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I and everyone I care about are truly living in the worst possible timeline, with the most amount of suffering possible.


I noticed that whenever my four year old is hungry, I am strongly compelled to get him food.  This should seem obvious- feed your child.  But it's like this evolutionary compulsion.  Unless it's sugary junk food or right before we're about to eat a meal, if he tells me he's hungry, my mind just becomes overridden with the idea of getting him food.  I can tell him to wait a few minutes while I finish something, but all the time while I'm finishing up there's this sense in my head that repeats "must get food... must get food... must get food..." until I give the kid some crackers.  It MUST get done.  I guess we're all just monkeys in clothes after all.


Why the fuck does my boss want a regular meeting at 3 pm on a Tuesday?  That means I can't leave early without him knowing on that day.  I didn't get a few advanced degrees so I would have to work all day.


My wife and I have not had sex in four years.  We had sex two times in a week so she could get pregnant.  Prior to that, we had not had sex in two years.  We had sex over a two month period so she could get pregnant.  We had sex one time prior to that the year before.  She didn't want to, but she gave in.  We had sex a few times in the year before that.  That's been the last 7 years, half of our marriage.

I can see why guys cheat.  Porn and masturbation can only release so much in a guy.


Um, yeah. Water seeks its own level. That should scare the shit out of you.


My boyfriend said if he ever was diagnosed with cancer that he would holistic treatment and CBD oil over chemo and radiation therapies.

Umm...what?? He is a smart man. It confuses me so much that he would choose this unproven "treatment" over medical science. I flat out told him I don't believe in that type of unproven and non-medically researched treatment when we live in age of advanced medical science. I support him in every way...except this.

Obviously this is a scenario that might not even happen, but it's the principle of the whole thing that bothers me. I had a migraine and he said to rub some oil on my head. Didn't work. But you know what did? The safe and effective medication my doctor prescribed me. Science...!

Because I love him so much and we want to spend our lives together, it distresses me that if he were to get sick, he'd choose treatments that are not effective or scientifically proven. I feel that if I allowed him to choose that, I'd be allowing to get more sick or die. But if I spoke up against it and tried to dissuade him, I'd be controlling and interfering with his right to make decisions about his own health...


Fuck them. I don't ever want to think about them, they are filth. They are so fake, only nice when other are around, that's not how a family should be. Shame on you, thinking you can fool everyone including yourselves, nothing is sincere about you


Deep within, past the surface chemical emotions, into the inner core. Deep inward solitude is where fullfiment lives. Peace is inside.


Tonight I realized that a good friendship is more than likely going to end after tonight. I am not going to push to keep it but rather allow for it to end organically.  Tonight showed me a lot about our friendship and honestly there we are on two different paths of life and that is ok. Our friendship has come to an end now.


I came so close to sleeping with this one guy. A few years later I found out he died of AIDS. Holy shit.


Why can't the women who like sex and then men who like sex ever find each other and get married? Then all the sexless people would have no choice but to marry each other. It's what they deserve. They can make themselves miserable.


When I was probably 14 or 15 I went to a summer camp for 2 weeks. One day the counsellors took us on a canoe trip to an island with a high cliff that we could cliff jump off of (you could never get away with that today!) Some of the boys were jumping off the cliff. I had no intention of doing it, but a few of them were standing in a group talking about how "no girl would ever be brave enough" to do it. That pissed me off so I said I was going to do it and I stripped down to my bathing suit. The cliff wasn't straight down. It was a little slanted, so you kind of had to take a running start and jump out so you wouldn't land on the rocks at the bottom. So I ran and I jumped out. I did synchronized swimming at that time, so it was automatic for me to stretch my arms above my head, arch my back, point my toes. I heard somebody say "she's so graceful." Then I was falling, falling, still falling. It seemed to take a long time, so I looked down. All I could see was the rocks rushing toward me and I opened my mouth and screamed. Then I hit the water. Hard. It hurt. I was glad I did the synchro pose so that I hit the water so cleanly. It must have been super painful for everybody that just jumped.  Looking back, it was really dangerous, but it was pretty awesome. I'm glad I did it.


#136: Not all women are like this. Leave her because she's not gonna have sex with you, it  doesn't matter what you buy her... and you shouldn't have to do all that in the first place... this is super humiliating and you shouldn't have to endure this... she married you for the wrong reasons. You seem like a nice guy trapped in an awful situation. Don't waste your time...


Everything is in paradox with everything, and nothing, at the same time.

Just as your body and mind is symmetrically aligned into two haves, one's perception can also be completely opposite, yet completely complementary at the same time. Two opposite halves working to make a whole.

The world of reason provides many paradox that can't be so easily reconciled. It takes a spiritual awareness to see the limitations of reason exist, and at the same time are boundless.

Life is not random OR intended. It is both randomly intended and intentionally random.

One needs to point the mirror at the mirror to see how endless it really is.


I have an itch on the bottom of my foot that won't go away. There's no rash or anything like that. Just a super annoying itch.


I'm a wife and I have a much higher sex drive than my husband. I don't initiate anymore because a girl can only take so much rejection. We do have sex, just not very often. It makes me sad, but I've learned to live with it.


When I look back at my marriage, I was such a fool. The writing was on the wall. I chose not to read it.

The day we came back from our honeymoon, I suggested my wife and I have sex. She said she was too tired. Next day the same thing. And the days after that. When the weekend rolled around, I pushed the idea again. My new bride said she couldn't have sex for a while because she "had to work on the photo album for the wedding."

Wait what? The photo album?

Turns out "a while" meant 6 months. Can you believe it, we didn't have sex for six months after the honeymoon.

It's not that she didn't like sex. It's that she was using it for control. She wanted things. Her plan was to starve me. Then it would be easy for her to get her way in exchange for a quickie. It was nothing but manipulation on her part. Her agreeing to sex in those first two years was in exchange for something. We did it three times in two years. Who has a marriage where sex only happens three times in the first two years? It was absurd.

The first time at the six month mark, she wanted to quit her job and not work anymore. That got me a fuck. Six months later she wanted me to buy her an Audi. That was another fuck.

And the third time was very telling. It was at about 18 months. She had gotten out of the shower and was standing at the bathroom sink. I came in to take a shower. I normally wasn't allowed to see her naked. That was part of her manipulation. Every time she was naked it was behind a closed door. But here I was walking in on her naked.

I was immediately aroused. After all, both sex and seeing her naked was rare. So while standing there behind her, I leaned inwards and before she knew what happened, I push my cock inside her.  She was like what are you doing, what are you doing...

I said I'm you husband and I'm having sex with you. She was out of comebacks and excuses - even though she had still not done the wedding photo album lol. So she stood there holding onto the sink while I fucked her. Being so deprived, it took all of two minutes.

Afterwards she was so mad. Livid mad. You know why? Because we had sex and she didn't get anything from it. No diamond earrings, no trip to Europe. She acted liked she was robbed. She wouldn't talk to me for days.

Finally I had it out with her. I told her she was a con artist. I said husbands and wives have sex. Enough of her manipulation. Enough! I was mad. I probably could have slapped her I was so frustrated.

She started in with the fake tears saying she felt like she was sexually abused by me at the bathroom sink that morning.

That really made my blood boil.

That was not sexually abused!!!!!!!!!!!!


I told her either we have sex more often. Or we go to a marriage counselor. Or we skip all that crap and I call a lawyer and the marriage is over.

She reluctantly opted for the marriage counselor. Which turned into another two years of sexless hell, but at least she was/is discussing the situation.

Worst thing I ever did was get married. Worst thing ever. The courtship was fine. We had sex. It turned on a dime as soon as we were married.

This bizarre marriage zaps all my strength. Everyday is frustration for me. Everyday I'm feeling used. Everyday I want to leave her, but I keep hanging on hoping something will change and the marriage counselor will work. I'm a fool. I should cut my losses and run away from this totally fucked up women.

Why do women act this way? Why why why? It's revolting.


I met a woman at a party.  Liked her.  We had a lot in common.  She liked me and she liked sex.  We've been together as a loving couple for 48 years.  She still likes sex!

We never got married.



After being married for several years, I realize why people cheat. The wedding cake is an anti-sex device.

I tried to hold it together. I tried to seduce her in every way, but the only thing I got was "Thanks baby" and a raped bank account. I couldn't bring myself to cheat on her, so I embraced porn. Pictures, videos, GIFs, text, audio, I like them all. I even started writing erotica.

Guess what happened?

After being chastised for "chasing her body" and changed my focus, life was awesome. For a month. Then I got in trouble for *not* chasing her, jerking off in the shower, or rubbing one out to porn.

There is no winning. Women only like sex to trap a man into marriage, tease him for their enjoyment, or screw him out of his money in any way she can.

Yay feminism


My wife and I don't have sex. Once a year if that. I want much more. She doesn't. She wins. What bothers me the most though is that I discovered on many nights my wife goes to bed before me an masturbates. So she won't have sex with me. But she takes care of herself. It disappoints me and makes me feel like she is not a good person.


If I see something good in someone else's trash, I'll take it.


I feel like I've embarrassed myself my entire life. Everything I've ever said and done makes me cringe. I don't want to die or anything. I just don't want to be near people anymore.


I started this job almost two years ago as a contractor. It was all rah rah and we're a team and do a good job and you might go temp to perm. I am not any closer to perm status after two years. I've planned a trip that I delayed last year. They agreed to "let me go". My secret? I acted thankful but ever cell in my body was screaming fuck all of you. You want me to keep my head down and offer me nothing while being thankful you let me work there. Fuck you.


A thought experiment: If you could write a suicide note right now, what would it say?

I have no desire to do so, but the thought really brought life into focus for me. Hope it does the same for you.


The proudest moment of my life was the first time I ejaculated into my mother!  Sadly, for legal reasons, I can't  tell anyone, so instead I'll tell EVERYone!
If only every man could go home each night and make beautiful love to his mother, there'd be no more war, and the world would be such a peaceful, loving place!


My car failed inspection because the engine warning light is on. The garage did a computer diagnostic and found out the seat warmer isn't working. Really? My car isn't worthy of being on the road if the seat warmer isn't working? What the hell does this have to do with emissions testing? How the hell does this make my car unsafe? Government, get the fuck out of my business!


Say, wanna have some fun? Post a picture of yourself holding a sign with a secret on it. Don't want to show your face? That's okay. Feel free to be creative, show your fingers or toes or elbows. Racy is even okay. Just as long as it is a picture with a secret.

Come on give it a try. It would be fun.

See the help section for instructions on how to add a picture to a post.


My wife says "Good morning" to me in the same way a terrorist would greet a kidnapped American prisoner. It's filled with a menacing hatred. It's as if my wife is saying "Good morning... and now I will torture and brutalize you for the rest of the day because you must pay for everything bad that has ever happened to me."


In one vein we say, "To thine own self be true," and in another we continue, "fake it until you make it."  

Which, the fuck, is it?!!!

How bipolar are those directions.  Oh, hey, you're not feeling so great today, pretend you are!

Oh hey, bummed out?  Then let people know, don't be as "sick as your secrets."

Sometimes, the directions are in direct conflict with each other.  I'm not trying to ruffle feathers, just trying to be Captain Obvious here and state the hypocracy here.  Let's go the route of "to thine own self be true."  I think "fake it until you make it," is kind of a crock.  If I wanted to be fake I would time travel back to my teenage years and early twenties.  That was a painful period where I was constantly trying to be the person everyone wanted me to be.  Screw that noise.  Now I'm about realness.  Whether it comes off sexy or not, that is irrelevant - it's authentic, it's truthful, it's raw - it's REAL.

Fake = gross and diminishing.  It brings you closer to your lower base self.  I want to be risen up to my higher self.  Even if it means having some humility and letting people know how I'm truly doing, instead of what they want to hear..

Fake is everything that's wrong with our society today.  I mean, can you people believe there is a reality show coming out about teenagers with Down Syndrome?!!!  Like, wtf America?  Aren't we doing poorly enough having Trump as our mouthpiece ... do we really need a reality show about children with Down's?!!  And where the HELL are those kids parents?!!!  How could you exploit your kids like that?!!!

Fake, fake boobs, fake nose, fake paycheck (reality show) ... all of that is everything that is wrong with where we are as a society.  Airbrushing = fake body.  It's all wrong.  It's all false, it's all bullshit.  

Reality, which does not involve television cameras following you aroud as you shop or air time.  That's where it is safe to live.  Even if it feels vulnerable, even if it is uncomfortable.  It's real.  It is authentic.  It is truthful.  

When is society going to shift towards being real?  

How about all the refugees in the world today?  Who gives 2 flying fucks about some kids falling in love with Down's Syndrome on tv when there are real people out there, real teenagers cutting themselves because there is no end to their refugee camp in sight?!!! There are nine year old children attempting and succeeding at suicide to escape their pain.  How about getting in touch with REALITY.  Not exploiting children, how about coming to their rescue, instead of being part of their demise.

Society is gross and convoluted.  Sometimes it's so dark and depressing.

That's when I want to go live in a Yurt somewhere in the woods and just say peace out to everyone and everything and just live off the land, off the grid.  I can see how people just pick up and leave their old lives behind.

The irony in this secret is that I'm actually in a good mood, heading to the beach, having my coffee.  This is just what I ended up typing, it was sort of stream of concsiousness.


121...How are you ? & screw those bastards...get out of onesided relationships. I would rather have no friends than have friends like those...I would cut them off..
You will be alone for a while...but you will make new friends who are worthy of your kindness...
Take your power is too short to be putting up with those suckers.
Hang in there & life goes on!!


I'm quitting everything. No more drugs, no more drink, no more smoke.


I dated a woman for a while who would stick her finger up her own ass during sex. It was the hottest thing I've ever seen. I never should have let her get away.


I'm so alone. All my 'friends' call me when they are having a hard time and I am there for them and listen and talk them through it. But no one ever stops to ask how I am or cares. This life is not for me.. I hate being so hurt and having no one to lean on.


you cannot remain
at war
what you want to say (who you really are)
what you should say (who you pretend to be)
your mouth was not designed to eat itself



I'm terrified #114 is directed at me. I'm sorry. I know I've been a terrible wife. I can change. Please give me a chance.


High school football doesn't teach young men confidence. It teaches them arrogance.


My exit strategy is to pound her hard in the ass. Then the moment I'm finished emptying in her rectum, I'll lean into her ear and whisper, "I'm divorcing you."


I think there could still be, still, some poetry left in me. For you though. You always.


You are making a mistake. I love you, but you are dumb.


Please let this disastrous marriage be over soon.


Frankly, I never would have believed that I would love again. I went from an insecure, jealous, gaslighting psycho to a kind, loving and secure woman who  completely accepts me as I am and loves unconditionally.

I couldn't be happier.  💕


Stop asking me and bothering me about why I don't look at your Snapchat stories. I already know what you look like. I don't want to see 25 selfies of you and videos you take of you singing The Weeknd seductively. You're doing it all for male attention, and then when you get lots and lots of male attention, you publicly ridicule them and somehow use that to get even more male attention. We see each other like twice a year, and the last time we did, you spent more time looking around to see who was looking at you. It's too much, girlfriend. Tone it down.


I teeter between following my heart, seeing the beauty in everything and being a hardened, jaded individual.


She said something about "falling in love" as if it was a bad thing. She did the thing, so it was pointless. The catch is thankfully for her it didn't work. That is what she wanted. I always wanted what was best for her.

I can remember her words. Not sure why I would remember it this way. She did everything and didn't fall in love. Maybe they were wrong. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe I waited too long as someone took my place.  

Supersymmetry? The ship sails on. Beautiful orange blossoms fall down all around us. Forget me if you must my sister star if it makes you happy if it helps you survive.


Let's call this person "Chris", just so you don't know our genders or relationship.

I found Chris in the garage.  Chris was wearing a tiny swim suit, a blindfold, a ball gag, plus headphones blasting music. Chris was in the garage, wrists and ankles bound to the wall.

No witnesses, no proof, and no regerts. Well, maybe one regret. I don't know if my action or lack of action with Chris was right or honorable.

I felt regret the afterwards.

I won't say what happened, but looking at the situation later, I think I should have..........

Ahhhh, the desire. Chris is so sexy I can't stand it. Good thing Chris didn't call the cops.


Please don't subject my daughter to that stupid fucking ogre... it's bad enough she has to be around you every day. In a fair world I would be able to slay you both in this mortal existence and do it again in multiple after lives. You have no clue who you ar fucking with.


a guy came over from Craiglist last night and jacked off to my wife's lace thongs, I actually help him stroke, he was a heavy cummer. it was hot. I don't label myself as 'gay' I just don't or have ever been attracted to men. Just cocks, I love cock. If I could suck my own cock comfortably. You'd never see me again.


I posted 186038 about a month ago.  I was 80 pounds overweight.

At that point I had lost 12 pounds.  68 pounds to go.

Now I have lost 23 pounds.  57 pounds to go.

I'm doing it!  Every week there's a minute change on the scale.  Sometimes it's not noticeable, but over three weeks I can see a big difference.  My pants are becoming looser.  I haven't been wearing a belt because I'm loving the feeling of having to pull my pants up as I walk.

I gained the weight over 20 years as a result of a long term health problem I hadn't known about.  Nothing I did could get any pounds off me.  I just kept gaining weight.  The problem had gotten so bad that it was finally identified, and just some simple changes is now causing me to lose this weight.  I will be so glad to get this off of me.  Maybe I won't get back down to my old weight of 20 years ago, but I won't complain if I lose 50 pounds.

It's just nice seeing this dream turn into a reality.

In other news, I don't know why 57 sounds more to me than 68.


We had a platonic friendship.  It was like the phase right before things heat up.  I had a huge crush on her sister even though they looked very similar. Her sister was brooding and depressed all the time.  I kind of always felt a little sorry for her.

Much to my delight, we had a wonderful time exploring old churches, diners, roads through the woods, trails.  She was down to earth.  We didn't put each other on pedestals.  We weren't acting cute for the camera.  Two friends exploring life together. Just what my soul needed.


A thin line of boric acid around the borders of the rooms in your house will keep roaches away 100%. The apartments above mine and on both sides of mine have roaches, but I don't. Because of boric acid. Look it up. And it's not gonna harm you or your pets


My secret. The company received a legal document requesting all of our emails on both our work machines and home machines. The company then instructed us to delete all of our emails. I kept copies.


Molly Parker is nuclear winter. What a babe.


098 thank you. The roach traps I have set up in my apartment look ugly and it embarrasses me. I don't know if I even need them but coffee grounds sound better than the chemical shitstorm of Raid!  I'm willing to try anything to start fighting this phobia.


I always enjoyed eating at my work's cafeteria.  Then last week I was getting a tray, and there was a bug crawling across the counter!  What kind of sick fuck brought that shit in here?  It must have been one of the new guys, because it was always clean.  I have lost my appetite for eating in the cafeteria, and only buy a few things away from that counter.


Not all men act like perverts.  That's just a stereotype.  Women can be perverts too.  It's that time of the month, so they are desperate to get pregnant, so they hit on every man they can.  I've had women want to cheat on their husbands to be with me.


I lived in an apartment for about 2 years.  During the last 6 months, the place became infested with cockroaches.  It got worse and worse.  No matter how clean you are, it doesn't matter when you live in an apartment.  If your neighbors are filthy, you get their filth.

I feel I moved out just in time.  A week before my departure, I caught one crawling across my bedroom rug.  They were leaving the kitchen and going elsewhere in my apartment.  Finally, I was gone, and glad to leave those roaches behind.

But there's one problem.  Roaches get everywhere, and they get into your packing boxes.  Within two weeks of moving into my first house... there was a cockroach on my fucking kitchen counter!!  It had caught a ride in my moving boxes from my infested apartment.  It ran off before I could smash the thing.

I was horrified.  There was a 50% chance it was female, and if it was pregnant, I was fucked.  My new house would be overrun by those things.  Thankfully, I went online and found a remarkably effective and simple solution that requires no chemical.  All you need is coffee grounds, a jar, and some masking tape.

Roaches are drawn to used coffee grounds.  Used coffee grounds are like crack cocaine to cockroaches.  You dump the coffee grounds in the jar, fill it with like an quarter-inch of water, and then wrap the jar in the masking tape.  Every cockroach in your house will run to the jar, crawl up the side on the tape, fall into the coffee grounds and water, and drown because they can't get back up the side.  

The next morning, there was the cockroach I had seen the day before, dead in the water.  I saw another cockroach a few years later, did the same thing with the coffee grounds, and the next morning it was in the jar, dead.  There is nothing more effective to get rid of those foul creatures than that.


Men disgust me. I was in a lecture. I was sitting in the back of the room. Half a dozen men were sitting in front of me. At one point a pretty woman walked across the front of the room. As she passed everyone's view, these men opened their mouths and started wagging their tongues back at forth while smiling at each other. They looked like dogs. Do you get that men, you look like mangy mutts with no sense of decency. Aren't you embarrassed to be men?


I was going to ask if we could work together again.  I had thought the vibe was good.

Then, in broad daylight today, with many kids running around you clearly were looking right at me, I smiled & waved and you just looked right through me.

I may not know much, but I know I'm not about to saddle up next to that.

Frankly, I'm not in a rush to get working with anyone again.  There is so much ego involved.  The former friendship gets muffled somehow, and suddenly it's teacher and student.

You know what, I'm all set.  See ya around like a 🍩 Toots!

Next time I'll pretend I have no idea who you are, seems to be the way you like it.


Sometimes my depression is like a candle in the corner of the room. Other times it's like the room is on fire.

I rewatched part of "The Bridge" last night and it helped me get through an otherwise miserable series of situations today.

The scary thing is, the less attached I am, the more I identify with the jumpers. I don't want to identify with them, even out of curiosity.

Speaking of, there is the curious case of the guy who survived who realized all of his problems could be solved after it was too late.

I want to live, but I am steadily getting more and more detached from everything. It's safer not to have concerns.


My anxiety is bad today. Can anyone please tell me how I can stop being so hateful and critical of myself? There's a voice in my head constantly tearing me down. It is so self destructive.


Men are pigs who think only about emptying their nuts. They start wars over their nuts. If we castrated all men, the world would be a better place.


Women are evil


I think I'm having a food baby.
Hope it won't hurt.



Why do people indulge people who have OCD and anal retentive personalities? Just because you feel like you have to have things the way you want them, doesn't mean you should. It seems like coddling. You wouldn't tell someone with depression to go ahead and stay in bed all day since they feel like they can't move, right?


Just wait til she takes her selfishness to the Internet....
You'll forget about everything else.


Typical. I take my wife and son out for Chinese food. When the waitress puts the order on the table, my son takes a serving spoon and stirs up the cold sesame noodles. The noodles are on bottom, the sauce is on top, so he stirs them.

I take a serving spoon and sir up the szechuan dumplings. Same sort of thing, dumplings on bottom, sauce on top, so I stir them.

My wife take a serving spoon and starts loading her plate. We aren't even finished stirring them, but she's jamming her spoon in there to get some. See what happens? My son and I do what is good for all. My wife, she does what is good for herself.

This seems petty. But this is what she is like with everything all the time. She does whatever is best for her. No one else matters. If we are watching a tv show, my wife will come in and change the channel. She'll never get the mail from the mailbox, she leaves it for everyone else. She'll never pay a bill, I have to do it. She'll never feed the dog. She'll only answer the phone after checking the caller ID to make sure it is for her. If it is for me or our son, she won't pick it up. If she spills coffee on the floor, she'll leave it there. I do all the laundry. When I see the hamper is full, I do a load. If my wife needs clean clothes and I haven't yet gotten to the laundry, she'll pick her things out of the hamper and put only her items in the washing machine. You've never met a woman as self centered as my wife.


I don't want to live with this hatred in my heart. I feel like it poisons me. No one sees how I seethe with anger and hatred towards him and the effect being with him still has on me.

Two years ago I moved in with the guy I was dating at the time. Shortly after getting a job and settling in, I realized the apartment was infested with cockroaches. I'd never even seen a cockroach. They terrified me. They're dirty and spread disease. This horrified me. They began spreading from the kitchen to the rest of the house. I became paranoid and anxious. It felt like they were everywhere. I wouldn't even cook food in the kitchen anymore. I bought lean cuisines and plastic flatware and that was my diet for two months.

My ex didn't care. As far as he was concerned, it wasn't a big deal. Just wash off your plates before you use them, he thought. His apathy to the infestation and the fact that I was slowly being to lose my sanity drove me over the edge. I had a nervous breakdown and he didn't care. I got a personal loan from the bank and moved out of that place in January 2016. I was rid of him forever.

But I wasn't rid of the paranoia. I moved 4 hours away into my own place, and I still find myself being hypervigilant. Whenever I see something out of the corner of my eye that appears to be moving, I'll think it's a roach and a flash of panic runs through me. When I walk into the kitchen for a glass of water in the middle of the night, i turn on the light and stop  before I walk into the kitchen. I scan the counters for anything crawling away. I saw a couple of them at different times that got in from the crack under my screen door, and all the fear came rushing back. I have a can of raid now that kills them quite fast.

When does it stop? When does this fear stop?? Every time I have a reaction to something I think might be a roach, I become angry when the fear subsides. Even though I'm rid of him, there's this one thing that still follows and affects me and reminds me of that horrible time. Besides this, I've put everything else about that relationship in the past. I don't want to be angry and hateful, but it's is so hard.


I've realized you're toxic.  I will do better.


Not Rape, Not death of a loved one, Not abuse, Not physical harm, Not Cancer, None of these hurts you more than deception and betrayal from someone you love.
I know.. I've experienced them all.

A wayward spouse has no idea of the damage they do with their selfish behavior.


Yesterday, all of a sudden, she hugged me and said, "I love you. I'm sorry it's so random but I forgot you're the type of person that needs to hear it."  

I love her sooooo much!!! :D


I'm an American, and I hate this fucking country so much. We try to act like we're better than everyone else, so "advanced" and "equal" while only a tiny fraction of the country actually HAS that experience.

We're a fucking land mass of posers. We focus on composing false images of ourselves for the public online, as if that were important. Our laws are merely pretenses to those in power. Even our food is fucking artificial!! And not GMO's, I'm talking high fructose corn syrup, red dye #40, yellow dye #5, and the plethora of processed garbage we push out in massive quantities.  

I can't wait until I can leave. I'm definitely not raising my kids in this mess.


Hey Dems. You 0 for 5.  Ever think the folks don't like the dog food your selling ?




I am just so tired of everyone's bullshit.


I'm lonely, I have only a few friends, no one close. My husband died not long ago, I miss him. I'm lonely.


I miss you Again and Again.   I hope you're having the time of your life.  

I dreamed I was holding you close not Tmorrow, right now.   Really love you.


turn ponies on for the kids(RISING ACTION FALLING ACTION ANOTHER DOLPHIN IS OKAY!!!) it's time to buy weed and take selfies! with which you could have ordered older better art taking more focus and more interesting like Rescuer's Down Under / Rescuers / Neverending Story / Dancer in the Dark(Bjork) / Pinnochio / Recess / Arthur / ....


the most enjoyable experience is where all people involved feel supported and on the same team.. energies can cause people to compete or put walls up.. we need to mediate and acknowledge dignity and communicate from the heart.. dominance is an energy that is communicated in all exchanges in some form or another.. defiance or denial is not a trait to be proud of.. I am working on myself and I will make things work


First appointment with my new psychiatrist today. About 10 minutes ago I read a few yelp reviews about the doctor that have now made me uneasy and nervous. I'll go to the appointment so I can get refills of my meds, but if I have a bad feeling I'll look for a different doctor. I am so sick of apathetic doctors.


Today is my birthday. I feel sad right now. Lonely. I wish I didn't know it was my birthday.


introverted may need push to fly (+room to communicate) (not thrown into water to swim) while extroverted may need place to land or apply energy .. anxiety is a result of awareness of neglectful abusive behaviour .. which can be turned into a learning experience .. no excuses .. mediate within .. paranoia is heightened awareness of the interpretation "between danger and beauty" .. rebalance the roles of the gatekeeping beauty with...  encouragement rather than dominance is best ... choose the good toolbox.. walk the line and rebalance and maintain a positive role..


Chris Rock keeps warning men that their wives' affairs are not with strangers but with someone he sees several times/week. Chris Rock needs to shut his mouth.


I sound like a total retard whenever I open my mouth around him because I have a huge, huge crush on him. So awkward.


I hope you don't feel that things are strange between us.

I do really value and appreciate you and our friendship.

I'm not always so good with showing such things though.


Threesomes are great because the two women in it try to compete against each other.


I lurk on my friends Tumblr page, it obvious she is not happy with recent life altering decisions she has made like cheating on her husband twice...sad to see her suffering. Chin up Catherine, it will get better once you stop and take some time to find what you really want and not hop from bed to bed and into a submissive relationship so quickly.


Am missing my work husband. Was meant to see him tonight, but didn't get to, as I'm sick :-(


I had a threesome this weekend, which was pretty was me (female), a sexy and super nice guy I met recently, and my best friend. The bestie and I have done similar things before now and then previously just for fun. What I don't like is I see a pattern of when it does happen she always makes a big deal about it later as if the guy was soooo into her, she doesn't really like females sexually, she was too drunk and/or blacked out (which I know this time was a straight lie). She feels bad because it was a guy who is "friends" with another guy she really likes a lot who doesn't want a relationship but continues to date her. She thinks it's o.k. to blame me that I don't stop her from doing shit. I've told her before it is not my responsibility to tell her what to do. I asked her 100 times throughout the night if she was o.k. with this or that because that's how sex works and I respect her own decision. Sometimes I think she does it to try to prove a point, that she's competitive and wants to make sure that she is just as desirable as me, steal the show. Well, I've learned that I'm done with doing shit like that with her because she's such an attention whore and just makes everything about her. She knew I was attracted to him, she already has a boyfriend, why the fuck get in the middle of that? And then try to make me feel bad about it later. I'm starting to think she's just a shitty friend. Why can't people just have a good time and not get all conceited, self-absorbed, jealous, etc. for fuck's sake it's just sex. Neither of us are married. We've talked about it multiple times that we're both o.k. with stuff like that happening now and then, but that we are strictly friends and confirmed that we both feel that way so I don't understand what the problem is. I think I'm most confused about why she didn't just let me have a good time with the guy on my own if she was just going to regret it and fuck up her current relationship? Knowing there's a good chance he would find out? It just makes me think this is about something deeper with her competitiveness with me, and it bothers me.


It's obviously a secret to "Dr Salami" how "can't take it seriously" his name sounds to a Western audience.




That kid who was sent to North Korea was a spy for the United States. He was collecting the posters and propoganda for the United States government. They sent him over there due to the fact that he is young and no one would suspect him. Look at the camera footage of him "tearing the poster off the wall," as they said. He gently rips it off, and begins folding it to put it away. Once he was caught by North Korea they didn't want him to talk so they put him in a coma and he was in it for over a year. Then they said he should be in America because we could take better care of him and they don't have the equipment to save him... and he dies 3 days later in the United States... Now his family doesn't want an autopsy either even though we have no idea how ended up in that position in the first place? North Korea may have initially put him in the coma, but The United States didn't want him to squeal so they put an end to his life. There are way too many coincidences and things that just don't add up.


Just so you know Kevin, any of the sweet, "I miss you posts" or similar are not from can trust me because I'm not the liar or cheater! Finding out about your closet cocksucking fetish and taking it up the rear was enough to get over you FAST. I hope you and "Sydney", "Ram" Tam, or whatever girl or girl with a dick you are screwing can finally come out of the closet and quit lying to unsuspecting women. Your herpes was the least of the things you should be admitting. I wonder how many other people you have told to come on here?


Mental illnesses come from vitamin mineral etc deficiencies and after adjusting to natural balance of those coming back you would still have "mental illness" or personality but more in control of it .. Would be better if naturopathy were harnessed by doctors doing blood tests they do nothing with like organize diet mineral vitamin therapy to address the biochemical imbalance. Our minds direct the balance of chemicals we are an imbalance is just a balance how one balances directs themself


I find it hysterical when people always assume that all illegals are from Mexico or another Spanish speaking country. A few days ago I was sitting on a red light when suddenly I heard a loud bump , I got out of my car and this old white lady came out to me saying she was sorry for hitting my car , when I ask her for her information she almost started crying and told me she didn't have a license because she was still waiting for her green card but not to worry her son will take care of the damage done to my car. I decided not to make a police report because I felt bad for her knowing she would probably lose her chance of getting her green card due to driving without a license and probably was going to be reported back to Europe .  Now her son is not happy with the estimate I was given at the body shop to repair my car , seriously what an entitle person I didn't cause the accident it's not my fault they charged so much just to fix a bumper and I was trying to be nice to the old lady .


Fuck the lottery. I wish my time being alive would go to someone more deserving. Someone who gave a fuck.


No matter how bad you think you have it or how badly you want to die just remember....

You've already won the biggest lottery in the Universe. The odds of you being alive are at the limit of comprehension.

Never forget that.


Oh, I wish I would just die already.  I hate life.  I hate it.


Who in the actual fuck decides to go on a tour in North Korea, and as an American citizen?! Who would think this is a good idea? I'm not saying anyone deserves to die, but come on. We all know what North Korea is all about. No one should be going there as a tourist, and you damn well should not be acting a fool or putting yourself in compromising situations. Those fuckers will arrest you for merely folding an image of Kim Jong Fat Boy or taking pictures of the rear ends of the statues of the Kim leaders. Common sense...what happened to it with this otherwise seemingly smart young man?? I'm genuinely confused that so few people are bringing up this point. I'm sad that he died, but he must have known what he was possibly getting into going to that place. This makes my pessimism for the human race deepen just a little more.


Good to know it's illegal


Anybody who shares naked photos of their ex without their consent is sick.. it's wrong. That's why it's illegal. Js


I want my wife to watch me suck on a cock. I want her to see the guy moan and shoot his load in my mouth. Then I want to fuck him in the ass with my wife holding my balls. I want her to feel me ejaculate in him.


I was diagnosed with depression in 1999, then bipolar disorder in 2012. All these years I wrestled with the pills: the SSRI's, the MAOI's, the mood stabilizers, the anti-anxiety meds. Never really feeling like myself while I was taking them. Always looking for the right dosage. And the side effects. Oh my god, the side effects. The tremors and headaches, loss of appetite, brain fog, not being able to cum and feeling dead inside. After 16 years of it, I couldn't do it anymore so I tapered off all my meds while going to accupuncture and talk therapy and I am proud to say that I am managing it for almost 2 years now without the meds, all naturally. No, I'm not sniffing lemon oil for my anxiety but I do smoke a nice indica instead of taking a Xanax. I meditate. I cut back on sugar and it made a big difference in how I feel overall. Exercising has helped significantly with my depression. There are some days I just can't do it but  once I started to see progress, there are less of them. I just want people to know there are alternative methods to diseases your doctor doesn't tell you about (or know about) if you are willing to seek out the right ones for you and follow through with your plan.


I was dating this woman, she cheated on me so I ended it.  Was going through my emails when I found a bunch of nudes she had emailed me....

Not sharing them as that would be illegal but I will keep them as insurance just in case


I don't understand how privileged people in the United States think they are underprivileged.  They got all this money, nice clothes, can go out for beers, then complain about how the United States is a bad place to live.  They support dictatorships like North Korea, and get offended when anybody criticizes North Korea.  These privileged Americans are outraged about how we are "harassing" North Korea and how America is evil.  Delusional.

America is not a perfect place, and needs it's problems fixed, but I'd rather live in America.  North Korea is so impoverished and pretends to not be, people are oppressed and terrorized with imprisonment and execution if they don't keep up the illusion and say the right things, and constantly threatens other countries with nukes.

I'm not patriotic in any way, but I'd rather live in America over places like North Korea any day.


This anxiety is fraying my goddamned nerves! It comes out as irritation, which of course gets worse when people call me out on having an attitude. Who the fuck ever says, "Oh, I'm having an attitude? I better fix myself!" GO FUCK YOURSELVES.

I know I'm being selfish and thinking only about my own feelings but FUCK people telling me how my face looks. It literally does nothing but make it worse, for EVERYONE. If you can tell I'm being fucking moody then FUCK OFF AND DON'T TALK TO ME.

Oh, but we all want our bundle of joy back! Fuck you!


The people I know who insist on essential oils over medical science annoy the shit out of me. Someone told me lemon balm oil will treat my anxiety and bipolar disorder. Right. I'll stick with the medications my doctor prescribed me that have been extremely effective in controlling my symptoms. Essential oils might be useful for aromatherapy if you enjoy the scent and for minor skin issues, but if you think I'm going to stop my medications to treat disorders as complex and bipolar disorder, anxiety, and ADHD, then you're fucking high.

And I'm going to snap if one more person tells me to rub some fucking black pepper oil on an area of my body that gives me trouble from time to time due to a severe injury where I tore a group of muscles. Are you kidding me?? It's just as annoying as people who tell me to go to the chiropractor.

But of course, if I tell anyone this who happens to be in the essential oil/homeopathy crowd, they tell me I'm ignorant and that pharmaceutical medications are poison and that nature provides a cure for everything...


There kid photographers have instant success because they're using a camera worth 2k and prime lens glass over $300+... my camera is literally a decade old and $200 and falling apart and I never had the money for good glass, which makes all of the difference. It's just not fair that they get success because they have stuff handed to them :/ their parents pay for around the world trips for them to take pictures.

At this rate I'm never going to be a successful photographer because I can't compete with the money these little kids are handed.


021, RUN, don't walk, away from this guy. This is where abuse starts. I know because I've been there. First comes the criticism, then comes the verbal abuse then the psychological abuse, then the physical abuse. This guy is no good. Get out while you still can.




Why does anybody take a trip to North Korea in the first place, especially when you're an American?  You're being constantly watched.  They routinely murder their own people.  Otto Warmbier committed a stupid act by trying to steal a cheap propaganda poster he could have easily bought somewhere.  It just showed how much of a naïve kid he was.  In the US, nobody would have cared.  In North Korea, it was worse than a death sentence.

Somebody here should have warned him.  His mom and dad should have told him not to go.  Somebody should have sat down with the kid and drilled it into his head about what was going to happen if he stepped out of line.  It was like going cliff scaling with no prior experience.  Dumb, dumb thing to do that could have been prevented.


I'd put that jackass just a few notches above the affluenza turd.  Why the hell are you going to a country that we're still officially at war with?  Some entitled piece of crap thought he'd be a smart ass and play games with a hostile government.   Because of that you wanna put boots on the ground and start up a war?  You ever serve?  Your kids in the military?  You actually expect my family to fight and possibly die because of some asshat?  What the fuck do you do when you run out of butter?  Blame Obama then make your neighbor run to the grocery store for you?

To anybody spending money going to this country, fuck you and you deserve whatever happens to you.  I'd equate it as spending money in 1943 to take a trip to visit Auschwitz.


He is still in my mind after all of these years. What I would not do to be able to see his face again.  Nobody has ever came close to him. The intimacy, the passion was so intense as if we were melded as one.


The North Koreans killed Otto Warmbier. They tortured him and now he is dead. All because he was a kid and took a poster. Obama did nothing. NOTHING. We need Trump to step in. Enough with the North Korean dictator. The world needs to come together and end this before the whacko gets his hands on missiles capable of reaching the USA. Trump, you need to act on this. He was just a kid and he was murdered.


When I was still married, my wife once turned to me and said, "So I cheated on you. Who cares. You need to get over it."

Yeah, I got over it. I divorced her. It makes me laugh now when I think of what an awful person she is. She cheated and I needed to get over it? Some people are so self centered.


I hate feeling anxious all the time.  I can't function in life.


I slept with a guy once who was very thin and bony. Not his fault; his metabolism was through the roof. His hips were so bony that the insides of my thighs were bruised for several days after 😳 I'll stick with men who are a little bit on the heavier side. Those bruises really hurt!


If people read auras or something they often like to be dramatic about it or something everyone has a darkness to deal with and a light too and attractive or intimidating even by good nature that challenges others is easy to pick at or try to belittle. Don't get cocky like me but know that we all as a species are haunted by the darkness of Nature fighting back or trying to use us as it's voice. People who ignore the bigger picture it's easier for them to conspire or try to aggravate those with dignity or peace of mind. It's real the you you know not what fancy bigoted psychics asking for pay online or even without pay will try to say and they often say similar things to everyone because they are more sensitive to one type of reality and we all share parallel realities. I hope you think for yourself and maybe get oracle cards or something cuz u don't need the input of certain ppl plus worrying manifests bad things you're ok and good luck


I posted an ad looking for a new submissive friend, I got a response from my current sub, guess it's not working out for either of us.  I'm going to enjoy the next few sessions very much, taking lots of pictures to remind me of her once we end it.


Man, FUCK East Boston! That city is filled with nothing but scheming politicians, civic group leaders ready to kiss their asses for money and approval, old fucking Italians who think people care their family has lived here for 100 years, and Spanish people. The Spanish folks are alright though. Everyone but the immigrants try to act so pretentious when this neighborhood is a piece of shit.


Why are you so angry all the time? You're a terrible friend. I can't imagine how bad it is for the people who work for you.


i keep having sexual dreams about one of my professors and it's reached a point where my subconscious desires have come to the forefront of my mind. i would give anything to have him fuck me at some point this summer.


I jerked off last night and didn't feel like getting up to wash off, and I didn't want to leave it on the back of my hand because it would get on the blanket and after a while it smells bad, so I licked my hand and ate my cum.


I just boarded a flight, and my neighbor is a beautiful man. I would give anything to stroke his cock for the duration of this flight.


Why do people generalize and think in extremes? The world is far too complex for one idea to fit everyone. People just like to think they know everything, or that they know best


I love older men. I find men in their 50's and early 60's to be the most sexy and interesting.


Other people have always teased me for my preference, but I am way more attracted to heavier men. I've been with skinny and "normal" sized guys before, but there's something about the bigger dudes that makes me feel more safe and protected. When we cuddle, it's the absolute best. Give me bellies and bear hugs any day!


It's weird, I would hear plants and flowers are alive.  I would think okay, that means they grow and die, but not in the sense of beings.  Then they say that plants thrive more when you talk to them, and flowers.  And it's true, also when they're with other flowers, they can perk right up.  I've seen it.  So if talking to them makes them grow nicer, there has to be more to this "they're alive" thing.  I started wondering, do they maybe have a soul?  Sounds crazy, but if they perk up when you talk to them and show them more "love" um maybe...


I feel strange about it but it was good as a 53 year old man to have a 20 year old girl hit on me. I'm still handsome.


I might be alone in this opinion, but men who are thin don't look as "manly" to me.  Men with meat on their bones look more manly.



I love you Pam 💕 Thank you for being in my life. It feels like real love this time.


Sometimes, when I take shrooms or acid, I forget who I am.

It's a nice feeling. My body feels foreign and my entity feels fastened to it, for the time being. I look at my face and remember my parents, whose genes were smashed together to make me. My core memories flash through my mind, and I remember my life, but I don't feel the weight of the past.

Yesterday I felt the truth of how temporary this body is.  I'm okay with it, because of all the time periods this short human life could have been dumped into, this was the one.

Thinking that way, it's easier to ride out my existence.


I posted an ad looking for a new submissive friend, I got a response from my current sub, guess it's not working out for either of us.  I'm going to enjoy the next few sessions very much, taking lots of pictures to remind me of her once we end it.


I love my boyfriend. He's awesome and loves me dearly. But man, he has one habit that's driving me insane that I'm trying to think of a way to address with him that doesn't come off as me attacking him. I have got to get this off my chest so I can feel prepared to have a talk with him about it.

I hate it so fucking much that he has to criticize things I like that he doesn't like. He can't just say "It's not thing" or " I prefer ____ instead." He has to say "Gross!" or "Ewww!" or "Blech!!" He hates my favorite grocery store and has to remind me all the time of how "disgusting" it is. (Sorry, but I think it's stupid to pay more at another store for the same damn product.) He has to say something along the lines of "Gross, why would you go there??" when I get lunch from my favorite restaurant. He has to express disgust at some of the music I like. He acts like a store I occasionally shop for clothes at is a sewage pond with slime coming out of the walls (which is funny because some of the clothes I have that he likes on me are from that store! Just don't tell him that! XD ) Anyway, I think I've more than made my point now.

Like, is this necessary?? Can't he just politely disagree or maybe just not say anything at all? It's annoying the shit out of me. It kind of feels like it's a criticism of me by extension. It makes me feel like my preferences for the things he finds "gross" or detestable mean that I'm gross too. Maybe that's not rational, but it's still very frustrating to talk about something I like and receive an emphatic "Gross!/Ew!/That place is disgusting!" in return.

It's to the point where I'm done laughing it off and saying "I know" and to the point where I just want to say "I guess I'm just a gross person, then." What the fuck does he want me to respond with to his criticism?? "You know what? You're right. No more [insert thing he thinks is gross here] for me!" I think his belief that essential oils/homeopathy as effective medicine is beyond ridiculous and that an herb cannot take the place of his medication for a health condition, but you don't see me talking shit...

Other than this thing that grinds my gears, he is a wonderful person to be with and treats me very well. Hopefully after I talk to him about it, he'll knock it off...


I hope you had a nice time watching the tv :-)

Did I mention that my tv is big with a wide screen?

Everyone that I've had over to watch it really enjoys the size.

Do you like a wide screen?

I think one of the shows coming up on tv is about dogs!!!!


I've actually had a break from reading my book and have watched some TV.

We'll see if it falls back into the cycle though and I'm back to reading again.


True story. I should start by saying I'm not some religious person, not a tree hugger, not escaped from the mental ward. I'm a normal everyday white collar responsible type of guy.

I was cutting down a tree in my yard. It was a maple tree. It was planted 15 years ago in my front yard. Seemed like a good idea at that time. But the tree grew too large and started to block the sun from getting to the grass. So I decided to cut it down.

I don't own a chain saw. But I do have a reciprocating saw. That's a long bladed saw that basically cuts through anything, although it takes a while. That's what happened with the tree. The diameter of the trunk was about 12 inches. Cutting even halfway through took about 10 minutes. That's when it happened, when I hit the center core of the tree.

A grayish ball of a cloud. It was about two inches across. It came out of the cut made by the saw. It came out and just kind of floated there in front of me. It was amorphous, almost like a giant amoeba, but with no set boundaries. It was like a mist. It was twisting and churning. It just floated there, like a foot in front of me, for 10 seconds, as if it was looking around and deciding what to do. Then it darted off towards the sky. I've never encountered anything like it.

As a rational man, I have no explanation. But if I put everything I think I know to the side, then part of me believes it was some kind of entity living in the tree. The soul of the tree? Sounds crazy right? But it was there and I saw it and I'm beginning to wonder if there is more to life and science than what we currently know.


Looking at things from all angles. See things in your dimension. Swim inside your dreams.

The man came today and told me I wasn't allowed to sing. I sang my heart's content in a similar universe. I sang silently in my heart.

People hear you. I hear you.


i miss you... still


I read this site for hints on what people I care about or strangers with heart might have to say or be going through. If anyone comes here to say things "about" me .. their problem. I remind people that I'm truthful and care about those I've hurt. I also have a lot of disdain for certain people who could have helped me in very simple ways like severing a connection or keeping paintings safe or simply not doing the opposite. I have projects on the way and I hope things can work out. I do want to be normal and internalized. Right before deleting Facebook a good friend told me they understand how some people need to carry their thoughts vocally and she sees how weed was "good for me" and my art. I think people can change and no one wants to have to be like that and I am extremely grateful for a shot to overcome my habits. I made things harder for myself and those around me and I really want to be quiet. I am so embarassed and feel misunderstood yet grateful I am not yet banished. I also haven't eaten anything besides a few handfuls of trail mix today. Does anyone have like a boiled egg or maybe a cabbage?


I wonder what tv channel would be our favourite to watch together.

All the normal popular ones will be fun to watch.

One that I really want to watch with you I forget the name, something with two numbers in the title?

I wonder how your book is going.....


Mine is a family of loners. When we fill a room, it feels lonelier.


I've noticed people look at me too, but honestly, men look at everything so I would just chalk it up to that.  And older women approach me sometimes and compliment me, but recently a younger girl, teens or 20's just stopped and looked at me.  She was middle eastern, I look middle eastern, I notice sometimes the women look at me like they think i'm one of theirs but i'm not lol, so I assumed I looked like someone she knew?  But I said "what happened?" and she said "nothing."  She was literally walking past me and stopped and just stayed looking.  That was weird.  Lately, some men will walk up close in my personal space and stay looking at my face and eyes, but they're the kinda evil looking ones, like I don't get a good feeling about them.  Where I live, there's a block where there are more homeless people now, since the beginning of the year, and what i've seen is some of them are mental or loud, or drunk in the day.  This is just what it is. This one passed me looking straight at me up close, didn't like his eyes or vibe.  Another one I see sometimes, he looks weird in his eyes too, very aggressive looking. And there's another one I havent seen in months, older, drunk in the middle of the day, who would pick me out and be walking towards me all loud, i do have a big butt, so i just figure the cruder of the men like that.  But i'm starting to wonder...but, kids like me.  I'll be on the train, someone's little kid or baby will smile at me, and laugh.  So that has to be good, because they know.  They sense things.  The other day a little kid looked at me and smiled and said "hi" and something after, but I had earphones in.  They try to catch my eye and smile.  Babies like me too.  So I'm thinking, maybe it's just weird men?  Hopefully?  And the girl, maybe because i look like someone she knows?


I don't know...I'm 35 and was in one relationship for 6 years and another for 9.  My ex was abusive, I stayed with him too long.  So if i'm not married by 40, that doesn't make me crazy... i just spend too long with the wrong guys, thinking my love will make things better.  Time goes so fast, I could totally see not being married by 40, because of long term relationships that went nowhere.  To be thrust out into the dating world at this point is crazy...the whole game has changed.  Instagram, tinder, bla bla bla, guys don't really wanna settle down.


Hoo-Ray!  My favorite time of day: time to masturbate!


Something I hate about myself is how indulgent I am. I always have to have what I want. I get irritated when I don't. I want this, I want that, I have to have it. The only thing I can say in my defense is that I buy all my things with my own money and never to the detriment of others. I annoy myself so much. I need to learn to do without every giving in to every single little thing I want. It's materialistic and doesn't make me feel good about myself. I need to change.


000: YES. When I was 24 I was head over heels for a guy I was dating and laughed it off when he said all his past relationships went down in flames and that his exes were all crazy. I thought that surely this wouldn't happen with us as he always told me I was different than they were. I should have ran for the hills and ended there. He turned out to be a gaslighting sociopath, and of course I became another "crazy" ex. I'm embarrassed to admit this to people...they always have something to fucking say about things like that like "I can't believe you didn't see that as a red flag!" or "Why did you stay and not leave?!" Like, yeah, you think I don't know that now? I still feel like a bit of a fool, but what's done is done. I hope no one else makes the mistake I did...


I have to wonder about myself - because of the women I've dated or were interested in - if something's wrong with me.

Research shows that 20% of women who reach age 40 have never been married.

About 60% of the women I ever dated or were interested in are still not married in their 40s.

Obviously, there's something about me that's attracted to... closet lesbians?


Actually, if the common denominator in all your breakups are you, then yeah you are the problem. Most men of class and decency don't refer to women in those terms.


you know you can't fool me, i been lovin you too long.


@187000 - Most women are crazy. This is not a surprise to anyone, except maybe women. Because they're crazy.


Sometimes reading a book can be more than enjoyable.


000: YES. When I was 24 I was head over heels for a guy I was dating and laughed it off when he said all his past relationships went down in flames and that his exes were all crazy. I thought that surely this wouldn't happen with us as he always told me I was different than they were. I should have ran for the hills and ended there. He turned out to be a gaslighting sociopath, and of course I became another "crazy" ex. I'm embarrassed to admit this to people...they always have something to fucking say about things like that like "I can't believe you didn't see that as a red flag!" or "Why did you stay and not leave?!" Like, yeah, you think I don't know that now? I still feel like a bit of a fool, but what's done is done. I hope no one else makes the mistake I did...


I really feel like watching some tv but will have to settle for reading a book instead.


Him:  "all my ex girlfriends are crazy"
What he really means: "I'm a big piece of shit. don't date me. You'll be next on the list"

I don't know why this is a secret to people...


I got yelled at today, like a child, in the hardware store, by my husband. I was verbally abused my entire childhood, so I've accepted it, but this past year I've realized that I have done nothing wrong and I don't deserve to be disrespected, especially by the people who receive the best that I have to offer, my family.  But, when he yelled at me, I crawled back into my shell and coward away. Later, when I came back to reality, I was so ashamed of myself for standing there and allowing him to berate me in front of strangers and our children. He doesn't do it often, which is why I was so caught off guard, but the next time he does that I am going to force myself to stay out of that shell. I don't know how, but I'm going to work on it until then. That man is going to realize that I am not going to tolerate that treatment any longer. In our 15 years together much has changed, and this is going to have to be one of them, or this bird is gonna spread her wings and fly.

If I had my degree I would have left today, but I don't. Yet. Also, he yelled at me because I wanted to write down the SKU number for some nuts and bolts that we were buying, like the instructions posted in the store direct you to. Instead, he argued, thats the cashier's fucking job, I'm fucking stupid, I'm fucking crazy. This was stated multiple times, loudly, as I hunted down and took note of the
appropriate SKU numbers.


I carry water with me constantly- I live in a hot state and I am always dehydrated. I have been employed in entertainment for 20+ years. I'm surprised to read this would negate a job position. If my credentials were based on this- no thanks.


About 10 years ago I worked for a software company that was bought out by a bigger company based overseas.  I worked my way up to management, but there were two offices in the United State and most of the management was based in another state.  The President of the company, the founder, was from out of the country and he ended up liking a sociopath for management and this guy came was groomed to take over and the rest of us quit.  

Did you ever wish someone dead?  Well this owner had the ego of 100 people and he was an asshole.  He thought if he had an idea it was the greatest thing in the world and we would forge ahead and try to implement it until the idea failed and he was onto other ideas.  He was arrogant, with no need to be that way.  He was eventually fired for embezzling money through the company and to him bother and himself, but that is another story.

Ten years go by, he is still friends on Facebook and his birthday pops up.  I wish him a happy birthday and am informed a couple days later he died two years ago.  So someone I wish dead at one point, is actually dead.

And I am very OK with that.  The world is a better place without him.  It is an odd feeling, though.


today is the last day I think about you.


Don't bring a water bottle to a job interview. You look like a self-obsessed whiner. You can't go for half an hour without water? Then you'd be a terrible employee. I think you would be needy. I don't hire needy. I hire people who put the job first, people who will stay late when needed, people who will fly to California on a moments notice. People who carry a water bottle everywhere seem like they would always think of themselves first, and the company second.


I see in the movies sometimes a character who has trouble killing someone. He'll freeze just when he's supposed to pull the trigger. How lame. I'd have no trouble killing someone. If I were in the army and was told to go shoot the enemy, bang bang, they'd be dead. I wouldn't think twice about it.



How did you get into my head? You scare me.



Honestly, I don't even care if you're at Pride downtown right now; having run into your ex-boyfriend at the mall the day prior and basically telling him that he was right about you was satisfying enough.

Come to think of it, practically everyone who knew you was right about you. You truly are a childish, abusive, manipulative bitch. I'm so glad I decided to cut ties the day after your birthday; using that day to treat me like shit was the last fucking straw.


You.... I cannot believe you exist. It's so infuriating and so clearing at the same time, meeting you. I feel that my higher self is drawn to you, like anything I want to achieve spiritually cannot be done without your help. I didn't know you before this week. I had no idea this human being parallel to me but opposite in our polarity, would be walking into my psyche the way you have. It's beautiful. You, are one of the most beautiful human beings I've ever met to date, I literally yearn to be with you from my energetic center. But I also respect the way the universe timed this. An ultimate test, one that tests us individually, and at the same time, forcing us to understand our eventual union would be unlike any other for us, but it simply cannot be right now. We both are not where we need to get yet before we would be everything each other needed. You're the best way I'm being taught to not hold ownership over someone, we would be whole before coming together as one. That way, when we do, it's for the right reasons. Your beautiful, and as long as I live you will be special to me. We slept together but not sexually and not even right next to each other, I felt you gently kiss my face... you're so remarkable. Your soul is radiant and it's very special and intoxicating. The way you have made me feel is unlike anything else, and I won't chase it. Since I didn't anticipate or try for it, it's been all the sweeter. If not this life, I hope the next one.


Big shock!It's no surprise you've moved on. That's what you wanted the whole time anyway


It is hardly a secret to my friends but in 2008 I had a live in girlfriend. Things went south in a hurry and I asked her to move. She would not budge, no way. I even offered her money to move.  A good friend saved me by visiting the sheriff's department and making an appointment for me.  Turns out one of sheriff's services is to move people who are unwelcome in your house but think they have a right to be there anyway. Problem solved. It was painful but worked.


My asshole bf is such a mf jerk! Controlling, judgemental, he throws fits if it isn't all his way,  funny thing is, it's my house, it's my shit, he comes in here and is trying to tell a grown ass woman how to live. I try and wait for him to learn and grow, but I can't stand this bs, he won't even do counselling. So what's the fucking point of it all. Now the question is, how do I get him out of my house after a yr and a half? Shanghai him? Lmao! Shoulda stayed broke up, why give second chances!?! He was gone! Now I'm fucked, and I could see this coming, I just didn't want to admit it, I hoped there was a chance for us, but he needs a wimp of a woman to do his wishes. And that is not me! Fucking fuck! Now what?!?


Not often life give's a second chance...Thank's JuJu! I am truly blessed...


Don't you have a child to look after? It's bad enough that the kid doesn't have a father, the last thing he needs is a childish mother.


I love how she frequents this site just to see what I'm saying about her. You love the drama, don't you, cunt?


I use to deliver flowers. This one funeral home had a funny sign above the door that said "Is there life after death? Pass through this door and you will find out."

I use to wander through the funeral homes as a regular matter, but I never went through that door.


Everytime good things happen to me I get major anxiety. Good things are so rare so I automatically brace myself for the bad thing.
I'm trying to be more positive.
I have some good things that are happening but I can't help being scared something bad will happen before they do.

It's fucking sad.


I'm as pissed off about police brutality and injustice just as much as anyone else. That said, equating every single police officer with evil is NOT going to solve anything. This is why I can't stand BLM and their ilk, they have alienated me and many other rational people who might otherwise be sympathetic to their cause. But it seems to be more about making themselves feel better and lumping in random politics that have nothing to do with the issue at hand (they seriously have a whole political agenda that has nothing to do with addressing brutality, look it up). This is why the movement is failing. This is why people are still being killed.  

I hope that this changes in the future. We have a real problem here, and things need to get better. I hope that people will get their heads out of their asses and actually organize. However, painting yourself as angry and antagonistic without having an achievable goal will not change anything. Arguably, their inability to have a unified message that more Americans can get behind has led to our tumultuous political climate today.

The trick to an effective protest is to have one unified message and one overall goal. If you're trying to do too many things, ultimately you will do nothing.

-46/Black/Angry AF too but not a dolt


Oh so taken with yourself that you've moved on...might want to sit down for this...but so have I...Irrelevant much?


You know, even after you tried to reunite with your ex after we broke up (For strictly sexual purposes, which I should've known was typical for a slut like you who would let me stick it in whatever hole I wanted), who you know I felt inadequate to, I still didn't hate you as much as I do today. I reached out to you in good faith to make amends for what I did, even asking people here to help me reconnect with you (Thank you, by the way, that somewhat helped restore my hope for humanity), and what did you do? Threaten me with a restraining order. You're a miserable cunt who deserves to struggle and live the life you're currently living. I can honestly say you're finally dead to me, and even though you never explicitly gave me the closure I needed, I believe you unintentionally gave it to me, you unwashed hippie loser. Who would've thought a liberal feminist would be such a piece of shit?


Me too!






Last weekend was the 35th high school reunion. Funny how two of the girls back in the day who were the ugly ducklings are the most attractive now.


You know, I shouldn't really put the blame on you.  You're in this relationship, it's very codependent; the very minute I questioned something sketchy about him he has been wary of me ever since.

It's like all those years of being your friend before you met him have gone null and void.

So sure, you're coming up here soon.  Great.  

At this point you have let him dictate our friendship.  I don't care if he is your soulmate.  What happened to hos before bros?  Anyway, it's not like I'm a stranger to getting into codependent relationships myself.  That said, I never let a man call the shots when it comes to the people I have loved and cared about in my life before the man came along.  I don't forget who I used to rely on and who's shoulder I would cry on.

You, however, seem to have amnesia.

I don't want to feel the way I feel when it comes to you, but the pain is there.  I am not looking to get with you in any way or be the "man" in your life.

It's just we used to be close.  Now, it's up to "him" if I can visit you.  Since when?!!  Are you still his sugar mama?  Then if you're paying for it, it ought to be somewhat your decision as well.

Here is hoping you have a nice visit.  That if I see you we are able to be together in an authentic way.  That I don't just sit across from you blowing smoke up your ass.  At the same time, I'm afraid if I get too close to the flame, as usual, I'll get burned.

It has been AGes, and yet, I am finding it's quality over quantity for me.  I would rather have real friends who are there for me, verses this weird friend on paper we have become.


Watching tv together would be fun. We can watch for a long time & change between the channels. Find a good show and watch that for a bit, then change channel to something else. Try all the channels out.

I've got the big screen at my house so we should watch there. But if we have to watch tv at yours I'll bring my tv over. It should fit in your room.

Waking up in the middle of the night is always a fun time to watch tv. Midnight tv has some different shows but it's all good to watch.

Morning tv is awesome too. In fact watching tv every day is the best way to go. Morning, daytime, night time, middle of the night, any time is good. We can even watch tv in other places too.

So let's just watch tv?

You'll love it....


Back to "discernment."  I was thinking about it the other day and remembered something.  I wrote 186679, by the way.  The one about being able to sense evil in people, and also about the Ouija board.

Throughout the years I've done a whole lot of reading and researching, trying to understand this and some of the other gifts I have.  Somewhere around 5-6 years ago I felt some kind of "push" to become more spiritual.  I'm religious, but I was being guided, for lack of a better word, to just become a better person, and to expand my consciousness.  During this time I got into things such as the Law of Attraction, manifestation, Native American practices, being one with nature, meditation, and the healing energies of crystals.

About 10 months before this "awakening," though, I began patronizing a little shop in my town.  I got to know the owner very well, and after a couple months we began talking about the paranormal.  The building that her shop was in was haunted.  I'd seen and felt some things happen, and asked her about them.  She then told me that she was also gifted.  Then she looked at me and said that I had a dark shadow around me.  I wasn't sure what to do with that information, and we never discussed it again.

A couple months later, I'd found this website that had all kinds of different discussion forums.  Marriage, parenting, money management, crafts, general discussion - and stuff like the paranormal and metaphysical development.

One night in a general discussion forum, someone was offering free psychic readings if you posted a picture.  I read several of the responses, and this person seemed right on with her readings, so I said what the heck - and posted a picture.  The reader, however, very bluntly told me that she would not do a reading on me.  Um, okay...I asked why.  She told me, "Because there's a demon after you."  She proceeded to tell me that I needed to go to a deliverance minister to get rid of it, "before it makes you do something you'll regret for the rest of your life."  WTF!  That had me unnerved, but really - I'm a good person, I'm religious, and a few months later I became an even better person, very much closer to God, and I was also learning how to communicate with angels.  I brushed it off.

Flash forward about 10 months.  I'd joined another spiritual development forum on that website, and the admin sent me a welcome email.  She also said that she would give me a reading if I wanted, anytime.  I thanked her and said I may take her up on it, but I was okay for right now.  But a few months later I sent her a message and asked if she was up to a reading.  She said sure, just email me a picture of you and any questions you have.  I did.  She didn't respond, but I gave her some time.  After two weeks I emailed her.  No response.  Then I messaged her on the site.  Not only did she not respond, she blocked me as well.

Now what the fuck is going on???  I also noticed that people stare at me a lot.  Now, I am an attractive woman - when I make myself.  But I remember one time I had to run to the grocery store for more cleaning supplies.  I looked like crap.  Sweatpants, an old oversized tshirt, no makeup, hair in a messy bun and sweaty.  I caught an older, very handsome and well-dressed man give me a double-take and just stare.  Once I was in a clothing store and looked up to see a woman a couple racks over looking at me over her glasses, mouth agape.  When she saw that I was looking at her, she abruptly walked away.  People just stare at me - everywhere - no matter if I look nice and put-together, or like crap.  It makes me nervous.

So what the hell is going on?  Are people seeing something negative around me?  If so, where did it come from - the board?  But I also realize that this all kind of started around the time that my husband and I got together.  He's my childhood sweetheart, by the way.  We reconnected later in life.  I just don't know what to think or what to do.


Already seems AGes until July.


For the first time--in a long time--I'm tempted.


Doesn't look like I'll ever get married (47/F) and that's fine by me ... BUT if I ever do, damned straight I be suckin' the dick before and always suckin' the dick after.


People voted with their middle finger. That's the general understanding about our most recent national election.

So they get what they deserve. He's an empty suit under investigation.

What can bring people together? Education. Reading. History.


Every time we make plans to that involve spending more than an hour together, something always comes up and fucks our plans up. I am not a demanding person, but I do take it hard when I get disappointed. I was looking forward to spending the evening with you. We planned it all week. Guess not now. I'm just going to go sleep and forget how bummed I am. Fuck. I shouldn't have gotten my heart set on this. Our plans were too good to have actually happened...


My mom voted for sanders, then Clinton. She will tell you proudly that she is not a racist. But behind closed doors, she will tell you "violence is a brown/black people thing" and "I would never date a black guy because he wouldn't be as intelligent as me and I need someone I can talk to.".....

When I call her out for it, she will first defend herself by saying "I'm not being racist that's just my opinion" then she will flat out deny she ever said it.

And people wonder why I don't respect my parents.


Umpteen years of marriage and my wife has never given me a blow job. She says she doesn't like it. She used to give blow jobs to boyfriends and then decided against it. This was before I came along. Which means there are men in this world who had their dicks sucked by  my wife. But I have never had my dick sucked by my wife.


I skip over all the political posts


I can go to Berlin and live with the white robots. They get me and vice versa.

I can go to the Caribean, take Ativan and walk into the ocean.

I can meet some new people on the internet and do it all over again.

I can build a tiny house habitat and go around the country, poaching work from unsuspecting contractors.

I can live in a warehouse where I fly drones and smoke weed for fun. Use the warehouse to pay for the fun.

What to do...


Ohh, my friend I've known half my life, my friend who've I've shared so many amazing memories with and who was once of the closest people to've forgotten me.

It hurts when I know you're in our hometown visiting your family because you have to come through my city to get there. No phone call, nothing. I tried making plans with you once when you were going to be passing through, and you and I were both excited. Well, I was, anyway...on the day of, you gave me a careless excuse for canceling. You didn't even get a hold of me first. If I hadn't contacted you, you probably would have blown me off. That hurt. A lot.

I don't think you've realized how hurtful and abrasive you've become. I always appreciated how honest you were, but it's different now. It makes me sad. I know I need to move on and put this in the past because over the years, sometimes people just grow in separate directions. It doesn't make it hurt any less knowing that I'm not important to you anymore.

Maybe I'm not fun enough anymore because I have social anxiety. Or maybe I'm not as cool as your other friends. I don't know. I guess it doesn't matter anymore. You don't care. Perhaps you haven't for a long time.

I'm getting it off my chest here because I know you won't care or be understanding if I tell you this myself. I'll always care about you, but I'm letting you go. I can't give my time and effort to be friends with someone who doesn't give any time or energy to be friends with me. It hurts too much. It feels like I'm turning my back on our friendship, but it's not really there anymore. I will miss you and I wish you the best in wherever your life takes you.


I want to watch TV with you.....


I miss my life partner. I miss the one who was my other half. The one who knew how to cheer me up and make me laugh. I'm married again but I feel more alone than I did when I was single. I miss the life I had before. This family is so full of drama and selfishness. I'm angry with myself for ever coming here. I ruined my own life and career when I came here. i feel trappped. I'm tired and discouraged. I have started over too many times.


You made my life better the day you gave me your number! Your humour, laughter, wit, music, and compassion inspire me every day. While ours may go AGainst a typical relationship, you have put the beat back in my heart. I can only endeavor to deserve you.


My boss sits in the conference room watching Fox News with his feet up the entire few hours that he comes in every day and has no clue we all hate him. Anybody who interacts with him in any way hates him......because he's a complete asshole.


I just want to bend you over my knee and spank your ass....


I have poison ivy on my labia. I mean I hope it's just poison ivy. If not, then what the fuck? How could I get a STD if I've been with the same person for years?


A local mom is suggesting she's a better parent than the rest of us because she carries narcan in her purse. If ever any of her children overdose on opioids, she's prepared. She's actually scolding us for not being as conscientious as her.

What a whack-a-doodle! The very fact that she even thinks the narcan might be needed shows what a terrible parent she has been. The rest of us don't have kids who are shooting up heroin!!!!!

That takes the cake, she's a better parent for being more prepared for her kids overdosing. Oh my God lady, think of what you are saying!


I just want to bend you over my knee and spank your ass....


I am off Facebook because the people in my real life are more important to me.

Closure shmosure to both guys one who all he could have given was to not delete my art memory stick one who all I wanted was to live somewhere with my dog. He now wants ahold of the other for no reason other than to plot against what I want.


Too bad he wasn't a better shot.


The racists of the past were Democrats. the racists of today are Republicans. The racists have always been conservative. The racists have never been liberal.

Dylan Roof is no liberal. the people who killed Matthew Sheppard were no liberals. The person who shot up a Sikh temple was no liberal. etc, etc

The skin heads, white supremacists, Neo-Nazis, etc are no liberals. etc, etc


Get one thing straight- NOTHING IS FREE IN LIFE. Politicians promise voters the world as long as they can get their vote.To promise free healthcare, welfare, 35 hour weekdays does not work. Somebody has to pay for it. Europe and theses other socialist countries are bankrupt. How can a few work and supply millions of people the free stuff? In Scandinavia the taxes are very high and while they were a homogeneous society it worked as nobody misused it. Now they have people coming into the country for welfare and they are not so happy about giving away all the free stuff to people who don't work and don't pay taxes.American pay for healthcare but it is the best in the world. Go to these countries and see what free healthcare give you.Americans are used to the best but they pay for it.That is how the cookie crumbles.Free healthcare van NEVER be as good. Beware what you wish for.You are going to pay through the nose for the free Obamacare- that is why people were so unhappy,NOTHING IN LIFE IS FREE!


My secret? I'm so irresponsible with money. I get paid and it's like I think I'm rich for a few days until I have bills to pay and either just enough or not even enough to pay them and find myself having to make arrangements to pay them on my next payday. I wish so much I could stop this cycle but my kids think there's an endless supply of money when in reality just before my paycheck drops I'm lucky to have $20 in my account.

My biggest point of shame is that my husband and I have separate accounts and, him being computer illiterate, and  not understanding how to set up online banking, allows me to be able to skim some money from his account without him noticing. I hide his bank statements leaving him wondering why he's not receiving them in the mail. Right now my cell phone bill is due. I'm trying to figure out how to pay it or work out arrangements to pay it at a later date. I'm afraid they won't let me and that means I'll have to use my husband's account to pay it, and I'm afraid he'll notice that much money missing. God help me


For some reason, whenever I'm in a really good mood, people feel like I'm rubbing it in their face. But is it really, when I'm just trying to enjoy my few moments of happiness? My mood shifts more than this Massachusetts weather! Plus wuth anxiety, anything goes. So if I'm gonna enjoy my happiness with intensity in those few moments, I'm not gonna dim that shine for anything


You're clearly forgetting that when the Democratic and Reblpublican parties were established, their values were the opposite of what they are today. Republicans were the good guys that vied for equality, and the Dems wanted to keep the status quo. Sometime after the Civil War things switched around. So comparing those two parties to their origins is misleading, really. Look it up.


What 946 said. So sad people can;t see the forest for the trees. They have us all distracted with the invented social issue of the day while they advance their agenda.


I am so tired of the lies posted here.  Either these people outright lie or the are stupid and uneducated.  I am going to try to let you all in on a little secret.

It is the left-wing liberals who are full of hate and who kill people to progress their agenda.  The Democratic party started the KKK and the lynchings to keep the blacks (freed by the Republicans) in line.  They also went after white Republicans.  Then the Republicans pushed for voting rights and once again the KKK and the Democrats fought them every step of the way.  In order to get the Democrats to pass the sweeping voting rights bill of the 1960's (the Republicans all backed it) Lyndon Johnson had to promise the staunch racist Democrats that this would secure the "n*****" vote for the next 50 years.

When the left communists and socialists take over countries they have to kill all the smart people who can think for themselves.  So in order to get communism pushed through in China you simply have to kill 100 million people.  Easy peasy.  Same with the Soviet Union.  Remember, these are the people who are doing things for the people.  And the fucking fools fall for it every single time.  The liberals in this country, the Progressives, the Democrats are two steps away from doing this to this country.  The only thing standing in the way is that pesky little 2nd amendment.  Damn it.

The Democrats and Liberals today are no different than ISIS.  If they see some art or statues that offend them, then take them down or burn them.  If you disagree with them on any issue, you are an apostate and whatever happens to you violence-wise is your fault.  You have to think EXACTLY the way they think.  They kill people.  They attack institutions with hate, graffiti, they start fights at Republican gatherings, they make up false hate crimes to blame conservatives.  They are the fucking snowflakes.

And you know what?  You keep attacking Trump and going after him for whatever scandal you make up next, well we will not take it anymore.  I can promise you there will be a civil war in this country if they do this.  They are like spoiled children right now throwing a tantrum because things did not go their way.  So if you want a civil war in this country, back a nut-case Democrat.

This shouldn't be a secret but holy shit, people are so stupid they cannot see what is in front of their face.


"Liberals" didn't shoot anybody. Some kook with a gun did.


Happy birthday Morena.  I know you wanted time apart to think and clear your head.  I am respecting that as much as it hurts not being there for you today.  I'll take it that my absense is the gift you wanted from me.  

I hope you do enjoy your birthday.  I hope you can reflect on our relationship and hopefully we can continue to be friends and more.  If not, I understand, you deserve more.  It's never easy being the other woman.

Love, Fancy Pants


Universal health care is great!

My brother broke two fingers on his hand when she was in England.  He went to the doctor, showed him his broken fingers, and the doctor said, "You still have three fingers that work, take some aspirin for the pain."

Not even put in a cast.  No x-rays.  "You have three fingers that work."

Had he gotten a cast put on, the NHS won't let the doctor take it off.  Costs too much.

That's universal healthcare for you!


The Tramadol I took last night gave me a vivid sex dream about you. Now I'm sad and I want you again.

Baby please, take me out come September.


I log into my Kik account every Friday morning hoping I hear something from you...I was so wrong to do what I did but I but I couldn't deal with the fact that you claimed to love me yet you were sleeping and fulfilling long discussed fantasies with other men


I have a friend who has been getting into bdsm, she has a Tumblr page where she posts lots of pictures of others.  I keep hoping she puts some of herself on there as then I will know she has truly embraced the lifestyle and is finally happy


So I feel like writing and telling you what I want but not sure it's the right thing to do.
I know you've suggested that I should post but is that what you really want?

Things have changed a little bit for us now you have to admit? It's fine and I'm completely happy either way. At the very least I never want to lose you as my close friend.

But ever since you started this I've certainly changed my thoughts. I want to tell you everything I'm thinking but not sure it's a good idea.

And telling me about your current situation and recent purchasers makes me both sad for you and wanting to help even more lol

I know you can't reply and I'm not expecting you too. Don't know if I'm doing the right thing but we communicate in weird ways lol

I'll have to think about suggesting more even for a laugh because just not sure yet.


First the Republicans called the Democrats snowflakes.  Then the Democrats copy Republicans and call them snowflakes back.  Then Democrats start making fun of Republicans who use the word snowflake as an insult.  Democrats are pretty retarded.

Keep trying to censor people and take their guns, while taking their money and trying to fight people into silence!  Snowflakes!


I am becoming more and more convinced that the activities of the Left are being funded with Muslim money. Think about it. Why do their leaders (i.e., politicians, the media, and Hollywood) claim to be liberal, yet support an oppressive religion? Why do they say they're feminists, yet condone a religion that not only denies equal rights to women but preaches female genital mutilation and honor killings? Why do they say they're pro-LGBT yet not utter one protest against a religion that punishes LGBT people with death? Why do they deny so vehemently that Islam has anything to do with terrorism?

Islam is not a religion of peace. It is a religion of conquest--conquest by any means. The Muslims know they could never prevail against a united America. But a divided, weak America...they could sneak Sharia in through the back door while Liberals and Conservatives are duking it out on the front lawn.

I wouldn't be a bit surprised if the money going to all these Liberal political funds, and from there indirectly to the media and Hollywood, were to be traced back to Muslim sources.

As the saying goes, you're not paranoid if they're really out to get you.


I would have been so proud to keep you safe.. While some would be so proud to have my head on a stick. Operate with full knowledge of what will become of them. I do.


My pain didn't come from change, or from my fear of being alone , but from resistance to change. In my past life, I would have rather clung to the toxic familiarity of my life rather than embrace the newness of uncertainty.

If you're not happy being where you are, then the best thing you can do is to get out of where you are and seek your authentic self. Happiness comes from  letting go and seeking your true destiny.

Good luck.


I've reached that point in life where I'm ready to get rid of all the clothes I'm too old to wear or will never fit into again.

I'll never be 35 again, I'll never weigh 120 again...and I'm not upset about it.

Being 54 and weighing 140 pounds is actually pretty cool.


Please please please please don't let him get bond. Let it be denied.


we did it in the pool and 10 minutes later my mom came home and went for a swim. my bf and i laugh so hard at the idea of his spermies still swimming around in the water and  impregnating my mom. lol.


As I look back at My life...Being as tho I have a BDay coming up...I have to get real with Me. I'll be 50+ and I dont have a Emotional or Intimate connection to Anybody......Absolutely No One. My Marriage is Void of Emotions, Intimacy & Meaningful Conversations. Our conversations are the like the kind roommates have. When We 1st met Sex was  FREQUENT & CRAZY & AWESOME......Now It's maybe once a month for maybe 3 mins. Touching is rare and cuddling is a memory.The Loneliness is starting to sink in.The lack of affection is beginning to cloud my judgement.......I want to just walk away and find Love.....But being responsible is All I know.....

Aint That A Bitch!!!!


Some people say you must chase after your dreams/what you want. Otherwise, they will not come true/you won't get it. Others say that whatever is meant to be will come to you. Don't push it. It will happen if it's supposed to.

How do we walk the line between these contradictions? Is one active and the other passive? Is there a way to know which approach is appropriate? Does it depend on the specific situation? Perhaps both approaches are merely soothing words for the soul. People will tell you one or the other, to help you feel good when you're not sure what the future holds.

I think we don't really know anything. And that is ok! We proceed anyway. Or at least time moves us along.


I'm so tired of having stupid conversations with my wife. I'd rather bang my head against a brick wall. She's always right. She never backs down. She's mean about it. And petty. She forgot to take our son to a doctor's appointment. The doctor's office called me at work to ask if my wife was coming. The doctor's office is smart. They see how irresponsible my wife is. It's happened before. They know to call me.

When I finally tracked down my wife, she said it was my fault she missed the appointment because I should have reminded her. I asked how that could be. I emailed her about the appointment a week earlier.  I put it on the calendar in the kitchen. The morning of the appointment I wrote the details on a piece of paper. I then went over the note with her at breakfast. I went to work. Two hours later she didn't go to the appointment and in her mind, this is my fault???

Every conversation with her is like this. It's always annoying. She never takes responsibility for anything. What the hell did I get into with this ridiculous marriage?


Denmark, Sweden, Finland, France, Germany, Canada, Norway, New Zealand, and many other countries all have a form of socialized or universal healthcare. Many of those countries are considered better places to live than the US. Most of those countries have lower healthcare expenses than the US does. The United States has the highest cost for healthcare than any other developed country (and this before the marketplace aka Obamacare). America has the highest rate of avoidable deaths due to not being able to afford healthcare. Those countries save money because their citizens can afford to go for preventive health care.
Healthcare is a business here. Don't be fooled and think it's not.
You think those politicians care if you have affordable healthcare? Of course not, they have the best insurance in America paid by the government. Whatever they vote won't effect them. They fight against universal health care not because it's good for the people, but because it's good for the corporations. For their own stock portfolio.


My sister in law is so lazy, all she does is post pictures of her dogs on facebook and lay on the couch.


I fucked another man's wife, he started texting her while we were fooling around, she flipped on to her stomach to respond so I slide my cock between her ass checks and fucked her til I was ready to cum, pulled out and came all over her back....all while she was texting​ with him.


I want to give you oral pleasure and hear you moan and orgasm.   I want to make love to you and come deep inside of you.


My secret:  I want to spend the rest of my life doing what I can to make the lives of people around me better.

Putting that into practice is my life's work. I wish you would tell me how I can make your life better. Until TM-orrow.  


Conservatives have shot and/or lynched and/or assaulted lots of innocent people over the years because of ideology, race, ethnicity, religion, etc, etc.


If you want free health care, welfare and all the goodies move to Cuba Venezuela, South America or Europe. See what socialism brought them.They are bankrupt. Socialism  does not work - but liberals are still clamoring for  it! Where will the money come from for all these freebies?  Russia was one of the wealthiest nations in the world and its social ideas  bankrupted them. Get out there -man up -and take care of yourself. Forget about the government taking care of you- it is a fantasy!


I don't mind if a guy comes in my mouth. I don't mind swallowing. What bother me tho is when the guy asks me to open my mouth and show the spew before I swallow. I'm not your trained circus dog! Be happy I swallow and move on.


I went to a girl scout awards ceremony. Afterwards, refreshments were available, including a large platter of Oreo cookies.

What? The girl scouts sell their own brand of cookies, but at girl scout functions they serve the competitor's cookies?

Thanks just wrong!

(I was really looking forward to gorging on all-I-can-eat Thin Mints!)


If the Russians are so good at hacking, why not use it to our advantage? Instead of sanctioning Putin, ask if he could use his experts to track down all the American telemarketers who call my phone 10 times a day. Track them down, and since Russia is doing the investigation, they could shoot the telemarketers for us. Who would be against that?


I just realized something.  What's happening now actually took place 8 years ago, almost at the same time.  Wow!  This time however, I wont be off guard.


The liberals just shot innocent people on a baseball field because they are republicans. I'm sorry if this bores you. If liberals were better people, we wouldn't have to bring it up.


So my mistress whom I'm crazy about and is crazy about me wants some time apart so she can figure out what she wants.  I asked if she just wanted to be friends and she said no.  I asked if she just wanted this to be just sexual. Again, no. She's not happy being the mistress but I've already married my then mistress and been married for 15 years.  I've never lied to her, told her everything up front.  Don't know where this is going to go.  I'm going to hate losing her, not because of the Sex bur because of her smile. Sound cliche but that's the truth.


I am becoming tired of hearing all this "liberal" bashing, democrats are on thin ice, they hate America...thats total nonsense. The democrats have been in the line of fire for years. Believe it if you want or not, I really don't care, but as far as helping out the little guy, the poor, the weak, the disabled, no one compares to a democrat. Yes I will admit there are hacks and shits in every party, and yes there are users, thieves, cretins and abusers in the democratic party too. Some have abused the system to their full advantage, but lumping all liberals and democrats in  one basket is like saying every Republican is like Trump or Cruz, or McConnell. Ok so Trump is under investigation, hmmm first off, the democrats have minority power in all houses of congress, meaning that cannot chair or even start investigations. 2. More and more GOP are coming into the investigation process too, don't forget Comey is a Republican. Lets see if this turns into Watergate or farce. I recall being I'm older then most that the Republicans were screaming "nonsense" during that time too...


Facebook helps me see people for who they really are. I didn't know how racist some of my friends are, until I started reading their posts. I also didn't know their intelligence levels, until I started seeing their spelling and grammar errors. Mostly though, I've realized their true personalities. So many are petty entitled brats whining about having to wait an extra minutes to get their $5 coffee concoction from Starbucks. FB has taught me to hate people.


Here's a secret. Borax naturally kills fleas and their eggs. It's helpful to put it in carpeting around where our pets hang out, then just vacuum it up. Put it in your laundry, too. Also, Dawn dish soap kills fleas on contact. You can get both for under $10 at any grocery store. I hope this helps some other broke pet owners like me.


I caught my wife in an affair.
She felt guilty and bought me a 40k sports car.
Still wasn't worth the pain.
I feel good driving, but when I get home it sets in....
I hate Facebook.


The USA liberals are playing a very dangerous game. By distracting every one and protesting an elected President of the USA people are dying.This is unacceptable. This man has been elected for four years if you don't like him you van vote him out in four years time. The money and time that has been wasted on one investigation after the other is outrageous. Since August last years this is happening and no proof of any wrong doing is found .You precious Hillary will NEVER be president .Pence will be the President IF they get Trump impeached.What will be achieved by this? America will pay a dear price for this. We are on the brink of becoming a third world country and this will push us over the edge.It borders on treason.


There's nothing I love more than masturbating! On average, I'll masturbate around 5 or 6 times a day, but I'm working on clearing my schedule so I'll have time to double, maybe even triple that number!  In fact, if I had my way, I'd be locked away in a rubber room somewhere and just masturbate, masturbate, masturbate, masturbate, over and over and over and over, ALL day, EVERY day, until my nuts rot off! Then I'd masturbate some more......


You are the forbidden fruit and I've wanted you for years. Had to watch your rich adoring husband kiss you and spoil you and adore you the whole time.  He's big on the PDAs, your man.

Somehow, the connection formed. I was both intimidated by you and turned on by you in a big way.  You saw it, you had to know. I amused you, this callow boy who blushed when you tried to make polite small talk.  I don't get flustered by anything or anyone, except you.

Now... you seem to finally be noticing me and responding to me.  Maybe you're feeling your age, thinking your beauty is fading (it's not) and want some attention. Maybe he's neglecting you.  Maybe maybe maybe.

I'd do anything you want.


I just made out with a man who is 26 years younger than my exe boyfriend and I am half that age.  Now iwonder what the hell was I doing with an old man!!!  This man kissed me with great passion and touched me with intensity that I shook every time he just touched me. On top of it all, I did not see an old wrinkled up 54 or 55 year old man!!  Onwards to experiencing life with a man that is actually closer to my age than the last man I was in a relationship with.


There's a saying, "If you can't beat them, join them."  Go sleep with them in the kid's room.  Show the child he's important to you too.


Another sleepless night ! Another fucking night without my husband in bed! I mean when does it fucking ends . And than he lies to me makes up an excuse or something in order to sleep with his son, because he cant just simply put his foot down and tell him no you have your own room . Ive been dealing with this for four years now . Sad to say i think this is going to be the end of it because truthfully i cant amymore. All because he doesn't know how to say no to the fucking kid. Over it


*904 being a good pet owner doesn't require riches, just compassion. If you give your rabbit a Dawn dish soap bath, the fleas will go away quick. Signed - girl in bed with 2 dogs and a cat.


My rabbit's fleas have gotten worse. She has a huge bald patch going down her back, and some of her skin is dry and cracking from the constant irritation. My poor bun. I'm really not cut out to be a pet owner, because i didn't get rid of them efficiently the first time, and now I'm broke so she has to suffer for at least 3 more days before i can give her a bath. I need to get rid of her, for her own sake.


I hate people who think they are so much better than others because of their looks.


It made me smile and warmed my heart to be able to talk to my friend again tonight.


I am not alone. I feel so fucking guilty for feeling so alone and left behind. I was never supposed to be this shitty kind of person. A secret angry jealous monster that just wants to scream about all the sadness she knows she deserves


Nobody can predict all public shootings.  The only way to prevent them is to ban all guns.  But it's not fair to take away guns from people who never committed a public shooting.  You can check gun owners for mental health issues, but most of the mentally ill aren't violent, so that's not fair either.


I wonder if those republicans who were shot today regret making semi-automatic so accessible or even allowing the people to have them at all. I'm not against guns at all and definitely believe people should have the right to have them - just saying it would have been a hell of a lot harder to hit them if he had a shotgun spraying buckshot everywhere or a handgun. Pretty Ironic if you ask me haha.


There is an attractive guy on the internet that has been making videos for 10 years.  A couple years ago I saw his wife.  She was enormously fat and ugly!  Yikes!  How the hell did that guy not get anybody better?  He is talented, funny, interesting, and good looking.  WTF?


Democrats and Republicans are both authoritarian nightmares.  Both against life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  We need a better third party.


For the last two years I've heard that Republicans are awful people. They are hateful and violent.

Today there was a random senseless shooting of Republicans. It was done by a Democrat.

So tell me again, who are the hateful, violent people?


I clean things. Bathrooms, the garage, the basement, the closets, the attic, the garden shed, desk drawers, cupboards. I constantly have a cleaning project going on.

I fix things. Light switches, leaky pipes, running toilets, broken shingles, broken electrical cords, cracked window panes, squeaky doors. I constantly have a fixing project going on.

My wife, she goes out and lives it up. That's her contribution to our relationship.

I don't know how a person like her exists. I'd feel guilty if I took advantage of someone. So guilty that I could never do it. But not my wife. She thinks nothing of fucking people over to get what she wants.

I need to get divorced and find someone new. Tell me, are there any good women out there with a decent soul? A woman who wants to be loved, but won't take advantage and stick me with doing everything?


You just made my day :-)


Morning handsome boy lol :-)


I think fat women are hot and I am talking 300lbs ++. 30M


Ever look at fat, unattractive women and then see their husbands who are hot, attractive and yummy and wonder...what the actual fuck?!?

Then, you meet their 4 or 5 kids and it all makes sense.


Climbing a tree is not a handicap accessible activity. So all trees should be taken down.

This is the logic of our overly PC world.


I broke up with you because you weren't affectionate enough. You were more affectionate and loving with your family and friends than you ever were with me. You shouldn't get into a relationship with a woman tell her she's your family too if you're not willing to tow the line. You knew what I wanted but you intentionally withheld all of it. So im alone and that's ok because at least now I know what I want and won't put up with in a relationship. Oh yeah and i couldn't stand by and let your long distance friend who you say is not your ex,yeah right, poison your mind against me.


Morning beautiful girl lol :-)


I'm not sure why, but whenever I go to art museums by myself I get incredibly horny. So turned on. I'm not sure what it is, but this phenomenon most recently occurred at the Musée d'Orsay in Paris and the Met in NYC. Perhaps it's something about dressing nicely, feeling fancy, and contemplating life while looking at art that makes me want dick...


Remember, you dumped me.


I dont consider myself her husband anymore....more of a manager with benefits...and just like in the real world...benefits are being cut.  except hers


Looking at my boss's hands during a meeting this morning so turned me on I had to excuse myself and rub one out in the bathroom.


My wife messes up everything. EVERYTHING! The car renewal registration says to get the emissions test done first, then register the vehicle. If you register first, and then fail the emissions test, you lose your registration fee and have to pay again.

Even though she knew this because I told her so AND it says it in bold print right on the renewal instructions, she of course thinks rules don't apply to her. So she registers first, and then flunks the emission test. Needlessly wasting money doesn't matter to her because she's not the one who has to work to earn the money. I am!



I love somebody. I guess it's a "wrong" love, but it feels amazing. It gives me peace and joy and can anything that feels like this be wrong? Hard to say. Life is not black and white, that's for sure.


I've had 5 loves, so far.


It is said that a person will truly love three times in their life. The first,  to live for- until it ends, usually abruptly.  Then there's the passionate second love, to fight for, unfortunately, it's usually about the fighting ( and fucking) and when it's over, it brings a great sense of dread over the loss. It's the most difficult love to recover from.....

Then there's the third love- the one to live for. It's different than the others because it's a peaceful kind of love.  At first it seems too peaceful and kind, but it's the most fulfilling one. There's a sense of serenity that comes with this person.  It's TRUE love.  

I never thought I'd find it, but I have. I have a reason to live, AGAIN ! ❤️❤️❤️


I've got to stop caring about you. I just do.  You are great.  The sex is amazing.  I just have no idea of you give two shits about me.


Once a cheater, always a cheater.  My wife cheated on her live in bf with me when we first met...just found out she has had at least 4 affairs in the past 5 yes.  

Soon to be divorced wm,47, married 20 yrs


Thank you, that's very sweet of you :-)

Once my mother said, "unlike us, there are some beautiful people in the world"... I always thought mothers were the ones that were most meant to think that we are more beautiful than we are, so such a comment, hurts all the more.

I now also remember, in part, why I miss my dad so much.


I want somebody to love me. I am more than just my body


I think you're beautiful :-)


There have been a few times in my life when a person has rudely told me to keep away from them, and then a few weeks later came back being overly nice to me.

Don't ever fall for it.  They're not doing it for you.  They're doing it for themselves.  

What happened is that they thought about what they did and realized that they were complete assholes.  They think that they can look better to other people if the person they were rude to accepts them back in their life.

But the problem is they weren't *being* assholes, they were rude because they *are* assholes.  They were rude in the first place because they were spoiled, entitled, arrogant, vain, or self-absorbed people.

I found this out the hard way when I was young.  I fell for the act and got burned a second time.  Never again.


Glen goines saw the mothership coming. Can YOU?!...


Primitive male sexuality is fucking hot.

I once watched my four male friends caboose each other one drunken, uninhibited Sunday evening.

Sure'd have liked it if they'd been serious.


One reason people smoke: nicotine is an excellent antidepressant/mood stabilizer. Of the general population, about 15% smoke. Of the mental health population, statistically approximately 30 to 40% smoke. In my experience as a bipolar person, I would say the actual numbers are even higher than that.

I've tried quitting many times, only to end up sinking into depression and going back to cigarettes. Do I like being this way? No. But do I want to go back into that black hole? NO. If smoking cuts some years off my life, well, that's the tradeoff. Perhaps that's hard to understand, but it's reality for a lot of people.


It feels like there's been a shift. Sunday felt different, but I didn't want to say anything. It was like I was feeling chaos/anxiety in me, but coming from you.
Perhaps too much was said too fast.
I know you've been really busy lately, so perhaps I'm imagining...but conversations the past few days have also seemed more strained/reserved.

You are an amazing individual and I would never want to cause you pain, uncertainty, or guilt.  Your friendship is precious and important to me, and I want you to be at ease. If we need to reset the line to walk, we can.  ..tell me AG


I think the sports dads in my town are on the "down low". They are a little too chummy with each other. You know what I mean. One will be standing on the sidelines of a youth soccer game, and another will come over with the "Hey buddy, how ya doing," but while massaging the first guy's shoulders. Why is one guy massaging the other guy? What's going on there?? There's more. The guys in my town make dates to workout together at the gym. And afterwards they take showers together. Then they stand around in the locker room naked while snapping towels at each other. It's foreplay. These men, so many of them, they go out drinking together. Me, I go out for a drink, but with women. You know, the opposite sex. Not these sports guys. They like to get drunk with the same sex. I'm thinking that somewhere on the ride home there's a little quiet spot where they suck each other off, before climbing into bed with their wives. If you don't believe me, watch them. In your town, watch the way they behave with each other.  It's flirting. They are flirting with each other.  Mix that with a man's libido and yea, I'm sure they are sucking each other off.


Secretary? Your son ran for the high school class secretary? LOL. Real young men don't run for class secretary. They run for president. How embarrassing for you!


You texted me and told me to leave you alone.  You said you were going to report me to HR for harassment.  I apologized immediately and admitted I didn't know I was bothering you.  I honestly thought that after seven months of talking and texting back and forth about everything that we were friends.  It's now been three months since I left you alone and walked the other way.  I'll only say hi in the halls as I pass you.

And now you're fucking trying to contact me again?

What the fuck did you think "harassment" means, young lady?  What did you think the result of threatening me with HR was going to be?  You must live in a fucking fantasy world.  Do you think that every older man wants you?  Grow up!  I'm almost twice your age, married, and have four kids... maybe that means something to me?  You know why I talked to you in the first place?  Because you were "safe."  You are homely, barely educated, and 20 years younger, so the idea that you were ever a temptation to me is laughable.  We have nothing in common.

Maybe when you grow up a bit more you'll learn the difference between friendship and harassment, asshole.

In the meantime, we're done.  I'm not talking to you anymore than I have to.  Welcome to the real world, where actions have consequences.


I never really think of it like this but we have been having an affair, off and on, for over 5 years. With the exception of my ex husband, you're the longest "relationship" I've had with a man.
I started to sleep with you one year before I met my current partner and for some reason it doesn't feel like cheating when I'm with you. I met you first; so..... it's like dibs.
5 years. You're a habit. We know what each other like.
Maybe that's why I'm having a hard time letting you?


I have a mistress, I put a lot of energy in to playing like I care, and acting like she's an awesome person...I finally got sex this past weekend after talking to her online for 2ish months. It was fun and she's pretty hot...she described herself to me as a blunt, no problem, but I'm finding out more and more that she's not really a blunt person...she's really just a bitch who thinks she is better than anyone else, and her way is the only way and you're fucked up if you like things that she doesn't or she likes things that you don't. I was going to use her one or two more times...but I'm changing my how to cut all ties with her safely...gotta think about that


And im going to stay salty until things start changing for the better. That means a whole lotta effort on your part. If you're not willing, I can find someone who will treat me better.


People seem to think I'm a pretty smart guy, and proper acting. The secret is that I'm actually pretty slow, and socially awkward....I just know how to keep my mouth shut so people don't figure it out.


The reason I started smoking as an adult was because of my dad. We never got along when I was young and he was a huge cigarette smoker. I would never smoke cigarettes. But when he died I found I missed him and if I smoked a cigar the smoke made it seem like he was still there. Now I'm hooked on cigars. Don't do it.


Not salty. It did hurt, though. Better now.


Some people are clueless. They are so socially inept. I call to ask a simple question about the start time for an event, and by two minutes later she are recounting a car accident that happened 10 years ago, then what went on at the PTA meeting last week, then how she has fallen arches. Like get a clue? My calling isn't an opportunity for her to unload every thought she ever had. Just answer my question and let me get off the phone. Why do she think the rest of us want to hear her rambling crap? Like OMG I'll never call her again.


I can tell youre still salty about it.


#857, while I would generally agree, in general over a long period of time, I have yet to get a blow job from a woman that is better than most that I get from other men.  Maybe it's home court advantage, insider information, but another man can generally make me ejaculate in very short order, while most women sometimes struggle to get the job done.  Granted the "naughtiness" of being blown by another man adds an entire level of excitement to the event.


No one gives a blow job like a 42 year old divorced woman looking for her next husband.


852 - why are you doing that? That makes zero sense. you have the opportunity to open your marriage here, or divorce and move on happily.


Run from that situation. No matter how much you enjoy talking to him, in the end it won't be worth it. You're being used.


I feel awkward. You're talking to me to get information about my friend, who isn't talking to you. She's mad at me because you're talking to me, and I like talking to you, but I don't like talking to you knowing that you don't really want to talk to me. I'm just "close enough."


I like being aware of my flaws. It's better than being blind to them. That's one of my flaws right there though, thinking I'm better than people because I'm more emotionally mature than a lot of people. And I can say this with confidence, because many people can't even admit when they're wrong about something or have made a mistake. People go YEARS being blind to their own bullshit. It just makes them look stupid


I caught my wife in an one night affair at a hotel. I've have been hammering her and making her pay dearly for it.
In the meantime I've been having a 2 year affair with another woman.


Why do people start smoking?  I can understand that some older people lived in a time when everybody smoked and there was social pressure to do so, and it was socially acceptable, with ashtrays in restaurants and smoking in offices.  It was like this through the '80s.  My own high school had a smoking section for the teenagers, which seems crazy now.  

But why do people start in 2017?  What motivates a person to think, "Okay, smoking is highly addictive, it's very expensive, it'll turn my teeth yellow, it's going to make my breath smell like an asshole, my clothes are going to stink, I'll feel irritated if I don't do it every few hours, my car and house will smell, nobody ever says they're glad they started smoking, and it's going to ruin my health and stamina - I'M GOING TO DO THIS!  I'M GOING TO START SMOKING!"

It just seems like the dumbest possible decision a person could make these days.


I don't know why, but I suspect I'd just be told "good luck".

Maybe that really is all the answer I should need...


848 that's so sad? Your boyfriend sounds like he doesn't appreciate you at all? He really doesn't understand you and has no idea what he's missing does he?

There may be others out there who want you?!  They need you, desire you, want to take you and have you?  

Maybe your boyfriend needs to know that so he pulls his finger out and pays you some attention? Treats you how you need and should be treated.

Time will tell.


My boyfriend has been turning me down for sex. I'm lucky if we have it every two weeks or so, typically.

I've finally bought a toy so I'm not tempted to initiate things. Will be interesting to see how long it takes for him to click or to initiate.

The vindictive part of me makes me want to refuse him once he finally wants it.

Yes, I have talked to him about it on multiple occasions and he's unwilling to do anything about his drive.

Maybe I'll finally also leave the relationship.

Time will tell.


I'm pretty selfish sometimes. My friends will be there for me when I'm sad, and I'm there for them. But sometimes when I'm in a good mood or good place in life, I'd rather hold onto my fleeting positivity than be supportive. I've only started really opening up to people too. I wonder if that has something to do with it.


Single mothers are not nearly as special as they think they are. Most of them are very annoying.


I wonder if you ever watched the movie Transcendence.


I don't understand why people hate fidget spinners. It's just a toy. I don't remember adults having a problem with yo-yos. Maybe I'm just too old to understand.


I'm fucking pissed off beyond belief.   My son is having issues getting a job.  He's on the "Spectrum" but he's sharp as a whip, he can't articulate. Just completing his JR year in HS he got 4 A's and 4 B's, 3.3.

I suggested that I can purchase a new Honda mower and he can go to the hundreds of homes near us to make some money.  He "doesn't want to do that".  

I'm not paying for his car insurance anymore which expires Friday and I'm going to give away the car I gave him.  

Call me a bad father but I've never been so disappointed in all my life.
EDIT... I told him I'd help get the work.  I'll cold call for him.  Hell, we have several professional athletes nearby that don't touch their lawn, it's always a mess.  We've joked about it for the last 12 years.   No, he's exactly like my father which is pissing me off.


My biggest takeaway from being married and divorced is to not get married in the first place.


It always make me smile when I remember you saying, "I'd love to hold you...right now". AG


I really wish I knew what the right choice is.


I bristle when people characterized marital problems as both parties being at fault. I find it so unfair. I married a selfish woman. She makes my life miserable. She makes many lives miserable. I should have divorced her long ago. But I keep trying to make it work. It's my nature. Please don't assume that if a marriage is in trouble, that both people are equally to blame. Some of us are really trying.


I have a huge crush on someone I really shouldn't. Please universe, don't let anyone find out... But please, let this happen... But please don't. Ugh.


I can't believe how many people in long term relationships, be it dating or marriage, can't bring themselves to have honest communication. They are so quick to trash everything without giving the other person the opportunity to fix the problem. People give up way too easy these days. My parents have been married for 70+ years. No, it was not always a bed of roses. But when people make a promise & a commitment, they SHOULD actually make the effort to honor it. Everyone is so selfish and lazy these days. Yeah, just go fuck somebody else or run to the lawyer...that will make everything better. The grass is NOT always greener. Having a person you can actually trust that knows you inside & out is not something to be so casually discarded. I'm guilty myself...I've walked away without even giving a guy an opportunity to change. Everything in our lives is so disposable these days. People shouldn't be.


It boggles my mind that anyone could think Trump was "vindicated" by Comey. How can people swallow such ridiculous nonsense?

Trump is a clear and present danger to the safety and security of the country and its citizens. He needs to be removed.


I want to be divorced and set out on a new chapter of my life. But I'm not sure if I'll regret it. The fear holds me back.


Over the weekend I spoke to a Democratic Congressman on the committee that is investigating Trump. There's nothing. No evidence. It troubles me that some elected officials pushed this as much as they did. They are not interested in helping our nation. They are interested in getting in the newspaper and furthering their political ambitions.


I know a couple who are unhappily married who are trying an open marriage.  Just not sure I could wave to my spouse as she walks out the door to have sex with her you say to her as she leaves "good night", "have fun", "be safe", "see you in the morning"?  

Not sure its a long term solution, its working now as they both have friends on the side but betting once one of them breaks up, then divorce is on tap


After reconnecting with my husband emotionally, physically, spiritually, I realize I was an idiot to ever entertain the idea of leaving him for you. Honestly I never saw a future with you. I strung you along for a while just to keep from hurting your feelings. To be frank, I could have never tolerated being a stepmom to your bratty son. Now I regret it and am more in love with my husband than I think I ever have been. That part of my life is over and is pretty much a bad dream. I will never make that mistake again. I realize how close I came to losing it all, and I would have been miserable


There's a young woman here in the shared office space here who works for another company.  I've never said a word to her because she's got her own job to do, and I'm not going to bother anybody.  

She passes by me a few times a day.  Sometimes I glance up as she goes by.

Over the last year, her tits have gotten way bigger.

They jiggle now when she walks by.

I wasn't looking at her tits ever before, but it's hard not to notice this stuff.

Now I have to wonder... is she getting fatter?  Doesn't seem like it.  Maybe she's pregnant?  But her tummy hasn't gotten bigger.  Or... has she stopped wearing a bra??  That would be awesome.


You can live a life of quiet desperation and never divorce. That is a terrible option.

You can live a life of quiet desperation until your kids are older and divorce then. Better option but still bad.

You can be up front with her saying you need to able to have safe sex outside of the marriage, because you're not attracted to her anymore but you still love her. Nice, but improbable.

Or you lay it out on the line now and divorce her.

You are not doing anyone a favor by being in a companionate marriage not of your own choice. You're robbing yourself of your own happiness. Furthermore, and more importantly, you're robbing her of her happiness. She's a sexual being and you're not providing what she needs.

You're both unhappy, but the onus to change it demands that one of you, probably you, since you are writing here to set thing in motion.

It will hurt and it will be tumultuous. But you, her and your children will be off when the dust settles. Is half your money worth everyone's happiness?


I am conflicted.  I am not sure I love my wife anymore.  I feel that I have grown apart from her.  Also, I really am uninterested in sex with her because she has become terribly obese (BMI of 41).  I am not sure the two are related, but they probably are.  

I can tell she wants to have sex and she seems to still be very much in love with me.  However, I find her physically repulsive.  It is not even just the look, I find that she 'feels' awful (read as I don't even like touching her becuase there is fat everywhere).  So even with the lights out she is just not appealing to me anymore. She is a good person and I feel bad to feel this way, but I can't help it.

I've tried to have conversations with her about her health, ect, but noting ever seems to get done.  I don't want to get a divorce due to some of the usual reasons (kids, money, ect), but I don't really want to be in a sexless marriage where I hate to touch my wife either.

Any thoughs out there?



I really do not understand  women in their 30's.  Old enough to know better, young enough to act young.


I'm glad the "Russia hacking/collusion" thing is finally dead.  The media hasn't covered it since the Comey testimony when he said there's no proof it ever happened.

But here's what I can't understand - why did anybody even believe the Russia thing in the first place?  Anybody who was paying attention since last November knew that "Russia" was just an excuse to divert attention away from why Hillary Clinton actually lost the election.  They tried a variety of excuses.  It started with "fake news," which blew up in their faces when Trump threw it right back in their faces.  Then they tried saying the Electoral College was unfair, which blew up in their faces when people realized that this is the way elections have been decided for 230 years.  When those didn't stick, they went to the "Russia" story.  It should have been obvious to anybody that they were throwing excuses against the wall to see what stuck.

And something else I can't understand - why did the media, which presumably should be a bit more sophisticated on political matters than the average American, keep pushing the Russia narrative when they knew there wasn't any basis for it?  Or, maybe the media isn't that sophisticated?  Or, maybe they think people are dumb enough to believe whatever they tell them?

Why did people not see this for what it was?  It was obvious!  I see the pictures of the young hipsters in the bars watching the Comey testimony, covering their faces and throwing their hands up in the air in disbelief.  These people actually took off work and went to bar completely expecting they would see Trump condemned.  That's how convinced they were of this.

I cannot grasp why these people so willingly swallowed the Russia story, but it probably has to do with how humans want to believe their opinions are right.


This is funny.  My former mistress' birthday is coming up.  I told her we can fly out to DC and have a great time together.  She said that was not possible because she didnt want to mess her hair up.  This is why she is my former mistress.


My wife doesn't like the office where I currently work. She thinks I should look for a new job elsewhere. She doesn't quite understand what she is saying. I've had four jobs over the last 21 years. In each job I slept with women in the office. If I get a new job I'm sure I'll sleep with someone at the new place. I can't quite explain this to her though.


I know two women who are in the process of getting divorced and both are on a fetish seeking website getting their kink on...

Is this common in 40 something newly single women?


Your co-worker had a fight with her boyfriend tonight and is feeling very confused.


My roommate thinks that myself and my coworker would be really good together.

I agree. She's wonderful, beautiful, a great friend.


I love getting drunk and listening to Slayer. Definitely calms my nerves.


I hate most people.


The biggest secret of them all..  The Devil Is A Liar!


Put all the rats on an island and wait for the sea to rise. They will fight it out until the end. Nobody cares as long as they go away.


186772, you are the type of person we need more of. I'm sure your nemesis won't say it so I will: Thank you.


Given his history, never mind his recent actions, how does anyone have confidence in Donald Trump?


My wife and I started growing apart when she decided that sex wasn't a thing she wanted to do anymore.


My husband and I have grown apart. I'm not sure why.


I miss the exhilaration that life used to offer. It's gone, I'm like a ship without sails or a rudder.


I guess I'm naive. I have a friend who makes jewelry for a living. He strings beads together and creates necklaces, earrings and bracelets. I've bought a few items over the years.

He does really well at his business. He drives a BMW and rents a beach house every summer. He has invited me out several times.

If I thought about it, and I didn't, it does seem odd that this well spoken educated white man who hangs out with a very upscale crowd, makes bracelets for a living.

I was talking to a different friend recently, a woman. The jewelry maker came up in the conversation. I said how successful he must be with his jewelry.

My friend laughed at me. She said he's not a jewelry maker. He's a drug dealer. He supplies coke and everything else to the rich and famous.

Oh. How did I not know of this for all these years? Here I am buying bracelets from him for $25 when he's making a ton of money dealing drugs.

I'm also wondering why he never offered to sell me drugs? I guess he realizes I'm such a goody two shoes. I've never tried drugs in my life. I've never even seen drugs. Yet I'm friends with this big drug dealer. We've never done anything sexually either. I've been topless by his pool. That's it. I think I must hold a special place in his life. I think he likes having me around exactly because I'm such a straight arrow. I see that now. I think he likes having a little bit of purity in his life. I like being someone's purity.


It won't be hard for the next person to fill your shoes and exceed


Ted, I want to fuck you. You friendly motherfucker. I'd like to have a few drinks, and then you'd do the thing where you talk close to my face and look into my eyes just a bit too long. Then I'd go out for a smoke, and we'd walk home together. You know what happens next ;)


Why is it that I can feel strong in who I am, confident in my professional life and secure in my relationships...but shy away from photographs. It is nonsensical, and just own self-judgement. After all, a photo can really serve to make someone else happy. AG


There is a student at my child's high school who is well known in the halls as the guy to go to if you want to buy drugs. A few days ago the school held elections to determine next year's class president. He easily won. The criminal is now president because he is well known FOR HIS CRIMINAL EXPLOITS.

Hmm, sounds very familiar....


I have a real problem seeing gay men. It greatly disturbs me. It's not natural to see them holding hands and kissing. To say nothing of putting a penis in another man's bottom. Like really? Poop comes out of that hole and you put your penis in there???????? What's next, are you going to start licking dirty toilet bowls in the men's room?

I think gay men are secretly straight men acting act. They want attention. So they do this outrageous thing exactly so people will notice them more.


God either wants me to be alone for the rest of my life or he wants me to be a lesbian. Not sure which.


Having an affair is exhausting. It's sooooooo not worth it either. Affairs are overrated. It's nice not having to sneak around and lie anymore. It just wasn't fulfilling enough to continue risking everything.


I couldn't be happier we ended things. For the sake of your feelings, I pretend that I miss you, but DAMN.... I don't. What was I thinking?


I think about sex during church. It helps pass the time.


I wonder if there will be 18 minutes missing.


A knock-out neighbor of mine finally mowed the lawn.   She said she'd post up some photos later in the day.  

I saw the photos and they looked great.  Secretly, I was hoping for some other photos that involved trimming.   But a man can only dream- iguessTM.


No matter how tired I am, I love chatting with you. Then I find difficult to sleep once the chatting is through-AG



when the syndrome is around
Don't let your guard down
All you've got to do is call on THE FUNK

rip, glen


The secret is: For all our accomplishments, we humans are really not very intelligent.  That is why we sometimes try to defend indefensible, crazy bullshit like that madness going on in Washington right now.  Anybody who thinks that's normal is too far gone to ever come back.  Doomed!


I have a best friend. If someone asked who my best friend is, I'd say this fellow's name. If I stopped to think about it though, I'm fooling myself. This best friend moved away 28 years ago. We spoke by phone for a while. That faded. I haven't heard from him in 10 years. Yet this is my best friend? Funny what the fragile human mind wants to believe.


Everybody is a little different. I love all the little differences. It doesn't happen this way by accident.  

I think about the universe. I wonder how many there are of us out there. I guess I'll never know anything about that.

The humans have the audacity to use creativity. It only exists for a brief moment before it is expelled into a vacuum of nothingness.


I have never had any white(American) friends.  All my friends are either of east asian, south asian, black, hispanic heritage.  If I do have 'white' friends they're also half another race. The people at work who are white - who I get along with - have been raised around minorities.

I went to a predominantly white high school and only had minority/people of color friends. It's not that I don't want to be friends with white people. It's just that I can't ever relate to them.



I wonder if that crotchety old neighbor of yours will be a little more cordial to you now that you saved his life. If he doesn't, then it must be a mental disorder, right? Follow up sometime.


I'm pet sitting in an upside down house.  I was trying to call one of the cats when a Junebug got in the house.  

Naturally it's now time for bed, I gave the Junebug the upstairs.

I'm now downstairs in bed at 9:30 on a Saturday night because upstairs has been compromised.  I came down here covered in a blanket and talked to him the whole time.

Communication is key.  I explained how he can have the upstairs but downstairs where I sleep is off limits.  

I hope he understands boundaries.


I keep getting this annoying phone calls in the middle of night like who in their right mind calls at 1am in the morning, it must not be important or an emergency since they never leave messages . I guess it's time to block this person , who ever it is.


773, I wish my husband would take lessons from you. * le sigh*


Hey Mel,
I know you're a fraud as it is getting disability for your BS "diagnosis" but enough with the selfies. Your self esteem is showing. You look so sad the older and lonelier you get.


For fucks sake , i just want friends. Why is it that my friends list is dropping like flys since I've been an adult? It's seems like it's only happening to me
I just want someone to talk to, hang with, and someone who legitimately wants to be my friend and sticks around. I don't always wanna make the plans. Friendships shouldn't be so hard to keep alive. I'm starting to get super depressed as I get older knowing one day I'll be alone because I don't have any true friends. My husband is my best friend but I still need more. I need someone to vent to about life, who doesn't judge me. Why cant i have that??


I promise I will live on bravely.  Rest in peace my love.


God, please help me.


How silly this situation is.  We're finally at a point where we are comfortable being friends.  But with these feelings of friendship, I feel like I'm falling in love with you all over again.  Perhaps you were always right.  We could never separate the feeling of friendship and love.  It's all or nothing.  

Sadly, it has to be nothing because I have no right to be in love with a married man.  

It has to be nothing because I am determined to find happiness in this lifetime.  



I need to fully commit myself to moving on.  That's all.


I fucked his wife. Took a shower. Then used his deodorant. I had no choice. I had to get back to work and I couldn't wear no deodorant. It's the deodorant part which really bothers me.


I masturbate like 1000 times a week. I just love orgasms


Ok, had sex with her once....2 or 3 more times and I'll throw her back...she has no idea.


I just wanted closure, I thought after being your friend and lover for three years I deserved a face to face meeting.  It killed me to know you gave the other guy closure and you only knew him for a few months.  Guess I never really meant anything to you


-772, you mean old neighbor likely acts the way he does due to dementia.  He's what we used to call a "grumpy old man" before we realized it's actually a serious medical issue making old people behave that way.  It's kind of sad.


I have a fake Facebook account that I use to friend all the women who blocked me because I was being sexually suggestive to them.  But it's not like I was trying to be "creepy" and stalk them, they were women who'll fuck a random guy on the street, we would have cyber sex or phone sex, and then they would feel they weren't being respected and block me.  So I'm not being creepy, I'm being immature, really.


My mans 8 inches (we measured with a ruler lol) and I'm addicted to his cock. I let him abuse me cuz I can't stop going back for the dick. He took my phone for three days lol but the next morning I was back at his house sucking his dick and begging him to fuck me


Let's explore each other.  I can hardly wait.


My biggest regret in life is knowing I'll never have that long relationship. I'm talking the ones that last decades. I'm envious of those couples that have been together most their lives. I've never had a relationship last more than three years. Ever. I'm the common denominator so I know that it is me that is broken. I've learn to live with the hand that was delt me. Sigh........


Sometimes I think I would like to have a boyfriend. But then I remember how exhausting and how much trouble they are.  Then I'm glad I'm single.
That's Okay, I'm fine with that.


I want there to be a way I could give my life to some one whose dying who wants to live. I mean right now. Not just organ doner.  I want to trade. I think that would be a nobal contrabution. Win win.


My fantasy is to take you to a penthouse in the city. One with a room way up high with lots of big windows. We'd have a few drinks and laughs and enjoy each other's company like only we know how.

If the mood strikes we can sneak a cheeky kiss to see how the electricity flows!  If it's not there we'll just laugh and always have a story to remember. But if it's the start of something more then I know it will be an amazing night.

We would make out for a bit then I'd suggest we could move this to the spa bath. I won't waste any time before taking it to the next level with kisses and nice touching! Not stopping there I'll keep going until you're crying out with pleasure! I bet you taste sweet!!! ;-)

From the bath I'll take you out to the lounge room in front of the windows. Looking out over the city I'll come up behind you and kiss your neck. Not stopping there I'll kiss every inch of you!

The rest of this night is still yet to be written. How about sometime we explore this fantasy and write our own ending together?!

I wait for your reply.


I had an odd incident recently. I have a neighbor from hell. He's old, 87. For the last 15 years since I've lived here, he has harassed me. He thinks nothing of coming into my yard and yelling at me, even in front of my children. He scares them. He's one very angry jackass.

What are his gripes? Everything. For example, he complains he can see my house lights on at night. He doesn't like seeing the light coming through the trees into his yard. It offends him that he isn't totally isolated. Our houses are probably 200 yards apart and surrounded by woods. That's not good enough for him. He likes to pretend he owns everything for miles around.  Like what does he want me to do, sit in the dark every evening? His whining is absurd.

Anyway, the other evening at dinner time, I was in my yard. I heard a faint whining sound. I couldn't tell if it was human or maybe a coyote. It was barely audible. I could have ignored it. But I didn't. I walked around a bit into my woods to try to see where it was coming from. The closer I got to his house, the better I could hear it. I realized it was saying "help" over and over.

I started running to the voice. It was clearly in my nasty neighbor's yard. I found him laying on the ground next to his car. He had fallen and couldn't get up.

I very calmly spoke to him and assessed the situation. I made sure no bones were broken. I asked him questions to gauge his mental state. I carefully maneuvered him into a sitting position. I had him stay like that for another minute to see if he could support himself. I got him to his feet and brought him inside. I sat him down on his couch. Gave him water. Called his sister who lives nearby. I suggested we take him to the hospital, or at least call the ambulance so they could do a more thorough check of his well being.

I realize in hindsight that I could have done nothing. I could have ignored his cries for help. He's a menacing unpleasant man. His sister even told me she can't stand him. I could have done nothing and he'd probably be dead now. He's so isolated, no one else would have found him for weeks.

Every evening since then I pull up his driveway to see if his lights are on. Then I pull up again late at night to make sure the lights are off. That's how I know he is still alive and functioning.    

An interesting self-reflective moment. He is unkind to me. Yet I help him. Even after all the trouble he has caused. It occurred to me after the fact that maybe it was a test from God. I hope I passed.


I hope you're doing well, my friend. I wish you much love and happiness.


Why did she block me again?  A power move or other game playing?  Was I being too nice or too mean to HIM?

They can be The Joker & Harley Quinn together for all I fucking care, since they have so much crazy going on.


I am in love.

I should feel guilty, but I don't because he is amazing and so impossible to avoid loving that I can't help myself.


I wish I wasn't a mom


Broken, replacable. Unnecessary, inconvenient. Too much, not enough. Backed off, unnoticed, cold, silent. Crumbling apart on the inside..


I wonder how much of my lifetime I will spend stifling the urge to cry. I'm choking on sadness and all I can do is drag myself through my time and responsibilities.. I hope it gets better..


It seems all of my favorite porn sites are incest sites! I just LOVE, for instance, seeing brothers and sisters having sex. (I was blessed enough to experience this myself, a handful of times, with my own big sister!) Seeing (adult) daughters screwing their daddies drives me WILD, but THE MOST BEAUTIFUL thing ever, is watching a young man make sweet, passionate love to the woman who loves him like no other woman on Earth possibly can; his own mother! I see videos of young fellas relentlessly thrusting into that sweet, adoring vagina, until they ERUPT violently, blissfully pumping what must be GALLONS of hot, sticky sperm into that most gracious lady, while she, for her part, basks in the radiant glory of being impregnated by her own worshipful son!
If I wrote the rule book, EVERY man on Earth would keep his exalted mother constantly pregnant, from the moment he is first able to ejaculate!
That truly is the most wonderful, natural and supremely joyous human experience there is!!!!


I would give anything to bend you over my knee and spank you.  Kills me that someone else is doing that to you


My secret: I've been living with it for about 30 years. I was in the Army for almost 2 years...not quite, but almost. You don't get VA benefits unless you cross that 2 year threshold. So I got out of the Army for being overweight. (She thinks I served my whole time!) I have fought it for all my life. So my wife thinks that all I have to do is get my DD214 and we'll qualify for a home loan and some other stuff. But as I said I won't qualify for anything. I'm in the best shape of my life through lifting and riding bikes and eating decent stuff...I wish I could have a do-over...My wife thinks it takes a long time to get your DD214, being the government and all, but it's really easy and pretty quick...I don't know what to tell her when it never comes!


Yes, it feels like it's been a lifetime when it comes to my friend, too. I still have vivid dreams of him. In my dream he was sitting very close beside me at a table and helping me with my work. He was impressed, and that made me feel proud. It was a nice dream.


Comey did not say that Trump didn't collude with Russia. He said he didn't want to answer that question in an open forum. Comey did not say he didn't know if Trump was trying to obstruct justice. He said that was for Meuller to determine. I don't recall Comey's comments about Loretta Lynch, but my assumption is that he did not say that she tried to influence the investigation of Hillary.

We should not move on until the lying, corrupt, traitor is removed from the White House.


And there you have it.  Comey said Trump didn't collude with Russia, he said he didn't know if Trump was trying to obstruct justice, and he also said that the DOJ Loretta Lynch tried to influence the investigation of Hillary Clinton, especially as seen on that Phoenix tarmac.

Now can we all just shut up with the conspiracy theories as to why Hillary Clinton lost the election and move on with our lives?


I know of a situation where the student body at a high school voted on the class president. I don't want to get myself in trouble, so I say as much that the state started with the letter N. The election was on a Wednesday. The ballots were counted in secret by the administration and  results were to be announced on the Thursday. But they weren't. The administrators didn't like the mother of the student who fair and square won the election. There was internal debate and strife. On Friday morning the results were finally announced. The winner was the second place student with a mother the administration did like. You think this petty shit doesn't go on in schools? You're wrong.


Anxiety is one shifty, annoying motherfucker. My head keeps finding new ways to push my old fears in my face. "What if you're not good enough?" "What if it's too late?" "What if you fucked it up, because, you're you?"

Shut the fuck uuuuuuuuuuup! Let me live and be happy, dang


I'm pansexual, and I've dated 2 cis men and 1 trans man. I dated the trans man pre-transition, so at the time I called myself a lesbian. Or bisexual, because I was dating a "woman," but I still wanted hetero sex.

My sexuality has always confused me, because I feel like I'd be open to some things, but I never know for sure until it comes along. Could I be attracted to a trans man post-transition? I guess. I think my ex is attractive, but that might be because it's my ex.

So I decided to stop trying to differentiate and say I'm pan. Most of the time, until Pride season comes around, I don't really worry about it. Girls make me nervous though


You're fucking dead to me 🖕🏻


I cry once a day as I have since February. I miss my dog so much. I've never felt such a nagging absence. Despite some of the terrible things that have happened to me in the past, losing her stands out as one of my most painful moments.


I thought maybe my friend wrote the secret about wanting to see my face at the door. Couldn't be. Seems like a lifetime ago. I'm not sure she even reads these pages anymore. The secret did make me smile however, even though I'm sure it wasn't meant for me.


It would be so fine to see your face at my door, my friend. I miss you...still.


We came to Mexico to try and get a piece of our past back and it failed miserably.   Everyday I am with her I want to die.   I hate her.


Sometimes dick size doesn't matter at all to me.  Sometimes what gets me off more than sex through penetration is how all up in there a man is willing to be.  

Does he want me to sit on his face?  Does he want to go down?  Is he enthusiastic about it?  Is he hard while he's down there?   Is he vocal while he's down there?  Talking dirty?  Is he playing with my nipples?  

Here's where I really get into a man, when I sign my soul over to him.  Is he good with his fingers in there?  Does he lick them when I cum?  Does he go back to make me cum more...  Does he bring toys to the table and not feel "threatened" or "emasculated" by them?

When I find a man that is all up and into my vagina, who pushes me to have as many orgasms as I can, he's a keeper.  Sure a nice penis is a good thing, but it doesn't make or break the deal.  There are more ways than one to please a woman.  A smart, experienced man knows this.  

So many roads that can lead to the big "O."  It's all part of the fun.

A partner who gets you there and keeps you there, that's where it's at.  Dick size is just the details.  It's like bra cup size.  You going to throw me back just because I'm a B cup?  If you are then I'm better off not knowing ya anyway.  

People who mind don't matter, and people who matter don't mind.


An 8" dick isn't all its cracked up to be.  Women never seem to enjoy it.  They just squint their eyes and wait for it to be over.


You are so right girl. Size does matter, who wants some big dick poking their cervix. That shit hurts. I like 5 inches or so. Just enough to feel the stretch.


This is the one rare time where yes, I became your friend in hopes that we could be FWB. Call me what you want, I'm sorry, but I won't be happy until I get to play with your titties.


I cant no more with this situation me and husband cant have no time. Mind you his with his son all day while im at work and the minute i get home and my husband comes to even say hi to me , his son is right behind him like a tail . I mean for evreything we cant even have an adult conversation because his son is just there and even though he tells him let me talk to my wife for a minute he leaves for like literally 10 seconds and comes back my husband has to tell him a million times to hold on a minute his having an adult conversation. I just cant deal with the disrespect and the constant him being on him like a baby its so annoying. He doesn't respect nobody . I just want my husband to understand and he doesnt .


And now I won't get to talk to you all weekend just when I need you the most  :-(


In my son's school, the administration did away with the academic awards. They kept all the sports awards. But academic awards are gone.

Message: Sports are important. Academics are not.

Now they have added to the message. The yearbooks just came out. Everyone is just now discovering that all the academic clubs have been cut from the yearbook. The sports teams are all there. But no photos or mentions of Math team, Debate Team, Chess Club, etc. The entire music department was also scrubbed from the yearbook. No pictures of band or orchestra. Just sports and more sports.

Like who thought this was acceptable? Who thought this was a good decision to have a public school keep knocking down anything academic?

I am on a tear. The high school principal and the school superintendent must be fired. The end.

Oh, and one more thing. Before the principal and superintendent were administrators, they both started out as gym teachers! Like oh my god, get the hell out of my school system!


I LOVE TO CUM! even if it's just masturbating! I love to cum cum cum .


I'm the biggest fool, I'm married and met a single guy and had a passionate 6 month affair.  We fell in love and he dumped me when I wouldn't leave my husband.  After a week of heart break I reconnected and arranged a weekend sex fest as I decided I was ready to leave hubby. We literally did everything sexually you can do with another person, stuff I had never even knew was possible or I imagined.  Two days after I got home, I sent him an email, no address found?  I called his phone, number no longer working?  I call the hotel we were just as to find his contact info, the name he had given me wasn't on the register, the name for our room was joe smith.
He got what he wanted and took off after.


52 divorced semi retired male who owns a very beautiful small house, drives a very nice car and has his retirement fund fully funded.  Its amazing how many women I have dated over the past two that can't accept me for what I am and that I'm not motivated to work 100 hour weeks anymore, the chase of more money just is old.  I want to take long walks, go to the beach and lake, take the long way to go places and simply enjoy life.  Most of them say they can't be with someone as unmotivated as I am...when if they sat back and realized that I could provide them with a much better lifestyle than most men.  they want the big house and fancy job title instead.



I'm playing the long con...I met a married woman on Craigslist....I'm nice, I act like I care...It's taken a long time...and a lot of patience....She has sent me pictures and has videochatted with me..she's hot with a nice petite trim body..we've had phone sex...she's sent nude she's saying she wants to meet and have sex in her office at work so her husband wont find out. She's even video chatted with me while walking around the inside and outside of her company. She's told me several of the very nasty and kinky things she wants me to do to her. Little does she know...after a few times having sex, I'll delete the email addresses she has, trash the pay by month phone I bought..then just let her go...I'll use her for what I want and move on with no regrets. This is gonna be fun!


"You just made it seem like your personal issues were more important than paying rent."

Ouch. She's not wrong though


Death row and life in prison. I think is a waste of resources I mean what's the point? Stop wasting. Makes no sense to me.


For the first time in my life, I sat and watched the NCAA Womens softball World Series. I'm thinking whatever, just a bunch of girls playing catch. WOW was I wrong, these ladies are true athletes. I am extremely impressed with all the teams that played and congrats to the Oklahoma Sooners on your World Series win. I am so into it now, I am looking into my state University team.


There are good people in the world. They just aren't as prominent as the bad ones, so you hear and see less of them. But they are there. Sometimes it's easy to forget that.


we have been fucked over by our govt for decades that led to the infrastructure deteriorating...we got a guy who isnt a politician that was elected by the people who want America first. what exactly is the problem for wanting things at home to change first before we start opening our wallet to deadbeat countries. Im not saying trump is the best but he has the appearance that he does care for the american people and country first...i dont recall him ever saying we wont help out the other countries anymore....hes setting priorties just like every other world leader...the american people have had enough lies from previous admins...and until trump shows he is fucking over his own country (WITH PROOF, NOT JUST ACCUSATIONS FROM ANYONOMOUS SOURCES BEING READ OFF BY THE MSM) the people that voted and WON the election will back him.
call us what you want, but dont come begging for help when the shit hits the fan when a natural disaster happens...because in times like that the majority of americans are a good group just like the majority of every other countries people....All govts have been screwing over their own people forever...


186731 - I had the same situation occur with me. I stayed in the job that I loved, and as things progressed, the money became a second thought. If you like your job, and like DOING your job, then the work will show and the money will come.... good luck in your quest.... you will make the correct decision when the time comes.


If one was to entertain certain thoughts towards someone who wasn't their boyfriend how bad could those thoughts get??  ;-)


I am praying for your husband to come home soon.  Your secret touched my heart. He will be okay. I hope you can get some peaceful rest tonight knowing that.


My husband is in the hospital tonight but I had to come home to put the kids on the bus in the morning. I'm lying here alone and I miss him next to me. 😔


I have a choice to go after a job that will pay an extra 40gs a year or just stay put and travel within the US and Europe with my currrent job and still do what I want to do.... I would be closer to my goal of retiring earlier and making up for lost time. One must ponder these thoughts..


#721... he should get DNA tests for kids. he should also get screened for STDs. plus he needs to leave her and get physical custody of the children. she's a deceiver, a liar and a cheater... those spots don't change...


Older women with long gray hair is a very bad look.


Oh, size matters alright. Anything more than six inches is uncomfortable for me, and eight would be downright painful. Don't supersize it for me, I'll have the small, thank you.


718 - one night when I was 21, I'd just settled down to watch my favorite show.  A few minutes into it, the phone rang.  I figured it was just a friend so I let the answering machine pick up.  Nothing would distract me from my show.

An hour later when I went to check my messages, I was stunned.  It wasn't a friend; it was my stepmom calling to say that my father had been found dead.  I called back - no answer.  I called my mom - no answer.  I called my friends, aunts and uncles, cousins, coworkers repeatedly.  No answer no answer no answer.  Of course not, it was after 11pm on a Sunday and everyone was in bed, preparing for the week.  I had to sit there alone in my apartment, crying until the next morning when I could talk to someone.

I always answer the phone now.


I'm really objectively ugly and I have to accept that.


sometimes, all i need is the air that i breathe and to love you.


718, that's nothing to be ashamed about.  That was just really bad timing.  Nothing you did was wrong.


Dear S,

How can I explain it.  When we first met we were so young.  I still remember the feeling you gave me, so warm, so understood.  Then we tried to date and it ended so badly.  We were so young.  We hurt each other so badly that we had to let go.  Years passed.  We both moved on. Then we reconnected.  More years pass.  We kept in touch.  I am so grateful for the friendship we have now.  

I've learned that true love never dies.  It just changes, evolves into a form of love that is acceptable.  You still make me feel the way I felt when we first met, a feeling so palpable and visceral.  I wish it weren't so.  Because I am so deathly afraid I would never find someone who makes me feel the way you do.



Exactly. What people do is more worthy of credence than what they say.


my best friend just found out his wife is cheating on him, he called me at work and asked if we could talk.  We met at a bar....seems his wife has been fucking around on him for the past 4 years ago, first time was some random guy from craigslist, he actually caught her when she came home from meeting him when he stopped by for lunch, she was so red faced she told him.  A few months go by and she is on Ashely madison.  She gets busted when she leaves the hotel room card in her jeans and it comes out when he is doing laundry.  They reconcile a bit, realize things are never going to be lovey dovey between them.  They talk divorce, open marriage etc...while she is talking saving the marriage with him, she meets a guy from the next state and falls in love with this guy, however he dumps her when she won't leave her husband.  Within two weeks she decides to explore her submissive side and meets a local dom and starts to explore.  She tried to pass him off as a platonic friend but when she showed him the emails between them, while they hadn't had sex in the three weeks together, they were plenty intimate.  I sat there stunned, pta mom type...I said are you sure about the dom thing?  yes, according to her the first spanking session which was supposed to be just over the clothing ended up hand on naked ass with her masterbating in front of him after she was so turned on.

Poor guy, trying to keep the family together so his kids will grow up with a mom and dad in a comfortable lifestyle and not have to do the two house thing...meanwhile she is dropping her undies for pretty much anyone.  Two guys in three weeks, neither who is your husband...yikes.  She claims she knew them both well enough.  How the hell to you get to know someone in two weeks when you have a full time job, three kids and a husband to work around?

Now he is faced with how much to tell his kids, on one hand he wants to expose her, on the other he knows this will ruin any chance of her having a normal relationship down the road with them.


Women who tell you cock size doesn't matter are full if it.

I am lucky that I have a rather large cock (a shave under 8" and girthy) and I am pretty good at using it. I can be multi orgasmic (cumming 2-3 times in a session easily) if I have not had sex in a few days.

A few years ago I dated this woman for about a year until it ended.  She told me early on before we had sex that she had trouble reaching orgasm from penetration.  Well -- the first time I fucked her she came super hard.  After that she was my own personal cock hound.  She literally wanted sex all the time even though she had said that she was not that into frequent sex.  Though we had little in common, the cock kept her coming back and I didn't stop her as she was rather hot looking. I mean she always wanted to fuck.

A few months after it ended, a few of her friends came sniffing around.  They were pretty hot too. One of them flat out told me that my ex had told a few of her gf's about my penis - its size and stamina.  Before I knew it I was plowing 4 of my ex's single girlfriends.  My ex even came around a few times for an "old times" lay.  

I'm not htat rich and though I keep in shape, Im of just average looks.  But the big cock... they just cant keep away!


After thinking about it, a theme in my life would be neglect.

-When I was a kid (4-7), my Dad would sometimes forget to feed us. It was a weird balance because he hated being bothered about cooking, and he also got annoyed when we didn't remind him and he only made food for himself. He taught us how to cook when we were 12 so that he wouldn't have to worry anymore.

-When mom died (I was 7), Dad decided not to hinder us as children anymore. He wanted us to have a free childhood, so he let us do whatever we wanted, within certain guidelines (mostly guidelines that didn't get us killed or kidnapped). This was great, but it also meant that when we needed guidance, there was none.

-When I hit puberty (12-17), he straight up told me I'd have to figure it out myself. So I learned everything about womanhood from people outside my family.

-When I turned 18, we got evicted from our house because he hadn't paid rent for 5 months. Hooray adulthood! This was a big one, because even though my family was concerned enough to ask me what I was doing, they ultimately told me that if I was going to survive in the world I'd have to forget everything I'd learned and change, and that I'd have to do it myself. If not, they implied, I'd die in the street and no one would ever know.

-When I brought Dad my first college acceptance letter (age 17), he *literally* laughed in my face and said "I can't pay for this!"

-Sometimes I forget to eat for a couple days in a row. So now I'm doing it to myself.

I don't know, just a pattern I noticed.


I was jerking off the other day and my sister called me.  I didn't answer obviously.  When I called her back a few minutes later, she told me that my mother had just died.

When she had called me, my mother was alive but dying and she called to tell me to rush over.  I was jerking off while my mom was dying.


Dried white crust is normal vaginal secretions. Cum dries clear.



You lied about not being able to pay rent.
You lied about everything really.
To top it off, you talked shit about me behind my back.

You're a parasite, and you'll be treated as such.


See, you want to invite me over for a family dinner, but part of me hates you both. You can joke snidely about how you "raised" me, since our father couldn't spare a single fuck to give about his kids. And you were no better, making me change in a 2x1.5ft triangle between the bed post, the wall, and the door of our room. Fuck you for that.

I've been treated so pathetically in the past, it makes me sick. You both claim to love me, and told me to stand up for myself and demand better, when you both treated me worse than anyone. Fuck your family dinner. Y'all can eat alone with that bullshit


Once when I was 19, I was at my apartment boyfriend came to visit me. I didn't have a job at the time (worked labor hours for the landlord to pay rent), so he could only see me after work when he got the chance. This one time when he came to see me he just stopped by, fucked me for 7 minutes until HE came, and then told me he had to leave, because he'd rather sleep in his own bed than cuddle.

Granted, my bed was a twin, so I understood that he wouldn't have gotten a good night's sleep, but it pissed me off that he only drove to see me so he could get off and go home, like I was some cheap whore stationed conveniently close by.

So after trying and failing to convince him to stay, I started rubbing his cock through his pants and kissing his neck to get him hard. He grabbed my hips and muttered something about going again, but in a sing-song voice I said "No, you have to go home and get up early for work, remember," smiling with his cock in my hand.

He caught on to what I was doing, but he couldn't do anything. He tried to push me away but I just turned around and started slowly grinding my ass on his dick, making sure to get it between my cheeks. Then I bent over and assumed the position for penetration, and he went crazy trying to push me back into my room for more sex. So I kissed him deeply, and then said "Get out of my house," in a serious tone.

He had an erection all the way home ^_^


My wife's underwear from the other day has a ton of dried white crust in them/ She came back home very late/ It wasn't a big deal to me/ I assumed she was out with friends/ Now I see her underwear in the laundry basket and I'm like what the hell/ It's like a ton of crust/ Like the entire crotch of the underwear was soaked in something white/


It is sad that it's our last day :-(

Hopefully, it'll be more than enjoyable though :-)

We'll certainly see what the future holds.


Lately I've been thinking that when I turn 50, I should cash in my chips ... kill myself.  What else is there, at this point, anyway?


The Samer theory.  This was proposed on a radio show in the Twin Cites by a caller who was in the army with a guy named Samer.

Samer (pronounced same + er) worked on the big microwave dishes and he said that people will get more crazy with more microwaves in the air.  I think he was right.

Everyone these days seems to be nuts.  It is the Samer Theory.  Everyone's brains are cooking and people are nuts.


This is really dumb. One day when I was in 10th grade english class, I made some nerdy comment about how I liked a book. Kurt was sitting behind me and as a gesture of aw, go on, get out, he gave me a friendly shove on the back. It was unexpected, and it cause me to fart. The entire class was looking at me at the time and heard it.  Even the teacher laughed. I was mortified. It's so dumb but it still haunts me to this day. How crazy. It's 35 years later and I still think about it.


Last day tomorrow :-(

But this week has certainly been one of the most entertaining ones!!! lol

We'll see what happens in the future ;-)


If I could go back in time 20 years and give myself advice about the future, I would warn myself about the student loans.


It's sad to note this, but I think it's worth mentioning.

Studies show that just before a person dies a signal is sent from the brain to the heart which is essentially a self-destruct sequence.  Studies indicate that the heart is irreparably damaged near the time of death by a sudden flood of bio-chemicals.

It's a gift to you for putting up with life's bullshit.


Ben.. you are such a sexy beast.  I want to find out what makes you quiver.  

Please... come to me.

Don't be afraid.


Okay, so I'm catching the end of a very depressing Yankee / Red Sox game tonight.  (I'm a Yankees fan living in the land of Sox fans).  Anyway, what is with their pitcher who closed out the game on the Red Sox?  What's his crouching tiger hidden dragon angle?  What's with that pose he holds before each pitch???  Is he a praying mantis?  Is he in a Michael Jackson video?

How do the batters not bust a gut looking at this guy do the scarecrow every time he throws the ball?

Dude, some pitchers do some bizarre shit.  It's not just about throwing the ball anymore... the set up before the actual throw happens... that's where the freak lives.  

Like how did that kid grow up playing ball, become a pitcher and just decide, hey you know what?  I'm going to lean over and hold both of my arms at exact 90 degree angles for awhile.  When that gets old I'm going to throw the damn ball.  Sound like a plan?  Sweet!  

Like... how did that come to be?  How can the batters focus at all?  Be straight faced?  C'mon that guy looks ridiculous...

Listen, it'll be a cold day in hell before I can ever throw a ball 122 mph.  So props to you weird pitcher.  But how strange and peculiar.

36/f  who prefers to watch tennis, sport of the grunters.


I just wanted to love you :(


I hate having to discipline my little boys.  I hate it more than anything in this world.  A piece of me dies when I see them cry because I put my foot down.


My dad is eating some ice cream, and I giggled.  It was because I know he eats it when my mom isn't walking through, like he hides it from her, playfully.  Probably because he's trying to lose weight.  So then he says "I can do this.  You can't.  Because I work out."  HUH??  I didn't say anything.  Where did that come from?  I am thinner than I was a few years ago, and don't have weight problems, I'm curvy, hips and ass, not fat.  I watch myself, believe me.  He never said anything to me when I was thicker, but now that I'm thinner, he does, probably because he's on the defensive because I "caught" him eating ice cream.  I don't like that shit.  I totally understand now why women eat when a man tells them not to "for their own good", the woman wants to spite them.  But I won't do that.  But wtf?  He doesn't know when or if i work out, and it's more about watching what you eat.  People are under misconceptions that they can eat more because they exercise, not totally true.  When my mom was young she was heavy, she isn't anymore, and he used to be mean and say fucked up shit to her.  It's like he's retired and he says stupid shit sometimes now and it pisses me off.


Many years ago I died.  My husband choked me and I died.  It was a sex thing and he didn't mean to kill me. The thing is I went somewhere.  Not like heaven or hell.  I think I went to another planet or a moon.  Someplace much, much, smaller than earth.  It was covered in sand and the sky was somehow different.  There were people there, I felt they were the wisdom of the ages, sitting in a circle.  I approached them and one said she doesn't belong here.  And a kindly man said it's okay let her sit with us for a while.  And I was happy and joined the circle.  I was at peace and felt at home and it seemed like I was there a very long time when abruptly someone said "you've got to go now" and I was confused and thought why? I didn't do anything wrong and suddenly I was back in my own body. And I just wanted to go back to that planet.  It wrenched me to leave it. My husband was freaking out because I had died and he couldn't get me to breathe. I was dead a couple of minutes. He said he slapped me hard and that started my breathing again.  It scared him a lot and he never choked me again. For many years I just wanted to go back there. It felt like I was apart of something wondrous. I still kinda miss it and wonder if I'll go back if I die. If others go there. Has this every happened to anyone else? Does anyone else know about that place?

Oh, and when he choked me his face would change and his voice would completely change.  He looked and sounded like a demon.  He was generally a very sweet and kind guy.


Since I lost 20 pounds, I've noticed that random girls have started doing the "hair flip" thing again when they walk past me.


Everyone around me is a fucking vampire.


Lately I've been remembering a speech competition I was in - I think it was 6th or 7th grade.  I was going the 1st "round" of competitions, I was nearing the end of my speech\monologue, and I started to mess up one line - but, caught myself, and kept going, no further errors.  I got a 4.75 out of 5.

Girl from my school, who was also on my "team" was in a separate room - she apparently got a higher score.  So, she went on to the "2nt round" and I was kept behind.  

Our teacher was livid; said that if she knew that our own team-mates would be competing against each other, she would have never entered this contest ... everyone was coming up to me & saying how it should have been me to go forward, I kept saying, well, I messed up a line so ...

And I never had an opportunity like that again because after that I went to public school & they didn't participate in those types of things.  I was in drama club for a while in the public school, but it wasn't serious & I didn't like it very much.

I look back on that and wonder ... what would it have been like, if things had been set up differently?  And really, couldn't it have been handled better?  I'm more upset about it NOW than I was then.  Doing that to a 6th grade kid.  And who knows, if I had gone on to the 2nt round, what types of opportunities that would have brought.  And ... (whisper) I really WAS better than the girl who went to the 2nt round.  Damn it.


He he he. I love it when I check on my trashy as fuck fanfictions and see that the view count went up. Ya'll in the trash bin with me whether you like it or not.


I did something horrible to someone I love very much, I can't take it back and she will never forgive me.  One drunken moment, ruined 3 years.....


Every now and then I shoot a load in my wife' s underwear drawer. Then I mixed up all the panties, tossing them around in the drawer like it was a salad bowl and I'm spreading the dressing.


It's pretty shitty to say you're going to "do something special" for a graduate, then when the time comes you do zilch. That's ok. I see clearly now


My sex secret is fucking my secretary at work even though we are both with other people. She wears skirts with no panties and we are both quick. I can fuck her to completion in about three minutes. The longer time is getting her clothes back to normal and the flush off her face. We do this a great deal. I hope no one notices but I have seen no change in behavior or s smirks or knowing stares so I don't think they do yet. She came on to me, I didn't approach her but she let me do it and still lets me do it. I fill her with cum, even her ass and she lets me. It's hot thinking of my cum dripping out of her ass down her legs during the day. Sometimes I see her at her desk quietly mopping herself up with a coffee table napkin. We've both learned that tissue is no good for wiping up cum. She told me once that after I came in her ass with a heavy load that she had to put a napkin up her ass to keep it from leaking all over her skirt, since she wore no panties that day. She never fails to get me hard. My girlfriend, on the other hand, has to work a lot to get me hard these days.


Here's my dumbest "sex conquest" secret.  It's dumb because the only thing I "conquested" was myself.  I have a large penis, about 8 inches.  On average, I'm larger than 200 men picked at random.  I know that porn stars have dicks about 7 inches and above, and male porn stars are often shorter than average with larger dicks than average.  This makes their dicks appear even bigger on camera.  But when I watch porn, so many times I see a woman stroking a guy's cock - which is about my size - with both their hands.  I've been to many massage parlors for handjobs, but a woman has never jerked me off with more than one hand.  Why?  Is my dick actually small?  But then the last time I went, the masseuse laid down on the table as I straddled over her, and she started jerking me off with one hand.  And then - she put both her hands on my cock!  It was just like in one of those porn films.  Both her hands fit around my cock at the same time as she stroked away!  I lasted maybe 10 seconds before I was just so turned on that I came all over her tits.

So there it is.  My stupidest sex secret.  I felt dumb even writing this, because there's so much war and hunger and poverty in the world, and all I'm concerned about is whether a woman can actually get both hands around my cock.  Although if more guys could get two hands around their cocks, there probably wouldn't be as much war at least.


I have no idea how to get laid. Seriously. I'm in good shape as I'm a life long gym rat. I've been told I'm good looking. I'm fairly intelligent and well spoken. I just have no idea how you get from "Hi, I like you." to "Let's get naked." Sometimes I'm surprised I'm not still a virgin.


The Discernment, so familiar to me. I have called it other things in my life. I rely on it. The ability to look into someone's eyes and feel their intentions, I've used it as a survival tool my whole life. I ignored it once about a man I was infatuated with because he gave me no other red flags and the sex was amazing. I took a nap in his bed one afternoon and woke up to him staring at me with an unfamiliar look I can only describe as evil. While it was still him, his face had completely changed. His nostrils were flared. His brown eyes were black and to gaze into him caused me to shrink. He immediately started to argue with me upon waking. He attacked me completely unprovoked and I fought him before I was able finally flee.  I don't know why this happened, but I do believe evil walks this earth. I saw it that night and I never ignore those bad vibes about someone anymore.


Is it only me or do other folks absolutely hate false eye lashes?


I am so much craving going down on a woman with a beautiful shaved pussy. I want so much to make her cum this way.

As a related desire- I want to suck on a cock until he cums. I have never done that.



The Charmin bears really creep me out.


I never knew what is was called till today. Discernment, I've always wondered why other people didn't "pick up" on things that  I do. When I meet people it's just a flood of their vibe. I'm in retail so it can be useful. I always just chalked it up to being good at reading people. But in my teenage years my sister pointed out that I've always been able to tell what people are feeling, and she envied that. Now it doesn't happen all the time but if I'm calm and "centered" I suppose would be a good term, I can pick it up easy. It is truly scary when you come across that person that is just plain evil, or off and I can't put my finger on it.
I have spent a good part of my adult life just trying to block it when it isn't useful to me. But I will try to let it flow more now.

I was raised in a very religious household. I come from very rural area of the US. My great grandfather on my mom's side was a shaman for the local people, but not the good kind. When my grandfather decided he wanted to be a pastor and not a shaman, grandpa said he cursed the family. He told me when I was young that I will have to break that curse for myself. I don't know what he meant, or how to do that but it has always stuck with me in the back of my mind.


I'm the one whose ex's face would change when he got angry.  His eyes would go very dark and his mouth would curve a certain way, his whole face changed but it was still him.  The same thing would happen sometimes when we had sex.  He had a super high sex drive, and if he wanted sex and I didn't he would get mad.  He was very possessive with me, and acted like sex made everything better.  So we'd have sex and he would get very animal like, beyond "animal sex" people have, I would see his face change, like he was trying to possess me through sex.  It was the same face he had when angry, that's why I knew it wasn't just lust or love, it was anger or something else.  It would totally scare me.  I wondered if he was vulnerable to other forces and those forces were in him, what, trying to get at me?  If I was scared does that mean they didn't get at me?  How do you know if you don't have that stuff in you, ofcourse I don't feel like I do but these people walking around, do you think they have that stuff in them and don't know?  This is where it gets a little confusing.


I've been burning last years sage leaves. We are in Zone 6a which allows for certain hardy annuals to winter over. I make smudge sticks from the dead leaves that didn't make it through the winter.

I've been looking for a voice. I can chant. I can fake it until I make it. How much effort is required to receive that voice? Should I throw myself on the floor? Should I work up some tears so my sincerity is evident? What will sufficiently propitiate the spirit?

They said he is like a bear in the dead of winter. Don't tempt fate they said. Don't wake the bear.  




-655, I'm the man who posted about my gift of discernment.  Two years ago I was on a job interview and the HR person came in to talk with me.  I looked in his eyes... and it wasn't like there was something lurking in him... it was like he was "something else."  Ive never seen anything like it before or since.  It was like he was wearing a "human suit."  He was young, but his mannerisms were far too calculated for his age.  I wondered if he were a psychopath, but he wasn't "friendly" like they appear to be on the outside.  His eyes were like an animal's.  He was looking at me like he was a predator.  No matter what I said to him, he never broke his demeanor.  I could feel in him how little he regarded me.  He didn't spite me, because I was not important enough to him.  Ive heard of the conspiracy theory about "aliens who appear to be like people," and if there were ever a person who fit that bill, it was him.  I still think of this guy every day for the last two years.  That's how much he disturbed me,


678 - I totally agree.  it is unfair to the real female competitors.  

This is exactly the sort of thing which East Germany and the USSR were accused of doing in the Olympics.


I also have discernment (as well as some other gifts).  I wish I knew that's what it was called - and what its purpose was - a long time ago, but I had to learn the hard way.  I once tried to talk to my priest about it, but he looked at me with wide eyes, told me I didn't know what I was talking about, and pretty much avoided me after that.  So, I went through life ignoring a lot of things - except when I was in an imminently dangerous situation - and ended up getting hurt and betrayed by many, many people.

My child's father is one of those people.  Like someone else said, I never, not once, felt any bad vibes about him.  But this man is walking evil, completely soulless.  I can't even tell you the things he's done to people, and to me, without conscience.  He's literally gotten away with murder, and it doesn't bother him in the least.  I have other friends who are gifted, and they can't even look at his picture without getting physically ill and/or frightened.  And I have a child with this man!

My current husband is such a kind soul.  Sweet, gentle and generous, willing to give the literal shirt off his back to a stranger.  But...there's something inside of him.  I've seen it, like yet another person mentioned.  He's not a mean person, but sometimes he gets inordinately angry at something, and his face changes, and there's something behind his eyes.  This happened recently.  I had something extremely important to do, and in the morning he caused a huge argument, stressing me beyond belief.  I remember thinking, "The devil is trying to get at me...."

Which reminds me of something that happened nearly 20 years ago.  I'd decided to try online dating.  I began communicating with this guy, first online, then email, then on the phone.  We had so much in common, and he made me laugh and laugh.  Our first date on a Friday ended up being a series of dates all throughout the weekend.  He really hit me hard and I fell head over heels FAST.

One night after a couple weeks, he brought up the subject of using a Ouija board.  I was like, no way.  He said that both he and his mom used one, and they were Catholic - as was I.  I was always warned about them, but he said I could just watch him, and participate if I wanted to, but I didn't have to.  After some back-and-forth, I said okay.  (Stupid!)

So I watched, and I was pretty skeptical.  I really thought he was moving the planchette himself.  So, I decided to try.  I wanted to contact a deceased relative.  That damn thing moved by itself.  And a message came through, one that only that relative and I would understand.  That freaked me the fuck out, and I ended it right there.

After I went home, I decided that I was going to distance myself from him.  I was pissed for allowing myself to be talked into something I was so against, and pissed at him for pressuring me.  My feelings for him completely changed that night.  And of course, the requisite strange things started happening in my house.  Dark shadows, things turning on by themselves, footsteps...I did a lot of praying in those days.

The weird thing is, he didn't contact me, either.  We went from constant daily communication, to nothing.  I was relieved.  And then one night, he called.  He was in the general vicinity, could he come over?  Not sure why, but I said okay.  He said he'd be there in half an hour.

Five minutes later, he knocked in the door.  He lied, he said - he was actually around the corner when he'd called.  I was kind of wary, and we sat on opposite sides of the couch while we chatted about stuff I can't even remember.  And then.....

His face completely changed.  It morphed.  I was slightly fascinated because I have a friend who said that when she encounters a truly evil person, she can see their face change like this.  But then I started getting slightly scared.  I don't really want to talk about what exactly I saw, but it wasn't good.  It was evil.  In my head I began praying to Archangel Michael, asking to give me the strength to not show fear, and to get him out of my house ASAP.

Just like that, he left.  We never spoke again.  And that's the night I realized that true evil walks among us.  And it can, oh, I don't know...make us fall in love with someone and make us do things we normally wouldn't do in order to get at us....

I think I'm going to burn some sage and pray.


An ethical problem with transgender hormones. Suppose there is a genetic male. He's a pretty good runner, but not good enough to win 1st place. If he takes a performance enhancing drug like steroids, and he then wins 1st place, we'd all agree that wasn't fair and he should be disqualified.

But now suppose that same male took transgender hormones. Then he races against the girls and wins. Isn't that kind of the same thing as the steroids? He took a drug and now he wins a trophy.  Where exactly do we draw the line? One drug is okay but the other isn't? There seems to be no right answer.

As much as our society wants to bend the rules and make allowances for certain groups, it doesn't work. It creates new problems. I say leave it the way mother nature intended. If you have XY chromosomes, you race against the boys. And you use the boys bathroom too! The end.


I hate Spotify with it's badly labeled music and songs in the wrong playlist.  I'd rather download my music, organize it myself, and keep it on my phone.


People should only be considered transgendered if they take the hormones necessary to change their gender.


my hem is being held in place by safety pins because i'm too lazy to sew it.


665. My ex started running when she was 38. Everything exactly as how you described.  The diet, the cost of the runs, the moods, everything.  It turns out she was having an affair.
The guy she was banging was a runner, so she wanted to be a runner also to impress him. Might want to look into things.


When the transgender issue came along last year, so many people in the country and in my town took the PC route. They chastised everyone like me who were against letting boys in the girls locker room. They gave me crap and called me prejudice. I'd say no, I have common sense, there needs to be some boundaries.

Well now there's an update. For the high school spring track season this year, a biological boy from another nearby town said he identifies as a female. Therefore he was allowed to compete against the girls all season long. No surprise, he won. This meant that all the biological female front runners lost.

At first, the girls were saying it's fine, it's cool. This new transgender girl deserved to win. Then the girls started to feel the implications. Some of them were hoping for sports scholarships. But since they weren't winning any of the races, colleges looked the other way.

Now the girls are like this isn't fair. Their parents are going off the edge. Who the hell let this weird boy run as a girl....

Um... you did. You and all your other overly PC cronies embraced the idea a year ago. But now that you're burned by it, now you take issue.

I just have to laugh.


I have never felt more alone than I do right now. Yesterday was quite possibly one of the worst days of my life. I needed someone to talk to. I was in a house full of people, yet I was completely alone. What a fucked up realization.


I returned a rental tool item 3 minutes late and they charged me for an entire extra day. They guy at the counter said he has no control over it. The computer does it automatically. The policy is set at corporate headquarters 1,000 miles away.

I miss the simpler world of 30 years ago when the fellow at the hardware store knew my name, and if I returned something even an hour late, he'd tell me not to worry about it.

Not all progress is good.


My wife has been in a mode for the last few years where she complains about everything. Her best friend is a dope. I'm cheap and lazy. Her sister is a pain. Our son's teachers are idiots. The weather is crazy. The manicurist didn't do a good job. The restaurant was terrible. We need a new car.

Every day she comes up with a list of another half dozen gripes. I call her from work and I get an earful of whining. I hate it.

Women, stop and think. Husbands have so much to deal with already. We aren't your punching bags. We don't exist solely to hear your complaints. You need to give it a rest and say something nice once in a while.


I'm over myself


I'm over you.


In the memory of love

Dear Love,

You were drowning right before me and yet I could not save you. You were jumping into the game of fire, and yet I could not rescue you. You were driving the aeroplane of self destructive thoughts in the sky of my expectations. You were the dice of your own game. Your lies were full of promises, promises of causing the ugliest heartache, your truth was a nightmare, a nightmare to your very existence. But you know I loved you but, you made me look at it as if my love was a poison. You were wrong dear love, I was never a venom and my love was as pious as your betrayal. Nights have passed, I cried to myself all alone, asking myself questions of your answers, tossing and turning the pillow of regrets and hiding beneath the blanket of guilt. Until tonight, when I realize I really can't kill you because you have already killed yourself.

May your conscience Rest In Peace!

Remembering you,
The girl who loved you the most


I ran track in high school way before running become a cool sport that now everyone is into it.  I only used to replace my shoes twice a year mind you I used to run 6 days a week , never wore any high tech running clothes, just my gym uniform which was made of cotton mostly, I never had a special diet just ate like any normal teenager. I was five feet about 95 pounds but had very muscular legs , never got injured.  Now that I'm older and overweight I refuse to run ,I lift weights twice maybe three times a week and go for walks but running no way .


My wife and her workouts have ruined our marriage.

She runs. This sounds inexpensive, but it's not. She enters about ten races a year. They cost about $50 each.

Then there's the running gear. That's another $500 a year.

Then the sneakers. She needs this kind of pair for pavement, or that kind of pair for rubberized tracks, or another kind for dirt trails. And she needs a new pair of each every few months. I'd say that's another $2,000.

Then there are the lessons. Running lessons? What do they teach - how to move your legs?? I'm told there are all sorts of drills. Oh okay. That's another $1200 a year.

Then she belongs to two gyms ($900 and $1,500). Why does she need two gyms?? She tells me I'm an idiot, because everyone knows all good runners belong to two gyms. Oh.

Then there's the doctor visits. Her foot hurt. Got to go to the podiatrist. Her back hurts. Got to go to the physical therapist. It's probably another few grand even after insurance.

All told, that's $8,600.

But there's more to this charming sport. She goes on these kicks where she needs to eat some special kind of chia seed this week, or wheat germ next week, or protein shake the week after that. She drives an hour away to get a special south american herb that will enhance her endurance.  She ends up spending what must be four hours a day buying these special foods and preparing her meals.

Of course all this working out leaves her tired, so sex is non-existent.

The final icing on the cake, the running races make her anxious. She takes out her anxiety on me. For the week before each races she snaps at me constantly. It's hell.

And you want the punchline? It's not like she's training for the olympics. She is chubby middle age woman who - even after all the special workouts and meals - she still only runs about a 10 minute mile. She's not a good runner. She's not an athlete. But she spends all this money and time to make herself feel like a star athlete.

It's like a mental illness. She needs to pretend she's not getting older, so she does all this stuff to stop the aging process. Which of course doesn't stop the aging process at all. In fact, I think it speeds it up. Her skin gets weathered from running outdoors so much. Running makes her look older, not younger!

There should be a support group for husbands like me who are essentially widowed by the sport of running.


646 What is the solution? What do you want us to do? Tell us and we will comply.


Terrorism can be stopped- car crashes not.


Terrorism is horrible but so are car crashes and there are a lot more car crashes and we're all cool with it, cost of being alive today and all. So why do we have to go to war and round people up and generally make things worse just because a few unlucky people get killed by terrorists sometimes? It makes no fucking sense.


I know me too :-(


Feeling sad that it'll be our last days at work together :-(


My inner scrapper almost came out of me tonight.  I haven't seen this side of me in ages. I so wanted to just to take her by the weave and throw her ass out the door but I will not risk it for jail time. Instead she is doing the pity party and crying and their  are five others that are in line to do what I want to do. But I have too much to risk to do this... She is just not worth it. Btw I am a female.


I knew our 15 year friendship was in the process of coming to a screeching halt when I had a social anxiety attack when we were out with friends and you brushed me off when I tried to talk to you about it. It took a lot for me to do that, and you ignored me. That hurt deeply. Over the years you've become abrasive and sometimes just plain mean and rude. You blew off plans with me and gave me a shit excuse (because you're a libra?? Are you kidding me?!) I was really bummed. I think I'm done. I'm not going to call you up and break off our friendship, but I'm no longer putting in any effort to continue it. You certainly don't. If you're in town to visit and we're at the same kickback, I'll be civil and decent, but my wall is up now.

Sometimes people change and go in a different direction than you, and you just have to accept that and move on. The falling apart of our friendship taught me a good lesson about this, sad and disappointing as it is...


I maybe Pasty white but my blood lines show different and I will scrap with the best of them. Go ahead hood rat lets scrap and see who comes out on top. I am a hood rat myself let's dual bitch and see who wins.  You may have nothing to lose but I have alot to lose and I will be damn if I won't go down without a good fight. Bring it bitch because I have more street smarts and street skills then you could ever imagine.


I'm lonely.


To that man who posted with the gift of discernment; I have the same gift. Use it to help others, and expose the monsters for what they truly are. I expose them.

To add to my secret I have met a couple people that I knew somehow were not human. They never originated from here to begin with. It's weird but I didn't feel anything bad from them.

Use it wisely and be careful...


651, that's amazing and startling. I don't have discernment, but I am sensitive. My ex is a good guy, but maybe tortured inside.. there was abuse in that relationship. But I remember sometimes when he would get angry, his face would change, it was still him, but like I saw something come over him. His eyes changed, his mouth changed, I really don't know how to describe it. I've been around men with bad temper but that never happened to them. That relationship has made me more sensitive to faces people make, tones in the voice, body language, vibes. He was attracted to dark stuff, which was fine with me, the problem was that he seemed to absorb them like a sponge, which made me think maybe something was in him?
Anyway, sometimes I can see evil in someone's eyes but it's rare, not like what you're saying. You were meant to have that gift for a reason.


I'm shopping for a new husband. I'm not divorced or anything. I'm bored with my current husband and my life. I mean it's okay, but not special. I want special. Either extreme romance, or a guy with money. I'd consider either. My current husband is neither. So in my day to day, I'm always on the lookout. I chat up guys at the gym, or when I run in a race, or when I'm waiting on line at the post office. I chat them up hoping something will click. We'll go have coffee. He'll want my number. We'll have many a secret rendevous. He'll leave his wife. I'll leave my husband. It will be my happily ever after. But for right now, I wait. My current husband pays the bills and every now and then I have to open my legs for him or put his little peepee in my mouth. Blech. Tomorrow I think I'll step up my game and get this next act started.


Nasty people have a conveniently short memory. Back in September this woman I know was having a bad day I guess. She lashed out at me. I am the class mom. I had to collect the $10 dues from all the parents of the students. The woman never paid. I sent her a happy reminder email. That's when she blew up at me calling me a greedy money grabbing so and so. Hey lady, I'm just doing what the teacher asked me to do. I don't want your money. It's not for me. It's for the classroom for supplies. Anyway, she was mean. I've ignored her since then. Until the other day when she sees me in the supermarket. She's all smiles and gives me a big hello and asks what I've been up to. I could have just went along with the fake niceness, but I didn't. :) I have my principles! I asked her if she remember our last communication when she called be a greedy so and so just for being the class mom, when a thank you for putting in the effort would have been a much nicer things to say. She looked shocked and said she doesn't remember saying that. Whatever. I walked away. Now she's probably bad mouthing me saying I hold a grudge too long or some such thing. I'm beginning to hate people.


I have a strange "gift."  I guess that's what it's called.  I've had it since I was a kid, as long as I can remember.  I didn't really know what to call it, so I was only able to describe it in roundabout terms.  At first, I used to say that I could tell what other people were thinking by looking at them.  I would look at somebody's face and just get "feelings" about what they were thinking.  When I was a boy I in 3rd grade I looked at my gym teacher and realized there was something deeply "wrong" with him.   I told my mom this, and she told me I was crazy.  Ten years later I found out he had been molesting the elementary school students.  My mom remembered what I had said about him years before and was amazed that I could tell something was up.

I couldn't do this all the time initially, or at least I thought, but as I got older and learned more about people I realized that I could do it very often.  It wasn't like it was a magic powerthat I could turn on, it was against my will.  I would look at someone and be flooded with their feelings.  I started to say that I could tell what motivated a person. I could tell if they were good or bad, if hey could be trusted, or if they were fucked in the head,or whatever they were deep inside.  I thought I was being silly, until I ignored a flood of feelings about a someone who I thought was a friend of mine, and ended up seriously betrayed by the person. I learned after that experience to never ignore my gift.  I started to learn how to interpret what I was feeling into concepts that I could articulate.  For example, that woman over there is a jealous, envious person... that person over there is insecure and acts violently to gain respect... or, that person is very kind.  It became so sensitive that it got to where I could look at a woman and tell if she wanted to fuck me. It had its benefits.

About two years ago I became friends with an evangelical minister.  One day I was telling him about what I could do, and how weird it was that I could do it.  He told me, "You have the gift of discernment.  It's a rare gift.  The Holy Spirit gives it to people so they can be on guard against the demonic influences that people willfully let into themselves."

I have to admit, that sounded like new age mumbo jumbo to me.  I went around for a while, just being me, trying to be out ofhe way of the people I could tell were bad news.  I kept doing my party trick where people would show me a picture of a stranger and I would describe that persons personality in detail. but I noticed that once in a while someone would look particularly "evil" behind their eyes. I bought about what my friend said... and I thought about what I was seeing.  

I wish I never was told about discernment and what it's supposed to be used for.  Sometimes I look at a person and now I can "see" that something is behind their eyes, lurking in them.  It's disturbing.  Most people who have something "there" in them are just minor players who are willfully walking the self-destructive path to wherever they're being told to go.  But I saw one today... there was a monster inside this person.  It's not something I wanted to see.  I guess that's why I'm writing his secret. I need to get this out of me.


Is there common ground? Can people get along? Do we have a duty or obligation to each other? Do have an obligation to uphold the truth?

If your guiding principle is to be against anything and everything that other groups of Americans are for then you might as well give up because you lost the argument.once in awhile there are those moments where people happen to get it right, but that is secondary to the blind loyalty people have for their groups and leaders.

A lot of people don't know that they are doing it. It reminds me of a funny song  by Groucho Marx, "I'm Against it!" Kind of sums up the deep thinking that goes into various opinions. It's one thing to see the Bushies lying in real time, but now many of those same people won't admit that they voted for 43.

And why not, really? He actually meets the standards we expect from a leader. He mostly says and does the right things relatively speaking. He gave us occasions to laugh but he was a good sport. A good father and a gentleman. People knocked him for his intelligence, but he was actually quite smart.

think of what we have now



I really WANT a nose job.

• I hate the way I look in photos. I always stare at my nose.
• I feel like I could actually be pretty if I got my nose done.
• My self esteem is low because of my nose, and I've always been teased about it.

I'm scared of:
• It's going to come out looking really unnatural
• I might die during operation

Dunno what to do


Fuck baseball.  Worst sport out there unless you count NASCAR which isn't a sport.  

I'm a sports fan of many things but baseball?

No chance in hell!


The older I get, and the more I see of what America is becoming, the more I think segregation is the only way. Everyone hates everyone else--all races and colors included. Why bother pretending there's any way we can get along, when clearly we can't? Allocate states by color and race and let's be done with it. We can still keep the name USA but let's abandon any pretense that racial harmony is possible or even desirable.


If you would just take 30 minutes to read about the effects of the 32.8 BILLION TONS or more of carbon mankind is releasing into the atmosphere every year maybe you would understand just how significant our contribution is to the global warming that IS HAPPENING. Get your damn head out of the sand or just bury the rest of you as well! I really don't get this denial of our part in this. Why??? Do you need to feel insignificant or somehow not responsible? Whatever. At least 195 nations are TRYING to keep us literally above water.


What's the obsession with blonde , bleach hair and tanning? Where I live the majority of women have this look , I'm not trying to put anybody down just an observation.


It's sad when an adult grown women with children acts like a bully, worst this women is a teacher. I just hope her kids don't learn from her and grow up to decent humans beings and not like her mother.


Yeah, I know I'm broken. Yeah, I know how to fix it. Give me a minute to find my will and ambitions, I'll get back to you. Leave a message at the beep... -EB


I dreamed about him. He txt me. Weird coincidence? Or am I psychic?
Probably weird coincidence.


Thanks 632. At last an intelligent response to Global Warming.
The Universe is immense and humans can not prevent global warming- or cause it.We can do our part by recycling and help the planet that way. It is sad to see plastic bottles floating in the ocean, miles away for land.Be responsible and don't litter are things people can do.To expect humans not to fly drive, or use electricity is ludicrous.Celebrities are crying their eyes out but they can not offer constructive advice.


The Left is really out of touch. Eight innocent people lost their lives in London last night and forty eight people are fighting for their lives.The liberal agenda has been failing for years and falling apart -but still they insist this is the way to go.Look at Russia ,Cuba ,South America and Europe.Trump and his supporters are the bigots and racists.Thanks heavens America elected the right President for the job.


I dream about you sometimes.
I wish I wouldn't.


Would seem so!!!

Now that I look like a real idiot and I've made a fool of myself it's probably for the best I'm leaving.

lol wow!!!!


635 she told you because you are in the friendzone!


The hardest part of not letting go is change. If you really want to be in someone's life and they are open to it,you can change.


I'm feeling rather confused. Last Friday my close female friend let me know she was experiencing some problems between her and her boyfriend. And questioning the closeness between them.

This lead her to also suggest she's starting to entertain certain thoughts towards someone who isn't him. Naturally I assumed it was me because of the nature of our close relationship.

That night I was very confused with thoughts I hadn't entertained for years. Perhaps my assumptions were wrong and I looked far too much into a random thought my friend had.

But why tell me?!?! Why suggest anything?!?! She must have known what would happen and how it would effect me!!

If her relationship returns to normal and a place where she's happy, where does that leave me? Am I supposed to just except that and forget anything was said? Or do I keep the thought in the back of my mind encase it happens again?!

Or am I just completely reading this wrong and it wasn't me at all!!! Maybe I am and I'll just return to being friends, while secretly hiding the fact that I entertained certain thoughts towards her.

Very confused!!!!



Everything is broken and I don't know what to do... I hate my life.


Fact: My Spotify playlists with vague names are playlists for adult times ;) The names of my non-sex playlists are pretty self-explanatory as to the contents of the playlist. This is the most boring thing I've confessed here 😂


Climate change is always happening.  Our Great Lakes were formed by the movement of glaciers that were miles high.  The Michigan State Stone is the Petoskey Stone which is a remnant of coral from the times when Lake Michigan was a tropical sea.

We should do everything reasonable to minimize our effect upon the environment.  However, one volcanic eruption or erratic sunspot activity could do more to affect climactic trends than anything humans have done.

In Antarctica, a core boring 10,000 feet deep was done.  It revealed that the pre-industrial times had more CO2 - and the warming occurred over 800 years later than the CO2 peak.

What people should fear is global COOLING, which would shorten growing seasons (food shortages) and require more home heating.  By the way, Newsweek magazine around 1976 featured a cover story warning of the coming new Ice Age.

Mankind has had minimal effect upon the climate.  But we are all wanting to do something good - even if being duped.


My ex is a teacher.  She was telling me recently about another teacher that is in the room next to her's. Apparently this teacher has been acting weird lately.

Dressing very sexy, mood swings, texting someone all the time. She has become the topic of lots of gossip and rumours.  Very scandalous and all the other teachers are having such a great time talking about her behind her back. She has become a laughingstock.

My ex doesn't see that what's really funny about this.  See, she is my ex because of the same thing. She was the one that spent her days texting another guy and having him visit her classroom after hours. My ex has no work friends because of the way she acted. They want nothing to do with a liar with no morals. My ex doesn't see that the both of them are the same.


Not so secret secret. When it snows we have a term for that phenomena. We call it winter. In fact the models predict that when snow does occur in certain areas the snow fall with be excessive due to warmer air.  Winters in the US are much milder than just a few decades ago. The polar ice caps are rapidly melting. Spring flowers bloom earlier. Mammals in the tropics are migrating north or south as the case may be. The warming of the atmosphere caused by human activity has little relation to forecasting local weather patterns.


Yes, here's to other distractions.....


Omg. I fully support anyone's right to support Trump and deny climate change is actually happening. I just think you should only be allowed to eat with a spork and should not be allowed to drive, vote or mate. If you don't believe in evolution you probably shouldn't participate in it.


deleted and banned


There was this one time a plane crashed into the Potomac River.  They could have taken precautions but they didn't which is a perfect metaphor for what will happen to humans as we know them. They all belong in the river. Every last one of them.  

Pathetic little creatures. So sure of themselves.


My secret: I hate helping people.

Helping people as in: if people want to get into my job/field, or need tips to become a better at something, to start their own business or interview better, I get aggravated.  

Maybe it's because no one helped me out to get where I am, I had to do all the googling myself.   Perhaps it's because growing up my mom told me to be secretive about everything ... aka, don't share your 'plans'. Maybe because I think it's a waste of time - I won't see these people in the future anyway, and I assume they will be ingrates.

I don't consciously want to tear people down but at the same time I'm not one to help people career/business wise. But sure, if they ask me explicitly I'll help them.  I have felt used by people in the past asking for help or have used my thoughts/work as their own.

I would volunteer with kids, pets, or the environment. But with the stuff I wrote above, I hate helping people.  Maybe someone else feels the same way?


I still think about you Pants Off Dance Off. I'll always love your dancing from across the street.


Does anyone recall when, during the winter of 2015 in the USA, a devastating snow storm was predicted for Washington, D.C. and all of the Northeast?  3-4 feet of blizzard & snow?

PANIC!!!  STORM OF THE CENTURY!!!  The government, schools, businesses, etc. were shout down for two days, in anticipation.

The "storm" came and only about 2-4 inches of snow actually fell.

The people making those predictions are the same ones who are forecasting climate change for now and out 100 years.

They cannot predict accurately two days in advance - and we're supposed to have faith in their predictions?


I'm bisexual.  I'm attracted to both men and women.


I am perfectly, blissfully, deliriously happy and I never ever want to go home again.


576....Beauty is in the eye of the beholder...but i understand what you mean. Out of all the women i have slept with...
out of the 12, only one had what i considered to be a beautiful pussy.She was was a work of
Her pussy will forever be the standard upon which all others are I had no idea i was into pussy aestetics until i met her..
Men!! We are such simpletons sometimes....ha, ha, ha.

B/M 36


So many dopes when it comes to the Paris Accord. It wasn't about climate change. Not really. It was about giving away free money to other nations. Why? I dunno. To buy friendships? Or because the prior president, like many democrats, believe that if you spend money, some will trickle down to the poor people? It was a silly bad deal for the US.

If you believe in climate change, you should want the Paris Accord to go away so a real solution to global warming can be crafted.


When you see your ex and his new gf in a pic on Snapchat and have to belly laugh because she's so damn fat


The hardest part of letting go is, letting go.


anything is possible in a sandbox when you use imagination...

Meanwhile, Russia is practically beside itself in anticipation of northern shipping routes thanks to melting sea ice.

Climatology isn't something for non-scientists to speculate about in any real meaningful way. You can read about it in an attempt to gain a better understanding, but it's clear that a small vocal minority isn't even willing to do that.

I'd like to think I could land an airplane if I had to, but chances are I would crash without autopilot. It's fun to daydream about being an expert at something, or your own confidence in your thoughts and ideas will somehow win the day. But that is fantasy. That is imagination. Anything is possible in the world of imagination. We are not climate scientists, no matter how much we think we know about everything. The threshold for being a climatologist is way too high for most average joes down at the bait shop speculating about the weather.

Some people swear by the lunar calendar when it comes to fishing for Crappie. For whatever reason, they seem to hit during certain times of the month. If they all die because we destroyed their habitat, then this all goes out the window. Everyone benefits practically speaking from a clean earth and use of clean renewable technologies.

We have no leader. We have no leadership. We just spit the bit. It was just lip service anyway because we can't technically pull out of Paris for another three years, before which the President will rightly or wrongly be impeached.


I grew up on a lake in MA, every winter it would freeze from dec to march and we could skate on it every day.  It was such a constant and it was taken for granted so much so that we used to schedule HS hockey practices on it to save money on rink costs.  This was in the 70's and 80's.

Now the lake isn't even covered in ice most winters, they haven't been skating there for years.  I know as I live in the same house I grew up in and my kids think I'm a crazy old man when I tell them we skated all winter long.

So those who tell me that the climate hasn't changed and that the temps are lower than they have been.  I tell them the story of the lake, and those who scoff I invite them to come skating anytime.  Funny no one has ever taken me up on that offer.


I came here to share with  the good folks of cavecanum how fucking high I am. Then I saw someone beat me to it.  LoL!!! 😂😂😂


I'm so fucking high right now!


here's a secret - Some claim there is not global warming, yet others do. Hmmm I remember reading that several hundred years ago, people thought a demon caused all medical illnesses. GOD can cure cancer, hmmm yeah sure, fix his lung ailments by bleeding him. Before Dr Lister, hey you have an infection, cut off his arm. These were the experts... Why not study global warming, like curing cancer, polio, TB, etc.... the worst that can happen is what, we find out that we are safe? oh right the money, ohhh right, so lets spend that money on?...hmmmm feeding the hungry? no,  healthcare? no, tax breaks for middle class?, no, military complex...ding ding ding..


My favorite moment during sex is when my cock head slips past her sphincter.  It's like her ass is grabbing my cock and pulling it in.  If it's accompanied by a soft moan, all the better. :)


CO2 has never controlled world climate temperatures.

Never has. Never will.

The Emperor Has No Clothes.

Everyone is being fed alarmism by weather forecasting climate models - the same models that can't predict the weather in two weeks is suddenly about to forecast out a hundred years?

Would you trust a meteorologist who wanted $100 trillion dollars? Sounds like a Nigerian Scam if ever there was one.


Some women love the feel of man on top with his full weight pressed again her body and his dick deep inside her.  I am a man but I think I learned this from experience.  

Another not so secret secret is that in the 1490s there were very, very, very  few scientists.  In fact that calling had no name.


False:  Ancient Greek mathematicians had already proven that the Earth was round, not flat. Aristotle in 4th century BC provided the physical evidence. Eratosthenes in 3rd century BC determined the Earth's shape and circumference using basic geometry. Claudius Ptolemy IN 2nd century AC wrote the "Almagest," describing the Earth being round. This book was well known throughout educated Europe in Columbus' time. So no, scientist in 1490 did not think the earth was flat.

No one fact checks anything with VALID sources anymore. People are constantly sharing misinformation that agrees with their point of view which is an opinion not fact which has led us to the current state in society:
The state of I'm right despite scientific evidence proving I'm wrong because one guy wrote this article based on his opinion which is also my opinion.


In the 1490's the earth was flat, ALL scientists agreed. It was settled science. ONE guy disagreed...


People these days are willfully ignorant.

One of the easiest ways to tell if someone is educated (or not) is if they say that climate change is a hoax.

Its real bruh. We ain't scientists.


I am messaging a guy who weighs over 500lbs; I am gonna do my best to try and fuck him. I have always fantasized about being fucked and squashed by a super fat guy like that.

Fairly skinny 32F


In the big rain, the basement started to flood. I frantically raced around trying to suck up all the water before it got into the carpet.

My wife went to lunch. I asked for her help. No, I begged for her help. And she went to lunch.

This is how she behaves all the time.


No one knows, even my wife, and I feel like a loser...I tell everyone that I got out because my job was overstocked, In reality I was overweight...It's been a struggle all my life...but I'm fighting hard to conquer it now!!


Thank God for Trump.  He's pulling us out of a global warming agreement.  Not like it was ratified by the US Senate anyway, but it shows the man is thinking critically.  I bet few remember when this bullshit started happening.  It was 2004, right before the presidential election.  Each year the UN would make an announcement saying that climate scientists were unsure of what humans' impact on global climate was.  And then in 2004, they suddenly went 180 degrees: Human activity is destroying the climate... and only aggressive government intervention can save us!

Really?  As if people can't see through that?  On the same set of data, they completely reversed their findings?  Exactly how competent are these climate scientists anyway?

And then came the rash of crazy predictions.  The Arctic would melt by 2013.  Cities would be underwater by 2015.  None of it happened.  Deserts would get worse.  Deserts would bloom.  Rain would decrease.  Rain would increase.  Snow would end.  Remember that prediction?  We would see the "end of "snow"? And what happened?  Major snowstorms.  So then they said "snow would increase!"  Snow would end.  "Hurricanes will increase!"  We ended up having ten straight years of the quietest hurricane activity on the planet.  Nothing came true.

But this Paris agreement would save us... from all this stuff that's not happening!  It will lower the global temperature by... let's see here... .1 degrees Fahrenheit over a century!

What?  .1 degrees Fahrenheit?  1/10th of a single degree?  That's what our trillions of dollars of wealth redistribution to "renewable energy" will get us?  1/10th of a single degree?  That's what's going to save us?  That's within the fucking margin of error!

If global warming has taught me anything, it's taught me how naïve people are.  And that's people at best - they're naïve.  At worst, and likely in general, they're simply idiots.  People fell for this crap.  Even when nothing they said came true, they gladly fell for it.  Even when the numbers are provided for them, they gladly ignored it and trumpeted back whatever they were told to believe.  

Global warming has shown me that most people, simply put, are idiots.


It's funny how our personal messages to each other are sent via non direct means!!! lol I wonder why?!

You've opened up even more so recently for different reasons!! Maybe one day we can talk about it and laugh at each other?! :-)


No need to worry, nothing will be weird between us.
We are close friends and I'd like to think that we always will be.

I know what you mean, but hopefully you'll enjoy your new beginning and it'll lead to bigger and better opportunities.

It will feel more than strange for me too, not getting to see you as regularly in person.

You haven't even left just yet, and I already miss you :-(


I really want to talk to you and see how your night and day went but don't want to intrude too much.

Hopefully it went well for you and everything is back to normal or maybe even better than before.

I just hope it won't be weird now between us if that is the case because I never want to lose you as my friend.

Today it really hit me how much I'm going to miss seeing and talking to you in person. I ended up getting quite sad and almost started to think I've made a big mistake :-(

I guess I'll just wait and see what the future brings us!

Hope your night was everything you wanted and needed it to be :-)


It takes courage to see trouble and let it pass. There is a temptation. Can we climb that hill?

Sometimes it helps to put the blinders on and run through the abyss undaunted.

Meanwhile, other distractions.


Jesus Christ.  For some reason my internet decided to stop working for a few hours.  With nothing else to do, I flipped through shows on DirecTV.  So many crappy TV shows, lack of movies, and a bunch of commercials.  This is why I don't watch TV anymore!

I remember having U-verse before it got replaced with DirecTV, and I remember there being way more shows, way more movies, movies rarely cost extra money to watch, and lack of commercials.  Am I remembering wrong, or did the service get worse?  I much prefer being on the internet.  I miss old cable TV.


It's never a good idea to stalk your ex on Facebook or any other social network site.  I deleted my accounts and am glad for it. It was bad enough that I still had pictures of that bitch to haunt me. Deleted those too.

If you want to move on, stay off of the sites and create new friends etc.

It was the healthiest thing I ever did.


I stole a small bottle of rum from my local liquor store earlier today. It's not like I have no money because I do. I stole the rum  just for the thrill.


If he was texting you all night only a few days before posting that photo...I think he still has something for you.  She might be pretty, it might be real, maybe a trophy type, who knows, but he must still have some feelings for you if he's texting you all night but on his way to dating that chick.


A small precentage of black americians are confusing being an angry asshole with a chip on thier shoulders with rascisim... The rest, good folks...


I just found out that my ex who broke up with me a few months ago is now seeing someone else. And it hurts. Horribly. And I can't tell anyone how it hurts. No one wants to hear it. And I know I just have to move on, but it doesn't feel like I can. This girl is really pretty, prettier than me to be honest. And it hurts so much. It makes me feel like I'm not good enough for anyone. I have done so much for him and have loved him so much, but now that's all gone. He's moved on. Completely. What's even more frustrating is that he was texting me all night only a few days before he had posted a photo of them. It was a wrench in my heart. And all I can do right now is type about it. I found out last week from a photo he had posted, but now she's posting on his Facebook so I saw her page and everything. And it makes it so much worse. This morning,  I was already thinking I needed to leave this city, but now it seems that much more certain. I'm much more upset now. It seems like she really might be into him. I can't deal with living this close to him. And being in this city. It's a symbol of all the mistakes I made. I never should have come here. I don't want to run away. But I need to be happy again.


Kathy Griffin is to Trumps Head as Trumps Head is to all of poor colored Amerikkka. You are all pissed off at the wrong thing.


My ex was uncircumcised he had a nice dick.  His balls were also a little saggy but I liked it.  I've also been with guys with firm balls and I like them too.  I don't think cock is supposed to be pretty...but it can be pleasing to the eye.  I like the smooth shaft and plump head at the top.


What is a beautiful pussy?
I think it's in the eyes of the beholder.....As they say 1 persons trash is another 1's treasure


I called in sick today then I went to my doctor and acquired a prescription for Vicodin. I'm going to get fucked up and watch movies all weekend. I've been under a lot of stress at work so I need this little break. Right now life is good!


I've seen many beautiful genitalia on men.  Circumcised penises that are properly erected upwards, the shaft nice and smooth, and a properly shaped tip at the end.  Testicles that are tight, symmetrical, stay in place together, and are smooth, no hair.

I love naked men that have beautiful genitals, smooth bare skin on their bodies, and skinny.  No hair on their bodies except the top of their head.  I just want to rub their bodies and suck their cocks.


I'm tired of people treating me like I'm stupid when I do just about everything right.  These people fuck up constantly!  I'm so mad all the time, and I'm losing my fucking mind!


On there other hand, there is no such thing as a beautiful cock. They are awkward looking poles, covered in bulging veins, with a cyst-like fat knob on the end. Ball sacks are droopy and unsymmetrical,  with scraggly coarse hair. Uncircumcised cocks look like an anteater's snout. Who wants to put an anteaters snout in your mouth?


People trust science when they go across a bridge. How hard is that to understand?

You trust science when you go to the hospital. You trusted the vehicle that took you to the pharmacy to get the prescription which was brought to you by scientists.

Why does our country harbor so much contempt for learning?  Is it because white privilege is melting away along with the sea ice? Is this some sort of projection?


Beautiful pussy: smooth, plump, pink, light fuzz, labia minora small or absent, looks like a ripe summer peach.

Not-so-nice pussy: wrinkled, overgrown with coarse pubic hair, labia minora prominent and purple/brown, looks like a barnyard animal.

M who has seen/smelled/tasted/penetrated a variety


When I was a child, I had a nightmare about an bald, ugly old man who came into my room and silently lead me out of my house by the hand and took me somewhere. When I was an adult, I saw the movie City of Lost Children and recognized that same man in the movie as the man in my dream with no question. The thing is, the movie was made in 1995 and I was a child in the 1980's so there is no way I could have seen it then. And in the movie, that man has invented an evil device that steals children's dreams. I've always hated that actor ever since I saw it because somehow I feel like he entered my dreams when I was little.


Holy shit. Kathy Griffin held a press conference today saying she's the victim in this mess. The other day Griffin held up the severed head of our President, just like the ISIS terrorists. Yet Griffin is the victim?

Now I've seen it all from the Hollywood dipshits.  I'm not advocating anyone commit a crime, but I wouldn't be surprised if someone took her out and severed her head.


The past month I've been so annoyed.  I feel like a bitch. I can't tell if it's my living situation  (live with parents, dad is home a lot and makes little comments. Other family lives there too. Not much privacy ) or my romantic situations.  Twice it has happened that I was talking to a guy online, hadn't met him, had plans to meet, like each other and attracted (sent pics, phone sex and good conversations ) and nothing. Actually right now is the second guy, we used to talk and he disappeared and now he's back, but idk what will happen. I hear stories of people meeting from online all the time, but why is it so hard for me? Guys who come up to me... I'm not into. I'm so annoyed and need to get fucked already. It's been way too long, but I don't just do the hookup thing.


I have a fantastic life. Mostly it's the great conversations. I talk to smart people all day long. Intellectual candy. The editors of the New York Times, TV commentators, professors, and Putin. Yes Putin!

The problem is, it's all in my head. In real life I hardly talk to anyone at all. I have no friends. I surf the internet and read articles. Then I have these running internal dialogs with myself, where I tell Trump what to do.

I'm pathetic.

Oh, gotta go, the new President of France needs my advice...


People are shooting their mouth off about the President pulling out of the Paris accord without knowing what they are talking about.It is not anti environment but anti-cost. Why must America be the one that always pays so that the under privilege countries's can buy private jets for their rulers? We have a business man in the White House and not a politicians who spend money like water as they have no idea where it comes from. There is global warming but to stop we have to stop using electricity- stop driving  and stop flying around. Leonardo De Caprio's mouth is so big -why does he not stop flying around the world with his super models on private jets. Very easy to attack the President when you have no solutions for global warming-except doing it the American way- by throwing money at it!


What is a beautiful pussy? And is it more important than tits and ass? Curious...


My wife has a beautiful pussy. It's why I stay with her.


I just want someone to talk to, someone to hug me and tell me it will be ok. My whole life is falling apart and I just want a friend instead of people who take from me, or who criticise and judge and remind me that I'm a failure and a disappointment. I want someone to notice that I'm disintegrating, to see that my eyes are constantly red from crying, to pay attention to the fact that I struggle to smile and when I do it is a hollow smile not a real one. I want someone to give a shit about me.

But I don't even deserve that.

So maybe what I *need* is to just stop hoping for nice things.


Truth is, I hate people. When I'm at work, I want to work and be left alone. When I am ready to talk, I will talk. Otherwise please leave me alone! I mean, I'm giving off a FUCK YOU vibe, so why talk to me if all you get is a cold shoulder and no eye contact? I'm trying to discourage you so that you'll move on and leave me the hell alone!


I'm about to have my first sexual affair today.  I was feeling guilty last night so I brought my wife flowers, made her favorite dinner and romanced her....she responded with "I hope you are not expecting to get laid tonight, I'm not interested in having sex with you at all"

Guilt relieved, calling the lawyer today to ask how I start divorce proceedings. Life is too short to live the next 40 plus years with someone who is not interested in having a loving/passionate marriage


I won't grovel or beg for any man to stay with me. If they want to go, hell I'll help him pack his shit and tell him to not let the door hit his fat ass on the way out. Usually I've had to throw them out cause they didn't want to go. Fuck even my last one stayed around two years longer than he should have. I really know how to pick them. All of them used me for something. I love men but I'm tired of their bullcrap. All I want is someone to be faithful honest respectful (leaving messages on my voicemail threatening to kick my ass because I didn't answer the phone the first time isn't being respectful..hello? I wonder what you've been doing that you have to gaslight me and project ..hello? )  anyway be trustworthy and pay their half of the bills instead of expecting me to go into more debt for things he fucked up before we met.


Wow that's a pretty big secret and one I wasn't expecting.

From my point of view I'm interested to see how it ends up, but that's me being selfish.

Hey it might not even be me lol, I'm just guessing. Either way I'm still your friend :-)

But life is a journey that takes us to some fun places sometimes.

This might be part of a new adventure for you?! Or maybe just a side step in your current one that keeps going strong.

Either way we can all enjoy it together and see what happens :-)


I'm feeling rather confused. I love my boyfriend, but I'm not feeling close to him.

I'm starting to entertain certain thoughts about someone who isn't him.

This is the first time in the few years that we've been together that I'm allowing such thoughts to even cross my mind.

I don't know if it's due to feeling that he doesn't put in enough of an effort with me, or what.
His drive having dropped significantly, doesn't help anything either.

I shouldn't be the only one instigating sex.



Hoping to read a cheeky playful secret tonight ;-)


Maybe if I'd gotten down on my knees, in front of him... to beg for him to stay, he'd still be here.


I wonder how much he'll miss me.


I needed a root canal and a permanent crown because my tooth was dying. What to do? Call a tree guy? A chemist from the University? Some classless boisterous stuff shirt fatso from a used car lot at the end of the bar eating well-done steak with ketchup?
No, I called a dentist. It cost me an arm and a leg (3k) but I saved the tooth by using common sense and acting responsibly.


I paid $400 to have a workman come in and repair the hot water heater. Very next day there was no hot water. Workmen are full of shit. They don't have a fucking clue what they are doing. Let's face it, you know who become workmen? Morons in the bottom half of their class. They barely graduate high school. They are idiots. Yet they think they know how to repair a broken appliance? My bad for trusting them. Never again.


Why do poor people think they are owed something from the more successful types?

I was poorer than poor. When I was a kid, we had nothing. NOTHING. We had no heat. No running water. I missed many meals because there was nothing in the cupboard.  A good day when when I found long forgotten bag of flour. I mixed it with rain water. The resulting goop was my dinner.

But I didn't host a pity party. There was no heat, so I went to the library and studied. There was no food, so I got a job at a supermarket - they let me have the dented unsellable cans.

I knew there would be no money for college. It motivated me to study extra hard so I would win scholarships. I got into an ivy league school. I graduated and did something semi-famous. Made a bunch of money. I didn't stop there. I did something else semi-famous and made a bunch more money. Most people know of these two things I did.

And I did all this coming from a poor background. So get off your behind and do something with yourself, instead of moaning you have nothing.  You know what having nothing did for me? It gave me motivation!


Ken Jennings of Jeopardy fame, what an unpleasant fellow. He's mocking Trump's 11 year old son. What kind of grown man does that?

I say boycott Jenning's book publisher, Simon and Schuster.

Sometimes you just have to stand up and do the right thing.


Damn I was looking at this girls instagram and making fun of her cuz she's hot but she looks like an actual corpse. And then later I was looking at my own photos and realized I look like a sexy strung up corpse too. Don't do drugs kids


Hillary Clinton is still going around blaming her election loss on everybody but herself.  It was "fake news."  It was the Electoral College.  It was Russia.  It was sexism.

Everybody is at fault.... except her.

Can you imagine the type of President we would have if that woman had won the election?


I hate this country. My grandparents and dad didn't put their lives on the line for this fathomless buffoonery. They read books. They traveled. They understood how the world works. They didn't boast because they didn't have to (the biggest, the greatest, the most beautiful, believe me, and all that other happy horse shit)

I'm being serious; It's like I woke up one day and a whole bunch of people took a crap on the flag. If that's the country I live in, then to hell with it. To hell with this until people stop with the horse shit and get real. This isn't some sports rivalry. (sadly people died for your right to be obnoxious) At some point, it's time to grow up and act like an adult.

Rich people aren't going to come down from their ivory towers and give you a better job. Their just doing what they can to redistribute more of the wealth upwards while you either work hard for nothing or take welfare. Both suck.

I guess I should feel sorry in a way, but I care less and less as time progresses.


He loves me... he honestly truly loves me... even if the rest of my life is nothing but hardship I will die happy knowing that at least once in my life I loved and was loved in return. How bittersweet this moment is.


Let me preface by saying I speak of my closest friend, and I am aware that being in extremely close relationships with people makes you very aware of their flaws. These opinions to not generally make me dislike her or sum up her entire personality this way, but I have secret opinions of some of the things she does that make me want to go insane.

This is someone I've spent many years of my life being with on a nearly daily basis and much of that time living together or staying at each other's homes frequently.

Number one complaint - narcissistic, conceited, "pay attention to me" at all times, and materialistic attitudes. She will brag about people buying things for her and how much money so and so makes. She barely works and sometimes pays bills late because she can't be bothered to pay her own way. This is to be expected of an actress type, but my god can't you see how this makes you look as a person when you act this way?

This is clearly related to first point - extremely clingy. She can't stand being alone one bit. Boyfriend out of town? You can bet she's breathing down my neck (and talking about him) at all times. I could be literally talking on the phone, have my door closed, etc. and she is the type that will come in anyway. Wake me up while I'm asleep out of boredom from no one to talk to. She talks to herself non stop as well. Every thought though her mind comes out immediately. She freaked out when her bf went out of town to visit friends thinking he was cheating on her. They've been together for like 4 months. Like really? How long is that going to last?

Disrespectful of organized/clean space. She is the type that will come into a completely clean kitchen, leave out her dish and half opened food, spill stuff all over the counter, and leave it for days. I have tried at times leaving all of her dishes out, cleaning only mine, then washing the dishes, leaving them in the dishwasher, more dishes continuing to pile up, and she will continue to leave it for days. Also the trash will pile up and she won't touch it. Even if she hasn't been at work, just been at home on the computer all day. It just doesn't make sense.

This is a 30 year old woman I'm talking about, not a teenager.

She will try to covertly get by on using my things. For example, laundry soap, tampons, even Ibuprofen, etc. She will use it when I'm gone and not return it. I don't mind sharing from time to time if you run out of something, but I've caught her "borrowing" my supplies for weeks at a time without purchasing her own, if ever purchasing her own. I think she does it as long as I don't notice or hide things from her.

The final thing that is maybe the worst because it involves another living being is neglecting her dog. Granted, this is typically infrequent compared to the other annoyances. She has multiple times left the dog at home from afternoon until next morning without going outside to pee. This led to several times the dog going inside the house. She has recognized and admitted that it's her fault when this happens but continues to do it now and then. Usually it's because she goes out drinking and passes out at her friend's or bf's house. Even when the dog clearly wants to go out and she is home she waits a long time and complains about having to do it.

I'm really afraid of what's going to happen when her bf who uses her for attention breaks up with her or she finally confirms his suspected cheating and then it's back to only me in her life again. I already told her I'm planning to live on my own after this. I can't do it anymore. I love her but god damn grow up.


Some days I just want to walk away from it all. I sit here on the edge of a dream come true with my hands tied behind my back. I would rather live in survival mode with only dreams to motivate me than to be in this prison from hell.




The democrats are going insane over Trump's typo of covfefe.. Do you guys ever stop and think about what you're doing? It was a typo. I'm actually thinking democrats have some sort of mental deficiency.


Just saw an interesting post on FB.  An acquaintance is very ill.  She'd been diagnosed with cancer a little while ago, and has now found out that it's spread.  She has a long road ahead of her with radiation treatments that truthfully may not work.

And now - like others I have seen in this same position - she's confessing.  She's admitting that she's hurt a lot of people in her life.  As a church-going woman, she has not acted in the way that God would like.  And so now, before facing a situation that she might not make it out of, she is apologizing to anyone and everyone she has hurt, and asking for their forgiveness.

Not sure how I feel about this.  This person has portrayed themselves as a very religious person, certainly much more than I.  Others have as well.  They talk about God, and going to church, and reading their Bible, but then hypocritically, they turn around and act ungodly.  They lie, cheat on their partners, steal, make fun of people, ruin lives, but now that they might die, they ask for forgiveness.

Years ago, I received an invitation to my high school class' 15th reunion.  I'd been living overseas for a while and lost touch with people, so I hadn't been to the 5th and 10th.  While I was excited to catch up with a lot of my old classmates, I was also a little nervous.  You see, I wasn't a nice person in high school.  I was a mean girl.  My parents were on the verge of divorce, and it caused me to act out.  I hurt a lot of people.  And so, in this email thread where everyone was sharing their memories and what they were doing nowadays, I took a deep breath and hit "Reply All."

And here is where I apologized to everyone I hurt.  I explained what was going on in my home during school, and why I was such a bitch.  I was hurting, and I took it out on others.  And for this, I was very sorry, and I hoped that I could be forgiven.  I received a lot of emails sent separately from the thread, thanking me for being so candid, and that all was forgiven.  Those who were not included in the thread, but who were present at the reunion - well, I went up to them and personally apologized.  We had a wonderful reunion :)

There is also someone in my life who I am tied to for quite some time.  He is my nightmare, an inherently evil person.  He takes every opportunity to hurt me.  He's tried to get me arrested.  He's turned good friends against me.  He's tried to get me in trouble with my job.  It took years to get over my hate, and years of praying to God to forgive me for this hate.  I finally got to a point where I could move past it in the general sense, but every once in a while he does something that sends me off the rails, and I lose my mind with anger.  During these times, I wish every illness and disease and even death on him.  Yes, he's THAT bad.  But once I've calmed down, I go right to Confession.  If Confession isn't available for a couple days, then I call my priest and make a special appointment with him at the Rectory.

My point is, if you've harmed someone in any way, ask for forgiveness NOW.  If you're religious and you've acted against God's wishes, ask for forgiveness NOW.  Not when you're afraid you're going to die, and you want to clear the path to the Pearly Gates.  Otherwise, you just look like a hypocrite.


I'm offended. My son was in a play at his Middle School. Parents were invited to watch. So there I was one morning, sitting in an auditorium filled with 7th graders, along with a handful of other parents who also had a child in the show. I'm tall, so I sat in the back. I didn't want to block anyone's view by sitting up front.

I noticed the principal walked past my seat a few times. So did some teachers. Then out of the blue, while the performance was still in progress, the principal came right up to me and asked my name. I politely told her. She asked if I had a student in the show. I said yes. She asked his name and what costume he was wearing. She asked the names of his teachers.

It became clear what was going on. The handful of other parents were mothers. I'm male. How could a man be watching a school play on a weekday morning? In the principal's view, I could be a child molesting creep who just wandered in off the street.

It was a form of racial profiling. It wasn't a pleasant experience for me. Other students and parents in the audience were turning around and looking at me while the principal did her investigation. Like my gosh, I'm trying to watch my kid in the show and I'm getting interrogated and the show is being disrupted. It's apparently a crime for a father to be involved with his son's schooling. It was offensive behavior on the part of the principal.


I wrote 515, today after being told that she was going to skip work tomorrow to spend the day in bed with her dom I decided i needed to tell the husband.  I tracked down his contact info and I found an anonymous email service to contact him.
He already had his suspicion and had installed a tracker device under her passenger seat.  He thanked me for giving him the heads up so he could take the day off and bust them.  
I know where the guy lives as I was her safety valve, tempted to park at the end of the street there tomorrow and watch the fireworks.  I'm kicking myself for not getting the time he was going to confront them.


Two problems I've encountered when thinking about installing solar panels on my home.

1) The economics don't make sense. It's still cheaper to buy power from the electric company.

2) Solar panel salesmen are slimy con artists. The will never give a straight answer about the costs. It's amazing how much they try to cover up the truth. I can ask a yes or no type question, and I say please, just answer with yes or no. They can't do it. They launch into some fake tirade about saving the environment.

You know, I might have gotten solar panels, even if they did cost more. But I won't now because of the scum buckets who work in the field. The problem with the solar power industry isn't so much the technology, it's the people IMO.


A secret I never told anyone. I dated a man when we were both in our early 20s. He was a pretty darned good catch. But once things started getting serious I broke it off. I told people we weren't really compatible. You want to know the real reason I ended it? This pains me to say it and reveal how shallow I was. I broke up with him because his last name is Rodriguez. I wasn't going to go through life as a Mrs. Rodriguez, with people thinking I was Hispanic.


I am actually in a really good place right now mentally and emotionally. I haven't felt this centered or positive in years. I feel like I finally have a goal and a drive again, and that is so exciting to me.  Getting positive feedback helps too. When you have people in your dream profession telling you that you have talent and that you have what it takes to make it, it's the greatest thing in the world. I felt invisible for so long. Now I really feel like the future is bright. I'm just SO excited and relieved! This has been a long time coming. It feels so good to just feel...well, good! I had forgotten what this was like. It is amazing. 🙂


Sometimes, you can't see the forest for the trees. Today, I cut the trees.


I wonder if there had been more physical touch between us, if it would have made a difference to his decision.


Every morning I check the Facebook profile of this lesbian Asian woman I don't even know personally to see if she posted any pics I can jerk off to.  It's probably the dumbest masturbatory fantasy I have.  She's a lesbian.  She doesn't want a cock.  It doesn't even work in a fantasy world.  I guess there's dumber things I could be doing with my spare time.


This is why I can't trust guys.  You can be with someone for years, be happy and have it all together, have kids, but he meets someone and bam some quick feelings and here comes an affair.  You kinda sound like a nice guy, but you say she's way younger but you find her irresistible?  Um that's probably precisely WHY you find her irresistible.  She's younger.  WAY younger as you put it.  And showed interest in you.  You may love your wife but there is NO WAY this woman isn't taking you at least partially away from her...your thoughts are on her, emotions, daydreams, attention.  All effort and energy you could be putting toward your relationship.


It would be interesting to see what things might keep him there?!?!?!  Maybe you could suggest some things!!!!!


Yeah, abused men are funny.  What's funny I'd that the wife used to laugh at those kinda jokes because it is funny.  It is funny to beat somebody bigger and stronger than you knowing that they will never hurt you...  Well until you get slapped on top on your head where it won't leave a visible bruise and get choked out a couple of times... Who's laughing now?


I wonder what it would take for him not to leave me.


All you folks who support Trump obviously never grew up with a malignant narcisstic parent. same exact experience. They love money, hate the kids that need things from them, and they DONT CARE. About you or anyone. I sit back and watch this country go through my childhood. Abusive parents don't change, sorry. And they also don't work. They just eat, bitch, and spend, and lie. It's always someone else's fault. You'll see.


Google Evergreen State.  Better yet, look it up on Youtube.  The place is in the middle of a race war because black students told white students not to come to campus for a Day of Absence/Day of Presence.  It has been held in the past but POC(damn I hate that term) VOLUNTARILY left campus to do empowerment/solidarity workshops while white students stayed and did anti-racism workshops.  Now the POC's want to force white students off campus that day.

Can we all see the difference between a voluntary absence versus a forced absence?  If white students forced black students away for a day, heads would roll and rightly so.

How is it that segregation is creeping back into America?

P.S. The violent videos paint a disheartening vision of our future, most of all the student speaker who stumbles over the word 'allegations'.


>186521 - You're absolutely right! BUT... that doesn't give the public the right to try and destroy him and stand in the way of his doing his job. One thing I hate the most is when people thwart omeones effort to do a job, then, they say 'see, I told you he was a bad choice! Coouldn't get the job done!' that irritates me to no end.


I have a wife and kids. We have a happy family. We are together for 16 years and everything seems ok. I am okay & my wife is ok. We are financially stable. We are ok. And then in one of my business trips, i met another girl. She's way younger but I find her so irresistible. We are like soulmates. I still love my wife and kids.. But I also this girl.. This secret relationship with her is more than a year now. I'm never attracted to some other girls before. Why now? I don't want to hurt my wife .. This is so terrible of me. But i also can't let go of my soulmate. WTF


I truly think the only reason most men talk sports is because it is the only way for adult men to bond & make friends. Women can talk about, nails, kids, relationships. It is easy for women to make friends because they are used to existing on an emotional plane. Men are pretty much only allowed to show emotion with each other when it comes to sports. They are looking for friends or have a gambling problem. I love sports. Don't know if I'm looking for friends.....but I know I'd bet money on a gerbil race lmao.
50/F/go Penguins!


Maybe you should give him a reason to stay hun!!!  ;-)


I have so much disappointment in the people who gave up on me.


I'm going to miss my work husband :-(

I'm sure we'll still catch up and chat, but work won't be the same without him.


Sports.....  As a lifelong fan of sports I'm done.   If you're in a conversation and football comes up.....  I'd say "I'm sorry.  I gave it up.  Too much crap, too much Goodell".    
NBA... Jesus, that's easy.   "Sorry, got sick of watching overpaid Knuckleheads fake it until the last half of the 4th period".
Baseball?  Yawn.... blame the owner for not spending enough.

The only real sport now is Hockey and nobody cares about it.


I despise some women into sports, specifically the ones who know nothing, but come the playoffs, they act like they know everything. They are like over enthusiastic high school cheerleaders on crack. They hop on the bandwagon just to act cool and fit in. Ew. Get a life bitches.


I don't mind a guy being into sports, I had one bf that liked football and it took over Sundays, but it was fun because we were together.  My next bf was like that for awhile, but he didn't like the idea of sports dictating his weekend, which I respected.  I don't mind someone being into sports as long as it doesn't rule them, which a lot of guys fall into.  But I've found that the guys I have ended up liking a lot aren't even into it like that.  What about girls who are into sports?  I'm totally not, but I have cousins who live in states where that's all there is and they know about football and basketball like a guy!  I don't know shit about basketball.


All worker unions should be disbanded. What are they going to do? Go on strike? Suits me. Then we can hire all the hardworking people who are currently out of work.  Unions are destroying America. These are lazy people who find excuses not to do work, while getting paid more than ever.


I'm in love with my best friend. I want to make exquisite love to her while our husbands are at work. Unfortunately this will never happen because I'm too much of a coward to bring it up.


I have one of the really nice Nike Elite football jerseys, the type that's closest to what the players wear on the field.  People see me wearing it and they ask me about the players.  I admit that I only have it because all my friends are football fans, and I don't know the first thing about the game.  It's a real nice jersey, though.  I love the thing.


As a male, I have definitely felt ostracized at work because the other males spoke about sports, and I did not. They were like school yard bullies, being condescending to me for my lack of sports knowledge. Like really? It was supposed to be a company for intelligent people, but I was put down because I didn't know who was pitching in the World Series? I eventually quit because of the way I was treated. I like to think I got the last laugh though. I was hired at a competitor. The new company obviously appreciated people like me who worked hard and contributed to the company efforts, as opposed to gabbing about sports all day. I say this because after a few years I was promoted to be a department head. And right out of Karma's playbook, I received a resume from one the condescending sports lovers at my former job. Ha. I crumpled up his resume into a ball and made a point tossing it into the garbage can with a big sports fanfare... "He shoots... he scores!" Men can be so dopey with their sports.


I think I've been suffering from anxiety and depression since I was a kid.  Sounds stupid, but I grew up in an abusive household.  Lots of yelling and fighting.  Everybody acted like it was no big deal.  I was told to keep it a secret.


I'm a grown ass man, and I never cared about sports ever.  Sports are overrated.


Another straight man here who is uninterested in sports and in talking about them.  None of my male friends (and they're all straight) talks about sports, either.  It just doesn't occur to us as a topic of conversation.  One of my female friends describes herself as a sport-free zone, and I think that applies to me as well.


My favorite part of taking my wife to the beach. When we are done for the day, we go back to the car. She doesn't want to sit on the upholstered seat in her wet bathing suit, so she strips down right there in the parking lot. People are walking by to get to their own cars, and there's my wife in the buff. It's sexually very exciting to watch as other men see my wife naked.


I take solace in the fact that even though when a mosquito bites me the itch and irritation will last for 15-20 minutes, it's death is forever!


The office deserves respect.  However the person occupying the office must respect the office to expect respect for themselves.  The current occupier has done nothing to earn the public's respect yet.


I hate being in the postion of knowing when married friends cheat.  A friend who "seems" happy with his family, posting pics, etc, is having a Dom Fetish affair with a local single woman.  Part of me wants to email his wife saying, "hey, ask him about _____"


511...Thank you!!! I am a straight man but most of my friends are women because I can't do the sports talk 24/7. I like sports too but I don't understand how it completely takes over some men's brains.


I am a black man originally from South Africa. Your prejudice is showing.


500...494 here. I empathize heavily with your situation, and I wish I could be there for you. I think you need to take this to God.

I'm not going to try not to be long-winded about it, but God is a separate entity than the institution of Christianity. Even as a concept instead of a being, God is a pretty swell guy. People like to aggrandize him, but I find it helps more to think of him as a person than anything. We're made in his image, right? So he gets it. He's not gonna be an asshole about it.

The phenomenon I experienced with the prayer I mentioned before is something I've only experienced a few times in my life. Each time it happened, I felt physically filled with pressure, as if my chest cavity were about to explode from the weight of my pain. And then I would pray, but this kind of prayer is different, because I could feel that my words came directly from my heart.

You ever tell the truth, and FEEL it? That's how it feels. It's as if your soul is taking the microphone from your mind, and it tells God all the desires and hopes for yourself that you keep inside. You need to ask for these, out loud. All cards on the table. Whenever I have prayed this way, God has answered me. You can tell it's happening when multiple events occur just so, in a way that speaks to you personally, around the same time. You may not notice until after it's happened.

I wish I could meet you, 500, because I would be able to explain this so much better to you.

If you're not the religious type, I understand. In that case I would say that it's likely that not many people in your life understand how truly bad it's gotten. Find someone you can trust, and ask for help. It'll suck, because being an addict and resisting anything sucks, but you'll be happier for it, I promise you!


"...and if you don't like it, you can get out of MY country!"

North American white people love pretending they don't know their're a global orphan honey, like the cuckoo that survives by invading other birds' nests and killing off their young. Your people belonged in Europe, and they rebelled, so they took someone else's homeland. That's not honorable, nor does that make it rightfully yours.

The one thing I have to say that I like about this new presidency is that we're finally starting to show our true, ugly colors, instead of pretending to be something we never, ever were.


I have this friend at the company I work for that is totally screwing around on her husband, they have been unhappily married for a few years.  She confides in me and it kills me to see what she is doing to herself at the moment. She had a passionate love affair with a guy from out of state that just ended a few weeks ago, they broke up when she wouldn't leave her family for him (he is single).  He talked her into one last time for sex so they would end on a high note but he ghosted her right after, didn't respond to her emails or calls.  Heart broken she quickly reached out and met a local guy who is a dom.  They fooled around the first timea few days back, she described it as creepy/weird but on the next day she went over to his house for her first spanking session....which she loved and ended up stripping off her undies and masterbating in front of him...the next day they went out to eat lunch publicly and they started talking about other kinks she might like and she ended up going over to his house on the way home to try out a belt and a few other things.  Basically nothing is off the table.  I look at this smart intelligent woman and wonder what is going through her head.  Not only is she risking her marriage, kids and her job (we do government stuff and have a very strict morals code, which I'm betting doesn't include talking about how much you enjoyed getting spanked while on the clock and with someone you aren't married to) but she has only known this guy for a few weeks and here she is getting tied up and spanked with his hand and various implements.  The risk factor is huge, she knows it and trusts me with her safety in case she doesn't come back....which makes me an accessory to her cheating.  Its like watching a train wreck


I heard what has been happening and it makes me sick to my stomach. I am so sorry.


After the police found Tiger Woods asleep at the wheel of his car, he was asked to do the "Romberg Alphabet". It's a test where you close your eyes and see if you can maintain your balance. Intoxicated people can't do it.

So of course some of the more intelligent people are asking about the name of the test.

Answer from a TV commentator, "It's called the Romberg Alphabet because it is named after Dr. Moritz Romberg."

Oh really. Because it's named after Romberg. Who would have guessed.....

Oh wait moron. When people ask that question, they are wondering why it is called the Romberg ALPHABET. Seems to have nothing to do with the alphabet. Did it really have to be explained that's why people are asking?



Kathy Griffin was just fired for disrespecting our president. Let's hope all those democrats finally see the light. Treat your leader with fairness, or get out of our country.


I think men talk about sports because they have nothing else to say. They are not capable of having a conversation where there is an exchange of intelligent ideas. They don't talk about what they are feeling. They can't talk about sex, which is the other big filler in their lives. Oh they do sex, but they can't talk about it. They just grunt like a zoo animal. So they talk about sports. It's all they have. Sad.


As for me, I use to demonize people in my life in a serious way. Yes, it is a stifling approach to life, but it keeps you going.

Now I just kid because I know that this is all just a joke, maybe even one that I have the largest part in playing.

I'm not turning any corners. I'm not getting ready to reinvent myself. I've done what I came to do. Everything else doesn't matter and that's okay.


You could fix all of this, but you are too stubborn and full of pride. It will be your undoing. In fact, it already has been. Stop blaming other people for your actions. Did I do wrong? Yes. I made mistakes. I let my feelings get in the way and I was weak. I didn't handle my emotions well at all, and even saying that I recognize that it is a monumental understatement. I never wanted to hurt you, but you hurt me so much that I didn't know how to deal with it so I handled it very badly. For that I am sorry and I'm sure I will be sorry every day for the rest of my life. But you played a substantial part too. I wasn't the first either. You have a serious problem with a long history behind it. Face that. Heal that. Stop being so bitter. That's your first step. I say this because I have been there and I had to do the same. My heart still hurts over this.  I wish you all the best. I really hope you can be the person you were meant to be because I do still believe in you. I know it doesn't matter, but that's the truth.


Some people just live WAY too long.  Most of them, in fact.


Where I live, if you are a man who isn't a die hard sports fan, you are considered a weak, pathetic wuss of a man. I don't care for them that much (I have too many other things going on in my life)So, whenever the subject comes up, I just nod and try to steer the conversation towards more productive subjects....


When a guy tells me he is a die-hard sports fan, I think what a pathetic immature little man.


My husband cheated on me four years ago. I haven't been able to let it go and have become paranoid. Yesterday he told me he wants a divorce. Funny how the tables turned and now he gets to make the call.


Gray hair. Wow. For a young person who's desperately trying to hold onto hope of a full recovery, the way that was worded felt like the taunting and jokes at my expense I dealt with when my condition wasn't able to be concealed. Thank you for reminding me of what my condition did allow me to develop: empathy sensitivity towards others and the pain they're going through.


The most horrifying sexual experience I ever had was probably about 10 years ago. A FWB came over to my apartment, we start drinking a 5th of crown Royal. Between the 2 of us and my roommate. My roommate then stumbles off to the bar and my FWB and I start drunkenly going at it hard. She's on top, I'm on top, I'm eating her pussy, she's sucking my dick. Then I turn her around for some doggy style and grab her hips and just start fucking her hard. She starts moaning in between the claps that our bodies make as they collide. Then she goes quite, and I hear this weird sound. I stop pumping into her, and ask if she's okay. She doesn't say anything and I lean forward to look at her face and in the darkness of my room (tv was on lights weren't) I see that she puked all over my bed and was trying to push it off the bed with her arms and hands in shoveling motion.... Talk about boner killer. I just said stop! Pulled all of the blankets off my bed and balled them up and threw them on the floor. She went to the bathroom came back in my room and flopped onto my bed and passed the fuck out. Luckily I caught it before it soaked through the blankets. I grabbed a clean blanket covered her up and went and slept on the couch. Just in shock from the most horrifying sexual experience I had ever had...


When I was about 25 I dated this chick who had no trouble letting me pay for every meal. We went out about 10 times, and had sex I'd say 5 of those times. The relationship was semi okay except I always had to pay for everything.

Finally, on our last outing, we had gone for a walk in a park. After the walk she said she was hungry. There was a concession stand nearby. I said sorry, but I don't have any cash on me. I was hoping since it was only a concession stand, the meal would be inexpensive, so it would be an easy way for her to pick up the tab for once. But no, she pointed out I still had my ATM card and I could go and get cash and come back. Eye roll. That was our last date. I never called her again.


457 - it does stop growing in the most harvested areas.  And then you get the delicious kinky, gray hairs in the areas that are less harvested.


494...thats where i am now with shooting speed. Im on felony deferred for possession, and if i fuck it up im prison bound and will end up with it on my record. Even that hasnt made me stop. I fake out my random UA and it is SO stressful each time. I've had a heart attack at age 30. Ive become so horribly disorganized and my home is wrecked. Need ti stop. Not strong enough.


186497 Yes please!


I find that both men AND women play into the whole "buy me x dinners for sex" game.  The best way to get out of it and have a real connection (and way better sex bc it's not a transaction but a joint experience) is to just split the damn check.  I'm a woman in my late 20s and I NEVER let a man buy me dinner.  I work full time and I can take care of myself.  There's really no reason for a guy to buy me dinner. I ALWAYS ask to split the check on dates, and men generally react very pleasantly.  I just think when both people are putting equal "effort" or "interest" in it, it makes it an experience rather than a transaction. The kind of men that want to just buy you dinner to get in your pants also tend to be intimidated by this as well, so it helps weed out men you might not be interested in spending time with.

Call me crazy, but try it one time!


Is it a crime to wanna fuck on your 1st Date.....I'm in my 50's for Pete's sake
I figure I have about 10-15 years left to Enjoy Sex???


i'm the loneliest person i know


Early 40s, dating, better be wearing white panties and be totally fuckable on the 1st date.  Otherwise, there won't be a 2nd date, honey.   I've sprung for wayyyy too many grifters looking fo a free meal.


Just now i had a flashback of myself from about 7 months ago. I was lying in my bed, drunk, deep in a months long bender that had me drinking anytime, anyplace.

I was a mess. All I'd do when i wasn't working was drink, and at one point the fear of losing my job wasn't as important as getting drunk. My life wasn't going nowhere fast, and i was ready to destroy everything I'd worked for so far, in my frenzy.

I remember that I was becoming more and more depressed and suicidal, and i was afraid i wouldn't last long on the path i was on. So I cried. I sobbed and called out to God from the depths of my heart, "Please. I have the desire to be sober, but i don't have the strength. Please give me the strength, not only to quit drinking, but to be able to look booze in the face and say no. Please, I'm begging you, please."

This is me, 6 months sober, in a much better place. :)


I'm a 52 yo Male and My desire for an intimate kinky relationship with My Wife is that of a 24 yo....... Unfortunately She does not feel the same. I'm lucky to have sex with Her Once a month....and that's a 5 minute experience.....FML


Perhaps the bastard shouldn't have gotten so drunk to begin with.


One of my good friends just told me she was raped by her ex boyfriend. The POS used his family, including hiss 4 year old cousin, to convince her to come over to his house. From what she told me, it sounds like from there he drugged her, waited until no one was around, and while she was passed out on the couch he raped her.

I want to fucking kill him. Fuck! I wish I could make this all go away for her, but I can't. I'm going to be here for her and do everything I can, but it breaks my heart to see her go through so much at once.


"Oh my God, it's a snake!"

She has no center. She has no past. She's hollow.

Like a fat white anaconda, she swallows whole the unfortunate drunk bastard passed out at the edge of the jungle.  


As I was coming in the kitchen, my heart was racing a mile a minute. What if my husband could tell there was semen leaking out of me? What if he could read the guilt in my eyes?

He looked right at me and said, "You're home late."

Oh no, does he know something? Is he baiting me?

"Sorry, the meeting went a little late."

"Well hurry up and come to bed. I missed you."

The coast was clear. He didn't suspect a thing.

I got undressed, jumped in the shower for a minute, rinsed out my panties and buried them in the bottom of the hamper. Then I snuggled up next to him in bed.

I got away with it.


My house smells like cat piss which is weird because I don't have a cat.


I cut my own hair. I'm a guy. It's not that hard. It looks pretty good. You could never tell it is a DIY job.


Liberals are prepared to destroy America as long as they can get Trump out of the White House. Politicians on both sides of the aisle are in on the game.They all have too much to loose. I am surprised that Trump ever got this far. They are petrified of what he can do to upset the apple cart and stop the gravy train in DC. He is our last hope to clean out DC and get the power back to the people. America first and screw the rest of the world. Let Merkel dig herself out of the chaos she created in Europe.America has become a third world country because of all the corruption  in DC. Trump is not the problem -Liberals are!


Once, a guy I was about to hook up with spit on my pussy. That was the end of that.


I'm a man, and I find the thought of spitting on a woman's pussy a bit disagreeable.  While it's the same saliva whether one licks the pussy or spits on it, the problem is that spitting at or onto someone is usually a gesture of contempt, and that's not a (possible) message that I would want to give to a woman about her pussy.


Prostitutes are at least honest about what they do.  They quote fixed prices – and not an undisclosed number of dinners – for specified services, and then they deliver on it.


The US government is responsible for Muslim Violence. Google think Donald Trump will save you? HA HA HA. We finance that shit. Support for any president and includes supporting the guys over there. You are all being fooled . WAKE UP


The foulest sexual trick I've ever experienced was when a guy decided he needed more lubricant while we were having intercourse. He could have applied an oil. He could have licked my pussy. He did none of these. Instead, he spit on my pussy. That was so fucking gross!!!!!!!!!!!


I don't understand these women who don't enjoy sex. I love it. I'm always up for it. Who wouldn't be?


When my wife wants something from me, she barters with sex. She wants to buy a new $4,000 bicycle. She says if I give the okay, she'll give me the best sex of my life.

First of all, I hate how she uses sex at a bargaining chip. Whatever happened to wanting sex because it's enjoyable for the both of us? No, to her, sex is a way to get something for herself.

Second, she never delivers on the sex. I never push it. I'm just the patsy in her manipulation game. She'll tell me she's going to buy the bike and she'll be back at 2:00 and then we'll have sex. She comes back at 3:00. But immediately says she has to go for a ride on her bike. We'll have sex after her ride. She comes back at 11 pm. How did that happen? She says she rode to the other biker riders homes to show off the new toy. They decided to have dinner. They lost track of the time. Now it is late, so of course no sex.

Next day, she's off on her bike. And then something else comes up.... This goes on for a few days until she feels I've forgotten about her promise of sex.

This scenario has played out 100 times in 100 ways. She's a prostitute, only worse. You give a prostitute money, and get sex. With my wife, she takes my money, but no sex.

I've stopped caring. I'm tired of being manipulated by a gold digger. I'm jumping ship.


#476, then why don't you pay for dinner? I'm tired of women suggesting a man is doing something wrong because he would like to have sex. It's a not a crime. It's natural. But too often women play the high and mighty victim, putting down men because they have a natural urge.  Let me play that back to you another way. He kindly took you to dinner twice, and all you've said about him are mean things.


That feeling that comes over you when you realize that the people you called friends are really just aquaintinces. Not friends, just people you know and see once and while socially. I need to meet better people.


I'm back into the dating scene. I'm in my early 40s, very attractive and have my shit together. But almost every man I went out to is trying to fuck me on our second date. I'm not a prude and I love sex. But c'mon, guys. We spent together 5 hours during our 2 days at the most and you bought 2 dinners. Do you think that I'm that stupid or insecure? What bugs me even more is when they try to arrange the second date next to my home, so they can come over and fuck me at my place. It's obvious as there are no great places to dine where I live and I don't mind driving to meet a man someplace else.
I'm smart enough to see through texts  what games they are playing and it's off putting. Nobody wants to wait even for date number 3. Guess what? I am not going to fuck you because you paid for 1 or 2 dinners. I make enough money to take this out of equation.


i had to tell my bf that i wanted to take a break. it made me sad, i do like being with him. but with his very uncertain future, i can't quite commit so fully.

maybe the next few weeks, months (or whatever time) of not being together will teach us both something.


When you have no experience for a job, it's near impossible to get a job.  You have to keep trying until you find somebody that will hire anybody.  After you get plenty of experience in that job, you can make a resume and get hired at other places.  They want the experience, but don't want to give it.


Most of the time I don't have problems shopping.  On rare occasions I'll get a worker following me because they think I will steal something.  Never stole anything ever.

One time I went into a Dollar General with some coworkers.  We got followed around by two employees, who accused us of harassing women.  We didn't.  I fucking hate people that work at stores.  They are bigots, and there is never a way to prove myself innocent.  They want $15 an hour to make this a career, and they have this kind of power?


My prediction--probably not so radical--is that a new National Socialist movement will arise in Germany as a response to Muslim-initiated violence and destructiveness and the absolute incompetence and pusillanimity of the German government.

Hitler was wrong to attack Jews. Those people were innocent and just trying to live their lives. Muslims are not innocent, and their goal is to destroy everyone and everything they can get their hands on. (That includes other Muslims, so deep and insane is their fanaticism.)

This time, the National Socialists will have a lot more support--internal and external, overt and covert--than Hitler did.

Pretty sad when we have to hope that Nazism will save the world.


Do you know why I love Donald Trump?

Because his mere existence pisses the holy living shit out of the socialists/liberals/progressives who are trying to turn this country into another European slum.

I don't even know what he's done so far.  I just know that I love the guy.


misogynists can't stand strong women!
if he can't have you, he'll destroy you.


My husband thinks we have $43,000 in a CD. Nope. There's only $5,200 in the account. For years I've been doing all the bill paying and finances. I spent the money. One day he will be pissed beyond repair.


I try my best!


If ever there was a cunt in the world, it would be you…


I have a habit of learning characteristics of people I come across and then judge them! I have been wrong many times. But I can't stop because it's naturally always happening.


Please stop putting all of the details of your life on snapchat. You're not that interesting, and your girlfriend is fat. She looked real cute in her maw maw looking swimsuit that unsuccessfully attempts to hide the lard


I use the wal mart self checkout to steal on a regular basis. Since I'm not suspicious looking (attractive well dressed mom of two) I easily get away with it even when being "watched" by the worker who really isn't watching anyone. For instance, if I have two of an item and don't want to pay for one, I'll scan one, and put both in the bag. The machine sometimes will say "Unexpected item in bagging area" and I will just pull the bag off and continue. Another trick I've used is having several things in my hands that I'm about to scan, and I accidently "drop" several things into the bag and say "Oops!" and only retrieve one item, leaving the others in the bag. If I get caught I can always plead ignorance, claiming I didn't realize I had dropped more than one item in the bag. I've gotten a lot of free shit from wal mart because of those self checkouts. Food, clothing, even a pair of shoes once. It's so easy to do I cannot imagine that I am the only one taking advantage of this. It's nice to look like someone who wouldn't steal and get free stuff from a corporation who is greedy and deserves to lose money anyway.


To Burlington iowa I know you don't want me I know you would ratherthat old bitch to come running back to you even though she left running but M A I I'm sorry but your losing and moat likely have for sure lost me not because you don't " have sex with me " ita because I'm heryae to just tell you I know that you are not the same thing as you where when we began thus mess and I say mess because you have not from day one a job a house a real life, knowledge how to kiss foreplay


I find Thomas & Friends to be very creepy.


My heart and mind have been systematically destroyed by both myself others and the awareness of the horrors in this world. My first memory I don't know if it's real but I think I told my mom, myself at 2 or 3 years old, that it was ok if she wanted to divorce my dad, that one might be false it was like a strangeness in myself that is real tho this experimental nature this trying to be the bigger person and "sacrificing" in some simple button push . It is not a memory of her asking it's one of imagining her unhappy and telling her it's ok. I don't even know. Then comes lots of dysfunction and time alone growing up. Lots of disappointment but also lots of joy and feeling special being funny being alive inspired. Yet I was always aware of certain issues in the world .. (Extreme competitive Population growth) made me believe a world without rape mandatory child bearing, war, was not possible, that humanity would be in the same competitive patterns and typical selfish bullshit having nothing to do with caring about children or the earth or other earths we might make it to. Then with this on the back of my mind all my life I still escaped into humour and slacking off until I discovered my art around the time of my first female infatuation. I was built up by her to feel special and encouraged her to move away when she said she wanted to again trying to be big and sacrificial.. Bullshit I am. Across the country she went and telling me lets see those drawings paint me something. I painted well i still can. I told my mom I needed some peace to focus on something really important I had been putting off (coming clean in a letter) she looked me in the face with hatred and said I was kicked out by the end of the week. This messed up my letter and caused me to have no one to talk to and I turned from half introverted as one should be to in a constant desperate state of output which has passed. My mom Also took back her promise to pay half of a downpayment for a place thus setting me up for the breakdown at the party my friends brought me to and now after 10 years of deterioration from synthetic molecules and added stress of imposed manipulation from people treating me like I had no idea of reality. Keep in mind I had two jobs at once at 17 before my mom kicked me out. Anyway I always have a headache and weak body now. Knowing the person I'm with sees me as a disappointment plus the fact that I actually could have won the lottery a couple times . The need to just show ppl the miracles I've witnessed that the magic is real.. How it works how my hopes and dialogue with the universe were not unanswered. The stardust pictures that even more make me feel like the universe is somehow identifying with me it leaves me feeling unrelatable and alone. It's intense and makes me feel nauseous a lot and after all this psychiatric added stress who knows what causes what no I know. I know your receptors are not supposed to be blocked with a slow release of synthetic molecules encased in glass particles in your bruised muscles. Some ppl have it much worse I am lucky. They are working with me now towards my goal of being clean of this. There is just too much hope and disappointment and emotional need to be constantly proactive but I am still working and making slow progress. Peace of mind would be nice and I used to be able to create it with imagination causing actual afterglow which I would pray for the nebulae in. This hardly explains. I don't even want this I just want to know I am home.


I'm a jobless loser. No one wants to hire me. I'm a burden to my family


A kid is on Yahoo news today because he refused to have his picture taken with Paul Ryan.  Fine.  But why does someone who has no basic manners, who is an asshole, make the news?  Ah yes, Republican's are evil, that is the meme.


Make fun of me all you want, I could care less, in fact my childhood has groomed me to be used to it.  It only reflects what kind of human being YOU are, not ME.

When people come on here and identify with something that has caused me a great deal of pain and tell their experience with the same problem, I feel immense gratitude.  I feel connected.  I feel less alone with my problem and I feel hope.

If we go through it together, instead of alone, then we can come out the other side.

Hanging on to the shred of light at the other end of the tunnel is the only momentum to propel me forward.  Watching other people's failures as well as successes in overcoming the same issue I face lets me know we all suffer together and eventually, we can all succeed together.

Thank you HPer from the FPer.


I have trichotillomania. I haven't worn my hair down in almost 4 years because I've plucked away the top of my head. It's very thin now. If I wore my hair down, people would be shocked. They'd stare and gape. I'm a young woman and all I want is to wear my hair down before it loses its shine and goes gray. It hurts when I think back to times when I had control over it and could wear my hair down. I didn't have to pull it back into a messy bun and secure it with hair pins to keep it in place so the thin areas won't show through. I'm a master of concealment.

Every time I make progress and it starts coming back, something happens to stress me out and I start pulling again. My progress is destroyed in a matter of hours. Months of self control...wasted. Sometimes I wonder if it's going to ever fully grow back. I want to go to the salon to get it cut instead of hiding in the bathroom and having my mom cut it because I'm too ashamed to get it cut at a salon and reveal this horrible secret to people who will not understand. I mean, who the fuck pulls all their hair out??

I try not to think about it lest I get sad and stressed and try to remind myself that I'm lucky that I have enough hair to cover the thin spot. When I developed the disorder at age 10, I plucked myself bald. I wore a hat for two years until I got it under control and it grew back. What if it doesn't grow back? What if I've pulled it out so many times that it just stops growing? It scares me.


my job is to contribute with chores and find a job and my joy will be contributing until she finds someone she wants more and actually wants to touch there are other reasons she might not touch me back i touch her shes disappointed i ride a horse wrong shes disappointed I'm happy with tough love and i am committed to contributing a job will come very soon and i tell her get rid of me she provokes me to say that then says ok i will then its love and i never said that this hardly expressed the actual love she shows tho and now further exploited and distorted because i am trying to communicate with someone else... i want to be touched like the woman i could be and maybe when i become it i will be and actually it hardly matters ive learned it doesn't ive learned not to try and get something with passive aggressiveness or tears i dont want to have to ask i was told i wouldn't have to and IM NOT UPSET I LOVE YOU THIS LIFE I LOVE BEING WITH YOU youre funny teach me things depth you communicate in a special way the little things the BESTEST INNER AND OUTER WORLD FOR PROTECTION and I'm so sorry i just want one person to see this go to hell more little holding above my head as tho my love isn't real... i love two people i love 3 people i love yes 3 people... i dont care about touch easy enough when your body is dead even when it comes to life it doesn't matter... only because i have her company and yes touch and it's nice... orgasm shmorgasm and i honestly am entirely grateful and you know who this is for.. you friggin ... i proved my love in the eyes of the universe at least i know my love is real and fu... closure shmosure i will start to send the love i do in my mind in little similar things you should already know


I guess when you're a jobless lonely loser I'm your idea of a friend, but once you get your life back on track I don't even get a "hello" in the morning. So fuck you.


Got smelly feet?  If you're lucky, the problem might eventually go away by itself.

During my thirties, when I took my socks off at the end of the day, the under-the-toes part of the socks used to smell awful, like ammonia.  I don't know why; I don't think there was anything deficient about my washing practices.  I eventually tried using a well-known brand name of foot powder for treating smelly feet, and it worked.  On the floor next to my bed was a white fleece rug.  To apply the powder to my feet, I'd sit on the edge of the bed with my feet over the rug.  The surplus (white) powder would fall onto the rug, where it didn't make a visible mess, and I periodically vacuumed the rug.  Problem solved.

I later moved interstate for work reasons, and stayed in a motel for a few months while my new house was being built.  I couldn't apply the foot powder there in the same way because I had no floor rug with me, the carpet in the motel room wasn't light in colour, and I didn't want to make an unsightly mess on the floor.  To get around it, I tried standing on one leg at the entrance to the shower cubicle, holding the other foot in over the floor of the shower, balancing myself with one hand, while applying the powder with the other hand – which meant that I first of all had to deposit the required amount of powder into the other hand (without spilling it in the meantime!) before getting into position to apply it.

It was a difficult manoeuvre, and I ended up wasting most of the foot powder because I couldn't hold my foot at a suitable angle for application.  Eventually I thought, bugger this, it's too hard.  I'll just put up with stinky socks again until I move into my new house.  The upshot?  I found that I no longer had smelly feet – and it's stayed that way for the past quarter-century without me ever needing to use foot powder again.


I can barely make it through Casmir Pulaski Day by Sufjan Stevens. I ball my eyes out from the start. It's the most beautiful song I've ever heard.


I imagine that we are lying together underneath the ground. You seem like you could use a hug. I don't want anyone to know how much I love you so. I don't even understand it myself.


I loved the sex and I loved talking with him. His ability to be a worthwhile companion was perfect. We could have built something quite lovely if he wasn't so hung up on her.


I loved him very, very much. I still do, despite the way he left me hanging...despite the way he made me question my sanity. He made the world an exciting place to live. He changed my life. As much as he made me doubt myself, he made me believe in myself, too.


S.O'S. Was I really just used, or did you actually have feelings for me?



I guess if you still thought about me and wanted to communicate that, you'd have made it clear by now. It was lovely when I believed you loved me.


There are 2 sure ways to learn all you need to know about someone.  
1. Look at their shoes.
2. How they treat a cancer patient.

As a cancer patient, the biggest assholes I have cut out of my life are the ones who abuse you when you're at your lowest.
It's even worse when it's your own parent.
I could see Donald Trump abusing a cancer patient.


Goodnight, midnight rider.


My experiences with girls really weren't very intercourse-focussed at first. I tried to make it work, but they were just basically too green. So I just rubbed up against them which usually made them cum.  Lots of moaning. Things got wet. You can tell when they are cumming. There was intercourse, of course, but *it* was kind of big and subsequently painful, so we resorted to other forms of expression.

A larger problem is when you go down and they refuse oral sex. This only happened a few times but after some persistence, they usually go bananas. It's pretty clear that the tongue was meant for the clit. Also, use your hands too because she is there and you should touch her to express your attraction towards her.

Baby traps are all about the "d". They want a ground-pounding ass fuck so they can get the baby. They will go all night long if that is something you're up for. Make sure that you are ready to be a parent, take precautions or cross your fingers.  

Some chicks are all about a ground-pounding ass fuck regardless of procreation. It's just the way it is. There is no reason to question it.  


how do i tell him that i love him but i am terrified of the power that gives him to break my heart


I bought a newspaper the other day. First thing I noticed, there were no pop-up ads blocking my view of the stories. What a great idea.


I have had dermatillomania for a little over half of my life.  It is so painful.  I am so broken by it.  In the moment, it feels like a release, but when it's over I look like a walking scab.  It's my face.  It's the first thing people see when they look at you.  It's horrifying.

It is ruining me on the inside now.  It used to just scar the outside.  It's now killing me on the inside.

I want to stop so badly.  I have been reading about others who may also have thyroid problems who have this issue.

I'm overwhelmed.  Therapy isn't helping.  Zoloft didn't help.  Lexapro didn't help.  

Can someone just chop my head off and replace it with another one?  It's all up in my head.  Literally, it's what's between my ears and what is on my face.

May I please have a head transplant for my birthday this year?  

As if life isn't hard enough.  I get to look like a tweaker or meth addict on my bad days.  


Why did I have to be that 1 in 50 who has this stupid thing?  It's debilitating and killing me.


I fucking HATE my job. Yesterday it was great. Today, it was shit. I have been mislead into a job that I didn't apply for. I applied to work on CHECKOUTS, NOT(!!!) in a kitchen. I have done my time in a kitchen. I have done almost every shitty job under the sun. I have kitchen ported, I have cleaned, I have nannied, I have waitressed, and I have had ENOUGH of jobs which are so stressful and make you smell like shit. I am smart, I have got a place in a great college and I will make a success of my future in a better job. But it's wearing me down. I need the money to make it through college but I already feel like I could be doing something so much better. My back aches. My fingers smell like lettuce. I have had two showers since I've come home from work and I am still paranoid I stink and I am wrinkled like a prune. I am exhausted. I want to practice my languages and study some more, for fun, for my actual own personal enjoyment, but I am too tired. I feel like all I have heard lately is 'no'. I know people have to do shitty jobs and are stuck in them for years to survive, and that really makes me feel like shit. But let's face it. My life outside of work isn't that great as I have been taken away from my closest friends so my work is all I have. And if I can't find solace in that then what do I have? They say you must live in the moment, that the power of now is the most important thing, but right now I feel like I cant bear to do that at all.


I guess I'm weird then...or I've just been very lucky. That level of closeness and complete immersion in the other person is what does it for me.


Straight up penis in vagina sex really won't please most women.


Do circuit breakers stop fires?... ahh.... no. I'm not sure of your point. Was my wife correct in not trying to find the source of the burning smell because, well, we have circuit breakers?  When you call 911 to report a fire in your house, would it be okay if the fire department first asks if you have circuit breakers, and if the answer is yes, then they shouldn't come?


We're best friends. Sometimes I don't think you think we are. You always want to do and say couple things and I really don't want too. I can't Make it painfully clear to you because I feel that it will hurt you if I'm too blunt with it.  But I truly wish you would catch a hint so I wouldn't have to continue struggling with considering your feelings and mine as well. Too put it simply I will never be into girls and I can never accept your feelings but I will always continue to love you as my bestfriend. I pretend to not notice how you word things and what you do. But truthfully we do Way too much things that I don't even do with my other friends. But please try to understand how I feel I know your feelings are strong I will not deny that but i love you as my friend more. I'm sorry.


430: I feel the same way. In looking back, a lot of times I was a real asshole. I think about it probably more than I should and it really bothers me. I wish I could have been a better person.


Open "E" pizzicato on the violin

So many directions, so many directors.

He says, "Strings, let's try it again, only this time, don't play any open strings."

It's all about simple pleasures...


I need to stop drinking. Really


please know you are loved


i want to die, i want horrible things to happen to me. my life is completely ruined and the few people i have left are fucking tired of hearing me complain about it. it would probably be better if i just went ahead and killed myself because i know everyone is just waiting for me to shut up and do it already, instead of talking about it all the time.


i wanna get shitfaced. problem: husband is a recovering alcoholic...


I regret being so immature during my younger years. I was a real dick.


there are certain songs, bands, that i try to avoid now days.  i still listen to them when i can't take it anymore but i try to save it for when its absolutely needed.  then there are those days where i say to myself, "you're strong, you love them, it doesn't matter."


I'll never date a woman who likes trash TV like Dr. Phil.  Gross!


I'd like to smell your shoes.


I'm a married guy. I have sex with couples. I do the guy and the girl. I'll suck off the guy in front of his wife. I'll let him fuck me while I fuck her. I love having a married guy's cock up my ass while his wife watches. I would never do any of this with my wife however. It would be too freaking weird. She has no idea I do these freaky things. She would not be into it, not in a million years.


The other day I was in the basement and smelled smoke, like something was burning. It was faint so I couldn't really tell if it was just my imagination. I ran upstairs and asked my wife to go in the basement to see if she smelled it too. I told her I'm going out in the yard to see if maybe the neighbor is burning leaves or something. I came back inside a few minutes later. I asked if she smelled the burning in the basement. She said she hadn't checked yet. She explained she was watching a show and she'll check the basement when the show is over.

Who the hell waits if there is a possibility your house is on fire??????? Welcome to my world with the world's most frustrating wife.

PS, there was something burning in the basement. An old fan shorted out and was creating smoke. It easily could have started a fire.


A few days ago I ran out of dollar bill money. I don't get another check until the first of the month. Drag. I resorted to buying things with quarters. A little embarrassing, but still somewhat acceptable to hand a cashier quarters. We all make up an excuse like oh I have all this extra change I'm trying to get rid of. People on line behind me might believe it. Now I'm out of quarters. I'm about to go shopping again. This time I'll be using dimes and nickels. I'm sure I'll get a few eye rolls. I think in a few days though I'll be paying using pennies. There's no covering up my poorness when I'm buying a box of tampons with pennies. I hate my life.


My shoes smell. I told my friends it's because I got them wet. No, they smelled before it rained.


Don't ever want to see my father again..... will someone please be my new dad I am so alone


My husbands greedy step daughter has created such chaos in our marriage. She drunkenly begged him to sign over all his assets to her. He insists she was joking! Guess who flattened out and dried up emotionally and sexually towards him? He can't stand up to her. I love him but regret marrying a man who is more loyal to a drunken greedy twit than me.


I confided in you. You  broke that trust. Mistake or not, I can't trust you anymore, and if I can't trust you, then there is no "you" in my book anymore.


I love that people seriously believe that politicians control our fate and "this guy is better than that guy." Trump, Clinton, Obama, Bush - its all the same cloth, babies. Go look up what Bilderberg is. The MSM and Fox are all part of a huge reality show that people think is really real. HAHA. You sound stupid defending anyone in power. Just stop. We are the rats in the cage being experimented on, USA. Wake up!


All the men I've ever been with have disappointed me. The latest being someone I moved all the way across the country and left everything behind for. Two and a half years of hellish emotional cheating and fucked up mind games.That's why I'm choosing to stay single. Maybe I'll start sleeping around that way I can get my wants and needs satisfied with no strings. No strings equal no hurt.


My hubby has disappointed me way more than he has made me happy. Given the chance for a do over, I wouldn't get married. I would rather be a single woman.