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You're a dumbass for staying with your cheating hubby.


At my church, they always have that "passing the peace" part of the service.

Now I don't object to saying "Peace be with you," but I DO NOT LIKE shaking hands with strangers. Who knows what icky things they might have been doing?

So every week I wear a splint on my hand when I go to church. That way I can just raise my hand with an apologetic look and--problem solved.


I worked with this guy. He told the story of when he was in his 20s he lived on a commune farm down south. They grew their own food and had no contact with the outside world. The best part, they were naked the entire time. He said he went for an entire year with no clothes on. Men and women both, no one wore clothes.  Sign me up.


My maternal grandparents live the lifestyle, my grandfather had a few acres of land right on the water , with chickens, pigs and horses. They also grew their own food . While it was peaceful and the food delicious it was hard work my grandpa used to be up by 5am and didn't go back to bed until 11pm , all the food was made from scratch so it took forever to prep a meal , when my mother become an adult she couldn't wait to moved out there , she met my father (a big city guy) married him ,moved to the big city and never look back .  We used to visit my grandfather twice a year , it was nice to have peace and quite for a while , we used to go fishing with grandpa , fed the animals , horse riding and swim on the river.  But honestly being born on a big city and living on many different big cities, I don't know if I could give up the lifestyle, maybe for a few months a year .


My fantasty is buying a piece of land, close to a city or town but not in it. Somewhere in the north or even Canada.
Have a small house on it, full of books. Don't care about a tv. Maybe have well water or I can get lucky and find something with a spring.
I would raise chickens for eggs, goats for cheese, some bees for honey. Have a garden and a green house for herbs and veggies.
Solar panels.
Give up my stressful cubicle soul sucking job for working at a book store or a library. Sell my excess eggs/honey at a farmers market.
Read a lot, travel when I can afford it. Spend my time outdoors.

Anyway, you should go for yours.
I'm working on mine.
In few years, I think I'll be there. It keeps me moving.


I keep fantasising about leaving the country, moving to a small village somewhere in Europe and just living simply. No TV, maybe an old computer I would use to check email sporadically and write on (let's face it, typewriters are a bitch, even if they look cool), certainly no microwave. Absolutely nothing more advanced than a flip phone for telephone purposes. Hey, I might just stick to an old school wall phone; does anyone really need to reach me right that moment?

Mostly I'd just surround myself with books, newspapers for my daily updates, perhaps a moka pot. I'd walk into town every day to do my shopping and make sure the world hadn't blown itself up yet; I don't need constant reminders that the world is fucked up and everyone is miserable.

I just want peace and quiet.


I finally got the chance to jerk off this morning.  I found some great porn and started pounding away.  Suddenly I heard my 5 year old upstairs announce that he wanted to go into the basement, where I was.  Its the fastest I've ever pounded away, and I had to shut the browser window out at the same time I was cumming.  I still got it done.


For years I regretted that it didn't work out between us.  

And then I grew up and realized that you were dull, unattractive, and not very bright.

To this day I'm not sure what the fuck was going through my head with you.  I'm a dumbass.


My mother, 78, is fading. She is going to die on her chair. My deaf father, who wears earphones all day, will not notice until bedtime if I don't happen to be here.


If you align yourself with a political party, you've just signed your brain and free self away. You're rallying for a group of rich thieving fucks who don't give a shit about you. Grown adults siding and defending rich assholes- holy shit you can be an independent thinker. You all look STUPID using words like Dem, Nazi, libtard, snowflake etc. IT MAKES YOU LOOK STUPID TO SMART PEOPLE TALKING LIKE THAT. Stop.



I absolutely know exactly what you're going through.


You came to me in my dreams last night. You were only a grey figure, but I knew it was you. I felt your love. I swear to god that I heard your voice. You were there for me.  If only you knew how much I love you still and how much I regret that it will never work out between us. I'll always blame myself. When I close my eyes, I can still imagine lying in bed with you, my head on your shoulder and your strong arms around me. There is not a more perfect person for me on this earth than you. I'm sorry. I'm so fucking sorry. Whether you hate me or have feelings for me; I hope you are happy and will always, always love you.


P.S. I hurt everyday. I hope you understand how important that makes you.


I am so absolutely dissatisfied with the choices I make in life. My alter ego is fighting the innocent version of me. The version that loved you no matter what. The one that never wanted to hurt you.

But alas.
I lose.
I hurt you, and because I did -

I will hurt until my last breath, because you were everything and more than I thought I ever needed to receive in this life. You banished my depression, and self hate. You gave me sight, pride, and contentness, because you were mine.

I love you for ever and ever and ever, monkey.
Your penguin.


I'm sorry I burned down the orphanage. I can see why you are soooo mad at me.

Oh wait. I didn't burn down the orphanage. I did nothing wrong. You're the one who messed up. So why exactly am I supposed to apologize to you?


I want to mess around with him so badly. I feel like we could have some fun. Fuck.


There's a piece of graphite stuck in the back of my hand from 5th grade when Timmy Boyd stabbed me with a pencil. It happen about 30 years ago. I see it everyday and think the name Timmy Boyd. One day I'm going to track him down and pummel him.


It detracts from the mood when your black lacy thong has a little white tag showing laundry instructions. Wish there was a way to remove those darned things.


My car key doubles as a q-tip for my ears.


Handsome and sweet - that picture took me back .


This summer I was out with some buds. We were driving around and drinking beer. We had to take a whiz. I knew exactly where to go. A cop lives down the road from me. ha ha ha.


CNN has a cover piece about how Harvey's Weinstein's sexual harassment of women is Trump's fault. The Donald made him do it.

Oh okay.


If you say something that can viewed as critical of a minority person, you are a racist. That's apparently the rule.

"I don't like your hat." Racist.

"You cut ahead of me on line." Racist.

"You like Coke. I like Pepsi better." Racist.


People who snoop around in other peoples emails are very insecure.


I am a survival of sexual harassment and violence. All of the incidents were done to me by men, beginning when I was 15 years old. I'd love to share my "me too" story with the world, but I am too ashamed to say it publicly, because I am a man, and I don't want to be seen as less manly because of what has happened to me. I can only imagine what women go through dealing with stuff like this.

Sisters, I am here for you. My silent brothers, I'm here for you too. Even though plenty of people want to kick you when you're already down, and make you relieve your trauma while simultaneously lashing out at you for being victims, there are people out there that support you too, both men and women. Sexual harassment and assault is all about power, and there's a perceived power in trying to shame you about it. I might be personally ashamed, but no one should be made to feel that way, by anyone.

This isn't going to stop until we hold people accountable for abusing their power. Until that happens, we're stuck in this never-ending cycle. I hope to one day work up the courage to speak up publicly about what happened, but no matter what I will be here doing my best to support the people who have gone through the same horrific situation that I have. Hopefully we will all be able to regain a little bit of the things that were forcefully taken from us.


There are people out there who think they are good and kind. They are not. But they constantly tell themselves they are good to cover up the truth they know exists deep down, that they are bad selfish people.


I'm a guy and a father. I volunteered to help with a project at the elementary school. I was the only guy volunteering. School volunteers are always mothers. From the start I felt they resented my being there. About a month into the project, I made a suggestion which ran counter to something they wanted to do. Sorry, but what they were suggesting made little sense. There was a better way to accomplish one of the goals. I said all this very nicely to them. Well that was that. I was now the enemy. Within a few days they circulated a rumor that I was being sexually inappropriate with the students. The principal came and spoke with me. He said I wasn't allowed to be in the school or with any of the students without a teacher present. I was appalled at the way this turned out. I never volunteered again. The mothers won. Yay for them. There is one less person helping the students, but that doesn't matter. What's important is that they crushed a male figure. Because after all, school isn't about the students, it's all about the mothers and their gossiping tribe. I hear the stories in the news about women being sexually harassed. I have trouble believing the tales. I wonder if the women are making it up out of spite. They were pissed someone contradicted them, so they made up hurtful stories. I have no sympathy for the women. That ship sailed.


It's sad, I wanted to masturbate, but then I thought about how much more I want from a person and I got sad enough to lose my drive. Damn. I just want really good sex and cuddles


I have a drama queen "friend" at work. She's constantly looking to start a political fight. I swear, you go out to lunch with her and if you order a sandwich on white bread instead of on a bagel, she says it's an anti semetic gesture. Like holy shit girl, grow the fuck up.


Now the dems are attacking a gold star father, Chief Of Staff John Kelly. I don't mention it to stir the mud. But think about how the dems went nuts when Trump had harsh words for a gold star father before the election. Now the dems are doing the same thing. Everyone needs to stop and think about the things they do.


I ate a deep dish pizza and root beer for breakfast. Fuck you healthy diet!


I let my phone battery drain to zero sometimes so he won't know where I am and he can't call me. Ahhh. Peace!


I'm so happy for you. You've got an amazing new girlfriend who seems perfect for you and you for her as well. You're traveling everywhere now. It brings me such joy to see you happy. You were overdue for happiness and love ❤️.  xoxo


*935 - Why is that picture of me in '82 killing you?


Enough of this #MeToo- just stop! Yes it is horrific and I know; I lived it- me and millions of others. This "movement" just brought back dormant memories that I fought so hard to forget  Thanks. If you want to do a #me too- - do not forget the male victims of rape- like my nephew.


My son saw some kids cheating on a test. He asked me if he should tell the teacher. I said no. No one likes a snitch. I'm feeling a little guilty. I'm not sure if I'm being a good role model for him.


#955 have you tried wearing gloves when you do wash your hair. they also say baking soda, coconut oil, or apple cider vinegar is good for washing hair.  hope things get better for you.


Every time I wash my hair I get a nasty itchy rash on my hands. I haven't been able to find a shampoo/ conditioner that doesn't cause this. It's super frustrating and all the trial and error is expensive and wasteful. I went to an allergist and he couldn't help me. As a result I don't wash my hair until I absolutely have to.

I really need to find a solution to this.


I have an overwhelming sense of impending doom. I think something very bad is about to happen in the world.


I stole a pair of socks today.

I went to babies r us and walked around the store with my stroller. I picked up several items, including the pair of socks from a large bin. I got to the cash register, put all my stuff on the counter and paid with my debit card. As soon as I pulled my card out of the machine after paying, I noticed the socks were sitting on the cup holder/ tray part of the stroller and that I hadn't paid for them. The right thing to do would have been to apologize and have her ring them through separately, but there was a line up behind me and I didn't want to be annoying. I kind of panicked and walked out of the store with the socks still on the stroller. Nobody noticed.

I bought about $65.00 worth of stuff. The socks were 99 cents. I don't think anybody will care.

I still feel super guilty.


My mailbox is so far from my house that on most days I don't bother getting the mail. It's all junk anyway.


I shouldn't have been driving today. I was too hungover but I went to get food anyway. Everything was fine until I got to my street there was no parking and I had to do a u-turn. I figured I would go into a small driveway at the end reverse and go back down the street. What I didn't realize was that there was a car parked across the street, my foot slipped and the car went all the way back way too fast to the point that I hit the brake and felt as the car touched the other one. I feel so bad but there are no dents or scratches on either so I drove away. Now I'm paranoid hoping no one saw. No one said anything....but this is a somewhat sketchy part so now I'm afraid to have anyone come up to me.


were but for a wall
a slight angle refracting
'twixt morning glances


I'm tired of waiting around for you to make up your mind and realize what you want. I deserve way better than this.  I'm sick of putting up with your excuses and accusations. Just tell me like it is and lets go our separate ways.


MGTOW is not based on fear of women (lol),its an angry response to the liberated women who are unloveable.


First of all this is not men vs women , plenty of men get sexual harassed and been rape either by other women or men . I think a lot of them keep it to themselves because they don't want to be ridiculed by both men /women worst if they were assault by another man .  Rape and sexual assault has nothing to do with sex itself it's more of a power thing and the sex thing to humiliate the victim there a reason why plenty of straight males assault other males even though they are not home sexual and don't get me started on those discussting women who take advantage of little boys , like we been hearing lately from female teachers having sex with their students and the worst part is they just get a slap on their hand while the men who do the same get thrown in jail for a very long time.



I'd love to post "me too" on my Facebook. But I can't.

I've been raped multiple times by different men, coerced into sexual favors by two different women (one a manager, one a childhood friend), and harassed more times than I can count. But many of my Facebook friends are former coworkers in an industry where reputation is everything, and I don't need them looking at it and assuming I'm some crybaby. Cuz that's what people seem to think. "Oh, well, s/he gave you a job, what are you complaining about?" Yeah, fuck you.

No one wants to admit that this code of silence and ostracizing of people who do report is why no one reports any of this. It's not just Harvey Weinstein, it's the manager at your local McDonald's, it's the president of your bank, it's your husbands and fathers and brothers. And sometimes your sisters.

And it goes beyond the workplace. You didn't like the guy your sorority president threw you into a room with alone when you were six sheets to the wind your first semester? What the fuck is wrong with you, you don't like dick or something? Somehow, it's always the woman's fault. Always. And, to be fair, I've experienced it both ways-- I've had women force me into sexual situations, too, and I've seen women be complicit in sexual assaults, serving as "wing-women," lying and helping guys to cover their tracks, and so on. Neither gender has a handle on being shitty. And I gotta add: it's usually not about sex, it's usually all about the power trip.

I hope things start to change soon, but taking a look around here, I don't think they will. But one thing I will say... I really believe that all this male bellyaching and resentment and MGTOW/redpill bullshit is caused by the deep-rooted fear that women will start treating men the way men have always treated women.

And, given some of the experiences I've had, they might have cause for concern. But I don't think men can say it wasn't earned.


189925 - here is a secret - sorry to bust your bubble, but you make life, life does not make you. If you are 65ish, tired and waiting to die in a few years, then life is making you. If you get off your butt, live life, enjoy the air, walk under oak trees, see the ocean break on the shore, enjoy a glass of wine, don't eat shitty food and stick your fuck you finger at things that are trying to push you down, then you may live to be 100.... just saying...


Blame Oprah for all these "feelings".Life is not about feelings -get over it. This  "Me Too" is part of the victimization of America by Democrats.  Stuff happens-get up, dust yourself off and keep going. We all do it!


Once in a while when I get a late night text or an early morning one, I wonder if it will be you reaching out to me.


Haha my husband ask me if I have a boyfriend, no but I wish sometimes I mean I let him have a girl on the side but I'm just to busy that I don't think I have the time for that .


Now that we are talking about stalkers, I remember when I was in 3rd grade, I was attending this catholic school.  Back then, still now, parents used to hire private transportation to take the kids to school as well as to bring them back.  I think that's how I met this kid, who was in 4th grade.  He used to be really "friendly" with me, so much, his classmates started bothering him.  I think they saw something I did not realize then, but his classmates where onto something weird.  Years later I realized the same.  This kid was really friendly with me, he wanted to be with me all during recess time, and even after school.  Almost like he was obsessed with me, and I think that's what his classmates saw.  Once he told me to life for him, he asked me to tell his classmate that I was his brother.  I didn't think too much of it, so I did what his kid asked me to do, I told his classmate I was his brother. But I tell you, and I realized years later, I think this kids was fucked up.  As years went by, I did not hang out with him as much, anymore, but he would still come around me at school.  I remember one instance, I was playing with my classmates, a couple of years later, and this kid came and made a fuss trying to pick a fight with my classmates because I was playing with them, and not with him.  Same thing happened a couple of years later, he came to make my life miserable.  Like I said, I think he was obsessed, at that early age.  Eventually, I never saw him again.  Like I said, I think this guy was fucked up, and it would not surprise me if he is gay now, but not the regular gay who lives a normal life, but the gay who is fucked up in the head, and could be actually a sexual predator because he had been probably traumatized as a little kid.


933, Check out James Joyce's letters to Nora Barnacle. Anal sex is nothing new.


My friend has had her dog for almost a year and he is still not house trained! Ew. Get with it girl! Put in some effort for a change! Teach the dog to do his business outside!


Guys don't get too frustrated with women and their me too stories, and them complaining about everything !there are women out there who laugh and scoff at that. there's also women in other countries who  are completely different and let the male take the role, and treat you like a king!
They think American women are terrible


i can't masterbate if my cat is in the room. i feel like she's judging me. out she goes!


I think scratching  my back  is as good as an orgasam


That picture of you in ‘'re killing me.


So these are the guys who are going to bring about total nuclear destruction. Not two power hungry warmongers, just two comic opera dipshits with no grasp of what they are doing.


I wonder if people had anal sex before our current generation? Did my grandmother spread her cheeks and let grandpa spew in there? Did George Washington have anal sex with Martha? Did cavemen grunt how regular sex was getting a little boring, so they stuck it in the backdoor?

Or did everyone in the past do regular sex, and it's only in the past 20 years, thanks to the power of the internet, that people realized anal sex was possible, so they started trying it out.


When I was a little kid, like 5 years old, my dad worked at the New York Stock Exchange. He showed me a picture of the place, with people gathered around in a circle, arms flailing while bargaining with each other. But I misunderstood what he said. I thought he worked at the New York Sock Exchange where people get together and trade their socks back and forth. I remember him coming home and me looking at his socks and thinking they were nice and he was obviously good at his job.


Fake biased news is seemingly everywhere,

But the best media source I have found, that is well written and filled with facts, is.......... Al Jazeera.


We both know it's over. Why are going through the motions. We have nothing in common. I already let you go. I know you let me go. One of us is has to say it. Please.


single, white, female.
I wish my life was easier.


This is for 897.  Many years ago there was a neighborhood hangout where my friends and I would meet to unwind.  Sometimes I'd go without them, and in doing so, widened my friend circle.  Most of them were guys, because I enjoyed playing pool, and was one of the few women who did.  While most of the women were friendly with me, I only made one real female friend there.

There was a guy who I became friendly with.  He was a really nice guy, and HOT - just my type.  But I was dating someone at the time, so I declined his request for a date.  Whenever I'd see him, he'd ask if I were still seeing someone.

Finally one day after I'd broken up with my boyfriend, I saw him and let him know I was free.  I gave him my number, and we agreed to go out for drinks that weekend.

He picked me up, and we headed to a local hot spot that was a few blocks from my house.  After a little while of pleasant conversation and getting to know each other, things turned.  He scooted his chair closer to mine, put one arm around me, and the other hand he placed on my crotch.  I was slightly stunned, moved his hand and asked him what he was doing.  "Oh come on baby, you know you like it."  I told him I DIDN'T like it, and that he was being inappropriate.  He said, "Come on.  We've been hot for each other for years.  You're single now, what's the big deal?" and proceeded to put his hand on my crotch again.  I threw some money on the bar, said, "It's been real, goodnight," and left.

Once outside, I ran to a little one-way side street and began walking home.  But next thing I know, he's pulling up next to me in his car.  I turned around and ran to another street and began walking up that, and ahead of me I could see him passing the street I was on.  Now I was scared, so I stepped into the street and crouched between two cars, trying to figure out what to do.

Suddenly, I heard a voice behind me.  "Why are you hiding?"  It was him.  How the fuck he found me, I don't know.  I stood up, told him to leave me alone, and turned to walk away.  But he grabbed me, pushed me into a car and tried to kiss me forcefully.  I struggled to get away, but he held tighter.  I remembered something from the martial arts classes I'd taken way back in high school - I scraped the outside of my foot down his inner leg from his knee down.  I ran back to the bar we'd been at (since it was right there) and called a guy friend who came and got me, and made sure I was home safely.

That wasn't the end of it, though.  He texted me all night, saying he was outside my house and to let him in.  I was scared shitless.  This nice, hot guy who I was looking forward to dating had become a fucking nightmare.  Eventually he let up, but every now and again he'd text me asking if I were single.  I still have those texts.  No matter how many times I told him to leave me alone, he continued.  I'd been pondering moving out of the city for some time, and he was a deciding factor for finally doing so.

Why didn't I call the cops that first night?  He WAS a cop.  I knew enough about the Blue Line to know that nothing would come of it (especially since his father was also a cop) and that doing so would cause me more grief that I was already going through.


Thinking back on the times he assaulted me...age 19...21...22. 6 months of therapy for PTSD a year after the last time it happened. I carried this secret with me for 4 years. He'd come into my workplace and stare right at me as he walked by. I'll never forget his cold, dead, blue eyes and the way they fixated on me, and I'd remember when he'd say that I was his. Not someone he loved, but someone he felt he owned. In a way, after what he did to me, the PTSD was his indirect way of owning me. He didn't love me; he wanted power over someone he found pretty and attractive and wanted to have.

I'd see him in my nightmares, where he's pinned me down again and his hot breath burns down my neck. I'm begging him to let me go and fighting him, but he won't stop.

One day I was getting ready for work and straightening my hair. I looked into the mirror and saw his dead blue eyes glaring into my soul. I saw them in the fucking mirror. It terrified me to the core of my being. I screamed and started sobbing.

I started dating my first serious boyfriend when I was 17. I was smitten with him. We were both still virgins, and a few months into our relationship we started getting mor physical. He wanted a blowjob. I wasn't comfortable with the idea of it yet. He'd bitterly bring it up from time to time. One night we're making out on his bed. I was giving him a hand job, and I felt his hand push me by the back of my head down and told me to open my mouth. I was 18 and scared of his temper, so I did. He told me to put my lips around it and suck it as he pushed down on my head as I tried to pull away. He came down my throat and let me go. We had plans with friends that night and left soon after. I had a sick, sick  feeling in my stomach that entire night. I knew what happened wasn't right. I didn't even have a chance to say no. My brain repressed this memory until last year when my friends were talking about the first time they gave someone a blow job. It flooded back and I went outside and started sobbing at what i was remembering again.

I want to speak out and say “Me too” and show that I'm a survivor, but I can't let my family find out. It would hurt them if they knew anything about it.

So here I am, confessing this all to the cave because it's the only place I can anonymously. It takes a lot to start tearing me down, and these experiences almost did. I'm proud of surviving but less so that I still have to keep this whole thing a secret so my family will never find out and be hurt and anguished by's a heavy burden to bear for me.  




I drank the koolaid. Work hard and then live it up in retirement. Travel the world. Play golf. Pursue your hobbies.

They forgot to mention it's all BS. Once you're over 60 you have no more energy. You just want to sleep. Everything aches. Then you get sick and in a few months you're dead. They forgot to mention any of it.


Screw the #'metoo. It is all about how secure we are with our own selves and not about how others think about overselves.  Get over it.


I'll be sad if Trump either passes away or goes completely senile before  he has turned out of office in disgrace as he surely will be any day now.


We all have a secret. What is yours?


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