Ew gross. People can see the booger juice on your sleeve and they know what it is!

That said, when no one is looking, I'll use my hand to wipe my nose and then rub my hand on my jeans. No one looks for booger juice on your jeans.


I softly stroke my cock, the underside, with my fingers, lighty. So hard. I don't rush it. I build it up.
Then when I finally shoot, it's glorious. So powerful, and so high.
It's called Edging. Building it up, sustaining it for a while. Highly recommended!


My husband has no chest hair. He's the only man I've ever known with not a single chest hair.


My children tell me that yesterday the high school in my town made a very interesting announcement. For years the school had a policy against using the word Christmas. The teachers couldn't have Christmas parties. The December concert couldn't mention Christmas in any of the lyrics. No one was even allowed to cheerfully say the greeting Merry Christmas.

So yesterday, the schools went a step further. They have banned students and teachers from saying "Happy Holidays". Apparently a week earlier the student government was on the school's morning announcements talking about whatever. They signed off by saying "Happy Holidays". Some parent got wind of this and claimed she's an atheist and was offended at even the slightest suggestion that there were holidays this time of year based on religion. So the school has now banned the use of the phrase "Happy Holidays".

I thought my kids were pulling my leg on this. But no, it's real. How absurd! We've lost it as a society.


Look at the twisted hypocrisy of the democrats. They are lashing out at Trump because he's recognizing Jerusalam as the capital of Israel. The truth is, the democrats will lash out at Trump over everything he says and does. But how ridiculous they are lashing out over Israel. Stop and think. Trump is standing up for a nation of good people. He is sending a message to the terrorists. THE DEMOCRATS ARE AGAINT THIS? What, are democrats now on the side of the terrorists?

If Trump makes a buffoonish comment, I get it, democrats feel free to bash him. But you have to choose your battles. To bash Trump because he's standing up for democracy is just plain old dumb. Get the politics out of your ass.


They aren't allegations with Al Franken. He has admitted he was inappropriate with women. He couldn't deny it. There are photos of him groping women. He should resign.

With Trump we have to wait for the allegations to be proven because there are no photos. But with Franken, what more does anyone really need? He needs to be gone or the entire concern over sexual harassment was nothing but a ploy to go after Trump and the GOP - a ploy that backfired because it's the democrats who are falling.


Al Franken should not have to resign until the allegations are proven.

If Al Franken resigns, so does Trump.
Everyone in the same boat, or no one at all.

I am a conservative female who was assaulted 3 times and harassed once and my position is that we need to follow the rule of law. "Allegations" are not proofs. "A trial by public opinion" is not a trial. Come on people, let's not give in to hysteria here. Roy Moore is a different story since there is documented action from law authorities to curtail the man's activities and control his proclivities. If he gets elected and Franken resigns, I will turn in my GOP card asI want no part in this hypocrisy. None at all.


The thing I miss most are the hugs.


I jerked off all morning... I need to work! This is the downside of being self-employed! LOL


I once saw a stripper puff on cigarette with her vagina.


1] Don't call me ignorant or the moderators should ban you from the Cave.

2] How have these ultra secure passwords been working out for everyone? Read the news. Every major website has been hacked. Yahoo, Ebay, Citibank, Facebook and so on. Millennials locked the front door of the house, recently forcing everyone to use ultra secure /ultra annoying awkward passwords -- but at the same time they left the back door of the house wide open. Hackers have your passwords. Doesn't matter if it contained a number and an upper case and a special character. Hackers have it anyway.

What a waste of everyone's time to force us to use the "ultra secure" passwords.

The same theme over and over, the millennials don't think through the chess game more than one level deep.


If I wash the dishes by hand my husband complains how he bought a dishwasher and why am I not using it.

If I wash the dishes in the dishwasher my husband complains how it uses up too much hot water and drives up our oil bill.

I hate my life.


I have to respond in regards to the passwords.  Umm that was made from the Generation Xers and Baby Boomers to protect your rights and privacy from being hacked into.  This is due to the increase of hacking of peoples privacy and to keep up with technological standards of today and the future.  It is the fools whom think they won't get hacked, they think they are protected and will never be hacked into.  Think again, nobody is fully protected, if a hacker wants your information, they will get it.  Stop being a fool and showing your ignorance of being uneducated when it comes to the passwords.  This is not a generation thing but an overall protection of the infrastructure of the company whom you are signing into. Learn about technology before shooting down a generation that has helped us become whom we are today.   So do not blame a generation on your ignorance.  

To the millennial Generation, stop blaming everything on a President or because somebody voted for somebody you did not approve of.  We are not here to wine and dine you, we helped you to have the technology we have today and you have helped in the world of non verbal communication and losing verbal communication. You have also helped in regards to making sure that we have to watch for your feelings. You may have helped us get where we are today, but we all have. You were not born out of a tube but out of a person whom you put down all the time.  Remember it was the generation before you that had cell phones and created your emojis, it wasn't you, because most of you weren't born yet.

The Gen Xers and Baby Boomers are the ones that control your destiny in todays workforce.

Signed a Gen Xer.


for christmas i got my grandma a tee shirt which says:



Then there's the issue of passwords. What the fuck were the millennials thinking....

Back when my generation was in charge, passwords were whatever the user wanted. If the user wanted a four letter password, so be it. Because you see how that works - it's the USER'S password. Of course the user gets to decide.

But along came the millennials. They insist a password must be 8 characters and contain a number, an upper case, and a special character. With each website changing the exact requirements. End result, no one can possibly remember the 15 different kinds of passwords. The users can't login to websites. Great business model - user's can't log in without going through the tedious headache of resetting the password. That's the millennial plan to make money.... be sure the users are completely annoyed before shopping on your website...

I was on a website where they forced me to fill out a security question: "What was the name of you first pet?"

OK, I put in his name. "Bobo". The website wouldn't allow the answer. They said my dog's name had to be longer than 4 letters. Like what the fuck? Now the millennials are telling me to rename my dog that has been dead for 30 years? Get a hold of reality you non-thinking millennials.


Double standard. Franken insisted Trump should resign. But when Franken is caught, he himself doesn't resign.

It will be really telling if the voters reelect Franken. It would show women don't really care about sexual harassment.


I don't understand the fascination with money , ok it's nice to have it , it makes your life easier but all the people I personally known that have it , it wasn't their goal to accumulate it just happen. They found something they were good at it , made good investments and the money came later.  My husband it's extremely wealthy however he is a prick , miserable that has failed at personal relationships even with his own family , I have no desire to take something that I didn't work for it that way I see it's all his , financially I didn't contributed to it , so if he wants to leave it all to his brats that only call when they need money it's fine with me . I'm just waiting for my kid to be mature enough so I can live , i would back to school to pursue my dream on a career while well paid won't make me a millionaire but I will be happy , waking up everyday with a purpose and doing something that I truly love and to me it's what success it's really about .


Damn straight al franken should be forced to resign.


I love the feeling of dissociation. All my emotions are dulled, except for anger, but my anger is much easier to shake. It's strange feeling like I'm not a person and this isn't my life, but it's also kind of freeing. It's like being in tune with my spirit and not my body, which is what I imagine being dead would feel like


Chihuahuas are absolutely wretched animals. I'll take a Pit Bull any day of the week over those rats.


I know somebody that was bit by a chihuahua. It latched right into her face and wouldn't let go. She had to have plastic surgery after.


For the 2nd half of our lives you say we would make a great pair.

My thinking is the great pair you have in mind is you and my money. I am certain I would become the unwanted 3rd wheel in that relationship.


If John Conyers put his nasty hands on my thigh I'd punch his false teeth out. Come on ladies, give it right back to these idiots.

Strong Black woman 34


you're ignoring me. i bought the lube so we could have anal like you wanted, but you're ignoring me. do i text you about getting the lube in the mail today or do i just let you go?


My friend is trying to fuck me again. We fucked once and he wants it again. At the same time, I have a girlfriend who he used to fuck back in the day, who moved and might be moving back. I had told him that. He wasn't into her, it was just fucking, but I know he had a thing for me. Yet, he's asking me for a picture of her because he's curious what she looks like now. What? You are trying to fuck me, you HAVE fucked me, but you're asking for a pic of another girl? I totally understand being curious, but if you've fucked me already keep that shit to yourself. I don't want to fuck him again, but I'm really offended. It's disrespectful. Lemme ask him for a pic of one of his friends, you know?


239, Do you think maybe there is a problem with the news source? I'm sure there are lots of dog bites every day, as there always has been. I bet most don't get reported on, as they are less about fear mongering and drama. I met a pitbull last Saturday, a beautiful blue, and he was a total lover!


What is the meaning of life


@240: Honestly?

You should. You only live one time, and you should take time to relax and breathe when you feel overwhelmed.


I'm so fucking high right now. I took a few Vicodin and washed them down with a ice cold beer.  Now I'm about to smoke a bowl of some quality stink bud. I deserve this. My new manager at work is such a cunt and she has me so stressed out. But I don't feel any stress right now. Fuck you, cunt! I'm calling out sick tomorrow and will get high all day. So,temporarily life is good!


When there is a news story about a child who has been attacked by a dog the breed of the dog is always a pit bull. Always!


I can't update FireFox. The newer versions won't work on my operating system. Millennials at work again.

And I can't update my operating system, because newer versions of the OS won't work on my hardware. There is no end to how much havoc millennials impose on the rest of us.

Imagine if other industries worked this way. A car that is programmed to stop running after a few years. Or a pacemaker that stops working until you pay the doctor more money.

Let's be honest, we live in a world where millennials buy a new $1,000 iphone every year. Why? What was wrong with their old iphone? Not a thing. It still made calls and sent texts. But it's not about that. It's not about being practical. It's about being showy. And cool. And having the latest tech fad. Being practical is the furthest thing from the mind of a millennial. Fine. They can live their lives that way. But I hate when they drag the rest of us down with them.


God invented love.

Satan invented marriage.


People on the Titanic were "negative" about their circumstance at some point. After the ship sank, all the people who said it was unsinkable went away.


What is a good single Christian woman to do? Translation; I need a great fuck with a man without feeling guilty!


216: Although I agree that millennials can be super annoying at times, I don't exactly understand what they have to do with a mishap with the credit card on eBay... It could be anyone's fault...
I'd just contact the seller and explain what happened. You could actually copy and paste your comment from here minus the millennials bashing, just in case the seller is a millennial... just sayin'...


There was a guy I had a bisexual experience with. He was a heavier guy. Very heavy almost 500lbs. But he made me cum very good and we were very passionate in the bedroom. Unfortunately I got busy with work and lots of life issues and I haven't messaged him back in a while about 3 months. I know his Facebook and wonder if I should add him and message him about hooking up again... I've been thinking about it a lot lately...


212 ... These guys, idk why they do this. I have a friend who put it out there that he wanted to fuck me, mentioned things like childhood crush(we grew up together) but he has a girl. She cheated on him and he took her back... Anyway I did it. We fucked and he went from texting me almost everyday to nothing. I didn't wanna be with him, but I didn't expect him to go MIA like that. So I text him 4 days later and he mentioned work. Ok, I'll make that excuse for him. Then a week and a half later he still doesn't look for me on his own. I text him that I didn't think he'd disappear like that, that's fucked up, etc. He says work was crazy and his girl has been over. I get it, I was on the side, but I felt played like he brought me into this shit and left me out there and never even checked in like "how are u?" So I decided fuck this, not messing with dudes with girls again. Don't take on a girl on the side if you can't handle it dickhead. He's been texting little shit here and there but now I've a month later he's talking he wants to again. Nope. Sorry. You ignored me and left me out there thinking u gonna come back around and fuck me when u feel like it? Idk what happened. Maybe he caught some feelings and didn't know how to deal. Maybe he decided to be a good guy. Maybe he's bored of fucking this chick and wants to scratch that itch again. These guys got some nerve tho.


I have 2 pit bulls, both rescues. One so huge she looks terrifying, one small. They are so sweet. Lazy. Never aggressive. Lazy. Get along with my kids and cats. One sleeps with my youngest daughter and a cat, one with me.
Pit bulls are like people. You can't judge all of them by a few and they are often what they are raised to be.


I don't get it. Are you saying only Millenials work in computer programming? Because I don't think that's true. And technology has always been frustrating.


191227, you complain about lazy millennials but you are too lazy to update Firefox?  It literally tells you when it needs to be updated and you click the OK button.


I guess this needs explaining again.

To start drinking alcohol, in the beginning, is a choice. You drink with your friends. You tell yourself it's okay because you're young. You make all the excuses really. This is the time to be reckless, you can stop if you want to, everybody binge drinks sometimes, etc.

It doesn't help living in America, where there's a liquor store on every corner and excessive drinking is woven into our culture.

Then, at some point, it's not a choice anymore. It's a compulsion.

You suddenly realize you've been drinking more frequently than usual. You find yourself waiting for Friday night and its promise of booze. You start spending your last few dollars on nips. Suddenly you need that 9am glass of wine to get through the day. You black out, a lot. You embarrass yourself and your friends in public. You steal from people when your money is gone so you can have just one more.

You find yourself fulfilling the stereotypes of the Drunken Relative: always with a drink in one hand, laughing a bit too loudly, needing it to get through a rough day.

Then it becomes every day. Then every couple of hours. You need it to stay normal. You need it for stress relief. To stop the shakes. Whatever your trigger is, at this point it's got you in its clutches.

And though you may start fucking your life up and you want to stop, you're on a downward spiral that's moving fast, and each day feels like a new rock bottom. And it's really hard to get off that ride.

Just saying, it's never as simple as "you're an alcoholic because you choose to drink" OR "you're an alcoholic because this happened to you and you can't control it." It's both.

Don't try to act like you understand it if you haven't been through it yourself.

-signed, an alcoholic, & the child of 2 alcoholic parents


Another example of lazy millennials:

A website, a tee-shirt seller. They updated their webpages to run on the latest version of Firefox. Great. Except not all of us have the latest version and the website bugs out. So... guess we won't be shopping there.

Being an "old school" problem solver, I saw a "Feedback" button on their website. I composed a nice note explaining how their webpages failed to work properly. But when I hit the SEND button, guess what - it wouldn't send. Another bug they have. So I can't even tell them about the first bug because they have a second bug.

This is the world run by millennials. They are the most self centered generation. They assume if a website works for them, that's all that matters. They don't think about anyone else. They spent all this money and effort to create a website to sell tee shirts, but customers like me can't buy anything.

How long before that business plan comes crashing down?


There are plenty of friendly pitbulls, many of which are shown on Youtube.  The idea of a violent pitbull is a stereotype.


I don't think anyone actually likes having a pitbull. They only choose to own such a menacing dog as a way of annoying the rest of us.


You are mad at millennials because you had the wrong credit card information on a website made by Generation X?

- A millennial who was a little kid when Ebay was created.


Sex with you makes me happy.

Talking with you about your day... eh... not so much.


I'm so sick of living with 7 people that are older than me, and yet I have to be the diplomatic one when it comes to house issues and the landlord. What the fuck, we can't agree on a damn thing, and my head spins because everyone says different shit in front of different people so I never know what the real story is!

Now we have this motherfucker who literally can't afford to live with us, but wants to stay and pay our electric bill. And still smoke cigarettes in the living room, and still blast his music, and even though the landlord knows he's living there and wants him out. Or to, I don't know, SIGN THE LEASE AND PAY HIS SHARE

Well, the landlord doesn't know it's him specifically, but maybe he will soon...

Ugh, but I've seen the legal process for getting someone kicked out and I know it takes months. Nobody's gonna want the constable involved either. So now it looks like I'm gonna have to be the asshole because everybody gets nervous about kicking someone out and making them homeless. But you want to talk shit in the group chat though

Well looky here bitch, I've been homeless before, so I know how that shit goes. I know what it looks like when someone is trying to make themselves scarce and help out around the house, and he does neither of those things. He's got the nerve to try and fucking guilt me about it implying he needs to leave too, saying "I guess I'll just find a tree to crash my car into" and "Well I have options but none of them are good"

As if it's MY fault you took your name off the lease? You did that so you wouldn't be liable for the money. Well now your guaranteed spot is gone too.

Fucking people...I can't wait to leave that fucking house. All in due time...



Marriage..... I don't know why I bought into that crap.


It would be so much easier to solve a Rubiks cube if all the sides were white. What a dumb design to make each side a different color. Can't blame that on the millennials. The Rubiks cube came out in the 1970s.


Good to know there are still men around who find women attractive and who like to make out with them, love them and take them to bed? Is that not what is is all about ? Is that not nature? In America it seems to be called sexual harassment? What a sick society we have become!


I have no idea what it means to have a locked phone. I pick it up. I make calls. What is locked? Nothing seems to be locked.


To 191208... My wife pierced my ear in 1972. I still wear a ring in it...
It doesn't matter if you "take them seriously" or not, I personally don't care and I'm sure other men with pierced ears don't care either.


I don't get these fucking douche bag millennial assholes. They fuck up everything. I went to buy something on ebay. I clicked the 'by it now' button. The purchase went though but I was never asked for a credit card number. Turns out ebay had a credit card number from years ago. I checked my account details. The card was clearly expired. It said so right on the account screen. Meaning ebay knew it was expired. So why did they let the purchase go through on the buy screen without telling me the card was expired and without even saying what card they were using.

No what am I supposed to fucking do? I updated my credit card info. Do I click buy it now again and possibly get two items from the seller?

Think you fucking loser millennials! You spend so much of your work day thinking about what your next fucking tattoo will be, that you forget the purpose of going to work - to make good decisions about the websites you run. I'm so fucking tired on these dingbats.


"To have hold and cherish til death do us part" were nothing more than empty words to my always angry wife. You know when you enter a website and they flash the user agreement in front of you and you have to put a checkmark in the box before moving on, even though you never read what is written there, well this how my wife treated marriage. She clicked the box so she could get to the big house and nice neighborhood. She completely skipped over the user agreement. She just wanted what she wanted and to hell with all those other details like love and commitment.


I wrote #983. It's about my wife being so lazy in her job search. She couldn't be bothered to do any research before a job interview on the following day, but she made the audacious statement that they might want her to run the entire company. It scared me how her mind works. She was interviewing for a job as a customer service rep. Yet she thought they might talk to her and ask her to run the entire company??? Oh my god.

Well here's the follow up. She went on the interview and came back to say they offered her the job in customer service. I was shocked. How could they hire someone who acts like it's a burden to talk to people. It's too much effort for her to conjugate whole sentences. She's a terrible communicator, but they hired her as a phone rep.

Okay. Well, I congratulated her. I made her feel good about herself. I guess I was wrong. She must have skills she showed in the interview.

A few hours went by and I gleefully asked when she starts. She said they'd be getting back to her with those details.

Over the next few days I asked if they had called yet. No, nothing yet.

On Monday of this week I suggested she call them. Maybe they were busy with the holidays. She could show a little eagerness and enthusiasm and call to say she is just checking in.

That's when things started to unravel. She said she couldn't call them, that it wouldn't be right to call to ask if she got the job.

Wait what? She told me they already offered her the job. She clarified. She says she thinks they will offer her the job.

Like holy crap. Here I was cheering her on under false pretenses. They never offered her the job.

Today she received an email from them making it official that they wouldn't be hiring her.

I can't believe she duped me for a week into thinking she landed a job. Who does something like that? She intentionally made me think she was hired. Didn't her little mind see that the lie would soon come crashing down?

I know of no person like my wife. There's something wrong with her.


Back in 1986 my girlfriend asked me to marry her. Of course traditionally it's the guy doing the asking, but my girlfriend was spunky and eager, so she proposed marriage to me. After all, we'd been dating for several years, starting in college.

I turned her down. I told her I wasn't ready to get married. She was hurt. It led to our breaking up.

20 years later I hastily got married to someone I didn't know for very long. It's been a disaster.

If I could turn back time, I would have married my girlfriend back in 1986. Not marrying her has turned into the biggest regret of my life. Now it is much too late to repair my error in judgment. I'm so sorry Kathryn. I blew it.


yes, wednesday night was a little weird and different as far as us having sex, but then you kicked me out to save a friendship because you had to make a phone call? and now you're ignoring me. what did i do?? i'm so confused. i really REALLY like you and if anything i thought wednesday would have brought us a little closer, but now you're ignoring me?? wtf dude? smh i hate being ignored, it's my biggest pet peeve. if you dont want to see me anymore just say so, ignoring "ghosting" especially after seeing each other for two months makes no sense. why are men so complicated?? are you afraid of catching feelings for me?? because i'm a pretty damn good catch!


When I'm in the gym locker room with my friends, I check out their bodies. I steal glances of their tatas, their behinds, and how they trim their pubes. I report this information back to my husband. We talk about it during sex.


190 Something is going to happen- All good! The economy will get going again.Korea will be sorted out.There is a leader in the White House that is not a politician but a business man who knows how the world is run.Soon Americans will stop this ridiculous "cry baby" mode that they have been in since the election .Let the man do what  he was elected for .If he does not do the job vote him out in three years.... Geez what is so difficult-He is not there for ever!? All the negativity!


At 50 years of age I've come to understand that if I wake up at 3 in the morning and can't get back to sleep, the only way I'm going back to sleep is if I jerk off.  Works like a charm.


I think men in their late 50s/60s who wear earrings look ridiculous. I cannot take them seriously.


All of my (few) girlfriends have had big boobs. Like D, DD or bigger. I do have a breast fetish, so I didn't mind lol.  I still want  to play with A and B cups. Because boobs! I want to breastfeed, because boobs.

I know i can't because I'm married, so ladies, please don't be mad when I look sat the view you're giving a way for free. I can't get enough at home from my frigid wife, so I'm enjoying the peek. Thanks.


I'm so tired today, I've started a fire in the fireplace three times, but gone to sleep on the couch before anyone noticed.


192...  I go on CL and everyday I can find a free laser printer from an office upgrading or whatever.  The one I have now weighs 80 lbs and the warning light is telling me that I only have enough toner for 2500 more pages.


I have gigantic boobs( 36FF UK bra size) ,  even after a lift and small breast reduction 10 years ago , they are still pretty perky and full even though my weight been up and down . The only time I don't wear a bra it's around my house in the mornings when no one it's around but I would never go outside and run errands without a bra , forget about the niples , clothes in general would look unflattering, your posture would be affected too since the purpose of a bra it's to help you carry the weight especially if you are big chested like myself. If the bra is not comfortable, chances are the women it's wearing the wrong size or style a good bra shouldn't be uncomfortable.

PS For those women with big chest I would recommend European brands , they are well made, pretty and come in sizes you won't find in the States.


Ive had several girlfriends with nipples that would get really hard. They could easily double in size and become quite firm. Even a bra wouldn't hide the boob action going on underneath the shirts on these gals. Then there are nipples that pretty much don't change or lay flat pretty much under all circumstances. All kinds are attractive, but it's worth noting that there is quite a bit of diversity.


Yellow semen is just semen that has been accidentally mixed with pee.  There is nothing to worry about.  It's completely healthy.


I'm not sure how a penis works. Normally yellow liquid comes out. But if I rub it white gooey stuff comes out. It's like a magic trick.


I know a woman who is either in her early sixties or rapidly approaching 60; she has mental health issues and gigantic breasts. She never wears a bra, in this small town I don't know what she's more known for, her fluctuating mental health or her boobs that swing down to her navel.

As a woman with a 38B chest I don't have much there, and yet as I approach 40, even with no children, gravity is taking its toll on my chest. Anytime I feel like being lazy and not wearing a bra to the grocery store I think of this woman and instantly the fear of God sets in and I put on a bra. Rarely I have run out to the grocery store late at night in the winter with a thousand layers on and no bra. I end up walking around extremely self conscious holding celery or something stupid against my chest because with no bra my tiny boobs go sideways and south, then I look even flatter! Oh man, if my hands are over my head or I'm laying on my back they look perky ... umm, but neither of those positions are conducive to interacting with the general public.

Hence, why I wear a bra. Some are pretty comfy and some suck. It's about finding the right size.

I love tanks with a built in shelf bra, that's as close to braless as I really get. Those feel like your swinging free, yet keep the girls up at an aesthetically pleasing altitude, if you know what I mean...


192 - there's a well-known and simple hack for ink jet printers so that they print in black ink only.


The most sexually excited I've ever been-

My wife and I had a beach house. We invited another couple for the weekend. The house was great, right on the ocean. There was an outdoor shower around the side. The view of the shower was blocked by a small freestanding wall.

My wife told me she was going to take a shower. Being devious, I went into a second floor bedroom where I could look out and see her naked in the shower. That was pretty hot.

But even better, the other husband came back from the beach. He walked around the side of the house, right past the shower and the blocking wall. He totally caught my wife (and himself) off guard. I could see all this from my perch on the second floor.

She immediately covered up her boobies and pussy with her hands.

He very awkwardly apologized for stumbling upon her while she was showering. He explained he was heading to the shed out back. He was told there was a surfboard. He wanted to bring it down to the beach. He said all this while my wife was standing there naked.

My wife explained that the surfboard wasn't in the shed, but underneath the shed. She said to go around the left side of the shed. There is a little crawl space underneath... She used her hands to gesture. She wasn't covering anything anymore. He had a full view of all her parts. She was talking to him like they were having a conversation fully clothed in the kitchen, but in reality, she was standing there naked and wet.

So exciting to see my wife being naked in front of another man. All the more special because she didn't know I was watching. I later asked her how her shower went. She said fine. She forgot to mention how she exposed herself to our male house guest. Great jerk off material.


I don't know how people can watch these serial dramas on TV week after week, year after year. Look at "LOST". It was like 10 years of episodes. How could you even remember what happened on the show 10 years earlier.

I wait until the drama is finished and off the air. Then I watch all the episodes in about a week. So much more interesting that way.

I don't know if it's related, but I have a habit of making my romantic relationships last about a week. In that short span I fall madly in love. We have fights. We break up. We make up. We have makeup sex. We proclaim our undying love. We have more fights. We break up again. We hate each other and never want to see each other again.  Yep, all in a week.

Maybe I should try watching a TV series the way other people do - just a little bit once a week...


Travel the world. Check.
Get a good job. Check.
Make money. Check.
Have wild sex romps with women. Check.
Get married. Check.
Have good kids. Check.
Be an interesting person. Check.
Stay healthy. Check.
Let a guy fuck me in the ass and then suck me off. No check mark yet, but I'll get there.


I've heard stories of job seekers who submitted their resume to advertised job positions, but the employers decided to promote somebody in the company instead.  Many of these job offers are fake.  Most likely required by law to offer jobs to people who need them first before hiring within.


I don't really care about The Walking Dead anymore :\


I hear you. I print at the library. 10 cents a page. So much more economical than buying your own ink cartridges. Good luck to you.


I had $144.00 in my bank account. In order to make more money, I need to work. To do my job, I need to print documents on my computer. My computer would not print unless I replaced the depleted yellow ink cartridge. I don't need to print in yellow, only in black and white. But the printer won't print in black and white unless all of the cartridges have ink. A yellow cartridge cost me $54.45. I had to spend more than a third of my money on a stupid ink cartridge in a colour that I don't even need.

I'm so sick of being poor.


Bras are a weird invention. Who decided boobs need to be higher up on a woman's chest? Who made this arbitrary standard? Why do women put up with this as a requirement? Every woman wears a bra. So every women is voluntarily falling victim to this social pressure. Aren't bras uncomfortable? So why do it? When it comes to abortion I hear women shout how it's their body, so they get to decide if they want to be pregnant. Okay, I understand. But when it comes to bras, women bow down and agree to wear what looks like a torture device from The Middle Ages. Stand up for yourselves and go natural.


With the way things are going in this country, I have this feeling that something is going to happen...civil war? Revolution? Government falling apart? I don't know. I can't put my finger on it, but it's approaching.

Also, I have to confess that sometimes I hate watching tv with my boyfriend because he'll make fun of how people look. Otherwise, he is a nice person. He isn't mean in any other way. His mom was a nasty person and he's distanced himself from her, but I think this is one of those lingering effects of a lifetime of being her child. Regardless, it annoys me the shit out of me. I don't make fun of people's looks. They can't help that! Next time he says nasty things about someone's appearance, he's going to get an earful...


I think online job websites are fake. I've sent out a few dozen resumes and didn't hear back from anyone.  I'm a programmer and my resume is pretty good and I only apply to jobs where I have the required computer skill sets. But still nothing. It's fake. It's head hunters looking to put resumes in their files so they can call IBM and claim they have 1,000 hot resumes on hand.


It's a choice to put the bottle to your lips and get fucked up.  The “disease” of alcoholism is in the obsession to drink; to not deal with personality disorders, to be judgmental, to react to situations angrily, to be an egomaniac with an inferiority complex and the list goes on.

When I started dealing with the baggage and pain of my life, was able to sit with that very pain that I'd caused myself and those closest to me, then that's where the real metamorphosis took place.

Your guy needs to get to AA.  That's the beginning of hope.


Alcoholism is not a disease. It's a choice.

- Signed, child of two alcoholic parents.


There's absolutely no way a penis can get inside me without lube. :( (Getting older sucks.)


I fell in love with you the moment we met – 3 years ago. It took a few months for you to spiral out of control. Full blown alcoholic, ignorant and mentally abusive. You have the world of baggage (ex-wife, asshole teenagers etc) on top of your fucked up personality and understanding. I've tried to help you, to talk to you in regards of getting help, and you just want to drink up and let the pain become numb. Then you wake up to realize the issues are still there.
I know you have a disease. But your attitude when you're sober is also sickening. You're intolerable. My love for you is becoming a strain. It's my own defect, because I just want to be with the person I met. My patience is running thin, and he isn't coming back. You are your own worst enemy, and I am coming in at a close second. My heart breaks for you, and yet I can't wait for you to just go away and leave me alone.


Wearing a bra doesn't stop your nipples from being visible. Only if you wear a padded bra. But then you're just making your breasts look larger and you're probably going to be criticized for doing that too because obviously you're just doing it for attention (not).

I don't know a single woman that goes braless in public.


Women do have a way of not showing their nipples.  It's called wearing a bra.  Women don't wear bras on purpose to show their bodies off.


After the many ways she has sexually assaulted me, I think SO many inappropriate things about my 18 yo niece. Holy shit, if she even knew, she would kick my ass, then stop making me grope her.

I don't want her to stop.


Sometimes when I find  an attractive guy but unavailable , I just picture them on drag. It instantly kills the attraction and it's a hilarious 😂 way to kill time .


I'm not so sure about this dating thing. I meet a guy. We go on a first date. We tell a little about ourselves, where we worked, where we went to school.

Second date. A few more details. Our parents. Former boyfriends and girlfriends. More job details.

Third date. My parents are jerks. My ex is a jerk. My boss is a jerk. Oh and then we have sex.

Fourth date. Awkward moments because we've seen each other naked and the sex was only okay. My parents are big jerks. My ex is a big jerk. My boss is a really colossal big jerk.

By the time the fifth date comes around, I realize he's not perfect. He voted for the wrong candidate. His weewee is curved. His apartment is messy.

There is no sixth date.

That's dating to me. You gather information about your partner until you find enough things you don't like and then it's goodbye Charlie.

Repeat with every guy I've dated.

I'd rather stay home and watch netflix.


178...i had a linked in so sick of random people trying to connect, with no message or introductory sentence.  Didn't know them or remember them....finally i stopped logging in to avoid all the garbage messages.   Don't give up on your friends yet...


I joined LinkedIn. I usually keep a much lower profile in life, but okay, I officially joined the tech revolution and signed up. Some names of friends I used to work with years ago popped up. Neat. I sent them messages saying hello. I didn't hear back from a single one of them. That's depressing. I guess they weren't really friends.


I met this girl about 6yrs years ago, I immediately fell for her, we became friends and the entire 6yrs we stayed close but never dated, I remember I would tell her every chance I got that I loved her, and I meant it. Well, over the summer we 'hooked up' I really got to know her, and found out she has serious mental health issues, I'm talking "borderline personality' 'delusion' and 'Narcissistic' she's so sweet though, too sweet, I realize I was (am) in love with the 'idea' of her, how do you get over someone that never existed. I'm F'd


The "me too" movement is dead.

Orderly and democratic society has a rule of law that protects both the accused and accuser.  This rule of law enshrined in our constitution protects against false accusations - especially false accusations of sexual assault. -- that are impossible to undue.

Using social media to accuse, try and convict people is fascist (see world war 2).  Hence, the "Mee Too" and any other organization that "out" people via media = no credibility.  

Especially woman that use their bodies to try to advance their (acting) careers (that's just immoral and horrible and generally disgusting) then come back on the man that they willingly fucked.  


I popped a cialis last night...then she told me she just got her period.  Fuck (or more acurately - no fuck).  A night of nasal congestion and a hard-on that I can't do anything with.


Well, I tried fucking him again and he had whiskey dick, AGAIN. Jeez...

Come on buddy, I know you can do it!


I have 5 friends. They are all pregnant but 1. I go back and forth about wanting kids. There just isn't anyone I've felt deserves to share my DNA to create another life. I've been on the pill for 16 years now and not once have I had an "accident" that I had to take care of. I've been in serious relationships, was even married, didn't want to share my DNA with them. Is there something wrong with me? I realize I could go to a sperm bank and do it on m own but that's the oher thing, I dont want to be a mom on my own. I want to be a family; Father, Mother, Child, Dog. I soulmates are a thing I would really like to met mine now.


I can't stop thinking about my friend who killed himself. Everyone says he must have had mental issues. But I'm not so sure. Maybe he was smarter than the rest of us. Maybe he was doing the right thing. Maybe we should all join him.


I saw you but for a moment in my dreams last night. After all this time I had figured that my subconscious just couldn't or wouldn't conjure you, but there you were. You looked like you had back in high school, before the downward spiral. I should have told you I loved you then.


Women don't "let" their nipples poke through their shirts. It's not like we do it on purpose. You can't just hold your breath, squeeze your eyes shut and clench your fists and POW! They pop out. It's our anatomy. We can't control it. Most of the time we don't even realize that it's happening.

If you see a woman's nipples poking through her shirt, it's okay to discreetly notice and even enjoy the privacy of your own mind. But you're  a grown man. Have the decency and self-control to NOT blurt out "YOUR HEADLIGHTS ARE TURNED ON!" Like an 11 year old boy and embarrass the poor girl.

My apologies to the 11 year old boys that are already mature enough to respect women and treat them like human beings.


The day I leave my husband, I'm going to follow my dreams and enjoy life to the fullest , there's no way I want to be tied down to a man . I put my life on hold to be someone's cheerleader and support for many years it was all about him and feeding his ego, I even gave up friends and family just to ended up miserable.  He can keep all his money , cars and houses , I don't even want a penny from him, I'm capable of making my own money , i just want my freedom back .  There's no way I'm ever going to get married or even have a serious relationship, my friends and family can keep me company and if I ever date another man he better be similar to me , I can't deal with another ignorant man who has never even been to Canada .


i should probably break it off completely with my 'boyfriend'. we have been on a break for 7 months and have not seen each other. also he lives 3 hours away, with no hopes of moving closer.  

not sure why i still waste time with things like this...



I've started believing in horoscopes and astrology more, lately. I generally believe it's BS and holds no scientific validity... but there's something attractive, alluring, mysterious about it.

It won't tell you anything concrete about your life or solve anything, but it may guide you in ways you haven't thought of before. Perhaps.


It's not about how something is begun - but about how it is finished, and this year isn't over yet...


I act aloof for years and she stays engaged. Inside I want to say I love you. I want to show it. But she had no self respect. I speak out one day to let her know how I really feel and it buried her feelings for me under ten tons of concrete. Somehow I knew all along to remain aloof. This isn't right. Nothing about that is right. That is some deep-level fucked up shit right there. That's all I need to know about her.


"What is sexual harassment".  Apparently a secret to some.

To me a man making a personal comment about a woman's body is sexual harassment.  Minor if it is just once.  Repeatedly, a serious problem.  Compliments should not be about any sexual area or in any way sexually suggestive. This does not include those in a sexual relationship.

If a man is in a position of power over a woman, like her boss, supervisor, teacher, etc., then he should never ask her out.  Or be in any way sexually suggestive, unless she lets him know that she is very interested in him first. If she is not interested in him it is sexual harassment. Very slippery slope and risky.

Co-workers may ask other peer co-workers out with the understanding that things will be uncomfortable for both parties if the interest isn't returned or if they later break up.  Therefore, it's generally best, if you have any interest in keeping the job, to not go there.

Touching or grabbing a woman in a sexual manner or a private area is sexual assault.  And a woman is fully within her right to press charges.

To me, sexual jokes at work aren't generally sexual harassment but may not be appropriate workplace behavior.  Depends on where you work and with whom. Joking around at work can cross the border of sexual harassment depending on the situation and the people.  Another slippery slope.  If you're not good at reading a situation, don't risk it.

The current sexual harassment frenzy, could help bring to light and make men aware of what proper vs improper behavior is.  Or it could just desensitize people to sexual harassment.  And make them believe it is normal behavior.   It is not!  It is deviant, aggressive, and harmful behavior.

P.S.  Most of the time women are not looking "sexy" for your benefit.  Unless a woman is wearing a padded bra. things like "headlights" can be difficult to hide.  She probably is not even be aware of it.  So don't make assumptions.  It's seldom what you think it is.


I really, really, really, really like my new computer desktop.  I bought it almost two weeks ago, and I just received it this past Friday.  I just built it, and put my laptop.  It's a small tower computer desktop, but you know what, it does the fucking job.  The one I had before, I had it for 14 years, and 11 months, almost 15 years!!  I think it was about time.  For the last 4 years, it was about to fall apart onto me, every time I leaned over to rest my arms.  It was sort of a Christmas gift to me, one of many, one of the gifts that I actually needed.  This new desktop is stiff, it's black, and it looks good. It's a bit smaller, but I have more space around it, as well.  I tell, this new year has to be the year of the new stuff.


I just read that Cher at age 71 planks anywhere from 3-5 minutes a day!

Holy shit, Cher, I'm 36 and can just about hold a plank for a minute before I collapse.


I'm going to work my way up to 3 minutes, no excuses when a 71 year old can!!  Have you seen how amazing she looks too? Jesus.

Sure maybe a little surgery on the face, but her body is so toned, it's crazy.

AARP customer and you're more fit than women half your age - wtf?!!


My friend paid a professional $600 to write his resume.

It sounds immoral to me. It's like a high school student hiring someone to take the SAT for him. You are supposed to create your own resume so potential employers know you are organized. What is my friend going to do if he gets a job - hire someone to do the daily work for him?



When my mother-in-law stays over she cranks the heat up to 75 degrees. Jesus! Hey lady, it's not your house. You aren't paying the heating bill. Keep your damned hands off the thermostat.


I need a man thatI genuinely like and respect to make love to me. A man to fuck me missionary style until I come again and again! I want to be ravished until I can't stand it anymore and we wear each other out! Where am I going to find such a good man?


Society should be completely nude.


I don't know half the shit I claim I know.


Bowling is my dad's life.


Instead of a Christmas bonus my company gives out 4 hours of holiday time on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve. (Or if Christmas is on a Sunday/Monday, the Friday before the weekend)The thing is they usually are closed that day for 90% of the employees. That mean 90% of employees have to use 4 hours of their PTO/Vacation time to get a full 8 hours of pay. My company also groups vacation time and sick days together. Depending on how long you've been at the company, you get a different amount of days. Most get 15 (used to be 10 but they updated that this year) This year Hurricane Harvey hit our area, too. Some of our offices were closed for 2 weeks. The company made us use our PTO if we wanted to get paid. Since we had that option most people took it instead of missing out on 2 weeks of pay. Some people didn't have it and the company let them borrow PTO, but they have to pay that pack as they earn more.
The point is, some people still don't have PTO and the company is too cheap to extend the holiday “bonus” to 8 hours so everyone will get a full paycheck as they both fall on the same paycheck.
Multi million dollar company.
Wonders why we have a high turn over, that is one of the reasons.


143-I was in love with my best friends wife 41 years ago. One night we confessed our love to each other and started fooling around. We kept this up for several months until my wife (her sister) realized what was going on. My wife committed suicide soon after that.
I've been hurting with guilt all these years! I lost the best thing that ever happened to me! If I could go back in time, I would never have done it!
Married now for 34 years, I can't ever stop thinking about my deceased wife. Things are really screwed up. Try not to screw up you life!
Good luck!  68M


That after-church cleanup your husband did last Sunday? That was him fucking me. Same thing next Sunday but not today. Today I'm volunteering at the church myself.



"World Naked Gardening Day" - May 5th.

What will they think of next...


10 days until early admission college decisions come out. I've worked my entire young life for this. My anxiety level is through the roof.


I hate my life so much.  I wish sometimes I could just go to prison for a week or a month occasionally.


I don't like talking to people. I know they are well meaning, but people talk to much. They repeat themselves. Just say what you need to say and make the quantum leap that I understand. There is no need to repeat yourself in different ways. I got it the first time you said it.


You let your nipples show through your shirt and you blame men?  You just want their attention.


I have been reading all these posts about milionarie. I'd like to firstly say that i am a milionarie working in Italy in my own company which I have build from the ground up!

I do not hide the fact that I have always been well off in comparison to others. My family invested everything in my education, offering me the opportunity to study 13 years in the Uk and graduating from LSE.

I am now partner in many companies in my area and direct my own. I have a good income and I like to enjoy life, I have a passion for cars and houses.

This leads people to speculate that I am showing off but in reality am I?
I often wonder about this... I figured is all a matter of prospective , to some I may be of inspiration to others only a source of envy.

I would like to close tings with just a little remark.
Before judging meet the people you are confronted with, then make your judgment as an informed decision. We aree NOT a group of elitists who only care of themselves. Not all of un anyways...


The thought of becoming impregnated seriously disgusts me. The fact that women are willingly walking around like baby banks is gross to me. Close your legs. Find a hobby.

24/F NEVER having children.


I don't donate, because I don't care enough. Sorry.


Where I work the guys constantly say rude sexual things. If a guy even thinks he can see my nipples poking out through my blouse he'll say, "Your headlights are turned on." Men are pigs. They deserve all the flack they are getting over sexual harassment.


I'm in love with my best friend's husband. I can't tell her. I can't tell him. I can't ever ever ever tell my own husband. This is the worst.


I got tipsy. I poured my heart out to my spouse, telling him how much I love him, how much I would never hurt him on purpose, that the one thing I want in my life is for him to be happy and for me to be happy. That  if he feels hurr by anything I say, it is unintentional.  I tried to explain how I hate the distance between us and how much we would both win if he would close that gap and. e vulnerable and open up and be able to say he loves me evn when angry - as I do.

His response? Complete silence. And going to watch tv after 30 minutes.

The alcohol will wear off after a while and I will go back to being an actress. Pretending to be happy, pretending to be okay with not being heart to heart. Fooling myself that I am actually using him for his money, when actually I would give it all up for a true heart to heart reality.

I stay because I came to love who je is when he is getting what he wants and I know that his walls are there because odf the sensitive person he started out to be when very small. I cannot stand to see him really suffer, which will happen if I leave him - he will never let anyone get even this close again.

But I got to learn to not punish myself wishing he would open up. I have sone that before.  It's a very fine line between lvong yourslef and loving someone else.


I spent all afternoon fucking a trans guy. His cunt, his ass, his cunt again (changed condoms in between, of course). I came four times, he came twice. He's sleeping now, and I just want to go back for more.


I'm so tired of people bitching about millennials like we are all one group and we are all the same.

I have a house I own (with a mortgage). I own my car outright. I have a good career. I make well above the average salary in my area (Raleigh, NC). I supervise 15+ people doing tens of millions of dollars of work per year.

You know who the weak links are in the company? The damn older folks. They're the ones who are holding this place back.

But hey, you know what? Some of the older folks are great and helpful. Some of the people my age are useless. It's almost like maybe you can't categorize millions of people and determine they are all the same because they happen to be near the same age. Get off your high horses people. There is good and bad in every generation.


If i had another chance ud say it to my face id nod my fucking head still fighting for my own leverage or miracle. U would naturally not believe the kind of corruption and actual beautiful hope and magic if u didnt see it. One more thing ive been contacted by a soundboard before of someone i knew. Voice manipulation is as easy as text manipulation keep in mind i am hacked so my last words are dont even think u can communicate with me online. Check a phone call for strangeness i am not your enemy i am not trying to get back in to benefit no one. And its not me here either after this. This site has nothing for me but evasive bullshit gossip queens and guys who unfortunately cant suck themselves all day instead. Omit the last part please.


I work with one millennial on my team.  I'm twice his age.  He's the first one in and the last one to leave.  He drives an hour back and forth to work, and he's always on time.  He does his work and doesn't bitch and complain.  Guess I got the one good one.




If i had another chance ud say it to my face id nod my fucking head still fighting for my own leverage or miracle. U would naturally not believe the kind of corruption and actual beautiful hope and magic if u didnt see it. One more thing ive been contacted by a soundboard before of someone i knew. Voice manipulation is as easy as text manipulation keep in mind i am hacked so my last words are dont even think u can communicate with me online. Check a phone call for strangeness i am not your enemy i am not trying to get back in to benefit no one. And its not me here either after this. This site has nothing for me but evasive bullshit gossip queens and guys who unfortunately cant suck themselves all day instead. Just keep in mind. One more thing someone --ur a blessing and id be grateful i hope we can communicate.


No money is one thing. No money and insufferable anxiety and retaliation against feedback and stress that's where i have to cut my losses. I know u think for yourself i do worry u kind of have to accept a lot of stink pile of judgement and opinion. I wish u had some leverage. In a perfect world i could trade my faulty behaviour my legs or my life for some leverage for u. To show u u run the show. It was hard to be told things about me i know arent true. Its sad i could never cut my losses. Or accept only i know myself. Funny im the scapegoat now i mean in terms of others not u. Just ive had my share of being the scapegoat. Id like to be able to show them all the truth about me. The honesty yes i am you cant take that from me. I dont care if u all need to go behind the scenes and take a stab. It wont make a dent more on this headache ive instilled on myself. Ya ya move along then. I was never able to confront rationally. Thats on me. My truth cant be taken from me. The love i feel for u isnt some pleasure resource. Thats for sure. Im available for direct communication. As if i never bared your stress or pain. I know myself. Move along


I attract narcissists. I am so depleted by these people. I want to hide.

I am done giving two flying fucks. Go away and talk incessantly about yourself to someone who gives a shit.

Please, I cannot. I am empty.

Nothing left in the tank.


In my view, there is an unspoken problem with computers these days. More and more programs are not compatible with all the hardware options.

I mostly blame these new millennial programmers. They don't write good code. They write lazy code. They use library routines - this is code written by someone else to do all sorts of boring utility things, like alphabetizing a list of words. In the old days, each programmer would write an alphabetizing routine when needed. It's 20 lines of code if that. Not a big deal. But the millennials, they use library functions, which necessitates bringing in an entire library of unneeded functions. Millions of lines of code are added. All so the programmer didn't have to write 20 lines. It's pure laziness.

Look at Firefox. It's takes up about 200 Megs of code. WWWWWAAAAAYYYYY too large for what it does. But I can tell it relies heavily on library functions and in comes all this code where 99% is never even used.

You might think "Who cares?"


1) libraries don't always work well on different hardware options. A web-based program might work on your PC, but not on your Mac. It's terribly annoying. E.g., the Scrabble app works on the Mac but crashes on a tablet.

2) the programs take up so much space it bogs down your computer's memory, forcing the machine to store things on the hard drive, which slows down the program. And the larger size takes much longer to load.

The lazy millennials are slowly strangling the computer industry. Stop being slackers. Put down the legal marijuana and do some real work for a change.


Don't like Windows?  Try Linux.  I did that seven years ago and never looked back.  Zero trouble with malware.



With so much sexual harassment info recently in the news I'm wondering if I am guilty. Over the years I dated women from the office. A few months ago if you said it was sexual harassment I would have sneered at the thought. But now that I'm reading up on it and learning more about how women felt coerced, maybe what I did was sexual harassment. I had a senior position. All of the women had junior positions, from admin to intern. Maybe they felt pressured to go out with me and have sex? I'm honestly not sure. I'm sorry if it came across that way. It was not my intention.


I fucking hate Windows 10, but I'm told I need to like it.  It took over an hour of being locked out of my own computer I paid money for.  Updates could have been installed when I was out of town, but it waited until I came back to start the updates.  It claimed it was doing security features, but it added a bunch of bullshit features that I didn't want.  3D modeling?  I don't need it.  Talk to my friends?  I already have Facebook.  A bunch of other shit I didn't want?  Forced to install anyway.
Windows 10 updates are a waste of time.  I hate that I'm stuck with this OS because I like to play computer games, and most of them require some version of Windows.


We had a house guest. She was staying in the guest room. It's on the ground floor. There are no curtains on the window. When she announced she was heading to bed, I made a point of taking out the trash. What I really did was walk around the side of the house and watch her undress. I got a fairly good view of EVERYHTING. I suppose I qualify as one of those creepy voyeur men.


All I want is your company. That's it. We could sit beside a dumpster in an alley talking all night long and I would feel like the luckiest woman on Earth just because I was there with you.

I wonder if she feels the same way.


"You made your bed; now lie in it." = Generation who raised millennials complaining about millennials


When I was first out of college, I made a paltry salary, but it was enough to pay the rent and buy food. I didn't need anything more. I was quite content.

Now that I'm older, I'm worth several million dollars. And I'm miserable. I constantly worry about money. My fancy car has a scratch, I'll have to get it repaired. We need to hire the expensive top notch photographer for the family Christmas card photo. And then there's paying for the kids' college tuition.  All this takes money. What if I run out? It keeps me up at night.

I much prefer the simpler life in my twenties.


I work with down and out losers. How has it come to this? I must be like them but don't realize.


All women are beautiful.


The company where I work merged with web company filled with millennials. I had to bring a few into my department. At our first joint meeting one of the millennials asked if I could create a rec room and buy them a pool table. What an introduction to these youngsters. Not to generalize, but what a lazy bunch of whiners.


My worst fear for many years as a single lady was that I would be alone when my daddy died with no one to help me through it. There are worse things. Like losing my daddy, being assaulted by my husband and facing a divorce three weeks after losing daddy. I have lost my daddy, my husband, my horses and other animals, my livilihood and my home and farm life all in one months time. I am tired and wish i could go home to be with my daddy.


I'm the director of operations at my place of work. I echo others here concerning millennials. I only hire 35-40 to 55. I can't deal with the millennials anymore.


I have a few friends that are supervisors or managers. They all say millennials are the worst employees. They don't want to work a lot of hours. They can't handle any kind of stress or negative feedback.

I don't manage people or work with any millenials so I don't know from personal experience whether this is true. How could an entire generation suck at working?


191086...Age plays a part in some companies hiring process trust me..I am in my 30's. We have a few openings and today i was looking at a few resumes..
My boss asked me what i thought about a specific resume, he was in his early 20's, i told her i wasnt interested in supervising any more millenials, they are freaking annoying. I am only interested in applicants between 30 - 55.
So yes, sometimes age plays a part


My sister in law Facebook got hack for the 3 rd time , I think she needs to rethinks her passwords , seriously who uses Ilovemydog79 as a password.


There you go.  I unfriended you on Facebook.  It's a small thing, but it's symbolic of my last "fuck you."  I quietly deleted our posts and conversations from last year, you know, when you were acting like my friend, before you suddenly decided to claim that I was harassing you.  You probably won't even notice any of this.  I just gave you enough time to let you forget about me, and this is like throwing out the last piece of trash.  Have fun in crazyville, Amanda.  You're a childish young woman who needs to grow up, and you'll be spending the next 10 years making up for the years you wasted.


One of my friends has already mailed out her Christmas cards.

Uhm... I fucking hate you.


It really pisses me off when people say one thing, then two months later they all change their opinion just to look smart.


Gotta admit, I'm apathetic about the whole net neutrality thing. I grew up in the era when internet was just finding its way into people's homes, and my family was broke. We didn't have internet or computers and we were fine.  I didn't get constant access to Internet/computer until 5 years ago when I went back to university and it was a necessity. Of course, if there were limits imposed, my family would have the internet around for "just in case", but the ISP better believe I won't be paying extra for a god-damned thing.  If it means that streaming, surfing/browsing, etc has to end, so be it. Just like with my phone's data plan, I pay a set amount for the 4gb limit and I don't use anymore than that, therefore I don't pay anymore than the set amount.  

It won't be so bad to see people at the library, homes with encyclopedias, hobbys developing outside of the enclosed space of a living room/bedroom/basement etc. People will start living again, and that isn't so bad. Also, I can't blame the senators for taking thousands from the lobbyists. Who the fuck doesn't want $50000 for Xmas? As long as lobbying is legal, this type of behavior will continue.

On the other hand, it will fucking suck to find a new time killing habit and going back to watching regular TV. But, either way, they're not getting more money from me. I'll shut it all off before I pay a single extra penny.


I hate winter.


I think your dad really tried. It just must have been really hard for him when your mom died, raising you and your brother on his own. I hope when you became an adult, you made your own beautiful memories. Or better yet, I hope you became the best parent that ever was and gave beautiful childhood memories to your own kids. God bless you.


When I was maybe 7, we went on vacation. It was me, my older brother and my dad. My mom had died a few years earlier from cancer. My dad drank all the time. We were very poor and never went away. But here was our first trip, a weekend in Cape Cod.

We arrived at a motel late on the Friday night. Early Saturday morning my dad took me and my brother out in a small rented rowboat with fishing rods. About half an hour into the adventure my dad leaned over the side of the boat and puked. He then rowed us back to shore. He spent the rest of the day in bed. My brother and I sat by the filthy motel pool. It was half filled with brown goop. We threw rocks in the soupy water until the motel owner yelled at us. By the afternoon we were hungry. My dad was too sick to get up. My brother disappeared for a while and came back with a box of scooter pies. I think he stole them. We ate scooter pies for lunch and dinner.

Next morning my dad drove us back home. That was our only vacation in childhood. A few months later my dad died. My brother told me it would be okay to cry, but I didn't feel like it. We went to live with an aunt.

These are the strongest memories from my childhood. I wish they were instead memories of mom baking chocolate cookies and the entire family going on a trip to Disney World. But they are what they are.


It pisses me off that they told me to reach out if I needed them, and the one time I try, they weren't there.


I've tried to lick my wife's pussy after I came inside, but I can't do it. Beforehand I want to do it. I plan on doing it. But as soon as I come---- deal's off. There must be a built in mechanism in males to not do anything which could remove semen from a vagina. Darwinism at its worst.


083 I agree -but one does not read anything about that in the media.It is all about sexual harassment and tweeting.
What has happened to unbiased reporting?


Science tells us how, but it doesn't tell us why.


There was an earthquake here yesterday at 4:55 p.m.  Everybody felt it.  I thought it was strange that I did not.  I thought what I was doing at 4:55 p.m.  Oh, right.  I was watching porn while jerking off to a picture of my friend.  No wonder I didn't feel the earthquake.


There are clouds floating in space that consist of mostly amino acids.  These interstellar clouds are massive.  They're hundreds of times the volume of our solar system.  Amino acids are the building blocks of life.  These clouds could be literally be alive.


Age difference? Two continents? Married with kids? All good excuses I guess, but I wish I had made my move with C about five or six years ago. It seems too late now. We'd have made a great couple.


It seems the 2017 turn out to be the year of the pervert , seriously like every week we have a new one coming out . I wonder who is going to be next week , we are running out of them .


Some hard ass lessons. You are such a crazy bish.

My sex fantasies are appropriate as hell now that you're out of them. I dread going backwards.


Come to Dicks I dare you....


I took organic chem in college. You aren't getting it. Rocks don't cooperate with each other to form a society of rocks so they can move around and ponder the universe and wonder where they came from. Nor do air molecules. Nor do water molecules. But chains of carbon and hydrogen combined themselves enough to cross the line and become self aware. Why? How? I'm beginning to think there is more to all this than chemistry and science. Maybe there is a God.


94/98 read a chemistry book sometime.


94- That's why people believe in God.


93- Has she always been like this? Because if she hasn't, you need to get her to a doctor. That sounds neurological.


Blame it on the Blizzard. Wind and snow bringing people together.



I really dislike when a woman reaches for the tissues within five seconds of me ejaculating. Savor the moment. Enjoy the feeling. Don't rush to clean up, as if their has been a toxic chemical spill.


I don't understand why all these molecules decided to cooperate with each other to create life.

What if strings of carbon and hydrogen just sat there in some galactic soup. It shouldn't matter to the molecules. They are not alive. Yet somehow they decided to come together and form a society of molecules that ultimately became conscious and self aware.

It's unfathomable to me. Molecules cooperating with each other? There is no science to account for this.


I can't do this anymore. I can't stay married anymore. Interacting with my wife is too painful. Simple conversations become sources of deep tension.

She has the TV blaring in the kitchen. Our daughter is napping. I ask if I can turn down the volume.

Her response, "No you can't turn up the fucking volume. I have it up all the way."

I say, "I know. I'm asking if you can turn it down?"

Her, "Don't you fucking change the channel... the weather is coming on in a few minutes ago."

I ignore the word "ago" at the end of her sentence. "I'm not asking to change the channel. The volume is too loud."

Her, "Then why do you want to turn it up more?"

Me, "Please focus and listen to my words. I'm looking to turn the volume down. "

Her, "Well I'm not changing because when the weather is going to be purposeful tomorrow."

Me, "That's a perfect example of something else. I often don't understand what you are saying. What does your sentence mean? It's a jumble of words. We've had this conversation many times. Can't you plan out what you want to say and then speak, as opposed to just saying a random assortment of words? "

"Fuck you that's not true."

Me, "And you're antagonistic towards me all the time. I'm supposed to be your friend but you treat me like an enemy."

Her, "Well don't come in here to change the channel."


Turning down the volume was such a simple request. But it ends up as a strained dialog with no resolution. This is every conversation with her. She's not old and senile. She's just lazy. She doesn't listen to others. She doesn't think before she speaks. And her entire demeanor is one of anger, as if everyone, especially me, is such a burden to her.

I'm so tired of this.


You don't need to be rich to travel the world , just get a career that will pay you to do it .

F Daughter of a flight engineer, sister of two pilots .


I was the one who said she said "no" and it hurt more than it should.

So I am in a sexless marriage and I figured out a while ago that in order to be a better husband, a happier person, that I needed a woman to have a sexual relationship with.  I tired everything with my wife, including sex counselling, but nothing worked.  She is asexual.  But I love her.  So an affair is the only way.

So I misread the situation.  She said no because of the location, and I think she wants me as much as I want her.  And my God, I want her.  I pray, pray every night we can make each other happy.  I know she would make me happy.

Why?  Physically she is exactly my type but more importantly she is fucking smart.  God, intelligent women turn me on.  I want her.  I want to fuck her brains out.  

That is my secret.


I see the `DONATE` button on this website.

Truthfully, I really like the current format of the way the cavecanum website. It is no-frills secret posting and reading. No distractions of likes and whatnot. Straight to the point reading, which is what I love.


I hope with all these stories of sexual harassment in the workplace my boss doesn't think I'll respond like most of these women have. By definition harassment is unwanted attention and I've wanted my boss's attention since we met. I think he knows it too. I also hope he doesn't think I'm just playing along or trying to use him to get ahead. I actually like him and my job. I want to keep whatever this is between us going for as long as we can.


I haven't been back here in months.

In that time, a lot has happened. Challenges, growth, goals reached, trips, love, new job, new car, new home.

Life can be different that what it is right now for you, but first you've got to believe it can be.

Numbing yourself to the pain you feel is just a way of staying trapped in the holes of sorrow. You have to work through the emotion, learn from the pain, and let go. It's not easy but it works. I'm a lot closer toward my goals and living the life I want now than I was a year ago.

That didn't happen because I stayed where I was, it was because chose to live despite fear.

You can too.

Choose to live and do that which you're afraid of doing. Don't take the easy path - it'll rob you of what you really want. Be willing to commit and work your ass off for it.



I see many facebook photos of acquaintances who go on lavish trips, and seemingly have perfect lives and significant others.

Not going to lie: I want to be rich. I want to be able to travel the world and to find someone I am attracted to and share experiences with them.  But mainly, I want to have a lot of money to do whatever I want.  How can I get there?


To 191066- this happens to young people, too. I know because I am in my 30s and it is happening to me. It probably has nothing to do with you or your age.


- you want so desperately to be liked that you constantly stress how good of person you are and how much you do for others. Are you really so selfless?

- you crave everyone's attention because you're unhappy in your own relationship, and instead of actually doing anything about it, you keep playing that sympathy card. You're probably scared to start over because your only identity now is your shit relationship.

- you have no loyalty to anyone but yourself and lure other people into this false sense of security. You'd throw anyone to the wolves.

You all act so high and fucking mighty as if you're exempt from the same criticism you have toward me. Fuck you.


I'm such an anxious, tightly wound ball of stress that I come off as garbage and constantly worry that everyone hates me. As soon as I can sense a slight drop in someone's temperament toward me (is it even toward me? I'm so fucking self centered) I immediately close up and assume the worst. It's like I'm missing out on some massive inside joke, and I'm the punchline. These thoughts plague me no matter what I do.


MY 2 Factors: Stock Market/Economy is bangin, and Homeland Security. So far Im very happy.
Ignore the rest.


Franken never intentionally engaged in this kind of conduct? His body acted that way without his minds intention? That completely disrespectful photograph of him "groping" the sleeping women happened while he was sleepgroping? Resign pervert.


weened off my Medication. Praying.  I think it was just a Mental Crutch.


Geraldo Rivera weighed in on the Lauer firing.  What a nerve!  Look behind you, Raldo.  You're most likely next.


I think we're all (Americans) going to die soon!  Just like when Trump emerged victorious (Electoral College Victory) with the election, everyone was shocked, including him.  Now, everyone poo-poos the idea that North Korea is a deadly serious threat to us and that Trump's tweeting and instigating is all in fun and everything is going to be just fine.  Well, I doubt it.  I think we are in for another big ugly surprise.  I wonder, in the end, how many of us will live through it.  They have improved and expanded their capability right in our faces, and have shown that their deadly nuclear missiles will have no trouble reaching us here on our mainland - where we live, while we sat around making asinine jokes.  I do not believe that there is anything more serious in the world right now.  Get right with God for we will probably find ourselves face-to-face with Him sooner than we think.


Paris has a roach problem. I refuse to go there any more because I refuse to accept roaches in my restaurant meal!


For several years I worked with the really nice guy Peter. He was about 25 at the time. One day during casual office banter the boss found out Peter shared an apartment with someone who worked for a competing firm. The boss then fired Peter on the grounds that the competing firm might be able to find out information about what our company was up to. To me that went way too far. The company gets to decide who you can have as a roommate? That should be illegal. It's none of their business.


My husband is not my friend. i try to talk to him. i make attempts to share things that interest me. New music, a book, or I'll cook a new recipe that i think sounds delicious. i end up being ignored, being interrupted, or the dinner is only eaten by me :(
He told me this morning that I'm selfish. Me me me me is what he said. This coming from a man who interrupted me to talk about his beard. Everyday it's about his beard. “Getting gnarly isn't it?” Or “look at this beard!” Or “i think it's time to shave it, i look like a homeless man.”
Does he not get enough attention? Yes he does. He ignores it.


It's strange growing up with someone who's paranoid and distrustful. Obviously my spongey little brain absorbed a lot of those behaviors. But I had the wildest thought today.

It's almost impossible for me to believe that people like me for me. My brain turns it into "They like me because I make them feel good about themselves," or "They like me because they want something from me," or something of that nature.

Yesterday I got mad at a coworker because I realized that she projects things onto people to fit the narrative in her head that states that no one cares about her or is there for her. She does this to avoid getting close to people and being vulnerable. That pisses her friend off (she only has one) because Friend is usually there for her when she needs it.

I realized today that my mind is the same. I always find reasons not to trust people so that I can justify keeping my distance from them. I have lots of acquaintances and very few people I consider to be real friends, but there is a part of me that inherently doesn't trust most people. Even my real friends, people I love dearly, are not exempt. There are times when I don't trust a single person on this Earth, except myself.

It's scary watching yourself go down your parent's path when you know exactly where it got them. I need to deviate from this path. I want to love and trust the right people, and trust my judgment of who the right people are. I need to stop ragging on people so hard for their flaws. I need to relax and just enjoy the good people in my life.


A lot of the times, employers don't want older folks because they know what their skills are worth. Many of them would rather hire naive, desperate post-grads who'll take just about any wage to pay their student loans. And then the employer gets to pay them pennies and treat them terribly because they know little to nothing about the workforce.

The funny thing about discrimination is that it's always hard to prove, and a lot of the time people don't realize it or won't admit it to themselves. It's really annoying


It is NOT normal for employers to ask your living situation. Perhaps where you live is of interest to them, because they want to know if your commute is reasonable, but who you live with is NOT their business. Same with marital status, kids. If an employer is asking this, it should be a huge red flag.


there definitely is age discrimination.  As far as I know they're not supposed to ask your age nowadays, but I've gone on interviews where they have.  I am a woman, so I think they're trying to put together if I am going to have a kid soon, they'll ask things about living situation which i suppose is normal, but they'll also bring up husband and boyfriend status.  It's a slippery slope...they know you have a man and are of a certain age, they think you'll be getting pregnant soon so are they gonna take a chance?  Probably not.


My husband sleeps in the guest room and it's embarrassing how bad it smells in there. What the hell is he doing in that room late at night? I don't want to know...


You gotta love how I can send myself a document via email because I want to print it out at the library. I then drive to the library and when I check my email, the document hasn't arrived in my inbox. In fact it took 4 days for the document to arrive. Email at times can be completely useless.


Age discrimination is real.  Employers deny it, and get away with denial, because it is so difficult to prove.  Maybe this is the next "big thing" to gain public awareness after the groping/harassment issue simmers down.



I was once in the guy's locker room at my gym. It was mid morning. No one was around. I had finished my workout and was taking a shower. When done, I walked back to the bench where I had left all my stuff. As a turned a corner by a row of lockers, I encountered a mother standing there hovering over a young pre-school boy. I was struck dumb at that moment. This was the male locker room.

She looked up and saw me and all of my nakedness. I didn't even have a towel. It was sitting on the bench behind her.  She explained how her son had taken his sister's towel and so she came in to get it out of his bag. She thought no one else was in the locker room. She explained all this to me while I'm still standing there naked.

I wasn't sure what to do at that moment. I'd have to squeeze past her to get to my stuff. I wasn't going to do that. So I kept standing there as she rifled through his bag.

After what felt like a very long time, but was proabbly only 15 seconds, she found the towel and walked past me to leave the locker room.

These things happen I guess. I shouldn't mind if a pretty mom sees me naked. But still I question who these moms are when they think nothing of barging into the male locker room whenever they want.


  If you treated women like people, they would actually like you. Yeah they do but they mostly don't sleep with you either . imagine getting told how much your are liked and how awesome you are but nobody wants to touch you ..


I've been applying to jobs where I'm a perfect match. Not only do I have the exact qualifications, but I have been working at a competitor doing the same job. If they hire me they get my skills and the competition loses my skills. Two birds one stone.

But after I send in my resume, I never hear from the new company. I think I know what's going on. I'm in my 50s. No company wants to hire someone in their 50s. Oh sure every company says they do not discriminate based on age. But I think it's bull.

My question though, why not hire someone in his 50s? We have many more years of experience and wisdom. We know what to do. We have handled all the problem that can come up. Seems like hiring an older person makes so much more sense. Yet companies immediately write you off if you are over 50.

Maybe this is what's wrong with America. Companies put all these kids in the jobs and then they come out with a $1000 iphone that crashes. Cause and effect?


There have been a few times with my wife when I'll play with her ass during sex, and yes my finger comes out brown. I don't mind at all. It's very kinky. I lick my finger clean and go in for more. I'll show her sometimes before I lick it. She squirms and says no no no but I sense she likes what I'm doing. I think my ultimate goal is to get her to poop directly into my mouth. We are not there yet but one day I think she'll agree to it.


N. Korea has zero chance to cause us harm. We will wipe them off the map at even the appearance they try to harm us. We have a guy with balls in office now. Relax...the days of sitting idly by are over. Thank God.


So, I want over to this guys house last night, not really sure what we are as far as relationship status is concerned, not the point. So I was giving him head and he had wanted me to play with his ass. I dont have a problem doing that BUT is smelled a little like he had to go to the bathroom and I was a little reluctant so I used my finger first and when I took my finger out........ yeah covered in shit. SSSSOOOO glad I didn't stick my tongue there first. Needless to say he was very embarassed and I felt bad because that's one of my biggest fears when a guy goes down that way, but wouldnt you think that if a girl is coming over and you know what's going to go down that you would, oh I dont know, make sure to WASH down there?!?!?!?!? I always make sure I'm clean before I even go out with a guy and I try very hard NOT to go to the bathroom until AFTER sexy time is over to assure this never happens!!! It was super gross but I wasn't going to be a priss about it, he's human we all have shit up our assholes (literally, LOL) but really?? He couldn't just make sure that it was clean?? Double, triple wipe down there maybe?? (facepalm) The other thing is that I REALLY like this guy, last night was just a little weird. Not really sure how to act at the current moment. I'm overthinking and over analysing the whole night.
Let this be a lesson to EVERYONE, before sexy time just be sure you're fresh, clean and double checked for remnants down there.


It's a really weird feeling when an attractive young woman you use to jerk off to dies suddenly.


25 years ago I was put on took this medication for migraine headaches.  I was supposed to take it "as needed," so I did, which is why it took me two years to figure out what it was doing to my head.  When I'd take it, it would just made me dark and paranoid.  I once took it and ended up looking through somebody's window.  Another time I heard sirens and hid in my car because I thought the police were after me.  Those are just the times I remember.  After it wore off the second time I thought, "What the fuck was I doing hiding in my car??"  I realized it was the medication.  I flushed it down the toilet and never went near the stuff again.  But what if I had been caught looking in somebody's window?  Nobody would have believed it was the medication.  The thought of what could have happened makes me sick.


I want to help you through this very rough time.  However, you and your whole family are keeping it a secret.  I respect that.  And honestly, I'm glad I'm not supposed to know about it because that frees up my weekends.  But I'm here if you need me.  Leave me a message, though, because I'll be out somewhere.


I was once unemployed for a year.  I asked my wife to stop spending $600 a month on yoga lessons.  She refused.  I could not believe it.  It took a few huge fucking fights, but after about six months she finally realized we had no money and she stopped.  A few months later she admitted that she was wrong for doing it.  But come on - $600 a month for fucking yoga lessons?


This isn't most men, but I hate when men don't treat women like people, and wonder why they don't get get female attention.  If you treated women like people, they would actually like you.


I hate that I'm depressed and never can do anything.  I wish I could just be happy.


I never liked Matt Lauer. That's why I never watched that morning show. I'm not sure why I didn't like him... if I had to guess why, I would say that I probably sensed his cold, possibly cruel nature... Come to think of it, I don't particularly like the way he looks either. He reminds me of a rat.


There's a special place in hell for anyone who wishes that they harassed more people. What the fuck is wrong with you?


I don't know who I am.


I have peeped in my ex-wife's windows.


I wish I had sexually harassed more women. All these guys were having all this fun and I was getting nothing. I missed my chance.


I still drink Bosco.

61, M


Plain women aren't all “decent” = ordinary looks do not automatically equal goodness. Are you kidding me?  Beauty does not always equal bitchiness, evil, and/or flakiness either.

Any above-average-looking woman can tell you the truth about (some, not all) Plain Janes out there — they're so desperate for a mate that they'll use any means at their disposal to get one, and once they have a significant other, they'd be willing to slit another woman's throat if they think she might be a threat.

Another species of Plain Jane is DYING to take other women's lovers from them. This treacherous creature is always so “sweet” — she'll befriend other women with the intention of getting close to their husbands or boyfriends.  She's the scrawny, mousy, or overweight “friend” who hangs around your man like a tick, trying to get him to confide his relationship problems to her.  She thinks that her backstabbing tendencies are justified because the man's wife or girlfriend is a pretty bitch who can't really love him, so Miss Plain Jane thinks she'll “rescue” him from his evil wife's clutches.

I've now had three “friends” try to “rescue” my attractive, successful, and charming husband, and every single one of them started out as the adoring Plain Jane friend who was super-sweet, who I included in social events because I felt a little sorry for her.  They always bide their time, get friendly with my husband, find reasons to start messaging him and calling him.  Then they pick some HUGE fight with me (“She was giving me all those dirty looks that time!") and WHIIIINE to my husband about how I'm SO mean!  He'd try to extend some sympathy, try to calm her down, get her to reconcile with me — and that's when she makes her move. “I can't handle your wife! I think she's abusive, especially to you….”  

Then he'll finally wake up and realize he's being played, at which point he'll cut contact with her. Then she'll stalk him for awhile until she finally gives up and disappears back under whatever rock she lives beneath.

This has happened three times since we've been married. I'm not even including the two Plain Janes who tried to attach themselves to him during our engagement.  Sorry, ladies, he married me, and he's going to stay married to me regardless of your silly histrionics.  

The latest one of these little stalkers tried to file a restraining order against me, but didn't make it past the court clerk because she couldn't prove I'd ever said or written a single cruel or threatening word to her, and so didn't have a shred of evidence.  Apparently it never occurred to her that there are people in real domestic abuse situations who might need those legal resources she's tying up to whine about "dirty looks" she thought she received at a party.  Hate to tell ya this, sweetie, but judges who dispense restraining orders are familiar with the tactic of trying to use the courts to get revenge on the innocent wife of the man you're stalking. Yeah, really. They are.

You can't automatically trust the plain ones — they're just as unscrupulous as anyone else.  I've gotten to where I trust my attractive friends more than the plain ones, because a beautiful woman can get her own lover and doesn't need to try to poach someone else's.  They also aren't so starved for attention that they'll imagine the slightest kindness extended by a man means he's secretly in love with her.

46, F, Happily Married 21 years with no restraining orders filed, or granted


Haha, Millenials talking about World Issues like it's the first time bad stuff is happening!


Two months ago I was laid off. I asked my wife to stop spending so much money. She ignored me. Last week, watching our bank account dwindle, I told her again to stop spending. Today I received a call from the local jewelry store. They said her new necklace is ready for pick up.

Let me ask, why do women do this? Our financial situation is dire. The last thing we need to spend money on is a new necklace. So why does my wife buy a new necklace? What's the psychology? Is it just greedy selfishness? Is it some syndrome where a person does the opposite of what they should be doing - like laughing at a funeral? I need to know. I need to understand. Or I need to divorce her.


The ruler of N. Korea is going to nuke the USA. Then WW III will begin. It's coming. The guy has nothing to loose. His people are starving. He wants the rest of the world to suffer in the same way. All of us should go on a nice vacation. Hug our families. And skip paying your bills because life as we know it is about to end.


God, I need sex so badly! Only a good man will do! When will you deliver my next bpyfriend/lover in a committed relationship?  Please hear and answer my prayer!


I don't worry about your ailments, anymore. I don't actually care if you abuse drugs or if you're alive or dead. Why I ever cared, I'll never know. That was a one way street I'll never go down again.

Indifference took a long time, now if only I could forget you ever existed. C'mon brain.


I love you, A. I can't help it. You are perfection...just as you are.


Poor Matt Lauer.  From what I understand it was he who got Anne Curry fired.  Karma got him big time!


I want to be in a thrupple. I don't know if they'd let me though


I interpreted my dream from 2 nights ago based on the symbols, and this is what I got.

Dream #1: I have the desire to escape to a time when my dreams will become reality. Someone has been pushing my buttons, but I have been looking at the positives anyway. This may mean that an essential part of my emotions has been cut off, and it is making me feel repressed. This situation makes me afraid. I feel like I'm being forced into a situation that is fearful for me, and I am having an identity crisis because of it. This is causing me to experience major emotional turmoil that needs to be confronted and resolved. I need to let it out, and I will be satisfied.

It was too easy to realize that it's talking about confronting my new coworker that I can't stand. If you ever want to know what your subconscious is trying to tell you, go to (dream moods dot com). If you put the symbols together and think about what's currently on your mind, you'll come up with a summary like this one.


Every generation thinks they are the last-dont worry-you are not. There are great things in store for the future I sometime wish I could be here to see it all. Our generation saw great chances. Future generations will see the world getting smaller and smaller. Exciting times ahead!


I read the secrets about how China is going to take over and I want to care. I do. But it doesn't matter because the oceans are acidifying, the bees are dying, the polar ice caps are melting. The human race is going to be wiped out in about 40-50 years. So it doesn't really matter what language our children speak.


Well, that was a fun job.



I'm not sure how zippers work. I think no one knows how they work. You pull the tab and the metal pieces connect. You pull the tab the other way and they disconnect. I think we're looking at some kind of alien technology.


023 op here. Not that the two are mutually exclusive or anything, but honestly I was referring to net neutrality. I love how the nationalists just take shit and run with it. I doubt they even understood wtf I was even saying.


Heart palpitations basically non stop for 5 days now.
started menstrual cycle. all hell broke loose.
darkness, gloom, looming above me at all times.
I hate being female. so much. hormones basically control my life.


If your husband goes to bed later than you every night it's because he's jerking off in another room.


I recycle my cans, not because I want to save the environment, but because I need the money.


today i'm wearing socks his holes in the soles. it's okay because i'm wearing leather boots so no one can see the holes. when i wear flats i make sure to wear socks with no holes. most women i know would throw out the socks with the holes. i don't. why should i? they're still socks. i can still get use out of them. this is why most of my friends have no money. they're so wasteful.


China is not our friend, not our enemy, it is our rival and it is overtaking us.



I go on organized cycling sessions twice a week. We are a group of about two dozen serious riders practicing for bike races. There are mostly men involved. I'm one of only a few women. I have this ongoing fantasy of getting a flat tire. One of the men stays behind to help. We both get black grease on our hands and legs. He suggests we stop by his house a few miles away to wash off. His wife isn't home. There is so much grease on me he suggests I take a shower. He comes in the bathroom while I'm undressing to give me a towel.... This is what I think about while riding in the group. It motivates me to keep up with the pack. The fantasy doesn't work if I get a flat tire while all alone. The men sometime comment about how I can keep up with their pace. Yes, well, I can't quite tell you where my energy comes from. :)


All you do is use me and it's draining. We are now in a deficit of energy. You've taken so much from me that you're overdrafting at this point.

I thought we were friends, but I'm just who you call when the man in your life rejects you - then I have to listen to you cry on and on and on about it.

Then you ask me for advice and don't take it.


I'm all done. Lose my number. You suck.


When the commuter rail supposedly stalls out, has a "mechanical failure," and then starts running again 10 minutes later, I always assume that the conductor just wanted to go have a smoke break or take a quick phone call.


I check to see if failarmy has a new video every single day, and every time they do, I think of you.

The last one we watched together was the Funny Kid Fails in February 2016.
I will miss you forever and ever, and pray to whatever is above us to guide us back to one another, because I know I messed up, but I will love you forever.


024,,,SPOT ON.  And frankly kids should be learning Mandarin right now.
If anyone believes it is a happy coincidence  that Ivanka's 5 year old knows Mandarin, you are mistaken.  She is being groomed NOW to get into family businesses later...and they know China has potential to supersede the USA as the #1 global power.  
Saying that scares me, but it is the truth.  Open your eyes and look around, everyone.....


People who blast their bass while driving through neighborhoods are bullies.


Regardless of whether 1 or 1 million protest, you and your children had better learn Mandarin AND Hindi as a 1st language.  

Don't worry, your children and grand children will understand why.


As much as I admire the tenacity, bravery, and spirit, I just don't believe any of us little folks make a difference. The corporate elite will have their way, regardless of whether 1 or 1 million protest.


Look into Lucinda Bass her material saved my life


I just watched an film that was an adaptation of a Kafka novel , and then went straight to james franco...Paolo Alto and then spring breakers...all about some people wanting to break some kind of cycle and its really messed with my head, as if I wasnt messed up already.


Do they have emotional intelligence? Are they able to keep their emotions under control?
Flandering is one thing. Emotional promiscuity takes flandering to the next level.
Animals have few inhibitions when it comes to sex. Animal sex isn't that difficult to understand.
Emotional situations are just as pesky for some people. But humans should know better. (I found the love of my life again! Can you believe it? Only ten tries)


107 well of course there have to be other things too.  Kindness, good character, sensitive to others, empathetic, etc.  Simply saying that the plain janes tend to appreciate things and men more.  But you have good points.


Yeah, she's the one who has panic attacks everyday, but everybody says I need therapy.  Fuck this shit.


The plain woman shit... You won't necessarily be happier with one.  Guys think a plain woman is the way to go, easier to be with but they cheat too.  Sometimes more than obviously attractive women because they're not used to getting attention, so when they do forget it.  I have a friend who took back his plain ex after she cheated on him, she's super plain and demanding, I hear her arguing with him a lot.  Whatever. Guys think they'll get their needs met by someone like that... Don't judge on looks.  It's really more about how flirtatious someone is, insecurity, sensitivity, stuff like that.


I guess it's time to be re-evaluated. This time last year I sought therapy because the anxiety had gotten so bad. Felt i needed to work through some of the heavy shit from my childhood. I'm 33. It took that long and 3 kids that I love to get me to therapy. Denial is a powerful force. I feel I can't deny how i feel much longer though. It may end my life this time. The brain fog is awful. The apathy. The lack of interest in basically everything. The sense that it's too late to attempt to change any of it, because why bother? I suppose that's depression. Falling into a hole. Never climbing out. I don't even cry. That's how disconnected I've become. Empty. Emotionless. My kids and my husband deserve better. Maybe they would actually be better off without me.


With all the bad going on in my life I don't need Rocket Man firing missiles at me. Who needs that kind of worry? Why is he doing it? What's his beef with me and Hawaii? We are kind people. Come have a drink with us.


I hate Probiotics! i took ONE, three days ago, and JUST got over being NAUSEAS every single time i ate food!  Threw up a few times too. Fuck you, bacteria.


Facebook says that the first nine friends who pop up on the chat list aren't decided in any way by who is looking at your profile.  This has to be bullshit.  I live near two women.  I never talk to this one woman.  She has suddenly started showing up on my chat window.  At the same time, I can see she looked at my LinkedIn profile.


Studying the microcosmic orbit. Almost want to share with others but kind of want this secret study all to myself.


I am a lifelong drug addict. A conscientious, discreet, and careful needle user (not heroin at any point even once), Female, pushing 40, no children and one very happy cat. This worked for me and despite the consensus that I am empty of my soul and not whole, I was happy enough and had a history of loving interactions and a couple really beautiful relationships and memories that I will always cherish. I still have that past and appreciate the wonderful things I've been gifted no matter how much I'm supposed to expect any of it to last forever to be valid. I have always practiced ham rreduction because I felt my life was worth the effort even if society thinks I might as well let my whole being fall into disfiguring neglect. As it worked out I am still pretty and have a nice smile and can still show my arms in public without being noticed for my habit of absolute disdain and taboo. It worked for me. I had and still have a good and non addicted assortment of true friends. My mom accepted me as I am and didn't reject me as a valid person even knowing I shot up with the same hands that worked for her because she is unable to work anymore.  I never have given any of my self esteem over to men who thought my drug use made it okay to treat me like garbage, I am either important to them and loved or they are given a pink slip. I'm a human being and I love with my entire soul and being an addict did not make all my good deeds and my sense of duty bull and void. And it worked for me...

      But, it couldn't be allowed or left alone. I got busted by the cops with a felonious drug in my possession, during a very minor traffic stop which quickly escalated into a very invasive and Dehumanizing cop-fueled shit storm. Went to jail for the first time and was treated like I was not worth keeping alive or having any basic needs met. That one day in jail showed me how awful people can be while they hide behind a blue wall of cold and mean spirited sentiment/actions,  that calls what they do "protection and service." But it's not that any more than calling a traffic light a robot makes it able to evolve into a self aware sentient being. The way drug users are kicked into the pits of fringe living mercilessly; and for no reason (but amusing cruel people who like to do things they'd never do to a DOG), is sickening and it's considered perfectly acceptable by so many people who justify it by simply not being an addictive kind of person and therefore unable to feel that it's OKAY TO BE NOT LIKE THEM. Think about all the times people have thrown away a child or a spouse or close friend on the whole principle of not being able to ENABLE them.  As if keeping your child alive is suddenly not worthwhile if they're not sober enough to keep the non addicted world ddicted is synonymous with being NOT WORTHY  OF ANY WAY TO EVEN MAKE RESOURCES FOR OURSELVES. And so addicts are systematically and aggressively stripped of any societal respect even if they are honest and hardworking and noble humans. They are given the most cutting treatment and told they are not worth existing or having any ease of survival for this one thing that makes them feel less abnormal and more connected to their inner beings. Some die as a direct result and the ones who don't get to be second class kick plates for the ones who decided what doors are okay and what doors aren't.  I never understood this until I began a 2 year supervised probation for possession.

   I do understand now, and it's devastating to be a probationer who got unlucky that one night. I am so angry that there are people and laws that  are itching to and more than happy to lock me in a cage for something that I've always done in a way that harms no one and should be a personal decision. I've never one fucking single time stolen anything, hurt a person while impaired, driven drunk without regard for others lives, gone out and caused public disturbances, or abused my (hypothetical)  children so I could be high. I should be allowed to self medicate and keep to my own self without the government taking my entire way of life away from me and forcing my money out of my hands and stripping me of dignity and making my name a worthless thing to have. It's so fucking intrusive and I don't want to be made to deal with this stupid goddamn status quo of theirs completely  unable to change my mood to suit the amount it sucks to be who I am in the world I've ended up living
In. I want these jacked up bullies to take their arbitrary impositions and go fucking far away from me. And they will not and there is not a thing I can call freedom anymore. They took my life away from me and I will never fully regain it or even come close. It's just theirs forever and for always.

    This reality is mine and it's the result of pure and true insanity on an ENORMOUS scale. It's too big to overcome i think. I just cannot BELIEVE OR UNDERSTAND how this came to be the way the world operates. It's just not right and it's not necessary and it's too easily accepted by those who have never been treated like filth for no real reason . But it's my reality and it works for the society that prefers to hurt the ones who don't follow their every directive. It has effectively killed me and I didn't want to die.


Correctly or not, I assume all pickles are filled with preservatives and are a leading cause of cancer. It just that no one realizes this is where cancer is coming from.


I recently saw a mom going down the aisle of the supermarket with her kids in tow. At one point she reached over and grabbed a bag of chocolate chip cookies. She opened the bag and gave cookies to her kids. One of the kids whined that he doesn't like that kind. He wanted peanut butter cookies. So mommy dearest grabbed a bag of peanut butter cookies, gave one to her son, and then put the opened and partially eaten bag of chocolate chip cookies back on the shelf. I am amazed at who people are when they think no one is watching. Makes me wonder what else they do.


Sometimes when I glance quickly at the clock on the wall I swear I see the second hour going backwards for a few ticks. Then it's as if it suddenly notices I'm watching so it goes forward again.


But she sure looked hot before you married her, huh?  Suffer now with the psycho witches you all choose over decent plain women.


I never thought shopping malls could be replaced. But they are on the decline because of Amazon.

I never thought Microsoft Windows could be replaced. But it has been beaten down by the MAC, iphones and Linux.

Now I'm looking at Google. They used to have 82% of the search engine marketplace. No one could beat Google. But in the last few years their market share has fallen to 70%.  Tick tock Google. I think the big bully is going to take a hard fall.


There is no unconditional love.


There are times I hear a liquid sound in my skull. It's like water trickling out of a faucet. I'm convinced I burst a blood vessel and blood is leaking into my brain and I will be dead in a few minutes. I'm still standing though. I wish I knew what the trickling sound is. Does this happen to anyone else?


The woman I'm with now loves me unconditionally; that's something you were never capable of.


Next Christmas I'll be having a blast back in Australia or maybe Germany , while you'll be here with my miserable drug addict, alcoholic, soon to be ex husband, be careful for what you wish you for you men get it .

P. S. I don't have to worry about mortgages or rent , my father owns a couple properties which I'm always welcome to have one .


You don't cheat on and lie to someone you love so it looks like you're the loser.


Don't had someone who loved you, and you turned your back on them. You're fucking stupid.


Sometimes people play games and think they're so good at it, and they are dead wrong. Good luck to you. You will not win this time.


I know it's too late. I should have told you I love you. Held you.  I miss you. I miss as us. I am so glad you took a chance on me. It really was the happiest time in my life. I am sorry I failed you. I saw it. That look. Each time I disappointed to you in the past. I never fell out of love with you. But I know now why you fell out of love with me.


I've been dating this guy for a few months. Our sex life is amazing. I suck his perfect dick all the time, but I haven't swallowed his cum yet. I really want to; just waiting for a special first time moment. I can't wait to swallow your cum babe!


Your Dr's office called me today and left a message for you. I asked them to scratch my name off of your contact information.


A special mammogram test tomorrow at the doctors insistence because he found something on the first test. Can't sleep. I'm scared out of my mind.


I got my hard drive back, it was missing the protective cage that comes with it , I didn't want to deal with ahole anymore and I just left it at that .  It is a shady business, when I look at their website for directions I assume they were close by UPS , I had no idea they were just using the store for drop ups and pick us it was a red flag there , should know better and the fact I was told they couldn't process credit cards only cash or checks tells you what kind of scumb this jerk is .  I'm planning on filing a complaint with the business bureau, people like this jerk gives a bad name to small honest computer repair businesses.


Walmart jeans are so cheap.  They wear out and get holes just from me walking around after a few days, and the belt loops snap off easily.  Walmart is so cheap.  I'm buying my jeans somewhere else.


987 – Please insist on immediate return of your hard drive.  There's a demand on the black market and among the unscrupulous for working second-hand hard drives because there may be information to be scavenged from them about bank accounts, credit cards, email accounts, passwords, and so on.  Hopefully, there is nothing of that kind to be found on yours.

This is why I completely secure my PC's hard drive with military-grade encryption so that, when the drive eventually dies, I can safely dispose of it without fear.  In fact, I take a factory-fresh hard drive, install just Windows and the encryption software on it, and then overlay the entire drive with encryption before doing anything else with it.  That way, there is nothing personally sensitive that has ever been written to the drive "in the clear", so that even sophisticated attempts to recover what might have been there before the encryption overlay was written won't find anything useful.

In any case, whether your hard drive is secured or not, what a goddamn liberty for the technician to just take it like that.  How dare he!  The hard drive and the data on it are your property.  You may not have full copies of the data elsewhere.  It is a big deal, because it's theft.  Who's to say that you won't want to keep that data and migrate it to your next computer, or try installing your hard drive into another comparable computer and booting from it there?

Once you've got your hard drive back, have nothing further to do with that business.  It sounds dodgy to me.


If u ever second guess a decision strongly, consider that that is God sending you a message


I have been off Facebook for two months now. OMG what a change. I was probably spending 12 hours a day on there visiting multiple forums. I'd get so upset by the way some people acted. There was name calling, pettiness, and accusations galore. It finally upset me so much that I signed off for good. Wanna know how much I miss it? Zero. I have my life back. I've been doing things around the house. I actually went for a walk tonight. Me getting exercise is a extreme rarity. Facebook is a fine idea but I don't think humans can handle it. I never want to be that way again in my life.


I made a pass at my girlfriend's female boss. This is probably the dumbest thing I've ever done. Not only did the boss turn me down, she told my girlfriend. My girlfriend then broke up with me. But before she did, she told me how it was the talk of the entire company. 200 people all in agreement that I am the biggest asshole ever. In hindsight, I agree.


I really thought we left the trashy party girl look back in 2009, but it's starting to make a comeback.


I took my computer to get fix , guy calls me and tells me it's going to cost 380 plus taxes to get it fix , apparently my motherboard went bad and needed a new one . Even though I was upset since the computer was only 2 years old and wasn't cheap , I figured why invest more money into when I can just get a new one , called the guy back and told him I wasn't interested on fixing it , I picked up paid 96 dollars fee .  When I got home I decided to open it out of curiosity and to my surprise my hard drive was missing, I called the guy immediately he acted like it wasn't a big deal and blame it on one of his technicians, what a dirt bag he probably was going to sell it since I refused his services, now that I think about he probably does all the work himself all the times he called me different numbers show up on my cell which tells me he doesn't want to be track and his office number it's probably a land line at his mothers basement.


984: I just came back from exercising, thinking how much better I feel when I exercise! When I sat down to read cave canum as I do every night,  your entry was the first one I read! I take it as a message to continue! You may not know how encouraging your simple statement is! This wasn't a coincidence...


I can't believe how badly you treat me. You are not a good human being. If you are anxious about something, you need to work that out with yourself. It doesn't give you the right to bully me. I'm not the source of your anxiety. I am always trying to be kind and helpful. I have to stop being near you. I have to stay away from you. You have hurt me far too much. Good bye.


I always feel better after exercise.


My wife makes me so sad. She's putting in no effort with her job hunt.

She's been looking for work for three years. (So she says.)  For all that time she didn't even land a single interview.

I finally took charge. A few weeks ago I rewrote her resume and cover letter. Success! She got a call from a company looking for a customer service rep.

They wanted to meet with her last week. She put them off, saying she was too busy until after Thanksgiving. That makes me mad. You don't tell a company you're too busy. You put in the effort to make the meeting work. Especially since this is the only thing that's come her way in three damn years!

Her interview is now scheduled for tomorrow. I suggested she read up on the company. You know, get a familiarity with their products and corporate culture.

She got mad at me and told me to "fuck off". What? I'm trying to help her. Our family needs the income.  And she curses at me??

I brought up the wikipedia article on the company. I said she should read it. I left the room. A few minutes later I returned to find her reading some Hollywood gossip website.

She's going to the job interview with nothing. She'll give them one word lazy answers, like a child trying to be difficult. This is what she does with me. Who knows, she might even tell them to fuck off.

You want to hear something really scary? Since she wouldn't read the wikipedia article, I read it to her. When I finished she turned to me in all seriousness and said, "You know what, there's a chance they will interview me and then ask me to run their company."

My God, she's insane. She doesn't live in the real world. What a lazy demented person. I hate her. I shake my head at how I ever could have married her.


It's dark when I get up in the morning. It's dark when I get out of work. And it is only getting worse for the next three and a half weeks. I hate winter.


So much technology everywhere. I can watch TV on 15 different screens in my house. There are six different phone numbers for my family members. We have 11 different computers.

Buy why? Is it worth it? What are all these gadgets for? Is my life somehow better than when I grew up 40 years ago?

I don't think so. Not really. If anything, life is so much more complicated now. I'm kind of wishing all this electronic stuff would go away.


The pig can have my husband, I only stay because our special needs child trust me life will be so much better without him on the picture.  He is an alcoholic, drug addict who likes to chase after cheap whores , there's a reason all his ex wife's (3 ) walk out on him without notice , and no I wasn't aware he was married that many times before or that he had any drug or alcohol problems, I found out afterwards.  I put my life on hold , bited my tongue, and look the other way for the well being of my kid but I had enough I don't have the need to put it with these crap while I can be close to my family and friends , so there he is all yours , have fun putting out with his emotional abused and nasty habits.


If you don't like your spouse, the answer is pretty simple: it's call divorce and it's legal!
Something that changed my outlook on life is the fact that every day, how your life plays out is a choice.
You choose where you are.
Not happy? Change it. Can't change it? Accept it.


The "no" hurt a lot more than it should have.


I feel like my husband's family was far too quick in putting their dog down. The dog wasn't eating on a Monday. They took him to the vet on Tuesday and had him euthanized. The poor thing was only 8 years old. Maybe he ate something a few days earlier which disagreed with his tummy. It would soon pass. It's certainly no reason to have the dog killed! Jeez, remind me to never let them be my guardian if I'm in the hospital!


Last night an old college friend of mine came over and let me finger his asshole. It was really erotic and I hope he wants to do it again. Watching a man squirm underneath me is something I enjoy much more than I thought I would


I'm not telling anyone that the reason I'm so excited today is because I fucked two of the people I love the most in the world, and they want to do it again. This is crossing a lot of lines in all of our relationships, but we're so damn close anyway that this was bound to happen. Closing the circle. Gracious, our energies are really intertwining now


I also dont give the latest royal wedding much of a chance. Price Harry carries his mother's crazy gene to start with He is a sweet man but a loose canon.By choosing a divorced LA bi-racial movie star as a royal wife......? How long will she be happy playing that role and then get bored? It is a tough life and not an easy one.Look what happened to his mother?


I'm a married man but I so badly want to be fucked by a guy. I want to do it while my wife is at work. I want to do it in our bed. I want to do it on her side of the bed. I want a guy to get behind me and stick his cock up my ass. I want him to moan with pleasure. I want to feel him tense up and shoot his cum inside me. I want to know I caused him to orgasm. I want to know I did that. I made it happen. I made another man lose control and empty his balls into me. When my wife gets home from work I want to fuck her with his cum still inside me. She wouldn't know. But I would.


My boss is tedious. He will tell a joke. People will laugh, mainly to be polite. He takes that as a cue that his joke was funny, so get this, he tells the joke again. Word for word he says exactly the same joke. People politely laugh again even though they already know the punchline. They are kiss ups which is another story. But man oh man, how do people like my boss exist? He's so in love with hearing himself speak that he tells the same joke twice in a minute. I need to find a new job.


@963 - My sister is the same way.  She starts on one topic and then in the course of one paragraph will talk about 4-5 other topics or people.  To make it worse, she overuses prononus, so keeping up with her and following the conversation is really hard.  Goes like: "So that guy sead to me that he, you know the one, well he was going to the other guy I was talking about him when he said to her the he wanted them to go with her and she was talking to the other one, you know 'him'...."  after a minute or two, at least 5 people on 4 story lines are thrown out.  I have no idea what or who the hell my sister is talkign about.  And then she gets mad at me when I tell her that I have no idea what she's saying!  On top of that I get a loud real time play by play replay of the conversation, complete with emotion and volume.  SMH


I think if there were enough bugs in your nose that you could feel them squirming around, some of them would come out if you blew your nose. You would be able to tell.


I don't think Meghan Markle is the right choice for Harry. They don't look like they'd go together. Only time will tell!! I love Kate Middleton though!


I fucking hate myself so much. Life is nothing but slow suicide. I have no hope and no dreams. I'm a fucking useless piece of shit. Not sure this is a secret.


My wife and I went to visit her family over Thanks Giving. Her mom is in a nursing home now and her family seems to argue a lot about silly things. It used to be fun to go there, but not so much any more. I think once her mom is gone I probably wont go there any more. I don't think my wife will go often either. She thinks they'er all drunks. I know she's right, but I just keep my mouth shut. I used to drink quite a bit. now I don't drink at all. Nobody wants to be lectured about drinking from someone who used to drink a lot. I'll miss my mother inlaw a lot. Maybe not the rest of them so much.


The only path I see to happiness is to follow my dad to the grave. May it be soon


I have never been so intensely attracted to someone on every level in my whole entire life. He is everything I have ever dreamed of and more. I didn't believe someone like him existed, but he does. I would spend the rest of my life giving my love to this man and never regret a single moment. Even if I never get the chance, I thank God he exists and I thank God that I at least get to be this close to him, even though it isn't nearly close enough. 


Despite my phones being listed on the national Do Not Call Register, I regularly receive calls – from India – from people touting for solar panels.  Shoddy businesses back here engage offshore telemarketers in order to flout the Do Not Call Register from beyond its jurisdiction and to hide anonymously behind such offshore telemarketing operations to (generally) avoid prosecution for complicity in violations against the Register.

Given how power prices have been skyrocketing in my part of the world, I could be interested in getting solar panels for my home.  However, even though I would of course research solar panel installers independently and take not the slightest notice of telemarketers, I still feel some reluctance to pursue the idea on the grounds that I might inadvertently give custom to some business that has disrespected my Do Not Call preference by engaging offshore telemarketers to call me.


My sister in law doesn't know when to stop speaking. It's scary to see her in action. She'll insist on telling me a story about something I have no interest in. That doesn't stop her. She'll talk anyway. But instead of sticking to the point, her story wanders all over the place and I have trouble figuring out what she's trying to say. Like she'll insist on telling me about a sweater she bought. But rather than telling me about the sweater, she tells me the about her car ride to the mall and what roads she took. She starts describing the houses along the route. What color they are. Some have brickwork. Others have stone work.  This has nothing to do with the sweater except it's what she saw on the way to buying the sweater. As you might imagine, a simple one line mention that she bought a blue sweater from the The Gap turns into a half hour ramble. With the super exciting punchline being that she bought a blue sweater at The Gap.

As an added bonus, when she's done speaking, and I finally have a chance to get a word in, I'll say something to make the conversation interesting, like, I heard that Gap store was robbed the other day. In the middle of my saying this, she reaches over and tries the vegetable dip and starts calling out the hostess's name, wanting to know where it came from. She completely cut me off after only a few words and didn't even acknowledge I was speaking. You kidding me? I politely listened to her non-story about a blue sweater for half an hour and she can't even listen to one sentence from me?

It's like she has a form of autism. Is there such a thing as adult on-set autism? She is definitely missing out on social cues. Or maybe she is just the most annoying person I have ever encountered.


I wish I had never gotten married. I wish I had never met my wife. I wish I had never changed jobs at her suggestion. I wish I had never moved, also at her suggestion. My life has done nothing but go down hill after I met her. What a mistake.


My runny nosed dripped into the turkey soup. Yick. I feel bad for everyone who is going to eat it, but I can't bear to throw it out.


There might be bugs in your nose.  There are bugs in your eyebrows.


This is a very dickhead thing for me to say, but I'm being honest with myself. My daughter went on her first date this weekend. She's a 10th grader. She went with an Asian kid.

I wish her first date was with a white kid.


Sometimes it feels like there are bugs moving around in my nose. That's not possible right? Bugs can't be living in there can they?


I'm kind of happy that I stopped communication with all my old friends.  It felt like an obligation instead of something I wanted to do.  I don't even stay friends with coworkers anymore.  It's gotten to the point where people wanted to be my friend and I abandoned them.

I'm kind of sad though, because I'm lonely.  I want to stay in contact with people sometimes, but I don't want to be forced to do things with everybody all the time.  I am an introvert, and like doing things by myself a lot.


One of my neighbors is an asshole. He rides a motorcycle. There are no helmet laws in my state. I'm hopeful he gets sideswiped by a bus and dies.


When we graduated college, my girlfriend and I decided to live together in New York City. A few months into the arrangement, my girlfriend's best friend from high school called. Her name was Anne. She had been working at a book store nearby that went out of business. She didn't have enough money to pay her rent anymore. She asked if she could come crash with us.

I had met Anne a few times. She was great. No problem with her staying with us.

Within a few weeks Anne and I were sleeping together. My girlfriend worked in a very professional office. She was at the office by 8:00 AM. I worked at a startup. They were much more relaxed. I could wander in at 10:00 every morning and then stay late.  For those two hours after my girlfriend left, Anne and I would fuck. We would do it every workday.

The entire time I was also sleeping with my girlfriend in the evenings. So I was getting it twice a day with two different women. And when I was doing my girlfriend, Anne was on the couch in the living room. She said she could hear us sometimes. She said it made her laugh to think how I was fucking her earlier in the day and my girlfriend - her best friend mind you - had no idea.

It was a pretty wild life. Perfect in some ways. Hey, I got to bone two women. But fucked up too in that I was so blatantly cheating on my girlfriend.

After a few months Anne found another job and moved out. It was fun while it lasted, even though it was kind of a shitty thing to be doing.


Anybody can make a Facebook group that cannot be seen by outsiders.  When you apply to join, they have to accept your request.  It's really quite common.


190952 how does one get into a secret facebook group?


I was in a secret group on Facebook where we'd all post very sexual things and say really sexually open things to each other.  "I'd eat your pussy until my tongue poked out your asshole," things like that.  The women were just as bad, and we would all say cunt, bitch, whore, and whatever else.  

And then one day I said, "That's a good little slut," or something like that.

Well, wouldn't ya know, "slut" was apparently a bad word!  At least that's what one of the 25-year old women who was into BDSM decided to lecture me.  After a few back and forths between us, with me reminding her of all the other things she said that were apparently okay, I just told her she must be the guardian of the word "slut" and left it at that.

Some people are truly fucked in their heads.


For the last five years I've been keeping a journal of all the selfish stunts my wife pulls. I've documented the lies she tells, the promises she breaks, the lack of sex.

There should be a rule. If you can fill up more than a page of bad things your spouse has done, then your spouse isn't a good person and you should qualify for a automatic divorce. No splitting of the assets. No sharing of the kids. The good spouse gets everything and the bad spouse should go away with nothing.

The journal about my wife's misdeeds is now 359 pages long.


I'm getting older.  My wife doesn't find me sexually attractive.  Honestly, I don't find her too sexually attractive, either.  She's a good looking woman, but we're more of a married team than a couple who has sex.

But I'm getting older.  I turn 50 next year.  I'm at the edge of the age where young women want to fuck me.  I'll only live once and I don't this opportunity to pass me by.


A 40-year old man who's making pussy comments at Thanksgiving dinner isn't immature, he's crass and inappropriate.  "immature" is thrown around too much, and I don't think anybody knows what it means.


I need a player in my life. A man that comes around, says all the stupid shit women want to hear, ply me with alcohol, touch me gently, take it further, fuck me like I haven't been fucked for too long, disappear into the night. Never to be seen again.

Often, I need that often.


Sometimes I wonder if I really love you.


My dad is coming home to die this week. My mother Will die shortly after he goes.  Why aren't you with me?  This is the time to show me that you truly love me.


The only way my wife will agree to sex is if I make her feel guilty. This is not a good basis for sex. Sex becomes a downer for both of us. I really resent her for ruining our sex life.


Time to level up and viciously attack the next guy who smiles at you and says hello.  

Why, because all men deserve to have their testicles pulverized  - even the most gentle and kind man deserves to pay for the most wicked kind, right?

It's either that OR maybe you could try to align yourself with the people you want to attract into your life.  

Maybe, YOU are the shit magnet and when you go looking for trouble - hopefully, you will find it.


This morning, out of the goodness of her heart, my wife came into our bedroom, got naked and readied herself to fuck me.

I told her that I had already masturbated and was not interested.   I offered to service her with some oral pleasure - but she declined.

I'm sorry honey, I didn't masturbate, I just was not interested.

I was thinking about another woman.


For Black Friday, I bought a pizza and a shawarma- same as every other Friday.  

I would buy a (soon to be worthless) $2,000 4K LG TV, but I can't fucking find anything on Netflix that I want to watch on the 3 flatscreens that I have.

I'm so sick of video games (I used to write my own ... been programming since I was 7).

I'm going back to reading hard-cover books (bought from my thrift shop) and playing my guitar.


Caution:  idiot warning.

I blog anywhere I can, say meaningless shit all day long.   I think it's because I'm full of shit, both emotionally and physically and I'm struggling to find some meaning to my shitty and stupid little life.


There are so many things I want to tell my lover, but I'm afraid I'd lose her if I opened up 100%


I allocate myself a few minutes of porn every two hours. I'm trying to have boundaries.


I've been taking a class, not so much for the self defense aspect - for the exercise. If anyone ever tries to take advantage of me sexually ever again I am going to relish in putting all of my anger into the moves I've learned.

What's that movie where Jennifer Lopez ends up killing her husband so that she and her daughter don't need to run from him all the time?! She is so badass in that movie.

I know real life is not at all like the movies, but I dare some pervy asshole to try some shit on me. God I wish I took this class back in my twenties!

Your nuts will never recover. I'm a lot stronger than I look and getting stronger every day.

Been assaulted? Been groped?

Time to level up and assert yourself. Go to therapy, work it out, vibrate higher and be prepared to take the douche down lest there ever be a next time! 👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻


man i love being high


Gosh...I am sooooo sexually frustrated! I need raw passionate sex!!! BUT I can't just sleep with anyone!


My depression has caused me to lose interest in things I normally like doing. One thing I've lost interest in is sex. It's putting strain on my relationship because the lack of physical affection is making my boyfriend sad too. I want to be my normal self again, but I can't.. why can't I just make myself want it again. I hope at my upcoming doctor appointment next week that we figure something out. I feel like shit that I can't change things on my own and that it's affecting him so much.


When I first started exploring my sexuality, I too hooked up with a guy who treated me poorly.  We were in the bathroom and had taken off our clothes to have sex.  Suddenly he got aggressive, and stood in front of the door so I couldn't escape.  He grabbed my body so I couldn't move away, and started groping me.  He pushed me down to the floor, and kept grabbing my head and moving my mouth next to his penis.  I refused to suck his dick, and kept jerking my head away.  He eventually gave up, put on his clothes, and left the house.

They are a lot of good men out there that can be your gay buddy.  You just have to shut down the predators.


When I decided to investigate the gay side of my sexuality I had a romantic vision of finding a good looking, fun guy. We'd hang out to together and watch action movies. We'd go to the gym together. We'd wrestle on the living room floor in our boxers. We'd be good buddies and watch football. Then afterwards in the bedroom we'd share meaningful sex.

I kept this idealized vision in my head for a while, and finally decided to pull the trigger after meeting this one guy at a party. He seemed to fit the bill, so I invited him back to my apartment.

As soon as we got inside, he grabbed my hand and forced it on to his crotch. Okay. It wasn't the same as watching football together, but maybe that would come after the groping. He pushed me down to my knees and undid his pants. He rubbed his cock against my face. Not knowing what else to do, I opened my lips and took him into my mouth. He face fucked me. Then without warning he came in my mouth. When he was done, he called me a faggot, shoved me onto the floor and kicked me in the back. He left and I never saw him again.

Yep, that didn't quite goes as planned.


Ever since we've had kids my wife calls me "Pops", as in "Hey Pops, can you pick up milk on the way home?"

I don't want to be called Pops. My name is Steve. I want to be called by my name, as in, "Hey Steve, can you pick up milk on the way home?"

We've discussed this endlessly. She still calls me Pops.

Marriage not only means you give up your paycheck, your happiness, your self esteem, and your sex life. It also means you give up your own name.

With each passing year, I'm less and less a fan of marriage.


My rectum is on fire. I need to stop with the spicy food!


all i want for christmas is a divorce


My son is in his first year of college. So far he has a full ride scholarship, but when he transfers to a 4 year university, I'm afraid we won't be so lucky. I don't mind investing in his education if it means he'll be a successful adult, but I'm scared to death all of this secondary education is useless.


On Thanksgiving I took the family to the movies. I thought it would be a fun thing to do together. We decided to see Thor. We have young boys. They are into Thor. But my wife refused. She insisted on seeing some girly movie. So I took the boys to see Thor and she went into a different theater. How is that a family outing if we see different movies? What mother behaves that way? She doesn't understand that life is not all about what she wants. She has children. When you are a parent you do things for your children. She never gets that. This happens over and over where she chooses what's best for her and ignores everyone else. I had no idea when we married that she would be such a bad mother. How would I know? I feel duped.


Half our population is white, with the other half being black, hispanic, and asian.

So why is it that 99% of porn shows white women?

I think I know. Because white men are addicted to porn and they want to see white women. White men are pervs.

PS - I'm a white man.


I'm learning mandarin and I've had dreams where I'm speaking some of the basic phrases I've learned... it's mostly my brain probably going over pronunciation. Shit still works. I try to make myself dream every night and use the mandarin.


My secret is that the week when my married lover asked his wife for a divorce, I had tons of plastic surgery done. She and I are the sam age (born in the sam month !) but I refuse to look anything but really young and hot. I want her to remember how awesome I look eery time she looks at me lollllz


I was at a Thanksgiving gathering with about 20 family members. 7 of them were between the ages of college and 25.

A discussion came up and it turns out all 7 of them have tattoos.

Like what is happening in this world? Every young adult now has a tattoo? These aren't drug dealers cooking meth in a trailer in the woods. These are all highly educated young professionals. And they all have tattoos. The world has changed.


to all of those disgusted by the mindless idiots who act so poorly on black friday and all of the sales..

that's nothing compared to when the real fighting begins.....for food/water


The human mind is incredible. I'm a computer programmer. I was writing some code to take the square root of a number.  I approached it like this:

I take the number, say it was 49.

I divide the number by two and get 24. (rounded down)

I square 24.  I get a number much bigger than 49.  No good. So I cut 24 in half again and got 12.

I square 12 and get 144. Again too big. I cut 12 in half and get 6.

I square 6 and get 36. Aha. Smaller than 49. Now I know the square root of 49 is somewhere between 6 and 12. I split the difference and try 9.  I square 9 and get 81. Too large.

But now I know the answer is somewhere between 6 and 9. I split the difference again (and round down). I get 7.

7 squared is 49. Got it.

My algorithm is designed to go into decimals too, so I can find the square root of less convenient numbers like 70, which wouldn't have just an integer as an answer.

Anyway, I planned out this algorithm on paper. It was late. I was tired. I figured I'd enter the code into the computer in the morning to test it out.

I went to bed.

I had dreams about the computer program. I was writing the code. I defined variables. I used a "while loop" and so on.

In my dream I typed 16 into the computer. The answer came back as 4. Success.

I typed in 64. I got 8. Code is working.

Still in my dream I thought, how about a more difficult number. I typed in 70.  I got back 8.3666,  Yep, that's right....

That's when I woke up and the first thoughts of my conscious brain were... what the hell?  8.3666? Where did I get the number?

I grabbed my phone and used the calculator to find the actual square root of 70.  It really is 8.3666!

In my dream my brain followed the algorithm and correctly calculated a square root to four decimal places.

I'm shocked. I programmed my brain.  Ask anyone, including me, to calculate the square root of 70 to four places in their head, and they can't do it. It gets too complicated.

But I inadvertently programmed my brain to do it while I was sleeping and it worked.

Imagine tapping into this idea. We could program our brains to do all sorts of things while sleeping. Maybe I could have my brain write a book, or find prime numbers.

I don't think we realize how amazing the human brain can be.


I was recently invited to my 10th year high school reunion.  I checked up on all my old friends on Facebook that I haven't seen in a while.  They all became extreme SJWs.  They talk about how all men are rapists, how all white men are awful (even white men are saying this), getting mad at people for using the word retarded, making fun of people who disagree and claiming "they are mad".  What a clusterfuck.  I'll be skipping out on this reunion, and see if their character actually improves if they want contact with me again.


I met a man and we fell in love. His 25 year old daughter became a problem. She became very jelous and carried on like a ex-lover towards me. At the end he couldn't balance his relationship with her and me so I broke things off with him. I'm truly heart broken. I have three minor children and I could be a mother and his woman at the same time. Making his ADULT MARRIED daughter happy was more important to him than his very own happiness. Tragic and sad for him. I deserve a stronger man. I know my worth and be isn't worthy of my loyalty and affection. You win Vanessa. Your dad is all yours now you selfish immature bitch! You can have your husband and your dad all to your sick self.

Hurt and angry in Texas - female 43


Caution: Stereotype Warning

I'm a guy. When people vent to me, it makes me want to fix their issue. That's what us guys do. It's in our nature.

When women vent to me, I hold back my "we can fix this by " response, but sometimes I slip and try to help. Oops, sorry. When the random guys vents, I feel I finally have a purpose in life, and I want to help fix their issue.

It makes me feel so damn useless when everyone wants to spend hours telling me about their problems, but doesn't want my help. They shoot down my ideas every time. Every muther-bleeping time. Always. I'm always wrong. Arrrrrrrgggggghhhh.

It doesn't matter if it's a work issue, one with a spouse or kids, the car or computer, the garden or a pet. I know these things. I can help. I CAN FIX IT. I have done the things they want help with, but nobody wants it, they only want to bitch at me, then tell me how I'm wrong.

WTF?!? I'm thinking I should take the advice my teenager unknowingly gave me about their boring school lectures. When I'm being talked at, I should wear a hoodie to conceal the wires to my headphones. I can then allow myself to catch 10% of the person's issues while jamming to some good music.

I'm apparently as useful as a football bat, so I may as well try to ignore the mental pain of not being able to help, and instead smile and nod while hearing some soothing Pantera and pretend to listen to their bullshit I shouldn't bother myself with. It's not like they want any help, they just want to vent to a human face.

The few times I want to vent, I want help too. The reason I'm telling 'x' story is because I want to let out my frustration and hear another way to fix my problem. Do I get help? NO. I get the other person's story that doesn't pertain to my issue. WTF.

I don't know why I bother. I'm stubborn, so I guess that's part of it. I still listen. I care. I want to help. I want to try to.... oh F it. Never mind. Keep living your problem while ignoring my solution.

'Five minutes alone' is playing now. Forgive me if it looks like I'm head-banging while you whine at me, when all I want is for you to STFU. You will now get the same sympathy from a tree trunk, and you'd value it's advice just as much as mine.

How the hell do I attract these whiners?


Look kiddo... You have written me off completely because of some past misdeed or other. What you don't realize is that while I was raising you, I had to stick up for you and your behavior numerous times - with teachers, doctors, couselors.  Until you were 9 or so, I was basically raising you alone because your father was working crappy jobs with late hours and you with some kind of mental processing problem that left you an angry little prick much of the time.  Believe me, I  help and advice raising you numerous times. Even your grandfather (who rarely complimented any of his kids) said he didn't know how I had the patience to deal with you.

So I wasn't perfect, but I did NOT cause your problems. I raised your sister too, and she turned out fairly normal.

So go ahead - judge and avoid me until you become a real adult and learn to forgive others and face your past. People do go crazy when kids they really love turn around and reject them for stupid things.  People go crazy when being divorced from the only person they've been close to without any clue beforehand. I had to fake it til I made it.

But by the time you become a grown up, it may be too late to re-enter my life. I have managed to carve out a great life for myself and turn my life around - and if you don't want to share the joy of that, it is your loss.

I know what's up. I know I am being shunned. There are two sides to every story and you are not interested in mine - sign of a closed mind. But I never have and do not wish now for you to come to any harm.


There is nothing like a drunk, insulting douche that embarrasses you (while trying to make the insults a joke) in front of a room full of his family members. Thanks hubby; oh and Happy Thanksgiving!! 2018 I'm planning my escape- I'm done with years of this undeserved shit.


Guess it's that time when all my friends are getting pregnant. I feel left out. Not because I don't have a baby.. but because I don't want one.


I also don't understand why Jews get more respect than everybody else.  I am not anti-Jewish.  I think all religions are non important and shouldn't be taken seriously.  People act like Jews are still discriminated against, when most of them are successful in life and have high influence in society.  Religion doesn't determine your personality, because they are both good and bad religious people.


Message boards have shown me that most people are really stupid.


i hear you 900. My parents never really could afford to take us on vacation, so every once in a while, we'd go to a Days Inn a couple of towns over and get two adjoining rooms. Me and siblings would get one room and my parents would get the other. We'd get to jump on the bed, order movies on the BIG screen TV, get take out food, and swim in the hotel pool. It was so much fun and these are such happy memories.

Just goes to show you that kids don't need expensive things and experiences to have a good time. Kids just need parents that love them and do their best.


906 - We're not all whack jobs - Seriously.


I may add, Thanksgiving Dinner, married woman flirting, grabbed my cock. tried to pull it out.


899 - that meal  is also a common single/divorced guy dinner whether you have money or not.


When I close my eyes to go to sleep at night I say a silent prayer that I won't wake up again. I ask to die peacefully and leave this life behind forever.  What's wrong with me?


If you call women sluts you don't deserve to be having sex.


She's not a slut, she's a tease.  Don't fall for the bait.


For my whole life I've never acted prejudiced in any way. I like people. I like all people. But then.... I was on a chatboard. This one woman was being mean to others. Someone would give an opinion on something, anything - baseball, politics, the Miss America pageant, whatever, - and this woman would respond by calling the poster and ass or worse. It had been going on for a long time. I finally spoke up and politely asked her to stop with the negativity.

Oh gosh, she went nuts on me, saying I'm trying to censor her because she is Jewish. She said I was an anti-Semite. Like huh?

I had no idea she was Jewish. Her mean comments had nothing to do with Judaism. The conversations had nothing to do with Judaism. It was totally from left field to pull out the religion card and claim I was asking her to tone it down because of Judaism.

Anyway, over 100 people "liked" her post, agreeing with her that I must be an anti-Semite. Me. I've never said a mean word about anything, let alone someone's religion.

In the end I left the chatboard. You Jewish trolls can talk among yourselves. I'm gone. You win. I'll find another chatboard with just Christian people I guess. I suppose it's official now. I don't want to hang out online with Jewish people anymore. I'm an anti-Semite.


Thanksgiving: married couples at the table, the hot wife is flirting with me every chance she gets. he's clueless. great body.


Do people really need all the crap they buy on Black Friday??? I am so confused and put off by the behavior...


My husband's family. We are sitting around several  thanksgiving tables, 24 of us. One young nephew shifts in his plastic chair. It makes a rubbing sound. One of my husband's immature brothers who is in his 40s says, "Was that a fart?" Another of my husband's brothers says, "No, it was a queef. Ha ha ha ha."

The nephew asks, "What's a queef?"

My husband's immature brother says, "That's when a cock is sliding in and out of a pussy and pushing air in there. Then when the cock pulls out, the air comes out too. It sounds like a fart but it's air leaking from a pussy instead of an ass."

I'm sitting there with my 10 and 12 year old boys. The banter is completely inappropriate. My husband's family is classless and they never think. Who says something like that in front of young boys??

That's the last time we'll ever have thanksgiving with my husband's family.


I think the Newsweek article is BS, I never been into "macho" men , those big muscular guys , in fact I find them unattractive.  I notice most of the men I find attractive are kind of feminine, soft spoken and have delicate features.  Idk maybe because I have no desire to have more kids or maybe it's to balance me since I'm very tomboyish.  I'll give you some examples Garret Borns , Justin Trudeau, the actor the plays Norman Bates yep none of them are macho looking types quite the opposite.


I hate being non-confrontational. It makes me feel like a little bitch. And my older coworkers are all like, "yeah, you'll grow out of that when you're older." like BIH NAH I'd rather fucking deal with this now!

Now I'm all butthurt and gonna need to prove myself by getting into a confrontation for no reason at work...fuck this shit man


When I was a kid we would sometimes have 'special treat nights'. There were movie nights when we would watch a film together and Mum would make us huge buckets of popcorn, and lots of cheap soda. Then we would have buttered toast before bed because we were too full of popcorn and soda to want dinner.

Or picnic nights, when she would lay a blanket on the floor in the living room (we were never allowed to eat in the living room!). She would cook all sorts of random things and we would eat them like a picnic.A couple of chicken strips and 1 small frozen pizza, cut into pieces for us to share. A few spoonfuls of one frozen veg, a few of another. One packet of chips for us to share. 1 can of soup to share, and of course as much bread and butter as we wanted.

My favorite was breakfast dinner. We'd start with oatmeal and then we'd finish off all of the boxes of cereal. We were allowed to experiment mixing and matching different types of cereal, or just eat them dry - so much fun! And of course there was toast, lots of toast.  

Often, this would happen for 2 or 3 nights in a row. If we'd had picnic night one day, I'd be so excited to find out if there was going to be another treat night the next day.

Mum never ate with us then, she said special treat nights were for children only.

As an adult, they were obviously the nights she was struggling to feed us. I can't imagine how that must have felt for her. She must have been desperate. But even knowing the real meaning behind those nights, they are still some of my happiest childhood memories.


Last night's dinner was a package of ground beef mixed with a box of macaroni and some frozen peas and corn that were in the freezer. There was a package of gravy mix in the cupboard so I mixed that up and threw it in. My oldest son loved it and asked me what it was called. I told him it was "goulash" but what I really wanted to say was "it's called what you eat when you're poor as fuck" but of course you can't say that to a five year old. Later that evening my husband said "you know what dinner tasted like?" And I said "what?" And he said "poverty." Then we laughed, because what else can ya' do? Then we had a discussion about how we're going to fix our financial situation, but it basically consisted of "I'm going to fix this." "No. I'M going to fix this. "No I'M going to fix this." etc.

We're not in the worst financial position we've ever been in, as in we don't owe the government thousands of dollars in taxes and our credit isn't maxed out. But we're still in the position of living off of ramen noodles and $1.00 meat pies so that our kids can have the frozen peas and the canned oranges. I keep telling myself it's temporary. It's not forever. I need to be strong enough to pull us out of this.


"I know you are but what am I?"  That's how children argue.


I can't bring myself to be with someone who has absolutely no ambition. Most people say they have it, but they don't. I get it, I know what it feels like to struggle through a single day. But I fight against it with everything I have, because I've seen what happens when people lose their lives to complacency. In my experience, most people don't even want better for themselves, and don't have any expectations of themselves either.

If you're still at the point where you want to find someone to be with because you're not happy and you need someone to make you feel better about your life, then peace out homie. I've been down that road before, and it ends with you still being dissatisfied because you got a Sig-O and didn't change any of your life choices.  

I'm looking for a builder, somebody with a good work ethic who can be my PARTNER in achieving both of our dreams. I know you're out there.


Different people are attracted to different traits.

Just because some people are attracted to certain traits, doesn't mean everybody else is.


Liberals are sex offenders.


GOP stands for Grand Old Pedophile. It's the new normal.


Yeah, I got snippy when the dinner we were cooking was late.  I timed all of my dishes perfectly and then mine went cold waiting for yours.  If you had started when I suggested, it would have all been perfect.  My mild OCD tendencies, cold mashed potatoes, coupled with kids acting bratty made me a little short.  I am sorry.

- M 45

P.S. Sometimes I am right hon.


Newsweek had an article that talked about the results of a few studies that showed women are still find muscles and wealth to be the more attractive features in men.  Newsweek was shocked that despite all these efforts at being more socially progressive, that we as a society have not preogressed past this.

I don't think I need to tell anybody how stupid that is.  Social progressivism can never beat evolution and genetics.  You can't tell people to find another trait in a person to be more attractive than those they already like naturally.  Attraction has one goal: to make babies.  Men will always find women to be more attractive if they look like they will be more successful at having babies who can survive to make more babies:  young women with big tits.  Women will always find men to be more attractive if they look like they can provide enough for the baby to survive: wealth that can provide what is needed for the baby to survive, confidence and muscles to fight off the threats to the baby.

Nope, social engineering cannot beat evolution.  Sorry, Newsweek,


I wouldn't mind sleeping with my sister's husband.


I really only watch "Intervention" for the eyebrow fails.


You really want to do it. You do. There's no reason you can't get a job there. I don't know what your degree is in, but there are a lot of jobs nowadays that you can do remotely wherever you are, as long as you have a computer with internet. If you're too scared to commit, go volunteer there for a few months after you finish school. There are organizations that you can sign up with to do that.

If you want to do it so badly, you should.


I hate that he's most likely tracking me over the internet and seeing this.  I wish he would stop.


Dear future me,

I am so sorry. I am so sorry for not being strong enough to leave. I have dreamed of moving to Hawaii since I was about 10 I think. I know I need to leave but I am an insecure person. When I tell people about my hopes and aspirations, they all seem to support me until I actually want to do it. I was really into interior design, but my mother said there was no chance of getting a job in that sector. After I had gotten my bachelor and Master degree I could do whatever I wanted to, but at least I had relevant knowledge.

I am halfway my Master's now, and I am networking as much as possible in order to get a job. Will I ever do anything that truly interests me? Probably not. But hey, at least I have two papers proving that I'm 'smart'.

Every summer I have spent at my grandma's, at her farm. When I told people I could live there to which they told me I was just being a silly girl. I remember not saying anything much, but just shaking it off. I remember that my grandma was the only one who truly believed in me. My mother was the one who always wanted to protect me, always wanted to get the best for me. I am on my way now to have a so-called perfect life, I have a loving boyfriend, nice friends, a healthy lifestyle, an education, a roof above my head. This makes me feel even more ashamed of feeling so unhappy all the time. I feel like I try to be happy when I am around people, but when I am on my own, I almost always cry. I remember after people who were really close to me died, I would often cry myself to sleep for over a year. And I have lost a few people in my life who meant a lot to me.

I am 22 now and I always have a really strong gut feeling, but I am not decisive enough to just pack up and go. I am sorry future self, but I think there will come a moment in my life where I would actually not be able to take it anymore and just pack my bag and go. When I tell my boyfriend that I want to move abroad he says that we would not be able to find a good and high-paying job somewhere in Hawaii. The point of living becomes less and less for me every year and I am wondering how long it will take for me to break.

I am probably depressed and I think I am oversensitive and have anxiety. But i just CANNOT open up fully to anyone. I had to had to go back and sit silently in the classroom when my dad died at the age of 9 FOR FUCKS SAKE. I often just hope that I don't wake up. Because going to Hawaii and follow my dream just feels less scary than dying.

I remember reading a postcard on PostSecret about a someone who was suicidal and just decided to leave everything behind and just traveled all around the world. After having seen the blue footed booby, she felt like life was worth living. I still think about that postcard sometimes and I just envy how brave she was. I am not even brave enough to cry in front of my loved ones. If I am imploding and just cannot hold it anymore, then I can let a tear slip, but I am just not able to fucking cry for real in front of fucking anyone. If I will get a legit chance to leave, I just might. Goodnight.




Spending thanksgiving with my in laws without my husband.. feel so lonely and out of place. I just want to go home :(


I want to pound your fat mulatto ass so badly! Ever since you told me you love rough fucking it's all I can think about.


My gf tells the story of going to the gynecologist. The doctor had her lay back and open her legs. He looked for a moment and then called the nurse over.  He told her to go get the other doctor in the office to come take a look.

My gf was terrified. What were they looking at? Was something wrong?

The other doctor came in and said something like, "Well, I've never seen that before!"

The doctor then explained her malady.... she had a postage stamp sticking to her vagina. LOL.

My gf explained to the docs that she keeps her stamps in the same drawer with her underwear.  Ooops.


I'm looking forward to a drama free thanksgiving tomorrow. It'll be my second one now as well as my second sober holiday season.  

My life is a thousand times better than I could have ever imagined it.


876- Same here! They hate his first wife... they LOVE his second wife!


What is the point of life? We watch TV. We snap at people. We stuff our faces with bad food. We are a bunch of fakers pretending our lives have some great significance. But each of us are nothing. Then we have kids and pass along the burden of nothingness onto them and their generation. And on and on. What is the point of all this?


My family watches the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade every year. I hate it. So much fake spirit and celebration. So much crass commercialism. And all the lip synced performances.  It is fucking unwatchable.


I have watched every single Gilmore Girl episode at least three times. Do you watch C-Span? You explain yours, I'll explain mine.

I don't regret a minute of it! I love the way they ended the series on Netflix with Rory being pregnant.

Gilmore the merrier!!!


876- I like how you think ;) hehehehe my pleasant demeanour around my husbands family is for similar reasons. Really I can't stand them but you'd never know.


I'm really nice to my hubby's family so that if he ever divorces me, I will be missed and they will be mad at him for giving up on such a wonderful wife.


I live on the fringe. It's kind of lonely.


Baby girl thinks she got it done tonight on my work back but she doesn't know I was authorized to go Godfather.

Enjoy your last week of employment.


I wear reading glasses. I don't need them all the time. I keep them in my pocket on the ready. Sometimes I reach in my pocket to get them and they are stuck. One of the arms gets caught in a fabric seam or something. It's infuriating. The more I tug the more stuck they get. There have been a few times where I got so mad that I grabbed the glasses and with all my might I ripped them out of my pocket, breaking the plastic arm in the process. I didn't care. It felt good to break the glasses. I then threw them on the floor and stomped the living shit out of them. Good riddance you little uncooperative fuckers!

This is why I think it best if I don't have children.


I'm looking forward to a drama free thanksgiving tomorrow. It'll be my second one now as well as my second sober holiday season.  

My life is a thousand times better than I could have ever imagined it.


American Thanksgiving is better than Canadian Thanksgiving. Canadian Easter is better than American Easter.


One chick accused a senator of indecent behavior. She was photographed  in a red white and blue halter top forcibly kissing a soldier who probably had some explaining to do to his wife.

She excepted his apology and moved on.  Then some other phony baloney story came along about an alleged ass-grab. This is just a smokescreen for the real perps.

Facts are important. One m&m tastes good. Two m&m's are an improvement. More than ten and less than twenty is a relatively decent amount when compared with one or two, but who's keeping track...

Context and nuance matter. Facts are important, but they don't mean anything without context.


I am so fucking high right now.


I don't see what the big deal is about Thanksgiving. Everyone's so busy stressing about it and losing their fucking minds. Obsessing about having the perfect holiday and having everything just so. Gotta impress everyone!! Please its JUST A MEAL. Throw a turkey in the oven for a few hours,put your feet up while its cooking. Then mash some damn potatoes, eat your pie you got from the store bakery and call it a day. No need for elaborate menus and 5,000 dishes. Use paper plates. Family stress you out? Don't invite them!!! Enjoy your peace and quiet. Simple.  Jesus Christ people!!!

38/f/married with kids and enjoying a stress free holiday tomorrow


I would like to hurt a few people from my past.


My doc wanted me to take a stool test where you have to take a dump and smear some on a piece of paper and mail it into a lab. Get real. It aint gonna happen. It's about dignity doc.


My husband comes from a strange family. We went to the beach, by we I mean me, my husband and my sister in law. She went topless. Hello, anyone home in there? You were topless in front of your brother? Come on, that's strange.


I wish my life was boring enough to always complain about Trump. Nah I have a life


I think man buns are cute.


Doug, I don't think I can do this. I feel like you will never be the person I need to see. You're all talk. You're just shockingly self centred, sexually and emotionally. You turn my words into accusations and I never know when you are being deceptive and saving up a slew of things to word in your own way and accuse me of awful things. You gave me gonorrhea once, then acted like I was the one. You are jealous, so very jealous of all people who are not YOU talking to me. You try to make me feel like I've got competition,  all the time, and like if I do anything for myself you will simply be forced to disrespect my health with your unprotected sex with who the fuck ever. The only competition I have is the nasty, ugly, and cruel person you really are. You can't hide it every second, and I see it and it's fucking bad. You're just a great pain in my ass. I don't want to help you work through your hangups and be treated badly and hear your excuses.  I just fucking hate who you are. You suck. And you refuse to be someone who I can choke down. So, fuck you.


589 move his stuff out and change the locks. Don't walk, run.


I don't know, call in Coincidence, or God, but I finally said "fuck it", and stopped trying to control things. I handed it over to the Lord. I prayed.
I was looking at Loans, or Debt Negotiation to cover my $20,000 in Credit Card Debt. Rejected, rejected. Too much debt on cards, maxed out, etc.

And then, a check came in the mail yesterday for $20,000 as part of an Inheritance! legit. Cashed.


I got back in touch online with an old ex/friend of mine I dated in my early 20's. At the time everything was for the most part innocent at that time, although we were pretty heavy into partying with drinking and drugs then. We now live a few states apart, and I decided to go visit him (mind you this is 10 years later and we have only spoken and seen each other a few times since dating several years back). He showed interest in me sexually and flirted, and we ended up hooking up and spending the night together in hotels and what not. After I came back home, he calls a week later saying he wants to move where I live. Now, at this point nothing seemed too crazy, I mean yes that is a bold thing to do, but he also seemed very bored of where he was at and just down, so I figured he wanted to get away a while. Then he asked to stay at my place, saying he would start looking for jobs and a place to live. During this time, still spending most of his time with me, talking with me constantly, sleeping together, etc. Then I started noticing that he was not very motivated to do anything for himself, just seemed to be freeloading all around. So, about 2 weeks in I started saying "no" a lot, stopped sleeping with him, etc., began asking when he was leaving. As soon as that started, he began targeting other women through dating apps and spending days at a time using other people as well. He started ignoring my calls and texts more and didn't seem to care at all that it upset me. I knew right away I was dealing with a sociopath. One night I was distraught over the whole thing and downed a bunch of vodka and completely blacked out, later to find out that he had along with another woman I do not know, carried me outside to my car, then he drove me to a busy city area, and left me inside the running vehicle in a parking lot. I ended up with a DWI that night after waking up with no idea what had happened and starting to drive while still blacked out. I am even concerned that I may have been drugged. Now he has left town, and left all of his belongings he brought in my house, saying he will be back by Monday. I am really confused about what to do. I stopped communicating with him completely, but it's as if he has left me with this threat of power and that he will be back soon, and I just don't know what to do. I guess call police? I'm not even sure that what he told me about leaving town is true.


Fact checker.  13 women have accused Trump of sexual assault.


I have a plan.

There's this turkey I have to bring to my friend's house--I got it free from my job so it's an easy contribution to any Thanksgiving dinner. But her house is a few towns over, that turkey is 25lbs, and I don't have a car.

So, my plan is to wrap up the turkey, put it in a sweater to shield my skin from the cold, and wrap it inside my jacket like I'm pregnant. The jacket will be tight enough that it'll keep the bird in place, and I'll be able to go on about my business.

Then, while I'm outside the train station waiting for a bus, I'm gonna light up a cigarette and see what happens xD


I love that President Trump loves women and show it. Women who can not handle a man's man like that should stick with school boys and their gay friends. I love sex and love men making me feel desirable . I have never been harassment as I know how to handle men that step over the line in a nice but firm way . Why is every women a helpless victim, all of a sudden? You dont know what you are missing ladies! Hot blooded Female 34.


I say "I hate people so much" way too often. This can't be normal. Every time I see someone walking down the hallway towards me, I mumble "I hate people." I don't want to be this way. I don't think I've always been this way. Being home alone without husband or kids is an absolute heavenly dream to me. I care nothing about going places and doing things. Just let me stay home and clean house. It's cathartic to me


Six out of 10 women in America now feel they were sexually harassed.  How do they expect men to show them they are interested in them? "He touched my shoulder- he told me I am pretty-he asked me out- he touched my hand" what bull sh*t is this? Harassment it trying to rape you or touch the other person's  private parts or breasts. There is a very BIG difference.It seems if you talk or look at  a woman it is perceived as sexual harassment. Soon men will turn to porn  the internet for 100% of their sexual gratification.Don't watch your biological clocks anymore ladies -better get a turkey baster and call a sperm bank.


I hate being asked to talk to people in Spanish because none of the white people at my job speak it. I'm black and I've grown up in the U.S., so everything I know comes from my schooling. Even so, it's irritating, because in school we're taught European Spanish, not South American Spanish. There are a lot of minor differences, and I haven't taken a Spanish class in 7 years.

So I feel like an idiot when they look at me with a blank stare because I can't even string a sentence together that makes sense. I've also forgotten a lot, so I'll get halfway through a sentence and then forget an important word...

Sometimes I'm good at explaining around it, but a lot of the time when I try that they don't even know what concept I'm talking about. It's really frustrating and embarrassing. To a degree I know I'm psyching myself out, because I used to be better than this. But part of me fucking hates it when they go, "Oh, you speak Spanish right? Can you tell him ABCXYZ?" and I'm like "Bitch, maybe!" Fuck


848 stick to pornhub via the phone, they're a great site who is great at monitoring for viruses.



I work often. It seems like I'm always working. It seems like I have the right to tell work to fuck off every once in a while.

Unbeknownst to me,  while I was at home when I should've been at work, a person at work happened to be recently home from a colonoscopy.   Apparently,  during a colonoscopy, they  try their best to make you feel comfortable by giving you a drug that will help you cope while they jam stuff up your ass.

I decided to lay low. I left and went back to my house thing it would be best if I wasn't there.


There were 19 or so accusers. He admitted to regularly assaulting women, Billy Bush not exactly what you'd call "gotcha media"

The real problem is that these so called conservatives approved of and condoned this behavior when they voted for Trump.


It's funny - when I was in my 20s the doctors were so hard core about women getting a Pap smear every year. You weren't allowed to have birth control pills unless you had your yearly exam. Then our provincial health care changed the rules and now we're only allowed to have an exam every three years because they don't want to pay for yearly exams anymore.


I would watch more porn, but I'm worried about accidentally downloading a virus to my phone.



Rectal exam guy, now you know how most women feel when we go to the gynecologist, at least men don't require rectal exams until they hit certain age (late40's) maybe? Us , women need to visit the gynecologist yearly since we hit puberty.


I had a rectal exam today. The male doctor inserted his finger up my male butt. I don't know why gay men like this sort of thing. I hate the feeling.


I feel like I wont find anyone better than my ex
He's kind, sweet, but unambitious and not driven.
Can't find anyone perfect I guess...


It's hilarious that the Pussy Grabber in Chief supports chief pedophile Roy Moore. Birds of a feather stick together.


834 - I didn't share the happy childhood memories with my family like this.  I mean don't get me wrong, it wasn't any tragic story, just not super close with my family.  I've never really wanted kids.  I always wonder why so many people are so set on having children.  For the first time I finally understand it.  Your secret really made me smile and it makes me grateful that there are people like you in the world.  With all the crazy teen moms and crazies having kids, and all these rich people having kids and teaching them horrible values.  Your secret made me feel warm and fuzzy knowing someone wanted to make a family just cuz they love their family :) I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday :)


I'm off Thanksgiving, my husband is working.  I'm spending the day ALONE and I'm so happy.  lol

I haven't told anyone this though.  They will think I'm weird, lonely, depressed etc. and will invite me their houses - which is really nice don't get me wrong, but I don't wanna go.

I'll sleep in, take a shower, put on clean pj's, start the turkey (small one) sit on the couch and watch the parade, read the paper, relax.  Eat dinner with husband, then have some pie.

Make sandwiches for work the next day (with pie) and that's it.  

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  Introverts Unite!  lol


Somebody at work brought in huge, fresh strawberries. As I put the entire thing in my mouth, all I could think was, it was like the head of a huge cock.....I ate many.......


Today at work I masturbated in my cubicle while I thought of you. Anyone could have walked by and seen me but they didn't. I think I have a problem.

f 38


Last night my 14yo went on a 20-minute diatribe about everything that is wrong with my wife, her mother.  She isn't working, she's lazy around the house, yada, yada, yada.  I kept interjecting that she needs to respect her mother and that she loves her very much.

Note.  I never said a word of what she said was wrong.


I think it's funny what's happening in the country now with sexual harassment. The media desperately tried to pin sexual harassment on Trump. They made a big deal out of it. They said sexual harassment is never to be tolerated and Trump should be fired.

Only problem, no real woman has ever come forward to say Trump sexually harassed her.

But.... it turns out so many people in the media have been sexually harassing women all along. They scolded Trump - even though he did nothing - while they themselves were guilty.

And since they made such a big deal out of sexual harassment being unforgivable, all these media people are being forced to resign.

Ha ha. Their lies and dramatics backfired and it's costing them their careers. Now that is justice!


Weed is awesome at night, great high, then right to sleep, but DAMMIT, it makes me so bloated and gassy the next day !


As a guy I would never sexually harass a woman. I would get no joy out of pressuring a woman to let me touch her. I would be disgusted with myself. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy being physical with women, but only if they genuinely want to take part. Those men who pressure women are sickos.


I accidentally shit my pants today as I was farting.  Im a grown man!  How fucking embarassing.


I think I wanted to have kids because I had such a great family life growing up. A lot of good memories and a lot of laughter. My family honestly just enjoyed each other's company. My sisters and I are all grown up and moved away now, but we're all still very close. I guess I wanted to carry that on and have that in my own home.

My kids are both very young still but they're already so smart and funny with their own unique talents and personalities. Things can be chaotic and stressful at times, but they bring me happiness and love every day. I don't regret it for a second.


We never have a normal thanksgiving because it's more important to my husband to hunt on that day instead of spending time with family.


I dread thanksgiven. My wife make it so tense.


"How dare you ask if I'm feeling better today? How fucking dare you. You think I wasn't in a good mood yesterday? Well fuck you. I'm always in a good mood. I know you think I'm a bitch. Well I'm not the bitch you are. You are a man bitch who acts like a little fucking girl, always asking about my emotional state. Well let me tell you my emotional state is fine. You are the one with the fucking mood problem, always snooping into my state of mind. Fuck you asshole."

Oh, okay, I'm the one in a bad mood and you are a happy person. Thanks for clearing that up.


I've already been to a lawyer.


I'm seeing a lawyer after the holidays.


I'm confused as to what happened at work. I enjoyed working at my job. Everyone got along and we did good work. Then we hired this one programmer. He talked all day about the "right" way to program. He was kind of condescending about it. He knew best. No one else did - according to him. I just ignored him.

He began to see me as his rival and a threat. He would bad mouth me to others. I didn't deserve that. I don't do harm to anyone. I just keep my nose down and do my job.

Senior management called me in and wanted to know why others don't like me. What? All but the trouble maker were my friends. I've gone out to dinner with all of them numerous times. I've been to their homes. They've been to mine. But this one trouble maker created an underlying theme that I was not well-liked and I do bad work.

Christmas bonus time came. I got a reduction. A reduction? Me? I stayed late every night and got the most work done. But I got a reduction? The bosses said again it's because I'm not well liked.

How frustrating. The troubled programmer was like a cancer.  He was destroying a department that was working very well before he arrived.

I finally quit. After almost 10 years of working there I left the job I loved. There was no point in me staying. My name was smeared.

Guess what happened next? Without me churning out code, everyone slowed down. They spent their time listening to the trouble maker tell stories of how great he is. Funny thing though, for all of his self proclaimed expertise, he never actually managed to write code. He was a faker in my view. He just talked.

A year went by. The department got nothing done. The bosses finally cut a bunch of projects that were way past due. So much money wasted. In outrage the trouble maker quit. I think his leaving was a big act. He didn't want to be fingered as the reason nothing was getting done. So he stormed off in a dramatic huff while bad mouthing the company management. Just like he had bad mouthed me.  

But what was all of this? The department was good and solid. Then management allowed a good guy like me to be forced out while the trouble maker stayed and dragged down everything. I thought well dressed business types in suits were supposed to be better at reading people. I guess not. Almost everyone in a company is a faker, taking a good game and just pretending to know what they are doing.


I have no sex drive


Hey. Guess what? This marriage won't last either. Yeah I'm talking to you


Out of desperation, I made a decision to overdraw my current bank account as much as possible ($500), and start a new account with my next paycheck. I was very tired of overdrawing every single payperiod and ending up in the hole as soon as I got paid. I realize that I'm getting myself in trouble with my current bank, and that eventually I'll have to pay this money back, but, as I said....desperation. I used the $500 I got as a final overdraw to buy some stuff from Amazon for Christmas, pay my electric bill, and buy some groceries. I doubt any bank will give me another account, but I'll figure it out. This is middle class my friends. This is the result of a 4 year college degree, and still not making ends meet. How depressing for my kids' futures.


818 It won't stop until good women tell the bad ones to straighten up. Men can't be men when confronting a woman.
When a man confronts a man there is always a primal issue below the surface that "if it gets to bad a fight will determine the outcome".
Men can't approach a woman that way. So real men ignore bad women.
Good women straighten out your silly sisters!


Some people have children for egotistical reasons.  They regard themselves as wonderful specimens and think the world will be a better place with more like them.



I'm so happy that there's never a shortage of fuckery in my life.


I found another article about Millenials' murderous rampage on good, traditional values today. This time, they're saying that we're killing the future generation by not having enough babies. I thought this was hilarious, and brought it up to my coworker, who happens to be a Boomer. She never had kids herself, so I thought she'd understand that some people just don't want kids.

Cue my super liberal, aggressively opinionated coworker putting her two cents in like she always does to try and tell me what I already know. Boomer says "Well tbh, most millenials don't have kids because they're lazy and they live at home with their parents and don't want to work for anything."

Super Left gets mad and they start playing the Generational Blame Game. It gets pretty contentious pretty quickly, so I walk away. What had started as a joke had turned into a conversation where everybody shouts their opinions and no one listens.

I'm so sick of people not being able to have actual dialogues on important issues. I could have politely told Boomer that she's generalizing based on her own experience (which is common for people to do), but they were too busy with each other for me to bother.

Millenials aren't having children because we're all broke as hell.

Millenials aren't having children because women aren't being told that their only option in life is to have children anymore.

Also, who says we need to maintain our global population anyway? The world is severely overpopulated, so we could actually use to lose some numbers in the coming years.

And IMO, I think it's kind of sad if your only ambition in life is to raise children. Don't get me wrong, it's an important part of life that needs to happen, but I can't help but think it's a little bit of a cop out sometimes.

People don't know what to do with their time, so they have children.

Shitty relationship? Children.

Want to give your life meaning when before there was none?

Want to martyr yourself for life and have a perfect excuse to never make anything of yourself?

Do you need a "legacy" in human form to make yourself feel like you matter in the grand scheme of things?

Then have some freaking kids.

Of course, I'm aware that my perspective is biased because I don't know anyone who has children that didn't have them by accident, or outside of the reasons I listed. Also because I don't want them, ever. I think it's kind of pointless to hold onto this idea that we need children to give our lives meaning. We can do that on our own.

But now I'm curious. There must be positive reasons why people have children. I just have no idea what they are. I'd really like to know.


Please dont be afaid to catch feelings for me


My wife cheated on me and I stayed. This is the biggest wrong decision I've ever made. If your spouse cheats, you should leave. If not, you are setting yourself up for years of concern and lingering suspicions. In my case, when my wife is out I am in constant worry she is off cheating again. It's not worth the angst. There can be no balanced relationship. There can be no true happiness. You need to move on. If only I had listened to my own advice.


UGGGGG damn, just stop with this sexual aggression and sexual misconduct. men, stop your bullshit with women. Its not the correct thing to do, so just fucking stop. Women, you stop too. You know you are doing it too. This whole Frankin thing... he's a dick for what he did, but the woman is just as much of a dick, because she grabbed the ass of someone else at the same USO show, and SHE bitches?..... this all needs to stop


No man has ever hurt me so profoundly and unapologetically as my father has. He. Does. Not. Care.  He has never apologized for any of the numerous awful things he has said and done. Here's his logic: It's my problem I'm offended by it, not his. Feelings are weak and useless bullshit, you see. My mom is the opposite. She is kind and loving. She acknowledges her faults and tried to make things right. She's apologized to me for things she did that might have been hurtful that I had completely forgotten about. My parents are night and day.

I have a lot of anger to release...

I asked my father to stop smoking because I wanted him to be around when I got my masters degree and graduated and for when my siblings have children and to dance at our weddings. I thought this would get him. He looked up from his book and told me “Well, I lost my father when I was 10, so you'll just have to deal with it.”

I had some internal struggles with religion as a teenager. 9/11 killed my belief in God. I was 17 when I finally told my parents. My mother cried and asked what would become of my soul. My father took me downstairs and tore into me about how atheists are bottom-of-the-barrel pieces of shit as human beings and that I was just being a stupid mindless sheep and copying my friends. I lost religion before they ever did. He told me had no respect for me. I screamed and cried because his words felt like hot knives slicing into me. When he left to go back upstairs, I went into the storage room because I was choking from how hard I was crying. I found a razor blade from a box cutter and was a millisecond away from ending my pain right there, but I thought of how hurt my mother would be. I dropped the razor and passed out in the floor for a couple hours from exhaustion.

My parents divorced briefly when I was young, between the ages of 9 and 11. My father started dating this horrible women when I was 10 who used to be a friend of my mom's until my mom realized what the friend was going after. I absolutely defeated this vile woman, and she didn't like me either. When she was moving into my dad's house, we had a huge blowout. I told my dad that he had to choose either her or me, but he could not have us both.

He chose her. Things have never been the same with us since, even thought my parents eventually got back together and remarried.

My father tore our family apart with his alcoholism and cheating on my mom. My siblings hurt from it, but they bounced back and were fine afterward. I was not so resilient and developed anxiety and depression. Worst of all, when I was 10, I developed trichotillomania. I've had control over it for about the half the years I've had it (I'm 30 now.) As a type this, I currently have not been able to wear my hair down for 4 years now because the top of my head is a huge thin patch where I've plucked myself almost bald. I will have this curse the rest of my life. This type of disorder is partially due to a stressful event and generally emerges between age 10 and the early teens. Hmm, I wonder what could have happened to cause it?

Things with my dad and I have gotten better since I moved 3 states away 4 years ago. My mom and sister have been despairing to me as of late because he's been increasingly callous to the awful way he treats people, including his own family. They almost can't stand to be around him anymore. My mom has had to put up with more of his stupid bullshit than she should ever have had to. But they don't want to tear the family apart again despite the fact we kids are all adults now...and she can't afford to leave him.

I've been walking around with all these old wounds becoming aggravated again since hearing about increasingly terrible way he's treating them. Every time my mom asks if this is how she'll be treated the rest of her life, that old anger rises within me again. Most of the time, the pain my dad has caused my mother and me is muted. But there are times like this where it seethes within me and consumes me. Tonight it spilled over, and I had to get everything out. I'm not looking for pity from writing this. Only a release from the emotions that I'm so tired of carrying with me for 20 years now...


I have a case of the squirts. This sucks!


Bitch u really tried to come for me when you look like Count Olaf. Where your lips at tho. That turkey neck. Those warts??? Try again sweaty


It never occurred to me...I just assumed she was the best in bed. It had nothing to do with anything. Yes, I was attracted to her. I loved her soul. I'll never love like that again.
She would brag about all the crazy shit she had tried in bed, but she was really a perfect little angel when it came to sex. Others tried to say she was a total whore, but I knew better.
I don't know if slut-posing is a real thing, but that is basically what she tried to confide in me about, saying there was nothing she wouldn't try or enjoy.
I appreciate her free spirit. She's like a machine, though. I know exactly how to push her buttons. The price of having gained this info is terribly high, but is what defines us.
The last time we were together was pretty weird. I thought about her slut stories which made me sad on one level. I didn't really believe it though. She tried so hard to be different.  I could definitely relate to her aimless desire to be different.
She let me inside of her without a condom for about a couple of seconds. she claims afterwards that she carried my child before an unfortunate miscarriage.
Maybe. We would have made beautiful children together.


It's okay for a Grand Dad to ask for a hug, but if the grandchild doesn't want to, he/she shouldn't be forced. A child doesn't owe anybody physical affection.


People really can't handle it when you tell them that you do not partake in the Thanksgiving and/or Holidays extravaganza. For many years, I would lie about what I do on Tday, pretending to celebrate with family and/or friends. Not anymore. When people ask me, I just tell the truth: I don't celebrate any of it and I spend it alone. By choice yes, but also by circumstances. People literally freak out.


You promised to handle the situation. I gave you the time you asked for. Now you would rather do something else than take care of your family. 2018 is going to suck.


Most white guys are raised to believe that women are their equals.  Most white women are raised to believe that everything that's wrong in their life is due to white men.  Most Asian women are raised to believe they're second class children compared to their brothers.

Is it any wonder why the white male/Asian female combination makes up 40% of all interracial couples?  That's 3 times higher than what a straight average should be.  

Emotionally, the white man gets a woman who doesn't beat him down with bullshit, and the Asian woman gets a man who treats her as an equal.  Pretty obvious.


07 That's hilarious and you are absolutely right, I have met three men who married foreigners (two Asian and one Brazilian) with the illusion they were going to do what they were told 😅😅😅 joke was on them they all ended up divorcing these women . The two Asians turn out to be obsessed with status and material things (very expensive) the Brazilian one , once she got her green card drop the guy immediately and moved on very quickly.   Some men are just idiots , with unrealistic expectations of marriage, maybe they should move to the Middle East , where women get treated like possessions and can't do anything without their husbands permission.

A foreigner that doesn't fit my cultural stereotype.


There is an article out today saying it's wrong for an adult relative to tell a young girl, "You owe me a hug."  It sets a precedent that girls feel like they owe physical contact to adults.

What bullshit.

Now it's wrong for your grandad to want a hug?

This world we are creating for ourselves is insane.

What's next? It's wrong for me to hold the door open for a women because there's an implied expectation that the woman owes me?

It's wrong to ask a woman out to dinner? It's wrong to buy a woman a present?

Fucking trolls in the media will print any garbage to get people to read their article and they don't care if it messes everyone up. Journalists should be licensed and those licenses should and can be revoked.


God help all those Asian women who are descended upon by western creeps looking for a servant. You know, I used to live in Asia (WF) and it was hilarious. The guy would hook up with an Asian lady and at first she is sooo cute and sooo sweet he totally falls.

But once that ring is on that finger, watch the tiger emerge from behind the silk curtain. Asian women who were born on a diet of manipulation (as all women are when their rights are denied them) totally wrap said western creep around her little finger. The men don't know what hit them. All they know is that they cannot escape.


If I self sabotage my way out of this job I will actually kill myself.


Abusive childhoods make us feel bad about ourselves.  We should fix it.


Men, American Women are not the way to go. If you look at them wrong, they get high and mighty, and threaten to sue! Believe me, try an Asian woman.  And no, not a hooker. Just a beautiful woman.  American Women will try to tell you they are diseased, but that is not the case.
They will serve you, as a Man, and as terrible as that sounds, they love doing it. They let you be the Man.
It's wonderful. Don't worry, all women are NOT like American Women.


I guess I'm angry all the time because I'm still coping with years of child abuse and domestic violence. Sorry for not being happy. I'll be sure to try harder.


Your son was arrested in 6th grade for breaking and entering. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. You must be so proud!


When I had my breast reduction the day before my surgery, my doctor ask me what kind of pain killers I wanted, i just laughed and told him whichever since I have never taken any .  He ended giving me vacodim which I only took for one day ,I couldn't stand the drowsiness the next day I just took over the counter pain killers  until I recovered . I just don't get how can people function or get addicted to the staff it's the same for weed , coke , or any other drugs .  I can't even stand alcohol just the smell of it makes puke.


I drank my own vomit once, while i was on shrooms. Didn't want to lose the high, bc i hadn't started feeling it yet. It was disgusting. Even thinking of it makes me gag a little.


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