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I never thought I would say this,  but,  it turns out that I'm perfectly okay without you.
Actually,  I'm the best I've ever been... without you.


I finally got my internet connection fixed.  It was going out during the evening and when it was raining.  Turns out the connection was water damaged.  It could be maddening to have my connection slow to a crawl sometimes.  They ran a new lines into my house directly to the cable box.  Everything works great now.

I'm not about to test it out on some porno.


722, you are so gross!


We honor our dead. A plaque, a memorial tree, renaming the ball field. It's touching. It's noble. It's all good.

But sometimes, sometimes I wish we could put in as much effort honoring the living.

Why do we wait until someone is dead before officially recognizing how amazing they were.


I bought a raffle ticket. I won the "makeup basket". Yay me. Except I'm a guy. FML.


I love my life ,I love who I am .I have everything I need right here cause I built this.ITS MY LIFE!! Sorry about you and your daughters luck.Maybe its cause you built your life around prison walls.


Note to younger fellas everywhere:  Your own mother is the sweetest pussy you're ever going to drill, so by all means, whatever it takes, get up IN her!  Just be prepared for a let down after, cause NO other pussy will drain your balls dry like Mama's!!!


I laugh my ass off at my haters.They put all this energy and time into me.One of my haters has admired me and wanted to me her whole entire life.Its actually sickening to think some one would admire some one so bad that it turns into hate.She went as far as leaving  5 kids and 10 grandkids just to be next me.Always Trying her hardest to be me.Make your own friends ,where your own clothes,find your own app.Where your own perfume.Be your own person.Get a life put some effort into being who actually Petray to be.Fake it  ,to you make it.And one day in a million years you just might be your own person.




i know how ungrateful and typical gross asshole i sounded. the only thing i am ungrateful for is all stress that keeps me from appreciating the beauty right in front of me and the fact that i add to their stress. all i need to work on is what i can provide in life as in an income... i have some paintings ill put them on ebay hoping somehow whatever fucked up tech manipulating pisshole person doesn't somehow get any money that might be sent...they're not the paintings i once had but a couple of them could be priced high if i finish them up nice...i wish i could delete the ungrateful message... i want to explain.. but it's like i always hated men for acting entitled to touch.. it's a want not a need.. and why should it feel good anyway if the other person isn't in a good situation with u..this is my problem i have too much stress and even when in a position to feel properly i battle darkness that brings me out of it. doubt and shame and ambition and having taken on human ethical problems and being threatened and the organization and structure ive never been able to pull together i hang from a thread. i am SO GRATEFUL BUT SO GUILTY FOR TRYING WITH ANYONE... she believes in me i can't even believe it.. no one will ever know the truth of what could have been... i have to let go... i have to live each day mindfully.. i feel like no one would believe i painted like that or wrote like that... but i can look inward. i have a conscience... yes ive been fucked with but that's life


Bisexual man here.  I enjoy going to gay bathhouses.  I plan on going to a fancier gay bathhouse a few hours away.  I want to try a nearby sex club full of naked men and women.  I avoid nudist resorts because I want and love to have sex, and they don't allow it.


I accidentally shit my pants today.  I went home after drinking a lot of soda.  I had to pee, so when I went to the toilet, I accidentally sharted liquid diarrhea out my boxers and shorts.  Currently washing them in the laundry.  I'm not that embarrassed, just mostly confused because it took me a long time of feeling a wet spot when sitting.


Moving soon and I've already found a nudist community to connect with.  Very excited!

Side note : I hope Cave develops a solid search engine.  There are stories from a cpl years ago I'd love to re-read.  Opening old sections by the 100s and doing word searches is exhausting.


No problem, man. Hang in there.


I really wish that Cave Canum updated the "Best" archives!



I wrote 710 and I'm a guy and I still love her....even though she treated me like shit. Thought you may have been talking to me. Thanks man.


You're nothing but a bad dream. I don't even remember half the shit we did. I hope our paths don't cross again, I've never been happier.


I saw my first shaved pussy back in 1984.  I was at a party right after freshman year of college. Kind of a HS reunion type.  The Valedictorian from my HS class came up and started talking to me out of the blue, pretty sure I hadn't said two words to her in HS as I was in the jock clique and she hung with the smart kids.  We got to talking, she was pretty drunk and at one point blurted out "I have a secret no one will ever guess" well of course I dragged it out that she had shaved her pussy for her college BF who had just dumped her.  Talked her into showing it to me in the bathroom after a bit of effort.  Off we went into the bathroom together where she dropped her pants for me to admire.
We got married in 1990 and we still laugh about it today.


I miss you. It's only because I'm an idiot, though.-M/36


When I first started working, there was another new guy who started at the same time. He was kind of mean, kind of full of himself. He didn't really understand the business concepts. But he acted like he did. It was annoying. I'd do some complicated bit of work and then he'd talk to the bosses about it, like he was the smarts behind it.

A few of the smart people in the office got it. They saw the guy for who he was, a typical faker. He talked it up, but didn't really know anything.

Now it's 30 or so years later. The guy is an ultra big shot in the Trump Administration. LOL. He's front page news every week. It's kind of scary. The guy doesn't know what he's doing. Yet he's deciding the fate of the country.


My husband is dumb, he doesn't suspect my cheating. It almost takes the fun away. I want there to be more risk.


Anomalies. We don't define a person with a growth on his head as something entirely different. We don't define gays or other anomalies as inhuman, etc. Why should we define an anomaly at birth as something that isn't male or female?


humans are the worst thing that ever happened to this planet honestly


At birth a doctor usually says 'it's a boy' or 'it's a girl' but at a couple of hundred births every day the doctors say 'errr...' and, if the baby is lucky enough to be born in a more developed country, call in a specialist in sex differentiation, and they have to try to decide what the baby is.

Babies can be born with a penis and a vagina, or neither, or a penis and ovaries, or a vagina and testicles. Genitals can be ambiguous in ways you probably can't even imagine. Then they turn to genetics, if it's a clear XY or XX it helps (though even then it's not always that simple). If it's XXY, XYY, XXYY, XXXY it just gets more and more complicated. And that's only the ones that are identified at birth, there's a whole host of other issues that aren't identified until puberty.

There have always been intersex people. All that's changed is that people have stopped pretending they don't exist.


I hope transhumanism exists in my lifetime.  I want to live forever.


So President Obama has signed a book deal for $65 million.  I can't wait to see the many deserving charities he distributes that many to over the coming days and weeks.


sometimes i think its easier to kill myself than deal with people's stupidity and life's inconveniences and stresses


My ex from 2007 was pregnant with my baby. She "miscarried". Well... She had a dream that she was laying on a metal table as aliens cut her open and removed our baby and placed it inside some glass tube. The glass tube was placed in an area with several fetuses growing in other similar glass tubes.

We went to the doctor for an ultrasound the next day and there was no more baby. She was freaked out by the dream (that's why we went to  the doctor ) And even more freaked out by the fetus removal.

We broke up a month after that. She hooked up with another old ex of hers and now they are married with one child.

I never told her that I had the same exact dream. I saw the grey creatures cut her open and remove the fetus. Place it inside the glass tube, and took it to the other glass tubes.

I've had several ex girlfriend's see these creatures too. Some have gotten pregnant and had fetuses removed like my first ex.

My next secret... this has been going on since childhood. They took me as a child and said if I have children, most of them will be taken permamantly.  I have woken up with off scars, marks and even had injuries mysteriously healed.

So for ten years I've stopped trying to have kids. However I am getting the urge to start a family.

People ask why I haven't had children..... That's why....


If you have a penis, you're a male.
If you produce sperm, you're a male.
I you have an XY chromosome, you're a male.

If you have a vagina, you're a female.
If you produce eggs, you're a female.
If you have all XX chromosomes, you're a female.

That's pretty much it.  Not hard to understand.  Most of us learned all that in middle school.

But the Leftists are using their 200-year old playbook of changing definitions in order to fool people into thinking their culture is wrong.  If they can convince people that their culture is incorrect, people will seek a new culture, a new way of living... conveniently created by the Leftists.

After the French Revolution, the Leftists famously tried to rename the months in an attempt to provide a New Order for their people.  July (Juillet) became Thermadore.  The Russians changed their name to the Soviets.  The old ways, the ways that people remember living, were (as George Orwell famously wrote) thrown down the Memory Hole.  The Leftists attempt to eliminate nationality in order to ensure compliance.  By comparison, Fascists celebrate their nationality.

So, of course, now there's 450 different genders.  Same old shit.


When you come out of the womb, the doctor typically says one of two things. "It's a boy!" or "It's a girl!"

What they don't say is "It's a cisgender!" "It's a pangender!" "It's a two-spirit!"

Want to know why? Because doctors aren't retarded.


The happy-clappy stupid-ass 70's or over, and thank God, speaking as one who lived through those years. They should rename it the "corn-dog" years. Bad food, pollution galore, red necks EVERYWHERE.
I want to go back in time and punch at least 100 people in the face.


Anomalies are another word for what you find at the end of a spectrum.


There are just males and females, the rest are just anomalies. Same goes for orientation.


688, you're vastly discounting hermaphrodites and other physical anomalies when you're saying there's no gender spectrum. It's understandable since American schooling tends to focus on males and females as defaults, but there actually is a gender spectrum, physically speaking.

Most people know that a hermaphrodite is someone with both male and female genitalia, but most sources don't explain what this really means. Hermaphroditic births occur when, during the process of the X and X/Y chromosomes unraveling, a mutation occurs when the genitals are forming that confuses the cells about what body parts to turn the fetal tissue into. This could be due to having an extra chromosome, like XXY or XYY, or due to other mutations.

It's also important to know that the same cell tissue used to form labia before birth are also used to form the scrotum, depending on if those cells are given their instructions by an X or Y chromosome. The same is true for the clitoris and the penis. It's made from the same cells, but the formation occurs based on the instructions the DNA gives to the cells in the womb.

However, there are also mermaphrodites, who have a mixture of male and female genitals, but who dominantly have male genitals. This would be, say, someone having a functioning penis and a vagina (but NOT any ovaries) instead of a scrotum and testes.

Then there are fermaphrodites, who have a mixture of male and female genitals, but who dominantly have female genitalia. An example of this would be someone with a clitoris and a vagina, but who was born with a scrotum that partially or completely covers the vagina at birth.

So really, the gender spectrum exists. The things is, just like with male circumcisions, parents and doctors make the decision to surgically alter children at birth, under the guise of avoiding infections and other complications later on in life. This is why most people don't know or hear about it until they start getting serious about having children.

TL;DR: The gender spectrum exists on a physical level as well as on a social one, and if you do research on hermaphrodites, mermaphrodites, and fermaphrodites, you'll see.


Obama is getting paid $400,000 to give a speech on Wall Street.


That didn't take long for the champion of the 99% to cash in his principles for a big pay day.

Don't you get it, they are all full of shit.


656-ur awesome


We need to start this technology revolution again. Kids should be banned from having a phone. They are wasting their lives texting about nothing. Parents should be banned from Facebook. They are wasting their lives posting about nothing. We should go back to having only 3 TV channels. Everyone is wasting their life watching meaningless dreck. Cars should be driven by human beings, not computers. When you need a ride, you should call your local cab company. The guy who picks you up knows your family and has been driving for 30 years - instead of clicking in an app and being picked up by a total stranger who is part of a sleeper terrorist cell. School classrooms should have pencils and paper, not chromebooks that students use to play games, when they should instead be listening to the teacher. My coffee machine should not have a USB port. Kids should learn how to write in script instead of how to text. Pornography should not be on everyone's mind. It used to be that the only way to see porn was to brave some skivvy run down theater with sticky floors in the bad part of town and sit next to dirty old men jerking off. It was self regulating in that way, because no decent person would go there. These days porn is only a push of a button away.

Technology has hurt us. It zaps everyone's energies. It dumbs us down. It distracts us beyond repair. It will be the end of us.


About 1 in 2,000 babies are born with genitalia that cannot immediately be classified as male or female. That's more than the number of kids born with cystic fibrosis. So, if you want to base it solely on vaginas and penises, that's a couple of hundred kids born every day who are neither a girl nor a boy. Take genetic (i.e. not XX or XY) and hormonal differences into account as well and it's millions of intersex births every year.


It's kind of pathetic how I'm lusting after this dude who's caught between his ex and and this new girl...but tbh he's got a little too much drama for me to want a relationship with and he smokes crack, so I'm just looking to get some bomb sex and maybe a pizza out of it


I did a sort of social experiment that started out of spite.
My ex blocked me on a social media, and he keeps a tight lock on everything he does online (well except for the fact that LinkedIn says he looks at my profile every week or so), so I got pretty curious about what "precious" things he's been posting.
It started with an Instagram account. I took the photo of an Estonian pop star because I think she's a cutie pie and doesn't look obviously fake. Then I started. I named her Anna, put in her bio that she was 20 and from Connecticut. I started following people from my hometown. It was insane how many people were private but didn't care that "Anna" wanted to follow them. People followed "Anna" back. I understand that people usually keep their stuff on private to keep potential employers seeing whatever they post. My ex accepted my follow request within 30 seconds. Now I'm just curious to see who will let me see their stuff without actually knowing who "Anna" is.

its funny that everyone thinks they're being secure when they really aren't paying any attention.


If you're born with a penis, you're a male.

If you're born with a vagina, you're a female.

Now you can identify as whatever the fuck you want. You want to tell people that you're a woman stuck in a mans body, go for it, I'll support you. You want to tel people that you're a man stuck in a woman's body, go for it, I'll support you. But once you start telling me that gender is a spectrum, I'm just going to look at you like you're the stupidest person to have ever existed.

This shit is getting out of control. I have nothing against transsexuals, homosexuals, anysexuals. But you can't dispute the facts. You're either born a boy, or a girl. What you identify as is a whole different conversation, and completely unrelated. Until you're born with something other than a penis or vagina, you're a boy or girl, and that's that. So quit crying like a bunch of fucking babies and be happy you live during a time where you can truly be whatever you want, but just know, behind all your silly names and bullshit theories, you're either a boy or a girl.


My husband is stupid. STUPID. What grown man chokes on the saliva in the back of his throat all the time? SWALLOW.
READ things other than your horoscope, hun. I'll be watching TV and there would be a funny commercial, or show or informative piece of news... I'll ask, "Did you just hear that? Oh my God!" or some other reaction. His is "Oh, I wasn't paying attention."... What the fuck are you thinking about?????!!!!! All the fucking time. Then a few weeks later, he'll go "Oh did you hear about that guy /thing/ etc??" like he just discovered it when it was all over the TV or media when he wasn't paying attention. He's so fucking dense.
Don't even get me started about his business sense. He owns his own and it's been failing terribly. Does he work on it like any self respecting business owner should? No. He waits for things to appear. For that it fails. I'M FUCKING TRAPPED HERE UNTIL HE DIES. He is so stupid.


681-- You don't have to sell to be an artist. If you say, I will never be a rich artist, or I will never be a financially accomplished artist, well, then perhaps...but NEVER say you are not an artist.


681--As a fellow artist, here are my words of wisdom to you: Fuck what other people think. Create works of art for yourself. Don't do it to be technically pristine and proficient or with the mindset that other people have to like it. If everybody else likes it, you're probably doing it wrong. Trust me, the greatest artists throughout the ages didn't sit down at the easel and think "Gee, if I don't become famous this is all bullshit." If they did that, then they would just be corporate sellouts like everybody else instead of the geniuses that they were. Do what makes YOU feel good. Art is about expressing YOUR soul; expressing YOUR truth. That's the stuff that really comes across and gets people's attention. I paint some genuinely bizarre things and I mix mediums. It's a beautiful disaster on canvas or anything white that I have lying around, and I love it. It's exhilarating to me to see myself so colorfully and wildly expressed. I love having those tangible, accessible pieces of myself hanging all over my walls. I've been offered money for my pieces and I won't take it. It would be like selling bits of my soul. Art, when it is done right, should not be crafted with the express purpose of becoming a commodity. It's a lifestyle. It's a mindset. It's a spiritual condition. It's a passion. I'm telling you, once you stop trying to get other people to approve of your art and you start really digging deep and letting your spirit come out through your work, the right people will love it. Trust me. I've had all kinds of people admire my work--even the most uptight of my friends and family, and it's because it's genuine. It's fun. It's passionate. It's wild. It's uninhibited. Most importantly, it's authentically ME. Just be yourself. That's what being a true artist is all about. Stop trying to find approval through your art because it cheapens it. Good luck to you.





I pretend I am happy being single, but in all honesty I get very lonely and depressed because of it. I wish I could meet a nice girl. My last relationship ended 2 years ago. Maybe one day!


185681 - Keep up your work. I thought that too, and one day, I put one of my watercolours up on line and someone asked about it. I sold it and was extremely happy. I have sold 5. Not going to be a Rembrandt, but it is a great feeling. Never stop, and never look back.....60 year old wannabe artist


I'll never be an artist. My work is meaningless, and it won't be worth anything even after I'm dead. I have those few friends who say I'm great, but they're just nice people saying nice things. I've tried posting a few things online, and the silence is deafening. I can almost hear their eyes rolling as they scroll past another worthless nothing with my name on it. Thanks for the feedback. I can't believe I let myself think I was good at something.


So much semen shot out of him today. It's how I know he's not having sex with his wife. His testicles were full to the brim.


Apparently his friend is coming to pick him up around 5. Good lord I just want to be alooone. I want to call my mum and ask her why she taught me to be polite but not assertive. Momma, this is the only thing you have failed me at...


My son's high school just announced they are canceling all year-end academic awards. Some parents complained their child didn't win any of the awards based on grades. They said it wasn't fair. So now the awards are canceled.

What BS. The children of the complaining parents didn't study as much. They didn't get the top grades. So no, they didn't win the awards. How is that not fair?

You know what's unfair? The school has end-of-year sports awards. They will remain. What a joke. An educational institution cancels academic awards but not sports awards.

And we wonder why the nation is falling apart!


10 years ago, I thought my boyfriend had all the answers, like he was some sort of all-knowing genius. Now...he is wrong about almost everything. Most of the time I just let it go but sometimes I can't help but show him evidence that he is 100% wrong. It's so much though, just insane how off he is about just about everything. Fuck, even a broken clock is right twice a day...I'm trying so hard to resist the urge to tally the times he says something and is RIGHT...I fear that if I do, it would make me give up on him. It's not like he's "just amazing" besides that. :(


One of the most satisfying job interviews ever. I interviewed at a cutting edge wall street company. It was for a heavy duty financial engineering position. There would be plenty of intense math where I'd be deriving equations for new types of derivatives. I enjoy the work, but some of the math people can be difficult. Not the best socially. They get very territorial about how they know more than everyone else. It's an ego thing with them.

But I was in this interview. From the get go, the guy had a condescending attitude towards me, like he knows all. He grilled me on a few math problems. I explained my solutions. On one answer he told me I'm wrong. I briefly explained why in fact I'm right. I could tell I was making him mad by daring to disagree with him. But what am I supposed to do, agree with his wrong answer to keep him happy?

He wouldn't let it go. He insisted he was right about the math. I said nope and that he was confusing the interview question with a different kind of mathematical problem, one that required a different approach to a solution.

He then pulled a financial math journal off his shelf. He thumbed to a certain article and waved it in my face saying that according to the article, the problem can be solved exactly how he said it could.

I responded and said no, you can solve it as stated in the article, but only when the assumption is valid that volatility remains constant, and for this particular scenario in the futures markets, volatility of the underlying instrument increase over time, therefore sigma cannot be pulled out of the integral. The math in the article won't work. It has to be solved another way.

By that point the guy was downright belligerent. "Like you fucking know the assumptions the article's author had in mind??"

"Uhhm... yes."

He rolled his eyes. So condescending. "What? Was the author was whispering his thoughts in your fucking ear?"

"Well sort of.... I am the author."

He stopped dead. He looked at the byline in the article. He looked over at my resume. Gee how about that, the names matched.

He got up from his seat and said, "We're done here." Then he left. A minute later a secretary came in an escorted me to the elevators.

I never got the job offer. I didn't mind. The satisfaction of zinging an obnoxious dick was worth it.


I thought he was just coming to chill, we'd fuck like usual, and then leave. This is how I like it. But he's still here and spent the night and good God I just want to be alone but I don't want to hurt his feelings. He's a sweet guy. I enjoy hanging out but I was not expecting him to linger. Fuck. Please goooo :(


Before I bought a guitar I thought it would be easier to write songs from the inspiration of a couple chords. I was right. :)

I think learning how to play this will bring me comfort for the rest of my life.


I hope I get over the fantasy that someday she will be in touch with me. The first thing I have to ask myself is, why the fuck would I want to go back to that sort of misery anyway? But love is a crazy thing, isn't it?


Every morning I get on Facebook to see if the women I regularly jerk off to posted new pics.  I'm hoping that one of them posted something new that I can beat my dick to while I watch porn that will make me cum harder.  Most days there's nothing, and it's disappointing.  I'm starting to feel pathetic doing this, but beating one's dick gets old and it gets more difficult to spice it up.



Online dating is pretty discouraging. On the bright side, the idea of dying alone is now much less frightening.


When I was growing up, I had this fantasy of love and losing my virginity to my girlfriend who would lose her virginity to me. To have our first being with each other. I held onto that until I was 22. Went through a few fucked up relationships in my pursuit of my fantasy. Finally, I said fuck it and slept with a girl who had been chasing me for a while. Ever since I have just kinda taken what I could when I could.

I think I'm coming around to a point, where I just want to be in love, and make love. I can't figure out if this just a newer version of my stupid younger self fantasy. But no more sex for the sake of sex itself. I want a connection and love and a relationship.

I understand that life can be ruff, weird, and down right creepy for attractive women out there. But I get tired of being scowled at for even having the audacity to look at women in public places. Not like creepy leering or following them around a store or anything, but just making eye contact. 99.9% of the time I get a frown then scowl, and even the occasional eye roll plus a look of disgust.

I know I'm not the most attractive guy out there, and not the worst either. But every time that happens to me a little piece of me dies on the inside. Making me feel hopeless and stupid for thinking I will ever find someone to love.



Shut the fuck up...  Women can multi task.  Women have to wait for a man to put up his thought box and bring down the next thought box...  Geesh and you say women are stupid.  We women, waste more time on you bringing down the boxes than getting laid...  Masturbation is better than waiting and we can masturbate more in a day while waiting for a man to make a decision.


Women are definitely stupider than men. The men that that say that women are smarter are simply trying to get on the good side of women so they can get laid more and be perceived as "pro female".

Just a thought. Now spin.


So sick of people slapping a coat of chalk paint on hand crafted antiques, then trying to sell them for hundreds of dollars. Newsflash: it's only worth a damn if you restore/refinish the original wood. It's useless to me now with this ugly chalkboard paint. Ugh.


I just found out in a conversation, that some random stranger got cancer and died.  I feel so fucking bad.  Many of my family members died of cancer and my dog had to be put down because his body was deteriorating.  I'm so sad and want transhumanism to exist one day.


Global warming causes cancer.


I wax my pussy, some lady named Sheila takes care of every area, front back and the sides; we talk about the weather, how she is doing, my life while she is ripping my hair off.

Its funny that we do these small pleasantries while we both know that I am going to get both holes pounded later that night.

There is nothing that feels better than my lover licking me in all the right places on my smooth pussy. I especially love the juxtaposition of his beard against my smooth lips.


I really couldn't care one way or the other if someone shaves their pussy or not.

Different strokes for different folks.

I wish people would stop expecting the world to be universal to their tastes.  It never will be.

Shave your pussy if it makes you feel good.  Don't do it if you prefer not to.  Simple as that.  And if men bitch about it, go find a different man.  There are plenty of other men out there who will love what you have.


Oh, your friends keep dying because of heroin? Well, here's a little suggestion…STOP FUCKING DOING HEROIN. I mean FUCK why the hell should I pity you or your stupid friends when you really don't think shoving that gunk into your veins isn't going to kill you one day.

Let's say there's a man in a park with a revolver pointed at his own head. He tells you there's one bullet randomly placed in the chamber and he's going to pull the trigger three times. So he pulls the trigger one time, and nothing, but he feels great. He pulls the trigger a second time, and nothing, but he feels even better. He pulls the trigger a third time, aaaaaaand…nothing, but he feels like he's on top of the world. So just to feel even better he pulls it a fourth time, only this time his brains end up on the grass

In that situation, I would call that guy an idiot and think nothing more of it. So why is it any different when a junkie ODs? Why should I feel sad when some parasite injects too much tar into their body? Because they might've been someone? Because every life is precious? No. I don't think so. If you play Russian roulette and die, you've lost. If you pump a bunch of garbage into your bloodstream and die, you've lost.

So fuck your GoFundMe shit, and fuck your bullsht crocodile tears. If you really cared about your friend you would've helped them as much as humanly possible. But no, you just drank with them, smoked with them, and shot up with them, and now they're fucking dead. I don't praise the man who pulled himself out of a hole. I praise the man who keeps people out of it. I don't reward stupidity. Go fuck yourself.




Maybe guys find the thought of a woman fucking vegetables and inanimate objects erotic, but it just sounds gross to me. Who would ever eat at your house again knowing that you may or may not have had the zucchini you are serving up your twat at some point in time? Same with basically anything else you have that is solid in your house. I shiver to think of how unsanitary that is. God, I hope none of my friends or kinfolk do this. I've never been turned on by any member of the fruit, vegetable, or paper weight family. Strictly dick, finger, or tongue action for me, please.

--also a F/35


I look at women and wonder how long it's been since they were fucked. Statistically speaking, it was probably recent, within the last couple of days. So for every six women I see, I figure one of them has been fucked within the past few hours. I try to picture her naked on the bed taking a cock between her legs. Then she got dressed, and went out shopping, and here I am an hour later looking at her all prim and proper. But I know a secret. There's cum dripping out of her pussy.


We all have a secret. What is yours?


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