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I've been retired for 3 and a half years and I haven't had a day off yet. I hate my family.


939 At 25 you have an exciting future a head of you. And you have the key to free yourself from the trap that perceive that you are in.  Do an inventory of what you talents and goals are. My advice is to look at what you enjoy in life and pursue a career that excites you.

Choose a job that you love and you will never work another day in your life.

At 25 you have ample opportunities to change your life many times.

Don't make the mistake of doing something that you do not enjoy and staying with it.  Live your life with no regrets!


I am seriosuly one of the nicest people you will ever come across.  I'm kind, compassionate, and help everyone.  I go out of my way to right a wrong.  I don't lie, cheat or steal. I don't speak badly about people or intentionally hurt them. Note, I wasn't always like this.  Quite the opposite.  I've become this person after years of getting fed up with others behaving badly.  I didn't want to be like them.

That being said, in the past 15 years, I have been terribly hurt, betrayed and lied about by people I loved and trusted.  Even worse, when I've gotten to tell *my* side of the story to people, they've then ended up turning against me, and siding with the ones who have hurt me.  Wait - *I'm* the one who was wronged, and yet I'm the bad guy?  That hurts worse than the initial betrayals.



You know how the style for Women's clothing now is this whole "peekaboo concept?"  For example, dresses and tunics all showing more and more of a woman's back?  

I'm a white woman, half Italian and my lower back has this patch of dark hair right above my butt.  I'm fair skinned, blonde hair.  

Do women with dark hair have this?  I'm thinking if I'm blonde and I have this that all the dark haired women out there are sporting this too??  If so, how are all of them wearing these clothes?  Are you getting it waxed?  

I have always assumed I have this from my Italian side.  Maybe it's PCOS?  I know I don't have a happy trail, THANK GOD.. so maybe it's not PCOS.  

An ex of mine used to call it my garden and would put his hand down there and play with it.  I'm sort of embarrassed about it though really.

Well, that's been my curiosity.  Do other women have this too?  It's not particularly black hair, and it's not thick, but it's noticeable and it's there..  I have had it waxed once.  It didn't go too well, I ended up breaking out and it was so itchy.


I need to find my empathy again for my family. I don't want too, but I need too which sucks.


I am the guy who posted 891 below.    Someone asked: "the horrors of communism has not escaped you? Islam is a ideology like communism and when the President of the USA asked for 3 months -to make sure that people who want to come to this country from countries that hate the USA -he is the problem?"

My reponse.

This site is not seminar in geo-politics or comparative religious studies or  theology.  It is a forum to discuss our secrets and maybe, maybe, by doing so get a deeper insite into ourselves and others.  The questions saddens me tho.   The questions seeks not to initiate  an  inward journey to personal insight (by perhaps taking my secret to read and personally/privately rigourously  explore those questions) but under the guise of reasonable  inquirery asks questions contrary to the purpose of this forum.  

The forum is to encourage you, and me,  to embark on a personal journey to explore our secrets thru rigourous and honest personal  intellelctual pursuit, perhaps, to repeat the Secret, by reading serious demanding books, many from many sources.  It your duty to explore these topics, not mine  to answer your questions here.

In so doing you, and all of us who do so,  may embark, as one sage wrote, in the most exciting, demanding and even scary journey you wil ever take.    The journey into the deepest  darkest recess of your mind, where you and only you  know if you are being truthful with yourself.    I have been exploring those and other questions since I can remember.     And the more I do, the more I realize I don't know much.      You seem to be convinced you know way more.     Maybe you do.    

My secret?   I am glad I am still reading more.     My hope is that you do too..

It would be so easy to answer those questions.    It is pure discipline that stops me from so doing..   Best to you.      



I'm studying to get a Masters of education right now... but I really just want to forsake it all and do something else. It's just not appealing to me anymore... learning about classroom learning, it was fun at first, but I feel like I've lost my passion because I don't really get to study what I'm genuinely interested in... but at the same time I feel like I'm stuck.

I'm pretty sure I was the only grad in our program to take incompletes in 2 classes, still don't have my summer internship lined up, and have a 2.8 GPA (hopefully) for my first semester of grad school.

I dropped the ball at work too, failed to do programming that I was supposed to (literally what my position is based around) and I really don't like what my job is. I didn't have training, I'm not a fan of the environment... oh it just kills me... and the thought of working there for another year doing event planning. If only anyone knew how I actually felt... I know other grads didn't like their assistantships and switched out, and I know there's a lot I can learn about myself from the experience right now as well as growth that could take place... but I'm not sure if I'm really in a position to capitalize on those opportunities and to grow.

I'm either at my breaking point where everything is going to come crashing down and I quit grad school or I pick myself up and decide to be resilient.

M/25/Grad student


I'm over it Sam. You're never gonna love me again and I'm never gonna get to love you again. Gotta accept it.


914  Put a battery in and set it 2 hours early


Every time someone mentions or starts talking about tattoos, I just listen and stay quiet.  Once you tell a person you have a tattoo, it usually follows by asking what and where you have them, mines are all hidden that you cannot see even if I'm wearing a 2 piece bathing suit.  It will be just be awkward telling a stranger, yeah I have two tattoos one in my butt cheek and the other one near my kitty , lol .



I wrote this honest, heartfelt post for him earlier, but then I took it down because I realized that he would read it, immediately recognize that it was written by me for him, and would be so repulsed (for God knows what reason) that he would probably choke on his own vomit before he had a chance to switch to another site. Knowing this hurts my heart, but I'll live.


I love you!!!!! I thought you were interested too but you never message but never ignore. I love you a lot and will never know :(


Over the course of the past 35 years my cousin has let me down probably a million times, but I still love her. She uses me for money, a ride, a place to live on and off..and I always fall for whatever story she has. I know she's spending it on drugs but I can't seem to stop helping her out. I am a chump. Today I gave her $600 that I really didn't have to give.  She claimed she was about to be evicted. If she dies of an overdose it's going to be my fault. One hell of a psychologist I am. :(


I finally understood what a work-wife was in my 30s.  I realized that I had had a work-wife in each of my jobs.  Sometimes one would leave and get replaced, but I always had one until last year.  That was the suckiest year at my job.

I have a new work-wife and I am much happier.


we're going to do it. friday at 3pm, vegas time, we are getting married.
3/3 at 3pm - the 3rd significant relationship, with the one that has understood me the most.
we aren't telling the kids though - but we will come home and have a ceremony later in the year.
it's a big step for me but there's no better time for me.  i'm ready.


My wife leaves the lights on all over the house. We've gone through this so many times. I've gently reminded her, I've yelled at her. Makes no difference, she continues to leave the lights on. She is very stubborn. You don't know the half of it.

Except, there is one situation where she always turns the lights off. If I'm in a room doing something and she comes in to ask a question, on the way out, she'll turn off the light. She does this to be passive aggressive. She does it to be annoying. It shows she knows exactly what she is doing. Her goal is to cause as much trouble as possible.

This is how she chooses to live her life. I really need to be rid of her.


I believe most people married for the right reasons, mostly out of love but as people get older things change and not just physically, people change you are not same person you were as when you were younger. You view the world and everything around you different so some couples just become so different from each other and eventually they fall out of love.


You are living proof that women have abysmally low standards.


When someone treats you like shit it means that they are shit, not you. Have to remind myself of this from time to time.


I'm not fulfilled in my marriage. My husband hasn't even attempted sex on about 2 months. This is what happens when I don't initiate. It just doesn't happen. I'm attractive. I'm affectionate. I've come to the conclusion he just doesn't want to be loved. I cannot fix him. We aren't compatible. These have been my thoughts for so long! But I fully realized, like a lightbulb by an incident that occurred 3 years ago. It was the moment I understood my needs weren't being met.
I had been at my sisters house and I had bought some dresses at a second hand store. I came back and tried them on and asked my sister her opinion on each (as sisters do!) and the last dress was so comfortable that I kept it on. It was summer time and it was breezy and the fabric was kind of silky. I walked out to the front porch and her neighbor was having a smoke with them and he looked up, and his jaw dropped. It was a bit awkward but he didn't try to hide it. He just said "Wow. You look fantastic."
Something clicked in my head at that moment and it was in the look he gave me. I hadn't seen that look, in years. I hadn't seen that look from my husband. It made me sad. So later, when my husband met me at my sisters after work, I asked him as I spun in a circle how he liked my new dress...& his expression didn't even change. He shrugged and said "it's nice I guess. Not really my style though."
This is the reason I've felt depressed. My husband rejects me on a daily basis and we don't connect intimately. It was so obvious and I've been beating myself up for years. What's wrong with me? Why am I so angry? Why do we fight?
Sex. Affection. Attention. Love. All intertwined.
Men, don't ignore your wives. It creates a divide that breeds resentment. It can't go anywhere pleasant. I feel lost and alone and sad.


Dangit, I got bit by the love bug again!


I was hanging out with my roommates the other day, and for some reason we had this exchange:

Me: know, like when you're standing on top of a large building and you get the urge to jump.

Roomie: *squints* You mean you think about jumping when you're on top of a tall building, or you get the urge to?

Me: *pauses* ...I get the urge to. It's that whole phenomenon, right? The higher up you are, the more you want to jump?

Roomie: That's called being suicidal...

Me, fucking shocked m8: You mean...that's not normal?

*stares worriedly into camera*

I wonder, why does it not bother me to talk about depression and the way it makes me think and feel, and it bothers others? My best guess is that I'm so far rooted in my reality, I forget what healthy thinking even is. It doesn't bother me though, because having MDD (I think, it's either that or an anxiety disorder--I've been studying this for years in order to understand myself and others) isn't my fault. I'm not really a healthy thinker, or mentally stable. I have mood swings to the point where it's a known (and, for the most part, accepted) part of my personality. I think that's it actually. It doesn't bother me because, it's just a part of me like any other.

I wonder, does this mean that if I ever do feel "normal" that I won't feel like myself anymore?


You are all so stupid for getting married! Both Men and Women. You do it why? Because everyone else does? You want kids? You think the Love you feel will last year after year?


I have to break up with my boyfriend.

He's a really nice guy and I love him, but it's not working out in the bedroom. He also wants to move in together, but I can't do that right now for a number of reasons.

I want to love and support him still, but as a friend. I myself have just come out of a long marriage and have come out as gay just recently. It's just that, I feel a real sense of freedom for once in my life, when I am flirting or hooking up. We do have an agreement as long as we're safe.

But I don't think, this is fair to him or to me. He expects my oats to be sown and done soon, but I'm not they'll ever be done or at least as I am sexually incompatible with him.

I find myself dreading to see him because this has been on my mind, especially since I've been talking it out with my therapist. His mother is also very old and does not have much time left probably. His birthday is also in a week or two. I know I'm not responsible for his emotional or personal development. But I will feel like I am abandoning him, no matter when I break up with him...

Why did I have to fall in love?


I had a dream I fucked your mouth. I knew it was a dream because I was fucking your mouth. When I woke up, I desperately tried to go back to sleep, because that dream was way better than the last five years with you.

I think it's time to move on, not just because of the mouth fucking, but because you're not the same person I fell in love with.

You'll understand, I know you will. Later toots.


I really miss being around you so much


Say, wanna have some fun? Post a picture of yourself holding a sign with a secret on it. Don't want to show your face? That's okay. Feel free to be creative, show your fingers or toes or elbows. Racy is even okay. Just as long as it is a picture with a secret.

Come on give it a try. It would be fun.

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Anybody who thinks award shows- the Oscars, the Emmys, etc.- are about quality is totally out of touch. It's about money, honey. Studios spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, sometimes millions, to get on the list of nominees. Even getting nominated significantly boosts profits. Winning? You're talking about earning millions more for the same crappy movie you already made. The studios put together "for your consideration" campaigns for the award show panels. The people who voted for the Oscars never even paid to see the movies and probably got plenty of free shit just for considering casting their vote. It's not the People's Choice Awards. It's the Oscars. And you've been duped into thinking that they matter.


183891 and 183912 Thanks for this. I loved reading it as well but you lost me when you got to the last sentence.
You are very well read and traveled but the horrors of communism has not escaped you? Islam is a ideology like communism and when the President of the USA asked for 3 months -to make sure that people who want to come to this country from countries that hate the USA -he is the problem? Legal immigration is something every country has on their books.I am an legal immigrant to the USA and it has given me a great life.Why must the USA  take every refugee from countries that hate us while the Arab countries do not lift a finger to help their own?
How do these destitute refugees get to Europe.They travel by train and boat- who pays for this? It is more than two thousand miles. When you see them- most have cellphones and more young men than women and children.When you lost everything how can you afford all this? Is Saudi Arabia paying these fares so it become Europe's problem and so that they don't need to bother with Muslims who are a different sect than they are? Don't criticize the American President when he  is trying to protect America.How soon we forget the 3.000 people that lost their lives on 9/11 .The President  does not make the laws- He is enforcing the laws on the books. He asked for three month delay in issuing visas to seven countries in the world.....


My work wife is the only thing that makes me smile sometimes. She's caring and attentive, but playfully mean and a bit of a brat sometimes. She's the kind of woman that cares about others more than herself, often to her own detriment. She's sassy, cute, and stubborn as all hell.

Whenever I'm irritated, she can sense whether it's because of an event or because of my mood swings, and can handle either situation if it comes to it. She buys me food sometimes, and often I make lattes for her in the afternoons. She listens to me, even if I've told her something before, because she knows that talking about my problems helps me sort them out.

I try to help her have confidence, and overcome her anxiety in some situations. Of course, we talk about boys. We've both had a string of nobody's in our lives since we met. My secret, I guess, is that I feel like I want to be with her. We're already friends so that part is easy, and when it comes to sex we'd have to just learn from each other. Neither of us has much experience being with another woman, but she's not big into sex as much as support, which is better than fine by me. I'm pretty sure she doesn't feel that way about me. Even if she did, she'd be the type not to say anything. I guess I have to see if something just happens.




My brother finally had the guts to visit our mother's grave, alone. It's been 16 years since she passed, and he's never been able to muster up the strength to go. Of course, it broke him. But that's the major first step to getting over it. I'm proud of him


I married the laziest most self centered woman of all time. She won't do anything she doesn't want to do. Life is all about her. Anything else which comes up, you know, like chores, that is for the little people to worry about.

The battery died in our kitchen clock. It's a simple fix. You take the clock off the wall. Pop in a new AA. Done.

I decided not to change the battery to see what happens. It's been months. The clock is stuck at about 6:50. She won't lift a finger to replace the dead battery. It's so funny to watch this unfold. Even after all these months of the clock hands not moving, she comes in the kitchen, looks at the time and says, "It's 6:50 already? I'm going to be late for dinner. I better go." And then she dashes out the door to meet up with her friends. She's done this several times. Hello? Anyone home in that head of yours?

The most selfish woman ever. The laziest woman ever. Maybe the dumbest woman ever.


If it wasn't clear before with all their anti-Trump rants, after the La La Land mishap, now it is indisputable, Hollywood is filled with morons.


I dreamed about you last night. It was good to see you. I woke up feeling warm and peaceful. I wonder if I showed up in your dreams too.


I've been reading the posts on this site for probably 10 years... and today I just read the very best...


You made my day...


Secrets for today:
1. I have bedbugs through no fault of my own (I've been at this apartment complex for 25 days and they popped up day 16) and I feel extremely embarrassed because I can't have people over (I'm extroverted. This is a big deal). I'm going to try to terminate my lease for this reason, but another reason too:  on my way to a party last night, I heard a couple on the first floor screaming. At first, I only heard the woman and thought it was sex but then I heard the man yelling and stuff being thrown and I realized it might have been a domestic dispute. I don't know which unit though....
2. I'm 26 and spend 70% of my waking hours fantasizing about my friend who's like 45. He's such a tender and smart person though! I find it hard to ignore that about him.


I can't say this because some people might think that it's racist, but here goes:

Moonlight absolutely sucked. It was one of the worst movies that I have ever seen in my life. I don't know how it won Best Picture. La La Land was OK, but even so it was much better than that dribble. It had a bad story, contrived acting, and terrible cinematography. Save the two hours and watch anything else.


I would like very much to not exist. Nothingness sounds equivalent to bliss.


Does every family have a dick uncle? So glad my man is an awesome uncle to his niece and nephew, and would never choose petty obstinance over loving his family.


You have a home here anytime you want it , for as long as you want it.
I am not talking about walls and a roof, but an actual home.


I'm so tired of needing to be in the relationship. I'm craving male's connection. I know that I'm clingy by nature but I learned to control it. After the last break up in December, I decided to take a break from relationship to pursue some other personal goals and due to a very busy schedule. Not for a long time, until June-July. But, man, this is hard. I'm checking dating websites, personals, etc. I'm tired of my own desire. Is this some kind of depression? Does anyone else have it? Do you know how to deal with it?



I had a dream the other night that I was shot and killed.  I fell on the floor bleeding until my heart stopped beating.  I weakly keep trying to hit my chest to get my heart working again, and kept willing my heart beat to return, but it wouldn't. I desperately wanted to continue living and do the things I always wanted to do, but I felt my body failing.  My vision started to go dark.

I woke up, and my heart wasn't beating for a few seconds, until it finally started up again.  I was also confused about when I was supposed to get up for work.  Normally I have no problem remembering what I need to do, but I was completely confused about everything.  After a few minutes, I was able to piece together when my alarm was supposed to go off, and what to do at my job.

I worried about my health for most of the day before I realized I would be fine, and I'm not dying.  But, did I die in my sleep that night, or was it just a dream?


I didnt know vedio games could be as bad as pills or drinking.

Its ruined my marriage. I won't marry again. Ever but now I am on the track to leaving him.

I got a job, I got a decent car.

Now just a second job, a small place to rent

Then my kids won't have to be a distraction to his games.
Me and my kids can enjoy life, and spend time together and maybe I can find a good time.

I'm so close to making it out of this hell.

At least addicts to other things have help and rehab


WTF commercial did i just see?  was that kid trying to open a portal to another world or something?


Using my fingernails, I have ripped ugly looking moles out of skin. Who needs to pay a Dermatologist $300? Bah.


When I suggest sex to my wife, she always answers with disdain. Even on the rare occasion she agrees to sex, it's with an asterisk, being sure to let me know she is against the idea. It's getting very tiring. Ladies, you want to know why your husbands cheat...


I realized that he hates me too.
Doorslam like no other.
But you know what?  Life goes on.  
Realize it's good not to be with someone so callous.
Save your love and compassion for someone worthy.  They are out there waiting for you!


He hates me. :(


I always taught my dad was exaggerating, when he told us the airplane he was on board to get it  back to service was almost shot down . I was looking at some all comments on his fb and one guy thank him and the rest of the crew for saving his life.  Sometimes I envy my dad , his life been an adventure, he makes a living doing what he loves the most and is passionate about it (airplanes/travel the world) how awesome will be to have a job that pays you to see the world.


891 - Lovely post and may the world be filled with such enlightened people like you


In my daughter's high school, the girls have begun posting pictures of their prom dresses online. They do it to call dibs on a dress. Once the picture is posted, no other girl can buy the same dress. That's the rule.

I mean really? This is what they are worried about? The world is falling apart and these ditzy girls can only think about what they will be wearing to the prom, and selfishly so, saying no one else an wear that particular dress. I shake my head at young people.


I'm at a place in life where I feel like I have to shut off the sexual and emotional parts of my nature in order to move forward. It sucks. Bad. It is very unnatural to me. It goes against everything inside of me, but you can only tame the things that you can conquer. The end is worth the means, I guess.


876 - This is my husband and I and we have been together for 19 years.  I couldn't imagine a day of my life without him.


The best sexual connections are spiritual, but they are hyper vulnerable and the spirit has to be embraced - otherwise it never manifests. My experience.

Both people have to let it go.


I grew up dirt poor, lived in an unpainted shack with tar paper roof, more then once there was no food in the house.   I was the kid who lived literally on the wrong side of the tracks,  and I was Mexican in a white school.    I never got invited to any parties,   never had freinds at school.    

My mother was a reader.   We had all the clasic books in the house.  I was todler and saw her reading in the dim light.  She looked almost contetented.    I wanted that feeling so I began to read and learned I could  escape my miserable world of isolation and deprivation by reading.   By the 7th grade I had read most of the classics, and some serious history.   At 13 I was fascinated by how Tito lead the most successful resistence movement in Europe and had failed the second grade.    I was a bad student.    

But I knew I was not dumb.  Once I was lost in book I was reading in the 5th grade, the teacher called me up to embarrass me by having me solve a math problem she was teaching and I was ignoring.    I went to the blackboard,  took the chalk she gave me, looked at the numbers,  thought hard for a long moment , then began solving the problem.   I had figured it out before I started so I could write quickly giving the impression I was solving it as I wrote.    When I was done, I gave her the chalk, she looked at me in shock, the class was silent, and I walked back to my seat.    I KNEW I had aced it.  I knew no one would ever look at me again an think "dumb Mexican"  and neither would the teacher.     I had a a book at home I had read about solving math problems.     I never did the homework, didn't pay attention to class an she gave me a C.   I knew my test scores were better then that.   I never said anything.

In the 7th grade, I was secredtly reading  Kafka.    One day lost in the book,  the teacher was next to me an said, "Give it to me."    I handed her the book,   She looked at it,  she looked at me,  she said , "See me after class." in a pleasant voice.    When we met, she gave me back the book,  asked how much I had read.  I told her.    She stayed quiet a long time then told me to tell her when I finished.     From that day on, she queitly, so queitly, without any fanfare, encouraged me.     I got an A in her class, and won a writing award.  The other smart rich kids were baffled.   In private we talked about the classics, like:  The Three Musketeers, pronouncing D'Artegnan "Dee-artigan" and Dumas;  Dickens and others too.    

In high school, my social isolation continued.   Once, the baddest guy in school wanted to fight me.   I was way smaller but I had no choice.   People gathered round to watch him make  make me hamburgher.    I went into a boxing stance, began to jab an bob an weave,  an very quickly had taken command of the fight. I had him bleeding from the nose an lips,  he doubled up and I had a clear shot to his nose.    I began the punch and stopped.    A coach then stopped us, I heard someone say.."Wow,   I am imressed."   I didn't say a word and walked away.    From that day on, I still never got invited to any parties but  no one ever physically messed with me again.     What they didn't know was I boxed at a gym near my house.    I had fought an beat the golden gloves champ.    I was pretty good.     I was small but fast an coordinated.    That big bad guy?  He never had a chance against me.    

In my senior year, I aced the achievment tests, scoring  as high as the smart kids tho' I had all C's an D's.    

Flash forward.  I ran into one of the popular smart kids.  We talked.  He was teaching   high school.    He asked what I was doing.  I told him I was teaching at a  B-school (I didn't have to say Prestigious) and working as a business consultant.  He was literaly speehless for a long moment.    We went on our way.    

Later I ran into one of those popular gorgeous smart  girls.  For some unknown reason she was always genuinley nice to me.    We talked,  told each other what we were doing.    She looked at me and said:  I always knew you were smart.  I KNEW it.   I am not surprised you are doing well.   I remember telling other kids you were smart.  They didn't believe me.  

Sometimes I hear about some of those guys from back then.   Some are not doing well,  personally, financially,  physically.   I am.    I am very fit,   have a great income, own a very nice big home, travel all over the world,  go to exotic places, love to cook and eat great food  and drink and married to a smart fun fit gal who has a touch of class.

I  still read serious stuff.    And hardly watch any TV but I am aware of the basic history of the middle east,   Europe, Russia and other hot spots.    

Life is good for me now.    I don't hate those people from back then nor do I wish them ill.   I wish they were all doing great.   But they are not.      

My secret?  Be a reader, read everything.    Just read, especially the classics,  science, history and more.     And never stop.    Never.  
Then drink some good wine an beer and eat good food.    Then travel...don't to those great places where history was made,   walk Gettysburgh alone, feel the ghosts as a freind said,  go to Bokhura look into the pit where the Emir kept Stoddard an Connelly  prisoners before lopping off their heads.... got to Normandy and Kiev and look at the terrain that the American and Russian guys had to cross to defeat the Nazis, walk thru the gas chambers of some of the concentration camps... feel the  horror, oh the horror.    

Then look at a pic Trump and Bannon after reading some of the things they said.    Your reaction will be our secret.                  




Another beloved actor has died too soon.  And once again, I wish it had been another celeb jerk instead.  

It's not healthy to think like that.  At least I know better than to joke that god - if s/he exists - must have a sense of humor, or need another angel.

It still shows how much I haven't changed since I was a kid.


I learned some things about you recently that I hadn't known before and it gave me more perspective on who you are and why you do what you do. Understanding you helps me to forgive you. I don't feel resentment anymore, or pain for myself. I do feel pain for you, though.  For years I felt as if I had been given this very intimate glimpse into your true spirit and nature, and I loved the person that I came to know. I don't regret any of that. I believe that we could have been nothing but positive in each others' lives had sex not been part of the equation. You were honest and authentic with me in a way that I know in my heart you were never as honest or authentic with another person.  I do wonder why you chose me, but I guess it all has symmetry. We were both hurting. You recognized my ability to empathize, you saw compassion in me. I regret that I allowed jealousy and a sense of rejection to destroy what we did have, which was a soul connection, a spiritual kinship and friendship unlike any other that I had ever had before, and will likely ever have again.  I miss our talks. I miss not having to apologize for who I am, or worry that I was talking over your head.  You understood me, better than I understood myself, and I thank you.  I will always love you, kindred spirit. It isn't a romantic or sexual love, but more like that of a sister for a brother, or a daughter for her father.  I wish that I had understood then what I do now. I hope that life brings you healing and peace. You have so much to give. Don't let fear cheapen it. God knows the content of your soul. All that earthly garbage is just that...garbage.  Thank you for believing in me. Nobody else has ever given me a gift like that. I will never forget your kindness.


The most damaged type of person is the one who takes another individual's kindness or sincerity for weakness and then turns it on them like a knife. Instead of preying on or disparaging what you perceive to be weak, examine your own heart and your own motives. Fix what is broken inside of you instead of lashing out at other people.


I need someone to tell me that I will find love again. I left my marriage because it was sexless. Then I met at man who loved me and we had amazing sex. It was lovely. He broke up with me and now I wonder if I will ever find that again. I just need to know: do people find amazing sexual realtinship twice in a lifetime?


My cousin just move to Brazil, i wish I have the time to go and visit him. It would be lovely walking around topless in a g string and not worry about prudes and uptight people , who act like they never seen a pair of tits.


There's no party like a g-spot party! He makes my body experience feelings I have never experienced!I can't wait until we get to experiment with his g-spot! I want him to explode and cum like I do when he stimulates me.


When my wife weighs herself in the morning, she subtracts 5 pounds from what the scale says because she is wearing slippers.

Keep dreaming honey, slippers don't weigh 5 pounds!


I'm not so sure that (romantic) love matters anymore. Sometimes you just have to give up and stop torturing yourself over people who are doggedly determined to prove themselves not worth the effort.


A bitter heart is a waste of love. Love your yourself, love your friends, love your family, and yes - love your enemies. For they are the ones who teach you.

Nobody grows from feeling good. It is the challenges in life that develop us as people.

You will suffer for everybody you truly love. The trick is finding the ones that are worth the pain.


I'm glad that my words were helpful.

When the foundation of your life is cracked (which mine is/was), the only option you have is to keep letting the house you insist on trying to build around it disintegrate into the mud, or you start from scratch and rebuild the whole thing. It isn't easy. It's lonely work. It's frustrating work. It can be pride and ego annihilating work. You cannot cling to or be dependent on other people and repair yourself at the same time. You just can't. I've seen a lot of people who try to do that...they hop from one relationship or one bed to the next, and the vibe you always get from them is that they are unsettled, anxious, and deeply dissatisfied on a soul level. Their soul has no home because they haven't taken the time and effort to build one.  They seek out one-dimensional "intimacy" because they are off balance and can't find comfort in themselves.  I don't say this to be cruel, it's simply the truth. I used to resent people like this, but now I'm starting to have more compassion for them and their fear-based pattern of behavior. When you are constantly running from yourself you miss out on anything that amounts to everything: joy, security, solace, peace, genuine love, genuine friendship. Runners never have this. Another peculiarity that I have found is that you honestly have to slow down to accelerate in life.  You have to throw out the time table and start working from the inside out and base your sense of progress solely on yourself and not the expectations of others. Pain is the best teacher. If you want to have a rich life, you must first recognize that you are a pauper. Everything that you are running after is probably chasing someone or something else. Let the wind chasers go... Chase yourself...the self that you were born to be. Chase the truth. Chase your inner divinity. Nothing else matters.



#852 - what are your initials?

texting goes both ways yanno.  text me.  :)


My grandmother once told us about the time she took her mentally disabled younger brother, whom she cared for, out to eat.  I think they went to Denny's.  When she went to pay the bill, the waitress told her it had been paid for by an older couple.  My grandmother and her brother were dressed in such old and tattered clothes that the couple felt bad for them.  They thought they were poor and wanted to pick up the tab.

What they didn't know is that my grandmother actually had a lot of money.  Her closet (as well as my great-uncle's) was filled with designer clothes, shoes and accessories, the highest quality lambskin gloves in every color, furs, and spectacular jewelry.  Her home was filled with antique furniture and tapestries, and artwork from some of the most well-known artists out there.  A lot of these things were collected from her travels around the world.  In fact, she and my great-uncle had just returned from a three-week tour of the United Kingdom.

She used to always dress very nicely, but at some point she just didn't care anymore.  She continued to buy nice things, but never wore them unless she was traveling, preferring to run about town in stained and worn-out clothes.  Weird.


I'm an idiot. Probably be paying for that one for the rest of my life. Damn it.


I wish I was a librarian.


You love me for who I am. You're a "modern" man and by that, I mean you believe women should be able to do whatever they want. You don't believe in traditional gender roles. You don't expect me to be anything than I want to be and you encourage me to go after the things I want. During sex, you encourage conversation so we both get what we need and want. You're great to talk to and a big nerd just like me.
We are going to get married and any of the above reasons are enough, but the real reason I'm marrying you is that you're safe.
I love you like a love a really good friend, my best friend,  and if something goes wrong with our relationship I will be sad but it won't knock me down.
I don't think anything will happen. I can see us together for the rest of our lives and that is so very comforting to me.


My wife works in the public library. All sorts of people come through there. All sorts of groups meet there.

Out of all of them, my wife says the loudest, most disruptive group to come in every week - is not the teenagers, is not the pre-schoolers..... it's the knitting club. LOL. She said these 20 women come in and sit around and knit.  They tell boisterous tales and never stop hooting it up. The librarians constantly try to shush them, but no luck, these old grand dames cannot be silenced.

I love it.


I'm a guy. I dress like a low life. I'm basically a slob. Old worn down sweatshirt and ripped jeans. My shoes have paint splatter on them. I'm sure people look my way and think about giving me spare change. The funny part is, I'm probably the richest person they have ever encountered. I definitely don't look the part. It's not me. I grew up poor. I was fine back then without any luxuries. I'm fine now without luxuries. Never judge a person by their clothes. :)


Women are raped in dresses. Women are raped in sweat pants. Women AND men of all shapes, sizes, ages, races and religions are raped. If you're the kind of person who finds a way to justify abuse, you are a sick person indeed (or just a closet rapist.)


My soon-to-be MIL is so two-faced. I'm not sure how excited I am to join this family.


To F/35 who wrote those two posts about positivity....THANK YOU! I needed to hear that and it really landed with me.


I need to stop watching so much porn.  Something from a porn site got stuck in a loop on my computer, even after I closed out the page.  Now when I turn up the sound, I get moaning and, "I fucking love pussy, man," playing on a continuous loop.


So Family Christian bookstores are shutting down. All 240 of them. Hmm. Why would God let that happen?


Murder is the worst crime that can be committed.  Rape is the second. Both should carry the death penalty.


It shouldn't be a secret; clothes are a very overt form of self-expression and communication.  If I want to be taken seriously in a high-level power meeting, I wear a power suit and walk the walk.  If I want a casual day loafing off, jeans and a tee shirt.  Depending on the outcome I want, to a party I will wear something sexy to be noticed and hit on, or upscale, dark and severe for office parties.  If I wanted men to hit on me and offer cat-calls as I walk down the streets, I dress like a sex kitten, or a whore, depending on how far I want to go.  There is some kind of message in everything I wear.  I do know that depending on where I go and what time of day, the sex kitten/whore outfits could get me raped, so I am very careful when and where I wear them ... because I am not stupid.  Or delusional.


I'm married.

I'm getting a motorcycle and a girlfriend.

I'm going to ride both of them with great enthusiasm.


I was busy doing the dishes tonight and thought to myself- gee, I really gotta go poo.   I'd better get to the toilet soon.

I held that thought for a while.  I finished the dishes, I took out the garbage and as I was at the bins, a wave of sheer panic swept over me.  

I raced into the house at light speed, threw myself downstairs and lept into the bathroom.  

I felt the door open, barely got my pants down and  B O O M...

As my mind was recoiling from the shock of the moment, I look beside the toilet and to my dismay, there was shit ALL OVER THE FLOOR

When I got up from the seat, there was poo all over the seat.  

Just when I thought I made it.   I was so full of shit, I shit the bathroom.  

I'm so disgusted.  


After all the bad things I've said and done to you, I will always LOVE YOU. Most likely we will never talk again. This is my secret.


The Lost and Found Box
I don't believe that anyone is lost.  When someone says you are lost.   It's not true.

Everybody is lost and found.

There are parts of our lives that are lost forever.  Like when Mom calls to tell you that your brother has died.   Gonzo.

Parts of your life will always be found, like your heroes, your loved ones, your Mom, your Dad.

Part of your life will always be on the cusp of getting sorted out.

So there.


I have met rape victims that were sexually assault when they were just girls.  Was the outfit provoked the assault? Of course not , they are sick man out there  and most sexual assaults victims know their rapist . I don't live my life on fear , if that was case I would never leave my house. Terrorist attacks, movie theater shooters, mall shooters, Ebola , serial killers , etc.... live it's too short to be worry about things that barely happen , I have more chances to get on a fatal car accident than the list  I post above .  Should I stop driving? Since it's very dangerous and can kill me.


Women should not be raped because of what they wear.  Men should not rape women at all, not for any reason.

But we live in the real world.  Some men, about 3%, are rapists.  These men will rape a woman for any reason.

Feminists are free to shout about "male rape culture" all they want.  Go for it.  Please, shout it from the mountaintops. All you'll find is that in the real world, the rapists aren't following your rules of feminism.  It's common sense not to try to show up on their radar screen.


I been watching shows on food lately. I think it's because I really need some cock.


So call me =(


I will never forget you.

And I will never overcome this grief.


I was in a car wreck today that should have paralyzed or killed me. Walked away without a scratch, though. If that's not God's grace, I don't know what is. So grateful to be alive right now. I'm shaken up, but...just know this, prayer works. Faith works. God is real. Never doubt it.



Only in America or the Middle East , some idiot would say such things. Don't take me wrong  , I love the USA  great country , however I cannot stand the mentally and ignorance  of some people. Women on other countries tend to dress more feminine and there's even places where you can sunbathe topless , imagine that?  See on some cultures nudity is just nudity , it's not view as something sexual, here in the good old USA nudity ,short dresses, provocative clothing equals sex . What are you 12? You cannot control your pee pee, you never seen a tit or vagina before?  Women shouldn't be shame or rape just because they decided to wear certain clothing .  You should probably move to the Middle East , where women are dress from head to toe and are treated like a second class citizen.


I believe men need to learn to control their anger and their penis'. If I want to wear a dress that makes ME feel good, I shouldn't have to worry about men not being able to control their penis' and rape women. I work hard to keep my body healthy and in shape for MYSELF. not for someone who can't control his penis. Should I chop my breasts off because they aren't flat? The might penis. NOT.


I believe every woman should be allowed to dress however they want, get as drunk as they want, and not have to be raped.

I believe I should be able to cross the street wherever I want, however I want, and not have to be hit by a car.

Everybody has to be aware when their behavior puts them at risk for being hit by a car.

Every woman has to be aware of when their behavior puts them at risk of being raped.


I really miss talking to my dad , we always been close but I cannot stand his 34 year old wife , I mean really dad  she is younger than me (37) and with 3 teenage kids and that's not counting the one you have with her.  My dad is in his 60's ready to retire anytime soon . What on earth he was thinking , who on their right mind has a child on their 60,s , I tried not to be judgmental but his new wife is a total witch , she cause so much drama before Christmas that I have to stop talking to my Dad and she is ugly too, inside and out , she looks like she is on her 40's and dress very homely , my 62 year old mother looks better than her. I wish she would find a new husband and leave my family alone.


I really wish you would text me...i miss talking to you.  I really did like you.  And I love your voice and how you talk.  Ugh!  You sound so sexy, the way u talk is so bay ridge.  I know you like my voice too...we could have so much fun imagine how we'd sound fucking?  I just played with myself this morning to you...


When I was younger, me and my ex used to go out with a group of friends and all split the bill at the end.  At the time my ex wasn't working, so I paid for myself.  I would get like a salad and water, I don't drink soda and I wouldn't drink alcohol.  Everything split would be $20 - $25 a piece.  Around 2002 or so.  A $25 salad back then?  Yea so that shit sucks, u don't wanna look cheap but why the hell should you pay so much for a little bullshit food?  People get weird when you order together, even from home.  Like if you get the door, you give the tip.  or all of a sudden and this is a good one, i live with family and my aunt will ask if i wanna order with them, and i'll say yea.  Then she'll say "i don't have cash on me" wtf?  How were u gonna order...were u gonna use credit card?  bec guess what, u still can, ill just pay u my portion.  People always trying to sneak a dollar.  ugh


I recently went out to dinner with a large group. It was an Italian restaurant. I ordered a slice of pizza. Everyone else went to town with bottles of wine and fancy veal dishes and antipasta appetizers and desserts. What a feast.... for them. When the bill came, they joyfully suggested we all split it equally.  My share, $43. For a slice of pizza. Sometimes I hate people.


Don't recall asking to be forgiven.


Dammit. My mother in law fell down and banged her wrist.  There was a small cut, which rapidly got infected.  She got worse and worse until they admitted her to the hospital.  Surgery, intravenous antibiotics.  She was getting worse...

And now, she's taken a turn for the better.  Antibiotics are working.  She's going to be admitted from the hospital and go home in a few days.

DAMN.  Just when I thought I'd finally be free of the old tyrant once and for all. :-(


Having men cum in your ass and mouth while you have a wife at home is fucked up.  I'm not even talking about the emotional consequences of you cheating on her, I mean you're putting her at risk.  Obviously cum in your mouth or in your ass means no condom.  Do you have no conscience that you may catch something and give it to your loving wife?  What the hell is wrong with people?  People cheat but such blatant disrespect for your spouse by putting them at risk for std's because you wanna have some fun is horrible.


I feel my wife knows so little about me. She has no interest in me. Everything is about her. I'm an accessory in her life.

I have examples. She buys me a sweater saying it's blue, because that's my favorite color. It is? Ask our kids. I don't really care, but my favorite color is red.

I don't like chocolate. My children know this very well too. They tease me about it in good fun. More chocolate for them! What does my wife buy me for my birthday, a box of chocolate. Even our children were baffled by the gift. My wife said she didn't realize I don't eat chocolate. After 16 years of marriage where I've never once eaten chocolate?

My wife once gave me a photo of an antique Harley Davidson motorcycle. She said she had it framed special for me because she knows how much I love old motorcycles. I had to very politely explain that was her former boyfriend. I reminded her how she broke up with him and then dated and married me. I have nothing to do with motorcycles. Her response was to say old motorcycles are neat and I should take an interest. How strange, so I should be like your old boyfriend?

I have an affliction with my right eye. I was in an accident as a teenager. My right eye was damaged. I can hardly see out of it. You wouldn't know it though from appearances. Our children know about it though. They make a point of holding things in front of my left eye when they want me to look at something. When it came up in conversation recently, my wife was shocked. "You can't see out of your right eye? Did this just happen? You should go see an eye doctor!" Like where has she been for our entire marriage? We have of course spoken about my eye problem in the past. She doesn't listen in these conversations. I imagine because she doesn't care.

Our daughter is looking at colleges. My daughter said she'd liked to go see my alma mater. My wife explained that I didn't go to college. I had no interest in such things. WTF? I went to a great college and loved it. She's confusing me again with some old boyfriend.

She knows so little about me. She has paid no attention to me. I don't exist in her world. It's like we are strangers meeting for the first time. It's hardly love.


I can't see myself ever actually being in a relationship with a woman, but having a beautiful blonde cum all over my face and almost rip my hair out in a fit of ecstasy is pretty fucking hot. I have to say that a big dick from behind would have been a welcome edition, though.


I'm fairly anti-social. I don't go out much. I don't "hang with the homies." I stay home and write, read or do a crossword puzzle. I'm happy with my life. Every now and then though I can't avoid a social situation. My presence is requested somewhere. Like next week I have to attend a lunch. (I'm freelance. It is work related. I can't say no.) Truth be told, I dread it. It will weigh on my thoughts from now until it happens. It bogs me down. Why can't people leave me alone and not insist I go out with them. I don't force my life choices on them. I don't insist they stay home and do a crossword puzzle. So what gives them the right to insist I have to live their kind of social life?


Twice in the last 10 years I have found a cell phone. Once in the bathroom of a restaurant. Once on the floor of a movie theater. Both times I did the right thing. I located the owner and returned the phone.

But not without first going through all the pictures to see if there were any with nudity. I'm 0 for 2. Damn. Karma, how bout you help me out here. I did the right thing and returned the phones. How bout giving me a few shots of snatch for my efforts?


I'm a straight male. I have let men ejaculate in my mouth and ass. It is not a lifestyle choice for me. But I dabble with it and enjoy it. There is something intensely wonderful knowing that I excited a man enough where he ejaculated. To see him get erect, to feel him urgently fumbling to push his cock in me, to hear him start to breath heavy, until boom, he moans and shivers as his cums shoots into me. It's a rush for both him and me. Was I gay and then came back to women. I suppose it is true. Will I do it again. I suppose I will. But I am also happy with my wife and our sex life. Dabbling is the icing on the cake.


A non-liberal should not assume what a true liberal feels. A TRUE LIBERAL.... not a so called liberal


The liberals don't really believe in Syrian refugees and transgender bathrooms and marching on Washington. No, not really. They are just trying to annoying the more thoughtful conservatives. The Syrians at al are being used.

And why do the liberals do this? I think it is petty jealousy. They were never successful in life. So they try to knock down the other half that is successful. It's nothing more than the immaturity you would expect to see on the elementary school playground.


I won't say this to your face as I never plan on speaking to you again, but here is the truth-

You are beautiful. The problem isn't your looks. The problem is that you are so fucking intense that you scare people.

Nobody can just slack off with you. They have to be 200% all day, every day. You think you aren't difficult, and I know you try not to be, but you are. Nothing gets by you. Everything is full-on with you, 24/7.

You are like a hummingbird - beautiful, shiny, and I love to watch you because it's fun, but if I were to catch you and keep you, what would I do with you? I wouldn't be enough. You would be bored out of your mind. I don't know what to tell you.  

You are amazing. I don't even think this is a flaw with you. maybe it's everybody else. I don't know. Despite everything, you still make me smile.

Be well, hummingbird. I never meant to hurt you. I know you will never believe that.


The best advice I've ever gotten was from a homeless man after my girlfriend kicked me out of our apartment and I found a church bench to sleep on. He also asked me if I had any pills, but that's not the point. To be honest, I don't know what the point is. I gave him some weed and then broke back into my apartment and slept in the bathtub.

Good times...don't miss 'em at all...


Random menage a toi last night with two totally random hot girls that were friends. I guess this is moving on.


I love you, but I will never say it again unless you say it first.


I normally don't pay attention to politics. I can't avoid it this year though. I don't get though why some people are so interested in allowing foreigners into our country. They are like militant about it. Wouldn't it make more sense to help the people already here?


When people show me their baby and say something like, "isn't he/she gorgeous?" I learned to say, "He is as cute as he can be."  
That way they take it as a compliment, but I know better.


I know a guy on Facebook who has finally helped me articulate my position on transsexual people.

Nearly every day, this woman who decides to live as a man posts about "assholes" who are constantly screwing up the fact that she is now a man.  

You know what, Kevin?  Shut the fuck up.  YOU decided to make a change based on YOUR life, and you do not get to force the rest of the world to bend over backwards to you.  This is the expectation, right?  The rest of the world has to change for YOU, because YOU decided you're the wrong gender?  No.  It's doesn't work that way.  YOU get to play dress up and do whatever the fuck YOU want to do with YOUR day.  But fuck you when you try to tell ME what to do based on YOUR subjective version of the world.

I'm bigoted?  No, YOU are the bigot.  YOU are bigoted against "cis-gender," or whatever the fuck you call us now.  YOU hate ME because YOU changed the rules and I'm not playing by them.  YOU don't get to tell the rest of the world to change the rules.

Thanks, Kevin.  You helped me out.  Have a great day!


If it was me I love you too, abs think about you eveveryday. You never message me so will slowly start to mine on ..:(


1. I'm very cynical. I find it hard to be happy for people, and most of the time I'm finding reasons why I shouldn't be.

2. I hate when people say their kid is the cutest kid in the world, like come on, they're billions of people in the world and yours is the cutest? Maybe to you but, I've seen some ugly ass babies so this theory doesn't hold truth. And even having children myself,I would never say that. I literally want to punch them in their fucking self centered faces.

3. I secretly feel satisfied when something doesn't go someone's way especially if I've dealt with the same and it didn't go my way, I feel like, fuck you, you don't get it either.

I'm an asshole.


Can you please try to pretend to be him , first of all he doesn't use the kind of vocabulary, his political beliefs are quite conservative, and he will never say things like " donate your money to the poor" , not that he is not a charitable person but he likes to enjoy his money ( there's nothing wrong with it) , he doesn't listen to the garbage you consider music and lastly he is happily married to his wife of almost ten years.  What me and him had it was a short fling when I was barely an adult , I had no desire or want him in anyway so please don't waste your time thinking I'm going to befriend you on social media with your fake profile pretending to be him.   When I'm physically attractive to a man , I let them known that by being flirting back on person I don't play hard to get .  In other words I'm not into you , I have never have a conversation with you , I have no plans on it .


Every morning I get up before my wife and enjoy a moment of peace. Than she comes into the room and starts talking and it feels like someone jabbed an ice pick in my ear.


This is something else that can help you create a better life, pretty much instantly:  Talk about ideas with people instead of gossiping or complaining about others. Talk about your goals and what makes you happy. Find out what makes the people in your life happy and show interest. LISTEN. Let everybody be themselves, and recognize that you DO NOT have to be the center of attention.  You will not die, in fact, more often than not, you become this person that everyone naturally turns to because they know that you have something good to say.  They know that you won't shoot them down, but will build them up.  It isn't rocket science.  

Be positive and attract positivity. Be negative and attract misery. What you reflect is what you attract. You can turn things around any time, and that is the best news of all.



I've been a rock star at every job I have every had.  Offered promotions, put out in front as the star, etc...  After 10 years at my current job, my manager has finally figured out a way to force me out.  They just never seemed to like me.  Always assuming the worst in every situation.  Finding crazy faults that were frankly, SOP at the firm.

Customers and co-workers can't believe I'm leaving.  Already offered other positions in the same industry but I can't help but feel resentful towards the company, especially the manager.

- M 45 soon to be fired


One of the best things that keeps me alive is that everyone who pisses you off will get what they deserve.  

I still get disappointed that it takes too long for karma to strike some of those fuckers.  Maybe it makes the gratitude better for me?


Sadly, there are people who enjoy the thrill of knowing someone is interested in them, but that's the end of it. They just want to know that somebody cares. To them its a form of flattery.

Loneliness is a bitch. Just knowing that somebody out there cares is what helps some people get through the night, sin problema muchacha...

I was actually stalked by a psychopath and it was the worst. They too crave validation and reassurance. That is the whole point behind their abhorrent antisocial behavior.

Let me tell you, being pursued by an actual stalker doesn't feel like flattery.




821, who is that for?  An initial, please...I had a misunderstanding with someone and I really hope it's not for me.


*screams* "There's a loose dog!!!"

It's a fucking poodle, calm your tits.


I think you are seriously ill. You are obsessed with me. Go stalk someone else. I get a notification every time you search for me.


A zombie running from the cold sun under the shade of wires. I look at my hands and look up at the crisscross sky. Aimlessly stumble, step after step in time. Look up again and wonder who will take care of the birds.

Too much weight. I want to come home.


I hate jealous people, you know that kind that like to spread rumors and create havoc.  There's this $&&$& who won't let go until I'm destroyed, she started rumors around my neighborhood that I was a high end prostitute , 😂, first of all even though I'm separated from my husband he still takes care of me financially and will until he dies, we still very good friends and care very much for each other , there's no hard feelings between us. Then the same person started saying that I have an std and maybe aids, seriously stupid )$&@ , she contacted a few of my friends and told them I had a warrant against me like wtf , sometimes I feel like walking up to her and punch her on the face .  While I don't wish harm to anyone if something bad happens to her I won't be sorry.


I read posts filled with heartache, longing, pain, and rejection, and it's startling because they sound like words that I would have said or written not too long ago. Here is a real secret, though--the only peace and strength you will ever find will not come from another human being. It can't. They can love you to the bottom of their soul and still not be equipped to give you that.  You have to find your own way. You have to carve out your own path and force yourself to work through the fear and cynicism.  Do it day by day, minute by minute. If you have to say to yourself out loud "Stop being negative!" "Stop thinking this, brain!" DO IT. Do whatever it takes to retrain your mind and your heart. It's the only way to reset your spirit to a place of equilibrium and acceptance.  If you cannot be accepting and loving with yourself, no one else can be.  This is the truth. You cannot be a dark, brooding, negative, pessimistic energy and attract positivity and something as beautiful and vibrant as love. You cannot. I don't care what you have been through, you have to let the shit go. Let ALL the shit go, and focus on this day...this minute...this breath... Remold your mind. Awaken yourself to the beauty around you. Love and beauty are all around, you have to train your eye to see it. You have to clear your soul to embrace it.  Sounds New Age and hokey, but I promise you....the key to a life with fewer (and potentially no) regrets is right at your fingertips. Stop fighting against yourself and start fighting for yourself.  Please. Trust the truth. The light is in YOU, not outside of you.  Fight for it. Break free. <3



oh yes you have stopped drinking, but there is a catch to your dementia,
creating a deception on facebook that your family does not know about .
you think that you will not get found out?
I know but I will make it possible for all to find out .
ha,ha. you are nothing but a joke """"


I experimented with it. A guy gave me a massage, then finger banged my ass, which I enjoyed, then he blew me. Not sure I'll do it again or take it further, just like women too much....the thought I had driving home was, a mouth is a mouth...meh....


I've read tons of stories online about straight people experimenting with being gay, only to go back to being straight.

In my personal experience, I've seen many straight married men do gay things behind their wive's backs.  Have a straight relationship while cheating with gay men, some who are doing the same thing.

There is a thing called the Kinsey Scale, which measures homosexuality.  People aren't always completely heterosexual or homosexual.  They are some degree in the middle as a bisexual.


Do gay people ever swing back to being heterosexual again? I think gayness is sometimes a fad with our youth. They think it's cool and chichi to be gay. It gives them a certain mystique. But in the end, their hetero urges win out and they want to have sex with the opposite sex again. At least, I think that must happen. But does it? Does anyone know about gay 20 year olds who end up as straight 40 year old parents living with their teenagers in suburbia?


I was invited to be on a local arts council. I was excited to be part of this wonderful program.

Filled with energy and enthusiasm, I convinced the arts council to host a fundraiser. I put on a musical variety show. I also arranged for a silent auction and we raffled off a few goodie baskets. It was a tremendous amount of work for me to pull everything together. But I didn't mind. It was for a great cause. The evening raised about five thousand dollars.

One high school girl in attendance really wanted to win one of the goodie baskets - the one with all the chocolate bars. She bought $40 of raffle tickets. But unfortunately, she still did not win.

Over the next week she complained bitterly about losing. She demanded to get her $40 back.

At our next board meetings, the topic was raised, should we return her money. I said no. I felt bad for her, but it was a raffle. It was fair and square.

We held a vote. It was 4 to 1. I was in the minority. The other board members wanted to return the girl's money.

I thought that very strange. I became suspicious. I quietly asked the name of the girl. It was the Board Chair's daughter.

Oh. I see. Even the arts are corrupt. Sigh. I quit the board. This of course meant the board had terrible things to say about me. Say what? I just raised $5 grand for them. I didn't do anything unfair or cheat the system to get money back. I was the moral one. But they said bad things about me. I've never volunteered for a board again.


I wish you would have said something


I wish I could really tell you how I feel about you.


My girlfriends always look to me for beauty tips. I tell them the correct way to put on their eye cream and which finger to use so as to not pull too hard on the delicate skin. I tell them to make sure they put their face cream on their neck and chest as well. I tell them about dry brushing, face yoga and in which direction to apply their body cream for optimal circulation.

They eat this up, because they believe that I learned all of this during the year I lived in Paris.

Actually, everything I've learned is from Cosmopolitan magazine and YouTube. C'est mon secret!


Hurting me just to be hurting me. What is that about? I never intentionally said or did anything hateful or hurtful to you. Why go that route? You are better than that.


All it takes is seeing her naked...... and all is forgiven.


You are a hateful human being. Thanks for making a believer out of me.


"NEVER" is a long time that comes very quickly.


I have all these amazing people around me and they love me to pieces. They love and accept me for who I am, yet I waste my thoughts on the one person who doesn't give a damn about me.

What the hell is my problem?


I have never said a curse would in front of my children. Not once. More and more, even when I'm alone and just mumbling to myself, I find myself saying "Oh drats" instead of cursing alternatives. You know what, it feels good to not curse.


I buy PS4 games and never play them.


What if you don't love your girlfriend


I remember being in 7th grade in 1984, and one of the girls hearing something she didn't like and responding, "That sucks my left tit."

Even at 12 years old, I was amazed at how trashy that was coming out of that girl's mouth.  Sure, we all said awful things, but I remember hearing her say that and thinking that there must be a whole parallel world going on where this trash was normal.  An entire world I just wasn't a part of.  Something about what she said caused me to lose a tiny bit of my innocence.  

Now that I'm older, I say something like that once in a while, to my friends, when I'm trying to be trashy.

That girl?  She got pregnant in high school and had to leave school.


Right now I am in Punta Cana at a Riu and for the past three days I have seen this stunning creature.  I talked to her yesterday.  She is from London.  I have one chance to fuck her.  Today at 1:30.  The problem is I never see her except after 2:00 in the pool bar.

Find me on the beach today or at lunch around 12:30 and come tell me you want to fuck.  I leave tomorrow.


"Love's as good as soma..."


I wish I got to say goodbye.


I forgive you for abusing me when I was a child but I want nothing to do with you dear Aunt.  I won't shed a tear for you when you pass on.

And I don't regret swinging at you when you provoked me to anger tonight.

It all came out tonight in front of the family. Dirty little secret. I regret nothing.

You fucked up my life.  That's why I distanced myself.  Your mother buried all the secrets and took it to her grave.

Or so she thought.

Actually, my whole family is fucked up.  The whole lot of them.

Screw all of you.


You know.. now that it's been almost 2 months since the heartbreak started and almost 7 weeks since I felt that dagger, I think I'm starting to appreciate what good we did have and am able to see what you taught me. I know there will be more conflicting feelings in the future months, but I'm glad I can feel some gratitude for what we shared.. I guess if you didn't ignore me completely tomorrow that would make it so much better. I know we can't be friends, but if you just acknowledge me, it would mean the world.
- I guess we'll see what happens.


I wish he'd play with me.


The balls in your court, it's been there for several years now. I'm not holding my breath waiting for you to do something with it, but if you ever decide to pass it back, you know I'd always be willing to play again.


My worst nightmare just happened again....i got low key called out for smelling bad. This hasn't happened since high school. I feel so small right now


I want to be old and married...again. For good this time.


If I don't hear from you, you obviously don't care.


I honestly give a fuck about you, but apparently I don't count or matter to you.  Whatever. I guess the least I can do is return the favor.


I was in a Middle School today. A boy was walking down the hall. Some girls were sitting on the floor. One of them giggled at something. The boy thought she giggled at him. He snarled, "Stop it or I'll fucking cut your throat."

The giggling girl immediately responded with, "Fuck you cunt."

This is in white middle class America. We have failed. America will never be great again.


I tasted alcohol once. It made me dizzy. Why would anyone intentionally want to feel dizzy? I never tried it again. I would say that happened more than 40 years ago. I guess I'm a rarity going 40 years without drinking alcohol.


You can be independent and still have a heart. Just saying.


You know how to recognize an independent person? They always have someone in their mind they love and obsess about but will never confess that to that person.


I don't know what the hell is going on but just in case...
My only goal is to let you know you shouldn't go by my actions and if you feel as I do...I'm here for you.


183772 - Rice person, be careful, it might be time to add something else in the diet. You can control, but just control with a little more control. You are doing great, just don't get sick


Praying that your mom is okay.  We all make mistakes. No matter what has happened, don't beat yourself up. No one knows what tomorrow will bring.


I'm wondering if mother was dead when you got home.


I miss how we used to talk. You liked hearing from me I know you did. We had a connection.  I'm attracted to you but we don't have to do anything...I guess I have some type of feelings for you.  You made an impression on me...We can be friends if you like...


If I wear tight pants all day I get that smell down there, like a mix of sweat and pussy.  If they're not mostly cotton pants, I don't like it.  If it's cotton, it's ok.


On the town forum, I said the numbers for the project are wrong. The financial loss is larger than they are telling us. A town official made a big stink about my words online, saying his numbers are right and I'm an idiot. So I broke it down for him. I posted all the details showing exactly how I got to my answer. It was clear to all that the town official left out some of the costs.

So what do you think happened next?

1) He apologized for his error.


2) He disappeared, and was never to be heard from online again?

Yea, you probably guessed right. Why are elected officials such dicks.


I can't seem to find regular fulltime work.  I just get these part time 2 day/week jobs or temp jobs.  I want a regular job where I can go to work and come home and that's it. Also these small jobs tend to be a tiny office where it's a man and me and these men tend to talk about inappropriate things or are really nitpicky or something.  I guess because it's close quarters and you end up talking a lot, they get comfortable, i don't really know.  I just want a job where I can go to work, not get too personal, and leave.  WTF


Funny how keeping mostly to myself and not worrying about stupid shit seems to be strongly correlated with decreased depression and anxiety, not to mention weight loss... Never felt better. Stress kills, but first it makes you fat and sad.  So, stop stressing! Let it go.


I had a really sweet moment with my mom a few years back involving broken bones and peeing in cups.  :)

She broke both her legs falling off a ladder in the garage and had to stay stationed up on the living room couch for quite some time.  She was at first, struggling with trying to use this godawful bedpan to relieve herself and when I saw it and asked her wtf that was supposed to accomplish, she said it was just one of the sucky things she had to deal with surrounding her injuries.  I wasn't having that.

I went to the kitchen and grabbed two cups.  She's got a bunch of those ones with the screw on lid so I brought her one of those and a roll of toilet paper and I showed her how to get her pants down to her ankles, scoot to the edge of the couch, and place the edge of the cup firmly against the area between your butthole and your vagina.  I also had to tell her the word for that spot, the taint, LOL.  So I demonstrated with pants on, of course, how you press it there firmly and let the opening cup your ladyparts, and just pee, and don't worry about it, it won't go anywhere but inside that cup.  Wipe with some toilet paper, throw it in the cup, and screw on the lid.  Then have dad pour it down the toilet and rinse it in the sink real quick, and then return the cup.

She was so happy with this solution and used it for the rest of the duration of her healing.  I'm so happy she didn't have to use that stupid bedpan and get urine all over her backside and her parts, what a terrible method of going to the bathroom.  The cup was a much more sanitary way to pee.

I look back on that and I'm happy we were able to have that moment.  She's all better now, just FYI.  I love my mama.


You must be so proud of your son! He's a junior this year in high school. He weighs 300 pounds. If someone says something he doesn't like, he calls them a douche, or a scum bag, or a dickweed. Doesn't matter if it's a teacher, or an adult or a little old lady. You've done such a fine job raising him. I can't wait until he graduates. Which McDonalds will he be working at?


I'm wearing two pairs of panties today. I put on one pair. Then I put on stockings. But the elastic was old and a bit shot, so I had to put on a second pair of panties to keep the stockings up. Men have no idea what we go through.


My first orgy was the best experience ever. I met a friend at the bar, I hadn't seen her in awhile, then out of no where some girl starts hitting on my friend, we all end up back at her place, this girl, who I just would see around at the local bar, orchestrated the whole event, she told me where to lick, where to stick my dick, where to suck and where to fuck, we all had amazing orgasms, and when it was over she threw me and my friend out. it was so much fun. I never saw that strange girl again, but I'm still friends with...let's just call her susie on fb. she lives in another state. we still laugh about it. Outside of that..I wouldn't recommend an orgy


Rice diet person again. I don't get here often enough. 8 weeks. I'm down 34 pounds I think. I haven't checked in a few days. I'm cold. I'm so cold. My hands have cracks. Many cracks. They bleed. Even my pants which started out as much too small are now so big that they will fall down. My face is sunken in. My ribs are poking out. Why am I doing this? I'm not sure. Control I think. Control.


Orgies should never be with somebody you are in a relationship with. To work nobody should be emotionally involved. Best when they are all strangers. Looking for trouble to have group sex with a partner.


I was in a threesome once. It was a disaster. It was me, my girlfriend, and her best friend. I didn't start it. My girlfriend did. Everyone got a little drunk. My girlfriend wanted to lay down. She insisted we take her clothes off because she was too drunk to do it herself. Then she insisted me and her best friend take our clothes off too and lay there with her. My girlfriend started caressing her best friend's body. First the breasts. Then she started fingering her best friend. The best friend started fingering my girlfriend. Everything was fine except when I dared to touch the breast of the best friend. My girlfriend freaked out. The threesome was immediately over. I felt abused by the situation. They can touch each other in front of me, but I'm not allowed to do anything but watch.  Seemed very controlling on their part and un-fun. I've never tried a threesome again. People get too weird about it.


In the past few months, I've been getting about 5 calls a day on my landline phone. I don't think a single one was from a friend. All the calls were from telemarketers, either human, or more recently computers. I'm paying I dunno, $30 a month for this "privileged". It's time for everyone to turn off their landline phones. Let's drive the telemarketers out of business.


You're it. I knew it early on. I know it now. It's inexplicable. It


Orgies happen. I've been in about half a dozen of them. Invariably, someone is feels pressured to do something they don't want to do, or get jealous of their partner enjoying someone(s) other than themselves, and their is blow-back after. Do you want to know the secret to orgies? Open and frank discussion about what you want and what your limits are for you and your partner. Talk about this sober, agree to it sober without pressure, and then have a little bit of booze to calm first-time jitters.

Even after doing all these things, the conversation the next day will inevitably include something like: "I didn't like how you spent all your time with so and so" or "How come you did X with so and so but you've never done that with me?" Listen to your partners concerns, reassure them that you love them, that it was just a bit of fun, and of course you can do X with them, and of course you will spend more time with your partner the next time you're sandwiched between 2 10/10s.

At the end of the day, it's just sex. Relationship sex, sex with emotions included, is so much more rewarding, but a little bit of strange now and then keeps things spicy.



I had a pretty lousy fight with my mom about 36 hrs ago. I haven't been back since, just out fucking off and avoiding her. Now I'm close to home, and getting our big grocery run done. As I am picking out items for her and myself, it occurs to me that she hasn't said one single word to me since I left.  The landlady dropped by with a key and said she didn't answer yesterday too. She also happens to have severe depression, 2 terminal illnesses, and nothing but a shit ton of free time. I have a very bad feeling about this. I am truly just preparing myself as best as I can to walk in that door and find her dead as a door nail. Fuck. I really hope she didn't die alone and feeling shitty about our fight. But I think she is probably dead. I better get this shit paid for and get home.


How do you know I haven't moved on? Don't assume everything is about you.


I tried to move on an I thought about you the before, during and after. I want to puke.


Right now it's 3 AM, and I'm listening to the music channel; reading awhile. Insomnia and I have been dating for a long time, so here I am.

One of my favorite themes came on, called "Simple Song," and as I sit here I dream of the things I want more than anything:
a beautiful home by the sea (I'm stuck inland currently), with   a nautical theme throughout, and tons of books to read, near the large picture window, staring at the storm far off shore; I can see you with a book of your own, reading quietly, drinking your coffee. That theme comes on, and you take my hand, no words said, since we are all we need at that moment, and tell me softly how I was the one you were waiting for your   whole life, and we

Well, this girl can dance; just with tears in my eyes.

Always forever love you, through this life and the next, G.


I love you and always will, but I don't care who you are dating.


#752 - I agree! All these guys that think they are such great lovers don't know what it takes to be a great lover, don't think they need to know what is good for you, etc. I am so beyond wasting my time with these clowns!


It's my house, I do as I please including walking around half naked. If you don't like it to bad then, don't look . And no I don't do it for attention, I'm tired of pretending to be someone that I'm not just to fit in , in these conservative place just so people don't get offended but I just had it . No more, I'm not here to please people if they don't like me , i don't care , i don't like closed minded people either.


Why are you so desperate? It's so unbecoming. I've moved on and so should you.


I think im being played again.again?


There is always that one guy at work who can't shut up about his hero. This one guy was always talking about Ross Perot. Ross Perot this, Ross Perot that. Ross Perot impressions.

Morning coffee, lunch, water cooler, every conversation turns towards Ross Perot to the point of wondering if this guy has a life. It was embarrassing set aside the fact that no one cares.

It's like, why are you so gay for Ross Perot?  STF up already, nobody cares you monotonous gay nerd.

I would never say anything like that to his face, which is why I leave it here.


I think America is going to implode. Trump was our only way out of this overly PC mess. He tried to stop terrorist from coming. He's being thwarted by the liberal crowd. He is now trying to stop transgender males from being in the girls locker room. But he can't, states will assume the right to let the pervs have their way. On an on it goes. Trump is trying to help all of us. But the left is like the scorpion stinging the frog while getting a ride across the river. They both die. The left doesn't care if they fuck up everything and destroy the country.


I was in an attempted orgy. Honestly I don't know what we were thinking. Alcohol was involved. We didn't get further than some finger play/oral between a couple of the guys (2 females, 3 males)... And then a couple people chickened out, so it all fizzled from there. Luckily for me, I still got laid later that night.


Today, Trump did away with transgender bathrooms. The perverts are upset. So are the Democrats. What does that tell us?


My wife can't have a civilized conversation. She constantly interrupts me. She doesn't get the concept that I courteously allow her to say her piece, then I should be allowed to say my piece. No. I let her speak, then when I want to speak, she cuts me off. I've tried to speak to her about this, but she interrupts me. Doh.


I wish there was an app , to rate people on bed, there's nothing worse than waiting to sleep with someone just to be disappointed how bad they are in the sex department, it's a deal breaker no matter how nice or compatible the guy is. I rather masturbate and please myself than have lame, boring sex.



I masturbate every morning at my laptop if I can.  I always make time for it.  I can go one day without cumming, and sometimes I can make it two days.  But by the third day, my dick literally starts to get bigger.  I'll be walking around with a chunk of meat in my pants.  I have to jerk off, and it usually takes at least three times beating my meat for my dick to get back to normal.  Guys have to jerk off.


"I still love you and miss you. I think about you every day. I wish you would call or email so we could hook up or just get some coffee. You were the love of my life"- Said by not even one of my exes ever, especially as they soldiered on to the next relationship. No big deal.


No matter how helpful and patient I am with teenagers in the schools, they almost always turn out to be rude dicks. I hope I was never that arrogant when I was their age.


Imagine what it's like for your husband to believe your beautiful. It must feel amazing. But, it feels pretty good to know that, despite the lack of beauty, you're smart and capable.


who has time to masterbate. id rather get more sleep.


I thought i could live without you.but i dont think i can


If you have a cold and are coughing and sputtering, don't go out! Don't go to Starbucks. Don't go to the library. Don't go to a movie theater. What the hell is wrong with you stupid people. You make a constant hacking noise during the movie AND YOU MAKE EVERYONE ELSE SICK. The world is filled with jerks.


Maybe it's hopeless. Don't want to believe that though.


Thank you for stroking my cock under the blanket, while your daughter was in her room!! you truly know how to stroke cock! And your tongue when you kiss me!  
Although I wanted YOU to cum, I understand, is YOUR TURN!


The girls on the dance team at our high school were caught sending naked pictures of themselves to the boys on the football team. When asked why they did it, the girls said they were responding to the boys, who sent them pictures of their junk. The school let it go at that point. They had to. Can't scold the football team boys. They are related to God himself. So all these kids are sending naked photos to each other and the schools did nothing. You wonder what's wrong with education these days? There you have it.


I have never masturbated either. It's one of those haha isn't it funny kind of things when some dopey knucklehead says everyone does it. Not everyone does it. But classy people don't waste the time to argue. We don't talk about smutty things. Does that make us lonely as some ass said? I'm not lonely and I don't have to slink around shamefully knowing I'm some kind of creep who can't stop touching his private parts. This wins me friends. I doubt your guilty attitude, so easily perceived by others, wins you friends at all.


My block is one of those blocks these guys go to to get their dick sucked by some girl/prostitute.  So I come home in the middle of the day and see some girl up and down up and down on some guys dick.  Oops...but it turned me on.  Because I haven't had sex in tight down there, so horny.


Why are government workers so disagreeable? I call them and they give me attitude like I'm really bothering them. Oh how inconvenient that a taxpayer has a question. Grow the fuck up. In private industry you'd be fired for treating people so piss poorly.


To the dude with the white gunk on your dick after anal. Maybe a guy spunked in there just before you. The white gunk is his cum. I'm being serious. I dated this chick and was amazed at how wet her pussy was on some days. When we were breaking up she told me she had been sleeping with someone else. He'd come in her then a few hours later I'd stick my dick in there. Maybe your chick had another guy also spunking up her ass.


I believe my girlfriends pussy has been stretched by having sex with someone with a very girthy cock over a long period of time


I'm starving at home. Intellectually starving.

I will read an online forum. There will be a link to a controversial political essay. The forum denizen debate the points until exhaustion sets in.

Offline I give the essay to my wife. She reads it. I ask what she thinks.

"It was good."

That is the entirety of her response. She has no other thoughts or opinions. She doesn't have the mental capacity for a stimulating conversation. She can only talk about the weather and what's for dinner.

I married all wrong.


I kept your secret.


It's noch immer. If you missed me you wouldn't have been so difficult and bossy.


In my youth, gravity didn't exist.


I wish you were here with me.
I miss you and it hurts.


Maybe because the majority of the world thinks DJT is worthy of being mocked and not taken seriously.


I still want you. immer noch


725/712  Frothy? Funny you should  mention that.  Look up the  word "Santorum"...


When I was a kid, I discovered the mystery book section of the library, in the children's section. I read all the books on those two shelves. I still remember that. There were 51 books in total. I'd read one every few days. It was heaven. When I read the last one, I was sad. I had read every mystery book ever written. There were no more. I was only like 10 years old and what would I do with the rest of my life? I was a weird kid.


everything means nothing; if I ain't got you.


I'm casting a spell on you to make you be with me. Love you daddy


183712 --

Did you finish inside of them? I've noticed that when jacking off if I keep going after I've come, (essentially using my jizz as lube) the friction causes my cum to become "frothy." Not sure if it's the right word for it. Maybe if you kept fucking them after you came inside, there was enough friction to cause it?

You said it wasn't gross or aromatic though, and cum tends to have a bleachy smell so I'm not sure.


I wonder how much money companies like Reddit and Twitter are making after silencing and shadow banning republicans/liberals who are for Trump, and then flooding their most "popular" pages with nothing but anti-trump posts, pictures, and stories. Anyone who thinks they're doing this purely for political reasons don't understand how companies work. It's all about money for them, and when they tell you that it's not about the money, it's because someone told them that saying that would make them more money.

I'm just saying it's getting annoying. When I go to Reddit, it's to see some funny pictures and read some interesting stories while I use the bathroom. So when I go there and other similar sites and see nothing but a bunch of pro-liberal anti-trump BS being forced down my throat, it makes me never want to come back. I can't be alone on this one.

BUT, I do love those Tiny Trumps. I think both sides can agree that those are just amazing.


It's funny because it's true.


Jack Lew held three positions and Sylvia Burwell held two. So counting both of those only once gives a ratio of 33:19 (1.74:1) men to women that held Cabinet level position in the Obama Administration.

These are facts. Facts matter.


When I was a kid my family was very poor. Think scary poor. I was so hungry. I used to draw food and say magic incantations with the hopes the drawing would become real food. It never worked. But I did become pretty good at drawing. Silver lining.


I text and drive, but only on straight roads. I think this is an acceptable compromise with the law.


I wish I had a stay at home mom for my baby girl.


I hate that I can't be a stay at home momma. And not the kind that watches tv and eats all day. The kind that cooks, cleans, gardens, and homeschools. :(


Trump getting called Politically Correct is the funniest thing I've ever read.


I wasn't this insecure before we met. I've honestly dated ugly guys before and this hot couple thing is new to me.


I don't think orgies exist. Sure, in the porno movies they do. But I've never heard of it happening in the real world where a group of nice people get together and fuck each other. In my day, I traveled in some pretty low circles. No orgies ever.


My mother is 83(?). I haven't seen her or spoken to her in 40 years. I was thinking of maybe stopping by to say hello. Would that be too weird after all this time?


No one obeys the speed limit except me.


I have never experienced poop on my dick after anal. But, it has happened to me with two different women that when my dick ultimately came out, it was coated with a white pasty slime. It's wasn't gross or aromatic, so I don't think it was poop. I was thinking it had something to do with the lining of the woman's colon. Like maybe the fucking action rubbed off some of the intestinal tissue. In some sense it sounds much worse than poop. I was concerned I might have damaged the women's innards. Wish I knew more about what it was though.


@696: Some are double counted? That's playing rather fast and loose with the facts.

I googled it and at least according to, there are twenty-four men and eight women on the list of Obama cabinet members.

Now can we all let it go and start talking about anal sex again?


When I was in college I wrote for the student newspaper.  One evening, I was assigned to the cover the Socialist Student Association.  They had a Marxist socialist professor come to speak.  I sat in the back and just observed and prepared to take a few notes for a 500-word article.

"These industrialists have excess reserves of cash," the Marxist socialist professor said.  "So what we aim to do is to take that cash and use it to improve the lives of the less fortunate."

And the first thing that popped into my young, confused mind was, "And then what do the industrialists do when their cash is gone?"

At such a young age and in a split second, I had already figured out what the foundational problem with socialism was: It never asks, "And then what happens?"  They take money from the rich people... and then what happens?

Now that I'm older, I know what happens next.  The industrialists respond by raising their prices.  And then what happens?  The higher prices start to cut out the poorer people from the market.  And then what happens?  Poverty increases.

25 years later, I know intelligent adults who still have not figured this out.


I am not letting trump take away our right to masterbate! There will be a march in D.C. this Saturday, and we will all wear dick and pussy hats. We will masterbate freely, and destroy the property of store front owners who also probably masterbate!


I did something today that I've never did before. I panhandeled. I'm a veteran so I went up to people on the street, showed my veteran ID card, said I am a homeless vet and and asked for change. It  made $20 in less than ten minutes. I am broke but not homeless and I have plenty of food.   I used the money to buy beer and coffee. It was so easy I'm going to panhandel again tomorrow.


Civilized people don't masturbate - absolutely God dammed true.    

There's absolutely no need to release sexual frustration or tension, especially if there is no help about and you live alone with your dogs.

Just let it distill inside of you.

Let yourself paint the world black.  

Focus all the hate and frustration and rejection and failure of your life toward men.  Let it distill for months and perhaps years and let that distilled w-h-a-t-e-v-e-r seep out your body into everything around you.

Yep, you're right.  

Civilized people don't masturbate.   And some live very lonely and miserable lives too.  🙁




Obama's Cabinet by and large, were qualified, dignified, and honest people. They were deemed to be the best choices available for their positions for a variety of reasons, and were confirmed, where necessary, by the Senate.

Butt hurt conservatives whined and moaned ONLY because some of the Cabinet members were non-White and non-male.

Sorry snowflakes we didn't have to bend over backwards to appease your sensitive feelings.

Now Trump is bending over backwards to appoint all the candidates that are Politically Correct with the right wing fringe. It doesn't matter that just about every single one is demonstrably corrupt and/or demonstrably unqualified. PC at its worst.


All I need is you, J.


I thought I was hardcore liberal...then I went to one of my college courses...I made a passionate defense of the Women's March. I was bombarded by "real" liberals who said I didn't include BLM or transgendered when discussing the march. I was considered ignorant and subsequently lectured. This is the regressive left - I didn't believe in it at first, but it's real; and it's cancerous.


I'm already in love with you. Please be gentle with my heart...


I am tired of all this bullshit liberal bashing. This country is not in bad shape at all. Everyone of us complaining about our country has enough time, energy and money to afford to go on line and bitch and moan. You conservative think you are so great, think again. Let's see how things workout in the next 4 years. Let's list the things conservatives stand for now, and look at what happens in 4 years. Obamacare repeal. Ok, but remember there are many right wingers on it too. Cut medicare, ok but remember there are many right winger seniors on it too. Cut social security, ok but remember there are many Right winger seniors on it too. Run up the deficit? ok but you screamed when Obama did it, are you going to scream when the total GOP controlled congress and whitehouse do it? are you going to scream when the bridge your kids school bus cross everyday begins to crack and congress tells you to fuck yourself?will you scream when 100,000 new ground forces goes to Syria and begin to die in a war that this country should not be in because your GOP controlled congress are greedy? Yeah let's see what happens in 4 years. Many will say how wrong this is and this is just the fucking liberal "libtard" talk, yup ok, we'll see


Part of the reason why we're in such shit as a nation is because Obama decided that his cabinet needed to be politically correct.  I don't fucking care if Trump's entire cabinet is filled with gay one-legged fat black Eskimos as long as they can competently get the damned job of turning this country around done.



When you find people who will be completely honest about who they are, good and bad, those are the unicorns.

Everybody is faking something or hiding something about who they are. Few can admit it.

We live in a society that conditions us to believe that if you can simply hide your flaws, liabilities, and the more unsavory aspects of your identity that you are "okay". Or worse "normal".

A wise person once told me: "It's not the crazy ones you need to worry about, it's the ones that don't think they are!"

The words prove to be more relevant and more true as I get older.

Are you one of the ones that don't think they are crazy? Are you normal? Are you an innocent in a land of crazy people? If so, please stay the fuck away from me.

Ed M/36


The Obama Government was based on politically correct choices and not on qualifications. - Give the job to people who can do the job. Mrs Clinton showed the American people how incompetent she was and she lost the election.


As if it matters if he has more men than women in his cabinet. He gets the most qualified people that he can find, and all people could see is the gender.


Trump Cabinet and Cabinet-level positions (some still pending):

Men: Mike Pence, Rex Tillerson, Steve Mnuchin, James Mattis, Jeff Sessions, Ryan Zinke, Sonny Purdue, Wilbur Ross, Alexander Acosta, Tom Price, Ben Carson, Rick Perry, David Shulkin, John Kelly, Reince Priebus, Robert Lighthizer, Dan Coats, Mick Mulvaney, Mike Pompeo, Scott Pruit.

Women: Elaine Chao, Betsy DeVos, Nikki Haley, Linda McMahon.

That is 20:4 (or 5:1)

As a note, it seems the qualifications for Trump's Cabinet is to be unqualified and/or corrupt.

Obama Cabinet and Cabinet-level positions (some are double counted as they moved positions):

Men: Joe Biden, John Kerry, Tim Geithner, Jack Lew, Robert Gates, Leon Panetta, Chuck Hagal, Ashton Carter, Eric Holder, Ken Salazar, Tom Vilsack, Gary Locke, John Bryson, Thomas Perez, Shaun Donovan, Julian Castro, Ray LaHood, Anthony Fox, Steven Chu, Ernest Moniz, Arne Duncan, John Jing, Eric Shinseki, Robert McDonald, Jeh Johnson, Rahm Emanuel, William M. Daley, Jack Lew, Denis McDonough, Peter Orszag, Jack Lew, Shaun Domovan, Ron Kirk, Michael Froman, Austan Goolsbee, Alan Krueger, Jason Fruman

Women: Hillary Clinton, Loretta Lynch, Sally Jewel, Penny Pritzer, Hilda Solis, Kathleen Sebelius, Sylvia Burwell, Janet Napolitano, Sylvia Burwell, Susan Rice, Samantha Powell, Lisa Jackson, Gina McCarthy, Christina Romer, Karen Mills, Maria Conteras-Sweet

That is 36:16 (or 2.3:1)

Facts matter.


Civilized people don't masturbate. The trailer trash of society are quick to claim "everyone does it" as a way of easing their guilt. But it's not true. That disgusting habit is reserved for the weak-minded dregs.


The media are getting so pathetic in their attempts to discredit Trump. Today's headline? "Trump's Circle Favors Men 2-to-1."

So I did a little research. Obama's cabinet members total 24 men, 8 women. That's 3-to-1.

I don't suppose I need to say more. The hypocrisy speaks for itself.


My husband has hair growing out of his ears. When I was little I remember my grandfather had hair growing out of his ears. Have my husband and I really gotten that old? I guess so.


When people mention anal sex I flash back to my first time. It was in college with my then girlfriend. She was on her hands and knees. I was behind and was thrusting into her asshole. I came pretty quick. As I pulled out, you know how the head of a cock is thicker and there is a little ridge before the start of the rest of the shaft? Her shit was cake up under the ridge. It couldn't be ignored. I could see it. I could smell it. I'm sure she could too. I didn't know the proper etiquette at that moment. Do I run from the dorm room in horror? Do we pretend it's not there? It was awkward and took away from the moment. We never did it again.


Gay men are great. I'm a straight guy. But I was in a position where I interacted with gay men. In general, really good people. Smart. Thoughtful. Real doers. We talk about who should run the world, men or women. I'd say gay men. Give them the helm. All would be well again.


As a gay man I hate being patronized by a political party,liberals  or a church.All I demand is that you respect me. I give nobody the right over my life.Not my parents ,my church or my government. What I do in the privacy of my bedroom is between me and God. I follow the laws of the country I live in and that is it.If you don't like me, it is no skin off my teeth -move on- but don't patronize me.I don't need your permission to live my life.


Liberals think only they are kind, smart and  compassionate people.Everyone else is low life garbage, racists and a bigots etc.
They are protesting an elected President and doing harm to their own country.Telling lies that the new administration is anti women, anti gay,anti immigrant  and anti black.
They portray women, Afro Americans, gays  immigrants as victims. Once you reach victims status you are lost as you blame everyone else for your problems and don't take responsibility for your own life.Democrats love losers who will vote for them.
The President does not make the laws of the country-congress does. He enforces it. Immigration laws have been ignored in this country, and it has become dangerous in this day and age to have open borders. Which other country in the world has open borders? He is enforcing the immigration law.
Has he done anything to take away the rights of women, gays, blacks and immigrants in this country?
I am a legal ,gay immigrant to the USA and America has been great to me .I followed the law ,like every good citizen should .I have been welcomed and am an American today. I did not come here illegally but legally There is a very big differences!
I think President Trump is doing what is right. I like it that he is not a politician.A breath of fresh air.
Wake up America if you want to keep America great -follow the law and play according to the rules.


687: Try not to let it bother you too much. My best friend since childhood, spanning 46 years, cut me off because I refused to vote for Hillary. I'm more disappointed than anything else. Oh goes on. Guess he never really was much of a friend.


A friend blocked me on social media because our potiical opinions were different on an issue. I expressed that I supported separation of church and state. That's all I said. I'm a Christian. She is too. But I guess she doesn't agree. That's fine. I'm friends with all kinds of people with different beliefs (as long as they're not racist or hateful.) I've been friends with her a long time. I understand that I'm probably better off without someone who would cut me out of their life for having different opinions, but it hurts and breaks my heart nonetheless. Throwing away our friendship over a difference of opinion...? :(


It's prudes, not prunes.


Why Americans are such prunes? They see nudity as a sin , it's funny because growing up I used to whatch XUXA , she used to have a very popular show for kids, she used to be a model and even did some soft porn before she went kid friendly and nobody care . Every one in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Mexico etc.... love her.  There's no way they would allow that here in the USA , I can picture the parents , going crazy over. You should google her and see the outfits she used to wear on those shows.


My wife wears a t shirt to bed along with pajama bottoms. Normally it would be fine, but she has started to wear these shear white t shirts. They are easily see-thru. I can see her nipples with no trouble at all. The things is, we have teenage boys. What mother wears something so revealing in front of her own sons. And she does it when they have friends sleeping over too. How can they not notice. It's very disturbing to see her do this. I nicely point out the problem. She ignores me and keeps doing it. Sometimes in the news you read about a mother who is arrested for having sex with her teenage children's friends. I think my wife is a prime candidate. Sick.


I hate seeing straight porn when I'm looking for gay smut.  It's not that I'm not into girls- I'm a Kinsey 4.  It's just that the way hetero guys treat girls is both disturbing and strangely boring. Same three or four scenarios with ladies who all hate being there.  Where's the fun in that?  Show me a dude who looks like he'll suck my dick for all he's worth.


My town is one of those lucky places to have a Syrian refugee family. Eye roll. Many of my neighbors have posted signs on their front lawns with a message in both Syrian and English. It says, "We love you and welcome to our town!"

Oh please! You love them? Most of you have never met them. How goofy. A man loves his wife. A mother loves her children. But you love this family from Syria because why? Because they came from Syria? That's the basis for your love? What about people who came here from Mexico? You don't love them? Just people who came from Syria? How dumb.


When I was growing up there was this one time where my dad handled my mom his sock and asked if she could mend a hole in the toe. My mom hated doing chores. She told him no. He nagged her. So okay she did it, she fixed the hole.

Next time he went to put on the sock, he couldn't put his foot in. She had also intentionally sewed the top of the sock closed. Everyone laughed, including my dad.

I really miss my mom.


I hate you all. All 7 Billion of you.I wish i had the power to end you all, but I don't. Please die painfully. Thanks.


Wow. Kelley, I don't even know what to say. I'm so incredibly grateful that you responded to me in the way that you did. I was so afraid that I was going to cause you this big hurt, even in the short span of time that we had known each other. Man am I relieved that you felt similarly.. I don't think I could handle anymore guilt and shame about my recent actions.

I thought it wasn't going to be a rebound, but it was. Boy was I wrong. Relationships that go on for 2+ years take time to heal... and I'm okay with that now. I want to prepare myself for my next relationship and have a solid foundation; I don't want to bounce around or anything.

- If you just got out of a long relationship, give yourself more time than you think you need. You'll be glad you did.

M/25 2 months out of a horrible mess of a breakup.


I don't know about your school district, but when I was a kid in fifth grade they gave all the girls bananas and all the boys peach halves and we were given detailed instructions in oral sex.


Well, the woman I love and mother of my child officially moved on to a new person. I keep thinking about something, some aspect of what we had in our relationship that was special.... I got nothing. Pure fails from start to end.

I did get a beautiful daughter though.


Reasons I am not interested in having sex with my husband:
He doesn't try to have sex. I've done all the initiating and now that I
havent it's been 2 months since we had sex.
If I'm not talking about him, or complimenting him, he isn't listening.
Reciprocation is important, and he doesn't reciprocate. When it comes to anything.
He flirted with a friend of mine yesterday. Fuck that.
He's jealous of my sisters boyfriend. Ridiculous.
In an effort to understand whether or not I'm just reading too much into it I recall the beginning of our relationship. He told me he needed to move some stuff from his ex's apartment because she was at the tail end of moving out of it herself and said she had some of his things. What he failed to tell me was we were clearing out the rest of her things ourselves to be "nice." He enlisted my help without giving me these details. Wtf.


Telling other parents how to raise their children is stupid. Don't believe me, try it and tell me how it works out for you.


I understand why we should wait until marriage to have sex.  I have an ex who gave me multiples and now he's ruined me for all other men.  No sexual encounter has ever come close.


This isn't new...I am 30 years old, and I took sex education in the fifth, sixth and eighth grades. In fifth grade, they separated the girls from the boys and taught us about our respective reproductive parts, and we girls learned about menstruation as well (believe it or not, but it's common for girls to get their periods as early as 9 or 10; sometimes even earlier than that in some rare instances.) In the sixth grade, they did the same thing, but they also discussed sexual abuse and rape. In the eighth grade, they basically sat all of us in the gym and made us watch shock content of STD's and drug use to scare us away from having sex at all. Which, funny enough, did have an affect on me, but it didn't seem to stop the kids who were already sexually active. Yes. Kids at age 12 and 13 were having sex and using drugs, and to my knowledge they had been doing so for at least a year or more. My grandmother had my mom in her teens. IT'S NOT NEW. But pretending it'll go away if we ignore it is just stupid.


#653 Thank you! I'm hoping to find someone better too. This break up did a number on me. I'm lucky to have awesome and supportive friends, but I'm still grieving.


Anxiety really lowers the quality of my life, sometimes more than others. I hate it when the idea of doing a simple task is overwhelming, and then the culmination of this happening in many areas of my life results in a shit-storm. I wish I could just handle tasks as they come to me, like people are supposed to! But no, I have to procrastinate and fuck around on the internet because working stresses me out, and then when it piles up I feel even worse about it. My life is a mess


In high end department stores, the changing rooms are a separate area complete with actual doors that close and offer ultimately privacy while getting undressed.

In the smaller boutique-y stores, the changing rooms are usually just a small closet type area with a curtain for privacy. Often the curtain doesn't close completely and it is possible for people like me to see a woman getting undressed.

When my wife wants me to come clothes shopping with her, I ask if she will be going to Macy's or a boutique.

If she says Macy's, I'm busy and can't go with her.

If she mentions a boutique, yep, my plate is suddenly clear and sure I can come.


Don't twist my words. If you don't tell a 5th grader about blow jobs, then that's right, they won't do it. Yes, it's that simple. Pretty sick that creepy people want to explain blowjobs to a 10 year old. Those parents need mental health counseling.


So if you never tell anyone about that thing between their legs they will never have sex! Brilliant!


I just don't believe those sex and STD "facts". We live in an age where anyone can make up and broadcast "facts". I go with the idea that if no one knows there's a candy bar in the kitchen cabinet, then no one will eat it. But if you tell everyone about the candy bar, someone will eat it. It's that simple. You tell young kids about sex and drugs, some of them will want to try it.


The cards keep saying that I will hear a message from someone in my fairly recent past.


It is a proven fact that the more and the earlier that, age appropriate, sex ed is taught in the schools the lower the incidence of STD's and unwanted pregnancies.

There is nothing wrong with giving children facts.


I am doing exactly what I need to do to become who and what I need to become. You're a smart man. You'll come around.


Just like there's nothing wrong with being a "free spirit" and not needing anyone, there is nothing wrong with ultimately wanting to be in a relationship with someone who you love and loves you.  It doesn't make you obsessed or clingy either.  If you wanna be alone or do whatever you want or not answer to anyone, it's cool, but don't judge people who want something different and write them off as simply needy.  My grandparents died 9 months apart and were together 65 years.  Most couples in my family are still together, it can be hard definitely, but if you can find that love it's worth it.  Nothing wrong with wanting someone to love and who loves you back, as long as you're not just looking for just anyone, as long as it's truly love and not convenience.


If a teacher made my child read that book, I'd call the police. Look at it this way, if a stranger came up to your child in the park and made her read that passage, we'd all agree the guy is a perv looking to get his jollies. So why is it any different just because the guy is a classroom teacher. In fact it's worse. I count on teachers to be better people. Any teacher who gives that book to a student should be arrested.


There is a large problem in the country today. Parents have lost common sense. They have no business being parents. They think it's important to discuss sex with their children in 5th grade. The schools actual introduce the topic that early. Like what the hell? 5th grade? That's sick. The parents, along with the schools, are also in favor of talking about drugs as early as 3rd grade. What are you doing parents? That's just dumb. Can't you let your kids be kids anymore? Parents are so twisted. They want to be their child's friend. They think they are cool to bring up these topics. Leave it alone. Grow the hell up parents!


If you are willing to look hard enough, work through the pain, and sacrifice - you can find what you're looking for.


I would have no problem with my kids, when they were in 9th grade, reading that.


The book which should never be part of a public school curriculum is "The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian". But it's the rage. It's part of required reading in many schools from 6th grade on up. Here is a passage:


I spend hours in the bathroom with a magazine that has one thousand pictures of naked movie stars:

Naked woman + right hand = happy happy joy joy

Yep, that's right, I admit that I masturbate.
I'm proud of it.
I'm good at it.
I'm ambidextrous.

If there were a Professional Masturbators League, I'd get drafted number one and make millions of dollars.

And maybe you're thinking, "Well, you really shouldn't be talking about masturbation in public."

Well, tough, I'm going to talk about it because EVERYBODY does it. And EVERYBODY likes it.

And if God hadn't wanted us to masturbate, then God wouldn't have given us thumbs.


It's way too sexual for children. It's demeaning to women. It's demeaning to God. It's porn and it should not be in a classroom. There are plenty of other good books to read.


Seeing you upset kills me.


Why people are obsessed with long time relationships or the "one" . I cannot picture myself with the same men for the rest of my life, maybe it's just me but I hate clingy , needy men . And yes those men do exist , I have dealt with them on the past including my own husband who I love to pieces but I'm not in love with him, we been living separate lives for almost a decate.  I have notice that needy people tend to be attractive to free spirits like myself , like it's some kind of challenge  they think there's something wrong with you so they have to fix you.  Guy below , you  don't need a women to complete you , learn how to be happy by yourself first , enjoy life , travel , move to a different city , try new things and when you less expected the right person will come out .  At 37 you still young , men can start a family anytime, you sound like a guy who is looking for a low maintenance girl which there are plenty of them but here's the thing though quit going  after high maintenance girls , which is nothing wrong I'm one myself but they are not your type . You should try a church group , women who joined those kind of groups tend to be more traditional  , the type that wants to settle , have a family , low maintenance.  Good luck dude , I hope one day you find you other half.

37/f , free spirit and high maintenance


I was at the puppy store over the weekend.


Am I the only one wondering, what book?


I didn't think I'd find someone who would make me feel the way he did.
I was right.
I found someone better.  ^_^
Never give up on love.  We can't predict the future but we can be ready for it when it comes.


Be independent first. Look out for yourself and provide for yourself. THEN you can truly bring something to the relationship table. You are not uniting with someone through fear or need of a safety net.


I've kind of given up on finding a long term relationship. The women I have dated, all wanted to be treated like queens. At first, I was kind of okay with it. I tend to be an affectionate bf, so it kind of blended nicely at first. But I grow tired of the demanding, needy, bitchiness that it would turn into. Always having to do what they wanted to do or deal with lots of attitude. Oh and nevermind the waiting around for them to get ready to go anywhere.
I understand that all women aren't like that, but I'm just worn out. And I'm not some chauvinistic pig, I have known many women who are far more capable and better at things than I am. I believe women should have the right to do what ever they want. Women don't belong at home and in the kitchen, we aren't living in the 40's!
Maybe one day, I'll meet a laid back women. Maybe...



Yesterday on a whim I took my mom to dinner at the pier.  There was a newlywed couple taking pix on the beach - it was interesting.

The series on the water were nice to watch, but then they headed back up to the strand...and he was walking with the photog, and she was trailing.

Love is fallacy.


Many men would really like to be in committed relationships, we do exist. But after losing half their shit in divorce, they are not going to take shit from any woman, for it would be financial suicide. Conversely, women who are now financially independent, will never take shit from a man ever again, once they are free from the divorce. Many of us will never marry or be in relationships ever again....


Maybe it's a society wide type of thing?  Everyone is so into themselves and phones and social media, they don't pay attention to the people right in front of them.  That combined with the natural growing apart of friends, the ones who get married/have kids and separate off from the single ones, it's very hard to make a new social circle as you get older.  And everyone has their routines, set in their ways, etc.  Believe me, I'm trying too.  Once girls get in a relationship a lot of them cut off their friends, (probably out of jealousy, don't want their friends stealing their man) and guys just get used to being single and living alone if it's after a certain age, drama free lives.  More than one person has told me when I told them I caught my ex on a dating site and that's why I broke up with him, "if you're looking for commitment you're not gonna find it.  No one commits anymore."  It made me mad but it's kinda true.  It's all well and good when you're in your 20's and even 30's, but you know where that life leads?  To being old and alone.  Don't people realize this?  That doesn't mean be in a toxic unhealthy relationship, but give people a chance, no one is perfect, don't just stay in your drama free bubble because you don't wanna deal.  This isn't meant toward you, just people (especially guys) in general.  Sorry for the rant, but it's all related.


I want to tell your husband so so bad. However I won't because I promised I never would. Just know what you did hurt and should have consequences but fortunately for you this time it won't.


My life makes me sad and unhappy. It didn't used to. I used to have a million friends and a hoppin' social life. Guys were interested in me. My job was challenging, but not overwhelming like it is now.

What happened to me? How did things do a complete 180 in only 3 years?? I had my problems then too (mental health issues from ADHD and bipolar/anxiety disorders), but it didn't feel like it does now. I thought I'd be married by this point in my life. I thought I'd be tenured at my job. Instead, i don't ever have chances to meet men or people to make friends with, and my career has not been as brilliant as I wanted it to be. It makes me sad and depressed. I'm almost 30. I thought my life would be more fulfilling than this. I thought maybe if I just tried harder and put my mind to it, things would get better. I'm lost and don't have anyone to lean on or support me. I'm surrounded by all these nice things in my apartment, but I'm not surrounded by emotional warmth and social interaction anymore.

Time to go back to therapy so I can get help straightening  this shit out...


What is wrong with being a woman? I remember when I used to get my fashion magazines on the mail and couldn't wait to open it , even though a lot of the clothes are high end with ridiculous prices , i used to used them for inspirations , whether was the color or style but now days half the magazines are ads for companies, some fashion but a lot of articles about the empowerment of women and other causes that it has nothing to do with the fashion world. Don't take me wrong , i love all kinds of information and been a subscribers of other magazines that involve politics , health , finance , etc.. ( time , fortune 100, readers digest, ) but come on , some of this women talk like we live in the 1800 or some country in the Middle East where women are treated like second class citizen. I love being a women , I get to wear pretty dresses, skirts , lipstick, scarfs etc... This is 2017 , where a women have choices when it comes to career , we are allow to vote, get an education , you don't have to have a homemaker if you don't want to. So why are there so many women complaining? I mean yes there are some men who have no respect for us and believe that women place is the kitchen but there are only the minority , the majority of men I known don't view women that way , they know we are more than housemakers and moms .


When I was in my early twenties, I had a long term girlfriend. I was young and egotistical though. I hit on her friends. They would accept. I think I slept with three of them. It was interesting how easily they would betray my girlfriend and sleep with me. There was one though who was appalled I hit on her. She was genuinely shocked and angered I would suggest such a thing. She told me never to bring it up again or she would tell my girlfriend what a dick I was. She was harsh. But in looking back she was honest, I was a dick. And she was fair, not telling my girfriend right a away. And mostly, she had integrity. She wanted nothing to do with a cheater jerk like me. I was kind of impressed.

The really cool part though, is 30 years later. I haven't seen her in all this time. She probably has forgotten about me, the jerk who wanted to cheat with her. But interesting, she's now a big shot in the political world. She is in a position of great power on a national level. It gives me hope. She's a woman who is honest, fair, and has integrity. And she is a politician. I'm pleased to know people like her exist in politics. Not all politicians are bad. I wish her well.


Every once in a while I think about the puppy store we used to go visit when we needed a boost and bought your puppy.


I spent most of my working life at, and retired from, an intelligence agency.  We don't have to imagine what "extreme vetting" might be like; we know!  When I last met my (sole) cousin and her husband, they also had no idea of what I did for a living.  They were under the impression that I was still working at a job that I left in 1982.  However, my young nephew and niece were aware that their uncle was a "spy".


I love you...whether you will ever love me back or not.  You are an amazing human being. You are loyal, determined, sensitive, passionate, noble, incredibly intelligent, and totally unique. You are like no one I have ever met before. So, even if you think I'm a nobody, that doesn't change anything. I still believe in you, and I always will. I wish that I could bring you joy. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Hey 603, she was a spy. She was talking Turkish and Spanish? What girl, the daughter of a Baptist Minister no less, knows how to speak Turkish? She was a spy. You caught her working someone. She had to ditch. Or the other choice was to pop a cap in your head for uncovering her secret. Consider yourself lucky to be alive dude.


I feel so broken.


One of the last images I have of you is you pointing at me telling me you love me.  I cry every time.


Funny when people pretend that the people they loved are different now that the relationship ended. Perspective is everything.

I often misjudge people, but I let opinions remain fluid.


When I'm on the potty and the uh, train is there but won't come out of the station so to speak, I pretend a cute boyboy has his thingy up my behind. Makes the wait time more pleasant! :)


Respect is still there. Just because someone gets upset and says bad things. It doesn't destroy all the repect- unless one takes it too seriously and incapable of forgiving.

I've learned what respect was for a woman when I watched my baby give birth to our daughter. Changed perspective of women forever.


I'm sorry, sometimes it's too much to bear and I have to say something.  I guess it's just another way of sending you some good vibes.


I don't want to fight. At all.


You can't convince somebody to love you.

Whatever will be will be.

Thing is: I know that once I move on and truly close this door. I'm gonna be the best version of myself. I know she's out there. I'm gonna find her.


My plan was to kill my new officemate with kindness. I would wait for her to say something positive. Then I would agree with her and tell her how insightful she is and gush on her a while. The problem is, she NEVER says anything positive. She NEVER says anything I can latch onto. I say it's a nice day out, she says it's too hot. I say our boss is a good guy, she says he's an ass. I say it was nice for the company to provide a lunch buffet for us today, she says they ran out of chicken salad. Is there nothing this woman can ever find in the world that is uplifting? I'd really hate to be her.


It's never too late to reclaim yourself...for yourself, but I am sorry you feel that way. I never willfully did anything to hurt or disrespect you, unlike others. Never would have, but we all have different values and thresholds for pain apparently.  Does it hurt? Yes, but...whatever.  Out of my control and I am not going to beat myself up about it either.


In my experience, it's never too late.



Too little...Too Late....


Funnily enough, over the course of a week I have regained about 90% of the confidence and self-esteem that I used to have before a sociopathic piece of garbage wrecked it for me. My secret? I have made a conscientious decision not to let stupid shit get to me, not to automatically assume the worst in every situation, and not to stress over things that I have no control over. I just do my own thing and go with the flow. I haven't felt this good about myself or the direction of my life in years. If you're struggling, hang in there. It does get better with time, but you have to get out of your own head first to make it happen..



What Men really want but will never admit it: have a woman at home, reproduce, cook and clean,while they can go out and fuck as many women as they want. ALSO, the woman at home better not touch any other man!


I love you so much. You don't get it.


I've been clean and sober for about four years now but today I'm going to relapse. I'm so stressed out that I can't take it anymore.  I'm going to buy a twelve-pack of beer and get completely drunk. Tomorrow when I go to my 12 step meeting I'm going to lie and still claim almost four years sobriety. It doesn't matter as all of the members of this group are morons.


:( have mercy and please kill me


When I go to Starbucks I steal snacks while ordering my coffee.  There are all these snacks on display right in front of the counter. It's easy to slip a few snacks into my pockets while the clerk has their back turned pouring my coffee. I can afford to buy these snacks but I get such a thrill  stealing them.  I just hope I never get caught because that would be embarrassing!!


I would be very happy if my spouse took the time to prepare something for me. I get nothing.


I really want to get a nose job. I avoid looking in the mirror and smiling in pictures because my nose becomes so wide and the focal point of my face.

I'm just afraid of surgery... but I really feel like it may help my self-esteem issues and make me feel beautiful for once.



She carried a serving platter from the kitchen all the way to my home office -- which is above the garage on the other side of the house. She had to go up a flight of stairs to bring it to me. She tells me to put the serving platter away for her in the pantry. The pantry is of course right next to the kitchen. Same floor. No stairs. This is what I deal with every day. She has no common sense.


Oh no way, liberals protesting? Man I thought I'd never see the day...

Get a job you fucking hippies.


You see what you want to see. I see that you're too insecure, so you look for reasons to show how you truly feel. I observe from a distance as I plan an exit.


I am the dumbest bitch alive


614: I think it's time to dump his ass. Are you going to put up with his childish nonsense for the rest of your life? It's not worth it.


I hate my S.O.'s anger.  When he's angry all he does is mope in silence & if you try to speak to him, he is crazy rude. It happens all the time and I have no idea what it instigates it. He will never say what made him angry. He will just act like a complete child.

This happens way too often. The other day we were out to dinner on a date, and all of the sudden, he was angry. No idea what caused it. He wouldn't look at me and if I tried to talk to him, he says the rudest things to me. He is super condescending and makes me feel like the worst person in the world for existing. If I ask him whats wrong or why he's being an ass, he acts as if I'm crazy & imagining things. It seriously ruined the entire rest of the night.

Its becoming so obnoxious. Sometimes I feel like I'm walking on eggshells around him, just trying not to make him upset and ruin the whole day.


I am banned from my local library. I can't believe it. I went there to print something. It was a large poster. I sent the whole thing to their printer and it comes out in 12 separate pages which I then paste down on a foam board. I've done it once before and it works pretty well. But this time the library people complained saying I was using up all their ink. I was extremely polite about it. I pointed out that they charge 50 cents per page for me to print. I printed 12 pages and paid them 6 dollars. Doesn't it cover the cost of the ink? They got snippy and said it does not. I said that's not really my doing, I don't set the printing prices. They do, so why don't they charge more? I really was trying to be nice and helpful with my suggestion. They said because they are a public library and they don't want to charge more. They want people to be able to print at a lower cost. I said, well, then why are you complaining that I'm printing? They then yelled. LOL, the librarians were yelling in the library! They insisted I leave the library and never come back. Some people have a screw loose. The irony? You know what I was printing by the way? It was a poster the principal of the elementary school asked me to create, promoting kindness.  You can't make this stuff up.


Adults behave so badly online. Disagree with them on an issue and they go nuts and throw a fit.They do it publicly so everyone can see how childish they are. It amazes me that they don't see how they come across. It's embarrassing.


You spent your teen years doing drugs and breaking the law. I spent my teen years refraining from drugs and working. I have a comfortable profession in which I am well paid and well respected. You are a menial laborer. Yet,you deserve more respect because you "work harder." Fuck, man, this must be what divorce is all about: agreeing to disagree, separately.


I grew up outside Washington, DC.  Most of my friends had parents who, like me, worked in intelligence agencies.  It was weird in that when we were kids, we all had this unspoken understanding that we were not to ask any of our parents specifically what they did.  We could tell our friends where our parents worked, but that was it.  Nothing specific, but without trying we picked up enough information about how things were done to learn when somebody's story wasn't checking out.

Years later, I once dated a woman who had this female cousin who was a little older than she was.  I first met the cousin at a large cultural fair in Washington, DC.  She was working in a tent with a lot of small arts and crafts from countries in central Asia.  I asked what she did.  She said she worked for a nonprofit.  She said the nonprofit sent her to central Asian countries, many of which were former Soviet territories, with cash so that she could buy art from local artisans and bring them back to the US to sell.

I took a look around the tent and realized that the value of the items in the tent wouldn't even pay for this woman's transportation costs to these central Asian countries.  Then the countries she was going to - they were all political dictatorships.  And then many of these places were active war zones, and this nonprofit was sending a young woman with suitcases of cash into these countries?  You can't get an insurance policy to cover what she does, and even if you could, this nonprofit couldn't afford it.  Then, of course, I found out she spoke four languages and got her master's at the American University's foreign service school - what we all here know as "spy school."

"You know your cousin is a spy, right?" I would tell the woman I was dating.  She would never believe it.  No, according to this woman and her family, the cousin was just socially aware and was trying to make a difference in an impoverished area of the world!

But everybody around here to whom I've told this story says the same thing - "She's a spook."


America isn't the most powerful country in the world because we're filled with monstrous capitalists who are always sucking the blood of the poor of the rest of the world.  No, it's because we're politically stable and embrace the free market system.  We allow power to transition to opposing political parties.  We reward people who work hard.  We give everybody the chance to succeed if they want to the risk.  That's what made us wealthy.

This should be obvious enough.  There are many, many societies that are older than the US and that still can't get their act together.  Every country that has done what the US did has become wealthy.  Most countries in Europe moved from peasant-filled monarchies to democratic societies and free markets after seeing the US succeed - now, wow, they're powerful, too.  And this is after being levelled into poverty by World War 2.  Same with Japan.  The countries that clamp down on their citizens and redistribute wealth for political means are the ones that repeatedly go broke.

Seriously, people, read some history.


There's a lot of suffering in the world.  Most of it is brought on by poverty, as most of the people in the world are quite poor, at least by our American standards.  So, I wonder, how can people sit comfortably upon personal riches in the billions (not to mention millions) of dollars and lavish themselves in every conceivable luxury, while most of the world passes needy before them?  We worship those profoundly rich people.  We give them credit for great wisdom and intelligence, regardless of how they came about their wealth.  We think they are better, smarter and more worthy of things good, because of their wealth.  Why?  

To my way of thinking, people who can sit upon outrageous wealth while people starve around them are monsters; egregious, far less than human MONSTERS.  How could a human with a warm, beating heart be so bereft of compassion and caring that they are immune to the suffering of their fellow man?  They postulate and bluster lies of how everyone has the same opportunities and they just happened to figure out plans yielding enormous wealth for themselves.  Bullshit!!

Most of them either inherited wealth from their fore-monsters, or schemed, connived and or stole their way to riches.  

If a person loses a billion dollars in a year, are they brilliant for having had the billion dollars, or are they a moron for having lost it?  Are they particularly ingenious for engaging a system that passes their "loss" on to the rest of us as tax debt?  

Is everything that comes out of their mouths precious pearls of wisdom, or just filthy trickle?


#603: I dare to bet that your neighbor was a high priced international call girl.


Just a couple days ago I was texting my sister to check out Justin Trudeau, because he's absolutely gorgeous! And he's straight! Beautiful men like him are usually gay. 99% of straight man are unattractive or average looking at best. So, yes, Mrs. Trudeau got very lucky!


I'm just wondering if the rice diet is over now or is the rice diet person gonna continue to eat rice? I sure wish I could loose 30 lbs in 7 weeks, but aren't we supposed to eat a balanced diet with vegetables etc? If the rice diet is over, what are they going to eat to make the switch effectively so that they don't gain the weight back?


Since I can't sleep , I'm just going to fantasize about Justin Trudeau , he is so hot, I mean they should clone him .  I don't blame Ivanka for drooling over him, if I was sitting next to him , I would be doing exactly the same. He is gorgeous, fit , tall(I love tall man) , he has a beautiful smile and his eyes oh my.... his wife is one lucky women .


Very strange thing happened to me once. I lived in an apartment on the Upper East side of New York. I had a smoking hot female neighbor living next door. I'd bump into her every now and then. We made small talk over the years. She told me how she was born and raised in Iowa. Her father was a Baptist minister. She worked as the bookkeeper for a little company that did custodial work for small offices on the Jersey side of the river, like they'd clean a dentist office after hours. It sounds like the world's dullest job. I always felt bad for her. Even she poked fun at it saying the only "excitement" was that most of the cleaning work was done at night, and when there was a problem, like a guy didn't show up for work, she'd have to stay late to help sort it out and the company would then let her stay in a Holiday Inn by the airport, which is why she didn't always come home every night. She didn't have a boyfriend, or any friends over for that matter. You get to know these things about your neighbors when you live in an apartment building.

Me, I worked for a financial trading company. It was/is an exciting profession. I was always tied into world events and making big money decisions. It also meant I had to travel sometimes to Europe to meet with clients. It was on one such trip to Madrid that I took a client out to a restaurant. I arrived half an hour early and sat at the bar. Down a few seats were a man and a woman talking in what I think was Turkish. I could see the face of the man, but the woman had her back to me. I paid little attention to them, except to note that it seemed like a business encounter, they had that kind of formal tone to their voices. After a few minutes the fellow got up I assume to use the restroom. That's when the woman turned around a little more and asked the bartender in Spanish for another round of drinks for her and her acquaintance. It took me a moment, but I couldn't believe it. It was my neighbor! My neighbor?? I called out her name. She turned and looked at me. She stood their frozen for a few seconds, then suddenly got up and left. Walked right out of the restaurant. Her acquaintance came back to his seat. The guy seemed to wait impatiently for my neighbor to reappear. It never happened. He eventually got up and left himself.

A few days later I was back in New York. I was hoping to run into the neighbor, but that also never happened. Soon after, I noticed a new couple had moved into the apartment. My neighbor was just gone, vanished. I never saw her again. I still have no idea what that was about. But I'm thinking she was not a bookkeeper for a custodial company in Jersey.


Really pisses me off when these holier than thou bloggers lose the battle of wits then ban you.


My boss imposed mandatory overtime on Saturdays. Instead of working a half day, we now work a full day. Every single Saturday. That's taking us away from our spouses, our kids, our other obligations; plus we're now waking up four hours early. Why? We're in sales. Boss wants us to get a jump on the competition.

I get in today at nine. Start reaching out to prospects. Turns out, people don't appreciate being contacted much before noon on Saturdays. Color me shocked... I think next Saturday I'll bring a book.


I smell sweet vanilla cupcakes with coconut frosting. I would do me. It would be amazing.


I'm a guy in my mid-40s.  My boss hired a 23-year old office assistant a few months ago.  She's a bit of a tomboy, but she's cute.  The two of us get along.  We went to represent our company at a job fair yesterday.  All through it she's pointing out the guys she wants to bang.  On our way back to the office we start talking about our anal sex experiences.  Normally I would spot this as a woman sending signals to me... and that's what I was doing to her. but it's weird with her.  I don't know what's going on.


I saw a UFO once. It was over the ocean. It buzzed all around, left right up down. I never mention it because people would think I was a kook.


I still miss my dog.  He died 2 years ago.


I am sooo sorry 595. I still cry when I think too much of my cat who died 5 years ago 😞 I loved him so much. It's so hard but you'll get through it. 🙁


My baby boy crossed the rainbow bridge.  He was your favorite orange cat.  😥


Absurdity and weirdness are the most fun qualities a human can have. At least in my book.


I see your beautiful pale face and I know could fuck you through ten feet of concrete.

I love you.


I have a high voltage, frenetic, overwhelming personality. I know I can be scary. :( That's not my heart though. The exterior doesn't match the interior. You don't show other people your softness when you know that they're going to devour you like a defenseless baby seal if you do. Eat or be eaten. It would be nice to not have to worry about getting close to somebody and having my face mauled off and my heart ripped out and mutiliated. So nice... what a pipe dream though.


I think some handicap people make up stories about how about they have been treated badly, just to get more sympathy for themselves. There's a handicap guy I know. His knees hurt. So he needs medical marijuana and a handicap parking sticker. Well at least according to him. But every week he has a new story about how he was accosted in the parking lot by someone claiming he was not handicap at all. First time I believed him. After after a dozen stories in a dozen weeks, like come on, he's making it up. Normal people aren't picking on handicap people that often. It just aint happening that way. His real handicap is that he's a liar.


One seems to want me more than I want her, I want another more than she seems to want me. Time will tell.


In my son's school, the 9th graders had to read this one particular book for English class. There are very detailed sexual passages in the book. It's like pure adult porn. I think this is so wrong of a public school to have kids reading smut, especially when it is demeaning to women by turning them into sex objects. I mean how could this ever have been allowed?

A few things I've learned from this situation. I'm apparently much more conservative than other parents. I see no need to expose my children to porn. I am trying to raise good decent children who know there are boundaries and how to be respectful.

The other thing I've learned, the majority of parents are trailer trash fools. They think it's cool to have their young children reading porn. They are in favor of the book. They pretend they are knowledgeable about literature. Yea, right. Half of them never went to college. They have't read a book in 20 years. But they magically know this porn book is great literature. Yea okay. These are mostly women who are in favor of their young boys reading sex scenes. Gee, parent of the year? I think not.

All in all, I'm left feeling disappointed in how these so-called adults have reacted to this situation. It's a slice of what's wrong with the world. Parents are dumb. They have no business raising children. But you of course can't tell them that. Because they are also know-it-alls and can do no wrong. A bad combination. I really worry how our society will develop over the next 30 years. I'm beginning to think we don't stand a chance.


My breast are big and they are not saggy , of course I have them fix but I seen plenty of women with small saggy breast . I had a friend who nurse all her three kids and even though she was small (b) and never gain much weight during pregnancy, after nursing three kids her breast got very saggy .  She wants to get them fix but her stupid husband thinks is a waste of money  , I honestly feel bad for her . I been there and I know what it feels like when you are not comfortable in your own body . I know I wasn't happy how mines look after nursing a baby , while it was expensive and they did got bigger again , it was worth it . My doctor did a great job , he reshape them and used a  new technique to prevent my boobs from sagging. I'm very happy with them and if one day I want them smaller again , I would definitely go back to him.


There are few better feelings than being fresh and naked after a shower. Total relaxation.


I'm a telemarketer, and I'm not evil. I'm not plotting how to make others' lives difficult. I hate my job probably more than you do. But it's a living, man.


It makes you think, doesn't it? Women with small breasts hate their breasts when they're young because they feel as if they aren't attractive enough, but women with large breasts love their breasts ( despite the back pain ) because of how attractive they are. When they become older the roles change - women with small breasts are grateful because their breasts aren't saggy, and women with big breasts are sad because their breasts get saggy. Just appreciate what you have, because somewhere out there there is a person going wild after you. - man in a relationship with the curviest woman imaginable, in love with a woman that pretty much has a plank for a  body


When I was younger I used to hate when guys  used to stare  at my boobs, I was the 98 pounds girl with big boobs (dd,s) , after I had my kid and nurse for almost a year my breast got ridiculous big even after I dropped a lot of weight my breast wouldn't go back to the same size , so I decided to have a breast reduction with a breast lift . Fast forward almost ten years and my breast grew back again due to my weight going up and down , and recovering from a foot injury that it took almost a year to recover and couldn't put any weight on my foot without excruciating pain . Even though my breast are big , they have a very nice shape and are very perky , they look like fake boobs , I had women ask me if I had them done .  The staring from guys doesn't bother me that much anymore, they are great tits why wouldn't you look at them?  Getting older is not that bad , you start to appreciate what you have.

37/f with great tits


It isn't always that the grass is greener on the other side; sometimes they prefer the dead, brown grass instead.


That press conference was one of the most hilarious things I've ever witnessed.  Trump eats these people alive.  He doesn't take their shit.  It's like he's the father disciplining his unruly children.  After 8 years of the press being in La La Land with Obama, they've forgotten that they don't get everything they want.  It's awesome, and he have another 8 years to watch the hysteria!


No, the free press is not the enemy of the American People you fascist sack of shit.


So now the Pope is telling politicians how they should behave.  Can't get his priests to keep their peckers in their pants.

Wanna get sick -- look up Bishop's Accountability -- every diocese in the US is listed and you can see how many of the clergy have strayed.  Only the tip of the iceberg in my diocese -- priests who have suddenly resigned for various reasons are not listed.  Amount of money spent on the various cases is staggering.  Sunday collection money?


I love my in-laws more than my family. I feel more welcomed in their house than I do my own home...


You seem happy. I'll keep my mouth shut. Just, don't forget the good times. I certainly won't.


I am hoping that when I'm dead and buried that God has mercy on me and puts and iPad in front of my grave with streaming free porn.  

I'm going to miss all that wonderful warm yummy pussy when I'm dead.

I wonder if there's pussy in heaven?   It's probably squeaky-clean vanilla pussy that you can look at, but never get to taste.  Like an expensive strip-joint.  

I'm sure that there is pussy in hell, but dirty, awful, stinky pussy that you wouldn't want to fuck with your friend's cock.


did you marry someone who inspired you?
are happy marriages between people who inspire each other?


Do you you know what I'll always have??

I'll always have the memory of the color of her eyes.  No one can take that away from me.  I'm 30 years old and I'll never, no matter what, be able to recreate the color of her eyes.  That color will forever haunt me and forever be the reason for my happiness.

I have this locked box in my heart Of memories we shared. You cannot take that from me. No matter how petty you are. lol


I know a few girls who have done some hoe shit to make ends meet.

Like how do you even find someone willing to pay you to fuck them?

I've had people joke about it who hasnt but like...I have given it some thought. Just never acted on it.

I gotta get laid. No money involved but a blunt and a fuck would be cool

25, female.


The dark night of the soul is fading, a new day is dawning...


Lost 100 pounds and my husband is still critical. Can't give me one compliment, has to talk shit about every picture I take. He says my lips are too big. My eyes look weird. My smile is stupid. I try and suck in my lips, smile differently, look in a different direction. He still says I look bad. Here's the thing, I look good. I look really good. I look healthy, and happy.


Can you just fucking stop it? You act so fucking clueless and like you just want to show how happy you are. Quit going to all the group events because I don't want to see your bitchy face there and have you refuse to even look at me. But you probably can't look at me because deep down you're ashamed of what you did.

Let's get it straight tho, you're really the cunt. You're the one who told of how your ex pretended how you didn't exist and how awful that was and then you do the same to me. Fuck you. I hope you get hit by a car.


Here's a non-secret
Self esteem isn't everything, it's just that there's nothing without it.

Here's a secret
You will never find your self esteem in a bowl of rice.


I was living at the office where I work for four months. I'd leave in the evening like everyone else. Then I'd come back later, like at 10 pm after I knew the janitor was finished cleaning our floor. I'd sleep on the couch in the lounge and get up at 6 am and go to the gym to take a shower. I'd keep extra clothes in my filing cabinet. It was working out except I felt like a weirdo living in the office. If anyone ever found out I'd be embarrassed beyond repair. It wasn't mentally healthy. As much as I did manage to not spend $1500 a month on rent for that period, I eventually found an apartment and started paying rent again. I'd rate the experience as financially good, emotionally bad.


There are so many things I would love to talk with you about.  Things I would like to get your opinions on, see what you're paying attention to and what you are not.


I have not said anything for awhile. I hope you know you are loved.  I hope you are well.


I will most definitely not meet with you. After everything you did? Not a chance.


I wonder if there is still only one of you.  I miss you.


183542- why are you dumping on the rice person? I admire their push to get healthy. I hope and wish he/she inspires more people to try it and help their health. Typical how when someone does something good for themselves, someone has to screw with them.....rice person  keep up your good work


Yes there will be a meeting


I wish I wasn't so awkward around you. I wish I could be cool. But the truth is even after all this time I still love you. I always will. Just touching your hand today nearly killed me. I'm such a fucking loser.


I hate living in a generation and society that brands you as some kind of freak, deviant, and weirdo for expressing genuine emotion.  What has happened to mankind?


We will have no face to face meetings. I know all I need to know.


I spent V-Day alone.

I saw my boyfriend the night before. We had a nice dinner. I got him a card and some candy. We had a nice meal. I love him, but I don't think I am in love with him anymore.

We don't have sex as much as we used to. He asks me if I want to get fucked, but he won't take me because it is hard for him to come. He won't go down on me, and I don't want to ask because he should know enough to do it. He acts older than his age and had his "fun" before me.

Sounds like a typical situation for a woman to be in with a man? Except, I'm a man...relatively, newly out. All I want is a guy to fuck me six ways to Sunday. I'll do the cooking and cleaning to boot. I'm 49, but I feel like 19 with my libido.


I am almost 23 next month and am 5 days sober. This is a brand new start and life for me. I'm very serious but I won't tell anyone I'll just show them.


I'm not over her. It hits me momentarily.. the fact that just somebody she used to know and when we're in the same room she pretends I don't exist. I wish that she knew if she cared she could just treat me like another person instead of pretend I don't exist... She's cold and harsh, I don't know why... and that's what hurts now. Not the fact that we aren't together, but how she sees me.

The other night wasn't helpful for me either, after chatting with someone a bit and then meeting for the first time for a couple drinks, the evening went so well. I just felt like we connected through the stories we shared and it just felt so nice.. I felt attracted and toward the end thought of kissing her.. I never kiss on the first date - but I did.

We were standing beside her car and I decided to because she was open to it and woah.. Let's just say I wondered if she had been in a relationship before because her concept of kissing seemed.. err.. a little aggressive and yeah. Not very pleasant.

The next evening I made the poor choice of getting together and putting off my responsibilities. I should have been writing or reading, but instead she came over for a movie and she was all about the physical touch and wanted to make out more than watch the movie, which I was kind of surprised by, but I followed along... and then later we moved to my bed and things got more heated and led to me sliding my hands down her pants...

I'm like, "Who am I right now?". Really, I just met this girl yesterday and now this is happening? For me, I don't want to get physical this soon in a relationship, I know it will only hinder our growth and make it difficult to cut loose if I no longer see a future for us both..

I don't want to be this person, I want to be able to say no and respectfully decline this physical stuff. I'm afraid I won't though. It's not right, I don't want to use someone... We're supposed to get together Sunday for another date.. I'm kind of terrified of what might happen.


People that want to stick their finger up my ass are creepy.  I hooked up with another man a month ago, and during sex he kept trying to stick his finger up my ass without my permission.  I kept telling him to stop, and that I didn't like it.  He would stop for a minute, then continue to try again.  It was so rape like, uncomfortable, and gave me no pleasure.  I never want to do this again.


I'm 23 years old, and I quit drinking 61 days ago, on my birthday. I had a real problem with alcohol. People may not take me seriously because I'm young or because I haven't been off the stuff for long, but they don't know how serious I am, or how bad it was. It doesn't really matter how seriously they take it anyway, because that's all my business.

The thing is, after drinking so heavily for 7 years, it's changed my personality. I forgot how much of my "outgoing nature and Devil may care attitude" was due to booze. People really like that about me. I forgot that I'm actually pretty socially awkward in some situations, especially around new people. Drunk me navigated social groups like Captain Fucking Ahab, and didn't really care if people liked her or not. She always had a fun time, regardless of who was or wasn't around. She also made a plethora of terrible decisions and made a fool of herself, but there were some benefits to not giving a shit about being nervous.

Still, it's weird being a young adult and feeling awkward, like a teenager. It's almost like drinking pressed pause on my real life and thrust me into another one--one ruled by singular motives and the Id brain. Being stuck in alcoholism often felt like being trapped underwater in a dream--I barely aware of what's going on around me, and I was stuck. Now on the other side, on top of already being a young person who doesn't know who the fuck they want to be, I'm also someone who doesn't quite remember who they are.

There are so many parts of my personality that I'm using now that I haven't had to in ages, and it's good mental exercise. This isn't entirely due to quitting drinking, but I've changed up some of my social groups and interests. I'm having more intellectual conversations than ever, partially because I'm motivated to reclaim my intelligence (when you're always drinking or drunk, people tend to think you're pretty stupid on the whole). It gets tempting to drink, because I think one little drink won't hurt, but then I remember how bad it really got and I stay away. I hope I never drink again.


I'm not into the whole finger up the guy's ass thing either.  Apparently a lot of them like it because of the prostate.  But my ex would want me to do that sometimes while jerking him off or giving him head and it's actually a lot of work if the guy takes a long time to cum.  My wrist would be all twisted because he'd want it up there not just in a little, and yea I'd keep my nails short too.  I love giving my man head, fucking, sucking his balls, i get down, but sticking my finger up his ass...not a turn on.


"....not seeing you, I feel the walls closing.
I would not wish for anyone else
such absence".

Almost a year later. The things I have learned.


My husband only cums with a bj if I also stick my finger up his ass. I don't remember signing up for this. I met him through work. It was a very professional environment. I would not have believed you if you told me I would marry this good looking man in the expensive suit and we would have sex regularly and I would be sticking my well-manicured finger up his ass.


Sorry, Difficult Wife Guy. Dumb as your wife is, you clearly like it. Or you are braindead yourself. When I read your posts I feel like you both are a match made in heaven!


I've had an affair with a married woman.  I, myself, am married but I kicked my wife out of my house shortly after I began the affair.  I didn't kick her out based on the affair, as the decision was made before I met the woman I was dating.

Now foolish me, I believed the I love you's and the I care and sacrificed my heart for the sake of logic.  I got in as deep as I can with anyone, gave as much as I can to only get trampled on by the one I thought loved me.  Now her husband is suddenly mr. nice guy and mr. wonderful.  So she wants to be with him.

The problem is, that this has happened before.  Too many times in fact.  When he goes back to being the way he is, which he will because he doesn't see where his behavior is a problem, she will be back at square one.  

I'm not her first affair but I truly believed I was her last.  I thought treating her like a queen would make her mine but some people just won't take a leap of faith.  What did I learn?  Never get involved with a married woman, get involved with someone who will cherish the nice guy you are.  Someone who will walk a mile over broken glass to bring you a spoonful of water to quench your thirst.  Don't settle on being someones second best but focus on being their last of everything.


Difficult wife dude: was your wife always like that? When did things change?


You never pull the stools out from the breakfast counter in order to sweep the floor there, and if you do, there's no possibility that the stools might have become swapped around when they were put back?  And there's no possibility that if you sat on the stool that mightn't have felt pads on its feet, you wouldn't scratch the floor?

Yep, that's brain dead.


I'm still alive?       Damn it.


My wife drives me crazy with the dumb things she does.

We are in the kitchen. There are two wooden stools by the breakfast counter. I sit on one. She says she wants to sit on that one and I should move to the other one. I ask why? She says she never sits on the other stool. I ask why? She says she's not sure if there are felt pads under the feet of the stool. Seeing we had the floors sanded and refinished, she doesn't want to sit on that stool in case it scratches the floor.

I'm was like really? We had the floors done a year ago. You haven't sat on that stool for the entire past year?

She says nope.

I say, "Wouldn't it have made sense to simply turn the stool over and look to see if the felt pads were there? Rather than avoiding the stool for an entire year. Like how long would it take to turn the stool over? 5 seconds? You couldn't spare 5 second during the entire year?"

She says nope.

I turn the stool over. There are felt pads. She then says okay, she'll sit on it.

But she scares me. She's like brain dead.


I have cheated on my husband on and off for the entire 14 years we have been married. I always end the affairs and tell myself I'm going to straighten up and be good, but I always falter. I wonder if I even have it in me to be faithful. He is aware of some of the things I've done such as sexting, but, does not know I've actually had intercourse with anyone else. I've managed to keep that from him, although I'm sure he suspects. It's so bad that I have lost count of how many men I've slept with outside of my marriage.


Days like today each time I hear footsteps coming up the hall I say to myself "I hate people. I wish people would just fucking die" It's a day that I want to be alone and not even have anyone look at me or walk by my work station. I think it's time to leave the building for a while and take a lunch break.


Even though we have been apart for quite a few years......I still love you, even though I don't know you anymore.  Whatever the reason, I love you.


542...You are a miserable human being. Leave the rice person alone, if you have nothing constructive & positive to say dont say anything at all. Your hate is showing..
Quit dumping on someones progress...


After reading this secrets on here about how crappy their valentines days was, my problems seem insignificant. I mean poor guy who got shorts ? For valentines and wife wouldn't even tickle his balls . Seriously, I'm a women and feel sorry for this guys , I mean it will only get worse and probably when they get lucky and get some from their wife is probably very boring, vanilla sex , where the women just lay there waiting for the guy to do all the work.  How this man end up marrying this kind of women ? Did one day all of the sudden decided to become these nagging, bitchy, homely, not liking sex all of the sudden? I don't sleep around or anything like that but when I have a boyfriend I always satisfy my man .
F/ late 30's who likes sex


183536 - Rice person...congrats on you success. I hope this changes your eating process when you end the rice only diet. Just remember, keep counting the calories, less in more out...keep us informed


I know we haven't met, but you had feelings for me like I had feelings for you even though we didn't meet.  I felt something, a connection.  I would never do anything to you, so what are you scared of?  I am very picky, not in the sense that the guy has to be the cutest or the anything-est, just in the sense that I don't just like any guy easily.  So when I do, it matters to me.  I don't wanna just have sex with anyone or be around just anyone.  I wish I was easier, I wish I liked a bunch of guys and fucked for the sake of fucking, just for the fun of it, but I'd rather do it with someone I like.  I'm so sorry if I come off needy because of that, I just wanna have a shot with you.  I feel so stupid after what happened, I shouldn't feel for you at all but I do.  I know you wanted to fuck me, you were attracted to me,  I could feel it...don't be scared of me, I only wanna make you feel good...


My boyfriend yells at me for laying around and makes my head worse. I'm laying down because I have a bad concussion from a head on collision. He is the worst.


I want to try the rice diet now too ;)


Rice diet person here. Passed the 7 week mark. 31 pounds. Still going. Observations:

- I need more holes in my belt.

- I'm wearing clothes I haven't had on in 25 years.

- Rice with hot sauce tastes like a juicy steak, if you use your imagination.

- When I turn sideways, you can't see me.



I am a rather old man of sixty.  I look 45; 40 on my best days.  My delightful, handsome, young fiance is 32.  We've been together for almost a year and a half.  Neither of us has a great deal of money, so it's not that.  We get along really, really great!  We genuinely love and respect each other.  The only thing is it's too bad I will have to leave him to face old age alone someday.  I have never known such happiness!!!

I wasn't looking and never expected it; in fact I had consciously given up on finding love, then he came along.  Do Not Let Age Stand in the Way of Your Path to Happiness! You never know what's out there -- FOR YOU!!!


Fixing immigration. That's good. Bringing back jobs, repairing the economy, working out a better health care plan, all these things are good.

But honestly, the biggest single distraction to our quality of life ---- is telemarketers. Seriously, if some Mexican dude crosses the border through a hole in the fence, it doesn't affect me. But my phone ringing 10 times a day with someone trying to send me a new credit card, that affects me much more.

I say pass a law where anyone making a telemarketing call is beheaded.


I knew this one guy from X category. He displayed this Y character trait that I didn't like. So based on this one guy I knew from X category, I say watch out for people from that category. They ALL display that Y trait.

Makes sense, right?


I put up a relentlessly cheerful and optimistic front to the point where it grates on even my nerves. I try to make everybody laugh and smile and feel pleased with themselves. I act like I can handle everything. But there are so many times when i just want to collapse...just fall to my knees and lay my head in someone's lap so they can stroke my hair and tell me that it's okay to give it a rest for a while.  I've fended for myself for so long I forget what it feels like to just be held and feel safe..


Oh wow, three men tortured a turtle to death, and when a disabled veteran asked them to stop they nearly beat him to death. Man the news is going to have a field day with this one, I wonder if th--…oh, the three men were black? Never mind. The news will probably blame the disable Veteran for getting involved, donate a thousand dollars to BLM, and then invite the Chicago four over for a pizza party.



I am so tired.


i am hurting because i want to give you my heart and a home.
i need to give you my heart and a home. maybe this is my purpose.


God is everywhere. God is in you. God is even in me.


I said my prayers.But no ones hearing.Might be a wheel in the sky,but no ones steering


My Dad is a dentist. He's been in practice for over 30 years. He has several other younger dentists working for him plus a slew of dental hygienists, receptionists and  billing people. It's a full blown business he operates. The largest dental practice around. He's well revered in the dental community. I have no idea how much money he makes but I'm sure it's a lot, like $1 million a year.

He also plays golf. He loves golf. He usually finds time to play everyday or so. There is a public course in our town. It's a mile from his dentist office. That's where he plays.

A few years ago the little restaurant at the golf course closed down. The people operating it decided to open a bigger restaurant elsewhere. My dad was bummed. He often ate lunch there.

He had an idea. He would operate the restaurant at the golf course. Why not? He already operated one business with employees. He knows what it takes. Why not open another one.

He worked it all out with the golf course and he was in the restaurant business.

It's a really funny thing though. Restaurant employees are not nearly as reliable as dental employees. They often quit with no notice. This is a big problem. You can't serve people food if there is no waitress. You can't clean tables if there is no bus boy. So my dad often takes on these roles at the last minute. I'll stop by the golf course and he is clearing tables and bringing food out to patrons. There are golfers who must look at my dad thinking what a poor schmuck. The guy is 60 and he works as a busboy. They leave a $3 tip on the table. Meanwhile they have no idea my dad makes millions. LOL.


I'm 45 and have a job that takes me to a local college about once a week.  Normally, I can walk across campus like a ghost.  Young kids are wrapped up in their own worlds and don't really care to pay attention to older people.  I usually only get glanced at by kids who don't want to walk into me.  It's a little surreal just how ignored I am.  Today, however, I was walking through one of the cafeterias when I noticed this Asian girl with platinum blonde hair staring at me blankly.  I notice this stare.  It's a stare of physical interest.  I'm a good looking guy, but I'm 25 years older than these people and my best days are well behind me.  An Asian girl with this blonde hair - that's a sign of a girl with daddy issues.  No wonder she looked at me the way she did.  Part of me would love to go back and find a way to talk to her, but with age comes the knowledge that it would be a pathetic thing to do, I'd look stupid doing it, I'd seem creepy, it's mostly fantasy anyway, and most of all, I'm just too tired to care.  I guess that's my secret: I'm growing older, but a young, attractive, vibrant woman noticed me today.


In sports, you can always tell the most obnoxious people by how they act when their team wins. The real petty insecure ones act like they actually did something to create the win.
Same with politics.


Liberals can't win an election, so now they're boycotting everybody who disagrees with them.

What clear desperation.  How childish.

See you in 2018, when you lose some more.


I keep having daydreams about living fully naked 24/7.  My investments can cover my nut, so to speak, but the kids are about to go to college.  Ugh, I guess 10 more years on the job I guess.  It makes for nice dreams though.


I once saw a bit of a German porno film where the male actor, about to ejaculate, said with clear articulation, "Ich komme" (I'm coming).  A couple of moments later he said hurriedly to the female actor, "C'mere" (come here).  Somehow, I don't think that the male actor was a local.


Sometimes I feel like I gave up little parts of myself over time, being with you. Things I realized I was sad about losing as I lost them, but thought were worth it for you.

Now I wonder if they really were. I wonder if I'm even myself sometimes.


I've cheated on my spouse at least once a year. Keeps things in perspective and helps me realize I'm not a sexless blob that happens to have a pussy attached. You should try it.


I've had a few close people try to convince me that I'm not a good person over the last few years.

They are wrong.


Born and raised a Catholic all my life -- in my 80's now.  Tired of seeing the Pope (who I like) trying to tell world leaders, news media, etc., how to act.  He can't even get his own clergy in line.  What a joke!


Watching so-called "professional"  Porn these days is so dumb.  

The guy is moaning louder than a retard giving birth to a kidney stone
UNnnnn.  Nnnnjn. Nnnnnnn. Nnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!  FUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu Uuuuuuuuuuuuuu kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk gruuuuunnnnttttt....fuuuuuuuu uuuuuuuu KKKKKK iiiiiiiNNNNNN,,,,,,!!!

No wonder amateur porn rules everywhere these days.

Guys....Shut the fuck up.   I just want to hear the bitch moan so that I can empty my balls.


I hate myself. Everything I do is wrong. Nobody could ever love me.


I think Trump is losing weight. Good for him. He's looking quite dashing!


Thank you Pam, yesterday was the best Valentine's Day I have had in a long time. We have fun! I think we would be good together...


After my girlfriend gets mad at me, we have the best sex. Go figure.


I'm considering becoming a professional cuddler, so I can finally have the affection I need and focus on other things in life.


Here's a secret. For real. I've dated a lot of women. I've had many relationships.

When it ends. I always let the woman think I'm devastated. I email her, I let her know my pain. Eventually, they move on.

The Secret. That's the whole fucking point.

Still haven't settled.

- Yoda


Be a champion. Be emotional. Be available. Be honest. Be brave. Be confident. Be authentic. Be free. Give.


One of my coworkers is such a bitch. She's an admin like the rest of us, but from time to time she acts like she's a manager, trying to delegate simple tasks just because she doesn't feel like doing them. Thing is, it's a really small company, so everyone needs to help out and do their part to keep things going! There are far too many egos flying around already. Oh well, nobody really likes her anyway, and she knows it


Just because you watched the captain navigate the ship doesn't mean you're capable of taking the helm. I give it two years, maybe one, before you're not even on the radar anymore.

Never abandon your captain.


My wife not only scrutinizes any gift I give her for Valentine's Day, but she also gets mad if I don't buy the gift a week in advance. If I buy it on Feb 14, forget about it, she's pissed as hell saying I put in no effort. There were times I had to show her the receipt to prove I bought the gift before Valentine's Day. Like somehow the most important thing about the gift is not the thought, but the date of purchase.


I used to work with this girl from India who never washed her hands when she used the bathroom. I always thought that was strange. Then someone told me there is no toilet paper in India and everyone shits in the streets. Maybe she thought she didn't have to here since she used TP. Also she smelled like pussy all the time. Some of our coworkers complained and someone had to have an embarrassing conversation with her about it. She was bizarre.


I wonder if these difficult wife stories are from different people, or if they are all about the same woman. I don't know which is worse,  the prospect that multiple women that act like this or one guy puts up with it all.

34f, would never dream of treating my man like that.


Before I died , I would like to spend some time again in Bali, Indonesia. When I was a kid my father worked for Garuda Indonesia,  the airline , we stayed in Bali for a few months before we left for Australia . I'm not even into tropical weather but there's something magical about that place , food was great , the locals were very friendly, it was just great . Me and my siblings would spend hours in the pool just being kids , in the late afternoon we would go and explore the island and on the days my father was off , we would go and visit temples and other tourist attractions,  everyday was a new adventure.  Lately I been very nostalgic about my childhood, i guess I'm tired of routines , I miss traveling , living in different countries , exploring new cultures.  I guess my dad was right I should it choose a career on aviation oh well , I miss my call .

37/f who needs an adventure


My wife never listens to any concerns I have. I clean the entire house. She never cleans. It's not her thing. So I clean the entire house every Saturday morning while she's out who knows where. When she comes home, I kindly remind her how the house is clean and could she please not dump all of her stuff all over the kitchen counter. It would be nice to keep the house looking clean for a while. She blows up at this. She is incensed I am implying she makes a mess. She does make a mess. She ignores that part. What's really happening is she feels guilty that I do all the work and she does squat. But instead of acknowledging her guilt and putting in a little more effort, she desperately tries to cover it up and say that I've done something wrong by cleaning the house and wanting to keep it clean. It's impossible to talk with her.


You make me laugh so hard to the point where I'm crying. It's not that what you say is funny necessarily, it's just delightful to hear someone speak thoughts that could've come straight out of my own head. That doesn't happen very often, if at all. You have no idea how extraordinary you actually are. I love that. Can't put my finger on it, but you remind me of myself. Your spirit speaks to me. I admire the hell out of it. Let's do this. It would be epic.


Its a have to make visits and be accepted first.its not an overnight not gonna quit my job and go tomorrow.but it is worth looking into.i have the right characteristics to be a monk


The truth is you're punking out. Don't do it! Don't sell your life short that way. Take a leap. If nothing else, it will be an adventure.


With all the pain ive been through and my opened eyes,i am seriously considering the monastic lifestyle.i have to quit cigarettes and rededicate my life to prayer and solitude.i really think this is my calling


What happened to all the sympathy for the Haitians.  Nothing has changed in Haiti. Guess it switched to Syrian muslims.


The Government We Got.....Is the Government We Deserve...I hope this Administration Leaves the Country in better shape than the last Administration.....Not that the last Admin did a bad Job....We should Improve Little by Little.


You can't tame a dragon. You can only get burnt to a crisp by it, admire its beauty from afar, or embrace the part of you that is also a dragon.

Always be the dragon.


today you really showed me true disappointment. I felt so let down by you. Im so mad at you right now because I believed in your shitty ass words. Im so so fucking stupid. of course you never had anything planned. You were never thinking about it. you sat here and told me how this was all planned out since the beginning and now the day is getting close you all of a sudden have nothing to show for all your promises. Like this feeling sucks and you made it worse by asking me to not do anything because you knew itd make you feel like a piece of shit and youd feel compelled to do something in return instead of you just doing it because YOU WANTED to.on top of that you didnt even take the initiative to send me anything... like you let me have high hopes for nothing


My husband is so clueless as to how much of a cunt his boss is. She is endlessly screwing him over through pay, raises, & health insurance.  I only really care about the last part because she appears to take joy in switching healthcare providers on us mid-pregnancy.

Well I just discovered the law that protects me from that.

So cunt lady can go suck it!!!

I really wish my husband weren't so stupid when it comes to her. I wouldn't even care if he was fucking her or the receptionist--- just stop being so blindly dumb about how they treat you there!!!


Whatever we had completely dissolved. I feel like I gave up trying to make you happy anymore, because suddenly I had to focus on not crying on a daily. Once that happened it only got worse, of course you noticed. At that point there was nothing I could do to fix it, my heart could hardly take knowing this was coming. Our love, always seems to be the perfect storm


It looks like those "innocent" phone calls between NSA head Flynn and Russia were being wiretapped. Not surprised, if true. Plus with the "alternative facts", The "Bowling Greene Massacre", innaugruation crowd sizes, and all these White House leaks it's not looking too good for this administration right now. Don't get me wrong, I have no feelings for politicians, republican or democrat. To me about 85% of them are crooks and liars. I am not registered with neither party and I've voted for both republican and democrat candidates. So when Trump first got elected and my liberal/democrat friends were going crazy, I would remind them about the old saying, "Give someone enough rope and they'll hang themselves."

- From The Outside Looking In


I've been alone for almost nine years now, and the only thing depresseing about Valentine's Day is hearing all the couples fight. Other than that, it's just another day in my book.


If people would stay where they belong then all these bleeding heart bad things wouldn't happen to them.


You dreamt of me just when I wrote you that message asking you if I can call you or if I should do that in your dream. Holy fucking shit, seriously... I dreamt of you four times, and you dreamt of me four times... Can't we admit to each other that we both want each other the most in the world? Give me the word, give me two words, give me those three words and I'll be with you. I can feel you... just as you can feel me. And we'll sit this one out like two schmucks, never doing anything about it, because we're both fucking pussies. I won't break my word to you that we'll always be friends, and I won't leave her because I never break up, and you won't try anything with me because you never try anything with a man in a relationship. I can do this, you know? I can spend my whole life with a woman that I don't love... just as long as I know that you're happy. Just  be happy... even if it is without me.


I dream of a world where we all shine


A delightful teacher in my daughter's school just died of cancer. She was 51. She had headaches. Then dizziness. She went to the doc. Brain cancer was found. More tests were done. Last week the doctor said the woman had a year to live. But the other day she died. Everyone is shocked. How could the doctor have gotten the timing so wrong? What's not being said is that teacher was overwhelmed by the news. She was told how over the next year the physical control of her muscles would fade. Her body functions would start failing. All along her mentally capacity would become more and more impaired. Ultimately she would die a vegetable pooping in her pants. After learning all this, she took her own life. It was the humane alternative. The schools are not saying it though. It's tricky. No one wants the students to know their teacher committed suicide. It remains a secret.


My wife has gone to bed. No sex for me this valentines day. Maybe on my birthday in August.


My call on what.i wish i knew if this was you.maybe you can give me a sign that its you.a number or saying i would recognize


I don't understand why God allows certain people to exist. These are evil people. Why doesn't God make them go away or make them become better people. I'm thinking about helping God out


Giving you your space and not saying Happy Valentine's Day to you is killing me.


I've been in the situation where I canceled on my girlfriend for valentines day saying I had to work. It was a lie. There was another woman I was dating. I wanted to be with her so I invented the excuse of working as a way to ditch out on the longer term girlfriend. So beware. If your boyfriend ditches you on valentines day, look a little deeper.


Thanks for chatting tonight. You made my Valentine's Day. I'm glad we were able to resolve our issues. You're the best.


Valentine's Day just isn't fun for me. I've had such bad luck with men, and I've had two Valentine's days where the guy I was dating did something for me and I for them. I'm full of affection and love for the right person, but with the failures in relationships I've had, I've decided to plan my life not to expect that I'll meet someone. Whether I look or wait for it to find me as people say I should do, I can't find what I want and know I deserve. If I someone, I'll be so happy. If not, then at least I had time to accept it. There are times where I have a rough and wish for nothing more than for someone to lay with me and hold me. Sometimes the loneliness gets to me more than other times.

I'm uncharacteristically wallowing in self-pity right now because I feel like a failure in so many areas of my life. I have crippling ADHD and it makes functioning as an adult difficult even with medication and treatment. It's a curse. I'd sacrifice the creativity it gives me just to have a normally functioning brain. Adderall gives me a glimpse of what that is like. It must be lovely. It feels like the older I get, either it's getting worse, or the increasing stresses and obligations in my life that weren't there in the past are overwhelming me and I struggle to keep up.

I'm usually resilient and strong, but privately, sometimes I just have to break down and cry because I can't hold it in and don't always know who to talk to. I don't want to be judged if I tell someone I'm on an improvement plan at work and how scared I am that I won't be hired back next year. I have $2,000+ in monthly bills. Minimum wage won't cut it, and I don't have any other skills besides my skills as a teacher. What else would I do? I can't afford to go back to school AND to work at the same time. I'm too out of shape and embarrassed of my body to be a stripper, haha.

I've whined enough, ugh. I'm annoyed with myself for writing this. But there's no one who I feel should have to sit through listening to all this, so I turn to the cave to unburden myself where no one knows me. I'll make it through. Sometimes it's just harder than others to carry all this with me. I've crafted an effective mask of cheerfulness and energy to hide this all behind.


If you can tell the difference between Westboro Baptist Church and normal, non-bigoted Christians, then you can tell the difference between radical Islam practiced by backwards people and normal, peaceful Muslims.


For Valentines Day today my wife got me a present. That is rare. I don't recall her ever getting me a present. She's always too jaded. She uses the day to sneer at me and denounce everything I've ever done - I chose the wrong career, I bought the wrong house, my parents are jackasses etc. But today she was different, she handed me a wrapped present. I opened it. It was a bar of soap. On the box she wrote "USE IT". Guess she got tired of picking on everything I've ever done. Now she wants to tell me I smell bad. I hate her.


I still love you. Valentine's day is such a stupid thing but I'll remember the one we had together forever.


Happy Valentine's Day


I do nice things for my wife for Valentines Day and she appreciates them.  With three kids, money can be tight but splurged and got her a big Valentines/Birthday gift.  Happy to do it.  Got a nice card and a pair of shorts.  No complaints but...

I wish she had given me coupons for blowjobs.  I mean 5 coupons would have meant a lot to me.  Considering our marriage is virtually sexless, it would have been an amazing gesture.

I'll tell any woman who will listen, blowjobs save marriages.


Good, that little twit FINALLY stopped making an idiot of herself trying to get my husband's attention.  We were at the same party a few nights ago, and she didn't pull her usual routine of all but doing cartwheels to try to keep his attention on her.  She's about as subtle as a dog humping someone's leg, no kidding.

Sure, she's 22, but she's scrawny and homely and dresses badly, and doesn't know how to modulate her voice.  She's loud, she interrupts people, and her conversation is banal.  I may be 20 years older, but when I enter a room, people are watching me, and seeking out conversations with me.

Plus that man of mine can't get enough of me -- we're a power couple and we know it.  He looks like King Stud with me on his arm and he loves that.

Besides, I look like a sexually mature adult woman, and Little Twit looks like a malnourished teenager.  It's more believable that she could be his niece than some likely contender for his affections -- plus once he figured out that she was trying to be my rival, he cut contact with her entirely.

Youth doesn't automatically trump style, beauty, graciousness, and charm, little girl, and he and I have had years and years of good times together, and a lot of VERY fun sex as well.  Just because a relationship is of long duration doesn't mean it's gone stale by any means.  Yes, I know my man is sophisticated, charming, handsome, and rich, but he's also MINE.    

A lioness isn't threatened by a little puppy no matter how loud she yaps, silly child.  Only a fool would trade a classic Mercedes for a Kia.  

I can't wait until she finds an age-appropriate boyfriend and EFFS OFF, before her antics make my poor husband look cheap.  He hates to be rude, but she's so clueless he might have to be.


LOVELY Valentine's Day. My husband knows I hate big crowds, so he always takes me for a nice dinner around Valentine's, but not on the day proper, so that we get better service and a full menu, not some pre fixe thing with four choices.

On Valentine's Day proper, we stay in and shag each other stupid.

Happy Valentine's Day to me...!!!


My crazy liberal friend posted another gem on Facebook today.  She wrote: "So people are literally losing appendages just to escape Trump and get into Canada."  There was a link to an article about a man, originally from Somalia, who had fled his country.  He had gone to South America, then made his way up to Mexico, and finally into the US.  He applied for asylum but was denied, and detained for two years.  Finally he was granted a work visa under the condition that he report to immigration every three months.  He was living in NY with a relative, but in December, he heard that immigration was looking for him, and he was probably going to be deported.  So he caught a bus and ended up at the ND/Canada border.

And here, in the dead of winter, with very little clothing, he crossed the border, in a blizzard.  Unfortunately, he ended up with frostbite and had to have all of his fingers except for his thumbs amputated.  Very sad story indeed, and not an isolated incident.

So my friend, and her friends, are screaming at how horrible it is that people are losing fingers and toes to "get away from Trump."  Look what he's doing to people.  Yes, it IS horrible.  But the thing is, they are still alive.  What about the people losing their LIVES trying to get into the US?  Trying to get away from the Cartels?  Dying from dehydration, starvation and murder?  Does that matter?  Are appendages more important than lives?  Apparently.  Both sets of immigrants are doing the same thing - trying to escape and make a better life for themselves.  What's the difference?

The difference is TRUMP.  Anything to blame this man.  She could give a rat's ass about people literally dying to get HERE, only the ones getting hurt trying to GET OUT of here.   I want to punch her in the fucking mouth.  This is why I'm beginning to hate liberals.  Nothing else in the world matters unless it has to do with Trump.


If the purpose of the hell that I went through was to make me a better woman and lead me to you, I would crawl back through broken glass and fire and live it all again. Without question.


perhaps some people are made whole by filling others up. when they cannot do so they remain empty. perhaps.


how can a hollow heart give another joy? all i can do is work on myself and push to create every possible success and step forward.. i want her to be happy.. it actually hurts sometimes to see her smile for my sake.. i just want to be well. i want to feel whole with her in our moments.. i want her to feel whole even more than i want it for me.. it's weird.. she's honestly the most beautiful person..


Speaking of terrible gifts , I once got underwear from a very close friend , I kid you not. When I was younger 18-23 , i went through a stage where I didn't wore any panties at all , i just found them uncomfortable, so I never wore them even when I used to wear skirts and dresses . Apparently this used to bother my friend for whatever reason that she decided it would be a good idea to buy me some as a present it's not the worst though she made me open my present in front of her boyfriend, awkward .  As soon as I got home I put them on my donation bin .


My "boyfriend" (or whatever he is) was bitching about jow annoying Valentine's day is last night and then this morning looked at me like I had 5 heads when I mentioned it.

"Today's valentines day? How was I suppose to know its not like we have a wall calendar."

Fucking kill me. I want out of this relationship.


I got up for work as usual. My wife started hounding me about taking her on vacation. it turned out one of her friends was going on vacation. My wife was not to be outdone. She needed to brag back how she was going away too. Thus the incessant nagging on this particular morning. I told her I couldn't discuss it right now because I had to get to work.  She followed me out to my car. She stood in the way so I could not close my car door, demanding I say yes. Minutes went by with her yelling in the driveway. I finally tricked her. I drove the car forward a few feet catching her off guard, and then I was able to close the door. No luck though. She rushed behind the car so I could not back up. She had me pinned in. It was a ridiculous sight. It was a fun game for her though to be as difficult as possible. It's like she gets these things into her head and she will stop at nothing to cause a problem. Finally after another 5 minutes of her yelling and me pleading, she moved out of the way so I could get to work.

But the story wasn't over. An hour later I was at work in the sea of cubicles. There are about 30 people working in the immediate area. Suddenly across the floor I heard my name being called. It was my wife. She had come to the office. Like no way, please God, no way. She came marching over and started letting into me again about vacation. "What kind of husband refuses to take his wife on vacation? All my friends are going on vacation and you can't even talk about it! What a sad excuse of a person you are!!"

I desperately tried to calm her down. My co-workers were poking their heads up. My boss came out of his office to ask if everything was alright. I was mortified. She wouldn't stop. I finally walked out of the building. She followed me, thank god. I had no words for her, no words. Who behaves this way except the most difficult person in the world.

Do you see why I need to get out of this marriage? This women, she has a mental illness. I need to be free of her. Please god help me.


My wife wakes up angry on V-Day. Nothing I ever do is good enough so she jumps right ahead and starts the day off being angry. It's depressing. I liked V-Day as a kid. Now I despise it.


Im so lonely


Well I never got a nice Valentine's Day.  Every Valentine's Day my ex would start some shit with me, never got me anything, (not even a card, i'm not hard to please), one year i had to help him break down all these boxes in his house.  Last year, he had off on Valentine's Day but switched with a guy at work because the guy wanted to be with his wife.  WTF?  Me and him were off the same day which happened to fall on Valentine's day but he switched? The thing is my ex wanted to spend more time with me, and he does that, so it was like spite.  The only years he was nice was when we were broken up and he was trying to get back with me, then he sent flowers and a cute stuffed animal. When he's trying to be with me he's Mr. Romance but when he has me he's fucking lazy with it.


I am feeling miserable and broken today. I passed out Valentine's candy to everybody and smiled and said "Happy Valentine's Day", though. I'm trying. I always try to boost people up. Some days are so much harder than others. I need a hug. Not anything else...just a remind me that I matter to somebody.


As a guy I hate Valentines Day. It's a day where women can whine and complain all they want and the guy is just supposed to accept it. Last year I gave my wife flowers and chocolate. She was livid, saying "No jewelry? Where's the jewelry? You want a fucking blowjob this year and you can't ever buy me jewelry. All my friends got jewelry!"

How charming. Seriously women, what's wrong with you?


I love you, Lisa.


Happy Valentines Day Buuuud...


Latest Trump scandal is a misspelling on a poster.

And the liberals wonder why people don't vote Democrat anymore.


My sister was married to a Muslim man.  We liked him.  He was a good guy, owned three businesses.  My sister was getting her master's degree in finance.

Turned out he was hitting my sister and her daughter to "discipline" her.  She sent me the pictures of the hand prints on her.

My sister said this was what the Muslim community did to their women.  They'd beat them when they "misbehaved."

Oh, right: Muslims are allowed to do whatever they want to the infidel.  They can lie to us, break contracts, rape, murder, and steal from us, and it's okay.  God expects the Muslim to punish the nonbeliever (us).

Yes, there are good Muslims.  I work for and with a few.  But these are educated, Americanized Muslims.  People who want the riff raff in this country are insane.


The Russian is laughing all the way to the bank. Can't get any better for them.


Valentines day '15: Was in love with the woman that would end up becoming the mother of my child. The day of valentines I got back in late, but wanted to spend time with her. We were unable to hang out, but wanted to see her the next day. I bought her some very nice presents. The next day she went to a concert with another man and I threw away her gifts.

We broke up and I found out she was pregnant a few weeks later.

Valentines day '16: Same woman left with my three month old daughter, who I didn't see for 34 days and I almost killed myself. She accused me of being physically violent with her. They served me the papers on Valentines day.

This year I'm alone. I'm alive. I have a beautiful daughter. It almost cost me my life. I'm glad to be here.


Islam is at the root of most of the conflicts  in  Africa ,Europe and the Middle East today. Face facts.
Americans should stop watching Fox, MNSBC, The Kardashians and Oprah and read and educate themselves about what is going on in the rest of the world.


Islam.  The word itself does not mean "peace," it means "submission."   It means when the population in any country is a majority Muslim that they will make you submit and become a Muslim as well, or you will have to pay an outrageous tax, or you will be killed.  Their holy book tells them to lie to non-Muslims in order to cover up their real plans of takeover.  Their holy book says it is OK to rape young girls who are at least 12.  It says to kill non-Muslims.  It is filled with hate and anger and once they take over the majority of the population, the Sharia law will become the law of the land.

That is why being a Muslim and being an American cannot co-exist.


People have very short memories .What do you think happened on 9/11? Almost 3.000 innocent Americans that went to work died that day and jumped out of building to escape the fire hell behind them.  What is happening in Europe and the middle east? This is what you want for America?
President Trump is on the right side of this issue. People who  want to come here will be CHECKED before they are allowed in. The Government are just following the immigration laws .If you don't like the law lobby congress to change it .The President does not make the laws.


MY wife ansdI bought a fixer upper/handyman special for our first home.  I spent almost every night after work and every weekend day doing stuff around the house as my wife made excuse after excuse to not participate.  Finally I lost it and told her she needed to paint the deck railing the upcoming weekend or her stuff was going to be outside when she came back from her "important" stuff.  I heard her talking with a friend about how evil I was and how she was going to screw up so bad that I would stop her from painting.  Saturday morning comes and I set her up to paint, I go off to do my thing and sure enough, five minutes later she calls me and says "look, I sat on the paint lid and now I have left my ass print on the deck"  I look and her and say, it doesn't matter, the deck is getting replaced next weekend, keep painting. She gets all pissy and I just looked at her and walked away.
I cut out the white ass print when I removed the decking and had it has been in the living room of every home since.  It is quite the conversation piece


On average 9 muslims per year have been arrested for terror related plots since 9/11.  337 right wing extremists are arrested on average every year for the same thing....But we are banning muslims from countries that have never killed a single American. Its like the conservatives/GOP are playing a shell game with the American public.


This Valentine's Day I celebrate the occasion by getting my 9 year coin.


Next year, playing with my marbles!  (That's not a dirty reference).

To thine own self be true.


Islam is not a religion it is a ideology.It is not based on love at all like the Christian religion.It was a peaceful religion up to 100 years after Mohammed's death then it became a religion of war between the two sides of Islam.They want world domination as we can see what is happening in Europe .Islam teaches their followers to kill people that don't believe as they do . Nowhere in the Bible will you read that.


Just because you scream it loud does not make it true. Islam, like the Christian faith, promotes love and kindness. Much like the Christian faith, some worshippers have perverted it's teachings into hateful messages. Your words tell us all who is who.


When we stop putting drug addicts is prison and start  treating  them with medical science is when we will get a handle on our out of control heroin epidemic.




I'm so fucking high on Vicodin right now. Everything is fucking wonderful right now! 😀




I love you.


I dont know how im going to be the pillar of strength that is needed for my moms sake. If im not, then no one else is willing to step in and make sure shes okay. She will just be another forgotten sick person and maybe a ward of the state. I must not fuck this one thing up. Please let me be able to take care of her for the time she has left. Dont make it so easy to fail like everything else is.


Happy valentines day




I do not and cannot understand the left's suicidal love affair with Islam. OK, granted, it's cool in liberal circles to worship Islam and hate Christianity. But their willful blindness goes way beyond that. They just don't want to face reality.

So, once again, here is reality. Islam inspires terrorism, it mandates cruelty toward women, it fosters hatred and rage. It's true that not all Muslims are terrorists, but unfortunately the terrorists are Muslims.

You can put your blinders on over your rose-colored glasses and stick your heads in the sand for good measure. But I for one do not wish the USA to be the next Belgium, the next France, the next Germany. I want Trump to deal with the problem head-on, no bullshit, no coddling, just action.

If you want to believe that terrorism can be cured if we'd all just join hands and sing "All You Need Is Love," you are free to do so. If you would like to bring a flower to a gunfight, by all means go for it. As for me, I want, and support, a president who lives in and deals with the real world. Go get 'em Mr. President!


I'm heartbroken.
My grandmother is going to hospice for final comfort.
I've been near tears all day today and I can't hold it together anymore.

I don't know if I'll be able to talk to her before she passes on.
I'll never be able to call her again.
Ever. EVER.  Not in this lifetime.

I want to see her but I can't hop on a plane and go see her so quickly.  Grandpa is right on her heels and not doing well either.  If he knew it would surely push him over the edge, they are grade school sweethearts.

So many memories will leave with her.  I don't want her to go.

Fuck cancer and fuck Flint Michigan water.  It's the cause of her ailment.  I know it.

I never had someone close to me die.  I don't know what to do.  She's in so much pain and I don't know what to do.


For all the people who are upset that Beyoncé didn't win the Grammy and Adele did and are now crying about racism, remember one thing. Beyoncé can't fucking sing! All auto tuned garbage. She is a great entertainer, a blackish Britney type. Adele has one of the best voices of all time. Shut the fuck up!


I'm trying not to feel discouraged or assume the worst right now. Trying so hard. Keeping a positive attitude is a battle. It's a battle I'm determined to win, though.


It seems like every time I try to be real with someone they just turn it against me and gut me with it. I'm done. This year is going to be all about me. Fuck everybody else.


Signs my husband is mentally vacant:

Me: "Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. I thought it would be nice if we could go out to eat."

Him: "What day is it again? Oh yeah; the restaurants take reservations?"

Me: "Yes they do."

Him: "But they'll be all booked up! You shouldn't have waited  to get reservations! Guess that takes care of that then."

25 years of this...yeah, I fucked up.


As we transition through Saturn's current position in Sagittarius (this year). You will not be the same person on the other side.

If you have people fading out of your life. Say goodbye, because they are gone for the next 13 year cycle. Don't hold on, it will only hurt.

Be brave and get ready to change.

It started on Jan 26th.


The stupid. It hurts.


My grandma died 3 years ago tomorrow.  Thinking about it makes me want to cry.  I miss her :(


Justin Trudeau is hot!!!! 😍😍😍I can't believe he is 45. I would never say this on public , like who gets crushers on priministers ?


Anti-Trumpers have turned full retard. If Trump rubbed his nose in a middle of a conversation, they'd call it a rude gesture and spend twenty minutes talking about it on the news, providing pictures of when Hitler once rubbed his nose during a conversation. These are the same people who idolize celebrities opinions, even though those same celebrities never cared or openly discussed politics until it became "cool" to bash Trump.

In the past month, liberals have advocated violence, belittled the holocaust, ruined parts of their own city, and threatened/attacked innocent people who simply support their party. They've disrupted people from going to their jobs, and have harassed families and their children to the point where they no longer feel safe. They've ruined companies, ruined the reputations of hardworking people, and constantly ruin the image of America.

Trump doesn't need to drain the swamp, he needs to drain the entire fucking ocean apparently. You know what kind of person hides their face, attacks innocent people, and threatens anyone who doesn't agree with what they think? Terrorists. Not rioters, not protesters, but terrorists. These keyboard warriors will run their mouths all day long online, but if you ever faced one of these cowards, the only reply you get is "you're a nazi lol LOOK THIS GUY IS A NAZI"

Yeah, why don't you go suck on your mothers tit for the next eight years you spoiled little brat. Trump isn't going anywhere, no matter how hard you cry, and when his eight years are up you really think we're going to let some nutjob braindead spineless liberal back into the office? Well we'll try our best to avoid such a catastrophe, and if we lose, guess what we will do. Riot? No. Loot? No. Attack innocent people? No. Protest? No. We'll accept the outcome of the results and do our parts to continue supporting what we believe in.

So please, keep hallucinating swastikas, kkk members, and all that other BS. All you're doing, and I mean this quite literally, is showing how infected and delusional the left is, and pushing more and more people to the RIGHT side of things.

"Fuck you, Nazi" is not an argument. It's what stupid people say when they watch too much tv and have no fucking clue what's going on.



Bitch, you aren't fooling ANYONE with your "look at me and my Husband's pictures" posts on Social Media!


I'm another 64 yo in a bad marriage. It's my problem not yours but I just want ONE thing. Can you just shut the fuck up for 5 minutes once in a while?


My mom's been gone for 20 years.  I'm 45 years old and I still think about her everyday.  I miss her a lot.  I think she'd be proud of me.  I was always a momma's boy.

My dad... fuck him.


I'll probably never be in love with someone who is in love with me back. I want to be love for someone but I am poor. I think of suicide often, but I'm trying to live anyway and not embrace the darkness.


For the first time in years, I have hope! For so long I thought all was lost, but it wasn't. I was just focusing on the negative and dwelling on things that were totally out of my control. Don't know what shifted, but thank God for it.


I'm sorry for those of you in bad marriages. I guess that's really why Im single. I'm sure there's something wrong with me. I didn't want to be or make someone else miserable.
F/60 childless.


I'm on Obamacare. It has saved me a small fortune. Very kind of you to pay for my health insurance. But if it has to end, then it has to end. I recognize it wasn't fair to the rest of you. Thank you for helping me, but feel free to cancel it.


When I was a kid, we lived in a tiny house. There were 10 people living there. There was no room and no privacy. I chose to sleep in a shed out back. Even in winter. It was a miserable life. I'm surprised I survived. These days when my house is 65 degrees in winter, my wife complains she's cold, as if it's the end of the world. She has no idea what being cold means.


I'm tired of being unhappy.
So I'm just not going to.


If you're getting beaten down repeatedly, you're dealing with the wrong people.


I get repeatedly punched in the gut. I get myself back up. I'm in great emotional pain. And the advice is, be happy, you can if you want to.

Um, no. It's not always that simple.


Sometimes doing the right thing hurts a great deal.


If you want to be happy, be happy. Make a conscientious decision to stop accepting less out of yourself and others. Mostly out of yourself. Happiness is a choice. Joy isn't something that you get handed, you have to go out and find it. I don't know about you guys, but my victim-minded days are over.  The only thing holding you back is you.


I wish I knew why my friends bail out on plans with me. It hurts. My social life isn't what it used to be and I don't know if it's something with me or something with them. I'm pleasant to be around, so i don't think it's that they can't stand me. Well make plans and get excited, then when it's the day/evening of our plans, they bail. "I'm so sorry, girl, but _____ came up/I have to work late. Let's reschedule!" But it never gets rescheduled. I feel like giving up and throwing in the towel on having a social life. What's the point anymore? I know everyone's social life slows down a little at some point in their life, I was just kinda hoping it would happen for me well after I was 29 years old :( I want to bring up the fact they always bail on plans, but I'm honestly so tired of it that I just don't see the point. In the future, I am just going to refrain from suggesting anything and taking any plans that are made with a grain of salt.

I wish I didn't have social anxiety. I work full time too, so neither of those things are very helpful when it comes to meeting new people. It was a lot easier to meet new people in college than it is now :( This is the only place I can vent where I'm not told "You just have to put yourself out there." That isn't how social anxiety works... If I *could* just put myself out there, I would.


I don't like that you think I want you. all I wanted was to leave behind an infatuation and be understood friends who let it pass maybe kept in touch. I leaned on you hard and it was perceived by me as safe and comforting I blocked out that it was just ego and coming of age. It tainted my world and I let it create a lot of bad patterns. If you think I'm "looking for you" in others I don't even know who "you" are.. i don't remember and I wish u knew that even back then in denial that it wasn't deeper I sought another type. I know how pathetic this is to even care that you knew how insignificant you are to me. There's a little angst that comes back but you're boring to me. Along with disregarding me in my need to be heard it's personal and I don't like you. I valued those feelings and the time u showed support so I would try and nurture what once felt nice or tried to leave u with some heart. I wouldn't be able to feel that again even if pigs flew and you returned the effort. even the things I know I liked you for are not what I'm looking for.


If you take a "shitload of sleeping pills" you will more than likely just end up in the ER with an IV stuck in your arm getting pumped up with fluids, then transported to a psychiatric hospital for a few days. Nothing like having to call your employer from a psych ward where you can't even wear shoes to say you won't be coming in. The bill sucks too. Don't do it. No man is worth it. Trust me. Succeeding wouldn't make it worth it either because then the bastard would just gloat and have all the evidence he could ever hope for to prove that you were "crazy" and he was justified.  Thank God I didn't succeed. You can always make a comeback. Never give up. Never. You have a backbone, use it.


Wrong girl I was hoping you were someone else. I'm so sorry for u tho. "My" guy told me never to contact him again:(


When did I say that? Please just tell me you are OK. I saw the sleeping pills comment. I'm truly horrified.


You told me not to contact you...


It's always OK to contact me


Well first you can text me...Let me know it's OK to contact you...


I kept myself away from this place because reading your posts breaks my heart. After we last spoke, I felt even more like human garbage than I did before. I don't know how to do this. I want to make your hurt go away, but I don't know how. I don't know if it's better to talk to you or to let you be, let you heal. I want to be there for you but I'm terrified of making things worse. I already feel immense guilt and shame. The last thing I want is to hurt you deeper. Tell me how to help. Please, just let me do this one thing for you.


We've spent so much time and money going to all these people's weddings, birthdays, etc. Yet it's looking like a slim turnout for my S.O.'s birthday. I think I might rethink the wedding guest list after this. We tallied up "close" friends but I think I'll go the extra petty mile and invite the actual close friends. Not like anyone will give a shit anyway. But at least we can book a smaller, less expensive venue.


I wonder how a man would feel about having a hot girl really really into them to the point where she comes off clingy?  What if she's just really sweet and doesn't know any better?


I have radically differing opinions than some of my friends. I don't go out of my way to correct them, even though I know they're wrong sometimes, because we're all human. I honestly try to see why they feel a certain way before I shrug it off altogether. But they can't give me the same courtesy? Honestly I know I shouldn't care, but I always care. I always have to wonder what I did wrong, or why I'm not worth an overlooking of opinion. These are grown men who are infuriated by a woman who refuses to adhere to gender roles, and yet they won't "man up" and get over it. Gotta love hypocrites.


I miss my parents. 23 yrs gone mother. 9 years gone father. Wish I still had them here.


I guess it doesnt matter.about to take a shitload of sleeping pills and never feel again.better to die than sleep than never wake and sleep.and linger on and dare to live when the souls life is gone


There are times I want to punch my wife in the face. I'd go to jail. It'd be worth it though.


You know what's bad? There are mice in my house. I catch them in traps. It's gross.

You know what's worse? Something has been eating the dead mice in the traps.


I don't enjoy being in a relationship. But I do enjoy the hunt.


The meanest woman I've ever known spends an awful lot of time telling everyone what a good person she is. Funny how that works.


I really need to get fucked. With my legs back. So horny I need some good dick


I do the bare minimum. Work or in a relationship, doesn't matter. I do as little as possible to make it work. I'm not sure why this is. I don't really care about anything.


I never told her that.she wants me to hate her and i should.but i cant.last time we talked she said shed call later but never did.i dont know.good things are happening but i feel apathetic and it all seems meaningless


Things my wife has given me as gifts:

1) A bottle of expensive wine. I don't drink. She drank it herself.

2) A box of chocolates when I was on a diet. She ate them herself.

3) A container of mint ice cream. I hate the taste of mint. She loves mint ice cream.

4) A bag of fancy coffee from Starbucks. I don't like or drink coffee. She loves coffee however.

See the pattern?


Did you tell her not to contact you anymore?  And now you changed your mind?


Besides if she wanted to talk shed call i still am so confused


I would but i have a new phone and i dont know her number


Hotel person, pick up the phone and call.  Reach across the aisle.  What is the quest that could happen?


My wife gave me this aroma-therapy shit for Christmas.Apparently, if you roll this shit on the nerve points in your body, it's supposed to help something.  Awareness, sleep, who the fuck knows.

I'm tempted to roll it on my balls to see if it helps.  

Maybe my balls will become aware, fill up quicker.  Soon after, this lovely, exotic, dark and soft-skinned young lady will come to help drain my balls.  

I fucking hope so.


Maybe "murderer" is about what you did to your 10 year relationship, and "abortion" was about the choice you'll make again when the guy you're fucking now knocks you up. 2 separate statements that you morphed to feed your crazy mind.


US Security Chief Flynn called Russia. OMG OMG OMG. He called Russia! Do you know what this means??? It means he dialed the phone and called Russia!!! He spoke about some security issues because, well, he is the chief of security.  I mean, how dare he do his job! What the hell was the man thinking???

In other news, I heard a man in Detroit called Dominos and ordered a pizza!!!! OMG OMG OMG. What the hell was he thinking....

(Dems, you are out of control.)


Im sitting here in my hotel and wanting to talk to you.even after this the sound of your voice soothes me


For my next house, I'm going to have most of it built underground. An indoor pool. A movie theater. A library. A woodshop. Very quiet bedrooms. Maybe I'll even put the kitchen underground too. The only thing above ground would be a sunny sitting room and a greenhouse. Why would I do this? Underground space gets taxed at one tenth of above ground space. That's the rule around here. I'll have 500 square feet above ground and 5,000 below ground. In total it will be taxed like a 1,000 square foot home. The taxes will be minimal, like $800 per year. I currently pay tens of thousands a year and I'm damned well sick of it.


My kids' dad is abusive and a terrible father figure and a bad example for my children. I asked my brother if he could take an afternoon once in a while and spend some time with my kids so they could see how a normal man behaves.  His wife wouldn't let him.


Rich black men play golf too.


The President of the USA does not write the immigration laws. If you want to change that- ask Congress and the Senate to amend the law.The Trump administration is only enforcing the  immigration law like any other government on this earth.Why is he called a racist? To live in a civilized society the law is written to be upheld - if not- we have chaos.Try ignoring traffic light and see how long it takes before there is total chaos. With freedom there comes a lot of responsibility.


You told me not to contact you...U still want me to text you? Tell me something so I know it's you


I want you to call/text/snap me :) let me know you're thinking of me..


Sweet smelling urine can be a sign of diabetes


For the last few days we spoke about painting the living room. It was a hard and fast plan how we would do it today.

When I got up this morning she was no where to be found. I called and texted her. No answer. I looked her up on FindMyIphone. She was at the gym. Couldn't believe it. She knew we were going to paint this morning. So typical.

I started without her. I moved all the furniture. I taped off all the edges. I began painting.  At noon she returned. I pointed out how disappointed I am that she ran out on the work and left it all for me. She started ranting and whining how she has every right to go to the gym. She doesn't get it. She never gets it.

I sighed and asked her to grab the paint brush and she can help.  Ten minutes went by. What happened to her? I looked around. She was gone again. I checked FindMyIphone. She was at a restaurant for lunch. Of course she was.

At 2 she came back. I have no words. She never listens anyway. She does no wrong. In her view it's perfectly right to go to the gym and then out to lunch so she can avoid doing any work whatsoever.

I finished painting. I started to clean up. I asked her to take the empty paint can and put it directly in trash can outside. I made a point of explaining that paint dripped down the side of the can and was now on the bottom of the can. I specifically told her not to put the can down on anything, definitely not, it will get paint everywhere. Bring it straight to the trash.

I continued cleaning up.  I removed the plastic mat from the floor. I carefully peeled off all the masking tape along the edges. It took me half an hour. When finished I passed through the dining room. There on the table was the paint can.

I'm so sad. I tried to lift the can off. It was stuck. The paint had glued the can to the lacquer tabletop finish. I had no choice but to force it. It pulled up some of the lacquer. There is a ring on our beautiful dining room table. How could she do that? I have to think she does these things on purpose. It's passive aggressive on her part. She'll show me who's boss, even if it means destroying our beautiful table.

I have never known a more dislikable person than the woman I married, the woman I want so desperately to divorce. It's why I painted the living room. I'm trying to fix up the house, sell it, then divorce her. I'm thinking my plan is a mistake. It's too painful. I should just sell the house as is. Take the loss. She would get to share half the loss that way too.  That would actually hurt her because the only thing she cares about is money she can spend on herself.

I'm feeling so defeated. She wins. I just want to be done with this marriage and get as far away from her as possible.


Meryl Streep, please come out with another movie. I look forward to not going.


  I don't have a cell phone. I never have. Cell phones are stupid. Anything that needs to be said can wait until I get home. People talk about jack nothing on their cell phones. Really, you are in the market shopping? Thanks for telling everyone. The world has been saved. Oh wait, no it hasn't. No one cares at all if you're in the market shopping.
  I figure I save about $1,000 a year by not having a cell phone bill.  Over the last 15 years that's $15,000. I bought a new car this year. Basically it was free. I used all the money I didn't spend on a cell phone. The rest of you don't have a new car.
  I think I'll go for a drive now in my new car. The rest of you can do nothing except wait around for your cell phone to ring with news that one of your friends is shopping at the market. Yippee for you!


Divorce isn't the end. Oh no, it keeps going. My wife cheated. She acted like a fuckface. She tormented me every chance she got. After the divorce I still wasn't free from her. We have kids. We have to overlap. She uses every encounter to come after me some more. She cheated. She still gets half of everything. She still files court motions against me for even more money. There aint nothing I or any other divorced man can do about it. I understand why some men resort to killing their wives. It's the only way to be truly rid of her.


Modern dating sucks.
I think I missed the boat on quality people.  All that's left are asshats.
Maybe I'm one of them.


Sometimes my pee smells so good. Sweet, like vanilla and honey. It smells good enough to drink.


A dear friend died of cancer the other day. She was relatively young. Her house backs up to a golf course. I'm sure it's related. They spray the grass with chemicals all the damn time to make sure the greens are perfect for the rich white men. Your golf game is more important than a woman's life? Sick mother fuckers. I hope you golfers get cancer too.


What about my stuff


336.  OR You could do it, catch an STD or worse, and regret it forever.  Spin the wheel. Heaven or Hell?


If you haven't already...Loose my number...


Typing this with my left hand, got my right hand wrapped around my pecker, shooting cum EVERYwhere!


If there's work to be done around the house, you can be sure my wife won't be here. She'll find an excuse to leave.


I lost her number again


My "boyfriend" of ten fucking years just referred to me as a murderer for an abortion i had at 20. I think about it every day. But I will be thinking of anything but him from now on. Fuck him. Over. Done. Out.


I hate everything. Eventually I Just Lose It All and everyone leaves. I'm scared all the time, never satisfied with my progress, and all I want is put this absolute let down of a life somewhere where all the worst suffering is buried and never comes back. I am a 32 year old female who is looking forward do nothing except possibly getting sick and dying.  I am too tired of hurting for things in life that has skipped me over and forgotten about me. It is just too late and anything good is too little to fix how badly I am broken. I just want to die and forget the world that forgot about me it's all I had no Humanity that anyone could acknowledge. I just want to be done. Dead.


I've always had a hard time recovering from relationships. I've really only had what I would call 4 serious relationships that lasted for more than a few months. It takes me years to get back to a point where I feel I can date again. First real relationship I was 20. The last of the 4 I was 34. I'm now 37, and just feel like I'm never gonna find someone to really be compatible with. Doesn't help that I have a hard time verbalizing what I'm feeling. When I was a kid, I lived in an environment where all I felt was fear, anxiety, pain and rage. My grandparents lived with us off and on until I was 10. My grandfather, used to wrestle with us all the time. He was a sixth degree black belt in karate, and was a professional wrestler before it was fake. So he didn't just wrestle with us, it was more of someone who knows exactly how far he can push your body before it breaks. Constant pain from wrestling holds. Now my older brother took to this, so when my grandfather wasn't around I had a brother that was 4 years older than me trying to do the same things my grandfather would do. But with him, he would really hurt me bad. I would just explode with rage and attack with everything I had. That was the first 10 years of my life. Not a lot of room for talking about your emotions, or even understanding other people's. So most girls if they do stick around for a while have a hard time dealing with my lack of verbalization skills and leave. Or are like the last couple of relationships, sweet at first and affectionate. Then just turn into raging bitches. I just want someone to love, and can treat like me like I treat them. Since I have a hard time talking about emotions, I show the women I date how I feel for them by doing special, sweet and loving things for them. Most girls I have dated just take advantage of this. I think I'm just gonna end up alone.... 8(



Dear "Husband of Difficult Wife," How long will you remain a walk-off mat for this difficult woman? If you're so unhappy in this marriage, then end it. Get the divorce going and free yourself from this abuse. Life is too damn short man. Get free and get on. Believe me, you'll be a lot happier after you do. Take charge and be free.


I dated a man for six months and fell in love with him. After he broke up with me I did everything possible to stop crying, to feel better. I go to the gym, meditate, meet with friend, work, read, watch tv, etc. I don't cry anymore, I'm better. But I still cannot fuck anybody else. This has never been the case. I've been in love before, I went through break ups before and had no problem having casual sex shortly afterwards. Casual sex used to make me feel better. Apparently, not this time...I'm horny, I want to fuck, there are plenty of opportunities and I just can't. It's like he cursed me or put a spell on me.



I am married to a man who gets angry at things he reads in the news but can't be bothered to actually do anything with that anger. His attitude towards everything is "oh well - shit happens." He believes that being well informed is the extent of his civic duty. Then he gets huffy and annoyed when I express a desire to get politically involved, or even just volunteer at soup kitchens. He actively discourages me until I feel like I'm emotionally unhinged for wanting to do it. Then I drop the subject, stuff down any of my bad and inappropriate emotions like righteous anger or crushing loneliness and try to enjoy our weekend routine of chores, grocery shopping, working, and watching TV.

This soulless, controlling existence has to stop. For now my charitable work will be small and easy to hide. And when the divorce papers get filed the first thing I'm going to do is to channel that righteous fury I've repressed all these years to bring joy to the lives of others. He can wallow in his cool hipster detachment all he likes.


If you want to hear from me, why don't you text me?


I'm so fucking high on Vicodin right now. Everything is fucking wonderful right now! 😀




The only regret that I have , is not listening to my dad. When I got pregnant he offered full support , told me I was welcome to comeback , he was going to help me and even offer to send me back to school and paid for it , so I could have a career . I chose not to do it , It wouldn't be fair for my kid to grow up without a father , I just couldn't do it. Most of the time I'm happy with my decision that I made but once in a blue moon I do feel I made a mistake .  Life is good most of the time, I have everything I could ask for but it will be nice if I was living closer to my family.


I'm a fucking emergency candle.  That's what I am. If I could be dependent... codependent.. whatever... I would. But I CAN'T.

It would be nice, for once, to be able to free myself from my own mind and ask for help.


Call me


I really want to hear from


I feel awkward all the time, even with my family... ugh


I am a female who isn't a manipulator, and unfortunately i found that women who are manipulators get what they want, including the guy.  I've been open and honest, strung along, fucked with, etc.  That's what happens when you're not a manipulative woman :(

183348. has to be the worst website out there. It takes 5 minutes for the damn page to load. Then if I want to see the weather for the next 5 days, well there's another 5 minutes wasted. Getting simple information, like I dunno, how much snow will fall, is virtually impossible. And the radar maps, forget about it,even longer to load. The ads though, I see they always manage to pop up right away. How annoying.


What a relief to be divorced. She was such a manipulator. Why are some women like that?


336 go for it or when you get 60 you will think "Why didn't  I?" every day.


I am new to online dating, actually i had a profile up but wasn't ready to date anyone and deleted it.  Then I put one up on Tinder recently, and one guy I matched with recently asked to meet to go to the movies.  Thing is, it's been very light "talk" as in communicating through Tinder.  We haven't spoken on the phone yet.  Is that weird, to meet someone for a movie when you haven't spoken on the phone yet?  Or is this what it is now?  I have been in a longterm relationship for very long so idk what it is now.


When I'm in a group of mixed company and the issue of abortion comes up, there always seems to be a few women who go berzerk on the topic. They get mean and verbally abusive when defending abortion.

I don't say it out  loud, but I instantly conclude they have had abortions and deep down they feel guilty about it. As a defense mechanism, they try to tell not only me why abortion is good, they are mostly trying to tell themselves as a way to ease their guilt.


I am not interested in you, David. I hope you don't try and talk to me, anymore.

Meanwhile my mind is still on her. I guess I'm the David in her life. Wanting to take another stab at it and not hated but not wanted.


The only reason I don't work it's because I don't have to. While I cannot live an extravagant life, there's plenty of money to live a comfortable life until I'm on my 90's . I never really tell anyone , I don't want to make them feel about themselves , so I just let them assume whatever they want about how I support myself .


i've nothing  even a friend  i want maybe  iam ugly person   hate it so mch


i am not indepented


i hate my family


My boyfriend, who is the closest person to me, has no idea how much I want to die. I mean I tell him sometimes, but he says I shouldn't talk that way and that it upsets him. He has no idea how much I cry, how empty I feel. He just cannot comprehend it, he is a stable guy and just can't experience any mood swings.

Also, I have never really cried in these 2.5 years of our relationship. He will never see me with spit dripping out of my mouth because I can't stop crying, I think he doesn't know how bad it is. He will never know.

Just read a secret about an older person telling his 8 year old self that after 16 years, he will finally find peace with himself. I can't help but hope that my moment will come too but too much has happened to me and here I thought I had no daddy issues. If there was a God, I would be dead already, but I keep waking up. every. single. day.


Thank you Lord
He didn't give me an STD!
I am never going to be so careless ever again!


I'm 45 years old, and a blonde 23-year old stripper wants to fuck me.  She gave me her number and told me to stop by her house during the day so we can fuck.

I'm married.  I have two beautiful kids.  My wife is great.

And I don't know what to do!


Minorities seem to get angry at me for being white and male. But seriously, what would you like me to do about it?


When I ran track in high school, we used to change into our running clothes on the bus ride to a meet. We were the girls track team and our coach was male. I'm sure he got an eyeful.


What's up with women who wear a skirt to a picnic? You know we will be sitting on the ground. You know we will be sitting Indian style at some point. Therefore you know guys will see your undies. Yet you still choose to wear a skirt to a picnic. You obviously want guys to see your undies. Very slutty.


I won't date a man who smokes.


My wife has nothing interesting to say. She talks about the weather. She tells me what kind of sandwich she had for lunch, she describes it in detail. She goes on and on about what she watched on tv today. I'm excruciatingly bored.


I have taken a woman to my boat and we did the deed. My wife has no idea.


If you want to be famous - just dump on Trump.
Every has been  celebrity or former politician is famous once again because they are so "offended" by Trump.Remember Bill Clinton screwing an intern it the White House ? Why were you not offended then? Get over yourself.We are all human.
In a few years you will thank this man who had the insight to protect America .The "majority" of citizens-legal and illegal -with their holier than thou attitude, who are so "offended" by him will be singing another tune.
How soon we forget- remember 9/11 with innocent people jumping from burning buildings and close to 3000 dead in NYC? I will rather have strict  immigration laws that to watch that again.Wonder where was the outcry from moderate  Muslims on that day.Wake up and stop badmouthing your elected President, Like it or not her is there for the next 4 years!


I've never tried anal sex. Hemmm. Now I'm curious after reading how so many of you have done it. Problem is, how do I bring this up with my husband? Oh honey, could you please take out the trash, drop the boys at school, and when you come back, stick your penis in my rectum. lol


As parents, we make friends with other parents. The kids overlap, so the parents overlap. But a secret. By the time your kids get to high school, many of the parents will become sworn enemies. It has to do with the kids. When some kids become teens, they stray from the path. Drugs, drinking, sex. The good kids shy away from these former friends. As a consequence, the parents of the good kids shy away from the parents of the bad kids. This angers the parents of the bad kids. They think it's a putdown of them and their kids. (It is.) I don't want my daughter hanging out with your druggie daughter. Wars ensue. I swear, there is more animosity and judgement from the parents, then there is from the kids. In short, the kids are growing up, but the parents are more immature than ever.


I go to Starbucks 2 - 4 times a month. Before I leave to go home I go into the bathroom and steal the toilet paper. I smuggle the toilet paper out by stashing it in my computer bag. I haven't purchased toilet paper in years and I have quite a reserve.  I'm not poor and I could definitely afford to buy my own toilet paper but I get such a thrill stealing it.  Jeez, my life sucks..


When I was 12 one of my friends died. He was goofing around and climbing on some rocks. He fell backwards and hit his head. His death greatly affected me. I mean I was talking to him one day and the next day he was gone forever. I couldn't get my head around it. The idea of death scared me terribly. I was in a dark place for weeks.

When I was 18 a girl I know died. Freak accident. She pushed a button for the elevator. The doors opened. She walked in without looking. But the elevator wasn't there. She fell down the shaft. I brooded for days.

When I was 30 a friend died of AIDS. He was one of my closest buddies in high school. I went to his funeral of course and thought about him for the rest of the day.

In a dark place for WEEKS... brooded for DAYS... thought about him for the rest of the DAY.

Death was getting easier. I was getting used to it.

These days, I'm at an age where people died all the time. A few months ago a poker friend died. A few weeks ago a teenager I know died. Yesterday a woman I've worked with for years died. I don't even go to the funerals anymore. What's the point? It doesn't change anything.

Death is there. It won't ever stop. It's unfair. It's sad if you let it be. It's unexpected though it shouldn't be, not really. It happens. I nod knowingly, like yep death, you are winning this game. I then ignore it knowing that one day it will come for me and then it won't matter anymore anyway.


There's actually a show called Revenge body. hey you fat wives why don't you stay in shape and your husband won't leave you!


MRSA survivor here. Holistic medicinal ways and not an antibiotic over user. Per research and from my doctors, MRSA happens every day yes, I was blessed with the battle of hospital and community MRSA at the same time. It was colonized in my nose from working on the hospitals. You, yourself may be a carrier but do not react to it. Get check yourself to see. But there are those who are more susuptible to it than others. If you are not one of those who have a low immunity to MRSA and cannot understand this, then you are an arrogant person whom I hope I never have at bedside if I have to battle it again. 7 drugs that will kill the strain, 5 in which I am allergic too, 2 drugs will only save me from the strain that I am reactive too. I hope and pray that if anybody in your family gets this, that your tune may change. Stop with the negativity, every person will react differently. Your immune system may be stronger and more tolerant but others may not be.


Wow it is true to not spend money you don't have yet. I have been expecting a check for week now. I spent money I didn't have in anticipation of this check arriving. Here it is Friday, and the check still hasn't come! I have two rather large checks that I've written still floating out there somewhere and I'm nervous as hell. Lesson learned. Don't spend it until you have it in your hand.


Either God is really testing my strength, teaching me boundless patience,  and preparing me for the right man...or He's telling me that I should give up on men altogether and date women.  Not sure which.


Every time I come here and read this secrets from men or women , complaining about how unhappy they really are. It makes me grateful and happy that even though I'm married me and my husband lives separate lives , don't get me wrong I love my husband dearly and would take a bullet from him but we just like having our spaced and we are not attractive sexually to each other anymore . So why continue to live in the same roof miserable , when he can be out having fun with his friends and boning whoever he please it . While I do the same , my marriage might not be picture perfect or cookie cutter like the movies but we are happy that it works for us.
F/38 "happily married"


You're two seconds away from being taken off of my snapchat contacts. Here's a flash for ya.



And with that, remember boys, never stick your dick in crazy.


All men are untrustworthy. A previous poster is mistaken... I have a guy like she know, the "socially awkward" one who swears and isn't pretentious? Well let me tell you, I thought he was safe too ...until I caught him hiding porn, making accounts on dating/hook up websites and planning to meet up with other women in other cities when he was out working. Sorry to burst your bubble. We are still together, he swore he wouldn't do it again but i still caught him on numerous occasions. Supposedly he is "clean" from it now but I have zero trust. Why am I still with him? Honestly because I have no other options. We have kids, I'm a stay at home mom with no work skills. I made the mistake of devoting my life to being a homemaker and stay at home parent of special needs children. I am overweight and trapped. I do love him, besides the shadiness with porn and other women he treats me well. Is a hard worker, supports his family, you know the typical "good guy". We have a normal functoning relationship, even sex but the trust is gone.

He is a master liar and manipulator. Before I had stone cold proof of what he was doing behind my back, he would lie to my face indignantly and act offended getting so angry. He made me feel like *I* was the crazy one and made me doubt my instincts. So yes, even the seemingly down to earth, real guys hide secrets. They want to have their cake and eat it too so they pretend. My husband wanted to have me at home and the perfect family life while he secretly got his jollies off on the side with some bimbos. Of course all without me knowing. He would lie til he was blue in the face.

I often think of when/if I will leave him and how will I do it. If I do, it will be without warning after the kids are grown. Little does he know the distrust inside me is a ticking timebomb. I love him (guess I am twisted, damaged and dysfunctional) but without trust deep down I know I'm fooling myself. I'm essentially living in denial. Sometimes its easier to cope with life that way....I have tried to forgive him and put it behind us many times but its hard to forgive when a person keeps doing the same thing to you over and over...

Be cautious ladies.

One day I will be truly happy and free.


I voted for Trump. Considering his muslim ban I didn't think of anything that has happened to the US, rather what has happened to Europe these 2 years. Attack after attack after attack, terrorism to no end. I don't want that to happen to my country.


I love making my husband wait for me. It makes him so mad. Shithead.


When you walk around naked in front of me you think all I see is your penis. Honestly I see your big gut. That's what I focus on. Do you really think I don't see it? You seem so proud of your body because you have some muscle tone in your arms and legs, but I look past those things and zero in on the parts you need to improve. When you eat garbage all I think is "Yep, add more flab to that gut why don't ya?" Lay off the ice cream and get on the treadmill once in a while


I love full moons! Add a comet and an eclipse and it's heaven!😍


If things don't change soon I'm leaving


My GOD I want to end things with you. I don't have the heart to do it though.


287 - AMEN!!
     Loving respectful feminine wife of 17 years (age 38) who still believes in traditional values and gender roles.


#183308 - Does that sound like a certain current US President we know?


Not all men are untrustworthy. You can always tell the ones who are though because they constantly say things like "Trust me" and "Believe me when I say..." and "I would never lie to you.", or "Why would I lie to you?".  Another tip off is if they always try to make you believe that you are being crazy and irrational or that you are "making stuff up" when you call them on their bullshit.


50% of people who voted for Trump use the non existent bowling Green massacre as a justification for his travel ban.

Damn we have become a nation of sheep


Ha ha. I would never waste my time thinking back. There's a good reason as to why you're not in my life...move ahead, never look back


Can i please just die in my sleep tonight.i cant take this shit hurt to the bottom of my soul.even though everything is coming together itll never be the same.


Men can never be completely trusted. Their true colors always bleed through.


I think not. Lesson learned.


300-MRSA is everywhere. On the shopping carts at the grocery store, On the handrails of every staircase you use, on the handles of the spoons used at a buffet.... everywhere. It's simply a strain of bacteria that is resistant to many antibiotics. No big deal.


This morning when the fed ex came , to drop a package the require my signature I forgot that I wasn't wearing a bra . Thank goodness the driver was a female , aftwards i felt embarrassed. I'm just hoping the lady doesn't think I'm some kind of perved or something like that. I'm pretty sure all the drivers have some crazy stories about people answering the doors.


I was out of the country for a week. This Monday I noticed a red lump on my foot. It kept getting bigger so I'm going to the doctor today. I'm scared it might be MRSA or some weird parasite.

The secret: Whatever it is, I will use it to try to cadge a few days off from work.


277 - I've always tried to teach my children to not forget where they came from. But, as you can attest, most people never look back.


All these precious snowflakes boycotting Netflix or Nordstrom or Coca Cola. Why so easily offended? The hypocrisy is glaringly hilarious.


I secretly like watching my friends fail. On the the outside it looks like I'm filled with sympathy because his business went bankrupt or she is getting a divorce. But on the inside I'm like ha ha loser.


I didn't lose you. You lost me. You'll search for me inside of everyone you're with & I won't be found...


Obama's cabinet was worth $360 million, and Trump's is worth $8 billion.

What does that tell me?

As a member of the middle class, it tells me Obama's cabinet was just as much out of touch with what I go through as is Trump's cabinet.  Somebody worth $30 million isn't going to understand me any better than someone with $300 million.


My wife has no kindness in her. It shows not only when she deals with me, but when she deals with everyone else too, which is why she has no friends.

She had a friend this past year. A mother of a child in my daughter's grade. This new friend also has a daughter. The daughter found herself a boyfriend. I thought that was nice. She's a senior in high school. She's going off to college next year. Now she has a boyfriend and can learn how to navigate a relationship. Sounds like a valuable experience for young people.

My wife however launched an attack on her new friend, berating the woman for allowing the daughter to have a boyfriend.

I sat down with my wife and sincerely asked why she cares if her friend's daughter has a boyfriend, like what does it matter to my wife? It's none of my wife's business. Didn't my wife consider how rude it would come across to yell at her friend over a matter between that mother and that daughter.

No, my wife never thinks of these things. My wife is always right. My wife is perfect. Oh okay. Except the woman refuses to talk to my wife anymore. My wife is back to having no friends.



I'm still not sure where the pee comes out for a girl.


Two years ago I betrayed my best friend and worst enemy. Still don't know if I did the right thing. Being right used to feel good, but as I get older it feels increasingly hollow or painful.

In contrast, to you--
thank you for reminding me (however briefly) what a good man is, and that they do still exist.


287 I agree, but there is nothing you can do about it, feminism won the war, but paid the price in losing love, and no one really cares about that. The change came about when women began to obtain higher positions, for great money, while at the same time 4 out of 5 workers laid off were men. Most of the female demographic that has been divorced, simply have no reason to be with a man, except for sex or entertainment every now and then. They have the kids, the girlfriend network and yoga 5 days a week. Their lives are full, and their emotions are satiated by their dogs. They can have muscles, and go out of their way to do everything guys do, even being players, hell if they want, they can even have a bigger dick than you if they want to buy it! This is your modern woman....someday they will notice they have driven the men away, but I doubt it will ever change back.


Don't forget about cattiness , since I moved to the Midwest I tend to dress more conservative and homely . I notice every time I wear a nice skirt or dress I get either catty comments and get treated poorly by other women . It got to the point where I just don't volunteer at school anymore , I just give them money as a contribution , it's not my fault that I take care of my skin and don't look my age .  I wish more women will wear more feminine clothes on the daily bases so I won't feel out of place .


285. That says to me that he can pick capable people that know how to make money.


My daughter's boyfriend, he is 17, and he calls me by my first name. Think again young man. Lose that idea right away!


Women today have a PR problem. You are perceived as bitchy, demanding, pushy, selfish.  This wasn't always the case. Years ago, in my mother's generation, women were seen as Mrs. Cleaver. They were warm and gracious. They were beacons of love and affection. They doted on their husbands, they gave hugs to their children. They spoke softly, wore pretty dresses, took care of their appearance.  In short, they had grace and style.

But women today, you wear inappropriate black stretch pants. You nag. You whine. You snarl like a dog at anyone who gets in your way.  Someone takes a parking space you wanted, you give him the finger. Hardly something Mrs. Cleaver or our mothers would do.

I don't know. Maybe it has to do with the brash role models of Rosie O'Donell, Oprah, and Hillary. Maybe it has to do with women working? Maybe women feel empowered these days because they bring home a paycheck too?  That's fine, but not in this way. Don't take empowered to mean you are entitled. Don't take it to mean you have all the power. It comes out as condescending, as if you can do no wrong and men are all idiots.

It's interesting.  Back in the day, it was the men with the PR problem. They were seen as drinkers and womanizers.  But that has given way to stay at home dads who attend PTA conferences, men who cook, men who read books, men who express their emotions.

Now it's the women who embody the negative attributes. You are hated.  Hated by your husband. Hated by men in general. Hated at work. Hated by your children. Even hated by other women.

You need to do something about this. Look in the mirror. Adopt a better personality. Because believe me, the one you all collectively have now, it aint working.


Be with a man with no ambition, or leave him?

What if his ambition is to make you happy? To have a comfortable life together?


Obama's cabinet's net worth was about $360 million, and members 56% white and 75% male.

The net worth of Trump's cabinet is about $8 billion dollars. His cabinet is 88% white and 88% male.

What does that say to you?


I keep having reoccurring dreams- nightmares, really, about my ex-wives. Dear God, do they still have to keep torturing me, still??






I love how when my sister fucks up and ends up needing help (time & time again) everyone comes rushing to her aid.
She's been waited on hand and foot and hasn't
Really even been nice about it...& I have been silently
dealing with all my own shit because no one checks
in on me. No phone calls. No messages. No visits.
When I had a nervous breakdown I had to just deal with it.
Alone. While taking care of an infant and 2 kids.
I wish my sister would grow up sometimes.


Anything anyone can do to undermine, ridicule, disrespect, etc. this Trump regime would performing an act of true patriotism.

Never in the history of the country has there been a regime, so corrupt, no full of lies, and/or so unqualified.

Stay Outraged.


What the hell is this now?  I was looking up some of my friends' pages on FB, but I couldn't find them.  Did they all unfriend me sometime in the last few days?  NO.  I looked through my friends list and found that a bunch of my liberal girlfriends have suddenly changed their names.  Their middle names are now "Snowflake."  WTF?  Losing more respect with each passing day.


I know that bitch is liar and will stop at nothing to continue fucking me over. Why do I fall in love with such stupid fucks


After high school I joined the military.  There was only one boot camp that was coed, so that's where I was sent.  Of course men and women were kept separated, and getting caught fraternizing - even so much as talking to someone of the opposite sex, unless it called for it - was not only against the rules, but punishable.  Even getting caught stealing glances at each other during exercise or in the chow hall could get you in a lot of trouble.

There were ways around it, though.  Our last names were on our shirts, and we always marched with our company's flag, so it made it easy to send each other letters without putting a return address.  And inevitably at some point, we'd find ourselves together with no Company Commanders in sight.

There was this one guy.  Damn he was hot.  We'd look at each other longingly in passing.  One week I was assigned to Fire & Security Tour for our Division.  That meant that periodically throughout the day, I had to go into each compartment (individual barracks) in the entire Division - about 8 - to make sure the fire extinguishers were in working order and the emergency exits were functioning and not blocked.  I had to meet with each Recruit Company Commander to sign off on the check.

HE was the RCC for his company, so a couple times a day he'd escort me into the maintenance room in his compartment, where we'd proceed to make out and get a little hot and heavy for a few minutes.  After checks were finished, of course ;)  Although we went to completely different areas after boot camp, we had each others' home addresses and phone numbers, so our parents helped us to always know where the other was.  We managed to keep in touch for several years, even after we both got out of the service.

There were times that we talked about a possible future together.  We discussed what we wanted to do with our lives.  Then one day he told me that he was actually thinking of becoming a priest, and he was off to seminary school.  DAMN :(

Flash forward about 15 years.  I saw him on TV.  I guess the priest thing didn't work out.  He's somewhat of a celebrity now, and at the time he was dating an A-List celeb.  A couple years later I read that they broke up, so I looked him up on social media, sent him a friend request and a message, asking if he remembered me.

He accepted my request, but he never answered my message.  We're still friends, and every time he has a new success I comment with well wishes.  I've sent him a message here and there.  He never answers.

I'm not looking for anything from him.  I'm happily married with children, and I'm truly happy for everything he's done.  He's worked hard for his success, and I'm really proud of him.  It just pisses me off every time I see him on TV.  We shared some sweet memories in our youth, is it so hard just to say hi, I remember you?  Something...anything?

You're not supposed to forget the people who knew you back when...


Democrats are like the meanest people I've ever encountered. I never realized until this election. It's nonstop pettiness and name calling. Eww. I really don't like them.


I steal things. All the time. I look through my coworkers belongings for cash, expensive makeup, hand lotion, even something as small as a pen. I love stealing little things from Wal Mart and easily getting away with it. I've never stolen anything large, mostly because I'm afraid of getting caught. I feel like Wal Mart is a greedy ass corporation and deserve to have a few things stolen from them. It's not like they'll miss the money.

I once was in charge of the money at my church. I was the treasurer. Big mistake. I can't be trusted with money. I used the funds from the church to pay my own personal bills, and fund a vacation. I was never caught because I figured out a foolproof way to embezzle. I gave the job up after a year for fear of it getting out of hand.

I was placed in charge of fund raising for my daughter's volleyball team. We sold a total of $3,000 worth of shit from Yankee Candle Company. Guess who kept the money and never paid Yankee? Yep. Me. Guess who is coming after me for their $3,000? Yep. Yankee Candle Company. Oops


Your racist Trump supporter friend is a lucky girl that she is rid of you as a friend...


I look up my friend's house on zillow just to laugh at how badly it's doing.

She's a racist Trump supporter and I'm done with her.

She's selling her house for less than she bought it over ten years ago. Bad decisions are her M.O.


I exist only because there was a blackout in New York City in July of 1977. The power was out. There was no TV. So my parents entertained themselves with sex. In Spring of 1978 I was born. Doesn't seem like a good enough reason for me to be here. I would have preferred a story book tale where my parents planned to have me. Instead, I'm only here because they couldn't find a condom in the dark.


I have a skin picking condition!! :( and anxiety. Gonna stop


I've sucked on my thumb while alone and jerking off, pretending it was a cock in my mouth.

[Married guy, late thirties.]


If I have one alcohol drink, I'll have eight. I can't stop. I'm the kind of person who will drink so much that I could die from alcohol poisoning. Knowing this, I don't drink any alcohol ever.


Those who exalt themselves will be humbled and those who are humbled will be exalted.

Pride comes before the fall young lady. Trust. It does.

Only question I have is will I be there to catch you on the way down? I'm not sure anymore.


Hey Nicky or Mike , Did I tell you that time I had a mani/ pedi at the Ritz Carton , really who pay $380 just to get their nails done....


So I recently broke up with my now ex. She complained that I didn't touch her or fuck her, truth is she stunk to high heaven. I needed my nose to breathe!!!


Three weeks ago I endured four and a half days of gastriris hell partially brought on by extreme work stress and partially by a med mix up.  If I woke up sick on Friday sick, again, I might welcome it.

This corporate bullshit that features me as a substitute senior manager (read:  important) is beyond demoralizing and demeaning.

Every day I consider no-call no-show and letting them suck it.

I have worked my ass off for eleven years for recognition and that thing called a salary that neutralizes the bullshit and come some time soon I know I will be relegated to my black hole of obscurity and it's breaking my heart.


My friends who have confidence and know themselves truly -- those are the ones who shine and give so much. They're stars. The people I know who drown themselves in insecurity and self doubt -- they drain, they take, they dampen and darken. They're like black holes. Toxic, sad little things. Only you can fix you. You can't demerit me as a step to bettering yourself; that's not how it works. Meanwhile I'll continue to bask in the light of love. I hope someday you'll join us.


I just read about how some wolves responded to the loud calls of orcas. This was witnessed by a kayaker at night. I hate that I will never be cool enough to witness this.


Since that disaster of a show on dr phil the teen cash me outside my 17 year old daughter has beenabsolutely out of control...leaving the house without permission....screaming.  truancy...very disrespectful...i am a widow i have an 18 year old daughter too that is encouraging her to do things and she follows...she has left the house 6 out of 7 days....any suggestions?? And my 18 year old daughtr is very depressed as 13 year old has a heart condition and so i dont need any more stress please offer solutions....


you're so full of s#it. why i spend time with you is beyond me.


I've had anal with six women. Three of those times the girl asked me to do it. She brought it up. I obliged.


I never say my best friend's husband's name. I say "hey" or "yo" or "how's it going". Sorry, I can't look at my friend's husband and say "Dick".


Someone broke into my car. They rummaged through the glove compartment and the center console. Nothing there of value. So they got nothing, except, they stole a case of water sitting in the back seat.

What? Who steals a case of water? How are you going to run down the block carrying a case of water? It couldn't possibly be worth the effort to lug that heavy thing around. Dude, you must have been really thirsty! In which case, sure, go ahead, help your self to the water. I hope you think of me when you pee.


Wifey won't let me do her in the backdoor -- or anything else for that matter. Girl friend is a whole other story. ; )


I've noticed that people treat me better when I look frumpy. I can tell when I look especially cute when the girls in the office get catty. Careful, gals, your insecurities are showing. ;)


$1843 Refund from Taxes on the way! maybe a nice dinner for her, and then shop for some forbidden sex toys to watch her fuck herself with!


I hate the concept of diversity. Why the fuck is it my responsibility to subsidize housing so minorities can move into my town? And so their children can go to our schools?

No one gave me money so I could move here. So why do I have to hand over money so someone else can move here?  Go get a fucking job. Work hard at it. Make something of yourself. Then move here with your kids. I don't care what color you are. Earn the money then move her.

Selfish moochers want everyone else to pay their way because they are so fucking lazy.


So Nodstroms has dropped Ivanka Trump's clothing line as a way to zing her presidential father. How low. Now the children of the people you disagree with are fair game? Really? You want to play that game? Don't all of you have children?

And what about the idea that the democrats just had a woman's march on Washington. The message was that the Republican administration shouldn't discriminate against women. Then the democrats turn around and punish this woman and try to put her out of business because... oh wait, Ivanka did nothing wrong.

Democrats, you are the enemy that you fear.

I plan to never ever shop at Nordstroms again. Never.


The women I've had anal sex with have had intense orgasms probably 80% of the time.  I rack up the other 20% to me not being able to last long enough to get them there because it was too good.  If done right, with enough prep, women can enjoy it a lot.

M who loves it but whose wife won't even think about it  :(


I urinated into a coffee cup once in my office.  This was during the day when everybody was there.  I just couldn't make it to the bathroom.  When I was taking the cup to the bathroom, I got stopped by a co-worker who started asking me about a work project.  

There I am, cup of piss in my hand, hoping she doesn't figure it out.  This conversation goes for one minute, then two minutes, then three minutes... and I have a coffee cup filled with piss, there in the hallway.

So a few times during the conversation I would raise the cup to my mouth like I was about to drink from it, and then pull it from my mouth as I answered a question.

Seemed to work.


If a woman (or man) swallows are they a cannibal?


My demons are student loans that have been haunting me since the early 00's. One of them I have a 333 year payment plan agreement with. I'll die in debt.


What the fuck is wrong with the democrat political dimwits in this world? The Whitehouse mentioned a terror attack where a young woman was stabbed to death by a man named Smail Ayad while he shouted "Allahu Akbar" (God is great in Arabic). The Whitehouse suggested this was a terror attack.  The Democrat minds are so desperate to denounce Trump and anything which might justify his immigration ban, that they are saying no, this isn't a terrorist attack.  "Any fool can shout Alluahu Akbar while killing a woman."

Like WTF Dems? That doesn't sound like it had anything at all to do with terror and Muslims? "Allahu Akbar" is what suicide bombers shout before blowing up a crowd of people. But according to Dems, it's just a simple coincidence that this Muslim man shouted the same thing before killing an innocent woman.

Dems, you have lost your mind.


If I loved the person and trusted them I would definitely be open to trying anal and just about anything else. The ones who tried to push it were assholes, though. (Sorry. Bad pun, but it's true.)


Student loan phone calls always put me in a grumble, but hearing a baby boomer talk about how they paid their way through college as they went, as if that was a grand, new fucking strategy nobody's ever thought of, really really grinds my gears...STFUUUU


I've had anal sex with 7 different women. 6 of the 7 had never tried it before ever, and the 1 who had tried it had only done it twice and enjoyed it.

Of the remaining 6 women Đ their very first time trying it, although a little nervous about it, but excited and curious Đ 5 of them had, what they described, as easily one of the most powerful orgasms of their life. The other, who didn't orgasm, wanted to try it again the following week, and maybe because she knew what to expect, was much more relaxed. It took a little more time with her, but she also experienced a very intense orgasm.

Don't knock it til you try it, ladies... you've only got one life. Experience pleasure and happiness any way you can.


Rice diet person here. It has now been six weeks. I finally weighed myself. Down 27 pounds in 42 days. It's 4.5 pounds a week. An okay pace. I'm finding that after all this time, it's not so hard. Some mornings I have to remind myself to eat. I'll keep going. I kind of have a target of losing 50 pounds. No real reason I choose that number. It certainly would leave me well below what I'm supposed to weigh.


if 76 percent of guys have tasted their own semen, i wonder how many have tasted their own poo


I dont get why guys want to stick their penie in a poop hole. You want poop on you? Alrighty, says alot about a guy. I wud be seriously concerned the guy is also interested in doing it with horses and dogs.


A study in 1992 revealed that 16% of women in their early 20s had tried anal sex.

By 2015 that number had risen to 40%.

A woman's butt is the new holy or holys, so to speak.


I once had a guy who tried to do that, (anal sex) well he couldn't, 😂😂😂😂😂 and yes , we never saw each other again . Haha , joke was on him he never got to have anal with me , as a matter of fact . I haven't have any anal with a guy . Maybe I will someday only if I think that guys deserves .


I dreamt about you for the first time in a very long time. I could smell your perfume, the warmth of your breath, your cold fingers wrapped up in mine. But I still don't miss you, and I don't think I ever will.

Don't ever think that I'll forgive you.


You are right, I hate women. But you know why? Because they deserve to be hated. This isn't a case of a kid killing innocent cats in the neighborhood. I hate women because they are not innocent. They are mean, sniping, whining, manipulative, greedy, self centered cunts. Hope that clears it up.


Men who abuse women sexually and constantly seek gratification through inflicting pain or humiliation have a much higher probability of becoming serial killers than men who do not. Same mindset when you think about it. So the next time you're chuckling about being a sadistic pervert who hurts or humiliates a woman, ask yourself why you hate women so much, ponder over whether or not you are a closet homosexual secondary to your deep seated hatred of women, and consider how many of your sociopathic brethren are sitting on death row right now. Joke's on you, big man.


im saving my anal virginity for marriage haha


Men are pigs.


I do that, when I'm about to break up with a girl, I sweet talk her and lead her on and make her think all is well and that I love her dearly. Then we have a wild crazy sex romp. The wilder the better. Like I'll fuck her butt and then get her to suck on my dick. She's getting her own shit in her mouth. Ha ha then I dump her. Very satisfying to look back on those relationships and think how I made her eat her own shit and then I broke up with her an hour later.


Ugh my boyfriend fucked my ass then broke up with me. :(


Now say that without crying.


I officially ended things with the guy I've been having an on & off relationship with for the past couple years and it feels so good. Aaaaahhhh! I feel so free. No more pining after someone who comes and goes, constantly wondering when he'd swing by my life again, constantly wondering where I really stand. I'm finally saying goodbye to the heartbreaks. Adios!


76% of men have tasted their own semen.

57% said they liked the taste.

11% said they did not like the taste.

8% said they didn't think about the taste, because the semen got in their mouth by accident.


Stop blaming yourself for the failings of others. You are exactly who and what you should be. They are not. Not everyone possesses the eyes or the spirit to distinguish a Renoir from a McDonald's napkin. Let their selfish and petty behavior be their cross to bear. Rise above.


Tonight I've made a personal decision to completely shut off my own personal thoughts, beliefs, actions. Tonight I've made the realization that I am in fact not capable of being a functioning individual capable of productive thought. Tonight I've realized they my life, as well as the lives around me, would be much better if everything I did was in accordance to making those around me happier, regardless of the expense it might have against my own personal happiness, self-worth, pride.

Tonight, I'm no longer human.


It's a shame I took so many of my photos these last 2 years with you in it. I wish I hadn't... but at the same time I find it hard to get rid of all of the pictures because I don't want to lose my last 2 years.

It's a struggle. I still don't know what I'm going to do yet.


I really need to get my pussy fucked.  Can someone come along who I can like please?  The last guy just strung me along and played me.


I play La Vie En Rose on my ukulele tonight and think of you.

It makes me profoundly sad and yet hopeful.

I will find my way to love again.


Whenever I go into a store and then leave without buying anything, I worry the store employees will think I stealing something which I've hidden away in my bag. So I make a point of saying something on the way out, like, "Oops, I forgot my credit card. I'll be back later." Silly really. They probably aren't thinking about me at all. It's just in my head.


I'm in a position to give out tens of millions of dollars a year in retentions to lawyers, experts, and other vendors.  But now, if I find out the person I'm considering hiring voted for Trump, too bad, no assignment.


I talk about wanting to kill myself all the time. I don't think I'd actually do but, I get scared with how irrational and mean I can get when I'm angry. I feel my only release from this anger is death but I don't want to die I just want to be better. I can be down right awful to my kids sometimes. I've never beat them but, I've said some mean things that I always regret. The guilt from that alone makes me want to kill myself. They deserve better than me; than my mental illness. I feel so bad for them. I wonder if my mother ever felt bad for being that way towards me. I need to stop this behavior and name calling. I can't be my mother.


The Rich Guard - The Resolute Protector


I wish I never wasted an ounce of time on being a "social justice warrior."  I doubt I changed a thing, and I certainly didn't gain friends or romance from it.  The only guys I met would ultimately "one-up" me ~ I wasn't as politically-pure as them.  What a waste ... I THOUGHT I was doing the right thing.  Waste.


Politicians are weird. They're not right in the head. Her son dies unexpectedly and the first thing she does is issue a press release.  Holy crap lady, how bout you stay home with your other kids and console them. How bout you grieve a little yourself. But no, you write a press release. Think about it. It's not a normal way to react.


The secret to a successful marriage:  each partner does 80% of the sacrificing, being considerate, selfless, devoted, etc. in order to make things work.
-- M/70+, Been There, Done That


195 (the Doting Wife): You sound really happy, but I wonder, do you feel fulfilled devoting your life to another person? Doesn't that make you feel like less or a priority in your marriage? Does your husband go out of his way to make you feel just as loved and appreciated, even a little? Do you think women shouldn't be concerned with their desires as an individual once they are married?

I feel like the problem most women have with the mentality you describe in marriage is that it implies that the woman is the ONLY one sacrificing, being considerate, selfless, devoted, etc. in order to make things work, while a man's social responsibility is just to make money and protect the family from harm. That sounds slightly demeaning in my opinion (no offense, but it's how I'd feel) to completely lose yourself in someone else's needs when that feeling isn't reciprocated, and to acquiesce to always coming 2nd. I'd really like to know what you think!


The idea of fucking a random person or an emotionally meaningless sex partner is so unsatisfying to me that i can't even masturbate anymore. Fuck





202. Thank you for pissing in cups so we can have great apps. We're all grateful to have people like you. -the world


I dont have your number


Thats a nice way of saying i wasnt enough.cosmetic


Can you just call me please?


The only thing u need is a good woman who will treat you the way you deserve, not get you into these situations and love you with all the same intensity. I never had an issue with anything you think I did. The things that you were insecure about were all cosmetic. I loved you for the amazing person you are.


Im just so hurt and the feelings are so bad i just dont want to wake up anymore.even at work i had to ask to be taken off equipment i cant concentrate on anything


I never hated you.


Believe me i was going to change my outlook i was just so buried in bullshit i couldnt find a way sorry i wasnt the man you wanted or needed i just wrestle with demons everyday im going to see a doctor as well as dentist.maybe i need to be prescribed something


I really want to believe that.but our lack of sex life and the fact that you hated me and you did you told me quite often.i know about my was a defense because im always scared and paranoid and it turned out to be true.but believe me


That's your own insecurity. I never felt that way. I said as much a million times. You are not a fool,it was not every chance I got, it was not happening from the beginning.I wasn't faking it..or the fact that I love you. You always had a more loving heart than I do. You were always a better human being than me. I'm not a slut. I just fucked up.


197 it sounds nice, but its not realistic. Most women work, make more money than ever, and simply don't need, or want to cater to any man, its a stalemate these days.


197 - no sorry I don't. My only sister has a bf and she beats him down all the time. She is nothing like me unfortunately. Its sad I see so many women being total shrews then wonder why no man wants to be with them. I just wanted to let guys know there is hope, good women do exist. They are out there, you just have to look in the right places. And women if you want to land and keep a man read "Preparing To Be His Helpmeet" and "Created To Be His Helpmeet" by Debi Pearl. Changed my life and saved my marriage. Many women are following the principles outlined in these books. Good luck ☺


I used to pee in my empty coffee cups at work. I program. I'm often there late at night all alone. It's no big deal. I empty the cups before I leave.

But this one time. I was heavy consumed by a bug in my code. When I finally found it, sort of as a toast to my success, I grabbed my coffee cup and took a swig. Wrong cup. I got a mouth full of my own pee.

People don't understand all that programmers go through to make the apps you use!


Was i that small.did you fake everything


What i dont understand is was i not enough for were undoubtedly fucking him every chance you got.i was probably the other guy.and who else and maybe from the start.ialways felt like the fool and now i know why.i can see you like it bigger.was i that sm


I'm broken and I don't know to fix myself


I urinated into a water bottle at my desk at work, but I still had to go after the bottle was full, so I pulled out and sprayed all over my shirt


#195 Do you have a single sister? :) You sound wonderful. What a relief to hear there are good well meaning women out there. What so many women fail to realize is that when you act up and bitch out on your husband. It affects him. Oh he'll say he doesn't care. But inside it does. It occupies his thoughts. He becomes doubtful of himself. He loses focus at work.  Women, if you are mean to your husband, he will not be as successful as he could be. This affects you directly. You have less money for you and your children. Speaking of your children, they are not as confident if they see their father being brutalized.  So #195.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for existing. I wish other women could follow your lead.


You may not believe it, but I'm hurting too. I come across things that belong to you and it's like a knife in my heart. 7 and a half years is a long's not like I forgot about you over night. What I did was wrong and I have no excuse. It doesn't go deeper than pure selfishness and stupidity. I will never forgive myself for breaking your heart, for causing you pain. You don't deserve it. I hope you find happiness somehow. You deserve nothing less. I'm a fool, and I deserve to be alone and miserable and full of regret.


I keep my husband happy by making him the center of my life. I try to fawn over him, cater to him and dote on him as much as possible. I make sure his needs are met. I keep him "well fed and drained" meaning I make sure he always has great food and sex when he needs it. I offer daily blowjobs and sex to him everyday. I make myself totally available to him in every way. I make sure he knows how much I miss him when he is gone and how much I appreciate him. I am not afraid to show excitement and enthusiasm towards him like a giddy schoolgirl. I often wait by the window for hours waiting for his arrival and I'm not ashamed to admit it to him. He loves the fact that I am totally dependent on him for my happiness and purpose in life. The more feminine and submissive I am, the nicer he treats me. If women today would realize if they treat their men like kings, their relationships would be so much better and MUCH less divorce and break ups.

I also try to keep a focused mindset everyday by 30 minutes of meditation on my husband. For 30 minutes every day I lay down and think of nothing but him and how wonderful he is. I am always thinking of ways to please him. I always get horny doing this and results in great sex when we are finally alone. As a result we have a great marriage because I tend to it every day and make my husband #1 in my life.

38 f/married 20 years


SLH, some days are better than others and I only miss you a little bit. Today, is not one of those days. Today is a hard one. I can't get you out of my mind and heart.

I've never felt pain like this before, over such a long period of time. I wonder if I'll ever get to hug you again.

So many mistakes and zero forgiveness makes for a very empty heart.


Pelosi is a powerful political figure. This week she referred to the President as President Bush. This worries me. She's old. The minds of old people often fade with dementia. Is that's what's going on here? Maybe it's time for her to retire.


Big thank you to all the women who have trained my man to be so sexually knowledgeable and aware. His expertise is untouchable!


I've been alone for so long I forgot how great it feels to have someone to share your day with. You know you have someone very special when you can share your most intimate secrets with and not be judged negatively.


Capable?it was an affair.a was meant to hurt me and it was going on far longer than youd admit and im sure he wasnt the only one.i was going to change for the better i was just waiting for the past years situation to change so i could.never happened,deeper and deeper we sank now i have a life sentence in my head.i cant unsee and unknow things.maybe one day i wont cry myself to sleep.maybe but my heart my trust my self worth and dignity have been taken from me.i feel emasculated and not even a man anymore.


Now that I know the name of the game, you're toast. You may have the advantage on my worst day but you sure as fuck don't have it on my best. Thanks for giving me precisely the motivation I need.


This is why i don't go to see my immediate family except on holidays. The emotional emptiness in me festers, both during and after my visit. I yearn so hard for love, approval, recognition from these people, and they're the emotional equivalent of brick walls. Except when something goes wrong, or we're having a laugh at my expense. I don't need this shit in my life


I still love you. I made my bed, now I sleep alone in it. I broke your heart, now mine aches. Cheating is an awful betrayal and the fact that I was capable of it makes me wonder what kind of horrible, hateful monster I must be.


how do I get in touch with you 176?


So there's this girl, there is always a girl.  This girl is a big shot in a company and she is older, maybe 50 or so.  When I met her she was in a cast and I gave her crap about it.  She comes across as cold, a statue.  She has built a wall around her, probably because she is good looking and she is sick of putting up with shit from guys.

Anyway, I see her out and about from time to time, and I flirt like hell with her, and I told her I consider her my challenge.  I love getting in the walls that women build around them.  

The last time we met I saw a different side of her.  This woman told me about growing up on a farm, she flirted relentlessly, she laughed and smiled and had fun.  She told me about some guys she dated.

I should want to fuck her.  I probably do.  But I will not.  I am not going to cause anymore damage to that wall.  I get the impression everyone uses her that dates her. &n