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883: Come on. We've all heard that joke/story before. Don't try to pass it off as yours. Did you also release 3 pigs into your high school as a senior prank and number them 1, 2, and 4? Smh.


I wouldn't mind sleeping with my sister's husband.


I really only watch "Intervention" for the eyebrow fails.


You really want to do it. You do. There's no reason you can't get a job there. I don't know what your degree is in, but there are a lot of jobs nowadays that you can do remotely wherever you are, as long as you have a computer with internet. If you're too scared to commit, go volunteer there for a few months after you finish school. There are organizations that you can sign up with to do that.

If you want to do it so badly, you should.


I hate that he's most likely tracking me over the internet and seeing this.  I wish he would stop.


Dear future me,

I am so sorry. I am so sorry for not being strong enough to leave. I have dreamed of moving to Hawaii since I was about 10 I think. I know I need to leave but I am an insecure person. When I tell people about my hopes and aspirations, they all seem to support me until I actually want to do it. I was really into interior design, but my mother said there was no chance of getting a job in that sector. After I had gotten my bachelor and Master degree I could do whatever I wanted to, but at least I had relevant knowledge.

I am halfway my Master's now, and I am networking as much as possible in order to get a job. Will I ever do anything that truly interests me? Probably not. But hey, at least I have two papers proving that I'm 'smart'.

Every summer I have spent at my grandma's, at her farm. When I told people I could live there to which they told me I was just being a silly girl. I remember not saying anything much, but just shaking it off. I remember that my grandma was the only one who truly believed in me. My mother was the one who always wanted to protect me, always wanted to get the best for me. I am on my way now to have a so-called perfect life, I have a loving boyfriend, nice friends, a healthy lifestyle, an education, a roof above my head. This makes me feel even more ashamed of feeling so unhappy all the time. I feel like I try to be happy when I am around people, but when I am on my own, I almost always cry. I remember after people who were really close to me died, I would often cry myself to sleep for over a year. And I have lost a few people in my life who meant a lot to me.

I am 22 now and I always have a really strong gut feeling, but I am not decisive enough to just pack up and go. I am sorry future self, but I think there will come a moment in my life where I would actually not be able to take it anymore and just pack my bag and go. When I tell my boyfriend that I want to move abroad he says that we would not be able to find a good and high-paying job somewhere in Hawaii. The point of living becomes less and less for me every year and I am wondering how long it will take for me to break.

I am probably depressed and I think I am oversensitive and have anxiety. But i just CANNOT open up fully to anyone. I had to had to go back and sit silently in the classroom when my dad died at the age of 9 FOR FUCKS SAKE. I often just hope that I don't wake up. Because going to Hawaii and follow my dream just feels less scary than dying.

I remember reading a postcard on PostSecret about a someone who was suicidal and just decided to leave everything behind and just traveled all around the world. After having seen the blue footed booby, she felt like life was worth living. I still think about that postcard sometimes and I just envy how brave she was. I am not even brave enough to cry in front of my loved ones. If I am imploding and just cannot hold it anymore, then I can let a tear slip, but I am just not able to fucking cry for real in front of fucking anyone. If I will get a legit chance to leave, I just might. Goodnight.




Spending thanksgiving with my in laws without my husband.. feel so lonely and out of place. I just want to go home :(


I want to pound your fat mulatto ass so badly! Ever since you told me you love rough fucking it's all I can think about.


My gf tells the story of going to the gynecologist. The doctor had her lay back and open her legs. He looked for a moment and then called the nurse over.  He told her to go get the other doctor in the office to come take a look.

My gf was terrified. What were they looking at? Was something wrong?

The other doctor came in and said something like, "Well, I've never seen that before!"

The doctor then explained her malady.... she had a postage stamp sticking to her vagina. LOL.

My gf explained to the docs that she keeps her stamps in the same drawer with her underwear.  Ooops.


I'm looking forward to a drama free thanksgiving tomorrow. It'll be my second one now as well as my second sober holiday season.  

My life is a thousand times better than I could have ever imagined it.


876- Same here! They hate his first wife... they LOVE his second wife!


What is the point of life? We watch TV. We snap at people. We stuff our faces with bad food. We are a bunch of fakers pretending our lives have some great significance. But each of us are nothing. Then we have kids and pass along the burden of nothingness onto them and their generation. And on and on. What is the point of all this?


My family watches the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade every year. I hate it. So much fake spirit and celebration. So much crass commercialism. And all the lip synced performances.  It is fucking unwatchable.


I have watched every single Gilmore Girl episode at least three times. Do you watch C-Span? You explain yours, I'll explain mine.

I don't regret a minute of it! I love the way they ended the series on Netflix with Rory being pregnant.

Gilmore the merrier!!!


876- I like how you think ;) hehehehe my pleasant demeanour around my husbands family is for similar reasons. Really I can't stand them but you'd never know.


I'm really nice to my hubby's family so that if he ever divorces me, I will be missed and they will be mad at him for giving up on such a wonderful wife.


I live on the fringe. It's kind of lonely.


Baby girl thinks she got it done tonight on my work back but she doesn't know I was authorized to go Godfather.

Enjoy your last week of employment.


I wear reading glasses. I don't need them all the time. I keep them in my pocket on the ready. Sometimes I reach in my pocket to get them and they are stuck. One of the arms gets caught in a fabric seam or something. It's infuriating. The more I tug the more stuck they get. There have been a few times where I got so mad that I grabbed the glasses and with all my might I ripped them out of my pocket, breaking the plastic arm in the process. I didn't care. It felt good to break the glasses. I then threw them on the floor and stomped the living shit out of them. Good riddance you little uncooperative fuckers!

This is why I think it best if I don't have children.


I'm looking forward to a drama free thanksgiving tomorrow. It'll be my second one now as well as my second sober holiday season.  

My life is a thousand times better than I could have ever imagined it.


American Thanksgiving is better than Canadian Thanksgiving. Canadian Easter is better than American Easter.


One chick accused a senator of indecent behavior. She was photographed  in a red white and blue halter top forcibly kissing a soldier who probably had some explaining to do to his wife.

She excepted his apology and moved on.  Then some other phony baloney story came along about an alleged ass-grab. This is just a smokescreen for the real perps.

Facts are important. One m&m tastes good. Two m&m's are an improvement. More than ten and less than twenty is a relatively decent amount when compared with one or two, but who's keeping track...

Context and nuance matter. Facts are important, but they don't mean anything without context.


I am so fucking high right now.


I don't see what the big deal is about Thanksgiving. Everyone's so busy stressing about it and losing their fucking minds. Obsessing about having the perfect holiday and having everything just so. Gotta impress everyone!! Please its JUST A MEAL. Throw a turkey in the oven for a few hours,put your feet up while its cooking. Then mash some damn potatoes, eat your pie you got from the store bakery and call it a day. No need for elaborate menus and 5,000 dishes. Use paper plates. Family stress you out? Don't invite them!!! Enjoy your peace and quiet. Simple.  Jesus Christ people!!!

38/f/married with kids and enjoying a stress free holiday tomorrow


I would like to hurt a few people from my past.


Say, wanna have some fun? Post a picture of yourself holding a sign with a secret on it. Don't want to show your face? That's okay. Feel free to be creative, show your fingers or toes or elbows. Racy is even okay. Just as long as it is a picture with a secret.

Come on give it a try. It would be fun.

See the help section for instructions on how to add a picture to a post.


My doc wanted me to take a stool test where you have to take a dump and smear some on a piece of paper and mail it into a lab. Get real. It aint gonna happen. It's about dignity doc.


My husband comes from a strange family. We went to the beach, by we I mean me, my husband and my sister in law. She went topless. Hello, anyone home in there? You were topless in front of your brother? Come on, that's strange.


I wish my life was boring enough to always complain about Trump. Nah I have a life


I think man buns are cute.


Doug, I don't think I can do this. I feel like you will never be the person I need to see. You're all talk. You're just shockingly self centred, sexually and emotionally. You turn my words into accusations and I never know when you are being deceptive and saving up a slew of things to word in your own way and accuse me of awful things. You gave me gonorrhea once, then acted like I was the one. You are jealous, so very jealous of all people who are not YOU talking to me. You try to make me feel like I've got competition,  all the time, and like if I do anything for myself you will simply be forced to disrespect my health with your unprotected sex with who the fuck ever. The only competition I have is the nasty, ugly, and cruel person you really are. You can't hide it every second, and I see it and it's fucking bad. You're just a great pain in my ass. I don't want to help you work through your hangups and be treated badly and hear your excuses.  I just fucking hate who you are. You suck. And you refuse to be someone who I can choke down. So, fuck you.


589 move his stuff out and change the locks. Don't walk, run.


I don't know, call in Coincidence, or God, but I finally said "fuck it", and stopped trying to control things. I handed it over to the Lord. I prayed.
I was looking at Loans, or Debt Negotiation to cover my $20,000 in Credit Card Debt. Rejected, rejected. Too much debt on cards, maxed out, etc.

And then, a check came in the mail yesterday for $20,000 as part of an Inheritance! legit. Cashed.


I got back in touch online with an old ex/friend of mine I dated in my early 20's. At the time everything was for the most part innocent at that time, although we were pretty heavy into partying with drinking and drugs then. We now live a few states apart, and I decided to go visit him (mind you this is 10 years later and we have only spoken and seen each other a few times since dating several years back). He showed interest in me sexually and flirted, and we ended up hooking up and spending the night together in hotels and what not. After I came back home, he calls a week later saying he wants to move where I live. Now, at this point nothing seemed too crazy, I mean yes that is a bold thing to do, but he also seemed very bored of where he was at and just down, so I figured he wanted to get away a while. Then he asked to stay at my place, saying he would start looking for jobs and a place to live. During this time, still spending most of his time with me, talking with me constantly, sleeping together, etc. Then I started noticing that he was not very motivated to do anything for himself, just seemed to be freeloading all around. So, about 2 weeks in I started saying "no" a lot, stopped sleeping with him, etc., began asking when he was leaving. As soon as that started, he began targeting other women through dating apps and spending days at a time using other people as well. He started ignoring my calls and texts more and didn't seem to care at all that it upset me. I knew right away I was dealing with a sociopath. One night I was distraught over the whole thing and downed a bunch of vodka and completely blacked out, later to find out that he had along with another woman I do not know, carried me outside to my car, then he drove me to a busy city area, and left me inside the running vehicle in a parking lot. I ended up with a DWI that night after waking up with no idea what had happened and starting to drive while still blacked out. I am even concerned that I may have been drugged. Now he has left town, and left all of his belongings he brought in my house, saying he will be back by Monday. I am really confused about what to do. I stopped communicating with him completely, but it's as if he has left me with this threat of power and that he will be back soon, and I just don't know what to do. I guess call police? I'm not even sure that what he told me about leaving town is true.


Fact checker.  13 women have accused Trump of sexual assault.


I have a plan.

There's this turkey I have to bring to my friend's house--I got it free from my job so it's an easy contribution to any Thanksgiving dinner. But her house is a few towns over, that turkey is 25lbs, and I don't have a car.

So, my plan is to wrap up the turkey, put it in a sweater to shield my skin from the cold, and wrap it inside my jacket like I'm pregnant. The jacket will be tight enough that it'll keep the bird in place, and I'll be able to go on about my business.

Then, while I'm outside the train station waiting for a bus, I'm gonna light up a cigarette and see what happens xD


I love that President Trump loves women and show it. Women who can not handle a man's man like that should stick with school boys and their gay friends. I love sex and love men making me feel desirable . I have never been harassment as I know how to handle men that step over the line in a nice but firm way . Why is every women a helpless victim, all of a sudden? You dont know what you are missing ladies! Hot blooded Female 34.


I say "I hate people so much" way too often. This can't be normal. Every time I see someone walking down the hallway towards me, I mumble "I hate people." I don't want to be this way. I don't think I've always been this way. Being home alone without husband or kids is an absolute heavenly dream to me. I care nothing about going places and doing things. Just let me stay home and clean house. It's cathartic to me


Six out of 10 women in America now feel they were sexually harassed.  How do they expect men to show them they are interested in them? "He touched my shoulder- he told me I am pretty-he asked me out- he touched my hand" what bull sh*t is this? Harassment it trying to rape you or touch the other person's  private parts or breasts. There is a very BIG difference.It seems if you talk or look at  a woman it is perceived as sexual harassment. Soon men will turn to porn  the internet for 100% of their sexual gratification.Don't watch your biological clocks anymore ladies -better get a turkey baster and call a sperm bank.


I hate being asked to talk to people in Spanish because none of the white people at my job speak it. I'm black and I've grown up in the U.S., so everything I know comes from my schooling. Even so, it's irritating, because in school we're taught European Spanish, not South American Spanish. There are a lot of minor differences, and I haven't taken a Spanish class in 7 years.

So I feel like an idiot when they look at me with a blank stare because I can't even string a sentence together that makes sense. I've also forgotten a lot, so I'll get halfway through a sentence and then forget an important word...

Sometimes I'm good at explaining around it, but a lot of the time when I try that they don't even know what concept I'm talking about. It's really frustrating and embarrassing. To a degree I know I'm psyching myself out, because I used to be better than this. But part of me fucking hates it when they go, "Oh, you speak Spanish right? Can you tell him ABCXYZ?" and I'm like "Bitch, maybe!" Fuck


848 stick to pornhub via the phone, they're a great site who is great at monitoring for viruses.



I work often. It seems like I'm always working. It seems like I have the right to tell work to fuck off every once in a while.

Unbeknownst to me,  while I was at home when I should've been at work, a person at work happened to be recently home from a colonoscopy.   Apparently,  during a colonoscopy, they  try their best to make you feel comfortable by giving you a drug that will help you cope while they jam stuff up your ass.

I decided to lay low. I left and went back to my house thing it would be best if I wasn't there.


There were 19 or so accusers. He admitted to regularly assaulting women, Billy Bush not exactly what you'd call "gotcha media"

The real problem is that these so called conservatives approved of and condoned this behavior when they voted for Trump.


It's funny - when I was in my 20s the doctors were so hard core about women getting a Pap smear every year. You weren't allowed to have birth control pills unless you had your yearly exam. Then our provincial health care changed the rules and now we're only allowed to have an exam every three years because they don't want to pay for yearly exams anymore.


I would watch more porn, but I'm worried about accidentally downloading a virus to my phone.



Rectal exam guy, now you know how most women feel when we go to the gynecologist, at least men don't require rectal exams until they hit certain age (late40's) maybe? Us , women need to visit the gynecologist yearly since we hit puberty.


I had a rectal exam today. The male doctor inserted his finger up my male butt. I don't know why gay men like this sort of thing. I hate the feeling.


I feel like I wont find anyone better than my ex
He's kind, sweet, but unambitious and not driven.
Can't find anyone perfect I guess...


It's hilarious that the Pussy Grabber in Chief supports chief pedophile Roy Moore. Birds of a feather stick together.


834 - I didn't share the happy childhood memories with my family like this.  I mean don't get me wrong, it wasn't any tragic story, just not super close with my family.  I've never really wanted kids.  I always wonder why so many people are so set on having children.  For the first time I finally understand it.  Your secret really made me smile and it makes me grateful that there are people like you in the world.  With all the crazy teen moms and crazies having kids, and all these rich people having kids and teaching them horrible values.  Your secret made me feel warm and fuzzy knowing someone wanted to make a family just cuz they love their family :) I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday :)


I'm off Thanksgiving, my husband is working.  I'm spending the day ALONE and I'm so happy.  lol

I haven't told anyone this though.  They will think I'm weird, lonely, depressed etc. and will invite me their houses - which is really nice don't get me wrong, but I don't wanna go.

I'll sleep in, take a shower, put on clean pj's, start the turkey (small one) sit on the couch and watch the parade, read the paper, relax.  Eat dinner with husband, then have some pie.

Make sandwiches for work the next day (with pie) and that's it.  

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!  Introverts Unite!  lol


Somebody at work brought in huge, fresh strawberries. As I put the entire thing in my mouth, all I could think was, it was like the head of a huge cock.....I ate many.......


Today at work I masturbated in my cubicle while I thought of you. Anyone could have walked by and seen me but they didn't. I think I have a problem.

f 38


Last night my 14yo went on a 20-minute diatribe about everything that is wrong with my wife, her mother.  She isn't working, she's lazy around the house, yada, yada, yada.  I kept interjecting that she needs to respect her mother and that she loves her very much.

Note.  I never said a word of what she said was wrong.


I think it's funny what's happening in the country now with sexual harassment. The media desperately tried to pin sexual harassment on Trump. They made a big deal out of it. They said sexual harassment is never to be tolerated and Trump should be fired.

Only problem, no real woman has ever come forward to say Trump sexually harassed her.

But.... it turns out so many people in the media have been sexually harassing women all along. They scolded Trump - even though he did nothing - while they themselves were guilty.

And since they made such a big deal out of sexual harassment being unforgivable, all these media people are being forced to resign.

Ha ha. Their lies and dramatics backfired and it's costing them their careers. Now that is justice!


Weed is awesome at night, great high, then right to sleep, but DAMMIT, it makes me so bloated and gassy the next day !


As a guy I would never sexually harass a woman. I would get no joy out of pressuring a woman to let me touch her. I would be disgusted with myself. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy being physical with women, but only if they genuinely want to take part. Those men who pressure women are sickos.


I accidentally shit my pants today as I was farting.  Im a grown man!  How fucking embarassing.


I think I wanted to have kids because I had such a great family life growing up. A lot of good memories and a lot of laughter. My family honestly just enjoyed each other's company. My sisters and I are all grown up and moved away now, but we're all still very close. I guess I wanted to carry that on and have that in my own home.

My kids are both very young still but they're already so smart and funny with their own unique talents and personalities. Things can be chaotic and stressful at times, but they bring me happiness and love every day. I don't regret it for a second.


We never have a normal thanksgiving because it's more important to my husband to hunt on that day instead of spending time with family.


I dread thanksgiven. My wife make it so tense.


"How dare you ask if I'm feeling better today? How fucking dare you. You think I wasn't in a good mood yesterday? Well fuck you. I'm always in a good mood. I know you think I'm a bitch. Well I'm not the bitch you are. You are a man bitch who acts like a little fucking girl, always asking about my emotional state. Well let me tell you my emotional state is fine. You are the one with the fucking mood problem, always snooping into my state of mind. Fuck you asshole."

Oh, okay, I'm the one in a bad mood and you are a happy person. Thanks for clearing that up.


I've already been to a lawyer.


I'm seeing a lawyer after the holidays.


I'm confused as to what happened at work. I enjoyed working at my job. Everyone got along and we did good work. Then we hired this one programmer. He talked all day about the "right" way to program. He was kind of condescending about it. He knew best. No one else did - according to him. I just ignored him.

He began to see me as his rival and a threat. He would bad mouth me to others. I didn't deserve that. I don't do harm to anyone. I just keep my nose down and do my job.

Senior management called me in and wanted to know why others don't like me. What? All but the trouble maker were my friends. I've gone out to dinner with all of them numerous times. I've been to their homes. They've been to mine. But this one trouble maker created an underlying theme that I was not well-liked and I do bad work.

Christmas bonus time came. I got a reduction. A reduction? Me? I stayed late every night and got the most work done. But I got a reduction? The bosses said again it's because I'm not well liked.

How frustrating. The troubled programmer was like a cancer.  He was destroying a department that was working very well before he arrived.

I finally quit. After almost 10 years of working there I left the job I loved. There was no point in me staying. My name was smeared.

Guess what happened next? Without me churning out code, everyone slowed down. They spent their time listening to the trouble maker tell stories of how great he is. Funny thing though, for all of his self proclaimed expertise, he never actually managed to write code. He was a faker in my view. He just talked.

A year went by. The department got nothing done. The bosses finally cut a bunch of projects that were way past due. So much money wasted. In outrage the trouble maker quit. I think his leaving was a big act. He didn't want to be fingered as the reason nothing was getting done. So he stormed off in a dramatic huff while bad mouthing the company management. Just like he had bad mouthed me.  

But what was all of this? The department was good and solid. Then management allowed a good guy like me to be forced out while the trouble maker stayed and dragged down everything. I thought well dressed business types in suits were supposed to be better at reading people. I guess not. Almost everyone in a company is a faker, taking a good game and just pretending to know what they are doing.


I have no sex drive


Hey. Guess what? This marriage won't last either. Yeah I'm talking to you


Out of desperation, I made a decision to overdraw my current bank account as much as possible ($500), and start a new account with my next paycheck. I was very tired of overdrawing every single payperiod and ending up in the hole as soon as I got paid. I realize that I'm getting myself in trouble with my current bank, and that eventually I'll have to pay this money back, but, as I said....desperation. I used the $500 I got as a final overdraw to buy some stuff from Amazon for Christmas, pay my electric bill, and buy some groceries. I doubt any bank will give me another account, but I'll figure it out. This is middle class my friends. This is the result of a 4 year college degree, and still not making ends meet. How depressing for my kids' futures.


818 It won't stop until good women tell the bad ones to straighten up. Men can't be men when confronting a woman.
When a man confronts a man there is always a primal issue below the surface that "if it gets to bad a fight will determine the outcome".
Men can't approach a woman that way. So real men ignore bad women.
Good women straighten out your silly sisters!


Some people have children for egotistical reasons.  They regard themselves as wonderful specimens and think the world will be a better place with more like them.



I'm so happy that there's never a shortage of fuckery in my life.


I found another article about Millenials' murderous rampage on good, traditional values today. This time, they're saying that we're killing the future generation by not having enough babies. I thought this was hilarious, and brought it up to my coworker, who happens to be a Boomer. She never had kids herself, so I thought she'd understand that some people just don't want kids.

Cue my super liberal, aggressively opinionated coworker putting her two cents in like she always does to try and tell me what I already know. Boomer says "Well tbh, most millenials don't have kids because they're lazy and they live at home with their parents and don't want to work for anything."

Super Left gets mad and they start playing the Generational Blame Game. It gets pretty contentious pretty quickly, so I walk away. What had started as a joke had turned into a conversation where everybody shouts their opinions and no one listens.

I'm so sick of people not being able to have actual dialogues on important issues. I could have politely told Boomer that she's generalizing based on her own experience (which is common for people to do), but they were too busy with each other for me to bother.

Millenials aren't having children because we're all broke as hell.

Millenials aren't having children because women aren't being told that their only option in life is to have children anymore.

Also, who says we need to maintain our global population anyway? The world is severely overpopulated, so we could actually use to lose some numbers in the coming years.

And IMO, I think it's kind of sad if your only ambition in life is to raise children. Don't get me wrong, it's an important part of life that needs to happen, but I can't help but think it's a little bit of a cop out sometimes.

People don't know what to do with their time, so they have children.

Shitty relationship? Children.

Want to give your life meaning when before there was none?

Want to martyr yourself for life and have a perfect excuse to never make anything of yourself?

Do you need a "legacy" in human form to make yourself feel like you matter in the grand scheme of things?

Then have some freaking kids.

Of course, I'm aware that my perspective is biased because I don't know anyone who has children that didn't have them by accident, or outside of the reasons I listed. Also because I don't want them, ever. I think it's kind of pointless to hold onto this idea that we need children to give our lives meaning. We can do that on our own.

But now I'm curious. There must be positive reasons why people have children. I just have no idea what they are. I'd really like to know.


Please dont be afaid to catch feelings for me


My wife cheated on me and I stayed. This is the biggest wrong decision I've ever made. If your spouse cheats, you should leave. If not, you are setting yourself up for years of concern and lingering suspicions. In my case, when my wife is out I am in constant worry she is off cheating again. It's not worth the angst. There can be no balanced relationship. There can be no true happiness. You need to move on. If only I had listened to my own advice.


UGGGGG damn, just stop with this sexual aggression and sexual misconduct. men, stop your bullshit with women. Its not the correct thing to do, so just fucking stop. Women, you stop too. You know you are doing it too. This whole Frankin thing... he's a dick for what he did, but the woman is just as much of a dick, because she grabbed the ass of someone else at the same USO show, and SHE bitches?..... this all needs to stop


No man has ever hurt me so profoundly and unapologetically as my father has. He. Does. Not. Care.  He has never apologized for any of the numerous awful things he has said and done. Here's his logic: It's my problem I'm offended by it, not his. Feelings are weak and useless bullshit, you see. My mom is the opposite. She is kind and loving. She acknowledges her faults and tried to make things right. She's apologized to me for things she did that might have been hurtful that I had completely forgotten about. My parents are night and day.

I have a lot of anger to release...

I asked my father to stop smoking because I wanted him to be around when I got my masters degree and graduated and for when my siblings have children and to dance at our weddings. I thought this would get him. He looked up from his book and told me “Well, I lost my father when I was 10, so you'll just have to deal with it.”

I had some internal struggles with religion as a teenager. 9/11 killed my belief in God. I was 17 when I finally told my parents. My mother cried and asked what would become of my soul. My father took me downstairs and tore into me about how atheists are bottom-of-the-barrel pieces of shit as human beings and that I was just being a stupid mindless sheep and copying my friends. I lost religion before they ever did. He told me had no respect for me. I screamed and cried because his words felt like hot knives slicing into me. When he left to go back upstairs, I went into the storage room because I was choking from how hard I was crying. I found a razor blade from a box cutter and was a millisecond away from ending my pain right there, but I thought of how hurt my mother would be. I dropped the razor and passed out in the floor for a couple hours from exhaustion.

My parents divorced briefly when I was young, between the ages of 9 and 11. My father started dating this horrible women when I was 10 who used to be a friend of my mom's until my mom realized what the friend was going after. I absolutely defeated this vile woman, and she didn't like me either. When she was moving into my dad's house, we had a huge blowout. I told my dad that he had to choose either her or me, but he could not have us both.

He chose her. Things have never been the same with us since, even thought my parents eventually got back together and remarried.

My father tore our family apart with his alcoholism and cheating on my mom. My siblings hurt from it, but they bounced back and were fine afterward. I was not so resilient and developed anxiety and depression. Worst of all, when I was 10, I developed trichotillomania. I've had control over it for about the half the years I've had it (I'm 30 now.) As a type this, I currently have not been able to wear my hair down for 4 years now because the top of my head is a huge thin patch where I've plucked myself almost bald. I will have this curse the rest of my life. This type of disorder is partially due to a stressful event and generally emerges between age 10 and the early teens. Hmm, I wonder what could have happened to cause it?

Things with my dad and I have gotten better since I moved 3 states away 4 years ago. My mom and sister have been despairing to me as of late because he's been increasingly callous to the awful way he treats people, including his own family. They almost can't stand to be around him anymore. My mom has had to put up with more of his stupid bullshit than she should ever have had to. But they don't want to tear the family apart again despite the fact we kids are all adults now...and she can't afford to leave him.

I've been walking around with all these old wounds becoming aggravated again since hearing about increasingly terrible way he's treating them. Every time my mom asks if this is how she'll be treated the rest of her life, that old anger rises within me again. Most of the time, the pain my dad has caused my mother and me is muted. But there are times like this where it seethes within me and consumes me. Tonight it spilled over, and I had to get everything out. I'm not looking for pity from writing this. Only a release from the emotions that I'm so tired of carrying with me for 20 years now...


I have a case of the squirts. This sucks!


Bitch u really tried to come for me when you look like Count Olaf. Where your lips at tho. That turkey neck. Those warts??? Try again sweaty


It never occurred to me...I just assumed she was the best in bed. It had nothing to do with anything. Yes, I was attracted to her. I loved her soul. I'll never love like that again.
She would brag about all the crazy shit she had tried in bed, but she was really a perfect little angel when it came to sex. Others tried to say she was a total whore, but I knew better.
I don't know if slut-posing is a real thing, but that is basically what she tried to confide in me about, saying there was nothing she wouldn't try or enjoy.
I appreciate her free spirit. She's like a machine, though. I know exactly how to push her buttons. The price of having gained this info is terribly high, but is what defines us.
The last time we were together was pretty weird. I thought about her slut stories which made me sad on one level. I didn't really believe it though. She tried so hard to be different.  I could definitely relate to her aimless desire to be different.
She let me inside of her without a condom for about a couple of seconds. she claims afterwards that she carried my child before an unfortunate miscarriage.
Maybe. We would have made beautiful children together.


It's okay for a Grand Dad to ask for a hug, but if the grandchild doesn't want to, he/she shouldn't be forced. A child doesn't owe anybody physical affection.


People really can't handle it when you tell them that you do not partake in the Thanksgiving and/or Holidays extravaganza. For many years, I would lie about what I do on Tday, pretending to celebrate with family and/or friends. Not anymore. When people ask me, I just tell the truth: I don't celebrate any of it and I spend it alone. By choice yes, but also by circumstances. People literally freak out.


You promised to handle the situation. I gave you the time you asked for. Now you would rather do something else than take care of your family. 2018 is going to suck.


Most white guys are raised to believe that women are their equals.  Most white women are raised to believe that everything that's wrong in their life is due to white men.  Most Asian women are raised to believe they're second class children compared to their brothers.

Is it any wonder why the white male/Asian female combination makes up 40% of all interracial couples?  That's 3 times higher than what a straight average should be.  

Emotionally, the white man gets a woman who doesn't beat him down with bullshit, and the Asian woman gets a man who treats her as an equal.  Pretty obvious.


07 That's hilarious and you are absolutely right, I have met three men who married foreigners (two Asian and one Brazilian) with the illusion they were going to do what they were told 😅😅😅 joke was on them they all ended up divorcing these women . The two Asians turn out to be obsessed with status and material things (very expensive) the Brazilian one , once she got her green card drop the guy immediately and moved on very quickly.   Some men are just idiots , with unrealistic expectations of marriage, maybe they should move to the Middle East , where women get treated like possessions and can't do anything without their husbands permission.

A foreigner that doesn't fit my cultural stereotype.


There is an article out today saying it's wrong for an adult relative to tell a young girl, "You owe me a hug."  It sets a precedent that girls feel like they owe physical contact to adults.

What bullshit.

Now it's wrong for your grandad to want a hug?

This world we are creating for ourselves is insane.

What's next? It's wrong for me to hold the door open for a women because there's an implied expectation that the woman owes me?

It's wrong to ask a woman out to dinner? It's wrong to buy a woman a present?

Fucking trolls in the media will print any garbage to get people to read their article and they don't care if it messes everyone up. Journalists should be licensed and those licenses should and can be revoked.


God help all those Asian women who are descended upon by western creeps looking for a servant. You know, I used to live in Asia (WF) and it was hilarious. The guy would hook up with an Asian lady and at first she is sooo cute and sooo sweet he totally falls.

But once that ring is on that finger, watch the tiger emerge from behind the silk curtain. Asian women who were born on a diet of manipulation (as all women are when their rights are denied them) totally wrap said western creep around her little finger. The men don't know what hit them. All they know is that they cannot escape.


If I self sabotage my way out of this job I will actually kill myself.


Abusive childhoods make us feel bad about ourselves.  We should fix it.


Men, American Women are not the way to go. If you look at them wrong, they get high and mighty, and threaten to sue! Believe me, try an Asian woman.  And no, not a hooker. Just a beautiful woman.  American Women will try to tell you they are diseased, but that is not the case.
They will serve you, as a Man, and as terrible as that sounds, they love doing it. They let you be the Man.
It's wonderful. Don't worry, all women are NOT like American Women.


I guess I'm angry all the time because I'm still coping with years of child abuse and domestic violence. Sorry for not being happy. I'll be sure to try harder.


Your son was arrested in 6th grade for breaking and entering. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. You must be so proud!


When I had my breast reduction the day before my surgery, my doctor ask me what kind of pain killers I wanted, i just laughed and told him whichever since I have never taken any .  He ended giving me vacodim which I only took for one day ,I couldn't stand the drowsiness the next day I just took over the counter pain killers  until I recovered . I just don't get how can people function or get addicted to the staff it's the same for weed , coke , or any other drugs .  I can't even stand alcohol just the smell of it makes puke.


I drank my own vomit once, while i was on shrooms. Didn't want to lose the high, bc i hadn't started feeling it yet. It was disgusting. Even thinking of it makes me gag a little.


The birth rate in the USA has been declining over the last 10 years. I think it's due to internet porn. One of the primary uses of the internet is to deliver porn like never before. 20 years ago guys would whack off to the same old tired magazine. It wasn't very fulfilling. So guys would still look to their wives for a little excitement. But these days, the internet will give you any level of kink you desire. Guys have plenty of good jerk off material. As a result, guys don't need to wake the wife as much for sex. Less couple sex = fewer babies are being born.


One thing i will miss about this job is my coworkers. It's a dead end job and I've hit the dead end, so it'll be time for me to move on soon. But it's really nice to have older coworkers from all walks of life, because their advice is really spot on. And they care about me, so they really are earnest when they try to help me find solutions. I've learned a lot of good things from them, and it's definitely kept me off of more difficult roads. I hope I never forget how much working here has improved my life, and myself.


I finished my Christmas shopping.


Is this a new thing?  Every time I go to the doctor they ask what medications I'm taking and which pharmacy do I use.  They are shocked when I say I'm not on any prescriptions and I don't have a pharmacy.  Can they just try at least to make it seem like they aren't extensions of the pharmaceutical companies?   And every time I mention pain they want to give me a narcotic.  How about trying a little Tylenol first?  How about getting to the root of the pain rather than masking it?  No wonder we have an opiate problem!  The sad thing is that so many people and companies are making money off the opiate crisis that it will never be fixed.


Happy bday you fat skanky bitch. I hope you die. Him im gonna do myself. Since hes a coward im gonna catch him off guard when least expected. I wanted a face to face fight and he didnt. So its thug life now


What kind of pervert put a picture of their teen daughter showing cleavage on their Facebook main page, oh that's right some tacky , bitty mouth, guy that acts like juvenile even though he is almost 50 .


I used to be addicted to pain killers like hydrocodone, oxycodone and tramadol. I have been going to meetings lately  and I've been clean and sober for almost two years.

Last week at my meeting we were asked to share our bottom that was the beginning of our sobriety. I made up some story about overdosing and I finally saw that what I was doing would kill me. That's why I came to meetings.

That's not true. That's not why I seeked help. My real bottom was this this.

I went to a doctor and he prescribed me thirty tramadols. Since I have been abusing pain killers my tolerance to them was very high so I took all thirty pills at once.

Well, here's my bottom. After taking the pills I felt the urge to vomit almost immediately. There was no way I was going to waste those pills so I threw up into a empty juice bottle. I waited a few minutes then I drank down the vomit which contained the partially digested pills from that juice bottle . It was absolutely gross but at that point I didn't care. I just wanted to get high and nothing mattered. I was dammed if I was going to lose those pills!

After I sobered up I realized what I did and I knew then I needed help. The meetings help me to say sober but I will never reveal my deep secret about drinking vomit. It's just too embarrassing and gross!


I'm so fucking high right now. I took a few Vicodin and washed them down with a large can of cheap malt liquor. Shit! I hope I don't overdose. ☹️


Don't ever discount anyone's trauma. And don't fucking tell them "to just let it go" ... someone's sitting in a depressed hole. Something that you were very much inside yourself at one point. Have some fucking empathy!


I wet myself once. I left it to the last second because I was working on something. Then I went rushing into the bathroom. I didn't realize the draw string on my sweatpants had double knotted itself. I frantically tugged to undo the knot but couldn't get it out. I then desperately tried pulling the pants down but they were tight around my hips. I couldn't stop it anymore and out came the pee. Hubby was at work so I was home alone. No one knows this happened but the stupidity on my part still makes me cringe.


A relationship that was cut off at the legs. Can it walk again? Who knows?

I live inside of this dream. The night is upside down.

Am I just a chip in the wind? Freedom of my thoughts. Edges and ledges...

Good bye


I read all these secrets from women talking about these random guys and these married men they've fucked.  I'm a man and have rarely been able to seal the deal on hookup sex.  Maybe once or twice.  So what I want to know is, how did the "line" with these women was crossed from "let's chat" to "let's fuck"??  Were you just talking with the guy, and he said, "Let's go fuck by the pool," and you were like okay, let's fuck??  How does the deal get sealed on these hookups??


I've changed my job title on a few jobs on my resume.  You can do this on jobs that were 20 years ago.  Nobody from 20 years ago is at these companies anymore, so it's not like anybody can check.  "Member Services Coordinator" became "Senior Analyst."  Looks good for when you're 22 years old and just out of college.  Looks more important. And to be truthful, it's what I actually was.

I also stretched out the employment dates on a few jobs.  I never use these jobs as references anyway because I was treated like shit.  15 years ago I got fired from one job and was unemployed for almost exactly a year.  So, I changed the last number on my end date - May 2002 became May 2003.  Just like that, I have one extra year of experience.  

I also change my job duties of course.  But I'm not really lying.  "Analyst" becomes "Subject Matter Expert."  At one job I wrote one letter for the company to Congress.  That makes me "company liaison with Congress."

Shit, we all do these things.  Fake it until you make it.

But the funny thing is that as I've gained more and more experience, I can lie more on my past job duties because I know how to do those things.


My mom just called me in my dorm. She wanted to warn me she'd like to invite the son of a friend of hers to thanksgiving dinner. He's British but going to college here, and he has no place to go for the holiday. She said she remembers he came to our house two years ago for thanksgiving and she wasn't sure if he and I got along. So she wanted to check with me if it's okay to invite him again.

I said, "Humm----- I guess it will be okay."

What I didn't tell my mom is that last time he was here, we has a steamy dose of fucking in the pool house. She thinks we didn't get along? We get along great, both at the dinner table and in bed! He's husband material.


I will NEVER get married again. Marriage is NOT worth it!


My resume tells more lies than a presidential candidate.


I started seeing a guy, he seemed nice. Recently divorced, maybe a little too eager to get with someone. When it seemed appropriate, I brought up that I was recently tested for STDs, that I had no reason to think anything would be amiss, but that I think it's a good idea before sleeping with a new partner as a courtesy and peace of mind. I asked him if he'd please get tested, as I'm on the pill and both of us would prefer to not use condoms. He replied that he's never been tested, doesn't have one-night stands, and wouldn't be tested if he didn't think anything was wrong.... so.... he refused. Wtf?

Sorry, dude. Next.


I'm 22, and I still tuck in my stuffed animals at night.


I wish you loved me. I wish I was good enough for you. I know I am good enough and probably better than most for anyone else but you. I hope you break up and you finally realize the mistake you made.


In the school district where I work, we spent money to change out a rooftop vent. The vent sucks in air from the outside world that is then heated by the boiler and warms the building. The newly installed version comes with a automated motor that closes the vent when the boiler isn't running. It has been estimated by our energy consultant and the electric company that this new vent will save us $600 per year in energy costs.

The price tag for installing the new vent was $63,000. Meaning this vent will pay for itself in 105 years. Meaning this was a really dumb idea. The vent will never pay for itself. The building won't last another 105 years. Certainly the boiler and everything attached to it won't last another 20 years. But this is how your tax dollars are being spent. Wonder why your school doesn't have enough money for new text books? Well there you have it. There is such a large amount of waste when it comes to school spending.


My wife is often in an angry mood. She wakes up that way. It has nothing to do with me.  From the very start of the day she's livid. Even something as simple and pleasant as saying  "Good morning" becomes a weapon for her. She says it with such sarcastic disdain, like it's a terrorist threat. It's as if the second half of the greeting is ".. and now I will torture you and slit your fucking throat." God she is an awful person.


I went through a lot when I was a kid.  I was angry for years about what was taken from me.  I was angry about the opportunities I lost and the plans that I could never even start because some other force fucked my life up.  I was angry that the other young people were able to have their plans and follow their dreams and make their own mistakes in life.  But not me, and it made me so angry.

And what did all that anger give me?  It did nothing for me but waste years of my life.

If you spend your life angry that some people have things and chances and opportunities that you don't, you're going to waste your life.  You'll go nowhere.  You'll never build anything in your life.  

When you accept that everybody gets things that other people can't get - yourself included - then you'll start to be happy.  Some people never have to work.  Some people find the perfect person to be happy with forever.  Some people find the perfect job and are fulfilled through that.  Some people's kids are terrific and never cause problems.  Some people go on amazing vacations all the time.

And the opposite is true, too.  Everybody has terrible shit they have to put up with.  Nobody leaves this world untouched, even if you're Donald Trump and you were born to a millionaire and shit on gold toilets and became president.

Take it from me.  Stop being mad about what other people have.  Focus on what you have.


Normally when I sleep with a woman I don't cum inside. I don't want to risk getting a woman pregnant. Or catching and/or spreading a disease. Who needs those headaches.

But I recently slept with a married woman. Without even asking I cam inside her. Whoosh, I filled up her pussy with cum.

In thinking back, I slept with a different married woman about 10 years earlier. Same thing. I came inside her.

Interesting to me that when it comes to single women, I don't cum inside. But the two married women I've slept if, without asking I cum inside.

I think it is a territorial instinct on my part. I want to leave my semen in a married woman. It's a message to her husband. I want him to find it in there. I want him to know I was there before him. It's like I'm marking my territory with semen.


These days, almost every TV commercial you see is for medicines; pharmaceuticals.  The commercials usually seem overlong, because they have to take so much time listing the side-effects.  Often, by the time the side-effects list is over, I have forgotten what the original purpose of the drug was.  I also notice that, most often, one of the side effects will be a worsening of the original malady.  It seems that almost all drugs have the potential of making an illness worse.  

They don't talk about the long-term effects of these drugs, but with all those side-effects, I can't imagine they would be too good over time.  I think that the long-term effects of some of these medicines will be horrendous and devastating for some in the future.

I went to the doctor yesterday for a skin infection.  Looking at my record, the attendant nurse could tell I had not been in for healthcare in years.  She scolded me for not having a family doctor and began listing the tests I should have the doctor schedule for me.  She even included those magic words no one had used for me before, "at your age!)  I am sixty.  I listened politely and nodded appropriately, but I have no intention of following through with her suggestions.  I will not set myself up for the doctors to start killing me with their pharmaceuticals.  That nurse was shocked when I told her that I don't take any medicines; she couldn't believe it.  But, I don't take medicines because I don't need any.  Sometimes things hurt.  Aches and pains are a part of life; I've learned to live with mine.  Everything does not need a pill!  We have turned completely into a drug and drugged culture.  And, once you start taking a lot of that stuff, you can never safely stop -- not until it finally kills you.

But, you know, we are just so managed and manipulated; have you ever thought of how utterly, utterly ridiculous it is to have prescription medicines pushed through TV commercials???  Who among us is qualified to make those decisions, yet they push it upon us like were buying candy bars!  These are prescription drugs with the power to damage and kill, yet they are in our faces all day, every day, constantly telling us, "Try this!  Try this!"  Please don't!  Think long and hard before you go down that road.  And finally, during your analysis of this, ask yourself this:  Who Benefits!  Who benefits from all this advertising and distribution of drugs?  Okay?


I don't want to do anything except watch movies. I don't like anything about me or my life. Movies let me be somewhere else.


My son will go nowhere in life.   I can tell already.   He's only 15 but I can just tell.   It makes me so sad.


I don't feel that I owe my happiness to anyone. My anger is mine, just as my scars. Sometimes I glimpse light through the cracks, but as soon as I turn to catch my periphery it's changed its direction. It's nice to have something to chase, and I guess I should be grateful although I don't remember asking anyone to turn off the night.


It's nice to end things on a good note, or see things gradually evolve into something else so that you have time to acclimate. Relationship drama leaves too many unanswered questions. I don't want to live my life like that, and I don't want to assume the worst in people. When I look back on these unresolved friendships, I can clearly see that there was no *loyalty* there. It takes courage because you want to believe that no one could be that cruel or empty inside.


I wish I was rich enough for someone to bathe me everyday.


I'm looking forward to getting divorced and starting over.


When I was a kid I worried about where my next meal would come from. Contrast that with my nephew. I heard him complaining recently. This summer he dropped his iphone in the hottub while vacationing in Greece. Modern day problems. Kids today don't know how good they have it.


My strongest childhood memories are of my dad lounging around the house on weekends, watching endless TV, drinking a case of beer, while wearing his boxers and a grubby Italian T shirt. These visions are embedded in my brain. I wish I could have them burned out of my memory cells.


When I was a bachelor I never once cooked a meal. I'd go out to eat or get take out. I miss those days. Now my wife fancies herself to be a good cook. She makes ambitious creations, that sorry, are not nearly as good as restaurant food. Not even close. With the added negative bonus that we waste a huge amount of time shopping for food, cooking, and then cleaning. I hate washing dishes. It's a pain in the ass. I'm longing for my bachelor days.


762 - it's called borderline personality disorder. Look it up.


Imagine if it was a woman running for governor and she had slept with fifty guys. That would almost certainly  be a deal breaker....


The is a story in the news about a guy running for Governmor in Ohio. He's in trouble because he once mentioned that he's slept with 50 women.

Ummmmmm, I've slept with more than that. I've never thought of this as a flaw in my character. I'm a nice guy. I like women. They like me. We sleep together. How wrong and judgmental to say a guy is a bad person because women like him and want to be with him.

As a society, we go way too far in trying to tell others what is wrong and right.




My wife is unstable. It's like she has an undiagnosed mental illness. She gets angry over nothing. It's like a switch flips in her head and look out world. She does this to me. She does it to total strangers. We'll be in a restaurant having a pleasant conversation over dinner when out of nowhere she calls the waitress over and starts yelling because our water glasses aren't completely full. My wife never asked to have the water filled. She just starts yelling. Everyone in the restaurant was watching. It was terribly embarrassing.

An amazing part to me is that the smallest of things set her off in the biggest of ways. If someone crashed into her car, okay, I get it if she yells at the other driver. But that's not the case with my wife. She instead explodes in rage when people do innocent innocuous things. The lady at the cash register gave my wife change as five $1 bills because she was momentarily out of $5 bills. To the rest of us, no big deal. To my wife, this is an insult worthy of starting World War III.  There must be a medical term for this where my wife's reactions aren't in synch with what's warranted for the situation. My wife doesn't seem to know the level difference between, eh, things just happen sometimes like the cashier has no more $5 bills, and a mass murderer wants to slit her throat. My wife always assumes the latter -- that everyone purposefully does things to my wife to cause great harm and torment.

This isn't sustainable. My wife needs to be medicated or she needs to be checked into a metal hospital. I can't keep tiptoeing around, afraid to interact with her for fear she will ignite a new firestorm because the point on her pencil broke.


#760, I wish I knew if you are male or female....


I just LOVE to masturbate! It truly is my very favorite thing to do! I'll typically masturbate 8 to 10 times every day, and I find the more I do it, the more I WANT to do it! I'd heard that masturbation is considered obsessive when it interferes with your daily life, however, I realiize I have the opposite problem; daily life intereferes with my masturbation! I used to have several hobbies - writing and performing music, woodworking, and experimenting with electronic gadgets, but now I have no interest at all in ANYthing but masturbating! Yet, as pathetic as that may sound, I realize I have NEVER been happier in my life, than I am when I masturbate! My mother used to tell me that if I didn't learn to control myself, I'd eund up in a padded cell somewhere, but honestly, I'm THRILLED with the idea! I'd just crawl in the corner and masturbate every day, masturbate every night, masturbate all day long, masturbate, masturbate all night long, masturbate, masturbate, masturbate, masturbate over & over & over & over again and again and again!!!!


Go drinking with a couple buddies every Friday night and one is a multi-millionaire and us other two are middle class.  The other guy thinks his drinks should be paid for by the rich guy every time we go out.  He always asks if he is going to pick up the tab.

He is a tight fucker.  A couple of Fridays ago I bought the millionaire his dinner and drinks because it was his birthday.  I also bought this other guy's dinner and drinks...he had about eighty beers.  I buy the millionaire guy beers every now and then because absolutely everyone else he has contact with has their hands out for money.

Anyway, I picked up the tab.  On Sunday I showed up at the bar to watch the last half of a football game.  I had two beers.  I took out 15 bucks to cover the cost and the other cheap guy told me to put my money away, that I got it last time.  

So I bought him dinner and 8 drinks and he bought me two drinks, and that is even?  Christ people piss me off.


I thought you were my soul sister until I realized that you're just another narcisstic bitch. Miserable AF with a hypocritical streak like nobody's business. Enjoy your shitty self because I refuse to be victims of people like you. You had such a beautiful soul until you fucked it up with the nastiness you grew like a fucking tree.
Don't trust anyone who discounts abuse. That's your first sign you are dealing with a cold heartless person devoid of human feeling. Have a nice life being angry, asshole!


I fucking hate Christmas.


I love living in Los Angeles. The weather is really nice and there is never a dull moment here.


I can't seem to figure out why people make it their business who other people are fucking. Unless it's your s/o, it's really none of your business, is it? Men are going to fuck men, and women are going to fuck women. And everything in between. In this moment, I'm willing to bet that millions of people are fucking in ways you've never imagined. And guess what? It doesn't affect you one bit.


I wish I had someone in my life that would constantly tell me nice things, like my own personal cheerleader telling me not to give up and that I look nice today. When did it become weird to pay someone a compliment?


It must be terrible for your parents and siblings. I had a baby brother who die when I was a kid and my mother never fully recovered, she was never the same until this day we don't talk about it with her it's like he never exist it . My father is the one who make sure his grave it's well keep and when he is in town , he goes there to put flowers on his tomb.


My wife is constantly looking for something I'm doing wrong. It's a drag being with her. She picks apart everything. I'm holding my fork wrong. I'm watching the wrong news channel on TV. I washed the dishes incorrectly. I drove our daughter to school. It took 20 minutes round trip. It only takes my wife 18 minutes. Which way am I going? She wishes I would think these things out better. She exhausts me.


If men had babies then abortion would be a sacrament.


My sister committed suicide when she was 13. Maybe she knew what she was doing, maybe she was like f all the bs the future is going to throw at me. She would have been 30 tomorrow.


I wanna leave my memories


As soon as I can figure out how to leave my daughter with my father in Arizona and leave my dog in a loving home then I can shot myself in the face peacefully.


I miss you so much. I worry about you constantly. I pray and pray that you're okay. There's no way to reach you..I'm afraid I'll always feel this way.


I have been the victim of three sexual assault attacks.

First time, I was 17 years old, riding the subway at rush hour to the Uni. We were pressed together like sardines and the man behind me started rubbing against me. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt but when it became clear it was not just an accident I elbowed him, turned around and caught him with his junk hanging out. It was cold and rainy that day (the reason why I rode the subway instead of walking), I was wearing jeans, a sweater, a rain jacket, a hat, scarf and gloves. Hardly suggestive dress.

The second time it happened, I was in my mid-20's and walking my dog around 11pm in the middle of the city on a Friday night. Lots of foot traffic, lots of activity since I was living near the Uni still. My dog was off-leash (it is allowed where I am from) and trotting just a few paces ahead of me. The guy was coming from the other direction and simply jumped on me, pinned me against the building wall and groped my pussy and my boobs. I pushed him off and he trotted away. I became to enraged I ran after him and beat the shit out of him, screaming and kicking and punching him - to the point that people around me stopped and asked what the heck was going on. Someone called the police but by the time they came around, the man had managed to escape me. The police told me there were other reports on the books and that they were looking for that man. I was wearing sweat pants and a sweatshirt. Again, hardly provocative dress.

The third time it happened, I was living in the Caribbean and I was 32. It was 7:30am and I was walking my dog on the beach by my house. I was alone on the beach but I never thought twice about it. My dog was off leash, doing her thing (playing in the surf and chasing crabs down-beach) when three local men suddenly appeared out of nowhere and started crowding me. I tried to ignore them but they closed in on me and tried to rape me. Fighting off THREE men is no small task and I only walked away from it "safe" (besides being black and blue in the face and so tumefied I needed to be off work for 10 days) when my dog realized something was wrong because I was screaming so loudly and she came charging. She suffered a broken rib in the process but she literally saved my life. When that dog died, I was inconsolable for months. Anyhoo, that's besides the point. That morning, I was wearing shorts, a ratty tee shirt, a sun hat and sunglasses.

Besides these 3 violent instances, I have been flashed twice, have caught a man masturbating behind a bush/car twice and was the victim of sexual harassment in the workplace when I was 38 - because I blew the whistle on my aggressor, I was retaliated against and had to go to court to defend myself (I won because I am the wrong woman to mess with and I always, always, always document my interactions with management no matter what).

So please spare me with the "women ask for it". We don't ASK to be violently assaulted. What the fuck is wrong with you????


Transgender people exist.

These are people who do not feel as if they are truly the gender they were born into.

It's what we call a mental illness.


I used to work with a woman whose child grew up to be a serial killer. She was a nice lady.


Let's try this from another angle-if men were capable of getting pregnant, they'd  be able to get an abortion practically anywhere and it low cost. If men were getting raped constantly by women, they would not be making comments about how women should dress more appropriately.

Frankly, most men have no idea what a woman goes through on a daily basis just to avoid predatory males.  It's really fucked up.  

M 52


Hmmm... maybe I should let men drink my breast milk for money. Babies are expensive.


I shamefully admit I once peed on the floor of a fitting room in a well known department store. It was an emergency. I needed to go so badly. I was in a big city. There were people everywhere on the sidewalks. It's not like I could have ducked behind a tree or anything. Seizing the moment, I ran into the store. I couldn't see a sign for bathrooms, but I did see the sign for the fitting rooms. So.... This is one of the most embarrassing things I've ever done. I can't even escape the memory. Whenever I see the movie Miracle On 34th Street.... Yep that's one.


I want to drink from a woman's breast. Real, unfiltered, human milk. I was allowed to try 20 years ago from my wife, but she hated the feeling. There are two women I know who are nursing, but I could never ask. It would be seen as crude. But if I was given the chance, I would do it in a heartbeat.

One girl owes me. She groped me several times as a teen when she was exploring her new sexual urges, so I think it's only fair. But no, that was fine for her, but I'd be the creepy uncle for suggesting proper payback. Maybe if I hit up Craigslist I can pay for it. Maybe.


I had to video myself today. I'm being considered for a job. They asked me questions online and I had to answer while being recorded by a webcam. I played back the video. Gosh I can't recall seeing myself on video since forever. 20 years ago in high school we did a few videos for projects, but I don't think I've seen myself since then.

I was really surprised at how I came off. I was personable, warm, and intelligent. When did that happen? When did I become a good guy? I guess 20 years changes a person.  I never realized because I never see myself. That annoying pain in the butt kid from high school turned out okay. I'm pleased.


I'm pretty okay with people having abortions, because sometimes I really do wish I was never born. People like to act like life is amazing and a gift to be treasured, but now more than ever I'm starting to notice how shitty it is, unless you were born rich. Which, like, a veryyyy small percentage of the world is. It's not all it's chalked up to be, and we shouldn't feel obligated to bring people into this crazy world. You say all life has value, but really...does it?


First of all I don't have anything agains gay people or cross dressers or even transgender.  I just don't get the "lesbian transgender " when I seen docomentaries or shows showing transgender, most of them date men , I also seen straight men who crossed dress but still in relationships with women and considered themselves straight.  Idk I feel like Caitlin Jenner might not be the best person to represent them , she seems like she does it just for attention and money and don't forget she is also a long time republican voter who even back up Trump 😂🤣.  So in other words she is a lesbian transgender republican.


731, would you feel the same about those boys if it was your home they broke into and vandalized?   I don't buy into your theory...too many other kids that have been dealt bad hands but don't do things like this.


Why stop at transgender lesbian women?
There's an infinite number of variables...
Keep going long enough and you will loop back around to the individual. It's the only "group" we belong to anyway.
Real freedom is freedom of the individual.
Groups inherently become tyrannical.


Transgender lesbian women exist. Transgender gay men exist. LGBT people are real. Caitlyn Jenner has undergone full surgery and does not have a penis. Decolonize your minds


They check your credit before allowing you to open a checking account? why? It's YOUR money! They're not letting you borrow anything! I learned something new today


I found out I can get high off gabapentin. It's prescribed for me because I have bipolar disorder but I don't need it because I have other medication that works better. I have to take 15 pills for it to work but it's worth it. The euphoria is amazing and if I take another 15 pills in about an hour after the first dose I stay high for hours. What a wonderful discovery!😏


My son is in middle school. He told me three of his friends have being causing trouble after school lets out. There is an office building being constructed a few blocks away. The trouble-making boys wandered over there a few weeks ago. They broke a window and climbed inside. They found a set of keys, which they stole. Since then everyday after school they head to the construction site. The workers leave at 3:00. The boys arrive shortly after. They let themselves in with the keys. Then they break stuff and steal random items.

For me, the really interesting part, one of the troubled kids had a father who killed himself a few years ago. Another trouble kid had a mother who recently died of cancer. The third troubled kid's father ran off and remarried.

This can't be a coincidence. I believe all kids are good.  I believe all people are good. But some good people are given a shitty hand in life. As a result, they react out of anger, or maybe fear, or maybe loneliness. I feel for them.

The three boys were arrested yesterday. They were caught red-handed in the building. The property owners want to press charges and have the boys pay for thousands of dollars in damages. I understand. But I wish everyone could take a step back and see this for what it is - good kids with a shitty hand. Don't ruin their lives over something which isn't their fault.


I'd kinda like to try getting fucked in the ass. Just for the experience.
M, 57 yo


I don't like sleeping in the same bed as my husband. Nothing against him. His movements wake me up. I'm happier when he is away and I have the bed to myself.


190707 Your story is great.


I don't think people realize that Bruce Jenner attended High School in Newtown, CT. This is the same place where the elementary school was shot up and all those kids died. It's one messed up town.


I have the repeating nightmare where I'm laying in bed masturbating with my eyes closed. It feels really good. Then I hear a noise. I open my eyes and a menacing looking man is hovering over me. He's been watching the whole time. A simple joy has turned into a horror. I think my subconscious is telling me this is how I view my life. Every situation turns bad.


I said from Day 1 that Bruce Jenner was a publicity stunt for money and that's ALL it is until he cuts that dick off. He's Bruce Jenner stunting for cash.


The truth is Caitlin Jenner is nothing but a coward until HE cuts his junk off.


i want a boyfriend i'm so sick of being alone, weeding out the crazy fuckboys is also getting old. o'm a good sweet loyal girl who is amazing at head and the sex and yes i cook and clean without being asked and do things for a man because i want to, like buying gifts and going out to dinner why cant a man have the same qualities nowadays? ugh dating in 2017 sucks.


I never thought I'd be the type of person to solve my problems via suicide. Yet here I am. Careful everyone, bad things have a way of sneaking up on you, and before you know it, you're surrounded.


When I hear that someone has died, I always feel sad and disappointed that it wasn't me who died instead.


I try not to judge people however Caitlin Jenner really confused me, he went through all the trouble , including public humiliation, strained his relationship with his kids etc.. to ended up dating a women? 😂😂😂 In other words he is a transgender lesbian? Seriously, couldn't just save all the trouble and just play dress up on private.


I am a 54 year old father of two college aged kids, a boy and girl.  I was at the gas station this past weekend and there were two young women, I don't know, maybe seventeen years old, and they were counting their coins to see if they could afford a cup of coffee.

I offered to buy them each a coffee and they turned me down.  I think it was because of the climate we live in.  Anyway, it bummed me out a bit that I could not buy two kids a cup of coffee.


You perverted loser, messing with kids that are younger than you! Why don't you do the world a favor.


I went out on a limb and shared something with a friend. He offered criticism and a bit of a scolding. That's not the response I was hoping for.


I hate rejection. I take it personally. The worst is when there's no explanation. There should be a courtesy rule that if you reject someone, whether for a job or a relationship, you have to explain why. Because without explanation, I think the worst and beat myself over it.


It bothers me that on The Walking Dead, the women all have perfectly plucked eyebrows. You'd think that in the zombie apocalypse, that would be one of the first things to go.


#707 made me cry. In a good way. Thank you.


I miss you. I wish we had never met.


I'm sorry, sweetheart... you've always been surface-of-the-sun level hot, and it's been great fun watching you grow up from a callow youth into a keenly intelligent, thoughtful, and sophisticated man. SO beautiful, and now so interesting.

But I'm just not inclined to chase the ones who run away. Especially when I've already got someone like him purring in my lap, willing to do anything for me.

Still so much fun to play this game with you though, just sometimes. I love seeing such a strong man quiver... it's exquisite.

And you'll never know any of this...


707: Very nice, heartwarming story!


707, great story.  You made me smile.....Happy Thanksgiving!


I wish I'd have known they check your credit before letting you open a checking account. I thought this was going to be easy. Apparently not. I guess I'll be stuck with a prepaid visa or some stupid shit like that. Jesus fucking Christ I'm a loser.


190707 - This is the first time in a long time that a secret on here actually made me smile.  Great story!  Thank you for sharing!


When I was 26 I went on a blind date with a man. I am tall and thin. People have always told me I'm pretty. The blind date man was short and pudgy. He was already losing his hair. He had a bit of a Brooklyn accent.

On the date, I have to admit, he was very warm and kind. He made me laugh all evening long. But still, I couldn't have a relationship with this short pudgy man.

At the end of the evening he walked me back to the brownstone where I lived on the Upper West Side.  We said good night at the base of the stone steps. I could see he wanted to kiss me. I couldn't let that happen. He was really nice, but I didn't want to lead him on that this was going anywhere, or that there was any chance of a second date.  So I shook his hand and rushed up the steps.

As I fumbled for my keys I saw him walking down the street. He stopped and stood there for a moment. Then he turned around and headed back towards me. Oh no, I thought, is he going to start talking to me again?

He bounded up the brownstone steps and looked right in my eyes. With the warmest of smiles he said, "Give me a chance. I know what you're thinking. But give me a chance. We'd be great together. All your friends will marry guys who will one day turn pudgy and bald. You would just be a little ahead of the game."

Then he turned and left.

We've been married 32 years. I've never regretted a day of it.


Yogurt makes me fart.


Third World hookers and green card seekers are less expensive than bitchy, entitled American women...if you're that pathetic and don't mind catching an STD.

An entitled, ULTRA bitchy American woman


Men, don't waste your time on entitled and bitchy American women! Trust me, visit another Country, like Japan, or Thailand. You will be shocked.  Pleasantly.


I just broke up with a girl, the saddest part is I won't be spending the holidays with her family. :(


You can't argue with irrational people , don't waste your time .


Abortion not only kills an innocent baby but also the mother's soul-Beware of this.


A lot men that I had known personally who are against abortion are the same men who hate social programs including the free lunches at schools for lower incomes families. Personally I don't like the word abortion but I understand it's a long commitment and expensive to raised a kid properly, add lack of support both financially and emotionally and I can understand why some women chose to have one unless this people who gather at these clinics are willing to help financially and emotionally raised this babies I don't see why they are protesting .  It's easy to judge them not knowing their situations, maybe people should come with better solutions to prevent situations like this to happen on the first place like providing affordable or free birth control , sex education and more programs to help those women who are lacking the support who decided to keep the baby.


To the dude getting the salad bowl back, have a bottle of wine open on the counter. Tell her you just poured yourself a glass and ask if she'd like one too. If she says no, you've done nada wrong. You were just being friendly. If she says yes, you are golden.


man.....can I please have those 2 mins back?!


Let's try this from another angle-if men were capable of getting pregnant, they'd  be able to get an abortion practically anywhere and it low cost. If men were getting raped constantly by women, they would not be making comments about how women should dress more appropriately.

Frankly, most men have no idea what a woman goes through on a daily basis just to avoid predatory males.  It's really fucked up.  

M 52


My 84 year old grandmother was ready for bed when her 40-ish neighbor knocked on her door early one evening asking to borrow some milk. Opening the door in her nightwear? Obviously she was asking for it! Maybe if she'd been wearing something less sexy than a full length fleece nightdress and a housecoat? Or perhaps it was her sexy wiggle when she used her walking frame? It's no wonder men can't control themselves when we are all such whores.


These abortion posts got me thinking. If your perfect 16 year old daughter came home and told you she was pregnant what would you do? What if you have ZERO desire to raise a child again?


I'm not pro-abortion, but I am pro-choice. I don't like the idea of abortion, but I also realize it's none of my damn business what somebody chooses when they are faced with the most difficult decision they will ever have to make in their life.


10 years ago I knew this girl from my church.  She loved to fuck, but I never made a move on her because she was too young and not my type.  She went off to college out of state and I was instant messaging her once.  She said she had gotten a job at the front desk of some company where the boss hardly ever came in, but he could check in through one of three internet-connected cameras that had IP addresses that were off the web (the IP addresses weren't on any webpage, so the search engines didn't know they existed - "deep web" is what it's called now).  She gave me the IP address of the one pointing at the front desk where she was sitting.  I started chatting with he and said I bet she could masturbate and the boss wouldn't catch her.  

So she put her hands down her pants and I could see her starting to rock back and forth while I messaged her how hot it was.  And then at one point... she took her hand out of her pants... and sucked the pussy juices off her fingers.  She put her hand back in and finished herself off.

One of the better days I've had at work.


What always shocks me about the pro-abortion argument is that over the decades they've gone from denying that a fetus is a human being (I guess it was only too obvious at some point) to admitting that it's a human, but that we can justify killing the person for some reason or another.

Think about that for a second.  We can kill a person.  Not because the person is trying to harm us.  But just because of X, Y, or Z.

It's a frightening world we live in.


-681, that's the truth.  20 years ago I said something nasty and short tempered to my mom as I walked out the door.  She was dying from cancer and lying in her bed.  I forgot what she did, but it was probably due to the chemo.  I came home to discover that she had to be rushed to the hospital and they put her in a coma.  For three months she was in that coma and the only thing I could think about was the nasty thing I said to her.  I felt like shit.  I wished so much I could take it back.  Thank God she woke up out of the coma long enough so I could talk to her.  The last thing I said to her was, "Goodbye.  I love you."  She died the next day.


When a stripper gives you her number, and you text her, you know what she's always going to text back?

"When you coming to the club?"

They just want your money.  You'd think I would have learned that by now.


What I wanted to say to the men I heard talking today in the store about how women should dress more appropriately to avoid sexual assault:

I was wearing a t-shirt and jeans when it happened to me. But please, tell me more about what I should have been wearing instead. He was someone I trusted and I had no idea he was a sociopath. Do you think maybe jeans and t-shirt were too racy to be wearing when we were hanging out at my place watching tv like we had numerous other times? Maybe I just wasn't thinking and let my guard down too much with my clothing choices. Guess I'll never know...

I was/am not responsible for the choice a man made to violate me in the worst way possible. Neither is any other woman. You have to be a really vile piece of shit with no common human decency to think that, much less openly discuss it at the store!


Being in a long-distance relationship was the worst idea ever. I am grateful for the experience, and all the years of happiness you brought me, but I said from the beginning that you deserve better, and now you have better, and now I just hope my heart heals eventually.


652....I wish I could be the person you're referring to.
I would love to be appreciated in such a way.


I'm pro-abortion, because I know some people probably wouldn't make decent parents, and those same people are probably the people who today, don't want children. So, I think it is a given right for a woman to have control over her body, and what she brings into her life too.

Before you say "she could give the baby up for adoption if she doesn't want it". NO.
Do you realize how many unwanted babies and children are in this world?? 400,000 and counting - children in the foster case system in america alone!
Also, why have a child you don't want only to have people tell you that "you'll change your mind once you become pregnant/once you have the baby", but what if you still don't want it?

100% woman's choice. If you don't want to deal with "abortions" date someone who eventually wants children and so on. Don't waste your time on someone that doesn't want kids, because guess what? If they get pregnant, whether it's your sperm or not, chances are they still won't want it, and THATS OKAY. Life is more than just children. Not everyone should have to conform to societies stupid standards of "normal".


683 - she knows, and you know too.

So, how's your marriage doing?  Now, and...

shit what did I do?

Those are your questions, and it's okay for you to answer them.

Much love, and, bowling.


I love to flirt !


My wife is going out of town this weekend. I'll be home alone. I received an email from her best friend asking if she could return a salad bowl on Saturday. Um, she knows my wife won't be here.... Now I'm left wondering. Is there some urgency to return said salad bowl? Or is the woman purposely trying to arrange alone time with me? Or am I reading too much into this? What to do, what to do.....


Re: sexual (M>F gender) harassment - has anyone read Gene Simmons's take on it?  He's right, as usual.  When it's mutual and honest, power structures disappear.  Wait?  There's a power structure there?  When it's not, it's what's blowing up now.

Marriage is not natural.  It's biological - get the offspring to a self-sufficient age.  Seven-year itch much?

Men like titties.  Women have titties.

Women wear things that show off the titties that the mens like.  Mens buy the real estate to house the titties.  Rinse and repeat.

Gene.  Again!



My advice to everyone: Never, ever end a phone call, leave the house, or let your loved ones leave without saying "I love you." Because there will come a time when you are weeping into your hands, begging God to take everything you have for just one more moment with them. Tell them you love them every chance you get.


My wife is looking for a professional job in an office environment. She's had no luck. I try to be supportive and I coach her to keep looking. Truth is, she's a fucking pain in the ass. She can't find a job because companies realize she'd be a terrible hire. She's whiny, needy and annoying. This comes to the surface during job interviews. In fact she's never made it to an in-person interview. Companies call her on the phone for a first round screening. Then my wife starts with her bitching. She complains to the person she's speaking with that she's not in a comfortable chair - hang on she's going to move. Hang on again as she switches on another light. She complains that her water bottle is empty and she tells the interviewer to wait while she gets another. She actually told one interviewer that she didn't want him to put her on speaker phone. He said he had to because there are other people in the room listening in. She said that's his problem. She insisted he talk to her on a regular phone and he can tell the other people what she was saying. I can tell the interviewers get frustrated. No company would dare hire her. I don't blame them. I wouldn't hire her.


I hope you are all ready. WW3 ( or worse) is right around the corner.


YES! Abortion should be a right! We should have ABSOLUTE control of EVERYTHING in our lives.


#670: I'm a woman and I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said; I couldn't have said it better!!!   These women were using their sexuality as a bait, but didn't intend to deliver! And, yes, it's a whore move, nevertheless. Harvey Weinstein is a pig, but the women are not squeaky clean either. Honestly, the women are as much to blame, as he is!


I hate tipping. I really do. I mean, I have no problem with paying a little extra for the server/ stylist / delivery person. But I wish it was just built into the price. Tipping is awkward.


I started a new job a few weeks ago. Our team of eight is in a two-room office in the back of our building. It's usually just my boss and I as the other team members are in and out all day. My boss is freaking HOT. Tonight we were working late as he was showing me how to navigate some of the computer programs. A couple times I messed up and clicked on the wrong thing. Each time, my boss said, "It's okay, baby." He has younger kids so I'm sure it's just a slip-up (I do it too sometimes to other people). But damn. It made me catch my breath. I realized that I'm pretty attracted to him. Oh boy.

Married mother of four, 46


The first 11 years I knew my wife, she was very pro-abortion.  It was a woman's right, etc. etc.  Under any circumstance, she said, a man should not be telling a woman what to do with her body.

And then after 11 years, she became pregnant.  A few months later, she could feel the baby the kicking inside her.  Our son was born.  His brother followed a few years later.

No surprise, she's now pro-life.  She's now the first to wonder why a woman would kill such a sweet, innocent creature as a baby.

Some of us learn by thought, some of us learn by experience.


I just don't even understand how the "Harvey Weinstein" types of sexual assaults even happen these days.  I understand situations where someone is a straight up rapist and does bad bad shit to a woman.  I understand how there can be some vagueness in flirtatious situations and a line might be crossed if you're not paying attention to the signals being given.  I can even understand the brush by on the butt  when passing in close proximinty  (though I DO NOT condone any of the above by the way, I just understand it....)

I DO NOT understand someone whipping out their dick and rubbing one out whlie some woman is forced to look on in horror. I DO NOT understand having a subordinate at work or a prospective hire be brought or forced into a private situation (home, apartment, hotel room) where "oops!" your naked!!! I DO NOT understand how a man can look at a 14 year old and think that its ok to "Play Ball" on the field.

I mean what the fuck is wrong with some people.  That shit is just NEVER right.



Three UCLA basketball players were arrested in China for shoplifting. Trump has intervened. He is trying to get them released and returned to the US.

But isn't this exactly the kind of thing he said he'd stop? He is using his power to get special treatment for people he favors.

It is corrupt. It is cronyism. It is one set of laws for favored people, and a different set of laws for the rest of us. It is exactly what the Clintons have been doing.

Trump is now an official resident of the swamp.


If all of these sexual predators looked like Brad Pitt -there would be no sexual harassment complaints. Heavens help you if you dont live up to these women's ideal standards -then it is sexual harassment.They go to men's bedrooms and even get naked into bed  .Remember the case against the Kennedy kid in DC They were naked in bed when she decided no -and accused him of rape. Don't cry when no man ever looks at an America  woman again! European women are far sexier in any case than the ball busting American women!


If you want to be treated like a lady, dress and act like one. If you dress like a whore and show your body off like a street walker putting her goods on display the you will get treated as such. Yes going to the hotel room of someone in a position to promote you is a whore move. Meeting your boss after work for a "drink" is a whore move. As men we need you to separate yourselves from the droves of women that while not whores by trade, nonetheless use sex as a tool to gain an advantage. Women that separate themselves rarely suffer sexual harassment, no the "victims" (eye roll) are the fence riders that want the benefits of using sex to their advantage yet cry foul the moment it doesn't work out the way they had hoped. I wish that when a woman used the lure of sex to gain favor and then when they didn't put out men could claim harassment and the woman would lose all the favor she gained and have her reputation drug through the mud...but that would be fair and God knows we would hate to be fair. The evil white man must be subdued at all costs!!!

Let's be serious for a moment. The VAST majority of these women knew exactly what they were doing when they followed along and used the lure of sex to gain favor. The truth is they ended up in that hotel room because they knew full and well if they had said, no I am unwilling to come to your hotel room, I will meet you  in the lobby that the guy in the position of power would have told them to jump in a lake and used someone else. They knew this and went anyway hoping to gain favor with the lure of sex although most probably didn't actually intend on following through. Part of using the sex tool is exposing yourself to the harassment that comes with using it. Period. If you are a stripper you know you're gonna get your ass grabbed. If you are an aspiring anything and go to your bosses hotel're gonna get some funny business. Don't play stupid years later and try to right some "wrong". You played your part in it so shut your face.


Sexual accusations will be the left's new tool against anyone who disagrees with them.  Just watch in coming months how this will be used.

This now has become a weapon to silence those you not like, and like all weapons this will be used. innocents caught in the cross fire, well too bad.


How can a former firefighter get five years of control community , no jail time for rape involving a child younger than 10 . That's sick , I wouldn't want to live near a vile excuse of a human being by the way this is not on a "liberal" state.  What's wrong with these so call judges?


The latest Hollywood sex scandal: A big name actor/director walked a pretty actress to her car.

OMG what the hell was he thinking????!!!!!!???????


I get what you're saying. I do. But difficulty with grammar, sentence structure, vocabulary and overuse of interjections like "ya know" are often a symptom of a "physiological defect" or disorder. And it can be devastating to people with these challenges when they are assumed to be less intelligent or less competent.

I'm just saying to be kind because you can't always tell.


If you think that condemning sexual harassment means that women should dress modestly in order to be validated and respected, then you don't condemn sexual harassment at all. You condemn it for women *you* deem to be respectable, which misses the point entirely.

That attitude panders to a lack of self-control, as if a man is incapable of doing anything but being a pervert when an attractive woman is around. Just look at the language used in this conversation. "Well, what did you expect?" As if there isn't a choice involved.

Sorry not sorry, but I hate it when men think that women should "respect themselves" and cover themselves, and hold that as a condition for deserving basic decency. This is not the 50's. Women are not walking steaks waiting to be served to any hungry diner. What we do is not always for or about men. Your opinion of whether we should be deemed respectable should not depend on our gender. Get your head out of your ass


My friend sent me a photo he secretly took of his wife getting dressed. Very fine.


I apologized, because these are the things we hold onto until we die, and then people have regrets because death is the only thing that opens their eyes. It's about so much more than just right now


I was promoted. This fellow I work with was not. I became his boss. Now he spends his day with his office door closed doing absolutely nothing. I give him a project and a week later when I ask for a progress report he says he hasn't started. I'm going to fire him. My first firing. I don't get it though. You don't always get what you want in life. It's not a reason to shut down and ruin your career.


We hold a young woman responsible if she drinks too much, gets in a car, and kills someone.
Are we not to hold the same woman responsible if she drinks too much and has sex, then regrets it?


629 FYI It takes 2 to make a baby.


But Tommy doesn't know what pain is
He doesn't know who Jesus was or what praying is
How he be saved
From the eternal grave


I will cover as much of my daughter's college expenses as I could. I'll do my best to cover her living expenses. But I'm sure she'll call me and visit me when I'm older.


If a man ever tried to sexually assault me (I'm a sexual assault survivior), I'll kill him. I will not experience that horror ever again.


649 Maybe she needed for you to explain what you were trying to get her to do and why. It sounds like she misunderstood your intentions. You can love someone with all of your heart and still not be able to read their mind. Life and relationships would be so much easier if we could. 🙁 Don't give up on her just yet.


It's weird how quickly your views can change.  I fully support the anti sexual harassment wave sweeping the world but watching this one woman complaining and she has on a low cut top with a frigging cleavage window.  Seriously!?!


I don't mean to be mean but I'm just tired of people sharing stupid links or phrases into my Facebook , I spend like 80% of the time deleting and blocking them from showing on my feed .  I'm sorry but there's a reason I only befriend family to keep with them not to read bs posting by other obnoxious, social keyboard warriors.


At least my Dad is proud of me. He's not the best person by any means, but he actually understands me and my struggle, and doesn't shit on me for taking so long to learn life's lessons my own way. At least now, i can hear the recognition in his voice that I'm growing, and going in the right direction.

The only sad thing is, i wish our relationship was this good when i was younger. There were so many years of hatred and resentment. I want this healthier, loving relationship we have to last forever, but i know it won't. I thank God for this though. At least we get some years of happiness at all


I am so stupidly, wildly, ridiculously in love with you that when I think, when I dream of having you beside me it makes it hard for me to breathe. I would give anything for a few moments alone with you to put my hands on either side of your face and draw you into a dark, quiet little world of our own as we search each other with our lips and our souls. No one has ever come close to you. No one else will EVER come close to you.

I need you.


The "sloppy speech" cited previously is carelessness with grammar, tense, vocabulary, etc.  It's excessive use of crutch phrases such as YaKnow.  It was not a reference to physiological defects.


"Sloppy speech" can be from stuttering, cluttering, verbal apraxia, dysarthria, aphasia, a developmental articulation or language disorder, hearing loss, cleft palate, enlarged adenoids, anomia, spasmodic dysphonia, Asperger's syndrome, anxiety and probably a bunch of other things.

Be kind.


I wanted to say "Hey, can you try to do this thing which will vastly help our overall situation and will demonstrate to me that you care about me and us?"
She would routinely take this as a provocation. Conflict would ensue. All I wanted was some evidence that she actually cared about us. It progressed to the point where I was afraid to say anything. I stopped feeling connected because I didn't feel loved.
I have clarity about this unfortunate relationship. I like her. I like her personality, I adore our friendship, but she couldn't really love me.


Me, I'd rather go back to that moment when we were driving to AZ and you seduced me in the car, and finished me off in the hotel that night.

Sometimes people don't recognize happy when it happens.


My central heating stopped working. There was a lightening storm. The power went out. After that the heat no longer worked. It was clear what happened. A power surge must have blown the fuse on the giant air handler in the basement. I called a specialist. He never called back. Fuck 'em. Who needs these high school drop outs anyway. I googled for more info. I found the installation manual online. I read the specs. I figured out where the fuse was located - deep in the heart of the machine. The manufacturer does that on purpose so I'll have to hire a professional to take the unit apart. Fuck 'em again. I took the unit apart. I found the fuse. Yep blown. I replaced it. I put everything back together. Whole thing took me 4 hours. But now I have heat again. My secret, to hell with workmen. They are lazy overpaid slobs. Anyone can fix anything on their own.


I can only jerk off with my right hand. I've tried using my left hand but it feels awkward. It's like having sex with a stranger.


My bf doesn't know the lyrics to any songs. How do you get to be 25 years old and never ever listen to music?


I've stayed my distance... but you're in college now... and you turn 18 next week.  I hope I can behave myself.


Back in 1987 I worked for a book publisher as a programmer. In talking to the business people, they said they had a warehouse filled with books which never sold. I thought about and then created a computer program.  It was a database of all their books. The user could search for a title or category and then purchase the book.  There was no internet yet. Instead there were these things called electronic bulletin boards. That's where my program would run.  I showed this to the publisher. They said eh. They weren't interested.

It got me thinking though. The electronic bulletin boards were kind of awkward.  So I built a snazzy user interface where people could browse with a screen and a mouse instead of typing commands. I showed this to another company. They said eh. They weren't interested.

In looking back, I came out with Amazon and the first internet web browser.  This was 5 years before anyone else. But the people I showed it too had no vision. One of them actually said people won't access the outside world from their home computer...

These were my moments to believe in myself and pursue the ideas in spite of what others thought. I let them slip through my fingers. There has been no third opportunity.

To all, don't let this happen to you. Ignore the naysayers. Go for what you believe in!


I love not having kids.


I don't like being judged by people. It's why I stay away. I'm happy on my own. I don't need others to tell me what I'm doing wrong in life. All you critics, how about show a little support instead? Or offer words of encouragement.


I am 45, a female and single. I was married for 15 months in my 30's and getting my divorce decree probably was the happiest day of my life. I don't know how to be married. I don't know how to be in a relationship. I own my house,  change the oil on my car, do my own plumbing and electric, can do masonry and carpentry, I can cook and clean and sew and I make an upper 5 figure living while working part time - and I look smashing in a dress and heels. There is no one out there who I want to pretend I don't know how to do these things for. I don't have kids, never wanted them, got pregnant twice, got an abortion every time. I just can;t/don't know how to compromise I guess. And I am not sorry in the least for it.


36 Hang in there I stay because of my autistic child , many people think it's money but do little do they know that I don't give it a rat ax about his money, he always complains about the ex wife asking for more money every time his income increased , not just that but supposedly when this women got remarried she took half of the second ex husband too , and he met her she was dating a 70 year old guy while she was on college. I think he got punished enough , I can be many things but a money hungry, gold digger I'm not .  In fact if I would leave tomorrow I wouldn't want or expect any money from him. I can make my own , I'm not afraid of work , I was financially independent when I met him , making close to 6 figures a year .


I hate how hotmail tries to second guess what I'm typing.  I want to enter a smiley face with the colon and parenthesis. Like this :)  But hotmail tries to replace my characters with their icon of a smiley face.  Dopes. I have an older computer. I don't have their icons installed.  So their smiley comes up as a file not found icon. Fuck you hotmail. I'm trying to type something simple and instead I get an error - as do the recipients of my email. It's so stupid. When I choose to type something, leave it the fuck alone.


Sometimes I want to go back to the way I thought when I was younger.  I've noticed that when I was younger, I kind of didn't care about many things, I was sort of care free, if it happens, it fucking happens, otherwise, I did not care.  Nowadays, in my late 30s, I am much more scared of what happens if I do something.  Coincidentally, I work full time, now.  Could it be that I have something more to lose, now?  I miss the 'I don't care' phase, that phase where I did not care what other people thought, or their feelings.


People ask why I don't get divorced. I can't tell them it's because I have no friends. Without my spouse I am nothing.


A few secrets:

1. I'm really tired of talking to guys and trying to get to know them. They're so emotionally guarded, it's exhausting. You tell them one thing they don't want to hear and it's like you've whipped their hearts with a rod. Come out and play

2. As I get older, it's become much clearer to me why people don't talk to their siblings as they get older. The issues I have with my siblings are deeply rooted and longstanding, and it's made me *very* resentful of them as people.

3. I was left tongue-tied when a guy I've fucked before asked me why I stopped hitting him up. I couldn't really say in front of others that his dick game was weak and I moved on. I get bored of people really quickly

4. I think I want to date a woman. Not because things aren't working out with men, but because there's so much less to explain to a woman. They already speak my language. But I'm scared of being bad at eating pussy

5. Sometimes I don't care for anyone at all, not even myself. It's kind of nice


Sloppy speech is a sign of sloppy thinking.



I was supposed to hear back from a job interview yesterday. I didn't. I guess that's a no.


Damn life is fucking painful. Wish I could get a lobotomy. I'm sorry for everything that happened to you.


Please parents out there , be careful on spoiling you children and have them everything handed to them. My husband has my child so spoiled that I can no longer say no to him unless I want a serious melt down, I know he probably feels guilty because her being on the austistic spectrum , she has other 3 kids out of the house who think they are God giving gift to humanity and can't do no wrong.  He paid for their college tuitions even went as far as covering their living expenses so didn't have to work during college and concentrate while on school. Well now they all graduated debt free , have good career going for them and they don't even bother to call him or visit anymore, they are probably just waiting for him to die so they can cash on their inheritance, it's sad now I'm stuck unhappy with a spoiled brat that I can't correct or say anything because she goes crying to Dad and him being such an expert raising three more kids who are doing well , he sees himself as a know all when it comes to parenting but yet his older kids haven't spoke or visit him on over 4 years and every time I said something I'm the one who's ended being the ahole.


I risk it all to give my testimony to Mueller. Dear God. No where to hide.


FTI, some women don't want children.
Why? I don't want to give that gift to any man. You put a child in me, and now I'm supposed to praise you while you're still technically free to flee?
Fuck of. My body is off limits.
Never caving into the "norm". -___- 🖕🏻


I hope we get to see sea turtles together again someday. I think when that happens my happiness will be eternal once more, because now it only lasts a few moments at a time..



I know we don't talk now, and we're both in relationships...but knowing you are alive and well makes things feel less painful. Especially since I feel like I can't live without you. Sometimes we make mistakes that ruin us forever.
I hope to see you again some day.


The way my boyfriend talks kind of annoys me. I don't say anything because I don't want to be that girlfriend who nitpicks and criticizes. He casually refers to people and things as “motherfuckers” and overuses the word “savage.” Like, do you think you could refer to people and things by their names, maybe? Could you find other words to use in place of “savage”?

He can be super picky and snooty about things and has to say that it's disgusting. To me, “disgusting” is a pretty strong word that I reserve for things that truly gross me out, and I like to choose my words carefully. Ughhh I'm tired of hearing it. Is it really THAT bad every time something doesn't agree with you? Ugh he says it with such  snooty conviction. It reminds me of an extremely picky child who turns their nose up at anything that they don't like as though it was rancid meat being put under their nose.

It bugs me for some reason when he uses the word “pup” instead of “puppies.” I don't know why this bothers me. “Pup” just sounds stupid.

Besides these things, he's great and treats me well.

I know this probably sounds really petty...that's why I'm spilling this to the cave and not anyone see, I have a degree in linguistics, and sometimes other people's use of language annoys me...and i can't help it. I feel like an asshole because of it, so I make it a point not to tell people when their usage annoys me.


i wonder if knowing that you caused me pain feels good to you.


Never give up. Better things (and people) are always on the horizon!


I just got a Brazilian for the first time in ages :D Ah feels so good, it's like returning back to myself.  It's the feeling of taking a bra off times a hundred :D :D Can't wait to go take this smooth skin for a ride this weekend ;)

F/28/feelin' alive & sexy


Too bad for you. They are going strong and steady! She's not going anywhere! 💕


I know why Trump is hated so vilely.  

Trump represents America giving the middle finger to Leftism and its socialist/collectivist ideology.  

We have a generation of Democrat leaders who were weaned on the glories of socialism and communism in college.  Finally, they got one of "their own" in office, and they went rampant with pushing identity politics, universal health care, global appeasement, radical environmentalism, gun control, open borders, global warming, and every imaginable socialist policy they could think of.  America just got sick of it.

Had Ted Cruz or Mark Rubio beaten Hillary Clinton, it would have only been a sign that America was turning its back on Leftism.  But Trump?  Trump is not just America turning its back on Leftism, Trump is America's "fuck you" to the Leftists.  Trump is a signal to the globalists that America would rather have an uncouth, obnoxious loud mouth than the best that the Dems could offer.

Can you imagine how much of a shock it would be if your ideology was not just voted out of office, but got replaced with a shit-throwing orangutan?  You'd sure as hell be hating that man, too.

And this Roy Moore guy in Alabama. He's probably a pedophile - but mark my words, people would rather have a pedophile than a Leftist as their senator.


I can't stop thinking of killing myself. I have for years and years but it's different this time. Gray and cold and slipping away. I finally lost all of my friends. Not that I was trying but now there's nothing left. I feel so so bad. Goddamn it. I'm so scared.


602- I heard there was a study that found the happiest people are single women, followed by married men, followed by married women, then single men. Marriage can be wonderful, but it's not for everybody. I have mad respect for any woman that chooses to remain single. Maybe she just wants to live her life and not have to deal with anybody else's bullshit.


I work for a friend, but I don't feel valued.  It leaves me feeling empty.  I should leave this place but i'm afraid to start over. I'm not sure what the best course of action is.


Retirement sucks. I hate retirement. I was much happier going to work everyday. It gave me a purpose. I'm lost doing nothing.


It was something else last night to sit at the bar then see a really good-looking 25 year old guy walk in, and make the girls melt. As a guy, it made me feel jealous seeing him borrow a smoke from a girl,  then they proceeded to go and sit together and talk he could have had any girl in the bar but one day he'll be older sitting where I am seeing the same thing


I have had my crotch grabbed on numerous occasions, the most recently in Las Vegas.  Standing at the craps table, I feel a tap on my shoulder.  Turn to face a woman with three friends.  She looks me dead in the eye, smiles, says hi and grabs my crotch.  Raises one eyebrow playfully and walks away.

Did I feel violated? No.  It gave me a great story but I guess that is the point.  Men and women are different.

I would never do that to a woman and I know what would happen if I did.  She got away with it with a laugh from the table and I am OK with it.  Double standards are OK in my book.


I was miserable in college. I had no money. Every day was a struggle to find enough food. I was so distracted from my studies. I started stealing food form the local supermarket. If I had gotten caught I would have been thrown out of school. The pressure drove me nuts. But I had no choice. I couldn't keep eating ketchup packets from McDonalds and pretend it was a meal. It makes me so sad to this day. I could cry.

(I'm male, successful, 61, but still crushed by what I went through.)


When men are perverts, people are outraged.  When women are perverts, nobody cares.  Classic sexism.


I hope she dumps him!


I'm so fucking tired of it.  She always abuses people, and makes people feel sorry for herself.  Always a sob story after yelling at people.  Fuck her.


I think men watch porn and think of themselves as the women a lot.


The older I get the more I realize some men (most men?) would like a homo erotic experience. After 10 years of marriage my husband started asking me to kiss him while I still had his semen in my mouth. He'd stick his tongue in my mouth and play with his semen. I think it's something men do, experimenting with the idea of being with a man.


You know what? I slept great and I'm having a great day! I don't let miserable fuckers pull me into their storms! 🌈


I have fucked men who were married. Fucked their lives right up. Those women deserved better, or half the shit. I did them all favors.


My sister in law flirts with men and uses them for money. When she doesn't put out, they flip out on her and call her names like “slut, bitch hooker...” you name it. Seriously? You were completely fine being a sucker when you knew well why she was doing anything with you & you were using her as an accessory & now that she won't fuck you, you're pissed? Be someone worth fucking or sue her  😂


I love how I can make a man so excited that white goo shoots out of his penis.  It's like magic!

For my next trick, I'd like to make my kitchen sink so excited that white wine shoots out of the faucet!


There's a reason the are call fantasies, it most likely not happen but it's nice to think about the possibility. I'm sure they are plants of men who fantasie about having sex with other person besides their wife but it's just that a thought. Would they be able it to do it if the opportunity present its self? Maybe , who knows, even if they did it might not turn out to be what they were expecting, since they pictured certain way and let's be honest , sex can be awkward the first time with an unknown person or the first time with the person.

P.S I fantasie to have sex with Justin Trudeau 😂😂, maybe my fantasies should be more realistic.


....or end up on tv as one of the man-hating cows on "The View."


I have a female friend who is 55 years old. She has never been married. It's a shame. She's delightful. She's kind, funny, and good looking.

I've often tried to analyze what goes in on in her head. Why has she never had a serious relationship? I'm not sure what to make of it, but here's something that came up recently.  She was involved with a community project for three days.  It was 14 hours each day spent running an event. Many people were involved, but she worked very closely with this new fellow she had just met. It seemed like they bonded.

A few days later he sent her a text.  He started the message with "Hey sexy, how's it going..."

If I was the recipient, I'd laugh that off. I'd be pleased he wrote.  I'd be pleased he was thinking of me.

Instead, my female friend was a bit incensed. She thought it offensive he called her sexy. Why? She is sexy. He was being honest and cutesy and fun.

But she shut him down with a hard smack. I'm sure he's out of the picture forever. He's not coming back.

But why does she do that?  Why take offense. Why interpret his opening volley as something sinister? He's a guy. He found her intriguing. Might he want to have sex with her one day? Sure, but what's wrong with that? That's what human beings do, they have sex. And saying "Hello Sexy" isn't gross. It's not like starting a text saying "Yo baby I want to fuck your pussy sideways".  He was being light hearted.

Anyway, she's single all these years and I think it's because this delightful woman has built this wall that no man can scale. If anyone has more insight, I'd love to hear it.


America has become a man-hating society.It is indoctrinating young women. Don't cry when your daughter ends up alone and childless.Think before you speak.


I don't believe you when you say you never had a thing for her. Why the fuck did you talk about her so much then. Stupid fucking men, you're all the same.


I had a dream about a boss from 20 years ago. Jesus Christ get the fuck out of my head you cretin. What a disgusting man he was. My dreams are my dreams, go the fuck away.


It's not widely understood that we are a nation of laws. The laws are indifferent to talking points. The people in government generally have a background in law. Many of them have law degrees from elite colleges. They have a finely tuned understanding of how the government should function.
That is exactly why I would never willingly board an airplane with Captain Twitter Fingers from TV land in the cockpit. It's just that simple.


I wish my wife was more adventurous in the bedroom. Sometimes she'll talk sexy. In the middle of sex she'll mention how she'd like to have someone else in there with us. Usually it's a man. One man in particular. She says she wants me to watch while he does her. Then she says she wants to watch while he does me. She gets very graphic about what he should do to both me and her.

The thing is, it's all just talk on her part.  Well, I think it's all just talk. I don't think she'd ever do these things. What she doesn't get is that I'd be willing. I'd have this guy in our bedroom. I'd do all the things she has said. I'd suck him off while she watches. I have have him cum in my mouth. I'd show her. I'd swallow in front of her. I would do all that.

She just needs to show me she's sincere about wanting this to happen and I'd make it so.

I don't get wives. Why not be adventurous? Why not generate a memorable thrill? Do wives get to their death bed and say, "I'm so glad I didn't have a threesome and watch my husband do naughty things with another man. Because that would have been so boring..." No. No wife could ever say it would be boring. So why not give it a try?


571 Never beg....ever.


588 I think anyone could be president. For 8 years we had a guy who never had a real job before, unless community organizer is thing.
Was it a good idea? hell no.


I think I'm bored of sex... so finally had sex with my super religious gf who i do Love but is a complete nutcase, the other day. It was a good night and everything was perfect except as soon as we get down to business.... I do the deed except I can't be bothered.... I get bored .... then I go soft cause she doesn't orgasm fast enough and then I'll blame it on something it isn't


Time moves faster when you are older. A year used to be such a long time. Now it feels like it goes by in a month.


526. You were always enough. That's just the story you told yourself.


568: my soul was a little crushed, that's my favorite but at least you're honest.


580: Agree, I've been wondering about this myself....


571-You're not alone brother! I also feel your pain for the exact same reasons. It all started out fine, but she hasn't had any income in almost 20 years too! I'm feeling more like her father then her husband, by having to take care of her. This is not what I signed up for 34 years ago!


Can an average joe with zero experience fly an airplane? Maybe. Can they be a magistrate at your local municipal court house, probably not. Would you get some guy down at the local tv station to extract a tooth? No in most cases if you know what is good for you.

Can a game show host be president? Obviously, yes, but is it a good idea? Obviously, no.

You see, just because a person believes that they are capable of doing a job doesn't mean shit in the real world. Maybe you're good at flipping hamburgers, or listening to customers bitch at a call center, but that will never mean you are God's gift to the workforce.

Some people value their own time and they value a quality job which only can be provided with years of experience. People who actually know how to do things don't brag about it. That's tacky.


So, she was mindlessly begging me to fuck her and I sort of laughed it off knowing that I could if I wanted to, fully intending to follow through. She made me cum in my pants. I was just trying to do the right thing.
Then she had the nerve to say that I assaulted her. I loved her. That's why I was taking it slow.
God I'm stupid.


das juden kinder starb.


570 I am with you!  No call, no show?  No more invite.  I had a couple that totally ingnored my party, after i spent money and made sure enough liquor, food etc...  then saw me and said sorry, we'll make it next time.  
I told next time for you.  People suck sometimes.


Men don't like to put food on the table in a house where the woman treats him like shit.


Women don't like to have sex with men who treat them like shit. There's no reason this should be such a big secret.


Sometimes helping others can be painful. I hate getting the feels.


I don't know about all these upcoming lawsuits alleging sexual harassment of women. Seems like some men get caught and others do not. It's not fair. I want all men to pay. I think there should be a tax on men. A pool of money could be created and split evenly to all women. That would be fair.


I don't understand men who feel justified in cheating on their wives, but yet won't divorce them.


Should I feel guilty about fucking other women if my wife refuses to have sex with me???  We've fucked 1 time in the last ten years, and even then she didn't want to do it.

Should I feel guilty???


Given the way I'm feeling right now, I wouldn't mind not making it to 40.


Dear wife:

If we don't have sex, we are just annoying roommates.


Husband of 18 years


I wish that God would give all of the religious folk what  they want and take them to Heaven. They're certainly not doing the rational thinking among us any good.


My dog just got nailed by a skunk.  Happy Sunday!


At my predominantly male work place, I am the one people go to for their technical issues.
This has been the case for at least the last 7 years.
(I am not in IT)  
30 f


Men always seem to brag about how their sister-in-law is sexy and flirtatious with big tits and how they're fucking her.  It sounds dangerous and forbidden.  My sister-in-law is a bit of a troll.  Nice woman, though.


This is for you if you lost a loved spouse. It is 4 1/2 years since my beautiful wife of 26 years passed. From the day she left this earth I was crushed. We were friends for 30 years, we had a strong marriage. Then one day, it is over. From bliss to misery. One day she is here, the next she is gone. Now, I am at peace. The lesson learned is the bereavement is one minute, one hour, one day at a time. If you can do that you will survive. I barely made it.


My wife does nothing to help. I have to beg to get her to lift a finger. And when she does finally cave in, she makes sure to put in the least amount of effort possible.

I'll give you an example. Someone gave her a small house plant. She of course did nothing with it. She never watered it and it died. Even though I pointed out she should water it.

Once it was dead I asked if she could throw it out. No she couldn't. That would be work carrying the plant to the garbage can. Over the course of months I asked. I begged. I pleaded. Finally I yelled. That's what it always takes with her, she makes me be the bad guy and raise my voice. I can politely ask 10 times and get nowhere. She always makes me yell to get her to do anything.

She brought the plant as far as the back door and left it on the porch.

It stayed there for months. The cycle began again. I asked if she could THROW THE PLANT OUT. No she couldn't. Here we go again. I asked. I begged. I pleaded. Finally I yelled.

She then moved the plant off the porch and put it next to the garage door. It would be too much work to open the garage door and put the dead plant in the garbage can.

It sat by the garage door for months. I didn't want to yell anymore. She takes away all my mental energy. She wins. She always wins. I finally tossed the plant into the garbage can.

This entire event ordeal of the plant took a year. One year to move a small dead plant from the kitchen to the garbage can 30 feet away!!!!! Now multiply that by me asking her to put away a box she took down from the attic. Return an item of clothing she decided she didn't want. Mail a bowl back to Amazon because it came in the wrong color.

She does none of these things. The items just sit around the house for a year until I take care of them. My house is littered with things she was supposed to take care of. I trip over these things until I get so frustrated that I take care of it myself.

You might wonder why I don't take care of these things sooner? Because I have a job and I have my own chores and it's a matter of principle. I am not here to clean up her problems. She's supposed to be a responsible adult who helps in this family unit. She is not a princess who has man servants doing these things for her.

I think she is the most passive aggressive evil person I know. I think she leaves everything undone as a way to annoy me. Who runs their life that way? Purposely trying to annoy her husband. It's sort of the opposite of what we agreed to in the marriage vows.


I️ host quite a few fun, large parties throughout the year. My house is kind of known as a party house, as I have no children, make good money, and I love having people over. However, I get incredibly annoyed when I invite people and they say they are coming and consult with me as to what they want to bring or what to wear, and then just don't show up without explanation.

It's not that hard to send a text to let me know that you won't be able to make it, or in the next couple of days after the fact to let me know that you were unable to come. Common courtesy. That's always fine and appreciated.

So, that's always the last invitation that person receives.  It's ruffled more than a few feathers, and I have no problem sunnily saying to a person who approaches me “oh jeez!, I just assumed you weren't interested in coming over anymore after you were a no-show the last time.”

Then it's done. I don't offer another invite or talk shit about them, I just keep it moving. I spend a lot of money based on a headcount and exert a tremendous amount of effort to ensure that my guests have a good time.


559: You should really talk to a police officer or a lawyer.  They can take care of you if you choose to get a divorce.  They don't play kindly to aggressive people.  They will let you get a restraining order, or send him to jail if he gets violent or stalks anybody.


Since were all confessing here, I hate Costco pizza with a passion. Everybody raves about how great Costco pizza is. It's under $10 and you get a huge pizza. You can get everything on it for the same price. That pizza is so soggy and rubbery. I'd rather pay extra and go to a fancier place


I know that nobody is going to respond to this, but I'll post it anyway.

My secret?  I hate Papa John's pizza.  It's the soggiest, most gross pizza I have ever tasted.  Every single time I'm with somebody who wants pizza, they order Papa John's.  I always act grateful, but deep down I am disgusted.  I eat the pizza anyway, because I want to respect the people I am with.  The last time I've been with people who ordered pizza that wasn't Papa John's was 2009.

I feel guilty and upset with myself for admitting this, and not saying anything to anybody until now.


I don't know man. I'm more computer savvy than my husband. Not because I'm smarter, but because I'm more patient and take time to figure things out and find solutions. I've learned a lot along the way.


When I have technical computer questions and I go online to seek out an answer, I'm much happier when a guy answers. There is a far better chance he knows the solution. This is so sexist of me, but you all know I'm right.



I also do my own work around the house. I've painted rooms, tiled bathrooms, laid down wood flooring, reshingled parts of the roof, fixed broken pipes. All because of what I've learned from DIY people posting the How To information online. I've saved a fortune. Another thing too, I do better work than the "professionals". It's my house. I put in the extra effort to cut a tile just right so it fits perfectly. More people should do their own work. It's satisfying and it forces the professionals to keep their prices in line.


I have quit alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes.

I have not been able to quit binge eating chocolate or picking. I don't do either of those often, but when I do I go all out.

I am proud of the hard work it has taken to give up so many unhealthy, self-sabatoging behaviors, and yet I still feel like I have so far to go.

It has been years already.

God help me.  

I don't know how to turn off the compulsion in my brain once it's triggered. It is a very painful cycle. It hurts. It isn't even enjoyable in the moment.

I feel so much guilt, shame and remorse.

How much more time until I can heal from this shit?!


To the young woman who (wrongly) suggested that I was sexually harassing her in the office- you don't know that LinkedIn shows you who's looking at your profile.  I can guess you're looking at my Facebook profile, too.  That's the difference between people who do that shit for attention and those of us who are actually wronged by people.  I haven't cared to look at any of your online profiles since you left this place.


30 years ago I was a young office worker early in my career.  My boss would occasionally leave messages and let me know she had a personal issue and wouldn't be able to make it that day.  It wasn't a problem, of course.  Life gets in the way sometimes.

One day- one time- I had to do the same.  I had a personal issue and couldn't come in.  I left her a message.  The next day, I got a message from her.  Wow, was she pissed that I had taken a personal day for personal reasons and hadn't cleared it with her first!  You would have thought the world had come to an end.

For years I would think that that's the way it went.  The boss gets to do what he or she wants, the rest of us have rules to follow.  Now that I'm older... no.  Work rules apply to everybody in the office.  If I tell my subordinates that I have to take a personal day when something comes up, that applies to everybody, down to the office admin at the front desk.

I used to think that boss I had years ago was an okay boss, but now I'm realizing she was shitty.


558: You are The Man! Talk about having your cake and eating it too....


Oh my God I hate fucking being married! If I file for divorce he will kill me, or hunt down my family and shoot up their fucking church. So I'll just stay. Never have sex again, be yelled at, berated, abused. What the fuck. Death might actually be better than this, but of course he knows that. That's why he'll kill people I love.


I'm fucking my wife's sister. Once every 7-10 days I drive over to her place about 90 minutes away and we spend the entire day together. I arrive and we have coffee and talk a bit, then we climb into bed relax, have sex, catch some zzzz's. Mid day we go out for a movie or lunch come back and do more, then I leave about 6 or so.

Annie is divorced and wants a man on a regular basis, but does not want a man living with her.  As she tells me she went through a mental list of every man she knew for 6 months and the pros and cons of each for an arrangement such as this, and kept coming back to me. She is the one that proposed this, and Yes she got the approval of her sister also. m59


I had a dream about her. When I awoke, everything seemed right again. She had been there to help me see that there is magic in this world.

I want her to hug me and tell me that it will be alright.

She looked after the kids. The oldest kid gets to be the mom's personal assistant. She could do most of this reasonably well, but the weight of it was too much. That's how we met. In a place where time doesn't really exist. It's the twilight between who we were and oblivion.



Sometimes I think I still miss you. But then I remember the womanizing alcoholic with no soul and no heart, totally obsessed with his own dick ( just like his father).

And I feel better.


Crowded concert at a nightclub.  I am at/near the front by myself but I can feel people surging towards the stage at times.  I take it upon myself to hold back the crowd.  The women dancing just to the front and side of me thank me profusely.  Then the serious hottie of the group is getting drunkenly pawed at every 5 minutes by randos.  So I start providing cover for her.  All is well and she is extra thankful.  A VIP section stage left invites their mixed group to join randomly.  One of their group is motioning to the hottie to include me.  I see a little shake of her head.  I get left behind.  Fuck it.  It was the right thing to save them BUT

fuck if I'll do that again.

M 45 MGTOW believer


Straight out of university, I was assigned a teaching post at a high school with a rather tough reputation.  During that time, while out in the school grounds one day on yard duty during a recess break, I was threatened by a kid whom I had taken to task for throwing some rubbish.  I didn't teach this kid, but when I reported the incident to the deputy principal and we identified the kid from class photographs, I learnt that he was a known troublemaker.  I taught his twin sisters, and they were no problem, and he also had an elder brother at the school who also wasn't regarded as a problem.  Just him.

I left teaching after two years for a career change.  I never regretted it, and in my retirement am now on far better retirement benefits than I would have been had I remained in teaching.  Some years ago, I discovered that the elder brother of this troublemaker kid was running a website and message board for ex-students of that high school (which closed and was demolished years ago because of the changing demographic profile of its area).  From that website I learnt that that kid that threatened me had died a few days before his eighteenth birthday as a result of a car accident.  I can't say that I regret that, either.


With all the knowledge that is available for free on YT and Pinterest and alt. why wouldn't one diy around the house? I have saved so much money over the years, doing my own plumbing, electric, cement work, landscaping, upgrading around the house...all it takes is a little bit of time and a basic set of tools (but of course, the more, the better).



I'll never marry him but I will love and fuck him.


A MEE TOO Modest Proposal:

I totally agree with this MEE TOO STUFF - - Every word of it.

Since the NY Times (allegations - that destroy a man's finances & career) and the social (justice warrior) media everywhere has deemed themselves constitutional experts in the rule of law - I say, we put ALL MEN in concentration camps.  

WHY - because they are MEN   This is the MEE TOO age.    All men are guilty of sexual assault (on allegations - and need to be outed - -  without due process of law) or will be guilty at some point in the future.

Let's lock all the men away in a concentration camp like the Nazi's did to the Jews.  

Like the United States of America did to the Japanese CITIZENS OF AMERICA during WWII - let's intern ALL MEN until further notice - on account of being a man.

We'll call them "MEE TOO MAN PRISONS" - and we won't wait until a crime is committed.  We'll take them as soon as they are born - and put them in prison.


All of the stories that people are sharing about the time(s) they were assaulted have made me feel a lot better about the times that I was assaulted. I blamed myself for years, and I had friends and family members alike tell me that I was a liar.

I'm so glad that people are being exposed for being predatory. I hope it doesn't stop. No one deserves to be harassed, assaulted, raped, or any combination thereof. Women don't deserve it, men don't deserve it, absolutely no one deserves to be victimized.

Maybe one day we will live in a world that actually punishes predatory behavior instead of being indifferent to it.

If you're shared your story with the world, you're my hero. I know how painful it is to come forward and not be believed. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


My gym teacher in elementary school was mean to me. He made me sit in dog shit. There were 28 kids in the class. He announced we had to break into 4 teams of 8. I commented that we should break into teams of 7. He took offense at me correcting him. In front of everyone he made me sit in dog shit. It was more than humiliating. If he pulled a stunt like that today he would have been arrested. But back then it was okay for a teacher to be the bully. About a month after that incident, he died. His heart stopped. He was about 40. Now it is many years later. I think about him sometimes. I'm never mean to anyone. God is watching.


I miss him.

I miss his voice.
The sound of his laugh.

I miss the texting, the dreaming, the longing.

But it's gone.

Him, the dream, the wishes, the hope.

All gone.


I'll always love you and be here for you no matter what...💕


My wife = drug addict. My wife is a useless suburban soccer mom junkie. She refuses help. She says she doesn't need it. She thinks it's perfectly fine to forget to pick up our son after soccer practice. She justifies it by saying it all worked out in the end. Yes it worked out because I'm constantly rushing around cleaning up these messes she creates. Part of me hopes she overdoses on whatever she's sticking up her nose this week.


I've been struggling with depression since childhood. I can remember as far back as 5 years old. Upon the first few seconds of waking up each morning, I am half asleep and half aware of the "reality" that I can sense in five different ways. I am in bliss because I am not fully conscious of the truth but also am somewhat aware that things in front of me are tangible. As much as I try to hold onto this in all sorts of ways, I cannot help but to gain full awareness, the heaviness starts to sink morphine injected into your IV. I am slipping back in to the void I always knew. This isn't where I want to be. This is a purgatory, where I am encased. I begin to feel claustrophobic under this atmosphere; on this planet. The world where I retreat to inside holds more than three dimensions, but it is also a maze. I never know what I will run into but all I know is that I have to keep moving--much like it is here "reality". I very well know that I am giving out in exhaustion. All I want to do is sleep because I am always homesick. I don't belong here and I don't believe in peace on earth.


Despite all the great expectations...ya just can't go back


I have never cheated on girlfriend but i can understand how some women can drive a man to an affair. I am not condoning that behavior & it happens both ways, i am just sympathetic.
I once dated this girl that turned out to be really cold, abusive and demeaning to me, sharing the same home became unbearable...
I would stay late at work so i didnt have to deal with her once i got home. She would put me down all the time,.I thought it was perhaps some superiority complex issue, she was white i am black i couldnt understand how you can claim to love someone and want to tear them down all the time.
Anyhow, i ended the relationship, years later i found out she was a lesbian all along.
She basically hated all men, especially
4 years of my life i will never get back..
Fuck that bitch!!!


These people cheat and wonder why their spouse hates them. Smh


I've become what i disdain the individual operating my life with a victim mentality. I've allowed you to issue too much hurt and pain and manipulation and deceit upon me...allowed it. i could have walked away at anytime. it is not as though we have a "future". that.... for many reasons, has always been impossible. so remaining in this pain and emotional sickness with you has simply been self indulgence. i am no longer capable of even holding up the mask of trying to be an appropriate adult person under the weight of the pain we have forged together. i need to disengage. i need to retreat and insulate. i need that to be my decision...or at a minimum come to a place of serenity as you level disengagement upon me as a punishment for my "transgressions" of my emotional melt down of last night when i feared you were lying and feared your abandonment.  somehow...writing it here for strangers to possibly read...holds me to the reality of my culpability for what it is. hopeless disfunction that needs to stop.  and it's up to me


Just divorce me, you fucking pussy twat. What the fuck are you waiting for? Maybe she's nice to you I used to be...because she doesn't yet realize who you really are. A piece of shit worthless, brainless idiot...who can't make me prgasm and never could.


Can you spot the difference?

I go to my girlfriend's apartment yesterday a bit before noon and she's got my favorite sandwich ready for my lunch. We take a nice long shower, teasing, not fucking, just touching and light kissing. We dry each other off, get in bed, have a nice slow fuck and nap. Wake up, have a nice conversation about interesting topics. I leave, go home.

Wife starts in on me before I make it inside the house. I've got my car keys in one hand, grocery bag in the other and she is bitching me out because I bought the wrong percent milk. It just goes on from there, another shitty Friday night. She alternates between ignoring me and criticizing me. I can't remember the last time we had sex.

So don't wonder why I'm having an affair.


I feel like I want to be out of the dating game forever. Everyone I've met just doesn't fit. I have no hope.



It sounds like the men on your family didn't have many ambitions or goals on life, I had both type on my family strong males (ambitions and goal horiente) but I also have very strong females , my grandfmother was a great sales person she even had a company car ( they were only given to top sales people on her company) my mother is the same she runs and own a small business and my father doesn't believe in gender roles he believes women are as capable as men the problem with my parents it was both wanted to be on top of their careers and it was impossible because my fathers job required constantly moving around , so my mother had no choice but to become a home stay mom and ended up divorcing when I was a teen .  Sometimes it's impossible to have all , it's all about balance and priorities.


I'm beginning to think that men are just fancy apes... It's unfortunate. I really don't want to have to think this about a particular sex, but I feel I'd be denying reality.

For example, men will succumb to anger, competition, sexual advances, and generally be opportunistic if the situation calls for it. (Of course there are women who do this, but I feel it is less common.)

All throughout my life, it's always the women who have been strong and 'wore the pants in the family'.  Looked over the finances, made more money, were more engaged in life itself ... and then there were the men who were along for the ride.   My mother made 2x as much as my father while they were working.  Along with income, she was generally much more ambitious - wanting start businesses, interested in real estate, etc.

Even my therapist I've been seeing... she hasn't said it explicitly, but from the advice she gives me it seems like men need to be 'reigned in', taught, pushed, and treated like children at some points. Is this really true??? Would I need to act like a mother to my future partner?  Would I need to really 'keep an eye out' so he's not cheating or doing something stupid?

Perhaps men are just creatures who want to keep to themselves. Not sure. I'm not trying to be offensive, just trying to figure this all out.


My son [he is 22] is my closest friend. I really enjoy his company. We talk about so many interesting things. I'm not sure this is healthy though. I should probably back away and allow him more time with people his own age.


It news to me to read about husbands who don't have sex with their wives because these men have lost their sex drive. Me, I'm almost 60 (male) and my libido is the same as when I was 20.


i remember.
best for last.


People at work treat me like I'm from another planet because I can actually answer a question intelligently. "How do you know all this??" You do realise the internet can also be used for learning, right?


My hot water stopped working. This is problem one. I have to take frigid showers. Problem two. I can't jerk off in a frigid shower. It was the only private spot in the house. So now I can't jerk off at all. This can't go on. Mr. Plumber, get here quick. It's an emergency.


My town has a $100 million budget. This money is raised through property taxes.  $85 million of that goes to the schools. That's insane. We are spending far too much money teaching kids. You know how much it costs for a child to sit down and read a book? Zero. You know how much it costs for a child to practice math problems on a piece of paper? Zero.

Kids can learn for free if they are motivated.  But instead, we spend boatloads of money thinking it will enhance their learning. We give them sports fields, and computers, and auditoriums. No. Stop it. Tell these children and their parents to go read a book for free. They don't need the rest of these perks.

Public school Education has to be the mostly costly scam ever thrust upon the world.



I cant imagine to marry someone for just money or sex. Both are fleeting/momentary... if you marry someone you don't like and/or respect, you're really fucked in the long run... Once, a very wealthy man offered to marry me (his first wife received a couple millions in divorce settlement). He said, he knew instantly that he wanted to marry me. I have the feeling, that in a weird way, it could have worked. However, I didn't really like him. I guess, there went a financially carefree lifestyle of not ever having to work a real job. And free time and travel. I couldn't do it, because my heart wasn't in it. My current partner is well off, we both work and know that we'll be together until the day we die...


494...Yesss, I am mostly great and into scandalous primal fucking sessions with a woman until i fall in love with the woman, then somehow i respect her too much to do those things with & to her.
It always confuses me...the brain is funny that way sometimes. I call it the "Rental car Effect"...Lol
I gently make love to a woman i love and care about but if i dont love or care for you in that sense besides the primal physical attraction to each other, we are definitely "FUCKING" the car, Garage,packing lot, Bathroom, living room, Bedroom, finger up your ass, anal, tying you
I once drove to a womans place of work in the middle of the day finger fucked & went down on her in the packing lot...when we were done i took off her panties & kept them...she went back to work commando style.
So yes some men such as myself act diffently in loving committed relationships than while casually dating.
I love my current girlfriend, she is a very classy lady...
She has no idea i can be that kind of low down freak.
I wonder if there are others out there with such split sexual personalities ?



I hate her. She constantly drains my strength. Everything is a battle with her. I say good morning, she demands to know what I mean by that.  What do I mean? I mean good morning. But this is what life is like with her. Every interaction with her is a burden. She is my wife.


I still don't know why I wasn't good enough?


Family and children should be left alone , regardless of what kind administrations are run .  They were many people who saw Obama and Bush as bad presidents with horrible policies and went on and attack their wife and children, it's unfair they didn't ask for they have no control over what their husbands do and don't do on the White House . I'm pretty sure there are many spouses who don't believe or agree on everything, should their spouses and children expect to be insulted and not like based on the husband/father.   And before you start saying , oh but Michel and her daughter were bullied and insulted too doesn't mean people should lower a themselves and do the same ( by the way , I never bad mouth them either ) now I believe that Ivanka and her husband have no business whatsoever to be so involved and part of the administration however what makes me more upset that nobody confronted Trump and told him no you cannot do that but doesn't mean I'm going to act childish less and a bully and start calling Ivanka names like they do with Melania .   I might laugh at a comedy sketch but I refused to jump on the wagon and insult his family for the exception of Mr. Trump himself and the worst name I have call him is an orange chetto .


Melania may or may not be "elegant". This is irrelevant. What is relevant is that her husband is running the most corrupt, incompetent, traitorous regime in American history.


If you blindly accept everything a doctor tells you, be prepared to be a constant patient for LIFE. I look back at all the things I refused like depression medications, knee replacements, ovary removal, etc... and I'm glad I was smart enough to refuse. I see everyone around me young and needing constant surgeries, taking pills you don't need, and listening to doctors- who are now basically instruments of the pharmaceutical companies. WAKE UP PEOPLE, you are being drugged and experimented on!!!!


She sleeps the beautiful sleep of a woman well loved...  my new muse.


I married my wife for a few reasons.

1) She had about $100,000 in the bank.

2) I wanted regular sex.

Notice none of this has anything to do with love. Because I don't love her. I have never loved her.

In the end it wasn't worth it. I've had to put up with such crap from her. She's an annoying hateful person. The $100,000 was quickly spent (by her) and then she started living off my money. And the sex hardly happened.

Serves me right I guess. I messed up.


Internet security is downright dumb. In the last few years many companies will not allow their in-house computers to connect to http sites, only https sites. They view this as being much more secure. Because https site are all reputable and none have a virus...... oh wait, any unscrupulous webmaster can change their site to work under https. So the only thing a company accomplishes by forcing the https issue to to block many perfectly valid websites. But the malicious ones still get through. It's just dumb.


I can't afford to turn on the heat.


There was porn 100 years ago. Google "Victorian porn" and prepare to be amazed.


i shouldn't have to give you a rundown of my sexual history to "prove" my bisexuality to you


-498, in my 55 years I've come across 3 types of gay men.  

Type 1 - The obviously gay man.  Most gay men are this type.  They have voices that are more feminine than masculine.  They're emotional.  They dress very, very well and are immaculately groomed all the time.  If they don't dress well, then they at least aren't dressed like slobs.

Type 2 - These guys look like any other guy, except for one thing - they are in amazing physical shape.  These guys could be models for Greek statues.  These men worship the male body, and they spend hours in the gym.

Type 3 - These guys look just like the rest of us straight men.  You just can't tell them apart.  Maybe 10% of gay men are like this.  At least one of my male friends is this type.  I never knew for years.


I hate hearing, "yeah, to be honest, at the party, she looked like she was really into him."
gee, thanx.


Didn't Mussolini,sided with The Nazis and was a good friend of Hitler's? Hahah, I'm don't even consider my self all white and I see myself as a mix raced.  However, every person regardless of race , can be racist.  Didn't the Japanese saw themselves as a superior race too, during WW2 ?


Sometimes ignorance can truly surprise me. Not always, but sometimes.


I don't know if it's the seed of Satan or by popular demand. Hitler's lineage.
But "The White Man" all Caucasians, I can't not stand. Don't know if it's all European decent. But all of those who have some type of bloodline are all bound to be the same bout. This is why Nobody seriously likes Donald Trump. Why I didn't vote for him, nor can't stand him. This is the very reason why the vast majority can't stand him neither. Every white man/woman have all these traits in common and it's sickening and annoying. I don't even think they can see this in themselves because they are all blinded by the truth and all have their own heads stuck up their ass's. Every white man I have seen or been in contact with my whole life, all have these traits in common it's seriously nerve recking annoying! They're all pompous, all judgemental, thinking that they're above all and better than everybody. They think everyone owes them something. Always so critical of others. Very jealous to the point of competition with those whom they are very jealous of. Very phony! I don't know if it has to do with their ancestoral history line or what? On how the Europeans, were jealous of the Jews, wanted to take over everything they owned. They did it when they settled in America as well
with the Indians. To the point of wanting them dead. They are all filled with some type of hate towards humanity. Some display it while others try to hide it. And honestly believe everyone is oblivious to their characteristics.  They are the most immorally disgraceful race known to man. I think that's why majority of them have a reprobate mind, perverted. Majority of their people raped other races. They raped the Jews and Indians. Yet they all walk around pretending as though glitter is gold. They are the most judgmental and critical people out of all other races. What will derive them is utter rural jealousy and insecurities, believing everything has to belong to them. Just like their ancestors. That's where selfishness comes in. They are the race who created "Keep up with the Jone's" for better words I would like to introduce to you instead to "Keeping up with the Kelly's. I kid you not. Perfect example. If you're neighbor is a white Caucasian or has an ounce of seed in them of it. This is exactly how they will behave I kid you not. Here's a perfect example: Mark just found out you purchased a jet ski, give it a week and you'll see him with a boat. You just bought a car, they'll go purchase a truck. You want a house? Well...don't snicker about it to the Kelly's because I assure you they'll buy a mansion. It's all about "popularity" or "status quo" for them. Do you see where I'm getting at with this? They are utterly disgusting. They are very, very highly contradictory as well. Thinking and believing they are better then everyone else, yet do the very same thing they just got done criticizing someone about, yet can do worst! See what I'm getting at here! It's very seldom you meet any of them who have broken "That Hitler's" generational evil seed. The Curse! Sad part is, none of them believe this to be true of them or can't see this in themselves at all. The biggest one that urkes me is; they all put up a phony facade. Here's the kicker I'm half white, and I'm utterly ashamed. This is why I never claim it and I will act more Italian my other race beforehand. They are the biggest disgrace to the human race.

46 Male Italian


My problem with the "small" "isolated incidents"  is that they add up to the bigger picture: it's never OK. Not in a big way. Not in a small way. I don't know what your intentions were. I'm not a mind reader. I only know what you said or did. People standing up and saying this isn't OK - it was never OK. You've just been getting away with it. To those who tell us to "suck it up" should probably take some of their own advice.


I've been spending more time alone, and my energy has been replenishing, I think. Either way, I enjoy it more than spending time with people right now. As an empath I feel too imposed upon when I'm around people for too long. It feels good to just be in my own element, with nobody's feelings in the room but my own. It's the only time I'm ever truly myself


I truely feel like every man has in one way or another sexually harassed a woman at some point in their life span, whether it was on purpose or not. That being said, yes there are different degrees of harassment and the high levels of that are definitely not ok, but come on, a small comment her or there most the time not thinking that it is harassment, let it the fuck go. I'm a woman and I'm pretty sure I have been harassed once or twice but thought nothing of it becuase it wasnt extreme and it didn't offend me. I probably have been the harasser to men and didn't realize it. Everyone harasses everyone, we're human. Humans are sexual beings, kinda in the DNA. So if you weren't offended by it and it didn't do you mental/physical harm LET. IT. GO.


You do exist. My dream is real.

What a cruel and breathtakingly beautiful irony.


It sucks that we love each other and that that's not enough. We were so good together, and of course we fought sometimes, but we shared a genuine connection that is so hard to find in this world. I just wish I'd realized when I had it all the little signs that you loved me. We could have made it all the way.

See, he wants to be stable, settle down, take care of his family, be the breadwinner, yada yada...make things better for himself and his loved ones. To go the family route. A simple but fulfilling life, to some.

Me, I want to travel the world. I don't really want or need nice things, I want to experience all that life has to offer. I want to focus on *our* happiness. He doesn't see himself doing these things, but I do. I could take his hand and we could do it all together. And it's him that I'd want with me.

But we have different visions for our lives. Still, it's funny how the day you looked me up again was after the night I dreamed that we were in love and living together, and I woke up missing you more than I had in months. It's like that old myth about people leaving their bodies and connecting in dreams. I hope you dream about me.


i fucking hate my girlfriend


It's not just men who are hiding the fact they are gay. My wife was a lesbian before I met her. She was heavily involved with one particular women for 10 years. They broke up. My wife decided it was time to give men a try, so she turned on the sweetness and charm and roped me in. My life's been hell ever since. My wife keeps testing her hetero life, vacillating between wanting me and not wanting me. She keeps pushing the buttons to try to destroy us, so she can go back to being lesbian I suppose, but then feels guilty and starts believing in us again. She doesn't know what to do, but her swinging back and forth is killing me, killing us. It sucks.


If Hillary became President we would have been living in white pant suit heaven!


502 Good point. America refusing to be great again. Some up and coming designer should step up and make a name for themself. I supose they risk being blacklisted.


First Lady Melania Trump must be the most elegant first lady ever.She is relaxing more and looking great on this Asian trip with the President. Arrogant -holier than thou-American designers refused to dress her so now she is sensational in European designer clothes.It could have been a great time for American fashion to have such an elegant First Lady wearing American made clothes.Way to go America!


The only way a woman can be sure that a man is gay of he tells you. Some men are 100% straight and some men are 100% gay  and every degree in between. Some men enjoy woman 80% and men 20% or the other way around.Bisexual men are 50% straight and 50% gay.Humans are sexual beings-accept that.


Use to act like I might be gay to my partner.  Holy shit that was funny as hell.  Just seeing her buttons get pressed over that was just the funniest shit ever.

Kevin Spacey decided that this is a good time to announce that he was gay since he has been facing public allegations of sexual misconduct. (Since all good Christian folks know that these behaviors are intertwined, lol for sarcasm )  I just always assumed he was gay. It's pretty obvious. That is an example of a good intuition about someone, aka "gaydar"

The weird thing about mairage; people will do almost anything to undermine their vows. Your partner drives you crazy and you say and do things you would NEVER do under normal circumstances.

It reminds me of the story I once heard  about a man who met a woman in a bar. Man goes home with a woman. The woman says I want you to tie me up and do whatever you want to me,  after which I will tie you up and do the same.

He proceeds to tie her up and then he engages in some relatively bland fetish sex,  after which she proceeds to tie him up ,  and who should appear but her boyfriend  dressed in a superman outfit.  The lady leaves the room to make herself a sandwich while the boyfriend  painfully sodomizes the guy from the bar off and on for the next eight hours.

A deal is a deal


Knowing him, I know he chose to not acknowledge it.
Such things show you someone's true colours, when they purposely try to be hurtful.


men: tell me PLEASE what are the signs a man is gay? like, seriously. I read these horror stories about women married, with KIDS to men who hid being gay for decades. how do you not know? how do you KNOW?
how can a gay man have sex with a woman for decades and pretend he isn't gay? how the hell does that work?


I find it interesting that I have somehow always been attracted, innately, to males that are great in bed and have no issues with going for a long time.


It's always the knuckle head ugly moon face jackasses that whip out their member cause it worked... until now.


I'll be forever grateful for the authenticity you brought into my life in All Ways.


I wish he would just get over his fear and make love to me like a real man. I think he respects me too damn much! Is there a time when a man loves and respects a woman too much to fuck her?


I used to think it was a good idea to sacrifice the present for the future. Until my uncle died unexpectedly  in his early fifties. He was very frugal. I always thought he was kind of poor. There were a lot of things he never did. But my mother told me later that he had quite a bit saved up. They used his savings to pay for his funeral and the rest went to his mother. Don't completely sacrifice the present because sometimes there is no future.


Was the best time of my life. Always will remember you.


It was the darkest of times and seemingly the best of times.


If he could stop watching porn, perhaps he could fuck me longer than 3 minutes. Absolutely pathetic. It makes me wish I was born a hundred years ago. I'll bet men in that generation were incredible lovers. They didn't have some ridiculous expectation of being able to cum in my eyes or actually think I'd enjoy tripe penetration. I'm willing to bet sex didn't resemble open heart surgery.
So many men of this generation are dull.


I will be very disappointed if the sexual harassment/abuse allegations against Louis CK are real.


So my friend who I've known since I was 8 and I fucked. He pursued me pretty hard this summer, um he has a girlfriend. I didn't realize at first he was laying the groundwork, since he has a girl,thought he was flirting, but he put it out there since i am now single. Ive been with the same guy for 9 years and he respected that, but I think his relationship is broken because she cheated on him. He took her back 8 months later. Seems like he had this childhood crush on me. Well we fucked, he seemed to like it, looking in my eyes, but I haven't heard from him. He went from texting me almost everyday to nothing.  I broke and texted him 4 days later with a hi, and he reponded, but I'm aware he didn't look for me. He didn't text me on his own. That was last week and there's been silence since. I feel hurt, yea whatever I know he has a girl, I'm not looking to get judged here, I would have liked a "how are u feeling?" Or "how are you?" But nothing. I would expect that from some guy but not my childhood friend. He came twice, was kissing me like crazy, we fit nice, so what happened?


Never sacrifice the future for the present.
Use your goals for the future to guide your present.
Short term or long term.
Always sacrifice the present for the future.
Learn from Jordan Peterson on YouTube.
Millions have already.


I asked my Facebook friends today, "If given the choice, would you put more effort into a long term goal or a short term goal? Assume that it's somehow impossible to do both at the same time."

Now, I know this depends heavily on context, but an interesting result I found was that all my friends under 30 said "short term," and all my friends above 30 said "long term."

I think it's funny, because younger people are more stereotypically short-sighted, because their lives have been relatively short and they are more concerned with the present than older folks. And I can see why older folks would go for long term, because they have the experience to know that putting effort into a long-term goal has a better payoff at the end.

I might start using Facebook to take more polls like this; I could really learn something!


Who ends a 10 month affair, meets a guy on Craigslist and in two short weeks starts a bdsm relationship?
Someone who hates her husband, her three kids and is trying to get caught.
Hope you are happy


I loved you at your darkest.


i hope that space shuttle crash landed on your fucking house!


You can order non alcoholic drinks , I believe most places even have non alcoholic beer .


I see a lot of posts about people drowning in debt or having no hope. Spend the best $10 of your life and buy Dave Ramsay's book called "Total Money Makeover." It is a proven plan to get out of debt. It took me over 2 years, but now I'm debt-free! I just got married and found out my new wife has over $40k in debt from making bad decisions about credit cards, car loans, personal loans, etc. We just put together a household budget and are now working her debt snowball. We should have her debt-free in about 18 months. This is the first time she has ever used a budget and now she sees a light at the end of the tunnel. This has reduced her stress levels and we haven't had to argue about money for several weeks. She has started to see the progress.

The book is awesome and it forces you to look hard at your spending practices and reasons why you are broke. The best part is that there is a real plan and specific order of doing things that works. Dave's web site has a free budgeting tool and many free tutorials, but the book has the whole plan in step-by-step procedures.

I got financially wiped out by a divorce and an ex-wife that racked up huge credit card bills before she ran out on me. Becoming debt-free has taken away my depression and helped me make better decisions about my future. I have no association with Dave Ramsay other than that book gave me a plan when I was sure I was going to be in debt until I dropped dead at work. It is well worth the $10, but you have to stick to the plan. Good luck to all and may you one day be debt-free.


When you no longer have feels for your spouse any more....
There is barely any warmth
There are no more laughs
There are no more sweet little surprises
There are no hugs or kisses
You sleep on opposite sides of the bed
If you have sex, you are reminded that you don't like each other
The only thing you talk about is children or bills.
Don't get married. This is how it turns out.


I think that I would like to stop drinking, but me and my wife love going out to bars to chat, watch games, and people-watch. How do non-drinkers do it? I/we don't have a drinking problem, but I think I'm just mostly bored with it. If I could find a place like a sports bar where it was more like a coffee and dessert place with the same atmosphere, we would go there for sure. (There is nothing like that around us.)

I can only drink one or two O'Doul's because the taste is horrible. So what do non-drinkers do when they want to spend time in a bar with friends but don't want to waste money on alcohol or just eat non-stop so they don't look like a fish out of water?


My grandpa died back in 1984 and I miss him every single day.  My mom was knocked up by a married guy back in the early 1960's and she kept me.  That just was not done back then.  Shortly thereafter, my mom married the guy who I always thought was my dad.  He was my dad.  I was my grandpa's favorite and I never knew why, but both of my grandparents wanted my mom to have me and they were our support system.

Being a guy, I only told him I loved him once, when he was dying.  I was crying and he asked me why I was crying, and I told him I loved him.  He told me he loved me too.  I loved him more than any other human being on earth and later that day when he died, I cried like a baby.  I am crying now.

1984 and it seems like yesterday.  I still miss him like crazy and wish he could have seen my two wonderful kids and my awesome wife.  He would be proud.

I love you grandpa.  More than I can ever tell you.


476, you are so lucky to have known your grandparents and known that unconditional love.  I did not know my maternal GPs, and my paternal GM did not want to know us.  Have cousins I never met or knew and  I have never known the kind of love you speak of, and I often wonder if I may have been a different, better person if I had.  I have never been able to truly love another person, because i honestly did not know how - nobody ever showed me what that looked like.  And now it is too late.  I only know aloneness.  This is my great life's secret, and just typing it brings my tears.


My grandparents on both side passed away 25 or so years ago and I still miss them so much! They gave me so much unconditional love. I wish they were still around... This thing about death is so wrong!
Im not so much afraid of my own passing, I just find having to livie without our loved ones heart wrenching....


Is it a trick? The sirens don't sing for me. But they have. That's when I have always made bad choices. Sometimes you get a baby. Sometimes you get a faux future. It's a crazy adventure.


My brain:  stop.
My heart:  I can't.


Met this guy at karaoke the other night.  We instantly hit it off and I went home with him. It was super nice. And he is super interesting, I almost wanna say brilliantly so. It was so easy to be near him that I didn't even wanna part ways, but life tends to get in the way of endless snuggling and animated conversation.  I am extremely thankful for it and just hope he wants to see me again. He was just a breath of fresh air in a very stuffy world :)


He forgot my birthday...or chose not to acknowledge it. I can't decide which is worse.


I am horny as duck! I need physical intimacy and satisfaction! Self time isn't working! Problem is I amnit dating anyone and I don't do one night stands. What to do?


I hated Game of Thrones.

I hated Westworld.

I really fucking hated Stranger Things.

It's not much of a secret but if I told any of my friends, people at work, or even random strangers I'd be laughed out of the room. Somehow it feels good to say it into the void.


Today I notice the cashier at my grocery store which I frequent often got a new haircut, it look nice on her , I was about to say something but then I thought about . What about if her boss , standing next to her would take it the wrong way like "sexual harassment " even though it was just a compliment, I decided not to say anything just to be safe .  I'm sure she wouldn't mind it since I see her there quite often and the few times I interact with her she seems bubbly nice young lady who actually likes to interact with people . It sucks this day when some people cannot act friendly with the opposite sex anymore because for fear on being view as a pervert with ill intentions.


Lol , 😂 there's was a rumored a while back , supposedly Hillary having a sex tape featuring her and a black dude , of course Hillary says it's fake but you never known.  Maybe you can take one for the team and verify the story, don't forget to report back to us and let us knows if it's her or not.


LOL. I jacked off to the idea Hillary Clinton. I pictured her car breaking down and me stopping to help....  I wouldn't vote for her but she's human, and feminine, and pretty good looking for a 70 year old. Worked for me.


One time I was raped by a black guy.  I was in the bathroom covered in a towel, when he came in naked.  I tried to walk past him and leave.  He blocked the door, pushed me back, and stripped off my towel.  He started grinding against me for a few minutes, then repeatedly pushed my head down next to his penis.  I kept trying to get up, and he kept pushing me back down.  After a few tries he lost interest and left.  One of my first sexual experiences.


While talking down on a person is just plain rude is not sexual harassment, maybe a bit sexist for being treated less while being yourself (a women) vs using the male screen name.


CostCo is my favorite store!


My sister-in-law was texting during my dad's funeral. She's so damned clueless.


I am a female working in online customer service. I respond to questions in real time over the internet. I've found that if I use a male screen name people are much nicer to me. When they see me as a woman they tend to talk down to me and get mean. It's an unmentioned form of sexual harassment in the digital age.


I am the perfect husband. Except I cheated on my wife 4 times. Yeh, except for that.


I deserve so much more in life and yet I settle for garbage. WTF is this low self esteem shit?
I work hard, cook, clean - go out of my way for this man. Do his nails, massage him, serve him.... yet I have to beg him to come see me, when he rather go hunting and drink.
Fucking alcoholic piece of shit loser.
Yeh Im done.
Need to get some cats and stay single.


I see those around me chase their ailments with Medicine/Doctors and surgeries. I try to tell them about the brilliance of Dr. Sarno, but they just dismiss it. Im so glad i discovered him, and his groundbreaking work on how the subconscious can make you have physical pain(s).


Every time I orgasm, I think about this man.
He would never, in a thousand years know that I still think about his hands, his voice, his hair, his chest & that special spot on his elbow that I kissed 13 years ago. Gabriel, you may be getting married. You may love her. You might have not seen my face in at least a decade or more, or heard my voice or touched my hair, but no one else has kissed your elbow. I was the last. I'm blooming and wilting over thoughts of you. Oh, how I miss you.


Political correctness is bullshit. I can understand that sexual harassment should be against the law, and should be punished, but some aspects of this has gone way over the top. Many people who have worked together for years, and now not able to kid or joke like before. I know a lady, worked with her for 30 years. We have a great working relationship. She is just as fun, as I am.... We would say and do things like, If she brought in flowers from her garden, I'd say "oh look how pretty", then follow it with, and so are the flowers".. we'd laugh she say things to me like, " hey what are you carrying your banana in your pocket for, then shed follow up with oh thats right you dont eat bananas, raise her eyebrows and say hmmmm....we'd laugh and give each other the fuck you finger, etc.... we were having fun in the hallway, she was joking I was joking and someone new said oh isn't that harassment? She said only if you are too much of a pussy to have fun....hahahhaa shes great.... but see that kind of stuff is on its way out...Fuck political correctness


I was in a position in my career where I could have easily taken sexual advantage of women. I did not use the power. I did not even consider using the power. I seem to be the only man who thinks this way.


When I was about 22ish I was dating a woman. She had a college friend come for a visit. All of us went out and I ended up crashing there at my girlfriend's apartment. Next morning my girlfriend had to go to work. That left me alone with the college friend. She was hot. She went in to take a shower and I did something jackassish. I quietly opened the bathroom door and poked my head in so I could watch her in the shower. There was a shower curtain blocking my view. No problem I thought. I came completely into the bathroom and positioned myself so I could see her through the crack between the curtain and the tile wall. Bingo, I could see everything. Which doh, meant she could see me too. And did. Oh my god did she flip out. It wasn't good. She said she was going to call the cops. She didn't but she did call my girlfriend. Like shit, I fucked up. That was the end of that relationship. I still have pangs of guilt over it. I'm not that pervy. Except I guess I am.


It's going on two years since you left.  Could you please stay out of my dreams now?


Excuuuuuuse me if I'm not the best at Mandarin in the morning. Prick


I so very much miss my friend. We both cheated on our spouses and that was wrong. We both love our spouses and would never leave them in that two year affair however, we became great friends. It wasn't about the sex anymore. We just enjoyed each other. We would watch Divorce Court on TV while she rested her head in my lap and I played in her hair. She's pregnant now and I am happy for her new life as a mom. Even though things between us really ended that great trip to Orlando, we have not said a word to each other in over two months.  I respect your new life and that's why I don't try to reach out. I don't want to be “that guy” that doesn't get the hint to move on already. But I know you and you know that. I miss my friend and I know my friend misses me too.  Maybe I really didn't know her at all...


Being someone who makes bad decisions, particularly with money, and being someone who has people that are angry with me  because of it, I can understand how people grow up with flaws like this, based on their own decision making, and end up alienating the people closest to them towards the end of their life. I hope to change this habit, because I'm about to be 24 and I want my ingrained habits to be better than this.


I'm glad I stopped drinking.  I just wish I had stopped drinking 20 years sooner.


I used to gossip with a former coworker about our respective love lives. He'd talk about his long distance friend in Brazil and I'd talk about my long distance fiancé's recent move to California to start a new job, and my plans to join him.  

One day I told my coworker that my fiancé called me to say he had decided to buy himself his first new car the very next day, and wanted my opinion on the make and model he should get. He gave me this weird look and said “don't take this the wrong way - but why would he just buy a new car and not really give you a say beyond the car type? Is he going to buy you a new car?” I told him no, but that I already have an old car waiting for me there that I can drive.

He told me the following: “I'm not trying to offend, but if I were in his shoes I'd take the money that the new car would cost and buy two decent used cars so both of us could get around safely.”

At the time I reassured him that my fiancé and I had things figured out but that I appreciate what he had to say. I had confidence that my future husband would put me first when it counted, and after all, it's just stuff. But those words ring in my head years later.

Those words ring in my head when my husband calls me pathetic or useless. I remember those words when my clunker spun out and crashed and I was forbidden from replacing my car because I'm “not responsible enough to own a car.” They rang in my head when I had to take the bus and walk to work 2 hours each way, in a city that literally has a song about how no one walks there, while my husband had a 20 minute commute but often refused to drive me to the train station if he didn't feel like it.

And now, they ring in my head as I keep trying to get my husband to go to therapy to save our dying marriage, knowing he keeps ducking out because he can't be bothered. That time when it counts has come and gone and my husband refused to put me first, although he showers me with affection so I'll forget there's a problem.

My coworker fucking called it. And I wish I had taken him more seriously. If I ever get out, I'll likely tell him so in person.


I'm pretty sure you forgot about me, but I'm pretty sure that eventually I will have forgotten all about you too...
I made the mistakes, so I know those feelings will stay with me longer anyway.


I'm glad you lost the election. You don't deserve to hold office, and I hate your political party.


--Your daughter


My secret , I don't tell many people that I lived on Bali , Indonesia for a while when I was a kid , my father got a contract over there and we stayed on the island for a while waiting to get transferred to Australia.  Many people (mostly Americans)assume you must be a Muslim or a Muslim sympathizer even though the majority of the people in Bali are Hindu not just that but my family is Catholic.


0164 - you have the life I dread having. Don't want kids, and can't understand why anyone with half a working braid would spend so much money on your children, when the purchases don't have any immediate that on their education, or manners. You're a fucking idiot, and you are basic. You're so basic. I hope your husband leaves you.


0164 - you have the life I dread having. Don't want kids, and can't understand why anyone with half a working braid would spend so much money on your children, when the purchases don't have any immediate that on their education, or manners. You're a fucking idiot, and you are basic. You're so basic. I hope your husband leaves you.


The final diagnostic is that I am a narcoleptic with cataplexia. It is a relief to finally know for sure. It took a long time to get here and a shit-ton of arguing with doctors that no, I am not depressed; no, I am not crazy; no, I am not on drugs; no, I do not have sleep apnea; no, no, no.
Now that I know, I don't have to put up with people guilt-tripping me because they think I am making shit up. I am not. I am hardly ever out of REM sleep (which means my brain never rests) and I  have sleep paralysis and night time terrors and auditory hallucinations upon waking and falling asleep and I nod off at the most inopportune of times and there is strictly nothing I can do to stop myself from yawning 200 times a day. I am fucking tired, all the time and by that I mean 24/7, 365 a year. I wish this shit on no one, at all, never, ever.

And fuck every single person who rolls their eyes at me and think I am making this shit up. Because there is less than 1% of the US population affected by narcolepsy does not mean it can't happen to me.

And now, if you'll excuse me, I need to go to bed, sleep for 10 hours and wake up tomorrow feeling as if I barely got any rest. Yay, me.


There are a couple reasons I wish I was a legit vampire. Glamouring, immortality, the ablility to turn off my humanity, my empathy.


When I was an 11 year old girl, my mother's boyfriend's adult son who was around 20 showed me porn. Looking back, I wonder what the fuck.


I will give you until the beginning of next year to pack and get the $&@" out , if not I'm going to the local authorities and FBI and report you for hacking which is a federal crime.  Let's see how tough and smart you think you are .


I'm working on a book... scratch that. The book is done. It's being edited and I plan on self-publishing hopefully by New Years or some point in January. The problem is the book is mostly about my work experience at a very famous space place. It's a mega company too. I've been afraid of getting sued. The funny thing is, I dont have a dime to my name. I'm several grand in medical debt. The book is a combination dealing with how I survived my workplace, mental health and living with a particular disease. I dont work, have been struggling to find a job, my health, etc.

It's so tedious going back and changing the name of titles, places, things. I hope that the book will still be the same when its done being edited. Honestly, fuck them. They put me through fucking hell and treated me like shit. If they really sent me a letter telling em to stop, I'd list the book for free so its not considered being "sold for profit"  and probably let all the raunchier details fly. Fuuuuuuuck theeeeeeeem.


I wish the loser of my neightbor would just pack and move. He is a grown man(child) living at his grandparents basement, always sticking his nose where it doesn't belong, talks all these bologna while sitting like a coward hidden behind a computer screen, what a loser.


God I'm so bad at handling other peoples' grief. What the fuck are you supposed to do??


Why are you afraid to see me? We are friends and not lovers unless you want to be lovers!


So many women want to fuck me


I must have dropped a couple of pounds of shit!!  My ass is hurting now.  It took me only a couple of sittings.  No wander, when I was sitting the first time, I had a pain on the left side of my abdomen.  I felt the shit getting ready to leave.  I got up the first time, after a massive shit, now less, came back to my office, sat for a couple of minutes, and felt something.  The second sitting, YIKES!!  Did I say my ass is hurting, no wander this fissure does not want to heal.


My secret: I seem to be the only fucking person alive that is aware no one is going to come riding in on a white horse and save you from whatever bad things are in your life. You are in charge, and solely responsible for your story.


Damn... You only came in for labs. JUST LABS. I didn't need to spend 2 hours hearing your entire life story.


I was recording my weekly addiction show last night. While the host and guest were talking, the subject of addicts' families came up. They're both mothers of addicts and were discussing the pain of living with a child that has an addiction, having to give them tough love, or abandon them to let them make their own choices when they're adults, etc. They kept going back to how worried they always were for their addict children, so much so that they couldn't sleep sometimes.

It made me think, what about addicts whose families are unaware that they have an addiction? Does that make it better or worse? I hardly ever see my family, and a large part of that is because they don't have a clue what my life is really like. They don't know how many drugs I'm around on a regular basis, or that I smoke and drink with my roommates almost every day, or that a glass of wine in the morning (mostly on weekends) isn't a rare thing for me.

The initial separation happened a long time ago, but that's why I stay away now. And I'm certain that nobody really cares.


428- Dude. Caffeine and food. You'll be fine.


God, I wish I could be a fly on the wall during my ex's dating adventures. Lol, that would be hilarious. I'm not sure she knows how to be alone. There will be some good times along the way. More love-in-idleness.  I'd almost pay to see this.


I have to take a big test today. I stayed up late studying. I woke up early with anxiety. I've only had a few hours sleep and I can't fall asleep again. My test is in a few hours. I can't think straight. I'm fucked. I'm going to masturbate now with the hope it knocks me out and I can get another little bit of sleep.


I have peed in my own mouth. It's an acrobatic feat. I lay down in the shower. I lift my hips in the air and bend them over so they are hovering about a foot and a half above my face.  I pull my labia apart so they don't get in the way and let 'er rip. It takes a little getting used to but I can get the pee to shoot up in an arc and land in my mouth. I can also get it to land in my eyes which isnt so good. Ouhie. Pee stings the eyes.


What kind of judge lets an ahole walk free , after fracturing an infant skull ? That's discussting , people like that should be keep in prison for life .  I hope the judge feels responsible and guilty for the deads of those innocent people.


I've started selling off the furniture.


The funny thing is that if you were really my friend, you still would have made contact, yesterday.
You say that I am selfish, but I keep seeing such behaviour from you.


I'm a man who grew up with five sisters.  My dad was very gruff and unemotional.  All my positive emotional input came from my mom and sisters.  I feel a lot more comfortable around women than I do around men.  Most of my friends are women.  I am very capable of being around women without being sexually attracted to them, even if they're highly attractive.  I get along famously with women who have a lot of brothers.  It's caused some issues with women with ego problems.  I'm not unattractive and occasionally these women have thought that I'm hitting on them because I'm talking to them.  But most women have been fine, maybe even appreciative, that they can be friends with a guy without being hit on.


18) I don't talk behind people's backs, if I have something to say I tell you to your face. If I don't like you I just avoid you completely, no reason to be phony or a hypocrite ,self defense and being independent has a lot of value , I come from a big city where kidnaping happens a lot , teaching your kids how to defend themselves , being aware of your surroundings, , and what to do on a stressful situations it's not reckless especially in today's world.  I believe all children should be taugh self defense and basic suvirvel skills , you never know when they might become useful .  


I still ache for you and miss you.

Remember the night we spent before you took me to th airport in the morning really early? I haven't forgotten... I didn't give a damn that I missed my flight and got rescheduled for the next one. The extra time with you was worth it. I still love you and want you badly. I moved away and any chance of us being together became almost nonexistent. I'm so sorry and sometimes wonder if that's the biggest mistake I've ever made.

I miss your strong arms and the things you'd whisper in my ear. I miss everything about you. I don't know if you even want to talk to me anymore. I don't know if I'll be able to hold in how I feel because sometimes being around you steals the words from me. True isn't expressed in words. It's the way you looked at me and brushed my hair from my face and kissed me. It's the way the entire world melted away when we were alone together.

I still love you, and I want you above all others who might come my way. A part of me will always be reserved for you. Reserved for the spark of hope I carry that one day, we will finally have our heart's desires...I love you deeply, and perhaps in spite of the obstacles, I always will.


My God he is an idiot. I get it, trust issues fucking suck, but get over yourself. Not everyone is out to get you. Some people do actually feel and understand love and how to do it. Why can't I find my guy who can trust one another and have our fun at the same time? I know I am a little crazy. I respect a little crazy and expect it in return. Let's not make this too complicated. Pretending is not fun anymore. I'd rather die alone than pretend to be someone I'm not.


I wore a wedding ring for about the first month of my marriage. Then I put it in a drawer. I'm a guy. I don't like jewelry. Not my thing. I don't really like my wife either. I wonder if that's the real reason I took off the ring.


Your dad taught you self defense, toughness or no sugar coating, but wouldn't that be considered reckless if it's never directly to a person you speak shit about and it's only done indirectly. Call me fickle but brings no value not if you can't be direct to a person directly. Or did pops teach you that it's o.k. to talk rubish about people behind their backs meanwhile smiling in their faces?
Good job pop's looks like you did a heck of a job raising your three girls tough like boys. Haha ;)


I'm so excited to get married so that I can come home from work every day to someone who wants to smoke weed, watch TV, fuck, and talk about cool stuff.


I look at my bookshelf. I see books that I have read, I see books I am planning to read.

Imagine if all that information went away or didn't exist in the first place.

If all of that never existed.

I've been to Niagra Falls. It's the kind of thing you have to see in person to fully appreciate.

I've never tried the hot wings in Buffalo. I've never been to Alaska. I've never tried Baked Alaska...actually It looks pretty good. But I won't know what to think unless I try it.


I would like to reprogram Alexa to do as follows:

"Alexa, turn off the lights."

"Fuck no! Get up off your lazy ass and turn the lights out your own damn self!"


I guess I'm the exception , my father always wanted boys but instead he got three girls and when my little brother was born he was over the moon . He treated me and my sister like boys , he used to take us to play basketball, taught us how to drive at a very young age (10) , taught us self defense, never sugar coated anything, he always used to tell us if someone tries to kidnap you or harm you on any way you fight back , I never grew up with the princess syndrome we were very independent at a young age , I used to take public transportation by myself including the subway .  The first time he took us to Dysneland we were more excited about the haunted mansion and space mountain over meeting princess it.  So I guess there's a reason I feel more comfortable around men ,my father treated me like a boy.

PS I'm not a lesbian and until this day I'm closer to my father than my mother.


I can understand why some girls want labioplasty.  Porn can give people a weird sense of beauty.

With that said, I've never seen a bad vagina. :)


I agree, I don't know why women would want to be "friends" with men... I have yet to meet a man that I'd like to be friends with. There are a few exceptions, but for the most part, I find men weak, lacking integrity and character. In addition, the large majority of them are obsessed with sex. So, in all fairness, unless you can offer something that I regard as of value to me, I don't want to talk to you either.


I think that's why stupid girls get cheated on. Nobody likes a spoiled rotten, negative, hypocritical know it all. May I add two faced liars. Ya, you know those that smile in your face, but really like to talk shit about you right before that. Makes me wonder now if all my husbands side of the family are all alike? Nosybodies in peoples affairs. Lie, dramatize everything, gossip about others while they smile in their faces. Literally like snakes. So sad that they are all miserable. Some are alcoholics or have some type of addiction. It all makes sense now. Wondering how at least one will step up to brake the chain or change the cycle. Oh ya forgot my husbands has. Yet, I'm sure they find him "strange" for being the only one to do so.


Selfish or greedy is someone that never worked a lick in their life but depend on society's taxes and moms and pops income to live a means. Not only is it a stupid lazy mentality but if one can only keep a job longer then a year? More then likely they are or wouldn't be found or looked at as incompetent and would be able to have/ held a job. The kicker is, they keep fooling themselves believing a higher education will do the trick. Ha, so little do they little do they know. There are several people out there who have an IQ of a genius, yet are still stupid. Hope that makes sense. We know several out there. For starters, thinking a higher education will do it. Wow goes to show the nuttyness of some. They should just stick to their day job, do what they do best. Pick lint balls from nut-jobs.


Don't be such a fool use your brain. If you only were homeless and were given  two options which one would you choose? 1) $100 bill 2) A person offer you a job that pays enough to support and your family with benefits.  Which one you will think will benefit you on the long run ? People like you and stupid mentality it's what keeps some people on the poverty cycle, it takes money to build business and job opportunities, it takes money to fund education it's not about being selfish or greedy it's just how the world works .


FUCK IT. It's a selfish world. A selfish society. No one cares about anything other than pics of themselves! I'll play along.


im really sad that libs and dems dont get along better than they potentially could. :/


It's hilarious to me that someone would argue that one sex is "made" to be more intelligent. As if that's science.
But it is positioned as a "scientific" fact.
You can't find common ground with those people.


There's this guy that always post the same thing on everything, if someone on Facebook post about let's say an overprice (house, car, clothes, jewelry etc..) it will be followed by him " oh the money could go to some homeless or picture how many people could be fed "  I get it the world can be a depressing place and there's people who are suffering but does it means people should stop living their lives and enjoying them selves . I don't know what he thinks he is achieving by always posting the same thing , maybe he is the one who should donate all his money , clothes and materials possessions to the poor instead of trying to make everyone think like him .  By the way the best way ito make a difference on someone else life and get them out poverty is through education and creating opportunities so they can fend for themselves.  My husband helps his former school raise money for scholarships given to kids who cannot afford it otherwise he has even pick  someone's kids tuition  through the four years before .


Colin Kapernick was in the process of being signed by Baltimore at the beginning of the season.  Then his girlfriend sent out a tweet that implied the owner was a racist and Ray Lewis, his biggest supporter in the program, a loyal house-slave.

A good woman will walk with you as you attain the highest heights.

A crazy woman will drag you down.

M 46 married 17 years to a prety good one.


Hey slut married women, stop! Got hit on by 3 married women this weekend. No, I don't want to fuck you. Many men do. Go get them.


Dear upstairs neighbor, you suck at playing the piano.  Stop.  Please.


As a woman, I've imagined getting it on with every guy I know, as well. But it doesn't mean I can't be friends with the guys. Sometimes a little sexual tension in a friendship isn't a bad thing.


I wouldn't say wearing a wedding ring makes a marriage. Or it possibly can. I remember on my wedding day I had to barrow my daughter's flower girl dress to wear. Because I did gain to much weight and got huge I got so fat that I couldn't fit into that darn wedding dress. Secret is, nobody told me how pathetic I looked in a little girls dress as a woman. Because more than likely I would have took it as though people were just being jealous. Life sucks I know. Because nobody will ever tell me the truth. Truth is not sometging I take well. Maybe they were being fake with me as they do on facebook by creating fake profiles with several personalities. I don't know fml.


As a man, I can honestly say I've imagined every woman I've ever known.
blowing me

Not all the time, but at least once.  Not dating and relationship.  Just primal.  Goes for friends, relatives, etc.  No one is immune.  Maybe I am the outlier but...

And the 'platonic' female friends?  I fantasize about them the MOST.


Oh please, I'm a straight women who prefers male friends over women , maybe it was the way my father raised me IDK but I feel more comfortable around men and as a kid I didn't have any girl friends until I was about 10 or 11 , my few male friends that I have now are truly just friends nothing sexual going on.  By the way intelligence has nothing to do with gender the same as having a high IQ doesn't necessary means you will be more wealthy or successful.

PS I'm going out with my best friend (a male) to the movies this afternoon.


I've pretty much come to terms with the fact that my mind is always gonna bring me to the same flashbacks, good or bad, over and over again. Sometimes it's annoying, because I'm not really focused on what's in front of me. Anxiety is such a gnat in my ear


Why don't women understand we don't want to be their "friend". We don't like your kind. If you didn't have pussy we wouldn't talk to you. God made men bigger, stronger, faster and more intelligent. He needed an equalizer so mankind wouldn't die out because women could not compete with men in survival of the fittest. He gave women pussy. When employed properly it is the most powerful force on earth. A woman that understands how to unleash this power and use it properly to inspire her man, never has to worry about how her man treats her.


Guys who see more action after being committed are just recognized for their ticket. Much like a college degree can get you a job, not necessarily for what you learned, but that you stuck with it and achieved something.

The same goes for a wedding ring. That ring symbolizes, "Hey, this guy has got to be good, a women married him." It's just shorthand.

Though it does suck because all these extra women and nothing to do with them. If you have a great marriage, you can hold your wife in high esteem because she was with you before the ring.

If you don't, well, maybe it is time divorce and go after the extra women.


As I go through life, I have become fascinated with how "likes attract likes."  For better or worse, people who are alike attract each other.  Nice people want to be around nice people.  And it explains a lot about how dramatic, backstabbing people hang out with each other as well.  

I see this on Facebook all the time.  It's always the same people bitching and complaining about other people doing mean things to them.  Like attracts like.

I read Howard Storm's near death experience book.  In it he says that after he died, he was greeted by human souls who tricked him into walking into a vast darkness.  There he was surrounded by these evil souls and torn apart as he was mocked and humiliated.  Afterwards, he said he realized something - all these people were the same type of person he was.  He learned that after you die, if you don't have the humility to seek God, souls who are similar to you get attracted to you.  They do to you what you'd do to other people.  Then, presumably, you just become who you truly are - sick and twisted, with no pretense of civility or compassion.  This is how these souls are the most personally content, being mean.

I see this same dynamic among the living.  These people who are always having drama and always attacking each other and stabbing them in the back... it's how they're most content.  If Howard Storm's correct, then it's how they'll be happy forever.


I stopped wearing my wedding ring a few years ago.  I had gained some weight and it didn't fit.  I want to be able to wear it again.  After reading these secrets about women coming onto men who're married, I reallllly want to lose the weight now and get that thing back on!


It's true. i'm only fucking him because he's married. Joke's on his wife.


My entire life I've been treated worse than everybody else and blamed for everybody else's mistakes.  I just want to die.


I hate my job so much. I used to like going to work but we got a new manager and she is a nightmare to work for. Fuck it! I'm going to call in sick today, get roaring drunk, eat lots of junk food and watch movies all day. I deserve this.  Then starting tomorrow I'm going to look for a new job.


@386 I always knew it was you Steff, talking all kinds of shit behind peoples back while you smile in their faces. Snake is what defines you. I'm the stupid one for not realizing that darkness and light would ever mix. I don't care if you ever talk shit about me or your bro. But ever talk shit about how I am as a mother or my decisions about my son. A Christian Liberal is what you will not see. That pathetic house story(real estate) of yours. Goes to show who's God is a bit more powerful Ah? If my God gave me insight about the truth!
Do you think I'm stupid or something. Acting like I'm hurting for a babysitter on Friday? Ha, when you're the one that OFFERED. So let's make that clear! Did you make it seem as though I needed you as a babysitter and couldn't "pay you" because I'm so damn cheap? Ha...not everyone survives off mommy's and daddy's income like some people do. Has nothing to do with kindness as you would assume or presumed why you were being charged with your babysitting. How about learn a thing or two. Some people find ways of making their "own" money unlike you. So if you wanted to get paid for that suppose ""sale of a house"(bwahah) good one! All you had to do is keep it real with me and you would have got paid for that sale(aka babysitting in my case just a visit).haha so lets clarify and reiterate that, Sooo no hun, You don't get to talk shit about me and then fake it until you make it.
And yes....this is who you think it is!
Figure it out. Now you see why my son is not trusted under your care?


I don't want him because he's taken. I want him because I love him.  I didn't ask to. I didn't plan it this way. It


As a parent, I'm not sure what to do when we, meaning me and the kids, are watching a movie and a character says something like, "Hey why don't you get down on your knees and give me a blow job."

I have a 12 year old and 15 year old. What am I supposed to say to them? I get paralyzed and do nothing, but it's so uncomfortable for me. Gawd why do they put that stuff in kids shows!


My very good friend bought a run-down house last May. Since then, I have pretty much spent every weekend helping her remodel, and it is no small job because (a) she knows diddley squat about home reno and, (b) she is a tightwad who will spend 3 weeks rummaging thrift shops for a light fixture instead of buying one, thus pushing the reno timeline further back with every delay.
Yesterday, a mutual friend of ours jokingly asked if she was going to cut me a check when she sells the house for a profit down the road (she bought the house so cheap, she'll probably made a $30 to 45k profit). I could not stop laughing. As if. Now I am helping her because I like doing this kind of work and also bc my dad taught me well  . I don't expect to be compensated for my work beyond a meal when I spend the day working away on her house, but to think that she would actually give me money??? Ha ha ha. Now that would be the day!!!

Some people probably think I am nuts giving away all my knowledge and time for so little. But really, I am just nice. Not stupid-nice, just nice-nice.

I'll let you guess who is the Christian/Republican and who is the Atheist/Liberal between the two of us....


I don't believe in heaven or hell.

If you fuck up here on earth, you'll be coming back eternally to make it right.  

That will seem like hell.

If you're lucky, you might fulfill your purpose and make it right, then they will welcome your spirit into eternal love and they won't keep sending your sorry ass back here.


I'm not a gun owner and honestly don't care for them however there's not much to do unless they ban them all completely, putting more laws , background checks won't stop a person for obtaining them illegally, not just gun but any person can make a bomb , used a car as weapon , if a person it's determined to do such horrendous act , he / she will find a way .  This guy apparently had a vest and had military experience, I'm sure he plan this for a while . The only thing we can do its report and keep an eye on people that show signs on harming other people and even then police enforcement can't do that much or arrest a person unless there's enough proof .


In light of the TX shooting up a church, I'm just wondering if we should change something with the gun laws... I mean, there must be a solution somewhere between changing the constitution and these massacres.


12 hour work shifts are kicking my ass.  I want to go back to 8 hour work shifts.


I wish I was someone's favorite. Everyone I know seems to like everyone else better. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong.


You are not as smart as you think you are. I know who she is. You don't know what you are getting into. You don't know a good woman when you see one! Guess you will never learn!


I think some people want what they can't have . I hear stories from women who say the same thing , as soon they get engaged and start wearing a ring a lot of men started hitting on them.   I once have a dude trying to hit on me while pregnant, I was about 7 months and showing a lot at first I taught the guy was joking but he wasn't he was very serious about it .  Idk what was wrong with the guy , maybe he had a fetish for pregnant women but I was disbelief and gross out at the same time.


A good man knows how to say no.  Boys don't know how to say no.

A good man that happens to be in an unhappy marriage is capable and willing to use good judgement.

That being said, the wedding ring is a magnet. Sometimes I feel like putting it on just to reap the social benefits.


When I was single, I tried my hardest to attract women. I sucked at it. Once I got married to my high school sweetheart, I went back to the same clubs/bars just for a drink.

The only thing different about me was my ring. I sat on the same lonely bar stool, sipped the same boring draft, and did the same boring chat with the bartender. But I was different - I was married. The ring said so.

Holy shit, I wish any of my married friends had given me the hint they must have known. That ring got me so much female attention. I simply by wearing that ring, I was waving away several women a night. Total babes at a 8-10 scale were wanting me when the month before I was being literally laughed away by 4's.

Fuck yeah women want to compete. It wasn't until I was "taken" that women wanted me. Fuck those bitches. I lost so much respect for women in the first few months of my marriage, I can't even believe it.

After being married for about a year, I lost the rest of my respect for the female gender. "Oh lookie, I've hooked a guy with a stable paycheck and brain, so now I can stop giving up the pussy."

Nasty conniving cunts, the lot of them. I'd love to say that my situation was unique, but after how many of my friends are in the same boat, and reading CC, i think this is apparently normal. Too bad I'm addicted to pussy and boobs. My life would be so much easier and cheaper otherwise.


Some men have claimed that when they were single, women ignored them, but once they visibly got a girlfriend, other women magically found them (the men) more interesting.  You can put that down to competitive behaviour among women, or a perception that, if you're good enough to be some other woman's boyfriend, you might be good enough to be theirs as well.  Asking how your girlfriend is doing is just an indirect way of eliciting if you and your girlfriend are still together.  There's no particular reason otherwise why a woman should be curious about the wellbeing of someone else's girlfriend.


372, because they are testing the waters to see if you are susceptible to their advances.   Doing it this way allows them to save face when you ignore it or to protest that they were not doing anything bad, just asking how your GF is doing.


I've been watching Stranger Things and watching Jonathan, an uncool kid without a dad, start dating a really nice girl gives me hope. I'm a girl, but I'm definitely in a similar situation to him (except I definitely have friends). If he can find someone, so can I.


Another coward just shot bunch of people on a church, why? I mean if you want to kill people just volunteer to be st front on military combat, why it's always the innocent, that don't even have a chance on defending themselves because they didn't saw coming. I'm tired of this aholes ruining people's lives .


363....I am a guy and i have the same problem with some of my female friends. I just wanna be friends and nothing more.
I get along better with women as friends for whatever reason. They know i have a girlfriend yet they cant stop hinting at the possibility of a relationship...
Strange thing is they are always asking me how my girlfriend is doing..I dont understand the logic, i never ask how their boyfriends are doing its non of my business.


The feeling of happiness is a new bottle of 80-proof, a fresh pack of smokes, and a gig of unwatched porn on my laptop.

I made a pot of coffee and went onto the back porch to have some fun. I get up hours before the rest of my family, so I chain-smoked while masturbating and getting drunk, with a random coffee sip to keep me warm.

This was the highlight of my day. Nobody else knows but you, CC. It kind of makes me sad that this is how I make myself happy, but it is what it is. It's the little things, and personal time, that get us through life with a smile on our faces.

Cheers, I'm off for another cup of java then vodka. I'll have a smoke while watching another beautiful couple pretend to enjoy having sex, but orgasming for the paycheck. The kids are up now, so no fucking myself, but my brain is happy while the rugrats scream and fight.


355- it is not racist to not like the culture of a group of people who share the same culture, values, etc.


I feel bad for people who feel as if they need to spend more money than what they earn in order to keep up appearances to their neighbors and friends and family.


-360, I spent most of my years between 15 and 25 dodging death.  I am content doing nothing exciting now.  I've had enough excitement.  My friends think I'm crazy for wanting to move somewhere out into the Midwest farmland, among the endless fields and cows everywhere, and live the last 40 years of my life.  Nice and quiet.  No excitement.  Plenty of view to see if anything dangerous is coming towards me.  I guess people are different.


Life would be twice as good if I could just sleep in until 9 a.m. every day.


We may be in our mid fifties, but the three date rule still applies. This afternoon will be our 3rd date. Just saying....


I am an educator who teaches adults how to get and keep a job, a task that is getting harder and harder.

I always tell my students to treat each job interview as practice for the next one.  This way helps them to realize that, no matter how badly you need a job, you will not leave the interview with less than you had upon arrival.  It also helps one to be more cognizant of mistakes or things that could be done better as they occur; it helps facilitate more self-awareness and add an element of self-confidence.  

So, I say, if you don't get this job for which you are interviewing, you will at least be better prepared for the next one.  Practice interviewing with friends or family.  View Youtube tutorials to know what to do and what not do.  Dress the part to show the interviewer that you care and that this interview matters.  First impressions are indelible!  

I tell my students, you not only want to get the job, but you want to get the job WELL!  Often the way you present yourself will have a strong determining factor of how much you will be paid and your strength in negotiating your benefits package.  The more perfectly you present, the more power you will wield in the end!

At the end, I tell them, "Good luck, and God Bless You!


I just ate 10 Vicodin ES pills and chased them down with a 25oz can of malt liquor. I'm going to get so fucked up. Life's good!


Why is it that men cannot be friends with a single woman? Why do they always have to ask you out, or let you know that they would like to.
I just want to be friends. Nothing less, nothing more.


I have a job interview next week. I'm scared. What if I blow it?


One time, after making love to me, this woman standing over my shoulder.   She said to me to "I've seen your girlfriend and she has ugly breasts"

As any guy, I was thinking to myself, how on earth?  I was so outraged, I saw red in my eyeballs.   I got up, I started yelling.  

I looked down then I stopping yelling, I looked up again.  The woman standing over my shoulder was my wife.  

I feel so humiliated that wife is telling me that my girlfriend is ugly.   I say it again out of disbelief that my wife tells me to my face that my girlfriend is ugly.

I 've known deep in my heart that I've become mean.   I've moved away from my source.  

I'm sorry to you both.


My dad is like poor mans James Bond , he speaks more than one language, he skydives for fun, he has travel all over the world and gets paid for it  , he knows how to fix and fly an aircraft, he have live in different countries and has survived some close calls on his  crazy "adventures" all over the world.


In 32 hours i will be flying for the first time in my life to go to disney world.ive never been this terrified at anything else in my life. Its a terrible and debilitating feeling but im going to see it through. Im not scared to die but my regret is that it would also kill 2 of my siblings. I hope im not bad luck for this flight.but it does feel good being able to afford a vacation without that fat cunt siphoning my money. Yeah you pill riddled nasty pig, you cant even pay your bills but im gonna get over my fear of life and do things ive never dreamed two should get jobs and grow up


I love being home and spending time on the internet. I think I have an addiction. I spend all my days on the weekends surfing the web. from morning til night, and I love LOVE LOVE IT. For example, today I woke up at 12pm, opened my laptop, surfed the web until 2ish for lunch, back to the computer, made more food around 4/5pm, more computer, until now (11pm).

I can see how this is unhealthy


I'd rather spend my days pursuing things that interest me - but basically not getting paid for it - than do any old boring job for a big paycheck. This is a choice in life. Most people take the boring route and get paid. I take the amusing route and scrap by. Yep, once a year they can afford to go on a nice vacation. But the other 51 weeks they are wasting their lives.  Me, I can't afford to go on vacation, but I find my life has been fulfilling.


I know a guy who has a dentist come to his home. What a great idea. I hate the dentist. But if I could lay down on my own bed, hugging my own pillow, while the dentist does his thing, god that would be great. I might actually enjoy getting dental work done.


I am anti-racism and pro-human rights.

My secret is that I hate Somalians.


I've reached a new low in my life. I didn't think it was possible. I'm so sad.


This summer, my family is staying with the in-laws while I work a thousand miles away.  I hope I don't get scurvy and can find a good spot cleaner for semen stains.


Let me start by saying that even though I don't like Mr. Trump (I don't like Hillary either) , I like a lot of the clothes his wife wears ,it's nice to see women over 40 not letting themselves go and wearing dresses, skirts and not cutting their hair . Some women think once you turn certain age you should have short hair, quit wearing certain clothes and just give up.


Some days I feel like dying and have nothing to live for. And then I remember I want to adopt and have a beautiful child. I turn to learning Mandarin because its the only thing that feels worthwhile and keeps me from thinking about dying or being so depressed. The thought of using another language to be able to communicate with my child makes me so happy.

I hope I am able to adopt and bring so much happiness into someone else's life.


I wish you would just fuck me and let's get it over with!! Why the hell not?


I sexually harassed a girl in HS.  Grabbed her boobs at a party when I was 16 and hammered.  She punched me in the balls.

I think we're even.


You can also use those flushable wipes from the store , they have different brands from charming to genetic brands , while not as good as a bidet they are pretty decent.


Maybe not a secret, but not too well known:  Buy a bidet toilet seat attachment.  It's a small apparatus that attaches to your toilet bowl and allows you to quickly and very efficiently make yourself hygienically clean after toilet functions.  There are some models with heat, but the ones I have just use plain cold water. You would think that would be uncomfortable, but it really is not. The stream is adjustable and quite soothing and comfortable.  Afterward, you have that fresh, clean just washed feeling and freshness!  Skid marks (I have never been one to have them) will be gone forever! They sell for around fifty bucks, and are worth every penny! I don't know why everyone doesn't use them.  When I have to go away from home, which is not often, I rush straight to the bidet upon my return.  Once you get used to that clean, clean feeling, you just can't let it go!


Just imagine the putrescence of jars of old cum!  Imagine the horror!  Open the jar ... clear the city!!!


A few years ago I was lonely and alone so I went onto a cam sight. I found THEE most BEAUTIFUL redhead I had ever found. Perfect hourglass figure, and she had a sharp personality! Body and mind, so great. But I assumed she had been coached in the art of seduction. And I played it that way, even when she told me I was different. I knew she had been told to say such things.

    I logged on a few more times. I had to see her! She was on, and when she wasn't we messaged back an forth through the app. She would wear what I wanted all day way waiting for me to log on.

    Just when I started to think wow, I don't care where she is, I'm going there. She disappeared, never to be heard from again, or seen again on cam.

    I miss her. The idea that you can find someone in the weirdest places. It clings to my heart like a bad idea. Maybe someday it will happen, maybe some day it won't.



I work in entertainment (I'm a female “crew” member not an actress) and have been harassed numerous times by famous actors/singers/sports people (I'm married with kids & not interested at all) and when I complained to the “higher ups” I was basically told- we will take care of it, oh he's just kidding around, can't you take a joke and so on. My bosses did NOTHING and the BS continued. EFF you! Now Karma has come to collect her dues and I'm laughing my ass off! These disgusting creeps beloved by everyone are getting their comeuppance- I so wish I could name names but I can't for legal reasons. Reap what you sow bitches!  Now it's my time to laugh.


fingertips on my collar bones, I look up at the stars and know I will burn out clear.


My life is completely broken right now. I don't have a job, I have no friends except for one internet friend and no family. I live off Section 8, food stamps and cash aid while I await my military pension to go through.

I have bipolar disorder and paralyzing anxiety. I only leave my apartment when I need food and then I go to liquor store down the street to buy over priced food there. I don't have a car so with my anxiety I have very few choices as to where I can buy food. The supermarket is just too far away to walk.

I haven't taken a shower since the beginning of September and I haven't shaved either.

It doesn't matter because I just don't care.



I work in entertainment (I'm a female “crew” member not an actress) and have been harassed numerous times by famous actors/singers/sports people (I'm married with kids & not interested at all) and when I complained to the “higher ups” I was basically told- we will take care of it, oh he's just kidding around, can't you take a joke and so on. My bosses did NOTHING and the BS continued. EFF you! Now Karma has come to collect her dues and I'm laughing my ass off! These disgusting creeps beloved by everyone are getting their comeuppance- I so wish I could name names but I can't for legal reasons. Reap what you sow bitches!  Now it's my time to laugh.


I loved someone evil, once. Thank god that's over.


I exposed a raw and vulnerable side of myself to you and I'm afraid that I'll never hear from you again.  If that's going to be the case, please just let me know.


I dream all day. And, I miss her.


I said I'd have a new job within three months, and you'd still be a fat, ugly troll.

Well, it hasn't even been two months, and I start a new job that's actually something of a step up for me on Monday. So, the first part of my prediction was, if anything, a bit of an underestimation of myself.

As for the second part of my statement, I have no real way of knowing that you're still a fat, ugly, repulsive troll, but unless you magically shed 100 pounds over the last 60 days, I'd say that signs point to yes.

PS- I will surpass you in every way.


I recently moved out of my boyfriend's house because his addiction and family was taking over my life...but now I feel so alone and unsupported. I gave all my attention and effort to him that now I'm so so sad. It's hard to keep from crying throughout the day, and I find myself overthinking...or just realizing shit. Like I'm going to lose my mom very soon and my sister and I don't even fucking talk to my sister. I'm going to have kids one day that don't have any extended family. I don't know what to do. There's this secret part of me that keeps insisting on getting pregnant RIGHT NOW so I can let my future kids experience a grandma, cousins, fucking anything family like because it's broken enough as it is. And maybe he'd leave his house to be with me and our future child.......
But when I asked his mom if I could bring a kitten to take care of and raised it, he showed no affection to it whatsoever. Which makes me scared even more.

...I'm losing my fucking mind, and I am all alone...


So, you want me to take your opinions seriously, yet FOX NEWS,
your preferred news source, has been exposed as the home to racist, sexist, white scumbags.

What do you think that says about you?


Boo hoo! You're depressed, so you pout and mope around like anyone gives a fuck! Pull it together or get out of here. No one wants to see that shit. No one's going to save you. Take your health into your own hands. Or don't. No one fucking cares. Turns out my husband's a whiny little bitch.


I swiped left the first time but your profile came back around so I swiped right. It was a great choice and then you get weirded out when I told you I've curbed everyone since we met. Yes I'm falling for. Can't help it. Being with you feels like I've found a piece of myself I've lost.


I HATE my boyfriend and I'm going to leave him one of these days. I've tried to stay with him, to make things work for the sake of our babies but I just can't do it anymore. He canr be bothered to even pretend so what's the point? I have turned into a very angry, resentful and very fat (i stress eat BAD) person. Why am I not good enough? What is so wrong with me?


I'm living my life on autopilot.    But that's not really living.  I miss me.


When I was finally fired from my first full time job, I also was not missed.  After all, I thought, it was a job.  I actually wasn't expecting to be missed, when I left.  I was basically "asked" to leave, but in reality I was fired.  The company gave me basically one month from the time they fired me until I left.  So, co-workers basically knew I was leaving, BUT, nobody said anything.  I am not sure if it was because they didn't know, or didn't care.  Anyways, I left without saying good bye to anybody.  I wrote a good bye email to one of the departments, where I worked for about one year, but not the rest of the company.  Before I had sent the email, one female co-worker from that department seemed concerned, but when I sort of explained my situation, she seemed a little bit incredulous, so, that kind of threw me off.  One Friday I was there, the following Monday, I was not there anymore.  I had emailed my replacement, who had been with the company for a couple of months, with the instructions about taking over some of my duties.  When I called back the company to return the parking pass, the replacement happened to answer the phone.  He sounded like he did not know what was going on.  For the couple of months he was there before I left, I kept asking him to come with me to the library to do one of the tasks, in order to show him how to do it.  He did not want to come with me, basically.  He kept postponing it.  I wasn't going to tell him I had been fired, and I needed to show him how to do the job.  So, when I called back, I laughed on the inside.  Maybe, there would not be a next time, OK.  I told him I was going to be back the next day to show him how to do the task.  I did not come back.  Sorry, but I had already started another job.  When I told a family member I was planning to come back to the previous job, I was asked WHY?  I realized why should I come back to a place I had just been fired and work for free basically, and jeopardize my new job?


Here's a secret, anyway: I had surgery awhile back, and my insurance would pay for cutting me open, but not for putting me back together, because it was "cosmetic." Yeah ok, I guess not having a huge gaping wound is an aesthetic choice.  Anyhow, I'm afraid my doctor went the bargain basement route because he couldn't get insurance to pay for it. He put me back together with superglue, I shit you not.  Now I'm healed over, but every so often little plasticky wads of superglue burrow their way to the surface.  I haven't told my wife because she'll want me to go back to the doctor, and we don't have the money.


I LOVE to masturbate! I do it All the time - can't get enough! But I hate to just throw my sperm away - every load is like a tiny trophy to me, so a few years ago, I started saving it - now I've got about a dozen pickle jars FULL of cum!  Every now and then, when I'm REALLY horny, I'll pour myself a glass of cum & drink it while I beat myself mercilessly!  Then, about 6 months ago, I had a brainstorm; I went to the pharmacy, got myself an enema/douche kit & about 3 weeks later, I had a full gallon of fresh sperm & I gave myself a douche with my own cum!  What am AMAZING feeling - I just can't describe it!!!.


If there's food in the fridge that's past its peak, like leftovers from a meal I can't even remember making, I won't eat it. Why take the risk of getting sick?  But instead of throwing it out, I'll give it to my husband for lunch. Hahaha.


Sometimes when I'm stressed out or hurt by someone, I lean into dissociation as a coping mechanism. I listen to the song Crystal Ball by Keane, because it's about a man who isn't really sure about anything in his life anymore. What his opinions are, what he believes in, what inspires him is lost.

When it happens it feels like my mind and my body become more loosely connected, as if I were tethered to my body rather than living inside it. I recede into myself, and I think about the bigger picture of my life. I think about my place in the journey of my life, where I want it to go and where I'm actually going, and it can help me make more objectively better decisions. I don't talk to people or emote as much, and my demeanor is much more subdued.

I know it's not healthy, but I can live with it. Plus I like my more apathetic self. She can get things done way better than I can, even though she gets no enjoyment out of it at all


I interviewed for a computer programming job a few years ago. My potential department manager grilled me endlessly. More than that, I felt he was outright antagonistic. I'd give an answer to a programming challenge question and he'd say it was dumb, and shouldn't I do it a different way. At first I politely agreed with him. But he kept challenging everything I said. Finally I said, no, I disagreed with him. My solution is a good one. It's not "dumb". It gets the task done efficiently and correctly with no shortcuts that might cause a problem later on. I was slightly harsh.

He then smiled and said great. He said my algorithm was good. He just kept saying it wasn't to see if I'd stand up for myself.

Next day he called to offer me the job. I said no thanks. Secret: Employers sometimes forget that as much as they are interviewing me, I am also interviewing them. Why on earth would I want to work with a guy who plays mind games and has already shown himself to be difficult? No way. Good riddance.




What else could I do?
I'm so inspired by you.
That hasn't happened for the longest time.



In a race I can run a 7:00 mile for three miles. When I'm feeling angry and emotional I can run a 6:30 mile for three miles. My mind focuses on being pissed off and I don't feel the pain in my muscles. I don't even notice I'm running faster. Anger works for me.


My monthly prescription for Vicodin arrived in my mail yesterday. I called in sick at work today and I'm going to get loaded and watch movies all day. It's the little things that are the most fun!


Just stare into space
Picture my face in your hands
I'm really sad when I hear this. Sums up why my resentment is misplaced.  I could sing those words for you from my heart. So sad.


I have lived in the USA for 33 years Every year we were told was the warmest in history and every year is getting warmer.It thirty years I still wear the same clothes for summer and the same clothes for winter. It is not much warmer or much cooler.  Al Gore said by the year 2000 New York City will be under water. During the thirty three years New York had one storm -Sandy -and the street flooded.The earth's climate has changed for millions of years -with or without humans. I am very sensitive to the earth and littering is a bigger problem .When one travels on a ocean liner and see islands of plastic bottles drifting miles from land in the sea- that saddens me. That is something humans can do something about! Say human do affect the climate what would you like us to do to rectify this situation? Stop flying? Stop driving cars? Stop using electricity? What??????


I wish I had the option to just be a cat. Humans suck so bad, & my cat is freedom in living form. Freedom is the biggest lie we have told ourselves. You're not free. Think you are? Try doing something for one day without money.


No, man-made global warming hasn't been proven.  There's no proof of it. Think for yourself.  Just because your political party wants to tax everybody doesn't mean it's actually happening.


313 - It's definitley significant for me. First place I go when I start up in the morning is here. It's comforting to know I'm not the only one who's head is spinning over life in general.


I see myself as open minded. Equality for all!

Except I do find it unnerving to see two guys kiss. Ew. That ain't right.


If my husband ever leaves me, I think I might just shave my head. Not completely bald, but like a quarter inch long. It would save so much time and hassle not having to dry and style my hair and so much money on haircuts and conditioner. It would be so much cooler in the hot summer months.


I often wonder if my friend still takes the time to look at this site, too. I told so many people about this website, because it gave me something that human interaction couldn't. It was very stress relieving  for me, and entertaining. I feel bad, because I feel like it wasn't as significant in other peoples lives...


I feel like you throw 10 different parties a year. The weird thing is you don't even live here anymore. You live in a completely new city, in a different state thousands of miles away. But, somehow you manage to make every holiday about you. Throwing a party for yourself, and then inviting a ton of people by making it sound like some world-class party...yeah, it sounds conceited as hell to me. Somehow you're always in town ready to throw this gigantic shindig, because you think you're that important. People have other things to do. Stop inviting me! Isn't it obvious that I don't want to go?


I'm falling into that funk i get into where I'm hurting but i don't trust anyone, so I isolate myself as my brain replays horrible images, over and over until i get drunk


I met this woman thru a dating site, we are both separated.  We hit if off thru texting, emails etc.  We meet for coffee, lunch and then dinner.  Its going really well.  Then she starts talking about her sexual past....turns out she had 5 affairs, the last one started two weeks after the previous one ended, the last one a dom/sub one.  Then she starts talking about her past abortions as she wasn't good with BC and loved to act on impulse (the 5 affairs told me that).  I'm sitting there texting her back thinking, damn I'm so glad I didn't get intimate with this woman. A few days later I called her and did the whole its me, not you thing and ended it.

Funny part was she seemed normal and with it, an IT professional, 3 kids, college degree, witty, smart, attractive, active tennis player...can't judge a book by its cover


You are a cheating, fat, vile nasty skank and i hope you die amiserable death soon


I believe that the World Series was rigged for the Astros to win. This was done because of the devastation Houston suffered from hurricane Harvey. Houston residents needed something to lift their spirits and the Astros winning the World Series was it.


So I found another job and last Friday, at the end of the day, I let my manager know that I was leaving.  Since I'm an independent contractor, I didn't have to give the standard two weeks' notice - just went in, signed some papers and that's it.  Then I said goodbye to the about 10 people who were milling about, and sent out a "farewell" email to the entire office.

Within half an hour, two officemates called me - one who is a very good friend (and already knew I was leaving), and one of the newer girls.  A few days later, I received a beautiful card in the mail from the office secretary, wishing me good luck in my new position.

That's it.  Out of 150 people in my office, that's it.  I posted the job change on Facebook, and even though I have about half of the office on there, not one person commented, liked, reacted, or sent me a message - not even the people I felt close to, ones who I helped with things and met up with outside of the office.

I guess I wasn't as well-liked as I thought.


I can't decide whether to have a trip roaring drunk one night stand or commit suicide after Which should I do? I am unhappy, unfulfilled, bored and horny as fuck. I am simply broke and don't have the funks to do what I need to do to improve my life. It's a no win. Something after Christnas will have to be done.


I been with my husband on and off for 15 , 16 years and not once been unfaithful, just go away loser , keep dreaming even if I was to divorce my husband tomorrow you wouldn't have a chance with me.  Please quit spreading rumors and lies , I can sue you for slander.


And in the scariest way, that's exactly why I'm leaving


Our relationship is still too co-dependent if I'm feeling left out because you don't want me to go with you to get your abortion. That's between you and your boyfriend. Why do I feel sad and hurt about that?

Maybe it's because I was willing to drop all my plans, skip work, skip my hair appointment, skip recording a weekly show I do on Fridays, all to be there for her and support her, and she decides last minute that she doesn't need me. And I have to hear it from her boyfriend.

Maybe it's because that's a pattern in my life, when I put others way before myself and it turns out they didn't care that much to begin with. It hurts that I wanted so badly to be supportive like I should with my best friend, and once again, because he's there, I'm not needed at all.


I got you sick. I thouht I was over it I swear but I tend to incubate my sickness when I do get sick and I'm also a carrier for strep. It's cute that you're worried that you'll have gotten me sick but its the other way around. I know I got you sick. I told you I was sick all weekend but clearly you werem't listening. Yes I gave you a virus, it's strep I promise and I am so sorry. I feel terrible for getting you so sick. Damn it. And we were suppose to go out tonight.


Wish I had a bidet in my house. I would use it 10 times a day - whenever I tinkle or do more. So gross not being perfectly clean down there. Very uncivilized.


I'm teleworking today.

It's 3 p.m.

Time to get started.


When I don't hear back from my husband, I tend to think the worst. Oh my god he was hit by a car and is in the ER right now dying!

No, he was stuck in traffic and got home 15 minutes late.

I kind of overact.


Something weird has started happening to me. You know that sensation where you wake up and feel like your falling? I have started to get that feeling in my left arm. It usually happens when I'm overtired. But it feels like my left arm is falling or going to fall. It's very bizarre. To compensate, I tend to unconsciously  bend my arm and hold it tight against my body so it doesn't fall off. It's such a strange feeling. I have tried to google it and found nothing.


I believe about 1/2 the harassment claims, or less.  It is to the point now your a nobody in Hollywood unless someone higher up the food chain there hit on you. Since no actress will want to admit they are a nobody in Hollywood, they all are claiming harassment in the past.


294 Very well written! Congratulations!


I need to stop cursing so much... For the most part, it happens when I'm dealing with people at work. They're fucking stupid!


After an unsavory interaction with my co-worker yesterday, I've decided, abruptly, to stop avoiding so many situations and conversations and TRUTHS because I was avoiding conflict. Having that kind of personality keeps you in a cage, because you're so focused on keeping everyone on good terms with you that you don't ever say how you really feel about things. Do it for too long and you can forget what your real opinion is, and lose yourself in others' desires

I thought about it yesterday and remembered that extreme conflict avoidance is a common trait of adults that grew up in abusive households. Put plainly, since your parents were so prone to fly off the handle and beat you for reasons you didn't understand, you learned to avoid any disturbances to their mood as a defense mechanism, and as a coping mechanism to avoid future beatings. So this translates into adulthood as being a doormat.

I think it's important to remember where your traits come from, especially when it comes to trauma. That way, in a situation where you might blame yourself and hate yourself for being so pusillanimous (the word people are actually referring to when they call you a pussy), you can realize that this was a very likely outcome of circumstances outside your control. Then you can focus more on fixing these behaviors instead of beating yourself up about it.

It's pretty helpful, especially considering most children of abuse almost ALWAYS develop anxiety problems and tend to blame themselves for everything bad that happens around them


Sometimes, good things happen when you act without thinking. Not in the conventional sense where you just do what impulsively comes to you, but in the sense that when you know you need to do something, it's good to just initiate the first action before you start thinking about everything you're afraid of. I got a lot done today just by doing that


I want a guy to fuck me in the ass while my wife watches.


I have 20 days to lose 10 pounds.


Highs , flying, turbulence, roller coasters, don't scare me or make me sick however I'm terrified of doctors in general especially the gynecologist, just the thought of someone sticking stuff down there makes me nauseous and anxious.


I'd kill myself if it wouldn't hurt so many people I love. I have enough Xanax to die three times. Depression and anxiety FUCKING SUCK. Fuck my stupid life.


I often wonder if my friend still takes the time to read this site.


I wake up scared and anxious. There is a sinking feeling in my stomach. I hate this. What's wrong with me. I need help.


Before going out to see people, I take a shower. Other than that, if I'm not going out, I only shower once every two days.


Something a little weird.  I used to curse all the time.  Lots of fucks and shit everywhere in my language.  It was a habit I had for 25 years.  Then one day I met an evangelical minister who asked if he could do a prayer over me to bind and break the powers of satan and demons over me and cast them out blah blah blah.  I figured what the heck, this silly thing can't do me any harm.  So he did this prayer over me.  A few days later I noticed that I didn't feel compelled to curse anymore.  It just seemed excessive.  My cursing was down by 90%.  I still do from time to time, but I just didn't feel like I needed to do it.  It's been 5 years and I hardly say this crap anymore.  One of the stranger things to happen in my life...


I apologize to spiders when I kill them. But I still kill them.


I give up. You don't care about me. I'm a joke to you.


I don't even remember the last time I had sex. Years, Decades? Oh well.


I had sex today. Yay me.


If every man who sexually harassed a woman is forced to leave his job, there will only be women left in the workplace.


Community College is depressing.


I really don't like it when people curse. It grates on my nerves. I don't think it should bother me as much as it does, but it does.


I haven't said a curse word in many years. It makes me feel like a better person. It's something I do for myself. No one realizes. People notice when you say something, not when you don't say something. But whatever, I don't curse.


We have gone for long stretches in this marriage without sex. I'm talking a year at a time. I thought why should I sleep with him if he's mean to me. In turn, this made him even more mean. Which in turn justified my not sleeping with him. There, it all balanced out. My attitude was to make him suffer. Fuck him!

But then I noticed something. On that rare occasion I did sleep with him, he was nice to me afterwards. The upbeat mood would last for a few days. It felt good to have no tension between us. What a relief.

So I flipped my philosophy around. I starting sleeping with him once a week. I made a point of it. We'd have sex in some form. Then he was happy. Then he was nice most of the time. And you know what, the marriage became bearable.

Seems obvious now, if I sleep with my husband he is nicer to me. I didn't see how backwards I was doing it for about 10 years.

I'm no expert, but something for married people to consider, have sex with each other. Don't deny the sex because someone is mean. Maybe denying the sex is what causes the person to be mean.


0274, your post made me smile.  Especially #9,10,11.  You go girl!


He doesn't know this, but I'm swearing off him permanently. I made a list of all the ways he annoys me, and if I feel the urge to contact him, I re-read the list and find things to add to it:

1) Yet another pushily masculine type terrified of the idea that I'm probably smarter than he is.
2) Seems utterly convinced that all women are jealous shrews who are going to fight over him.
3) He seems to cultivate situations in which women will get competitive for his attention, which strikes me as trashy and drama-queeny beyond belief.
4) Cannot seem to remember that I've never displayed any jealousy, instead choosing to spend his every second in my presence bracing for some gigantic jealous shitstorm that is never going to happen.
5) Actually seems a little disappointed that it's impossible to make me jealous.
6) All this while he indulges in childish fits of jealousy his own bad self.
7) Lies like a rug over easily provable facts. (“What are you talking about?” DERP.)
8) Attention span of a goldfish yet expects my rapt attention at all times.
9) He forgets to call or answer texts, but found the time to get to umpteenth level on Pokemon Go somehow.
10) Actually — just “Got to umpteenth level on Pokemon Go” is enough on its own.
11) Actually, just “Plays Pokemon Go” is more than enough, really.
12) If I got more involved with him I'd probably be called upon to read and give impressions of his blank verse “poems” — or rather poem, singular -- and that thing was a masturbatory howlingly bad me-and-my-penis mess.
13) He put the… poem up on social media. You know, where someone might see it and find out who's responsible for it.
14) Also seems an indifferent reader who never picks up a book without expecting to be patted on the back for his grand intellectual achievement in doing so.
15) I have longer and more committed relationships with my dentist, gynecologist, and hairdresser than he seems to have ever had with anyone.
16) One-night stands with That One Chick and and This Other Chick. Just NO.
17) Propositioned That Third Insufferable Gossipy Chick over text message, which she then showed to everybody.
18) Indifferently picks his teeth with his fingernails in public.
19) He's 35 and dresses like an 18-year-old.
20) Jerk totally ignored my birthday.

Coming up on a whole month of ignoring him. Where's my 30-day Formerly Into a Jerk Anonymous chip, dammit.


I read about deaths in the news, car crashes, body dumps and I immediatly hope it's my ex. Does that make me an awful person? NO! Because he's an abusive, manipulative, narcassistic sociopath who deserves every horrible thing that's coming to him! FUCK YOU CT!


A guy I used to work with asked me to write a reference for him. Shesh, I hate him. I was so glad he quit. Now he wants me to help him get a new job? What a chance to screw him over. But knowing me, I'll avoid the conflict and write something fairly pleasant. I hate always being nice.


I think we are going to break up with a "friend couple" in our town.  

We both have an older son and younger daughter the same age as each other.  Years ago the wife of the other couple asked if we could bring our very outgoing and popular daughter around because their daughter had a hard time making friends.  We did and they are now buddies.  

My older son, however has a hard time making friends and still does.  Their older son had been getting taunted at school and was also having issues making friends.  Their son has now turned it around and is in with the 'popular crowd'.  My son, however still has issues making friends.  All of a sudden, when we go out for joint family dinners, their son is "out with his friends" and can't come to dinner leaving my son with no one to talk to.  I mentioned to the dad that not having their son there was a deal breaker for our family dinners as I would not allow my son to keep being the only one with no one to talk to at dinners.  He agreed, but still could not (or would not) make his (under 14 year old) son come out to what had been regular family dinners.   Clearly it's more important to them that their son maintain his status with the 'in crowd' than it is to be real friends to us and our kids.  

So I say, Fuck You.  My son is just as important as your daughter and for that matter your son.  When your girl needed a friend we were there.  Also my son NEVER taunted your boy the way his new 'cool' friends used to.  So, FUCK YOU, you selfish self centered assholes.  No wonder most of the other people in town have pulled away from you and find you grating and annoying.  Selfish self centered jerks... just like your kids!


Lol,  I have the same problem I can't roll my r's , and have difficulty with a lot of words that don't exist on the English language, I spend many years on speech therapy and it never got better .  I'm just glad those sounds and words don't exist on the English vocabulary, having an accent sucks as it is.


My wife's 40-year old friend dressed up for Halloween as a scantily clad cartoon character.  I spent the entire night reminding myself not to ogle her because her husband and my wife were there.


Whenever I see an obituary for a young person, I always look for the cause of death.  If none is listed, I know it's suicide or a drug overdose.  That's the problem with being young, you don't have enough experience to know things will get better if you just try to make them better.  Suicide and drugs aren't the answer.


I just noticed that I have a pretty persistent stutter when I speak Spanish. Nothing when I speak English though


After working on this guy's computer I am sure I will never install Windows 8.  Too complicated and disorganized.  I hate it!


Never underestimate your body's ability to heal itself.


I truly believe that most marriages are happy more often than not. People just share their misery more than their happiness because it makes them feel better. Marriage is long. EVERY marriage has its ups and downs. Mine is no exception. I remember we went through a particularly rough patch in 2010 and I was seriously considering leaving because I was miserable. I came across a study that surveyed a bunch of people on how happy they were in their marriage and almost all of the respondents that said they were unhappy but stayed with their spouse claimed to be happy a few years later. Now I can honestly say I'm very happy. There are still ups and downs but whenever we go through a low, I know it will pass... and it does! Of course, this doesn't mean that all marriages are salvageable, especially if there is abuse involved. But I think if we had more realistic expectations and realized that it's okay if things aren't wonderful all the time, we would be a whole lot happier overall.


I love that women wear skirts. It's a tease. It says hey guys, I know you want to gain access to my pussy, so I'm wearing something that gives you a slight chance to see it. If the wind blows just right, or if I cross my legs, you might get a glimpse.

It makes guys look. We invest energy with the hope of seeing something. It gets us involved and keeps us interested.

Skirts are sexy. It's an opening women create. It says they are possibly interested. I love it. Ladies, thank you for wearing skirts.


I've wasted far too much of my life trying to get laid.

Advice to young people: Don't let your sex drive be in control of you. Getting laid is nice. But don't throw everything else away for 10 seconds of pleasure.


I think a guy was flirting with me last night? It was cute. He's dorky but I like him.


I don't have your email address.


0245, you lost me at “chronically unemployable alcoholic”...  you may adore and love her, but this is going to be nothing but disaster.    Your analysis of most marriages is spot on, I think.   Every friend I have that is married says they would not do it again....  even my mother confided to me that she would not marry my father again.  I think that is a secret to only him...

Alone does not mean lonely..


Send me an email.  That's where I have to leave it.


I cry when I read about children being hurt. It reminds me too much of my own childhood.



I'm trying to rebuild the bridges I burned. I'm so sorry everyone for my past behavior.


No one can figure out where my boss pees. He NEVER goes into the bathroom. Does he use a Snapple bottle under his desk when no one is looking????? It's a mystery.


As some morbid fulfillment, I read the local obits. For some reason I want and need to know how people die, especially the non-elderly people. I guess I want to feel confident the same fate won't befall me because I don't drink and drive, and I don't rock climb. Every now and then I see a "coded" obit. 45 year old man dies but no reason is listed. I've learned to piece it together though when it says he is survived by his parents and a sister. No wife? Ah, he died of AIDS. In a sick way, somehow it makes me feel better knowing it won't happen to me. Pretty self centered on my part, I'm pleased the man died of AIDS??


Why talk that way? Where is this nastiness coming from?


I can't remember the last time I was genuinely consistently happy.


I am so close to giving up.... I just want to give up and not have to try anymore or do anything.


It's eight o'clock in the morning and I'm drinking a couple of big cans of malt liquor while eating a turkey pot pie. Life's good! 🍻


So he came over yesterday, and eventually he starts talking to me about his ex girlfriend. He's very candid about it, which doesn't bother me because he's not that important to me yet.

He said that when he dates someone, he can be the only man in their life. They have to delete all other guys from all their social medias, and he'll do the same with women. I have to say, I started laughing at that. How insecure can you be? Also there's no way in hell a man is gonna run my life like that. There's no trust, and too much jealousy. But in his mind that's how it's supposed to work.

He hasn't mentioned his exes or other women a lot, but I think subconsciously he's trying to make me jealous of them so I'll agree to his little deletion scheme. So on it's face, it looks like I'll be going nowhere fast with this guy.

But, there's a part of him that sees the flaws in his own logic, so I think he can be taught. I'll give it a shot, because he's still very innocent in a way that's hard to explain. If he insists on being so manipulative I'm gonna have to go


I'd rather not.  Poison people no longer serve my best interests.


Fact of life. We are born alone-and die alone. Don't marry for the wrong reason. She might die before you and then you are still alone!


Coming back once again.  If you want to see me, find me.


I was married when I was 20, had 2 kids, and my then wife left us when I was 29. I've since raised my sons by myself, and I'm pretty proud of the results. I'm now 41, and have been in an on again off again relationship with the same woman for nearly 10 years. She's amazing, and I love her to death. I've been completely faithful to her the entire time. I want to spend the rest of my life with her. But here's what's fucked up.

I never want to get married again. Not ever. And she wants to. Ending a marriage is hell, and it's something I've never gotten past. Every marriage I witness seems to come apart eventually. Combine that with the most awesome, brilliant, amazing, beautiful woman I've ever known, who just happens to be a chronically unemployable alcoholic, and an endless list of unhappy friends who are married, or are happily married only because they fuck outside their marriage, and I feel like I made the right decision every day.

I see posts all over here that just confirm it's a lot more likely to be that way than not statistically, and I'm so confused as to why people live this way. I might be resentful of my position and my unwillingness to do anything about it, but I'd rather blow my brains out than be trapped in a loveless, sexless marriage with some raving bitch I can't stand just to share all of the things I enjoy so much by myself with somebody I hate.

That being said, I miss it. I'm meant for monogamy. It's where I'm happy. I'm fit, I'm decent looking enough, I make great money, I own a home (I mean no mortgage own), I'm almost an empty nester, I fuck like a bull, I have everything going to have a pretty eventful single life. But I'm miserable because I'm not married, and I'm terrified at the thought of being so again, (simply from the exposure perspective), and have no desire to date casually. I'll probably die alone and I've come to terms with it. But man, how fucked are we as a species where 90% of relationships are either temporary or miserable.

The main reason I surf cavecanum is for that rare story of a happy husband telling us some disgusting, slutty thing his wife does and how much he loves it, or some wife telling how crazy she is about her husband and loves his cock and fucks him like a pornstar and surprises him with random blowjobs. It's the thrill of my life these days, and I have to enjoy it vicariously through somebody else. Fuck. And how few and far between those stories are here just speak to real life for me. They're the ones living the dream. Fuck my life.


I recently moved and miss naked yoga the most.  Once a week I got to connect with myself and others in an awesome way.


Naked yoga is a thing. I want to try. How fun it would be.


I once walked 17 miles to get home.


I work at a coffee shop. There's one customer who comes in every morning and asks for 10 pumps of vanilla. How can anyone take 10 pumps? It would be liking drinking pure syrup. My secret is I make his coffee with my back turned so I can only give him 5 pumps, then I tell him yep, I gave you all 10. I lie. But it's for his own good. :)


I still miss you, strange as that is...


I need to wear reading glasses. I usually keep them on. Except when someone else is around. Then I hide them in my pocket until needed. They make me look old and I don't want to be seen that way. Vanity rules my life.


More terrorism. Now we will spend $20 million to prosecute the guy and keep him in an isolated prison cell for the next 50 years.


Whenever I'm in my garden and I have to pee, I do. Why bother going back inside? I lift my skirt or drop my pants and do what needs to be done. If anyone was peering over the fence, they'd get quite a show!


So funny that your Husband was taunting me with his "I married her, and you didn't" at the restaurant.  I guess he's not aware that I've been fucking you!


Had a bizarre day yesterday. I'm a 33/f, if it matters. Went to goodwill to buy clothes, and ended up with a huge number of things for trying on, enough to full an entire z rack in fact. Employee lent me an empty rack and i set about trying my things on. Try item on. If I wanted it it went folded in the cart outside the door, if not it was rehung and placed on the opposite end of the rack to reshelf. It's my system, and it works-- minimizing work for the person putting the item back and helping me take up less space while in try on 100+ items.

But, yesterday was not to be as uneventful as I planned.  There was this woman who for some reason, had a huge problem with my presence and made it her mission to upset me and make me feel like I was unwelcome. I opened the door to switch out some things, and saw her looking right at Me kinda smirking and whispering to her friend. 30 secs later, I hear someone messing with my cart,  and I open the door to her looking through the selections in my basket and trying to take a certain one. I said excuse me, those are my items I'm buying...and get a eye roll and a "oh sorry, I thought you were not here anymore by bad lol." So I throw my entire peacock over the top of the cart and as I'm continuing I heard her loudly telling every single person who passed by "now don't come over here these are HER things, don't touch them! They're hers! By now I'm down to the last 15 items on the z rack and get a knock on the door. It's a store employee that just got in for her shift. She loudly scolds me for taking a zrack to hold the items neatly, and says, "look we don't let yall do that here. You are not the only person in this whole store!" Telling her that I had been authorized to use it did nothing to lessen her tone, she just ordered me to remove the things ings left off the rack and quit being so self centered.  It was awful and embrassing. The whole time I'm being singled out and treated like I did it with no permission. The woman I've been getting picked on is watching intently, and whispering to a group of people and sharing a laugh at my expense. I hurriedly finished up and the final time I opened the door, this woman is standing right at my cart, and fishing in my own fucking coat pockets. I was pissed and I was not in a position to fight back, as I'm on probation and was one smart assed remark away from beating the shit outta her. Then another woman appeared, and wamked right up to this awful woman, and says to her "hey, your eyebrow is fucked up." The woman looks over at her and says that no it isn't,  to which the mystery woman says "well it's about to be if you don't gtfo of this store!" And the bully LEFT! I was so grateful and made myself a new friend. She ended up hanging out with me at my house last night for a while, and seems like a super decent gal who just hated seeing someone getting bullied. Thanks, lady! You are a cool chick!


I'm overwhelmed with sadness because of my financial situation. Please God, I need someone to hire me.


Go tell the actual person these things so you don't give all of us overly-sensitive, high-strung people in here a complex over nothing.


You, my friend, have significantly underestimated me. I showed you humility out of respect. You passed.

I believe in myself, my energy, any my purpose. My life is going to keep getting better. Know that.

Lessons come hard sometimes, don't let the anger get you.


I didn't realize how much my bad marriage was dragging me down. It crept up on me over the years. I used to be upbeat, productive, fun, engaging. But more and more I'd hide in the basement playing on the computer - as a way to avoid my wife. I let work go (lived off savings). I let friends go. There would be times when a week would go by and I wouldn't even leave the house.

You know what finally snapped me out of it? An old friend sent me an email out of the blue. I was suddenly reminded how I used to have a life. I dusted myself off and poked my head back upstairs. I contacted former workmates about a job and started down the road of rejoining society.

So when I read on here about how someone sent an email to a friend from 30 years ago, and he wondered if it was a good idea, I say great idea. Maybe you just saved another person from living in a funk hole.


My hubber is so funny. He makes to-do lists all the time. I find them lying around the house. Every now and then I'll read one and this is typical of what I find:

* Trim back front lilac bush
* Call bro about camping trip
* Put lamp on ebay
* Take shed trash to dump
* Fuck K

LOL. Glad to know I made his list! Right after a run to the dump. How romantic! :)

PS - I assume K is me. What if it's a different K? Hmmm.


I think your new gf is the best thing that's ever happened to you. You deserve peace and happiness. You've been through a lot. I'm thrilled for both of you. 💕


It's rather aggravating that when I become friends with someone and I listen to their problems and give them advice, they will often develop feelings for me. It's not about being attractive, but rather the fact that I would bother to listen intently and care about their issues that makes them want to be with me. I'm also pretty good at connecting with people and being understanding of their plight, which definitely steers people in that direction.  

It's really opened my eyes to how broken and lonely so many people are. You have no clue how many people are with someone or want to be with someone purely just to have "someone that will always be there for them," regardless of whether it's a healthy relationship or not. People will put up with everything they shouldn't, just to have that person to call, text, cry on, fuck, or just run to when the tiniest thing goes wrong.

And yet, we're all so afraid of our own fragility that we play games about it and disconnect ourselves from others. I wish people knew how similar they are in this way. I feel like it would make it easier for us to connect if we were aware of how common it is to feel this way.


I whack off in the morning to get it over with. My head is then clear all day so I can focus on other things.


I'd rather be wrong and know it rather than believing I'm right about everything. I have a strong intuition. It drives me nuts when evidence contradicts my gut feeling. I had you figured out all along and now I get to close the book.


I have been secretly betting for the past few weeks.  A cpl of the many little bets had nice payoffs but it's the InPlay bets that have done the best.  While you are watching Game 3 of the World Series, I am making $$$.  I'm up quite a bit but I don't think I'll tell the wife.  Either I'm going to get a few massages or pay for an upcoming vacation.  If I do well this weekend, I might be able to do both!


I hope she breaks up with you. You don't deserve her.


Most people live beyond their means and off their credit cards. There's a reason I pay cash for everything and keep very a little on my account ( I only use it for online shopping)  My husband manages the rest , our house is paid off , our cars are paid off(no leases or car payments) , we live on a very desirable neightborhood and we drive nice cars.  We just budget everything , sure we treat our selves to nice things once in a while ,like a fancy dinner at an upscale restaurant and take a very nice vacation every few years but we don't spend money we don't have .


The thing I've found about sex with a married woman, it's more about her and the things going on in her head, than it is about the sex with me. Married women cheat to get at their husbands. Even if they don't tell the husband. A married woman cheats because she's angry with her husband. It's what she is thinking about during the affair. Me, I am just a tool she uses. The sex has always been good and fun, but I find it's emotionally tough to be sleeping with a married woman where I don't really count.


She has no money. But at the same time she has a million reasons why she can't look for a job. Some people live in a fantasy world.


All these married women love me.  They look at their husbands like big losers, and flirt right in front of them.  I think I'd rather be in my position than the husbands.
They think and fantasize about me, while they have to have boring sex with them.


I deleted my facebook over a year ago and I couldn't be happier about it.


Politics and religion has no business in the work place the best thing to do  it's to avoid talking about it . If someone ask you for your opinion or try's starting a conversation just change the subject or politely decline to answer by saying you rather don't discuss those issues at work .


I used to be a huge flirt to single women.  

Married women, however, have always been off-limits to me.


Performance evaluations are a joke.  You can be a rotten employee and get a great evaluation is you're liked.  You can be a great employee and get a terrible evaluation if you're not liked.  They're just a tool to justify getting rid of a person.


I lost a job in 2000, right before the election.  I lost a job in 2016, again right before the election.

Both times I had made a comment to my boss that suggested I did not support the Democratic nominee for president.  I never suggested that I supported the Republican nominee, either, I just suggested that the Democratic nominee wasn't a good candidate.  Both were offhanded, non-offensive and pretty innocent comments.

Coincidence?  I think not, given how liberal my bosses were in both jobs.

I wish liberals would just leave their politics out of the workplace.


A guy once sent my wife an email like that where he was from her past and wanted to make contact with her again. I deleted it. I happened to see it before my wife, so she never ever knew he wrote to her. No good will come of notes from the past. He was probably breaking up with his wife and was on the prowl.


Ugh I swear administrative work was created with the idea in mind that a woman would be doing all the little mundane shit men don't feel like doing! I have daily reports that are actually very necessary to get done every day, and this guy wants to bother me to print out 4 pieces of paper and put them in envelopes for him? This is when half the printers aren't working and the only scanner is broken, making the rest of my job twice as tedious! But no, you have to bother me for 4 little pieces of paper...

And it's not even that I don't have time to print the damn things, or like changing the labels on them is too hard. It's just such a SIMPLE FUCKING TASK that the only reason I am involved in the process is because my boss likes to feel in charge by giving people useless orders. He could have printed them before I even got in for the day, but that's no fun is it? Nope, we want to go bother the admin because that's what she's there for, right? A nice ego stroke.

God, I can't wait to get a new job once the holidays are over.


I can't stand people who speaks like a wannabe gangster rapper, you can have a degree from an Ivy School it doesn't matter you speak like a thug expect to be treated like one.

P.S. Rap and Hip pop makes my ear bleed


Professional evaluations.  Yeah, I knew my days were numbered when it became known I was voting Republican last election.  All of a sudden my ratings fell through the floor.  Nothing I could do about it and my department and customers were furious I was let go.

My new company seems a lot less like that and I couldn't be happier.  I kind of think they did me a favor.

- M 46


194- I would write back to say "hi" and "thank you" and ask how you're doing. Unfortunately, since I'm married it wouldn't be able to go any further than that.

But it's very likely your e-mail went into her junk mail folder and she didn't even see it. You'd probably have more luck on Facebook.


I've come to the conclusion that I'm invisble.  As a typical guy it's obvious that women don't see guys as having any sexual value so I can finally quit pretending. What a joke and a giant waste of time it's been with all this meaningless "confidence" thats supposed to be attractive. That's just a ruse to make guys feel empowered but it ends up making no difference since the male sexual value is always seen by women as zero or more likely negative.


And my mom who threw me to become injected in neck by a doctor i know her name but u know. Thank u for helping me die. This is the last part of this just thank you for providing a lawyer on a list of no faces to judge. At many times. One of them was a cousin of my dad who said I will not say his words of good that could be used by another site of how to get a woman to fuck you. "She never said "do not talk to me" she only posted "lesbian dumbass and such" she never said "I can call you if you're not mad" I AM MAD CUZ YOU LIAR. A call and a hello no answer a lot from the beginning where I told her if you don't delete these u do whatever the fuck and they do whatever the fuck SHE DON'T GET WE ARE ALL WATCHED she is dumb. That's ok. But fuckin too cuz at this point I need a lawyer for assisted suicide cuz I can document vans vans that are white where they were and the fact that I DIE FOR THE RAPIST CUZ HE DID NOT RAPE ANYONE. Pre rape and post rape equals suicide. Because men say they'd die for you or something no one said that to me I don't think maybe I doubt it but thank you imaginairy friend. So now I am giving up on trying to cry for imaginary meme cuz now I can think in my head. Be happy I'm not talking. And just know I cried cuz I missed can't say a name here you know who you are and do not contact me it isn't anyone name M. He gets to play drums with other people who may or may not have said a lot of threats veiled by an innocent nervous voice. My dad would post things about his own self pity here and don't believe shit no one will ever know about or see. Cuz.. whatever. If you could just not delete emails at .. ok no email for anyone on any computer where Twitter confirms it can block likes and follows and it's ok Twitter they'll kill you if you dont. I actually already funded my assisted suicide I am talking to a doctor and they don't do shit. One made sure I would not have my disability check where I am paid to be a guinea pig instead of paid to paint. That's ok. He claimed I was lying by leaving a shit credit card I knew I would never use on my bed. He thought it was post-i won't get a payday loan when I already do not have that credit card kept it for a joke meme maybe. U know? Thank you doctor. You helped me die. Because this is what I need. I guess any painting file of mine means do not post my painting cuz it's infected with that no one can post or share a good fucking shit I made in prayer for mankind and earth to coexist. I hope  other than a doctor can give me a month with my voice recorder. Privacy policies only protect the doctors who think they invented a mind numbing pill when Tibetans should be hired and would probably work for free and should get more just for 5minute nonsmokebrainjerks convo with a person who is now homeless cuz their family likes to make sure there is none.


Ah, work "performance evaluations."  Here's a secret about them: your final score is nothing more than an expression of how much your boss likes you personally.  Performance evaluations are great tools for the boss giving you positive feedback.  But if the boss doesn't like you, you get a bad eval.  If the boss likes you, you get a good eval.  Find another job if you get a bad performance evaluation.


She never said do not talk to me but a lot of hiding behind bullshit and lesbian dumbass so know that girl lies and likes her little shit like a lot of things could be seen like "she compares me to everyone she fucks" sorry but u know she perpetuated it purposely for drama when the things I WOULD SAY are thank God for those who talked to me helped me and I know what I need a lawyer for.


I'm being evaluated at work. I'm scared. My last one was perfect. They couldn't find anything I needed to improve on. . Last year, my first year on the job, was not good. I was ecstatic about the perfect eval.

But now this eval has to live up to the last one, and I feel so much pressure. What if it falls apart? What if they observe me during a class who has behavior issues instead of one of my well-behaved classes? I swear to god if they observe me during the monster class I have and some kid ruins it, I will end them. End. Them.

Calling any deity out there, lord baby Jesus, God, Allah, Buddha, Krishna, Flying Spaghetti Monster, whoever...please help me rock this eval too. Pleeeeeeease 😭


I miss having real friends were we can simply talk and say anything and no one's feelings got hurt. That's what being friends means. These days everyone gets so easily offended by everything. It makes my head hurt. These new types of "friends" are really a burden, not an asset.


I'll bet my doctor gets a little turned on seeing me naked. Of course he can never admit it, he has to be professional. But I know he must like seeing my beautiful pussy and tatas.


I hate flying. Oddly the worst part isn't being in the air. It's the week before the flight when I brood about the possibility the pane will crash. Once I'm up in the sky, it's not so bad because I know the anxiety will be over in a few hours.Funny how the human mind torments itself.


I'm a little more at ease when dealing with people who are a little chubby like me. Super fit people make me nervous. I feel like they are silently judging me.


Pimples are gross but I enjoy popping blackheads.


Bills, taxes, any and all of my financial dealings make me feel sick to my stomach. It's another unmentioned burden on the poor.


This is silly. A product I created all by my lonesome can be seen in the TV shows The X Files and Stranger Things. It is also in the movies War Games, Pixels, and a few others.


This, I suppose, is my legacy, my gift to the world. I made something and people find it iconic and amusing - enough so that it still makes its way into the media.

I never tell anyone about it. I don't want to brag. But having the product being featured in so many places makes me proudly smile!


0194: Absolutely! The curiosity, if nothing else, would be killing me. And if I choose not to continue contact with the person on the other end, then I would end it in a lady-like way and move on but always be grateful that someone remembered me in such a nice way. Kinda sounds like Disney, right? But it has happened to me.


1)Maybe the person doesn't have access or used the email address anymore. I know I had like 4 accounts and two of them quit using many years ago without closing the account since I couldn't remember the password.

2) She is married or in a serious relationship.

3) She doesn't remember you or simple didn't know you well enough.  I once bumped into this one at the store and came out starting talking to me , she even mentioned I once gave her a ride home and I still don't know who she is , maybe she confused me with some else .


I'm so sad these days. There is nothing good in my life.


When I was 20 I had a mad crush on this one particular woman. We were in college together. I never acted on it. After college we went our separate ways.

30 years later I looked her up on google. I found her email address and sent her the following note:

"Hi. Remember me. I always had a thing for you. It is one of my biggest regrets that I never pursued you. I know this is an odd message to get so many years later. But can I take you to lunch?"

She never wrote back. I don't know what I was expecting but I was hoping the idea of romance and good stories was still alive. Guess not.

If you received an email like the one I sent, would you have written back?


I think in the future not as many people will get married. For hundreds of years it has been the norm to marry. It is almost a requirement. But now because of the internet, people have bared their souls and revealed just how messed up marriage is. We read about the disappointments, the resentments, the anger, the frustration, and the cheating. I think people are beginning to understand that marriage is generally a downer for everyone. Yes, I think in the future, not as may will people will be willing to get married. As secondary result, not as many children will be born. Big houses will no longer be in demand. More people will live in cities. The school population will decrease. Schools will close. It will be easier to get into college. And so on.

The world is on the brink of a major change.


Whenever I ejaculate in my wife's ass, and then pull out, a little blob of my cum leaks out of her asshole. I have scooped this up on my finger and fed it to her. She willingly tastes and swallows. It was up her ass. She still swallowed. You can't beat that for sexy.


Turn me down for ot cuz of score when the engineers are incompetent with time studies? I hope the yard and docks get out of control and it costs them their jobs


I hate sunday evenings.


My internet was ridiculous. I was getting downloads speeds of 1 mps and it wasn't constant. I couldn't steam music without the sound turning on and off.

I bit the bullet and paid about $50 more per month to get faster internet. They said the new speed would be 200 mps.  Whoa! 200 times faster!

Liars. My download speed is now 2 mps. I still can't listen to music. What a joke these internet providers are.


I know it's wrong but there's something so hot about a married man's hand with a ring on it gripping my cock as he's going down on me


I get regular compliments at work on my wardrobe. I work in sales and have a strict professional dress code. I'm required, for example, to wear heels. That's how strict my dress code is.

Management would shit a brick if they knew the truth. Almost every item in my well complimented closet comes straight from my local thrift shops. That Calvin Klein dress you “adored?” $16 with the tags still on. It retails for around $100. The Michael Kors purse I wear every day? $30. I saw an identical one at Macy's for over $150.

Enjoy paying for mark ups if that's your jam. But your bad buying habits are my thrift shop wins.


I'm still wondering why you thought that post was me?  Did you want it to be?  You can email.  Julianna


I hope they prove the Democrats got this information about Russia. I dont blame any party if they are going to get honest information, but bullshit info should not be part of it. Yup I hope this Russia investigation proves the dems got the real info.


I write secrets and then delete them. I'm slightly paranoid.


I lived in New York all my life and I feel like California is calling my name.


-164, we were going broke, too.  The credit card balance was up to almost $50k and getting worse every month, and we almost had to declare bankruptcy.  My husband and I sat down and thought about everything we could cut out.  The house phone went - $55 a month for something we didn't use because we had cell phones, and was just used for telemarketers to leave messages on.  Comcast went, except for the internet.  We got a Google Chromecast instead - saved $125 a month.  Other little odds and ends went and were cancelled, and all the credit card balances were transferred to no interest cards.  We saved $600 a month on things we weren't using.  We refinanced our house and saved another $250 a month - short term gain for a long term loss, but we needed to do it to get the bills under control.

Some was hard to get rid of.  I thought I needed the house phone because so many of my doctors had that number.  But it's been 2 years and I actually didn't miss it.  It was a "safety" thing in my mind that I didn't need.  It was a habit.  Same thing with your daughter's clothes - it sounds like a habit that you need to break.  Stop buying the expensive stuff.  You'll find after a week or two of not doing it that you never cared for it in the first place.

But the biggest thing we did?  We stopped eating out.  It saved us $100 a week.  It was too easy to do, especially when we were out on weekends.  It was another habit to get out of.  Now we save $400 a month and we feel a little better, too.

We also started a spreadsheet that shows exactly how much we owe on each credit card.  We have a whiteboard on which we write down every transaction on our credit card and what it was for, and we keep a master list in our e-mail.  It has given us a great sense of control over what we spend and enabled us to discuss why we're spending money on what we do.  We find that on average we spend about $550 a week on things.

We saved $1200 a month simply on stuff that was around us.  We expect to pay off the rest of our credit cards next year, and then we can start paying down the house to make up for the refinance.  It can be done!


When I was younger I used to skip on undies too, they always felt weird to me . I started wearing them again once I got married, I mean I cannot just walk around without panies , especially on the summer when all I wear is dresses and skirts.


Thank You, God.

This time last month I could barely get out of bed.  I wore the same clothes for as many days as I could get away with, same with showering.   I only did things around the house and for my family that I had to do, to keep the household running and decently clean and to keep everyone fed.  I cried myself to sleep at night, though.  I couldn't see a way out.

And then, as I always do when I get to the bottom, I told You that it was in Your hands.  I asked You to change my life.  And - as You always do - You did.

My kids commented on how happy I was again.  My husband commented on how spectacularly clean the house was.  My depression has lifted and I have a new lease on life, because You gave me exactly what I wished for.

Thank You, God, for the opportunity you sent my way, and please help me to succeed at it.


I have an aversion to alcohol. Especially hard liquor such as vodka and tequila etc. I can sometimes stomach red wine or occasionally beer with a meal, maybe 3-4 times per year. It's always been like this, but it's gotten worse as I grew older...  I'm not against alcohol or anything, I don't think that there is anything wrong with drinking a couple drinks during the week or on the weekend. I just can't. Sometimes I wish I could...


I have 10 apples.  I give 10 apples to my good friend. There are 9 other people and they get no apples.

I can honestly say that as an average all 10 people as an average got an apple.

This is our next tax legislation.


Once, and only once, I went to work in a skirt and no underoos. I had no clean pairs. It was summer. It was hot outside. I thought hey, why not. No one will know.

I must say I got a little thrill out of the day. I was walking down the hallways thinking hey world, I'm not wearing any underwear and I'm feeling like the sexiest woman alive!

Alas, I was only brave enough to do it for the one day. I remember it fondly though.


I wonder what you have to say about me, considering the amount of hogwash you talk about some of these other women. I think you're lining them up in case your shit relationship hits the fan early.


Google '50 Shades Of Goofy'
Your Welcome!


Wish I had somewhere to go tonight. Also wish the guy I was “dating” would have invited me to the party he is going to tonight. This is my favorite weekend of the whole year. Halloween weekend and I'm on my period sick and have no money or car. Sometimes starting over fucking sucks.


0171, your kids are suffering too.  This sort of existence is not worth it, and you will make it without a big house or that neighborhood.  Ask yourself what are the long term costs for your children?  And YOU?  
Bless you, good luck..


Walking on eggshells. The violent outbursts aren't acceptable. Drop everything and leave. There is a better world out there. One where you aren't fighting the urge to fight back. There is no need for this. Think of it as a deadly car accident that you barely survived.  You can do this.


I'm afraid of my wife. I try not to confront her. In hindsight, this seems to be her plan. She acts menacing. She sets that baseline. Then she takes advantage of me and the marriage. But I don't dare stop her because she has shown how menacing she can be.

An example. She hits me. She throws things. She intentionally breaks things, like she drove her car into mine. There's the menacing baseline.

Then she wants to go away with a female friend of hers to a spa in Arizona for a week. I say we can't afford. She then starts throwing things. I'm reminded of how bad she can get. I give in. Okay she can go to the spa.

She's a violent bully and she gets her way.

You might wonder why I don't divorce her.

Because we have children. Because we have a beautiful house. We are part of a community. The kids and I would have to give it all up thanks to the way divorce settlements work. I couldn't afford to live here anymore if she gets half of everything.

In the end, the situation is such that it works out well for her. And terribly for me. And I don't feel like there is anything I can do about it until the kids are out of the house.


I want to him to fuck me in my costume


I once had this dude that I used to chat online out of boredom, it's funny that he spread rumors based on assumptions, I have never met him but he would tell people all this outrageous lies about me , he doesn't even know my real name , been faithful  to my husband and have never cheated on him . I think it's just sour grapes , that I stop chatting online with him, even if I knew him on real life I would never date someone like him , he is not my type heck I wouldn't even like him as a friend.


I dated this women who would always act the part of not wanting sex to happen. She would constantly say no. It's in the news all the time these days. If a woman says no, that means no. But I eventually realized she meant yes. It was very confusing.

Like I'd kiss her and she'd say "Ow ow that hurts." First time it happened I stopped and sincerely apologized asking what I did wrong. She didn't answer. She leaned in and kissed me more and then said it again, "Ow ow that hurts." That's when I realized it was some sort of game.

I'd unbutton her shirt. She'd say "No no stop." But if I stopped, she'd start squirming around all antsy. And when I finally put my hand back on her shirt she'd let out a sensual moan, showing she liked it. So then I'd start with the unbuttoning again and she'd say, "No no stop."

I'd unzip her pants. "You can't do that. Stop stop."

I'd tug down her underwear. "I'm begging you to stop."

She was like acting out a rape fantasy. Or she had some deep psychology where her mother told her to never let a man touch her, so she felt she had to object to my advances, but the whole time she subtly encouraged me to do more.

In the end, it didn't work for me. It might have been a turn on for her, but not for me. I got no thrill pretending to rape a woman. It wasn't my thing. I hate the idea in fact.

We eventually broke up. But a very confusing game some women play. What a message to send to men---> Rape is terrible, but please act like you are raping me.


There are still plenty of racially motivated lynchings going on right now. Google 'knockout game deaths'...


0165, NOBODY should live like that.  Your post made me so sad...  Please take steps for your well being and happiness and that may mean ending this “marriage”.  Hugs to you.


My marriage is so bad I often want to cry. I'm male. Men don't cry. So I can't. I refuse. But I feel it welling up inside me. There have been a few times when I was talking to someone about something else entirely, and out of nowhere my voice cracked. I pretended it was something caught in my throat. But weird, the sad emotions are boiling over inside me desperately trying to burst out.


I'm happy in my marriage, have two great kids, the house, the cars, the pets, everything anyone could ever need in an average life. My trouble is, I cannot manage money for shit. With each paycheck I think this time it'll be different, but wind up overdrawn before the next payday. Part of my problem is incessantly dressing my daughter in expensive boutique clothes so that she'll be trendy in school. She even uses shampoo and conditioner that I have to special order online. She doesn't insist on this, I just do it. She gets new clothes weekly. Add in regular bills, gas for the car, groceries, etc and the end result is, I'm 43 and broke all the time. Right now I have $39 in my checking account and don't get paid until the second week in November. Thank goodness for a husband who can fill the void.


At nighttime, my wife takes the extra pillows on the bed and makes a wall between us. The pillows are large and fluffy so the wall is high enough where I can't even really see her, let alone touch her. She also then sleeps with her back to me.

The message is clear, she doesn't want to have any type of physicality between us.


To be honest not everyone is marriage material or parent material . I know I'm not , I try my best part of me wishes I wouldn't never quit my job at least I was very good at it and made a lot of money but having a kid with special needs and having a husband  that wanted a more traditional wife I decided it was  for the best interest of my kid to stay home even though I suck at being a homemaker, can't cook , hate cleaning , I'm not a very affectionate person , I'm those kind of person who feels uncomfortable displaying public affection (holding hands , hugging) .  When I was kid I never dream of getting married or having children like most girls do , I wanted to become a pilot , travel the world maybe a bush pilot on a area that not a lot of people are interested due to high risk ( Africa, Alaska , Indonesia which happens to have the worst safety record on aviation) yep , that was my dream .  Instead I married a very successful executive, when my husband dies my kid and step children can keep it all , I'm not interested in any of his money , my kid can keep my part , that will be my gift for having such a lousy mother.


I used to rail my secretary hard quite frequently, sometimes in the office with her bending over my desk. She was much younger than I was and she seemed  willing, even to take it in the ass. I would probably go to jail for that sort of thing today but in the 1990s it was just good clean fun and it was almost expected that cute secretaries would blow their boss.


I hate life.  I wish I was dead.  When I'm awake, I'm apathetic and want to go back to sleep all day.  When I'm asleep, I constantly wake up anxious.


I hate sleeping. There's something about being in a quiet house at night or in the early morning that makes me feel good and safe. I've been this way my whole life. Its why I avoid being a houseguest anytime I can. I LIKE MY HOUSE.


I don't know what's gotten into me. I jerked off twice today.


It scares the bejezuz out of me to know that when I die there is nothing. I will never live again. I don't know if I can deal with this.


With all this talk of sexual harassment, I'm starting to feel like I'm one of a very small percentage of women that genuinely wants to sleep with her boss. I want him to graze my ass when he walks by. I want him to hug me. I want the inappropriate physical closeness. I want the closed door "meetings". I want him to take me to dinner. Of course, my boss is both attractive and age appropriate which doesn't seem to be the case in other's stories, so there is that difference.


Why can't aging country stars just go away?  (shania)

Same with these old fart touring bands.  WTF?  

We've already paid for your music when it was "listenable"

Just go the FUCK away and retire already.


I'm a married guy. I want to touch another guy's cock. I've of course seen a cock a number of times at a gym. But it's not like I can stare or see it up close. I really want to though. I want to touch a guy's cock and feel his balls. I don't want to admit it, but I'd like to put his cock in my mouth and see if I can make him cum.


Today I masturbated in the bathroom at work.


My ex wife could be sweet. Sometimes all the typical things list about an ex wife. Sometimes she seemed incredibly superficial by my standards. You get to know a person, but there will always be those parts about your partner that will remain a mystery, which is good; it keeps things interesting.
We were good friends, had stuff in common. On some levels, we had a very deep connection. I feel bad when I happen to see a picture of her (as I did earlier) because I think of it as a waste. So unnecessary. The ending or the whole thing, either.
Having been through all this has made me much less attached to anything. It's made me much more mindful in my daily activities. But something changed, and I can never go back to the way I was or the way things were, which is fine. It's just the way it is. It's okay, just a waste. "Wishing I didn't know now what I didn't know then" is good stuff, Seegs.


I lost it once in my marriage where I shoved everything off a table top. It felt good. It displayed my level of anger.

Of course my wife brings it up as much as possible. She makes it out like I am some vicious beast not in control of my emotions.

In reality, that's her. She's done countless things out of anger.

But to hear her tell it, I'm the one with the problem because I once shoved some books off a table. There's no winning with people like her. Sh lives in her own reality.


I'm in a non emotional, non sexual marriage...and I wish we could choose partners based on Sex....when you 52yo....You realize you aint got much lead left in Your pencil....


Marriage: Giving power to the woman. The power to be:


I have a close friend who shared a secret with me. She said a dozen years ago when she was in high school, she was touching herself in her room and was getting really into it. She lit a candle and was playing some sexy soulful music. She closed her eyes and fantasized about someone. After she orgasmed, she opened her eyes and there was her mother standing in the room. Like worst nightmare ever to be caught in such a position by her mother. Her story has stuck with me. I have an irrationally strong fear of being caught. Which is why I will only do it at night with the lights out, in total silence, and with the door locked.


Im learning more and more that my cock is more beautiful than most.


Somebody posted a meme asking what you'd choose if you were given the choice to be 45 years old and be given $50 million in the bank, or to go back to age 10 knowing everything you know now- basically knowing the future.

Everybody said they'd just want the $50 million at 45.  I think I'd rather go back to being 10.  I'd make far more money and be a lot healthier.  Things I'd do-

- Stop drinking alcohol, unless it involved getting laid.  Stop eating sugary foods, too.  Now I know the damage it causes.
- Stop being such a pussy in high school and get laid all the time.  Now I know who the girls are and what they were up to.  I'd be a totally different person.
- Go to the same college on the same scholarship, but ditch all my engineering classes.  I never finished anyway.  I'd be a business major.  I'd save a lot of money and graduate on time.
- While at college, ditch my dork friends and be more social... and get laid all the time.
- Go to Seattle in 1997 and join a startup called Google. I'd work at the front desk and take only stock options instead of raises.
- Invest heavily in Apple in 1997, when they were at their shittiest and everyone thought they were about to go out of business.
- When 1998 rolled around, I'd invest heavily in some of the dotcom companies that I know would do well... and toward the end of 1999 I'd dump the stock.  
- Get laid some more
- Invest a few hundred in Bitcoin in 2009.

I'd be worth hundreds of millions, work only when I want to, be in great shape, and my dick would be tired by 45.


I haven't made love to my husband in 2 1/2 months. This is the norm, sadly. He won't make the effort. He blames it on something else if I bring it up. I can't say it sucks to not ever be having sex because he gets angry. I'm young and fit and sexy. I had a long, delicious dream last night about his friend. I knew he was attracted to me a few years ago. He was into me, but you can't go there. I'm untouchable. I've wished I could be with this man, for years. He moved away. He now has a live-in girlfriend. Some lady got really lucky. Some lady is made love to. And it's not me.


I don't really care about people dying, even children. They're just gonna grow into shitty adults anyway.


The more I learn about the world, the more I hate people. We are a cancer that should be cleansed from this planet. We are killing it like a parasite to its host.


Do you have any idea how long the legal process takes to get someone into the U.S.? YEARS. So these people seeking asylum, they're just supposed to wait around for the legal process to enter, knowing every day they could be killed? Get real.

And as far as taxes go, I think you should be more concerned about people like our President using that money for vacations than worried about poor people trying to make a better life for themselves.

And the whole "Legal ones are fine"' argument is bullshit anyway. Do you ever see anyone ask about someone's legal status before they get harassed on the street? No, they just see a turban or someone who doesn't speak English and assume.


I wrote 0132 and should have clarified my thoughts on immigration.  LEGAL immigrants welcome.  Come the right way, pay your taxes, etc and claim a life that will be good to you and your family.
ILLEGAL?  Nah....  
Everyone else who gripes about America?   Feel free to leave.  Meanwhile, I am a flag waving, tax paying, USA loving citizen.  That is all.