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If/when I win Powerball, I am getting a divorce.  I wonder how many men are eagerly buying tickets with the same thoughts...


I would like to build an underground house. On the street level it would look like a small rundown shack. But when you descend the stairs, there would be an underground palace, with plenty of rooms, a swimming pool, grow lights for a garden, built in TV screen constantly showing beautiful images. It would be peaceful. It would be tax free because in my town, only above ground space gets taxed. Most of all, it would be my secret.


Watching House Hunters is interesting. I watch it because I fantasize about the house I'll never be able to afford. But now I watch it because it's interesting to see the dynamics of some people's marriages. So many bossy, demanding wives unwilling to let the husband have an equal say in the process. They are so bitchy!

The worst ones are the ones who admit at the very beginning of the show that the choice needs to make HER happy because the husband needs to keep her happy. And then at the end of the show they gush about how the house makes them happy, and how they got all the things they wanted and all the things the husband didn't get. I wonder how many of these marriages end in divorce because of these selfish twats and the dream house they did all these renovations to ends up back on the market within 5 years.

These women are spoiled assholes. I'll be honest in admitting I'm a little salty about them being able to buy a house and not me. I'd let my man have an equal say and make sure he gets some of that things on his wish list and I get some of mine. I could never treat him like those women treat their husbands. What the fuck is wrong with them?!


What the hell is wrong with my wife?

Two stories come to mind for this week.

One. I overheard her explaining the solar eclipse to an 8 year old. "See, our regular sun leaves and the second sun comes in. It pushes our regular sun out of the way. The second sun isn't as bright, so it gets dark outside. But then the first sun pushes back and takes its place again in the sky."

Two. She ordered a sweater online from a little store in Florida. The next day we got a call from the credit card company saying our credit cards were compromised. There were all sorts of weird charges. It was a pain in the ass. We had to cancel the cards, which meant changing the card number with all the other services billed to the card each month, like Netflix and so on. That was a few months ago. The other day my wife was wearing a new sweater. It looked similar to the one she ordered from the shady store. I asked where she got the new sweater. She matter of factly said she ordered it from the same place as last time. I pointed out that last time they used our card number to illegally buy things for themselves. Didn't that convince her NOT to shop there ever again? She told me no, don't be silly, an online store would never fraudulently use anyone's credit card. She said that, even though that's exactly what happened to us. I have no response for her. It's not worth it.

She is the dumbest bag of potatoes I have ever met. What the hell was I thinking in marrying her?


The thing I don't like about men nowadays is no one keeps their word. They say something today that they mean but tomorrow they no longer mean it. Wtf I thought a man was supposed to be good for his word? Why should I trust u if you change your mind like the wind? Why even say anything if you won't mean it the next day? And Im not someone who tries to get people to promise things, these men say it all on their own, but they don't come through. They fucking bitch out.


When I think about Barbie , I picture a thin , tall women with natural blonde hair and a very fake tan and fake boobs, driving an expensive convertible, living on a very big expensive home dress in expensive designer clothes and last with a very hot looking boyfriend.  There's a lot of bottle bleach blondes where I live , the majority look all the same they even dress the same tees and jeans or yoga pants, a far cry from the glamorous Barbie I picture as a kid.


17 years ago I was walking in the city delivering some paperwork for my job.  It was a Wednesday, and I had just met the woman who would be my wife the previous Friday night.  I was thinking about this woman I had just met, and how much we clicked, and I knew we had something special between us.  

I arrived at a corner and turned, and I stopped and stared across the street.  In an incredible coincidence...

...there she was, the only other woman I had ever really tried to connect with in my life.  I hadn't spoken to her in 3 years.  She had been too busy moving her law career forward, and I called off the chase.  But we really had gotten along.  We were just in different stages of our lives.

But there she was.  Standing there, looking around like she was trying to figure out where she was going.

I realized something in that moment.  I could feel God giving me a choice as clear as I'm writing these words.  God was telling me I could continue my life with the woman I just met five days ago... or I could continue my life with the woman I knew who was across the street.

I knew that all I had to do to make my choice was to cross that street.  But the road suddenly seemed as wide as a canyon.  If I crossed it, my life would continue with the woman I had known.  But if I chose not to cross, my life would go on with the woman I had just met five days ago.

I could hear a voice saying that once I crossed, I could never return again.  The woman I had just met would be going on her own way, out of my life.

I knew that I only had a few seconds to make my decision as I stared at her.  But the voice said I had to make my decision quickly.  This was my window to decide.  But it didn't take me long to decide.

"The new woman has more love in her than the old woman," I thought. "The old woman can be jealous and guarded and competitive compared to the new woman.  I can't deny that she thinks more of herself than of others."

It was true.  I could "feel" the love and the goodness and the kindness in the new woman.

And with that, I turned to the left and continued walking down the block.  I never crossed that street.

17 years later, and my wife and I are happily married with two children who are both tops in their classes and attractive enough to be courted by modelling agents.  As parents and in marriage we've hit the jackpot, but we've been financially very unlucky.  We're $100,000 in debt from when I lost my job for two years, and this is not including the house.  But we get by.

Thanks to social media I've connected with the old flame.  We never dated, so my wife will never know our old flirtationship.  She's a managing partner in a major law firm.  She owns a 6500-square foot house on 6 acres that she paid $700,000 for.  She has two Porsches in her garage.

And she's still single and childless.

I sit and I think as I wonder how I'm going to pay my bills that had I crossed that street, I'd be living in an estate and driving a Porsche.  But I probably wouldn't be very happy.

I guess that was my choice, happy and poor, or rich and miserable.


I'm kind of scared of the eclipse. Not for myself, but for my four year old. Looking at the sun for even a few seconds can damage your eyes permanently. I know if I tell him not to look at the sun, the first thing he will do is look at the sun. He won't really be able to comprehend the consequences and why he shouldn't. So I need to think of somewhere to take my kids for three hours tomorrow where they will not have the option of looking at the sun. I can't just stay home because we have large windows everywhere.


I have only ever encountered one transgender person in my life (that I know of). It was almost twenty years ago, so there wasn't as much awareness as there is now. I lived in a very small town and was vaguely aware that "cross dressers" existed. I was in my early 20s and was working in a fast food restaurant. An average looking woman with blonde hair  in a pink dress came up to order, but when she spoke, she had a man's voice. She was obviously a man dressed as a woman. I remember being a little surprised, but that was about it. I took her order, she paid and took her food and that was it. It never occurred to me to judge her or think of her differently than anybody else.

Fast forward to now with the transgender movement. I'm pretty open minded. I'm all for people being allowed to use the bathroom they feel comfortable in. I will do my best to use the pronoun they prefer. I'm not too concerned with how other people choose to live their lives.

But... I don't really get it. Obviously there are some physical differences between men and women. Besides having different genitals, men tend to be larger, have more muscle mass, body hair and deeper voices. Women tend to be smaller and can grow babies. But so much of what distinguishes one gender from the other in our society is really just tradition. There is no biological reason that women can wear makeup and nail polish and dresses and drink strawberry daiquiris and men can't. There is no biological reason for men to drink beer, wear baseball caps and play video games. With the rise of feminism, gender disparity is shrinking even further. Men can raise children and do housework, women can run companies and excel at sports. What sort of fulfillment are they seeking from life as another gender? Is it just the physical body? Is it the way men vs women are treated by society?

This isn't meant to question the validity of anybody's choices or identity. I just honestly don't get it.


When I was 9, my so called best friend told me she was thin like a Barbie doll and I was a Cabbage Patch kid.

27 years later, I live in a city surrounded by women who are lithe, tan, with dainty features, straight blonde hair, and Coachella-perfect fashion. I'm still the same frumpy grizzled Cabbage Patch kid with a bulbous nose and bulldog jowls. My personality only counts for so much at my age.


I wonder what will happen when Black Lives Matter realize they are a creation of, and a tool of, rich white liberals. They don't give a shit about black people, but it's in their interests to foment hatred and anger against someone--anyone--else. That keeps blacks voting as a bloc, so the liberals can count on that power.

BLM, wake up from the dream time. Your organization isn't about you, it's about the rich white liberals that allow you to exist for their own interests. And if you piss them off, they will shut you down. Fair warning has been given.


Jesus tapdancing CHRIST.

I am TIRED of your BULLSHIT.

It is one thing after another.

I was JUST getting myself out a depressive spiral and feeling as though I might be able to get back on track with my own life.

And then you message me with a teaser about how your father said something and it has your mind at unease and you aren't going to tell me until you come home several hours later, so now I have to stew and wonder what the fuck your shitty parents have done this time.

It isn't your fault.  I'll give you that.

But holy FUCK this garbage keeps happening and has been happening for as long as I've known you.

I do NOT want to deal with it anymore.

I do NOT care if your dad is going to die or something anymore.

I don't care.

I don't care anymore.

I don't want it in my life anymore.

I don't deserve to be in this garbage.


My very first live-in BF found me on FB about a month ago and we started skyping. We were together when I was 21-24 and he was 19-23. I loved him so very much. So very, very much. I got pregnant 2 years in but he freaked out and I got an abortion to appease him. We never really recovered and , as these things go, we broke up and went on to live our lives. He got married, bought a house near his parents',  had two children, then after 15 years with his wife, got divorced.
I moved 4500 miles away from him (not because of him, though), became a citizen of the US, got married, got divorced after 15 months, never had children.

Today, while skyping, he introduced me to his 14 y-o and his 8 y-o. Lovely girls. He also told me his parents used to love me (I honestly thought they hated my guts) and that his mom used to tell his ex-wife she had nothing on me (pretty terrible stuff)... And I cried. A lot. "Meeting" his kids and hearing that stuff about his parents felt like I caught a glimpse of the life I could have had if he had risen to the occasion (his words, not mine).
All these years later, I still love him. So very, very much.


I'm not a Nazi, and plenty of women are sexist.


As a man I have to say men suck. It is in like men have cornered the market on sucking. Whenever I sit around and think very hard on the subject I come to the same conclusion every time:  people suck.  Men have their ways of needling the women in their lives. There are certain things  which drive us crazy, like why do we always have to cheerfully do all the heavy lifting,  and I mean lifting stuff moving stuff doing jobs that seem to be relegated to the realm of being male. I get so tired of having to move stuff. I get tired of having to fix stuff.  People just want me to endlessly do this stuff with a smile and that's okay.  Please don't take it the wrong way when we  curse and slam stuff around.


I don't love you. I haven't in a long time.


All men I date are assholes.

Correction: All men everywhere are assholes.


My wife and I haven't been getting along. It started a few months ago. My wife had gone away for the weekend and when she came home, she let into me. It was like overnight she decided I wasn't good enough for her. She began picking on everything I did. She hinted at divorce. She became very secretive. She changed the password on her phone and email. I didn't understand. What changed?

My wife went to visit her sister this weekend. It's about 3 hours away. At first I thought good, maybe she just needs to get away for a bit to clear her head. Then I was reminded, that was where my wife went that weekend when the troubles first started, she had gone to her sister's. Maybe it wasn't a good thing that my wife was once again with her sister.

Today I decided to call my wife to see how she was doing and when she would be back. But she didn't pick up. That was odd. She always picks up.

I searched for her on Find My Iphone. I could see she was at her sister's house and clearly her phone was working.

Maybe the ringer was turned off?

I then called her sister's cell, hoping she could hand the phone to my wife.

Kick in the head time. The sister answered. We exchanged pleasantries. I then asked if I could speak to my wife. The sister was instantly confused. The sister explained she and her family were away on vacation in Maine. My wife wasn't with them.

I said, but my wife is at your house.

The sister said that is news to her. She never spoke to my wife about staying at their house while they were on vacation.

Suddenly concerned/suspicious, I asked the sister if my wife stayed with her a few months ago for the weekend. The sister said no, not that she remembered. She asked what weekend. I said Memorial Day. The sister said she and her family were again away on Memorial Day.

The picture was becoming clear. When my wife's sister is away, my wife has secretly been using her house.

For what purpose? My mind started racing. I can only think the worst. My wife grew up in that town. A former boyfriend lives there. He is married. Can't rendezvous at his house. But then my wife's sister's house is available for the weekend. It's all fitting together.

I can't drive there now. It's too far away. By the time I get there, my wife would have already left to head back home. I'm sitting here waiting for her to arrive. I think my marriage is over.


I wash my vj and derriere and the start of a shower and again at the end. Double protection!


Facebook people who put up a 10 year old picture of themselves because they are now old and wrinkled and can't deal with it.... lol.


Ouuuu, that was a little awkward Friday night.
I'm quiet and unassuming and just was watching the fun of my friends when I tried to talk with you. You gave me a look of total disdain.  That was till the end when I paid the bill and Jonathan mentioned I owned the company. I could see the change in your face and walking out you were trying to engage me. Too late, I had the measure of you by that point.


I have been trying to leave this house for the last 15 years and yet here I still am. I wonder how many people are stuck places they don't want to be by circumstances beyond their control?


An amazing testimony on some wishful thinking that I hoped would bring my wife back to me.. My name is Matthew Elijah and I used to be married to a lovely and caring wife,with two kids, despite having a tiny dick that I could barely inseminate my wife with. A very big problem occurred in my family seven months ago,between me and my wife so terrible that she took the case to court for a divorce she said that she never wanted to stay with me again,and that she did not love me anymore So she packed out of my house and made me and my children passed through severe pain. I tried all my possible means to get her back,after much begging,but all to no avail and she confirmed it that she has made her decision,and she never wanted to see me again. So on one evening,as i was coming back from work,i met an old friend of mine who asked of my wife So i explained every thing to her,so she told me that the only way i can get my wife back,is to do some wishful thinking.  It didn't work for her, but at least she didn't waste her money on a hocus pocus spell caster.  I had no other choice than to follow her advice.  Wishful thinking didn't work for me either, but at least I didn't waste my money on some loser in Nigeria who should try casting a few spells to improve his country first.


So spellcasters reunite emotional, physical, sex abusers with the people who see their true colors and flee from them. Hmmm  .. Where were you when my mum was going about it with my  dad ? Oh that's right you weren't around when the internet connected..


deleted. spell caster poster, please stop posting. you are being an ass.


The Soviet Union was a failed experiment. You can't take 13 different cultures and blend them together as one nation. It doesn't work.

The United States is also turning out to be a failed experiment. Too many different viewpoints. The country should be disbanded. Let people in Virginia do what they want. It's their right. If they want a statue, that's nobody's business but theirs. You people in New York need to butt out. Go live your lives and stop judging others.

Me personally, I'm happy to be living in a southern state. We grow the food. When the country breaks apart, we'll have plenty to eat. What will you people in New York eat? Stocks and bonds? Your psychiatrists?

Hey northerners, leave us alone.


Saying all white people are bad is like saying all black people are thieves. Oh the irony. Democrats are arguing against bigotry, by making bigoted hateful statements themselves.


I'm white.  I'm supposed to feel guilty about something some other white guy did a hundred years ago?

Guess what?  I don't feel guilty.  Most whites don't feel guilty.  I don't feel guilty because I didn't do it and you weren't the victim,

We know all you're doing is trying to oppress us so you can grab power.  Funny thing, though - the Democrats are led by whites, who you vote for constantly.  We had a black president and two black attorney generals, and isn't it odd how they never did shit about police brutality?  You wonder why?  Because they know you'll vote for them regardless.

You know the difference between successful people and losers?  Successful people blame their failures on themselves.  Losers blame their failures on other people.


It saddens me to see people grasping at straws to make their point or justify an injustice. We are like rats desperately chewing, digging tunnels, growing tumors


It's tragic to be human.


White people have enjoyed a tremendous amount of privilege for a very long time. Now white supremacists are freaking out that minorities are going to take that privilege away. But Nazi rallies are not going to help. Nobody likes Nazis. Nazi rallies are only going to make white people more
Hated. Being Nazis is what is going to cause white people to lose their privelege. We are doing it to ourselves.


I don't understand what you are trying to say.


A man holds up three fingers and says how many fingers am I holding up?   You answer three, and then he proceeds to beat the shit out of you until you answer correctly (some number other than three)  You're free to think whatever you want of course, but there is only one truth, aka the truth. Fortunately there is a well-known book that tackles this very subject, so people will not be so easily blindsided as they have been in the past by these shenanigans. (Like, how many fingers am I holding up right now?)  ;)


I try to do the NY Times puzzles online. I can't do them all though. Some won't run on my machine because I don't have the latest version of some software package and I can't download that package because apparently my machine is too old and is not supported.

Interesting though. See what's happening? The New York Times assumes everyone has the latest greatest computer with all the updates... the New York Times assumes everyone is just like them... a rich white person with enough money to buy a new computer every year.

I think the New York Times is racist. They bash Trump. But they are no different.


311:  There are women like that.  I have to make the first move every time. He rarely ever instigates sex.  He says it's because he doesn't want to be turned down. I've never turned him down.  Let me tell ya, it gets boring being the one to start it every time.  He asks what my fantasy is and I tell him, "Just take me, grab me like you want me and can't wait to get my clothes off".  Never happens. Feels like he's just a sex doll that I always have to blow up.


Don't get so caught up in the past that you can't see what is here. Now.


323. It's just mild OCD, it's very common, don't read too much into it. Start taking a photo of your stove before you leave. It'll have the time and date stamp so you'll know. It might not be enough at first, so if you still have to go back, compare the stove and the photo, then take another picture that you can check later if you need to. Stick with it, it will get better.


I'm very tired of driving away form my house, only to turn around a minute later, return home, and check if the stove is off. What the hell is wrong with me? I think it means I have no self-esteem. I don't trust myself.


In a past life, I would have been a very good executioner. I would have no problem chopping off people's heads. It wouldn't affect me at all to see them cry and beg for mercy. You committed a crime. The sentence is beheading. BAM. Your head is chopped off by my sharp blade. Next.


Like it or not (and in fact I don't like it) people have the right to think what they want, swastikas included.

And the rest of us have the right to ignore them.

We should not shut down the Neo-Nazis. Let them have their voice. This is what America is all about. I am not a believer in their cause, but if we take away their ability to have opinions, then one day someone might take away my ability to have opinions.

Democrats, you are going down a very dangerous path. You are being very short-sighted and in fact anti-America to demand the "Unite The Right" groups be shut down.


If evil white people were so racist in the USA , why we had a biracial president not for one but two terms on the White House? I don't see many Native Americans involved in politics, media , sports etc... but I hardly hear them complain. What about that many Africans that immigrate to this country, a lot of them do very well , they have great jobs and are very educated? Isn't Oprah one of the richest women on the planet ? She is not just black but a women , there are plenty of wealthy black athletes and entertainers, Beyoncé and JZ seem very popular and a lot people listen to their music regardless of race .  Oh yes those racist white people are keeping you from accomplishing your goals .

Brown person who hates whiners.


White people have had it made for centuries, so maybe we could just sit the fuck down for once.

It also doesn't help your cause when you wear fucking swastikas and klan robes while carrying torches.


No one is allowed to say it publicly anymore. Therefore I'll say it here. What's wrong with white people asking for fairness? Why is this a bad thing? Minorities were repressed for 100 years. Some in the ranks spoke up and said it wasn't fair they had to sit in the back of the bus. Good for them. Because you know what? It wasn't fair. I'm glad they spoke up and had the rules changed.

Now it's 50 years later. "White" companies can't get a government contract, it is allocated for minorities only. White high schoolers can't get into the better college, the slot is given to a minority with lower test scores. White people are passed over for a promotion at work, it's given to a minority. The pendulum has swung too far to the other side. Now it's white people suffering from discrimination.

But if white people hold a rally to point this out, they are called Nazis.

Some minority groups who fought against the overbearing whites in the 1950s, have now become everything they despised.


I hope to die in my sleep.  No doctors, no surgery, no chemotherapy, no tearful scenes with family members saying goodbye.  Just live a normal life and then slip off one night without suffering or drama.



I have an irrational fear I will die in my sleep. I believe it comes from my childhood. An old man on my block died in his sleep. It affected me. It put the thought in my head that I COULD DIE IN MY SLEEP. Try going to bed with that thought stuck in your head! I don't dwell on it every night, but on enough nights that it weights me down.


They say misery loves company. I'm not gonna lie - I love complaining, I love picking apart things that suck or things that aren't working out.  I'm not happy crappy things happened, but it's a cathartic feeling to complain. Conversations are just so much more in-depth and interesting when I have talks that aren't happy-go-lucky or positive.


I am in sales and when ever I sell a lot people comment on how i looked really good that day that's why I had so many sales. Not because I'm articulate, charming, and smart. I am more than just my looks.


I'm not getting ANY WORK. I'm internally freaking the fuck OUT. Oh my god, what the hell am I going to do? I'm sinking too fast.


I am scared. All the time. I didn't used to be. I think having kids and loving them so intently has opened my mind to all the horrible shit that could happen to them. I hide it pretty well. My kids have freedom.
Recently my daughter went on a school trip out of town for 2 nights. I was a nervous wreck the whole time she was gone. She never knew it though.

I wonder... am I the only parent who feels like this?


I want to have sex but think my penis is unwanted by the vagina on a biological level - like my sexual needs is good for me but bad for her.  Like it's not possible for a woman to want sex without being traumatized and remorseful from being used by the penis.

I obviously get immense pleasure but at the same time feel so guilty that I'm making her a victim. I would rather live in a world where women chase the men and make all the sex moves so I could feel I had some sort of sexual value.


I have no interest in tasting my own semen. But I tasted another man's semen once. I was dating my girlfriend for several years. She had a hot and spunky friend, Anne. Anne and I would flirt. I'd fantasize about her. But nothing ever happened. Then Anne got married. That door was closed to me forever. Or so I thought. About six months after Anne tied the knot, she moved into a new apartment with her husband. She called and asked if I could come over and set up her new Mac. I went over one morning on my way to work. I set up everything and gave her a tour. When I demonstrated the camera function, she struck a sexy pose and let me take a picture. Then another, and another. I teasingly said she should show more skin, which she did. She was wearing a robe and opened it up a little. That's when I realize she wasn't wearing anything under the robe. I teased some more and suggested a nude shot. After a little cajoling, she took the robe off. By a few minutes later we were on her bed and I was groping her body. Her pussy was very wet. I started to go down on her, but she stopped me. I thought she was being shy, so I tried again. Finally she explained her hesitancy. She said she and her husband had sex that morning, an hour earlier, before he left for work. That's why she was wearing only a robe. The wetness was his semen. I was touching her husband's semen. She said she'd like nothing better than for me to lick her pussy with her husband's semen in there, but she really couldn't let me do it. I think it was my years-long pent up desire to please her sexually that made me do it. I swooped down and licked her pussy, husband's semen and all. It tasted like bleach to me. I thought she was going to die at the thrill of it. Doesn't bother me. It happened in a moment of passion. I eventually broke up with my girlfriend and lost touch with Anne. In thinking about it, kind of funny. There's a married guy out there who has no idea I sucked his semen into my mouth, and straight from his wife's pussy. Ha ha.


My man has been really clingy. Hyper-sensitive, apologizes profusely for even the smallest act that he thinks might offend me (it's hard to offend me...) I feel like I can't have a conversation with him because he wants to talk about how much he loves me and how much better his life is with me in it, and it just overwhelms me a lot. I'm not used to that from the men I've dated so I don't really know how to respond. I show love rather than verbally profess it. We've been together for 4 months and this just started about a week ago.

What really bothers me is that last night he stayed over, and today he texted me and said he touched me in my sleep and his fingers smelled like me. He said he felt bad about it and apologized. HE feels bad about it?? I feel violated that something sexual was done to me when I couldn't give consent.

I hope this all goes away soon and things go back to normal. Not sure if I can handle this long term.


Hmm if it's you...we don't have to go back in time, you can just text me...signed, your little slut.


You have no fucking idea how much I want you, or maybe you do a little. If only we could go back in time.


I'm enjoying the bitterness on both sides. I hope civil war breaks out. It would be the ultimate in reality TV.


I don't love the way cum tastes, but that's part of what turns me on, it's naughty because it doesn't taste sweet or whatever.  In that moment I belong to that guy (in my mind, because i will only swallow if i really like/love him) and I'm totally submissive, and it feels so good for him.  I think it's mental for the guy too.  That moment he's about to cum is so hot...and if it shoots far, it turns me on so much.


I wear hoops...they're like small to medium size.  Lol.  Big ones get in the way


People tell me I'm beautiful. I laugh it off and say something silly like: you need glasses. But you know what? I am beautiful. I'm the most beautiful woman I know. There, I said it.


You know... semen tastes different depending upon his diet, health, age, stress levels, etc. Y u dont kno dis? I thought it was common knowledge. It's actually a fun experiment; try eating fruit for a few days and see if your cum isn't sweeter. :] You're welcome.


People like Charles Manson sit around and fantasize about race riots.  Helter-skelter, it's coming down fast, lol.
No thank you. I don't want to be associated with that .


Reading some of these posts makes me lose my faith in humanity. So many examples of women being objectified, considered lesser than men, treated as though their purpose is to serve and gratify men. Rape culture.

Women are human beings.


I'm not sure about that, before the Spaniards set foot on Mexico they were killing each other , they were doing human sacrifices . The Egyptians build all those pyramids using slaves , India still discriminates within their own even though they are not a British colony any longer , Japanese people tend to look down on other Asians , even some African Americans don't like Africans immigrants, i once hear a black lady called an African Immigrant a sand N$&@@@ .  Seriously anybody can be racist and violent not just white people.


I am 39, I have a car, and I want to go back to high school, re-live high school, more specifically, re-live my senior year.  I want to be the cool guy with a car.  For some reason, I have it in my mind, if I have a car in high school, I have freedom.  Somehow, I forget that if I am in high school, my freedom will disappear.  BUT, I will be the cool guy with a car, that's what I want to be, I want to be able to arrive to high school, park my car, go to class, have tons of friends.  I seem to forget that I was a nerd in high school, and I did not enjoy the freedom I have now as an adult, out of high school.


Do women like to suck on men's balls? Do men like it? I have never had that done on me and I'd like to experience it.


Nope. I lied. I still totally have a crush on the new manager even after knowing he has a wife AND a daughter. I'm married as well. I wonder how long this crush will last. I'm sure as hell nothing will ever happen. But if only he was not this 🔥Things would be so much easier! Anyone else here has a crush on a co-worker?


I'm starting to see normal white people start to say that we white people need to stand up for ourselves and our heritage.

Then I saw a guy with a Latino name say something interesting.  "You all better be careful.  When black people chimp out, you get BLM.  When brown people chimp out, you get soggy burritos.  When yellow people chimp out, you get car crashes.  But when white people chimp out, you get the 4th Reich."

That guy summed up what concerns me about us whites.  Our heritage is conquest and war.  Fighting for us means annilating your enemy.  Look at fucking Antifa and the Nazis and KKK.  All whites.  And they try to kill each other.  BLM showed up and shouted slogans.  But the white people tried to kill.  That's why the Europeans had the technology to conquer the world - they developed it trying to kill one another.

Even me!  My first thought at the idea of protecting my family isn't to run, it's to kill the attacker.  I think we're genetically programmed to kill and destroy.

Whites are getting pissed off at the bullshit.  People need to calm the fuck down.


When I watch a movie with my wife, it's kind of a two part ordeal. The first part is actually watching the movie. The second part is when the movie is over, I have to explain the plot to her.

"See, Luke couldn't marry Princess Leia because she's his sister....."

I've never understood what my wife is doing while watching a movie, but she definitely isn't paying attention.


I'm certain my wife will be one of those old ladies who live to 100. It's not fair. I worked so hard it's slowly killing me. She stays home and lives a stress free life. She doesn't clean or cook or do yard work. I pay for someone to do it all. She just enjoys herself. End result, I die young from being overworked. She will keep enjoying herself well into the future.


I'm a 54F and have never had any gray hair.


I have never had a threesome. I wouldn't mind tho. I'm not sure how to make it happen. Am I suppose to turn to my best friend and ask if she'd like to have sex with me and my boyfriend? I would never be brave enough or dumb enough to ask her. The other option is a stranger, but I don't want to touch the sticky parts of a strange woman. What if she has a disease? So here I sit, willing, but with no viable options.


We all have a secret. What is yours?


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