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If/when I win Powerball, I am getting a divorce.  I wonder how many men are eagerly buying tickets with the same thoughts...


I would like to build an underground house. On the street level it would look like a small rundown shack. But when you descend the stairs, there would be an underground palace, with plenty of rooms, a swimming pool, grow lights for a garden, built in TV screen constantly showing beautiful images. It would be peaceful. It would be tax free because in my town, only above ground space gets taxed. Most of all, it would be my secret.


Watching House Hunters is interesting. I watch it because I fantasize about the house I'll never be able to afford. But now I watch it because it's interesting to see the dynamics of some people's marriages. So many bossy, demanding wives unwilling to let the husband have an equal say in the process. They are so bitchy!

The worst ones are the ones who admit at the very beginning of the show that the choice needs to make HER happy because the husband needs to keep her happy. And then at the end of the show they gush about how the house makes them happy, and how they got all the things they wanted and all the things the husband didn't get. I wonder how many of these marriages end in divorce because of these selfish twats and the dream house they did all these renovations to ends up back on the market within 5 years.

These women are spoiled assholes. I'll be honest in admitting I'm a little salty about them being able to buy a house and not me. I'd let my man have an equal say and make sure he gets some of that things on his wish list and I get some of mine. I could never treat him like those women treat their husbands. What the fuck is wrong with them?!


What the hell is wrong with my wife?

Two stories come to mind for this week.

One. I overheard her explaining the solar eclipse to an 8 year old. "See, our regular sun leaves and the second sun comes in. It pushes our regular sun out of the way. The second sun isn't as bright, so it gets dark outside. But then the first sun pushes back and takes its place again in the sky."

Two. She ordered a sweater online from a little store in Florida. The next day we got a call from the credit card company saying our credit cards were compromised. There were all sorts of weird charges. It was a pain in the ass. We had to cancel the cards, which meant changing the card number with all the other services billed to the card each month, like Netflix and so on. That was a few months ago. The other day my wife was wearing a new sweater. It looked similar to the one she ordered from the shady store. I asked where she got the new sweater. She matter of factly said she ordered it from the same place as last time. I pointed out that last time they used our card number to illegally buy things for themselves. Didn't that convince her NOT to shop there ever again? She told me no, don't be silly, an online store would never fraudulently use anyone's credit card. She said that, even though that's exactly what happened to us. I have no response for her. It's not worth it.

She is the dumbest bag of potatoes I have ever met. What the hell was I thinking in marrying her?


The thing I don't like about men nowadays is no one keeps their word. They say something today that they mean but tomorrow they no longer mean it. Wtf I thought a man was supposed to be good for his word? Why should I trust u if you change your mind like the wind? Why even say anything if you won't mean it the next day? And Im not someone who tries to get people to promise things, these men say it all on their own, but they don't come through. They fucking bitch out.


When I think about Barbie , I picture a thin , tall women with natural blonde hair and a very fake tan and fake boobs, driving an expensive convertible, living on a very big expensive home dress in expensive designer clothes and last with a very hot looking boyfriend.  There's a lot of bottle bleach blondes where I live , the majority look all the same they even dress the same tees and jeans or yoga pants, a far cry from the glamorous Barbie I picture as a kid.


17 years ago I was walking in the city delivering some paperwork for my job.  It was a Wednesday, and I had just met the woman who would be my wife the previous Friday night.  I was thinking about this woman I had just met, and how much we clicked, and I knew we had something special between us.  

I arrived at a corner and turned, and I stopped and stared across the street.  In an incredible coincidence...

...there she was, the only other woman I had ever really tried to connect with in my life.  I hadn't spoken to her in 3 years.  She had been too busy moving her law career forward, and I called off the chase.  But we really had gotten along.  We were just in different stages of our lives.

But there she was.  Standing there, looking around like she was trying to figure out where she was going.

I realized something in that moment.  I could feel God giving me a choice as clear as I'm writing these words.  God was telling me I could continue my life with the woman I just met five days ago... or I could continue my life with the woman I knew who was across the street.

I knew that all I had to do to make my choice was to cross that street.  But the road suddenly seemed as wide as a canyon.  If I crossed it, my life would continue with the woman I had known.  But if I chose not to cross, my life would go on with the woman I had just met five days ago.

I could hear a voice saying that once I crossed, I could never return again.  The woman I had just met would be going on her own way, out of my life.

I knew that I only had a few seconds to make my decision as I stared at her.  But the voice said I had to make my decision quickly.  This was my window to decide.  But it didn't take me long to decide.

"The new woman has more love in her than the old woman," I thought. "The old woman can be jealous and guarded and competitive compared to the new woman.  I can't deny that she thinks more of herself than of others."

It was true.  I could "feel" the love and the goodness and the kindness in the new woman.

And with that, I turned to the left and continued walking down the block.  I never crossed that street.

17 years later, and my wife and I are happily married with two children who are both tops in their classes and attractive enough to be courted by modelling agents.  As parents and in marriage we've hit the jackpot, but we've been financially very unlucky.  We're $100,000 in debt from when I lost my job for two years, and this is not including the house.  But we get by.

Thanks to social media I've connected with the old flame.  We never dated, so my wife will never know our old flirtationship.  She's a managing partner in a major law firm.  She owns a 6500-square foot house on 6 acres that she paid $700,000 for.  She has two Porsches in her garage.

And she's still single and childless.

I sit and I think as I wonder how I'm going to pay my bills that had I crossed that street, I'd be living in an estate and driving a Porsche.  But I probably wouldn't be very happy.

I guess that was my choice, happy and poor, or rich and miserable.


I'm kind of scared of the eclipse. Not for myself, but for my four year old. Looking at the sun for even a few seconds can damage your eyes permanently. I know if I tell him not to look at the sun, the first thing he will do is look at the sun. He won't really be able to comprehend the consequences and why he shouldn't. So I need to think of somewhere to take my kids for three hours tomorrow where they will not have the option of looking at the sun. I can't just stay home because we have large windows everywhere.


I have only ever encountered one transgender person in my life (that I know of). It was almost twenty years ago, so there wasn't as much awareness as there is now. I lived in a very small town and was vaguely aware that "cross dressers" existed. I was in my early 20s and was working in a fast food restaurant. An average looking woman with blonde hair  in a pink dress came up to order, but when she spoke, she had a man's voice. She was obviously a man dressed as a woman. I remember being a little surprised, but that was about it. I took her order, she paid and took her food and that was it. It never occurred to me to judge her or think of her differently than anybody else.

Fast forward to now with the transgender movement. I'm pretty open minded. I'm all for people being allowed to use the bathroom they feel comfortable in. I will do my best to use the pronoun they prefer. I'm not too concerned with how other people choose to live their lives.

But... I don't really get it. Obviously there are some physical differences between men and women. Besides having different genitals, men tend to be larger, have more muscle mass, body hair and deeper voices. Women tend to be smaller and can grow babies. But so much of what distinguishes one gender from the other in our society is really just tradition. There is no biological reason that women can wear makeup and nail polish and dresses and drink strawberry daiquiris and men can't. There is no biological reason for men to drink beer, wear baseball caps and play video games. With the rise of feminism, gender disparity is shrinking even further. Men can raise children and do housework, women can run companies and excel at sports. What sort of fulfillment are they seeking from life as another gender? Is it just the physical body? Is it the way men vs women are treated by society?

This isn't meant to question the validity of anybody's choices or identity. I just honestly don't get it.


When I was 9, my so called best friend told me she was thin like a Barbie doll and I was a Cabbage Patch kid.

27 years later, I live in a city surrounded by women who are lithe, tan, with dainty features, straight blonde hair, and Coachella-perfect fashion. I'm still the same frumpy grizzled Cabbage Patch kid with a bulbous nose and bulldog jowls. My personality only counts for so much at my age.


I wonder what will happen when Black Lives Matter realize they are a creation of, and a tool of, rich white liberals. They don't give a shit about black people, but it's in their interests to foment hatred and anger against someone--anyone--else. That keeps blacks voting as a bloc, so the liberals can count on that power.

BLM, wake up from the dream time. Your organization isn't about you, it's about the rich white liberals that allow you to exist for their own interests. And if you piss them off, they will shut you down. Fair warning has been given.


Jesus tapdancing CHRIST.

I am TIRED of your BULLSHIT.

It is one thing after another.

I was JUST getting myself out a depressive spiral and feeling as though I might be able to get back on track with my own life.

And then you message me with a teaser about how your father said something and it has your mind at unease and you aren't going to tell me until you come home several hours later, so now I have to stew and wonder what the fuck your shitty parents have done this time.

It isn't your fault.  I'll give you that.

But holy FUCK this garbage keeps happening and has been happening for as long as I've known you.

I do NOT want to deal with it anymore.

I do NOT care if your dad is going to die or something anymore.

I don't care.

I don't care anymore.

I don't want it in my life anymore.

I don't deserve to be in this garbage.


My very first live-in BF found me on FB about a month ago and we started skyping. We were together when I was 21-24 and he was 19-23. I loved him so very much. So very, very much. I got pregnant 2 years in but he freaked out and I got an abortion to appease him. We never really recovered and , as these things go, we broke up and went on to live our lives. He got married, bought a house near his parents',  had two children, then after 15 years with his wife, got divorced.
I moved 4500 miles away from him (not because of him, though), became a citizen of the US, got married, got divorced after 15 months, never had children.

Today, while skyping, he introduced me to his 14 y-o and his 8 y-o. Lovely girls. He also told me his parents used to love me (I honestly thought they hated my guts) and that his mom used to tell his ex-wife she had nothing on me (pretty terrible stuff)... And I cried. A lot. "Meeting" his kids and hearing that stuff about his parents felt like I caught a glimpse of the life I could have had if he had risen to the occasion (his words, not mine).
All these years later, I still love him. So very, very much.


I'm not a Nazi, and plenty of women are sexist.


As a man I have to say men suck. It is in like men have cornered the market on sucking. Whenever I sit around and think very hard on the subject I come to the same conclusion every time:  people suck.  Men have their ways of needling the women in their lives. There are certain things  which drive us crazy, like why do we always have to cheerfully do all the heavy lifting,  and I mean lifting stuff moving stuff doing jobs that seem to be relegated to the realm of being male. I get so tired of having to move stuff. I get tired of having to fix stuff.  People just want me to endlessly do this stuff with a smile and that's okay.  Please don't take it the wrong way when we  curse and slam stuff around.


I don't love you. I haven't in a long time.


All men I date are assholes.

Correction: All men everywhere are assholes.


My wife and I haven't been getting along. It started a few months ago. My wife had gone away for the weekend and when she came home, she let into me. It was like overnight she decided I wasn't good enough for her. She began picking on everything I did. She hinted at divorce. She became very secretive. She changed the password on her phone and email. I didn't understand. What changed?

My wife went to visit her sister this weekend. It's about 3 hours away. At first I thought good, maybe she just needs to get away for a bit to clear her head. Then I was reminded, that was where my wife went that weekend when the troubles first started, she had gone to her sister's. Maybe it wasn't a good thing that my wife was once again with her sister.

Today I decided to call my wife to see how she was doing and when she would be back. But she didn't pick up. That was odd. She always picks up.

I searched for her on Find My Iphone. I could see she was at her sister's house and clearly her phone was working.

Maybe the ringer was turned off?

I then called her sister's cell, hoping she could hand the phone to my wife.

Kick in the head time. The sister answered. We exchanged pleasantries. I then asked if I could speak to my wife. The sister was instantly confused. The sister explained she and her family were away on vacation in Maine. My wife wasn't with them.

I said, but my wife is at your house.

The sister said that is news to her. She never spoke to my wife about staying at their house while they were on vacation.

Suddenly concerned/suspicious, I asked the sister if my wife stayed with her a few months ago for the weekend. The sister said no, not that she remembered. She asked what weekend. I said Memorial Day. The sister said she and her family were again away on Memorial Day.

The picture was becoming clear. When my wife's sister is away, my wife has secretly been using her house.

For what purpose? My mind started racing. I can only think the worst. My wife grew up in that town. A former boyfriend lives there. He is married. Can't rendezvous at his house. But then my wife's sister's house is available for the weekend. It's all fitting together.

I can't drive there now. It's too far away. By the time I get there, my wife would have already left to head back home. I'm sitting here waiting for her to arrive. I think my marriage is over.


I wash my vj and derriere and the start of a shower and again at the end. Double protection!


Facebook people who put up a 10 year old picture of themselves because they are now old and wrinkled and can't deal with it.... lol.


Ouuuu, that was a little awkward Friday night.
I'm quiet and unassuming and just was watching the fun of my friends when I tried to talk with you. You gave me a look of total disdain.  That was till the end when I paid the bill and Jonathan mentioned I owned the company. I could see the change in your face and walking out you were trying to engage me. Too late, I had the measure of you by that point.


I have been trying to leave this house for the last 15 years and yet here I still am. I wonder how many people are stuck places they don't want to be by circumstances beyond their control?


An amazing testimony on some wishful thinking that I hoped would bring my wife back to me.. My name is Matthew Elijah and I used to be married to a lovely and caring wife,with two kids, despite having a tiny dick that I could barely inseminate my wife with. A very big problem occurred in my family seven months ago,between me and my wife so terrible that she took the case to court for a divorce she said that she never wanted to stay with me again,and that she did not love me anymore So she packed out of my house and made me and my children passed through severe pain. I tried all my possible means to get her back,after much begging,but all to no avail and she confirmed it that she has made her decision,and she never wanted to see me again. So on one evening,as i was coming back from work,i met an old friend of mine who asked of my wife So i explained every thing to her,so she told me that the only way i can get my wife back,is to do some wishful thinking.  It didn't work for her, but at least she didn't waste her money on a hocus pocus spell caster.  I had no other choice than to follow her advice.  Wishful thinking didn't work for me either, but at least I didn't waste my money on some loser in Nigeria who should try casting a few spells to improve his country first.


So spellcasters reunite emotional, physical, sex abusers with the people who see their true colors and flee from them. Hmmm  .. Where were you when my mum was going about it with my  dad ? Oh that's right you weren't around when the internet connected..


deleted. spell caster poster, please stop posting. you are being an ass.


The Soviet Union was a failed experiment. You can't take 13 different cultures and blend them together as one nation. It doesn't work.

The United States is also turning out to be a failed experiment. Too many different viewpoints. The country should be disbanded. Let people in Virginia do what they want. It's their right. If they want a statue, that's nobody's business but theirs. You people in New York need to butt out. Go live your lives and stop judging others.

Me personally, I'm happy to be living in a southern state. We grow the food. When the country breaks apart, we'll have plenty to eat. What will you people in New York eat? Stocks and bonds? Your psychiatrists?

Hey northerners, leave us alone.


Say, wanna have some fun? Post a picture of yourself holding a sign with a secret on it. Don't want to show your face? That's okay. Feel free to be creative, show your fingers or toes or elbows. Racy is even okay. Just as long as it is a picture with a secret.

Come on give it a try. It would be fun.

See the help section for instructions on how to add a picture to a post.


Saying all white people are bad is like saying all black people are thieves. Oh the irony. Democrats are arguing against bigotry, by making bigoted hateful statements themselves.


I'm white.  I'm supposed to feel guilty about something some other white guy did a hundred years ago?

Guess what?  I don't feel guilty.  Most whites don't feel guilty.  I don't feel guilty because I didn't do it and you weren't the victim,

We know all you're doing is trying to oppress us so you can grab power.  Funny thing, though - the Democrats are led by whites, who you vote for constantly.  We had a black president and two black attorney generals, and isn't it odd how they never did shit about police brutality?  You wonder why?  Because they know you'll vote for them regardless.

You know the difference between successful people and losers?  Successful people blame their failures on themselves.  Losers blame their failures on other people.


It saddens me to see people grasping at straws to make their point or justify an injustice. We are like rats desperately chewing, digging tunnels, growing tumors


It's tragic to be human.


White people have enjoyed a tremendous amount of privilege for a very long time. Now white supremacists are freaking out that minorities are going to take that privilege away. But Nazi rallies are not going to help. Nobody likes Nazis. Nazi rallies are only going to make white people more
Hated. Being Nazis is what is going to cause white people to lose their privelege. We are doing it to ourselves.


I don't understand what you are trying to say.


A man holds up three fingers and says how many fingers am I holding up?   You answer three, and then he proceeds to beat the shit out of you until you answer correctly (some number other than three)  You're free to think whatever you want of course, but there is only one truth, aka the truth. Fortunately there is a well-known book that tackles this very subject, so people will not be so easily blindsided as they have been in the past by these shenanigans. (Like, how many fingers am I holding up right now?)  ;)


I try to do the NY Times puzzles online. I can't do them all though. Some won't run on my machine because I don't have the latest version of some software package and I can't download that package because apparently my machine is too old and is not supported.

Interesting though. See what's happening? The New York Times assumes everyone has the latest greatest computer with all the updates... the New York Times assumes everyone is just like them... a rich white person with enough money to buy a new computer every year.

I think the New York Times is racist. They bash Trump. But they are no different.


311:  There are women like that.  I have to make the first move every time. He rarely ever instigates sex.  He says it's because he doesn't want to be turned down. I've never turned him down.  Let me tell ya, it gets boring being the one to start it every time.  He asks what my fantasy is and I tell him, "Just take me, grab me like you want me and can't wait to get my clothes off".  Never happens. Feels like he's just a sex doll that I always have to blow up.


Don't get so caught up in the past that you can't see what is here. Now.


323. It's just mild OCD, it's very common, don't read too much into it. Start taking a photo of your stove before you leave. It'll have the time and date stamp so you'll know. It might not be enough at first, so if you still have to go back, compare the stove and the photo, then take another picture that you can check later if you need to. Stick with it, it will get better.


I'm very tired of driving away form my house, only to turn around a minute later, return home, and check if the stove is off. What the hell is wrong with me? I think it means I have no self-esteem. I don't trust myself.


In a past life, I would have been a very good executioner. I would have no problem chopping off people's heads. It wouldn't affect me at all to see them cry and beg for mercy. You committed a crime. The sentence is beheading. BAM. Your head is chopped off by my sharp blade. Next.


Like it or not (and in fact I don't like it) people have the right to think what they want, swastikas included.

And the rest of us have the right to ignore them.

We should not shut down the Neo-Nazis. Let them have their voice. This is what America is all about. I am not a believer in their cause, but if we take away their ability to have opinions, then one day someone might take away my ability to have opinions.

Democrats, you are going down a very dangerous path. You are being very short-sighted and in fact anti-America to demand the "Unite The Right" groups be shut down.


If evil white people were so racist in the USA , why we had a biracial president not for one but two terms on the White House? I don't see many Native Americans involved in politics, media , sports etc... but I hardly hear them complain. What about that many Africans that immigrate to this country, a lot of them do very well , they have great jobs and are very educated? Isn't Oprah one of the richest women on the planet ? She is not just black but a women , there are plenty of wealthy black athletes and entertainers, Beyoncé and JZ seem very popular and a lot people listen to their music regardless of race .  Oh yes those racist white people are keeping you from accomplishing your goals .

Brown person who hates whiners.


White people have had it made for centuries, so maybe we could just sit the fuck down for once.

It also doesn't help your cause when you wear fucking swastikas and klan robes while carrying torches.


No one is allowed to say it publicly anymore. Therefore I'll say it here. What's wrong with white people asking for fairness? Why is this a bad thing? Minorities were repressed for 100 years. Some in the ranks spoke up and said it wasn't fair they had to sit in the back of the bus. Good for them. Because you know what? It wasn't fair. I'm glad they spoke up and had the rules changed.

Now it's 50 years later. "White" companies can't get a government contract, it is allocated for minorities only. White high schoolers can't get into the better college, the slot is given to a minority with lower test scores. White people are passed over for a promotion at work, it's given to a minority. The pendulum has swung too far to the other side. Now it's white people suffering from discrimination.

But if white people hold a rally to point this out, they are called Nazis.

Some minority groups who fought against the overbearing whites in the 1950s, have now become everything they despised.


I hope to die in my sleep.  No doctors, no surgery, no chemotherapy, no tearful scenes with family members saying goodbye.  Just live a normal life and then slip off one night without suffering or drama.



I have an irrational fear I will die in my sleep. I believe it comes from my childhood. An old man on my block died in his sleep. It affected me. It put the thought in my head that I COULD DIE IN MY SLEEP. Try going to bed with that thought stuck in your head! I don't dwell on it every night, but on enough nights that it weights me down.


They say misery loves company. I'm not gonna lie - I love complaining, I love picking apart things that suck or things that aren't working out.  I'm not happy crappy things happened, but it's a cathartic feeling to complain. Conversations are just so much more in-depth and interesting when I have talks that aren't happy-go-lucky or positive.


I am in sales and when ever I sell a lot people comment on how i looked really good that day that's why I had so many sales. Not because I'm articulate, charming, and smart. I am more than just my looks.


I'm not getting ANY WORK. I'm internally freaking the fuck OUT. Oh my god, what the hell am I going to do? I'm sinking too fast.


I am scared. All the time. I didn't used to be. I think having kids and loving them so intently has opened my mind to all the horrible shit that could happen to them. I hide it pretty well. My kids have freedom.
Recently my daughter went on a school trip out of town for 2 nights. I was a nervous wreck the whole time she was gone. She never knew it though.

I wonder... am I the only parent who feels like this?


I want to have sex but think my penis is unwanted by the vagina on a biological level - like my sexual needs is good for me but bad for her.  Like it's not possible for a woman to want sex without being traumatized and remorseful from being used by the penis.

I obviously get immense pleasure but at the same time feel so guilty that I'm making her a victim. I would rather live in a world where women chase the men and make all the sex moves so I could feel I had some sort of sexual value.


I have no interest in tasting my own semen. But I tasted another man's semen once. I was dating my girlfriend for several years. She had a hot and spunky friend, Anne. Anne and I would flirt. I'd fantasize about her. But nothing ever happened. Then Anne got married. That door was closed to me forever. Or so I thought. About six months after Anne tied the knot, she moved into a new apartment with her husband. She called and asked if I could come over and set up her new Mac. I went over one morning on my way to work. I set up everything and gave her a tour. When I demonstrated the camera function, she struck a sexy pose and let me take a picture. Then another, and another. I teasingly said she should show more skin, which she did. She was wearing a robe and opened it up a little. That's when I realize she wasn't wearing anything under the robe. I teased some more and suggested a nude shot. After a little cajoling, she took the robe off. By a few minutes later we were on her bed and I was groping her body. Her pussy was very wet. I started to go down on her, but she stopped me. I thought she was being shy, so I tried again. Finally she explained her hesitancy. She said she and her husband had sex that morning, an hour earlier, before he left for work. That's why she was wearing only a robe. The wetness was his semen. I was touching her husband's semen. She said she'd like nothing better than for me to lick her pussy with her husband's semen in there, but she really couldn't let me do it. I think it was my years-long pent up desire to please her sexually that made me do it. I swooped down and licked her pussy, husband's semen and all. It tasted like bleach to me. I thought she was going to die at the thrill of it. Doesn't bother me. It happened in a moment of passion. I eventually broke up with my girlfriend and lost touch with Anne. In thinking about it, kind of funny. There's a married guy out there who has no idea I sucked his semen into my mouth, and straight from his wife's pussy. Ha ha.


My man has been really clingy. Hyper-sensitive, apologizes profusely for even the smallest act that he thinks might offend me (it's hard to offend me...) I feel like I can't have a conversation with him because he wants to talk about how much he loves me and how much better his life is with me in it, and it just overwhelms me a lot. I'm not used to that from the men I've dated so I don't really know how to respond. I show love rather than verbally profess it. We've been together for 4 months and this just started about a week ago.

What really bothers me is that last night he stayed over, and today he texted me and said he touched me in my sleep and his fingers smelled like me. He said he felt bad about it and apologized. HE feels bad about it?? I feel violated that something sexual was done to me when I couldn't give consent.

I hope this all goes away soon and things go back to normal. Not sure if I can handle this long term.


Hmm if it's you...we don't have to go back in time, you can just text me...signed, your little slut.


You have no fucking idea how much I want you, or maybe you do a little. If only we could go back in time.


I'm enjoying the bitterness on both sides. I hope civil war breaks out. It would be the ultimate in reality TV.


I don't love the way cum tastes, but that's part of what turns me on, it's naughty because it doesn't taste sweet or whatever.  In that moment I belong to that guy (in my mind, because i will only swallow if i really like/love him) and I'm totally submissive, and it feels so good for him.  I think it's mental for the guy too.  That moment he's about to cum is so hot...and if it shoots far, it turns me on so much.


I wear hoops...they're like small to medium size.  Lol.  Big ones get in the way


People tell me I'm beautiful. I laugh it off and say something silly like: you need glasses. But you know what? I am beautiful. I'm the most beautiful woman I know. There, I said it.


You know... semen tastes different depending upon his diet, health, age, stress levels, etc. Y u dont kno dis? I thought it was common knowledge. It's actually a fun experiment; try eating fruit for a few days and see if your cum isn't sweeter. :] You're welcome.


People like Charles Manson sit around and fantasize about race riots.  Helter-skelter, it's coming down fast, lol.
No thank you. I don't want to be associated with that .


Reading some of these posts makes me lose my faith in humanity. So many examples of women being objectified, considered lesser than men, treated as though their purpose is to serve and gratify men. Rape culture.

Women are human beings.


I'm not sure about that, before the Spaniards set foot on Mexico they were killing each other , they were doing human sacrifices . The Egyptians build all those pyramids using slaves , India still discriminates within their own even though they are not a British colony any longer , Japanese people tend to look down on other Asians , even some African Americans don't like Africans immigrants, i once hear a black lady called an African Immigrant a sand N$&@@@ .  Seriously anybody can be racist and violent not just white people.


I am 39, I have a car, and I want to go back to high school, re-live high school, more specifically, re-live my senior year.  I want to be the cool guy with a car.  For some reason, I have it in my mind, if I have a car in high school, I have freedom.  Somehow, I forget that if I am in high school, my freedom will disappear.  BUT, I will be the cool guy with a car, that's what I want to be, I want to be able to arrive to high school, park my car, go to class, have tons of friends.  I seem to forget that I was a nerd in high school, and I did not enjoy the freedom I have now as an adult, out of high school.


Do women like to suck on men's balls? Do men like it? I have never had that done on me and I'd like to experience it.


Nope. I lied. I still totally have a crush on the new manager even after knowing he has a wife AND a daughter. I'm married as well. I wonder how long this crush will last. I'm sure as hell nothing will ever happen. But if only he was not this 🔥Things would be so much easier! Anyone else here has a crush on a co-worker?


I'm starting to see normal white people start to say that we white people need to stand up for ourselves and our heritage.

Then I saw a guy with a Latino name say something interesting.  "You all better be careful.  When black people chimp out, you get BLM.  When brown people chimp out, you get soggy burritos.  When yellow people chimp out, you get car crashes.  But when white people chimp out, you get the 4th Reich."

That guy summed up what concerns me about us whites.  Our heritage is conquest and war.  Fighting for us means annilating your enemy.  Look at fucking Antifa and the Nazis and KKK.  All whites.  And they try to kill each other.  BLM showed up and shouted slogans.  But the white people tried to kill.  That's why the Europeans had the technology to conquer the world - they developed it trying to kill one another.

Even me!  My first thought at the idea of protecting my family isn't to run, it's to kill the attacker.  I think we're genetically programmed to kill and destroy.

Whites are getting pissed off at the bullshit.  People need to calm the fuck down.


When I watch a movie with my wife, it's kind of a two part ordeal. The first part is actually watching the movie. The second part is when the movie is over, I have to explain the plot to her.

"See, Luke couldn't marry Princess Leia because she's his sister....."

I've never understood what my wife is doing while watching a movie, but she definitely isn't paying attention.


I'm certain my wife will be one of those old ladies who live to 100. It's not fair. I worked so hard it's slowly killing me. She stays home and lives a stress free life. She doesn't clean or cook or do yard work. I pay for someone to do it all. She just enjoys herself. End result, I die young from being overworked. She will keep enjoying herself well into the future.


I'm a 54F and have never had any gray hair.


I have never had a threesome. I wouldn't mind tho. I'm not sure how to make it happen. Am I suppose to turn to my best friend and ask if she'd like to have sex with me and my boyfriend? I would never be brave enough or dumb enough to ask her. The other option is a stranger, but I don't want to touch the sticky parts of a strange woman. What if she has a disease? So here I sit, willing, but with no viable options.


When I'm talking to a guy, as soon as it becomes clear that he's just looking for sex, I get really, really bored. As soon as you bring it up it's all about what you've done, what you're willing to do, have you had a threesome, do you like other girls, do you like giving blowjobs, do you like it in the ass.

Now I'm not talking to a person anymore, I'm talking to a dick with thumbs. Yawn. Can't we just agree that if it happens, it happens, without making a laundry list of what parts are gonna go in what parts? What happened to leaving things open?

Also, I had my first threesome when I was 17, so it's really lost its luster at this point.


In answer to the question about seeing my parents naked. Never happened in my household. My mother would never walk around with no clothes on. I did see my sister naked though. I was 15. She was 17. My family had a beach house. The same core group of kids returned every summer. One night about 10 of us kids lit a bond fire down at the beach and sat around drinking beer. Eventually everyone took off their clothes and went skinny dipping, including me and my sister. I saw her naked for a few hours hours.


I have my own taboo game. After I come, I scoop up my jizz with my fingers and push it up my ass. Then I walk around for the rest of the day knowing there is jizz up there. I'll be exchanging pleasantries with the girl at the cash register, while thinking about the jizz up my ass. It's a fun feeling. Great foreplay for my next jerkoff session.


I wonder if the Hoop Earring Theory is true.  You know, the one that says the bigger the hoop earrings worn by the girl, the more promiscuous she is.  It's definitely true for girls who smoke, so I wonder if it's true for earrings.


I know that exact feeling about eating my own cum. When jacking, I crave it. Then the moment I cum the idea repulses me. It must be a Darwinistic response. If cavemen ate their own cum, the species would die out. So our brains adapted to the point where we don't want it when it comes out --- might as well let the cavewoman have it. Species saved.


A few years ago, my wife made a funny face while swallowing my cum. I said, "Come on, it can't be that bad." She said, "How would you know? You should try it before you tell me if it tastes good or not."

She had a point. So a few days after that, I jerked off into a cup with the intent of pouring it into my mouth to taste and swallow it. The idea actually had me pretty excited. How taboo! But immediately after cumming into the cup, the idea seemed utterly ridiculous. So I put the cup down, zipped up, and went back to what I was doing before.

About twenty minutes later, I thought about the cum sitting in the cup in the bathroom, and the idea of pouring it into my mouth didn't seem ridiculous anymore. I was actually getting hard again thinking about it. So back to the bathroom I went. I began stroking myself again, and right before cumming a second time, I poured the cum into my mouth, swirled it around a bit, and swallowed it.

I can't say it tasted great, but it didn't taste bad either. It was very unique and special, like an essence, like nothing I tasted before.

Since then, I have learned how to edge myself several times while jerking off, bringing myself right up to an orgasm, where I stop just short but still ejaculate. When I do this, I stay hard and never lose the urge to swallow my cum.

I have also gone so far as to connect with a few married guys on craigslist, horny guys not getting sucked at home, desperate for a blowjob. Their cum tasted OK as well.

Of course, I haven't shared any of this with my wife. When she makes that face when swallowing, I smile a little bit inside, but say nothing.


The New York Times interview an  ANTIFA member an according to these idiot " You need violence in order to protect nonviolence " he added " That's what's very obviously necessary right now. It's full war basically "  . Like wow , what's wrong with these imbecile he sounds as scary as the KKK . Anybody who supports these terrorist should be ashamed of themselves.


Free form roaming man: Murray State University . Gonna watch the eclipse. I think it's Gonna be a little like the scene in the movie Contact, with all the whack jobs out and about.  
Picked up a pair of hitch hikers( no one dies that any more!!) I thought they were a couple but the weren't . The guy split in Nashville, the woman, well, she said she like to hang out for the eclipse and if I wasn't  with anyone...

I'm married, it wasn't about this but I'm gonna do it. She is pretty and interesting and about 15 years younger. Geez... I gotta get a grip


I have a cousin who is trying to get classes in college, she's in and out of school. I was too, at that age, it's not easy.  But when I was that age, the family was much more together, really extended family too, people kept in touch and we'd see them a couple times a year. So it was always questions about school, and the "joke" that I'd take 10 years to finish.  Because even if you're not in school for 6 of those years, that's how people count, from the time you entered til the time you graduate, and everything in between. One cousin in particular, told her daughter (the cousin I am talking about) "don't take 10 years like Cynthia. No offense Cynthia." That pissed me off, but it supposedly wasn't meant maliciously. Well now her daughter is taking a long time too, and I know what it is. She changes her major, and as you get further along, classes get much harder. She fails some classes and gets low grades on others. But people aren't in her business like that, and they don't know those details. Something happened, and she was gonna go this semester and then she wasn't able to because it was too late to get everything together. Something inside me was happy, and that's fucked up because i'm not that person. And it has nothing to do with that cousin, the one in school, she's great, it's her mother. The one who said that. I don't feel glad at setbacks of others, but this one I'm glad about.


Why is is so fucking difficult for some people to understand that different people are different?
Just because you like or don't like X, Y, or Z doesn't mean that every single other person in the world feels the same way.


I don't really care if jizz tastes good to a girl or not. But I love jerking it into her open mouth while she kneels there and looks up at me like a stupid puppy and takes my load. It's the sexiest thing in the world to see cum on a girl's tongue and all over her face while she kneels there with her tits out and cum dripping off her face onto them. Who cares what it tastes like? I'm not going to taste it.




For me, there is nothing more sexier than feeling my man's cock pulse in my mouth as he cums. I love it!


You don't speak for every woman


To me, semen tastes like mildewy snot. I swallow--because my husband likes it when I do--but really I'm forcing myself not to gag and spit it all back out.

A woman, ANY woman, who tells you she likes swallowing your jizz...she's LYING, dude, no matter how much she swears she loves it.


Hey don't say I'm lying. I'm not offended, just saying, I truly do think semen tastes good. Just cuz you don't doesn't mean it doesn't exist. I don't understand how anybody thinks alcohol tastes good. But I like cum. When I'm blowing a guy I like and I get precum in my mouth I always smile. I have never spit


Stupidest thing I've ever seen. I was signing up for something online. I had to enter my email address and a secret password. No problem. Then I had to choose my "secret question" and give an answer, in case I ever forget my password. Simple enough.

I chose "What is your pet's name."

The website then flagged an error saying my pet's name has to have at least one capital letter, one number, and a symbol like asterisk.

What? Are you complete morons? Maybe you can force me to choose a password with those restrictions, but what am I supposed to do? Change the name of my pet just so I can sign up on your website? LOL! Fuck you stupid asses.

Do internet millennials ever think anything through?


Holy shit, of course women don't look happy swallowing semen. It tastes and feels like viscous, salty, rotten grapefruit sauce, especially if the guy has a terrible diet. If you don't believe it, try masturbating and swallowing the whole thing. 🙄


If I could find a job that pays enough for me to rent a house and feed my children, I'd leave my husband instantly. I had a career before getting married. A good career. But I've been a stay at home mom for the last 17 years. No one wants to hire me.


-270  I don't know you, but I am proud of you.  You certainly did do the right thing. Heck yes, you did!


When I was 11 years old, me, my brother, my mom, and my grandparents took a trip to the Smithsonian. While there, I had to use the bathroom. In the stall, I saw an envelope lying on top of the toilet paper dispenser. I opened the envelope and inside was $35. A lot of money for an 11-year-old in 1973!

Fearing that someone else might steal the money, I took it to the guard station and handed it to a guard. I was proud of myself. I could've stolen the money, I could've left it there to be stolen, but I put it in secure hands. So I told my family about it.

Immediately, my grandmother snapped, "Well, you know that guard is just going to keep it for himself."

I couldn't believe it. My grandmother was a wonderful, kind person. Where was this coming from?

I tried to defend myself, but she just kept saying the same thing, "You know that guard is just going to keep it for himself."

Finally we got back to her house. I ran into the bedroom and started sobbing. My mom and my uncle came in and tried to comfort me. I kept saying, "I did the right thing! I know I did the right thing!"

And the weird thing was, my mom and my uncle, very upstanding, moral people, never even answered me. No one even leaned over and whispered, "Yes, you did the right thing."

To this day I still don't understand what happened. And when I think about it, I still get upset, even after all these years.


I didn't have a problem with the actual act of 'swallowing' per se. But it absolutely didn't taste good! Any woman who says it tastes god, is lying!


I've been with you for 21 years. What you don't know, is that if the right person came along, I'd be gone in no time! You'd NEVER in a million years would have seen this coming. I'm looking already, and you'd never know....


I live in western Massachusetts. I haven't seen a black person in years.


I am truly happy swallowing and I think cum tastes good - 19 f


I'm getting this feeling like dating (or "talking" to guys, like online or the phone, before meeting) is like going on job interviews.  If someone doesn't wanna talk to you anymore, they don't just say "hey listen I'm not really feeling this anymore" or something like that.  They fucking ghost.  And interviewers, at least where i am, most of them don't let you know you didn't get the job.  I went on an interview, the guy liked me.  He told me, he liked me, i look good (the position would be me being at the front desk, so yes presentation matters), i speak nicely...he specifically said these things to me, and that he would offer me the job on the spot, it's just he had a few more interviews to do.  He specifically said unless he finds someone just like me who also speaks another language (or lives closer) i would be hired.  Then he told me, he'll call me if i have it, but pussy out and text me (not his exact words) if i don't have it.  By Wednesday.  Today is Thursday.  WTF?  He couldn't just text me and let me know, after all that, after saying things he didn't have to.  And in saying this here, i'm realizing, jeez it's like talking to a guy.  Why can't guys just let you know what's up?  No one wants to be the asshole, but i think you're a bigger asshole when you don't respond back, or explain what happened.  I fucking hate what has become of this, because of cellphones no one is accountable anymore, they can just ignore.  I know i'm talking about two different things, but my feelings are the same.  The funny thing is, i'm actually shy and not easily angered, but shit like this...and i'll let you know what it is before these "men" not because i have balls, because i'm considerate.  ugh whatever


...that's because jizz tastes terrible.


When a woman swallows, she never seems truly happy. There's always a little look of disgust in her eyes.


I think I've just been given the bait and switch with this job offer.  All through the process they've told me they wanted me to be the General Manager.  Today I'm given an offer and told its what they can afford for a Shift Manager.  I'm worth $30k more than they offered, especially in this market.

And then my wife just asked me, "So you're sure that's what they told you?"

No.  I completely made that up, right?  I pretended I didn't hear her and walked off.

Now she just told me I should ask for more money.  Right - I'm losing my job in a month anyway, so I should blow this opportunity out of the water?  They'll ditch me and find someone else.

Sometimes I cannot believe what she says.


keep calling me "old man", you 25 year old UNEMPLOYED little girl. you fucker


In my town (think rich and 100% white) the youth baseball team thought they should do something charitable. I strongly suspect it was a ploy so they could put something on their college application.

But anyways, they wanted to do something charitable, so they invited the youth baseball team from an urban area to come play on our newly revamped baseball field. This field is top of the line. There's artificial turf, and red dirt infields, and dugouts with running water. There is even an electrical outlet by the pitchers mound for the automated pitching machine. Whew, the major leagues don't have it this good!

When the urban team came an hour early for the game and wanted to warm up, the locals wouldn't let the minority kids onto the fancy new field.

Things I heard from the rich parents:

"No way, this is our field."

"If the minorities wanted to warm up, they should have done so before coming."

"You know how these minorities are, they will damage our new field."  

And this was a charitable event?

This is America today. It's out of control.


This obsession that Americans have with celebrities-specially Hollywood actors- are laughable and ridiculous.
They are interviewed on TV's as experts. Charlize Theron was born in South Africa and now she  is an expert on racism. Another plays a cancer victim and now she is interviewed as an expert about the cure of cancer. Kim Kardashian is now the specialist on motherhood and marriage
Every celeb  is and expert on the field of politics and what is wrong with the POTUSA . This is news? No wonder it is called fake news!


I think Trump will be secretly taken out by some political agency. He is 70 and very overweight. They will make it look like a heart attack.


Another terrorist attack in Barcelona.
Thanks President Trump to have the insight to enforce the immigration laws to the USA- to at least try and keep our borders safe.I am a legal immigrant and I thank you!


Sex with my wife is pitiful. She agrees to it once every few months, but with an attitude. She'll make a snide comment like, "Come on, let's get this over with". Can't wait til our kid goes to college. I'm out of here.


I went to the hardware store with my brother. He shoplifted several items, some bolts and screw driver. I had no idea he was stealing these items until he was caught. We were both detained. I have a very responsible job. I am not a shoplifter. I do not steal. I can't believe my brother put me in that position. I haven't interacted with him since and it was over 10 years ago. Our family makes me out to be the bad guy. They think I'm prissy. "So what if he steals, all people steal." I'm thinking I was adopted.


I don't believe all Trump supporters are white supremacists. That's a ridiculous accusation. It is also a prejudiced statement.

I do think Trump supporters are tired of losing out on a job because someone with lesser skills happens to be a minority.

I do think Trump supporters are tired of paying extra taxes on their income because some groups of people refuse to work because they'd rather live off of free handouts.

I do think Trump supporters are fed up with being called racists anytime anyone has a different opinion.

All together, Trump supporters are pushed and maligned to the point that they are frustrated enough to drive a car into a crowd of people.

Racism? Or is this about Trump supporters getting tired of the bullying, so they fight back?


American women are outraged at the insensitivity of Iceland aborting all their Downs Syndrome babies. Yet these same American women think it's okay to abort their own perfectly healthy pregnancies. Double standard much?


There's these delusional jerk who thinks I want him. 1) I'm happily married for 14 years 2) even if I was single , you are not my type not even for a platonic relationship 3) hacking , cyberstalking my family and myself on social media is a crime .  Get lost , want a girlfriend go outside and interact on the real world .


Lol whoops I'm addicted to meth but god does it feel good


Julianna M ... is that you ... 188243?


If you want my friendship talk to me. Im using old phone. Other got wet and too much ot havent had time to get new one


I have to be at work at 7:30 am.
Every morning I wake up at 6 ish.
Everyday I'm late.
Because I sit in bed and ponder all the bad life choices that led me to this job. Then at around 6:50 I get up because I still have bills to pay and kids to feed.

I wish I did something I love. I wish I made smarter decisions. I wish I could go see amazing places. I'm sure half the world feels the same way.

My goal is to change my life in the next 12 months.


242: I couldn't agree with you more! For that reason alone, I have never seen Marley and Me, nor do I ever plan to. Putting my own dogs down when they were old and sick still brings tears to my eyes and those happened  few years ago. I love animals, especially dogs, and think they should be loved and treasured. It pains me to hear of stories involving animal cruelty. Mike Savage put it best when he said "Dogs give humans something to aspire to." He is so right.


deleted. please stop posting this junk. you are being a jackass.


Since moving to a new area 1000s of miles away, I miss my naked yoga class the most.

-M 44 #340




OK, so it is you. : )   Don't be so shy and coded. It's just me. C'mon, let's be frank with each other. I never write anymore, but not a day goes by when I'm not reminded of you in some way. You still appear in my dreams. I want your friendship. I miss your voice. I miss our conversations. I miss you.


I cannot handle watching "Marley and Me."  When an animal dies in a movie, especially an animal you have come to love it is so unbelievably hard.  

Animals become a part of the family.  

Why do other countries keep them outside as farm animals?   You're missing out on prime family members!  You're missing out on someone to collect your children from the school bus, someone to snuggle when you're feeling blue, someone to play with outside... There is so much love there.  Such a unique bond.

Oh my friggin God.  There aren't enough tissues in the world.  Certain people could die tomorrow.  But a pet?  Shudder at the thought.  

This movie absolutely kills me.  It's like that book we had to read in junior high school, "Where the Red Fern Grows."

Kills me.  Just kills me!!!!


Really? You're not going to "like" my status. I thought you'd be proud and supportive of what I'm doing. Aren't you even my friend anymore?


We fall apart alone, but we heal together.


Ok next time some of these protesters set your car on fire or destroy and vandalize your neighborhood you tell us how much of a "hero" these people are for standing up to nazis and don't forget those " racist pigs on uniform" , since there are such nice people and their cause is so noble.


There is no such thing as good cancer. You don't kill the body to save a leg; it's the other way around. (Lincoln) The people in the alt right are a cancer in our society and don't deserve fair treatment because of their evil agenda.
Right is right. Truth is truth. Thank goodness most people get this.


I'd like to hear the car driver's side of the story.


You are right. Hate is bad. Spraying people in the face with mace and hitting them in the head with baseball bats is hate and shouldn't be tolerated. I wish these Dems would stop with the hate.


Ok so some of you think what happened in VA was ok. GOD help you, because when you are old and sitting in your shit, you are going to need help, and guess who is going to be your nurse, doctor, your tech that wipes your ass.... its going to be the next generation of young people who are becoming less tolerant for racism, sexism, age discrimination,etc. Since I'm getting old now, it will be fun to watch.


One side has a subtle sense of shame. So they pretend that everything is equal. "Oh, you think cancer is bad? Well, we believe cancer is good." This is a lame effort to win an argument.

Nope, sorry, in the real world there is no such thing as "good" cancer. There is no other side to this. Hate speech isn't protected. Better to get in touch with your own inner hatred and try to let it go rather than making silly excuses.


Great idea! One more rude peep out of my daughter and her driver's license will also go missing!


At first Democrats and their post-election-loss rants frustrated me. How can they lie so much? But it's been going on for so long long now, and the claims get more and more desperate and absurd, that I actually find great amusement in watching them make things up.


How can i give it when youve been ignoring me for four months


I still pray every night for forgiveness in your Heart.


I used to take Percocet last year, doctor prescribed it for abdomen pain.  I had never had it before, so my brain was virgin.  I would take two pills at a time, it was just beautiful, I would get so drowsy, it made me so fucking sleepy within half an hour, the pills would send me to sleep, so, I ended up using them to go to sleep at night.  Back then, I was having trouble sleeping, as well, abdomen pain, and trouble sleeping, Percocet was the best.  Unfortunately, the doctor changed the pain medicine, I take something else now, I miss Percocet.


A guy in a car should not intentionally drive into a crowd. He was wrong to do so. But was it racist? Or did he do it out of frustration? His rights were trampled on earlier in the day. He was blocked from getting into a park. He was hit over the head with signs. He had mace sprayed in his face. No he should not have driven his car into a crowd. But those other things should not have happened to him either. I think Prez Trump has it right, both sides behaved badly. I'm yet to see an editorial to that effect.


I have terrible thoughts in my head. Dark. Dark. Thoughts. And the sad thing is, is that part of me wants to carry them out. The other part, doesn't want to end up like their mother. That is I fail, I will be just like her. And I can't have that.


People should not believe right wing conspiracy theories.


The big secret? Unite the right rally organizer Jason Kessler was:
- A Hardcore Democrat
- A Clinton State Department Employee
- A Obama Supporter And Funsraiser
- Has the same slogan as the "McCain Ukraine" Neo Natzis

And all of a sudden in February, he goes white antionalist racist? And nobody can see this for what it is, a PsyOp?!?!?

I dont know of anyone, including Trump supporters that are down with this clown.

Apperently this is a big secret to CNN, MSNBC, Et Al

But dont worry, Google has put Snopes as the first, second and third search result so you can be lulled back to sleep...


I agree with eugenics.
I don't get why improvig the human race and trying to stop children being born with diseases and disabilities is a bad thing.


Free roaming Man: Everyone, turn off your TV and phones. Turn to the person next to you and say " What's up for you today"?
Regular people don't go to battle with each other, we just share a path.

If someone dumps on you with ideology, Say "thanks for your opinion, it helps me know who I'm talking to".  

Anyway, driving in Pennsylvania coal areas, "Appalachia" that we've heard talked about....

There are no"backwards, redneck", blah blah label people here. They are every bit you and me. Just talk to them sometime, few people do, our impression of them is fake, they are good, smart, equal partners, competing with the world for what they want the world to be. We all of us do it everyday.

But no harm, cool landscapes, REAL, local bars, I walked in they record scraped the music and asked if I broke down.

Wander people, wonder, if yer not an asshole there are good people to be met.


Removing Confederate statues is so silly. They were young soldiers. They did what they were told to do. What an insult to remove their statues after they gave their lives for their country - which also happens to be our country.

If we go this route, then I insist we change the name of Washington DC. George owned slaves. How wrong of him! To name our capital after a slave owner is an insult to the world.

Change the name of Washington DC now! If you are against this idea, you are a racist!


I made very bad choices in my life. I undoubtedly should have been "reprimanded" for some things I did. I was never caught however. No one ever knew it was me. I'd would like to think I'm in a much better mindset now. The pendulum has swung the other way. I try to do good. It's a double edged sword though. The more I try to do right by people, the more guilt I have about my past. How can I truly be a good person today, without taking responsibility for my back history? I've gotten to the point where I want to talk to someone and reveal my secrets. Hey, you remember that thing from 20 years ago and no one could never find out who did it, well it was me. Only then will I be free.


My daughter is a newspaper reporter. From the outside, she will look you in the eye and tell you everything she writes is based on facts. Then she will put on airs of being slightly offended that someone even dared to ask about her impartiality.

When she is alone in a room with just me, she admits she bends the truth as much as possible to incite people. She says the more people talking about her story, the better it is for her career.

She's a democrat by the way. I'm a republican. At least she was honest with me.


I love the way Percocet makes me feel. The high is amazing. It just doesn't last long enough. After the high wears off I get drowsy. Last night I took a Percocet and a klonopin. I'm not sure why I did that. I fell asleep during sex for a few seconds. I woke up just enough to moan and pretend to be into it. When the sex was over I literally rolled over and passed out. I slept like a rock. Literally didn't move all night. Woke up feeling pretty damn good. Now, here at work, I'm so sleepy I cannot hold my eyes open. Hangover from last night maybe? I can't tell anyone else why I'm so sleepy and that sucks. I can't sneak off to take a short nap, so I have to fight through this


I cut cable two years ago , when I used to turn on the news all you see is the same tragic scene play over and over, while the news anchors are interviewing the "experts " , it's worst than a tabloid .


Can not watch TV any more. Fake news has taken over and we are brainwashed by the right and the left.CNN and MSNBC are hysterical and foaming at the mouth and tells us the world will to come to an end by tonight because of the President of the USA. Fox pushed it to the other side -that all is fine. They are brainwashing us to no end. We react to stuff like we see actors react in movies. Everything is OMG!!! Don't be an idiot- Life is not like that.
Wake up America.


I love the way liberals think they have all the answers-their holier than thou attitude !They are arrogant and demand every one to be tolerant of their pet causes. When anybody asks them  to be tolerant of any other believe- they are "offended" (their favorite word)-called a bigot and called a racist (their second favorite word).
They alone are as pure as the driven snow-everyone else is the devil.


The Left is needed to balance the Right.
The Right is needed to balance the Left.
Learn from history about whats happens if either becomes the norn.
Millions die.


I miss when my now 11 year old daughter was sweet and loving. When she'd  use her time at school to write love notes to me her dad and brother. Lately she has just turned into a know it all brat. I've caught her in lies, and she'd rather be in her room listening to music than being with us. A year ago she'd be outside after school, usually until dark. I was always so glad she wasn't one of those kids who planted themselves in front of the TV. She'd much rather be outside. Now she'd rather be in her room.  It hurts me that she's changed so much. I know kids grown up and change, but it's happened in such a short time. She's not sweet anymore. She's actually not pleasant to be around most of the time


It is amazing how the right can lie and lie and lie and distort. Gets to the point that they even believe their own lies.

We don't.


The Left is being played by it's own leadership.


The people on the Left are mad as hell because Trump condemned EVERYBODY involved in last weekend's violence in Charlottesville.

Now I've seen it all.  The Left, these peaceful and tolerant people, are mad because Trump said people who commit violence are bad.

What it really is is that the Left is hysterical that Trump said a grownup thing.


To the mothers with the bratty daughters -

I grew up with a bratty daughter in the house.  My younger sister was a nightmare and could do whatever she wanted to me.  She even once told me that herself - "I can do whatever I want and mom and dad will believe me instead of you."  Of course, not having any boundaries, she became a wreck, hung out with the wrong kids, did drugs... and never graduated high school.  It took her ten years to realize she was an asshole and turn her life around.

My little sister is why when my young sons act like little shits,  I don't tolerate it.  If they refuse to listen, I turn on the floodgates of crazy rage for about ten minutes.  I sound like an enraged drill sergeant.  There's crying involved, but they shape back up.

There is nothing worse than a bratty daughter.  By the time I was in my late 20s, my rule was to never get personal with any woman under the age of 25, because so many I encountered were self-entitled brats up until that age, especially college-aged girls.  25 was about when they grew out of it - like my sister did.

Anyway, keep up the good work.


I saw photos of me from 5-6 years ago. I was thinner back then. Not skin y, but healthy. Now I'm just this disgusting fat blob. I hate my body. It repulses me and I try to hide it as much as I can.


Just for a day I want him to tell me nice things, no jokes, no criticisms, nothing mean...just once do I want to feel loved...


The left, looks at the right and see Nazi's. The right looks at the left and see communist's. I look at all the brainwashed people falling for divide and conquer.


I would be afraid to take pictures of my butt or any other body part with my iphone. Secretly in the background those pictures could be automatically uploaded to the internet without your knowledge. I trust nothing when it comes to these electronic devices.


The left wing is getting truly bizarre now.

Apparently, when a woman has her period, she should let herself bleed through her clothes as a sign of solidarity.

Incest is now to be called Genetic Sexual Attraction and is just another lifestyle choice.

So-called "artists" paint pictures using their own vomit.

Pedophilia should be legal since pedophiles can't help it they were born that way, and who are we to judge?

The size of chairs is an aggression against fat people, and the white stripes on the flag are racist.

It's just amazing to watch an entire segment of the population becoming mentally unhinged. It's also very scary. My only hope is that it will galvanize the sane people to unite to stop it. If we don't, I fear this country will simply self-destruct and implode.


In May, I asked a girl to the prom. She said no. My mother then spoke to me. She said not to worry about it. She said one day I'd turn a corner and bump into the perfect girl for me.

We live in a town with literally one road. It's where all the houses are located. All the stores and the school too.

Mom, we live in a town with NO CORNERS!


If a genie could grant me one wish, I'd ask that my wife to stop lying so much. I don't care how she looks. I don't care if she helps around the house. I don't care if she spends too much money or has too little sex. I just want her to stop lying about everything. There cannot be a relationship if I can't trust anything she says.


I just spent about 1/2 an hour taking pictures of my but. Not in a sexual way. I have had this horrible itch for a few days, which I figured out is a reaction to a new laundry detergent. So I stopped using it and the itch went away... except for one spot on my butt. I thought maybe I might have a rash but I can't see behind me.. I don't want to ask my husband to look because I don't want him to be grossed out. So I pulled out my phone, contorted into a bunch of weird positions and took a bunch of pics. There's nothing there. All clear.


(26/F) I met this woman at a work event and we are on the same page/level on a lot of issues that are personal to me. I think she is positive, smart, and down to earth. Also I do not feel maliciousness from her that I feel from other women.  I feel like we could be really good friends in the future, which I'm excited about!!

However, sometimes I am way too enthusiastic in getting to know someone (especially if we can relate to each other) that it scares them. So I have to hold back, even for a platonic friendship. :(


To the mother of the 17 year old bratty daughter. Good for you for hiding her license. I completely understand you. I have an 18 year old bratty, selfish, self centered daughter too. She leaves for college on Saturday. THANK YOU JESUS!!!!

Teen age daughters and sons!! Please be kind to your mothers! We chose to carry you in our bodies and just the same we can take you out! Ungrateful Fuckers!!!

A mother of 3 in Texas


193: you're both consenting; no one would call that abuse. BDSM is built on trust.


I honestly don't understand what protesters gain , they fligh/ take a bus / drive just to march and hold a sign , while others throw insults at each other.  Don't these people have better things to do ? Don't they have a job, school or family to take care of ? If they want to do a difference there's plenty of organizations out there who need volunteers or money donations.  If Blm movement was so interest on helping their own people why not build youth center in cities like Chicago and Detroit? How about create jobs on inner cities so gang members will have a legitimate way to provide for their families instead of selling drugs and killing each other? Same with white nationalists, I'm sure there's plenty of wealthy investors who can create good paying jobs on areas where the majority are white , poor , indicated.  Keep them busy so they won't have anything to cry about and play the racist or victim card.


So let me get this straight. In Charlottesville, a white guy runs over a white woman and that's racism?


I need a hobby.  I guess it'll be yoga.  Gives me something to do, anyway ...


Dear fellow liberals. Do not counter protest the alt-right. Not in the streets, not in their face, not publicly. This is how the Republicans win elections the divide and conquer. That is why Rump is in the WH. The Republicans know they cannot win on the issues. The only way they win is to split people apart. They muddy the water with 'true patriots'vs antagonists, the right to choose, undermine peaceful assembly as uppity libtards. Don't fall for it. Instead, call, write your gov representative to make a statement. The Nazi strategy works in Germany because they divided a nation. Don't fall for it.


And now the slow trickle of truth is emerging about the Charlotteville event. Driver worked for the state department and Democrat cantidates, the car is fishy, etc, etc. Another PsyOp, and the masses keep falling for it.


My husband and I are (or appear to be) extremely normal, perhaps even boring, people. We have full time jobs, pay into our retirement accounts and drive nondescript cars.

Behind closed doors it is entirely different. We are living a mash up DDLG, Male Lead, BDSM kind of relationship. In the house I wear clothes like pigtails and lace ankle socks. I have to ask permission to go pee pee and I have to refer to him as Daddy at all times. When I come home from work I get spanked "for being a big girl" while outside. He has complete control of where I go and what I do. I have to ask permission to buy personal items, to go anywhere and to hang out with my friends. He slaps my face when I say a bad word. Or, sometimes I have to write lines.

The sex is completely, unbelievably hot.
The love is so intense, so intimate, so close. I have never felt this loved in any relationship before.

I am sure people will scream (abuse! mysoginist! etc!) but, we are honestly very happy. And oddly enough, this is by far the most functional relationship I have ever had while at the same time being the kinkiest.

Of course no one knows. Most wouldn't understand but its so much fun I want to tell the world.


I'm stuck with this whole white supremacy uprising thing happening in the U.S.

On the one hand, I'm pissed. White people are getting wild, all because they think they have the right to be racist. They're getting mad that minorities aren't just rolling over and keeping up the status quo. This is so many levels of NOT OKAY.

On the other hand, the aggression coming from the left side in response to the right is exactly what our leaders want. The harder we fight each other, the easier they keep us down.

I mean, it's not our responsibility as minorities to make sure that white nationalists see what common decency looks like. But what is to be accomplished by running through the protest process? Is any point made? Does any change happen?

Politicians will condemn violence on TV screens, and send police officers to carry out their true intentions. The two sentiments don't match.

I wonder what the solution we're all not seeing here is? I feel like there's another way, one that hasn't been done before, that'll fix things. Maybe I'm just naive.

Still, I refuse to be manipulated.


deleted. please stop posting spell caster information, asking people to email you. it is not welcome here. if you continue to do it, i'll assume you are not a good person who respects the wishes of others.


The woman exposing herself to her sons sounds like she's on crack. I don't believe a normal mother would EVER walk around naked in front of her teenage son and think nothing of it.


Guys, learn this rule to save yourselves a bunch of future headaches. If you take a woman on a first date to an expensive restaurant, and she orders both an entree and an appetizer, do not ask her out on a second date. Drop her and count your blessings that you have just saved your bank account from slowly being emptied.


My 17 year old has been giving me lots of lip. It's maddening. She wouldn't stop. The egos on these kids.

Unfortunately for her, she lost her newly obtained drivers license. She had it for one week and then it disappeared. Now she can't go anywhere. Can't drive without a license. I don't have time to bring her to DMV to get a new one. She's stuck at home. She can't meet up with her friends so they can all act obnoxious together. Poor thing.

What she doesn't know, I took her drivers license out of her wallet and hid it. I tell you, don't mess with me.


I'm not even back in the city yet and I already feel my stress level rising. Fuck ordinary life. I wanna go live on a fucking farm. i'm sick of being a fitgirl. We're not as happy as you think


TO ALL FEMALE TEACHERS: If you want to have sex, I'm available. And I can keep a secret.


Seeing a pubic hair on the toilet seat at work makes me want to vomit. People are disgusting. Clean up after yourselves!


Before we have sex, I hop in the shower to make sure all my body parts are clean. My wife doesn't do this. She'll get in bed, not having taken a shower since the early morning. There are times when right before sex, she'll go in the bathroom to poop, just in case anal is on the agenda. But she still won't shower. I end up licking her asshole to lube it up for my cock. I'm tasting her fresh poop. Maybe she thinks if she wipes enough she'll be clean as a whistle down there. But the reality is that her ass tastes and smells of poop. I'm beginning to think she does it this way on purpose. I sense she likes knowing I'm licking her poopie bottom.


Anybody who thinks this kind of violence in America is new clearly has not been educated on American history.


Here is a business tip -- never work with people who cheat on their spouses. If they feel no remorse betraying their loves ones, they'll walk all over you as soon as they can. These kind of people do not make good business partners.


Until you can see the resentment in your own heart you cannot possibly see it in others. Go look in a mirror. Study your own darkness. It's there. It's in everyone.
You cannot change a man's heart at the tip of a sword.


A few years ago I was at a friends place and her sister was in town. We were all in our early twenties at the time. My friend told me she was going to get in the shower. I didn't know where her sister was. I had to pee really bad so I knocked on the door and told her I needed to go and she said okay. So I go in and I realize that they are BOTH in the shower. Huh? I would never ever take a shower with my sister. I think it's just weird.


This. This is the only place I can come to and cry and talk. I have no real friends anymore. I'm ALWAYS a second choice. That ends today. Fuck you. I give up on this. You are not worth it anymore, I'm not sure why you ever were.  When you finally realize what you had it will be too late. I'm leaving this place and people behind....for good.


Africa isn't doing so well because Europeans took over and robbed it of all its natural resources. Read a book.
Also white man had harmed me far more than any black man.

- white female, 38, tx


There is nothing okay about fucking around on your spouse/significant other and not using a condom! There is nothing okay about putting your spouse/significant other at risk for an STD just to get your rocks off by knowing your lover tasted your partner's love juices. NOT. OKAY!


I want to be acceptable. To the one I accept. And hers.


I had an affair a few years ago with a married woman. My wife never found out. It amuses me to know I got away with it. Oh the things we did. We were naughty. Some evenings I would sleep with the affair woman and when I came home, I'd put the moves on my wife and insert my dick in her pussy right away so she'd never realize it was still sticky with pussy juice from the other woman. Ha ha, I put another woman's pussy juice into my wife. We did it in reverse too, by design. I'd fuck my wife early in the evening then meet up with the affair women. I'd tell her how my dick was still wet with my wife's pussy juice and she'd put my dick in her mouth and tell me how much she loved tasting my wife's pussy. My wife has no idea another woman tasted her pussy juice. They know each other too. They aren't the best of friends, but their paths do cross every now and then. Oh to think about it. My wife bumps into the affair woman and says, "Hello how are you?" Meanwhile the affair woman is looking at my wife and thinking, "I've tasted your pussy juice."


You were the only person maybe the only there ever was or will be. I might have had to keep me hanging on when I'm alone and need someone. She told me to cut you out by being upset and now I don't have a friend who might actually care. I'm sorry I was too late I couldn't access our messages for a bit I waited. Please unblock me I need someone to care the exact same thing is happening to me. I don't love you this way but right now I wish I had someone to care. I wish it were her but with u I could have been happy if only I loved you. It's enough to even take the tears away when they're all you have. Not even you but the fact that there's no one.


i grew up in a large family. when i was in tenth grade we moved to a new town. the house was smaller and because of how the bedrooms worked out my brother and i shared a room, which was unusual because i'm a girl and he was one year older than me. at the start it was weird because there was nowhere to get dressed except in our room. after a while we got used to it and thought nothing of being naked in front of each other. i would see his weewee every day. he wud see mine and my boobies. this lasted for two years till he went to college and i finely had the room to myself.


I never saw family naked. God no, never.


167:  Sorry, I don't usually respond but I had to. many of the travails of the black community can be DIRECTLY linked to The Great Society.

Though black achievement lagged and factors like illegitimacy outstripped the white population, by the 1960s, things were looking up for the black community.  The wage gaps were narrowing and bills like the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act were putting power in their hands.  Then the government tried to help.

I'm a historian and have an MBA as well.  If you look at the economic graphs, all of a sudden, the tide turns.  The black community stops advancing and starts declining as a whole.  Government largesse forced poor people into assisted housing and set rules that make it hard to break the cycle of poverty.  Save money?  Lose food stamps.  Get a job?  No Medicaid.  As the old adage goes, it wasn't a safety net, it was a hammock.  Do people break out?  Hell yeah they do but the obstacles can be overwhelming.

M 44 grew up poor now a professor and I am black(but that should not give my argument any more or less weight)


Marital rape is rape!! No means no!!


You can also thank white people for ruining several continents and cultures. Also the genocides. Don't forget the genocides. Since we're doing thank you notes


U come in, u sit on my bed, you tell me about your day. I get on my knees, take your shoes off for you, rub your feet. I give you head and anal whenever u want. I know I can be a little stupid sometimes but why can't u appreciate me. I am pretty and sweet like a peach


You can thank white people for the electricity you're using right now. You can thank them for the automobile, microwave, airplane, internet, phones, cell phones, roads, city planning, gardens, judicial system, general order, etc. If we're so bad how come Africa isn't doing as well as we are? They kill each other and are starving. Just like they are here. Have you been approached by 7 black guys looking to do you harm? Because I have. Not fun. Not fun at all. Do you stay out of the 'bad side'of town? Because all the black people drink and smoke out in the streets fighting each other, shooting fucking kids, man. I'm not racist, I treat all black people with respect. But it is what it is. White people need to understand that black people are hurt inside..believe it or not, all that they endured during slavery still lives within them today. The angry, neflectfulness from the young women stems from their mother's, mother's, mother was probably raped and had bore children from their master and hated their lives and we're treated pretty horribly. It all trickles down. It's up to black people to wake up and start respecting themselves and giving other people something to respect. White people will probably chill out if people would stop being RACIST towards whites. Yes, we know, Hitler.. They say he killed 6 million Jews. But there are certainly more people throughout history who have killed even 10 times the amount of people as Hitler. Yet, we use him to fuel hate against whites in a Jew-run hollywood.
They're counting on you all being ignorant, not knowing history. Not knowing how many 'Arab Invasions' there's been throughout history. They invaded, raped the women and killed children. But because it's 2017 and we're all a bunch of hippies apparently, it's all cool, man. It's all cool?
These are just my thoughts. And I'm multiracial in case you're wondering.


I don't believe it is possible for a husband to rape his wife. Once married the wife is the husbands to have sex with whenever he wishes. By marrying him she already consented to give her body to him! Saying he raped her because she "wasn't in the mood" is just silly. A good wife has sex with her husband as much as he wants how he wants even if she doesn't want to. Because he will definitely get it somewhere else if she doesn't give it up on a regular basis.


I'm underweight and have seemingly had fibromyalgia, my whole life.

I guess my secret is that to look at me, you'd never guess what conditions I have.

Is hurtful when people don't believe you though.


I fantasize about hunting down the "white nationalist" (read: fucking Nazi) protesters from Virginia and carving swastikas into their foreheads, a la Aldo the Apache.

Those jackasses shouldn't be allowed in polite society. They shouldn't be allowed to have powerful jobs. Or maybe have jobs at all. And for the love of God and all that is holy, they shouldn't be allowed to hold political office. I guess they should be allowed to go to Church, but good Christian folk should get a nice, loud and clear warning whenever they're talking to a FUCKING NAZI PIECE OF SHIT.

You don't get to take your uniform off. Fuck Nazis.


Music is life. That's why our hearts have beats.


Growing up, my mom, sister and I would use the same bathroom (my dad used the other one with just a shower, no bathtub). Because the women used the same bathroom, occasionally we'd see each other naked. I've never ever seen my dad without underwear on. No one in the family walked around naked in the house, we always had our robes on. It's not that being naked was forbidden or anything. Being naked in the house  just wasn't what we did. Having said that, I don't think that anything is wrong with being naked at home, it's a personal preference, I think...


In my household it was pretty normal to be naked in front of eachother. We're all family, obviously no one is attracted to eachother, so there was nothing weird about each others bodies. Male and female. Any age. But that was just immediate family. People have different ways of life


I'm surprised at the idea of family members being naked in front of each other. No judgement on my part. But I've never heard of it before. I certainly never experienced it. But is that right, in other households do mothers walk around naked in front of their children? Fathers too? I could understand if the child is 2 years old. Or if a mother had to get changed in a locker room in front of a teenage daughter. But is it common for a mother to be naked in front of a male teenage child? I've never heard of it happening before.


I don't think your wife did anything wrong lol. You do sound like a prude. Many families are comfortable being naked around eachother.


If I see one more big girl declare that she has fibromyalgia,I am going to lose it. I'm big too. I'm not trying to fat shame. And I know that it's a legitimate disorder, but it's also a vague one, one that is characterized by indescriminite muscle pain and fatigue, which are caused or worsened by...dundadun... Obesity. Change your fucking diet and exercise once in a blue moon, get of your ass like the rest of us who are actively making changes, instead of whining all the way to the pharmacy.


154: that's rape.


My wife has fits of uncontrollable rage and inappropriate behavior. One moment she is fine, then something trivial sets her off and she starts acting like a violent felon in an insane asylum.

One of the strangest outbursts happened with our own teenage children (two boys). My wife came into the family room where we were watching TV. She was wearing only a towel. She was about to take a shower but decided she had to urgently tell me that one of her friends was moving out of town.

The towel was small enough that it was barely covering her private parts. I suggested maybe the story about her friend could wait until she had more clothes on.

To her, this was a nasty criticism. She spun into a frenzied rage.

"What? You don't think I should walk around with nothing but a towel in my own house. You are a fucking prude. You're afraid our boys will know that women have tits and a pussy. You worried the world will end if they see me naked?"

Then she yanked off the towel and threw it at me. She was standing their completely exposed.

"There. Look everyone. Look at my tits and pussy."

She cupped her breasts and started jiggling them.

"Can you see them? Can you see my titties? Want to get a better view of my pussy too?"

She spread her legs, thrust her hips forward, and rubbed her hand into her crotch.

"Look at me. Your mommy has a pussy but your prude daddy thinks I should hide it."

By this point I had gotten up and started to walk over to her to bring her out of the room.

She screamed for me to get away from her. Trying to get her out of the room was not going to work, so I turned to the boys and told them to go to their rooms, which they did.

Having no more audience, my wife went back to her shower.

This is the insanity I deal with all too often with my wife. There is a long list of bizarre things she has done, but luckily exposing herself only happened once.


I just read an obituary for a 56 year old man who died unexpectedly of a heart attack. It's of course sad. He leaves behind a family. But what makes my jaw drop, when the family wrote up the obituary, they slipped in a jab at Trump, saying at least the deceased "doesn't have to deal with the orange idiot anymore."

I'm shocked a family would put something so inappropriate in the obituary of their loved one. I don't think I've ever seen such twisted Trump hatred.

Trump haters have gone off the deep end.


Sometimes I don't want to have sex but when my husband forces his cock in my pussy its game over. Meaning I am now putty in his hands to do with as he wishes. I don't know how or why but a huge wave of submissiveness comes over me and I can no longer say no to anything. Sometimes I'm not in the mood but once he penetrates me I let him do anything he wants even anal. I feel so feminine and helpless as he flips me over to push his huge cock into my tight asshole. I just lay there with my face buried in the bed struggling to breathe as he pummels me mercilessly. When I whimper and cry he just laughs at me and pounds me harder yelling YEAH!! This morning he actually proclaimed how he was "really rocking my ass" and it was so humiliating that he has so much power over me. I just laid there totally helpless as he had his way with me. Sometimes it takes him well over an hour to cum so the whole time I am just praying for him to please finish. Sometimes afterwards he makes me give him a blowjob too when he wants a second orgasm. That takes even longer! I had no idea being a wife would be so much hard work :(


i don't think i would be upset if Korea was to take out the white house....right now.  Is that wrong?  


these conservative fucks get on my nerves.  they really think that liberal want there money.  no we want equal opportunity.  I am tired a man being paid more then me when i have more education and common sense then he does.  but just because he has a dick between his legs is suppose to mean something.   I need a middle finger emoji right here.


Liberals and their entitlement.  We are not supposed to feel bad when somebody loses their job over a political opinion.  We are not allowed to have an opinion at all.  We are supposed to shut up and hand over all our money over so they can live for free.


I hate the homeless beggars in my city.  I go shopping downtown to get away from my problems for a while, and now I have to worry about their problems?  Get the fuck out of here!


I was in an abusive relationship for 12 years of my life. I just recently left and I am pregnant with our third child. I miss him sometimes but he is such a sick person. I am embarrassed by what he has done.

Hw abused drugs too and stole everything thing we had. I let him beat me and i would forgive him all the time. I even ignored that he was having sex with men to try to keep this relationship together. Why was i so desparate. The last straw was when i found a video on his phone of him fucking two men @the same time. He had a big dick in his mouth and while he was fucking a random guy up the ass. It made me sick to my stomach and he had no condom on. I am pregnant and to make it worse it was in our bed and in our home.

I couldnt take it anymore. I decided that i couldnt continue to endanger my life and health like this for 1 person. I got a restraining order and i feel safer to know he is away. He went to jail again which is where he says he was raped and keeps doing drugs and having gay sex because he feels helpless.

He is the worst human being I know. My self esteem is so low that i accepted these behaviors for longer than any fool.i am hopeful that 1 day it will change and that i wont fold and go back. Even if im single for the rest of my days here on earth it will still be better than going through that.


I'm not trying to defend this idiots (the white nationalist)but trying to get them fire or not hire for their beliefs is wrong. There are plenty of hateful groups out there who are as hateful as the kkk (La raza, black panthers,)and nobody shames them or try to know their identities to get them fired and before you start calling me racist or ignorant i known what it's like to be discriminated and look down for being different, i get stereotype constantly based on my nationality.  And what good comes out of it? These peoples beliefs and how their view other people based on race/religion/ethnicity is not going to change , they will still be angry and blame other people for their short comings.

A Mexican who hates La Raza.


The problem is not that people have forgotten about the First Amendment. The problem is that most hicks do not understand that the First Amendment only protects you from GOVERNMENT HARASSMENT & PROSECUTION. It does not shield you from criticism, shame,  job loss or embarrassment.


One crazy kid acts up and America explodes.We are really like kids. The press gets more and more disgusting! Even small town anchors are now on the Trump train bashing the President every chance they get. More and more Americans with common sense are turning off their TV's .Sick society and getting sicker!


Race riot happens, person killed.
Trump condemns "both sides for their violence."
Dems complain that Trump did not condemn neo-Nazis and KKK.

Really?  What does "I condemn both sides" mean to these people?  

That's the media for you.  This country has fallen to shit.  The media could at one time be counted on to at least have the common sense to know when it didn't have a fight, and to move onto the next point when they wanted to attack someone they didn't like.  It's as if the media has been trying to appeal only to the dumbest people they can find.


I just broke things off with my significant other of 4 years because his 25 year old daughter treats me and our relationship as a jealous ex-wife. He allows this and thus he's the root of the problem. I am a 42 year old college educated professional. I'm a good and attractive woman and mother of three. i deserve better.

Female Texas 42


I need to be more vague in my memoire I'm not sure tho because I am so attached to certain detail. it needs to be a poetic interpretation and I need a video of a final painting before anything happens to me..


And yes this was supposed to be my private world and careful struggle but that passive aggressive bitch I let myself use her total denial of an answer as an excuse to reduce myself to the animal she wanted to feel so high and above. It was easier than praying for the real friend who existed all along.


You're dum if u think i like u. U were abusive and that's all I remember. That goes for over 3 ppl no one is special anymore of the likes. I'm also remembering the first moments I saw and felt that the painting he showed me that he "painted in highschool" felt like I had created it around an age I would have been when my babysitter son with the same name and attitude deeper voice he would call his mom pretty mama. it was a vague but so real feeling immediate memory not the babysitter son but the drawing his mom even looked like that and now im realizing this is a feeling that happens in resonance not stealing. And i mean the girl im with her drawing too only one for sure but two in general I knew the symbols I knew I drew it yet it was too vague and the data was lost or never existed. These memories would make it hard for people to know I painted what I am 10000% completely sure wasn't a dream because they each took months. I feel so fucked over and boycotted by smug loser wannabe twitter whores even this guy on Facebook doing a little spaceship graphic over gifs says nebula tour to come. Exactly the kind of thing I expected only if it were me I wouldn't omit that I praid and expected their form and message of taking it back from the man our womb our planet. That would be ngc6357a and carina nebula for anyone wondering


I just fucked a 18 year old girl. She was so tight and so much fun. She wants to fuck me again tomorrow. Oh, so much fun! 53/m


I once gave a speech in a place where Lincoln was known to have delivered a prepared speech to a crowd of legislators and a sundry assortment of interested parties.

For my part, I waited until the last minute to construct an outline. I use to be  a fairly confident extemporaneous public speaker. I was frequently tapped to introduce people or just give some blibity-blab speech about this or that. So basically all I needed was a page or so of reasonably organized talking points.

I had many a hard day on the job were it not for heroine. I don't remember why or how, but I shot up that morning and I aced the speech.


#135. That's so hot! And I'm  a straight woman!


"Republicans are Nazis"

I know a Democrat who robbed a bank. Therefore all Democrats are bank robbers?

Hm. How about this. Nazis are Nazis. But not all Republicans are Nazis. Would that be more accurate?


I am beginning to think people have forgotten the first amendment right.


I'm straight, but I've always wondered in a fantasy kind of way what it would be like to suck another woman's tits, lick her pussy, have her eat mine. Several times I've had dreams where it almost happens but then I wake up.

Today I was taking a nap and I finally had a dream where it happened. I sucked her tits, then she licked and sucked my pussy, even touched her tongue to my asshole. It was so good. Then she squatted over my face and I started eating her...and I hated the taste. Woke up right then.

Oh well, it was good up until the end!


America is doomed. The segregation is between all races.  There is no longer a middle ground.  The US is screwed between the hate, small minds, political correctness, and there is no longer such a thing called being an individual. You have to think like so and so or otherwise you are doomed because you think differently and a pack of people come after you on social media.  This is pathetic.


Republicans are Nazis. They sure proved it yesterday.


I am in love with my guy, but I lust after another man's mind and yet another's sense of humor. Fuck me


I don't know why I can't get over you. I don't know why I love you. I'm sad for what will never be.


Way to go, Antifa and BLM and the Democratic Party!  You're anti-white rhetoric has been what a traditionally shunned minority of the population - the KKK and the neo-Nazis - have been looking for!  Now we have FUCKING NAZIS in the streets again.  Dumbasses.  Fuck you guys.  Fuck all you guys.


I used to feel like our rhythm was everchanging... structured by counting. Counting down to you returning, or from you going away. The math is strange now. It's all linear and accruing, yet my skin can still feel you.. both far and close. Somehow time is passing. I miss the countdown.


Thank you for seeing me.


im the direct link to Christ in our real world.  Authority is my gift from  our LORD.  Yeshua and Yaweh.  They  have the ultimate power and I am the living, breathing first officer in Command of The natural realms and the planet earth.  The church is the first lady and its sum is always fluctuating.  Of all that Christianity is, the reality is that we have the final say in all matters that concern life on earth.  We are unlimited in our ability to promote a responsive movement of the masses and the will they so eagerly give over to satan at the cost of peCe and at the defcon level that could possibly serve to abliterate the known universe st any give mid day on the diferent time zones in which beleavers are thrown into oblivion numerous time a day throughout our daily existance.  we are condtantly killing ourselves and mercy is of a very few people that create a peceful resolution to the blackend state we go throuhg in the smallest point of time that is the window to a rescue operation that goes on to save us


Anyone who thinks women don't like cock has never lusted for anyone in the way I want him.


"The country needs a good cleansing." That's right!  To get rid of people like YOU!
Neo nazis and sympathizers: Just be careful that all your shit doesn't backfire! And you better understand, just because some of us are white like you, we don't all think and feel like you!!


A year and a half into my first marriage, I got pregnant.  It was planned, so we were overjoyed.  But I lost the baby.  It was in my fallopian tube, so I had to have surgery.  After the surgery, the doctor told us, no sex for a month, and to avoid conception for three months.  My husband declared that we just wouldn't have sex for three months, so that I could "heal."  But, he said, I could continue to "take care of him."  I asked if he would also be "taking care" of me, and he said no - that an orgasm would hurt me.  I said it wouldn't, but he wouldn't budge, and due to the unfairness of it all, we had no sexual contact for three months.

I practically had the All Systems Go date circled on the calendar, and that night, I put on my sexiest lingerie and attempted to seduce my husband.  I was SO ready to make love to him!  I started at his feet and worked my way up, gently kissing him everywhere.  I fondled his balls and gently kissed and licked them and his cock.  I was getting hot and bothered.

He says, "What the fuck are you doing?"  I replied, "I'm teasing you baby, do you like it?"  and he said, "No, you're fucking pissing me off.  Get off of me."  He pushed me off of him, pulled on his underwear and lit a cigarette.

Sex was pretty good before all of that, but then he would only have sex with me when I was ovulating.  I wasn't able to get pregnant again.  We were divorced before we hit our 4th anniversary.


i wonder about that.  A lot of people even though they know they should use condoms, would hit it raw, but now there is a huge concern over std's.  Do guys feel anything with a condom on?  Is sex worth it for guys if they have to use a condom, does it even feel good?  A lot of men now are even backing off of fucking around, before it was because of the drama that can come after, or they don't want the girl getting attached, but if they don't feel shit, it probably isn't worth it for them.  not to mention guys wanna put zero effort into anything dealing with women in general.


I wish my work wife would be mine again yes you T.W


I know many a woman who got pregnant via anal sex. I'm a health care worker. If you ejaculate inside it can leak out and get inside her vagina. Sheesh.


I knew a woman who constantly looked in the mirror. Sad part was that she's very unattractive. Therein lies the psychology. She kept looking in the mirror hoping one time she'd magically see a pretty version of herself. The pretty never happened, so she kept trying. Sad.

I look at my wife. Her entire existence is about going out socially. She needs to be at a party, or a dinner outing, or any other social encounter she can find. She'll abandon me and the kids at a moment's notice in order to go out. We can be going out the door to see our son in the school play, but if she suddenly gets a call about people getting together for a glass of wine, she'll leave us.

The thing is, my wife is boring. When she goes out, she says nothing. She doesn't have interesting stories to share. She's the perpetual wallflower at social events. She reminds me of the unattractive girl constantly looking in the mirror. My wife constantly hopes this time she'll be more interesting. Maybe this time people will gather round and laugh at her witty quips. Never happens. So she keeps trying. Sad.


Men need to stop concerning themselves about what women want and just go their own way.  Problem – interpersonal and ideological – solved.


I am a little disappointed that more Nazis did not rally their pickups to travel to Charlottesville last night. This country needs a good cleansing.


When I was a young man we used to do anal sex because you didn't need to use a condom. Now that everyone is so worried about STD's and you have to rubber-up for everything, butt sex just isn't worth the time, effort or mess.
M 57


They were playing your song again. It must be terrible to be so lonely. That's what I think of when I hear it. Sometimes I miss the challenge of walking through a minefield without getting blown up. I was good at that.


Home depot sucks.


This new manager started at my company recently. He is super cute. Everybody at work has been talking about how cute he is. I am completely crushing on him even though he made it clear on his first day that he is married. Today I found out that he has a little kid... now that's a different story. The fact that he's a dad has cured me from this little crush of mine. :D


Why are teenagers so rude? I'm surprised cavemen didn't wipe out that trait by killing all rude cave children. Now I'll have to do it myself.


With my ex-wife, I'd slowly kiss her neck, taste her, massage her scalp a bit while kissing her deeply....

And inevitably she'd turn and bark at me, "What are you doing? Why are you touching me? Get away from me. Did you change the oil in my car yet? I told you to do it an hour ago. Why haven't you done it?"

And that's why she's my ex.


The Hyundai commercial where the guy is singing "Seeet Caroline" in his car while sitting in traffic drives me fucking nuts. I hate that song. I hate to mute it every time it comes on. I do not know why this commercial drives me up the fucking wall, but I cannot endure listening to it.


Slowly kiss her neck; taste her. Massage her scalp a bit while kissing her deeply. Move slowly down to her breasts - cup them, suck her nipples while I still kissing her. Move your mouth slowly southbound and enjoy her.


I get a little obsessive about horrible tragedies. I guess it's your typical run-of-the-mill garden-variety morbid curiosity.  I can't get past the fact that this will all be over eventually.
That being what it may, I noticed that the cast from the movie "Titanic" was having a 20 year reunion. You know, they should've had an alternate ending.
What if Jack and Rose used the fire axe to fashion a boat out of mattresses. Then they float off into the dead-calm sea underneath a canopy of stars. Car scene part two. A life time of making those babies . Hell, in this scenario Cal finds religion and starts a wildly successful self-help group.
What if Bill Paxton and Gloria Stuart are actually hanging around in a heavenly replica of the titanic partying it up in the sweet by-and-by? Maybe...
"A woman's heart is a dark ocean of secrets." This was the most realistic part of the movie.


I'm really bummed! I just got home and realized that I dropped my vape pen with a new cartridge somewhere. I think it's in the parking lot at Chase bank. Damn!!!


I had a cat nap today and had a dream that my co-worker was fingering me.  I'll be honest, I enjoyed the dream.  What's interesting is that I don't find him particularly a 'sexy' guy.  I guess I'll take what I can get. Haha.




Men need to shut the fuck up about what women want


I think there is nothing more amusing to me than having a political discussion with a democrat. So funny to watch them bend and twist everything so Hillary looks like a God and Trump looks like the opposite. It's like watching a 3 year old with chocolate all over his face explain why he wasn't the one who ate the chocolate bar. LOL.


When women masturbate they prefer clit stimulation which pretty much eliminates the need or desire for a penis, so it makes sense that the penis has a very low -even unnecessary- sexual value to women.


I am finally at a place where I feel like I can forgive you with loving intention and without expectation of receiving anything in return.

It's a very peaceful place to be....

"Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it."


My house has mold. I'm selling it. I spray with air freshener before a potential buyer comes to take a look, so they won't notice the mold smell. I'm desperate to make this moldy shit hole someone else's problem.


Oh great, now I have a fear that a bug will fly into my ear, make a nest there, and burrow into my brain. I hate the internet and all the sensationalized news!


My wife doesn't let me give her an orgasm anymore. I start the process orally, but she pushes me out of the way and finishes the job herself. I don't understand. I was good at giving her an orgasm. It would take 20 minutes start to finish. Seems reasonable. But now after the first few minutes, she pushes my head aside and gets her fingers in there. It takes her about half an hour while I lay there watching. I'm not a fan. It doesn't seem like making love anymore. It's more like watching a porn video.


People love to deconstruct other people. Especially the ones they love most.


I look forward to not holding back.


So am I the only one who thinks if the US covertly went into North Korea and put a fucking bullet in Kim Dum Fucks head his "people" would dance in the streets?


if you emailed me tonight or texted, i would totally have some hot phone sex with you ;)


Even some of my lesbian girlfriends loved cock. It's no big deal. If they aren't using a cock they are using a cock shaped dildo to bang that g spot. Hairbrushes, *lint roller, screwdriver handle, kitchen implements all find their way into this or that vagina. It feels good. Throw a vibrator into the mix and you are cooking with gas.


She posts a full body shot but wearing an animal mask. There is nothing to look at but her chest. She's had a few kids, but these boobs are an easy 9/10. Yes, the bra does help some, but these girls don't need much help. I remember seeing her topless in hs and I was just left with a sense of awe. The secret is my grudging willingness to objectify this glorious beautiful creature.


I'm afraid my son will never marry or even have a girlfriend. He's 18 and has never had a girlfriend, therefore I know for a fact he's still a virgin. I often wonder how many of the kids he graduated with last May are also still virgins. Not many I bet. He's just kinda awkward around females. He talks to a few, but they "love him like a brother" so in other words he's being friend zoned by them all. I'd love grandkids one day, but at this rate he'll be single forever


I notice a lot women are uncomfortable wearing dresses and skirts and mostly wear yoga pants or jeans . I have the opposite problem , I feel uncomfortable wearing pants or jeans , I only wear yoga pants when I go for long walks and the doctors office but outside of that I'm always wearing dresses and skirts even in the winter , I just throw a pair of thick thighs and wear knee high boots to protect my legs from the cold.  When I was a kids my school didn't allowed pants my uniform was a skirt and only in gym we were allow to change and wear shorts or sweats depending on the weather, when I enter middle school through high school I change to a public school and it was the first time I wore pants and jeans to school to fit in since all the girls in my school only wore those. Now as an adult I only own 2 pair of jeans that I barely wear and 2 pair of pants .


Why is it that when someone is vocal about a legitimately upsetting social issue,  we get told therapy is the answer as if we are batshit crazy? The answer to a large swath of society being bullied by another large swath of society is not to learn how to be okay with it. But then, victim blaming is one of the main ways we are kept in the corner by them. We shouldn't need to pay professionals to coach us on how to be okay with being invalidated, classed down, gaslighted, and disrespected in most things we do by you fuckers. That's fucked up beyond belief. The ACTUAL answer to this is that yall need to have respect for human life. For boundaries , and for pretty much everything that isn't exactly like you or immediately ready to fuck you. For fuck sake, yall cause us to develop ptsd over the violations of our everything. Yall pretend to love us for months just for easy sex, then dump us like we are lawn clippings. Except that yall carefully bag and recycle lawn clipping's and DESTROY US for years to come or forever. I can only conclude that there's a gene that is predispositioned to narcissistic sociopathy and that it's prevailing in a major way. Therapy is only a comnon thing because yall are tearing half the population down and moving on this what ever is not ruined or Pissed yet. Therapy is yall's fault. There is a whole industry that is built on yalls cruelty. How is it so easy for us to be told we need therapy when it's fucking plain as day this that yall need to quit being bad people and hurting whoever is weaker? Try being non destructive and try NOT letting your fucking impulses wreck people's lives and souls.


Yesterday I went to my Dad's house, and when he went to bed my brother and I started talking about my addictions, and how I should deal with them. It was an annoying conversation, because my brother neither has an addiction to anything, nor does he have a mental disorder (which, you know, drives a lot of people to addiction). I would explain my thought process about certain things, and he wouldn't get it. Round and round we went. He understood eventually.

Anyway, we get on the subject of my Dad's alcoholism affecting mine, and I told my brother that while I'm not angry at Dad for teaching me the ways of an alcoholic (anymore), I'm still annoyed that he never once tried to steer me away from that life. He knew when I was stealing his whiskey, and he didn't care. He knew I would be smoking cigarettes and weed all day, alone. He saw me developing unhealthy behaviors, and he shrugged his shoulders and let me.

The next morning my Dad says in a sad voice "I really hope you enjoyed your time here yesterday." And I said I did. I really did, but I was still visibly annoyed because I don't like admitting and thinking about how I can only live my best life by being sober. I know it's true, but I fucking hate being sober. I struggle with it a lot.

Still, I wonder if my Dad heard me talking about how I would have at least wanted some guidance in my life, and never got it. He'd deserve to feel bad about it, but I'm tired of opening his old wounds over my childhood. At this point I'm just trying to understand my habits and where they came from so I can heal.


Therapy is very good...try it.


I am a woman who loves sex almost more than I love having no penis. Almost. Guys who think women don't like sex, have been blissfully unaware thatwomen do not like sex with THEM. We are goddammit sick and tired of being used and lied to and pressured into painful shit like ass fucking and being pounded out like yall fucking hate us as a human being. Which brings me to the most important reason: because men can't seem to grasp the very important idea that women are people. That we don't owe guys their sickest darkest fantasies just because yall want to do weird fucking shit. We are tired of giving tall our best and getting next to zero effort or empathy. Loyalty and accountability are fucking philosophical concepts that yall are never gonna even get back. Yall fuck girls who live sex and then shame them and discard them as whores  and turn around and marry girls you think you can control and guess what? They hate sex. They're probably better judges of character than I am. I am better at separating sex and love because you guys are the worst version and it's not encouraging to have a bunch of bad and narcissistic boys calling themselves men. So fuck yall. We don't hate sex. We hate men. And yall deserve nothing less than our contempt. Yall are fucking lame and we are pretty sick of yalls shit.


Why are you constantly checking my LinkedIn profile?


According to an actor on a ABC TV show (Disney is the parent company), "Everyone who voted for Trump is a stupid cock."

Wow. I'm now afraid my young children will hear that kind of language if we go to Disney World. I better book a vacation somewhere else.


As of a few months ago I noticed my wife started buying a new kind of milk. The container was red and smaller. I didn't pay much attention. Only recently did I notice the milk is a special item, it's lactose free.

I asked why she's buying lactose free milk seeing that no one in this household has a lactose intolerance. She hemmed and hawed but eventually revealed that she saw a celebrity guest on a TV talk show who is lactose intolerant.

Therefore we now drink lactose free milk???

Are women really that overcome by celebrity that it's trendy to pretend you have the same digestive ailments as a Hollywood star? That's so sad.


My wife has clothes in her massive walkin closet that I've never seen her wear. I went through them once with her standing there. I'd pull out a dress and she'd explain she bought it 5 years ago but it didn't quite match her shoes (she has about 100 pairs of shoes), so she's been waiting until she finds exactly the right footwear. That's stupid. It's also not true. She totally forgot she owned that dress. It was money wasted. It was money spent because it somehow makes her feel good (superior over others) to spend money. What a messed up way to live your life.


I don't buy it. Girls really don't like sex.  The only reason they do it is when a guy talks them into it. If guys weren't as horny as they are then girls could take a breather and relax without the pressure of feeling like sex objects and finally be free to be who they truly are.  No worries about being objectified or defending against unwanted advances.  Tinder is a confusing platform unless you realize that all the girls are there just to get an ego boost and to reject as many guys as possible without the guilt of doing it in person.  Must be nice having so many people to reject.  Like it gives her a superiority complex which must be fun.  Nah, if girls liked sex then guys would feel desired, too, but guys are invisible and worthless. Dicks are a dime a dozen and attached to selfish pigs. There's no benefit to a woman having sex with a man, she's only being used for his selfish pleasure no matter how attentive he might be towards her since his orgasm is easy and guaranteed and she's so fickle and finicky that no guy will ever be good enough. The penis is useless to her. When are guys going to realize that confidence is just a fake way to trick a girl into sex but the real trick is she's faking interest in sex as a way to trap a guy into a relationship so she has someone to control and get free stuff from. The vagina is a magic pleasure place and girls know this just as much as guys know their dicks are stupid and unwanted.


I finally managed to have phone sex with Lisa yesterday, after chatting her up for a few years.  She wasn't participating, but she listened to me talk about fucking her and sucking on her tits while she knew I was jerking off.  I came really hard and we chatted for a bit afterwards.  Lisa was a hold out, so it was kind of an accomplishment.

But when my wife came home, I felt guilty.  I've never felt guilty before when doing this, I think because I'm never actually touching any woman.  It's all make believe.  I've done this with other women before.  But this is the first time I've feel dirty doing this.  I wonder what this means.


I'm so sick.  Yesterday I had to go take a poop really bad.  Every time I went to the bathroom, somebody was taking forever in there.  I eventually forgot about using the bathroom until the evening.  I became so constipated and I couldn't take a poop, and it made me feel sick all night.

There is no medicine for this in the pantry of course.  It was tossed out long ago in favor of hoarding anti diarrhea medication and anti headache medication.  Now I have to call off work and go buy the required medication.  I hate how thoughtless my roommates are.  You couldn't just let me use the toilet?


I should not tell this secret. I should bury it in the back of my head where it belongs.


My next door neighbors were going away on vacation for a week. They asked if I could watch their dog. This involved going to their house in the morning to walk and feed the dog. Then doing it again in the evening. I've done this for them before. It's fine. He's a good dog. When they come back to town they take me out to dinner as payment.

So they asked me to do this for them. They then left on a Saturday morning.

On Thursday, 5 days later........I feel so guilty typing Thursday. I wish I could have said On Monday...... but I can't..... On Thursday, 5 days later, I was at work. I was talking to a guy. He said he was going away on vacation the next day.  Hmmm, he's going away on vacation...... vacation... vacation... that seems important.... why does the word vacation seem important to me....


I went tearing out of the office. I drove a million miles an hour to get home.  The whole way I'm thinking fuck, the dog will be dead. 5 days without food and water. Fuck fuck fuck how am I going to explain it to them???????

I get there.... and I have God to thank. A very scared looking dog timidly came slinking up to me. He was alive but he didn't look well at all. I gave him water. I gave him food. I gave him hugs. I'm a grown ass man and I was in tears over what I did.

Luckily the toilet lids were up, so the dog had water of a sort. No food of any kind though. He had tinkled on the floor in a few spots. He also did his business twice, but that was it. No food means no poop. I cleaned everything up.

I took the next day off and spent the entire time with the dog. I kept feeding him and walking him and holding him. I would have died if the dog had died. It still upsets me to think about how stupid I am.


My fav ass is a dirty ass. I like to lick 'em. Tasty.


I had a gf who used to suck on my balls for 30 minutes at a time.  When I would cum afterwards, it was always much more intense and I swear there was more volume.


My nipples are tender.  I have these big areola that I would love for a guy to lick and bite gently.  It would hurt but in a good way 😚


I wonder if guys like bouncy soft jiggly ass or toned firm ass?


I love having my clit licked, sucked and bitten. I like to be spanked and titty fucked. I like to be fucked from behind. It fucking feels great, and I do it because it's my fucking choice.


Ashley Graham is gorgeous, but I'm tired of her.  Overexposure, like Beyonce for awhile there, Jennifer Lawrence, idk.  Some women i just get tired of seeing everywhere.  Enough already.


Sick of the older female teachers at the school I teach acting like they run the fucking place and can tell other teachers what to do. Few if any of the other teachers can stand being around them. They're polite to the bossy older teachers because they don't want to put up with their shit.. No one likes to be bossed around by people with a false sense of authority. These dinosaur teachers need to retire.


"What the hell is wrong with you?" As a child I heard it all the time.

"I don't know Dad, I don't know" was my tearful reply.

Now my elderly Father wonders why I don't visit often. "What the hell's wrong with him? He never visits me."

I don't know Dad, I still don't know.



my nose is really big and ugly. I feel like no one will want to marry me with such a huge nose.



063...that sounds hot.  You sound like someone I know.  The problem is some guys expect girls to be good to go always.  Foreplay...lots of foreplay.  Guys, get it right.


it's not a yard sale, i like that. it's like that off of the heart spectrum mentality of having a woman as a basic right and not even caring if the woman wants that or is just robotically being the only thing the world of men let's her. how in the world could that be what the universe would allow after our souls hatch I don't think this world is anything we need to worry about because the physical limitations are only the test of character forming our heart lock and keys.. remain strong and set an example for love and know that your soul is your fortress


Some days I wish I had black-out roll-down shades on the outside of my windows so I could go to bed at 6:53. Ugh. I'm ready for winter and long dark nights and fires in the fireplaces and sweaters and soup and feeling like melancholy is 'in' again.


I had a bad day today. I don't want to talk to anyone about it because I feel stupid about the whole thing. I have social anxiety and nothing makes me happier than taking comfort in knowing people aren't looking at me or judging as much as my anxiety would have me thinking they are. It's one of the few coping mechanisms that gets me by. I hate talking to people I'm not comfortable with either because I can be so awkward when I'm nervous.

At a staff meeting at the school I teach at, we had mandatory reporter training. I was shocked that it is legal for parents to deny their children medical care for religious reasons. How can they learn if they're sick or hurt? Anyway, it was apparent on my face, and the admin running the training asked if I had a question. I said I no and it was just shocking to me that this wasn't something that mandated a report. I got looks from alllll over the room. Great. I felt my cheeks burn red, and I wanted to cave in on myself. My mind went crazy with anxiety.

Then I went to talk to the principal. And of course because she's an admin, i can't just talk to her normally. I'm awkward. I was a little out of breath when I got to her office and start trailing off about how my back injury over the summer makes me get winded because I'm out of breath. Fuck I sounded stupid. Why would she care about this inane piece of information? She knows enough about my health issues as it is, here I am talking about it again. She's going to think I'm a loose cannon or a liability or something. Why can't I just talk like a confident professional?!?

I'm taking nerve pain medication and it made my emotional reaction to all this so much worse than it otherwise would have been. I got home today and felt distressed and so shitty and down on myself. These things probably wouldn't faze most people but they're hard for me. I don't expect anyone to understand so I just keep it to myself...


Sex feels good for women too. If a man is using a woman only for sexual pleasure, he's either sleeping with a prostitute or is an asshole player. In a healthy relationship, neither person would ever use the other for pleasure and cares about their partner's pleasure as well. I wish people would learn to tell the difference between the two.


Why do women wear makeup when they workout? I can understand A LITTLE, but not a shit ton. Don't they feel gross when they sweat and it pretty much comes off? Keep it simple.


Are you kidding? Women like to fuck because they like to fuck if they've ever been fucked right before. I've been used in bed before because I'm really good at fucking. Yes, at times, I've went to bed for my own satisfaction, but that doesn't mean I don't pay attention to the woman I'm in bed with. There is a TREMENDOUS pleasure I derive from getting them off, multiple times.

Going down on them first and paying attention to how their body reacts... finding out what they enjoy. That is a HUGE turn on for me. If you've never had a woman slapping at your head as you suck against her clit and actually feel her cumming against your mouth, you are truly missing out on one of the best things in life. As they're cumming, soften your movements as they will be extremely sensitive. But don't stop yet. And when you can feel they're just beginning to come down, rise up and go back to work. Slide inside them slowly. Tease them. Let them feel how hard you've become.

Take your time, and make them cum again.

There is absolutely NO truth, if you're a real man and a gentleman (you can be a straight dog and still be a gentleman), you look out for the woman you're with and pleasure them the most you possibly can.

If you approach it right, women enjoy sex just as much as men do. Maybe your experience isnt... up to par.


I'd say I sealed your doom, but really, you were the author of your own undoing.

You were just too crazy to do something that needed to be done with delicate care, mate. Couldn't let you drag me into the crazy with you. Unlike you, some of us have bright futures.


I'm so glad I'm not cheating on my husband anymore. That was getting exhausting.


I see the Nigerian 419 scams are getting desperate.   Penis enlargement?


well 055 don't let your daughter hang out with her boyfriend in your house.  You know what they're up to, come on!


Women like to fuck because sex happens to feel good for both parties, if you're doing it right. We even have this amazing thing called a clitoris, whose ONLY fucking function is to receive pleasure. What I don't understand is why people seem to think that if a woman is CONSENTING to sex that she's somehow giving something up. That's so 1950's. It's not a yard sale


Damn I am horny -f


I don't understand women who like to fuck. Don't they realize the guy is using her for his selfish pleasure? Don't women realize that they're being used?


My 9 year old daughter came to me this evening traumatized and told me she witnessed my 18 year old daughter giving her boyfriend a hand job. Mind you my 15 year son old and myself was home too.

I am Fucking beyond pissed off!! Are you fucking serious?!?!


deleted. you post the same fake "spell caster" stuff over and over. we are not an advertising website. you are not welcome here. please stop. you are being rude and an ass.




You remind me of someone I used to screw. He was hilarious with these piercing eyes, but he had a small prick. I was sloshed the majority of the time when we had sex, but I'd say it was a swell 7.5/10.


My wife is angry at me all the time. At first I wondered what I was doing to upset her so much. I eventually realized I was doing nothing wrong. She blames me for everything which bothers her. A DJ gropes Taylor Swift and my wife gets angry with me. This marriage is simply not going to work.


I am a 50 y/o female.  If I stayed true to myself I would have stayed single instead of getting married twice (both men wrong for me).   I did stay true to myself regarding not having kids though - so I'm thankful.

I loved being a girlfriend - hate being a wife. It's just not for me. I'd love to be single again.

Don't let society pressure you into doing anything you don't want to/not ready for etc.


Outraged by MGTOW Website deeming women who have created similar sites "chameleon" copies as women usually copy men...and a pathetic attempt. Dear men, why the hell do you think women wanted rights? Maybe so they could go there own way??? I agree WGYOW may not have been the wisest acronym, but don't you think women are going to Google that in what is supposed to be a gender equal society?


I am a 59 year old married woman.  Not long ago I was in my 20's and 30's. I was the horniest woman you ever met.   I was sought after by every man I met and I took advantage of the attention. Not advantage of the men......advantage of the sex they offered. I had over 100 men. I loved men and they loved me, but I didn't meet my man until I was 39.  I dated professional athletes, doctors, lawyers, plumbers, name it. Everyone thought I was a lesbian. No one could figure out why I wasn't married. I heard it all the time. Truth was. I didnt want to settle. Nothing more or less. It was worth the wait. I refused to bend to social or biological pressure. To all the young women who read this ....dont settle. You won't regret it.


038, I understand your point of view completely, but sometimes you fall in love...very unexpectedly. It isn't always about sex.


My gf is turning 60 soon - been with her for 7 or 8 years. She has never been married. She is probably the most "normal" person I have ever know. A real sweetheart.


My 9 year old daughter walked in on my 18 year daughter giving her boyfriend a hand job in my fucking house with her bedroom door open!!
My 9 year old is terribly disturbed and traumatized.

I'm so fucking angry at my 19 year old daughter!


Was wonderful to see my work husband again <3


-032, I noticed the same thing, although I got married in my 30s and have been watching most of it from the sidelines since then.  In my teens, sex was complicated or nonexistent.  You got it only if you were "seeing" someone, and it was hushed up.  In college, you had to be "serious" with someone and "planning a future" with the person - a relationship was just a sign you were an "adult," like we actually knew what an adult was.  

In my 20s, the sex became easy as the women were using it to find husbands, especially those women who realized they had been in bad relationships in college.  The single moms were desperate for a husband, and I felt bad for them.  But the single, independent women who had the good enough common sense in their heads to know that they were too young in college to be finding a husband also started looking around to get married.  That's when I made my move and snatched one of them up.  It's not a perfect relationship, but it's a hell of a lot better than a lot of others.

In my 30s, I noticed that the women who were still single had a bit of craziness to them.  There seemed to be a mix of a few normal holdouts among a slew of crazies.  By 35, the normal ones were married, or had come out as lesbians.  There were divorced, normal women who had gotten out of bad relationships, and were looking for new husbands.

By 40, the women who had never been married were all insane.  Crazy.

That's been my experience.


A lot of people cheat, but a lot of people do not. Stop letting social media give you a complex, memes are not statistical data.


Some mornings I wake up and feel awesome, some mornings I wake up and feel awesome about wanting to swan dive off of a building with my body a horribly disfigured and mutated mess just strewn across the parking lots for any passerby to see.


I've lived a really hard life. My dad raped my mom on Christmas Eve when I was 13. I remember coming downstairs Christmas Morning and asking where my father was - my mom broke down she told me "he did a very bad thing," and was in jail. But my mom was a fool. She forgave him for what he had done even though I told her not to. He then took all my family's savings and fled the country so he wouldn't have to pay child support. He was an engineer and paid very handsomely. We went from living on easy street to a life of misery. My mom is now over $200,000 in debt. She couldn't afford to pay for my university so I had to drop out. I got a job as soon as I could and began paying for everything myself because I didn't want to leech off my mom, I have a younger sister as well so she needs it more than I do. When the shit hit the fan and I had to drop out I went a couple weeks where all I could think about was killing myself. I would drive and tears would stream down my face because I thought about ramming into a wall and ending it all.

But now? I'm a whole new person. I enrolled in community college, and have been excelling in my classes. I am the treasurer of a club, in the honor's society, and was just accepted into the peer mentorship program as well. As a matter of fact - my first training day is tomorrow. I had my first internship this summer, and it led to me being offered my first "big boy" job. I literally climbed a mountain and jumped out of a plane. I have been working out again and completely changed my diet - losing at least 10 pounds.

I'm not saying this to toot my own horn because my life is still far from perfect - I drive a car that's over 11 years old and I'm worried about it breaking down every day, I don't have the perfect body, and I'm still broke as hell - but I just want everyone to know things do get better. Just stay on your grind and stay DRIVEN. Motivation will fade, but nothing can take that drive from you. What fuels me now is proving everyone that I could and that I can. When I dropped out I know a lot of people probably said "I could see that coming," or were happy to see me fail. Now I want to prove them all wrong. I want them to see me and say "Holy fucking shit what happened to you?" I want to be perfect in every aspect of life. Mentally, physically, and emotionally. Then I want to seek out my father, show him what I have become, and beat him to a bloody pulp for what he did to my mom. My mother raised me single handedly even though she struggles with fibromyalgia, muscle imbalances, and a fucked up spinal cord. I want to pay her back for everything she has done for me, and I will not stop until I do. I don't care how hard I have to work, or if I have to work 100 times harder than the average person to get there, I'll fucking do it. The old me is dead!!!


188008- That sounds like Persistent Sexual Arousal Disorder.


A woman who has sex with another woman's man is no woman. She's a slut  and a low class no class nasty slut at that and she's the stupid one because one day when she gets into a relationship with someone she truly loves, the same thing is going to happen to her. Some slut is going to come along and fuck  her love. What goes around comes around honey. Suck and fuck on that.


I'm about to turn 30.  I'm slowly dying!


Every time I see skanks bragging about screwing someone husbands , I just laugh. Been together with my husband for almost 13 years, known each other for almost 17 years and we haven't have sex or sleep on the same bed for 10 years , so any skank who sucks or fucks my husband can keep doing it , I don't care and it's cheaper than getting a hooker I guess .




Ch 3 of Kate Chopin's The Awakening, literally my life.


I need help but I'm too embarrassed to ask anyone.


My life as a single guy.

When I was a teenager, I was able to have sex a few times with women. Nothing major. Girls wanted to go out in a group setting with friends. Sex was complicated on many levels and was shunned.

In my 20s, the sex definitely picked up. I think women were looking to get married. They were willing to put out more as bait to catch a guy. I had no trouble coaxing a woman into bed.

In my 30s, sex was still there, but different. The normal women had gotten married. The fringe women were left. There weren't as many of these future cat ladies. But they knew they were in their 30s and they were desperate. They saw the writing on the wall. Either find a husband right away, or be a spinster with felines. To that end, these fringe women would do wild crazy things. We'd have sex on the beach knowing people were watching. They'd take off their panties in a restaurant and leave them on the table for the waiter to see. It was wild fantasy time. That was good. But the women were nut jobs who had been passed over as marriage material. The sex was good, but their personalities were annoying as hell.

In my 40s it changed again. The normal women showed up on the scene once more. Some were divorced. Some were still married and bored. Some outright hated their husbands, but weren't willing to give up the house and fancy car, so they stayed married. No matter. All of them were willing to have sex with me, the unattached bachelor. It was revenge sex against their husbands. I was kind of incidental to the process. More than once it happened where I slept with a married woman and she later told me she went home and fucked her husband exactly so my semen would get on his dick, or in his mouth. The wives got a thrill out of secretly debasing their husbands in this way.

Now I am in my 50s. There is a bit of a drought. The angry wives have gotten over it. They'd rather go out with girl friends than screw around with me. The fringe women have drifted too far over the sanity line. The only new kids on the block are widows. They wait the requisite year after their husband died of a heart attack, then they want to date a polite gentleman. They are in no rush to get married. So there is no urgency on their part for sex. They have the memory of their deceased husband to keep them going. It's kiss on the cheek time for me. Boring.  

Next year I turn 60. More widows I suppose. Although I read something where men and women that age want to have a last hoorah before dying. Wife swapping, group sex, getting the wife to eat out a woman, these apparently will be on the menu. I hope so. I need more excitement that what I've been getting recently.


187996: A man of his convictions! Please keep us updated throughout your all sound great!


I mean, being a criminal is kind of a relative term. What's illegal in one place is not in another. Yes, you could say one could leave if they don't like the laws of the land, but how easy is it for one to abandon their homeland?

You know, like in North Carolina, where it's legal for a man to fuck a woman to completion after sex has been initiated, even if she revokes consent. With that logic, a woman is a criminal for beating the shit out of a man that wouldn't respect her wishes.

But only in the one state.

So idk, people need to expand their horizons when they think about laws. You really shouldn't swallow everything your government tells you is right/wrong, because some laws are *not* for the benefit of people, or for keeping the peace. The picture is much bigger than that.


Once you get used to eavesdropping, it's really hard to stop


Boy, am I glad that I never married or had kids! Doesn't seem like there's an up-side to either one of those things!

WM 57yo


I still masturbate to fantasies of you.


Cops, and people that work for them, are such rude fucking assholes.  I treat them with respect, and most of the time they are either stern, or angry.  Police need to be respectful.

People actually defend the police saying that everybody is a criminal, and could shoot and the cops and any time.  Sorry, most people are not like that.  I am not like that.  I demand respect when I give respect.


Immigration laws are the laws of the land. We are a civilization because we follow the law -if not we will have chaos.How can certain mayors decide that their cities will harbor illegal immigrants and give them a save haven? They should be thrown into prison like any other law breaking citizen! Why are these laws written if any one can do what they like? Try immigrating to Canada and see how far you get. They have a point system as well and it works for them. It cost me thousands of dollars to immigrate legally to this country.My son's wife had to go back to her country of birth for a year before she was allowed back after she married him THIS IS THE LAW.What is good for the goose is good for the gander One under the law!


They say youth is wasted on the young.  I agree with that.  All these young women who I now am realizing are beautiful, I wouldn't have given a second glance to when I was younger.


My husband and I fucked my in the garden shed. :)


My wife scares me. There is an evil lurking in her. It is imperative she always gets her way. This is the primal rule. Everything we do is decided by her. I have no say. From little things, like where to go to dinner, to bigger things, like where we will live, she decides it all. If I dare to speak up, acid shoots from her tongue. It's like talking to the demon in The Exorcist. I'm actually afraid she will stab me in my sleep. I'm not kidding.

One Saturday I suggested we go for a bike ride. She wanted to go for a hike. Every other couple would have worked it out. Not my wife. She took a knife from the kitchen and slashed my bike tires. Who does something like that?

I've taken to sleeping in the guest room with the door locked. I am going to leave her. I've spoken with a lawyer. I have it planned out. Still I fear what she will do. When I tell her, I plan to leave her presence immediately and never see her again. Ever with that, I'm terrified she will turn to anyone who listens and make up malicious stories as a way to get revenge. She would think nothing of telling people I beat her and molest children. This woman is out of control. She has no boundaries. I'm sure I'm not going to get out of this marriage in one piece, or even if I will get out of it alive.


I'm white collar, have multiple advanced degrees, and a genius IQ.  I tell my blue collar friends that if something ever happened where society broke down and we all had to live off the land, I'd be dead outside in a matter of months while they'd all be living in the houses they built with their own hands.  Smarts and degrees don't grow food.


I've noticed something lately, after 15 years of marriage.  My wife can be mean.  She can be judgmental, condescending, and mean to me.  I recognize that I have anger issues, but I've tried sorting these things out.  But my wife, she hasn't really tried to correct her behaviors.

But the truth is, if something happened to me where our relationship ended (death, divorce, whatever), I could never get married again knowing what I know now.  You can leave relationships, your house, your state, and even your own country empty handed and with nothing on your back... and no matter where you go you'll still bring you're personal shortcomings with you.


In looking back and being honest, I didn't have children as a way to raise good people and make the world a better place blah blah blah. I had children so I would get invited to social events. Having children was my ticket to get in the door. I got to know other mothers. I got to drink wine with them and shop with them and go to parties with them. This is why all people have children.

It reminds my of 6th grade. When I was in 6th grade everyone had to wear a long stocking hat. You were not cool if you didn't wear the hat. We all had to be alike.

This is motherhood today. We all have to be alike. It's dumb.


I just saw a cute guy at the store and we both gave each other a once over and a sly smile at the same time. I should have gotten his number dammit

This happens to me way too much with men. Missed opportunities


I feel like everyone is having sex all the time but me...2 times in the last month is not enough!!


I'm so sad at how my marriage turned out.


I'm starting to see why people let go of Facebook for long stretches of time. I feel so overwhelmed by the sheer amount of garbage that runs through my head every day. I'm thinking about taking a break myself, just to clear up some head space


I've had 8 abortions.


Jason you're so full of shit. I swear to God!


I talk to myself a lot.  I've done it since I was a kid.  It's easier than picking up the phone and chatting away every time I have a thought or want to "go over" something that happened or I have to do.

My husband has been really stressed out lately and we've been arguing a lot.  After a particularly nasty fight the other night, yesterday I was rehashing it and some others, and his behavior lately, to myself.  I'm getting really fed up.  At one point I said out loud, "I think I'd be really happy if I could just take the kids and the dog and move back to [my home state]."

Today he told me about a bad dream he had last night.  He said, "It was terrible.  You told me that you were taking the kids and moving back to [my home state].  I was so pissed off at you."

Either my husband is super psychic and never told me, or he has listening devices in the house.  This isn't the first time this has happened, either.


When I was a kid in the seventies in Europe, children with cognitive and severe behavioral problems had their own building/school. None of them ever 'graduated' to the regular school. I don't quite get why people today want to mix them up. I don't think it'd be beneficial for either groups.


Please don't assume that all white collar folks are snobby idiots. I have a PhD and I always respected those who worked with their hands using their minds. My great grand father was a carpenter and built churches, which obviously takes skill and training. Doesn't seem easy to me! It takes all kinds of people/skills to make the world go around!


White-collar people always seem to look down their noses at blue-collar people. Well, I'll tell you what. I'm a machinist. I spend my day making stuff people need. It's a job that's as demanding intellectually as it is physically.

When I finish my shift, I can see the work of my hands and know I did it right, with pride. And then I hand the work station over to the next shift, clock out, and my day is done--no worrying about how overloaded my desk will be the next morning.

I have a college education. I used to be a white-collar paper-pusher. I did a job that contributed nothing to the world. There was no satisfaction and a lot of stress. Oh, and I made about half what I earn now.

I know both worlds and I really, really wish white-collar people would lose their superiority complex. You're not better because you sit on your ass all day staring at a screen. Get over yourself and stop picking at everyone else just because you're not happy.


Teacher here. You're all wrong. Do some research on support systems for SpEd students called IEPs and 504s. They give students accommodations so they can learn just like anyone else. Kids with disabilities that are severe enough to prevent them from understanding the material taught in a mainstream classroom are put in a special day class. Having ADHD as a child and into adulthood, I can tell you firsthand that students with disabilities like ADHD, learning disorders, dyslexia, etc. are just as capable of learning as that their regular education counterparts are. They just need extra support. Not ONCE in my 5 years as an educator has a special education student negatively affected the learning of their classmates because of their disability. People who think these kids don't deserve the same education as other kids should be ashamed of themselves for having an extremely judgmental opinion on something they obviously have done nothing to educate themselves about.


I have a problem with extreme horniness. It's only been the last couple years, like when I turned 36 it started happening. I get so horny it becomes an urgent need to find somewhere private to rub one out. If I don't, my pussy burns and throbs to the point I can't concentrate on anything else and I worry people can see it on my face. So if Im out somewhere I will run to the nearest bathroom. At home I often excuse myself to the other room. I have to relieve myself or I will feel sexually tortured until I masturbate. I can rub one out in two minutes flat now. It happens at least a couple times a day and as weird as it sounds its a huge annoyance. I love sex with my husband but I don't wish to be turned on all the time!! So awkward...


Special ed parents aren't interested in helping their own kids. They know it's pointless. Their real goal is to punish all the normal kids by dragging them down so they don't get a chance to learn in school. That's why these parents insist special ed kids get placed in regular classrooms. It's an attitude of "If my kid can't learn, I'll make damn sure no one's kid gets to learn."


As I get older I find it beneficial not to fight back when people correct me; it's easier for everyone if they get to think they're right.


My secret: I wish I could run away from my baby's mother (ex GF) and daughter and start a new life far, far away.

I love my daughter, but the pain of seeing her on and off and the heartbreak her mother caused me is simply not worth it.

I'm trapped. I hate it.


J would want me to forgive more often. I can't continue to chew on my resentment and anxiety. I miss her but hope I'll make her proud in some small way.


Ohhhh Nooooo! I got an email form the FBI today. They need my help. A bank transaction in Nigeria got all bungled, and the FBI needs me to help set things right.

I'll get on this right away!

(Does anyone ever fail for these bogus scams?)


My wife doesn't take constructive criticism. She literally flees the scene. There have been a few times when we're driving somewhere and I'll make a comment. Like happened today, I pointed out the speedometer in her car isn't working and she should get it fixed. So she told me to stop the car. She then got out in a huff and walked the two miles home in the rain. Because I suggested she get her speedometer fixed? Maturity isn't her strong suit.


When we were little, that's how it was done. You had special needs in one or two classes, then the other classes were depending on what level they were on, smarter/better behaved down to remedial. It worked. If those kids improved, they were moved up the following year. This way, special needs get the attention they need, as do everyone else. There's nothing wrong with that.


I do miss you every day. Every night I pray the Lord puts forgiveness in your heart.


This is so embarrassing.  My car is completely full of trash.  Instead of throwing away my trash, I always just left it in the car.  I've been doing this for years, and the car is completely cluttered.

A few days ago I was hit by another driver so hard my car was too damaged to drive.  It had to be towed to a storage place for a few days.  Now I will most likely have to clean it out with people watching, including my family.  They know I have problems with cleaning, but I'd rather clean on my own.


Yeah, the education system as a whole would do a lot better with more responsible allocation of federal funds, rather than simply moving special ed kids to different rooms. You're turning a personal grievance into a poorly thought out "would-be" solution. Next


I'm happy to finally start becoming the person that doesn't deal with unnecessary bullshit in her life. There's so much mental and emotional clutter waiting to distract us all from our goals...

Still, I wish I had a better handle on my daily duties, so that I could focus on creating my music and filming. God, be with me on this.


Free form roaming man... spent last week in Halifax at the buskers festival, buskers are street performers. Some of the most genuinely fun and decent people- and talented, they work hard at their craft, most have no family responsibilities Southey can indulge their wander lust, good for them. Rode a bike into and out of town each day, stayed at a camp for the festival. Tented and met some more good souls- and a few jerks, but still haven't had one bad moment on this trip. Drank to much Canadian Whiskey... was a little underdressed, both for the cold, it has been cold, and I was looking a bit haggard from camping. Got sprucedb up over the weekend

Heading downing to Katahdin Maine, the top of the Appalachian Trail. See what all the fuss is about that. gonna be about for a few days, watch some people finish the trek. Do a  walk of my own.

Eventually headed south for the full eclipse, maybe Memphis or so. I got about 1800 miles on my civic, bout 500 on my bike... and a million miles traveled by my mind.

What cool place we live in.


Want to repair the US educational system? Get the Special Ed students out of the main stream classrooms. Sorry these kids are disabled. But if we put them in the regular classes, it stops the regular kids from learning as much. Special Ed students need to be in Special Ed classes. Enough with this PC crap that all kids are equal. They are not all equal. This do-gooder attitude is hurting education.


I hate my house.  HATE IT!!!!! There are bugs everywhere. Gnats, mosquitoes, spiders, and centipedes. They get in the food. They get in my eyes. It's like living in the forest. Except I'm inside my house. There is nothing civilized about this place. I can't wait to get out of here.


We bought a fixer upper. It's a cute house, but the previous owners just didn't give the place the TLC it needed. We've put in new toilets, new exterior/interior doors, and floors are coming next. We do this all ourselves. Our friends don't get it.

"Why not just pay someone to do that?"
"Why would you buy a broken house?"
"Ugh, that's so much work..."

Enjoy being in debt your whole lives for the sake of convenience. We'll be retired by forty with this place fixed up and paid off, while you're still on your grind paying down that half million dollar home. People don't appreciate the balue of sweat equity. I'd say it's generational, but I'm a millennial. Laziness doesn't have an age.


An older friend of mine passed away suddenly about 8 years ago.  He was a Vietnam veteran.  He told me how the returning soldiers were being abused and spat on when they got back home.  He said that what the soldiers started to do when they landed at their home airport was go straight into the bathrooms, change out of their uniforms and back into their civilian clothes, and then throw their uniforms into the trash cans in the bathrooms.

A few years ago I read a New York Times article where the writer claimed that the way returning Vietnam vets were treated was a "myth."  The writer claimed it never happened.  Maybe one or two, but certainly never as bad as the veterans claimed.

I wish I could have punched that writer.  


Never fails.  Either we tell people about how much work we're doing landscaping our yard or we post pictures on social media, and people will say, "Oh, that's so much work.  *I* just pay people to do it for me."

One, perhaps we like spending the time together and seeing our accomplishments.

And two, maybe that's why you're fat and we're not.


why do cops cheat?


I understand being discouraged. But three days with no pay is really not all that long. Thomas Edison went YEARS with no payoff. You have to accept that some of your life is going to be spent earning nothing. A friend renovated a house. Took him 14 months. He sold it at a loss. But he kept at it and is now very successful.


The best advice I ever received was this: Find out what you love to do. Something you can do everyday and never get tired of doing it. What makes you happy and brings you joy. Then figure out how to get paid for it. Then you will always be happy! 😉


Those Charmin toilet paper bears are extremely creepy!


975- brilliant.  If you want to make an omelet you have to break an egg.  Love this.  You sound like me- I am a peaceful person but push too hard and eggs get broken.


I just had my time pissed away all night by people who are nothing but timewasters. That's 3 days of putting in hrs of effort for no money. I'm 3 days away from losing my storage units now. I spent money on a place to work out of and made nothing.  I'm supposed to pick up my car today and I have no way to pay for it. AND I have to take a fucking drug test today too?!  I get it, universe. I'm not someone you like AT ALL. I WANNA LEAVE AS BADLY AS YOU WANT ME TO. goddamnit. I really just completely hate my life at this point. Is there anything left to be happy about or is it all just sadness and setbacks? I'm barely 30 and I'm just ready to fucking die now. This life is the biggest letdown I could have possibly imagined. I want to just die.


I live in Los Angeles and on January 1st, 2018 I will be able to do something I never thought I would be able to do in my lifetime. That's to legally buy marijuana in a store. 53/m


I'm drinking a can of ice cold beer and eating a slab of very chewy beef jerky. Sometimes it's the little things in life that are the best!


As of today I've been divorced longer than I was married. During our marriage my ex-wife turned batshit crazy and she was impossible to live with. She became very violent and even attacked me in my sleep once. She had to go because my life depended on it. I really believed she was eventually going to kill me. Divorcing her was the happiest moment of my life!


Every police officer cheats on their wife. If they say they don't, they are lying. It might be a small, very small percentage that have not but the majority of cops cheat and cheat regularly.


Every married person I know is so unhappy and then when they have children, they're even more unhappy. Why is being a spouse and parent glorified on tv or in our society like it's the holy grail of success when every married person I knows wants to kill themselves or wishes they could start over??


Now that I'm older, I've been brooding a lot about "reacquainting" myself with every person who did wrong by me. Could you imagine? It would be easy in today's world of the internet. First person would be Ted. I'd track him down. Probably follow him around for a few days. Get to know his routine. Then I'd "bump" into him out of the blue in an empty parking lot, or someplace like that.

"Hey Ted, is that you? I don't believe it. It's me. ****** Don't you remember me? From 8th grade, 30 years ago. You beat me up on the playground in front of everyone and pulled off my pants. You didn't forget me did you? BECAUSE I NEVER FORGOT YOU."

Could you imagine the look on his face?

I'm not sure what will happen next. I think I know. But I'm not willing to say it out loud yet. Stay tuned. Especially you Ted.


Apnea.   You stop breathing while you're sleeping.  Extremities don't get their fair share of O2.  It's REALLY scary because your windpipe can collapse upon itself.  Think blowing up a balloon but you can't because the stem was all stuck together.  This is what happens when you get old.  I do think they just confirmed Carrie Fisher's death as apnea.  Twice in my life I awoke from a deep sleep unable to breath in or out.  Fortunately I had enough air in my lungs to force out enough to get a breath.    I now have a breather to sleep with which keeps my airway inflated and clear.   I know that Reggie White's wife watched him gasp for air and die because of Apnea.


I once walked out from the supermarket self-checkout with my groceries without paying.  It was entirely unintentional.  I requested $100 cashout from the machine, swiped my EFTPOS card, punched in my PIN, and walked out in a hurry with my groceries.

I wasn't walking out in a hurry because I was stealing (which I wasn't intentionally).  I walked out in a hurry because the couple at the self-checkout next to mine couldn't confine themselves to the space directly in front of their machine and kept getting in my way where I was trying to bag my items.  I was getting damn annoyed at their inconsideration and just wanted to get out.

When I got to my car, I realised that I hadn't taken my $100 cashout from the machine.  I went back into the supermarket to see if I could recover it.  It turned out that my transaction had never completed.  Maybe, in my hurry to leave, I had forgotten to press the "OK" button after punching in my PIN, or hadn't pressed the "OK" button firmly enough.  I attribute it to being distracted by my annoyance at the people at the adjacent self-checkout.  A staff member told me that my transaction had timed out, and she had the receipt for my groceries in her hand.  With her assistance, I paid for my groceries through the self-checkout machine, collected my $100 cashout, and left.

I was then distressed by the possibility that I could've been busted for shoplifting, even though it was accidental.  Fortunately, the fact that I had returned to the supermarket to hopefully recover my cashout must have made it obvious that I honestly thought that I had completed the original EFTPOS transaction successfully.

I don't even much like using self-checkout machines because they help to put human beings out of a job.  My grocery shop-ups are usually small, and the recently-installed self-checkout machines had replaced the former staff-operated express checkout.  After that close call with a possible shoplifting accusation, I never used the self-checkout machines at the supermarket again.  Besides, I'd prefer to use a staff-operated checkout and help give someone a job.  It later became rather academic when I made the acquaintance of the nearby Aldi store, where I now shop for most of my recurrent staple items, and where they don't have self-checkout machines.


My wife has a disease where she has to buy something every time she goes out. It's ruining our lives. It's costing a fortune. It results in endless and pointless arguments. Our house looks like something from the tv show Hoarders.

Today she came home with a brand new copy of the AP study guide for Spanish. The AP being an exam taken by high school seniors. It cost $25. I don't speak Spanish. My wife doesn't speak Spanish. I asked her why she bought this completely unnecessary item. It took a while for her to tell the truth, but she explained she was in a store and saw a lady, a complete stranger, buying the book. She started a conversation with the lady. The lady was buying the book for her high school son who takes Spanish. So my wife bought one too. That's great, except we don't have kids. This is the crap I deal with everyday.


It was an "attitude reset" day with my 6-year old.  I was patient while he screamed and kicked me in the fast food parking lot as he demanded I let him play video games when we got home.  I tried talking to him gently, and asked him to consider not screaming.  This went on for twenty minutes.  I tried, I honestly tried.  I asked him why he felt angry, and he kept screaming and kicking me.

And then I snapped.


No physical contact, of course.  Just a few minutes of yelling like an unhinged lunatic.  Ten minutes of tears and sobs, and now both he and my 4-year old are being sweet little angels.  They'll be good kids for the next four months or so.  They won't scream, they'll say they're sorry when they offend each other, and they'll be good kids.

I hate when this happens, but talking to a six year old doesn't always work.  If you want to make an omelette, you have to break an egg.


In the past few months, often when I wake in the morning, my arms, hands and feet are numb. I have no sensation. I have to wiggle around for about 30 seconds to get the blood flowing again into my limbs. This can't be healthy. Something must be wrong.


people say that if you visualize positive things happening to you, they come true.  is this real?


I can't stand my wife. How does a nice girl turn into a menace. When does this transition occur? Is it marriage? Is it something innate in women? Is it anger they aren't working but are raising kids? Do all women secretly hate men and this is a well thought out multi-year plan to torture us? Are they angry they are bad mothers so they take it out on everyone else?

Get a fucking grip you fucking cunts! Stop being such assholes. Stop with the fucking complaining and bitching. If you aren't working and it makes you feel like a lesser person, get a fucking job. Do something with your fucking life instead of bullying everyone around you. Or better yet, just die.


My wife of 31yrs is dying of ALS.. My father died of brain cancer when I was 13. My mother died of Lewy Body syndrome 15 years ago. I had to put my dog down due to cancer a month ago. I earn all the $$ in the house and am my wife primary caregiver.

Everyone tells me I have to take care of myself and let others do things for my wife - then they ask me why we're out of eggs or the lawn isn't mowed or why the urinal smells like piss.....

I miss my dog. .


I respect the cycle of life and all.....i have no problem buying my girlfriend tampons or anything else she may need during her period but i draw a line at having sex and going down on her....Sorry, that would never happen in a million years..
Just like i dont want her anywhere near my balls after a long day at work not until i have taken a shower...
I am sorry ladies i love you all. I will even go match with you on all female related issues.



Ever see a grandpa rocking a ponytail? I just did.  He was coming straight from some white trash fuck fest happening near my house, (driving your car, lol) keeping it classy I see...


My husband would fuck me on my period if I asked him to, or go down on me even, he has said. (I would never want that though.) He's gotten me tampons and Tylenol at CVS for me, fared my mood swings with grace, given me back rubs for the pain, not once made me feel disgusting for being a female and menstruating. That's what a real man does. He respects the cycle of life that gave him his two children.


I want to pop some painkillers with you on a cold night and watch movies under a blanket. Is that too much to ask?


I just got my prescription for oxycodone today, I am glad.  I was supposed to start chemotherapy tomorrow, but it was moved to next Friday, I am even gladder.  You know what I want to do, I would like to get high, get high as a kite.  I might do that tonight, I fucking need a break!!!!


It's hard to admit that you are drowning.

It's hard to admit that you are scared to death.

It's hard to admit that you are vulnerable and weak in the face of something.

It's hard to admit that you need help.

It's hard to admit that your life depends on getting help.

It's hard to admit that you are a failure. That's the hardest part of all.


When I use the self checkout at the supermarket, I'm worried the manager will pull me to the side and go through my bags. So I try to act innocent when scanning my groceries. I do it slowly so it looks like I'm not trying to pull a fast one and sneak something in the bag. And when the receipt pops out, I don't rush away like a criminal. I linger and read the receipt for a minute. No one who just stole something would stand there reading the receipt, daring to be caught.

It works. I have never been stopped. Woohoo!

The odd thing is, I'm not stealing anything. I would never steal anything! I'm just worried they might think I'm stealing something.


Women, keep your monthly periods to yourself. We don't want to know about it. I was dating a woman. We were out at a club. I suddenly noticed her blue jeans had a large bloody red patch. I quietly but urgently pointed it out to her. She didn't care, she wanted to stay out. Then and there I decided she was not my kind of woman. She had no class. So women, you can act smug and say your period is everyone's business and guys should deal with it, but no thanks, I'll just walk away and want nothing to do with you.


Now, try eating yourself out ... that's the pinnacle!


Lately our neighbors have been going out in the early evening and leaving their three little yappy dogs outside until the wee hours.  They bark non-stop until 3-4am or whenever they come home.  They have an electric fence so the dogs won't leave the property.  But damn - there are coyotes around here.  

Where are the coyotes when you need them?


I miss yahoo chat


life only gets harder


almost 50, looking back at my life, seeing the choices I made that I thought were right at the time......were all wrong.  0-10: view of the world is being formed. 11-20: trying to fit into that world.  21-30: trying to figure out why it's not working.  31-40: trying to reconfigure and make it right. 41-50: the beginning of the end. 51-??:  No hopes left and nothing to look forward to.


928, just FYI, real estate takes a LOT of work.  It takes about $2000 to get started, and about $1400 a year in annual fees.  (My husband says it's the only job he knows of that you have to pay to do.)  Then you have to pay your own taxes, so you need to put away about 15-20% of each commission check.

There are going to be a lot of people who will waste your time.  Buyers who want to see 20 homes but then "can't find what they're looking for."  Sellers who make you think you're their agent, but then choose another agent to list their house.  Renters who will run your ass off, only to not qualify to rent.

Just this year, four new agents in my office up and quit.  Three became referral agents.  Two have gone to lesser agencies where they don't have to pay as many fees (the thing is, people want to use well-known agencies).  Three have gotten part-time jobs, and three have gotten full-time jobs and do real estate part time.

If you know a lot of people and/or you're willing to work like you've never worked before, go for it.  If you're personable and in a good area then you'll do great.  I have a friend who lives and works in an affluent area, and he's making six figures in his second year - but that's not the norm.  Also know it's not a 9-5 job, it's 24/7.  The only days I don't get calls are  Thanksgiving and Christmas.  I even had someone ask me to show them homes on  Mother's Day, knowing I'm a mom!


Gettin real sick and tired of periods being treated like some taboo, revolting secret. Without periods, the human race would die out (which I suppose would probably be an improvement to the planet, haha.) Men who are squeamish about it need to grow the fuck up.


I wish Game of Thrones was real.
I would so bang Jon Snow


Hoo-Ray! I finally accomplished a life-long dream tonight: I sucked my own penis!  I've dreamed of doing this for years but was never fit or flexible enough. I finally managed to bend far enough to get about half my dick in my mouth, and sucked hard and fast, until I came heavily in my mouth! I joyfully gobbled down every drop of hot, sticky cum! I can't WAIT to try again, but first I'll need a LOT of rest -  it's a HARD work sucking yourself off, but it was SO worth the effort and time invested!


Omg! Tampons!? On television? The audacity!


I have come to realize that I married someone who cannot untie themselves from the ways of the past. A guy married with a dutiful wife, 2 great kids and who always comes first? Him. Not us, not my work or our birthdays or anything, him. It's always Him. And his "work"... Always looking out for number one but refusing to acknowledge the maid service you seem to get for free. I'm just a maid service.


I recently got my dick sucked at a gay bathhouse.  Gay men wanting sex all over the place!


When will I see you again?


I got a six-pack of quality beer, a quarter of an ounce of stink bud and a stack of the latest movies. Life's very good right now! 😋


I'd let you suck my cock, if you let me suck yours. Never done it before. I want to try.


I want to suck a cock. I don't know how or if I'd ever make that happen.



I don't let my boys, ages 9, 11, and 14,  watch America's Got Talent anymore because they are exposed to Tampax commercials. Can't kids watch something fun without having female biology pushed in their face?


I work in a garage. Woman came in with one of her four daughters she brought with her. She comes up to the counter, the girl asks her mum if she could have a bag of sweets, they're only 59p. She barks at her daughter who is right beside her "NO! I DON'T HAVE THE MONEY!! I DON'T GET PAID UNTIL FRIDAY! FUCK'S SAKE PESTER YOUR DAD TONIGHT." then turns to me and asks for 30g of tobacco. She can't afford to get her daughter a small bag of sweets, but can afford to buy herself her tobacco.
I serve her and say have a good day, at which point she sighs and rolls her eyes. She opens the door and her 3 other daughters are being like normal kids, playing about, she barks at them to "pack that shit in, your dads are coming in 30 minutes and I don't want to have to sort your shit out because you've gotten dirty, they're hassling me enough!" some people don't deserve kids.


I can't stand my wife's best friend, and she can't stand me. This upsets my wife. She wants us to get along so we can go out as a group. My wife pleads with me to make an effort with this woman. What my wife doesn't know, I slept with her best friend. It was a brief but steamy affair. It ended badly. This is why we won't talk to each other. I can't explain any of this to my wife though. Luckily her best friend has the common sense not to say anything either.


People can say what they want about my purebred dog. We adopted him from a sweet family. We would never buy from a breeder or puppy mill retailer. I love my little dude, and they better get tf off the soapbox.


Lucky me! About three years ago I was using Xanax. I actually stole a bunch of pills from my landlady and popped them like candy.

I was going through a very stressful time back then and the Xanax indeed helped me. One of the side effects of Xanax is short term memory loss.

Just a few minutes ago I couldn't sleep so I was digging through my stack of DVDs to pick a movie to watch. When I opened the case to the movie I chose I found six 2mg pills of Xanax inside. Apparently I stashed those there when I was high and forgot about them.

So now I'm going to catch a nice buzz, watch a movie and get some sleep after that.

Sometimes it's the little things in life that are so much fun!


Some people think women who don't want children are selfish , sometimes it's for the better I know this guy who married a women who happens to be an alcoholic, she drinks every day but yet she judges other people especially women on their looks, weight, hair etc... here's a women who don't know what it's like to have kids and carried a child for 9 months , all the stress, you worry constantly about the smallest things . It's funny though especially when she points her finger at other people for not eating healthy but yet she drinks every day and she has a smokers mouth, those deep lines around the mouth the smokers tend to develop so much for being healthy.


It's too bad; we'll likely never get to screw, but I have rubbed a few out to a handful of sexy people I know. Sometimes I wonder if I'm right in my prediction of your penis sizes. And I always fantasize that you all give great head. Sigh.


The wrong person survived the car accident. There, I said it.


I'm so jealous of other people's happiness. Their perfect happy, entitled, privileged lives. I don't really have any friends. I don't have anyone o can relate to. It's not through lack of trying but folks here are nuts. Especially when you have your kids with you all the time-& most of the people you meet are parents of kids. All I get are anti-vaxxers, fear mongering, paranoid, idiots. Sheep. Sheep of a different kind. Sheep who listen to RT news! Who believed the election was rigged in Hilary's favor, that is until Trump won. Jesus. People who believe that chem-trails made them sick vs the incredibly wet summer, allergens, mold. I give up. I'm so many ways, I give up. I'm not happy. I want a different life. But that's harder than it seems. I'm just so unhappy. So unhappy that every time I see his ex's instagram I want her murdered.


I should have taken a gap year.


I've been asked specifically not to kill myself. So I'm lucky. Someone cared once but they didn't get it. I was asked by the father of my cousin. Who killed himself 9 months ago. It was new
A shock. I always though I would be that. Should have been me. I wish it was me. I knew it was supposed to be. My meds aren't a thing because it's not my brain that's wrong. It's me. Not everyone gets to be happy. Really. I am not and I don't think it's a thing I could ever be. I should be dead.


i still look at profiles of past boyfriends to see what they are up to.


If you see a prestige car like a Mercedes or BMW improperly parked in someone's designated parking spot or in a disabled parking spot without a permit, what that tells you about the driver is that their attitude and preparedness to disrespect and trample over the rights of others likely helped them get the car in the first place.

Thanks to my father's good retirement pension, some lucky investments and a habit of living within their means, my parents lived out a discreetly comfortable retirement in their average house in an average neighbourhood.  Around his time of retirement, my father bought a new BMW sedan, the smallest model in the range.  He just wanted a decently-built car that could see him out.  As a result of mobility problems in later life, my mother became eligible for a disabled parking pass valid within their municipality.  To his credit, my father refused to take advantage of the pass to park in a disabled spot if my mother was not in the car, and he was highly critical of people abusing disabled parking passes as a perk when their use might have been something you could get away with, but not morally justified.


At the private school where I used to teach, my assigned parking spot was frequently stolen by parents and or grandparents trying to see their little angel in the school play or dance performance.

100% of the time the spot was occupied by either a Mercedes or a BMW.  You can interpret what you want about what that says about the drivers.


My wife's approach to life:

Why buy a bottle of standard brand name shampoo at the supermarket for $5 when you can instead order the exact same thing over the internet for $4 a bottle plus $8 shipping....

I hate her.


I have made an observation over the years that seems to hold up nearly all the time. I generally try not to judge and stereotype other people but in my experience this one is real.

People who drive brand new Porsches are the most insecure people.  They are concerned primarily with maintaining a façade of success to others, no matter their actual circumstance. While they are a “nice car”, in every segment Porsche completes there is a lower priced option with more power, better handling, better ascetics, and better technology. Porsche's business model exploits and depends on these people accepting less, for more money.

Porches are the ultimate flash over substance car, just like the people who drive them. They are often driven by the successful salespeople, real estate agents, trust fund/inheritance recipients and others who have earned money quickly or easily. People who earn money and grown rich slowly through hard work and wise decision making do not elect to purchase a Porsche.

Don't assume my opinion is based on jealousy. I am a multimillionaire and relatively young. I could buy any production model Porsche with the petty cash in my checking account.

If you are reading this right now and driving a current year Porsche you should stop and reflect on whether you may have an external locus of identity. If you do, you may want to make an effort to change. To start making decisions that are best for you, rather for the insignificant and fleeting perceptions of others.

Cigarettes are regressive tax on the poor and the stupid but Porches are a progressive tax on the insecure.


This time at least he didn't run and hide on the bathroom 😂🤣🤣, he just look the other way and pretend he didn't see me.  No , problema I do that all the time except I just walk by and pretend the person doesn't exist and next time when I see the person and mentions " oh , I saw you on such as such , I'll just say really? Oh I'm sorry I didn't see you , my eyes are horrible and blame it on my near sighted, hey it beats hiding on the bathroom.


I may be an actual, certified genius, but it doesn't mean I know anything about starting up a business.  I'll try to help you, but I can't guarantee results.


I'm strongly considering getting a real estate license. It's the only job possible for someone over 50. No other company or profession will hire an old person like me. Sucks.


I don't get it. A teacher has sex with a student, and it's the student who turns her in. WTF? If a teacher had sex with me, no way in hell I'd turn her in. I'd thank god she was sucking my cock.


My husband's semen is more like water than cream. Does it mean he has a very low sperm count?


If there's one thing I'm sure of, it's that my wife isn't staying with me for the money, because I'm fucking broke.


It's petty, but I'm secretly smug that she finally felt what her life was like without my light in it, and didn't like it. You can only pretend not to care for so long


I understand what you are saying about movies and introverts. I'm one of them. I'd live my movies if I could. I used to watch 4 movies a day. But it meant interacting with people at the theater. The audience would talk. People would sit near me. If the movie was popular, people would sit next to me. I don't want people anywhere near me. I made a change. I had a movie theater installed in my house. It's a completely soundproof windowless room. Now I can watch 6 or 7 movies a day because I'm not beholden to the start times set up by the commercial movie theaters. Best of all, there are no other people in my movie theater. I get movies online, Netflix and from the libraries. I have access thousands. About 50,000 movies have been made. My goal is to see everyone of them. Roughly I think I've seen about 20,000 so far. I will do this.


Wifey just admitted she's staying in that sham of a marriage for a money!

The mistress always gets the best of him - and the last laugh.

What you don't know, fool, is I have my own money, my own (Ivy League) degree, and a paid-off house. It's not about the money. It's about the connection, the soul-enriching connection, both physical and emotional.

Enjoy being a rich widow. Meanwhile, I will continue to enjoy having your dutiful husband, the attentive father to your precious children, worship my body.


You know what makes a marriage sexless? Selfishness.
My husband expects sex his nights off. Think he could touch me at all in the  2 hours we just spent watching tv? Do the dishes? Talk in a way where this isn't just expected of me like a wifely duty? Get a fucking job and work? But most of all, try putting others before your needs for once. Like I said: SELFISHNESS


I'll be in Cincinasty next weekend hopefully I won't run into Tony Peperoni or his wife Huan China Schism.


I have an external hard drive with 1001 movies loaded on it.  I got the latest blockbusters, old classics and everything in between. I go to a local coffee shop and use their very fast internet connection to download movies. I also check out movies on DVD from the library and rip them to my hard drive. It took me about two years to get this far and I'm going to keep on going. I'm very introverted and I'm uncomfortable around people so I stay at home and watch movies. It's my passion. I know what I'm doing is wrong but I really don't care. I just love my movies!


Prissy , pissy get a life honey , how about some vodka mixed with Red Bull or some wine , not judging but it's fun is going to clubs and getting drunk I pass .  My life might be boring but trust me I'm happy good things come to those who wait , and I didn't meant to get on your business but if you stick your flat nose on mine I will gladly stick mines on yours.


A plant needs water and the sunshine to live.  A computer needs software to do anything worthwhile. Sasquatch needs his privacy.

You can want me. You can think I'm the answer to all your problems, and you did, but you have problems. That is, "we" had problems.

You can't function on your own. You need someone to bring you the sun, or the water. It's a fun way to live from your standpoint.

I'd like to just sit there and have someone diligently take care of all my needs. I could afford to be amused by the blowing winds under such circumstances. Insert the right software, and voila, happiness. It's so simple it makes me want to scream.

Can't you see me down here God? I hate being self-aware. Why can't I be like one of these drones? I fantasize about having a meticulously organized garage with everything where it's supposed to be.

It isn't fair. Yes, I'm moaning and groaning. I want to drift through life with out allegiances or consequences the way that you do. Maybe I should be more grateful for the things I have.

This is all just a game to you. And when the game is over, you get up and do it again. You are untouchable. The memories are discarded. Happiness paves over your discomforts.

I guess my main feeling about you now is shock over how you get through these terribly messy life situations unscathed like the cat on the roof. Not just getting through them, finding the happiness you haven't known since the last time you were happy, however many moons ago that was.


please don't think I am posting for anyone I don't know anymore in a hateful way it's something I am ashamed of and want to leave behind. I think they get the point many years ago I could have used someone to talk to. Try to be there for your friends and brace them against the storm help them be strong. I had a pattern that was easy to play on and they still try on that website (not that stranger but troll). --I also could have made sure I didn't talk to the wrong people or lean on the system in exchange for rights to my body and an easy excuse and fall back to give up. It's only about how everything played into my own patterns and attitude. I am steps away from supporting myself and finding a way to make additional money. I so hope I can be worth it for the only person who matters. I hate that I bring into it such a divided dark energy. I just want to be whole and my spirit is coming back I think.


I work at a school in a rough part of town. To say there's a lot of poverty there is an understatement. Some of these kids don't get support from their parents at home. Some don't always have clean clothes or good hygiene. Some are being drawn into street gangs at ages 12-14 in search of the love and acceptance they don't get at home. Some have a parent who was deported or abandoned them. Some kids don't get to do normal kid things because they have to take care of their younger siblings after school while their parents work long hours. Growing up in poverty physically affects brain development. They're impulsive, defensive, and hard-headed sometimes. They're not always taught manners and social skills. I could go on, but I'm sure I've made my point.

Nothing hurts these kids more than adults who've given up on them and written them off. Of course, they don't always show this. If your life outside of school is shitty and stressful, of course you're going to deny it away by acting too cool for school. They EXPECT adults at school to not believe in them because they don't always get that kind of reassurance at home. They're frustrating and sometimes downright confusing, but you can't give up. Just like kids in more affluent areas, some kids won't allow you to keep them from falling through the cracks.

I've never felt like I had more of a purpose than I did when I started working with these kids. Catch them when they're not around their friends, and they drop the act. You'll see why they need the best teachers possible and the most support. School is one of the only places that can help them go higher in life. If you don't have the amount of patience required to not give up on them, you shouldn't be working with them.


I'll miss seeing you around the workshop.


Same. Only the reverse. I had 'the kavorka' about 6 months prior to getting married. Women hit on me constantly.  I was getting married in Italy (my wife's Italian), going on a ridiculous honeymoon, and every girl I had contact with workwise or other was throwing themselves at me.  Married, single...didn't matter.  I'm no lothario but I know when I'm being hit on.   I was the good boy, paid no attention, and 15 years later into a sexless marriage I'm like, "what the fuck was I thinking?"
M45/faithful and lonely


Lol, loser go away .  Focus on yourself and quit worrying about me, my life is great wonderful you know why? Because I never compare my self to others never have , never will . I'm happy and content with life even when things get hard I smile and eventually things work out on my side. Negative,envy, jealousy bring nothing but problems into your life , life is beautiful why wasted on negative people or thoughts.


Miss you beyond measure.


My panic attacks are bad. BAD BAD BAD. The thing is, I try to hide them from others. I can be having a conversation with a group of people. A panic sets in. It lasts for about a minute. My hearts races over 200 beats per minutes. I have trouble breathing and focusing. But no one realizes. I'm standing right there smiling the whole time. I wait for it to pass and then I keep contributing to the conversation and no one knows what I just went through.


A long time ago, my coworker was about to get married.  Despite this, she kept hitting on me.  I turned her down because I felt it was the moral thing to do.  I was a dumbass.  I should have fucked her brains out.  She was so sexy, and I let her go.


When I'm asleep, my dreams are usually better than reality.  I'd rather sleep than live.


I'm putting a well refined and great energy into the world that will help anybody that wants it. Including me.


I'm sure his wife will have a good laugh the day he dies and she gets everything while you will have to look for another dick and didn't got $&@@" .


Every few weeks my boyfriend tells me how his wife wanted sex and so they fucked and she had no idea that he'd already emptied his balls (into my mouth or ass or vajayjay) and we have a good laugh.


I'm usually very caring and giving. But I've been working recently with a low income school district. I've come to the conclusion that we should stop funding these types of towns with state tax dollars. It's pointless. The kids don't want to learn. They are trying to act cool and tough and have no interest in anything educational. So let's stop wasting money on them. A view from the inside.


Two days ago, for the first time in 17 years, I came inside a woman who was not my wife.

One day before that, my wife gave me permission to do just that.

It felt strange. Maybe it is strange. Life is strange.



People who fuck other people's spouses are very desperate. Can't get anyone of your own?


Since you seemed to message me out of the blue last week, E, I've been thinking of you. I'm not sure why, but I can really picture us as a couple. Why did you message ME? You are tasty AF, and fucking brilliant and not politically brainwashed. Someone who gets art. I saw our future wedding as I masturbated to the thought of you doing naughty things to my pussy. I saw your outfit and everything. It puzzles me but I really think we'd have fun. We might end up together. Because I understand you and the things others don't. 😍 No stupid bullshit.


Enjoy dinner with your hubby as you wonder if he fucked his mistress today. News flash: he did.


I have to convince myself not to love people. If I don't, I'll love everyone in some way or another. I fucking hate it, because that makes me care about people that don't matter, and the delusions in their heads.


i still look for you in the strangest of places, in the most unlikely faces...


I keep getting phone calls from this bald dude , I mean clearly is not an emergency or important since he never leaves messages and I don't know him, I ask my husband if he recognizes the guy or his number he told he has never seen the guy so I just called my phone company and permanently block his number.


I'm really getting sick of the fact that people find it so hard to admit their faults. Some of your faults aren't your fault, you know. You still have a responsibility to fix it, but you shouldn't feel guilty for having a flaw you didn't cause yourself to have.

It's like bad habits you get from your parents, or habits you adopt out of trauma, or being born with privilege. Why is it so hard to admit these things exist?

Everyone's lives would be so much easier if they could be honest with themselves.


I just don't have the energy to argue with people on the internet. Especially sensitive ass white people that take everything personally. "Oh, you hate America? Get out of MY country then!"

Well jeez, wouldn't you think that would be easier without border-control-thumping assholes like you? I'd be gone in a heartbeat if I could be!

I just hate the institutions that run this shithole. I hate that we preach so much garbage about freedom and equality and greatness when our actions clearly contradict that. I hate how fucking manufactured our experience in this place is. It's about so much more than a fucking confederate flag.

Clearly America isn't ashamed of anything it's done, but it's so annoying that we act all self-righteous, like we're some goody two-shoes country that never did a thing to anyone but win wars for the good of our people. Pfft.

This girl yesterday tries to ask about how cultural appropriation is harmful to people, and then when she's given examples from peoples' personal experience, she wants statistics and articles and quotes. Like, if you want that, research it yourself!

Fucking white american people get on my nerves sometimes. Like, not everything is about you and your feelings, but I know society taught you that it is.

Fuck the United States. Fuck it right to hell


Here is my curse: If someone tells me their birthday, I'm condemned to remember it forever. I silently acknowledge the birthdays of all my exes and former friends. Coming up this month, my ex from high school who raped me (8/9), a friend of mine who was murdered in 2015 (8/10), a childhood friend who suddenly stopped talking to me with no explanation (8/13), an estranged cousin who converted to Islam and abandoned the family (8/22). There is no reason for me to retain any of this information, and yet I do. I wish I could just forget. It's like a graveyard in my head.


I want to fuck my boss. He is so attractive that I just want to take and rip his shirt off of him.  I want to have my with him. I know Cannot do this.  So I will just fantasize about fucking him.


Cry me a river. Its seriously like you don't remember the fights we had ? I remembered, I remembered how you threatened divorced on my poor but loyal ass but I see how you fight tooth and nail but the big D never comes up on my rich but cheating ass . the value I have to you is the value of my wallet . The relationship is over , I'm just seeing how much I can put you through. How much you are willing to take to keep that credit card ?


It's kind of crazy how attracted to hair I am.  This guy at work who i am attracted to normally, recently got a haircut - it doesn't look good - and my attraction went down by A LOT... now I look at him as if he is a little kid. Haha


Well, my Vicodin came in the mail this morning and I'm all like yay. I popped a few and chased them down with an ice cold beer. I'm really fucked up right now and it's wonderful! I'm going to get loaded and watch movies the next few days. The first movie I'm going to watch is Serenity. Yep.. Browncoat for life!


If anyone is fucking my husband, just tell me. Then you can have him.


Complaining.  So much complaining.  So much whining and crying and complaining and yelling.  I've listened to so much of it in my life.  My mom never stopped complaining when I was a kid.  I modeled the behavior as a kid and I lost friends because I complained so much.  I learned to curb it, but I never stopped being a garbage bin for people to complain to.  I'm so tired of it.  I did it because I thought I was helping people.  But I was only setting myself on fire to keep others warm.

I can't accept it anymore.  I'm not a garbage bin.  I wish I could help people, but not like this I can't.

Buddha, god, whoever, grant me the thing I need to give them what they need.  And if there is nothing else, give me what I need to get away from this life role.

So much complaining.  There's so much of it in my life.  And I know the irony of me complaining about complaining, no need to point this out to me.


The wife's gets the social security, life insurance, property, cars , pension, bonds etc.... on the event of death or half of it on divorce. So , who is stupid?  The wife or the skank who sucks dick for free at least prostitues are honest at front and get money on return , the skunk does it for free.


I'm ashamed to be human. We trashed our planet and now live in our own filth. We attack each other because we can't understand how another could have a different color skin or worship a different god. We can't just leave each other alone. We crave power, we crave status, we crave money. And we treat each other terribly. I don't understand any of it.


I'm still fucking your husband. You're so stupid.


Thank god Trump is looking to end affirmative action. It was reverse discrimination at its worst. It dragged down our great country as the best people were overlooked so we could instead pretend to be do-gooders by giving more opportunity to unqualified people.

You nut jobs who insist that affirmative action is good, you can still do your part. If you find yourself in the hospital needing emergency open heart surgery, by sure to select an inferior doctor who got into med school based on affirmative action. Have your widow tell us how the operation went.


I know this sounds harsh, but I think the human race needs to be purged. I'm not an evil person. But people have gone too far.  The second rape, the gang killings, the financial embezzlers - the only way to end it is to wipe out the race, but for 1,000 carefully screened people, and reboot the species.


I read a news story recently that really made me sick.

This teenage girl from the UK on her way home one night when a strange man attacked her and raped her. After the attack, she managed to get away and flag down help. The man whose car she got into attacked and raped her for a second time that night.  I can't get my head around that story. The first rape was awful enough, but the second after she asked for help??? People are so fucking awful.


I'm thinking about living in my car. I'm 49, divorced, unemployed and broke. How has this become my life?


I could never give up sex for Scrabble...or even Backgammon. Or underwater wrestling. Nothing else can replace it! Not even Belgian waffles!


I gave up porn for Scrabble. I took that obsessive ability to watch videos everyday for hours, and I applied it to studying words. My wife likes Scrabble too, and she never much liked sex, so we are now spending more enjoyable time together. Nerdy, but mentally healthier for me.


I used to work with Scaramucci. LOL. I don't remember him as a troublemaker or anything. He was a pleasant guy. I'm surprised at all this fuss they say he's causing.


I'm very, very, very lonely.... and I am married. Go figure.


Being single isn't all that lonely...if you find the right person to fuck and can come up with a schedule that suits you. :-)


I a man who also imagines what my life would be like without kids and my marriage.  I would have money in the bank, I'd be physically fit because I loved to exercise, my house would be in great shape, and I'd be living the dream.

And I would also be very, very, very lonely.


I feel extremely validated whenever somebody tells me that they don't know how I handle my stress, and that I'm a strong person who's overcome a lot in life. Damn skippy I have. It's fucking exhausting being this stressed all the time, but it feels good to know that it's not just in my mind.


I often fantasize about what it'd be like to be single with no kids. I'd have a cute little apartment or a small house which I paid for myself. I'd have nobody to worry about or pick up after except me. I could date if I wanted to, or just stay home and chill out if I wanted to. Would I get lonely? Probably. However, I wouldn't find myself waking up in the middle of the night worried because I am broke and payday isn't for another week, and there's basically no food in the house.  I would have money because I wouldn't be spending it ALL on my children! I love them, but by the time they're grown and independent I'll be bankrupt


When people ask me why I didn't have children, I tell them it's because I have a hereditary illness I didn't want to pass on. That is true, but it's not the main reason. The main reason is I know I would be a terrible mother. Not only do I lack patience, I have absolutely zero idea how to care for a baby.

Everyone else seems to have been born knowing what to do. I wouldn't know how to tell when it's time to change the baby's diaper, how to burp the baby, how to know why the baby is crying. And I know I couldn't handle it if the baby kept crying and I couldn't figure out why. I would never harm the baby, but I could see myself walking out of the house and around the block to cool down, leaving the poor baby alone and crying. A good parent would never do that!

I have a bunch of nephews and nieces, and now that they're all between 8 and 18 years of age, I enjoy them very much. But I'm still glad I never had a baby, because my child would have turned out messed up from having such a bad mom. Despite the attitudes of people who think not having kids is "selfish," I know I made the right choice.


Why do I get the impression that the guy's wife (or he himself) wrote 865 to make the other woman look psycho? Probably the guy's wife. Get a life, you snarky old bitch. Go enjoy your beach trip and quit worrying about her if she's not a threat to you.


They say before you marry you look at a woman's mother to tell what she will be like when older.

I did and she was great. Looked good, in shape, great personality, caring. Everything I could have wished for in a wife.

Turns out my wife is just like the 3 Aunts on her fathers side. Totally the opposite. Miserable creatures all and every month my wife is more and more like them.


Bernie Sanders and liberals in this country should look at what is going on in Venezuela.The fourth richest country on earth a few years ago with bigger oil deposits than Saudi Arabia.Today it totters on bankruptcy and civil war.This is what happens when people demand that the government  take care of them and vote idiots into power who promises them a free ride. Thanks America  for not voting for Mrs. Clinton or Bernie Sanders.America was saved by the bell!


I am amazed to hear people cry about money in America. I came here as a legal immigrant 30 years ago . America gave me the opportunity to fulfill my dreams .I worked two jobs for 12 years.Worked every Sunday to get what I wanted. I own  my business for the last 16 years and doing OK. I fulfilled my dreams while other people were running around going to clubs and to the beach. Not for everyone but don't cry about welfare not being enough. You are not entitled to a living -work for it- and thank God you were born in America.


Tomorrow my prescription for Vicodin comes in the mail. I'm going to take the rest of the week off from work then I'm going to  get wasted while I watch movies and eat junk food. Good times!  😋


My wife came into the bathroom and turned on the water in her sink.

She then asks me, “Why is the water warm?”

“Because you turned on the warm water.”

“Yes, but it's warm.”

“I don't understand. Is it too warm?”

“No it's just right, but why is it warm?”

“I don't understand what you are asking.”

“I'm asking why the water is warm.”

“Because the furnace warms it up, is that what you are asking?”

“The furnace in the theater?”

I have to stop and consider what she just said because it's such a non sequitur. “I don't understand, what are you talking about? What furnace in the theater? What theater”

“The theater! THE THEATER!”

“I don't know what you mean by theater. Do you mean the furnace in the basement?”

“That's what I said, the furnace in the basement.”

“I'm confused. You said the furnace in the theater.”


“Yes what? Are you calling the basement a theater?”

“I thought you could put 2 and 2 together and figure that out...”

“Okay... I've never heard a basement called a theater before.”

“Everyone calls a basement a theater. Boy, you are slow.”

I walk away. This is what so many of the conversations are like with my wife. She acts insane. Maybe she is insane. Or she does this to be annoying. I don't know. I don't care anymore. I'm counting the days until this house gets sold and then I'm leaving her.


Seeing pictures of you, your wife and your daughter at the beach on facebook, pisses me off. I hope a shark eats you while you're swimming. Oh and I miss you so much....


i feel so lonely


Do you really say no to these women, or do you string them along? If a guy says no, I can't see a girl continuing. How embarrassing.


I have a frienemy whose daughter will be starting college next month at state university in Texas. She doesn't live in Texas. She lives in a different state. But they mother had the daughter lie on the application and put down Texas as their home address so they wouldn't have to pay as much in tuition. People have no morals. I hope they get caught and the daughter gets thrown out.


I currently have $3.02 to my name to last me until Monday (today is Tuesday by the way). I have no idea how I'll make it until then. How do I keep getting myself into these situations? I'm 40 years old and can't get my shit together. there's no groceries in my house except some pizza rolls and hot pockets in the freezer, half a loaf of bread and some sandwich meat. I'm too damn embarrassed to tell the kids why I haven't been to the grocery store. My house is usually full of food. I keep telling them I don't have time to go to the store, or I keep forgetting. I have half a tank of gas to make it until Monday and I drive roughly 30 miles one way to work. What the fuck am I gonna do


I hate pushy women.  They repeatedly hit on me, even when I say no.  Why are they so fucking entitled?  I blame feminism.


I haven't used a pencil in 10 years.

I've barely used a pen in 10 years.  Mostly to sign my name, barely to write notes.

Mostly, I've used a computer the past 10 years for entertainment and work.


Ah! The things we do for the stinky pink.


Before I was married, I lived the simplest life. I owned basically nothing. I lived in a small one room apartment. There was a bed and a couch and a closet for my suits. I ate every meal at work for free. It was a very fast paced office environment. We were expected to stay at our desks non-stop. A cart would come around in the morning with coffee and muffins. Another cart brought lunch. In the evening, I'd work until midnight, so I'd order out and have it delivered to the office. I never had to pay for any of this food. It was all on the company.

I worked 15 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It wasn't exactly required to work this hard, but I did because I wanted to be successful.

I didn't have cable or internet at home, because I was always at work. So no bill. I did have electricity at home, but it was so minimal, about $20  per month because I came home, turned the lights on for a few minutes, before going to bed. I had unplugged the fridge shortly after moving in because I never once bought food to put in there (and it made an annoying humming noise). I had only a cell phone provided by work, so no home phone bill.

I don't quite remember, but I think I spent about $25 per month on dry cleaning and laundry.

I also probably had to spend $25 per month on soap, toothpaste, razors, haircut (once every two months), etc.

I had no car. This was New York City. Having a car is a hassle. I walked to and from work everyday, about 15 blocks.

All in,

Rent $747
Electricity $20
Laundry $25
Toiletries $25

Monthly total, $817

It varied a little from year to year depending on how well the company did, but I made an annual salary and bonus of about $500,000.  Although a few years were about $800,000 and another whopping year, my best year, was $2.1 million.

To look at me and my tiny apartment, and always eating at my desk, and never spending a dime, not even on a cab on rainy days, you'd think I made minimum wage.

The amazing thing, I was happy, truly happy. My work gave me purpose. I felt needed and challenged. The money meant nothing to me. I didn't want anything, like a house or a car. I never went on vacation. I don't like vacations. I don't want to feel sand in my toes. I wanted to work hard and be intellectual. Which meant I never bought anything. The money sat in an investment fund managed by the company.

Then I turned 40. I met a woman through work. She was from a different department. We chatted a number of times, mostly about work issues. But more and more she tried to make it non-work related.

One evening she came by my desk. I remember it exactly. It was about 8 pm. She asked if I was about to go home, maybe we could share a cab? I said no, I would be staying for many more hours. She said I needed to stop working so much. She said I needed to take a break. There was a pause, as if she was thinking. She looked around to make sure there was no one around. Then she sat on my desk right in front me and spread her legs. She wasn't wearing any underwear. She said she wanted me to fuck her. Right there on my desk. So I did.

She decided I was a catch, an undiscovered gold mine. She continued to pursue me. She'd come to my office in the evenings. We'd have sex. Then she'd suggest we go out for dinner. Out for dinner? This was a radical new idea for me.

Then she wanted me to take her on vacation. Ug, sand in my toes.

Then she wanted to marry me. Her father wasn't a rich man. She wanted me to pay for the wedding.

Then she wanted a house. Then a new car. Then children. Which meant another new car. Then came the endless plastic toys to fill up the house.

In five short years, my life went from owning nothing, to owning everything I never wanted.

Now I am miserable. I had to stop working so hard. I was expected to come home so she could tell me what else she desperately needed, what else I had to pay for.

She's a good person. I don't mean to knock her. But I am absolutely miserable. I wish that night she sat on my desk and opened her legs, I wish it had never happened.


Sorry, Love. I'm planning to drink myself to death before you stroke out or have a heart attack. Yes, it's like the worst competition ever. Unlike some posts here, I absolutely adore everything about you. You were made for me and, I think, me for you. But you'll have the kids and you make more money so I really think I need to check out first. I just couldn't go on without you. Really. My only comfort is that if you 'win' that it would be minutes or hours before my broken heart just stopped. Fairy tales are such lies. There are no happy endings.


When I was in college, I was a doble major my first two years before I dropped my theater major. One day we were talking about our favorite musicals and I expressed that I didn't care for Idina Menzel's singing voice. You would have thought I had told them I had children's bones under my kitchen sink or termites crawling out of my ears. When they asked why, I said that quite honestly, her voice sounded screechy, like nails on chalkboard. I didn't say it rudely. I just answered their question honestly. They stopped talking to me after that and for the rest of the semester. I dropped the major at the end of the school year.

I still miss theater, but I don't miss the people in that department.


I am sympathetic to bipolar veteran's plight but I think several things would improve if you got at least a part time job.


I bought my kids a lot of junk (at first) because I was just so excited to be a parent.  Now... it's just junk.  We get rid of a lot of it.  If it's something my kids really like, and it's cheap (like a $1 Hot Wheels car), I'll get it for them.


I hate my life. I am a Desert Storm veteran and for the last two years I have been fighting to get my military pension. I qualify because I was in a combat area, I have bipolar disorder and I was honorably discharged. It takes months for the VA to consider my pension application and then they reject it for some stupid reason. In the meantime I'm living off welfare. I receive $221 cash aid and $194 in food stamps. Section 8 pays most of my $975 rent and I just pay $16. It's very difficult to live off this little bit of money and I hate it. I eat crappy food because that's all I can afford. After I pay my rent, phone bill and my electric bill I have very little cash left over to buy things like cleaning supplies, personal hygiene things and bus fare. If I don't receive my pension soon I think I will go crazy!


Over the last 20 years I've gotten to know the parents of other children in the school system. Our kids were friends, so the parents became friends. Something I've noticed. In many of their houses, I'd say more than half, it was clear the parents bought their kids miles and miles of "stuff". By that I mean endless amounts of little plastic play things. Dolls, yoyos, bouncy balls, $10 radio controlled cars, green slime, costume jewelry - tacky junk. These struck me as the types of purchases made spur of the moment, as if to shut their kid up when whining in a store. The kids would probably play with the toy for 5 minutes, and then want something else new.  And the parents obliged. These homes had playrooms, basements, and garages overflowing with this tawdry neon plastic junk.

I never did that with my children. Presents were never bribes to be quiet. They were thoughtful purchases that my child needed, or that I thought my child would enjoy. And they were far less numerous that what their friends were getting.

Now I look at my children. They are bright, well adjusted, responsible adults. They are leaders. Literally. They have been promoted to be the people in charge.

I hear about their former childhood friends. Still whiny. A few went to jail. Others are divorced two times. Problems with drugs and alcohol.

It's the parents' fault. They spoiled their kids. They taught them to be impatient and demanding.  Their kids didn't earn toys through effort, they were given toys to shut them up. It was essentially a reward for behaving badly. As a consequence, they became badly behaved adults.

Choose wisely new parents. Don't become lazy and take the easy way out. Teach your children well.


In looking back, one of my biggest mistakes in life was assuming people are intelligent and fair-minded. I grew up in a very academic environment. It was all about learning and getting smarter. Somewhere along the way I also picked up the idea that I should also be fair and morale and honest and helpful.

After college, I entered the working world and wow was I in for a shock. My co-workers were dumb and unscrupulous. This was at a white collar very upscale professional company. They would take my hard work and pawn it off as their own. They would take advantage of my willingness to be helpful by throwing all their tedious work at me. They thought nothing of taking advantage of me financially, where they would borrow money and then claim they never did. How bizarre, like they thought I wouldn't notice?

I quickly saw their game. I was disappointed to learn what real people were like. And it has never changed. Decades later and I still encounter this self-serving attitude in people.

Now I stay away. I want nothing to do with people anymore.


I remember when I was in my late 20s, I would not take a bath for a few days, maybe 3 or 4 days, I started to smell like piss.  I now take a bath every fucking day, I can't stand not taking a bath everyday, nowadays, I  just can't stand it, my own body asks for it, I feel like shit, no pun intended, if I don't take a bath.  I've realized how bad I smelled when I did not take a bath for a few days, I was just smelly.  And you don't think people don't realize it, either?  My hair would get really greasy, and hard, and curly, I just can't stand that anymore.  I can't stand smelling like unwashed penis.


The worst part about being intuitive is knowing how often people lie and how destructive they are.


Said to me by an advocate for the disabled:

"I think it's unfair disabled people can't win a medal at the Olympics, just because they are paralyzed. There should be a rule that at least one medal giving out at each event goes to a disabled person."

People who can't even run should win a medal in a running race????


I know that you were making love to her. I know that's why you disappeared.

I want to die.


I've never seen an upside to marriage.Especially for men. I wish more people would seriously consider what they're getting into before they commit.


We need to take personal responsibility for our lives. Stop blaming other people, stop pointing fingers.


I get off to the thought of you every morning.  Even though I know that I will never get to do any of the things that I want to do with you in real life, it's still a beautiful dream. So, thank you.


I just finished reading " In Sheep's Clothing" and boy did it open my eyes. You people with relationship problems may want to read it. It changed everything for me. I had been looking answers for years. I now have it!


I give up.


I don't feel much like a husband around here.  It's more like the house slave given the daily list of chores to be done and the occasionally order to clean up and service the house Mistress.


There are few free lunches, if any.  Most free apps are not produced out of a sense of altruism, especially if they're actively promoted through advertising.  People don't pay to advertise something for which they expect no gain for giving it away for free.  If you don't have to pay for it with money, you bet it will try to find out about you as much as it can get away with and send it off to the provider of the app.  If you don't pay, you are the product.


I love you. I hate you.


I know that you were making love to her. I know that's why you disappeared.

I want to die.


Just about every app you download, wants/gets access to your location, memory, camera, microphone, contact list, as well as just tracking what you do while on your phone. Many even get access to be able add and or remove information from your phones internal and external (SD card) memory.

Next time you go to download an app, expand that list of permissions you are giving it. It's actually pretty fuckin creepy.

This should be common knowledge, but some people don't read the fine print.


My life stopped when I got married. I had a great career going, but after marriage everything stalled. It took me years to realize that I was wasting so much mental energy dealing with my wife's bullshit that it was completely destroying my ability to focus at work. I left her and whammo, I started doing really well at work again. Don't let it happen to you. Be aware of women and the crap they cause. Get away from the situation.


Marco I met you a few years ago. It was around this time, so I've been reminded of you. I felt chemistry between us, but nothing ever happened. You were a total gentleman, and there were traits you had that I want in someone. My ex was crude to me, abusive, the opposite, so when you treated me with some kindness... Damn I wanted you. I liked your energy too.  I hope you're doing well...maybe I've been reminded of you because I needed to be reminded of what I want in someone. Anyway... Thank u 😚


I really want to try a Sybian.  I have other financial priorities at the moment...

But holy shit, when you watch the video of that lady having orgasm after orgasm after orgasm.  I just really want one.

Men may come and go, but a Sybian lasts forever, and apparently, so do the orgasms.  

No stds.  No bullshit.  I can't believe the creator of that thing is 85 now.  That's kind of crazy.  He's a grandpa bringing a sex machine to expos out in Vegas.  

It's a crazy world.  But thank God for that grandpa.  Apparently he's helping many Stella's get their groove back and then some.


I've always wished I was the kind of person that could have been an early riser. It's always been a problem of mine. In an ideal world, I would love to be able to wake up at 5:00 am and exercise, make a healthy breakfast, make my lunch and then go to work. I've always had trouble sleeping at night and that prevents me from early morning energy. It also causes me to be tired at the end of the day when I get home. Insomnia sucks.


So, girlfriend is getting a divorce.  She wants the house, the big car, half of all assets--with child support and alimony, of course, and the children, including the one she is planning to conceive.  She wants to squeeze one more child out of him, before he's kicked to the curb ... then WHAM!!!


I haven't bathed in I don't know how long. Probably a month. I'm alone in this very isolated house, so I don't care. The thing is, after a while the unclean human body doesn't smell bad anymore. I think it develops its own ecosystem and it starts to smell like a forest. It's a bit earthy with a slightly sweet aroma of decaying leaves.


General Grant's presidency is known as the most corrupt regime ever...


It's like I'm trying to hurt myself. But I'm not. So maybe I should stop while I'm ahead... fuck.


President Grant was once the leader of the largest army in US history up to that point.  The country survived.  President Eisenhower was once the leader of the largest army in US history, ever.  The country survived.  In fact, the country did pretty well.  People need to stop thinking the sky is falling, and they need to start participating in the process.


My sister lets her kids have their own Youtube channels. They are 7 and 5. They upload videos every day of them doing various kid things: singing, climbing a tree, dancing, swimming. They use their real names and say things like "Smash that like button!" I think it's pretty fucked up.


Oh, the General is retired. I see. That makes all the difference in the world. It's like if a guy is a serial killer, but then retires, it would be perfectly okay to work as a kindergarten teacher.


Something like 50 people have died under mysterious circumstances around Bill and Hillary Clinton.  Granted, when you're the president and a governor and you know a lot of people, there'll be people who die mysteriously.  Still, 50 is a lot of people.  But I don't think they're responsible for all of them.  You can't murder 50 people without some evidence being uncovered of their involvement.  It's just not possible.  Clues would have to be left somewhere.  But what does happen is that people who are engaged in a lot of illegal activity, especially drug-related activities, have shorter than normal life expectancies.  Bill and Hillary were involved heavily in the Mena Airport drug running operation in the early '80s when Bill was governor of Arkansas.  He did a lot to make sure LEOs "looked the other way" as the airport was one of the largest entrance points into the USA for Central American drugs.  When you know a lot of drug runners, you know a lot of people who die mysteriously.


Learning about yourself, that's interesting, I did not think life that way.
I've also learned anger is sometimes my friend.  I feel good when I am miserable, anxious, and angry.  Sometimes I get angry, make people feel like shit in order to feel good.  Screaming, being sarcastic makes me feel good.  You see, as a kid, I was small, and I was picked on in school like there was no tomorrow.  I learned to hate school because of this.  It does not help I've attended catholic school, where there is a good amount of pressure to make you feel like shit.  As I grew up, I adopted this anger, responding in an angry manner makes me feel good.  I made that person feel bad because that person made me feel bad.  I feel good after.  My mother has told me I've changed within the last year.  It does not help I am going through cancer.  It's really playing with my mind, and with my body.  I FEEL LIKE SHIT!!!  I AM MISERABLE!!!  I just want to go to sleep, I want to stay home and watch TV, and watch videos.  I do NOT want to work anymore.  I am fucking TIRED!!!  My mom says I have changed, do I feel like I have changed?  Not really, I just feel like shit.


Just say your piece and go like you always do. That's what keeps us being friends, right?


Retired General.  Retired.


Is anyone concerned that a general, a military man, is chief of staff at the whitehouse? Isn't that what happens when the military stages a coup, and takers over, that a general is in charge of civilian places like the whitehouse?


I honestly believe God places on this planet so we can learn.  We need to learn who we really are, when we're separated from the presence of God.  What have I learned about myself?  

I've learned that I am very insecure, despite my outward confidence.

I've learned that I need praise from members of the opposite sex to feel good about myself.  I really hate this about myself.

I've learned I use anger to feel good, when I really need to use love to feel good.  I'm working on this, and I'm getting better at it.  But, wow, anger feels good.

I've learned that I collect material possessions to feel good, when again... I should just try to feel love.

I've learned that when I get a lot of money, I will always find a way to squander it.  I really need to conserve what I have.

I've learned that I'm addicted to... myself?  Perhaps that's what we call pride and narcissism.

I've learned that I am not "lazy" as much as I am self-entitled.  I'm very self-entitled.  I believe my abilities gives me the right to slack off, as long as I get done what I need to get done.  But I'm not actually slacking off... I always get done what I need to get done.  It may be that I have a different way of working.  Maybe I need to reflect on this more.

Most unfortunately, I've learned that my mind is always thinking about the future instead of what I have right in front of me.  I'm always dreaming about a better life instead of appreciating what I have right in front of me.

So, that's what I think I've learned on this planet.


I heard it from that fucker's lips after an argument regarding his daughter, which led to my comments about his drug use. I told him I don't like him being second string in his daughter's life and he basically told me I was paranoid about how she excludes me to which I told him I was tired of covering and lying for him when he disappears on a binge. He said, angrily, "I don't know why you're worried about me not showing up for a meeting" and that stopped me in my tracks. If he doesn't give a shit about his standing at his job, why the fuck should I? I have become a wreck in the 6 years we have been together. He disappears for a few days at a time when on a binge, and I get so worried about how he is going to manage if people find out.

It turns out I have wasted 6 years of my life wringing my hands, worrying about him and it hasn't amounted to a hill of fucking beans. He was laughing at me in disgust.
Well you know what? Fuck him!

I will no longer waste time worrying about him. I am getting my life back pronto! Buy new clothes for myself, exercise, socialize and see friends.

Fuck off asshole, I'm leaving you!


I haven't spoken to my former best friend in 3 years. He's mad at me. We hung out everyday for 10 years. Then he moved to the West Coast for work. No problem, we would talk on the phone for hours at a time. We'd send endless emails too. Then he came to town to visit his mom and never looked me up. Like what? When I found out, I told him I was disappointed. That's why he got mad at me, because I said I was disappointed. Over these past few years I've sent him a few emails. I got back a one word response like "Oh." It's clear he wants nothing to do with me. But why? He came to town and ignored me. I think he was embarrassed at his gaff. He doesn't want to deal with it or take responsibility, so he's making it out like I did something wrong. Human nature - always protect yourself and blame others. Whatever. I actually don't care about any of it. I just wish he was friendly again. No hard feelings on my part.


I remember waking up in the morning, and had a sudden feeling that there was somebody else in the room with me. I somehow knew it was somebody who was watching me sleep.  The floor was creaking, and I could hear him walking around.  I suddenly felt scared and vulnerable.

I opened my eyes a little bit, and saw my friend's father completely naked.  I felt violated.  I wanted him to leave without having to look at him.  I didn't want to admit that this was all real.

I decided to make an obvious act at waking up, and started yawning and stretching my arms in the air.  I opened my eyes, and he was still standing there naked watching me.  Somehow he didn't realize I was awake, until an entire minute later. He loudly gasped, and had a shocked expression on his face.  He covered his crotch with his hands and ran out of the room.

I felt deeply violated about this, but eventually tried to move on from what happened.  I didn't want to get him in trouble, so I never told anybody about this until now.  I've seen my friend's father a few times the past twenty years, and every time I wondered if he remembered spying on me naked.  I also wonder if I just dreamed this all up.  I was a kid at my friend's house.


Baby please fall in love with me.


781, I have a new smart phone, an android, I've noticed in this new phone, it must be a new feature on androids because I've an android before, about 4 years ago, before I got an iphone, which was the phone before I got this new phone.  This new feature, every time I visit a restaurant, or a church, or anywhere public, asks me if I want a photo taken at the place.  I think the O/S connects to google maps, and google maps already knows the coordinates of this public place, therefore, knows where I am.  This might be happening to you.


I'm coming for you. I'm about to play chess.


I don't have any real beefs. I'm living alone now. I get along well with people and my ex. We still talk all the time, many times throughout the day. I just needed some space. I like it this way. I've been through some things, and this is a pretty good place to be. No incessant nagging or drama. No inveterate tempers and abusive language. No carnival of never ending failures. No wasting. No wasting time living like that.


The only reason you try to destroy me is because you are intimidated by my life. Get over yourself.


You can't break me, you're only going to make me better.


I'm a white male who's about 50.  I work in a research company owned by an Indian immigrant.  Maybe 30% of the company are native-born white American males like myself.  Everybody else is female, white, black, Indian, Muslim, Jewish, and whatever.

And you know what?  The company is 5 years old and we're wildly successful with $100 million in contracts... AND THE ONLY THING ANYBODY GIVES A SHIT ABOUT IS WHETHER YOU CAN DO YOUR JOB.

Are you white?  Nobody cares.  Black?  Nobody gives a shit.  Muslim, Catholic, Jewish?  NOBODY GIVES A FUCK.  Our HR director is gayer than a pride parade AND NOBODY FUCKING CARES.

In fact, the general attitude of the people in this company is that if you're hung up on a person's age, race, religion, sex, or whatever, then you're too fucking stupid to work there.  We're a research company.  We don't have time for the bullshit pushed by people who are too stupid to understand why being obsessed about race or sex or whatever is dumb.  If you're too dumb to understand that, you're too dumb to work here.


When I'm single again, I don't want a white male. Those are the worst people on the planet. Pure evil, plain and simple. I'd suggest that to everyone.


He doesn't even want to talk about it. He just wants a divorce. He doesn't even want to work on it, he just wants a divorce. I could not have received better news. Can't say I didn't try. Happiness and freedom, here I fucking come!!! And to my male friend who thinks this means he has a chance .... Haha fucker! No more men for me. Ever!


I am not attached to what happened with u besides how it affected me and my peace. I hope that u do not learn passive aggression non confrontational twisting avoiding truth in another to make them "bend over backwards and lick your ass" .. props to men women alike when they have to go without or be cut down to make up for how they dissatisfy or because of someone else's insecurity.. really to anyone hurting the props is for not letting that be your excuse to hurt back but expand on what's good in your challenge and if even that doesn't work move on. You have to learn from a person for them to learn from you. No one can learn to love someone they can't either.

I only want to be understood it has nothing to do with you anymore to me.


I have known a lot of people who worked for Target.  I worked there all through college.  I knew a white man (sorry to bring skin color into this, but I have to) who was training a guy from India to do computer programming.  This person he trained in was then asked to follow him around and report back on what a bad job he was doing.  He was older (50 maybe) and white and they were out to fire his ass.  He left before they fired him.

Now I know a guy who works in one of their warehouses.  He is 50 and white.  He has worked there all his life and now they started forcing him to do another job that is much more physically demanding, hoping to break him.  He is in good shape, but he is 50.  They are also promoting all the Latinos just because of their skin color.  It certainly is not because they have worked for Target long.

Target has an image of being better than Walmart, but I stopped shopping there years ago.  Everyone should.  When their CEO cost the company billions on his bad idea of expanding into Canada and walked away with a couple hundred million dollar golden parachute...FOR FAILING...then I was done.  I hope Amazon and Walmart bury them, they are a piece of shit company to work for if you are older or white.  

Plus, if they truly cared about transgendered bathrooms they would build 93 bathrooms in each store to accommodate the 93 bullshit sexes.  Fucking hypocrites.


I snuck out and went to  strip club for the first time in six months last night.  Lynn found me, pulled me into a lap dance, and then grinded on my dick for 3 songs until I came down my leg.  She loves doing that to me.  Then I sat for about 20 minutes, just taking in the sights, when an older, fatter stripper came up to me.  I recognized her from about six years ago.  She asked me if I wanted a lap dance,  Of course, I said no, and I told her that Lynn managed to make me blow my load and I was spent.  She said she could make me cum twice.  I didn't believe her, but what the fuck, it was a challenge.  Holy crap, she started bouncing her huge tits around my dick (which was in my pants, of course), until I found myself getting huge, and I blew my load in my pants a second time.  Cum dripped through my pants and all on her tits.  She said she loved it.  I bet she did.  It was great.


O.M.G.!  Last night had to be the most WONDERFUL night ever!
I got the two things I've always wanted most: I dumped a HUGE load in my Mom's pussy, & Dad dropped HIS load in my ass! I'm now officially my parents' sex toy!  What more could a young man want????


I love him.  I still love him.  I don't even try to stop myself anymore.  It's just like part of the air I breathe, as reflexive as waking up and brushing my teeth.  I know we can never be together.  But that is not even the problem.  At least my love for him tells me my heart is still beating.  God help me. I don't want to be alone anymore.  I want to find someone to love and be in love with.


Jobs, jobs, more jobs. Work, work, work, more work. Every day more of the same.

You know that you didn't love me but you tried anyway. Everyone could see the truth. I tried to tell you.

Eventually, you could see that you didn't truly love me. I think you thought that you loved me, and besides, what are you supposed to do after making an honest attempt at being married?


Why do you keep telling me you want to meet, and every time we are close you disappear?  You stopped talking to me for awhile and reappeared, then said sorry. We have been talking for so long, and you bring up meeting again, and we make tentative plans, then you are nowhere to be found. Why do you keep doing this?  I feel so stupid. I asked if I did something wrong and you can't even answer me? Wow. Why bring up meeting me over and over if you're just gonna disappear?


Radical honesty is the path to an enlightened future


I think that we women are capable of doing much more, such as physical labor or technical stuff but our society doesn't encourage it. For example, I recently talked to a female engineering professor at a university who developed an internship program for female engineering students. She said that she developed this program to help women engineers who graduate to stay in the field of engineering. In a nutshell, she said that the field is male dominated and therefore women engineers are not taken seriously (although they went through the same education/training) and give up and leave engineering behind. So this situation is not as black and white as some might think...


It's quite simple most people expect women to be " femenine" and man are expected to be "manly" and if you are not to their expectations you get ridiculed. If a man dreams on becoming a nurse he gets mock , if his wife makes more money and decides to stay home to take care after the kids he gets ridiculed by both men and women. Same for women if you want a job that is nominated by men there's must be something wrong with you, idk you might be a "lesbian " for wanting the job and god forbid you chose a career that requires a lot of hours on the job that might make you a horrible wife/mother for expending more time at work than home.


Bye! Please, keep going! Noboby will miss you!




We stopped the car on the shoulder that night. The fog was so thick.  I saw a light shining on the fog from the woods to my right.  It came closer and closer, must be someone with a flashlight. I told him, "look, someone is out there".  The light went off.  Something, or someone, hit the car. Every hair on my body pricked and my heart jumped.  Then the car started shaking like someone was standing on the trunk and bouncing the car.  I didn't look back.  I looked at him to whisper "DRIVE!!!" but he was frozen with fear and his eyes were wide.  The door handle on the back passenger door popped open.  That sound must have forced him to act.  He slammed his foot on the gas and we hit something as we took off.  We drove and drove without saying a word.


Women don't want those jobs. And it's not up to you which jobs they choose to get into. Pregnant women should NOT be doing jobs like that btw. Men who talk like that, it's like this bitterness you have against women. I am not a feminist I'm a bit sexist myself, to a point. I like being a woman and yes I ask guys to lift heavy things for me and do "man stuff" in the house. I am not ashamed of that at all. I do not think I can do everything a man can do, guys are naturally stronger than us. Faster too. Everything else considered equal, it's just the way it is.


I, on the other hand, every time I come here, I appreciate people's honesty when they tell their secrets or whatever. I think, that if I met you in person, I might actually like some of ya'll...


People still see you after this time. Can you see us? Are you standing precariously on the flower pot? Are you lost in a daydream?

I want to be okay with everything. I want to see the worthlessness of my own life and meet you in the shadows.  

Driving home from the cereal factory on the old fish camp road. Stop the car. Look in the shadows.  

Can you see us? We didn't see you. I'm so sorry.


Every time I come here, i'm bound to see something that pisses me off.  I hate so many of you.

I hate this world more and more by the day.


I want to be "roofied".   I picture a good (and sexy lol) female friend slipping a pill into my drink, then the next morning having random flashes of intense sex with her, but having no ability to control the situation.

My mind goes crazy with the thought. I know it's a horrible thing when it's used to rape innocent women, and I have a friend who went through that hell. It's impacted her life for years, and I want to badly harm the unknown asshole who attacked her. That shitstain on humanity should be castrated by drunk sewer rats.

But this other friend? I trust her. I love her. I want her to take me and use me mercilessly. It fuels my 'me time' sessions in the shower.


Several times over the past few years since I've owned a house, I've dealt with the effects of storms, as well as hiring people to help me fix the damage. Downed trees, flooded basement, septic field floods, roofing tile replacement, broken windows, etc.

Then I hit traffic on the way to work. Line painting, paving, pot hole filling, new guard rails, new traffic signals, etc.

When I can't do a car repair (or don't want to do), I take it to the local shop. My wife doesn't trust me to work on her car, so i take hers to the dealership.

While downtown for work, I see new skyscrapers being built, underground utilities being fixed/updated, and the mini-kitchen being restocked. I also deal with project managers, HR, finance, reporters, baristas, IT folks, and secretaries.

Then on the internet and TV I see women's rights groups talking about equality, the "wage gap", and the glass ceiling.

Why is it that in all the above cases, the only jobs I see women doing are the ones where they won't chip a fingernail?

I can count on two hands the instances where I've known a female brick layer, welder, pipe fitter, or lineman (power lines). Why? Aren't women equal to men all of a sudden? It's not very hard to get a job being a common laborer.

90% of the trades people I see are white males. About 75% of the paper pushers are female and/or non-whites.

Tell me again that there's a "war" to get women equal footing in the work world. When I see a 20-something black lady working on my roof, or repairing downed live power lines at 3am in a blizzard, a 40 y/o woman rebuilding an engine, or a lesbian Latino operating a crane, or a pregnant lady (any age/race) repairing my home's plumbing, then I will admit that women are truly fighting for equality. Otherwise it's all about airtime and attention. Mostly attention.

I have *zero* problems with women in the work force. None. When as they put out the same effort as men to do in their jobs for the same shitty pay, they will have achieved equality. The same jobs, not just ones revolving around typing and talking.

Any other time, I will deny the fight is real. If you want equality, then pursue it for real. Don't settle for paperwork or relationship (PR, etc) jobs, fight to have equal standings in EVERY field.

My company has a goal of ensuring equal representation of race/gender/sexuality in all the top-paying levels. Fuck that. Why just the executive jobs? Why not the rest of them too? Maybe they know that they won't see a 50/50 split in the high-rise window washing industry.

Zero respect to the management. You don't want equality. You want the buzzwords in the news releases saying how inclusive you are. Idiots.


Okay. So people were created in God's image.

God has no gender.

People can have no gender.

We're all riding around in different coloured shells until the great waves take us back.


I know my friends like me, my family likes me, and my coworkers don't hate me.  But really, I'm mostly invisible. If I 'disappeared' somehow but my paycheck still showed up, I doubt anyone would notice until the next time I didn't respond to a Happy Birthday text.

People frequently get mad at me for saying things that aren't politically correct, but are still true. It's like they don't want to admit someone's failure, instead finding a way to blame 'society' instead of owning the fact that they screwed up.

Maybe I'll find a way to live in an RV (a van by the river, lol) with wifi so I can still work and provide for my family, yet not say things that cause the drama that no one admits they thrive on.

I will miss my kids, a few friends, but my sex life will be the same. Fuck everyone else.


781....did you sign up to use the wifi possibly?


You're not totally right, but you're not wrong either.
It would be nice if sheltered people could experience reality.




Has anyone noticed how the left is against marriage - but fought for gay marriage - against religion - but fights for the “religion of peace” - against the military - but fights for the introduction of the mentally ill into its ranks….against western values - but fights for the destructive and anti-woman and anti-gay customs of the middle east - is against motherhood and childbirth but pushed the bullshit that men can have periods and give birth, is against men and women (the only genders proven by biology and science) but wants to push their ideological (cult) onto children who they say are blank slates but we should reject gender norms and biology ?? WTF!  

How many such instances do we have to note until someone confronts them with the truth?

They do NOT care for our institutions and they do NOT care for minorities either, they're just using them because they see them as destructive.


Yesterday, we went to Arby's for an early dinner.  Later, after we got home, I got a message on my smart phone; it was a questionnaire about Arby's and the service we received.  We had given them no identifying information.  How did the phone know???


If you have another baby, will you support and raise it out of your own pocket and not stiff your ex-husband-to-be or the taxpayer for its support?  Have you also considered the preferability of a child having both male and female adult role models in its life – especially if the baby turns out to be a boy?


I will never get over having had to grow up without a father.  I wouldn't wish that on a dog!


I think Mt. Rushmore is creepy...


I always wanted to make toilets, not have to clean them.


Hey you know that girlfriend you're always posting and trying to act like the perfect couple with? Well she's hitting on me every chance she can get !life sure is odd


I suffer from a mild form of overload sensory disorder. I am most bothered by noise and clutter. In both cases -too much/many noise(s) and/or clutter- my brain completely shuts down and I am reduced to being a bumbling idiot. It is really quite crippling. As a result, I avoid situations when I would find myself in sensory distress. My house is very quiet, clean and organized and I do not go to bars, clubs or even I-MAX movies. I also tend to avoid places like thrift stores and bargain stores as they do trigger my problem.

For the past 2 months, I have been helping a friend reno her (new to her) fixer-upper of a house. We've done everything, from drywall to paint to putting new baseboards down to rehabbing the old kitchen. My friend is both a litter bug and a hoarder but these past two months we've worked in a mostly empty house, save for tools  and supplies -both haphazardly strew about but I can deal with that when that's all the stimulus I need to handle.

Well, today she decided to move all her stuff into the house, before the new carpet was even put in. I offered to help her load/unload the truck when she told me that "95% of her stuff (at her old place) was already boxed in". But when I arrived at her place it turned out it was not the case and most of her stuff was just... well...waiting to be packed up. I helped her with a few bigger pieces of furniture then I bowed out because I could feel myself shutting down under the onslaught of smells and visual disturbances. I told her I'd help her unload later if she needed me too.

When I finally caught up with her later in the day, she had unloaded most of her belongings into the small living room and there was very little room left to move about. I tried helping her the best I could but finally, I had to throw in the towel and tell her I would not be able to help her with the reno for a while, at least until the carpet was put in and boxes and assorted sundries could be dispatched into the adjoining rooms. Of course she took it badly. Never mind that I have provided her with 2 months of free labor and expertise in all things DIY. No, never mind that. She chooses to be p-o'ed because I cannot function under the current circumstances. As if operating a table saw and a nail gun with shit lying everywhere around and piled high was even safe. I am so disappointed in her.

That'll teach me being nice and building shit for people for free. Ugh.


Tonight I discovered that I can identify with Monica Lewinsky.

I'll likely puke later.


I want another baby....and then I want a divorce.


I work in entertainment and my job has made me an alcoholic. It's always event after event, party after party, night after night and everyone drinks (and worse). Yes, I am a willing participant but it's so easy to get caught up in this. I need to get it years ago...


I had it bad for Sarah for years when we were young.  I wanted to marry that girl.  She ignored me, but I wanted her so bad.  I wanted her to have my children.

One day I found out she got a 700 on her SATs, back when the max score was 1600.  I got 1210.  She got almost 60% of the answers wrong.  Had she been able to at least narrow down each question to the top 2 answers, and then made a blind guess between the 2 answers, she would have scored better than she did.

It was the first crack in my obsession for her.  One day when I was 22, I woke up and realized she was stupid, mean, and a loser, and that I had wasted three years of my life chasing her.

I made a priority change after Sarah.  I'd never date a girl who wasn't my intellectual equal, or at least close to it.

It was a good decision.  I'm still smarter than my wife (she'd be the first to admit that), but she was the valedictorian in high school and college, and I was the slouch.  Our kids are obviously smarter than their peers.  My five year old was telling me tonight about binary numbers, and wanted to learn more.  They're also kind children.

Thank God for unanswered prayers.  I'd be embarrassed to bring Sarah around to any of my coworkers and friends.


My ex used to say his depression was why he wouldn't clean up, and if he didn't maintain it just grew and became overwhelming. He would order things and wait until the boxes piled up to bring them to recycling. When he started working it got a little better, then it got worse because he had more money to buy things. I would go over and he'd get on my case that his house was messy because no one helps. I'd tell him, he's one person, he only has to clean after himself. He'd say it was the depression. I didn't leave him for that, it's very confusing, depression. You don't leave someone when they're sick, but what if they use that sickness to do or not do things? In men depression can manifest as anger, but if he's abusive, then what? He gets so mad at little things because he's depressed, then it would turn to me. Depression is real. And he has it. But where do you draw that line?


Been married a dozen years or so. I don't recall a single day where my wife didn't drink alcohol.


i married a lazy person. if i had known this is how it would be, i never would have done it. marriages changes people. some become more responsible. others take advantage.


When I was in high school there was this annoying kid named Mike. He pestered everyone in an immature way. Like he'd go up to someone at lunchtime and over and over ask for a cookie. He knew he was being annoying. It was his schtick.

There was one day though that a group of us were playing frisbee at lunchtime. Mike came along and started commenting on how stupid we all were to be playing frisbee. Then he grabbed the frisbee and threw it over the school yard fence.

Jim Guinness was playing frisbee with us. He was also co-captain of the football team. He calmly walked up to Mike and without saying a word, he punched Mike in the face with everything he had. When Mike crumpled to the ground, Jim gave him a full force kick in the gut.

Mike laid there moaning for a while before hobbling back inside. We heard he went home. He wasn't at school for the next few days.

After that Mike stayed in his corner. He said nothing to no one. But what did the little prick expect? He got what he deserved. In fact we helped him, because he shut his damned mouth after that. He never said a word anymore. People eventually forgot about him. This was good for his health.

Now I look at our world. North Korea reminds me of Mike, always getting in everyone's face. We'd be doing them a favor with a solid punch in the face, followed by a kick in the gut. At the very least, we should put North Korea in touch with Mike.


My room mate constantly leaves garbage around, and tells me that "they're depressed and that makes it hard to clean". Really? You're so depressed, but you have the energy to drive all the way to taco bell across town every day , but not enough energy to throw it in the garbage right next to you when you're done with it? OK.

Just a lazy piece of sh*t using mental illness as an excuse to be a horrible roommate.


So, that guy that killed his wife in front of their daughter on a cruise ship? I could see my husband doing something like that. If I displease him in any major way (say something he doesn't like, mostly) he exploded in anger, bows up like he's going to hurt me, then he usually smashes something all to hell. Or if we're in public he will herate me verbally, cussing me up and down, loudly. To me that's proof that he can control himself, he just doesn't want to. Anyway, I haven't left because he's made it clear that he will kill me, by both saying it, and eluding to it. He cheers when a husband gets away with his wife's murder, and grieves when they get caught. If staying with him means I get to live a little longer, then I choose life. The fact is, as soon as I move out, the clock is ticking. I will live in fear until it happens, or doesn't. At this point I'm sure he'll do it, but hope he won't. As long as I stay, the clock is still ticking, but the pin hasn't been pulled, if that makes sense.

How'd I get myself into this? I escaped an abusive childhood to be with him. I'm nearly middle aged, successful in my career, make good money, but absolutely locked into this relationship for life. Either way, leaving just might be worth it. Not being abused and living free just might be worth the risk. I'll wait till my kids are grown before I really start to follow that ray of light.


God, I'm craving a drink right now. I went sober, cold turkey, from last December until early July when i  went on vacation. Getting sober again now that I'm back home is even harder than quitting the first time. I can do it with a little help from my pal weed though


I've been with my husband for 10 years. If I tell him I have to pee he follows me into the bathroom. I suck his cock while I pee. Sure it only lasts like 30 seconds or so at a time but it's still fun... and almost always leads to sex not to long later. I feel really lucky to have a husband who is very into sex. No matter what he is doing he will drop everything and pleasure me to orgasm if I ask. God I love that man! F/39


I'm angry at how stupid everyone is...


I had sex with a married guy in his car while Taylor Swift's You Belong to Me was playing.

The irony was not lost on me.


I just noticed. I think she tried to reach out, be friendly, extend some kind of civility. And I shut that shit down. I'm sorry, but you can't do something to somebody, deny it and act like it's their fault, and then expect to be let back in someone's heart for that kind of manipulative behavior


I am very happy and it evident to everyone around me.
My manipulative wife hates it. She's all about winning.
At any cost, including cheating on me with the sole purpose of putting me in my place.
My hope is she learns from my joy and contentment to stop her behavior. The likelihood of that happening I know is very small, but I have hope.
I'm happy because I know she cannot hurt me anymore. I'm am hyper aware of her tactics now.
I will file papers if that's what it takes to snap her out of it. Or to start my new wonderful life.


Even though I still make mistakes, I've been growing to live my life with more understanding. I understand myself and my habits, good and bad. I understand my friends, where they're coming from, how true our relationships are (for the most part). I understand my family, both by blood and by choice. It makes me happy to understand. So even though I make mistakes, I've always been aware of my slow improvement over time, and the strength that comes with awareness. I'm okay with that.


My wife is unintelligent. It's embarrassing in mixed company. She says the dumbest things. When we are out somewhere at a group function, like a party, I try to stay away from her. I don't what people to think I'm associated with her and assume I'm also dumb.

Something telltale, watching my wife try to read aloud.

She brought a movie home from the library. She was trying to tell me the name. She read the DVD cover and pronounced it as "rewg one".  I didn't understand. I've never heard of such a movie.

She handed me the DVD box.

"Rogue One".

She doesn't know the word rogue?

Hard to believe she is a college grad. Well okay, it was a community college. But still.


Listening to Empire State of Mind (the Jay Z and Alicia Keys song), makes me break down. I couldn't go anywhere without it playing when I was in college. It was the backdrop to so many awesome nights getting fucked up and hanging out with friends. Those were the best nights of my life.

Now I'm usually sober and most of those old friends have drifted away. I was once surrounded by people and happy times, and now it's all gone. Empire State of Mind reminds me of that, and it can reduce me to tears in a second.

There are a slew of punk rock and alternative songs from back in the day that also make me tear up, but this one immediately turns me into Pavlov's depressed dog as soon as I hear the intro.


"The Approaching Curve"by Rise Against  reminds me of a bad event in my life. I'd been sexually assaulted by someone I knew. Sociopath. Nobody has ever had the ability to manipulate and deceive me the way this individual has. I'm known for my good judgment of character. He manipulated that too. I felt so stupid.

He came over one night because he wanted to "apologize" for what happened in the past and start our friendship over. He did it again. A third time. I froze and couldn't move as he did whatever he wanted to me. I was screaming on the inside, but I couldn't move my body for scream to my roommate for help. It was horrible and I've never experienced agony like that before or since. In therapy I realized it was because my brain was protecting me from the trauma I experienced previously from fighting him and being held down against my will. Fucked up.

After he stopped, I took him back to his house. I should have made him walk, but I wanted him as far away from me as possible and as quickly as possible...

He grabbed my iPod and turned on "The Approaching Curve" and started telling me how it was the song that was in when he and his cousin got in a car wreck. I said nothing because I was wishing that he had died in that wreck. He chatted away as though nothing happened. Grabbed my upper thigh before he got out of the car and said "Thanks for the good time" and left. I vomited on the way home.

I can't listen to that song. It makes my stomach retch.


When I die, people will say how intelligent and talented I was.  They'll say I was a man who could quickly understand anything I wanted, who mastered several instruments at a young age, published several books, and earned multiple advanced degrees.  They will say how amazed they are that I did all this despite losing my parents at a young age and surviving cancer as a child.

And then they will say, "Why was a man like this always near poverty?"

And they will marvel at my incredible run of bad luck.


My advice is counseling, then financial counseling first. Seriously, try it and you might be surprised. If that doesn't work, then a good mediator for a divorce. Your wife will have no choice in working at that point. She needs to understand the financial realities of life and she will learn quickly. If she has good references, she can get a job almost anywhere. And please keep your "person" - and I do understand that theory - out of all of this and do not see her until you are ready to present yourself as an eligible man with children. Nothing else is fair to her.

And...frankly, there is no upside for either one of you for a while after you separate. Its tough but, again, I think you should try the above recommendations. A healthy frame of mind is much more important that caving into some spoiled brat's decision not to work again - and she is a mother! Your children may not be happy with your initial decision but they will be happy with a happier Dad.

I wish you lots of luck...and all the best!


My husband has this theory that whoever makes more money should get more free time. It's resulted in me working 70-80 hour weeks, while he works a clean 40. That doesn't include household chores. How did we get like this? We've been together for almost ten years and his attitude toward my work is making me contemplate divorce. My job is not less important because it pays less. It still fucking pays. I feel like I'm around the corner from being requested to quit my job. If that happens, I'll be filing for divorce same day, moving out the next week, and getting myself a dating profile in a month. I already have an apartment in mind.


By the third day of my honeymoon I realize my marriage was a mistake.


I'll be honest I'm a women and do not like cleaning or cooking. Growing up we had a housekeeper so she help my mom to run errands and clean around the house while my mother did the cooking which she enjoyed ( she is a great cook) however I never got interested on learning how to cook especially since she used to make everything from scratch, she never bought microwave meals , cans or anything that came from a packet. While her meals were delicious she spends hours preparing our food . No thanks I'll rather help around the house changing light bulbs,assembling things, lawing the grass etc.. etc but please do not ask me to make a elaborate meal.


Instead of cleaning up messes, my wife will go out and buy a new "cleaning up messes" outfit. Then she gets so distracted with her new clothing purchase, that she runs out of time and never cleans up the mess. I'm not kidding.


My wife never uses sex to get what she wants.  We just don't have sex.  Ever.  And she still gets what she wants.


Instead of cleaning up her messes, my wife will first read a book on how to clean up messes.  It's fucking crazy.


739- It's called Covert-Aggressive Disorder.
You are being manipulated and abused. Put a stop to it. Stand up and stand your ground.


My therapist is a genius.
She has changed my life.


Free form roaming man. Good for you! I love it! Inspirational!


When a woman's 18, she's old enough to make her own decisions about sex.  Daddy needs to step back.


"Wonderwall" reminds me of my when my dad died, and I was self-medicating with alcohol and narcotics to handle the pain.  Now it reminds me of how long ago that was.


I pray to the Lord every night for forgiveness in your Heart.


Rolled my Honda into a ferry today, going to Prince Edward Island.  I've gone over a thousand miles on adventure. Never. Even on a ferry before, there is a Busker festival in Halifax next week.
Free form roaming man. Wife isn' t happy about it, she should have come or can join me but I got 20 good years left and I'm gonna pack em tight with experiences, no schedule no  obligations just on the road.....


My wife has this mental game she plays. She never tires of it. She works it out where we never share the chores. I do all the chores in exchange for her participating in sex. The only thing is, and this is the game part, she never comes through with the sex.

At her request, I drive into town to pick up the pizza. I go to the train station to pick up her friend. I drop off her package at the post office. "Don't worry," she says, "When you get home, we'll have the best sex."

Then when I get home, she's in a foul mood, and the sex doesn't happen. She does this over and over again.

You might wonder why I do the chores then? Why don't I stop helping? Because I can't leave the kids with no dinner. I have to pick up the pizza because my wife never will. I can't leave someone waiting at the train station. I can't not mail the package. My wife bought an item on Amazon. It was the wrong size. My wife would just as soon throw it in a closet and forget about it. This means I would be out $100. She doesn't care. So I take care of all of these things because I am a conscientious reasonable person. My wife is not.

I don't even care about the promise of sex anymore. I know it's not coming. It's never coming. Bizarre to me how she keeps bringing it up as if she's using it to control me. She's twisted. One day when the kids are old enough to get their own pizza, I'm out of here.


I was too shy to ask you out


Red red wine by ub40 was playing the first time i lost my V card.  To this day whenever I hear that song it makes me smile.  Thank you Denise


"Move On" by Garden City Movement is one of the strongest musical associations I have. When I first heard it I was 19 years old, in the middle of my first relationship. We were each others' first loves, met in the summer, and carried on an intense romance. We spent almost every day together, mostly outdoors, flying planes and canoeing in the bay, jumping off quarries--a true summer of love and adventure. It was one of the happiest times of my life.

But I remember when I heard that song the first time that I knew it would break my heart, because most first relationships end. Now I can't listen to it anymore, because it reminds me of what perfection felt like, and what it felt like to lose that, as a girl who'd already lost her home, her job, and her family (none of that due to my ex).

Of course, this isn't a very terrible thing in the grand scheme. A first love is unreal, the first moment you feel more intensely about a person than any friend or family member you have. You feel like they're your other half, and all that stuff. But finding love the 2nd time is just as good. Nobody really talks about it, but it's the first time you can choose to love somebody with the experience of knowing what that means. You can have a healthy relationship, instead of a dependent one. You can maintain your individuality, and your respect for one another. You can do it right.


stuck in the middle....
kids being kids around the house, i let them have fun and they respect me and know their limits

wife gets home from work and all hell breaks loose.  try to tell her, treat them the way you want to be treated, i suddenly get treated like the kids.

she's a bully and when she doesnt get her way, reverts to a 6yr old    

kids ask why is she so unhappy....not sure what to tell them.   peace and harmony when its just the 4 of us...throw the wife in and all of a sudden the blender is turned on...

and she wonders why im pulling away


In college I took a management class for juniors when I was a freshman by accident. One of the things I learned was that employers try to make their employees as happy as possible, because it statistically increases their productivity. You know, they try harder if they're working for something they agree with/believe in.

I find that the opposite is true. I work the hardest when I'm having a depressive episode, but at my job it sucks because the work is easy enough for me to get the work done while negative thoughts still swirl around my head. I try to work quickly so that I have to pay attention to details and not fuck it up, but the negativity persists. So I end up with perfectly polished reports and a growing sense of apathy for the whole thing.


My wife gave me a bj last night when she got home from work before we ate dinner... little did she know I had been with my mistress just before.  So not only did she get to swallow my cum but she got the added pleasure of my mistresses pussy juice too....


If somebody made me work 70 hours a week, I'd divorce them.


Happy birthday Catherine B from Raleigh.... always felt bad for ghosting you but you were married and unable/unwilling to leave your marriage and kids to move to another state.

That last weekend in May was awesome, great sex and fun...thank you for the going away fuck fest.  Closure was great.  I did use you that last weekend for the sex and I have felt badly about that since.

I wonder if your husband ever figured you had cheated on him and/or you ever got up the nerve to leave him.

Either way I hope you are happy!


I hate "Wonderwall." There. I said it.


In a sea of complaints from dissatisfied people married to dull, selfish or wacko spouses, it was lovely to hear from poster 710 of the spontaneous playfulness that he and his wife still share in their marriage.


Keeping it trailer park.


688 - You are quite literally living my dream! I'm a bit more on the "before" side of the bullshit conformity.  Turned 28 this year.  My friends are all miserable public accountants buying houses and getting married to boring people left and right who can talk about the price of a fucking sofa for hours on end.  There's so much life to live! I might just skip the bullshit and fast forward to being like you if I can manage it! Take me with you?!

- 28/F who feels retired on the inside (retired from society I guess!)  


Mean people are the spice of life. They make it interesting and keep you on your toes.

But beware the ones who are only mean behind the scenes. They're the most dangerous.


Been married now 13 years.  2 kids age 13 and 10.  my wife and I have been okay roommates for the last 3-4 years.  We barely speak.  There is zero intamacy. she does her own thing i do mine.  we coordinate on the kids and work opposite schedules.

She was recently laid off and doesn't want to work anymore. we barely make it now living paycheck to paycheck.  we have shitty health benefits that were one hospital stay away from being broke. we don't contribute to a 401K now since we need every bit of money to make the month work. She wants to keep doing expensive kids sports and says "just charge it" for the travel costs. I make my own lunch everyday for work and i come home to the kids having new sweatshirts in the middle of summer. I told her she needs to start looking for a job and i get screamed at for not being considerate of what she needs now.  she says working that hard (40 hours a week) was too tough.  I work 70 and still have time to take the kids places, clean the house, cook dinner, etc. We will run through every bit of savings by the end of 2017. no house - we rent.

I've thought about separating a long time ago.  I was too scared.  now i am even more scared that without her working we would separate and completely shatter the kids lives by having to move - neither one of us could afford the house on our own. Did i miss my chance? What could be the upside of leaving now if there is one? How hard is it when first separating?

secret 1: i'm terrified of making the wrong decision.
secret 2: i've recently someone who is my person. the one i should have been with long ago.  i found out our paths have crossed and we came within hours of meeting each other in certain places 15 years ago before i was married.

i'm so lost.



As much as I love alternative music , Radiohead is one of those bands I cannot stand their songs are too long and depressing even in the 90's when they were super popular didn't care for them.

37 f who loves alternative music



I'm scared!  Can he invalidate my marriage???????????

Goddamnit something must be done!

but what ...  Maybe we'll have to leave our home.  This is beyond disaster.


"High and Dry" by Radiohead. Every time I hear that song, I'm brought back to high school. Talent show night, senior year. This quiet kid in the band walks on stage, steps in front of the microphone and that song begins to play. I remember being skeptical. That's a high pitched song, and as far as I knew, this kid didn't even sing. But apparently, he did. He NAILED it! Sounded even better than Thom Yorke. We were blown away. He got a standing ovation and won the contest. I still remember the headline in the school paper: Who Knew Andy Starr Could Sing?

Fast forward 7 years. Andy is battling alcoholism and tries quitting cold turkey. He has the DT's and suffers such a severe seizure that it kills him. He was 25.

It's a song that means something to me now. It's a nice memory of how people can surprise you sometimes.


Not just adopted. I grew up in the foster system. As soon as I discovered sex, it's what I had to do all the time. It must have something to do with not having parents in general.


If you come onto my adopted daughters because you think they're an easy lay, I will fucking shank you. If the only way you can get any play is by manipulating insecure younger women, you're pathetic.


like I'd want to talk to someone because they threatened me with a vid I don't even care about with the sound removed of me letting you know I'm not even participating and you're stupid. Sharing that would look worse on u than me bad on me only for letting some stupid sex happen. Keep nurturing ur inner victim mentality


I'm pretty sure Donald Trump is a coke addict.


Find somebody who believes in you, builds you up, and helps you. Don't waste time on people who only want to control you, or keep you down.

Trust me. Find the ones that care. They are out there.


Don't do it. The drama is not worth it for anybody involved. Trust me on that.


I think my boss wants to sleep with me. I want to give him a try as well. I guess we will see what happens tomorrow night.


The song "As the Rush Comes" will always make me cry every time I hear it. I was about 20 year old, fell in love with a crazy, deeply emotional man who felt as strongly as I do. It was a year of great times and happiness that only a 20 year old could experience. I've never met anyone like that who could actually be honest and talk about it but him. He became involved with another woman who quickly became overly dramatic and hurtful to him. He loved her, and he chose her. He was too hurt by her and briefly decided to come back to me. He found out she was pregnant and left again. I was so intensely hurt that I had to move away. I couldn't stand to be in the same city as them. Even after a year or two, I still was captivated by him and couldn't forget. He contacted me again later when they had problems. I blew him off. I was just starting to get over it and didn't want to let myself go back down that hole. Now, 12 years later I still think of him sometimes. They are no longer together, but I've moved on. I admire him from afar and am happy for him to have found happiness again. It's too late to care about any of it anymore, but it still hurts like it was yesterday when I hear this song. That and "high and dry" by Radiohead. Fuck. Music is so powerful.


I don't like watching TV anymore.  I used to, but the channels I liked either changed themselves into something different, or shut down altogether.  I took a long break from TV due to having no money.  When I started watching again, there was nothing there that I used to like.  I prefer watching Youtube shows now.


Work never noticed money was missing from the account. :)


Proverbs, 13:24 - Spare the rod, spoil the child.

I've never hit my kids.  But I sure have hell acted crazy enough around them to keep them in line.


My wife and I have this thing. If she's in the right mood, she'll head to the bathroom to pee, and she'll ask if I've been stung by a sea urchin. We saw this on a tv show once. Someone was stung by a sea urchin and another person had to pee on the wound because pee is sterile and cleans out the poison. My wife asking if I've been stung is code speak, meaning do I want her to pee on my hand. We both go to the bathroom. She opens her legs. I stick my hand in there and she let's loose. It's weird, but it's a type of foreplay for us. I lick my fingers. I say I need more. I then lick her still pee-wet pussy.


I wish the high I get from Percocet would last longer. I can only take one a day, and I have to take it in the evening because once the short high is gone, it makes me so  fucking sleepy I can't function. I have no idea if it affects anyone else like this, because I don't have a prescription for it, so in essence I'm a junkie of sorts. I fucking love the high, but it'll only last about and hour or maybe two before I crash and get irritable and super sleepy. It gives me so much energy that once I start feeling the high I begin to work on things I need to get done because I know it won't last long.


I gave my wife everything she ever wanted. She was still miserable. I'd cajole her, pointing out how she has a wonderful husband, house, car, vacations, and friends, so how could she be miserable all the time?

She refused to change. I divorced her. She moved back into her mother's house, a run down rat's nest by the highway. She is miserable. But at least now she has a reason.

I do not understand women.


I thought it a good idea to go into a business with two "friends" of mine.  WARNING! Do not go into a business with a landscaper and a carpenter who have never filed taxes in their lives.  They do not understand the first thing about business.  But, they are not the dopes. I AM!!!


finding a job is all about relationships, not resumes.


I feel desperate, I have submitted tons of resumes...... Nothing yet.


Oh my god my town is riddled with corruption. A developer was given permission by the zoning department to put up a number of massive buildings. These things are huge and don't fit with the character of the town. They are also against the zoning rules. Why would zoning allow them?

Completely separately, the guy who runs zoning just bought a new house. He got a very good deal on it. The purchase price was well below the asking price. Who did he buy it from? The same developer who was allowed to put up the giant buildings.

Greed and corruption are out of control!!!!!!


688, you give me hope


That was the best head of my life, and the only time someone has made me cum by giving me head. The orgasm was strong with this one when it hit. Granted, I had to imagine that I was a man, and that he was sucking my dick. It played out like one of my favorite pornos, and it was still extremely gratifying.

That's how I discovered my dom fetish XD


My maternal grandmother died at age 56. My maternal grandfather is still alive at age 73. Lord forgive me, but knowing how my grandpa abused my grandma and mom, I feel deeply resentful that she was denied the opportunity to grow old and watch her grandkids grow up. She was a sweet, lovely human being. That woman couldn't have hurt a fly, figuratively speaking. I loved her warm smile and dark brown eyes. The world could use a few more beautiful souls such as her. It hurts me to the depths of my heart knowing what she endured when she was with my grandpa before she thankfully got a divorce from him. I can't even imagine. I was heartbroken when she passed away so suddenly. She was too young.

Gramps is still here. Growing older, still mistreating my mom and now me and my sister when he gets the chance. Still being a sexist and racist and not quiet about it. It's not fair. Its not fucking fair. She gave so much happiness to those around her. My grandfather couldn't beat out the beauty from her. She's gone. He's here.

I do my best not to dwell on this because I know life isn't fair, but there are some times more than others when it really gets to me and I miss my grandma even more. She deserved so much better.


For Thanksgiving weekend last year, my girlfriend took me to her parents' house. While her mom was in the kitchen cooking the turkey, I was is my girlfriend's childhood bedroom fucking her in the ass. Then we went downstairs and had dinner with the entire family. My jizz was still in her butt.


He's gonna disappear again. This guy I've been talking to on and off, last time we got close to meeting he disappeared.  Then he reappeared and we were talking again and wanted to meet... Probably fuck too. I haven't heard from him...I think he's hesitating again. Why? He doesn't have a girlfriend, he likes my pics, we talk, so what's up?


Stop calling me , I don't know you and I have zero interest in knowing you and learn some manners , people don't call at odd hours unless is an emergency.  Maybe I should writte your number on the bathrooms stalls of a man on a gay bar to give some taste of your own medicine.

PS lose my number.


After my friend was murdered, her daughter went to live with her father and his new girlfriend. I am watching her grow up without her on social media now. I feel so sad for her. They changed her name like her mother never existed.


Has social media jumped the shark? It's starting to seem lamer and lamer to me. I've stopped doing it entirely, and I don't miss it. Wouldn't be sad to see it go.


I am going to ask him out tomorrow


What's with guys posting pics of themselves with girls on dating sites?  There were some cute guys on Tinder I would have totally swiped right on, but they have pics with girls in nightclubs, in bathing suits, etc.  I don't wanna see that! They think it shows they're the man but all I see is player.


I'm so fucking tired of cell phones that don't work.  I just want a cell phone that fucking works.


20 years ago I had a girlfriend who would do something I thought was weird when we were fucking.  She'd rub her pussy while I pounded away on her.  I didn't know what to think of it back then, but now I think it's kind of hot when a woman does that.


It's not the journey that scares me, it's that if my intentions aren't pure I will end up in darkness.


As a young man, I was fairly prosaic in my approach to sex. I was easily offended.

I met a really cute girl. Venus in blue jean cut-offs.

We were really close for about three months. This one time she was like a crazy beast in bed. I was shocked.

That isn't spank material. I just found it interesting.


I agree, young women who were adopted are more willing to have sex.  I guess they have a nagging feeling of abandonment and think sex gives them a connection.


I fuckin did it!  I am so happy. I have begged,  pleaded and tried to convince my wife if 31 years to have a life. We graduated our last child in May, off to a top company, we hav four really successful employed kids off doing their own thing. So happy for them, I always here for any help or advice.

My wife is sexy, smart, healthy, we're 55, got money saved, house paid off etc.. I wanna take her and run off into the world and fuck her in every continent, get drunk and fool around, jump in the car and drive, just her and me, like we wer as kids, so fun and without obligations. I wanna stay up late, go to joints we aren't supposed to, see museums, take classes and throw off this fucking cement collar of modern conformity.

Months of begging didn't wrk. Over the weekend I bought a standard shift 2005 Honda Civic. 106,000 miles , 4100 bucks , I packed my shit, threw it in the trunk, told my wife I will be back after Labor Day, I zeroed the odometer, left at 10pm. I am 609 miles from New Jersey now, up the coast in the Canadian maritimes, little towns, cool people, whole world out there,  

I promised her, "warned" her I wasn't  gonna sit around and wait for  grand kids and adopt the the next wardrobe change  of conformity- 'grandpa' she wanted to sit and wait for grandkids..  

Not me .. I'm out, and extend  an open invitation for her  to join me any time

Please excuse any spelling or punctuation errors. I ain't got time for that either- I wrote reports and presentations for thirty fuckin years, ain't sweating it now...


Some days I still crave the illusion of certainty.  I thought I had that once, you know, a "forever" person.  That was until a dream told me that was not to be.

I now have someone I'd like that to be, but I know better now. There's another person who wants that with me, but I just can't go there right now, or ever- I guess I have more to learn.

All of this is like an endless loop, playing over and over in my mind except for the days I just let go of it and simply "be".

I'd just like true equanimity and I know that it's simply up to me to fully embrace that.


I recently went on three dates a woman who is a lawyer. Not a flamboyant courtroom lawyer, she reads contracts all day and makes sure the the details are correct. She's pleasant enough, but very dull. Conversation feels like she is going through a checklist of items. I had to tell her about my schooling, my work history, my dating history, what I do for exercise, how often I visit family, do I have a good credit history - she really asked about my credit history!

It's like these were all items on an agenda that must be covered in a meeting. I feel like every email she sends me to arrange a date is more like an office memo. She might as well start it with "To Whom It May Concern:".

On the third date, we had sex, but even that felt like it was scheduled:

7:00 Cocktails

7:30 Dinner

8:30 Car service to my apartment.

She actually did arrange for car service. We are in a city filled with cabs. But I figured out that earlier in the day she arranged for car service to pick us up at the restaurant to take us to my my apartment. Like she didn't even know if the date would go well. But she had already arranged for the car service so the next part of our "business meeting" could be conducted in my bedroom. That's what it felt like.

She of course brought a condom and laid it out on my bedside table. She instructed me when to put it on.

I guess I'm no prize. I'm 38 and never married. I'd like to think it's because I enjoy my freedom. A number of woman would have married me if I asked.

But she is 40 and never married. There is a reason. What guy would put up with marrying a robot?


I'm so unhappy in my marriage.


I miss that friend of mine, the one I used to run off with and drive, thinking, talking about life. They used to think there was more going on because we'd always leave together and come back, all smiles. But that was just us. We'd get real high and enjoy each other's company. Even as years go by, I still hold him close to my heart. My secret guy.

He's not really a secret, but he's never fit in with my other friend groups. There's something we have that's better when we're alone. It's a feeling of mutual respect and appreciation for each other's perspective. Just a really good friend. There are not many people I could wait years for, but he's one.


Oh, man.  Some people I know from my church adopted a Vietnamese girl about 10 years ago.  She's now 18 and fucking incredible.  It's a fact that young women who were adopted love to fuck.  I've fucked two of them.  They use sex to feel close to men.  Every babysitter fantasy I've ever had is now coming to fruition.


Still not answering me. If i dont hear from you soon im going to release those videos i have of you


I don't love you.  I just want to fuck you.


You know, hormones are crazy. Love is crazy. Some people think it's this amazing thing, some think it's just shitty, but one thing that's just crazy about it is the decisions we all make to be with the one we love.

I've been with this person on and off for 2 years. We have sex (obviously), we love one another, but we can't be together because he has a family to take care of, and I don't. Mind you, this is his disabled mother and kid brother he takes care of, so it's not like I can just tell him it's not worth it.

Actually, for a long time I did. I said, "Fuck them, you have to live your own life," because that's the decision I made. It's funny, my father and brother live without me now, though that's mostly because they try to play Alpha-male with me when I'm around. That's a whole other merry-go-round.

Since this person I love takes care of his family, he works almost non-stop. He advances his position with the goal of making things easier for all of them. And at this point, I have to respect that.

I was planning on moving in with them to solve the problem. Add my money to the equation, and everything becomes monumentally easier. Rent is easy, food is easy, I fit in with them and they love how I treat my love...except, why would I go back on all I've earned for myself for that? This person doesn't even bother to contact me most of the time, he's so busy. He's very prone to leaving me hanging. He likes to handle his problems alone. So why would I insert myself into his life and space, drop everything, and put his problems on my back?

I wonder, is this what would be seen as a normal sacrifice of love, or a desperate mind trying to make ends meet?


My husband's definition of hard work is 4 hours of actually having to do something. That makes him so tired that he has to get 8 hours of sleep EVERY DAY, Wakes up to sit on his phone for another hour (that's his "coffee time", but never reads the news at all"... then two hours to work on his hobby. At this point he's so tired that he needs a nap. Gets depressed as to why all his colleagues are getting more gigs than him, leaves for "work" for the 4 hours at nights. He brings home 400 -500 a week doing this. We're broke and he doesn't see himself "working" any more than he has to because ya know, that's exhausting. Who needs to advance in their job at 49 anyway?
What am I doing? I silently wake up early to exercise, I manage the needs of two kids and a dog, I do dishes, clean, cook, stay up to date on current events, teach my kids manners, laundry, garden, take care of my health,  and of course my hobbies and work comes after all that is done. I had a full time job for years until I got too sick to work a 9-5 ... Sleep? I get 4 hours if I'm lucky. If they paid good wives like CEOs, I'd be a fucking millionaire. This marriage used to be awesome, now I'm seeing what his priorities are after 17 years. Himself. Do I divorce this BS?


668- Be aware. He may be having one at this moment. :)


I know extremely hot women who I can't masturbate to because they're so dumb.  They're so dumb that it's a turn off.


I'm thinking that of all the men in my life, there is not one that makes me wonder if one of them was the "one that got away"


My life is very sweet. I have much to be grateful for... Nagging irritants and I suppose we all have them. Is it normal for stepchildren from another marriage to be parasites?


I feel so bloody alone. I manifest shit that affects my children. I'm a hypochondriac. When my kids get sick I freak out. My eldest just had a cat scan. I'm so scared of losing them, to the point of wishing I never had them. I want to hide. I feel like a complete failure. Failure as a mom, a wife, a person. In general, just a failure. I don't feel intelligent, interesting, athletic, healthy, creative, inventive, ambitious. I feel lost & hopelessly alone. And though I'm not old I feel it's too late to try. I see my children growing before my eyes.


My dad has spend over 200 k out his own money to put my younger brother and older sister through flight school , pilots hardly make any money it takes them years and working with the right airline to make the big bucks but if you passionate about flying and it's your dream job the sacrifice is well worth it .


Today I was at an outdoor market and wound up next to a lady in line for coffee who had been my classmate in high school 20 years ago.
We are the same age. I'm poor, I wear one pair of flip flops all summer, my hair is grey, my clothes are old. I'm struggling to pay my bills.
Her? She didn't even recognize me. Wearing 600.00 Chanel espadrilles shoes, carrying 1,000 worth of fancy shopping bags... with her probably imported French bulldog (because he looked extra expensive ) who was wearing a 328.00 collar. This lady's shoes and dog collar were worth more than what I make a month. I wonder what it's like to just have everything fixed and not falling apart and to not worry about making all the bills.  Sigh. Stay in school kids, or marry rich. Wtf. And if you're one of those rich people reading this, take that disposable income and support your local starving artist.


After 5 years I quit taking all my medication cold turkey because none of it was helping anything anyways and I was so frustrated, I didn't care the risks.
You know what happened?
Nothing. After a short come down period, I felt the same as always. The same miserable hopeless terrified racing heart bullshit way.


After almost 3 years of seeing him, having a one year old baby by him, cooking lunch for him every week, I feel like he isn't my sugar daddy anymore. I feel like he's the most real relationship I'll ever have.
And that hurts so bad.
If only he were a woman, I'd be okay with it.


I'm depressed. It's not a secret.
I'm in a relationship with someone I'm not in love with while the man I do love lives 6,000+ miles away.

I know life is too short, but sometimes people really are too trapped in life to chase what will make them happiest.


My husband is too boring to have an affair.


Really, the US is thinking of punishing Russia for meddling in the election? When was the trial? I missed that part. Or is that how we now do business, we accuse and punish, no right to a fair trail anymore?


Not all of the time, or even most of the time, but every once in a while... I miss being with my ex. He was shitty in the end, but that first year and a half? Amazing sex. Sweet man. Fun and funny. I liked him so much. I think about this when, on rare occasions, my partner decides to be a shit head. I know the grass is definitely NOT greener on my ex's side of the fence. I'd never go back or even think about leaving my current love. But I do get the occasional pang of longing. Even to be friends with the guy would be nice. Too bad I closed that door almost a decade ago.


Only someone who is truly suffering would want to make another suffer.


i am afraid my partner will drag me down in terms of life/career

i dont know if i should hold onto this relationship because the person is really nice and great otherwise


Some relationships are bridges.


I wish my life would start going the way I think it should go.
I make all these realistic plans and something always comes along and fucks with them.


I get no thrill out of a night on the town. Drinking is boring and it makes my head hurt. Going to the movies is annoying, I hate sitting next to strangers. Fancy dinners are expensive and I'm more of a junk food guy anyway.

But you know what does give me a thrill in the evening? Stalking my ex-girlfriend. I follow her being sure not to be seen. I hover in the background, finding the best nooks and shadows. I strategically change my position so I'm not too obvious. It's a non-stop chess game to think ahead and reason out where she is going. Every now and then I strike pure gold, she brings a guy home. Then it's onto phase two of the operation, looking in her windows and watching her get it on.

People waste their time going out socially to talk about the weather and shit. You want a real thrill, stalk an ex.


Don't you think it's ironic how you told the whole city I was a shitbag, yet i introduced you to over half the people you know now. Social vulture.


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I'm breaking my own heart by staying with someone I'm not in love with.
I was with someone before him, (a long distance lover I spent time with once or twice a year if we were lucky) and he was my first true love.
It's been almost two years, and I still cry every. night.

I was not a good girlfriend, and I knew he deserved better.
I hope he is happy.
I see him sometimes in the posts of his friends in which I met when I visited him, and it makes my heart explode, and I almost feel like I might faint or have a heart attack.

I'm sorry, querido.
I'm so sorry for who I am, and why I ended things the way I did.
I will love you forever.


645 I used to be just like you. It is possible to cut her off!! You won't find true peace without it.
Find a support group online for children of narcisstic mothers, and watch your strength grow. There's lots of us out here. Happy and free from wicked cult leaders like them. Do a solid for yourself and get away.


It might sound corny but every night before I go to bed I pray  that my kid gets to have a long , healthy happy life.  Everything else like success and money is nice but it's worthless if you are not healthy or are unhappy. On the past decade I seen close people to me losing love ones to terminal diseases like cancer , some of them young . You can have all the money, success or material things you want but they won't buy time , enjoy life , family and friends.


I grew up pretty well-off. When I was in my 20s, I broke up with a lot of really good guys I dated because I didn't think they'd do well enough in life to provide me with the kind of lifestyle to which I'd become accustomed. I didn't have the foresight to see that success requires time and work, and eventually they'd be successful. I wanted them to be successful NOW.

I've looked up most of them on Facebook. They proved me wrong. They're married with children and doing well - VERY well. Big homes, luxury cars, boats and trips with their families. Very much enjoying their lives.

I'm also married with children. My husband can't provide me with the kind of lifestyle to which I'd become accustomed growing up. I live in a small house, drive an old car and we can't afford big trips. I'm not enjoying my life :/

(And it's not just the major material things. I haven't even been able to get a haircut or buy myself clothes since last summer. We're not poor, but we live paycheck to paycheck.)


My wife wants everything exactly to her liking. In her mind, it's everyone else's responsibility to give her what she wants. I'm tired of it.

A month ago the weather turned hot. As a mean spirited, passive aggressive act, I turned off the switch on the upstairs central air conditioning unit. And then I told my wife the device is broken.

Ha ha. It's steamy up there. My wife is pissed. Doesn't bother me. My wife sent me packing to the guest room years ago. The guest room is on the first floor. Ahh, nice and cool when I climb in bed. But my wife sweats all night.

I told her I called the repair guy and he's waiting for a new part to arrive.... I'm a great liar!

Makes me laugh every time I look at the weather forecast and see how hot it will be!


-649   Some of the older antidepressants like Tricyclics and MOI Inhibitors can be effective without the sexual side effects.  I forget some of the specifics (I am a Psychologist, not an MD), but while there may be other side effects, like interactions with stuff in wine and cheese, hey, you might be better off avoiding those and having a good sex life.  Talk to your MD, and there are also GREAT sex therapists that can help a couple find their way back.  You sound motivated, and with a little guidance, are likely to fine your way back to fulfilling marital bliss.


52blk/m I have 2 children 4 grands, both parents still living and a Wife.....And I don't have an emotional or intimate connection with any of them.....All I want is Sex because in my twisted mind that's the intimate & emotional connection We All Live for and the Wife is non compliant. I have a decent job but We have about 11 yrs left on the Mortgage. To make matters worse She treats me like a Hack.  I live a boushy life and don't want for nothing. I'd rather struggle with a Woman who Loves and Desires Me with an emotional connection than the Life I Live....FML


The only person who was nice to me today was the cashier at the gas station .


187649-SSRI do have terrible side effects, can you check with your doctor to see if there is another alternative.? good luck


I never should have started on an SSRI. It completely destroyed my libido, and I can't really orgasm anymore. I am married, and I haven't had sex in well over two years. My husband is a great guy, and I make sure to give him weekly blowjobs so he can get by, but I understand that he's frustrated. I'm frustrated too. I even told him that I wouldn't mind if he has sex with someone else, as long as he makes sure they're clean and a decent person. He doesn't want to do that, as he only wants to have sex with me. I'm just getting off of the SSRI right now but I still feel like I would rather do anything in the world instead of having sex. At this point, I think that I've probably forgotten how. Damn my screwed up mind, and damn these stupid fucking meds.


vibrate higher. don't let the negative thoughts get you. Fear is a lie. We are here to live. go live.


I'm scared to visit my kid.


I wonder what happened to her after rehab..


If my mom were dead I would miss her.  But mostly I would miss the mom in my head I fantasize her to be.  The loving, nurturing and encouraging mom.  The one who listens, the best friend - the one I turn to when things get hard.

How come my mother was given that kind of mother and all I have is pure evil who hasn't been properly diagnosed.

She's the voice in my head that tells me I never deserve to be loved.  The more shrill the voice gets, the more steadfast I believe the voice.  The less I put myself out there.  The more shrouded in fat I become.  The more I accept the grays.  

The more fearful I become of what type of mother I would be if I were to ever have children.

And the seasons, they go round and round.  

Do I think I would feel relief if she were gone.  Yes.  Immense pain stemming mostly from the immense relief.  Maybe an opportunity to accept myself.  Maybe learn to like myself.  Maybe by the time I die, love myself?  

People say, "oh it's just mothers and their daughters, you know how it is."  

Yeah, you have no fucking idea how it is.  Angelina Jolie in Girl Interrupted is not even close to the mental instability that I was raised with.  I was supposed to be safe.  She was supposed to be safe.  

She's the reason DCF exists.  Only they never found out about her.

Therapy doesn't really scratch the itch.  Sure temporary relief from victim mode.  

At the end of the day, when all is said and done, nothing can replace the need to be loved by your mother.  Nothing.

Some people were not mean to reproduce, some people who were, aren't able to.  It's an unjust world.  

The less of my mother in the picture, the more beautiful I become, the more beautiful the world becomes.  The more of her in the picture, the smaller I become, the more dark the world becomes.  More fear, doubt, insecurity and suicidal thoughts creep back in.  

It's sick.  Therapy never really erased this.  Maybe it's because I still have a relationship with her?  If I were to not have one, she's too powerful, I wouldn't get away with cutting her out.  Her influence in the family is too strong.

So it's just a waiting game mixed with the fantasy of moving so far away.  My own little refugee camp far, far away from her.  

You never know, it could happen.  

Otherwise I need to formulate a way to keep her in my life, while blocking out the sound.  Muting the negativity.  Dulling the laceration in her words.  What is the formula for that?  

It's important because now my own voice in my head is sounding like hers.  Self loathing and evil.  This development shrouds the whole world in darkness and turns everything black.  

How to make the voice in your head, the thoughts more positive.  It's like conquering a ghost you can't see but exists stronger than anything else.  How do you conquer it?  I need a sword, light saber, some nukes... Prayer?  A journal?  Positive affirmations, meditation.  What do I need?

I feel unarmed and vulnerable amidst an enemy's fast approach.  You know, the usual.

John Mayer, mothers should be good to their daughters too, not just fathers.  Sing that one.  Play that song.  Somebody write that twisted lyric.


Dutch scientists from Duke University have found that people who overcome depression have better health, a stable psyche and longer life expectancy. They are better adapted to new realities and are able to avoid dangers.


Im 27 and want to get married by 32 but I am afraid I wont find a man who fits the basic minimum requirements.


When I was in highschool, I knew a girl with Crouzon Syndrome (genetic disorder where your skull fuses together when you're young and can cause many health issues). She had many surgeries as a child and teenager, but always looked weird. I was friends with her brother and every so often she would hang out with us. A few times we would be alone together and she would talk about how kids would bully her so much. That sometimes she wished she was dead. Eventually she was so depressed she went away for a while to an inpatient clinic. She was a nice girl and I felt bad for her. It seemed unfair to me that she had this generic condition and that people made fun about the way she looked. What assholes.

Fast forward 20 years and she married. I'm happy, she seems happy but Even though her condition is genetic with a high risk of passing it on to children, she had two kids who have Crouzon syndrome. They have both had several surgeries. The oldest one had one recently and the surgery went wrong. Not sure what exactly, but how he's in a wheelchair and can't talk. thw whole family is rightly torn apart bu this, bur that is a roak assocaotwd wth brain surgery.

Whenever I look at these children, I wonder what the fuck is wrong with her?? Not because I don't think these kids have a right to life or even that they cant have happy lives but because she was miserable as a child. I heard her talk several times about how she would never have kids because she wouldn't want to pass it on. The constant surgeries she had to fix her issue and then plastic surgeries to try to fix the damage caused by it. The bullying. The stares. How few people actually treated her like a person. That she would adopt. I talked to her well into her 20s and she felt the same way. Now here she is with 2 kids that have the same condition as her.

I think that is the most selfish thing you could do, to have kids when you have a condition that will effect their entire life. It's like playing Russian roulette..... fucking adopt.


A few weeks ago I asked my husband for his fantasy, the one he has never told me. So he told me. He would like for 4-5 young men of 20 or so fuck me in a hotel room 2-3 times each over a few hours. He would be there the entire time, just wants to watch.

We are your average upper middle class family and have two kids who are almost that age in high school.  People like us do these things ???   Shit, now I not know what to do.  Since he told me that he is not pressuring me but I know he now wants to try and arrange this.

I was not expecting that and now I wished I never asked.  F/42


I know a man who's about 30 and a woman who's 23.  He is a (very nice guy, but) an ugly fucking troll.  She's posed in bikinis for calendars.

The reason they're together is because they both have the same rare chronic health condition.

Yeah, okay, I understand that... but THAT TROLL IS FUCKING THAT GODDESS.


If I found out I had only a few days to live - I have a fucking lot of shit I need to delete from this computer. Lots of disks to go through.  Might as well throw everything fucking thing in the trash can.  It'd just be easier.


Something I learned in my life is that by the time a person is about 20 years old, if they're still saying they don't want kids, they mean it.  They don't want to have kids.  People that age aren't known for making the best decisions, but that seems to be something that they naturally know about.  Otherwise, if you want kids... wow, they take up a lot of time and they do change your lives for the better, but its a heck of a lot of work.


Why did it have to wait for the reckless police killing of a white, foreign woman in Minneapolis for a head to finally roll and for the mayor not to be an apologist for such actions?  Were the deaths of local black men in similar circumstances not already sufficient?

M/W/Australian observing events from Justine Damond's homeland


I wish I was straight.



I don't want children. BUT sometimes I see a cute kid, and I think I'll eventually have six of them.
Jesus, if you're real, don't allow it, please. I will neglect them. I just know it.
Maybe it has something to do with my father leaving me, and my mother never getting her act together, but I don't think I'm meant to be a parent.

I would absolutely adore adopting a child though.
My mind is messed up.


I think it's really pathetic that you label me as the one who is "not a real friend." You only look at other people as a dollar sign or a guaranteed free ride. You only care what others can do for you. You'll never know what real friendship is.


Hey R.
We dated for nearly four years.
It's been almost two years since I decided you deserved better after I broke your heart the worst way possible. I've been with someone else for most of the past year and a half, but I'm not in love. Not even a little.
I'm afraid I can't love anyone again.

You own that part of me.
And you know what?

...I want you to have it.
I think you are who it was meant for.
Yours, even if not in this life.



After 8 years, I asked him if he loved me.  He said 'uh huh' like I'd asked him if he wanted a bag of chips.


You named your black and white cat "Oreo". You are so creative!



When I look in people's windows at night I wear a gardener's hat with built in mesh hanging down over my face and neck. Great for keeping the mosquitoes from biting. A must have for a hard core voyeur.


At OLP. The dumb band is playing your song. Ha! Good times...


My parents ran a small business while I was growing up from around 1970 - 2001. Their philosophy was that people who did not pay their bills were absolute scum. That people who took bankruptcy to avoid paying them for their very hard, physical work were flimflam men. That people who use rough language were not anyone they wanted to hang around with. That women who posed nude were whores. Liars should be thrown in jail. That Bill Clinton was a coward for attending Cambridge instead of signing up for the  draft. That Mohammad Ali was a traitor to America for refusing to serve in Vietnam. Russia is our enemy that reagan should have dropped an atomic bomb on. These two people overlooked every principle they ever had to vote for Donald Trump. I hope they both die before they ever get another chance to vote.


I have never had a problem getting laid, not since I was 16. I never stressed about it, I have no problem talking to women and I'm upfront about what I want. Still, I've never had a relationship last more than a few months, usually a few weeks. Is that a fair trade-off?
57yo WM


R.I.P. Jason. we were best friends growing up, and then of course a girl made us enemies. Haven't talked to you since your scathing letter to me at age 20.  
I'm sorry we never repaired our friendship.


Age is all in the mind .Don't think old -it is only a number.  I go to the gym three times a week .Don't retire of you can help it.I eat healthy,don't drink or smoke and have the same energy as I had 50 years ago.Stay away from doctors .They will push drugs on you and all the side effects will make you ill. When you get Medicare it does not mean you need to be at the doctor's office every week .Stay away and take an aspirin! I get the idea that many of my friends run to the doctor every week now that they get Medicare for free. Exercise and a healthy diet will help you more than a visit to the doctor-he will find something wrong so that you will be back every week!
70 year old male.


I'm having pretty consistent sex dreams. Like, at least twice a week where I'm trying to bang the shit out of someone in my dream. I don't really feel that horny when I'm awake but when I'm asleep, the appetite is ravenous.

Okay, maybe it's safe to say I'm sexually frustrated.


I didn't feel old until I was 55. Before that I would bound up the stairs and lift heavy furniture and chase after a baseball. But once I turned 55 something changed. I got out of breath so easily. My back ached. I started to forget things. The death decline has begun. M57.